Do you know anyone with a weird line on their nose?
What wax do you reccomned for my legs?
Can you get your cartilage pierced twice in one visit?
Is having your nose pierced on both sides wired ?
Where can I purchase hollow needles (for self lip piercing) in the Atlanta/North GA area?
If I use sunscreen and then use tanning lotion will I get a better tan?
do i have an infected tragus piercing?
How long does it take a tragus piercing to heal?
Is it normal for my tongue peircing to have a little bit of white puss built up around it?
is it absolutely necessary to keep your earring in for 6 weeks after a piercing?
Stretch marks removal PLEASE HELP ME !?
I have a lip piercing and there's a tournament coming up?
homemade face masks for oily and acne prone skin recipies?
Dark elbow skin, what will dermatologist do?
Question about eyebrow piercings...?
Unique snug jewlery, and helix jewlery?
want a lip peircing?
tattooing/piercing your body?
Are UV free tanning beds really safe?
pimple problem! What should I do?
Would i be able to go back to my natural skin color if i do these?
gloomy bear or invader zim perfume?
Cartilage piercing? questions?
What's better a tanning spray or tanning lotion?
what is a great website to find 12 g ear gauges...i cant find any specifics...please help?
Can I lighten my skin? Please answer!?
Teen modelling?
Embarrasing question- but can I use hair removal cream on private areas?
When to put on indoor tanning lotion?
how do i treat an ingrown toe nail?
How much costs for face laser?
How much does a simple cartilage piercing hurt (:?
I need a new skin care routine..any sugestions?
what is the normal length of a straight barbell for a tongue ring?
What is the best deodorant for sweat prevention?
Should I get my ears pierced?
almond shaped eyes, what are they?
What is a facial peel?
I am having a skin problem, please help me or recommend a good product!?
self conscious of pubes?
is it scary to go in a tanning booth?
How to get rid of Acne?
What diet pills worked the best for you to loose weight?
Hip piercing questionss?
Should I take out my belly piercing? Please help I need some advise!!!?
How can i change my hazel eye color? it changes a lot IF YOU HAVE HAZEL EYES PLEASE ANSWER?
help please, lip piercing wont come out?
belly button piercing?
umm...somebody help!!?
After you get ur nipples done are u aloud to wear a bra after or should u wear a big t-shirt?
How do you get your face less oily?
What to apply? my feet heels is rough dry and worse....?
What is a good acne cream that is sold over the counter? ?
Which wrinkle cream should I use?
Honest opinion needed from Guys....?
Vitamin E Moisturizer?
I have these small bumps under the skins surface, what can i do to fix this? What is it caused by?
How to get rid of a pimple fast?
i am a man and i am thinking about getting a boob job to a 40dd becasue i love the way the femle body looks.?
does anyone know a home remody for getttin rid of zit and bags under eyes?
Can you tell me how to prevent the irritated bumps after shaving your "downstairs."?
Which is worse: not brushing ur teeth in the morning or not wearing deodarant?
How does cucumber help in reducing eyebags?
is my nose to long/big?
It is a proven fact according to statistics worldwide that men prfer women with B, to lower C cup! Do women...
i think im using too much product?
How to prevent wrinkles from a young age?
1. Which of the following events caused immigrants to migrate North after the Civil War?
What should i use?
I've had my nose, cartilage, and navel pierced now I want my tongue pierced will my tongue piercing hurt?
when you get a spray on tan does someone put it on you or does a machine do it?
tips ,for cleaning hands,feet and body ,any home remedies???
What is the flappy bit of skin under my lip piercing?
What should I do about this "raised" scar?
I Hate my nose!!!!? make me feel better please :(?
Does it hurt to get your nose pierced?
Where can my friend get her ears pierced?
Do you think a pierced nose is cute?
Will deep rooted black heads eventually come out with queen Helene's mint mask?
Guys.. i need your opinion...xD?
What should I do if certain friends don't like my lip piercing?
Pimples? Now?
okay, so im 16 and im thinking about getting my upper lip waxed, but im afraid its going to come in darker :(?
how long does it takes to get rid of mark left on the face by rubbing garlic on pimple?
should i get a tragus piercing on both ears?
I want gauges but.....?
How to make my cheeks look smaller..?
are my booooooobs saggy haha?
can anyone recommend any piercing that r easy to hide?
i need to repierce my naval after an appendectomy. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!! (10 POINTS!!!)?
Wrinkles , prevention , lotion HOW TO?
Nose piercing bump on the inside of my nose, help?
How many minutes in each bed does tan pro give you with the 2 weeks free coupon?
Chubby girls in Shorts?
Does any one any good cream?
Tanning while using Proactiv?
Is 5 years and 1 month of straight A+s and 10 As worth a lip peircing?
Has anyone tried the Tea Tree Oil kit to clear skin?
Does ball sweat wash off?
What picture do I look the best?
Why is Cosmetic Surgery more expensive in Southern cali than other parts of the United States?
Can you clean a navel piercing with peroxide?
How do i clean my belly piercing?!?!?
what is the best product for oily skin?
did anyone purchase anything from i wonder if it's a safe online store to buy things from..
Does having your bottom lip pierced hurt?
which type of breast augmentation is the best?
hypertrophic scarring?
Does it hurt getting your ears pierced?
Do any of you guys even like pear shaped bodies?
Surface piercing bar help :) PLEASE?
i weigh 128 and im 5'6. am i fat ?
How the F**** Do i get a Body Like THISS?
how can I prevent the hairs growing on my feet & chest?
How big until your ears cannot heal?
My hand hurts *pics included*?
Can i drink alcohol 5 day after gettin my tongue pierced?
how will i be able to get tan for future reference?
what is the meening of life and why do old people have wrinkles hahahaha...?
should i do Ear Pinning(otoplasty)?
Does a belly button piercing hurt?
I need help like now!?
What does a nose piercing feel like?
HELP PLEASE! Biore unclogging nose strips took off a layer of my skin!?
self tanner???
What is the name of the website which worships people like Ana Carolina Reston Macan for starving themselves?
which is more attractive? Shaving or hairy?
infected vertical industrial?
For Guys Only?
How do i Look? How is my stomach and chest? What can I do to look better?
Does it hurt to get your eyes pierced?
I want to pierce my navel (belly button), what do I need, how do I do it, and how much will it hurt?
What is the best tanning lotion for a tanning bed?
I'd like to try nair, veet, or something because I'm sick of shaving. Any suggestions?
Which piercing do you like better?
If you have faded stretch marks (white ones)?
earlobe piercing bay area (peninsula) at mall or doctor?
is this normal for SKINN?
Help with Yogurt Face Masks?
A question about face masks?
How to get rid if stretch marks?
What's the best toner??? Non expensive!!! At target, or Amy drugstore, ect?
What moisturizer should I get for my face?
Help! I am 15 and I have wrinkles?
how can i get rid of acne scars on my back?
Is it ok to shave my underarms and wear womans deodarant girl?
How would you describe this body shape? (PICTURE)?
how can i pierce my own ears?
I have Ambi...Do you? Am i supposed to rub it into my mark? Or Just put it on and leave it alone?
omg zit!!!!PLEASE HELP?
ladies, are these really perfect legs?
Wrinkles/lines under my eyes at 17?
What Is The Best Fake Tan ?
Should I get a lip piercing?
I Really want my tounge pierced but does it hurt?
Is my belly button coming untied? Help?
Sore belly button piercing?
Reasons To Get A Lip Piercing?
Skin Dilemma--help me please!?
Please look at this, It wont take long.?
question for 10 points guys and girls advice please?
Blackheads, whiteheads, and a few zits...?
my lips are always chapped! how do i make them soft again? :(?
how to hide a belly button piercing from your parents?
THIS IS URGENT! Please ANSWER! Please!~?
Chubby girl getting a naval piercing?
Is it normal for your inner lips to be larger than your outer lips?
What is the best (not too expensive) and effective antioxidant cream that you use?
Can i get my toe pierced?
how do i make myself puke?
is it time to go to the dermatologist? :/?
Wrinkles under eye? Please help me!?
do cucumbers take puffiness under eyes away?
One-day Cleanse recipe?(without using lemon)?
im trying to get rid of these pimples!?
What should I say to convince my mom and dad to get my ears pierced?
Does self tanner make my tan from the sun go away?
Men Nipple Piercing, YAY or NEH?
What skin lighteners are effective?
How would you rate this outfit?
What is a Monroe piercing?
pls, how can i wipe off the stretch marks on my body?
Ingrown hairs on my legs?
Big nose gives me confidence?
Should I use a moisturizer on my face after every shower/every time I wash my face?
I really wanna grow tall. Tell me some growing secrets!!!?
what is a good lotion to lock in moisture after using loreal 360?
What would be a good career for facial skincare? Natural skincare?Don't know where to start!?
My skin is so easy to be dark/tanned after going under sun for 10mins?
Why is my face so oily?
Should this be removed..or does this make me have an "unique look"?
how do you get rid of stretch marks?
My nose is crooked, what can I do?
How can I convince my mom to let me get my lip pierced? I'm 13 and going to be 14 in 1 month.?
Should I get my tounge pierced?
kinda dark circles under it because of little sleep?
dark hairy arms..?How to get rid of excessive hairs..?
what colour are your eyes?
am i doing it right i am leavign my pimples alone when ready to pop?
Palmers Cocoa butter massage cream for stretch marks leaving strange residue?
how old do you need to be to get your cartilage pierced. (without a parent)?
Should i proceed with my nose job?
I wish i was thinner!!!!!!!! I feel sooooo ugly!!!!!!?
What is this?? (see details)?
Do girls mind spots on a guy?
When do you use body polish ?
How can i shave my arms without getting those weird bumps?!?
thin lips... help!!!!!!!!!?
beauty or????
Natural glow? 10 points?
How much glutathione and vitamin c should I take?
What is the red bump thing around my hole of my belly piercing?
does having your belly button peirced hurt ?
how can i manage my nose ring boogers?
how come when i wash my face and dry it becomes really dry?
i really need to get rid of my spots but how?
My earring back will not come off.?
is it.......................?
Thinking about getting my nipples pierced...?
when i grow up will i be beautiful?
Accutane For Very Mild Acne?
How can I get rid of the DARK bags under my eyes???
Sally Hansen spray on shower off - does it work for you?
Am I fat? Help. Tips/tricks/problems.?
Retinol irritation on face?
Snakebite Piercing Pain?
Does getting ur ears peirced hurt?
Is it ok if I change my newly pierced ears after about 10 days?
Do I look heavy/fat? (torso pics)?
Unique Belly Piercing Ideas?
Would you recommended a 14 year old teen to get a navel piercing?
How can I convince my mom to let me use a tanning bed?
how long after a tongue piercing can you drink alcohol?
Is there any type of self tanning lotion that evens skin tone, isn't harsh chemical wise, isn't orange?
How to get rid of my acne?
can you use neosporin to clean your ear piercing?
please please help me! sun burned BAD!?
I get white stuff on my lips after using Vaseline and other lip balms. why?
white/clear flesh under my nails?
im bored so im going to pierce my belly button on my own. what will i need?
IAM 18 OLD BOY IAM FROM KERALA how to remove red pimbles on my face?
What is the best way to get a tan?
who would want to go out with me i am 14 5ft6inch have blue eyes and brown hair!! names aj?
what are paper thin ear drums, what can happen to them?
hw to gt rid of body hair,othr thn waxin n shavin?
(MATURE PEOPLE ONLY PLEASE) How do I remove scars and dark spots from my body?
skin problems!!! please help?
Ladies, do you prefer a loofah or nylon net puff?
Can hourglass figure female have a flat butt?
getting my tongue re-done today but I work at a call center...?
do i have a pretty face?
cheeks piercing, yes or no?
what eye color do girls like best?
Shaving bumps?
does the nipple piercing hurt? for females though?
What is a cheap healing and blemish banisher product for sensitive parts of your face?
i m a female my age is 16 i want to become fair within 4-5 days naturally my skin is dry and too sensitive?
What is the age for tanning in illinois?
Can smiley piercing migration lead to rejection?
who is my match maker?
Is 34B a good size for boobs?
How can I sort out my skin?
big boobs and bikini hunting!?
Natural shaving cream...?
How long are avarage naps?
how to get ride of a huge pimple in 5 days with house hold items?
How do I get rid of stretch marks?
Lips serious answers plz.?
i ask question you my sin about and give me solution?
Ladies: What do you base your bath and lotion purchases on?
how much do hip dermals cost in kansas?
Teen Stretch Marks! Help please!?
Is the labret bar in my snake bite supposed to point toward the floor?
How to stop cuts from scarring?
Eyebrow piercing infection?
what do you need to make perfume? and how do you make perfume?
in tennessee when you go to get your belly button pierced can a person over 18 take you if your parent cant?
im using garnier oil clear face wash would it help me 2 clear of my face from pimples?
I smoked for 8 years, what can I do to fix my skin?
Moisturizer For Combination Skin?
Should I get breast implants?
What to expect when getting my eyebrow pierced?
How long should I wait between each size(stretching) to 0g?
Pores clogged (cheeks, nose, forehead, chin...everywhere) on a daily basis?
I get these hard little whitish lumps on my face?
whats the difference between shaving and waxing??????????????????/?
How do I look? How are my Abs? What can I do to look better?
What Is The Sexiest Facial Piercing On A Girl?
can you loose wieght without exercise?
Is this a good way to tan?
New Septum piercing questions?
Belly button piercing questions ? (:?
How do you lighten dark areas around your mouth and neck?
I have a very oily facial skin. Which one should I use?
I used to have pale skin but I gradually got darker from a sun tan...?
How do I get rid of razor burn?
wich acne percent is higher benzoyl peroxide 2% or 10%?
Has anyone tried the yes to tomatoes moisturizer?
Fresh nose piercing: stud won't go all the way in?
Where would I buy/order these piercings?
how do i keep my face clear, and not greasey?
i have uneven skin tone what should i do?
what did YOU do last night?
Mouth burning after tongue piercing?
Nape microdermal is migrating out. Can I get it re-pierced after removal?
What's the difference between pat or rub dry?
PROACTIV...does it really work as well as they say?
Is proactiv solution available in any stores in NY?
Eyebrow OR Lip piercing? ( 2 Photos of self )?
How come my top lip isn't the same color as my bottom lip?
How do i make my eyebrows darker?
Really dry feet?
small nipples attractive (pics)?
Is a double belly piercing a good idea?
Will liposuction get rid of back dimples (Dimples of Venus)?
How to properly exfoliate my skin?
Will castor oil make my legs hairy?
getting rid of blackheads on my nose!!!!!?
How Can I Make My Skin MEGA Soft?
Does Smooth Away work? (the hair removal product) (5 stars)?
uuugh please helpp .. ?
tongue piercing question?
Can I change my belly button ring everyday?
how to be punk? emo? gothic? =]?
Does picking my nose make my nose bigger?
Is my tongue piercing too far back? (new)?
Help! going skiing need tips for skin!?
Where can I become white like Micheal Jackson?
How can i convice my mom to let me get my lip periced?
help me please thank you?
do you use avon skin care products?? if so, do you like them and why do you like it??
Is this the summer of the Bay City Rollers reunion?
What face wash is the best for acne?
Huge Pores, Oily Skin... HELP!!!!?
00 gauge (10 mm) ear rip?
How Much...?
best piercing to get ???
Why did you get a piercing?
Girls have you ever had a Brazilian wax and how bad does it hurt? What is the normal cost?
How can i reduce the size of my cheeks?
What was your experience with facial fillers (Radiesse or Restylane)?
Has putting toothpaste on a zit ever worked for you?
How to get rid of this ?
how should i use my proactive?
Is it possible to thicken hand cream?
would a series of facials help with cystic/severe acne?
Lip Piercing Tools?
should I get a Cartilage Piercing?
I want a full body... hair, skin, body makeover and need help!?
Hoe do you get rid of those baggies under your eyes?
How can I make myself throw up?
my skin is too sensitive and oily can any one suggest me a mild soap ?
How do I keep my skin pale ???????
How do I get ride of dark circles around my eye?
lip piercing...?
how do I get rid of eye bags?
Is my acne really that noticeable.?
How to use AcneFree 3steps?
what do u use to remove scars?
My 3 month old navel piercing is VERY dry! Help!?
Tragus swelling after piercing it?
Can you form you chin so that it is cleft (or called buttress chin)?
Has anyone tried the Neutrogena microdermabrasion system?
How much does upper body wax cost?
How can I get my skin to being light?
lines on forhead.. major HELP!!!?
Tanning question, I'll burn so help?
When i get a tan in a stand up tanning bed will my freckles pop out where i use to have them?
How to get rid of clogged pores?
How often should i tan?
im 14 how can i get bigger breats?
How Much Does a Chin Lift Cost?
I pierced my lip with a nail gun, but now my face is nailed to the desk?
How long can I keep my eyebrow piercing out for?
Itchy scalp?
Cloth Getting Fade! Why can't Skin?
Does wearing thong make the skin darker between the cheeks?
How can I stop myself from fainting?
Tips for keeping my skin clear?
Are back dimples genetic?
Do i have cute ears.............?
Can you answer my ear stretching questions?
I'm 13 and have wrinkles around my eyes when I smile (LITERALLY)?
tanning lotion mess up!!!?
Skin id vs. Proactive?
My navel piercing is not healing and it's been almost past it's time....WHY IS THAT?!?
Hey I really have rough hands..what should I do to make them softer and smoother?Please help!?
am i going to get a blow out? ear stretching?
Changing my lip piercing?
What are some natural home remedies that help get rid of acne and clean your face?
My Face wont stop breaking out!!! HELP!?!?!?
Can you use a regular razor as an alternative?
piercing clamps/foreceps! help me!?
Does any part of your body makes you feel unhappy or look ugly?
How do I get rid of stretch marks?
How to make your underarms lighter?
i'm tanorexic...?
why am I breaking out!!!?
i want to get a belly button ring. info please?
Girls... when I shave my legs?
i want to make my eyes more healthy and clear?
I have a bump on my nose and its really ugly in pics!!!?
what color are your eyes?
how long should i wait before washing off jergens natural glow?
I pierced my ear with a needle then took it out and it closed right away?
is having your tongue pierced trashy?
can i hide stretched ears at 8mm / 0g?
What moisturiser do you suggest?
I am 17 yrs old. I had black hairy arms. It was really embarrasing so i started shaving everyday. Is this bad?
Question about hair removal for ladies...?
Belly button piercing question!?
Does a Tragus piercing hurt?
Should I get my nose pierced? Will it leave a scar some day?
verticle hood piercing info?
Does a acne treatment that is 10% benzoyl peroxide work better than one that is 1% salicyclic acid? Why?
How can I make my lips bigger?
How do you get white-out off of your finger nails?
do i have a pear or hourglass figure?
I want big boobs:( any advice people?
Is my belly button piercing rejecting? (Pictures included)?
is it a good idea to get a belly ring?
Can I put regular salt and warm wAter on my new piercing?
I have acne and need help!?
Ladies a little help please.. How do you remove big eye bags? ^_^?
Belly button peircing?
Does this sound fat?
Ear piercing question?
How to seriously get rid of my acne :( PLEASE HELP?
Bets face cleanser for chest acne? Remedies?
Has anyone ever been spray tanned with Sun Fx?
What does it feel like to get nose pierced?
I need to interview a worker at a tanning salon what are some questions I could ask?
how can i keep my nails clean from dirt?
are my measures ok :D:D:D?
what works best for dry ed lips?
I'm Puerto Rican and Black but looks Black Why?
I am in the process of loosing Weight. Does any one have a remedy for stretch marks?
If you put henna on top of pen, will it wash off?
How do you get rid of a zit in less than one day??!!?
Sunscreen Ingredient May Increase Skin Cancer Risk?
Acne is ruining my life...what do i do?
Belly Piercing help?!?
how can i make my skin lighter?
My bra slips up, is it too big or too small?
How can I make my face lighter? any good products?
I had a blowout at size 10gauge?
Does it hurt to get your nose pierced?
how to get rid of shave bumps...?
Can you help me with my acne?
is it weird for me to think the most sensuous part is ?
how do you get rid of sweaty armpits??!!?
Does tanning salon spray taning make your skin look orange? How long does it last? ?
On a scale of 1-10, how bad does it hurt getting your ears peirced?
Which Vitamin E capsule works best if broken open and applied externally to stretch marks?
Wrinkle Cream... !!!?
Is it healthy to go tanning once a week?
How to tone out my skin?
What is the sexiest piercing a girl can get? (For Guys)?
Do you think they will let me>?
i am 14 5'6 and 136 do you think thats healthy?
Do any Drugstores or Pharmacys sell Proactiv?
Does ear peircing hurt?
Do I have an attractive body?
Pimples on face Hellpp?
face not toning down?
How can i stop biting my nails?
This sounds like a stupid made up question but, my nipples?
Do you think this body type is attractive?
Plz share your skin care routine!?
Please Help?
Do you think 5'3" short for a woman?
How to get rid of the dark circles under my eyes?
facial treatment?
how do i get my mom to let me get my nose pierced?
Would piercing your nose yourself just hurt more?
anyone else had this skin problem before? what did you do?
Are uneven breasts ridiculously unattractive?
Im getting dermals on the back of my neck, any design or color ideas?
where is the nearest biotherm store/counter around stoke on trent?
What facial piercing should I get?
Do you think I have big ears?
Should I get my tragus pierced??
question about tanning?
Should I get cartilage piercing or no?
what can i use to make your piercing on my lips not hurt as much?
Pills for Acne?
I am 11 and I use baby lotion?
♥Does anyone know about Scarsdale, TX???
Help.. What tanning lotion should I buy?
Healthy ways to get clear/ish skin?
This qeustion is for the lady's about a type of cologne.?
Some questions about sun care product.. ^^?
have a rug burn on my nose...? 10 points!!!!!!!!!! to best!!?
How do I get Clear even skin tone?
i had pimples which soap is best to use and avaible in all markets please suggest me?
is it bad to squeeze pores?
Is it bad to wash your face 3 times a day?
Chapped lips? 24/7 yo.?
Am i as fat as i feel? ?
what happened to the new garnier eye roll on (the brown version)?
Problem Gauging my ears?
I had a boob job two weeks ago and I was wondering how long does it take it for them to soften up?
How to Cover Scars/Scratches on legs? ?
i hate my nose :( please answer?
Is Great Value Pure Honey organic? I don't see the word "organic" printed on it but I will assume pure is?
My neck is too hairy? I want to shave it?
i hate my really pale white skin what can i do?
I need a good lotion that mostureizes alot and locks in fast and isnt greasy?
My is prickly from shaving.?
Brown people can have freckels?
Is there a way i could persuade my mom to let me get my septum pierced?
how long will it take for a tan that i got using tanning oil to fade/go awayy? thanks!?
what are the risks with getting your tongue pierced?
Ear lobe piercing and healing?
I won a free $20 piercing ticket! What piercing should I get?
will i ever get a body like that?
If I eat more fruits and vegetables will I get a healthier complexion?
I have dark circles under my eyes how do I get rid of them?
my daughters getting tan after swimming ? how to avoid it ?
Will going to a waterpark affect my newly pierced belly button?
why does this happen?
My nose stud fell out!?
I ordered Jojoba oil and is wondering if its good for the skin?
does it hurt to get your belly button pierced?
i have bags under my eyes...?
i need to know about Lip injections?
big big question?Gradual self tan moisturiser?how to apply it??
hawaiian tropic firming island glow?
Do you clean your ears with qtips?
Home remedies for acne? ?
whats a nice looking piercing for a girl to get?
curvaceous or skinny?
What is my body type?
What colour eyes have I got?
Dose tanning help psoriasis?
what are the TWO layers of skin in the INTEGUMENTARY system?
Girls: is it okay for a 14 yr old girl to shave her legs and arm pits?
Any natural hand washes to help with eczema on the hands?
Acne scars and scabs help?
Why is my chest not tanning as much as my belly and legs?
I am not attractive unless I am a stick?
What can i mix with lemon juice to put on my face to lighten my skin?
Skin shiners?? How do you get this affect??
MAC cosmetic products?
How can I get rid of my back acne?
OTC creams with Retinol are pricey - anyone try one they really like and think is worth it?
Do you find skinny legs attractive?
fair-skinned women?
piercing opinions? :D?
Okay please help!!!!!!!!!!!! I am sacred to go to the public pool......because i dont like my body:(?
Are there any home remedies for getting rid of pitted acne scars?
Can you predict how tall I'll be?
Question about this lotion (aveeno)?
how do I get rid of eye bags?
What is the best makeup for dark or medium skinned african americans?
Sensitive skin?
Do these girls look 'trampy'?
Does my six-pack look okay to you????
How to give yourself a hickey on your neck?
make spider veins less visible?
Belly piercings?
How do I get rid of bags under my eyes?
I got my navel pierced last Friday. Today it still has a bruise and it is a little red is that normal?
vicco termaric cream can cure pimples?
What the difference on skin products? Toner? Emulsion? Essence? Cream? Sleeping packs? Refiners? Serum?
Ladies, what do you think of me?!?
what foundations are good for eczema?
calling all people with clear healthy skin??
Awkward question alert!?
i waxed my hands 1 month ago?
what is best nipple piercing?
What Can I Do to heal serously dry lips?
Can you live without your fake tan?
can i use Blistex regular lip balm after exfoliating my lips with sugar?.?
I was wondering if I should get a septum piercing?
from tapers to plugs?
do it hurt when you get a belly ring?
How much is it to get snake bites?
Will it hurt to get my belly button pierced?
How come she looks like a different person? how did she make herself into a hottie?
is this supose to happen?
Does getting ur lip pierced hurt?
A skin issue..need help..?
Victoria's Secret body wash vs. shower cream?
How do i get rid of this?
What can happen if you eat too much BIOTIN (through food only, no pills)?
Is the Nasofix (non surgical nosejob device) a scam?
Ways to make my lips softer?
i really want to loose weight fast do u know real pills that work?
Bottom belly button piercing?
Triple conch piercing?
Why do some women have pancake butts?
Where can a 16 year old get her belly button pierced without parental concent in Las Vegas?
Would I look bad with a lip piercing?
Nose piercing.. to get or not to get?
am i fat?short?
Does the smoothaway work?
Do girls find _________ attractive??? Girls answer please!!?
teen girls please i need help with pimples!!??
I'm 13 and flat chested?
omg zit!!!!PLEASE HELP?
Why do pretty girls cut themselves?
What's the best coconut oil to moisturize my skin?
does waxing cause ingrown hairs? and if so.. how do you get them out!?
Where can I buy push up bras for small breast.?
what's the difference between nivea goodbye cellulite serum and gel?
i just streched my ears to a 3 can it close up ???/?
I want to get a fake bellyring (clip on), but I need some help?
i need to get tan!?
Is my nose infection permenant?
Anyway to remove broken blood vessels from my face?
tragus piercing healing process?
Best Primer for combination skin?
How to make homemade scrub••?
Would a septum piercing look okay on me[picture]?
how much does a vertical clit hood piercing hurt ?
my legs get irritaded when i shave help?
How to make yourself tan with household items for free.?
have you tried Origins Modern Fusion?
female body hair?
what works better for acne, Proactiv or Nuetrogena?
What is Aromatherapy?
should i get my bellybutton pierced without my parents consent?
Should i get my eyebrow, lip, nose pierced?
how cant i have pimples and other skin imperfections?
How can I get gorgeous skin like this?
Can you shave your arms?
please help!?
best product to get dark circles?
What are these things on my face?!?
How do you clear your face of black scars and blackheads from acne?
What am i to do when i've had acne for 3 years and it won't go away not evev proactiv works?????/?
What Help Clean My Face?
is a ointment with 15% zinc oxide good for use as a sunblock?
Is it safe to use Benzoyl peroxide face wash and a glycolic acid 10% cream together?
Any girls here shave their arms?
Do you use deodorant on a regular basis during winter months?
Where can I buy a stud for a cartilage piercing?
OMG!! Can somebody PLEASE help me get rid of my acne!!?
Nuface? Has anyone tried this product? If so, what was your experience like? Any improvement in skin tone?
Got half a taper in my ear and won't go any further....?
who knows how to get rid of?
On the Today Show April 14th, what was the name of the cosmetic company the woman with MS created?
Helix Piercing Help!?
remove hair from legs?
I got called a 'Butterface' is this true?
Tea Tree Oil for skin??
Can you get a lebret piercing right under your lip?
I want a nose piercing SO much but i cant get one ! Am i to young for them ?
I have itchy skin...?
how to get rid of these bags under my eye?
Irritated belly button piercing- help?
Ladies, put these qualities of a guy in order?
I have a light pigment on my leg and it bothers the heck out of me !! How would it to blend in?
Vote-Yes or No Did Proactive Solution work for you?
Do women prefer man with hairy chests or smooth chests?
Why do I have dark circles under my eyes? Im only 16.?
Men Getting tongue pierced?
what is Proactive and where can i get it , also how much is it ,thanks.?
Mother dear wont let me shave XP?
Under the skin spots...?
i got my rook pierced and the ear around it hurts so bad after 4 days, is that normal?
Easy Question ! : Am I Really Short =[?
WHY??!!!!! please answer!!!!!?
My belly button is kinda waxy?
whats the bast part of you body to get pierced?
Nose piercing on left or right side?
eyebrow crisis!! pleeese help!?
Will my nose stay or end up like...?
Back acne...?
Spotty legs?-fake tan?
What to wear with a calf tattoo, how to have decent bare legs?
Do freckles ever go away?
what is the best way to elimanite acne?
im too dark from tanning! how can i get my tan to fade faster? help please!?
Does it hurt to get your nose pierced?
Does getting your ears pierced hurt?
I don't know what to do about my wierd stretch marks?
What would be a good body scrub?
Why does my face look like it has dark patches?
What do u think about this girl?
Why did it hurt really bad when i got my lobes pierced? Everyone says it doesn't hurt?
i'm 14, should i get my nose pierced?
Dark Spots and whiteheads on my face, need help.?
in spa exfoliation ?
is it ok to shave your arms? PLEASE ANSWER!!!?
Remove stretchmarks and scars with laser!?
What worked best for clearing up your acne? I'm going crazy!?
Have any of you ever used Maderma to treat stretch marks from pregnancy? Was it a successful product?
NOSE PIERCING.How to cure a swelling?i did it 1 month ago with silver ring.Please help.?
whats the best smelling deodorant?
how much does getting your ears pierced hurt?
do teen facials work?
How do you remove dark spots from face?
Can I leave the stand up tanning booth door open?
Why do i get spots every time i shave my bikini line?
microdermal neck piercing fell out?
what are some good organic, all natural skin care lines from japan?
will my feet get bigger? or atleast stay the same.?
How long should you tan outside?
Will Germoline get rid of spots?
how can i get rid of acne?
Does Anyone Know What Would Be A Good Way To Hide Body Marks, Scars, Bruises etc.?
What piercing should I get?
Most attractive piercing on a girl?
I have red bumps and cuts from the grass. How can I get rid of the ugly bumps?
How can I get rid of this piercing bump on my nose?
After laser hair removal?
Does a monroe piercing hurt?
Sunscreen for your face?
dry skin and salicylic acid??
Is there any way to speed up facial freezing from going away?
Is there something that you can put on your skin to get tan but not be in the sun?
Tongue piercing...Beneficial to Male Partner?
I have my belly button pierced. Is that trashy?
What cause huge pores on the nose?
I have seen this on a TV commercial for foot care?
acne prob n scarves?
Besides moisturizer, what's a good way to combat dry, itchy skin?
should my new ear piercing be hurting?
Ingrown toe nail confusion?
what a good remedy to use to for face to get rid of scars and pimples?
I want to peirce my tounge with a kit. I only know you can get a kit online and I dont have a credit card. now
I have 2 questions about getting you're ears pierced can you help me?
I lost my deodorant, is there anything else that works like baking soda or soap or something, need help fast!!
Questions about inner conch piercing.?
In your opinion what is the most amazing part of the body?
does it hurt to get your lip pierced?
My toe nails are qhite and flaky?
What caused you to get your body piercing?
Is getting your navel pierced worse than stretching your ears?
Does anyone know any homes remrdies to brighten dark spots on the face?
rate me 1-10. and why? ((pic included))
What's your opinion on scarification?
I Need Help With Acne Problems?
Is it common to develop facial freckles in twenties?
I want to get a facial piercing but i don't know which would suit my face best. Any suggestions?
Saggy&pointed. How can I make my breasts look better?
Acne Help! Please!!!!!!?
Skinny until the death, is it worth?
arm hair...PLEASE HELP!!?
How do you get rid of a pimple over night?
What is this model called? Anyone knows her?
where is a good place to get a nose piercing in Clovis California?
acne problems help!!! i've tried everything!!?
Of all the beaches you've been to, which beach is the best for sun tanning?
chap stick recommendations???
Is it too late to remove piercing?
my nose and forehead are very prominent, is there a surgery to get a more level face?
Adding lemon juice to my lotion?
Piercing for a friend?
Would a cartilage piercing look stupid without a lobe piercing?
red/purple stretchmarks??
i'm having a breast reduction on May 30. And i would like to know what size should i go down?
Where can i Buy benzylarbutin, and equinol? please and thankyou?
How is toothpaste good for acne?
shaving legs???
is 55H+ Harmonie Reparateur good?
Can a dermatologist pierce my navel if I ask?
I HAve Dry SKin :( HELP PLEASE!?
Belly button piercing pain tips?
How to get smaller pores?
Which is better microderm abrasion or chemical peels?
dry skin after proactiv?
Best shaving cream for thick, dark hair on legs and/or bikini area?
Girls, if your EX was 2-inches tall and you held him in the palm of your hand What would you SAY and DO to him?
Any way to pull an all nighter and still look refreshed in the morning?
Shortest amount of time to switch a monroe out?
any advice on what to take for cellulite?
Am I ugly, 15 year old boy?
how do you get rid of the redness from an underground blemish or best way to cover it up today??!!?
i have deep lines under my eyes?
Am I the only 1 who think Breast & butt implants are a turnoff?
i have a question girls?
Pore minimising?
How do you get rid of pimples?
is a tongue ring consider a visible piercing?
How much do brazillian waxes hurt???
Bikini grooming questions???
How to get rid of acne besides washing your face?
what size of gauge should you start at?
exfoliating a tattoo?? will it fade?
Ear piercing infection?! help?!?
What's the best skin care regime for exceptionally oily skin?
Pimple on my chin...get rid of it! Help!?
What do you think of belly button piercings?
getting my belly button pierced...but i need to convince my dad.?
How do you get rid of circles under your eyes from lack of sleep?
Should I get a nose job? *pics*?
What's your take on a eyebrow piercing on a girl?
What eye color look best on tan skin?
How can I pierce my ears without my mom noticing the earrings the first 6 weeks?
Should I wear a bikini this summer or no? MEN & WOMENS opinions are both appreciated...?
Is 5'4 to short??????????????????
How can I get rid of stretch marks?
What is the best way to grow my forearms quick?
Do you think 35 is a bit old for me to be getting my nose pierced?
Had my vertical hood piercing for 4 months can I take it out for 6 hours?
what are the methods to control infection?
Long noticeable nose?
Do you get your nails done?
If you could make anyone fart loudly in public, who and where would it be and how would it sound?
i always get red in the face when dancing?
If i where to get my nose or lip pierced and i took it out would there be a scar?
Best products for oily skin, acne and acne scars?
Lip or not?
what does 69 mean?
An easy one - shaving legs!?
Get rid of scars on my legs?
How To Get Rid Of Acne With Eczema/Sensitive Skin?
So, is plucking your eyebrows somewhat dangerous?
What removal cream can i use for my privates?
How To Get Rid Of Black Line Under Mouth?
What are good moisterizers and face washes?
Why does my far look better when I DON'T wash it?
Belly Button Piercing. I have wanted to get my bellybutton pierced for almost two years, but i'm so scared.
Is it okay to be pale when everyone else is tan?
Do I have a big nose?
I'm starting to get spots?
Can pushing and moving your nose around change it?
How to unscrew the ball to a lip piercing stud?
I keep getting burnt in a tanning bed..?
I'm Getting My Ears Pierced Later Today?
I have a deodorant dilemma?
I've had my belly button percied for about 4 months and I was going to take out will it leave a bad scare ?
nipple peircing (male)?
Is ProActive cream good Do you recommend using it?
What is a good lotion that has LANOLIN in it?
What is the best fake and bake tanning lotion to use?
are bras comfortable or uncomfortable?
Do you think proactiv will work for me?
What's the aftercare on a temple piercing?
Im scared to get my belly button pierced?
How can i get rid of a burn scar caused by dry heat (hot metal)?
perfect skin?
Peter Thomas Roth Complexion Correction Pads?
should i get my nose pierced?!?
Bags under my eyes!?
How to fix an infected belly button piercing?
Does any one know how to make scares fade away?
who shaves their upper legs?
The heels of my hard feet?
What can I do so my legs can look really nice if i have extra sensitive, dry legs?
Could my septum be infected?
what style of clothes should i be wearing, I am 35 years old and have put on some weight?
my height is 5 5 and my weight is 48kg pls tell me how to gain weight,i tried eating everything did not work?
How long can an eyebrow piercing stay out for without closing?
My mom won't let me get a second earlobe piercing?
Should i use, Herbal essences dangerously staight mousse to help straighten my hair? Does it work?
whats a good treatment for dry elbows?
My skin is pretty tan, how do I get it back to the original colour?
how can i get rid of spots using stuff i would have at home?
White bump around nose ring piercing?
how do you get rid of black heads??
How many redness concealers/primers/foundations can you think of?
My ear piercing has half closed?
Some questions about Clearasil deep pore treatment wash?
How to get nice legs?
Do you really have to have a parent with you when you get your nose pierced?
How can i get rid of it? HELP!?
what ear to get your ear pierced?
where can find brazilian waxing services for men in sg?
Am I the only one who likes BIG girls?
What can I do about dark circles?
i want my nipples pierced but i don't want to pay a bunch of money any cheap spots in philadelphia?
what is your opinion on tongue piercings in girls?
Monroe Piercing?
Am I too fat to wear a bikini?
New lip piercing? Help!?
Suggestions needed for shower gel for Men ?
I have bad acne and pimples?
I hate being 30! Is it all down hill from here?
How can I make my shins darker to match my thighs in the tanning bed?
Proactive question?
How can you get rid of little bumps on your nose?
Should I Get Snakebites?
Girls...what do you think about guys getting their ear(s) pierced?
How do I get rid of my mustache?
getting rid of chapped lips... quick?!?
How do I use this oatmeal cleanser?
does anyone know of an effective way to eliminate or reduce stretch marks?
Best countries to sell natural skin products?
If You didn't like something of you and u wanted to change it what would it be?
what kind of tea bags do you use to get rid of those dark circles under your eyes?
I want a thicker body....?
Best way to get a good tan?
How to hide a hickey?
Cheaper version of the Clarisonic Mia ( or other electric exfoliator)?
I used a self-tanning product. I forgot to wash my hands and l look like an oompa loompa! HELP!?
What type of veggies and or fruit could i eat to make my hair and nails stronger?
how can i get clear skin and smaller pores?
What piercing would look best on my face?
Does this sound like it is a blackhead? It is large for a blackhead.?
Does Proactiv work?!?! Help?
Need help with my skin routine?
what do you think.. (PIX)?
Will I......?
how to get rid of acne? besides pro activ?
Can I get my bellybutton repierced?
Does Neutrogena Advance Solution Facial Peel work like a chemical peel?
Does the Neutrogena Healthy Skin Enhancer work??? Thanks (:?
Which piercing should I get?
Should I take the plunge...and go Brazilian down town??
Transverse Ear Piercing?
Is there a remedy for getting rid of bruises quickly?
why do people pick their scabs?
Does a naval or lip piercing hurt more?
8 piercings at 14? Too many too young?
Does skin color Matter?
How to look I get my face to look pretty?
How do you get dirt out of your Belly Button?
Katy Perry Earrings.....?
does anyone know?
What do you call those white bumps underneath the eyes?
I just got my nose pierced last night. ?
pierced ears?
EFFECTIVE spot creams for men?
Spf moisturizer for combination skin thats not greasy Please (for sensitive skin please)?
Would you ever get plastic surgery?
Jo Malone bath products and colognes?
should i use both face products?
cheek piercing question?
Meladerm cream.. is it safe? and from where can i buy it?? pls help!!?
Red Rash around MY NOSE!!!! HELPP!!!?
how to get taller?
what can i use to make my lips even color i got this dark out line from using blistex?
showering help?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
ive got a lot of pimples on my face?
I'm 13 and I have horrible bags under my eyes?
can i get my cartilage pierced with a captive hoop instead of a stud?
Crusader Ultra Brand Skin Toning Soap?
How often should I wash my face?
Ways to smell nice other than deodorant?
Ladies what do you think about freckles?
Best facial moisturizer for dry, flaky skin.?
Breast implants?
How to reduce puffiness on my face?
What peircing should I get next?
Would a pregnany belly ring help my sunken in belly piercing?
Navel ring too long for me?
What are some homemade facials I can do that is not a mask?
Are there any women that think a pierced tongue looks hot on a guy?
how long does it take geting rid of acne with proactiv/acnefree?
ive been getting my periods for the last 2yrs and they are still not regular?
Im a 15yr old girl and how do I remove the embarassing hair above my mouth? Help?
A question about facials.?
Am I too young to stretch?
Do dark skinned women like light skinned men?
help with deoderant please!!!!?
what kind of piecing is this?
How do I get rid of acne?
i have pale skin. HELP ME!!?
how long does it take to close up a piercing?
how can I hide a nose piercing?
How To Remove Dried In Dirt ?!! Please Help?
Does arousal decrease significantly after removing a VCH piercing?
how long does a good tan take?
DIY facial...?
My cartliage piercing is very painful?
Can i use st. ives apricot scrub for?
I've got lots of pimples on my chest.?
How bad does a belly button piercing hurt?
Sooooooooooooo Boobs?
What do you think Tattoo or Piercing life?
I bite my nails........?
how do u get rid of body acne?
Bump inside my lip near my lip piercing hole?
Does getting your cartalidge pierced hurt?
My toes/feet are gross. How do I fix the following: bulging veins on feet, hammer toes, no pinky toenail??
need help on homework. about proactiv solutions.?
Can my aunt take me to get my lip peirced?
i really need to get rid of my spots but how?
how much does a belly button piercing hurt?
Infected cartilage piercing?
Im thinking of waxing my chest I've got a few questions ?
Eyebrow, Nose, Septum, or monroe? (Pics)?
How can i get a bigger butt?
clear acne scars with clinique dark spot corrector?
How can i get a nice tan at the beach?
which tanner?
should i get it pierced...?
Does bleaching facial hair give you more facial hair?
Do i really need to take my tongue piercing out?