What does it feel like getting your septum pierced?
What sould or do i know before a Navel piercing(Belly button) :) ?
There is a little white bump on the inside of my septum piercing?
Why do people get piercings???
My Q on weight?
ughhh i'm an idiot!?
Can you tan using reptile sun bulbs?
Where in san Antonio can i get lip piercing with birth certificate and parent consent?
How long will it take an ear piercing to close?
How to get rid of facial hair?
im 5 8 almost 5 being a size 8-10 big? im athletic and curvey?
I want my cartilage hole to close after having it for 2 years?
best electric shaver for girls?
Manga Halloween Look? CAN I USE A PRITT STICK ON MY FACE?!?!?
i got my nose pierced today...?
Does it hurt to get your ears pierced?
Why do People say it's bad to get you're ears pierced at claires?
Body or face? Which would you prefer?
my 11 year old sister has a mustache what should she do ?
whats the best way to remove hair from underarm and bikini?
Cartilage piercing question?
do guys like red heads?
acne whiteheads? help!!?
Does Walmart sell any lotions like proactive?
Where Can I Buy Cocoa Butter?
Are face masks good for you...?
What's up with people wanting to numb their piercings?
Pesky shave bumps on my legs?
what is your favorite eye colour, and do i have a good one? (pic)?
Using rubbing alcohol to clean skin?
Should i put visine or concealer on them in the morning?
will getting your nose pierced before ur 14 mess up ur nose?
Does Proactive Accually Work?
Getting ear pierced at claires *cartilage* only answer if you've gotten pierced there?
How can I get rid of zits?
Are there any home remedies to keep acne AWAY?
when it comes to skin/hair/body care, would you say less is more or more is best?
Do you think my cartilage piercing is infected?
how the hell do i get ridd of these bags under my eyes?
Are these products on TV Shopping Channel really effective???
how to get my mom to let me perice my arm?
What's the best fruit for a home made facial mask?
How to make your feet a little smaller?
needing help with streach marks?
Best self tanner lotion ??
What are some good products to get rid of my acne?
How TO MAke My nose look smaller?
Is there any possible way to get bigger lips?
How do you get started on peeling an orange?
Should i get my nose pierced? (pixxxx)?
Are my boobs too big?
Belly button piercing?
Will I Grow any Taller?
Facts and convincing my mom about an industrial piercing?
When I cut myself sometimes it gushes?
hey. i really want my cartilage pierced and my mom has finally agreed. i am 15 years old. i have read a lot of
navel piercings..........?
what is the best way to get rid of baggies under your eyes??
How to remove dark eye circles?
i want smaller pupils?
What are some ways to remove hair on upper lip?
I am applying nair sensitive hair removal cream on my underarms for the first
Opinions on 14 yearold with tongue piercing?
Why do girls get their tongues pierced?
so do guys get both ears pierced or one if one which one?
21 with LOTS of red stretch marks all over stomach area. What to do?
Is there any way to make a 'sunk in' scar seem less deep?
I really want to get my nipples periced, wht do you think?
Has any1 ever gotten hair laser removal treatment and gotten burns on skin? what 2 do 4 laser burns?
what r some good face washes that work?!?!?
...piercings, pro, or non pro, any :)?
My wife just got her tongue pierced there appears to be some puss under and above the area?
Why is Proactiv not working?
i have dark circles under my eyes?
What is your favorite at home wax?
How can I make my skin look lighter?
Want Snake Bites But I Have an OCD?
I was curling my eyelashes when i realized a chunk had been severed or broken off. WILL THEY GROW BACK?
Ways to get rid of pimples?
does anybody know any tricks to get rid of a zit fast ?
Help Brazilian Waxing in Hyderabad?
does anyone know..?
What is the best type of face mask for T-zone combination skin?
What medication for acne works ?
How to get rid of a pimple?!?
Is it normal for my skin to break out really bad about a week after I have a facial?
Any piercings that would suit my face? (pictures)?
How to get better skin?
Sore, wounded nipple. How to I get it better?
Were can I get my mole removed?
Am i too fat to get my belly pierced?
hello i got eyebrow pierced and it won't heal?
is it true if you start using face lift cream skin is sugging faster and you cannot stop using cream.?
how do i get my feet really soft?
guys i have a boob question!?
do push up bras make your breasts look better and not baggy?
i want to go tanning, but my mom says no, what should i do?
Does anyone think having a little bit of light freckles on your nose is attractive?
If I got pincher gauges in a 14 or 12 do you think my dad will think they are piercings?
Is my mole removal scar healing properly?
I just got my lip pierced and it is extremely swelled!?
my acne has just become horrible in about the last month..?
how do i get rid of a bad spray tan in one day?
removing fake tanner helppppppppp :DDDD?
Anyone know what works for stretch marks?
I had a pimple on my nose and there is a problem.?
Does anyone have an opinion on Proactiv versus Murad Acne Complex kit?
Piercing an outie belly button?
im 14 and i wanna get my lip pierced?
how much does a nose peircing hurt?
how to reduce redness in a forehead wrinkle?
is is safe to buy from?
white thing at back of my mouth?!?
Can you get you tongue pierced with plastic if you are allergic to steel?
What are these things under my eyes?
Body Rejecting Belly Piercing?
what shape is my face?
Which piercings hurt more?
what is a cream that makes me tanned?
Any skin treatments you know of?
Why do I have a red ring around my belly button after I shaved there?
how to get dat extra fat,,flesh on butts n thighs ???? without increasing d other body size please tell?
Nose Piercing Help???????????????????
HUGE pimple?
I SWEAT SO BAD!!!! Help, what works?
What ear piercing should I get?
Should size zero models be banned?
How much does it hurt to get your belly button pierced?
Hair-off Work For Upper Lips???
should I get a my belly pierced?
Skin problem, help?
I want to get a snug piercing but I'm worried about the pain?
does chocolate really make you break out?
how long until u see results when using proactive?
I go my ears pierced 2 days ago, how long do in have to wait until i can go swimming (not in the sea)?
massive spot got a party tonight please can you help me ? x?
what side of my nose should i get my nose pierced on left or right?
How does cutting becomes addicting?
How to remove the black circles?? Pls help me out?
Ladies, have you ever used Nair facial cream on your upper lip?
Microdermal Infection?
3 questions...2 friends...1 party?
small skin colored bumps on legs?
Is there any way to get my ear piercing holes to close?
FACE FUN......ideas???
i am dark skinned, and i extremely depressed about it!?
Which are the side effects of laser hair removal?
Lump inside of my lip piercing?
weird question.... how are girls supposed to shave in college showers?
What is the best thing to do to get healthy glowing skin ?
What is the best all or nearly natural wrinkle treatment for the eye area?
would using trilastin SR and consecutive laser treatments diminsh my stretchmarks?
Belly button piercing aftercare?
how do i care for a forming keloid?
What's the best way to get rid of upper lip hair?
what bodyshape am i? am i fat or skinny?
How Can I Heal An Ear Gauge Blowout ?
What piercings dont hurt much? (10 points!)?
Keeping away stretch marks?
hmm .. proactiv?! help?
Does tanning in a tanning bed reduce acne?
How bad does a nose piercing hurt (ANSWER QUICK)?
How do you get rid of acne marks and what can you use to do it?
How can I get rid of all these blackheads and other spots I have?
Septum piercing..pain level?
Why do my feet itch vigorously at night?
Best drugstore moisturizer?
If I take out my monroe, how long will it take for it to heal?
whats a good after tanning lotion?
Belly Button ring help? A week old with a history of rejection?
what do you think of my body? (videos)?
Does rubbing vasoline on your eyes/eyelid area reduce, and or prevent wrinkles?
How to hide my scars?
Should I give Veet a shot?
What facial piercing should I get?
Am I chubby/skinny/in between?
how do i get plumpier lips???
should i do snake bites or a lip piercing?
why our nose beetwin two eyes?
what does the moisture white product line from the body shop do?
Do you find my friend atractive? He's 17.?
Getting my ears pierced for the first time - 13?
How to get rid of pimples??
how to get the hard crusties off my nose piercing?
is my septum piercing rejecting?
What is the best tanning lotion to use?
toothpaste burn/ redness on face?
Benzyl Peroxide bleached skin?
How do I stop the skin on my face from being so shiny/oily?
I don't want to get any darker!?
According to a recent Lynx (AXE) deodorant commercial, All men have smelly, unclean genitalia. Really?
I took out my lip ring fir infection reasons? Help please?
My big toe nail has weird creases on it?
What piercing should I get next?
does everyone have lines under there eyes?
I'm 17 and I have dark circles under my eyes, how do I make them go away?
What body shape does this girl have?
face wash help???....?
What size nose gauge do I buy?
Should I shave my facial hair with electric razor machine?
When someone gets a facial chemical peel, do the pores disappear entirely? Do they lazer the pores shut?
Sunscreen Lotion?
smelly pu**y. what is the solution?
got another problem............?
Please help! What body type am I?
Getting pierced .............?
Where can I this type of Jewellery?
what is my body shape?
Forehead Gap I Need Advice?
How do you get rid of dark lines under your eyes?
What is the web address or mailing address for APRIL BATH PRODUCTS?
i want the industrial piercing sooo bad?
what do you think this could be?
did anyone purchase anything from i wonder if it's a safe online store to buy things from..
Which is worse: not brushing ur teeth in the morning or not wearing deodarant?
How do I get this zit to go away?
does anyone know how to reduce dark cirlces under your eyes?
Will i grow taller?
Natural remedies to get rid of dark marks?
Im 12 should I be allowed to get my nose pierced?
is it possible for a face wash to not work anymore?
Really Dry Skin?!?!! Helpp?
how much is yr first period?
Help with ear gauging after care?
I have a Giant ZIT!! it looks like a volcano Help me please!!!?
Has anyone used Decellete Pad for chest wrinkles?
Is it possible for a Rook/Snug ear piercing to get 'rip' off?
which hurts more a toungue piercing or a lip piercing ?
How can I convince my mom to get my nose pierced?
should i shave my legs & groin
what is the best way to hide stretch marks?
What kind of voice training (or surgery) can you do to improve your voice?
I'M GETTING A NOSE JOB but I don't want people to know!?
I Want My Back Acne To Go Away!?
questiion about tanning beds?
MY lip piercing bar is too short for swelling..?
Tanning Tablets? How long!?
i will love to wear tube dresses but i just cannot find strapless bra 4 my small totally flat for a16
lip piercing vs. nose piercing?
When I'm not sweaty my right arm pit smells like i've been sweating for days!! what do i do and what is it?
do guys care if the middle of your (vuvla) is longer than your lips?
any painless way to pierce a tongue?
nose piercing aftercare?
Skin Care For teen boys?
How does TinyMCE work?
How can you make pale skin look hot?
helppp. its aboutt weigght.?
I want my hips surface pierced does anyone know a place in liverpool I could get it done?
how much would a nose and labret piercing cost if i want small diamond studs?
Is it normal for boys to walk around without shirt inside their house?
whats gross on a woman? facial hair, hairy arm pits, or hairy legs?
i think later on in life i am going to get "breast implants" how big should i get them?
Does anyone know where I can find penis enlargement pills called Magnum RX?
please help on this situation?
How to make the red of a pimple go away by tomorrow?
Which piercing would look best on me? (i have pics)?
Women's non-marking deodorant?
Has anyone used the Proactiv Dark Spot Corrector......10 points?
Im 16, how much is it to get the top of my ears peirced in Clairs in walsall?
Is it OK to use skin moisturizer on the skin near to your eyes?
Does Proactive Face Cream Actually Clear Your Face?
My 2 Year Old Son?
toothpaste can use daily on pimples?
Is this skinny or just normal?
Is it safe too be in a tanning bed?
Vitamin E, Helps my scars and blemishes?
How do I make my freckles more noticeable?
Ladies, put these qualities of a guy in order?
Does ProActiv acne solution work? Does it leave the skin dry?
i have a boob question? hehe.?
Is there a way to get bigger boobs without surgery?
I need a dermatologist to make me skincare products !?!?
Should I get a nose, conch, or tragus piercing?
Any recomendation on Anti-aging products?
How Can i Make Myself Look Pale (to fake being ill)?
how old do u have to be to get your belly Button dun without parents permission?
Self Piercing Earrings?
facial piercings on girls?
Is my skin too bad for a clearing facial?
How painful are eyebrow piercings? Also about rejections?
whats the best way to get a tan?
HELP!! Dark circles & fine lines!!!?
Is there any acne treatment that doesn't irritate pale, sensitive skin?
Anyone had problems w/invisible deodorants keeping away the smell?
how would you go about piercing your own belly button?
Mum's being a hypocrite?
Suitable treatments to recommend intervals for facial treatments-plz help!!?
BEST acne treatment you have tried?
Belly Button Piercing-Trashy/Cute?
What Places Dont Hurt To Get Pierced Other Than The Ears Belly And Lip :)?
Got my ears pierced but can't wear them?
Do I have chubby cheeks?
Your skin care routine?
i was white at birth but now i am some brown/yellow ho can i become bright again?
Peroxide And Bleach For . .?
please look at this!!!!!!!!!!!!!help!!!!!!?
Have you ever used some type of vitamin C cosmetic product/facial & noticed a difference?
Help Me Stop....?
How can i remove hair on my legs without shaving, waxing, etc?
Do you judge people harshly based off of outward appearance?
pimple that hurts? :(?
Do guys get their bellybutton pierced?
I was shaving my legs last week and...?
15 Year old girl with facial hair around mole?
Cleaning navel piercings...?
i just got my lip pierced and i dont like it?
Are Neutregena Products Good for eliminating pimples??
Can I use toner and moisturizer but skip face wash?
Does laser hair removal really work??
Please help.?
im so confuseeeed...i dont know whether to FINISH it with him?
does Nair Hair Removal Cream work on upper lip ?
I'm 14 and getting my first eyebrow wax. Im scared. How painful is it. much apreciation. thnx?
How can I convince my mom to let me get my cartilage pierced?
Is my ear infected , i pierced it yesterday?
What the f**k should I do with my ear?
How do you gain a prominent chin?
do i need to lose any weight picture?
I NEED TO LOSE WEIGHT!!!pls help. i'm going to Maui in 2 months and i REALLY need to lose 45 pounds!!!!!!!!!
how much are breast implants in canada?
Am I good for my age?
How do I know if my belly button piercing is infected?
Any cheap face products under $15 for blackheads?
should we breathe out through nose or mouth ?
do snake bites piercings close back up over time?
GIRLS: Is it okay for guys to have 2 both ears pierced ?
how can i get a piercing if my mom wont take me!?
I have oily and sensitive skin, and all the conditioners i use just make me break out i need help!!?
which Bath & Body Works lotion u like?
Daily skin care recipes?
Please help me with my facial problem?
Cartilage piercing.Today.! Help pleasee.(:?
should i try proactiv?
Acne Help! Please!!!!!!?
why dont I get period cramps?
I want to get a piercing on the back of my neck. What dangers are there?
queen helene's cocoa butter or olay quench ?
Acne idented mark, will it go away?
Hicky trouble!!!!! What shuld i do????
Do you take it rough or soft?
Lip piercing question needed to be answered?
i want to have my cartilage (helix) pierced in just one ear?
4 ladies, when u c a man w/ long eyelashes it looks like they're wearing eyeliner wat's ur first impression?
Do moles fall off eventually? Or atleast some of them?
dark circles under my eyes?
Does anyone know of any body lotions/moisturizers that have SPF in it?
Dry, brittle, splitting nails - Why Now?
Why is my moisturiser peeling? wth?
what type of body do you like more?
St. Ives apricot scrub?
would it look okay if i got my nose pierced, please be honest?
does proactiv really work?
I have bad acne on my back and shoulders?
Breasts plastic surgery, should i get a B or a D size?
question about navel piercing and rejection?
how do i sort out my uneven skin tone? please help!?
ok theres something wrong with my breast?
pimple on T zone?
Does it hurt to get a belly button ring !!?
Did you look better after quitting smoking?
How do these jeans make my butt look? (pic)?
Where should I go to get my nose pierced?
Is my naval piercing infcted????HELP!!!?
Sun and new navel piercings?
Best afordable fake tan?
Best lasting scent of cake-batter/vanilla/chocolate/citrus(or any other candy-smelling/sugary scent)?
Lemon juice brighten skin?
What is the difference between body wash and shower gel?
Is it really that bad?
Wats the best way to get rid of cellulite?
What color eyes do you have and what color are you attracted to?
HELP. A year after using proactive. Skin is way worse!!!?
What piercing would suit my face (pics)?
Does this Facial Peel work?
what should i do to get rid of pimples and oily skin?
whats a good lotion to use with benzyol peroxide?
Girls. Do you like six-packs on guys.?
Shaving legs problem?
How can i get rid of large pores and red spots on my legs?
Am i Too Small for My Height?
lookin for a recipe on body butter to make my own.?
What are the best cream for mild fair women skin?
how to get a tan fast?
Has anyone used the viginal and anal bleaching Divine Derriere? how did you find it please?
Ingrown Hair Bump?
Question about scar (picture)?
What are your favorite low cost beauty products?
How long will my snakebites stay open?
how 2 lost pimples plsssssssssssssssssssssssss?
lighter skin?????
Is the GNC moisturizing cream a good product? is it all natural ingredient?
I'm confused about exfoliating?
is it okay to carry on stretching with acrylics?
Shaving legs question?
i stretched my ears and i think i ripped my ear D:?
girls ? question about guys body?
What Are Your Opinions On A Nose Stud?
What are the possible substitutes for drysol available in India ?
Nose studsss?
My sister's wedding is in 20 days. How can I safely go from pale, sensitive skin to bronze goddess?
i'm a dude and i wanan get breast implants, think its weird?
Am I too young for tanning? [13, turning 14]?
How long do I keep the verseo conductive gel on when do I take it off?
what is a good cream for your face that wont dry it out?
Whats the skin on your elbow called?
I got white spots on my hands after using SunIn hair lightener. What should I do to remove them?
Would I look good with a monroe piercing?
Does Maui babe tanner really work?
proactive! i need help?
I Want To Get My Tounge Pierced. ?
How does it feel do get yur ears pierced?
Body Piercing I Need help convincing my mom?
I want a dermal anchor piercing?
i have very oily skin what should i do?
I skipped a size while stretching.?
cheap tanning bed lotion?
How to get rid of ALL of your pimples within 4 days?
Tongue peircing location?
what is love?according to you?
Proactiv vs. Murad?
Do you shower at night or in the morning?
Planning on stretching my ears?
help with a big nose?
Can you recommend an odor-free sunless tan lotion?
how can i get rid of the black marks from my face?
What's Your Favourite Piercing?
Can I get my bellybutton pierced at my weight?
does massaging your boobs really make them bigger?
Do you prefer pale skin or tan skin?
What is the best way to remove pimples?
Waxing while on acne medication?
Good morning! Does anyone know where I can get a TCA Skin Peel Homekit in the UK?
Ok she got her navel pierced a week and a day ago. it hasn't been pusing up or anything but for some reason?
Getting my ears pierced! Which earrings should I buy?
How to look clean at school?
how do you get fans?
where is the best hidden pecing i could get?
I've tried face washes and scrubs but my acne wont go, what should I do?
I pierced my induatrial and took it out now the holes are closed and i hace bumps can i repierce it?
I have a problem with my face?
should a tall girl wear high heels??
is it bad to use alcohol to clean your face everyday?
is this normal? (nose stud question)?
does this sound right for piercing my nose..?
Should I consider fixing my nose?
Darn it -- WHY me? Why do I have to be the hairy girl?
plzzzz i need to know!!!!!!!!FAST?
scars on my legs .. please help :(?
i started to shave my legs for the first time how often do i have to shave?
Better aftercare for ear lobe piercing?
I just got my ears pierced and i wanna take em out tommorrow ?
Piercing the Tongue?
self tanner gone wrong !?
Help! What to do about female facial hair?
How to i get rid of pimples and acne?
What chapstick/lip balm is the best for peeling lips?
16 and wanting to use anti-wrinkle lotion?
what are some oral vitamins that will help smooth my smile lines?
How can i prevent my skin from getting a rough stubble?
Can boobs be too big?
how to get rid of oily skin..?
belly button piercing?
A question for women...?
I am 13 and have no facial hair!?
Got my belly pierced july 24th...still red.?
How do You hide a hickey?
what can i use for dry lips? i cant use Vaseline?
How to add Salicylic acid in the acne skin lotion?
What is a good remedy for for face lines and wrinkles?
Can you tan through clothing?
what piercing should i get?
if i get a tatoo, where should i get it?
Am I fat, skinny, or medium?
PLZ ANSWER what dose this mean?
Do shaped plugs have to be smaller than your actual gauge size?
I do high intensity workouts and my sunless tanning comes right off, is there a lotion that is sweat proof?
What's the difference lotion/cream?
I am breaking out really badly but I'm still washing my face everyday..?
What really keeps bags from under yours eyes?
Question about tattoos and tanning?
how to get rid and prevent blemishes and blackheads?
what do you hate about yourself?? :]?
Do you think being 5'6" and 110 pounds is too skinny?
How can I hide my belly?
What is called when you receive a pedicure.....?
How to lost my pimples on my face.Help me.i don't like my face have a black spot?
skin products that work with 10 pounds?
Is my Cartilage piercing to low?
How old do I look...........?
Does eye color change because of your mood?
How to get rid of acne off my arms ?
honestly am i a man repeller?
How do you loose weight off of your thighs and legs?
Wowsie, Are They Real ?
I used facial hair removal and it really burns now. What should I do?
How much does getting your belly button pierced?
How to get rid of poo smell after your finger nail accidentally went through the toilet paper?
how do i get rid of spots on my chest and back?
If you like fat chicks what do you like about them?
If i lose weight, will my fine line on my forehead get bigger?
Do dermal's hurt?
Does Concha De Nacar work for lightening skin?
Neutrogena Rapid - what toner & moisturizer to use?
just a question on tragus piercing?
How Can I Add A New Moisturizer To My AI1 Acne Control?
ACNE... ive tried everything!!!?
underage piercing places in manchester? pleasee?
Do ya like my muscles?
acne.....please help!!!!?
What type of body shape would you say I am? (picture)?
HOW OLD r U?????????????????????????????????
How many layers of tape will it take to get to 1 1/8 plugs?
Does anyone know a good skin care system? Anyone used philosophy?
if you are a teenager with sagging breast how can you get them to become perkier?
Sunscreen for your face?
The skin on my boobs is fairer than that of the rest of my body? why?
Why am I breaking out so bad?! Please help!!!?
Small black bump left after removing nose piercing.?
Are 33 inch hips considered big for men?
My sides aren't tanning?
Would you get mad if your 15 year old daughter got an ear piercing without you knowing?
am i a retard or what?!?!?
how would you know if Dr. James Glutathione is fake?
i have dark circles can you please tell me how to get rid of it?
Why have i been breaking out so much?
I'm a girl with a hairy lower back?
Has anyone recently been on Accutane?
Has anyone used Avon's "clearly C serum"? Does it work?
please help about my piercing?
What is that product?
how do i get rid of spots quick?
Ladies only...Have you tried Veet (the hair remover)?
How can i make my hairy arms less noticeable?
hello everyone--this question is about the tan of my skin?
Reg'd peacock hair dye on skin ?
My waist is shrincking and hips are spreading help????
is plastic surgery against islam??
My new labret bar is too big for my piercing?
Is Porcelana Night Fade Cream safe?
Why do most girls wear cheap stinky deodarant/body spray?
I have body hair! Help...?
labret piercing, redness around piercing?
>>> IS THIS GAY!? <<<?
How do you get rid of stretch marks?
Should I give up on my infected industrial piercing?
Can this exfoliator from Loreal be used by women also?
Should my girlfriend lose weight?
I really want one more piercing what should I get ?
Is there anything you can do to keep your skin as healthy as possible while tanning?
how can i EFFECTIVELY get rid of blackheads on my nose??. (preferably home remedies?)?
question for the guys!?
How Do I Get A Body Like Jennifer Lopez?
what can i use instead of conductive gel that works the same and is cheaper?
I hate my feet [ 10 points ]?
Estheticians? I need info about this profession... Is it boring? Hard to find bussiness? ETC! Waht do you like
Does the smiley piercing have side effects to your mouth ?
Can you use Egyptian Magic as a Lubricant?
How can i make my butt get bigger?
what's the best facial cleansers, in your opinion ?
which is best to use?
How do i get rid of acne scarring?
Tanning test help!!!?
Tragus Piercing Advice ? (healing,care,when to change ring)?
Does using a face mask replace face washing?
Estee Lauder vs Clarins?
Good, oil-free face wash?
Ear Stretching Question?
Aftercare for cartilage piercing?
anyone use the clean and clear oil absorbing sheets?
Are dark spots the same thing as beauty marks?
i am as ugly as the troll under the bbridge... hw do i solve this?
do i have a really big butt?
Can I use deriva c gel with clear active face wash?
Should I get my cartilage pierced?
why does my belly button smell like my butt?
is this a big bra size or not .....................?
Why won't my acne go away?! I've tried EVERYTHING!?
I pierced my ears three weeks ago with a 20 gauge needle. Today, I have 12 gauge earings in. Is this bad?
What is the best way to get rid of stretch marks?
Tongue Piercings?
Removal of skin tag results in dark spots?
If spray tan can make your skin darker, can it make it lighter too?
Why does my face get so red?
i cant get my double flared plug out?
Will this toner eventually help my acne if I continue using it?
Are there any ways to get rid of acne without store bought stuff?
Mystic Tanning?
questions about tanning bed?
I have a zit on my nose. Help!?
which is better for these 2 BBW splash, cherry blossom or sparkling peach?
I am starting to get lines and wrinkles in my chin and around my mouth................?
i wanna bleach my skin 2 shades lighter!!! any suggestions?
how old do you have to be to get your belly button pierced in mexico?
Embarrasing red bumps on my arms.?
How can i burn 500 calories in a treadmill?
Does time really make all scars fade?
embedding labret piercing help please!!?
is it good to wear i bra size of B34 at the age of 13?
On a scale from 1-10 how bad does it hert getting your belly button peirced? ?
professional spray tans?
Any recipe for tea tree oil toner?
How to clear up my face best?
plssssss help i was useing acne gel cream and its make my skin black and look tan how to rid of those black?
Lip piercing issues. Weird bump and swelling. Help?
how to get rid of fake tan?
WHy do Europeans not seem to use deodorant - they have often have a body smell - do they know?
How much pain is a belly button piercing?
Does a nose piercing hurt?
What is a good basic indoor tanning lotion?
where can find brazilian waxing services for men in sg?
Where can I find Bag balm, which stores in Toronto East or downtown have it?
Hair growth inhibitor?
chapped lips:):):)any advice?
Acne scars ??? otc cream to heal fast?
Would you kill yourself if you looked like me?
Helix piercing question please help:)?
How to reduce skin darkening round the hip or the waist line?
Changing a new lip piercing from a 14g to a 16g?
whats it like getting the belly button pierced and what do you think of it?
I speak for the ladies out here, how do you "stock up" in the right areas without taking any chemicals?
Who's prettier: the light or dark skinned lady?
Kymaro Body shapers?
my friend has acne and wants to know what are some good tips to getting it to go away?
How do you keep your lips smooth?
How old do you think I am?
What do you think about my weight? pic?
How can I get my nose hoop out, when it has been bent too much?
suggestions for skin care...?
Rate my body 1-10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Will calandula help with bags under your eyes?
After puberty is your skin clearer?
peircing my own ears?
how do you use on the spot treatment?
How did you get rid of your acne[seriously]?
has anyone used a GOOD spray on sunless tanner?? meaning one that dosen't turn you orange or streak??
Bags under eyes -- vitamin solution?
what kind of piercing fits me? (pics included)?
should i get my nipples pierced?
How do I convince my dad to let me get my belly button pierced ?? Please help !!!!?
Am I Pretty?How Old Do I Look? with pix?
How do you get rid of a scar?
does pure cocoa butter clog pores?
Does getting your tongue pierced hurt?
body hair help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
I have a very pimpley face and i need help?
why are my toe nails starting to grow sideways?
What is the best tanning product too usee HELP?
What is my face shape?
whats your fav part of the body on the oppisite sex?
Adara Virgin Coconut Oil?
I have zits in my chin/mouth area?
How do I fix my hips? (PICS)?
How to convince my parents to let me get my belly pierced they say I'm growing still I'm 13 years old?
Piercing my lip by myself, couple questions?
Accidentally hit my lip piercing.. it's now bleeding. Will it be okay?
Am i short????????????
my face doesnt look symmetrical :(?
is anyone else proud of their ghostly pale skin?
my face is breaking out, helphelphelp?
Does anybody here also get razor bumps on legs from shaving?
What is a good Cream/soap...ect that will make acne and acne marks go away?
how do you get rid of veins that show on the face?
My legs....?
Can putting moisterizing cream on my face clog my pores?
Chapped LIPS!!!!?
Does repiercing your belly button hurt more than the first time? I was forced to t?
Okay, So Is This Normal?
Weird Skin peeling. Need help NOW?
Is it okay to want body massage at 23..?
Why is my skin (mainly my face) different?
How do I get rid of the bags underneath my eyes?
How do I know if my tongue piercing is infected or not?
cleaning foam or face scrub? which should I do first?
i'm trying to figure out a way to shave my testicles (balls) so it won't hurt. any suggestions?
Has anyone gotton great results from proactive?
Why would my mom tell me this about my ear piercing?
Obagi Clenziderm?
How long is cosmelan?
How long till my helix stops hurting?
Nipple bleaching cream???
questions about cartilage piercing?
What can aloe vera gel help with?
HELP...Am I skinny?I am 13yrs-old, 5'1 and wheight 86?(read details)?
can a 13 yr old get a genital piercing?
how to avoid dark circles other than sleeping more......?
What side of my lip should I get pierced ?
tragus and triples(:?
How do i get rid of sleep bags? Dark circles around my nose?
I keep getting random breakouts! Is it from my foundation?
Does anyone know the ingredients of Deep Sea cream?
Used Veet (in shower) today..
is there any possible way that works to get rid of blackheads!?
Does the dudu osun black soap really works at removing dark marks & dark scars.?
Do you prefer Veet or Nair?
Help Get Rid Of The Choc. Chip Cookie!!!?
how long should it take for a belly button piercing to heal mine is taking a long time!!?
Girls where do you like boys to have piercings?
What Can I do About the Hair Follicles Under my Skin?
Is there anything else then waxing for hairs?Anyone knows good "bikni waxer" in des moines?
Chicken pox still on me from many years ago?
Help with my pale skin...?
What US state has the youngest legal piercing law with parental consent?
Sweating badly!!?
Girls please help me!?
how can i help a cold sore before it comes?
Help! s best answer Belly Piercing Question!!?
I have alot of pimples/acne on my back?
How can I clear up my acne?
OMG! Im breaking out like crazy !!!!! HELP ME!! PLEASE!!?
what kind of lotion do you use?
Thin, wrinkly skin under eyes?
My face is too sensitive, easily turns red, and skin tone easily darkens, what should I do?
lips anyone?
Thermage....anyone ever try it? Did it work?
If I wear sunscreen in a tanning bed will it protect me from some of the rays?
Can I still get a tan when I'm wearing lotion self-tanner?
Body parts!?
Anyone get their ear cartilage pierced many times with the gun and everything is fine?
Tongue piercing heeeeeeeeeelp?
No Bumps Rx in Vancouver?
My tongue barbell has this weird odor. Help?
should i get a nose job? is it worth it?
Do you think i can pull off hats? I know most women cant, what do you think? (pic inside)?
bellybutton piercing .?
When I go outside and want to get a tan,how do i get tanned faster or tanner?
blackheads on my nose. ? :|?
how much do hip dermals cost in kansas?
Have you ever showing off your navel? (female only)?
how to give yourself a piercing? :)?
What can I do about this acne?
Can Tretinoin aka Retin-A help with indented scars or brown spots?
any tips on skin care?
Nose peircing!! how do i make it less painful??!!?
Does It Hurt Getting Your Cartilage WITH A NEEDLE (ear) Peirced?
what victoria secret flavor in body wash lotion smells the best-?
I am diabetic and my skin is so dry. What is the best body cream?
Please click! I need to know if there's a product for a couple of things?
Which cup/ bra size am I?
What piercing would look good on me?
How can I buy a Zeno when I live in New Zealand?
How Do You Get Your Butt Bigger ?
What's the best self tanner for fair skin that's almost impossible to tan?
if i popped my acne would it help or hurt??
Is it true that the more often u wax your legs, the smaller the pores on the legs will get?
I'm 10 and I just got my ears periced?
Does Proactiv really work?
I'm getting my lip pierced today?
am i too soft?
If parabens are harmful, why do so many skin and body care lines use them?
Has anybody tried home chemical peel? Which one? Did it work?
Nose job for a thicker nose tip?
sunburn help--using noxzema...but how?
Do you know if there are any skin refining/smoothing products that actually work?
I want to get better skin?
proactive help????????......?
Is it okay that I flip my septum piercing up into my nose until it heals?
nivea goodbye cellulite cream?
Skin pimples complexion etcetera etcetera?
I'm thinking of getting my tongue pierced, but the risks are freaking me out.?
how to get nick jonas skin care products?
Can any1 help me, please please please??
Whats the best way to get my spray tan to last?
How can I get rid of the dark circles under my eyes?
my belly piercing is red on the top hole... :/?
do you know what materials are used for nose packaging after rhinoplasty?
How can I comfortably get rid of all my pubic hair?
how can u get really tan?
i started to shave my legs for the first time how often do i have to shave?
whats your daily skin care routine, and does it work for you?
Do snake eyes (tongue piercing) hurt ? PLEASE ANSWER! 10 points!?
Where can I buy glutathione (whitening) pills in Sydney?
Skin discoloration on top of my forehead?
What order would I use these products in?
What is my face shape?
boob job or nose job?
How to remove acne scars fast?
Small boobs helpp mee !?
Septum Piercing Care?
Cheerleading/ piercing question?
Why do vains pop out on my arms? Is it my strength I'm pretty strong or is it because I'm skinny?
thinking about getting top ear cardalige peirced?
Do girls think I am attractive?
Short or Tall?
My right eyelid changes from double to single.. Why?
I think I might have re pierced the back of my ear?
bad acne that i want gone soon help??!!?
Need a good moisturiser. Easily irritated skin?
Is it OK to drink after getting your tongue pierced??
What can rid your skin of a yellow cast.?
i can't stand it any longer help!!!?
hey guys im wondering what body wash should i use for my chest because i got acne all in one area around my ch?
After washing my face with face wash(for oily skin) my skin becomes dry?
Laser removal, does it work?
Could anybody advive me on these products please?
Im really worried about my weight?
Why do some people have perfectly clear skin and never wash their face?
when you hold hands and your bf rubs his fingerin the palm of your hand mean?
skin help?
should i get an industrial piercing?
Certain Dri Users-?
Lip piercing question? Hoops i brought were too big ?!?
Nair.. Total Junk, Doesn't Work. What does?
Rubbing biotin on bare nails?
What piercing should I get?
Losing weight on face?
What do u think about a girl with a 6-pack?
I pierced my ears at 16g?
Nose Piercing??
How can I be happy with my body?
What should I do about my Navel piercing?
Good remedies for normal pimples?
Is there any cremes to heal away acne scars?
17 and tan without parental permission?
do you think im pretty?
What is a lotion that you can put on your face without clogging your pores?
weird question.... how are girls supposed to shave in college showers?
Does it hurt more piercing your upper ear lobe with a gun or needle?
What is your favorite Perfume?
Surface Piercings In Australia ....?
i am looking a good quality sunscreen for my face.?
do septum piercings hurt?
Im so embaressed!!! ugh?
I need a proper skin care routine! Help.?
Which piercing should I get?
What is my body shape? I have measurements, too.?
how to pierce your own lip?
I got this question in the wrong catagory.What skin color is this?
Is it possible to thicken hand cream?
ask about Gain body strength?
what do girls use to remove the hair on their legs?
Nose creases are red?
how to get rid of pimples on my forehead?
Can I contract from kissing?
Electrolysis - Any Good?
Best self tanner? (other then the sun)?
dove self tanning?
What shampoo/conditioner/soap do you use?
Nose stud almost pulled out, help?
I have some questions?! About nose piercings?
How do i get rid of bags under my eyes?
is it ok to get your nose periced at 14?
My skin is very sensative therefore....??
"Best" way to pop a zit?
Look like a Victoria's Secret model?
can i use my mom's Hollywood Tans account?
what is the ideal breast size?
What can I use to pierce my belly button?
Do most women just shave/wax lower legs?
What's the use of a face cream?
I HAVE DARK CIRCLES?????????????????
are my measurements acceptable?
Where can I buy push up bras for small breast.?
What's your opinion on guys getting lip rings? Tongue rings?
can paula's choice products be bought only online?
How to let my mom let me get a lip piercing ..? HELP!?
gals answer pls, no nonsense from bored guys.. haha thanks!?
Why do men always have their hands down their pants?????
How to get a blade out of a razor?
why does my skin look yellowish?
Are there any products that really prevent hair re-growth?
What is the best in-store acne cleaner?
Cleanser and toner questions?
pimples remove formula?
Breast Size?
Would i look better with snake bites or spider bites?
Do I have olive skin?
Pictures!!why do i feel like i look fat, do i?
How do I stop biting my nails?
If I get my ears pierced, would wearing earrings be more comfortable than it is with my clip ons?
have i got a blowout?:((?
s it normal that one of my thumbs looks like a toe and the other is normal?
my skin turned white from bleach.?
when i go tanning....?
Would Bed Tanning be really risky if you went 5 days a week for a month, 10 minutes each time?
What is the best way to become pale?
i have a dark rough skin on my feet (i think its a callus). how to remove it?
Is it alright to use men's shaving cream on your legs?
How'd you describe my figure?
How long can you leave out a nose ring before it will close?
Recommend a good Vitamin E cream?
Nair Hair Removal Cream?
Does getting your eards peirced hurt?
Im 18 size 8 5ft 3 and Have size "E" Breast, Ladies help?
when getting your lip piercing do you pay for the stud?
Will I get tan, the first time I get in a tanning bed?
What are your favorite clean and clear products?
What's the worst thing that will happen if i put in a lip ring if i got it pierced 1.5 weeks ago?
what does everyone think about fake tans and excessive, orange to red orange fake or real tans?
How do guys do that...?
How to have thinner/smaller lips? (Without Make-up if Possible)?
Which is better?and why ? Ten poins best answer ?
How many piercings do you have? And where?
should i get my clit peirced?!?
pros and cons for liposuction?
Should I get breast implants?
What Do you think of my body? [PICS] (Men & Ladies Answer)?
How to get reid of Pimples really fast!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
does anyone know any thick yellow juices from fruit that is ok on the skin???
Pimples are driving me crazy!?
i jus got my nose pierced yesterday. if i experience no pain can i change the ring today?
vitamin e cream for my skin?
Am I too young for a nose piercing?
Snake Bite Piercings at 13?
Tanning in a tanning bed?
What do you think about this? (Ladies only)?
Sunburn remedies please?
red nose problem.....?
is it possible for me still to grow?:(?
When can i put in my own labret stud?
Would i look good with a lip piercing on the bottom left. My left ?
How old do you have to be in order to get your lip pierced?
yesterday my friend was asking why do people make fun of people with uni-brows and whay people don't like them
Chapped Lips :( HELP PLEASE!?
Cartilage piercing infected? can piercing be saved?
so i like ran out of shaving creme just now. what can i use as a replacement?
my helix piercing closed up but..?
Why do I only have one dimple?
Where can I get Advanced Nutrition Program' skin care tablets ?
Really painful cartilage piercing!!?
to become white what i have to use?
can you shave with mens shaving cream?
What's hotter? Tanned or porcelain skin?
are dimples in the back unattractive?
How can I make my skin look better? ten points?
does anyone know a face wash that will get rid of pimples and not dry out your face???
What are the steps to finding a good plastic surgeon/Rhinoplasty Dr?
mixing my own oil for dry skin?
i heard that once you get your cartilage peirced the hole never closes?
what age is the best to get ears pierced?
Any good tips for clear skin?
Is tanning outside good for your skin?
are women the only ones having problems with the darkening of the armpits and the crotch area?
Is sugar a good exfoliator for the face?
Cartilage piercing: Care?
Skin help! With epiduo?
Ear piercing infection?! help?!?
60 Days to build up a bigger to<<?
Taking my mom to breast augmentation consultation?
what to do down there ...ladies?
Are a breast reduction and a breast lift pretty much the same thing?
how do you get rid of veins that show on the face?
Greasy and dry skin...?
I hate my body!?
Acne Scars ???
how do i unscrew my piercing ?
Why does my lip ring hurt so bad?
How can i get my butt to grow a little bigger?
I hate my big butt!???? plz help?
what is the quickest way to get rid of acne?
ear streatching plz help me?
Is it unusual that I like to wash my face in the toilet? I like the cold water?
How to get rid of dark circles?
i want to get my lip pierced should i?
what will get rid of the skin discolouration on my ?
Is fluff good for the skin?
Any home remidy's for .....?
how do you fix oily skin change it to different type of skin?
Is olive skin the best skin color?
Bad skin problem? (underarms) .s?
What are the signs that an eyebrow piercing is healing?
Dark Spots.....?
Do you think my pecs look too big or about right? (pics included)?
does getting your ears pierced hurt?
Should i get my lip pierced?
Why wont my dad let me get my belly button pierced?
Girls, whose figure would you rather yours was like?
Can someone please give me a diet plan that will help me lose weight quickly?
Are strech marks preventable?
Is there a difference between having Acne and Rosacea, and having Acne Rosacea?
Oily Face/ Acne Help Please?
UnEven Skin Tone lefy after acne. What Products Should i use??
How can I make my lips plump without getting surgery?
is there any way to make my adams apple smaller?
Which leaves more in grown hairs, a lady shaver or an epilator?
Can i eat and like suck on jolly ranchers when I first get my tongue pierced?
Should I get my nose pierced? how bad does it hurt?
Why do I have a belly when I'm not overweight?
How can I clear up my skin?
What are some good facial masks for acne prone skin?
How many people have braces right now???
whats a natural way to get rid of dark spots caused by acne. (and a fast way 2)?
Pimplesss Helpp! (Girls Onlyy]?
methods to getting tan?
Best acne treatment, from personal experience.?
shaving? period? teenage years?
how to finish the pimples?
what stores can i get fake belly button rings?
what color are your fingernails and toenails painted?
How come i look good in the mirror, But when im at school and looking in my reflection i hate it?
Has anyone tried StriVectin for stretch marks?
Any good acne medication?
How do I get rid of dark random hairs on face and neck....very embarrasing!!?
Do freckles every fade away?