How do you put in an eyebrow RING?
Do you want soft lips?
If you use too much chemicals in your face can that lead you into having wrinkles?
If i use Glycolic acid wash do i still have to use an exfoliting msk once a week?
spray/lotions/perfumes that carry that strong clean shower sent through out the day?
Survey #2 womans body type? (For men)?
Do I have to be Pretty and Skinny to get a Boyfriend ?
why are the letters of the alphabet used for bra sizes?
what do i use to remove stretch marks?
what is the least painful facial piercing besides upper ear cartlidge piercing?
Where are your hips??
rethinking my nose piercing?
i need help taking off scabs?
Question for a skin care professional, I need a list of basic products to look after my skin & body please?
help im 14 with acne and gross dark spots?
is 5ft 3 short for a 15 year old girl?
Are those Zeno(?) things worth the money?
deodorant brands?
What facial piercing should I get? (Picture)?
Hygiene problem (deodorant help)?
What is the sexiest piercing for a girl to get??
What can i do about dry lips?
Where can i get an online Porn Magazine Free.?
can you use a captive hoop for a nose piercing?
Cartilage Piercing Question at Claire's?
Do these piercing holes close up if you dont want the piercing anymore?
Acne treatment?Please help?
special occasion tomorrow... what can i do for my skin?
A similar alternative to Clarins Gentle Foaming Cleanser with Shae Butter?
Clinique, Dermalogica, or Murad...?
am i normal for my age?
How can I cover stretch marks with self-tanner?
facial hair??
how do i get rid of pimples?
would it be better to get a cartilage piercing with a needle or with a gun?
help plz i am looking 4 massage oil?
Embarrasing red bumps on my arms.?
How can I remove black spots from my face?
Helppp pleaseee.......?
What's the quickest way to get rid of a pimple?
Navel Piercing Question?
How long does it take to get tanned in the sum with the accelerator?
Do I have blow out and If i do how do I care for it?
Is your face supposed to sting when you put lotion on ur face after exfoliating?
where can i get Mederma ( a cream for acne scars) in Sydney, Australia?
Fuller Breasts?
How long will my skin be tender after a brazillian wax?
Is there any better acne creams than Clean and Clear Persa-Gel 10?
Please rate out of 10?
How can I get rid of Acne Scars?
Stretching your ear for the first time?
How do I make my nipples not stick out so much?
HELP?!?! What face shape do I have?
How long do I wait in between stretching my ears?
Plastic Sugery Stories?
Does anyone know if they discontinued johnson's melt away stress lotion?
Why don't I get acne or pimples?
Could she be a model?
does this piercing look good on me?
Is sorbeline a good moisturizer or good for anything else?
help with acne?
Laser treatment?
How to clear up blackheads i think they are from my chin?
Bellybutton piercing?
Am i Ugly ? Thizs isnt A Attenchion Seek.?
Good facial hair removal creams?
What are the chances of Skinid working for me if Neutrogena never did?
Lovely keloid on my tragus lollll.?
Tragus Piercing Problem!! I Got my Tragus done over 2 years ago?
As you get older, do your eyes begin to change to another color?
I'm really white and i want tan! help!?
Tounge piercing hole has sliced a bit as if ive catched it and its opened more?
How to loose weight fast.?
Any Ideas on Tanning Bed Rash?
Tanning salon for the first time, What do I say/wear????????????????????????????????…
I have a zit thats deep in my chin what do i do? school starts in 10 days and i dont want it?
how can i get rid of blackheads without popping them or squeezing them?
is my body decent. :[?
I want to get my cheek pierced?
Cartlidge piercing swelling.................?
Can i add Vitamin E capsules to my cocoa butter lotion for better results?
i need a nose job, (girl opinions pls)?
I'm baby-faced. Pro or con?
i dont wanna be me....?
okay so im thinking about getting my belly button pierced im 15 is it a good idea?
How do you get rid of acne?
What is your body type?
What size would my ears be? (Ear Stretching)?
What is a good home remedy to treat acne?
Does getting you belly button pierced hurt?
Tell me now-my dry skin needs to know?
what's a good body wash/soap that smells really good that i should use??
I have a problem!?
Is it normal for my whole arm to be tired and sore?
Dry, dull and red skin?
am i suppose to wash my face twice a day?ou like to ask?
Where can you buy a piercing needle?
nipple piercing question?
Anyone who's had their cartilage pierced...?
Is this normal for a surface piercing?
4 day old belly piercing bleeding, tender, red. infected?
Braces and Glasses?....(both genders!!!!)?
How can I get a really nice tan without laying outside for an hour?
Darker spot on nose compared to skin?
can i use aloe after sun as regular lotion?
bellybutton or monroe piercing?
My skin is pretty bad, and im sick of it. What products can i use to help it? I already tried ProActiv.?
GUYS: Honestly am I screwed?
will tanning lotion get me tan faster, or not at all.?
Should I cancel the date with my crush tomorrow because I have a big pimple on my nose? URGENT!?
how do you get rid of zits?
How can i make my skin "without blemish"?
My dimples are inverted/reverse?!?
swimming spoiling my hair....!!!!!!!!?
How do i heal my tongue piercing that has gotten infected after 3 years?
What worked best for clearing up your acne? I'm going crazy!?
my belly button piercing is too close to my outer skin?
What's the cause of dry lips?
Can i buy Bellaboo products in NSW Australia? If so, where?
Dark under eye circles?
If you put mayonnaise on your boobs, do they make them bigger?
how many hours do you sleep each weeknight usually?
How do I get rid of my cellulite?
I got my belly piercing about a week and a half ago?
Should I stretch to 7/16 or 1/2? (ear stretching)?
How can I stop my face from getting blackheads?
14 and noticing forehead wrinkles?
is TANNING all that bad if you only do it a few times a year?
Why are people so obsessed with being tan?
Indoor tanning lotions: Are the ones at the stores as good as the ones they sell at the tanning salons?
shaving or nair on legs?
how to get my lips to look big and plump without surgery or anything?
My skin itches really bad after using Jergen's Naturally Smooth Shave Minimizing Moisturizer?!?
Thoughts on nose piercings?
does tanning really help with acne?
on a scale of 1-10, how bad does a lip piercing hurt?
Where can I get long plastic curly barbells ?
what does spf stand for?
Do you have hairy toes?
how do i pierce my own belly button?
Best acne concealers at local Walmart?
Showering before spray tan?
What is the best tanning lotion for outside use?
Has anyone used Clean and Clear Morning Burst Shine Control Cleanser?
Piercing own ear, third lobe?
swollen tragus piercing??????????? help?
What do you think of me?
skin/acne solution??
15 and huge boobs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Will my piercing close up?
What Can I do About the Hair Follicles Under my Skin?
what is your favourite piercing/ what piercing do you have/ what do you reccomend?
im a brunette with olive skin, i wanna tan and have more BRONZE skin, tips? special techs.?
which is cheaper? neutrogena or b'iore?
just curious..?
is it ok to use bar soap on your face?
Are my cartilage piercing symptoms normal?
a question for the ladies?
make the smell go away!!!!!!?
What is the best face wash for oily skin?
Do you think I should get plastic surgery?
tapers v.s. ear gauges questions?
Acne Problems? I need help.?
shea butter for discoloration scars?
Is tea tree oil bad for my skin? Acne scars?
what piercing should i get?
I need pimples gone NOW?
how much do laser freckle removal treatments cost?
acne on my shoulders, upper back, and a little on chest?
How do i Remove Loreal Sublime Self Tanner Mist?
I hate spots!!!!! Help?
How can I hide some of my freckles?
How to get wider hips?
what's a good moisturizer with spf 30 or higher for oily/acne prone skin?
What piercing should i get now?
I'm 13 and I have horrible bags under my eyes?
Can I tan without a tingle lotion?
what piercing should i get?
Is getting a lip piercing pointless?
Do I have blue or green eyes?
what piercing should i get?
I'm embarrassed to sleep with out my shirt What should i do?
What can I do about my dry face?
i have oily skin..what can i do to get rid of black heads on my nose..?
Why do I have dark brown eyes and my parents don't?
How can i get clear skin in two weeks?
Shoulder blade sticks out big time?
how do i remove scars??
How can you make pale skin look hot?
How much are saline breast implants now?
Hey Boys, Do you like Navel piercings or not?
Is 22 too old for a nose piercing?
Which piercings are good on boys, but can be hidden easily or are not that obvious?
Does it hurt to get a 14 gauge piercing for the first time?
Are plastic and cosmetic surgery the same thing?
HELP....... pimple problem?
Ok....Which Is More Painfull?
How could I pierce my clit?
Brazilian Wax...?
can you get sunburn if you use sunscreen? ?
Whats the best way to get rid of acne?
piercing cartilage?
Allergic Reaction to Makeup?
chocolate and zits?
When should I start going on a sunbed?
No animal tested products?
I'm SO short & it's really pissing me off? You don't have to read the whole question since it's long?
Im going to Wekivah Falls after getting my lip pierced.?
Can two dark skinned couple have a very light skinned baby?
is it normal that after 13 days my venom tongue piercing feels tight?
Which side of my face should I get my spider bites on?
how do i make myself puke?
how do i get rid of pimples?
6'1 female under 20 is that to tall, males?
Should I get my tongue pierced?
get rid of a tan?
How do I get rid of my acne?
Do belly piercings look good on moms who have stretch marks and a little baby fat that I want to get rid of?
do i have rosacea? Why is my face always red?
stretch marks..does anyone know anything to help with these to make them not so visiable or to remove them?
How do I keep my face clean and clear?
vertical labret piercing question?
Help plz......Skin care problem....?
did janet jackson have her tongue pierced?
Belly button piercing infected?
How do i tell mom i want a piercing? ?
are freckles pretty can someone tell me?
can waxing my arms cause me to lose my tan?
I have a school dance tomorrow and my legs are so white! What at home tanning lotion can i use and?
What is that new sunscreen called?
How to get my lightest skin tone/make tan fade?
Does axe shower gel expire?
my top lips burns help plz?
embarrasing...girl question.?
what words do you hate?
Is there anything else then waxing for hairs?Anyone knows good "bikni waxer" in des moines?
Is 5'7 Tall for a girl? Personal Opinion needed!?
Any way to remove spray on tanning products?
What face shape do I have?
Is it possible to get your whole buttcheek pierced?
how to get rid of dark circles and bags under eyes?
Do I have a large forehead?
My mom said she will let me get my belly pierced and im only 13, should i or should i wait?
Hair removal Cream which one?
My tan is rubbing off and it looks like i have a skin disease!?
What do you think is my face shape?
Should I wash my face in cold or warm water?
should i shave my arms?
are soy products good for combination akin?
What cause huge pores on the nose?
Can I use a benzoyl peroxide face wash morning and night while using Retin A at night?
why dont they pierce noses with guns anymore?
how to whiten the black underarms\/?
sunless tanner????
I have like no nipple color.......?
Which acne cleanser works best?
Acne Skin Routine Help?
I'm 13 & I have acne?
Is OLAY total effects Cooling Hydration Lotion....?
Does an ear piercing feel like a needle in the arm?
ok, first dont answer if youre going to insult me! if youre nice answer please.?
Is there anywhere near Berlin New Jersey that does nose piercings with a gun?
Can you wear a hoop in your tongue?
What gyms do talent agents&managers work out?
What product can I use to take away the brown mark around my eyes?
need help with my nose ring?
Claire's uk piercing!?
do you like my monroe piercing?
i'm obsessed with bath and body works, who else is?
How long does it take you to shave your legs?
Should I get my belly button pierced!?
I pierced my own cartilage?
is it true the ointment aquaphor make your breast grow?
Is there a way to numb my lip?
What are the bad sides of proactiv?
i wish there was a way that you could get tan without getting burnt or high risk of there??
Itchy scalp?
HEP! i need a way to get rid of a zit, fast!?
Do i have a baby face? *Pics*?
Uniform complexion?
How do I pierce my own ears?
I stretched to a 1/2"?
A few women to women questions?
first impression by looks?
what is the meening of life and why do old people have wrinkles hahahaha...?
can i bring my own earring to get my cartilage pierced ?
what is the purpose of a rubber ducky??
Im 23 years old with acne. Not real bad but Ive had it since I was 17. What is the best solution?
Do guys find genital piercings (female) hot?
How to get rid of post-acne red marks?
Should I get a lip piercing or nose piercing? Or both?
Best way to get rid of dark circles?
helpp, any suggestions?
How did you get money for a nose job?
Getting your ears pierced?
So GUYS, is navel piercing hot or not?
Piercing my cartilage?
i just got my half sleeve done yesterday is it normal for it to be sore?
What's the BEST thing to do for zits?
Tanning with spf 30 and banana boat taning oil spf 4?
What can I say to my mom to convince her to let me pierce my lip?
i am really depressed about the size of my boobs?
Toenail Problems?
What body types do you girls like for a guy?
Im getting my nose peirced tomorrow, how much does it hurt?
Looking for advice on facial laser treatments, I want to get rid of small broken blood vessels on my cheeks.?
Which guy is better looking?
Is it okay to use spiked tapers to stretch your ears as long as you wait long enough to go up a size?
I have had acne for about 2 years, and my face is now scarred I don't want dermabrasion how will they go away?
What would you girls think if I did this?
how can i remove the brown small points(dots) from my legs they found in every hair please ?
!!Home facial masks!!?
can u get ur nose pierced wit a gun?
another question?
I just got my ear pierced today?
Do i have empty eyes? :|?
Is this a cold sore?
My foundation is breaking my face out, why?
red bump/pimple on tip of nose?
how can i heal scabs on my face from pimples?
Does Proactive Really Work?
Why do i have lines under my eyes ?
am i a cutter (........)?
hw to gt rid of body hair,othr thn waxin n shavin?
Where should my next piercing be?
Frenulum web piercing?
what is the meaning of COOP? Nobody answers this in Education category?
how do i loose acne????
can you get rid of eximia for good?
Problem with Nairrrrrr.?
What Piercing Should i get?
Ladies some help please s?
is this good for recent new tattoos after using a&d lotions?
are ear piercing holes visible?
what is super vita Q does it really remove stretch marks?
i wont a girl for marride?
My skin looks an unhealthy pale colour?
I have random scabs in my head how to get rid of them?
Can you recommend a good product for lines/bags under the eyes?
Should I get gauge's for my ears?
Can you help me my skin looks very dull at the end of the day?
What did people do before there was deodorant?
can you give me a way to get the hair off my armpits without causing it to darken?
Is using clinique for men 3-step and dove bar soap on my face healthy?
New nose piercing got knocked out-now overwhelmed, want to remove it. Rethinking commitment.?
Do my eyes have a distinctive/rare shape or is it relatively commen?
rhinoplasty? HELP HELP HELP?
Beauty spots/sun spots on my face?
Can your hips grow overnight?
i am 19 but my hieght is not up to the mark. plz suggest some exerise or yoga.?
bathing suits for small chested girls?
How long does it take for a nose pierce to close?
facial hair??????????????
Cartilage piercing problem!?
Tanning Plateau?
I lost the ball that screws onto the top of my belly bar?
whats better pale or tan?
how can i hide my piercing?
Tanning.. splotchy.. help.?
Where can I buy the small specks/moisture beads you see in hand gels and other cosmetics?
I have spots on my forehead, nose, and chin and bumps too "home remedy please"!?
How often do you wax your top lip?
Spots under the Skin?
whats a great blackhead mask?
Healing navel piercing or infected?
Wich drug store brand works best on minimizing pores?
Did Proactiv work for you?
I just got a crapload of tiny pimples all over my face!!!!!!!!!Help!?
Help! I just got my eyelashes tinted and I don't like it!! Is there any way to remove it?
How do you treat a bump under the navel piercing?
Can you form you chin so that it is cleft (or called buttress chin)?
Cold sore on my lip...?
Deodorant help pls!!!!?
What to do for acne scars?
best affordable face powder???
Stretched ears, inside red, itchy, smelly.?
I really want a cheek piercing, just not the scar.?
Does it hurt?
Why is (alot of) chest /leg hair is acceptable?
Pimple question...URGENT?
I have really bad acne?
I want to get my septum pierced, is it worth getting?
red spots?!?
Breasts or Bums?
What is the best fake tan ?
belly piercing question?
A bad KISS MARK is in my neck, i need to get rid of this before my girl friend finds out!!! Help?
Do you think fourteen is too young?
What is happening to me?!?
Tanning Tips?
Vertical Labret Piercing Question.?
How do I cure an acne scab?
I want to get my cartilage pierced, please give me some pros and/cons about it!?
how to dry out pimple without popping?
Should I get my bellybutton pierced?
Does applying sandalwood, turmeric, lemon, flour make u fairer ?????
why do i get white jam stuff in my crotch lips?
i no i just got my nose done but i want my monroe done. does it hurt?
is 50kg light for 168cm?
Are self tanning lotions bad for you ?
Lines on back of thighs?
what are the beauty tips to keep my face fairer?
Where can I get an airbrush tan in Naperville, IL?
how old do you need to be to get your cartilage pierced. (without a parent)?
Do anti-brow piercings swell?
Do I not look African American?
What can you do to keep your eyes from showing that you cried all night the night before?
Ear Piercing????? 10 POINTS BEST ANSWER plz answer nowww?
do proactiv have stores where i can buy them in auckland?
Bumps on labia? Please help?
What is the best face wash for an athlete?
can you get sunburn if you use sunscreen? ?
has anyone used victoria secret products?
What can you do to your face reduce the size of your pores?
What can I use on my dry face because my make up s and looks dry on my forehead and nose?
do i look over 15, wanna see a movie?
Is my mom right or not?
just curious..?
how to shut large pores on face?
Cheek piercing jewelry?
Does anyone know how to get rid of razorburn?
Suggestions for skin care. Need some help.?
How to get rid of the pimple marks on my face using ayurvedic products becoz my skin is very sensitive.?
do you like guys with pimples?
“Which particular facial feature of yours do you personally admire the most?
Should I worry about the gap in my helix after getting it pierced?
what is the best way to have great underarms?
Can I take out my piercing to clean it?
I am 21, how often should I steam my face to get beatiful?
Help me with my face please???????/?
Working at a tanning salon?
how to hide a tongue piercing?
I Am 16 Male And Wants To Be A Actor But I Have Acne What Do Or Should I Do?
can anyone suggest a way to get over being worried about having my nose done.?
I want to pierce my nipples?
Disproportionate body help?
how to get white skin?
Neutrogena skinID Questions?
How can I make my skin glow and get rid of all the pimples and marks on my chest and arms?
How Old Do You Think I Look?
what shape is my face?
I feel so ugly! (I'm 12 years old btw.)?
help i hate myself????????????
For guys, what do you use to keep your skin clean?
do you hate fat people ?
What is the Best Product for Puffy and Swollen Under Eyes! Please help!?
My surface piercing is infected????I want to exercise?
How can I clean my dermal?
I'm giving myself a facial this weekend. I have a facial sauna/inhaler.?
Birth control pills treating acne?
LA TAN, spray tanning, do you need to go with an adult?
i have pimples evrywhere im only 13!?
Shaving spots on girls are they a turn off for you guys?
HELP! small bumps on face ?!?
tongue piercing question?
how to do a DIY septum piercing?
I gauged my ear, about when should it be healed all the way?
Septum Piecring Info?
Does these sizes make any sense?
I have inverted nipples but i want them pierced. ? What should I do?
how much do you think she weighs?
When will my belly button piercing fully heal?
What can I use to help rosacea?
I need a REALLY good sunscreen because..?
Is 3 months long enough?
my gf wants her nose peirced but i hate them alot i dont want her to get it done should i let her?
Can I just order Proactiv every time I run out instead of having it mailed to me every 2 months?
16 and flat chested :(?
What is the best self tanner??
i need some help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
i an not getting very tan.....what do i do????
Monroe or side labret piercing?
Has anyone used the Proactiv Dark Spot Corrector......10 points?
13 year old,navel piercing?
what is the best way to have a clear face?
I have oily face! and I have alot of pimples, and acne marks...pls help?
Should i or should i not ? ...........?
I m a male and I'm 16 how can I lose five pounds fast with out diet pills?
Nose Percings?! Plz Answer?
Okay so there MUST be a way?
Is it a Guy or a Girl?
How much does the tragus piercing hurt?
15 and i want a tongue piercing?
Do you have to have a long tongue in order to pierce it?
How are dermal piercings done?
how to increase the size of breast safely?
LOW SELF ESTEEM?! I hate it, what can I do? :((?
do infrared led lights reverse the signs of aging?
How to get a big but fast?
How can you get rid of facial abrasions?
Kinda embarrassing but...?
How can i get a Eye Brow piercing with out asking my Parents?
Has anyone ever used Sea Breeze astringent?
Which piercing is better?
nose huggie?? anyone use it? im hopeing it will make a bump flat so i dont have to use a hammer. ha ha?
Do you know about parabens?
beach sexy daily glow gradual tan moisturizer?
is it true when ppl say when u combine water, sugar, and soap, it removes body hair?
can you drink alcohol after a week of having a tongue web piercing?
Skin ID or Proactiv for acne?
Black marks on my nose?
My High School girl obsession?
how do i get rid of under eye bags?
I want laser hair removal?
Tounge piercing help?
I'm 17 and have very thin skin under my eyes, what's a good collagen-building cream?
Why dont people notice gross things about themselves?
Lotions and shower gels to help prevent razor bumps?
My earrings are still really hard to get in and out and I had them pierced about 15 weeks ago. Why?
Would it bad for me to get my nose and 2nd hole pierced at the same time?
GIRLS: is something wrong with my boobs?
What is body butter?
How to get rid of acne fast?
How Old Am I? - Guess!?
does waxing have the same effect as using an epliator?
purifying mask question pls help!!?
what is the best face cream for wrinkles around the eyes and upper eye lid, that really works?
If you could move your fat around your body,where would you move yours from and to?
Would you have plastic surgery?
Is it weird to talk with your hands?
Have you tried green peel? If yes, would you recommend it and how do you compare it to chemical peeling?
Why did I get stuck with this gorgeous face and amazing body?
I have really dark and unsightly hair folicles on my legs- any tips on how to get rid of them?
how can I tell my boyfriend i slept with his brother?
If I have a spot, without a whitehead, and under my skin, how do I treat it, fast remedies please? x?
which Bath & Body Works lotion u like?
What Is The Best Product To Control An Oily Face?
is soybean oil on your skin a good way to remove scars?
do I have a nice body (I'm a girl)?
What is a good spray tan to use on face/bald head?
What is a legitimate treatment for a few wrinkles and bags under ones eyes?
How do you get rid of a boyle?
How to get rid of razor bumps? Never had them til now....Its on my face ;-/?
what helps make ur face smooth?
help!I am strange?
how old do u have to be to get a tongue piercing in melborune?
What is the legal age to get a tongue piercing without parental consent?
Well, im going to get an epilator soon, but which one?
What size barbell to I get after my tongue piercing is done healing?
body paint for noah???DGM?
should i lose more weight?
So sleepy but when I take a nap I feel even more sleepy?
Will proactive work for me? Please help!?
How can I grow my nails?
Weight issues.... URGENT?
Glycolic Acid Peel Help?
What's a totally all-in-one care product? (Body wash, shampoo/conditioner, etc.)?
Are you addicted to lip balm? Can you not survive without it?
When stretching ears, do you push it right to the end of the taper, straight away, or do you leave it halfway?
How can I ask my mom to get me a girdle?
What is body milk used for ?
Cartalige piercing red and swollen?
Is this a good skin care routine?
I have oily skin and im a guy, i wash my face. Im greasy after like 1-2 hours.?
I want to get a snug, help?
Weird skin color facial bumps. They're super small & you can't see them and just really annoying.?
Which Mary Kay product is good for scars, dark spots?
do women agree with this?
White stuff under nails?
Tons of tiny zits on forehead!!!???!!?
Cartilage Gages?
CRISIS! How do i get rid of a pimple QUICKLY?
Should i tell my mom that iyou want to shave my legs-im a boy?
How do you get rid of unwanted hair on the face?
I'm taking my belly button piercing out: will it scar? and how long will it take to heal?
tanning- i need help with what peoples thoughts on the healthiness about it?
How do you stop biting your nails?
My face is really thin - what can i do to make it fatter?
Is there a place in California that does profesional body branding?
Why is my skin so ugly??? ten points?
i just want to know if my looks are descent or bad?
What is the best self tanner for the body?
anyone know how to go about getting cosmetic surgery in kent in the uk and what places are reputable?
How do I get rid of acne and whatnot?
What can i use if i dnt get many pimples?
What is this thing on my chin?? Please help!?
how can i get bigger boobs with out getting implants?
I think there is a polyp in my navel piercing, how should I make it go away?
i got my tongue pierced sat. and now its mon. ..... one ?
Please help ?! How can i get bigger hips?
which body spray is best for men?
bathing/showering twice a day or once?
Any Organic Aid: Pure Vitamin E Oil users here?
Why were some people blessed with good, clear, dark, skin?
My friend has a question about his finger/toe nails?
What should I do with my face?
What is the right age to start using under-eye creams or gels?
what are things to say to convince my parents that i want to pierce my eyebrow?
MY 11-year old daughter SHAVED her legs with an electric razor,will her skin be damaged/hairGROWTH?
What can i do to get all of my old sunless tanner lotion off of my skin?
Anyone who has their Monroe pierced-what can I do to help with this infection?
what side do girls usually get their labret pierced?
What color is your eyes?
Do your (pierced) ear lobe holes ever close up/grow up?
how do you pop pimples?
Why cant I blush.....?
Where is chin in the human body? Show diagram?
Ladies, do you shave your arms (I am not talking about arm pits)?
what is you ...... color's ?
when you pierce your lip and it swells, what happens to the stud?
I have acne!!!!!!!!?????????????????????
What kind of lotion is best for dry skin?
dark circles under my eyes. help!?
Ear lobe: some white pus, but no other signs of infection?
How old do you think I look?
does it hurt to get your belly button pierced?
Get rid of acne scars fast.?
What shops sell belly bars and if u know how much do they cost?
I have to loose ten pounds by tomorrow!?
Boobs! Guys answer this!?
How do I make my face thinner?
biore combination cleanser is making me break out more?
Itchy arms/hands and legs?
do girls like it when guys get their tounge pierced ?
Can you tan in one day? From the sun.?
What piercing should I get?
will my bellybutton piercing stretch when im older if i get it pierced too young?
im am peircin my bellybutton, do i use a needle or safety pin, and how long do i leave it n til i put a ring n
are pouty lips sexy???!?
Tongue Piercing?
Is my nose really bad? I'm very self-conscious about it?
what would you think if your fella keeps going on that you should get a tan?
How to get my nails grow quicker?
What to do when you pop a spot?
What do you call those spots that just appear on ur body and how do u get rid of em?
acne medication makeup primer?
Oily face!!! Help please?
Anyone have experiences with breast implants?
I am SOOOO tired of...?
Why is the sky blue? please help me?
what do you do if someone spreads a rumor that your stuff your bra when you don't?
what can i do about shingles?
Make your leg grow longer?
According to aromatherapy, what is the most relaxing scent?
how can i remove blackheads from my nose????????????
I need a chap stick that you can use everyday use, and can leave my lips soft. What do you recommend?
I have horrible acne. I am going to DERMETOLOGIST. What exactly will they do at my appointment?
Do these oils clog pores?
what can i do to get the dark circles around my eyes to go away I'm only 19 i shouldn't have that problem.
accutane help!? i wear makeup?
how much does it hurt to get your lip pierced?
how can i get my bum bigger ?
If I got my septum done, would I be able to hide it that day? I gotta hide it from my granny?
I tried a new shaving gel and now my legs are covered in red spots...?
Whats the sexiest peircing on a guy?
Can I have my belly button pierced again?
i had my tongue pierced....?
Can I get second earlobe piercings and a cartilage piercing done in the same day?
I have bumps really bad on my face.I dont know what face wash's right 4 me.I would like to look good 4 summer.
Stretched my ears from a normal ear piercing to a 10g, now they hurt REALLY bad?
I Have One Little Scar on My Knee and It itches and I want to Get Rid of it....?
Are these wrinkles or is this normal for an 18 y/o? (Pic included)?
Why is Edward Cullen so attractive?
What is the best face wash?
Has anyone ever heard of using vanilla extract as a body fragrance?
How can I get tan in 30 days?
Teeth whitening???
What is the green mask they put for women in facial spa? Can I put cucember mask?
Poll: does anyone else have this problem...?
i have oily skin & got some short of pimple?
My friend has stupid ideas!?
Can you please rate this picture?
Should I get my ears pierced?
Lip piercing question?
What beautiful skin secrets work the best?
i have a scab left by a spot and i have a couple of spots that wont go away any tips to make them go quickly?
can you tan in the winter if you rarely go out?
How long does waxing your bikini area last?
how can i enhance my breast size ?? i am a teen and my size is just 30?
I feel so ugly! (I'm 12 years old btw.)?
ladies, do you like your men with bare chests, or some hair?
how can i persuade my mum to let me have my ears pierced?
where to find hear like shampoo location?
how can I clear pimples and dark circles under my eyes fast!?
Best way to get a good tan?
How can I make my skin darker?
im only 16 and i have severe dark circles?
10 POINTS, the salon i went to did not give me a proper brazilian? should i go there again or just change?
What all happens during a med spa facial?
Does my nose stick out too much?
What is the best way to get rid of acne?
how do i break this habit?
What is the BEST product out there to remove acne?
How to get rid of bad tan lines by using a tanning bed...?
If plastic surgery was free, would you get it?
Best Tanning Salon?!?
i just pierced my own lip?
Witch Skincare products?>?
Will micro dermal anchors set off security?
how can i fix my skin?
what is the best skin lightening cream for black skin? I want all over body lightening cream.Please help?
i have very lifeless can i have fresh and blooming skin?
How long will my piercing be crusty for?
what is the best piercing place in wigan?
Does breast size increase even after post-feeding?
How to cure dry, peely skin?
How do I know which laser clinic is reliable?
what is the 1 thing you hate about your body?....(please read)?
Am i old enough to get my belly button pierced?
Should I get dolphin bites or spider bites?
Big or small breasts?
Help?!?! Please answer ASAP!!?
What facial piercing to get next (pics)?
What deodorant should I use?
Bath & Body Works catalog?
How to get rid of puffy eyes that have been there forever?
why do i have stretch marks?
Why does my belly button smell like peanuts?
Brusing, Redness, Scared?
Does anybody use Sensai facial products?
Little whiteheads on my legs?
im 14 years old i have horrible bags and i look sleepy all the time anything to help me and i do sleep alot.?
girls...what is ur favorite perfume and where u always spray it....?
Ladies, what age did you first become conscious of your looks changing?
How do I get rid of a keloid on the inside of my nose from a nose piercing?
I have a question about horseshoe peircings? !?!?!?!?!?
I have an indoor tanning bed?
Next piercing to get?
How Can I Prevent My Lips from Getting Chapped?
Does this pimple make me look fat?
i just got my ear pierced and i think its a 18 gauge.i bought a 14 gauge tamper is it safe to use that?
o please Help, (laddies) my face?
is there any possibilities that the stretch marks will improve?
How do I get rid of stretch marks?
Home to make my butt LOOK bigger?
Virtually HUNDREDS of black heads on my nose! How do I get rid of them??
i took my tragus piercing out...?
Should you put tannng lotion on before going tanning in a salon.?
i got my tongue pierced sat. and now its mon. ..... one ?
how to reduce redness in my face?
How Do You think I look?
hi my sisteris 140 pounds i want her to be 120pound how can i do it?
Smooth Away Hair Removal System?
what is the average height of 14 year olds?
Does having your nose pierced hurt?
Help!!!! I need recipes for face masks!!!!!?
Is there a way to make my ears look smaller?
I'm close to having sex with my boyfriend but am super self concious...?
Belly button piercing questions?
I've always wondered what body type I am!?
belly button or nose?
How do you get rid of white/dark spots?
How old do you think I look?
My mom says I need to wipe the crusty stuff.....?
What piercing should i get?
does baby oil really make you tan?
I need a chest xray, and I have just had my belly button pierced, will it be ok to keep it in?x?
how do i get more cleavage?
how to get rid of strech marks?
Why do white people try to get a tan?
how long will it take for my piercing to heal and will there be a scar?
shaving bumps?
can you please answer my question?
how do you get rid of scratchs ,and will it scar?
Getting your waxed.......?
What's the best thing to remove a scar on my nose?
do i need to remove my tragus earring before my op?
Am i too skinny?
How to get rid of acne scars?
is the 1,000mg vitamin c emergen c water drink mix safe for my 14 year old daughter?
whats more possible to be allergic to... surgical steel or titanium body piercing rings?
Pierced ears today? Please help with some questions?
Does it hurt getting your lip pierced ?
Reasons not to go in the pool?
Does A Skinny Waist Make Big Hips Look Better?
Do I have a permanent tan?
Whats the best face lotion for men?
Please help!!!!! Multiple choice 9th grade math question?
what body shape am I?
How do I stop biting my nails?
Help Convincing parents to let me get snakebites [Piercing]?
how to convince your mom to take you to the dermatologist?
I have diffreant skin tone on my face and my chast my chast is so glow rather than my face what i do?
How much would ear piercings cost?
how can i hide my cuts on my wrists?
Why is my belly-button ring not curved?
Tongue Piercing - Infected?
Does my friend have too much chest hair?
How do I get rid of my freckles!?
Ack! Blackhead problem.?
I pierced my own cartilidge, tragus and lobe yesterday when can i switch the earrings?
do you think that........?
Is Yves Rocher product really good for the skin ?? does it really reduce wrinkles?
How do i make myself have better self confidance?
Lip or nose piercing?
How do I.........?
can vasoline be used for dry, chapped lips?
how old for implants?
how do you remove gel from nails ?
My lips are really dry/chapped?
Best way to make stretch marks go away...?
Nipple piercing question???
What is the average hight of 14 years old student.?
Dry lips! HELP!?
What helps old stretch marks become less noticeable?
Bad or good?
Have u gotten a Nose job??
does proactive really work?
I was shaving my legs last week and...?
Shall i get my tongue pierced?
any muslims here and can u believe it's the end of ramadan?
Would you consider this body shape sexy?
Does getting your ears pierced hurt a lot?
i have small breasts how can i make them bigger or appear bigger.?
If hirsute, should one pose in one's birthday suit?
How to get rid of pimples?
Ear piercing!?!!!?!!!?!?
im getting so tired of pimples?
HOW DO I make my hair grow???help me please!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
how did i get my Green Eyes Portuguese?
Website with cheapest price for African Black Soap With Shea Butter & Aloe Vera& Aloe Vera?
i did a tca peel. how do i make it heal faster?
Best Face Creams?
A question about dimples xD?
What is a good acne cream that is sold over the counter? ?
I pierced one ear like 3 months ago but I need to pierced the other...?
How can I get rid of blackheads overnight/in a few days?
shaving problem?
What gets you darker faster, an hour in the sun or 20 minutes in a tanning booth?
How to get rid of horrible sock tan line?
What can i use to keep my tan?
how much green tea should i drink for it to work on my skin?
Is Spray on Tanning safer than the tanning bed?
Should i get my nipples pierced? ?
I put tooth paste on my spot, now I got a scar?! -.-?
What size breasts should you have at 14?
Freeman Pink Grapefruit Facial Scrub- any reviews?
I have my navel pierced 4 weeks ago and it's forming a dark circle around the site...It doesn't hurt, or itch.?
How do u take your showers??
Should I cut it off? I mean my hair; It is waist length and hot in summer.?
Pigmentation correcting Products?
Homemade facial methods?? ?
Purplish bumps on inner thighs?
Can you tell me about the Neutragena Shine Control products?
Pro Activ Results?
best cream for acne?
Girls, do you pee in the shower? What if showering with your boyfriend/husband?
How to remove wrinkles and stop having it?
13 years old with stretch marks?
do you have an innie or an outie?
How to not get red and when i'm embarrassed?
i changed my belly button ring too early and now it's infected, how do i treat it?
ehhh im scared outta ma mind!!?
What is your experience of nose piercings - and do you have any advice?
Nose ring infected, keloid? HELP!?
Does the Zeeno hot spot blemish clearing device really work? Does it work on blackheads?
I want to peirce my septum.....?
Should i get my nose or lip pierced?
Does touching your face cause breakouts?
How old are you?
why is sex the main key for having a life?
How do I get rid of saggy eyelids without surgery?
do you want to get wrinkles?
Does your skin.......?
What is your favorite type of scent - bakery, fruity, outdoorsy, musky, etc.?
How do I know if I can get a Tongue Web piercing?
when i go tanning why do i get freckles?
Infected belly button piercing?
How can I convince my parents to let me get my ears pierced?
what can take the redness out of a pimple?
How can I make my eyelashes longer without using false eyelashes?
How can you tell when your septum piercing is healed ?
My piercing, is it Weired or cool?
Have you used Proactiv?
how can i wash my face?
Can someone help me with this piercing issuee??)x?
help please (: on acne .... /:?
Anorexia poem by me.?
I bought an Oilfree makeup what?
i heard if you put toothpaste on zits it helps?
What is the cheapest breast implants?
Put a 1.6mm taper in the other day, can i go to 2mm yet?
Does tooth paste help pimples?
whys it gross to lick ur finger after it been in your belly button?
My 5 year old just got her ears pierced for the 2nd time last friday and one earing fell out in sleep?
Do I got a big butt/waist for my age?
belly ring! is it infected? help please!?
I want a natural tan, how can i get one without going orange?
would it be weird if?
do birthmarks bother you?
How long does a sun tan last in the Philippines?
Piercings you can hide?
Excuses for a burnt lip?
hi all, i am facing acne & pimple issues my face is nearly full with acne/pimples and anything?
how do you get rid of body hair so it doesn't grow back?
Do face moisturizers have to have SPF in it?
is b cup too small, honestly?
Lip piercing advice please! :)?
How do i safely pop my ears to hear better?
Im 16, should I shave my chest hair for the summer or not?
How long did the redness last when you got your eyebrows waxed for the for the first time?
Does lotion expire?
What to get in a makeover?
I have been stretching my ears for a while. going from 16 gauge to 12 i think with some bleeding?
PanOxyl bar?
How well does cocoa butter work for outdoor tanning?
under eye wrinkles and dark circles help!!!?
Help with tanning?
i feel like piercing something?
my face has med complexion but i want to be more fair,previously it was more i ll get my colour back
How do celebrity females get their faces so clear, smooth and blemish free?
how do I stop biting my nails?
Vertical Labret Piercing Question.?
Should I get my ears pierced for a 4th time? (pic included)?
how can i keep my nails clean from dirt?
How to obtain ivory skin?
What do you think of septum piercings?
my daughter has something that looks like acne is there anyway i can get rid of it?
How do I get a tan?
Do you have flat feet?
4 REALLY big zits?
using level 3 tanning bed, will using level 1 occasionally help with getting darker?
secret to summer legs?
my boyfriend always calls me beautiful but when i look in the mirror i see a fat cow staring at me.
What to do for severely clogged pores?
eww popping pimples question ?
Anyone else used Adidas deodorant? . . . awful!?
girls, do any of you always have or get sweaty feet? do you know why it happens?
don't know if my cartilage piercing is infected?
ANYONE ever tried breast inhancement pills or herbs?
my lips are not black and not too much red...but i want to look cute among my friends..?
What does a broken nose look like? ?
Will my belly-button ring close up?
My neck is blacker than the rest of my body probably because of dirt buildup. How can I get back right color?
what is the best way to keep one looking younger and fresher which is not expensive?
Any tips or advice: Want my bottom lip piercing back but work won't allow it?
How long do I have to wait before I can go swimming after getting my belly button pierced?
Will i grow 15 almost 16?
Skin question?
What's the most effective face wash?
Do I have oily or dry skin?
When did you start worrying about hitting 30?
Surgery stuff on my body? How do I get off?
what are your best homemade acne remedies?
I'm really pale, what can I do?
Do I have a big nose?
Good substitute for lemon?
I have worry lines I am fifteen year old male?
is it bad to squeeze pores?
i have 12 piercing and i want my toungue ring but i dont think my parents will let me how can i hide it?
My weird sweaty armpitss????
for my beauty , plz help?
do any have idea about body message ?
anyone else?
can waxing my arms cause me to lose my tan?
wow, my acne is just not going away anymore ..?
Could my nose be done growing? (picture)?
Anyone know?
how do i pierce my tongue with a safety pin?
i am a 14 yr old girl .and have already started to get pimples.i dont want this to continue.can you suggest a?
my skin is very oily and i have acne since five years and i have full heat in our body what is precaution?
How long do I need to wait after ear piercing?
My daughter has had her ears pierced for about 6 months now, they've been looking like they've been getting?
Infected cartilage piercing?
I'm thinking about stretching my ear and wondering about the healing process if I take it out?
Cartilage ear piercing left or right ?
Shaving?!?!? (Girls only)?
Help.. What tanning lotion should I buy?
Most painful piercing?
Best afordable fake tan?
Pimples, Clean/beautiful skin help!!!?
Pink and whites are too long... help?
how do i whiten my tan?
how to change tragus bar?
i need some pep-type?
how do I ask my mom to get my ears pierced?
Ear stretching/ear piercing questions.?
How should i blow my nose with a nose ring?
would i look good with a nose piercing?? [picsssss]?
Question for experienced women. (Sizes)?
i think i left lemon on my face to long help...............???????????????
i am pregnant and i'm getting fat what should i do?
what's the best way to get rid of scars on your legs?
Does veet hair removal actually work?!?
Why is my Skin Jiggling?
arm pits question :D?
I want to have a quick face pamper..!? =D?
What is the best scent to calm you?