how to lighten blemishes on skin which are on sensitive skin?
can you firm a turkey neck and breast sagging skin without surgery?
How to get really soft lips? (:?
Is my smiley piercing infected?
I took out my cartilage earring and experienced swelling. Is this normal?
how long is a spray tan good for (read details)?
How can I get clear skin?
does this product work?
Am I short for a 14 yr old boy.?
i have a lump on my shoulder...?
Effective treatment for gettting rid of stretch marks?
Help with tanning?
Can anyone suggest me a body piercing place in chandigarh?
Will they let you wear a bandaid?
I had a heart attack at 31 and now i look old?
Anyone else use Murad?....Does it work?
What color eyes do you have ?
Is it possible to build abs based on eating only grainy(wheat, rice, maize,oats, dal) food?
redness on spot area???!?!?
is there a way to lighten up my lips?
Red, irritated, swollen skin not quite an inch under my eyes?
Do you wash under your armpits?
Why am I breaking out so bad?! Please help!!!?
WhUts ThE bEsT WaY to wHIteN TeeTh?=))))))))))))?
Has anyone ever had an ingrown toenail surgically cut out?
2 questions for Aveeno Foaming Ultra-Calming?
Is My Cartilage Piercing Infected?
Is sun tanning good for you?
I have a problem with my recently pierced nose?
Thin out my face/get rid of babyface?
How can I get rid of this dark spot as fast as possible?
I asked my mom if I can shave my legs, now what?
should i have my bellybutton pierced?
Advice from licensed estheticians?
How do I get rid of stretch marks?
Shaving, Waxing, or Hair Removal Cream for Halloween Dress Up?
Do guys care about breast size?
Modeling agency needs my leg to body ratio; Do i have long, short or average legs?
I get all these offers online where I only have to pay shipping / handling for a free trial. Why is it that?
Is it supposed to hurt to have one of your holes close up?
should i get my eyelashes tinted?
How long do I have to wait after Microderm abrasion to have...?
Is it okay to use 0g silicone tunnels?
Advice on Mystic tan levels!?
What does nani usually wear from lilo and stitch?
should i get my ears re-pierced ?
Are holes from piercings permanant?
Has any teen ever walked into Claire's alone and got their ear pierced?
Veet or Nair?
Fast way to get a natural tan with the sun?
Really dry feet?
O.k have my period and getting a bikini wax---Do i have 2 cancel??
how can u get a mole removed?
Is it a bad idea to use numbing cream for a cartilage piercing?
Cartilage piercings........guys you dig it?
OMG Getting a full Brazillian Wax. Is it agony ?? SCARED?
What is the best self-tanner to use on Light/Fair skin....?
How to clear dark spots on your face?
is it dangerous to pierce my lip by myself?
What is the best treatment for acne and bacne ?
Bit of an embarrassing Q..:/?
How to get clear healthy spotless skin?
OK so i was it a good idea?
What moisturizer is good for acne prone skin but will prevent aging?
does getting ur ears pierced hurt?
Does this girl look like the snobby cheerleader type.......?
I have sensitive hands but they are so dry that they are white and ed. What lotion should I use?
Why do i have so much acne when i come back from somewhere?
when should i shave my legs?
Repiercing lip in same spot?
skin problems!?
How can I smile like her?
my dad wont let me get a piercing !!!?
How do I loose tummy fat? Please help?
Whats tge hottest piercing you can think of?
Does ProActive really work???
Do Derma Rollers actually work?
what is a GOOD CHEAP cream for undereye wrinkles???
How to get rid of eye bags fast?
I WANT A TAN! help me!?
What is up with all these fruity bath/beauty products ??
so i got my lip pierced.?
How 2 b popular!?!?
Is laser genesis effective for acne scars?
help with a big nose? =[?
tanning bed question?
girlstache? trying to make it less noticeable?
Why are people so obsessed with being tan?
does piercing your ears yourself hurt?
if i stretch my ear to 8g/6g , and i decide to take them out, would my ear hole go back to it's regular size?
Need help finding an ear stretching kit?
Hydrogen Peroxide for Acne / pimples ?
What would be the best?
How do I get rid of freckles?
Is it better to wash our face with warm water or cold water?
re piercing ear help!?
Lower lip piercing question? ?
Thinking of getting my bridge pierced?
lemon juice make my skin rough?
How do I prevent red bumps when waxing my legs?
I want to stop acne from emerging, please help!?
I haven't pierced my ears yet. Im 13 and would it be a good idea to pierce them now!?
What else can I use to clean my newly pierced cartlige?? (ear)?
Protect and Perfect Beauty Serum from Boots - does it work?
What is the best razor and the best shaving cream?
Do you think i'm pretty? or just okay looking? ?
How can I get hair off of my upper lip?
How to keep my face from turning red when I exercise?
so my ears have been peirced for 5 weeks, i put 16g tapers in, they sting a bit and are warm, is that normal?
I have had my tongue pierced for about a year. How long can I leave the jewelry out before it closes up?
Do men love large inner labia lips better than smaller ones?
Acne Scars ???
My belly button piercing is itchy!?
Do I Look Asian to you?
I don't like my nose, should I get a nose job?
Random brown spots (beauty marks) all of my face and body?!?
do you shave your arms?
Will I get tan, the first time I get in a tanning bed?
Where can you find Banana Boat Vitaskin Instant Tanning Lotion?
Even skin tone as a guy?
Dry face..disaster! 10 points to best answer!! :)?
Is a boob fetiish bad?
how is proactiv brand for treatment of acne and blemishes?
What can I do to relieve puffy eyes?
Does it hurt to get your nose pierced?
Which acne spot treatment is better?
Allergy to benzoyl peroxide!!!?
Best way to get rid of hard skin on feet please - picking at it is so crude and it won't go away. Thanks?
Do I have to keep the studs on after I get my ears pierced ?
My nose piercing is sinking into my nostril?
What's the best anti-wrinkle cream/product?
how often can i go to the spa to get facials? would going twice a week be bad for my skin??
belly button piercings!?!?!?!?!?! :D :D?
Any good drugstore ointment 4 a rash that's red and bumpy, some look like pimples w/o whiteheads.?
Where can I get these septum rings?
How do i make my skin firmer, brighter and healthy?
What are some reasons why stretch marks occur?
my first cartlidge peircing?
Does it hurt to get your cartilage piercing?
How much does it cost to get you ears pierced? Legal issues?
I have these small bumps up under my left breast.Like right where my arm goes down kinda what is it?
Super soft feet in 3 days? s.?
Do you like the name Rebecca?
Nose ring/stud or a monroe??? (pics)?
post acne marks how to get rid of them?
HELP!!! Acne, irritation,redness, and Blackheads!!! HELP!!!?
Have you ever used Bio Oil and had success?
Who do you find more attractive any why?
I'm thinking about getting my tongue pierced. Advice? And what about pain tolerance? Risks?
Good cure for cellulite?
the best acne skincare???!!!?
People with piercings? =)?
Is it safe to go outside with benzoyl peroxide on your face?
POLL: How often do you shave your legs?
Which facial sauna works the best?
Period question: girls only?
I have a ingrown toenail ?
what is best soap free face wash for oily skin?
How do I get rid of my belly button fetish ?
Why do I have a lot of pimples on my forehead?
Has anyone used the eze-tweeze spring thing?
Whats a really good facial/body wash?
I am a girl and have a lot of facial hair?
how do i get rid of dark cycles under my eyes?
girls body question?
has anybody noticed a difference in these 2 clean and clear kits?
Does dove for men body wash clog your pores. if so can somebody tell me?
Lip piercing issue? Help? Putting ring in?
I'm 15 and I have bags and small wrinkles under my eyes?!?
please help my problems?
Can you use Oatmeal as a Cleanser, even if it has aded cinnamon?
HELP!! I sweat wayy to much under my arms!!?
help from someone who has ears pierced :)?
Should i get my belly button pierced?
I caught my b/f with dirty mags and movies all featuring black women. What should I do?
Are my lips to feminine for a guy? Easy points!?
home remedies for acne and scars plzz?
Does GiGi's bleaching kit work? I give 5 stars :-)?
Ladies: Do you shave your thighs?
what is the best way to get rid of blemishes?
What is the type of face wash you use?
have you ever shaved your eyebrows?
Does getting your ears pierced hurt?!?
Tanning bed question.?
Ear piercing!?
If I burn, Is it possible for me to get a tan?
Theres something by my cartilage piercing , is it dried pus?
What would you say i am from 0-10?
If any were a site where i'm see how looks Indian Heroes by not wearing clothes? (sexy)?
my mom has a major breakout on her neck..any suggestions on a good over the counter cream?
i am 24 years old and suddenly wrinkles and bags have popped up under my eyes why is this????
Do Dr.Scholl's QTTO Sleeping Socks work ?
How can i get the redness in my cheeks to go away?!?!?
im 15 and a size 32A?
Why is my skin so bumpy for a girl younger then 13?
Just got my nose pierced!!?
How to get rid of a pimple fast?
can i still get a belly piercing if my belly button is half innie, half outie?
exfoliating my face..?
Should I get my belly button pierced? ?
i need help from GIRLS ONLY!!?
Should I shave or should I not?
Who holds the world record for the biggest booty?
How to i get rid of pimples and acne?
Wax paper for bikini wax?
How should I get rid of the razor bumps and dark spots?
Help! I think my Monroe peircing is Infected.?
Is it possible to do?
I need something to help get rid of my puffy eyes.
HELP! big planet on nose!!!!!?
How much is it to get your belly button pierced?
Terrified to use a razor?
Question about oil cleansing method?
Why is it rude or offencive to dress naked?
So who has got sun burnt or a tan? (UK ONLY)?
does my body look good or should i try to build more muscle?
Piercing ALWAYS irritated ???
How can you get rid of facial abrasions?
Can I use pure vitamin E oil under my eyes to prevent Wrinkles?
Should a 14 year old be able to get an industrial?
Natural ways to make dark circles under my eyes go away?
Sun Screen.......??$$$$$$$$$?
Im getting my tongue pierced soon and i had some questions.?
How do i stop from biting my nails?
Belly button piercing....?
Why don't nails hurt when they are cut?
Does anybody know any good reasons for getting your lip piecred? im trying to convince my parents?
Do you apply body lotion after your shower?
What can i do to get the bags under my eyes gone?
Do guys prefer fair skin or tan skin?
whats the cheapest website to buy pure Argan oil,jojoba oil & almond oil?I wanna get them shipped to Sri lanka?
Should I get my nose pierced or my belly button pierced?
is there any way i can remove my hair forever?
do girls like when boys feel on them?
where i can get proactive?because............?
why is using hydroquinnonine being banned as a skin lightening product by the FDA?
whats the best face hydrating lotion for senstive skin???
My legs are hairy what do I do?
Exfoliants for ingrown hairs?
Olive oil v.s. Hawaiian Tropic tanning oil?
Are you a short or a tall person?
Does anyone know where I can get Bioelements products cheap?
using a glycolic peel and retinol cream?
ear piercing retainer question?
Facial that will shrink pores?
What is a good face cleanser?
uhmm dry skin?! can any girls help me?
How do they put microdermal anchors??
Stretching My Ears Again?
Piercings, sports, what to do?
What's More Attractive? Tan or Fair Skin?
Can someone tell me how to get rid of facial blemishes like pimples,blackheads, etc.?
I got a burn on my breast from the curling iron. Is bio-oil good to get rid of the scar and which store can it
how to make your ........................................… bigger?????????????(boobz)?
Is my ear suitable for an industrial piercing?
Waters good for your skin but?
i'm in secure, should I?
Why do people often assume that skinny people are healthy?
Where can i buy epsom salts?
moiserizer for face...?
What is the top bit of the ear called?
when do women start to get wrinkles ?
Tips for glowing clear skin?!?
please help i cant take it anymore!!!?
Should I get a boob job?
when can i change my belly ring?
should i get an industrial piercing?
How do u get thicker in 20 days?
What should I eat after getting my tongue pierced?
Cartilage piercing: Care?
So I shave my & I use shaving cream! But it tends to be itchy after. I end up scratching leaving scabs?
What all happens during a med spa facial?
Why do I always have difficulties with my T zone?
How Do I Get A Body Like Jennifer Lopez?
What's the best product(s) for acne?
does anyone know how to ease the redness of my.......?
Should I get my cartilage pierced with a gun or a needle?
Does a navel piercing look okay? (picture)?
tapper costs at hot topics....?
Signs of a earlobe blowout?
How do you handle a blown out ear?(stretching ear lobes)?
Do you use a sunbed during the cold grey winter months?
Thinking of getting my tongue pierced?
If you JUST got your hips pierced is it okay to get your belly button pierced 3 days later?
What's the best solution to get rid of scars?
Any home-made treatments for blackheads?
My friend has been sweating excessively, Bursting into tears for no apparent reason, ANY DOCTORS!!?
can i get my face cleared?
do i need to lose more weight? :/ (pic)?
BE HONEST: What is YOUR ideal body type?
Is shaving everyday good or bad?
I want a nose piercing, does it hurt, and what side of my nose should I have it on?
My outer l lips are normal but my inner lips protrude allot. Is there something wrong with me?
Help, my acne is getting worse!?
Acne help!!! I need a good product to use!!?
SELF TANNERS: Jergens vs. Loreal?
Sugar wax recipie without lemon?
what do u think of my body? ?
My 7/16 double flare plugs are STUCK in my ears!?
when can i change my belly ring?
What determines size of lips?
So, here's the deal?
skincare products for oily/combo skin?
My lips are SUPER Chapped and Peeling! What do I do!?
Can I use Shiseido white lucent lotion, cream, essence in eye area?
What do i need to know before i get my lip pierced?
Any tips to help clear my skin?
what helps burn scars go away?
Is my belly button piercing rejecting?
Food Coloring Fail. Help me Please.?
self conscious, i need another opinion. is my nose big?
I pierced my cartilage on my left ear last sunday ....?
am i a cutter (........)?
help with skin care regime?
Do I need deodorant?!?!?!?!?!?!????
sunless tan help ??!!!?
Do you like indian sweat?
(Guy) Do I have an innie or outie bellybutton (PIC)?
Do you think I could pull off a septum piercing? (PIC included)?
Do all women have this?????????
i wan't a good tan, what should i use?
Can you find me some pictures of a lip piercing, please? A hoop in the middle of the bottom lip?
Do bountiful breast enhancement pills work?
Does bio-oil really work?
What Do You Think Of Freckles?
Can tanning help get rid of my eczema/redness/acne scars?
Dose anyone know like a cream to release stress marks and acne marks?
question about my nose piercing?
Loreal Sublime Glow?
i have 3 questions about acne pleeeeaaassee help?
Do i have a nice face shape or at attractive face at all?
what does cocoa butter do?
ModelCo Erase Those Fine Lines?
is it natural to be quite curvy and have no boobs?
how can i tone up...?
where is great place to get a massage in dallas, tx?
Make my lips look smaller?
Would you go to a male Esthetician for a Bikini Wax? and Why?
Daith piercing questions x?
stretch marks?
In order to have a Nail growth Product that is worth it cost, it must possess what features?
How do I take my belly bar out?
Anyone have a revlon callus shaver?
blew out my ears, any advice on restretching?
does any1 know how to stop sweating???
any tips for a first-time tanner with fair skin?
i just got my belly done how can i look after as best as i can?
What is this? Please help mee?
My lil Sis?
what age would you let your daughter get her belly button pierced at?
How old are you?
Big red spot on my nose!?
is looking at the sun good for you does it hurt your eyes?
Stretching ears from 9/16th to 5/8ths?
what is epilating and how do you do it?
sunless tanner?
When is the best time to wash your face?
How do you make your bust [boobs] bigger?
Pimples come at the WORST times. Help?
What body shape am I? :)?
i have stretch marks at 16?
Is there a lotion that smells like Forever Sunshine?
Will another Cartilage piercing look silly?
is it sore to get your belly button pierced?
7.5 inch long and 6.5inch width a small face size for a 5,2?
Tips for chaped lips?
How do you get rid of under and over eye bags?
What body shape do i have? I could never figure it out?
Getting my conch pierced??
Piercing own cartilage?
Is it a good idea to get my tongue pierced?
scar removal????
i have pore on my nose but its not black..what is it?
Is tanning really bad for you?
Can I take out my belly button piercing if it has two red bumps on each piercing hole and isn't oozing pus?
are hot tubs good for your skin?
Does piercing your tongue hurt more than piercing your belly button ?
Only 23 Years Old and Already Have Fine Lines! Help!?
Drowned people...?
find the good rhinoplasty doctor in taiwan?
Does toothpaste really help pimples?
Is the labret bar in my snake bite supposed to point toward the floor?
Angelbites or dahlia piercing?
i have scar on my cheek.?
Can boobs be too big?
How do guys do that...?
how do u make a girl stop sweating???
best acne cleanser for sensitive skin?
how old do i look in pic?
concha nacar de perlop?
best way to exfoliate?
Facial Moisturizer?
im 13 and whant my lip pierced how do i convince my dad?
im a teenage girl with pretty bad skin?
Is it true..?
I was told that laser hair removal in your armpits can make the sweat drip down your arms is this true?
The Neutrogena Wave Facial Cleanser?
Help me with my face please???????/?
Belly ring red 2 months?
can a self pircer be applied any where on the cartilige ear?
2nd lobe piercings - do they hurt/not hurt as much as normal lobe piercings ?
waxing, red dots?
household itemsz that get rid of dark spotsz?
do i have dimples or are these just lines ?
I have a pretty big blemish thats really red..does warm water or cold water reduce redness?
I heard that if you use preparation H on your tummy, that it tightens it up ALOT..Is this true?
how do you get your teeth whiter?
how old do you have to be to get ur tummy pirsed?
I have this smell coming fom my ears were they are pierced .?
I am 5'4, what is the ideal weight i should be to look Great? (bikini body)?
How do I convince my parents to let me get my ears double peirced?
Whats a good Skin Scrub for a 12 year old?
Does Rosemary extract cause facial hair growth?
What can I do about my WIDE OPEN PORES! on my face.. Please help!!?
What are stretch marks caused from and how do you get rid of them?
Should I perform this action?
bags under the eyes?
Nose piercing problem?!?!!?
i wight about 170 i am starting school?
how to get rid of darkness above lip?
Do you like your nose?
what should i get pierced?
How do i get rid of the SCAB off a ZIT i picked?? its huge on my face?
POLL: Tattoos... hot or not?
How often should I change my bath towel?
i have horrible major black heads on my nose but i dont have that meny zits but i pop them but they come back!
Is there a way to get monolids?
whats the best place in Fargo to get a Monroe piercing?
can I change my face to lok like east asians using plastic surgery?
does anyone know any products that fade dark circles not just cover them?
I really like being hairless, but what do women really think about it??
what is the best acne mediciane?
Nipple piercing, ya or na?
I'm i tooooo skinny 4 my age?
how 2 make hand smooth?
Questions on rhinoplasty: how much would a monthly payment for a nose job be?
How do you melt hard wax for hair removal in a crock-pot?
should i go nude?
Does anyone know where you can find free indoor tanning lotion samples?
i got my ears pierced again yesterday & was wundering how long to keep them in ?
How do i clean my freshly done tragus piercing?
Pink skin not changing colour?
Who to cover up scars?
Please Answer..Pimples?
where to buy h2ocean?
is my frame attractive?
How do I.........?
Help? am i really that ugly?
How do i get rid of pimples? 10 POINTS BEST ANSWER?
how old do you think i look?
wuts better; Jergin's nat. glow or Coppertone mist spray?
big or small thong?
I always have this rash looking thing on the back of my arms, how do u get rid of it? what is it?
What is a Prince Albert piercing and why is it called that?
I need a perfume with warm fragrance.what is your idea?
Shaving my legs.........??????
Does getting your ears peirced hurt ?
Where to find L'Oreal Sublime Glow Daily Moisturizer in SG?
How much would this cost?
What place can I get ear jewelry?
my ears have been getting alot of ear cheese lately and idk why and my ears are swollen but not badly?
How to get a very dark tan fast?
free peircing generator?
Ears peirced 1st time what's it like?
Strike Gold self tanner from Bath & Body works?
How can I get rid of near-constant razor burn?
Does Clearasil Work ♥…?
When i wake up my hands are all sticky. Why?
does ear piercing hurt?
How much snuff can I rub to puke?
Dark spots on a kids skin???
I have weird-shaped breasts?
Should I get my monroe or lip pierced? (pic included)?
I have lots of questions about waxing my legs...please answer!?
blackhead remover 4 a twelve year old (NOSE)?
How to heal facial cuts FAST?
Trying the name of good Pubic Hair removal creams also which in available in india.?
Can you get your belly button pierced more than once?
Is this a cool piercing? *pic*?
How much does it cost for breast enlargement?
14ga surface piercing on lower stomach?
When I scratch my head I get white creamy Stuff under my nails, What is This?
Pro Active or Clean&Clear?
after i wash my face and it gets dry so is it okay to put lotion on it?
I need help to stop blushing. ?
Dry lips! HELP!?
I picked a spot, and now its all RED!! PLEASE HELLLPPP?
I just got a bellybutton piercing?
Are ponytails a good look?
Make up for dark chocolate brown hair (nearly black) pale skin & blue eyes?
how can a guy make his boobs bigger without estrogen? (plz understand i want to stay a guy just with boobs)?
oysters connection with acne?
How long should I wait to tan?
dark circles under my eyes?
How do i get rid of the black heads on my face?
Has anyone had/know about Fraxel Restore laser treatments?
i m interested in opening a laser hair removal business in India nd i want to know abt d licence,permit,dr,rn?
why indian girls like fair boy?
How can I make my boobs look bigger?
Tounge piercing help !):?
Do women like me with body hair?
How can you make you boobs bigger naturally without pills or creams that you have to buy?
Allergic reaction to baby lotion?
How to get rid of "backne"?
Has anyone ever got rid of dark circles??
i'm wondering why do my face keep breaking out and i clean it night and day?
Why do you get more tan closer to your bones?
I've Tried Everything.?
How to prevent black dots from sunless tanner?
why do we have lines in our palm???
Important please...How do I measure this?
what happens to your belly botton piercing when your pregnant?
Good Nail Salon in Sunnyvale, CA?
Jewellery sterilisation help please?
Where to get 12 year olds ear pierced in UK (not Claires)?
Does Proactive work for acne?
My skin is very dry due to prescribed acne products..what can I do?
is my new belly button piercing crooked? (pic included)?
How can I get rid of a hickey...and fast??? (read details...)?
is this true??
Where should I buy my tunnels/plugs?
Can you apply TCA peels directly on your lips?
i have my belly button pierced about 8 months ago and it still hasnt healed but has a gone wierd ?
i'm going in a tanning bed tonight HELP!!!?
I just got my 2nd Piercing!?
How can i get my parents to let me gauge my ear?
Easy Way to get rid of bacne pleease help!?
Has anyone had, or know of anyone whos had Acne Laser Treatment? Feedback pls, i have SOME acne not severe!!!!
Is my bellybutton peircing infected ?!?
sunbeds and tanning ..?
Tongue Piercing Question?
how can i make my boobs look bigger?
How often can i go to sunbed in week?
At Home Skin Brightening Remedies?
Why do fat people go to tanning salons?
If I wear sunscreen in a tanning bed will it protect me from some of the rays?
what lotions do the women on tv use to get such shiny skin (legs and arms)?
help,huge sweat stains?
What gets rid of acne scars ?
My nose
I got a rash from a night cream I was using, and now it is going away but my pores stayed bigger, any advice?
I knoow this is a weird question .. Buuut ..?
Bleeding Pierced Ear? Not sure why?
any different remedies for acne?
What is the point of tanning in the sun to look pretty if..?
Is there such a thing as body makeup?
Is it possible to mystic tan dark Asian Indian skin at Tanning salons?
why when i use proactive it turns my face splotchy red and burns?
What Are Some Remedies For Large Pores?
Can you take Vitamin K pills to help w/ dark circles around eyes instead of cremes?
doe drinking LOTS of water help ur skin?
What is the best cover-up for pimples?
Why do people stretch their ears?
Your opinions on small boobs?
Where is the best place to get your ears pierced? Is it better to use a needle or a gun?
My belly button piercing got snagged and then it heald , it left a scar .?
I shaved my pubes a month ago and they still itch how do i stop it?
Is my cartilage peircing infected?
olive oil isn't healing dry skin!!!?
Help me please!?
Please help me I need some constructive criticism please!!?
Should I loose some weight????
where is a good place in st george utah to get your lip pierced?
What should I do about my messed up piercing?
Info on a Madison Piercing?
Don't Know What To Do?
why are colombian girls beatiful but boys not?
How much does it hurt to get your belly button pierced?
What is Francisco's lachowski heigh now (2011)?
is it ok for children to use deodourants everyday?
Questions about my first wax?
The right side for a guy's eyebrow piercing??
how can i hid my lip ring from my mom?
Where can I find Always Clean pads?
How to get lips natural moisture back?
Can using an exfoliating body sugar scrub cause more body hair?
tell me how? can i acheive it?
Bumps from tanning salon????
Stretching my ears? i need help?
Does man looks more attractive in fair skin or wheatish (tanned) skin?
PLEASE HELP ME!!! I'm in desperate need!?
do I have a nice body (I'm a girl)?
I am dying to get my butt bigger?
Do I look too skinny?
Shaving Armpits?
HELP! hair on breasts?
Is it okay to pop a pimple?
clear skin?
Is it good being in the middle?
how do u remove freckles ?
What is a good replacement for Tretinoin Cream and Ketoconazole Cream?
Best face wash for small bumps on face ?
Will a lip ring/piercing set off metal detectors?
What's a good facial cleanser for acne?
VEET users?
How to change certain features?
Stretched ear hard and swolln?
What product should my daughter use if she has dry skin for a 12 year old.?
My nose is off center with the rest of my face.?
i have loads of scabs on my face as i've just had chickenpox. what can i do to make them less noticeable?
If anybody has ever pierced their lip by theirself?
i hate my nose i want a nose job!! should i?
me or my friend?
What Is Your Least Favorite Facial Piercing?
Is it possible to look like this ?
How can I improve my looks? (pic)?
i just pierced m y lip and want to keep it from my teachers and my parents what to do?
Are there Items as good as Proactive?
What is a good way to avoid stretch marks?
Do I have what it taked to be a model?I want to drop out of law school...Link included-photo!?
sometimes, when i look into the sun ....?
My toe nails have been turning grey and falling off. I have not damaged them though.?
This really hurts and I'm not taking it out! Help?
Which self tanner is better?
Is it true that moisturized skin retains heat better?
Do I look fat? (pic's Included)?
deodorant after hair removal?
what can i do to soften my skin on the heels of my feet?
which is the best way to remove hair from your body?
How sore is getting your tragus pierced compared to your bellybutton?
How do I heal dry elbows?
shavingggg ; help me plz?
What should i get pierced? 10 points?
How do i get rid of pit sweat ?
what's the best face wash/acne cleanser?
Facial/body scrub DYI?
Girls, How do I get my legs the smoothest?
Best weight for 15 year old?
Lip Piercing:Hurt?
Where to find L'Oreal Sublime Glow Daily Moisturizer in SG?
How do I get rid of all of my acne?????
why isn't my boobs getting bigger?
Shaving arms question!!?
question about self tanners?
please help with my sunburn?
How can I get my tongue pierced at 15??*?
Please i need a way of making my lips pink but not that i will start looking for materials.i need fast actions?
Spray sunblock for face?
Which acne/skin products do you think work best?
How to get red scratch mark off my face?
What is the best way to eliminate cellulite?
what is the best way to get rid of redness in zits?
does it hurt when you get your cartilage periced? ( fpr the first time)?
what piercing would suit me (pic)?
Shaving causes dark armpits?
How do I remove this burn spot on my forehead?
septum piercing / stretching blow out?
Nose Piercing Question?
How to make my facial skin even?
Girls only... a question on boobs!?
i just get my belly botton periced and i was wondering something.....?
Nose creases are red?
is my new belly button piercing crooked? (pic included)?
removing acne marks/scars!!!?
just wondering if it will leave any scars or marks by squeezing or picking your spots?
How much would a day at a spa cost?
tan/melanin injection?
St Ives Apricot for sensative skin?
Sea Breeze face wash? good or bad?
does anyone know of a great beauty product to get rid of dark circles, under the eyes?.?
proactive or murad?
can i get transparent gloves for my face .?
What is the easiest way to get sharpie off of my body?
Clearing zits on chest?
getting a retinoid prescription?
Ingrown hairs and shaving?
I pierced my lip with a needle and used a normal earring stud. What should I do? .?
Does getting facials regularly help for clearer skin?
Rash on face, help plz?
guyz plz read this questn and rply seriously!!?
How do i get dimples?
is it a good idea to have my friend pierce my nipple?
What's better: waxing, or epilating?
What do people with genital piercings do when they have to pass the metal detectors at the airport?
Should i use face wash and a mask?
What is the minimum age for tanning beds?
i have an oily face but i'm not allowed to use powder on my face. how can my face look oil-free and fresh?
Everyone says that getting my tongue pierced is just going to cause me more pian than anything is that true?
need a good wax?
What color are your eyes? What's your desirable color?
Am I too fat for a hip piercing?
On a scale of 1-10 what would you rate me?
Can oily skin be avoided by diet control?
Does getting your nose pierced hurt?
Should I use Cold water or hot water?
How does one gauge their ears?
Should I get my ears pierced?
Your opinion on oral piercings?
i just got my piercing and i was wondering...?
what kind of lotion should i use, when shaving...down there?
What products do you use?(females only)?
Help with a cartilage piercing?
tragus piercing healing process?
Is epilating safe and pluk hair from roots? Does it work on newly growing (short hair)?
I tried a new shaving gel and now my legs are covered in red spots...?
Nose problem, please help me?
do i have rosacea? Why is my face always red?
Tanning Lotion: Zero to Sexy! Have you used it?! Reviews?!?
should i pierce my own ear?
Which one should I try on my face to help with acne?
Microdermals starting to raise?
Why have the Proactiv bottle gotton smaller?
The hair on my body grows really fast and especially on my face is a problem because of school rules HELP?
how old do you have to be to do a full body suspension and how would i organize it?
Where would this piercing be? (read description)?
How can I make skin fairer?
How to get rid of shine from your nose?
how do you measure 1ml????
Im italian and...?
Do you have to get pierced if you want a cuff earing?? And does it hurt?
How to get an easy quick suntan?
Olay Regenerist Microdermabrasion & Peel System?
Where can I buy ***'s milk?
how can i get more clear face?
So i have some stretch marks from the time i used to be fat. Can tattoos cover/hide them?
Is swelling and redness normal after getting your cartilage pierced?
Ear cartilage piercing, a bump is beginning to form around the back of one of the studs, what could it be?
Whats the best lotion for rough, dry skin?
My feet hurt from walking in flip flops too much.?
can i change my lip piercing..?
my nipples are pink? what is the true colour for teenagers nipples.?
Why do i have bags under my eyes?
how do i make my boobs bigger?
Really dry face help...?
using two face masks?
Do those suddenly slender body wraps really work?
Worried that my breast are too big?
how do u poop?
guys, what is better...small, real breasts, or big, fake implants?
Do you like indian sweat?
How to Make a fake belly button STUD that looks real?
getting a tongue piercing.......?
How can I repair my damaged fingernails?
am i ugly or not ppl say i have pretty eyes?
Flexible Industrial Barbells?
Girls ONLY plz???
Is a "Bubble Butt" Good?
am i fatttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt…
How to come over from small holes on face?
How to get rid of acne scars...?
Answer this honestly please?
How to do emu oil massages for stretched ears? A few questions...? i wnt my eyebrow pierced. what you think?
Why won't my parents let me get a nose stud?
Proactiv Question...?
Is it possible to get a fairer skintone?If yes what are the ways?
How many ear piercings are too many?
Would Snake Bites look good on me? *Pic included*?
Please, could anyone tell me where I can find Eucerin Extra Protective Moisture Lotion near Los Alamitos, CA.?
How to restore natural skin tone/color?
Know of a racy newsletter for women?
Tongue piercing expectations?
Just got my belly done, is it ok to sunbathe?
Can you drink alcohol straight after you get your nose pierced?
which piercing would i pull off the best?
Dead Sea Product - dead sea spa product....?
How can i improve my skin?
why does my skin go terrible wen i lose weight??
my tea tree oil changed smell!!!?
Does piercing your tongue really hurt?
size question for guys?
what eye color do you have ?
How to straighten your nose without cosmetic surgery or make up?e.g. any tools that can be inserted into nose?
pls i want to know what lotion or creami have to apply before swimming to protect my body and hair?
How to keep your lady part without showering?
Lobe stretching question?
Help me get tanned?!?!?!?!?!?
Natural Remedies for Blemishes?
how to convince my dad to let me shave?
Should I shave my arms?
what is the fastest way to get rid of pimples today i got made of of it!!!!!!!?
best way to keep my ears clean?
Nose Piercing Question?
What's a good achene medicine?
what are some good homemade facials?
i cant decide if i want my belly button pierced!?
Where exactly do you get your lip pierced?
Body question...?
Does it hurt to get your ears pierced?
Does putting coffee beans in you tanning lotion work?
What is the best way to epilate without pain?
Would a monroe peircing look good on me? (pictures inside)?
how do you make your hands sweat less?
I wanna get my cartilage pierced?
will my lip piercing scars go away?
my girlfirends hairy armpits?
Trouble figuring out my body shape?
Can you only be beautiful if you have beauty spots?
braces in 9th grade? - guys advise welcomed!?
how do you disguise [or at least divert attention from] big....?
Does Clean & Clear Work for people with acne?
What the best acne medication that you can get at Walgreens/Smith's/Walmart?
I gauged up (ears) and its swollen?
I'm 16 and already have wrinkles under my eyes?
can someone help please?
Is there gonna come out a new hair removal thing soon?
if i end up waxing my face it'll grow bac darker but not as thick n den i cud bleach it, wt do u think?
What are the different categorisation of Beauty parlors, spa, salons, wellness centres?
Appropriate weight for sixth grade girl?
do you think i need to lose weight?
could i pull off a lip piercing?
Help, stop me from biting my nails!?
HELP! small bumps on face ?!?
Signs of a earlobe blowout?
Jojoba oil as a face wash?
How can I fix the uneven sunburn tan on my Neck?
Why do some women have a greyish cast above the lip area, even though they wax?
what tanning products around the house?
Is it really safe to pierce yur own tongue?
Would I look good with a left labret piercing?
Scars because of old spots, is there anyway I can reduce the appearance of them?
Question regarding a vibrating shaver with a battery?
i need skin help?
should my new ear piercing be hurting?
does anyone know where i can buy miniture shower gels, bubble baths etc?
How long does a monroe piercing take to heal?
What female body style is this?
i have big boobs!!?
What exactly is Lush Shower Jelly/any shower jelly?
which piercing do you like better?
Can i lose all my belly in 2 weeks!!?
going to the sauna how do i prevent my face going bright red?
Can u please come over?
Proactiv Deep cleansing wash-When to use?
Tanning and with spf30 on?
Does NoseSecret really work?
I really nead help on going blond!?
How long does removing hairs in legs by shaving last.?does it make hairs grow coarse? I am afraid to try.?
Hi, how can I remove or fade a natural tan that I got from the sun?
I want to go tanning but i else can i get a tan ?
Piercing my lip and the inside is being weird?
my earring holes are infected?
PLZ I REALLY REALLY NEED HELP!!!!!! answer asap?
Do you guys, like tongue piercings ?
I am a thirteen year old girl with under eye dark............dark.................DAR… circles.?
How do I make my self look really hot ?7?
I know this sounds gross.....?
Who do you find more attractive any why?
I NEED HELP with tanning!!!!?
can i get my cartilage pierced with a captive hoop instead of a stud?
My daughter is 13 years old and has alot of acne and she drinks alot of water what should I do to help her ?
what is bad about this picture of me?
How to get my face flawless from blackhead,raised up pores?
Does ear piercings hurt?
How do i lessen. the chance of ingrown hairs?
Best moisturizer for really dry skin?
how do you get rid of zits that wont pop?
east side ink bondi? ten points please help?
Should I get my nose pierced....?
i changed my belly button ring too early and now it's infected, how do i treat it?
questions about my nose piercing?
11 year old girl wants her ears pierced, thoughts?
what causes little red veins on nose and face.?
How do i know what side of my nose to get pierced?
What tanning oil is better, Hawaiian tropic or Banana boat?
questions about skin lightening?
How to get rid of acne?
Is Gillette moisturiser good for the skin?
I always have little patches of dry skin on my face. How to get rid of it, or hide it?
why do some people have long pinky nails?
i have a navel piercing and my parents cant find out?
Do you like tanning?
belly button piercing.......?
Nape piercing, the pain of it?
Is there really oil in your hands? How does it get there?
GIRLS HELP!... about sex with your boyfriend / man?
Dermal cleaning after 2weeks mark. Thanks in advance!?
Navel piercing not healed, almost a year?
what kind of things would make my body type look good?
Where can I find bathtub doors that are frosted, have a gold frame, and have doors with three panels?
how do you get designs when shaving your pubic hairs>? all i know is a basic straight line?
Belly button ring hurts?
Help me! girl stuff.?
what do i have to do to look slim?
are you supposed to shave your upper legs too?
What colour are your eyes?
Which cleanser would be better for my skin?
I am 15 and I am NOT ALLOWED to shave??? What should I do??
Should I wax the hairs on my face?
Do guys get turned off by female acne? ?
Would I suit a lip piercing, a nose piercing or both? (Picture included)?
Does Nivea Q-10 actually work?
help with zits please !!?
Can You Get Your Lip Numbed When Getting It Pierced By A Pro And Does It Hurt?
Should my friend go to school if she has a bad ugly pimple in her face.?
Do most people get their tongue pierced from the bottom or the top?
What would you rather have:?
When you have a fake taper spike earing in one ear what sort of earing would look right in the other ear?
how to remove pimples?
my face can get pretty oily for no reason. how do i prevent this?
Does proactive actually work?
What does it mean when people say u have mediterranean skin?
considering having nipple pierced?
Anyine know what is the best way to remove unwanted neck hair on a woman? Laser? etc.. ?
Ok I got it done now what?
I've got some glycolic acid to use on my face to make my face look younger?
Do you think i look good?
How can we stop cellulite?
I'm 15 should i get a nose job?
Non-Iodized table salt on a navel piercing?
Mens best face scrub,face mask and other creams/moisturisers to use?
What is the best way to clean my tragus piercing.?
Lightskin black girls?
Will i grow 15 almost 16?
i sweat wat to much. please help?
If you could move your fat around your body,where would you move yours from and to?
any good tanning ideas?
Why do men(usually men of color) use the term fine when describing women, what is it that makes a woman "fine"
im 14 do i need a parent to be with me if i get my ears and nose pierced or can i just go alone?
How to stretch my ears with less pain?
help me make it go away please!?
it is wrong to be black and so light skinned?
Help! going to a sleepover on my period?
Am I Skinny?
hey girlz only no boys allowd?
I just got a crapload of tiny pimples all over my face!!!!!!!!!Help!?
What skin care products should i use ? im just quitting proactiv after 8 months of it working ?
would a lip piercing look good?
Girls only, do i have a good body?
how many times should i listen to the rock melon ringtone daily?
Should I switch to ProActiv to clear up my acne?
how do i get pink ink off my hands?
i wanna get my ears pierced but which is better- the gun or the needle and is one less painful than the other?
How would you describe my face?
What is my face shape?
Where can i find good bb cream online?
Stretch marks on my butt:(?
my pimple on my nose is drying up is it going 2 turn in to a scar orwhat should i do?
how long should you leave a tampon in?
whats tonner?
I want to,,,?
How old do you have to be to become a body piercer in Virginia?
I'm at 00g. What size should I stretch to if...?
how can i get rid of cutting scars?
Jessica Simpson dessert beauty?
Getting my 2nd ear piercing on friday?
Im looking for a certain website I cant Remember what its called tho....?
has anyone tried the ANEW LUMINOSITY ULTRA Advanced Skin Brightener SPF15 UVA/UVB from avon?
I caught my son wasting lotion that I told him he had to use after his shower?
get one ear pierced or both?
Is there anything I can change on my appearance?
For all contact users?
how can i remove marks & acne in my face permantely?
Can I stretch my ears again?
Poll: What's your skin type?
i'm about to go get my bellybutton done, and i am scared to death.should i? please tell me what itll be like!.
How can you make you boobs bigger naturally without pills or creams that you have to buy?
Why are there black spots appearing on my face?
need skin advice urgent?
what is your best asset?
My Down South (more pacificly, inner lips) is swelled/irratated and it hurts. why?!?
Whats the best skin firming lotion?
Why does Vaseline make my hands so soft ?
How do i get rid of this (pic) inside
will an epilator work on my lower back/butt?
will tanning lotion get me tan faster, or not at all.?
How do I get luscious lips and pretty eyes?
getting my tongue re-done today but I work at a call center...?
i am so desperate to get my large E cup breasts uplifted as im only in my 20's and theyre droopy.Is it agony?
Can anyone recommend a female piercer to do male genital piercing in London?
how to get a beauty spot?
What picture do I look the best?
Is it possible to get stubble on arms?
Is it okay to use Heinz Apple Cider Vinegar to cure my pimples ?
Best fake tan method?
girls does he have nice abs?
Any way to make sure my septum piercing will be healed?
How to stop picking your lips?
I don`t like showing off my legs what do I do?
What do I do when taper gets stuck in the half way?
does the new proactiv work?
my eyes feel stingy whenever i apply lotion on my face, any recommendation for other moisturizer?
What is the best/fastest way of getting rid of scars and red spots on my legs?
I have a nasty zit under my nose! it really hurts! HELP! its really big and noticable!?
i got my tongue pierced yesterday and my tongue is white what does this mean?
Is spray "Eros" effective for men?
Is my new lip piercing really worth leaving it in?
How do you get rid this?
how to get rid of pimples here and there?
Why I'm almost flat chested?!?
is it slutty for a 13 yr. old girl to have a lip piercing?
im using a lightening cream for my dark marks on my face and body and i says to use spf 30 or higher?
How to get rid of bikini razor bumps?
Should I complain?
Have you ever heard of putting an egg on your face as a mask?
Can I tan when its cloudy?