Is it really that bad to go to the tanning bed even if it's twice a month?
Why does Proactiv still make my face red?
what simple HEALTHY foods help you to.........?
Big ugly bruise on my face.?
have you tried the " NEW Proactiv "?
How to get rid of chicken pox scars?
piercing rejection question?
how long should i wait to change jewerly on my peirced arrm?
Do shaving creams (like nair and veet) hurt when you put it on your legs?
Should I get my bellybutton pierced?
Life after pimples?
which piercing should i get?
How do I shave my legs?
What piercing should i get, ( teenagers please, adults welcomed) Links work now! :D?
why do I feel pain in the bottom of the tongue after tongue piercing?
What product can I use to make pores look smaller and less noticeable?
When is the best time to use a facial mask?
Tanning Moisturizer bad idea before going to Caribbean?? YES or NO?
quick question. ok i cant find knox unflavoured gelatine for my eyes, would...?
dry skin, smooth skin?
i measured my foot and it says 10...when i measured it at the stores it says like 9 ...and i buy a size ten...?
Need some skin care advice!?
How do you get rid of stretch marks?
what is the best wrinkle fighting cream on the market?
Piercing clamp for septum?
Is showering with shower gel or body wash good enough? I don't feel clean w/out bar soap but it dried me out.
do belly button piercings hurt?
What do you think about..?
How do I get rid of backacne?
How to get ride of stretch marks?
Son is embarrassed about having sunscreen applied on him at the beach?
So how do you get ride of hair on your arms?
Plastic surgery?
Does this piercing make me look trashy?
can honey and lemon remove age spot?
Is Pastic surgeory getting out of hand.?
Would you rather be pale or acne-free?
Sweating problem.. (seriously, not joking)?
How do I smell good? I mean whats the best smelling deo? or Cologne? Or whatever? Whats it take to smell good?
any formula for making face cream to have a pretty face?
Scary eyes and funny voices?
how long do i leave tea tree oil on after applying it on my scalp?
Does Neutrogena: SkinID work on women of color?
i just got my navel pierced?
How to make a zit disapear!?!?!?
What is the least painful piercing out of these?
shaving my bikini area? help!!?
How to get back my original skin tone? Previously my skin tone was lightly fair.?
Whats better?
what are the laws?
Okay everyone, guys and gals, what do you "really" think of her?
Would I look good with a tongue piercing or snake bites?
How often do you bathe?
can somebody tell me the full procedure to do underarm waxing at home?
Tongue Piercing?
How to get rid/lessen eyebags?
Minomycin Tablets Exma.....?
What facial piercing should I get next?
Why do we have dandruff for?
Question for women only: What is your biggest physical turn-off when it comes to men?
Toung piercing question?
Oily skin in the summer months! HELP!?
Wat is the best way to pierce my septum my self with out my parents finding out?
How to choose the right Liposuction Technique?
My friends ring is stuck on my finger....?
Getting married - Best time to get waxed?
Ear piercing prices...?
If you were a llama would you care about your acne?
does jazz make your feet ugly?
is my chest too big for my age? i think the stretch marks are the sign?
My face is always really red? What to do?
Extremely oily and SHINEY skin!?
how do u get bigger boob?
Darker skin colour on my joints, esp the knee. How can i lighten them?
How do u prevent black lines under your eyes?
would i get in trouble for piercing someone?
how do i get my boobs to grow bigger quick and naturally!!!????
belly button piercing ?
How can I naturally make my eyes lighter?
Does he like me?or not i cant tell
how to start your gauges?
it's a little gross, so if you don't mind then read on...?
What is the average size of a hooters girl?
i am going tanning 2 times a week and i am still not getting dark?
i cried alot in ma sleep and ma eyes are so fat and sour..:| wht do i do??
Taning problems...?
I'm super pale but want a tan for a pool party on my face and body - how?
What is the perfect body type on a girl?
Im an indian girl and i have a slight mustache, but its worse cuz my skin is darker there! What should i do?
How do I get over the fact that I posted horrible pictures of myself on this site a few years ago?
Has anyone ever used Clearasil's Acne Fighting Facial Moisturizer Dual Action?
what facewash do you use?
casper, chicken legs. Help?
What are easy and quick way to get glowing skin in the morning?
what the best way to get rid of acne?
how do i convince my parents to let me get my belly button pierced!?
I am noticing thin red spider veins on my cheeks. What can I do to get rid of them?
bikini line time!!!?
I have a question about my cartilage piercing?
Does anyone know of a dermatological/ chemical peels skin lightening procedure that lightens dark complexion?
What is this big red spot on my face?
have any one tried the product "NOVARES WII" from tv shop (ez shop)?
How to clean nose piercing?
if u have used ProActive..?
how can I make the skin on my nose not shine?
Are estheticians allowed to do basic Swedish massages in Florida?
dry lips :(?
Is my nose ring infected?? help?
Has anyone tried vibro shape which TV Shop is selling? Does it work?
embarrasing question for people that wont laugh at me?
victoria secret beach sexy tanning cream?
What piercings are easy to hide?
Is it good or bad to be tall?? im 13 and 5;8?
What piercings do you have?
red lines on both butt cheeks?
Does the Zeno Hotspot really work?
Any women out there tried a body wave recently?
What is a good habbit to stop bitting your nails?
recently started using Witch Hazel as a toner after washing my face because I've read that it does wonders fo?
is it gay to have the right side of your bottom lip pierced?
Razor bumps do they go away in a dayy ?
what does it mean when you have scabs on stretch marks?
Anyone know where I can buy this belly button ring?
what moisturizer should i use?
New belly button piercing?
Where can I go in NJ to get my navel pierced where they don't check age?
just started tanning at a salon how often should i go?
Do these shorts make me look fat? Honestly!?
I had to wash my hands with domestos to get printer ink off them, they are sore now, how can i make them well?
how painful is a lip piercing?
who is 14 and under?????
Body shape for a petite person?
You can sometimes see the outline of my junk?
punched in the face ?
Are there belly rings that go 4 ways if i have all 4 sides pierced? Like a +. I've searched but found nothing!
why do my fingers prune very fast?
Conch ear piercing question?
so i pierced my ear?
Could I treat butter as buttermilk?
What kind of body piercing, if any, do you feel are acceptable?
How can I make my boobs get bigger???????
is my nose too big for my face?
help!! what should i do about bags under my eyes??
What really helps you get tan?
What do think about large breast implants for me?
Aloe Vera making skin itch? Never happened before?
Burned my face with a flat iron?!?
best electric shaver for girls?
Excuse me has anyone seen my arm?
I want to get a snug piercing but I'm worried about the pain?
Keloid keeps coming back on both lobe piercings?
HELP!!!! ACNE!!! plz help?
whats the quickest way to get rid of a pimple?
what do you need to make perfume? and how do you make perfume?
soaps to lighten skin complexion?
Does Neutrogena Instant Bronze sunless tanner work..or does it just wipe off??
what is vaseline for?
help me please i need your help with a problem?
How long did it take your piercing to close up?
How's to solve open pores and oily skin on my nose? please help!!! thanks..?
Any skin treatments you know of?
how do you get rid of acne?
How long r ur showers???
How expensive is it to get like 10 moles removed at a cosmetic surgery clinic? I make 8$/hour...?
Is 13 too young for a belly button piercing?
Information on tatoos.?
TorF: Someone got their nipple pierced & a nerve popped out & they had to cut it causing him to throw up/****!?
is my piercing going to get infected?
My Toe-nail is soft what should i do to help it?
Any products to help healing your face to become whiter?
Why do I get random breakouts on my side? ?
Tiny flesh colored bumps on face-- its a rash, what do I do?
White mark on skin, scar?
does skinny look good ?
Is Cystic acne the same thing as a blind pimple? Also called underground or Under the skin pimples?
how long after a navel piercing is normal for it to bleed?
I need some advice on a sternum piercing? the bit between your boobs?
How to get nice, smooth feet?
Microdermal or Micro punch?
Will mi Boob's get bigger?
Tanning Lotion.?
What is the best face wash to use for oily skin?
Does it hurt to get your hips pierced ? ( surface not dermal )?
quarter size lump right behind my bellybutton piercing?
Would you do this for PERFECTLY clear skin?
How far up your leg do you shave?
How to get smoother legs?
I wanna get my tongue pierced! Advice please?
Are there any ways to get rid of old stretch marks!!!!!!!!!!!?
When can i switch to 12g tapers?
how do you????????????????????
Does it hurt getting your nose pierced?
ingrown hairs help please?
How do I get rid of stubble spots after kissing my boyfriend?
why is it bad to use hydrogen peroxide on a belly button peircing?
Is my new lip piercing infected?
I have lost weight and am now experiencing some skin sagging?
Don't want to be so sweaty in gym!!!?
Whats the best way to get rid of acne?
how can i clean these 3 zits by tomorrow?
What is the standard length of the labret in a newly pierced inner conch?
what is a good, relaxing face mask I can make at home?
any suggestions for tanning?
How long will your acne improve after changing your diet and drinking lots of water?
Tongue piercing quesion?! please help?
My face is so red!! Help!!?
Can anyone recommend a good moisturiser?
Men's Skin Care Lines?
Does Proactive really work?
Do your pimples ever itch? And if so, is it mild or severe?
do you know any really great face cleansers? i've tried almost everything and nothing seems to work...?
What is the proper way to remove hair from the pubic region?
new belly button piercing ?
What can I expect from a belly button piercing?
height problem ?! :/?
What are some home products that help relieve sunburn?
whats the straigest thing you can do with your body?
ACNE Problem!! Need help!!?
chapped lips?
Lip pireced bout 2 month ago give or take?
is this attractive?
Dry,irritated skin.?
What is the difference between a Skincare Complex and a Cream or Moisturizer?
what is the best skin cleanser, toner, mositurizer and eye cream( for under eye circles, etc)?
Wrinkles/lines under my eyes at 17?
brown eyes and black hair?
What would rank my natural looks at (1-10)?
How to remove the jewelry off from my root of the helix?
Are there any guys... (personal and awkward question from a girl)?
I have my period and I haveee to wear yoga pants tomorrow !?
What is the best thing to wash your face with?
How to get an easy quick suntan?
How do i get rid of my freckles and get pale skin?
How do I start taking care of my skin?
How would I get rid of permanent scars?
what works better proactiv or acne complex?
Good facial wash for sensitive skin?
where can I buy Pond's facial products in Surrey BC?
I hate my big boobs and I don't know what to do.?
earlier my hairs are very silky and long and now my hairs become very dull wat can i do?
i have semi bad ance on my back i want it gone. now!!!!!!!!!!!!! help?
clear skin acne free?
Who loves Lush ?
Do I look too skinny?
What is my face shape?
what happened when your eyebrow don't grow?
How far do you go for your health and aesthetic?
i sweat sooooooo much....what can i do to make it stop?
Advice on waxing at home?
how do i get ride off cellulite around stomach?
Infected Ear Piercing Help Please?
Need to rid of hair down there....?
If you could move your fat around your body,where would you move yours from and to?
Does every belly button peircing get infected?
A question about Skin Specialists? 10 points ;)?
Which is the best cold cream for men available in the Indian Market ?
Do most men indulge in some kind of body hair removal ?
should i get a piercing??**pic**?
What is more attractive Black hair,Pale/Fair skin,with Black eyes or Blue eyes?
how to get rid of acne?
Would you rather be blind, deaf, no taste, or no touch?
How long does anal bleaching last?
Does Veet remove ingrown hairs?
In the uk does Claire's at Walsall do cartilage piercing?
What are some good long lasting lip color?
Bumps on my cheeks and arms?
Any Remedies 2 make face look WHITER???? PLEASE HELP!?
How can i get rid of acne?
which is the thickest piercing in the ear
Do you have experience with tongue piercings?
Good skin care products that will get rid of acne?
Sparks. Everytime I touch something or someone.?
Is my ear suitable for an industrial piercing?
I want to get my lip pierced but my mum wont let me because the scar will look horrible, what do i do?
Has anyone ever used Benzaclin wayyy after its expiration date? And if so, what happened?
Which face wash do you use?
Piercing Advice, Please?
Girls only....................................…
I am 13, not beauty-concious but for the first time.. I wanna know how i look. So.. how do I look?
What are some homemade masks I could try?
What is the best moisturizer for a shaved head?
Tanning????? Girls I'm 13 (girl) help?
Fraxel - Help please?
does nair realy work?
What are the lines around your mouth called?
Should i take them off?
What does girls think about guys with pale skin?
How much weight can you lose!?
Info on silicone tunnels?
can anyone help me with a piercing job?
What is the most effective way to treat a sunburn?
is the laser treatement against cellulite bad for you?
Girls where do you like boys to have piercings?
Does clinique have money order/billing plans?
Help! My earlobes hurt what should I do?
i had a burn on my face which has left a can i remove de blemish?
nose piercing..........?
how do u get rid of.....?
i think im to skinny?
where can I find a Himalayan rock salt deodorant bar?
How do you get rid of puffy eyes?
should i get my moles removed? *pic*?
im using a lightening cream for my dark marks on my face and body and i says to use spf 30 or higher?
blackheads, spots, argh.. help please?
Can somebody walk me through how to get rid of my acne and acne scars?
how do u pierce an ear?
When people buy expensive products ?
are you supposed to wear spf under your clothes in the winter?
Do guys need to moisturise, cleanse and tone their skin like girls do?
Is it safe to use two different brands of acne medication at times?
why has my acne resurfaced?
which acne treatment actually worked for you?
Do I have the same body shape as Marilyn Monroe? based on our measurements?
Eyebrow Retainer....?
What do you think of my cousins feet and rate them? lol? (pics)?
Stretch marks?
do i have to take out my belly button piercing?
How old do you have to be to get a piercing apprenticeship in oklahoma?
Info on nose piercings?
What country would I have the best chance at getting an implant in my abdomen?
Help! armpit question D:?
Has anyone tried Miessence 'Purifying Skin essentials'? Does it work well for cleansing and blemishes etc??
What would you recomend for severe acne?
where can i get lacto calamine lotion and at what price?
I want my tongue periced, and want advice on.....?
Uneven gluteal/butt fold/sulcus/crease?
Ear piercing questions!?
How can I get rid of cellulite?
Stupid question about ear gauges. HELPPP!!!!?
how do you get rid of freckles?
how do i get rid of bumps on my forhead?
after washing the face do u use a face cloth wet it then splash it on ur face?
How Muh Does A Nose Piercing Cost?
I have pimples what do I do?
How bad does a tragus piercing hurt?
Weird question but how do you get your armpits skinnier?
Help-tips for skin please :(?
Pros and cons of "bioflex" jewellery?
how to get rid of acne?
How can I look younger than my 27 years?
i have a question about washing my face...!!?
Can a 13 Year Old Get a Peircing?
does anyone know if neosporin works on acne? plzzzzz help! thanks a million!?
Someone please please please help me ?
how do you peirce really sensitive ears?
What is your favorite physical feature about yourself?
Is it true that larger people cannot be pretty?
Best places to get a piercing?
What do I clean my nose piercing with?
How to get pale without foundation, surgeries, or products....Juz natural stuff! 10 POINTS!!!?
does it hurt when u get your nose pierced ?!?
should i get my belly button done?
does palmer's cocoa butter formula help even out skin tone and soften skin?
scab hasn't formed on nose 1 week later?
Any Ontario clinic that specializes in facial cosmetic surgeries?
Smelling Good....................?
How can I make skin fairer?
how much do breast implants cost in new york? any good places?
Summertime Embarrassment?
Will shaving or waxing your legs make the hair thicker?
Should I get my ears re-pierced for the 4th time?
Does anyone know how i can make my lips bigger without having surgery?
How long does waxing last for?
how can i make my legs free from scar...i dont want any scar on my legs please help me...what cream shouild i?
Any good face routines?
How long will it take for a 2 year old nose piercing to close? ?
What is deep pore cleansing milk? Its uses? Is it beneficial for oily skin? How is it different from toner?
What makes people want to get facial/tongue piercings?
I have question about my lip piercing?
I want to show more butt ?
are there new face surgery's out yet if there is give me more info?
tongue piercings??????
is my skintone olive skinned and what is olive skin?
guys, what do you think about these piercings on a girl?
I glow in the dark do you?
will 18g tapers close if i take them out of my ears?
ears pierced?
thinking of getting a lip piercing.?
What piecing should i get?
How to convince my mum to let me get my belly pierced?
how do i get rid of bumps on my nose?
Is tion really causes acne ?
Can sleeping on my belly make my navel piercing red?
Age alllowed to get Nipples pierced?
Changing you belly button ring to a dangly one?
What is best home remedy to remove hair on the upper lip?
how do i hide my shaved legs from my mom?
what piercing should i get?
Question about pedicures...?
I have little moles on my body that bother me so bad. Is there any way to remove them by myself? PLEASE HELP!?
how can i clear up my skin?
How do i get rid of stretchmarks?
is my lip piercing infected?
I got my ears pierced and im wondering?
I have diffreant skin tone on my face and my chast my chast is so glow rather than my face what i do?
How to help my lip piercings close up?
Are breast implants colder than the rest of your body?
Should I get a boob job?
Do you have to be 18 to gauge your ears?
Is it ok to stretch my ear if my taper is slightly melted?
Which do you prefer? Old Spice Red Zone body wash? Or Axe body wash?
I want to look like a dead superman for halloween, any ideas??
black knees?
Tounge Piercing Question??
Give me better definition for a WOMEN?
I have bumps on my legs that never go away, how do i get rid or them?
Would I look good with a nose piercing?
I'm 14 Years Old & Should I Shave My Legs?
In bras, what cup in a 30 band size would be equivalent to the cup size of a 32D?
lip piercings help [experienced only]????
2 Year Old Frenum Piercing?
Tightening skin with lotion..?
exfoliating question?
What should I do about my dry hands?
how old do you have to be in indiana to get your naval pierced with or without parental consent?
Which do you prefer, shower gel or regular soap when your in the shower?
I want to get a cartlidge piercing but I have read all this stuff about ears falling off and everything !!!?
Should I use sea salt for my new piercing?
What is the best cleanser to use for skin that breaks out alot, dry, and sensitive?
Should i get my belly button pierced?
Belly Button Piercing Questions. Helpppp!?
Does the dudu osun black soap really works at removing dark marks & dark scars.?
Ear piercing is it okay to use TCP antiseptics? ?
how much should a 11 year old girl weigh?
how can i stop biting my nails?
How much does laser hair removal cost?
Need more units of botox or try dysport?
Im 13 and have horrible achne (whiteheads blackheads) how do i get rid of it without spending a lot of money??
Why don't nails hurt when they are cut?
SHOULD I wax or shave?
What to do for severely clogged pores?
is biting your nails bad?
Sea salt leaves my piercing crusty?
Can you get your ears stretched professionally?
dark circles?
Is there a real cure for acne?
is my septum piercing rejecting?
Can i change my name when im 12?
Did proactiv work for you?
What can i do to prevent razor burn, bumps, and scars from shaving my privates?
are u girls curvy or skinny?
Can i clean my nose piercing with table salt and hot water?
Tongue Piercing. Painful?
what are basic tips to keep a skin firm?
what's a good makeup remover,emergency mask, pore shrinker product, and blemish spot healer?
lip piercing got riped out?
Is it bad shaving without shaving cream?
How do you get your own beauty or skin care line?
What should i get pierced? 10 points?
were can you get you ears pierced?
When you see a girl with a tongue piercing what do you think?
Can I clean my septum piercing with only warm water and a qtip?
I am getting my 1yr sons ears pierced tomorrow and wondered if anyone else has done this. gold or CZ studs?
What happens if you go on a tanning bed with sunblock 45 instead of the regular lotions for tanning beds?
im 14, is it possible to get snake bites in new jersey?
what should i buy from sephora for acne?
ive run out of wax wipes (finishing wipes)?
How to make this pimple go away for good?
pleeease answer my question. i beg to you.?
Is there anyway that you can reshape your nose NATURALLY?
What the best acne medication that you can get at Walgreens/Smith's/Walmart?
Am I too fat for a belly button piercing?
bumps on my arms O_o?
Do you think i have a big ugly nose?
whats the best hair removal epilator, for face and body?
any DIY methods that can make the teeth white?
What is a best night lotion that will give you a fairer complextion, "Brand Names" please thanks all?
how to get rid of black heads within a week?
what can i use for dry skin?
Where can i purchase ProActive products? (besides online and on the phone)?
Greasy food = bad breakouts?
how can i make a body cream or moisturizer at home?
Help, I'm 27 but have really hollow cheeks. How can I get chubby cheeks?
should i get my cartalage pierced with a needle or a gun?
retin A micro help please!!?
What's the best way........?
What's a good face cream for wrinkles and for everything on the face?
My g/f sits with her legs double crossed?
sweating.. help!?
Why do so many people prefer tans?
Plucking my unibrow' leaves black spots?
What gets rid of puffy/heavy eyes?
I have a super oily forehead!?
whats the best sunless tanning lotion?
Im a young man who needs advice?
how old do you have to be to get your tongue pierced ?
My nipple piercing closed need method for reopening?
how to treat my pimples without ruining my skin?
for having longer eyelashes whoch one's better- vaseline or castor oil?
How to make this pimple go away for good?
what is the daily habit of a female who does her best to look well?
Is baby oil good for soft skin?
What do you think about the idea of 'perfuming' your breath?
What do you wish you knew before taking Accutane?
very large eaR HOLE how to make it small.?
any one recommend a good self tanning product that looks natural?
Where can I find reviews on the product Kinerase?
i want to pierce my cartilage by myself!!!! what should i do.?
How to kiss? Where do you put lips?
If you have your parents permisson, can you get a lip ring if ur under 18?
How old do you have to be to get a belly button piercing?
Why Am I So Peng Doe?!?
facial product suggestions?
What is the best way to remove foundation makeup with a natural home remedy?
I have been using self tanners so i have a fake tan, if my skin burns in the tanning bed would i notice?
If you get your nose pierced, does the hole eventually go away?
i want to get my belly button this a good idea?
What piercing hurts worse tongue or belly button?
Too small! how can they grow?
i really want guages but theres a problem
Suggestions for skin care. Need some help.?
Is there a face massage that can help prevent wrinkles?
What are some bad things that can happen if I get my lip peirced?
hi how good looking am i ?
Are they just right, too small or too big?
Is it important to wear panties?
Piercings? Click here! ?
5ft6 size 6/8 fat/skinny/average? Please help.?
can i shave over my pimples?
Every time I cry, I wake up the next morning with the puffiest eyes EVER. What can I do to avoid this?
Tips for making lips very smooth and soft?
Do you think 5'6 is average or tall for a girl?
Bellybutton piercing at 13?
my nose is kinda big,,,,,and im shy of it...?
Any tips on shaving ones pubic area?
How much does a piercing cost?IN DC?
which tanning lotions can i use there so many....i don't know which one's are safe?
how much does it cost to get spray tanned?
Help me PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
Oh! What to do about acne?
Can hourglass figure female have a flat butt?
Some questions about nose piercings?
Help me!!!!!!!!?
Moles I havr on my body?
My coconut scrub needs fixing...?
Should a man 48 yrs old wear an Afro? or should he wear his hair short (military style)?
do you think im emo is this right help please??
How do i make my hips bigger?
I have pretty bad bags under my eyes..any way to get rid of them..or even tone them down?
Any Acne and/or scar removal remedies?
Do I look better with long or short hair?
mto 1 mto shahmaghsoudi 1?
Is Sperm good for your skin?
can i get this piercing jewelery seperatly?
big problem concerning waxing?
What is this piercing called?
is this a keloid? blood coming out?
I won a free $20 piercing ticket! What piercing should I get?
acne problem? Just harmones?
Has anyone used CelluliteRx 1-2-3 cellulite system?
Should i get lipotherme?
Question about Mario Badescu drying lotion?
how to make your pimples better in 24hours?
what body shape is 26 inch waist and 31 inch hips?
my breasts are too big?
i have ugly strech marks?
To the straight women of the world...................................…
Will my burn turn into a scar!?
Can anybody tell me if Oxy face wash 10% benzoyl perioxide is any good?
How can i better my skin?
do i look like the almighty.?
What Would You Bathe In?
My boobs are Small and im...?
ok i think i need to start shaving my legs.?
what are their names? where are they?
How to get rid of razor bumps for women?
what to do to get rid of a rash?
how do i whiten my tan?
Chapped lips question?
Please suggest some homemade remedies to improve my complexion..................?
Does Caress Glowing Touch soap make you tanner?
BEST Sunblock for swimmer?
How can i smell good all day?
What is the best tanning lotion to use to get the fastest tan possible without turning me orange?
i want to get my nose pierced soooo badly
Should I get cheeks piercing noone's answering?
so im getting my belly button pierced ....?
How to put concave gauges in your ears?
Where can i get my ears pierced?
Im 34 am I too old to get my nose pierced?
Help with using proactive?
i use ancefree it works pretty well through the day but everytime i wake up in the morning there's more acne
Hellllpppp pleaseeeee!!?
I have a problem with my breasts.They are very triangle & when im not cold i dont have a nipple.Is this a prob
Is my piercing infected? I NEED ANSWERS FAST!!?
is it legal to get your lip pierced at 16??
How do I get rid of these HORRIBLE stretch marks?
Smooth Skin, But red Spots?
can nail polish be used on pimples?
sunburn help--using noxzema...but how?
How do you get rid of the body?
Hi,this is my main prblem regardng shaving my pussy,its really a tough and very difficult job?
After Tongue Piercing...?
Which Designer Skin tanning lotion is better between Spellbound and Believe In Me?
plastic surgery for freckles??
Am i well proportioned?
Am i fat (picture included)...?
any skin whithening product that you can recommend?
Too dark !?!?!? Need a guy and a girls opinion?
Can you buy Neal's Yard in NZ?
what can i do to reduce my fatness in my stomach part ?
Is it ok to use different skin care lines?
big cheeks (guy) QQing 4 answer?
Is PLASTIC SURGERY painful? Can we even the color of the skin through PLASTIC SURGERY ?
In a rate of 1-10 +what one hearts the most?! X (peircings?
How do I tighten the skin on my stomach after giving birth to triplets?
acne products. what works best for you?
What is the best self tanner out there for body AND face?
My nose....................................…
face redness??
How do I take many soap bars and combine them into one?
is it normal for your ears to hurt after pericing?
what do i say if somone calls me fat?
Is it possible to have rhinoplasty done without packing the nose forcing one to breathe through ones mouth?
how to get rid of acne in 4 days? & keep it gone???help?
How can I soften my hands and feet?
How Do I Stop biting my nails....Ive tried everything!!!?
how long does it take to see results when used kojic acid soap everyday?
Would you class this as a "big" nose?
Is this normal I'm a 16 year old boy (who LOVES the girls)....?
OMG im going on vacation in 5 days!!?
whauld a teen guy date a girl with medium acne?
Would you squeeze your bf/gf's zits?
Would I look good with a septum piercing(pics)?
dry, y feet?
Does it hurt when you get your nose peirced?
Help me please! belly button pierced myself ?
Women - Do you shave your thighs?
Is it okay to change my Tragus Ring to a Barbell?
am i preety and confidence issues?
What would you change about yourself and what do you love about yourself:)?
How should I remove hair from my bikini area?
What are these things called!?
Are concealers from The Body Shop any good?
ow can i get a really smooth,nice face.?
My butthole really stinks. i wash every day in every part of my body. especially my butthole. idk what to do:(?
guy ear peircing?
Does anyone have any home remedey tips for getting rid of dark spots the face for african american skin?
Well what could you use if you have pimples?
I want laser hair removal?
should i get my nose pierced with a gun or needle?
Tongue piercing?!?!?!?!?!!?
razor bumps?
Where do you buy these natural acne scar treatments?
Does waxing leave redness or bumps?? And what's the best waxing Brand?...URGENT SO PLEASE HELP!?
Cartilage Piercing Advice ?
how do i ask? im thirteen.?
What do you think of people who get Rhinoplasty (nose surgery)?
I need opionions please?
How can i minimize my pores. What are some home remedies and professional tips.?
Which skincare line do you use?
I am originally caramel brown skin complexion and i receive skin burn like years ago so now my outlayer of?
Eye drops to clean tragus piercing?
best breast enlargment creem without side efect?
my daughter is 12 she really badly wants her nose pierced and i don't think shes going to change her mind?
Can I take my earrings out for around 8 hours?
How to fix sagging skin near the lips?
please help, girl issues?
i have stretch marks at age 16!?
Sunblock/Sunscreen and Tanning?
Acne Problem! Please Help!?
Will this product help me get a darker tan, ten points?
Sweat...lots of sweat?
Can Aloe Vera Make Red Marks Left From Acne Worse?
What is the best type of deodorant? like the best smelling? (ladies your opinions would be appreciated)?
How can I get a body like Blake Lively?
Lip ring infected or having a allergic reaction? please help!?
What can I use for dark circles under my eyes?
how old do i look in this picture?
an embarressing problem?
really bad dry skin....Help ?
Can finger nail biting become addictive?
Is my brother ugly or average?
getting my nose pierced?
how can I make my oily itchy scalp go away?
what's ur favourite part out of ur whole body ( including faces) ?
Guys, do you prefer us shaved or au naturel?
I've got permanent acne, and am I so sick of it.. I've tried everything..?
Getting ear pierced at claires *cartilage* only answer if you've gotten pierced there?
What are some really good products for skin care? Either home made remedies or store bought? Thanks!?
Is it true that using perfume can get rid of a spot?
Should I get a rook & snug piercing in my ears at the same time?
Need a home recipe to tighten skin.....!!!!?
okay please don't give intrusions on how get my breast size..?
I'm looking for a good day spa in Riverside, CA to buy a gift certificate from. Any suggestions?
Do those suddenly slender body wraps really work?
how do you keep a tan in fall and winter without going to tanning beds?
Those of you out there who do lay out in the sun what tanning lotion/oil do you think works the best?
what can i do about unwanted hair?
Where can a 14 year old get their nose pierced?
what colour eyes do you have
okay so, i tan so easy, never ever burn. but i'm pale right now and need a decent tan by friday. suggestions?
What Shape is my face?
What do you prefer in the bikini area? ?
Whats the difference between victoria's secret fresh glow and evian facial spray?
Neutrogena Clear Body Wash?
Clear Acne in 2 DAYS!!!!!!
rate me from 1-10 pale then tan. thanks:)?
How long do I keep the verseo conductive gel on when do I take it off?
It's soposed to be 22°C here in Montreal today, good enough to tan?
Is Pro-Active Solution really worth buying?
ear piercing, can i get my cartilage repierced?
Can you help me clear up my acne?
how to get rid of pimples?
girls...what is ur favorite perfume and where u always spray it....?
Can you put numbing cream on your nipples before getting them pierced?
anyone know of a good lip moisturiser for dry flaky lips?
Are they any tanning beds for sale near Huntington, Indiana ?
Waxing Bikini Line Area?
does getting a monroe piercing hurt?
how do i make myself puke?
My Face!! can someone please help me?
How can I lose weight fast ?
Are my toes going to become octopuses?
How to make fingers less wrinkly?
what to do about a burnt tounge?
Which one is better for reducing acne & acne scars ? Cucumber or tomatoes ?
Hellp! Belly button:((!!?
Is it ok to use "Nair Legs" hair removal lotion on other parts of your body?
where can you buy Arnica cream ( the cream for bruises)?
Flat chests or fake breasts?
How to clean my tragus piercing? What is soft soap?
Nose/tongue/ear peircing nightmares??
what gauge size should i go to?
When you get your nose pierced does it really hurt?
Hair-off Work For Upper Lips???
Any excersizes to build up the side areas of my nose?
Why am I flat chested? .__.?
How do lighten discoloration?
whats happening to me?
I want my dark skin back :'((( !!!?
how to resist razor bumps?
is my lip piercing infected?
Bubble next to newly pierced piercing?
aloe vera lightens skin?
Which piercing(s) should I get out of the following?
how do you make ur lips bigger with out colligen (yea i kno i cnt spell)?
What can I do to get rid of my oily face?
Best way to clear up acne?
My friend is starting chemo and its her birthday . What would be a good present for her ?
what is the procedure for a professional bikini wax?
tail n' mane products/hoofmaker?
How can I even out the tan on my arms?
Am I fat, skinny, or medium?
i got my nose pierced today...?
whats the best way to get rid of spots without cleanser?
I suffer from razor pumps when i shave.I use razor pump patrol but it didn't avoid it completely.What'll i do?
Heart, oval, round, what?
How the heck do I open secret deodorant?!?
If love is blind, why is lingerie so popular?
What is a good natural way to get rid of pimples?
Best Self Tanning lotions?
Do you think i'm tall?
Do the clitoris pop like nipples?
Is it bad for your ears to get a 2nd piercing?
How do I look? What can I do to look better?
I hate my face and my cheekbones ;/?
why girls walk differently?
What do I do to get bigger boobs?
How do i get rid of a Farmer's Tan/Sock tan?
how can i smooth out acne quickly?
Are you supposed to tip the masseuse after getting a massage?
What do I need to work on my body?
i have 34A bra size is that small?
Is it bad for you to tan in a booth or out in the sun? Which is better or worse for health?
I want to be a distributor for Obagi product. Where can I find the product to sell?
Do i have really pale skin?
Clearasil Ultra kit? should I use?
how can i get rid of nasal lines?
pro and cons of getting your nose peiced?
What do u think I should I do?
body shape and type help?
People make fun of me!!!!?
Bags UNDER Eyes!!? how do i get rid of them?! :)?
Am i fat??(Pics included)?
What type of toothapste works on pimples?
has anyone used skinbright for hyperpigmentaion?
pimple problem?
If i let my belly piercing close, would it be a wise decision to repierce the same location after it closes?
Should i get my lip pierced?
What face shape do I have?
Does less sun exposure actually lighten your skin tone? good sunscreen brand?
i want to get my belly pierced but i'm going to the beach..will it hurt?
is it ok 2 wash my face with dove cucumber soap?
How should i blow my nose with a nose ring?
tomorrow I'll do a nipple piercing and i want some help to decide witch side is better?
What peircing should i get?
i'm i too tall??????????????????
boob jobs..attractive or not?
how do u get ride of pimples fast really fast?
I've got a hairy stomach/chest/back!!!!!!!!???????
Advice on real tanning?
What product should my daughter use if she has dry skin for a 12 year old.?
Tongue or Eyebrow Piercing?
Okay who finds Stretch marks Cute..besides my hubby?
Belly button piercing...?
A question for women...?
What causes moles? Is it possible to remove moles without scarring!?!?
Could I pull off a septum piercing?
microdermal hand piercing?
men : do u prefer natural looking feeling boobs ,or just plastic?
My lower lip is changing in color please help! :'(?
Which sunscreen works best for you?
why can't I get the sugaring method right, and how do I lighten darkened skin on upper lip/underarms?
VEET users?
does size really matter!?!?!?!?
is there something wrong with me?
Is 14 Years Old To Young For a Belly Button Ring?
How do I apply self-tanner with gloves on without missing my hands?
How much weight have i lost? (pics)?
dark circles under your eyes.HELP!!!!!?
for smooth lips?
How can i get broad hips and a big butt?
I have dry pimple like bumps on my forearms? Can pimples/acne be dry too? (10 points)?
What would you think of a 13 year old with a belly button pierced?
Whats the best mens razor? womens razor? why?
How do i gain weight?
skin problem!!!?
WTF? I have a very strange birthmark on my hip...?
Help! :[ I need to know about a skin problem?
Why have i got lines under my eyes like very faint lines?
Pimple Problem!!!!?
what products should i get for my stretched ears?
Why do my nails seem to get longer after swimming?
how painful is a triple helix piercing?
which of these heights do you prefer in a girl?
I Have Circles Around My Eyes...?
Gum piercing (not smiley)?
Allergies... Any Quick Fix?
What side does a straight woman get an eye brow piercing on; right or left?
Tanning after surgery.?
i am 5ft3 what about you?
I have pimples alll the time! help?!?
best moisturizer ever??
What are some ways I can lighten my skin?
How can i reduce this redness on my nose before thanksgiving night?
Stretching ear question!?
URGENT tanning assistance? ?
Which one?
Anyone recomend a good soap?
how big is a 18g monroe ring?
What products can I use to get rid of Acne Comedonica?
Where would I buy/order these piercings?
I have to take out my earrings after 2 weeks of having them pierced for 6 hours?
What does nivia pearl deodarant smell like?
Belly button piercing during pregnancy?
do freckles disappear?
Is there any kind of medicine that gets rid of acne scars?
How can I get rid of this stubborn pimple?
How Can I Become Thin Like A Model?
Is there a Gilly Hicks store in Michigan?
What the f*** is wrong with my piercing?
Tongue Frenulum (Web) Piercing?
My cheeks are too big?
what piercing should i get [pic]?
Breast Size after baby?
How to make my boobs look smaller.?
How does Jergens natural glow firming lotion work for fair skin tones?
Would it be really bad for a dancer to get collar bones or hip bones pierced?
question about ear piercing?
I shaved my upper lip and i'm a girl...?
What should I do with the pimples that are on my back?
Acne re-editing?
What can I used instead of white vinegar to soak my loofah sponge in?
Are Asian Women more Beautiful than White Women?
Can someone tell me a way on how to remove dark spot on toes?
I KNOW I am not fat, but I have stretch marks?
i asked this guy out but he said no because i have a huge zit on the tip of my nose. what should i do?
What is this guy's face shape? WITH PICTURES?
Will Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs disguise cellulite?
What's The Fastest Way To Get Rid Of Acne Naturally Without Medication or Creams?
i want to become fair?
What is good anti-persperint deoderent,that actually works?
how to get rid of a under the skin spot...quick! [[[[[[[will choose best answer!!!]]]]]] <3 <3 <3?
Who purchase Ascorbyl tetraisopalmitate?
Is there a difference between getting microdermabrasion with a dermatologist or a aesthetician?
if i got a cellulite treatment, would it fade my cellulite on my thighs/bum?
is it normal to have bleeding with a two month old navel belly piercing?
Anyone here tried Jergens Natural Glow moisturizer?
Wrinkles...young age...HELP!!!!?
what acne fighter actually works?
What is an oil-free, soothing, not too expensive, light moisturizer that I can use?
should i get my ears pierced at claire's?
I just got my first facial. What's the best facial you ever got?
(Stretching Ears/Gauging Question) ?
what percing would look better on me?
eye question.......HELP?
Do I have chubby cheeks?
how do i get rid of ance in two weeks before my wedding day?
Why is poop brown? and sometimes green.......?
what is the best self tanner?
i had an allergic reaction to a perscribed acne medication and reccomendations?
Can a guy be good looking if...?
I'm heading to CVS today to buy a whole bunch of facial and body products?
does getting your belly button pierced hurt more than getting your ears pierced?
what do u think???
How do i decrease swelling when i size up my ears?
Pale skin vs. a tan?
Is my lip piercing infected?
How do your parents react to piercings/tattoos?
How long do you have to wait to change your belly button after it is pierced?
Will this cut on my face scar? PICTURE INCLUDED.?
How Can I Get the Crusty Rough Skin off my Elbows and Feet?
How do i hide a belly piercing from my parents?
should i do it??!!!!!!!!!!?
ACNE PROBLEM. I'm 14 and I want them 2 SCRAM, please helpppppp!?
how to get rid of stretch marks?
What would you think of my scars if you saw them (Pictures Included)?
nose peicing at 13??
what can i do to remove pimples?
Am I considered petite?
Shaving your bits!!!?
Should i shower at night or the morning for school?
why do piercers make u drink pop before they pierce you?
Which toner should i get . . . Witch Hazel or Clinique Clarifying Lotion?
Is she super Freckly??
Question about sugaring?
OMG! Is it true that benzoly peroxide will make you AGE quickly?
whats the best way to make the pimples go away??????
Any Ontario clinic that specializes in facial cosmetic surgeries?
what are the dangers of getting your ear pierced?
If you get your nose pierced, does the hole eventually go away?
Bikini Waxing help..?
How can i be happy with myself?
What will a honey and yogurt face mask do for my skin?
whats the best available anit-ageing moisturising face cream under £15?
Does it hurt getting your ears pierced with a gun or a needle?
Anyone here ever get a brazilian? how bad is it really?
What is the best way to get rid of acne?
Nail growth products?
I can tighten the skin in my neck? Normal?
What's the Best Electric Razor in Your Opinion?
Soap and Glory products?
How do you get rid of blackheads on and around the nose?
How do you get nail polish off your body?
i'm getting a spray tan tomorrow, what do i need to do before hand?
Tounge Ring Question?
i am thinking about switching to proactive, any advice?
Is the Neutrogena clear pore cleanser mask available in Canada?
what face shape do i have?
how to get rid of pimples?
which is better for acne?
I wanna be bigger but stay skinny?!?
My face is clearing up, but....?
bad effects of a nose ring?
Boob help!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
How can i loose weight, easier and enjoyable?
Dry lips?................?
How can i make my skin lighter?
Why do the English have stained teeth and sunburned skin?
does not eating stop you from pooing?
Can i add tea tree oil to my face scrub ?
Question about tanning...?
im getting my nose pierced, some questions?
any alternates for a pumice stone?
Why every time i give a hickey my top lip swell?
my breasts still havent really developed. help!! no rude comments please!!?
Have u ever seen more chest hair?
Udderlu smooth body lotion on face? Help!?
I really hate my body at times..?
whats a good skin care product for acne?????
Zits?!?! + Pimples?!?!?
how to make my legs soft and smooth?!?!?
What type of Cuticle Oil?
guy tounge piercing good or bad?
HELP! Tips to get toned.?
How to remove mild acne scarring and freckles?
Red patches after a Brazilian wax?
why are some people on this site so narrowminded?
3 years with labret piercing?
How do i get rid of Razor bumps for good but still get a close shave?
What are these marks under my lips?
Girls shaving your area...?
What's your favorite piercing?
Give me your opinions (pictures included)?
For Skin ID Users. Help?
How to get clean long nails without chipping them?
What is everyone's opinion on ear gauging?
What is your favorite skin care tip?
how do i set up a dermatologist appointment?