Do you think its okay for a guy to get his cartiladge pierced?
What would you say about this?
Ear cuff or third piercing?
How do i tell mom i want a piercing? ?
what is the Best way to keep a belly button piercing clean and uninfected.?
Does the Kinerase Clear Skin kit really work?
Tanning wipes?
Girls question only!?
My cartlidge piercing fell out and the hole closed, there's bumps on either side?
the skin under my lip with my labret flipped outward, should i be worried about my monroe?
if i got my tounge pierced two weeks go and i swallowed my ball can i change it out?
Best way to keep tragus piercing from getting infected, bumps, anything!!!?
how long should you brush your teeth for? and how many times a day?
Is a C cup considered big boobs?
what lotions do the women on tv use to get such shiny skin (legs and arms)?
Large lines under eyes?
What are the christmas scents at Bath and body works?
in response to my other question. i am 5ft so that makes a new assumtion i think. i am still pear shaped?
I hate my body and I think I am ugly. I cry all the time.?
when is the best time to have a navel piercing(belly piercing)??
Plug fits in one ear but not the other?
Where is the cheapest place to get cosmetic surgery done?
i got burnt horrribly today! how do i help the pain? and can i make the redness lighter?
Is it true? Am I really to young?
a good facewash for breakouts?
i`m getting my cartilage pierced tomorrow?
our school policies and piercings?
Will i look weird if i have a nose pierce already and then get a monroe?
i have a burn mark on my face, how do i get it so heal soon?
How to remove self tanner EMERGENCY!!!!!?
Neeeww piercing! need help with it?
jergens lotion and removing scars?
I was cursed with small boobs :( Should I get implants?
How tall should a 14 year old be?
I put self tanner lotion on , and i dont like it, but it wont come off when i scrub with baking powder! help!!?
How do you get rid of bags under your eyes?
What is the right age to start using under-eye creams or gels?
i hate my skin it will not clear up!?
Feeling insecure discusted and depressed with my breasts ?
what are good ways/ tips for getting rid of spots?
What do you think about getting ears pierced all the way up?
Is it okay for girls to shave their faces?
Should we wear sunscreen even when we 're indoors?
How can I make my back look better - acne scars?
is 32D a good size for seventeen year old girl?
whats the best tanning oil to use ?
how make a homemade exfoliator for my face?
I want to get my ears pierced. Who thinks its not that big of a deal?
African black soap made my skin break out?
Philosophy: Purity face wash.?
How can I grow my nails?
Can you get rid of acne scars?
How can i get rid of and prevent spots?
What is the longest ?
What does it mean when someone calls you chicken legs?
Is 20 too young to start using ?
When you get your ears pierced, does it hurt?
did proactive work for you?
i got scabs from the personal microderm?
how long will my lip be swollin after i got it peirced?
Red dots after shaving legs.
How do I get RID of forehead acne in an effective way?
bad acne! anything would help! PLEASE!?
I have been looking for peach body spray everywhere, do you guys know where to find it?
can my belly ring get infected if i wear surgical steel and i cant were fake jewelry?
I need as much info as possible about snakebites?
what is the best way to keep a sunburn from peeling? & what is the fastest way to get rid of the peeling?
is it normal to be 5'1" and have 36B/34C size breasts?
Does anybody else find this strange?
Will I always have chubby cheeks?
Considering micro dermal anchoring, possibly a series of three? Just a few questions?
pimple scarring solutions in 2 months?
How long does proactiv take to get to your house?
I have so much acne and it's getting gross what do i do?!?!??!?!?
whats the best way to get rid of small marks provoked by chronic waxing in the bikini and belly area?
If proactiv work for me, should I keep buying it?
Red spot on nose for over a month?
Red dots after shaving legs.
How to apply Fenugreek?
help me please! please! please! please!?
a warning!!!! please read!!?
i Hate My self And Skin!!!?
Snake Bits (lip piercings)?
I waxed my legs and now ALL of the hair is growing under skin?
is there any body piercing apprenticeships in north ayrshire?
Is it safe to get your ears pierced at claires?
I have alot of acne and pimples?
Acne help! Pimples all over my forehead! Please helppp :(?
Am I too thin? Be truthful?
I have ugly black heads on my nose sometimes i sqeeze them and it leave a whole is there anything for them?
How can I take care of my skin?
Cartilage Piercing Help!!?
Whats this big thing about boobs?
Is it okay to workout after a facial chemical peel?
How do i lose my stomach?
facial hair bleaching ??????? PLzZZZ suggest?
How to get rid of thick, bad blackheads?
has anyone used strivectin SD for stretchmarks?
does having a good diet, daily exercise, and good skin care REALLY pay off when you are older?experiences plz!
Sea salt leaves my piercing crusty?
has anyone pierced there own belly button by themselves or made someone do it for them?
How to stop sweating so much ?
Would having a face piercing decrease my chance of getting a job?
Hate my Wide big lips.. Tips on reducing the size?
Tooooo skinny or is this normal???????????????
how soon can i take my cartilage piercing out for a few hours?
How can i remove oil on face skin for 12 hours or more?
what piercing to get?
My head is too big for my body. . .?
How can I get rid of my summer tan quicker?
Is it true that the first place you loose weight from is your boobs?
With sunscreen, does waterproof mean sweatproof?
Is it ok to shave my arms ?
Do I have acne scars?
Tanning lotion....?
what is the best moisturizer with shimmer?
Can Rhinoplasty Give Me my Old Nose Back?
Spots have gone into cuts...HELP!?
My eyes are very small,and i am very tall and skinny.These are my 2 list of questions.Details are found inside
i have a cleft lip scar what will help it disappear?
Chicas, how tall are YOU?
What do you think?? =]?
I'm only worried about infections...?
how do i get ride of scars on my face?
i cant tell if my eyebrow peircing is infected or juss irratated :Splz help PICS INCLUDED?
changing an eyebrow piercing within a week of getting it done?
my belly button is half innie half outie, i want a FULL innie?
How much does a 3-pieces Proactiv Solution cost ?
Does washing your face in sour milk really get rid of freckles?
LADIES!!! How do you shave your... "area" without getting razor bumbs and without having it all scratchy?
Should a guy get a belly button piercing?
help with vaniqua?
How do i get a temporary tatoo off my face?
Yesterday i got my......?
help!!! shaving arms?
What can I do to clear up my face quickly? (zits, blackheads, ect.)?
Do big breasted girls look bad? should i try to reduce my size? pic included?
How do i ask my mom to shave?
I have mild acne and i just oily skin what kind of face mask will treat both issues?
My ear piercing has half closed?
would i look bettter with my nose pierced or my lip ?
What's the cause of these?
any tips for shaving my ?
How to get rid of period blood on chair?
Monroe Re-piercing over other hole?
Do you like eyebrow rings?
Getting my eyebrows waxed/plucked tomorrow, does it hurt? A lot?
Best way to cure dry/chapped lips?
What will get rid of dry skin?
is there any possible way that i could undo a tan??
Peeling sunburn!!! Ew!!!!?
What would you change about your body if you could?
shaving using a razor?
Aftercare for Navel and Lip piercing?
which is the best indian parlour/salon in Raleigh,NC?
will the hairs not grow back if you had laser hair removal?
Is it okay to get a nose job in high school?
Do any girls actually go tanning anymore?
How does toothpaste work for zits?
how to smell good?
What are good products to even out a cyclist tan?
Do you think this body type is attractive?
why do i have a sixth toe?
Best way to get rid of stretch marks?
I'm thinking of shaving my entire body...even my eye brows. What should I do it with?
White Spots in fingernails?
Nipple piercing direction?
does this product really make your skin look like this?
why do women use talcum powder when shaving their bikini line..?
ladies-do you like big lips on a guy?
I speak for the ladies out here, how do you "stock up" in the right areas without taking any chemicals?
How do you fade red tinted scars?
Help with the hair down there!? Ladies onlyy?
i need help for my friend..?
can i put bio oil in a roll-on stick? like the burts bees roll on stick?
What would be the best alternative in place of waxing your hands? and remdies for sore skin after waxing.?
: I have dry skin and if I apply any cream on my face., after 1 day my face is full of boils. What can I do?
Girls ONLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
How to fix dark soles of feet?
question about earlobe piercings, ?
can you personalize my acne regimen?
which facial masks are needed for a perfect make up as aresult ?
question about waxing forearms?
Im concerned about my lip piercing?
Could i use this on face?
Tragus piercing questions?
does it hurt a lot to get your tongue pierced??
For 5 weeks now, I've had my nose pierced. I have a small white spot around it. Is it infected?
What can I put over my ear piercing?
Does Pro-Active work?
Are my legs too skinny?
i got bags under my eyes! help! they wont go away [[PIC]]?
is this tooo skinny?????
i stretched my ear from regluar to a 6 and there pretty sore and they bleed. am i going to be okay? what shoul?
Girls and their bodies?
What is the best self defense move a woman can use if she is attacked by a big strong man?
Will a tanning bed help me tan?
I want a toungue pericing... but?
Where can i find a 16g 1.5 inch PTFE industrial barbell?
Have any advice for spray tans?
crater-like Dents/impressions left in people's skin?
Do u need an adult with you to get your ears pearced when ur 16?
My gf got her navel pierced last week. She has 3 kids and is 34. All she wears are belly shirts. Is that odd?
which is better???????
Face shapes?
ok I Just pierced my monroe like 5 days ago and its all red and yellw puss stuff is coming out of it?
What can help take out dark circle under my eyes?
Help, please read, and take this seriously?
do you think this is disgusting or unclean?
How often should you change the razor heads for an electric razor? Those blades are expensive as the razors!?
my face skin is become dull?
How do you make your legs more attractive?
Do you think that if I stop wearing concealer under my eyes to cover dark circles, they will go away?
If my belly ring keeps getting Infected does that mean it is rejecting the piercing?
Is it really that bad to pop zits, pimples, blackheads and other acne?
HELP.. I go back to school i n five days. i have a horrible zit .. How can i get rid of it?
Why is there an ongoing battle between 'fat'and 'skinny' people?
blackheads... echh?
any one recommend a good self tanning product that looks natural?
What is the best and fastest way to get rid of spots?!?
Itchy ITCHY ( and I do mean itchy) spots around my chest and breasts?
What is the best tanning bed lotion out there?
Can I make my skin more sensitive around my butt?
which works better, solid or gel deoderant ?
What gauge is my industrial piercing?
So, another piercing question?
Is sugar a good exfoliator for the face?
Question about Nose Piercing?
How to get rid of bags under eyes and make them look better?
How or what cheap product would I use to hide under eye wrinkles?
What's the best way to get rid of acne?
How to get fake tan off?
What exactly are "sewer-cap nipples"?
Do Aveeno blemish products work for moderate acne. If so which one's should I buy?
My face and neck are darker than the rest of my body.
what happens if you put salt on your arm, put an ice cube on it, and apply pressure?
All of a sudden the hair on my legs seems to be growing so much faster! No changes in vitamins or anything.?
Does it hurt to get your lip pierced?
Which order?
How can I get bigger boobs?
What do you think of me (my body)?
Do you think I'm pretty?
Best Face Creams?
How long does it take for a lip piercing to heal before you can take the ring out?
*,. Oily skin help please ! .,*?
How to heal infected tragus piercing?
how can i make my butt bigger?
my lips are soo dry!!?
What are some good under-eye circle creams you can buy at a store?
A question about face-wash?
I am seriously thinking of getting my nose pierced, but I am pretty scared!!?
ANYONE KNOW HOW TO GET sharpie PERMANENT MARKER off of skin?? please help me! it would be truely apertianted!?
i am a Caucasian { white] i have black stuff on my face[skin] Ive used bleaching creams?
Does clinique even better eyes dark circle corrector work?
my ears are newly peirced i ahve a question about them?
Help me with my ZIT. PLEASE :(?
"personal question" (puberty >_> )?
Large Pores?
does massaging extra virgin olive oil under your eyes really help get rid of dark circles?
How long does waxing your bikini area last?
What to do for severely clogged pores?
How do I figure out what size nipple piercings to get?
How bad does a nose piercing hurt?
How do I get rid of my pimples without expensive products?
can you use oxy facial cleanser with veloncity facial cleanser and misturizer?
how do i reduce the darkness after i shave in my underarms?
2nd ear piercing? yes or no?
Are my eyes really massive and ugly?
is mystic tan for me?
Can you tell me why anyone would peirce their lip?
How come my face and eyes get watery all time? Is it allergys ? How long does it last and how can I fix it?
Is there a product that i can buy from the drugstore that will remove acne scars.?
Im short for my age, what can i do?
(i'm a girl) I'm already 16 and I'm only 1.57m tall...?
what skintone is better?
Good scrub for eczema,oily skin,anyone?
ughh hellp me out here !!?
When is the best time to moisturize?
What Should I Get Pierced?
cartilage piercing question?
Is my lip piercing infected?
Is it strange to have a navel fetish?
How to get rid of burn blister scars?
How do I fix this problem? (PICTURES)?
What is a really good exfoliator???
How to hide cuts on your arm..?
whats a really good face wash that helps acne/dryness?
I can't stop biting my nais...I've tried everything?
Why do some girls have stretch marks near their thighs?
how can i get my nose smaller (without surgery)?
please help me with this.?
#Do you think earrings with butterfly backs are bad? Should i change my lobe piercings??##?
Why do my eyes change from blue to green to grey?
Am I old enough to go to Dragon FX ?
What's the best way to reduce swelling under the eyes?
You know how you have ear gauges? How can I make my nipple do that?! Help!?
How long do emery boards and cuticle sticks last?
do lips tan too?
Dark Spots - HELP!!!!!?
PLease Help with my face?
Question for waxing?
Want to stretch my ears 2 weeks after piercing?
Do i look older with my hair up?
I want to get a nose piercing but need to take it out for work, how soon can I?
How do boost my self esteem ? Pleasee help !?
Dermatologist in the Yonge and Eglinton area?
Oatmeal good facial cleanser?
Should I get my nose pierced?
what does a bra size mean?
how easily does a tragus piercing get infected?
Where is the best place in limerick,ireland to get my belly button pierced??
What ya secret beauty you use to make ya face dewy and soft?
How can someone get waist length hair, any suggestions?
Why do I have Freckles?
>>> I NEED HELP PLEASE <<< 10 pnts bst answer!?
can a olive oil massage make your boobs grow?
Help me with my tan pretty please?
Bags under eyes help?
Would I suit canine bites?
My friends think I'm having a hard time grasping that concept.?
Lip Piercing: Convincing my mom?
How can i make my knees lighter ?
Why does it look smaller although it's the same size?
What is the best self defense move a woman can use if she is attacked by a big strong man?
How to get rid of scaring on your face?
Should I Put Lighten cream on Top of Benzoyl peroxide5%?
Why do I get bags under my eyes?
how long does it take for a cartilage piercing to close up?
what is the first word to decribe me?
Do I have big boobs? Please help!?
i love to tan in the summer ,how do i get a good dark tan and keep it ,(without going to a tanning bed)?
Any good breast butter/lotion?
Huge Pimple !? AHHHH!!!?
How to hide my scars?
Can I Start tanning at age 15?
Best toner or astrigent ?
I have body hair in a lot of private parts. I don't wanna shave and I don't want to wax. What should I do?
new belly bar? help??
Is it safe to use two different brands of acne medication at times?
how much does JO LEN bleach cost?
Do tears do this? is this true?
nose stud. it wont come out and i think its infected. how can i get it out????
I'm really embarrassed to ask this question, but...?
what's a good hand cream to reduce wrinkles?
How to fade dark spots on face?
Oily face!? :( my face is always freaking oily.. :'( Help?
Help with my lip piercing?
bed or booth?
For Guys Only?
Dry Skin help!!!!!!!?
ok help me i cant figure it out!?
I'm pale, how do you I get a tanned look without going to a tanning salon?
How do I convince my parents to let me shave or wax? Please Help!?
Has anyone used the Neutrogena acne prone cleansing bar?
So I got my belly button pierced, how do you clean it?
okay. i had my nose pierced for 4 months. it's infected nd i took it out, it wnt go back in? did it close?
has anyone used a medisept self ear piercer?
How do I get naturally flushed cheeks?
What is the best stuff to use to get rid of acne quick?
How can i save my Dermal?!?
Does anyone know a good product to remove moles on your body my sister is to afraid to get it cut off?
new flesh tunnel, not sure how to use a taper.?
Changing new belly button piercing?
Vitcoria's Secret limited edition LOTIONS?
Electrolysis - Are red dots normal?
mystic tanning adventure?
Does A Skinny Waist Make Big Hips Look Better?
How old do I look?(Pics Included)?
first real bra 15 year old.?
please HELP!!?
Skin Help (PICS)??????
Daith piercing questions x?
Question about acne wash?
My hair is thin and changing colors on its own AND my scalp is super itchy/greasy?
how to keep oily skin free from sticking dust?
facial help???//////?
i am gay too but no one noes it?
i need mositurizers and lotions that can be found in walgreens that are very good for dry skin?
I have a pretty big blemish thats really red..does warm water or cold water reduce redness?
is electroplated titanium ok for piercings?
How to have great skin?
how can i get bigger breast without plastic surgery and no expensive pills?
How do i get my mom to let me get my cartledge of my ear pierced?
how can i give my skin that 'glow'?
born dark but now fair??what is my real color?
Does Proactiv Actually work or does the company just want money?
Am I too young to stretch?
neutrogena or proactive???
What are the best high end products for oily, acne prone skin?
my face is becoming really greasy and pimply and i don't know why?
When you get a piercing?
How do you get rid of dark circles unde eyes?
Do you think my legs are too big? (pictures)?
Cartilage piercing help!!?
If I've had a nose ring in for a month and I take it out, will it close nicely with no scarring?
Cleaning an eyebrow peircing...?
How do I convince my mom to let me get my nose pierced?
Is Clean & Clear a high pH product ?
How long does it take for the neoprosone gel to work on your skin?
in a chat room with profiles & photos is a younger female allowed to show more cleavage than the older female?
How can i bleach my pubes?
does Garnier Pure A moisturiser work?
how do i get rid of my deep ugly laugh lines without injecting something into my face or spending a lot of $?
How do you get rid of curve?
what is an average weight?
Trying to lose weight.. any tips?
Blacks Have Tan Skin?
What acne products really work?
Help me with my body acne!?
How to clear problem areas on skin?
i want a bigger butt by using injections i live in alexanadria va were can i go?
Will i get better looking as i get older?
help with skincare creams?
do straight guys get there eye brows waxed?
Piercings and stuff need opinions?
How to prevent breakout and black head especially at the nose....?
skin complexion change ?!?
How to minimize pores and control oil?
Should I get a nose piercing or a lip piercing?
are these products too much for a 14 year old?
Does it hurt to get your bellybutton peirced?
What are the best skin products to use for pimples/acne and bags under my eyes?
Good eye tricks?
How can I get a safe but dark tan without going to a tanning salon?
how do i get rid of t-zone bumps ?
why am i getting so many breakouts?
Does Proactive really work?
how does it feel to get a tatoo redone?
I'm so pretty, rate me on a scale of 100 to 10000 please :)?
I am having a hard time finding a bar soap that I like...what's your faveorite?
How old do i look to you?
Am I ugly? (pics included)?
acnefree termanator 10?
is there any homemade remedy for the skin burnt of sun?
How to increase breast size?
Why does a girl's long nails tickle so much?
I used to have pimples but now I have this red marks?
Sun tanning - best when laying down or moving?
Make my face nice...?
Whats the easiest place can you pierce?
what kind of bar can I put in my cartilage piercing?
Will shaving make my hair thicker/ darker?
what piercing should i get?
What colour are your eyes?
What should I do if certain friends don't like my lip piercing?
Clear skin help?? please?
How to remove the little hairs after waxing?
what is the best way to clean clogged pores??
how to make your skin tone(body) fairer?
Ear cartilage piercing, a bump is beginning to form around the back of one of the studs, what could it be?
how long do you have to wait until you can swim in a pool or the ocean, after you get a belly button piercing?
13 year old with a navel piercing?????
is it impossible for some skin to get tan?
Description of this nose type?
Chest pimples, any solutions!?
What would I expect when I get my lip piercing ?
Is it OK to skip a shower tonight?
Height & Navel?
My students always looks my navel why?
Skin reaction from Threading?
Did my belly button just shrink?
How do you quickly get rid of acne?
What's wrong with being dark skinned?
I bite my nails!!!Arrrrrrrrrrgggghhhhhhh i cant stop?
how can i reduce the size of my tummy and breast ?
is there a way i can get paler. plz answer!!!?
I have triple j breast and they are really big and my shirt is keep on popping open what should I do?
why do i have a sixth toe?
Help!!! Concentration/Relaxation tips?
What can I do about my peeling feet?
Nape piercing (surface)?
What can i use to pierce my belly button that will go throught my skin???
Can picking your nose make it bigger?
REALLY upset about having my first period!!!!!!!!!!?
how do i get rid of the marks on my bum?
What are some signs of a beautiful body?
Can somebody help me? I got a brazillian and now I have bumps! Ek!?
how big is the risk of rejection of the microdermal peircing?
What are some products that help get rid of wrinkles under yours eyes :]?
should i get a nose piercing?
oh no! help please i dont know what to do?
Spectrum piercing ???????? ?
Does Smooth Away actually work?
How can I convince my mom to let me get my tongue pierced?
Is it bad to like piercings?
HOw do deodorante cyrstals work and where do you find them?
My boobs are two different sizes.. to the point where it's noticeable.. :(?
Taking out Tongue Piercing after one day?
should i get a monroe piercing, a lip rip or a nose stud?
Which body lotion(s) do you loooove?
i want a bellybutton ring so bad does it hurt!?!?
St Ives Apricot Facial Scrub? Does it work?
can I use a cream for my face if written on it it's for skin???
Does Proactive or Murad work better?
Whats the easiest place can you pierce?
weird rash on my leg! help! 10 points best answer!?
im only 16 and i have cellulite and im not over weight or anything?
Does anyone know anyone know how to make a homeade facial mask?
teen girls please i need help with pimples!!??
what to wear to a club tonight with redness from the sun...eeeek?
What do i do to get tan?!?!?
For girls only.?
Short legs look longer?
Does it look like my face got chubbier?
Circles under the eyes?
how do I get rid of bags under my eyes!!!?
Acne Acne Acne Help!?
what is the best and fastest-working stretch mark cream?
Is there any way to get rid of stretch marks?
how can i ask my mom to start shaving my legs?
If I am 5'1, 14, and weigh 120lbs. Am I fat?
Need help Please!! skin firming cream!?!?
What type of bar do you have in a Tongue surface piercing?
where can i find a good dermatologist in singapore that charges a reasonable price?
Which piercing should I get? HELP!?
im 14, how do i convince my dad to let me get my eyebrow pierced?
Is 14 too young to get a belly button piercing?
unusual but nice piercings for girls?
Does sweet tea stain your teeth? (Tea with sugar in the raw and milk)?
How do you tell a man he stinks and get him to stop?
Pimples on my forehead?!!! HELP!!!!?
i have lower pink lips but my upper lips are brown....i want them to be pink..wat do i do?
Is it okay for guys to go to tanning salons?
How to stretch my ears with less pain?
Biore nose and face strips....?
i got this rash...?
how do you cover up a hickey? =S?
how gross is it for a girl to have a moustahce?
jergens lotion and removing scars?
i am a brown girl &i have dark spots on my face .how do i remove them?
st.ives apricot cleanser?
whats the best stuff to use for pimples?
Rook or Tragus piercing?
nivea goodbye cellulite?!?!?! whos tryed it?!?!?
Do I look too skinny?
why do i look fat if i only weigh 105 and im 5'5? pic included?
Is my ears and nose big?
Will putting Vitamin C on my face make my skin better?
Under eye wrinkles from crying?
when is the best time to take a shower?
Does scrubbing with a washcloth help make hair look lighter after a few days or weeks?
How to lose weight? No programs or pills please! Good foods to eat to keep healthy?
what do you think about lil wayne's eyebrow/monroe piercing?
i am hopefully going to florida this summer so when i get there what do you think the best tanning method is?
What is the favourite part of your other half's body?
How do i get rid of the dark coloration from under my underarms?
I have bumpy toe nails. Why?
does proactiv really work?
too many piercings?
i want to get skinny body and skinny face?
Boobs super small?!?
should you get your ears pinned back if your ears are big?
How to get smaller pores?!?
Help with blackheads?!?
Sick of looking so pale! Can anyone recommend a good tanning lotion please? No orange looking ones though xx?
Have anybody ever used the product acne free from walmart, does it work.?
How do you die by Cutting your wrists?
Is there anything out there I can use to get rid of chin hairs?
whats the best acne product for your skin?
10 Points hurry :How much does it cost to get my ears pierced at claires?
Cartilage Piercing....?
What are some good self-tanning products at cvs type stores?
Best smelling body spray?
Hands are very sensitive....?
(WOMEN ONLY PLEASE) How can I get my boobs to look round without surgery.?
Has anybody tried home chemical peel? Which one? Did it work?
tongue ring???????????????
im going to the beach this weekend...?
Clear skin?
Is there any way to actually get rid of blackheads?
i just put on hair removal cream and now my skin is really red. i have used this same cream before...?
How to treat dry, ed lips?
What are the benefits for your skin by eating grapes or strawberries?
Eyebrows!! I don't have much eyebrow hair, is there any way to thicken my eyebrows?
I Need Softer Skin!!!?
this guy said this to me what does it mean?
dry scab-like skin on ear lobe around my ear gauge.?
The bees will come and eat my face! lol j/k...Honey Mask?
how to help dry ed feet?
How to get a complection and perfect skin?
Trouble making bath bombs...?
Im 13 and i want my naval pierced?
Snakebites or Spiderbites?
piercing question?? plz help?
Tea Tree Oil for Dark Circles?
I have sensitive skin... what deodorant would be best?
What is this dimple called?
is my monroe infected?
I have dark underarms!!! Any suggestions for whiter underarms?
do oyu hink it will work on my face?
what it fell llike to get your ears peirced?
how can i go whiter?
What is the fastest way to get rid of an acne scar?And how long will it take?
how much does laser hair removal from your upper lip cost per session?
what kind of face shape is this?
How long would it take to get rid of dead skin cells with exfoliation?
Can laser treatment permanently remove facial hair?
New tongue piercing help?
Can I change my septum hoop, it's almost been two months?
Bruises around my eyes, how long will they last?
Skin Lightening Product information?
Is 5'6 tall for a 13 year old girl?
if you wash your face alot..?
Need Recommendation for Electric Razor?
Tanning lotion or oil???
How to pierce my septum?
my 15th birthday im thinking of getting my eyebrow pierced should i get it, becaue i dont know if boys should?
How to stop acne???
i need new deodorant! Which kind should i use?
Should I Be Worried About My Industrial Piercing ?
how old do i look?
How do you get rid of razor bumps? (Couple of months)?
What kind of body types do boys like?
I want to get skinny!!?
anyone ever try that new ZENO acne clearing device?
How can make my body like this?
how do i hide a lip piercing from my parents??
Is it wierd for a boy to get his ears pierced?
I want to tan nude, but i want to cover my nipples. is there a product that is made for that?
what do you think muyfrinend means my girlfriend just made the word up past the word on and make it a new slag
what brand and what spf of sunscreen would be the best protection against getting darker skin?
Does Loreal Advanced RevitaLift Complete make your skin break out?
My eyes are uneven, do u notice? [picture]?
Earring help!?
How to get bigger boobs?
OMG My Nose Is Talkin To Me!!?
How many times a week should an 11 yr old take a shower?
Am i tall in your opinion?
Ladies, If you shave, what kind of razor do you use?
So Bugs Like To Nibble On Me. Help?
would a monro suit me (pics)?
do you think it would be okay for me to wear my earrings w/ my new ear (lobe) piercing after 5 weeks...?
How big can you gauge your ears and still have them go back to normal?
do you have to be a certain size,height to get breast implants?
Cartilage Piercing Infection Chances? Please answer ASAP?
a quick way to get rid of pimples with things found around the house?
Nose Ring Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Surface tongue piercing:)???
where to get my nose pierced?
Went from 2g to 0g tapers and now my earlobes are purple?? Read description.?
Safe way to get rid of acne?
VISS IPL Hair Removal System? How does it work?
I'm getting many pimples on my face?
Any places that do nose piercings in Orange Park, FL?
How do I get rid of these small red bumps on my face ?
perfect armpits??
How to clean my armpit?
If I get a monroe piercing, what care should I take when I play my flute and piccolo?
Help Fake Tan Disaster!!!?
Can you die from your tongue piercing being too far back?
at the end of the day when im in my last class my cheeks alwasy get hot and red how do i prevent this?
How Bad Does It Hurt To Get Your Cartillage Pierced At Claires?
Shaving my legs?!!?!?!?!?!?!?
(Piercing) - Guess the gauge of this barbell? [pic]
Monroe piercing opinion?
I got my lip pierced a couple days ago and my school doesnt allow it.. how can i hid it until i move schools?
Belly button piercing expierience and cost?
Why my nose got so dry after using sea salt solution to clean my nose piercing ?
What product can tighten ur face skin? and whiten it? plz help me?
Did anyone tried Arbonne stretch mark removal or cellulite treatments? Did it work ?
Natural vs fake breasts...are the sizes different?
Since Ill be going As Chiquita Banana For halloween,Could I wear??
would waxing upper hair lip, make more hair?
How do you remove sharpy?
Black girls: Are my lips big? here's a pic of me, click this link:
Best face-wash for me?
what are womens bingo wings for? What purpose do they serve?
I got my cartilage pierced and now i hear clicking noises. What do i do?
How to prevent tanning?
I was just wondering?
Which one helps open up pores, hot water or cold water?
How do I make my skin paler?
I have issues?for people with anger issuess?
i need help on how to get rid of...?
Please I need your help with the cream ambi?
i got the top part of my ear pierced how long b4 i can take it out??
using zineryt and clearasil ultra treatment cream (urgent)?
Pierced ear, cheap piercing read?
Does getting a nose piercing consider girls as whores/ sluts?
How do i remove the baking soda - water mixture off my face?
Does Clean and Clear really work?
teenage skin needs help please?
Anyone with a tongue piercing?
Getting rid of pimples?
I need some information about the industrial piercing?
how do i get tan quick?
Whats wrong with my legs after shaving?
What is a good back acne spray that i can buy either from the Internet or store?
what stores can i get fake belly button rings?
14g lip ring and I need it to get threw my hole?
Who has used Purpose Dual treatment Moisture lotion?
Does waxing ruin your skin?
Does Nair and other razor-less products work?
Can you guys recommend a (male) deodorant...?
does No No really work the shaver?
Question about fasting and weight? s?
How to get clearer skin?
Is it okay for a guy to wear concealer?
What is the SPF of Piz Buin bronze tanning lotion?
What's the best treatment for facial rejuvenation?
ive had my cartilage pierced for 8 months and it is still very sore. is something wrong?
I'm at a school with alot of very beautiful can i stand out and look as beautiful as them?
girls, how often do you wear your sneakers or boots without socks? and if you do why?
I want to know where to buy crazy eye or wild eye contacts cheap?
has anyone ever tried a FAKE TONGUE PIERCING?
Navel piercing rejecting?
Nail growth products?
I have Wrinkles on my Eyelid because of styes?
i'm very pale but i want to develop a base
bags under eyes?
aleve help new swolen lip piercing?
Why do black people have big lips?
please help me!!! with tanning in the tanning beds?
Chanel vs Lancome. Which is the best brand for skin care?
Is it weird to have really big eyes?
what are some good tanning salons in Toronto?
my elbows are rough. what should I do to make them smoother?
Do i have a big nose?
Am I considered petite?
Ear stretching and scaffold Piercing help:)?
What plastic surgeon would you recommend for liposuction on Staten Island?
Can you get your nose pierced with a ring?
how can i shave my head without razor bumps?
how to get long beautiful hair?
my friends call me ugly pimple face how do i get rid of my pimples?
i have several questions about belly button piercings that i need answered asap please?
How to get rid of my acne fast?
Should I get a lip peicing, or a monroe?
My Epiduo is working great, but it's drying out my skin. What do I do?
Which side of my lip should i get pierced???????
should I let my friend pierce my ear cartilage?
Does losing face weight make your eye dark circles less visible ?
my cartilage piercing is red and swollen?
what does it mean in ancient tribes to have stretched ears?
the hole from lip piercings?
dry skin on my legs?
Has anyone ever tried electrology hair removal?
Can you use Jergens Natural Glow for example right before, during, or after sun tanning?
Lip or eyebrow piercing? which one should I get?
Period Product Swap (must live in usa)?
How to apply baking soda to underarms?
Ear guages? proper insertion and care?
When a piercing gets infected?
My skin is just fairly dark and I want to lighten it up a bit. Does lemon juice work? If yes, how?
Bubble on the back of my cartilage piercing?
one piercing- left ear or right ear?
Bioflex Labret Studs?
do you think tanned skin looks better than pale skin?
is this normal?
i jus got my nose pierced yesterday. if i experience no pain can i change the ring today?
I have a ball coming up on june 1. i need help. i have scars on my shoulders n back due to acne.?
Help me Big Nose!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Which eyebrow piercing looks better?
How To Make The Red Go Away?
Should i get my tongue pierced?
which scent is better from bath and body works; twilight woods, dark kiss, or paris amour?
Should I get snakebites?
Hydrators for my face? Help please?
What would my body shape be?
Can I change my belly button piercing after 5 months?
Tanning at European Image?
Why are my underarms sweaty like five minutes after i put deoderant on?
Self Tanner stay on in chlorine?
If you eat too much chocolate???
does allesandra ambrosio have breast implants?
Whitish light yellow coming out of lip ring.?
Is there any treatment or Cream available for getting Beard ?
has anyone used "visibly even night concentrate" by neutrogena and is it good did it cause any breakouts?
Important for people who are around others with body odor. And for people in general. Something to learn.?
is my skincare routine okay?
does dermablend will cover scars from acne?
I have a zit thats deep in my chin what do i do? school starts in 10 days and i dont want it?
Side or middle labret pierced on a girl?
Dark spots and face masks?
Palmers Fade Cream Good For Leg Lightening? As it's darker than the rest of my body.?
Whats better Murad Ance Complex Or Proactiv Sollution?
how to remove the holes left by pimples?
Best way to remove hair from bikini line?
where can i get antibacterial soap at?
ear stretching!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1…
Is a 14g septum barbel a good size to start with?
Which side of my bottom lip should I get pierced?
Who likes body piercings?
Piercing question??
what are the methods to control infection?
If I take too much Vitamin C, will there be any adverse effects on my teeth and bones?
Tips for taking care of nose piercing?
Approximately how much would it cost to get a full body laser hair removal?
what acne product is the best?
Belly ring red 2 months?
benzoyl peroxide acne side effect?
bags under men's eyes?
Is there a piercing generator?
hey, help with an acne problem?
How can i do a split?
How long till my oily skin goes away on accutane?
would i suit facial piercings? pic included?
where can i find prince matchabelli fresh white musk body lotion?
Is it bad to use a homemade facial scub everyday?
I just all of the sudden broke out?
does pierced ears attract women??
help acne!!!?
i was fair earlier but now am tanned and my wud-be-in-laws wants me to become like before what shud i do?
Is this an actual breast size?
how can i infect my ears?
is it okay to go from a 14g to 10g? ( detail)?
Epilators - any experience?
Are my look about average?
How to make a mask?
Poll: What kind of belly button do you have?
Bags under eyes?
Problems getting cartilage pierced, anything I can do to prevent it, I want to get an industrial piercing...?
Do nose jobs last forever?
I have run out of cuticle oil. Can i use olive oil?
im only 14 and i want to geet my tongue piercedbut im really scared?
Tanning Salon- One Week
I'm gonna pierce my belly button because my mom won't let me get mine, does anyone know how?
Can you (taper?) Strech a helix piercing?
skin care product?
What is the average cost of laser facial freckle removal in Canada?
What type of moisterizer/cream to use on top of retinol?
Please help me to choose what perfume I should get :D?
how to stop biting my nails?
how long does it take to get rid of a hickey?how to get rid of one?
how do you get rid of acme?
how would you go about piercing your own belly button?
Is it normal for my tongue peircing to have a little bit of white puss built up around it?
Do butt implants feel weird?
Hi, well I did the second piercing on my lobe myself and I've had it for well over 3 months?
Can you answer my question please? Nobody is answering please answer?? Thanks?
What is the difference in smell between lemongrass oil and lime oil?
im black and iwanna be light skin so bad is there a cream or a doctor?
how to have a fair skin?
Does the Zeeno hot spot blemish clearing device really work? Does it work on blackheads?
For People that have used "Pro-Atcive"?
About the rook piercing ?
What (strong) deodorant should I use?
Will drinking more water really help clear your acne?
Where can I go tanning?
How to make my skin whiter?
Who do you think is more beautiful????
How Can i Get My Butt Bigger?
tricks/tips for removing black heads//white heads//pimples//and shrinking pores?
How bad does a nose piercing hurt?
In need of a septum piercing, anyone in atl area can do it or give info on some kits i can use?
How long do i clean this piercing?
flat stomach-big legs? help me with a banthesuit?
big, spot, on forhead, help???!?
I'm breaking out more than ever?
Monroe Piercing Abscess?
is this for real burn faster?
why do my fingers prune very fast?
What products/tips can you reccommend for DRY, SENSITIVE, FLAKY skin?
Help please? dettol on my skin?
How can I make my breasts grow bigger?
any solution to remove dark circles around eyes?
Do you know what causes Eczema?
best self-tanning lotion for oily skin?
What are the best steps you can take in the movement toward world peace?
Okay, So I have about 2 weeks to get tan and I don't want to use a tanning bed.?
What do the stars on TV use to get their legs so shiny?
Do you think my cartilage was pierced in the right spot? [pics]?
I've had my lip pierced for 4 weeks can I change to a ring, and how do I clean the new piercing ?
Does anybody know where Kylie Jenner goes to get her ears pierced? Like, which piercing parlor?
How do I remove/change threadless jewelry?
does the nose right / nose huggie really work?
Going to a sleepover with 4/5 other girls but i have stretch marks, help!?
ALL GIRLS!(: deoderant help?
Who thinks red-heads are pretty???
how do i get rid of my pimple scar on my nose? its very big and its swollen?
How do i get a more shapely figure? too skinny?
Can i Get my ears pierced at walmart?
Can olive oil or vegetable oil cause you to break out?
I want to have sex with my boyfriend tonight but I have razor burn and stubble growing back what should i do?
Infected ear piercing.....I might have to remove it :(?
piercing =D?
When you get a lip ring, can you hit a nerve and damage your lip?
My hand and feet are so dark in comparision to my face. What should I do?
A question for people who use tanning salons? GET YOURSELF 10 POINTS!!!?
what is a good lotion to lock in moisture after using loreal 360?
how and why should we use moisturiser?
???pencil shower gel?
What's the easiest way for me to stretch my ears from a 14g to a 12g by myself?
What is the best pore minimizer that you can find in your local drug store?
wich face wash to use?
At what age do women typically start using skin firming/anti-aging creams?
After being on the depo shot, I now have a problem, the skin on my calves and the tops of my feet are covered?
how much should a 5'3ft girl weigh?
who has my body type?
i have these bags under my eyes everyday and i really hate them i need help.?
What's happening to my skin?
How to remove arm hair?
what face wash do you think is best to get a clear face?
I don't want hips ?
What Does Then Industrial really feel like?
Anyone experience any swelling lips from Likahs whitening soap?
When can I sleep on my side with my ears pierced?
How many people would be attractive if it weren't for their noses?
how do pretty boys keep their faces looking better then gurls?
Im 13, and i dont look like it and a lot of people pick on me about it?
Is ice ok for skin?? And what is a natural way to reduce redness?
Hair question!?
can u get rid of moles?
About to give up with my acne ! H e l p .?
Do you like my eye color? kinda weird?
Does bio oil work for SCABS*?
Should I tell on her?
8g tapers fit, plugs don't. Ear stretching help?
ive changed my diet to very healthy over the last few days..but all of a sudden my skin has become very oily?
Acne help, really need help !?
Can anyone reccomend a good gradual tanning moisturiser?
Do shaped plugs have to be smaller than your actual gauge size?
How can i make body glitter for my 7 year old daughter without using aloe vera gel?
Do I have a nice butt? if not please help! (pics)?
I got my belly button pierced and i can feel the barbell with my fingers when i touch it?
Infected cartilage piercing?
A Bra Question for Both sexes?
what piercings can i get that are not seen very often?
do u stop growing after you get your period?
products for face?
where can I buye lime water?
how to restore your original skin color after tanning naturally?
I need a REALLY good sunscreen because..?
how to get rid of razor burn for down there...?
will i get in trouble if i go to school with my lip pierced?
Black spot around my nose stud?
Ways to remove or cover up freckles without surgery?
what do teenage girls think of big boobs?
Bay Area detox body wrap spas ? I''ve heard that with one treatment you can lose 5-10 inches?
Clinique 3 step users?
How long will it take for my belly piercing to close?
A funny photo album. Need all the suggestions I can get?
This is weird...?
clear your face?
Industrial piercing in right eat?
Is waxing worth it?
how do you make celulite go away those bumps on your stomach my friend and me are expirementing?
are you supposed to wear spf under your clothes in the winter?
Zits! Gr8 grad pics in 3 days HELP!!?
*****, penis, wat ever you wanna call it.?
What do you think of these female body measurements?
I just got my nose pierced?
How can i ask my mom if i can shave my legs?
How to get thinner? .s!?
Do I have big lips or full lips? whats even the difference?
Laser Hair Removal Question: Plucking is not ok at all between sessions?
wut should i do about my nose piercing???
Will i be flat chested forever?
I just got my first brazillian wax done what essential oil to use?
Acne Acne Acne Help!?
This is for anyone who has their lip pierced.?
lemme rephrase :D?
What do you have to have to get your cartilage pierced at claires?
Why are so many people so ugly but seem to think they are beautiful?
How do I get rid of my dermal scar on cartliage?
Does Vaseline applied to EYELASHES work?
How do i make my broad shoulders look smaller? please read detail?
my boyfriend wants me 2 shave my private but i dont noe how 2 do it exactly. can some1 tell me how?
i want a smoother and soft face any tips please?
Cleavage Piercing ..?
Guys using lipbalm? Opinions?
I have razor bumps on my legs?
If you get a nose piercing?
please help!!! plz plz plz?
whats ur favorite perfume?
Question about male rhinoplasty?!?
Kids call me ugly at school?
Getting my nose pierced-would like some advice from people with experience?
How do I flip down my septum piercing?
Am I underweight or too skinny ? ( Pictures included)?
My underarms sweat a lot, does anyone know a cure?
if i drink alot of water will my skin get clearer?
i have pimples on my face so please suggests some tips?
Good scrub for eczema,oily skin,anyone?
*PICTURES INCLUDED* What would facial piercing would look nice on me?
what is the best age for a young girl to get her nose pierced which i am 12?
ProActive kiosks?
Piercings I want?
im trying to pierce my nose and the needle wont break the last bit of skin?
What the difference on skin products? Toner? Emulsion? Essence? Cream? Sleeping packs? Refiners? Serum?
In what order and when do I use these skincare products?
i just put on hair removal cream and now my skin is really red. i have used this same cream before...?