how do i make my lips supa soft?
I feel like no man would like my body as it is?
Is it normal for boys to sleep without tops?
Homemade self tanner?
whats the mystery gift from hydroxitone?
HELP!!!! Acne cream to put on after washing face....?
Hey I don't know you, and this is crazy, but I have a question, so answer it maybe?
family reunion in 5 weeks, enough time to get light tan? how much will it cost for 2, 8 min sessions a week?
FACE FUN......ideas???
is there ayway to get a boobjob under 18?
I am getting my belly pierced on tuesday ...?
How do I get tan?
how do i get my normal skin back?
acne!!! how can I get rid of it over night?10 POINTS!!!!!?
Girls only, do i have a good body?
Can You Get Your Lip Numbed When Getting It Pierced By A Pro And Does It Hurt?
If I got my eyebrow pierced today would it be inflamed when I go out tonight?
How can I hide my hoop nose ring?
Do guys like wide hips on girls?
can bead of nose ring get stuck in cartilage?
Is it OK to feel a little nauseous and nervous when changing earrings at first?
my face is oily and shiny!?
wich is better! frm bath and body works! Japanese cherry blossom or Moonlight path! (need to know quick)?
Does Teen Spirit deodorant test on animals?
basic exfoliation?
does dermatix helps lighten old face scars?
Is there an easy way of putting in 2g double flared plugs?
What products do you recommend/should I use on my face?
Unsure about Piercing consent?
Heavy winter lotion for my face?
do i have a nice body?
What piercing should i get?
do you think i should get my belly button pierced,,.. im 13?
8g tapers fit, plugs don't. Ear stretching help?
I really want laser surgery for dark circles under eyes?
Can you make your boobs grow faster?
Should I get my belly button pierced?
what are those dark spots at the armpits?
wanna have glowing skin and complexion to be improved?
Should me and my girlfriend go tanning on the beach?
What are the capital resources used in Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift?
What's an epilator like?
My nose ring fell out last night when I was sleeping.?
Whenever I change my piercing?
can you get a lip piercing at 15 with parent permission in Australia?? :D?
is it ok to have so much hair on your body...?
What is thee BEST way to get rid of those nasty little black heads on your nose?
How do I get rid of the dry skin around my new nose piercing?
Ear piercing Jewelry...?
(disgusting but...) I itched my belly button in thethe shower today and..?
Where can I find a Nipple Barbell that is long enough to go thru both nipples?
how to make boobs look smaller?
Does getting your belly button pierced hurt?
should i get my belly button peirced?
Shaving for girls?
i am so itchy all the time?
(GIRLS ONLY ) pleaase?
is it true that putting cocoa butter on your breasts increases growth?
Is 22 too old for a nose piercing?
What to do with dark area around nose stud?
scared to get cartilage piercing??...>.< it sore to get done?
skin problems! help!?
dark marks on my underarm?
can someone give me some information about having liposuction on the buttocks area?
does potato juice really help to remove tan?
what age is the best to get ears pierced?
How to get rid of a cold sore ASAP?
Whats a good natural way to get rid of wrinkles?
Is My Nose Piercing Rejecting?
Tounge piercing and diary food?
i am 30 yrs of age.i m fair but don't have that what should i do to have glowing skin?
Help with my tragus piercing?:(?
How well does mederma scar cream work?
An amazing workout? Okay body to awesome?
how to remove a bioplast belly button rings?
What shape is my face?
What color and size is your nipple?
i am only 11 and i have to........?
does claire's do industrial peircing?
How can i pop a ......?
Should I get cheekbone implants? PICS?
i started having acne..?
does nivea cellulite cream work ?
Why do white people try to get a tan?
Does any part of your body makes you feel unhappy or look ugly?
i want to get my nipples pierced?
how to get rid of dark eye circles?
Questions about inner conch piercing.?
What is wrong with my pores?! Please HELP ME!?
What do you think...?
Threading upper lip? Opinions and advice?
I have a lot of blackeads on my face. What products work the best?
How to help oily skin?
Do piercings take away from femininity?
whats a good facail mask recipe?
Need natural remedy for wrinkles and one for smooth skin.?
How to make your underarms lighter?
i hate my skin it will not clear up!?
Does it hurt to have your tragus pierced?
Nose or belly button ring?
What is an average cost of BOTOX injections for the forehead.?
I just got my belly button pierced last night and i regret it?
Why are my hands so wrinkly?
palmer cocoa butter formula?
Industrial Piercing help!?
Excessive swelling after taking out recently-done monroe piercing? Is this normal?
Lancome is launching a new product for the body, what would you expect?
Getting a tan without burning?
My mom has a mustache!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Tongue piercing question?
Does Anybody Know How I Can Get Rid Of This Red Stuff On My Face? PICS!?
what is the difference between non aerosol insect repellent and aerosol insect repellent?
How to clear my skin up before school?
drool stain on my face ?
spots scarring after being scratched off?
I over-exfoliated??? Now have this slice of thing across my right cheek?
how can i get paler naturally????
Does clinique even better eyes dark circle corrector work?
my belly bar won't unscrew :( please help!!!?
how do you make your eyelashes long?
Tips for chaped lips?
Really skinny, or great curves?
How can I remove eye bags?
Why does my boyfriend get lint in his belly button?
i got white creases under my arm from tanning?
Changing a new lip piercing from a 14g to a 16g?
Belly Piercing headled in 2 months?
Cartilage piercing advice.?
How can I make my dimples more noticeable?
carttilage peircing ahhh....?
i keep getting random red spots?
What color is this skin type?
if i get my nose pierced, will there be a visible hole after its healed, when i need to take it out?
PLZ answer Hair Q?
black uv labret piercing?
Does Getting Your Ears Pierced Hurt?
Im wanting to shave my but dnt kno how?
This is a question for the people who have clear skin?
Which face wash is best. quick 10 points?
is getting my ears pierced gonna hurt?
Does it hurt to get your ears pierced?
What should be the measurements and weight for a 13 year old 5'4 model?
Belly button piercing ?
Does toothpaste help acne? And what are some other remedies for clearing acne?
Why aren't pregnant women allowed to use Differin (acne treatment)?
Shiny legs without lotion?
I want to pierce my nose. HELP!?
How can I get this pimple away by tomorrow?!?!?
I am a girl in my teens my lips are dark,is there any home made remedy to have good clear lips without lipstic
Is there any type of self tanning lotion that evens skin tone, isn't harsh chemical wise, isn't orange?
tanning newb help??
My nipples are showing when I put on my swimsuit??!!?
Septum piercing questions..?
i have shaving scars around my bikini area...?
Big hips questions!?!?
I'm getting my belly button pierced tomorrow?
Would I look right with an eyebrow piercing?
Ear lobe piercing.... Pain?!?!?
Does epiduo really work?
Is cucumber juice a good face toner?
Cheap massages in san diego?
I got i really bad sun burn and now my face is peeling wat can i do to make it go away faster?
I have some questions about piercing...? s!!?
Help !!!!! Sexuall Problems?
I have dark, thick hairs on my legs. What should I do?
Is getting a piercing at 21 two steps back?
Am i gonna still growing tall?
I have tiny little bumps on my face..?
I want my belly button pierced but i am afraid my belly button will be to tiny for the clamp, is that possible?
help!! im sick of my scars!!?
Does "Clindasol" work?
Nipple piercing infection?
Little bumps on my knees with hair?
is a nose job a plastic surgery?
Where to buy Triangle Plugs?
Does ocean water make sunless tanner come off faster?
Cuticle Softener/ Remover?
Does it hurt when you get your ears pierced?
Birth control pills treating acne?
which piercing hurts more, nose or belly?
If I take a loratab before getting a Brazillian Wax... will this help ease the pain?
Will tingle bronzers give you a nice color w/out tanning?
Help on getting a piercing?
what is a good place to get my belly button pierced around Algonquin, Illinois?
Can I skip a 8g gauge and go to a 6g?
How to care for a new tongue piercing? Tips for fast healing?
how do you get rid of a hicky?
fragrance face moisturizer???
Which candy would you pick a wrapped one or a another with flies all over?
Tea Tree Oil for skin??
Breast implants- Cosmetic or Plastic Surgeon PERTH?
Whats a good lotion for dry ed heals? I am talking seriously deep "Grand Canyon"
Holy crap, am I too thin?
will i have big boobs?
I want a kiss, but i have zits!!!?
What is the best way to remove hair from legs?
when your skin peels from a sunburn are u supposed to peel it???
Do you think my legs are too big? (pictures)?
What can i do if i have a zit on my nose that wont go away and has been there for over 6 months?
How do you know when a peircing has healed?
I got a Monroe piercing is it infected?
can I ask the ladies something?
breaking out?
What is your skin color?
Does Mederma remove acne scars?
Which doctor does the best eyelid surgery for asians?
I shave & red bumps appear on my underarms. Its not the soap because I use hypoallergenic. Can I prevent it?
How do i get rid of dry skin on my face?
When do stretch marks get too bad?
whats more possible to be allergic to... surgical steel or titanium body piercing rings?
is it gay to have the right side of your bottom lip pierced?
Wht could I do to whiten my teeth?
Can acne facial wash help with blackheads?
What parts of your body can you pierce with a piercing gun?
Help me with my self tanning lotion?
Do YOU tan (tanning bed, sun, self-tan, etc.)? Why or why not?
I hate my freckles. Ugh?
Can I Start tanning at age 15?
best moisturizing lotion for *normal* skin?
Skin problem help???
what will happen if i put a 18g in a 14g piercing? ?
facial expressions? ideas please help.?
what are the best acne treatments?
on a scale of 1-10 how sore is it getting your belly button pierced?
How to get tan quick but naturally?
Nose piercing and kissing?
How to get unchaped lips?
Should i Get Snakebites or a single lip piercing?
how do women get rid of hair on the back?
how effective has loreal microdermabrasion been?whats are the results?
Navel/belly piercing?
Too dark !?!?!? Need a guy and a girls opinion?
How to lighten the nipple colour? Anyone share the solution...?
Sweaty scalp even in the cold?
Eyebrow ring : cute or tacky?
How do i get rid of sun exposure naturally?
my hands look really bad help me with pics?
Thinking about getting my belly button piericed?!?
tips to keep my face acne free?
Conch piercing??????
If we all become size zero, then we can ALL look like skeletons!?
Can i use a regular earring in my Tragus?
Can u help me?(prolly a gurl question tho!)?
How do you reduce redness on your face?
How to get rid of my back zit scars and zits? back acne? backne?
What are the risks of getting an infection or scar from a lip ring?
If i use MAXIPEEL, how long will the PEELING last?
Does Victoria's Secrets have an aired fashion show every year?
Will my nipple piercing close up?
Breaking out now? Is this normal?
boobs? girls and guys?
Embarrisng problem with dooing number two's..?
how do i get rid of an exremely oily oily face? I have tried everything!?
have you ever farted in your classroom before was it emmbarising?
what to put on before going into a tanning booth?
do i need to lose any weight picture?
I wonder....?
How do you clean hardened food off a tongue web piercing?
I have sooooooooooooo many spots on my forehead! How to get rid of them?
how do i remove the bumps on my thighs...?
stretch marks and cellulite?
How to treat an infected belly button piercing?
New belly button piercing, is this normal?
What size bra should i be?
Helix piercing changing?
do epilators hurt like #@%$?
any one have success with skin lighteners....?
myyy button pierced! :]?
Is it OK to feel a little nauseous and nervous when changing earrings at first?
Is the glue on the last piece of toilet paper safe to swipe across your lovelies? And what about...?
what are the wrinkles that form at the corner of your eyes commonly known as ?
can vaseline get rid of under eyecircles?
Am I underweight/normal/overweight?
can ur legs go smooth without shaving them?
Does the nivea cellulite patches work?
is it true that if you get bleach on your skin it could damage it or leave an irritation?
Question with my Belly Peircing please?
I have uneven breasts?
Why do my arm have little bumps on them?
Is it normal for my cartilage piercing to bleed?
How old do you think I am?
I'm only 13 and i'm a 36 D!! All my friend have small breast, is there anyway to make them look smaller? >.<?
Which looks better. skinny or fattt?
clear lip ring retainer?
Forward cartalige piercing cleaning?
Does anyone know where to buy the Slimturbovital??? Please help?
which piercing? im scared?
Bump on nose piercing wont go away!?
Pimple on my!?
is there a way to get rid of freakles?
does anyone think unshaved underarms on guys is gross?
How can I lighten my tan?
Pills that came with MaxClarity?
why do i feel like crying because of my size???
how can i convince my mom to let me get my ears pierced?
has anyone used victoria secret products?
Am I 'unusual' or 'different' looking?
Ear piercing won't heal properly!?
nose piercing :) ok so i am 15 and i am getting a nose piercing?
Does Stress Cause Acne???
Does Proactive really work?
If you had to choose and jobs etc. weren't a factor,& you could only take 1 bath or shower/day . ..?
What does hipster mean?
Buying underwear at a garage sale?
Hanging skin under my inner top lip eeeewwww?
Need Help With Zits and Blackheads?
how do you clean shaving razors?
Acne Help!?
how to get rid of acne?
Does warm weather play a role in pimples?
My daughter is using acne wash without pimples?
any women tried plucking their down under, what was ur experience?
Any ideas of how to get rid of redness/rash on back of upper arms?
Anyone have a good sugestion for getting rid of acne?
Should I get a cartilage or another lobe piercing?
i have a darkened area around my mouth...?
Stretched ear inflamed?
How do you feel about overweight women getting full body massages?
How to get rid of under eye circles?
Itchy legs?
how to make appointment at spa?
Belly Button Piercing??
if you had the choice would you have plastic surgery if yes what would You have done?
Perspiration question???? HELP?
How can I get rid of those scars from poppin` my pimples?
Wtf please help me with my acne?
Dark Circles under my eyes?
Does this piercing make me look trashy?
What is the difference between aveeno's POSITIVELY AGELESS and POSITIVELY RADIANT?
My face has progressively been getting worse and worse breakouts...what is most effective in clearing it up?
sweat much?
Any under-aged CLEAN piercing places near painesville or mentor, Ohio?
Whats a really good facial/body wash?
how bad does it hurt to get your nipples pierced?
what kind of man should i date when i'am 21?
Girls only? (growing up)?
Will Jergens Natural Face Glow lotion make my face break out?
What Should I Do To Get Rid Of Acne?
What Is The Sexiest Facial Piercing On A Girl?
What is WRONG with my LIPS? HELP!?
Do I have a good body?
stretch marks
what is your favourite body piercing?
Does a solution of warm water and vinegar help clear a rash on the face.?
How to tan really white skin?
How to use suntan lotion in combination with moisturizer?
Why do you go to the washroom ?
how to get rid of pimples?
tanning bed question?
how much pain does nipple piercing cause?
Should I shave my thighs? (Weird question)?
How did she make them so flawless without shaving?
10Points Can my 18 year old brother take me to get a piercing?
I've got a really hairy stomach!!?
how can i get a piercing without parental consent?
is this WIERD!?
How to make my swollen lip go down?
toung pircing a good idea?
reviews- loreal sublime glow?
i can't stand it any longer help!!!?
Does Vegetable Oil cause acne?
I left my moisturizer open all day?
Do you think i pretty? if not... what's wrong or what can i change?
where to buy likas papaya soap in the torrance or losangeles area?
why is it guys like boobs so much?
10 points !!!!!! what color are my eyes ?
What is......?
How can i prevent sunmarks from wearing sunglasses?
My head is kinda big in proportion to my body?
Best way to get rid of a pimple?
Has anyone ever went through Medpath Group to have plastic surgery?
Have you ever heard of people shaving their whole face?
I have thick lips and i think they make me look ugly. T_T Is there anything I can do about it except surgery?
Can i take my nose ring out for netball? Ive had it done for 5 days?
(women) Rate my picture 1-10? :)?
how to effectively minimize large pores?
does coco butter really get rid of stretch marks?
I waxed one arm then shaved the other....will i have any problems?
i want a nose job and im 15 i turn 16 in 2 months..( pics)?
My sister is TWELVE and has forehead wrinkles?!?
omg im so nerves getting belly pierced!!! advice:)?
What's better to tan with and safer against UV rays? Sunscreen or Sunblock?
Does getting your ears pierced hurt?
Ahhhhh! Acne!?
I need suggestions on girl stuff......?
What is a good face medication that works like Differin?
tanning bed question?
How to get rid of this kind of pimple?
how old must you be to get an eyebrow piercing?
How much does it cost for breast enlargement?
Where should l have Botox and Fillers in phuket?
belly peircing, does it hurt? ?
How can I hide my belly?
My mom said she will let me get my belly pierced and im only 13, should i or should i wait?
What is the best remedy to use for exzema on children?
My new girlfriend doesn't all...?
MY hip bones are huge, and im skinny, is there surgery to make them smaller?
Will doing Pilates after getting my belly button pierced make it migrate/reject?
how to get rid of double chin?
How long does it take?
I'm planning on getting a clitoris piercing tom...would like advice from others that have it?
Home Made Body Scrubs?
clean and clear?? wat should I do?
Whats the difference between sun tan oil and lotion?
Wud u prefer to have a?
can i measure my body with a construction tape measure ?
is it normal to be this hairy?
adult acne ! please help im so depressed?
Gauged ears bleeding ?
too much b-ball in the sun...?
What are the concerns with using a tanning bed?
What is the BEST anti-perspirent? I sweat alot :(?
Acne Help {serious answer only]?
Mystic tan?
my knees hurt?
Ear-piercing, is it scary?
Your opinion on cheek piercing?
Everyone says my body sucks - are they right?
Do you know anyone who has violet eyes?
how can i get facial hair?
What is the best spot treatment you can buy?
do one direction like black girls?
Darkass circles HELP !?
Are these acne scars or pimples?
if i stretch my ear to 8g/6g , and i decide to take them out, would my ear hole go back to it's regular size?
how do i get rid of these dot/bump like things on my but?
What's the easiest way to git rid of acne??!? :D?
13 want belly button pierced for 14th bday, mum wont let me HELP!?
Putting moisturizer with 30 SPF on when its rainy weather no sun everday?
do you think its okay for a 13 year old to get a nose piercing?
can I go to a theme park with a newly pierced cartilage hoop (top of ear)?
Is there any precautions i should take with my nape piercing?
how do i get rid of stretch marks
OK i have this huge red dot in between my eyebrows!?!?!?!?
hey do u guys know any good lotions or perfumes?
is this healthy weight for a male?
What shape do you think I am?
I have no cleavage at all?
Need to know about the ZONE DIET?
The pros and cons of getting your septum pierced?
why is my face so flakey even though I moisturize and exfoliate?
What do i do about bumps on my face and back?
bikini waxing?
Himalaya herbal products.....have you tried the skin care and toiletries ?
If you have mild acne scars are you disfigured forever and they only fade? if you went for laser?
Do you think bellybutton piercings are slutty?
Neutrogena Advanced Solutions.............?
would i look better with a vertical labret, a regular one, or should i just not get the labret..?
how do i make my boobs look bigger?
what is the best sunblock lotion to use? im in the philippines?
What is the best way to rid yourself of acne?
I'm 14 and I wanna get a nose piercing...?
Concha nacar de perlop?
I have a lump on my neck that is about 4cm across what could it be and how do i get rid of it?
Does Proactive really work?
Should i get a tounge piercing? ♥?
my cousin was wondering how to get a perfectly round butt.idk is nuts?
How to remove latent dirt pores?
How much of a chance is there?
How to get rid of bags under my eyes?
does cold weather make your skin paler?
cakey make up?
Weird lip piercing placement? Or just me?
how can i get rid of an angry spot about to rupture help please wedding on Friday?
I've been using palmers cocoa butter formula for 4 days...?
Any home remedies for getting rid of black heads?
Do you like short or long nails better?
Can Someone please help me Stop Biting My nails!?
I've Tried Everything.?
How old do you think I am?
Does proactiv actually work?
At age 13 could i get a monroe piercing?
Ageing process ??
i had gone through scar revision surgery 1 month ago, after 20 day's of surgery on 1 place of face,?
how do you get hickeys?
Dark Big Bags Under My Eyes
Is Artistry really one of the top 5 cosmetic brands in the world?
Sun protection question?
Gauged ears?
I have had my nose pierced, help with after-care please...?
i need advice?
where should i get a piercing?i am a guy?
Help!! I REALLY want to get rid of dark bags under my eyes!! Please Help!?
Belly Piercing?!?!?!?
(kinda embarassing! Girls only please) ?
how old do u have to be to get a tongue piercing in melborune?
this guy said this to me what does it mean?
my boyfriend wants me 2 shave my private but i dont noe how 2 do it exactly. can some1 tell me how?
Piercing Parlor suggestions?
Oily skin wat to do ? Should i use vlcc oilfree mositurizer spf 20?
I wanna get my lips pierced and howe can I tell if im allergic to any metals without having a fatal accident?
guys only please, what makes a girl look hot or at least cute so i get a date for my school dance???
Somebody help me with a shaving problem?!?
Does it really work Kollagen Intensiv?
How to get clear skin ? Please Help !!?
females.. do you shave before or after you take shower..?
Clogged pores on nose cheek and under lip?
Snug first or Conch and your experience?
how would u rate yourselfs in looks?
Help me with my down feather pillows.?
Question About Vitamin E?
using clean and clear morning burst twice a day?
Do Sally Hansen facial hair waxing products work?
How can I get rid of the dark circles under my eyes?
Is there a piercing school in Victoria, British Columbia.?
Blackheads? Really bad nose-skin?
Nude suntanning???
how do you get rid of black bags under eyes (dont say sleep please)?
does it hurt having your belly button pierced?
ear piercing at claires??
how do i get fair complection?
how do i get rid of acne?
i need to tone my body and face..?
Would it be possible to hide my feet during my holiday?
Why don't local Pharmacy have Biore strips?
Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin from Bath & Body Works?
Why is being african american so hard?
how to get this body?
Does Veet remove ingrown hairs?
Shaving down there...?
Can I get my ears pierced?
How much longer should I wait before sizing up my stretched ears?
Is my belly button piercing infected!!!!?
Im pale but want to be tan. I don wana go to a tanning salon, and right now its winter, how do i get tan?
how to make your face more attractive ?
Anti-Eyebrow Piercing Removed. Healing Help?
bump under my nose!!?
I just shaved down there?
Year 12 Formal + Armpit sweat HELP?
I am piercing my own cartilage. what precautions should i take?
How can I get more tan?
What Qs to ask for Laser Hair Removal Consultation?
Would you date him?.... pic inside?
How do you remove the attachement head from the Neutrogena wave?
does anybody knows any guy who uses olay total effects?
anyone with a tongue piercing?
why don't people like red heads?
what are these please help me?
Should i get my ears pierced?
anyone know someone who does eyebrow threading near youngstown ohio?
can i stretch my ears from a 12 gauge to a 8 gauge?
Baby Lotion on face? Is it bad?
is NAIR good product for shaving?
Can I take out my tongue piercing?
Is the use/eating of cranberries beneficial to your skin?
Godiva skin care?
Why do the underarms of white shirts turn yellow after time?
i have no pimples but i am dark i want 2 become naturally fare?
Am I the only female who has this embarrassing problem?
Can i change my face shape ?
Success with "Zoom" Tooth Whitening?
i sewed my lips shut HELP!?
what's the best way the stop biting your nails?
boys i need ur opinion & girls too me !!?
Lip piercing?
DIY Facials!?
is it safe to use whitening capsules for skin at the age of 14-15?
Which hurts more lip piercing or eyebrow piercing?
Is there any homemade mixtures of facial masks that will help to have clean, pimple less, radiant skin?
How do i get bigger hips?
My Cuticle grows over my nail?
I have a problem!?
how long does it take for a deep cleaning astringent to work?
i got a piercing ever though my mom told me not to?
Is Noxema a good,effective product?
is iT?....?
I have recently had a Brazilian Bikini Wax and was wondering what the best after care is?
Why do guys think skinny girls are better???
How to make your boobs smaller/look smaller without surgery?
Proactive users?
HELP!!! lines on forehead (ONLY 13)?
How do I figure out what size nipple piercings to get?
Should I get a brazillian wax?
Which kind of girl has the most desirable body to men (PICS)?
Is it okay to go up a gauge size?:O?
ughh hellp me out here !!?
how can i get rid of my spots?
my face is really ugly my eyes are like far apart but i have barely have and like zits and stuff help me!?
What's your opinion on this body type?
should i leave lemon juice on my face overnight?
Lip Piercings?! Questions and concerns about them! Opinions?
How can I permanently dry up oils on my face?
Is Fair & Lovely harmful?
Snake eyes piercing infected!! What should i do?
Why do people want to be sooo tanned, when pale skin looks younger?
Do you put Clearasil Vanishing Acne Treatment Cream on your whole face?
i put toothpaste on my face and left it over night as i heard it reduced pimples now my skin is burnt help?
do they sell a complete range of Neutrogena in Switzerland?
I just got my ears pierced like 2 days ago and planning to get plugs.. what size plug should i start off with?
facial expressions?
Should I get my lip pierced?
i have tried to do alot but it doesnt work . i want big breast . like 36 cups or something.?
Stretch marks on teenagers? Doctor's advice?
What piercing should i get ? pics includes .?
Cartilage piercing aftercare help?
tell me opinion about face cream from Avon.I'm 23years old,normal skin?
how to get rid of a zit fast!!!!?
belly button piercing?
this is really embarrassing so girls only pleaseee. helpp!?
how badly does a belly button piercing hurt?
People keep saying this girl is really ugly and what's her best look?
I think black eyes (bruises) are hot, HELP?
What do you think of my ear piercings?
What should i do to convince my parents to let me get my lip pierced?
Belly Button Peircings?
help. i have dry ashy skin.?
How should I clean my earrings before changing them?
what is the best way to keep my breasts firm naturally?
is extra virgin olive good for your face and skin?
Could being in front of the computer too much mess up your skin?
Which would be more effective for me? Electrolysis, or Laser hair removal? [Male]?
How to get my teeth whiter?
My nose stud doesn't seem to fit?
Nose piercing question?
what do i do???
how old do you think you should be to have it pierced?
How often are you supposed to wash your face daily?
How can I lose weight really fast, in like 2 days?
How long does it hurt if you get your lip pierced?
I'm 15 and my boobs are miniature?
How do I get rid of dark spots from my glasses?
what can i do with my big breasts?
When looking for a GOOD moisturizer, what ingrediants should I look for in the cream and avoid???
Which one has a better body?
Anyone with peircing/Monroe experiance, please help?
How can i get rid of my pimples without using proActiv or any of those other products?
I want to get a nose piercing but my mom won't let me. What should I do?
Acne caused by hormones?
What's the average cost of a trip to the dermatologist?
GIRLS do u actually like the smell of axe body spray?
how to get even skin tone?
Lip and tongue ring, too much?
what is contained in Glyceryl stearate?
Facial Scaring!!! Please help!?
eyebrow piercing infected...?
I'd be cute... if I got implants?!!?
Super EASY 10 points (just curious)?
so i hate my body!!!tips to improve it please:)?
will this help me....i need you help....?
Tounge Piercing Question??
will 18 ml ofbody paint cover my arms and legs? I'm 5"11?
Is there anything that can be done for sagging breasts?
piercing choice?
Skin lightener?
How can I get rid of bags under my eyes?
Any ideas on how 2 get rid of zits & acne on my face & shoulders with sensitive skin?
piercing my own belly ? :S?
What is your opinion on tongue piercings?
Which womans deodorant works the best?
i'm getting a spray tan tomorrow, what do i need to do before hand?
Does anyone know if all Black Henna is dangerous for skin?
will my bellybutton piercing stretch when im older if i get it pierced too young?
Girls: Is the Face better or the Body?
Am I pretty? please don't be afraid to tell the truth?
New, swollen daith piercing?
Veet or Nair????????????
Can you have children if u get your Belly pierced?
Can I use clinique dramatically different moisturizing lotion without using the 3 step method??!?!?
Guys look sèxy with full body waxing done ?
I have fair skin n want to get a tan. Wat tannin lotions should I use if I sit outside n wat kind if i use bed
Clear skin? Please help?
Does it matter if you don't cleanse your face before going to sleep?
split skin on big toe?
what is best nipple piercing?
How bad does a nose piercing hurt?
Any recommended home face masks?
Ticklish Feet???
Laser treatment for the face - is it safe?
do i have too many piercings?
Ugg....I HATE THEM!!!!!?
What brand of face wash would work?
My skin has just broken out the WORST it's even been in the past 2 days! Help!!?
is my Monroe piercing healing normally?
How long after ACCUTANE can you get WAXING?
i just got my ears pireced .. help..
What is the best DIY bikini wax?
I got my double and triple lobes pierced. They are extremely swollen, red, and warm/hot. What can I do to help?
how can i remove the blackheads on my face??
Do I sound "heavily pierced" to you?
Best scar treatment for dark skin???
how do i convince the parents to let me get a lip ring?
What is a home-made face spritzer like you could buy at the store?
is Shaving my arms ok?
what is a Germatoligist?
Where can I get an affordable bikini wax in Dallas, TX?
do anybody know of any pills for body odor?
wats wrong with my skin?
How can I erase some dark spots that I have in my face?
Helix piercing- turning/rotating?
What do you think to the Clinique cleanse tone and moisturisers, are they really worth the $£$£?
My new girlfriend doesn't all...?
Good natural face treatments?
skin peeling treatment help!?
how often should i tan in a tanning bed?
Is my skin bad because I don't drink water?
Anyone can answer this! Please do! What do you think about nose rings?
Stretch Mark Treatment?
how much does a nose peircing hurt?
what face peircing would you get?
are you feeling like i do every morining ?! please read !?
Should I get breast implants?
healing time?
How to feel good about myself?
Is there a such thing as Sex Bumps?
**********Do i have caramel complexion!!!?
Stretch marks
Is this normal I'm a 16 year old boy (who LOVES the girls)....?
What piercing should i get?
What are good skin lightening products you could buy at Walgreens?
When to start stretching ears?
My lip piercing.. will it ever go away?
Does getting a tan fade the appearance of stretchmarks?
I could use some suggestions with my skin...?
How can I get my mother to let me get my ear pierced?
smoothe legs help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Is there anyone out there that had stretch marks but now they are completly gone...with no indentions.........
cartilage piercing question?
Does waxing really work?
i got my belly button pierced unprofessionally and.....?
What's More Attractive? Tan or Fair Skin?
Acne help! Please help me with this?
ive been using neutrogena on the spot?
how can i remove suntan?
where to buy chaqueneau perfume?
How do you get rid of Dull faded skin?
I am a teenager and i am battling acne?
Plz help. my skin under facial hair area is dark.....?
embracing my paleness?
how do i get rid of this MASSIVE pimple??
My smalll saggy boobs?
Where is the skin care products by mene and moy available?
does palmers cocoa butter work good for stretch marks?
Best way to clear face of acne?
really itchy skin? seems to only happen everytime around this season.?
How do you get rid of stretch marks?Is there a quick way to do it?What causes them?
Clindagel vs Perrigo Sodium Sulfacetamide 10% and Sulfur 5% Lotion- Acne?
Girls only please........?
How do you get rid of bad razor burn on your knees?
What's the best way to get rid of spots on your face?
remove hair from legs?
How to make my skin soft?
What do you wear when going to the solarium?
Hair pores on your legs?
my hairline on my head got burnt and now its peeling and looks like dandruff!?
I need tanning help! 10 points to best answer!?
red lines on both butt cheeks?
why do i keep getting pimples even with a good skincare?
STOP A SCAB? anyone? ? ?? ??? ?
My cleanser really works but skin feels tight?
Why are nose hairs thicker than other hairs?
how much should a 5'3ft girl weigh?
OMG My Nose Is Talkin To Me!!?
How can I get good skin?
the best anti perspirant that make your underarm dry all day long.?
Lip Ring???????????????
does toothpaste for spots really work?
I am searching for some body lotion to rub on myself, any ideas?
I REALLY need help with my terrible, self esteem killing skin..?
How do i convince my parents to let me get a belly button piercing?
why do men not get cellulite?
only guys!!!! im thinking about getting my nipples pierced n idk if a guy will find it a turn on?
What is a good skin cleanser/product to treat oily skin (esp. around the nose) and acne (esp. around t-zone)?
how can i get rid of my acne?
Is it safe to remove Port Wine Stains?
how to whiten dark underarms.?
need help on homework. about proactiv solutions.?
Does it hurt to get your nose pierced?
Non-greasy sunblock..?
Hair removal ? Important question!!!?
I cant stand pimples? Help?
Help how long will bruis go!!! Rough guess?
I'm just 15 and my ankles are already rough and dry and very thick. what can i do??? ?
Natural body hair removal?
Do you think these are ok for a 16 year old boy?
Am i fat or curvy? Honestly please...?
How long does it take for proactive to come in the Mail???
Specialist genital piercer in the UK?
what is the best lotion for dry skin?
Do you have an innie or outie bellybutton?
spots if you don't squeeze them where where does the the stuff you would squeeze out go?
What can I do to make my lips noticably softer?
Skin reaction from Threading?
What are some good acne treatments for sensitive skin?
Help with spots ANY advice totally welcome! =]?
Drinking after a lip piercing?
which cream best for pimple marks i tried tea tree but there was no change?
cute girly ear piercing?
what is the best way to get rid of pimples and dark spots?
how do get from a 36B to 34A?
How do I make myself look attractive?
does it hurt getting your belly button pierced?
What size would my piercing be/help?
VERY DRY SKIN - Please give me useful advice for dryness of skin?
which facial piercing should i get? [pic]
Nicole Richie in yellow bikini?
Odd pimple on my nose xD?
boys i need ur opinion & girls too me !!?
Would I look good with snake bites?
I look young for my age. Any ideas that will make me look older?
what can I do to help my skin stay clear?
I want my dad's cheekbones! ;/?
does it matter that my nose is so big?
How much water should you drink a day?
Is my skin too pale pic?
Navel Piercing Questions?
Will soaking your hands in ice or ice water make them softer?
How can you get rid of spots quicklyyyy!?
What do you think about this Natural Acne Treatment?
Can yogurt really do this? Please answer this!!?
My friend has facial hair on her face she's asking me how to get it off but i don't know HELP!?
Does Tea Tree CREAM work on spots?
Will I get tan, the first time I get in a tanning bed?
can you buy neutrogena products at the store or do you have to order them?
How much does a 3-pieces Proactiv Solution cost ?
I want to lighten my skin..what's the best way?
How do I treat this bump by my belly piercing? It bleeds and then it scabs?
navel piercing maybe infected ? help :/?
sunburn...PLEASE PLEASE answer?
HELP!!! Accidently scratched a brand new scab that is NOT ready to come off?
small pimples??
any solution to remove dark circles around eyes?
is my piercing infected? i'll pick a best answer?
hmm.. a way to get clear, fresh skin in 4 days?
PLEASE HELP ME!!! I'm in desperate need!?
What hurts more getting you're nose pierced or you're lip?
how can i learn to love who i am?
Lush cosmetics questions?
2 New piercings i need HELP?
Where in the UK I can buy Vitamin E (tocopherol and tocotrienols)?
What is the best way to get rid of stretch marks?
What do you think is an appropriate age to shave your legs?
May I see your navel? (Female only)?
which is better nair or veet?
i have a very oily nose and forehead it goes through my make up what to do?
Why are dermatologists recommending Neutrogena products if they contain glycerin?
How much does a smiley piercing hurt?
simple yes or no to nipple piercing?
how can i convince my mum to let me get my ear pierced .?
Do you think I`m too young for a belly button piercing? 10 points best answer?
is it true when you lighten skin your eyes also get lighter?
Does ANYTHING work to remove wrinkes around your eye's besides surgery?
My nose is on my face?
how do you get dark circles?
Is this girl pretty or what..?
which piercing hurts more?!?
What's that best way to get rid of black heads?
Would I look good with piercings (your opinion) ?
glowing natural skin ???????
How do I wear a gradual self tanning lotion to bed without getting bed dirty?
I'm planning on getting a clitoris piercing tom...would like advice from others that have it?
ive had my tongue pierced for three days, can i change my barbell?
Should I apply gradual tanner to my tan?
Would my stud piercings on my ear lobes be fully healed off after 6 weeks & 3 days?
Which electric razor brand is better: Braun, or Phillips?
Can you use lotion after using xout?
My navel piercing is not healing and it's been almost past it's time....WHY IS THAT?!?
natures cure for acne?
what type of body do you prefer? PLEASE s!!?
how do you peirce really sensitive ears?
which brand's products are better for fine lines-vichy or H2O?is vichy's serum for fine lines available?
Wanna know some excercises for face liftning n tighting....?
i have been breaking out and had some white heads and need some help?
I went to a party the other night and got a new piercing.?
How to remove dirt effectively from pores and get smaller pores?
Why does tanning oil have SPF in it? Doesn't that defy the purpose of absorbing the sun to get a tan?
was the aveeno continueous radiance self tanner discontinued?
Does anyone know some remedies for pimples/acne?
Do fat people tend to smell worse than normal sized ppl?
What body wash smells good and is the best,gillette hydrator+body wash,old spice live wire,gillette power bead?
piercing suggestions?
I'm fourteen 4' 10'' and I weigh 109 is that OK?
Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin or Dreamy Vanilla Woods?
Lip piercing question? Please helpp :/?
Would I suit a navel piercing?
what is the best way to stretch your ears?
how to get long beautiful hair?
What are some ways to remove hair on upper lip?
ear gauges 28mm teardrops, triangles?
Is it just me or does Clothing Look BETTER on Tan Skin?
Does active charcoal in a body wash purify the skin?
Breaking out on chest...EW!?
anyone ever try that new ZENO acne clearing device?
How many of you have cellulite?
if you stay outside in the sun all day can you go from light skinned to Dark skinned?
I got another pimple, and now it's got a white head. i dont want to pop it. wat should i do?
Need advice & suggestions!?
Very VERY dry skin.Help me,please!?
Has anyone tried Honey mark Anti-Wrinkle Serum ?
How bad does a belly button piercing hurt?
Black soap & shea butter Question. Also Does hydroquinone (sp) work? And if it does how long does it take?
Bacne/Scar removal Cream?
How long til my nail grows back?
New face wash causing dry patches?
okay so, i tan so easy, never ever burn. but i'm pale right now and need a decent tan by friday. suggestions?
How can I undo my belly bar?
I want to get a piercing really bad.?
Around How Much Money Does A Lip Piercing And Clear Retainer Cost?
i am trying 2 buy a good face moisturiser can u suggest one! I have a veery dry skin?
Please help! It hurts so bad :(?
I break out on ...When i sweat?
Should I Get My Nose Pierced?
Self-conscious of outy belly button?
What about my face makes me ugly?
Im 15 and i had a a noticeable blonde mustache but i shaved it and now i regret it, what will happen?
Would a labret, eyebrow and septum piercing look too much on a girl?
i would like a belly button but im allergic to cheap metals?
Do you think a lip percing look's cute?
how can i get rid of pimples?
How do I fix my dry chapped lips?
Poll:Who has used lemon juice on their face?
how can i get rid of spots fast ?
how to get rid of pimples on my forehead?
What essential oils smell good together?
Can 'Oxy face scrub maximum' be used on women?
acne scars ? how do i get rid of them ?
How much does she weigh?
how to get really nice skin?
Should we wear sunscreen even when we 're indoors?
the QUICKEST way to lose weight?
how old do you have to be to get your nose pierced in oregon?
foot with STOCKING?
Which cleanser is the best?
What are your results after using St. Tropez Tinted Self-Tanning Lotion?
Do fat people tend to smell worse than normal sized ppl?
how to get rid of spots on back?
What is your favorite perfume?
what is the best thing to do to get clearer skin in a week?
How can I get rid of my pubic/armpit hair easily??
How painful is a Belly Button/Naval Piercing?
What skin product is in this commercial? Clean and clear?
What exactly is a porecleanser?
i have a tiny circle of sorisis on my knee. i hear nothin will get rid of it but there must be sutin know-?
Nivea or Jergens?
do you like circumised guys or not?
Do people honestly think that tanned skin is more attractive?
Girls : do you love or hate your boobs?
Piercing Ideas?
proactive? yes or no?
skin tone strange?
What is my face shape?
i'm considering to get a cartilage piercing bt heard tt if pierce wrongly would cause blindness.issit true?
i am 23. male .how to get rid of dark spots in face?
i need a real way to get rid of my stretch marks?
Getting my nose pierced what side?
What is the best sunless tanner out there?
If you get your nails done and painted often, will it hurt/damage your nails?
How much does a nose job cost?
Ok so last week my cat scratched me 5 times on my wrist and i have scars there do u no of anything that helps?
What's the best acne pill out there?
Why is my girlfriend's butt getting smaller? It use to be too big and I could grasp it, not anymore.?
One of my newly pierced ears are swollen?
What Condition Do I HAVE????
Why do so many women shave or wax to look like pre-pubescent girls ?
The "perfect" breasts?
Is there a Gilly Hicks store in Michigan?
How do you get rid of chicken pox scars/holes?
Does the Nivea My Silhouette really work ?!?
what is the piercing which goes from in your mouth(under the tounge) through to under the chin?
where is the best place in glasgow to get a spray tan?
How can I get rid of my eye bags?
Is Yaz making me breakout?
My skin is dry all the time even I put quality lotions everyday. What should I do to make it smooth?
Need a tan before June 28...?
my face is chubby...............?
Is the labret bar in my snake bite supposed to point toward the floor?
How to remove black marks in our face?
HONESTLY, girls would you date me?
Septum piercing sea salt spray aftercare help?
HELP, I have a hot date in two days and my neck has zits.?
Are stretched ears on girls uglyy?
need to get rid of a pimple really fast!!?
I want to get my nose peirced...but mom says no.?
Lip piercing or snake bite??
how do i know if olay is original?
HELP! I just ate a lot of chocolate and don't want my SKIN to BREAKOUT!?
The best moisturizer for Dry skin .?
how can i get rid of stretch marks?
would i look good with a monroe piercing?
Does Dickinson Witch Hazel astringent for skin work?
girls, whats the preferance on breast size. in a non sexual way?
Skin Redness In my arms and face?