OMG EWW i have dry skin anyone have cures?
do i look like a mexican?
How can you treat a infected belly button piercing?
What are the risks of getting a triple ear piercing?
Okay...So I have stubble down there...?
Why is green tea good for your skin?
Deodorant ISSUE! help?
Cartilage pierced i wanna go to Claire's but i heard bad thngs about gettng it done there?
Does putting toothpaste on spots really help to get rid of them?
When taking Roaccutane, should i use facewash aswell?
Do you think I'm chubby?
I have these fatty lumps under my shoulders?
I have a lic. to be an esthetician in IL. but I am moving to Cali.?
hey , seriously plz help!what's the fastest way to get rid of pimple in 1 week?
What is your favorite physical feature about yourself?
Infected bellybutton ring?! Please help!?
How do you get rid of pimples fast???????
Should i get my lip or eyebrow pierced?
please tell me how can i loose 12 pounds in 6 months?
this is extremely.. fustrating.?
helppp. its aboutt weigght.?
I have a very low tolerance for pain so will getting my tongue pierced hurt that bad?
Opinions on piercings?
i have chicken legs... need thicker calfs/
How long does a sun tan last in the Philippines?
Is there a way you can close a piercing hole?
Sunscreen and facial cleansers?
which one is better ?
When can i change the bar on my piercing?
does cold weather make your skin paler?
Why wont my tunnels go in my ears?I have 4g, and bought 4g. More importantly how do you get em out once in?
how can i make my face bigger?
does washing your face in an upward motion help reduce wrinkles?
how to hide a belly button piercing from your parents?
How can I persuade my parents to let me get a nose ring?
!!Home facial masks!!?
Are Sunless lotions good for people of color?
i want to have my cartilage (helix) pierced in just one ear?
Where do people get body piercings?
Is normal for a young man to have lots of body hair ?
How can i get bigger thighs and butt? How can i change my look?
Hi! Um my swimming carnival,what do I relax with?
why does sunless tanner absorb so much on the face?
Snake Bite's (The Piercing)?
I have really bad pimples, what product can i use?
How to make your face look less round and chubby?
Is there a way to remove moles without surgery?
Need help with piercings?
Ear piercing question?
People who pick there nose?
verticle hood piercing info?
What are good products to fight excessive oil?
Epilating problems?
I wash my face 6 times a day, would i get rid of my acne better if i wash it less or is six enough?
If I get my belly button pierced...?
Does shaving your legs hurt???? Help!?
How do i control my acne?
acne problem??how to get rid of acne marks n dark spots using natural products?
Body Modification Oppinions ?
any Good faces washes?
Shaving Armpits?
i have these little molds on my neck how do i get rid of them?
How do blondes get tanned?
So honestly... How do i look ?
my daughters skin has been very badly tanned in her summer vacation.. any home remedies please......?
Is it safe to get your cartlidge pierced?
whats the best shampoo????
i got a piercing ever though my mom told me not to?
Parents-Would you let your 15 year old daughter get her belly button pierced?
How do u get rid of Hard and skin on your foot & heels?
Do Indian girls expect their guy to wax/shave body hair?
Do you like spray on tanning?
I need to lighten my freckles!?
Bronze tanning lotions....?
Bra Sizes......HELP!?
Should i get my lip pierced?
Is it ok to eat scabs from my head?
help ! getting spray tan soon and braking in hives?
sunburn help??
tongue rings?
Has anyone tried Honey mark Anti-Wrinkle Serum ?
Scratch from nails and red lines?
Okay my ear is gauged to a 7/16, and has been for awhile now and it suddenly got swollen and hurts and itches.?
Remedy for Acne?
how do you get rid of the reddness of a zit?
What do you think of me?
How can I get toner legs?
Did anyone ever used REVITOL to remove stretch marks?
Do you like tanning?
Cellulite question? help!.?
my face keeps changing, my eyes change shape my chin changes shape ,and my cheeks change ect?
stand up lotion at a store i can buy for darkness?
i want to get the top of my ear pierced?
How come some ppls butt is darker than the rest of there skin and somes are lighter?
How to get in shape!!!?
whats the sexiest male body for you?
why do I feel pain in the bottom of the tongue after tongue piercing?
skin problem pleeeeeeeeeeez help?
Indoor tanning+ outdoor sunscreen=??
whats s0me ways t0 gehd acne awayy .....?
How to make skin better?
What is a good facial moisturizer?
How do u get rid of blacks head near noticeable places (nose)??HELP PLZ??:)?
What time should i use proactiv?
im using garnier oil clear face wash would it help me 2 clear of my face from pimples?
What type of facial should I do and how much would it cost?
I have red, dry patches on my face. Should I put some type of oily product on my face after washing it?
Is it bad for you to tan in a booth or out in the sun? Which is better or worse for health?
How to put some colour in my face?
I sweat wayy too much..but only when i'm at school??!?
would i look okay with my nose pierced ?
Do you hate it when.....?
i have freckels and go red on holiday.. how do i get a better tan ?
How to remove latent dirt pores?
Witch hazel for a replacement toner?
Nose piercing.. to get or not to get?
How small will 25mm stretched ears go back down?
Can someone explain why they use cucumbers on the eyes for spa treatments? What is the benefit?
Peeling skin from sunburn. I need it gone fast! Help?
How do I get rid of shaving cuts?
highschool girl in need of booty?
A few questions about tanning salons?
Payment for a boob job?
Are visible tattoos and/or face piercings okay to have to work at bath & body works?
I want to pierce my own nose?
want to get my cartalidge and belly pierced im 13 please answer?
Hairy Chest at age 16?
i have a rash!?
Are all men attracted to large breasts?
How old where you when you waxed/shaved down there?
Tongue Piercings?
I'm so embarrassed! Should I?!?!?!?!?
how can i get facial hair?
is extra virgin olive good for your face and skin?
how to hide a hickey within 12 hours??
Something else.....?
Is it possible for your skin type to change?
why are parents so ****** stingy on letting there kids get a piercing?
Can I use 'all over shampoo' as an 'after shave'?
what i have to do with a big nose?
How to fight cellulitis?
Clearasil Ultra kit? should I use?
Best face gradual tanner or tinted moisturiser for pale skin?
Does anyone have any nipple piercing experiences?
is it true when you first have sex your legs hurt?
Do you think a nose piercing would look nice on me?
Cartilage Piercings?!?
Is it okay to pierce my lip with a safety pin?
Girlfriend tiptoeing barefoot at home?
does using toothpaste on your blemish help it go away faster?
Question for the guys about girl's bodies?
how can i look prettier?
How much do I weigh ?? guess?
should i keep my nose piercing?
has anyone used palmers coco butter leg gloss?
how effective is silicon bonding of hairs?
Why does my tongue hurt?
why do i get these lil marks on my face?
belly button piercing...?
Is my body size okay ?
Getting my nose pierced but I play volleyball, basketball, and softball?
Is the pain of an industrial piercing similar to...?
cute bras for 38dd?
BIG PROBLEM! I have 7 hours to get rid of this acne!!!?
something that will glow my skin?
how do you get the dark marks under your arms to go away??? please help...?
so,,, i wanna get ma tongue pierced does it hurt?
who is better Selena Gomes or Mary-Kate Oslen?
Adding lemon juice to lotion?
A question for girls that shave their....sensitive areas....?
how can i get a lighter skin tone?
Clearasil & Dove are drying out my face :(?
Comments on Neutrogena wave?
How to get a complection and perfect skin?
What should I do about my dry hands?
What skin toner should i get? help please?
how to get a light skin (im dark asian skin)?
how do you get rid of bad cellulites?
Is it weird for a guy to...?
what brand is good for my skin ?
Whats up with this? is it really considered attractive?
What is the correct size breasts for a 7 year old girl?
Should I wait until I'm done losing weight to use Strivectin SD for stretch marks?
How to get nice legs?
how to get rid of my choppy lips?
Belly button!?
Is tinted moisturizer better than pressed power?
Please help .. chickenpox scars!!!!!!?
How do I make my breasts bigger without any medications?
Taking out belly button ring to heal?
Get rid of pimples?
Fade creams for dark blemishes?
Guys: How do you feel about women with stretchmarks?
Does proactive really work???
How to get rid of bags under my eyes?
how do i get a body like this? (guys)?
how to hide freckles?
what is a good tonic spray to refresh the skin?
im 14 and i sweat a lot..?
I think my belly button piercing is infected?!!!?
GUYS: Opinion on stretch marks?
Do men find facial piercings on women attractive?
acne after pregnancy ?
how gross is it for a girl to have a moustahce?
ladies judge me on a scale of 1 to 10 as far as my looks ? please ?
how to get even skin and clear black acne spots?
Can i still do thread my eyebrows if i vertically pierce my eyebrow?
Ear Piercing????? 10 POINTS BEST ANSWER plz answer nowww?
Does getting your nose pierced hurt?
does getting your conch pierced feel (pain wise) reletively the same as getting your tragus pierced?
Little black dotd all along my nose and my cheeks!?
i want your opinion users only!!!?
i have to wear a dress for my cousins wedding next week and i have scars all over my body ?
Problems with the magnification on my Clarisonic MIA?
*****, penis, wat ever you wanna call it.?
how do you get dark circles from under your eye?
icky ankles?
Boobs how to make them look bigger?
i have no pimples but i am dark i want 2 become naturally fare?
I have really dry and ed heels...?
How badly does it hurt to get the top part of your ear pierced on a scale from 1 to 10?
can i go to the piercing place to get a monroe?
what site can i go to that wont have a minimum spending on body jewelry? like captive bead rings?
why do i break out around my mouth when i cry?
I have bumpy toe nails. Why?
embarssing female issue`?
Pictures!! Do you think im fat?
Dark Circles, I'm only 15?
is 4 weeks too early to take out newly pierced ears?
how do i look be truthful?
Why do so many people want to whiten their skin??
Did Anyone Get Large Pores After Using Proactiv?
What is the best product available in australia that can fade/get rid off freckles, thats not too expensive?
What can I do to avoid acne breakouts?
im 14 and i want to get bigger breasts. what should i do? and im not into all that surgery crap/pills either?
Do acne masks make acne worse?
How to get flawless skin without makeup?
How fast does it take fade cream to work? I bought Ambi and I am getting married in 49 days.?
How do you get rid of circles under your eyes from lack of sleep?
Laser hair removal technician?
Bra help!?!? Wat do I do?
Best bodycare to use?
I have really bad ance what is something fast and easy. that gets rid of it?
SkinID 2 times a day?
Eyebrow piercings.... and acne?
im a dancer and want belly button peirced?
Where can I get body scrub london?
A question about shaving?
does ear piercing hurt?
What are the bad sides of proactiv?
How to make my fist as strong as steel that i can destroy walls?
How do I prevent my belly button piercing from closing?
Question about changing my belly button piercing?
What places let 14 year olds get their lip pierced?
Do you think piercing you belly button is trashy?
tips for getting my eyebrow pierced?
Should girls shave their arms?
Have been on rouccatane for 6 months one more to go-- ?
Acne treatment help!!?
I'm Ugly. What do i do?
My Breast's are really small is there anything that will help them grow besides surgery?
anybody knows whats the best moisturizer for your face and not so expensive?
Shaving My Arms? Yes or No?
How to get dead skin off your hands/body?
What are the 7 best reasons not to shave the armpit being a girl?
Does this exfoliation method work?
Body type?
Do you think a 14 year old is too young to get their tongue pierced?
where can i find glow in the dark lotion?
piercing thru beuty spot on lip?
how do you get rid of big hips!?
48 hour deodorants? Surely you'd have had a wash by then anyway?
How can I get a safe but dark tan without going to a tanning salon?
is it safer to wear a pad or a tampon at night?
how do i hide my shaved legs from my mom?
how can you make your hair grow dramatically fast cause I'm donating my hair to children's with leukemia
I need a substitute for honey.?
What kind of stores I can find soaps like Papaya kojic acid , glutathione? Glutathione pills?
Which cleanser is best for me?
Please help me I need some constructive criticism please!!?
Is my stomach okay for a piercing? (pics)?
face problem question! Urgent! Please answer! 10 points to best answer!?
Im starting to get very pale?
anybody have their face busted in a street fight? did it leave scars?
Why do I get this throbbing feeling above my right eye?
do you believe that putting toothpast on pimples helps them go faster????1 pts?
Razor Bumps?
What should I do ?? About my nosed Pierced..?
Does It Hurt Getting Your Cartilage WITH A NEEDLE (ear) Peirced?
How to remove pimples?
What do you think of GARNIER'S Pure Active blackhead clearing scrub?
Acne treatment?
Changing nose piercing to retainer.?
Questions about acne products?
How bad does a bottom lip piercing hurt compared to...?
i want toned arms?
Is there A Belly Button Piercing where they don't have to pierce the top just inside the naval?
How would I look with My nose Pierced? PICTURES INSIDE!?
What is you opinion on Burt's Bees?
Is there any type of soap that i can use to prevent hard water from damaging my skin and hair?
What in tha world is a loose booty?
Do my legs look strange or fat?
Best Concealed piercings?
How can i unscrew my lip piercing?
Do I have long legs?
Besides sea salt what can I use to help with my cartilage piercing?
i might get my nose pierced and i was wondering if it hurts alot but i have 2 bros so i can handle pain!?
Tongue piercing has shrunk what can I do?
After lap band Hanging skin?
Girls: stretch marks on a guys? How much of a turnoff?
Pierced ears are bleeding?
Asprin mask?
Can tampons go bad? like, if you buy a box of tampons one day, but dont use them for a month, can they go bad?
Do You Regret Your Piercing?
Where can I buy StriVectin-SD cream for wrinkles?Thanks.?
I need girl's opinions please.?
Help!!? Nose piercing :(?
Ear piercing???? Sensitive skin?
belly button rejecting?! :(?
Major breakouts!! HELPPPP?
Ears pierced at claires?
Dont i get enough sleep?
What gauge is my nose piercing most likely? (Done at Piercing Pagoda)?
how to get rid of deep seated blackheads of my face?
Lope piercing?......PLEASE HELP?
Diana Stalder products help?
at what store can i find the smooth away hair remover?
Is It Worth To Buy Nair?
i just started using olay products on my face, but i get small pimples now, is it normal?
should men get involved as much as women do with plastic surgery to keep them younger and healthier???
Should a teen exfoliate?
Ladies: Do you shave your thighs?
why am i so chubby? (pics)?
Is there anyway to help a piercing (side of lip) heal faster?
I just want to ask what is the effective beauty regimen for having a fair skin?
is it bad to pop zits underwater?
Claire's uk piercing!?
How to get rid of peach fuzz on my lower back?
Circle lenses for light eyes?
What's a good facial cleanser for acne?
I have a White Complexion?
Do i use it for the whole body or the vagaina for summer eve body wash?
What will happen if i leave my infected ear piercing untreated?
I hate having small boobs and really want implants.?
Cool Citris Basil from Bath and Body Works?
Hai, can you please rate mah @$$ 1/10?
Why R you itchy sometimes when you get out the tub?
Girl Body problem - Scars?
Please help!!!! i put a medicine that was to Strong and NOW I HAVE A RED SPOT?
i'm an 11 year old and i have pimples all over my face?
where can i purchase Alpha Hydrox AHA Enhanced Lotion?
best tan in tanning bed?
Do i have a big nose?
what do i use to clean my nose piercing?
shouldnt pimples stop by now im going to college?
suntan genetics?
is 5'2"and 145lbs is overweight?
why do some people's neck look dirty?
Nipple piercing question?
Red bumps on pubic area?
Questions on helix piercings?
Bigger & fuller lips?
I've had my belly piercing for 6 months now and its still pussing?
sleep in nude?
Smouth Skin?
Is 13 too young for a lip piercing?
to tan or not to tan is what Im asking?
Obsessed with my Nose!! help please?
How do you get rid of dry skin?
Is there any way to hide a lip peircing from your mother?
Is it bad to shave your arms?
Can I get my eyebrows waxed if I have pimples around my brows?
whats the best way to get rid of dark circles under your eyes?
Legs broken out from nair?
Might get a nose peircing!?
How much is the breast implants cost w/ surgery and tax?
What's wrong with my cartilage/helix piercing?
any body knows how to remove spot from my face?
My body is NOT FAKE! HELP!?
Spray Tanning question?
what color nail polish should I buy [pics]?
snug and forward helix experience?
nose peircing. please help!?
If you have just got your ears pierced, can you do PE?
Another industrial bar piercing question?
How to make my nails grow way faster?
Is Thong Underwear an Invention of the Devil?
Can I get snake bites and a smiley piercing at the same time?
cold press technique?
How do you get rid of stretch marks?
How can I get a body like this?
What can i put on my body to make it extra soft?
Yes or No: Should I get a hoop in my nose?
How to keep myself from sweating so much?
I have tan lines on my face and need urgent help!?
Do boys tend to not like girls with pimples?
Some people at my school are calling me names?
im thinking about getting my cartilage pirced...?
Can people with darker skin have blue eyes?
biore skin strips work?yes or no i am hearing many different things some1who has used them tel me!=)plz thxxx?
Is ice ok for skin?? And what is a natural way to reduce redness?
Turmeric mask and baking soda mask?
help for glycolic acid peel?
im 15 and i think i am 5 foot 2?
im a girl, and i really noticeable hair on my stomah, how can i make it go away, or less noticable.?
i just pierced m y lip and want to keep it from my teachers and my parents what to do?
Why do certain materials make my skin feel even drier?
Do you think your tail is too large?
Should i get a boob job?
Can I help my hormones?
HONESTLY speaking,Can a TONGUE PIERCING swell up so large that it makes you unable to breathe?
Help on a nose piercing!?
Is it better to unclog your pores and then apply benzoyl peroxide?
Please try this and tell me what you think<Soft Skin>?
Whats a quick, home made remedy for pimples?
I have open pores in my face. Pls suggest how can these be minised...?
How come this happens to me???
My legs are red and sometimes rather blotchy?
I want pinker skin?
How to whiten dark underarm? Either natural or synthetic?
Why does my collarbone stick out so much?(picture)?
Would I look okay with a monroe piercing?
Do shaving creams (like nair and veet) hurt when you put it on your legs?
I've had acne for two years... and it still won't go away?
Avon Arabian Glow Gel Bronzer....Where the hell has it vanished to?!?
Belly button piercing?
How do i get rid of the dark bags under my eyes?
Has anyone tried the Nivea "Goodbye Cellulite 30- Day Challenge"? If so, were your results good, or bad?
Will taking out gauges heal a blowout?
I'm uncomfortable with my body?
Most effective sunblock?
Should i shave my arms?
Dose it really hurt when u have ur ears Pierced?
i ordered a bottle of tanning lotion from best indoortannind lotion and my card has been charged and cant find
Is there any other razor manufacturers apart from Gillette?
Acne ? 10 points best answer!?
Dermalogica Facials!?
What facial products are good for oily skin?
FACIAL HAIR - Cleanser, Toner, Moisturizer, Oily!?
what piercing should i get? ten points xx?
Iron lip ring? I used this little silver ring to pierce my lip and now I'm thinking its iron.?
Arousing Ways to Lotion Up Your Girlfriend?
will my 1.5 month snug (cartilage) piercing grow shut after a week?
Should I get an industrial piercing or an eyebrow piercing?
is something wrong with my helix piercing?
I wonder what this could be?
Do you honestly feel comfortable with your body?
Guys rate me please?
Accutane And Tanning?
i have dark hair on my arms and i want to lighten it?
Infected ear piercing.....I might have to remove it :(?
Would a tongue piercing look okay on me?
What is the correct size breasts for a 7 year old girl?
what kind of bar can I put in my cartilage piercing?
I have terrible Acne scares...HELP!!?
what can i do to get shorter?
What's this Bye bye blemish product called?
Fake tan spray?
Which piercing would look best on me? (i have pics)?
Hi.I am new member.Could you haelp me to find treatment for blackhead?Please?
I got my belly button Pierced a week ago. It is very red, and is pussing alittle. It does not hurt at all,?
For my dick, I'm more of a grower than a shower, how can i change this?
how can i make my stretch marks go away?
Dark underarms PLEASE HELP?
Any ideas about salt? for piercing?
Do I have the right nose to get my nose pierced?
I've been noticing tons of bruises on and around my legs.they seem to show up out of no where..?
Does anyone know about the body magic two step system by ardyss international?
Is it weird that i bite my toenails?
piercing hurts a week later?
answer my question. right now. everyone!?
Oh no Im orange!!?
Some belly button piercing questions?
ear piercing question help?!?!!?
does it hurt to get your belly button pierced?
Find a skin-care regimen?
How do you make your own tanning oil?
What piercing would best suit my face?
scars all over my body plz help?
Can I wash my hair with acne wash?
How long does it take a nose piercing to heal?
what can i use to fix spots where iv had acne on my face?
How old do you have to be to get your cartildge pierced without a parent?
Is it possible to tan/get darker from indirect sunlight coming into my room?
Is hot water (i.e. bathwater) bad for facial skin? Like if you wash your face in it /submerge it for a while?
How do you peirce your belly button yourself and hide it from your parents?
My friend, Veronica, has a problem with her eyes...?
why am i light?
Yaz and Loestrin 24 Fe for acne?
Gauging a piercing.?
heyy ppl i just qraduated frome the 8th qrade . which should i qet a camera or a belly button piercinq ?
Does anyone know if this really works?
Help on Ear Stretching?!?!?
Not sure ear size 18g/20g?
How to remove the love marks caused by kisses?
permanent makeup on scars?
nails and toenails, can someone help please? :)?
Where is a good place to get a snakebite (piercing) in Dublin, Ireland?
what will fade the marks? (ladies)?
Bumps on arms...?
What is a good, masculine cologne for men ?
I got my belly button pierced and my piercer said I can go swimming in 3 weeks but when can I change it.?
Titanium 4g double-flare plug stuck in ear?
HELP! Clinique users!?
If you r a little heavy set should u get your belly button peirced?
How do I get rid of dry skin in the creases of my nose?
What is a good moisturizer for combination skin?
I am in the process of loosing Weight. Does any one have a remedy for stretch marks?
Which parts (on a man) need to be shaved?
how do i get my skin lighter and brighter?
What can clear up pimples overnight? Something I would more than likely have in my house?
Should I shave my arms?
how do you loose thigh fat?
At age 13 could i get a monroe piercing?
will baby oil give my face freckles?
What can i use to get sexy,oily,clear skin?
where does a piercing look better on a guy?
Yikes. I'm having a full Brazillian Wax, in 2 hours. Getting scared. Is it gonna really hurt ? PLZ ANSWER?
Are any one of you "naturally" skinny? If yes or no, how do you deal with you weight problem?
What to do about SH Scars?
How bad does a tragus piercing hurt?
How to have a beautiful and glowing skin?
I got my ear pierced around 2 weeks ago and is it infected?
help me with my scar please!?
How do I look? whats you opinion?
What do you think of people who get Rhinoplasty (nose surgery)?
my belly button piercing is still oozing stuff sometimes, even though it's been a year that I got it?
What's a good drugstore brand to get rid of acne scars fast?
Do women breasts change form during the day?
Are you ticklish? And if so, where are you mostly ticklish?
Lobe ear piercing infected?
Do you think that shaving down below is sexier than not shaving at all?
do girls who talk down about other girls(that show off their bodies) only do it because they are jealous?
How do I dye or bleach pubic hair?
Skin tightening vitamin or cream?
What is the best electric razor to get a guy?
do i have an infected tragus piercing?
Do you think I`m too young for a belly button piercing? 10 points best answer?
I need piercing help?
how do you get rid of stretch marks?
Acne Help!?
What are the best products for the face?
My nose is crooked. What can I do to make it look straight?
What's the best way to get rid of zits/pimples/blackheads and prevent them?
Would you rather a girl had small boobs or implants?
Hi....I have oily skin. so it very very acne prone.....?
My lips are really chapped, whats the best thing to use on them?
who is 14 and under?????
Does Proactiv works?
What's the best exfoliating product for your body?
Why do I always feel so fat? :/?
I have really ugly legs?
How effective is Hyclean?
I feel inadequate. Breast implants - yes or no?
How do superstars get their perfect body shape:?
Is it ok that i shave my arms?
How to get rid of cystic pimples?
Is there anything that I can do to cure the dark circles under my eyes?
I seem to always have dry skin or sleep in my eyelashes. How can I prevent this?
bikinis in the summer?
How long does it take for a bellybutton piercing to heal?
my body is changing im getting realy hairy.... am i dieing?
Can I get my belly button re-pierced?
How long to wait before I can tan again?
my face is dull no shine please give me some tips to make my face attractive?
Hairy Arms?!?!?
What is the length on of 14 gauge bar?
What is the best time to tan outside?
Help me not to burn????? ?
Ball stud earring went into hole! Help pleasee?
is piercing your cartilage with a gun really that bad?
What's a good face moisturizer?
zit medicane working??
baking soda?
How do I Convince my parents to let me stretch my ears?
Is it gay for a guy to wax his legs?
where can i buy clear essence platinum line in toronto, canada?
I have an unusual problem, I have dark hairs growing very very close to my eyes?
Has my fresh naval piercing ripped?
Why do self tan sprays leave a "smell"?
How can I remove the redness from my face, hands and feet?
Lobe stretching beginner!?
Scar remover????????
Plzzz help im having red spots under my breast!!?
Is it possible to be pretty and not know it?
what can i use to stop my face from breaking out? I use the same cleaner for a long time.?
Can I change out my monroe piercing within the first 2 weeks?
Do you think she's fat ?
Does it take a lot of guts for a guy to dress up like a girl?
how do you change your industrial piercing from a straight bar to one that has waves in the middle?
I need leg shaving tips for razor burn and things from the ladies :D?
How can I fake tan without getting chemicals in my navel piercing, and being blotchy/uneven?
I'm 35 and over the past fifteen years have tried umpteen moisturisers from Olay to Eve Lom?
If I don't like where a snakebite was pierced......?
Mary Kay??
I'm looking for nut free homemade facial masks that are easy to make/use?
Sooo, do you sleep naked?
how long will this take to heal?
i am a 14 yr old girl .and have already started to get pimples.i dont want this to continue.can you suggest a?
At-home Microdermabrasion vs. RETIN-A?
Best moisturiser you know?
Dead sea products?
how long for skin to be back to normal?
Is having a sharp jaw good ?
how to get nosepierce to heal faster?
How to get smaller pores?!?
Do you know if Zeno works?
What is the best way to get rid of acne?
Does the Zeno Hotspot really work?
will getting your nose pierced before ur 14 mess up ur nose?
What's the best treatment for acne?
I have a big huge hard pimple on my chin?
how to get rid of a tan using something thats good for your skin?
Mom vs plugs and tapers?
Do nose piercing hurt?
why do people hate on other when new?
Where in Odessa, Texas or Midland, Texas can i get a henna tattoo?
Does Proactiv work?!?! Help?
is my body not normal for a fifteen year old?
How much more weight should i lose? (pics)?
Can I stretch from 1.2mm to 2mm?
belly button piercing yes or no?
how to use neutrogena exfoliating wash?
lip piercings!!! should i get one!!!!!!?
tongue piercing side affects?
Can I use a Brillo Pad on my skin in the shower?
Does it hurt to get your hips pierced ? ( surface not dermal )?
does piercing your nose hurt?
Can anyone recommend a decent face cream that does not give me spots?
question about my VOICE (DEEPNESS)?
What to buy or make ?
I'm 14 and play getting my cartilage pierced bad?
how can you make scars less noticeable??
Lip Piercings...?
How long does retin a take to work?
First piercing done at larger gauge?
If i looked like this would you be friends with me
do snake bites piercings close back up over time?
rough and calloused feet?
Lip piercing question beeded to be answered?
skin question?
what is better a tragus or helix piercing?
green tea??? is it good for undereye darkness?
My face is completely dried out?
Embarrasing Problem... please don't be nasty?
Tongue Piercing for a Man?
I have 2 dry spot on face?
I have oily and flaky skin?
How do you treat a bump under the navel piercing?
which ear piercing should i get?
Does proactiv suppose to dry my face?
My skin day by day getting black dats and pample?
how do you get rid of a flat mole?
what does it feel like when getting your belly button pierced?
do dimple piercings give you dimples?
I'm going tanning for the first time?
girls, do any of you love wearing shoes and sneakers without socks? or hate wearing socks in general?
Tanning, what's best?
Does the Kymaro bosy shaper work?
anybody out there used to put glue all over themselves when they were younger?
why all Irish people have falling cheeks, thin lips, pointed upwards nose...?
I hate it when some ppl?
what does it mean if someone ?
Why do I have wrinkles on my forehead (Only 13)?
Lip Piercing Help? Please help me out(:?
Can I wear a bikini?
Does walking up hills and stairs backwards really lift your butt?
Does anyone know of a good wrinkle filler or cream for the area above the lip line?
Do you think I need rhinoplasty surgery (nose job)?[[pics]]?
does it hurt having your belly button pierced ?
My legs are uneven and huge ): Please help me !?
has anyone used an epilator?
guys how do u apply deodorant?
Does my body make me unattractive?
dark tan or light tan?
Skin problem! Help please?
how can i get rid of my acne?
what color are your fingernails and toenails painted?
LADIES!!! How do you shave your... "area" without getting razor bumbs and without having it all scratchy?
Where can I find biore products in Kuwait stores?
Can any women give me some advice? I'm too embarassed to ask any of the women i know?
How to reduce Acne Scarring?
Girls Only!!!?
How to clean a belly button piercing?
How can I make my boobs look smaller?
Infected ear piercing hole?
has anyone had a tongue peircing infection?
dose it hurt to get ur belly button priced?
Is a 38 b considered small?
Tongue piercing help!?
Would you ever pierce your tongue?
i just got my belly peirced, but i don't like it?
How can i get rid of my little scars on my skin?
Why does it take so long for me to wax?
Acne Problems!?
Does anyone know of a painless waxing salon in New York?
Reviews for Mole, Warts and Skin Tag Removal?
Get rid of shine?
Do i have a nice body?
For exfoliating your face, what kind of exfoliation systems are out there?
How Do I Get Rid of my Stretchmarks?
If I get a second ear piercing but it gets infected will it affect my first piercing?
i have horrible acne, any help?
whats your morning routine and how long does it take you?
if i have a 4 weeks and a couple of days old cartilage piercing can i take it off and change it?
So how do you get ride of hair on your arms?
I just got my lip pierced about 4 days ago?
I've been wondering if its possible for a somewhat big teenaged girl to have absolutely no butt?Its unheard of
16 yrs old,,,and want to get an industrial piercing....should i??
which girl is prettier?!?!?!?!?!!?
Does this piercing look healthy?
How to get rid of hickey's all over my neck ASAP?!?!?
I'm 14 should I gauge my ears?
tanning problem..?
Does anyone have advice of tanning products available at the drug store? Are spray on tans safe and effective?
I have been thinking of getting rid of some body hair...Does Nair for men really work???
Is there any way......?
Perfect Sunless Tan?
Question about belly button piercing.?
How do I reduce redness scabs?
Is it o.k to get your nipples pierced with colored barbells?
I was thinking about using Jergens natural glow but I was wondering if it is a purely female product?
I have bags under my eyes?
Tanning question..................?
what cetephil cleanser is better??
my cuticles are a mess.?
How long will it take to tan in the sun?
do i look ok???????????????????/////?
What is a perfect face?
GIRLS ONLY PLEASE! When you have your period, is it normal for your acne to flare up?
My legs will NOT tan!?
I am 14 years old and i have a big nose. How can i rise my self confidence and get over it and move on?
if a dermatologist removes a hair follicle, will that permanently remove the hair?
should i put smaller gauges in an infected cartillige piercing?
Is there a possible way to rid of a permanent sun burn?
Which skincare products are better Estee Lauder or Clinique?
How long does the pain of having your ears pierced last when done at home?
My face broke out in pmimples!? :/?
does it hurt to get your ears pierced?
daily lip care for dry lips?
my mum won't let me shave?
Is my face shape oval (pics)?
Is it best to use skin lighteners (e.g. Meladerm, Tri-Luma) all over the face or just on dark spots?
ear gauging help - easy 10 points.?
is it ok for guys to wear tongue rings?
Will exercising make your skin break out?
has anyone ever used the victorias secret hottest body treatment for no more cellulite?
Does squats make back dimples appear deeper?
what product is good to remove under eyes circles?
How to get rid of dry skin?
what should i put in my face since i have so dark spots?
I read about many skincare products that make claims that they get the gunk out of your pores or open them up?
How do you get rid of pimples without proactive or any other type of acne medicine?
Skin complexion looks?
How much have I changed?
If i wanted to be a body piercer would that be good for the future as in like pay wise?
Do you plan a appointment to get your nails done?
Why did my chemical peel make me look old?
Will my face get fatter?
Is 5'4 to short??????????????????
Are there any other women out there with big feet?
nose piercing?
Shaving belly, normal/gross?
Am I Too Skinny?
What is with everyone and being paranoid of getting out in the sun?
Just used Veet for the first time...?
When I go to a tanning salon.....?
Whats good beginner size gauge for a person that has never had their ears pierced?
Fake tan, what do I buy?
How can fat people have sex?
Does Proactiv works?
im sixteen & suffering from acne. none of those big labels like neutrogena/proactive sem to work. help me!! :(?
10 points who'll Help With Scar :(?
Ear piercing swollen help!!!?
Hiding septum jewelry? (curved barbell)?
cartilage piercing?!?!?
What works easily and quickly to remove patches/blotches when self tanner starts to fade?
does getting your ear peirced hurt?
does my body look attractive?
Is it okay to apply the clean and clear gel cleanser twice a day?
How can I make my cheeks smaller?
Does Palmer's Skin Success Eventone Complexion Soap get rid of acne?
What jewellery for cartilage/helix piercing?
Tell me your honest opinion?
HOW CAN I SHRINK my pimples on cheeK AND chin in 6 days?
I have a birthmark on my butt?
Where to get fake plugs for regular pierced ears?
What piercing would look good on me?
Natural vs fake breasts...are the sizes different?
is this attractive?
girls body question?
Anyone know how to stop the skin from getting irrated after shaving ? i get bumps and red holes !! help please
How do I look? What can I do to look better?
how to hide freckles?
I have random scabs in my head how to get rid of them?
Another question about work and piercing conduct?
Lip piercing jewelry..?
Uhm, please help me with tips on how to ask my mom an embarrassing question!?
How can I get clear, glowing skin?
Hair down there, what to do with them?
Anyone know any effective methods (apart from more sleep) for getting rid of dark circles around the eyes?
What can i use on this to make it go away faster?
I have pembles all over my face what should i do?
which cream is better for the face?
How do I make my spot go down?
What piercing should I get?
do i have to get my labret piercing done over again?
what do you think her nationality is?
Laser hair removal??
Micro dermal locations?
Help me get bigger breasts!?
earlobe too thick for my plugs?
is the face always darker than the body?
are these real or fake?
pus like fluid coming from lip piercing?
Weird question, but... do you wash your face?
Getting rid of stretch marks?
How do you correct a "crooked" face?
Should I get gauge's for my ears?
Dry Skin Problem?
I have the body of a 20 year old?
who has the best body in this picture! :)?
how tall ru/ how how tall do u wish u could grow?
I want to get another piercing but i dont know where?
i want to make my boobs look bigger and i want them to grow quickly please help?
Can you ask to have your nipple numbed before getting it pierced?
how to keep this dandruffs away plzz answer?
dark circles, don't even know why?!?!?
Is The Badger Balm For Your Lips Or Body?
why girls don't like hair in the body of men?
how do you peirce really sensitive ears?
how can i get a.......?
What do think is the Ideal breast size?
vitamin E oil for your nails?
does it hurt when you get your ears pierced?
Guys- should i get my belly button pierced?
How can i make my butt bigger?
something i don't understand?
What Body Shape Are You?
how do you fade stretch marks?
What's the best thing for dark circles under the eyes?
Is Hawaiian tropics tanning lotion good?
I have gauges, but want to put my plugs in?
What is wrong with my new navel piercing?
my lips is dark black how to get soft red lips?
what color eyes do u like best? blue or brown?
How to avoid tanned skin?
Would you rather be tan but damage your skin, or be pale/fair with nice skin?
Today my mom had modelling session for bra-panty-the guys in the team were all staring...?
i cant tell if my eyebrow peircing is infected or juss irratated :Splz help PICS INCLUDED?
what your outlook on teens getting tattoos?
What is the web address or mailing address for APRIL BATH PRODUCTS?
forward/ triple forward helix piercing?
What is the best didposable shaving razor blade foe men?
What lip piercing would you get: labret, side labret, monroe, or medusa?
what does the body of a petite girl look like?
Getting plastic surgery !?
Does shaving affect your skin?
tragus piercing?
Forward helix piercing?
industrial piercings?
can you use sun in while using a tanning bed?
I really hate my freckles?
what peircing relli hurts ?
i need to cut the hair from bikini area, instead saving, what can i use?
How do I convince my parents to let me get my ears double peirced?
How do I get rid of period pimples in less than 24 hours? Please X-MAS is tommorow!!?
How to get nice legs?
I go to the tanning bed and i am kinda dark but I can't get darker. What can I do?
Epilators - any experience?
Piercing help anyone?
Ways to get rid of pimples?
I got my nippe pierced an i think its infected.?
how to make your self throw up?
Do you think a 12 is to young for a nose/lip piercing?
How can I get a more "womanly" body?
which is the fastest way of removing henna(mehandi) from hands??
Any tips on clear skin?
how can someone with naturally tanned skin look orange or yellow?
what do you think of the girl in this pic?
i neeed help with this girlsss ? ;//?
I want to know if you can spot anything that resembles cheekbones on my face. ?
blackheads & acne on the nose !?
Can you please rate me out of 10?
Is going two days with no shower really a bad idea?
Would a pregnany belly ring help my sunken in belly piercing?
Does the skin grow tolerance to olive oil when used for a long time as a moisturizer?
is this weird?
Any recommendations for natural blemish treatments?
Will I ruin my laser hair removal if I wait too long between treatments?
Which spray tan covers stretchmarks better? Xen or Fake Bake?
what is good for shaving rash?
Do you think this body type is attractive?
how can i get rid of stretch marks?
A question for girls, women who are 16-?
Do I look like a fat person? How much do you think I weigh?
Does Proactive really work?
I'm 15 almost 16,and I want to get my belly button pierced but my parents won't let me,what can I do?
Where can I learn Japanese Facial Massage in Australia?
Should I get my ears pierced?
Has anyone ever...?
how do i use 'Tend Skin' after waxing?
Can I heat hard wax in a crock pot?
Lip piercing retainer, New Job doesn't allow Facial piercings. s best answer!?
is NAIR good product for shaving?
Murad is it effective..?
Keeping skin looking beautiful, Acne freee?
What is the best size?
I popped a blackhead and it left a hole on my chin!?
Girls only... a question on boobs!?
Is it okay to put alcohol & peroxide on a navel piercing?
Belly button question ?
What are some good tips for a beginning tanner?
wanna know abt bikini wax?
What's the "perfect" body.?
Is my nose big?? or?? :''(?
Will it harm my indoor tanning lotion if I keep it in my car during winter?
How long will my belly button piercing take to close? (Done 7 years ago)?
do your natural nails look like these?
Can I go swimming with a belley button piercing?
I. am. so. sore. HELP!! 10 points to best answer?
What Is the best face wash to get rid of zits?
Belly button piercing poll?
Do girls like scars on guys?
How to prevent ingrown hairs and razer bumps?
Should I peirce my lip or tongue?
Do your ears close up immediately after piercing them if you don't put in earrings?
i am of medium coplexion.and geting more dark.i tried out sunscreen bt it din't work for me.plz help?
Are My Legs Fat And Ugly? :|?
Thinking of switching to waxing....?
I got my belly button pierced standing up?
starving myself?
Skin bump on new tongue piercing?
Okay so I just bought a new tanning oil. How long should I lay out?
how to remove bikini hair without causing messy hair growth further out?
PLEASE HELP..... desperate!!!!!?
What is to be done to make the skin look young forever ?
Question about nose piercing?
A question for the guys..........?
How long did it take for YOUR stretched ears to go back to a normal size?
Can someone give me a picture of someone with spider bites (piercing) and the other side only one labret?
do i have any model potential ? (fixed links)?
Does washing your face more than once a day help clear zits?
How to whiten the whole body naturally?
Who do you think is creppier?
my skin is so dry its flaking off, like dandruff!?
How many months until I can repierce my bellybutton?
Help with a cartalige piercing?
My nipples are hard and pointy?
tinted moisturizer?
In a Lumina tanning bed with special facial bubs, are they red when activated, or deactivated?
Underwear question ladies?
ears pierced???please!!!!!!!!!!?
How do I get the wrinkles out of my scrotum?
Im 13 and i have dark circles under my eyes, help?
how much does getting your ears pierced hurt?
What is my skin complexion?
My boyfriend says i should have breast implants and lipo done..?
Some questions about Clearasil deep pore treatment wash?
Hey ladies, this might seem stupid but idc, just be honest, would you do me? ;)?
Is the glue on the last piece of toilet paper safe to swipe across your lovelies? And what about...?
What body shape is this?
do u like my smilee???
How old do you think is TOO old for body piercing?
all iam asking without sarcasm from anyone is how to get more a naturally shiny , more important white skin?
What do you do to carry yourself sexier?
Eyebrow piercing for girls?
my lips are always chapped.?
i have dark hair on my arms and i want to lighten it?
wrinkles at 17 is it possible i am scared?
dont u think i look so pale?
How can I get a tan faster, but also safely?
Why do I keep getting pimples? and how do I get rid of it?
Skin care help!?
Mature women only please?
ok so im 17 and have never had pimples in my life, which i am very thankful for, until now. all of a sudden ?
What's my body shape?!?
Can You Hide A Dermal Piercing?
i have a really oily face?
how well does the neutrogena wave actually work?
How old do you have to be this piercing ring ?
Is this normal??
What were your experiences regarding laser hair removal? Good or Bad?