red pimples and ingrown hair "Sensitive area"?
What's a totally all-in-one care product? (Body wash, shampoo/conditioner, etc.)?
I need a new shaver for legs.. What should I get?
shaving your body hair...?
Should I be worried about my monroe piercing?
Why do different parts of my body tan and others don't?
Stupid acne problems.
Which Piercing would look good on me (with pics)?
does sunblock/sun screen cream makes your face darker?
Where can I buy Yves Rocher USA 's Holiday Delight's Evergreen Wonderland's Cypress Body Wash here in So. Ca.?
should i exfoliate before getting my legs waxed?
am i changing my deodorant too much?
What color are your eyes?
Question about staying and traveling in Hawaii for 8 days?
What kind of piercing do I get if I want to wear barbells?
How can I prevent from getting pimples?
Can you use a mouth anesthetic gel after getting your tongue pierced?
how to tell my parents i want a tongue piercing?
how do you whiten teeth home remedy?
i need some help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
My bellybutton piercing is dried out?
what do girls prefer in a guy?
does getting your tongue pierced hurt?
What are the black dots on my nose called?
Cosmetic surgery, how young is too young for it?
Virtually HUNDREDS of black heads on my nose! How do I get rid of them??
Which is the best cream for men to get fairer and which makes more handsome ?
I need tanning help! 10 points to best answer!?
Would it ruin my boobs if...?
how bad does it hurt to get your belly button periced?
How can i make some homemade wax that really works??
how much does Bodycology Exotic Cherry Blossom Body Cream cost?
Touche Eclat by Yves St Laurent....?
I need some help with.?
Always self-concious?
about neutrogena batch number?
get rid of leg razor bumps?
am i normal my body parts?
The bees will come and eat my face! lol j/k...Honey Mask?
What is his body type?
i Have Horrible Skin any help?
Why do people think light blue makes you relax? Does it really?
How to combat acne caused by greasy skin?
where can I buy Cheap razor Blades?
fairness prodest?
Guys-I need your input...?
Proactiv is making my face peel?
does anyone have lil bumps on the underside of their arms?
If the height is 5 feet 4 inches ... what wud be the height in cms?
How can you get tanned easy?
I've tried face washes and scrubs but my acne wont go, what should I do?
how can you remove zits/pimples from your face with out stuff like clean and clear,and proactiv?
I've a strange question?
My lips pierced and hurting and swollen?
help me please???????
banana boat faces plus bronzer, or hawaiian tropic dark tanning???
How to exfoliate.....?
How to fix a sun damaged complexion?
nose piercing question?
loreal nutrisummer tanning lotion ... is it good?
Pimple help please!?
Is claire's a good place to get your ears pierced?
Ear piercing smells funny?
please help me out!!!?
I have 1 really big zit. I tried everything, and i don't want to buy things like proactive. What should i do??
who can help me how to clean skin?
16 year old getting breast implants? questions?
Zits on my forehead. Please help?
eyebrow piercing infection?
need help with my scars?
Should I get my ears pierced again?
What kind of piercing should I get?
Recomend any skin products?
how long does it take for an eyebrow piercing to heal completely?
When did women first start shaving?
Tongue piercings: Can you eat/drink dairy products?
Small black bump left after removing nose piercing.?
Pimples Help, what can u use?
Whats The Difference Bet. Body Lotion and Body Butter?
does anybody know what the best brand of deodorant is?
Why does it seem like one of my spider bite piercings are lower then the other one?
Which would I look better with? Snake bites or spider bites?
EEEEWWWWW! black heads!?
Pimple problem?
do you think lip piercings are attractive or not ?
Cheap Body Jewelry In Chicago?
I am trying to see if MJPICOTTE ever found an answer about the natural ice chapstick??
How do I get my parents to let me get my lip pierced?
how do you disguise [or at least divert attention from] big....?
would it be a bad idea to getyour bellybutton piersed and then go swimming that same day?
Which electric shaver would be the best for sensitive skin?
Self tanning lotion? Help?
If i was to go on the sunbeds for say 6 minutes WITH tingle tanning lotion on?
Aveeno Ultra Calming experience help!!??
How can you tell if your belly button piercing is starting to get infected?
Getting a Lip Piercing..?
best moisturizer for dry, sensitive skin?
Question about Belly Button Piercing?
I wash my face twice daily with facial wash, why do I still get lots of acne?
What tells a boy apart from a girl?
Gymnastics & belly button piercing?
How do I convince my parents to let me get a facial?
blew out my ears, any advice on restretching?
How can I get rid of an UGLYYY blemish on my face FAST!!!?
anyone here who knows the recipe for skin bleaching?
Can i use hair conditioner or soap to shave my legs?
Help me clear my skin?
Where is the best place to get your ear lobe pierced?
What can I do about this acne?
How much do spider bites (the piercing) hurt?
how can i attract girls?
How do i change back to my old skintone?!?
Cartilage piercing care . Tea tree oil?
is a spray tan better than a tanning bed? ahhh?
Is my Frenum Piercing Migrating?
I'm self-conscious about how I look?
help, i have a piercing on my face near my eye. i think its getting infected?
Can you wash a new belly piercing with regular salt and water? Or does it have to be sea salt?
I have a fifteen year old cousin who has acne so so so bad. What soap should she use to get rid of it?
Which is the best women's electric shaver which gives a close shave ?
Does anyone else's lips change size?
Opinions on ear piercing?
Does anyone else have an outie belly button?
This may sound dumb but ..?
Facial that will shrink pores?
when will the swelling on my tongue web piercing go down?
my mom is being difficult! HELP!?
What should i do to convince my parents to let me get my lip pierced?
Brown scar due to shaving?
does skinception work?
Would I look good with a nose piercing?
Down Sizing Gauges Advice?
who ate the last cookie?
Please answer?
Will it hurt if i get my left ear pierced im 13 (guy)?
what are ingrown hairs?
Is this a good procedure for skin care? Any more to add?
Stretched ears from a 14g to an 8g and...?
Will it hurt if i get my lip re-pierced in the same place ?
how can i gt all the hair of my vangina i dnt wanna wax though?
many zits and acnes on my face...?
how can i remove my pimples?
What kind of tanning lotion should I use?
Does anyone know how I can buy "Tridyn Synergel"?
How to get rid of these bumps on my legs?
Dark black/brown spots on my nose?
Will i grow 15 almost 16?
Is there really a good creme or lotion that works on stretch marks or is laser surgery better?
How do you remove dark spots from face?
Should I get my lip pierced?
Am I an oreo........?
My mom told me i have high cheeks :(?
ok im saddd?
how do a get rid of sort of acne on my knees elbows n under buttocks?
Physical for belly button piercing?
if you get your tongue pierced, does it give you a lisp?
Good way of getting rid of blackheads?
How do you get your natural skin color back?
should I self pierce my septum?
NOSE PIERCING.How to cure a swelling?i did it 1 month ago with silver ring.Please help.?
Is it appropriate for a 14 year old girl to get a cartlidge piercing?
How Much Does it Cost To Get My Lip Pierced?
Does size really matter that much?
What is the best cream for men oily skin when to go out. Also dont make acne or clog pore.?
Oh! What to do about acne?
i want to get my ears pierced but i cant wear earrings at work, would the holes close within the 10 hours?
how to hide a peircing?
do that numb you when you get it pierced?
Swollen piercing after one month?
Designer skin (Black 20x) lotion for tanning.?
How do i get my open pores on my face plz. advice me.?
Are you suposed to shave your "downstairs"?
question about my skincare routine?!?
Do I have a stupid face?
What causes teenage girls to grow acne?
where can my eye brow peirced for cheap in cleveland,ohio?
How do I get rid of a red spot on my nose?
HELP i pierced my bellybutton myself last week, im 13 , i used a safety pin?
A good sunblock spray for outdoor sports?
Can I get a piercing at 16 without parental permission?
Do nipple piercings look good on women with big breasts?
how to get rid of a pimple over night ?
Ears peirced 1st time what's it like?
My acne wont go away!!!?
how do you use selftanner on ankles and knees?
Monroe Re-piercing over other hole?
is 15 to young to get a nose job?
is there any way to get rid of a pimple besides popping it?
why does my face get thin randomly?
Help deciding what piercing ?
wat can i use 2 fade black heads?
Would i look ok with a septum piercing?
should i get a septum piercing ?
i get starred at too much!?
Im only 13 and i wanna pierce my nelly button should i get it done or no? and does it hurt bad?
my ears stick out and it bothers me a lot. i was wondering if there was a way to fix it without surgery?
Is this true? Please Answer!!?
Am I physically attractive?
what are vital facial skin care products?
what is cellulite??
what is the body splash ? and what its effect ?
Good thin smooth self tanner?
whats the best cream for dark eye circles?
How to clean a parafin wax machine?
Your opinions on small boobs?
nose piercing?
I have a body waxing question?
Removing my upper ear cartilage piercing?
how to removed black dark spot near by eyes?
does this happen to you guys too?
How to get rid of these bumps on my legs?
I don't have much leg hair... Are they all ingrown?
Please help me!!!!!?
What are some good ways to get rid of acne?
What is a good face wash that doesn't contain Benzyl peroxide?
Pro ana/ Mia buddy via text?
Whats The Best And QUICKEST Way To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks?
Pigmentation around piercing hole?
My belly button piercing is dry and not healing?
I'm a teenager, however, I have forehead wrinkles. How do I get rid of them?
Help with little bumps around my mouth and on my cheeks?
Skin care for my teen daughter:)?
What is a good product for washing my face?
can anyone tell me a home remedy for ed heels ?
Acne problem?
how to get rid of under eye black? plse help?
bags and circles?
good natural remedies for clear skin?
How long does it take for the swelling of a monroe piercing to go down?
big red bump on the back of my cartilage piercing?
ask about Gain body strength?
what colour bikini would look best against a tan?
plzzz help i need your help?
Will bleaching lotion damage your skin?
does putting toothpaste on ur pimples overnight work?
help me need advice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Stretching to 0ga, help please?
Make surgery and cutting scars go away?
how can i feel proud of my face ?
Is Mowrah Butter like body body ?
is it ok to put lotion or chapstick on my lip lip piercing?
What's the most effective acne product?
Do you have to have a luffa stick when bathing with a luffa?
Should I get breast implants for my husband?
How much would liposuction on my entire body & face as well as a nose job cost?
Does the no no no hair remover work? and is the new "pro" better?
what shoes should i wear to make my feet small?
how to use lemon juice for tan?
What's best for treating or removing brown spots from your face?
Should i exfoliate my sun burnt skin?
Best face wash for acne prone/oily skin?
mole/beauty mark removal?
Mother daughter piercing ideas,,?
Fake Bake Tan Enhancing Lotion - how does it work? How come it prolongs your tan?
My skin is very sensative therefore....??
How to get mileys body like this??
Did you know You're beautiful!?
how much does bellybutton piercing hurt?
what is the best way to bust a zit?
my skin is so dry its flaking off, like dandruff!?
dose a 6mm strech ear go back to normal...cuz my mom is worry thinkin it would stay like this?
how do i convince my mom i'm not too young to get my nose pierced?
do you think it would be okay for me to wear my earrings w/ my new ear (lobe) piercing after 5 weeks...?
!!!what gauges schould i get when ive never had them before!!!!!?
sweating hands help, any products to help out ?????????
If you have a nose piercing and decide to take it out a couple of years later does it close up?
What is the Best face wash?
make up and acne/ marks and a little bit acne?
I have zits in my chin/mouth area?
Blackheads nose strips..?
Ears pierced too low to stretch?
why after i take a bath my skin get ashy?
Getting rid of an ink stamp on my hand!?
Hot water or cold water for washing the face ?
tannin spray?
Please answer truthfully, and I fat?
Arm Pit shaving help!!?
period question......girls only?
Will seeing a skin doctor help clear my face?
what can you do about oily skin?
my friend has acne and wants to know what are some good tips to getting it to go away?
how can u get rid of pimples and blackheads.?
How to reduce sweating in underarms?
Should I Get My Tounge Pierced?
I think I'm too tall?
I really want to get my tongue pierced!?
THe best and the FASTEST way to clear pimples on your face without store bought products?
I was called the dreaded "f" word even though I don't see it.?
Does EpiClear actually work?
why is my tan always uneven from both the sun and a tanning bed?
how do u lose weight in less than a week?
Peirced my own ears...infections? help please!?
Can any one tell me where can I get E-45 moisturising lotion and Aqueous Cream B.P. in India?
what type of stud is best for a monroe piercing?
Ugh i have oily and red skin. What do i do?
How old do i look?
If something glows in the dark, will it glow under a blacklight?
What should I do about a skin-lightening dilema?? HELP?
Allergies... Any Quick Fix?
i want contacts but dont know what color to get helpppp?????
Underwear or Bras which is worse ?
Boob Size For 12 yrs Old ? (girls only)?
Are skinny girls the only pretty ones?
Is MAC Creations Hue Turquatic Heat still available anywhere?
zit help!!!?
♥Why does my skin break out more when I drink more water♥?
I don't sweat when I becomes warm, what could be wrong?
how can i get nice legs?
Plzzz answer ppl i need 2 kno?
Does dove at night work good for break outs???
Eyebrow piercing...........?
I have just got a cartilage piercing and I'm looking at barbells, what size do I need?
do you think a belly button piercing on a 14 year old is slutty?
How do you get rid of whiteheads and blackheads without having to pop them?
What's my body type?
which girl is prettyier?
i prefer girls answer this?
Okay tomorrow I want to get my tongue pierced!! I would like to know the side effects of a tongue piercing?
Which is better for your face?
how to keep a zit from scarring?
10 EASY points if you answered THAT?
does the zenu work on zits that are already on your face?
I get smelling hands after cutting onion&garlic, what to do.?
Which one is best ? Snakebites or Dimples pierced ?
I went to a party the other night and got a new piercing.?
Skinvitals, A-whiten mask, FADING FRECKLES. Can anyone help me?
What is a mild soap to use?
I want to get an industrial piercing but i'm not good with pain. Help?
where does blue bellybutton fluff come from?
scars from pimples?
Why is it that I am only 13 and I have wrinkles around my eyes?
How big is a 14g industrial piercing bar?
why do i have such an ugly side view?
Is it bad to drink too much water a day?
How do you clean your belly button?
Navel Piercing bubble formed so I removed piercing help?
WHat can I use to dry out my pimples?
is 5 foot 6 inches and 145 pounds considered fat?
Does the "NONO" work?
Good Acne Solutions?
is a belly button piercing sore? is it worth it?
Homemade Facials For....?
Girls. lets imagine I'm really cute. could you overlook my hairiest?
Dark circles under eyes?
What type of body shape do men prefer the most?
How long should i wait to re pierce my ear?
PLEASE HELP!! Terrible Acne, it won't go away!?
My eyebrow hairs are really long..?
please hlep me and please take it seriously :c?
Should i get my tongue pierced? me!!!!?
How do I get rid of stretch marks on my arms? And fast!?
Why cant i be in the sun??
What is the best hair removal wax?
what is a good face lotion?
What's the best way to get rid of dark spots/blemishes on african american skin.?
What do dimples mean?
How to keep my face from turning red when I exercise?
Do you think i could use an epilator on my stomach and back?
What does facial plastic surgery means?
curvaceous or skinny?
Too hairy for 16yrs old?
Can tanning help get rid of my eczema/redness/acne scars?
Is cetaphil okay to use for really sensitive skin??
When to use Aveeno Daily Scrub?
Do u prefer having a pretty face with a not-too-skinny body or skinny body with a not-so-pretty face?
demi lovato and her spray tan?
What is the standard length of the labret in a newly pierced inner conch?
Is My Belly Piercing Infected ?
what do i do when im bullied?
how to get rid of blackheads?
Anyone use the Wave?
Septum or Bridge?
How long does it take for sun burn to completely heal?
How old do you have to be to get a lip piercing in NC with a parent?
Has anyone used Palmer's Calming Lavender Body Milk For Stretch Marks?
Is it necessary to apply moisturizer if you have oily skin?
Would you ever get a fish pedicure ?
How do I heal the bumps on my industrial piercing?
what is toner for?
got clearasil as a christmas gift?
What are those white spots we sometimes get on our fingernails?
What is the savest way to self pierce your belly button?
What's wrong with my belly button piercing?
Questions about Best Freckle Lightning Cream?!? *10 Points*?
i putted ice on my acne then i shaved my upper lip hair and then i applied neutrogena soap on my face?
i have white skin and i want to be tan!!?
why indian girls like fair boy?
which is better Braun Silk-épil Xelle 5180 Solo Epilator or Philips HP6509 Satinelle Soft Sensitive Total Bod?
Is 'cute' a polite way of calling someone ugly?
belly ring..?
Body Piercing I Need help convincing my mom?
wats the best way?
Victoria's secret measurements accurate?
So I'm 15 and I want to get MY HIPS AND MY BELLY BUTTON pierced ?
Belly butten piercing?
piercings yeah??! blah blah?
Do these sound like stretch marks?
Ear stretching starter?
Why do my pierced ears hurt and weep 3 months after being pierced?
how can i get rid of achne on my back?
sore cartilage piercing?
Some nose piercing questions?
Cheekbone not firm?
What should I do about this belly piercing situation?
how to get rid of an infected blackhead in my ear?
What moisturizing lotion would you recommend to me?
Does the stretch mark cream mederma really work?
32 C but don't really look like it.?
Belly button piercing closed up?
Anyone ever had laser hair removal?
How Do I Make My Skin Lighter?HELLLPPPP ASAPPP?
Acne Issues... ?Help?
What oil free sunscreen should I put on my face when I sit in the sun?
How to remove age spots?
Oatmeal and lemon juice facial mask? QUESTIONS?
I'm 16 and i want to get a lip piercing. I have wanted one since i was 14. Will i regret it?
when do you give up on button down shirts because the buttons always pop off the shirt?
can I use nair on my balls?
Your tanning bed experience(s)?
How can I lighten my skin color?
Do you think girls with their belly button pierced is hott?
Is my cartilage infected?
My caritiledge piercing gets really crusty?
how do u get rid of a tan?
Is it okay?
Did my belly button just shrink?
Will this anti-wrinkle cream protect me from developing wrinkles?
Do u think moles are ugly?
What is an effective way to remove a stained nose piercing without laser?
I want to get my Rook pierced....?
Woman change their *** appearance??? ?
black spots after shaving?
having double piercing in just one ear...:?
what zit treatment do u use and whats ur daily rountine?
HELP!! how do you stop spots?
im so sick of this happening! what should i do?
POLL do u SHave Yorr Legs daily in the summer?
Boys ear piercing?
Does this mean anything?
can i get my ear secretly pierced?
navel piercing maybe infected ? help :/?
How do I get legs like Minka Kelly?
How can I stop biting my nails?
This is a question for guys!!?
Can 15 year olds get breast implants in Connecticut?
could my problems be due to bad diet?
How to make my breasts look bigger...?
How do i pierce my own ear??(on the lobe)?
Getting ears peirced at Claire's?
What do i do to unclog the pores on my under eye skin?
how to get rid of pimples after waxing?
Why does the sun lighten our hair, but darken our skin?
How do you make the pores on your face smaller?
Will I lose weight this way?
when using apple cider vinegar as a toner?
Im going to 8th grade and I wear an A36 bra size, What is a natural way to make my boobs grow fast and easy?
has anyone tried a derma roller ?
What are your thoughts on a male getting both his ears pierced?
Im looking for a spa/resort...??
Getting my cartilage pierced today?
i just got my half sleeve done yesterday is it normal for it to be sore?
Could you get one of them piercing needles?
Bump inside my lip near my lip piercing hole?
tanning lotion?
belly piercing?
Piercing problem!?.!?
My nose piercing was accidentally yanked out and it has swollen up, what should I do?
Whenever I play games on my computer for a long time, the skin near my cheek bones get heated up. Why?
is this too many piercings for 13 y.o. girl?
Does anyone know the best lotion for tanning salons?
Is it okay to use Aloe Vera with Proactiv?
Does Hawaiian Tropic Dark tanning lotion really help?
does anyone know of any stores who sell massage chairs?
Nose piercing questions?
HELP! I bought some of that soap that comes in a bottle. It says "body wash" on it. Does this mean I am not?
1/2 inch ear blowout.. how to handle it? EXPERIENCED STRETCHERS PLEASE HELP?
Re:how long does it take for lemon juice to work?
I'm 17 and I have a little bit of upper lip hair. Should I leave it alone or get rid of it?
What is the best way to get rid of stretch marks?
Nose piercing question...?
Havin Ma Belly Button Pierced Tomoz N I Was Wonderin Wt u cud compare the lil bit of pain to?
Problem with my navel piercing?
TEEN GIRLS: What is the best smelling deodorant for men that you like?
Ok... so I did something dumb?
Which product do u guys like the best?
Whats your skin care routine?
Ladies Only Please?
Does Clinique anti-blemish solutions in 3 work?
I have a bump on my nose and its really ugly in pics!!!?
What should i get from the Body Bakery?
Hypnotic Poison?
can i get surgery to look like this ?
i forgot to clean my lip piercing?
what is a home remedy that lightens skin on face?
yuk! spot in legsss?
Isn't he beautiful :D ?
What's the steps of getting and having a belly button piercing ?
Do You Have Any Home Remedies?
can i use olay total effects 7 in one ?
What is the best blemish treatment/spot remover?
Skin Question Red, Oily skin?
I wanna be skinner!!!?
Why are toenails (usually) thicker than fingernails???
i'm 50 years plus.the hair on face is growing soo fast.what would happen if i shave my face?
Would a nose piercing look good on my nose?
m 19yr old.i hav combination skin.what shud i do to get rid of pimples n its marks??how wil my skin glow??
If i have really oily skin what should i use on my skin everyday?
How do I tell my mom I have a nose piercing?
Does ear piercing hurt?
lemon juice /lime juice lighten your skin?
How long will it take for my scars to clear up?
Do you pluck you eyebrows or wax them?
How do you keep your face protected from sun damage?
Would it be dangerous to remove a mole that is right next to my right eye?
Is it possible to have good bone structure hidden by weight?
Do I look fat (picture included)?
Does a conch piercing hurt?
Is me getting a belly button piercing for my 14th birthday asking to much or is it inapporiate?
Help what's the best way to get rid of strech marks?!!!?
Would I still be able to play the Bass Clarinet if I get a tounge and/or monroe piercing?
Would i look better with snake bites or spider bites?
Should i get my lip pierced (pic)?
I want to get a piercing really bad.?
What are some homemade remedies for breakouts? I have prom tomorrow and I need to get rid of these pimples?
piercing my own belly ? :S?
has anyone used skinbright for hyperpigmentaion?
What's a good place to get lip pierced in San Francisco?
why when i tan.. i dont tan i just get tan spots.. or something.?
Can i not wear a hoop since i got my nose pierced with a stud?
Is my belly button piercing infected?
I need rhinoplasty, How can i convince my parents? Please!?
Whats the best way to get rid of freckles? Or at least fade them?
how do i pierce my lip with out anyone knowing.?
Are there any other products like PanOxyl?
How to obtain Retin-A cream without perscription in Canada?
why don't the insides of your arms tan?
Please help! I have a question about...?
Where can I buy Colonial Dames Vitamin E Cream in Singapore?
Where can I buy AFGHAN(the brand) bath products from in Mumbai?
HELP!!i need to get rid of my acne its getting ALOT worse???
How do you get rid of a boyle?
How long does it takes to even skintone?
I need your opinion on a piercing?
Do you have to be 18 to get a monroe piercing?
Answer to bad teenage acne?
I have a HUGE zit on my nose!?
How can I become more pale?
Designer skin vs Australian gold?
how much would breast reduction surgery cost (India)?
i am of medium coplexion.and geting more dark.i tried out sunscreen bt it din't work for me.plz help?
I have very dry skin help!!!!!!?
Blushing problems??!?
I had/have a blackhead on the crease of my nose?
neutrogena made skin worse?!?
Which of the following out of these three lotions..?
What's a good face cream for women in their 20's?
well i need advIce for........................?
my gf worried about skin dryness?
I have extremely deep wrinkles and I'm only 14?
Do you think Amal is a good name??????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
is it bad to wash your face 4-6 times a day?
have you ever used Biore Self-Heating Mask?
Is an astringent or mask better for oily/combination skin?
Which one do you think has lighter skin ?
in tennessee when you go to get your belly button pierced can a person over 18 take you if your parent cant?
CAN YOU GET FAT IF YOU EAt?????????????
mine is oily gettin black day by there any lotion to get my color back???????? any home madeo?
where can I buy maxim deodorant in the mall in the philippines?
which wax is better for face and breast area?
Is going two days with no shower really a bad idea?
this is for the guys?
advice on boyfriend getting a tongue piercing?
which is worse, oily skin, or dry skin?
tiny bumps??on my forehead?
Is this safe? Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Stress Control Power-Foam Wash on pillows? Help!?
Very small bumps on my face? ?
i just put on hair removal cream and now my skin is really red. i have used this same cream before...?
Is it good to look after my skin so much ?
how long would it take 16 year old boy to get ripped?
Why is my face a different colour to the rest of my body?
What do you think about this girl's body (PIC INCLUDED)?!!!!!!?!??!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?
How can I lose weight really fast, in like 2 days?
Fingers are wrinkly???
if a guy takes estrogen pills will that help him to lose weight?
where can u get ur ears pierced that doesnt hurt a lot?
Ear piercing swollen help!!!?
What's a good chapstick?
Belly piercings?
Let's talk about stretch marks:?
What do you do when wearing a bikini???
How to get rid of freckles on stumach?
How do you get rid of BO? Besides showering and deoderant and body spray?
How old should a girl be before she's allowed to get fake nails (gel/acrylic)?
waxing, pain, solution ?
natural things to put in a bath?
What makeup can I use to cover up, black spots I got from minor childhood accidents. The fade cream didntwork.
any side effects using face-clin gel?
where can i buy obagi products in spain?
Is my navel piercing doing okay?
Acne and Blackheads?
Is it weird to have really big eyes?
How old do you think I am?
What's a good skin astringent or freshener?
How to get rid of redness on my face help please?
Infected Ear Piercing (Cartilige)?
I'm really pale. Should I put self-tanner on?
Perspiring underarms and deodorant/antiperspirant doesn't work!?
verticle hood piercing info?
why do we get pimples?
my mum wont let me wax my legs?
how can i get rid of stretch marks?
Huge pimple won't pop..?
I feel so short when ever im outside when i see my reflection i feel embaressed andi dont want to be seen?
What should i do about my hairy legs?
bumps from my industrial piercing?
Big bags under eyes are ruining my life ?
which is the thickest piercing in the ear
Does my nose look big in this picture?
What would you define as being 'TOO pierced'??
hey just want your opinion? (preferably girls)?
Belly Button piercing?
p r o a c t i v?
hey do u guys know any good lotions or perfumes?
I've been shaving the tops of my eyebrows off for years. How long til they grow back?
Plastic Surgery?
Am I disgusting? =/ (a question for males)?
problem with scars?
Did you look better after quitting smoking?
How can I get a thinner face?
Difference in Razors..??
How do I get that golden glow on the face look without tanning or dying? It has to be in a bottle somewhere.?
What are some good home remedies for a better complexion?
What are some long lasting lip enhancement procedures that look natural?
can i use the fresh foaming cleanser from neutrogena and a differtent spf face lotion like aqua fusion ?
Good tanning lotions to use? Help!?
Im 15 is 32b really small?
should i shave my arms?
Ear piercing question?
Getting ears pierced but which is better? Professionally or Naturally?
on a scale of 1-10 how much does this hurt?
please help i hate being tall!?
Do nose piercing hurt?
Can a Woman Wear an SPFX Mask?
Is this considered attractive?
are freckles attractive?
is my piercing going to get infected?
belly button piercing question?
does No No really work the shaver?
Who has used Purpose Dual treatment Moisture lotion?
My glasses always break out my nose.. How do I stop it?
Is this ok?
When u r having ur period...?
what are some really easy excercises that you can do at home that does not take too much trouble?
Can you wash piercing with normal soap?
Help i just bit over half my nail off!!!!?
my belly button piercing gets sore when i wear a dangly bar...?
Tanning Beds & Razor Burn?
using benzyl peroxide for acne?
where can i buy a waxing kit?
What works best for chapped lips?
Girls question only!?
Hourglass Figure with a fat stomach?
i have my belly button pierced, help!?
Can I change my nose stud before it's healed?
Do you lotion after you take a shower everyday?
Is this a new or old version of the no no?
Is it safe to go on a sunbed if you wear sunblock?
Will my belly button piercing close?
I wana get my tongue pierced.I'm turning 16 soon?
Dark lines under my eyes?
bags under eyes?
Is my belly button piercing healed yet?
Is there a face massage that can help prevent wrinkles?
How to convince my mom to let me get a lip peircing?
Why is George Eads fat? Is it a hidden conspiracy?
Does any one have the mary kay Velocity Foam bodywash for Sale, need BADLY?
How do i heal my tongue piercing that has gotten infected after 3 years?
at what age is it absolutely impossible to look 20?
How to use Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser?
Im going to get my belly button pierced but im scared, its my first piercing and id have to hide it?
Should I get my ears pierced at Claire's?
do i have a boyish figure and what body type do i have?
How can i get rid of blackheads in my ear?
On a scale of one to ten, how bad does a lip piercing hurt?
Which is better, Oxy pads or Spectro Pads?
Skin care for mature skin?
What do you think about blistex and carmex?
What to expect when you got your septum pierced?
What's the best way to get rid of acne scars?
How good is Clinic All Clear hair oil in case of severe dandruff?
How To Get The Perfect Body Shape?
What causes those white spots underneath your nails (and no, it's not a fungus)?
I have braces and I'm dying for a lip ring, what shall I do??????
Why are my stretch marks STILL purple?
I use AcneFree and I'm going to the beach soon, should I discontinue use?
So about this NAVEL PIERCING?
Are you comfortable with your body ?
Recommended home waxing kit?
How can I look more tan?!?
How do i ask my mom to shave?
Tongue piercing? Pain level?
How to get rid of huuugee pimples??!!?
is it true that spicy foods make you break out?
If you got an eyebrow piercing with a straight barbell, can I also use curve?
which piercing do you prefer?
How can I make my pores smaller?
I Sweat A lot, at school, and its embarresing! HELP?
Could I pull off a septum piercing?
is vitamin e good for dry skin?
My mom told me i have high cheeks :(?
Why do Teens got pimples?Suggest some tips?
Any bra that can PROTECT my breast from moving everytime im DANCING???
My underarms got dark during pregnancy, how do i whiten them?
any tips? horrible face issue........?
How do you get rid of spots on your back?
Question about nose size?
What are natural ways to keep pimples out of my face?
Is it possible to get your whole buttcheek pierced?
My dad tells me I'm fat and I'm thinking of becoming anoreixic ?
How can i stop sweating?
Is ther anything I can do to stop sweating from my face when I'm out?
What is the average cup size for German women?
How To Get Rid Of Wrinkles Under Eyes?
Is it normal for my piercing to be sore after just a few hours of being pierced(bellybutton)?
Is it true that from age 25 you begin to see your skin go downhill and start aging?
Is it ok to shave my underarms and wear womans deodarant girl?
has anyone tried and breast enhancement pills that have actually worked or are they all fake?
Is it better to unclog your pores and then apply benzoyl peroxide?
Mom, Can I get a Brazillian Wax?
How do you get rid of stretch marks?
If I try to wash my face with bar soap, it gets dry and ed. What can I use as an alternative?
Belly Piercing help?!?
Do the tears coming out of your eyes make dark circles under your eyes?
Can i take Sea Kelp whilst on ROACCUTANE ?
Best Acne products for oily skin?
What r these things? UGH! they bother me!!!?
enough water?
I need something healthy to drink?
Bath and Body Works fragrance POLL: Carried Away, Secret Wonderland or Be Enchanted?
how do you get rid of strech marks?
Are girls dumber now days? I can't meet one to have a conversation with. Don't call me sexist please.?
For people who use Clenia Foaming Wash?
Should I shave my arms? (girl)?
How can i gain weight ?
How can I get color but not get burnt?
How Can I Get A Tan Like Brookelle Bones Without Using Tanning Oil Or Using A Tanning Bed?
puffy eyes, please help!!!?
Extreme self-esteem issues because of my Nose. Help!?
is this normal to only get brown gushes?
Does anyone know how well Sudden Chane Eye Firming Serum works? It's for puffy eyes.?
What are the best products for hair and skin care for teenagers?
Green tea shampoo vs tea tree shampoo?
is there any place that will pierce you if you are under 16?
How far up your legs are you meant to shave?
How can I get rid of the dark spots on my face without buying anything!?
Eyebrow piercing Infection?
where can we buy optamae in manila?
How can I hide my cuts?
i look red... i'm fair but lately i've been red.... how do i take this away?
Guy in need of confidence (rate me please =])?
How do I grin?? Help?
Is it normal if your pale and then you apply tanning cream and turn yellow?
Is this menopause, stress,what are these red bumps?
On a scale of 1-10, what am I?
why do i go red each time i talk?
Do you think i should get my lip pierced like this (pictures)?
what should i do when i have little bumps on my arms?
How to clear up blackheads i think they are from my chin?
favourite shower gels?
Why do most girls get tans at the tanning bed and should i?
clear skin? (20 characters)?
were can i buy a 14g piercing needle?
why do we get scabs?
Pigmentation of skin on cheekbone?
Who has tried a good hand lotion?
What is the average cost of laser facial freckle removal in Canada?
Do you think there is anything weird about a 36 year old man having his ear pierced?
shaving pubic area good or bad?
Get rid of a BIG zit fast! NOT TOOTHPASTE, that doesnt work!?
Dry lips in the winter?
HOw to cure itchy skin?
EVIAN MINERAL WATER SPRAY!? where to find..?
Acne treatment?
i have a pimple on my nose how can i get rid of it!?!?!?
is there a way to changing one eyelid back?
i have stretch only 13!?
Pimples, pimples and more pimples?
will you tan faster and get a better tan if you use mosturizing lotion before you layout in the sun?
is it natural for my belly button piercing to bruise?
Help me with my flakey skin of my face!?
does proactiv make girls have facial hair?
Why do girls get all freaked out when they find out they have zits or pimples?
how tall and how much do you think she weighs? (picture included)?
My breast is so bouncy during physical activities, what's the problem?
How to lose weight on thighs?
how do i get rid of whiteheads?
Should people trim their fingernails and toenails?
Remedies for clear skin?
im only 14 and i want to geet my tongue piercedbut im really scared?
I want to get my conch pierced?
UGH. Pimple/zit on my forhead wont go away! HELP?
Does anybody know of a fragrance oil that smells like St. Ives' Swiss Vanilla body wash?
Is it painful to get your ears repeirced?
Navel piercing help?
It's tanning time again!!?
My wedding is in 3 1/2 weeks and I'm starting to break out! I have 4 huge zits on my chin! ?
Best way to get clear skin?
Is there any way to get rid of hair on your stomach without waxing?
I pierced my lip at home and I need help!!! ?
Any one any good piercing shops?
non invasive weight loss treatments?
how can i lighten the dark circles around my eyes?
i want a tongue piercing but some one told me it can paralise your face is this true?
losing weight?
Facial Hair? Girls Plzz!!?
I need help with pierces?
How has your skincare regime changed over the years?
Red dots after shaving legs.
Is it bad to but in a bigger gauge for my nose piercing?
tanning with Pro Sun Shower question?
Jolen bleach creme?
Tiny, coarse, white hairs on legs - How do I get rid of them?
Tragus Piercing help?
how much do u think a 14 year old should weigh?
Helix piercing- turning/rotating?
Smaller/shorter belly button rings?
Really long legs????????
shaving problem?
Okay...I've had my nose pierced for about 3 weeks now and I think I have a keliod.?
what can i do to help my lips they are chapped?
what do you think of spirit perfume by antonio banderas?
How do I prevent my belly button piercing from closing?
what's wrong with my belly piercing!?
How can I get rid of lines under my eyes & prevent crows feet from getting more noticeable?
How to get in shape for volleyball?
Acne Free Severe system?
Has anyone tried cream Garnier for oily skin ?
How do I clear my skin up?
How bad does a bottom lip piercing hurt compared to...?
does anyone find lip piercings attractive on girls?
how to remove black spots from the body?
What is the best bronzer for me?
What body shape do you think I am? (Pictures)?
How do i convince my parents to let me shave my legs?
how to make ears not shine?
I want my lip pierced but my parents won't let me!!?
which hairr color is bettterrr (pics)?
how do i remove my big ugly mole?
What do I do to keep my face clear?
Is it safe to use Clean and Clear Face wash with triclosan and Neutrogena Face wash with salicylic acid?
If my industrial piercing isn't fully healed can I still get an earlobe piercing?
What is the best cologne and bodywash for teen guys? (15-18)?
can i get rid of dark knees?
Did you know ACNE is causes by Sugar and toxins?
Pimples, spots, zits and spot scars...?
How did you get money for a nose job?
Is tea tree oil breaking me out or is it supposed to do that?
black heads by my nose. help?
There are bumps in my earlobes?
how do i gauge my industrial back to a 14?
I am using Cliniques Clarifying Lotion Number 2(dry combo), but I have Oily/Combo skin?
Poll: What kind of belly button do you have?
would 18 year old guys go out with 14 year olds?
could anyone recomended a good face cream available in the UK!!!?
what can i do to prevent razor burns, bumps anywhere?
Nose bump please help?
Do you think freckles are ugly?
What color are my eyes?
Where else can I buy tanning oil other than Superdrug, Boots and Lush?
Which do you do first: Wash your hair or body wash?
will you rub my feet?
Is 16 to young for a boob job?
cold water vs hot water on face?
what piercing would suit my face? (link)?
What are the risks of bleaching?
Dry skin.....?
Spray/Airbrush Tanning?
What happens to a person when they become anorexic?
Skinny, yet still have fat?
how to convince my mom to let me get a double piercing!! :)?
DIY facial...?
Can a Pear Shaped Body Wear Skinny Jeans?
i need a way to help me stop bighting my nails?
Black henna tattoo??? help!?
What is the best leg hair removal stuff?
Question about pierced ears?
I got sun burn and my skin is starting to peel off
PLEASE HELP ME WITH MY ACNE PROBLEM! Soon as possible please,?
can you use nair roll on wax with milk and honey on your face?
help!!!!!!!! please i need it?
I used nair...?
Where do I get Nivea self-tanning lotion in hong kong?
Has anyone heard of the Plastic Surgeon Robert Frank in Munster, IN?
Any pre Tanning Tips? PLease answer!?
Wrinkles at 15???????
can guys get there tongue pierced?
shaving your pubes ?
Blackheads, whiteheads, and a few zits...?
what all do you need to pierce yout own belly button?
how can u get really tan?
I have acne in my chin and dark acne spots help!?
Questions on tanning?
Is a C cup considered big boobs?
Do i have the Eyebrows to get Eyebrow Piercing?
does that garnier nutritioniste skin renew face cream work?
how long after accutane can i get my ears pierced ?
i want 2 change my look,and want 2 bring glow in my body,how will i do that?
I'm 14 years old and 5'6" tall. I weigh 118 pounds. What should I weigh?
the other day i asked my bf what size of breasts he preferred he said mine were perfect but then i asked him?
Which Vitamin E capsule works best if broken open and applied externally to stretch marks?
Is taking a nap for about 45mins-to an hour in the sun every day without sunscreen ok?
Upper ear piercing?
I have a little white bump that appears on my tounge every now and then.Its really sore how do I get rid of it
How do you get rid of stretch marks?
can you use something to make acne scars invisible?
How do you get rid of stretch marks?
armpit shaving question?
Nose piercing trouble!?
Im getting these crater looking marks on my nose!?
should i get a nose job? is it worth it?
Clear Skin?
What is a good exfoliater?
Does Proactiv REALLY work?
How much is tanning at a tanning salon?
How can I get rid of stuborn stubble?
What color are my eyes?
is it normal to have 8 nipples in a row across the same area your bellybutton is?
Shaving legs????????
I have freckles and I hate them...?
im getting my hips and lip and cheek pierced today i wanted to know if i am allowed to hold a stuff animal?
girl help only! please if u r a guy i will report u!?
How do you stop face bloats in the morning?!?
Does anyone knows how to remove or lighten face scars aparted from going for lasers?
ZENO problem, in need of advice?
What is the late-est new and most efficient Laser now to remove red birthmark?
Several questions on a bridge piercing...?
Can you cover birthmarks, scarring or tattoos?
what would my body shape be?
How to get fat off of my thighs?
A little help ? (please no discrim)?
body measurement 36-29-36?
breast enlargement system??
Why do some people have perfectly clear skin and never wash their face?
How old where you when you waxed/shaved down there?
How to get back my original skin tone? Previously my skin tone was lightly fair.?
how do i lose my old reputation and stop smelling bad?
What lip peircing would suit me best?
If a girl's job required that her body be fully shaved all the time?
edges of bottom lips are darker?
I have a little bit of a problem with my lips being black due to my smoking and i want it to look red.HELP!!?
thinking about belly button piercing...?
6g Ear lobe piercing will it hurt?
SEPTUM ISSUES... please help!?
lip piercing anyone?
Cleaning nipple piercings?
How can i get the redness in my cheeks to go away?!?!?
I've had acne for two years... and it still won't go away?
What can make my breast bigger WITHOUT surgery?
OK ladies help a sister out....what age is a good age to start applying an anti-wrinkle creams?
peeling tan(used 2 b sunburn)?
Tongue piercing question?
Does Bio Oil really work ?
nose piercing question?
Can piercing needles get dull inside the package?
Is shaving upwards bad for your skin?
what are the best body massage oils?
Did it hurt when you got your ears pierced?
how do people have clear facial skin without spending much money ?
Shaving your arms and legs?
Anti dandruff shampoo?
So I'm thinking of switching face creams?
I got my nose peirced about a week ago and i was woundering to clean my nose ring how long can i keep it out?
Does anyone know any home remedies to make your breast larger?
How do you get rid of zits ASAP?
how can i get this ink off of my skin?
Medusa lip piercing can someone give me info on it ?? ( pleasee dont ignore me lol )?
very oily skin?
Where can I get my ears pierced? Claires?
solution for face pimples?
How to get of under-eye wrinkles?