Why does getting my armpits waxed not last very long?
I have clogged pores?
the best cream for old scars?
I feel so short compared to everyone else?!?
Thinking about getting a nose piercing?
whats my FACE SHAPE? [ pic ]?
How do I get rid of scars?
Girls ONLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Pimples!? I try everything& nothing at all works.?
What is a great way to get rid of wrinkles on my face-natural or lotion?
Is it possible to change your hairline without surgery?
How long can body hair get ?
If both the dick and clit are pierced does sex hurt?
Natural looking tan? is there such a thing ?
Needle or Gun to get top of ear pierced? (cartilage)?
I have worry lines I am fifteen year old male?
Low self esteem problems?
GIRLS ONLY PLEASE! When you have your period, is it normal for your acne to flare up?
Black spot around my nose stud?
Cartilage piercing age consent?
guys, what height do you prefer on girls?
How can I get rid of spot scars? (i.e. brown marks left on skin after spot has gone)?
Dipilatory Mistake? Please help!?
How do you feel about freckles? Cute, hot, or ugly?
Can i use AcneFree Severe and Noxzema at the same time?
How to lighten knees fast?
What do you think of my face?? : )?
My face is really dry. What can I use to help it!!?
Does proactiv actually works for pimples ?
Help! Awful leg irritation every time after shaving!?
What are some ways I can lighten my skin?
What kind of license needed to do laser skin care?
ANY1 USE nair?
How do u take care of ur skin?
18 and she doesnt shave her legs?
HELP? self pierced upper ear (cartilage) is red and swollen?
Ear Piercing?
can you get a "tan" from black tea?
Why do I only have one dimple?
how can i get rid of this big whitehead on the side of my face?
Why are we ticklish at the armpits and neck?
does it hurt to get your nose pierced?and is so for how long?
want ma belly pierced ?
how do I pierce my own septum?
Guys, opinion on girls with scars.?
REALLY dry skin on my face?
Ear piercing help. PLEASE ANSWER?
Are Nail Salons the number one spreader of Nail Fungus?
can you use body moisturising tan on your face?
how long should i sit in the sun to tan while using olive oil?
I just signed to sell Mary Kay. Do you love the product? Do you have a consultant?
It is dangerous and harm full to put a piercing?
how do i look?(pic included)?
How long do you have to tan(indoor) to see good results?
Would you rather be blind, deaf, no taste, or no touch?
Is my pigmentation typical?
Ahhh...Can someone please recomend something, anything to help me get rid of the acne on my shoulders?
piercing your belly button (does it hurt?)?
mixing aloe gel and vitamin oil??
Argh! My pierced belly button?
When you get a piercing?
how to treat redness around the nose?
how does my best friend get rid of back acne? any suggestions?
Is there a cleanser that works as well as the sweet japanese girl cleanser from lush?
how to get rid of dark circles under your eyes?
Should i get my nipples pierced?
I want to stretch my ears? (Gauges)?
How bad did a tragus piercing hurt for YOU?
Using body wash in shower, counts as cleansing, right?
my lips are soo dry!!?
Please help? I don't know if...?
Im a 32 C?? Is that acceptable?
can anyone suggest a way to get over being worried about having my nose done.?
My arms are hairy, should i shave them?
is it true that ice cubes tighten skin pores in the face?
Do silicone sheets/gels on breast augmentation scars actually work?
Wax still on upper lip?
Is it... gross? that I don't use face wash? I'm 15...?
How long do you have to wait once you get your cartilage pierced to take it out?
How can I eliminate the darkness under my eyes?
now what do i do?????
Whats the coolest peircing for a girl to get?
How can I get electrolysis as a minor?
bath and body works body splash in uk,any one knows where I can find one store in UK?
i wanna get a piercing in my belly ring but my mom doesn't let me should i get it???
How do i get rid of scabs faster?
How to make your boobs bigger?
Help please! Am I a tomato?
OK i have this huge red dot in between my eyebrows!?!?!?!?
Really good drugstore skincare products?
Which piercing fits me?
Tanning question?
Is 12 earring too much?
I've had my ears pierced for 17 years...?
Why is there an age restriction for certain dark under-eye circle products (Prolighten)?
How can I make the skin white??
How to get rid of razor bumps? Never had them til now....Its on my face ;-/?
how to remove hair of the body?
Do i have Small Boobs For a 14 Year old??
Are all septum piercing supposed to flip up?
How can I decrease my size of my nose its big I want to decrease it and reshape it ?
my skin burns and im getting black spots?
Is it easy to hide septum piercing?
Best face wash for acne prone/oily skin?
should i get a tattoo && belly piercing im only 15?
how long does it take for a tan to fade?
cartilage piercing help me ?! please?
How long does it take to get a tan?
Why is aluminum in deodorant?
I am scared my belly button ring while rip out ( regect)?
can i have an eyebrow piercing if i work at walgreens?
Ugly, Average, Or Pretty?
ear piercing thought to be healed?
Why am I tall???
after a tongue piercing is healed is it ok to wear aclyic balled tongue rings all the time?
Could i still tan???? (Need help!)?
How to get natural skin tone back?
Can I use sharpie on my fingernails?
Should you wait til after you have kids to get breast implants?
anybody use murad for acne marks ??
How to know if a stretched ear has healed?
can a fast get rid of body odor?
Can you get proactiv in any stores? Or do you have to order it?
hoow do you reduce a double chin and sagging around the mouth?
What about big boobs??
Does it hurt getting your belly button pierced?
Body Piercing - Please help ?
I there an over the counter cream or lotion that I can use to improve my breast health?
is my monroe infected? HELP! idk what to do and im freaking out!?
Sore feet from dancing in stilletos all night. What to soak them in?
Is my belly button piercing infected ?
Anybody know how to do gel nails and what gel to use?:)?
Acne Problem!?
I have skin micro peeling 7 days ago.Now my skin is ok without the dryness problem.Can anyone tell me ,?
I want a new cartilage piercing buttttttt I heard I could get paralyzed ?
Im a 34A and need to be bigger!!!!?
what natural ingredients can i apply to my face in order to make it glow?
does claires do crlage piercing?
Quiero hacerme una perfo, como convenzo a mis papás?
girls is his body modeling material?
Help plz......Skin care problem....?
what tanning lotion is best t use when you are in a stand up tanning booth??
Hi!! Can anybody tell me what Lol is...??
How to get smooth soft lips?
am i too skinny?
where/what are the best dermatologists in bangalore?
acne problems! PLEASE HELP!!!?
How to convince my mom to let me get my lip peirced?
How do I get rid of eye bags (GUY)?
guys how do u apply deodorant?
Ladiesss! help on upper lip hair (mustache) plz.....?
Is this a turn-off? (Girls and gay/bi guys only please)?
Whats the piercing called...?
carol vordermans breast size?
can i get a monroe piercing without a parent im only 14 but what if my mum calls and says i can will they?
Piercing querie need opinions?
how do i clean my eye brows & eye lashes?
Embarassing.. Any way to make my boobs grow?
how do i perse my tongue wit out going to get it done?
I'm very self conscious...?
My lip piercing (Please Help)?
How to use bleach creame?
Acne..Please Help!....?
How do you clean a belly button peircing?
does anyone know a good piercing place in miami?
I stopped washing my face with chemicals and my skin cleared up?
Is there any way to get rid of pimple scars?
Spots Neone No How Tah Get Rid Of Them ?
Piercing pain questions?
I waxed my legs and now ALL of the hair is growing under skin?
Red bubble around top hole of navel piercing?
Is 6'0 tall for a guy? Or is it average?
My face is breaking out. Are there any little weird tricks that would help my skin clear up?
What is the best thing to use on your face after shaving to close up pores?
should i get a nose job?
electroysis for your face?
i have kind of a rash on my arms it doesnt itch but it looks bad. my mom and sister also have it.?
how can i get rid of an angry spot about to rupture help please wedding on Friday?
Does it hurt to get your nose pierced?
How can I get rid of a pimple fast?
Would This Be a Good Skin Care Routine?
If you put proaciv on a pemple are you suppose to get chicken pocks?
Shaving doesnt work...?
with or without freckles?
What is BB cream? Is it a foundation/powder or a Face wash/liquid/foam/scrub?
Itchy ear after three new piercings?
What is more interesting: tattoos or piercings?
bellybutton piercing?
Pore minimising?
Great Moisturizers for Dry Skin?
Whats the best thing to put on pimples to make them go down/dry?
Everyone say Ronaldinho is ugly?
what is the natural treatment for face and neck wrinkles and sagging?
what face wash do you think is best to get a clear face?
How can I pierce my ears without my mom noticing the earrings the first 6 weeks?
How to get a better body in your stomach?
Who looks older to you?
I would love a home remedy that will help even out the skin tone on my face. ACK @ sun spots!?
which hurts more? well in your opinion...?
What will safely and effectively remove peach fuzz off the face?
Brazilian wax? laser treatment? ?
What should I do about my face?
Is there any way to numb the skin before eye brow threading?
Does anyone know if you can buy Proactive at a store, or do you just have to order it and wait?
This is kinda embarassing but.........?
Guys- Braces?
Face Mask Recipes?
Certain Dri!! This stuff is amazing!?
What IS cellulite???!!!?
If I shave 'down there' will it make my skin rougher?
My girlfriend has her nipple pierced and I want to get her a new bar for it - what guage is it??
cartilage piercing with a needle?
ive had my belly button pierced for 3 months, when can i change it?
I think I want my tongue pierced?
Three new pimples the day before prom?
Where can I go to get my ears pierced professionally?
what's the best face wash/acne cleanser?
Help! Underarm bump...any advice?
Piercing Parlor suggestions?
Where exactly do you get your lip pierced?
Where's the best place to get hair extentions?
What facial piercing would look nice on me and why?
Dark spot where my zit was? removal?
how do i get rid of acne and acne scars??
Will drinking 8 cups of water a day really clear up my acne?
I was wondering about a piercing?
Are these real or fake?
Nose or lip piercing? (picture included)?
Helix won't come off?
I have a new line on my hand?
Black Bags under eyes ugh..?
really thinking about getting my bellybutton peirced, couple questions for people with one and without?
What works for puffy eyes, whether it can be bought in a store or either home remedy?
I have pimples on my face. I am 16. Tell me how to remove it.?
Tingle lotions? Some info on them?
When can I take my eyebrow ring out?
Is it ok to sleep on newly pierced ears?
Should I use sunscreen under tanning oil?
Do body wraps really take off inches after being done at the spa?
How to Remove my stretch marks without surgery?
Can cornstarch baby powder give you cancer?
Please, be honest: Am I too skinny? :(?
Is there any way to not look pale without getting a tan?
scaffolding bar/ industrial piercing?
guys and girls can answer if u want..?
I just pierced my lip, then took it out;?
I need a good facial cleanser. What do you guys recommend??
Peeling sunburn? what do i do?
5 foot, 83 pounds. What do u think?
Have you ever tried botox and what results did you get?
Where can I buy Colonial Dames Vitamin E Cream in Singapore?
Any aestheticians out there, and how do you like your career?
My Lack of Confidence?
Good things to do for yourself and body?
tanning too much?
septum???? piercing ??? hellp!!?
[10 points!] Shall I get a nose job?
What can happen if you pierce you lip yourself?
Is Vaseline bad for your skin?
What should I do about my 'infected' navel piercing?
Can I used boxed Sea salt to clean my tongue piercing?
So I don't know what piercing I want?
I'm going to faint. I'm piercing my belly button, and I think i've hit a nerve, help!?
How do you make your boobs get bigger?
Is there a way to get rid of blackheads that keep coming back?
Does it hurt to get your ears pierced?
My skin is so oily...what can I do to make it go away, or control it?
How can I have a whiter skin/face?
How can i make my hairy arms less noticeable?
which waxing product/product line is the best?
how do you clean a high lobe peircing and what do you use?
what face shape do i have?
Guys shaving legs? Sounds weird?
what is the best way to lose fat?
i want to start modelling but i think I'm not the right size.?
What to expect when getting my eyebrow pierced?
How to get rid of pimples?
i have wrinkles on my forehead help?
how do i make baby oil smell like citrus fruit?
Who has used the Obagi skincare line and what were your results?
how to get even toned skin? any home'made things?
I hate my nails, HELP!?
Is there an acne cleanser with around 2% salicylic acid without the chemical smell?
How to Remove this?- Razor bumps and bumps of ingrown hairs?
I am 10 almost 11 and I want to know if it hurts when you get your ears pierced an Claire's. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!
What can i do to make my boobs bigger?
do you think these are too big for me?
How Do I Make the Skin on My Legs Look More Even ((PICS))?
What is your opinion on tongue piercings? I'm thinking of getting one :)?
My strange penis?
Ladies, what do you think of my body? Answer honestly.?
Downsizing stretched lobes. can someone help me out?
When you first get your nipples pierced, Is it a barbell or a hoop?
Do you need a license to become a body piercer in Virginia?
What is the best thing to use to get a sunburn to turn into a tan?
If you have minor skin discolouration and fine lines....?
ewww help me pimples?
my skin is turning very dark and i dont even go outside how do i stop this or how do i get lighter?
Disproportionate body help?
How do I in a Tanning Booth...?
Does anyone have any tips on how to get a tan for someone with very fair skin?
Which piercing should I get?
Does Nivea Goodbye Cellulite actually work?
Are big ears on a guy unattractive?
If I have a belly button ring, does that mean...?
Should I wash my face once or twice?
I just had my ears pierced and now they're pussing (or whatever your correct verb is)?
Hourglass figure - Is it overrated???
For those of you with nostril piercings...was/it a good experience?
Does Clean & Clear's Morning Burst Shine Control really work?
becoming a vegetarian?
when is the right time to change my navel ring?
i want my nipples pierced but i don't want to pay a bunch of money any cheap spots in philadelphia?
Is waxing your underarms worth it?
teeeth whitening...crest whitestrips users?
how can i turn my skin color to black?
Your opinion is needed?
dirty skin?
Sexy beasty.?
Girls, can you answer?
whats a good way to get rid of some pimples quickly without spending a lot of money?
What do you think a good age is to get a monroe piercing?
Why do you have to be tan to be considered beautiful?
I don’t know what to do with my face. Is there help?
Where can I buy sea salt for my helix piercing in Toronto, Ontario?
I'm really scared to get my ears pierced...?
Solunist Platinum + EGF for sale in US?
How can I improve my skin (photo included)?
How effective is Crest 3D White whitening rinse?
how do i remove streaky fake tan?
How well does Ambi work?
Advice on what moisuriser to use that doesnt give me spots!?
hairy legs?
Is Neutragena a good face wash?
Gly Derm Lotion Plus 12- Is it supposed to cause little red bumps at first?
pink or brown?
Does Claire's do Industrial Piercing?
Is a size 14 fat?????
Is my piercing rejecting or infected? pic!?
Eddy Products by GP Deva?
Who has had ingrown hairs on their legs and pubic area?? What did you do to stop it.?
Does Hydrogen Peroxide really work for acne?
Zit under my nose help?
Can oily skin be avoided by diet control?
How to Remove Blemish from Skin Without Surgery?
Aveeno or ...................?
What Axe smell do all the girls like best?
A.S.B.O Del V the right to reply.?
whats the proper way to pierce anything on your body yourself?
What's a good self tanner for me?
Will i grow taller?
Of all the beaches you've been to, which beach is the best for sun tanning?
Oily skin and other issues?
When you look at a member of the opposite sex what is the first thing you look at?
Should u put alcohol on a zit?
Can you get a nose job at 16?
Is it true that you can get a tan at night?
Tons of tiny zits on forehead!!!???!!?
what should i do for oily skin?
Whats the best way to get rid of acne?
is it possible to wash up in milk?
Would you do it or not?
getting rid of chapped lips... quick?!?
Ladies...what kind of deodorant?
my eyes are big but they aren't wide, what eye shape is that?
How do I get rid of these blackheads?
How much does it cost for piercings?
Girls do you like?
How can I get rid of my tan lines?
Should I use an Amplifier or a Bronzer?
Smooth, clear skin?
How do you get rid of a major scab fast?
How much does a Rhinoplasty (nose job) cost?
How to make a pimple pop?
Can I use Oxy 10 Acne lotion (cream) after washing my face with nivea face wash?
how do u get rid of strech marks around your thighs?
Pierced ear, cheap piercing read?
I wanna know how to grow TALL!!?
How long are avarage naps?
If you use a self-tanner, click here please!?
Facial piercing... but I only have 2 weeks!?
I got a rash from a night cream I was using, and now it is going away but my pores stayed bigger, any advice?
Only Answer if you have a lip Piercing?
how can i make my boobs look bigger?
what is the best way to get rid of pimples?
what piercing would suit me...?
I really want a new piercing , which should i get ?!?
My girlfriend has very small brest and she wants to be big. Which lotion shall I buy for her to make them big?
Why do some people use goggles in the tanning bed?
My skin is purple!?
Should i point my ears?
Good facial stuff to use ! old people ?
What makes a better willy? Circumcised or intact?
how do you get rid of body Odour in the groan area?
How do i look thinner?
Does anyone know how to get rid of tired and baggy eyes?
15 with stretch marks:-\?
severely dry skin on my face, any ideas?
I always have quite dark patches under my eyes.....?
snakebites? or just one side of my lip pierced?
how can i ask my mom to start shaving my legs?
Im 14 And male how to tell mom?
Few hair between eyebrows?
Don't like piercing....?
searching for Dr. Denenberg in Nevada?
Is it unhygienic to wear thongs or g-strings?
How do you prevent losing the hole when you pierce your nose?
L shape nose jewelry won't fit?
Why do i pick scabs and spit out?
Does Proactive really work?
Do You Think I'm Preety?
Why does my nose have this bump?....?
i've tried EVERY deodorant on the market none worked!! help?
How Can I Lighten Up My Skin?
Got my eyebrows waxed for the first time yesterday......?
Piercing law in Tennessee ?
Pink eye from sharing makeup?
I emailed my mom asking for a bra, and she said yes. But she hasn't mentioned it since then. Help?
What can I do for my acne prone skin?
Can i hide my tongue piercing when i get it from my mom.PLEASE!!!!!!HELP!!!!!!?
Navel (belly button) piercing!?
acnefree gave me pimples?
What will happen if I pierce my belly with a dangling ring?
How many times a day should you wash your face?
Lower Navel piercing !!!?
How old do I look to you?
What skin care lotion is best for your skin?
Gauge for normal ear lobe piercing?
Is it true that you will get wrinkles sooner than your peers if you often rub your face too vigorously?
are the mini body butters from the body shop really small?
My nose is so OILY i wash my face allll the time....?
How to get rid of acne scars and hyperpigmentation?
Recommendation of a oil-free face moisturizer ?
What are some other ways to clean a piercing?
I accidentally bumped my navel piercing and now its bleeding a bit?
Can a sibling who is 21 sign the thing to get a 15 year old belly button pierced?
are big lips attractive?
If you put henna on top of pen, will it wash off?
the best facial cream for sensitive skin?
Can you stop a sun burn from peeling?
Getting my lip pierced?
how to get rid of deep seated blackheads of my face?
What do guys look for in a girls body?
Is it completely necessary to wear deodorant...?
i just got my belly pierced and i wonder, can i put vasculine on it after i clean it?
how old do you have to be to get your ears pierced without consent?
bikini line time!!!?
is it possible that my ferret is causing me to break out??
When Do Pimples Stop?
The best place for a couples massage in the la/oc area?
lip piercing on a guy? yay or nay?
question about waxing forearms?
i want 2 do a nose piercing !! witch 1 should i do with needle or gun ?? but im scared 2 do wit a needle !!?
How do thin girls stay thin ?
Changing an unhealed ear lobe piercing?
am i too big for a bikini? (pics)?
how do i keep my skin acne free?
on a scale of 1-10 how bad does getting your nose pierced hurt?
URGENT!!! am worrying.. about my lip piercing, can it harm me? please help!?
how do you clean shaving razors?
serious question how do girls get gaps in their butt?
Have you got hairs by your belly button??
getting rid of bikini line rash?!?
I don't like my eyes and my whole face?
i have lots of acne randomly all over my face. what can i use to get rid of it?
What is this bump in between my eyes?
Do I Look Like Jay Z?
Is this the the most disgusting thing?
Belly button vs. Nose Piercing?
i have really bad acne?
moms or 12 year olds?
Teeth Whitening and Acne Help?
I only have one dimple!!?? Help?
What piercing would look good?
Do skin whitening products help?
daggett & ramsdell help?
what is the name of that new @home face scrub spa cleanser??
belly button piercing?
thyroid and hives?
Nose studsss?
How can I reduce the redness of blemishes on my face? ?
How to remove pimple marks on my back and face?
how long do I wait to size up my gauges?
my hands are so rough and hard?
hey, how can i get rid of red spots on my cheeks and tiny skin coloured bumps on my forehead?
what causes pimples????????
What's my body type?
Is a red swollen cartilage normal after getting it pierced or is it infected?
i want a tragus piercing?
Ladies, any of you were once flat chested?
tanning question...?
the pores of my face are can i minimize them parmanently?
Help me please?
Lip or nose piercing?
Do I have a big nose... :(?
click me click me!!!!(20 characters)?
How bad will a nose piercing hurt me?
im a woman of 39,40 this year,i feel like all my lines,wrinkles and bags under my eyes are really bad?
how are u suppose to use benzoyl peroxide the right way?
whats sexier..?
do you like belly button piercings?
I have these fatty lumps under my shoulders?
Girls Only!!!?
Beauty Marks , How do u get rid of them?
Is transitioning from size 8 gauges to size 6 gauges supposed to hurt this bad?
how do i get rid of super dry skin??????????
Basic Skin Problems/Dry Skin Help!?
Wire or Wireless bras?
what are these little spots around my mouth area?
pimple problem?
i have small breasts how can i make them bigger or appear bigger.?
Tongue Piercing Swollen oO Pierced On A Slant?
How to hide long lips when wearing a bikini?
What Colour Eyes Do You Have?
who has there belly button periced???
Body measurement of a girl??
how can i make my scars fade/disappear?
what works best for strectch marks?
Need advise on my tragus piercing :-(?
How to get ready for a pool party?
HELP! ive waxed my top lip and......?
Piercing help. Please read?
i am 12 and i have no breasts. i want them! every one else has something on their chest! help!?
How many pound is olive from ant farm?
Tongue piercing or nose piercing?
I'm a girl and I have hair on my fingers. I'm really grossed out?
I have parental consent but I can't find anyone that'll pierce a 13 uear old!!! HELP?
How painful is an eyebrow piercing?
Girls, what should I do for those places where I cant use lotion?
Why do I have to use sunscreen my mom forces me to use it?
Moisturizer For Combination Skin?
Should I opperate my ear to make it stick out less?
Whats the best way to reduce the size of pores?
am i fat? (pic included)?
****ATTENTION**** is this an infection? (pics included)?
First time armpit waxing. How many days after last shaving?
How much does Cady Groves weigh?
I got an ear piercing today, how do i clean my ears?
Lip Piercing (Weird Situation)?
Piercing help.................?
Why are my breasts small if my family's are big?
How long do i have to wait after stretching my ears to stretch them again?
What is wrong with me? Wrinkles at 14?
help! Veet - painful and red??
can someone help? i STILL have tan lines tanlines!?
Clearasil Rapid Action Pads...?
getting rid of hair down there..?
i need help because i have acne and its really bugging me, well anyways i got 2 questions?
how can you get the ball back in the hoop for a lip piercing?
Do YOU worry about the way you look?
is my skintone olive skinned and what is olive skin?
skin care product?
how old does this girl look?
People with Tragus piercings****?
what does it mean if someone ?
Where can I find Always Clean pads?
Tongue Piercing Questions!!!?
Breast implants?
Lip piercing - healing?
Stupid acne problems.
Why is my face always itchy?
Wax strips without the wax?
How many times a day should you wash your face?
Why do I have to use sunscreen my mom forces me to use it?
Do you have perfect skin? And how old are you?
how many actually used listerine for tongue piercing? serious answers plz?
gals answer pls, no nonsense from bored guys.. haha thanks!?
Would a septum piercing or a Lip piercing look good on me?
My tragus won't stop bleeding!?
How can I decrease my size of my nose its big I want to decrease it and reshape it ?
What can cause a woman to break out with small bumps that itch and then scar if they break open?
How do I make my breasts bigger without pills or surgery?
he says i am.. but am i?
How to get milky white skin?
Navel piercing help..?
Is waxing dangerous (my back hasn't stopped itching)?
Does it hurt to get the Tragus pierced?
how to remove scars made from pimples ?
Need Help! Ive used a face scrub too much im red! POINTS 4 BEST ANSWER?
How do I get rid of these tiny red bumps on my face after waxing?
How long did it take for your bellybutton piercing to fully heal?
Cosmetic surgery coverd by OHIP?
should i get an industrial piercing?
I've lost ten pounds and now, I have dozens of wrinkles I didn't have before?
what would your first impression be of me?
Good natural face treatments?
Can somebody help me? I got a brazillian and now I have bumps! Ek!?
Pimple Problem :[ How can they go away?
is 12 too young to have a belly button piercing?
13 year old has sore eyes,dark circles and wrinkles?help?
Is 5'8 an attractive or unattractive height for a girl?
Is Clarins HydraQuench Lotion SPF 15 any good? Escpecially under founation?
What can I use to get tanner faster?
HELP!!! im scared this will scar!?
belly button ring-eyebrow piercing?
Do I need to loose weight?
Has anyone had a tummy tuck? Or know facts about them?
Can I use pure vitamin E oil under my eyes to prevent Wrinkles?
Give me your opinions (pictures included)?
Will this actually help my acne scars?
Are skinny or curvy girls sexier?
What should i expect for this pirceing?
do i have a horrible body? HONEST ANSWERS ONLY?
what kind of peircing should i get?
Opposite of fake tan?
cartilage piercing?
How tanned will i get?
i was wondering, can i listen to my ipod while tanning in a tanning bed?
how do i get rid of stretch marks?
does the toothpaste on your pimples actually work?
Is my new tragus piercing developing an infection or a keloid? (Pictures)?
How to get rid of ice and salt challenge mark?
What are some natural things I can do to keep my face clean and moist ?
lip piercings!!! should i get one!!!!!!?
Any Beauty Tips or secret at all for both Face and Body?
Is my belly button peircing infected?
Need help with my tongue piercing?
how to cover scars!??!?
tanning bed questions..please only serious answers?
Best medication/cream for removing bags under the eyes?
How do I get my breasts bigger!? (I'm 14)?
hi dose anyone know how to?
tanning beds?
wrinkles and sunscreen?
Where can I find biore products in Kuwait stores?
i just used Vaseline gel body oil on my face is that ok ?
Dove Nourishing oil care question -.-?
I have pictures in 2 days... how can I get rid of a few zits?
Easy fast way to get a tan!!!!!?
Smelling Good....................?
on a scale of 1-10 how bad does getting your nose pierced hurt?
Whats the easiest wat to pierce my lip at home?
any household remedy to remove dark patches below eye?
How can you get rid of bags under eyes?
Tanning bumps?
Would I suit a nose piercing? Also other questions to do with it?
if i tan in the fun after i've been spray tanned, will it fade away with the spray tan?
How do remove dark spots from my skin?
HELP! Can I use my straightner if conditioner got inside of it?
How do you shave down "there?"?
Why do You smell so bad?
Process of stretching your ears?
Where is the best place in the denver/boulder area to get your nipples pierced?
i have stretch marks on my breast(cleavage area) and my inner thighs what can i do to get rid of them?
girls. is acne a big turnoff?
help me please!!!!!!!!! Begging...? oh and BWT in a guy?
belly button piercing?
Snake Bites!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
how to get rid of these spots?
GIRLS: does looks truely matter if you have a 8pack and just perfect biceps?
Proactiv Solution?
I need a tan, what do you think?
how tall is to tall???
Would guys prefer small breasts (A cup size) which are natural or fake bigger ones with implants?
getttin rid of dead/yellow skin on my palms?
Eyebrow piercing problem !!?
this is derty kids dont read!?
Whats your favorite bath and body works anti-bac?
do any exercises increase your bust ?
Likas Papaya soap?
is it safe to get cartilage piercing at claire's?
What is your favorite thing about yourself?
Does laser hair removal treatment actually work?
How do I pierce my own belly button?
Whats peircing should I get on my face? PIC included?
does talc powder smell good?
how can I shave my bikini line??
why does my face turns white anytime i go swimming?
Nair reviews (good or bad) please!?
what kinda septum bar / ring is this?
How long will my face flake for from this acne medication?
what additional food is required to keep skin well after 35y age?
What are some ways to remove hair on upper lip?
is there anything i can do to keep my face from getting oily throughout the day?
Does having your ears pierced hurt?
hello, i just wanna know where can i get hawaiian tropic stuff in singapore? thanks a lot!?
who thinks the mirror isnt really showing what you really look like?
Good facials?
Do guys like girls with belly pierced? should i get it done?(pics)?
What gauge should I buy piercing needles ?
Im afraid to go out in the sun because when I do my skin starts feeling really numb please help?
tanning moisturizers?
How much will a industrial piercing cost?
How old do you have to be to get a tongue piercing in Kissimmee Florida?
How do some lotions tone skin?
I got my belly pierced on Sat. today is wed. every time i clean burns really bad. Is this normal?
How long can i leave my piercing out?
How to prevent wrinkles around the mouth?
i used skin lighting gel on my face over night and now my face looks bright and like i put a lemon on it on?
HELP with my Belly Piercing ?
what should i do to get rid of pimples and oily skin?
i dont wana wax, it will just make it worse?
The best clean and clear products?
I've tried three times to have pierced ears when I was younger?
Tanning with baby oil in a standup bed?
how do you take care of a monroe piercing?
how do you get rid of zits fast?
can i use ear rings for my lip ring?
I am considering getting a lip piercing this summer?
What kimd of clothes should i wear?
i got my ears pierced again yesterday & was wundering how long to keep them in ?
how would i look wit hazel eyes?
Best products for oily skin, acne and acne scars?
How do I get rid of my tan lines?
13 yrs old size 34 D !!! what do u think good or bad! god i hate it?
Am I too young to get laser hair removal?
((GIRLS ONLY))How can I get rid of my stretch marks?
Acne Free, Proactive, Clean And Clear: Which One Works Best?
I have a birth mark looking thing on my face!?
Lip ring piercing....?
chubby cheeks please help me with this!?
what kind of piercing should i get?
Ear/Body Piercing training in uk?
how to stop biting my nails?
Do I look fat or healthy?
I color contacts that arent circle lenses or at least normal size and precription..n last a year!! plz answer!?
Soap or lotion for skin problem?
Do I have a weird looking belly button (guy)?
Is it true salt water is good for your skin?
i'm i too tall??????????????????
What do you think of these female body measurements?
how can i get rid of blackheads quickly?
Sweaty Armpits! Please Help!?
About tanning stickers?
Why do i have such unhealthy skin? (acne)?
Which is the best hair remover for coarse hair?
Cartilage piercing!?!?!?!?!?!?
Can I take my cartilage piercing out?
is it true that if you take alot of vitamin C you will not get sunburnt easily & your skin will stay youthful?
should i pierce my own ear?
s to who makes me feel better?
Tragus piercing........?
can chlorine ruin ur hair and skin?
Help me improve my appearance???+10?
How should I get rid of the razor bumps and dark spots?
what does toners (for the face) do for your face?
Piercing my belly button myself.?
hairy arms on
How do I get rid of a toothpaste burn as soon as possible?
White ring around my top tongue piercing? ?
best facial cleansing/maintenance regimen for a man (to reduce appearance of aging)?
weirdest thing! staring at boobs!?
What is your favorite perfume?
i am considering rhinoplasty.need help plz?
open pores?
How Much Does It Cost To Get My Ears Pierced For Stretching (Gauges)?
How to clean my armpit?
what does cuticle clear mean ?
how do i get rid of the dark color on my pimple?
Does ProActiv work well?
girls, how often do you wear your sneakers or boots without socks? and if you do why?
again, proactive solution?
How do I get rid of bags under my eyes?
how to prevent from getting wrinkles?girls?
**HELP!!** How do you get naturally pink lips?
Questions about nipple piercings - pricing and info?
How do i become popular?
What products work best reduce sun damage, like age spots and melasma.?
what can i do to make my butt get bigger ?
Honestly what good is sunblock for if it doesn't protect you from getting darker?
Teen Boys: What do you think of my body?
Please help! What can you do to stop from constantly flushing?
(Girls only)Do I need a makeover to get girls?
what is a good age to get your belly button pierced?
So Do You Think I'm Fat?
16 have never gotten my perroid!?
can i change my belly ring?
How can i reduce sweating??!!?
Has anyone use Peter Thomas Roth Glycolic 10%?
how to get rid of stretch marks?
Skin always has pimples? Help?
Is there any type of self tanning lotion that evens skin tone, isn't harsh chemical wise, isn't orange?
black circles, please help!!?
after your rook piercing could you move it?
Shaving my legs...?
Why is there blood down there even if i passed my period just a week ago???HELP!?
homemade facial scrubs! any ideas?
what color of eyes do you have?
I am looking to purchase a franchise, I am looking for financial assistance?
feeling up with gel braa??? HELP?
Would i look better with a Lip ring or nose ring?
Does the Acne Free kit get rid of blackheads?
Has anyone ever used proactive Proactive Renewing Cleanser?
Can I use baby oil to make my ear streach easier?
Can anyone recommend a good inexpensive moisturizer?
How to get rid of acne.?
is there any home things that you can use to make your skin lighter & does that new aveeno lotion work to make
Caspah Intimate Lightening Cream?
i have s on my forehead?
How To Make My Skin Whiter?
Any boddy who tans...?
How long will it take for my navel piercing to close?
Does piercing your tongue hurt?
How long does it take for sunburn to show?
Belly Button Piercing at 14?
What vitamins are good for healthy skin?
belly button pierced?
wat d best way 2 get rid off spots?
I dont have ear lobes help?
I want hips and a little bit of flesh?
help..i hate this..:(?
spray tan membership at tanning salon?
i have dry skin around my nose peircing, do i leave it or do i scrub it off?
why cant an 11 or 12 yr old get a nose piercing...?
Even skin tone?
How does the price of body wash compare to the price of bar soap?
Please give me advice about my tragus piercings?
Poll: Sunbed or Fake Tan?
What order do I wash my face?
"Dewy Skin?" Why does everyone want it?
I am reallly pale and my mom wont let me use a tanning bed any ideas?
boob job or nose job?
How much does initial body jewelry usually cost?
can you use something to make acne scars invisible?
Does Retin A micro prescripiton cream work???
Should i leave my piercing in?
whats a good mild soap or bar i can use for my face?
Why cant I get tanned and how to get tanned?
Does Proactiv work on non-serious acne?
Help... girls only!?
Pear shape and proud of it!?
How do get this zit off my face?
Do you look anything like your avator?
I have yellow whitish stuff coming out of my tongue?
my belly button is weird! it is an innie when im standing up but is an outtie wen im laying on my back....Is t?
favorite deodorant?
cartilage piercing question/help!?
First time tanning (I have questions)?
Septum Piercing Aftercare?
I just got a bellybutton piercing?
Does anyone shave there arms?
Does using toothepaste on spots really help ?
Help, I feel insecure?
What piercing shuld I get and how?
Should I shave my moustache?
can you help me find another ingredient; thanx so much?
How to get rid of dry patch on skin fast?
My nose piercings got pulled on now there's skin coming out of it?
this is so ugly!!! how can i get rid of it?!?!!?
does darkening beauty marks look pretty?
what is the fastest way to get rid of hickys?
Stupid acne problems.
Can someone tell me a good skin care line...?
can black people have any other natural hair colour than black?
What Color Eyes to you prefer??
OMG. i just got in my car and the sunray beamed at my face..will i get darker?!?
tongue peircing aftercare?
Can girls with very fair skin be pretty?
tanning...and sunless tanners?
What is a good skin routine for people with under-the-skin pimples?
Has anyone tried Micro Botox used to treat oily skin and acne?
Is there any way to lighten skin that has scarred?
Is my Belly Button not healing correctly?
i am getting married in 13 wks, i would like a tan for the day, which is the best method to use?
Does the content of neutrogena spot stress control differ in quality?
What are some good home remedies to help your blemishes go away faster?
What is it like and how much does it cost to get your belly button peirced?
What foods should I eat in order to get better, healthier skin??
How can i get bigger boobs without surgery, creams, or pills?
this ok....?
Questions about face wash......?
can i use nair wax for my private parts?
Skin problem....HELP?
Which supplements are healthy for skin??
do spray tans turn you orange?
is body oil the same as baby oil?
I feel fat and love/hate food?
How to make breasts a LITTLE bigger?
my pimply and oily face?
should i shave my upper lip hair?
shall i do a facial?////?
What am I doing wrong with my skin?
How to get your breasts to grow bigger naturaly?
I gauged up (ears) and its swollen?
My mom wont let me pierce my nose how can i convince her?
Do you think a 13year old girl is too young for a belly ring?
epiduo question for acne?
White stuff on my lips after applying chapstick? 10 POINTS!!!!!?
Which cream for razor burn?
looking for a scrub i cant find?
How can I eliminate the darkness under my eyes?
Do I have oily or dry skin?
Do i have a nice butt?
is it better to take a shower before you go to sleep, or in the morning >?
Pimples on hairline? PLZ help!!!!?
Do heterosexual men care about women having a flat stomach?
will tanning help cover stretchmarks?
How to reduce puffiness on my face?
Skin color restoration for people?
baking soda?
Those rough spots?
how do i convince the parents to let me get a lip ring?
Does my cousin look like?
im turning 28 next fall September 27 and i fear aging need help?
How can fat people have sex?
what shud i do to make my lips pink?
How to keep my skin looking young (at 18)?
How do I determine the color of my skin undertone?
how long does it take for a belly piercing to heal ? HELP!?
Do girls prefer very hairy legs or shaved legs on guys?
How painful are nose piercings?
Should I get a boob job?
At a nail salon, what does "polish change" mean?
16 and I have cellulite?!?
body secrets .. Help?
Help convincing dad to get a piercing?
how do you change your industrial piercing from a straight bar to one that has waves in the middle?
has anyone tried nutritioniste nutra-pure detoxifying gel cleanser?
Hip piercing questions?
does proactiv work for 13 and just started getting acne?
Palmolive is no longer making their lather shaving cream. Any other good lather creams out there?
Breast implants! Honestly, what is your opinion?
How old do y'all think i look?
I have bags under my
Ingrown hairs?
Will i get flabby skin from losing weight?
How to cure my acne problem?
Nipple piercing infected?
Would Snake Bites look good on me??? **Pictures included**?
Tongue piercing question.?
Why does my face keep burning up?
How can i make my skin lighter?
Rhinoplasty at newcastle nuffield hospital....?
can you make yourself lighter?
i got my ear pierced how do i keep it as clean as possible?
What is the best oil to rub on a scar?
I'm a male getting my nipples pierced - What kind of ring is hotter barbell or hoop?
Price place for underarm laser hair removal pls help??
i want to make my skin glowing and shinning.....would u like to tell me about?
what exactly is the "bikini line?"?
How to become SKINNY !!!!!?
I have acne and now look ugly. How to stop the acne?
Navel peircing?
I need some help with chest-binding.?
Tend skin?
Best way to sugar wax?
Is it possible to shrink or become shorter?
Im 14 and I already have minor lines under my eyes... HELP!?
Can a blowout in your ear get worse even though you've stopped stretching?
What age is suitable for a Cartilage Piercing?
What hurts more, a lip piercing or a cartilage piercing?
Females only!! hairy situation.....?
Conch piercing concern?
Does the Neutrogena Oil Free Daily Scrub exfoliate?
Should i get my tongue done?
Are these stretch marks?
What is wrong with my new navel piercing?
What do you think of belly button piercings?
How do i pierce my bellybutton?
how hair can be removed from the area around nipples?
Stretching from 6g to 4g?
I have horrible acne scars and i want to get rid of will mederma help? can i use it with my acne medicne also?
Do ingrown hairs lessen over time?
Please answer this! Which foods should I stay away from....?
What moisturizer should I get for my face?
does size really matter.?
need sum advice?
where can i buy ear strechers in coventry?
Is this normal for a new tongue piercing?
Does crying cause pimples?
Has anyone tried Garnier pure?Is it doing any good to the skin?
i have VERY hairy ams. Help!?
Does it hurt more to get your ear cartilage pirced with a gun or needle?
how can i remove the blackheads on my face??
two bumps on rook :(?
which is best face wash for male to remove dirt and also should suit Indian skin?
where can i find 12 gauge ear peircings?
Favorite Bath and Body works scent?
Anyone found an effective topical anasthetic (spray or cream) to ease the pain of a full Brazilian Wax?
how do i make my zeno mini work?
Is it bad to put triple antibiotic ointment up your nose?
I'm a dude, 15, what should I wash my face with........?
how do u get ur skin to be white again without chemicals and stuff???
How attractive am I ?
Toothpaste dose it work?
Why is it so itchy!!?? Is there another alternative!?!!!???
whats a good face cleanser for acne oily prone skin ?
Help with my horrible acne problem?! Please help! It's getting worse.?
What should I wear to go get my nipple pierced?
I'm getting a, Full Brazilian Wax tomorrow. How much will it hurt ? PLEASE ANSWER. Very apprehensive?
how to get rid of black mark from my face?
HELP! from girls =)?