What is the best tanning lotion?
Shaved eyebrow dare went wrong?
Tanning for a beginner?
What razor should i buy!?
I have a lot of discoloration PLZ HELP!!?
what size gauges are these?
what hurts more to get pierced; belly button or nose.?
My skin under my eyebrows is burnt from waxing?
Does it hurt?
Does waxing help ingrown hairs?
Thigh Epilation Poll?
I have a tattoo and its the common dark blue color...i want to touch it up please help!?
whats the fastest way to help or get rid or a sunburn?
body silhouette/shape?
how do you get rid of acne?
Why isn't this product working on my acne?
Dry skin problem (face)?
does almond oil and lemon juice help stretch marks go away?
Should a 21 year old use anti wrinkle/firming creams?
What can I do for my black circles under the eye?
How to take care of your eyes?
My mother has a hairy face :S?
What can I do to make my lips bigger?
Convincing the parents for a belly button piercing?
Do I need to have tattoos and piercings to attract a girl with tattoos and piercings?
My oily face!? What acne wash should i use?
Do I have "really nice eyes"?
will it hurt to get my ears pierced again?
light-brown little circles on my stomach?
What do you wish you knew before taking Accutane?
how do i balance my skin on my face?
how do i get my jawline more defined?
Do I look okay (girls only)?
How to tell parents i want nose surgery?
Is It Possible To Re-Pierce ...... ?
how do i regrow hairs over a scar?
to have an even skin tone?
Cartilage Piercing Question !?!?!?!?!??!?!?
Why is tanning so unhealthy for you?
Laser hair-removal and spray tan questions?
I am looking for an all natural solution for my bad skin.?
can i get transparent gloves for my face .?
Belly button piercing?
i am 13.. i see when others start shaving they get black pathes below nose .. i got it too .. how to remove it?
Why do I have this uneven skin tone?
do you like tall skinny light skinned guys or short fat and stubby ones?
Question specifically for girls?
Weird question.....POLL :))))))?
Do I Look Fat(Pictures)?
Why does everyone have their lip pierced?
what do you call the kinds of breast? the one that is somehow pointed, not the common onres..?
Should I get it pierced?
I Can't Shower...?
, i need a poo, what do i do?
what is that space on a mans body from the hip to the package called?
what you think of clean and clear?
does anyone know what to do for an allergic reaction to face wash & what to do to grow a part of an eyebrow...?
y haven't my breast grown since the age of 13 I'm now 20?
Is 13 too young to get your belly button pierced?
Hi.I am new member.Could you haelp me to find treatment for blackhead?Please?
too young for a bellyring??
Plastic surgery to remove 3rd nipple - yes or no?
What gauge should I buy piercing needles ?
REALLY HAIRY ARMS!!! please help?
How to take care of toe nails?
pimples pimples and can stop them?
How do you get rid of dark purple lines under your eyes?
Does anyone here have a tongue piercing?
Proactiv makes my face red and dry?
What is the best woman's deoterant that does NOT leave white anywhere??help?
How to deal with Acne?
Best self tanners??
How do u apply olive oil on ur face??
My tongue ring is irritating me!?
Would you undergo breast augmentation if you lost your naturally big breasts?
how much do cartilage ear piercings hurt?
how do you keep your skin healthy!
Would I look good with piercings (your opinion) ?
What deodorant do you use?
I have this smell coming fom my ears were they are pierced .?
How to get rid of dark areas ?
Which is better, Tea tree oil or Jojoba Oil for acne prone face?
where can i buy the eucerin redness relief lotion, NOT online? thank you!!?
How old do I look? (Pic)?
Do girls like tall guys?
Hormonal Acne Tips Please?
how do i get rid of scars from cuts quick?!!?!!?!!?
Do thongs give you a yeast infection?
Hey ladies, how do YOU get the best shave on your legs?
Do I have chubby cheeks?
Do women sometimes dance naked for their friends who are guys?
how do i get rid of spots without using treatments?
What store provides the Mary Kay Blemish Control Toner 3 over the counter?
Can't clear blackheads?
Is there a link between bad skin and spots and eating chocolate excessively?
How do I hide my peircing from my parents!!!?
Does the hair, nails, and skin vitamins that you find in your local drug store realy work?
I just got my ears peirced today, when can i put in my 16 quage fake tapers?.?
can strawberries really get rid of freckles?
How to get rid of that dull and uneven skin on my face and hands?
should i lose more weight?
pros & cons of body art?
Please i need a way of making my lips pink but not that i will start looking for materials.i need fast actions?
does skin stay clear after going off minocycline?
Scab comming off on face to early?
why do men have red lips ?
:( dry shaved my legs with a new razor ....?
What can I do about my chin crease?
whats the best fake tanning body lotion around?
What's the most attractive physical feature you find in a man?
How can I comfortably get rid of all my pubic hair?
Any tips or advice: Want my bottom lip piercing back but work won't allow it?
Men choose!!!! Skinny or curved?
Ear Stretching questions?
Has anyone read Eat Your Way to Lighter Skin by Thienna Ho?
How can i make my skin whiter & smooth??? and my lips short & Attractive?
Better aftercare for ear lobe piercing?
down..there? lol?
How to remove a lots of pimples on may face...plz suggest me?
Why Does Everyone Hate On Skinny People??
Should my navel piercing be red?
Ugly bump next to nose ring?
What is the best do it your self labia soft wax out there?
How to get my dad to let me have my belly button peirced?
white/clear flesh under my nails?
i have pimple marks on my cheeks .....suggest some natural way to clear them?
How do you get rid of the bags onderneath your eyes in the morning!?
changing an eyebrow piercing within a week of getting it done?
pleaaaase help me with my skin! i actually wanna cry!?
lines on forhead.. major HELP!!!?
♥How to give myself a facial at home?
dose a 6mm strech ear go back to normal...cuz my mom is worry thinkin it would stay like this?
Home lip piercing bad idea?
I get these hard little whitish lumps on my face?
Supre Tansium Tanning Lotion??
I really need help..?
Plz help 3 huge zits on the day before prom!?
Basic questions of a 13 year old girl (routines and stuff)?
Am I a fat teenager! FAT TEENAGER OR?
I am 20 yrs old what should I use fro skin care? To protect against the sun & this fine lines.?
Which do you prefure?
Lip Peircing problem... help!!?
what is the most effective way to tan using a tanning bed?
helpp, any suggestions?
How do I get a hickey off my neck??
Remedy for Acne?
How can I get rid of pimples under the skin?
Can hourglass figure female have a flat butt?
Pimple helppppp pleasee?
Tighten Face?
Will Not Shaving My Face Help My Acne?
when i replace my nose stud with a new one at 6 weeks, what size shud i get?
Would my eyes look bigger and my nose slimmer if my face was less rounder?
Leg waxing advice please?
How to use Proactiv refining mask?
How do you get rid of the dark circles under your eyes?
Am I fully developed...?
Breast implant/ lift question....?
How do I get rid of pimples?? Please help I have tryed everything!!?
How can i help get rid of my spots?
Is there a way to get rid of minor STRETCH MARKS?
how do you make a rash on your face go away?
Does the nutregena grapfruit face wash work?
When you get your belly button peirced....?
What is your favourite type of facial piercing?
which piercing would i pull off the best?
Do u think my bestie frann is pretty? EASY ten points!!?
guns used for piercings?
Back dimples?anyone??????
best sunless tanning lotion?
If i got this piercing?
What is the best oil to rub on a scar?
some home remediez for cleanin the dirt on the neck?
Would i look good with a Monroe piercing ?
Is it possible for someone to have natural 34DD?
Bump on back of cartilage piercing. Help!!!?
Are Saddle & Double Flare Plugs The Same Thing ? If Not, What's The Difference ?
Pierced Ear Question: Did this happen to you?
What information can I get for my niece who wants her ears pierced?
opinions on nose? pics?
What size can you stretch your ears up to before it can't shrink back to its normal size anymore?
how to make your facial skin look good?
getting my nose pierced?
This girl said I have a big forehead?
what lip and skin products should I use while on accutane?
homopathy way removing acne parmanently?
what can i do to reduce my fatness in my stomach part ?
Getting ear pierced at claires *cartilage* only answer if you've gotten pierced there?
What is your face washing routine?
Girls : What's the difference between 'bikini protection' and normal gel?
Greasy skin?
How do you wax unwanted hairs?
what is the best lotion to get my skin glowin for the summer because my caramel color looks kinda dull?
I'm self conscious of my bathing suit?
Angel Bites? Monroe+Madonna?
Nose Piercings Hot Or Not?
What is the average pricing for a septum piercing?
I've Tried Everything.?
Should I get my tragus piercing checked out?
help me loose my belly please ( 10 points!!)?
girl body hair?
back & hands.?
best face washes that get rid of acne fast?
Helix Piercing? Bump? OWW! HELPP?!?
does the belly button piercing hurt?
Cetaphil Derma Control Foam Face Wash?
closed rhinoplasty ? to thin out bulbous tip?
Do you stop getting spots around the ages of 18+?
Do i have chicken legs??
zit medicane working??
Breasts? Silicone or Saline, whats the best and safest?
How can I tan semi-dark if I am fair skinned???
What is the point of filing nails?
is it possible for a face wash to not work anymore?
What is a blemish?
Can yogurt be used like that?
What piercing should i get ?
how can i peirce my eyebrow safely by myself.?
do microdermabrasion crystals need to be used with a special machine to work properly?
Bump under belly button piercing?
when tanning, do you recieve better results with shaved legs, or legs that havent been shaved?
Does toothpaste work when applied to whiteheads?
Does the tongue piercing hurt?
pretty feet?
Girls ONLY !!!?
How come popping zits is so bad? It's gross but it gets rid of them, right?
how can i remove the marks left after pimples?
Which tanning oil would you recommend?
eye drops for red marks on face?
Do i have a babyface and would people treat me different?
how well does the neutrogena wave actually work?
Do piercing really hurt?
Girls which of these 4 guys is hottest?
Has anyone ever sucked your toes before?!?!?
How To Get Rid Of Dark Skin(Spots) From shaving (10 points)?
ear gauging help - easy 10 points.?
Brown Envy Dark Bronzing Accelerator safe for outdoors?
Im a mtf transexal this is my hormone update?
When will the body shop have another 2 for $20 sale?
Why do all celebrities hv perfect skin?
is there anyway to make my legs look more of teenager legs?
Please take this poll ! & Help Settle An Arguement???
does sun in bleach your skin ?
How do i lose the fat on My legs and thighs and weight?
If I try to wash my face with bar soap, it gets dry and ed. What can I use as an alternative?
Should I shave my arms? Is it bad?
Is my belly piercing hole too thin?[PICS]?
how to stay tan over the winter?
itchy face/scalp. not just dry skin?
Girls, woman, would you rather have a small or big boobs? Just curious what ladies around the world think! ?
How can I...? I need help ASAP. Acnee?
My skin care told me to use only one brand. Is it ok if i use a different brand for just the clay mask?
The reverse belly rings??
m hving fine lines under eyes. which is the best way to get rid of it?
problems with nose piercings and runny noses?
Help with pimples please.?
Are these stretch marks, if so how can i get rid of them? [PIC INCLUDED]?
Skin Problems... Please HELP?
how else can i improve my looks?
Should I get my nipples pierced?
is it true that almond paste works good to nourish skin?
If a dog loses a nail, will it grow back???
how do i get lighter pink lips like beyonce's?
What is the best brand of Oxy Pads ? HELP!?
I think it'd be cool to get a surface piercing on my stomach. Is that a good idea?
how do you get rid of pimple scars?
what do women think of guys with long necks and handsome faces?
Which is Better Black Licorice Soap or Papaya Soap?
why should i get my belly peirced now vs when im 18?
Any one know about skin whitening forever?
Hey Ladies, Are there any of you who think being a fireman is sexy?
Drinking milk ????????? lol?
Is your speech affected by tongue piercings?
Can anyone tell me based on this pics what her breast size/cup size is?
WHAT'S the best RETINOL face cream/product for skin out there?
mena skin lightening cream reviews?
How do i convince my parents to let me get a piercing? ?
How do you get oil off your hands?
how did i get my Green Eyes Portuguese?
Does Pro Active work for average skin?
what cream should i apply after shaving my puvic hair.?
Proactiv Directions....?
Where is a commonly know place/brand to get your nose peirced(ex:claire's etc.)????
If I dont shave my legs for a couple of days and try to go layout...?
I put self tanner lotion on , and i dont like it, but it wont come off when i scrub with baking powder! help!!?
Acne scaring?
Piercing persuasion ?
what is the best acne lotion?
I'm 17, do you think I'd be able to handle a navel piercing? ?
What kind of skin do i have?
how can i remove my pimples from a cheap cream or homemade thing?
How to get the most sexiest legs?
My boyfriend has dark skin?
Turmeric powder for skin bleaching/lightening?
how do i unscrew my piercing ?
Belly button piercing or not?
What peircing should I get next, any suggestions?
How To take care of a new nose piercing?
how can i get lighter skin?
Can your skin turn dark and get uneven pigments if you have dry skin and don't moisturise properly?
Is the axe detailer worth it ?
Which acne cream actually works?
She looks orange right?
shaving????? need help?
dark circles under eyes!!! aaaaaarrrrrrggggh!!!!?
Can you get your tongue done if you...?
Getting my 2nd ear piercing on friday?
HELP!!! How do you get pain from braces to stop?
im not sure what to tell her?
Cartilage piercing?
can petroleum jelly act like a stretch mark reducer?
does toothpaste actually help get rid of pimples?
Why doesn't everyone just use a really high SPF? What is the purpose of having sunscreens with different SPFs?
What's the meaning of kissing...?
I don't understand the levels of tanning beds at Suntan City?
What can I do for my oily skin?
swimming in hot summer can affect on my skin??
What attributes are required for a woman to be considered sexy?
Anyone know of a good fake tanner that doesn't streak?
whats your fav deoderant?
would it be ok for a guy to wear earrings to an interview? (small round ball gold studs)?
Does breast size increase even after post-feeding?
I like peanut butter, do you like peanut butter?
how much does it cost to get your lip pierced in irving, texas?
Tea Tree Oil in use with nasal piercings?
how do i get the body that i want ?
Questions about getting a belly button piercing !?
What is the FIRST part of your body that you dry off when done bathing & what part do you always seem 2 miss?
Bad acne after rhinoplasty?
i need to know how to get rid of pimples fast?
Im a cheerleader and worried about getting my belly button pierced?
Are my feet to big for my height (4'11")?
I used nair on my stomach but it looks wierd because i didn't do my whole stomach. What should I do?
Huge forehead line. 14 Year old male. Help!?
does anyone have a nose piercing?
How to care for my skin during Outward Bound?
Im 13 and have horrible achne (whiteheads blackheads) how do i get rid of it without spending a lot of money??
how to meaasure your breast size cup? At home.?
How much does a simple cartilage piercing hurt (:?
Would yuu recommend me to get a navel piercing or am i too chubby ?
Do egg whites really remove black heads ?
What is the best cream out there to reduce bags under the eyes?
is eucerin or neutrogena better for dry skin?
Why do we go red in the face when we are embarrassed?
super dry skin lotion?
How can i pop a ......?
What do i do to get tan?!?!?
ed lips?
Weird question, But PLEASE help!?!?!?
Flaky skin on my face?
Is honey good for your voice?
Help with people who make fun of my height?
Help with lip stitches?
I'm getting acne can any one help?
Is it normal for skin to peel around my belly piercing?
Am I thick, curvy or fat?
I don't ask to become fair but at-least tell me how to lighten dark skin?
How do I get red of my red cheeks? (pics)?
How do you heal a pimple quick?
Does Zeno Mini actually work?
How to get a body like a victoria secrets model?
How do you smooth bumpy arms?
Puffy eyes from crying..?
when do you wash your face????
How do i get rid of these pimples?!?
where can i find neutrogena products in bangalore - india looking for neutrogena sp 55 for sun burns?
Quick question about my belly piercing?
why are my eyelashes coming out?
If i get tunnels in my ears at about 8mm will they go back to normal if i ever dont want them?
I want to pierce my tongue web.?
How do i make mi legs shiny after i shave?
OMG!!!!! i have a date today and i have some red blemishes on my face. Can someone please help me????
Getting your ears peirced DOES IT HURT?!?
Can you use 10% PanOxyl cleanser with the Aveeno salicylic acid moisturizer?
Guys: Attractive for girls to have toned/muscular legs?
Stretched ears downsizing experiences?
Will your ears shrink back down from a 2 gauge?
How to get rid of a fat lip while hAving it pierced?
Victoria secret underwear and bras? 15 years old?
How do I pursuade my mum?(:?
How do i get taller without those products?
Do you shower before bed or after you wake up?
which celebrity has the hottest booty?
Would you consider a girl who is 5"7" at 16 tall or average for age?
Has anyone tried Acnezine? formerly known as Acuzine...?
Pierced my own ear????????????
How do you get rid of strech marks , i used coca butter but it dont seem to work got any suggestins???
I am 31 with a freckled complexion can i somehow even it out?
Reallyreallyreally want my nose pierced?
Retinol irritation on face?
Is Ahcohol good for my skin?
I am a b-cup and i really want to be a c-cup no bs answers but can i get them that size naturally?
Jergens Natural Glow Question? Skin Type?
does potato juice really help to remove tan?
Infected Lip Piercing?
How to care for a new lip piercing?
How old do you have to be to get a navel (belly button) piercing?
Carilage piercing infected?
My mother is trying to make me get my nose pierced?
neeed help?
Can your hair absorb sweat?(I mean head hair)?
Is it okay to space my ears this way?
How to get rid of circles under eyes?
Peircing ITS PISING ME OFF!! WHAT DO I DO!? for the 3rd time already!?
how long will it take for my piercing to heal and will there be a scar?
I have a job interview tomorrow and i have snake bites and my nose pierced?
how to get rid of bags under my eyes?
What's better a dermal or anti dermal / anchor? Which one heels faster?
how do you prevent irritation under your armpits after shaving?
Please help me ladies how many times do I have to ask?
soap or body wash? what particular brand do you use?
For Girls :) : I Wanna know your personal opinion about a boy with a Tongue Piercing?
Anything different to expect if I were to get my tongue re-pierced?
what can i use to get rid of dark spots on my face?
I really want to shave my legs-but im a guy?
How to hide self harm scars?
How to stop skin from tanning?
How do I clean my ears after a piercing?
I'm 13 how can i get rid of pimples before school ?
proactiv users advice an experiences please!!?
Help with waxing? It doesn't work.?
Help my lip piercing?
nose piercing infection?
I shaved without asking.?
tanning question?
"Younger" people with tragus piercings?
can sum1 help me plzzz???!!!!?
i have really clear skin! how?
How do I get rid of back acne in less than 2 weeks?
Is there any non sketchy, nice place to get your cartilage pierced in (North) London UK?
Why are my nails so ugly?!?
Is there any Natural remedy to fade away Age spots?
Non-Piercing Tongue Ring?
why do people say it is bad to have a tongue ring?
Getting my belly pierced.?
Belly Piercing quick Q.?
Acne: Retin-A + Doxycycline question?
Myth or Fact? Hot long showers cause skin to grow old? please!?
I want to buy a microderbration kit for me.?
how to keep my skin looking nice?
Which is preferable to ladies? With foreskin or without it? And why?
Exfoliating tips .........?
should a tall girl wear high heels??
The best sunscreen that's quick and easy?
why i like medium body women?
What face shape do I have? (pic included)?
what's a good website to find good, affordable dermatologist?
What's the best microdermabrasion kit to try?
I am 11 years old and I wear a 36B bra is this big for my age?
Is there an inexpensive way to remove freckles?
i wanna be forever young. should i start using antiaging product?
I alway feel ugly - know anything to boost my confidence?
I made a loaf soap poured in layers. When I started cutting the loaf into slices, the layers split apart. What?
I've got red blotches on my face. How do I get rid of them?
after you cross your legs do you get a warm red spot on your knee and calf?
Is there any other place besides California that you can get (Gummy Bear) breast implants?
Best toner for oily/ combination skin in india?
my face has broken out in some serious blemishes and spots in the last few weeks and i have tried everything?
can you get an outie belly button pierced normally?
How to get ride of acne scars.?
skin help???
i really can't find any great acne stuff, can you help me out? does clean & clear work?
(Pictures of me included) Would a lip piercing look good on me and if so, what kind should I get?
What are some home remedies to get rid of acne?
septum piercing / stretching blow out?
How much do you think it would cost to get a 12g piercing at at tattoo parlor?
Have you eve tried a day cream for face that prevent dark spots caused by sun?Witch one?
how do i get rid of ashy skin?
Does anyone know A thick, greasy and not-quick-drying lotion or body oil?
Has anyone used self tanners and had great results, what brand??
Too many skin products at young age?
Clear Skin?
Does this Facial Peel work?
tips on eyebrow tweezing?
shaving the bikini area?
Do you think it is against the Bible to double pierce your ears or get ur cartlige pierced?
I wanna get my nose pierced but my parents dont aprove. Can i hide it?
Should I be embarrassed?
What is the best smelling deodorant for men?
14 with a nose piercing?
is 13 too young to get my belly pierced?
How much should a 5'4 teen weigh?
What is an ear plug "wearing surface"?
Which piercing best suits my face? (pics)
Stretching my ear with a tongue bar?
How can I get a more even skin tone?
How can i stop my face from getting oily?
How do I get rid of pimples fast?
What is a good site to go to too make my pictures brighter without Flash Player?
Can bleached skin be tanned?
Nose Piercing?
Is my skin tone really that bad?
Is it safe to use calamnsi before taking a bath with tawas?
Questions about ear stretching,?
How to get rid of dark circles and wrinkles on eyes?
Acne scars ??? otc cream to heal fast?
Is this normal after getting your belly pierced?
is this normal for lip piercings?
WHAT'S the best RETINOL face cream/product for skin out there?
what can i do to get rid of the acne on my back?
Self-harm scars: to hide or to show?
please help!!!!!!!!!?
Is it safe to bite my girlfriends butt cheeks?
Who has had Laser cosmetic treatment before?? For wrinkles and scars etc...?
embedding labret piercing help please!!?
Does anyone know what stores sell emu oil? Like Wal Mart of CVS?
GIRLS, do u shave your arms??
After reading many good reviews about jolen bleach cream i tried on my face, although it was good on?
body shape and type help?
What acne products do you recommend?
Which side should I get my tragus pierced on?
Is Airellis good?
What looks better natural or inplants on a women chest????
my face is oilly~~~~~~~~~~?
Who told you that you were not beautiful?
What does it meen if a girl is big or thick?
What body shape is this?
How can I seriously make my shaving bumps go away?
Whats The Best Way To Get a Tan?
are moles ugly <> am i ugly ??
Mosturizer help for men "16" that dont cause breakouts?
how often should certain skin types have a facial?
how do you get rid of acne?
I wanna a tan????
Teenage acne!? (prevention and removal)?
things not to eat when you have snake bites piercing?
I've had my ear pierced for a week and I'm stretching to 2mm tomorrow, what risks are there?
milk and honey body wash by softsoap can't find it anywhere .help.?
Is my tragus piercing infected? ?
Is this normal after first treatment of laser hair removal?
What caused my boobs to sag??! Pls help?
Do you think a 13 year old girl is to young for a SnakeBite Piercing?
Red acne spots help??
what can i use to remove the sticky stuff that stays on your skin after you take of a plaster?
Should i get my piercing redone?
Shaving theory, true or false?? (HELP)?
How can I make my breasts bigger?
do you think its pointless to shower when....??
how to remove a natural suntan?
if im dark, eyes are dark i have tanned skin.. will i suit blonde?
Stretching my ears, best plugs?
how do i get a natural looking tan that DOESNT turn me orange by using a tanning lotion?
Can I do waist training In a fashion corset?
Mums hairy chin (shaving)..?!?
What piercing would suit me.?
I HATE grooming myself!?
Is it bad to have soap in your nose?
Can I take out my piercing for 24 hours?
does the clearasil pimple blocker pen really work?
What is the best hair removel cream? Im using 'Veet' but is this the best product?
I have reallly stretchy skin?
what is a bath fizz?
Can you find me some pictures of a lip piercing, please? A hoop in the middle of the bottom lip?
What do you do to keep your skin smooth (cheeks), especially after shaving?
Ear piercing after surgery?
SUNBURN!!! serious!!!?
what is the best brand of deodorant?
Rook piercing, barbell or hoop?
help my finger nail breaks easily how to prevent that from happening?
What is wrong with my bra/breast size?
how do i cut myself without my parents knowing?
nail varnish lips?
how to get rid of dark circles in one week?
what is cellulite & how do you get it?
Ear/Flesh Tunnel - Help starting out.?
What is so great about this girl and her features?
why do my thumb nails break on the edges?
how do u get rid of unwanted body hair?
i just got a homemade lip piercing its to short?
My skin is dry, peeling and has blackheads and tiny bumps - pimples that aren't yet pimples- Home remedies?
Are there any natural ways I can keep my skin from breaking out?
What kind of lip piercing would look good on me?
What is the best way to keep my face acne free?
How can I hide a lip piercing?
The way my ear is shaped, I can only get one of industrial and rook. Which would you choose?
What do you think about getting ears pierced all the way up?
How to get the perfect body by summer?
Would YOU EVER consider surgery for yourself?!?!?
How do you persuade your parents to let you have piercings done?My parents are completely against it!!!!!!!!!!
Should I get my ears pierced?
How to treat acne?
Bra size, 34DD too big for a 13 year old?
Is my butt really big?
How much do you think I weigh? (Pictures)?
What to eat with new tongue piercing?
Should I Shave My Legs ?
What alternative can I use for a buffing mit when using self tanner?
can i get brown golden glowing tan using 'deep tan' gel? What's the trick?
country bunny bath and body?
Have you ever used Proactiv?
How to get clear/better skin?
How do you get rid of dark knee's?
does anyone know of any really good recipies to make at home facial masks?
What is the downside of big boobs?
How do u keep ur skin clean?
Do moles or sun spots ever go away?
How to hide scars well HELP?
wats the best tanning lotion to use?
is my nose ugly? pix included...?
I use safeguard soap on my face everyday and i stopped doing it today what can happen?
Peeling sunburn? what do i do?
SPF in face moisturiser?
I was shaving my hair under my belly button and i noticed it has gotten thicker and darker...?
Apart from packaging and smell, what's the real chemical difference between men & women's moisturisers?
What's a facial sun screen that guys can use that won't clog pores?
Personal female question- Do most men want women to shave their private part?!?
I made a loaf soap poured in layers. When I started cutting the loaf into slices, the layers split apart. What?
Will i grow 15 almost 16?
Is size 12 (british size) Fat? (size 10 american)?
How old where you?
Why does acne free make my face burn?
What's the best way to heal chapped lips?
What age did you start shaving your underarms,girls?
HELP ME PLEASE!!!! i have peeling skin on and around my nose!?
Panera uniform shirt?
New-ish lobe piercing smells strange?
So I shaved my 'hoo haa'- now I've got major razor burn and l've got 50 mini pimples forming down there?
Do you prefer Veet or Nair?
after my catilege piercing its swollen now and what should i do to heal it?
Am I meant to be a boy?
what hurts more nose peircing or eyebrow peircing?
Am 20 years old , my colour was dark , and some pimples spot also .What am do ..?????//?
how old do i have to be to get my tongue pierced?
how to get rid of pimples within 2 weeks?
i am a girl and have hair on my face more on sides?
How do I get rid of stretch marks?
why does my face get thin randomly?
Should I get a rook & snug piercing in my ears at the same time?
Other than plastic surgery, how can I make my jawline and chin firmer and more defined?
Best place to go for ear piercing?
What to do after a shower ..?
Where will u get green coffee beans or their extract in Mumbai, India?
Cartilage Piercing Questions!?
:) hairy , trimmed , shaved , desighns ? random question ;)?
what are some ways i could do to get a sway in my walk?
Help me please?!!!!!:(?
Why is my back wide....I hate it!!!!!!?
Do you think im fat?
nipple piercing?
Likas Papaya Soap & Sensitive Skin?
5 foot, 83 pounds. What do u think?
How to get rid of a tattoos at home?
what should i do if i started shaving my face hair (which is the bad part) and it continues growing?
My dad said he would think about getting my lip pierced but i have a few questions?
I hate my face! (17 male inside)?
I need help. What do you think?
why are dutch people the tallest?
Is it better to wash your face with hot or cold water?
is 14 to young 4 a boob job?
Getting a hairy chest at 13.?
i got a peircing on my . i did it myself and it got infected. im supposed to meet my bf in one hour help
How to get whiter/brighter skin?
whats your favorite shower gel from Bath & Body Works?
let me re-ask, where can i get 60% glycolic acid?
i have a navel piercing and my parents cant find out?
What's the best sunscreen to use on your face, that has a high spf (60 or higher) and won't appear greasy?
What's the purpose of sunblock if you want to tan?
Is it a natural reaction to cover yourself up?
Is there a solution to eye bags that REALLY WORKS?
Do I look Pakistani/Egyptian?
Suggestions, besides Botox, that will help me from furrowing my brow.?
How much does a nose piercing hurt? (please read)?
Does honey really helps your skin?
i shaved my legs with shaving cream for your face...are my legs going to be okay?
what kind of piercing fits me? (pics included)?
Questions on face products...& Is Proactive Worth The Money?
Please help! I want a nose job?
i had skin allergy 6 years ago and it left my skin some marks or spots ...?
What color are my eyes? Grey or blue?
dry skin can anyone help me?
How can I be happy with my body?
How to get rid of spots? I've tried everything.?
ALL GIRLS!(: deoderant help?
How to make my face skin smooth? It's not acne though!?
Guys, what is your favorite cup size(if you have one)?
how can i get rid of my acne.?
How to get rid of hickeys?
What do you think of my body?
I hate the way I look - any advice?
Does anyone know what lotion or whatever product keeps you extra soft..?
Should i pop my teenager spots?
I'm a teenager, how do I fix sagging breast?
problem with scars?
Should I get my belly button pierced if my mum forbids it?
sweaty hands?
Proactive solution users...?
What piercing should I get?!?
help for those who love being tanned?
is a belly button piercing sore? is it worth it?
Legs broken out from nair?
eyebrow piercing?
Flat chests or fake breasts?
I had my nose pierced two days ago and I need to change it into a clear one now how can I do this?
Are my measurement fat for 16 yr old?
I want plugs what size should I start on ?
what are good products to make your skin mosturized and glow?
Accutane users, would you recommend taking the drug?
How can i clear my face up in 2 days?
Retiring Tragus Piercing?
when do you throw away deodorant?
What are some really good products that I can use to wax "down there"?
my fiancee' and i want to get our tounge peirced but r having trouble finding a shop in medford?
Belly Button Piercing Help!?
Eyebrow or nose piercing?
How do I stop my face from getting oily?
I want my skin lighter?
Proactiv Help!!!!!!!?
What's the most painful PIERCING you ever experienced ???
What would be my chances of being a model?
get rid of acne?! best answer gets 10 points?!?
Industrial piercing pain compared to tongue or navel?
How do I look? How are my Abs? What can I do to look better?
how can i make a shower foam?
Opinion on bellybutton piercings?
should I use moisturizer or acne products after shaving?
I realy want to know If AnceFree realy works?
Cartilage Piercing Question !?!?!?!?!??!?!?
What to do about highly irritated under arms (from shaving)?
how to not get bumps in your bikini area?
Which girl is prettier please rate!?
How can I stop being put off by my boyfriend's acne?
what is a good cosmetic line title?
How can I hide my face at school?
thread lift?
what do you find more attractive pale skin or tanned skin?
My size 0 gauges are acting really weird!?
Where to find and what are some good facial brushes.?
I'm 14 and I wanna get a nose piercing...?
I've been hearing about skin tags. What is a skin tag ?
Im a guy and i have dark underarms?
Easy 10 points. Please help!?
How to get rid of pimples (FAST)!?
i want to remove unwanted hair on my face?
Only for girls to answer. And girls please answer fast. Its urgent?
is it true that sperm leaves spots on a girls face hmm??
How do I convince my mom to let me get a nose piercing?
I have these tiny little holes in my fingernails. They look like maybe I'd put a pin in them?
People think I'm black?
Should I get my belly button pierced?
nipple peircing (male)?
concha nacar de perlop?
are dimples bad or good?
How long before you can sleep on a cartilage piercing?
Does facial help appearance of your face ?
Your opinions please?
Which piercing hurts more? tongue or nose?
What's this peirce called?
Can an over 18 friend give permission for a lip piercing or does it have to be a parent?
I want to go to Kayaskin clinic for everyday radiance treatment,?
Smiling and lines around eyes?
Lululemon? Yoga.......? Help?
i have really samll boobs and i get teased.How do i make them grow withno surgery?
were do I get my cartilage pierced in the south hill mall.?
I just pierced my own ears?
What is a good skin moistiorizer for VERY sensitive skin?[READ DETAILS!!]?
Procedure using cleanser,toner,woistur?
shea butter from bath and body works-expiry?
Do hair growth inhibitor lotions really work?
Does Proactive actually work? Please help!?
should i use a tanning bed or not?
How can I stop picking at my skin?
Looking for someone who has received silicone implants in the Atlanta GA area?
Palmer's original cocoa butter formula?
I hate being tall. Any surgeries to make myself shorter?
Any way to make myself paler?
how can Iget rid of dark circles under my eyes?
Condoms keep breaking. Help?
bigger boobs?
I have my ears pierced but haven't wore earrings in a few today I go to put some in and....?
Does Growth-flexV increase height i am 30yrs old?
my rook piercing? :-s?
Belly button piercing?
what facial piercing should i get next?
Triple anti-helix piercing question?
Does the diet pill Miracle Burn really work?
i dont know weather or not this girl likes me?
I have a question about nose stud jewelry (L shaped)?
Girls with big teeth?
What shape should i make my pubes?
How do you cover up dark circles?
Whats a good cream to lighten skin/fade out scars?
Is my 6 month old belly button piercing okay?
I'm thinking about getting my tongue pierced. Advice? And what about pain tolerance? Risks?
Please help me. I've applied for Call Center Officer. What should I prepare? I'll be going for the..........
Why is my nose stud not going in?
what age should you get your belly button pierced?
How do you lessen dark circles under eyes?
help i have a poor dry complexion?
how do i maintain my facial glow?
Can I fix this piercing or should I leave it alone?
Answer me please!!! Do I have vitiligo or not?
what hurts more a lip piercing or a nose piercing?
Uneven face+body tan? Help?
is zyporex a scam??? is there anything wrong with it?
Tragus piercing?
I am lookin for a tip not to get sun burn but get a tan?
can i get my nosed pierced if i basically live with my grandparents?
How does a 14-year-old convince her parents to let her get her belly button pierced?
Should i tell my mom about my body piercing?
General tongue piercing questions?
How can I get a lighter skin color?
Please help im tring ot impress my girl friend, how can she love a guy with acne!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
sholud i lose some weight?pic incl?
does anyone know of a good face moisturizer?
I am a girl in my teens my lips are dark,is there any home made remedy to have good clear lips without lipstic
A question for people that have lost weight?
Does anyone know how to get rid of black heads?
Is eyebrow piercing dangerous?
How can I get rid of the dark circles under my eyes from using stuff from home?
PLEASE HELP!! Terrible Acne, it won't go away!?
I am 14 and i want to get my belly button pierced.?
What are the chances of me getting sick from a pierced nose?
Am I too skinny?help me!?
My Face Is Irritated By My Acne Treatment?
Get Rid Of A Beauty Mark?
How do I heal facial scabs?
How do I get larger boobs without taking pills, or getting surgery.?
Is my nose piercing infected?
How can I keep my skin white and stop it from tanning?
pic of taken out tragus piercing?
tongue ball going in my tongue?
will my whole stomach swell if i get my belly button pierced?
when you get a tan in the summer do you always get ur old skin color back?
Does anyone know who the girl in my profile picture is?
a friend of mine told me to use tooth paste to get rid of pimples? Is that true?
How can I make my breasts look like a "B cup"?
Does X out proactive work!?
Is bubble bath good for your skin?
GIRLS: Do you shave your arms?
I get really bad razor burn after I shave my armpits...How can I prevent this?
how to get rid of pimples?
The best way to have a face lift without having a face lift?
what help smooth surface of skin?
can u have your cartalige pierced in claires under 16 with a parent?
help me please i had this for like a month already ?!?
how can i get rid of these scars?
should i get my nipple pearced?
How can i get PALER skin?
I HATE acne and I need help? ):?
How much does it cost to get you nose peirced?
I need a nice tan by May 12, 2007 for my wedding and honeymoon. How often should I tan a week?
best facewash in india?
was the aveeno continueous radiance self tanner discontinued?
ear is really swollen from piercing?
How do i get rid of dark blemishes on my skin really fast and easy?
How do i make my face not turn red?
When will my next period be?
should I use the cleaner I was given to clean piercing or use saline soultion instead?
a good website to show off my boobs?
chemical peels in NYC?
how to get rid of cigarette smoke smell?
What septum jewlery to use after getting it pierced?
Where should I start to find good skin care products for men?
What can I change to make my acne better?
Oxy Maximum Acne Treatment?
How can i get acne to go away in bout 2 days : /?
concha nacar de perlop?
What does Vaseline Cocoa Butter lotion helps for?
should a 13 yer old get there Tounge pieced?
male shave body hair?
What can you do/cannot do after you have got a nose piercing?
I have a ball coming up on june 1. i need help. i have scars on my shoulders n back due to acne.?
My eyebrow hairs are really long..?
i'm a girl and i have this darker line going down from my belly button...?
What's a good substitute for shaving foam/gel?
New lip piercing help!!!?
What has been your experience with A Perfect World Moisturizer by Origins?
Help me please ?? URGENT?
nipple piercing?what do you think?
How much does a rhinoplasty cost?
Compound Gel Bruising?
Do you like belly button piercings?
do you think a bra size 36 c is big for a teenager?
I can move my jowl (fleshy part under chin)?
I need people from Muskegon Michigan's help?
Question for girls only?
How can I take the smell of body perfume off of me !?
Would you avoid being seen with someone with acne?
I'm in 8th grade I'm 13 is 87lbs. when your 5'1 bad???
did you you no if you only wash your face in cold water no soap ,you want get any wrinkles?
How do I shape my eyebrows when one is pierced?
Nose pierced. Need some info or anything!!?
Can Desitin diaper rash cream be used as sunblock? Since its zinc-oxide?
I want a new piercing, But which one?
Is My Rook Piercing Infected?
What is a TredMill good for (the workout equipment)?
When can i change my belly button ring?
what is a good self tanner?
I really need help determining my face shape please (pics)?
What do you do when you feel a zit is about to come out,which works?
I have extremely deep wrinkles and I'm only 14?
i just put on hair removal cream and now my skin is really red. i have used this same cream before...?
Can i add Vitamin E capsules to my cocoa butter lotion for better results?
How do i get my eyes to not look like coon eyes?
Why do people say once you start shaving, you can never stop?
Lemon Juice?! whaa?!?
new sun tan lotion?
Has anyone heard of Lida Longda Breast Enlargment cream?
How do I get rid of razor burn?
Help! My hands are sooo rough! It's so embarassing!?
How can you get tanned easy?
My toe nails have been turning grey and falling off. I have not damaged them though.?
Is it better to wash your face with hot or cold water?
How do I convince my stepdad to let me get a piercing?
Does getting a double ear piercing hurt?
I picked a pimple, and now I have a scab-like thing on my face. What can make the scab heal quickly?
why do peoples says thin girl dont has curve then who has curve??????
Is it worth it to get my cartilage pierced?
Would females find a navel piercing attractive?
My mom wont let me shave my legs?
Lip rings???
Im 14 and im a size 12?
What do face masks actually do...?
which piercing hurts less?
I need HELPP WITH PERIODSS ughhh ASAP pleaseee?
Is it really bad to get a cartilage/helix piercing done by claires?
how can i get great legs?
How to get high cheeks?
How does a Reverse Prince Albert affect sex?
do you hate the way you look when you wake up in the morning?
i've always had dark cirlces. what do u recommend to get rid of them?
Plz help for men facial product for clear fairer face?
I want to get breast implants..?
Is it safe to take out my earrings?
should i do Ear Pinning(otoplasty)?
Does belly piercings hurt ?
Took my lip ring out, I don't know if it healed correctly?
it's a little gross, so if you don't mind then read on...?
Scarring from belly button ring from pregnancy?
Do you think I look chubby? (Pics included)?
Is it dangerous to get laser hair removal in your beard and mustache?
does toothpaste really help to get ride of pimples?
How do ghet rid of dark spots underneth eyes?
how to Gauge your ears properly?
How Old Do I Have To Be To Get My Belly Button Peirced?
heya i am worried!?
how do i get rid of acne and oily skin?
Need help with acne?
Should a 24 year old girl get a lip piercing or no?plzzz answer?
i'm 14 years old and i have dark brown eyes will they change as i age?
Can anyone give me tips cuz i am freaking out!?!?
Clear spots after plucking eyebrows?
How can I make myself look taller?
Guys: what do you think of...?
Using tea tree oil on nose piercing bump?
How can I get bigger boobs?
How to clear face up for prom?!?
Honest opinions please?
Should I get a boob job?
PROACTIV and sunbeds?
I want to tan today and its cloudy, should I still use something like baby oil, or will it even matter?
ear is really swollen from piercing?
Do you think piercing is ugly?
Girls only please.?
If i used mederma on my scar, would it lighten all my skin?
Question regarding my conch piercing...?
help ive got really bad blackheads on my nose and face ive tried everything?
Face wash??
Lip piercing help! Please answer!?
which is more attractive? Shaving or hairy?
My forehead is darker?
How do I get rid of my under-eye wrinkles?
proactiv darkspot correcter?
im feeling kinda self-conscious? ?
whats the best hair removal cream ?
Are stretch marks a big turnoff?
What do you think about petite girls?
i have to go somewhere tomorrow and i have this scratch on my forehead?
How do I convince my mum to let me get another piercing?
When can I change my lips piercing jewellery?
Does piercing your ears hurt?
How to get rid of acne spots?
how much should i weigh? i am exactly 5 '8?
How to get a genital piercing when you're under 18?
....At home spa recipes?
Small bumps on surface of nails?
do u think im datable?
Does waxing legs cause premature aging?
How long does it take to tan?
What is the most effective method for applying baby oil to adult male skin?