Is my nose piercing infected? ?
what can i do to prevent razor burns, bumps anywhere?
How To Remove Dried In Dirt ?!! Please Help?
breaking out!?
Is it bad to like piercings?
tongue piercing question?
Cosmetic surgery is becoming more and more commonplace.Do you think this is a good or a bad thing?
whats the best way to get rid of acne
Lip-ring? Should I?
Is it normal for EVERYONE to look at my boobs?
When will the swelling go down from my Monroe piercing?
I need to put on weight - how can I do this?
I've always wondered what body type I am!?
Accutane has made face red all the time... When will redness go away?
What is a good cleansing milk?
When someone gets a facial chemical peel, do the pores disappear entirely? Do they lazer the pores shut?
blondes, which guys are least attractive?
How to make your body more curvy?
Where you're from, do people look down on you tanning?
-MEN- Which Body Type do you like better????
Is it creepy for a girl to have....?
Girl with acne, but she didn't want to wear makeup? Opinions?
is there a product or remedy to get rid of ingrown hairs?
What piercing hurts the least?
What do I clean my nose piercing with?
Smoking with new tongue piercing ?
Red Rash around MY NOSE!!!! HELPP!!!?
getttin rid of dead/yellow skin on my palms?
Is it had to put lightly scented body lotion on my face?
Belly Button Piercing?
Little bumps on my cheek?
How do you get a natural tan?
Where did this wrinkle come from?
Sunless Tanning For Someone With Tanned Skin?
Is there are good place to have body waxing done near Minneapolis, MN?
Question for people with Neutrogena Wave Sonic 2-Speed Spinning Power-Cleanser.?
Does anyone know if the perfume by the celebrity Ashanti is still on the market?
I have nasty stretch marks.?
Is my size right or am I to big?
Hood Pierced?
Dimples or just smile lines? Picture in details?
Vitamin E Moisturizer?
How to make your breasts grow?
where To get a clear, flat nose stud in Uk?
Snakebites piercing question?
how to convince my dad to let me get a industrial bar peircing?
is electrolysis safe?
is my nose too big for my face?
does anyone know of anything that can COMPLETELY conceal a birthmark (much like a freckle but much larger)?
how can i stop facial whitening?
what is the fastest way to lose weight. thank you?
pimples.... how can i make them go away!!?
Dealing with super dry skin?
i have my cartage pierced on the left and my bangs go to the right, what side should i get my nose pierced?
how to lose 15 pounds in a month?
SPF-30 help........??
Am I chubby? *picture*?
Taking out infected piercing?
Should i go to a salon and get my armpits waxed?
I'm looking for a good day spa in Riverside, CA to buy a gift certificate from. Any suggestions?
Bath and Body Works Scents? Easy 10 points!?
What can I do to help my extremely dry skin?
What size are your feet?
I really love doing facial massage with facial massager. What are the advantages and disadvantages?
I have a piercing question?
What would life be like without bras or bikinis?
Looking for a pink hand lotion made in the 1950-60's named Dessert Flower or Dessert Rose?
Do I have a big nose?
Does anyone know of an effective way to make your skin pale?
Brisbane piercing shop for teens s?
What body type do I have?
Questions about having your belly button pierced?
Cost of Laser Hair Removal?
what to do if you think your bellybutton is infected from the piercing?
Why do white people want to be dark skinned and dark skinned people want to be white ?.?
How much does Lazer Stretch Mark Removal cost?
What shades does Jergens Natural Glow come in?
What is too thin?
Is it dangerous to go from a very small cup size to a fairly big one through plastic surgery?
How can i be a size zero?
My son needs help with Acne?
**PLEASE HELP!** MEN'S deodorant (uncented) for a WOMAN?
Is this creme really THAT good? Please look?
Belly button piercing?
I have weird-shaped breasts?
what happens with a smiley piercing?
The ball to my belly ring wont come off!?
Is it ok to wash my face with clean and clear in the morning and a nutrogena wave at night or will it dry out ?
Why do I look bad in compact mirrors?
does proactive really work?
need help shaving...down there?
What's my body shape.....?
How do I get rid of my pubic hair??
Other than vaseline, what can I use to get soft lips?
Is it normal for boys to sleep without tops?
What type of toothpaste makes your zits go away?
If I take out my monroe, how long will it take for it to heal?
Carilage piercing infected?
Questions about Nipple Piercing?
Are my breast a good size for my body?
i need help with deodorant?
i have a burn on my eyelid?
Witch Hazel?please-thank you!?
Tanning problems: My skin ALWAYS burns, help!?
Do you think I should model? (as many answers as i can get pleaseee:D)?
how much tanning lotion should i put on before going in the tanning bed?
What are some good products for your face?
what is the best cream for stretch marks?
should i get my nose pierced with a gun or needle?
i have a navel piercing and my parents cant find out?
Where can I find this septum piercing jewelry!!!?
whys it gross to lick ur finger after it been in your belly button?
hi everyone i need some quick answers i need ur help please i need some advice?
Should I she shave her arms!!?
Organic Skin Care for Men?
Is it possible to lose a tan?
How do you get glowing skin?
Guys...What do you think?
What will pro vitamin b5, beta hydroxy and witch hazel do to my skin?
Acne Free Severe system?
does darkening beauty marks look pretty?
how to get bigger boobs at age 11?
is it normal for your...?
4 benefit sex for beauty skin,... did you know?
how can i feel proud of my face ?
My wife went all baggy after childbirth..Is there corrective surgery available on the NHS?
Best sun TAN lotion for fair skin?
wats something natural that can help my acne?
Why do I have wrinkles near my mouth?
im 15 got my ear pierced but my parents dont know help?
Piercing Parlor suggestions?
How to have thinner/smaller lips? (Without Make-up if Possible)?
Does Smooth Away really work?
How do you get rid of stretch marks?
how can someone with naturally tanned skin look orange or yellow?
what's the difference between a plastic and a cosmetic surgeon?
sun damage: how do i fix this?
Im only attracted to white girls. Is this normal ?
Can u get these dark spots off my face and upper back?
If you have your septum pierced can it close?
Under eye sagging but NO puffiness OR dark circles?
do strechmarks come back if I stop puting on bio oil?
Microdermal or Micro punch?
why do guys have hairy backs?
In wintrs i look dark...means skin colour changs bt in sumers its ok?
How much does it hurt to get your belly button pierced?
How do I hide my self harm scars?
Who have used Epila (personal laser hair removal)? Is it work?
Suggestions for Oily Skin?
How to stop touching my face?
Is it a good idea to use cream to get rid of scars while also applying scar removing cream at the same time?
If I got my tongue pierced and it gets infected, can I just take the piercing out for it to heal?
Why are my legs bumpy?
are my booooooobs saggy haha?
Im persian how can I be naturally whiter? Persians are quite white but I've sunbathed a lot in my lifetime?
Scaffolding/ Industrial piercing cleaning?!?
Should I get an eyebrow piercing?
Is this dangerous to do?
Bumps on the back of my tongue!?
@ wat age did u start getting pimples?
should I use sunscreen? I'm trying to get a tan outdoors?
why is my tongue so sore....?
How long should i leave a sugar scrub on my face?
Should i get a belly button piercing?????
Best face wash to help with pimples?
Tounge frenulum/web piercing question?
I forgot to put deodorant on today...and now I am stinky at work. Help!?
guys deodorant for a girl?
BellyButton Piercingg :S?
What to use to clean pierced ears?
Is it normal for your skin to burn/sting after using acne cleanser?
Big boob problems, any help please?
Arousing Ways to Lotion Up Your Girlfriend?
How come popping zits is so bad? It's gross but it gets rid of them, right?
What would cost more a getting my belly pierced or my lip?
Bigger Boobs PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Am i pretty (((pic included)))?
Help is this a mosquito bite or a big *** pimple!!!!?
what color are your toenails right now???!?
How many piercings do you have and where do you have them?
Still tanning while wearing sunblock?
how do u get pimplez or acne to go away????
my lips chapped always?
What should I get pierced?
what would you prefer size 0 or 16+ bird?
How can I make my boobs bigger?
stretch marks?
hey piercing question??????
How do I convince my parents to let me get my tongue pierced?
This is really embarrasing !!!!?
Does it hurt to get your upper ear pierced & is it dangerous?
Retin - A for KIDS???
Has anybody used the TOBI steamer for getting wrinkles out?
How to get rid of black circles under your eyes?
i got a lot of pimples in only one day! i broke out so fast i dont understand why. please help me!?
What is the best self tanner?
is it a complement to be told u r older than u really r!?
Hairy upper thighs (on a girl!)?!?
I want to get my nose pierced?
which is better for me?
Why am i 13 and still a breast size 34A?
I have 2 nipple piercings one is 6 weeks (right) and one is 4 weeks (left).... is it to early to swim?
does the nose right / nose huggie really work?
Had a baby 3 yrs ago have some loose skin, getting lipo will it make me have more loose skin?
skin help please!?!!
What should i do to prevent razor bumps?
A new look? Feel better? B4 Thanksgiving? Any ideas?
What is the best all over, anti ageing mosturizer for sesitive skin?
Is Bio-Oil worth buying?
What part of your body do you feel insecure about and why?
Does it hurt getting your ears pierced with a gun or a needle?
dose it hurt getting your lip pierced?
Why can't there be an America's 1st Top "Short" Model? That would be so great ...for the NORMAL girls.
What SPF...of sunblock do people of color need?
can you change your nose piercing when you have a bump inside?
Does it hurt to get your lip pierced?
What's wrong with my lips?
glycolic acid based skin care meant to be ITCHY?
I have a red mark below my eye?
Ear piercing help Plzzz?
please help- face problem?
does getting your eears pierced hurt?
Why did I have bad skin?
I pierced my own cartilidge, tragus and lobe yesterday when can i switch the earrings?
I'm an italian guy,18yrs dark hair blue eyes light skin 6'1 tall?
What is the best way to get rid of razor bumps?
Does it hurt to get your ears pierced?
What happens if I don't pop my zits?
Why do guys always go for the sluts?
I am going to Hawaii for springbreak will I get really tan if I tan for like 3 hours a day? like a really?
Any homemade facial masks out there that'll help acne and acne scars?
Should i purchase a epilator.?
How much days of interval should be there in exfoliating , facial oil massage and taking steam?
How do I get pale? ?
I want a body like this!?
Wht does it feel like getting your ears pierced?
Skin help! With skin that gets oily as the day progresses, how many times a day should I was my face?
GIRLS: Do you find guys with pierced ears attractive ?
Bra Size????
Will my new tongue piercing close...?
i pierced my belly button ?
i've heard if you put plain white toothpaste on a facial blemish it'll go away, but is it true?
What face moisturiser do you use?
Would it be bad to get both my industrial bar and septum pierced at the same time?
How long does it take for belly button piercings to heal?
why do women like the brazilian wax?
Is 14 a good age to get a second piercing?
how can i get rid of my acne.?
Where can get Eumora at best price?
Which would you rather have- a piercing or a tattoo?
i want my lip pierced?
How can I convince my mum?
Would God mind if I got a lip piercing, or should I get fake ones?
a red face full of zits?
Help on Ear Stretching?!?!?
biore, acnefree, serious skin care, or any other?
how much does this kind of nose job cost?
How long does it take for a tan to go away?
Serious question about ear piercing?
Do you think i should get my eyebrow pierced?
just got my belly button pierced....any tips?
tanning question?
How to get rid of acne scares?
How can I get incredibly soft hands?
Tips To Help Me Smile More?
Starting accutane, when should i start it?
when i go tanning....?
What is the best skin care brand?
I Seriously Need Help With My Pimple!?
Is this the same witch hazel but different packaging?
Bad Habits and You?
How to get larger breasts without surgery or pills?
How do i get rid of blackheads?
How long does lotion scent last?
Nose ring without piercing?
I have a job interview tomorrow and i have snake bites and my nose pierced?
Do girls like an average man like me, 5'10 foot, 6iches willy and average looks/nice face, normal slim body?
If you put proaciv on a pemple are you suppose to get chicken pocks?
Swimm checklist?..,(:?
Small Breasts?
Does anyone have any tips on how to get a tan for someone with very fair skin?
PROACTIV ...yay or nai ?
septum piercing question?!?
how can i find my bra size at home?
best way to remove unwanted hair???
Belly button piercing questions?
Can I Advance My Tan By Using This?
how long before my Monroe piercing heals up(i want to get it redone)?
does proactive solution work?
Acne Medication affecting my skin tone?
Why do white people try to get a tan?
I'm stretching my ears, how would I do this?
What can i do to remove pimples from my face , make it smooth & shiny ? What i need to do ?
Is this a home remedie for zits??
Women - how do you get a close shave?
how do you get rid of acne that you've had for 8 years?
teenage years
Do I have a nice body?
Does rubbing milk and lemon juice on your face makes it get a ligther/whiter complexion??
do i look over 15, wanna see a movie?
Why Is This Hygiene Miss-hap Happening To Me?
Do you have to bathe in Baking soda to get rid of body odor and How?
Would you squeeze your bf/gf's zits?
Got my lip pierced and my Grandmother threw a fit. Opinions?
good skin lightening cream or lotion?
How remove parentheses or laugh lines around the face ?!?
I want to stretch my ears? (Gauges)?
What can I put on my face to make it look clear? Brown skin!?
Chemical peels?
Belly button piercing pain?
Could I use an ugg brush for a body or skin brush?
Nose ring without piercing?
What can I use instead of shaving cream when I want to shave my legs?
When I was 17 I started realizing that on the side of my eyes were a little darker than my skin on my face?
What piercing should I get?
i have a skin problem, please answer!?
Help please, My navel piercing is growing out?
best way to remove body hair?
In your opinion, who is a ugly woman?
How do i get a hoop into my nose piercing?
My nose piercing is sore, what can I do to take the pain off?
To get a nice tan...if the lotion...has a lower number the darker? Or the other way around?
Lip Peircing?
After a nose job, how long will I need before it looks mostly normal again?
Help!! PiMpLeS!!!!!!GIRLS?
how do i lose marks on my legs?
Belly button piercing bubble?
I have a tan asian skin but I want pastel pink hair help on whitening skin?
Would you think badly of someone if they had there belly button pierced at 14?
Can You Use Bananas For Deodorant?
What is skin bleaching?
Home to make my butt LOOK bigger?
Is it safe to use Veet on a c-section scar?
What is my body shape?
is it weird to shave arms?
What's the best exfoliator?
Does washing hands alot cause your hands to get real dried up and have cuts?
What would you consider long legs to be?
How do i get a hoop into my nose piercing?
how do i lighten the color of my lips?
How can I get rid of them?
Do bodybuilder type guys tend to be controlling?
Is Hawaiian Tropic Golden Tanning Oil (Spf 6) any good?
how do I hide the marks from cutting myself?
What is getting your ears gauged?
Can u help me?
How to make homemade face mask?
Have I got an okay figure?
How big can ears be gauged before they won't close up?
What is the best way to prevent zits?
Does It Hurt Gettin The Top Of Yuur Ear Pierced? If It Phucking Hurt, Let Me Know Lol?
how can I make my boobs bigger?
im 13 and ive had acne since i was 9 and proactive did not work for me how can i make it go away?
Whats Scruffing lotion for?
I am Brown skin and i have these black marks on my face from tryin to get rid of black heads etc?
whats the easiest way get excess wax and left over stickiness (from wax strips) off your skin?
would i look good with a nose piercing?? [picsssss]?
can suction fake tongue rings go on the bottom of your tongue?
This is a really embarrassing Question, please no stupid answers?
Does anyone know how to get rid of dark circles under the eyes?
the QUICKEST way to lose weight?
i burned my arm, how long will the burn mark be there?
What piercing should i get?
How do I get legs like Minka Kelly?
How long are your legs in relation with your height?
what r these things on my face??
Why do my eyes do this? (read details)?
What is the best product i can get to get rid of ance.?
Would I look good with a lip piercing?
do i have a big nose ?
I'm too tall please awnser fast!?
spots spots spots and more spots.... i will choose best answer :)?
A question for women with smelly feet.?
what is one of those, buffing.. exfoliating smooth leg things :L ?
stretching my ear, help!!!?
I think my cartilage piercing is infected?
Do girls like short boys?
I am trying to apply kojiglo gel under my eyes...will this gel be helpful for me to remove the dark circles?
how can i build my self esteem and confidence and feel like no ones starring at me because of my scars?
♥Where can I find a facial mask?
Proactive Didnt work for me?
do i need to lose weight?? be honest.?
Should I date this guy??
My ears are very upset with me, and I can't figure out why?
QUICK! need to get rid of pimple scar!?
Some feet care help?
Can anyone recommend a sunscreen eye-cream? Normal suntan lotion makes my eyes water and my mascara run!?
I got gauges 3 days ago and my right one is more sore than my left my left really isn't sore but my right one?
how do you get rid of hairy legs ?
Is it normal to wax my body every Two weeks ?
What 's the best hand lotion for dry skin?
is anyone else paranoid about 'down below'?
Snake bites on your stomach?
How does a skinny teen get rid of stretch marks?
Horizontal Lip Piercing...professional piercers..?
how do i get rid of razor bumps in my pubic area fast without buying any creams?
Monroe piercing question?
HELP! Pimple 3 Days Before Prom!?
how should i go about piercing my own belly button?
What are these piercings called? (*pic included*)?
You Cant get pregant if your bellybutton is pierced?
culd someone please help me :( ?
How bad does getting gauges done professionally hury?
Can I change my belly ring now?
Are these wrinkles or is this normal for an 18 y/o? (Pic included)?
How much is a nose piercing?
Should i get my cartilage pierced?
I wanna loose belly fat and get a slightly bigger thigh gap?
Does ProActive REALLY work?
Tongue Piercing Question, How easy is it to pierce the needle through?
cute girly ear piercing?
How to keep legs always smooth?
When can i use tea tree oil on my helix piercing?
How do you reduce redness on your face?
10 points to the best answer .. ?
What is your favorite skin care tip?
Do you think this will get rid of acne?
Hey does anyone know if there is a boob cream that star uses to lift they breast?
How come god gave men a wiener and a brain but only enough blood to power one at a time?
What do u use girls? u prefer a......?
White spots on every one of my nails?
What should I get for a piercing?
can a guy wax?
Should I go back on the pill?
How can you shave down there for it to be nice and smooth ?
Acne! Help!?
How do i heal and cover-up a scab from a pimple?
help me please very dry skin!?
How much do you think i weigh?
Lip Piercing:Hurt?
Does Nair really work?
Can you undo circumcision?
Why are my nails so terrible?
dry skin on my cheek?
is it alright to use the same bath towel more than once after bathing?
Which tannig lotion looks the best on a guy?
What cause your skin color to change colors after a tan?
Do you think you're fat?
Do T-Shirt Bras Make Your Breasts Look Smaller?
Do micro-dermal wrist piercings hurt? What can the pain be compared to?
My size is 34A. is there any way i can increase my cupsize. i feel embarrsd. please help me?
Someone please please please help me ?
As a guy was I rejected because of my looks/hair color?
Do you moisturize your skin with cocoa butter?
is 5'6'' considered tall for a girl?
Tragus piercing info?
My heels
Skin Problems?
im getng lots of pimples im not even a teenager. i need help and advice ! will proactive work!plz help! thanks
Does extra vigin olive oil mixed with baking soda get rid of freckles if you leave it on for 30 min.?
Why its it better to take a shower in the morning?
I have purple bags under my eyes?
how to clean bellybutton piercing?
how can i make my breasts look smaller?
The First impressions?
how much for the bikini hair removal?
should men shave their legs?
How long do acne scars go away?
How to get rid of razor bumps? Never had them til now....Its on my face ;-/?
What do you use to whiten your teeth?
Do you think I should get snake bites?
does toothpaste really get rid of spots?
Do the majority of people look more attractive with tanned skin?
should I get my tongue Periced?
What's a good age to get a tongue piercing?
help mee pleasee!?
at what age can you get any piercing you want without parental consent?
I have very dark skin i need to know some working remedies.?
Which pericing do you think hurts the most and take the longest to heal?
how do you remove thick pubic hair without getting ingrown hairs or irritated skin?
dark meat consumption question?
what should i do differently to my skin in the morning and night?
whats the different between innie and outie navel ?
How do I know if my cartilage piercing is infected?
senstive skin?
spray/lotions/perfumes that carry that strong clean shower sent through out the day?
How to remove or get rid of acne?
what is the most lasting deodorant in india in low price?
Best deodorant to stop sweat!?
Bruising super easily?
How do i remove the pigmentation from the body?any homemade remedies?
Do you think I'm too skinny?
How can you make/prevent acne from appearing, I tried using murad , clearasil but seems like nothin works?
what facial piercing would look good on me??
I have oily skin and acne. I have open pores too. Please suggest me what product i can use to improve fairness?
Help How to get a reddish skin face?
Very thin eyelashes..How can I make them thicker without mascara?
Is spray tan better or a tanning bed?
Does it really work on my face with giavonie?
Help with cartilage piercing?
Is it that when ure tooo stressed ur periods mite get delayed?
how do i convince my mom to let me get my lip pierced?
Sudocrem/toothpaste, do they really get rid of spots?
How do i get rid of pimples FAST?
I pierced my friends ear with a hole punch, how to fix it?
Should I pierce my lip?
Tell me and I will give you 10 points?
How do I pierce my own tongue at home?
Do Girls Care ??????
Wht deodorant should I use?
What gauge is a conch piercing pierced at?
A question about Jacqueline Kennedy and Cold Cream?
How to get cheek dimples?
how can i get rid of this?
i have a very oily T-zone.plz help?
What bar is used for the scoop tongue piercing?
does lip piercing suppose to be tight or lose, how should they feel , i just got my done today?
how to develop my breast?
does neutrogena's skinid ship to hawaii?
What can i do to cure my acne?
eye surgery?
what can i use to clear scars?
I'm a guy with dark lines under my eyes (not dark "bags" from lack of sleep) What can I, or should I do
Whats the NAME of the peson you like? 10 POINTS!?
Shaving my legs?!!?!?!?!?!?!?
Skin paler that won't hurt or harm my skin?
Does the tongue piercing hurt?
Has anyone tried the Loreal acne kit?Would you recommend it? Thanks!?
Top of the ear pierced..?
chapped lips?
How painful is the rook piercing? i'm getting mine done next wednesday.?
Whats a good face moisturizer?
Why does my face get kinda greasy under my eyes/ by my nose so much?
Has anyone used RPF Ultrasonic machines?
clear face.?
Why does my outter skin lips look kinda greyish?
Tongue Frenulum (Web) Piercing?
Do you wash your face before you apply sunscreen?
Will adding Olive Oil to my moisturizer with Spf make a oil based moisturizer to protect my skin from the?
What to do about a swollen lip after a Monroe piercing?
Bath & Body works ! Victoria's secret etc. ?
Septum and tongue piercing question?
Bump on the inside of my cheek infected?
Does my belly button ring look like it's rejecting?
infected ears after gauging, HELP!?
What bra size do you think I'd be?
Should I finally get a nose job -- or not? Need outside opinions...?
which liquor has more alcohol in it??
Tongue Piercing?
whats the best homemade face mask stuff?
whats the best way and fastest to get acne to clear up all the way if you have really oily skin?
Is bumps on the nose a sighn of puberty?
im am peircin my bellybutton, do i use a needle or safety pin, and how long do i leave it n til i put a ring n
What is the right kind of medication to treat acne problems?
Why did my hickey get bigger and darker and eventually turn into red dry skin after I put Tiger Balm on it?
What body type out of these 3 do you like?
what are these/ are the normal?
Would a monroe piercing suit me?
troubles with my nose pierced?
I HATE PIMPLES!!! How Do I Get Rid of Them!!?
What are some trusted skin care products?
how to get rid of pimples after waxing?
Diana Stalder products help?
Questions about tongue frenulum (web) piercing?
how di i know if i have FAIR skinn or OLIVE skinn?
im tired of using wrong acne products wat shud i use?
what is one of those, buffing.. exfoliating smooth leg things :L ?
Does any1 know any recipies for easy facials that are safe to use every day?
Help! Acne and dryness problems!?
names ofproducts that make your skin fair?
Designer skin vs Australian gold?
Help me please!!! alergic reaction?!?
Dark circles at 16????
would you use kitty litter as a facial mask?
does almond oil and lemon juice help stretch marks go away?
I stretched my ear to an 8mm and it's very painful?
tanning beds or the sun?
How to make your face look less round and chubby?
How do I lose these dark spots that looks like freckles on my legs. They are so embarrasing. Helppp!!!!?
What places can you get you bellybutton pierced In Dublin without a parent?
am i too young ??
I got acne problems, any secret remedies or advice? (:?
What can I do to keep a nail from flaking underneath as it grows out? I always have to file it short and start
will my monroe piercing close after a year?
What's your favorite face wash?
girls, do any of you always have or get sweaty feet? do you know why it happens?
How much are microdermals?
Why does my face look really skinny sometimes and other times it looks really fat?
Paleness, is it good or bad?
where do we get St. Ives Collagen elastin product in banglore?
I am a teenager and i am battling acne?
wat do u think of my body?
how much does it hurt to get your lip pierced?
Nose piercing Jewelry?
Can you get your monroe pierced with a little stud diamond?
wich looks better with a cartilage peircing ?
Navel piercing help..?
i dont tan quickly at all and i dont burn often?
Whiteheads near eyes?
how do you get rid of pimples???
How long does it take for a bellybutton piercing to heal?
Do I Have a ear blowout?
best women's deodorant?
Blackhead remover machines?
getting rid of age spots / sun damage?
Help I accidentally bleached my nipples?
Industrial peircing...HELP?
help mee pleasee!?
Big nose gives me confidence?
how do i apply dermablend to my stretch marks on my thighs ?
I need a Pimple and Black Head remedies?
which is better, a nice face and not-so nice body, or a great body and not-so-pretty face?
is there anything wrong or bad about a 15 yr old getting a belly piercing?
I have started getting a really bad shaving rash when doing my lady garden?
Should i get my tongue pierced.?
Why am I still breaking out even though I wash my face 2x a day?!?
Would I suit an eyebrow piercing?
monroe and...??
will a spray tan make my pimples less visible?
how can i keep my face oil free?
How do you effectively remove a blackhead? I bought these Ponds Pore Strips, and they're complete crap.?
do you perfer skinny girls or cubby ones?
How can i smell good all day?
Why do white girls go tanning?
How do i remove sweat bumps on the neck? Painlessly preferrably. :P?
Whats a Good Zit-Zapper?
Should i shave my arms??????
I seem to be dark spots on my face. Also my face does not seem to have a one shade complexion.?
will i burn my hair if i straight them a lot?
If I shave the hairs on my arms what are the consequences?
How much will a industrial piercing cost?
Girls, if your EX shrunk down to 2-inches tall and you captured him in a jar, what would you SAY and DO to him?
How much does a reverse prince albert hurt?
Is there any makeup to cover up blushing on one's neck?
Removing belly button piercing?
legal piercings?
remedy for smelly Vjj?
a good facial cleanser for a face that gets zits easily ?
Premature sagging around my mouth..what can I do?
what is your favourite eye colour and why?
Information on piercing the ear in the cartilage?
why is my second toe way smaller than my big toe?
Ok so I want snake bites but I was wondering how big of holes would be left from a 18 or 20 gage piercing?
How often should i use clearasil rapid action pads?
How can I make my breasts bigger or at least LOOK bigger?
ideas for hideable piercings?
How would a lip piercing look on me?
Should I get my belly button pierced if my mum forbids it?
What do you do when you get sunburnt?
Remedy for severe dry, chapped hands??
If you shrink, they will to?
is there a way to get rid of wrinkles?im only 24 but ive got 2 around my mouth since a laugh a lot. ?
Would i suit a bottom centre lip piercing, or even i side....????
What should I do, I didn't wash my face last night!?
does ur nose really never stop growing?
Nipple piercing is being such a pain! Help?
I have hairy legs help?
Does 'mederma' or 'no marks' cream work better for dark spots left from pimples?
I am going TANNING for the first time. . HELP PLEASE ?
When do U know when ur cartilage piercing is healed?
How to make lips smaller naturally or with makeup plz. Not surgery?
which one of these stretch mark creams work the best?
How do i clean my infected belly button piercing without seeking medical assisstant?
What was it like getting your belly button pierced?
Do you think i intimidate guys or am i just not their type?
Time for Bikinis....but I am Afraid!?
Stretch marks and cellulite :'(?
i'm 15 and I have stretch marks and cellulite, is this normal?
Instead of sunscreen?
Girls, do u shave down there?
If u go to doctors about ur body they dont have to look do they ?
a girls question not really a guyss.?
I'm really embarrassed to ask this question, but...?
A horrible facial...?
Can I get my nose re-pierced?
I'm turning 13 and I want to know how to get my boobs to get bigger. I wear a size 38 from victoria secret.?
Am i too fat for a belly peircing?
Lip Piercing Help? D:?
I need my legs to be SUPER smooth?
Do you think my lips are?
I need to place i free add I sell corsetes to burn fat how I do it?
Acne help!! Need good acne wash!?
On a scale of 1-10, how badly does it hurt to get your belly button pierced?
When did women start shaving/waxing their legs?
The best deoterant?
if u thought of a 5 8" person how old would u think she would be???
GUYS-would you date this girl?
I have alot of acne and pimples?
What do you think of her face and body?
How long should I take Metathione whitening pills to make my complexion lighter?
When should i wash my face?
Cartilidge or tripper piercing?
Has this happend to you (((lip piercing)))?
Cyst on face: I use the hot washcloth method but it was getting BIGGER! how can I make it go down?
Big dark ring under my right eye?
My nipples show through my dress? i have a very light undershirt and i can't wear a bra yet? help?
LADIES ONLY PLEASE (personal problems!)?
Questions about inner cinch piercing?
piercing experts (or doctors): the famous piercing "bump"?
Leg Help Plz!!!!?
What can I do for dry skin?
Body lotion as a face moisturizer..?
How can I get rid of acne fast & completely.?
How to reduce sweating at parties?
Can I burn a star on my body?
getting your ears pierced??!!!!???????!!!!!!!!!?
How do you care for an infected ear piercing?
Stretching didn't hurt at all... Can I try a bigger size?
how deal with facial hair??? Pls help guys?
will i get a tan from using sunbeds?
I can't tan...please help
:| todays horrible!?
belly pierceing hot or not?
Brownish spots on face?
proportions of creme hair bleach to use for sally hansen extra strength creme hair bleach?
How to get rid of acne?
Does Proactiv actually work?
Yeah I have Dark Circles under my eyes. How do I get rid of?
how i can fatten? (with good style of body)?
Body Acne Products....?
any tips and advice to keep my face clear for next week friday?
Best place to get a pedicure in Tacoma Wa?
Is anybody scared that if using many products on ur face will damage ur skin in future?
Does anyone know what Lush product this is?
fade cream urgent?
How to get silicone stretcher in ear?
what is exfoliating?
girls only!?
does this expire?
I'm 14, Mum won't let me shave my legs. I swim 3 times a week and I'm embarrassed. How can I persuade her?
Dose anybody know any great spa's to go to before prom night for a great facial.?
tanned skin or skin burn !!?
Snake Bite Help. Please Help me!?
How can I tan in a tanning bed without fading my tattoo?
Skin care problem! Please help!?
Can anyone help me find this earring?!?
Breast Implants???
what's your favorite part of the body?
How can I hide some of my freckles?
is warm/hot water bad for your face?
If i never laugh or frown or smile or cry, etc..will my face remain youthful longer, without wrinkles?
what is the best why of getting rid of spots?
does nose piercings hurt?
Do i get my cartlidge pierced?
its true mederma can rid acne scar or deep scar?
I have oily face! and I have alot of pimples, and acne marks...pls help?
what works really good for sudden breakouts.?
Pimples on breasts..?
will i get rid of my tan?
i have a burn mark on my face, how do i get it so heal soon?
How can I stay up all night but not look tired the next day?
Does Haemorrhoid cream really help hide eye bags?
get tan quick?
I need help with asking my mom something.?
what the idea weight for a person thats 5'4? whats to small ?
if u have ever used proactiv...?
Significant shaving problem...please help!?
Newly pierced ears? Help!?
Can piercing needles get dull inside the package?
help...simple question.....even put i dont know for points...?
when will the swelling on my tongue web piercing go down?
Girls ONLY!!!!!!!!!?
How do i get rid of red kool-aid stains on my hands?!?
Is it weird that i have an outie belly button?
how well does face steaming work to get rid of acne?
ways to get rid of scars?
Small boobs at a swimming party?
eyebrow piercing ? ?
Do you think I am to skinny? (PICS)?
Garnier Fructis eye roller?
what shall I use to cover up freckles?
Is it strange to have a navel fetish?
How long will it take for my self harm marks to fade?
Embarrasing as it is I have an unusual spot on the end of my nose, i'm worried, any ideas on what it is?
Guys, do you use lotion? Or do you think it's gay.... Honest answers please?
i have small boobs! i get teased for it at school, how can i feel more confident?
Just pierced my tongue BY MYSELF, how do I clean it?
When does Middle Age officially start?
how do you take off the earrings you first get from claires? pulling and screwing dont seem to work...?
I would like to know how men (aged 20 - 30) prefer bikini areas on a women?
where can i get my nose pierced with the gun in orange park?
Home Made Facials?
What colour eye do you think this is?
Does the Cetaphil Daily Cleanser or Lotion help to exfoliate skin?
What can rid your skin of a yellow cast.?
What do you think of beauty marks?
Where can I get Cetaphil cleanser in Singapore?
how is jergans self tanner?
I used tighen up while I am pregnant and im so tight how can i get this stuff out of me its shrink cream?
Do you pop pimples for your significant other?
My 16 year old wants her nose and belly pierced?
i have dry skin around my nose peircing, do i leave it or do i scrub it off?
Stretching my ears? i need help?
What will tanning do for a popped pimple?
No showers! How do i still feel pretty camping?
i want your opinion users only!!!?
will my eyebrow piercings close up and snakebites?
Bleaching body hair then going tanning?
How to reduce the swelling of my spots in nine hours?
Help!! Tongue Frenelum Peircing (Web Piercing)?
does the no!no! hair removal system actually work?
I just asked about tanning beds & a waist, well what kind of good Tan Lotion....?
what do you think about a girl having sex at the age 14?
Where all the tall girls at?
How to get rid of that "shadow" after shaving bikini area?
help with infected gauged ear, PLEASE?
How are my proportions?
Dark elbows?!?
what is my mom's best and worst feature? her on left?
can i use aloe vera under eye gel from fabindia at night ?
Piercing Apprenticeships in Australia?
Do You Think A Monroe Piercing Would Look goOd On Me?!?!?
how much do you think she weighs?
new belly bar? help??
How do you close pores?
I have a little hairy lip problem - Help :]?
How do you get rid of Stretch Marks?
Brazilian Wax?
Whitish light yellow coming out of lip ring.?
Are you more ticklish under your arms, or the bottom of your feet?
stronger nails + clearer skin, please help? :) x?
I need help convincing my parents?
I have dark skin but my skin is very dull looking how to get it brighter?
what natural cures are there for spots on yur face?
I recently got into shaving with shaving soap, shaving mug and a shaving brush....?
How can you get a healthy tan?
Apart from packaging and smell, what's the real chemical difference between men & women's moisturisers?
What's a good face wash?
Wierd Hairy Leggs.. What is this?
What are some good home remedies for acne?
Is it possible to hide a nose piercing?
What is the best pimple medication you can use? and how fast are they gone?
how do i make my nose looker smaller?
Tanning bed question!?
what is the purpose of a rubber ducky??
Can i get my nose pierced with a temporary license?
plzzzz i need to know!!!!!!!!FAST?
I usually never get pimples but when i do it takes forever for them to go away any tips?
How To Clean A Belly Button Piercing In The Shower?
how to pierce our own tongue without a needle?
How can I remove dry skin from my feet?
How to take care of your skin blog?
How I do get rid of these bumps on my skin?
What should I do? I have dry skin near my breast area.?
***♥peircing or tatto?♥***?
I am Having Grade 8 Grad Pics done on the 15th,?
anyone can answer just girls preferably?
How bad does getting your nose pierced hurt?
mosquito bites?
Is Tanning Gay for a boy ?
Why I'm almost flat chested?!?
Payment for a boob job?
how should i get a good tan?
What are these bumps on my nose and how do i get rid of them?
Help please! Body Piercing/Tattoo shops in Concord/Charlotte NC?
Face Problems Help Please!?
Zeno Acne System?
how do i get hips like shakira and beyonce, nice and round with out stuffing my face?
Tell me the beauty tips u SWEAR BY?
how can i stop peeling???
am i really that skinny?
why do i have such a strange body shape? pictures included...?
How long before my belly button piercing closes?
What Neutrogena product is good?
i am as ugly as the troll under the bbridge... hw do i solve this?
Shaved, trimmed, waxed or natural?
If i never laugh or frown or smile or cry, etc..will my face remain youthful longer, without wrinkles?
How chubby would you say I am?
Best/cheapest place to get waxed in SF and how long does the smoothness last?
About how many guys do you think are in this section just to here girls talk about there bodies??
Sternum piercings, yay cleavage!?
How to get tanner w/o getting my freckles back?
sunless tanner????
What' the difference between a nice butt and a fat butt?
ear stretching 8g - 6g - your experience?
which body measurements do you think are hotter?
What kind of plastic surgery do these women need? Rhinoplasty, facial reconstruction..etc?
What can i do to improve on my looks?
What will protect my damaged nails?
Lay Down Tanning Bed Weight Limits!!?
Best advice to reduce facial skin wrinkles at age 40+++ ?
am i an attractive weight???
Can i streach my ears with the brand bazic tape? if not what can i use?.s!?
HOW LIKELY is a well known company to consider an idea from a consumer?
My nipple piercing is torn; now what?
Indoor Tanning Lotion help: Which Tingle lotion is the best?
Lip piercing compared to belly button?
Is it true that you can get acid in your skin from drinking sodas?
How tall are you?? ?
How can I get tan with a price rang of 50.00?
moiserizer for face...?
Electric razor/shaver or normal razor blades?
How do u get rid of SPOTS ?!?!?!?!?!?!?
Piercings and jobs?
How can i improve my skin?
do you like your body? please answer i need one hundred replies. yes, no or both will do or you can elaborate?
Can I use the Biotene mouthspray for lip piercing?
Every time I wash my face it gets oily again right after?
where can i buy amira magic cream in the uk?
OK ladies help a sister out....what age is a good age to start applying an anti-wrinkle creams?
Which do you prefer: belly button or nose piercing?
nose piercing? picture! s?
Is there any side effect in facial treatment?
i always get little red bumps on my armpits?
Where should I get pierced?
why is my ball going into my tongue piercing making it spread?
Is 32-28-33.5 boyshaped?
I got my septum pierced two weeks ago and it's still kinda red and swollen, is it bad?
any products that will lighten my skin?
Have you tried sunless tanning products or bronzers from Victoria's Secret?
How to be shorter? Please read description?
help with piercing ideas :]?
What to do to get rid of blackheads?
Im flat chested! Help?
Best eye cream for puffy eyes?
What sense do you think is the most important?
small boobs?
Facial treatment?
I have light-medium skin with light freckles across my cheeks and nose, what lip products...?
clean and clear cleanser went in my nose.?
Orthognathic Surgery, chin augmentation needed ?
what happens if you forget to clean your lip piercing , and you put it on?
Is my septum piercing to low?
where can I find a decently priced (60 dollars or less?) salon that gives brazilian waxes?
Best self tanner?????
my friend needs a good way to...?
how do u get rid of spots?
i don't know what my face is....can anyone help?
Dried up blood around my belly button piercing?
How do I get sliky smooth feet?
Questions about the Neutrogena Wave?
black people....?
Short term tanning question...?
help! pimples!?
Big skin problem please help me?
what do u think???
how do i get this body?
Does olay complete for oily combination skin work?
how would you know if Dr. James Glutathione is fake?
need a name for homemade facial scrub business?
boob help....?
I want to get my cartilage pierced, please give me some pros and/cons about it!?
Flawless Armpits?
LIP piercing !!!!! ?
navel/belly button piercing problem?
Do you think she should get nose surgery?
How do I get toner arms?
what makes a lady pregnant?
Is there fake tan which actually produce melanin?
Can you be a model (any kind) when your 5foot 4"? Details below?
Would I look good with a nose piercing? (pics)?
Which moisturizers do you suggest that are NON comedogenic?
a name of one mousse or creme for genital and parinital zones?
Big pimple above my lip.?
how do you reduce the look of bags under my eyes?
which one would look better a snakebite or one off to the side lip piercing?
Does getting your belly button pierced hurt?
should i get my tounge pierced?
my skin turned white from bleach.?
sweating under arm pits?
Greasy Lips!!!?
How can you reduce the redness in eyes, or them being bloodshot?
Weird red botches?
how can i get better skin?
what to put in my monroe?
Why is it when i shave my legs?
Has anyone tried the new Loreal wrinkle decrease eye cream?
Does Dove Energy Glow sunless tanner body lotion work? Does it turn you orange?
skin spots?
Anything that helps minimise scars?
How do you feel about body piercing?
How long after u get you cartilage pierced can u go swimming and is it in one ear or two? ps im a girl?
whats a good Facial cleanser?
So this bump I have on my cartilage piercing and I "popped it"?
why do stars suddenly appear every time you are near?
why are celebrities skins perfect?
Any ways to get pale naturally?
Can i do modeling if i have acne?
Does waxing ruin your skin?
Is natural sea salt okay for my navel piercing?
which bra size is bigger 34A or 34AA? is there any big diffrence?
are my lips unattractive? with pics?
Just pierced my own lip?
How to get a tan in 2 weeks?
whats best for acne?
Is there anyway that you can reshape your nose NATURALLY?
getting my belly pierced?
Shaved my nipple off. Need answer fast.?
I look young for my age. Any ideas that will make me look older?
should i shave my arms?