whats the difference between sunless tanning lotions and tanning oils?
Tanning Bed Question?
Ear lobe piercings above each other rather then side by side? What are those called?
Does Clean & Clear work?
how do you close open pores?
Is it cool for a guy to tan?
Can you drink alcohol straight after you get your nose pierced?
I am almost 18 and one of my breasts is a c cup and my other is an a cup I need help!?
How to remove dirt effectively from pores and get smaller pores?
i dont like my body..?
Help i cleared my (girl) mustache?
What's the best times to tan outside?
How often do girls, you know, "do themselves"?
Should I get my belly button pierced ?
what should i do about the bluish/purple marks on my legs?
what type of face wash works best?
does a tummy tuck get rid of the stretch marks on your hips?
Can someone help me out with acne?
Is it okay to wash your face with soap?
school starts in like two weeks and my skin is showing that i'm nervous!?
How to help oily skin?? help?
Has anyone used tea tree oil to clear up acne?
Blood on Tragus piercing?
is shaving your arms wierd?
What is the best thing to wash your face with?
is it ok to...?
Does anyone have a remedy for this?
I have several rashes on my chest that are due to peeling of the skin is there any cure for them?
I want to GAIN weight!!?
Pros and Cons of getting my belly button pierced?
Can an 11 year old get a navel piercing?
what face piercing should i get?
What do u think this song means, I wrote it and tried to hide the meaning and i want to see if its noticable?
how do you reduce the apperence of already existing stretch marks?
Women Breast???
I just got my bellybutton pierced and it's red?
Is it weird my arms and legs are darker then my neck and face?
please look at this!!!!!!!!!!!!!help!!!!!!?
Proper way to stretch your ears?
Isn't it nasty looking for a woman.....? see details?
When tanning, How long should I lay out for best resluts?
Extremely self concious about breat size?
Are belly button piercings Hot or not? (guys opinions)?
hi i am 21 yrs gal,..plzzzz kindly advice..?
Hair on back,stomach and upper arms.?
Doo uu thinkk ii am ugly,.?
Viens on my breasts!(self-confidence) TeenHelp!..(.s)?
I've just gone through stuff in my life which has sapped my confidence. Would you say I'm attractive?
should i lose more weight?
Should I go for the nose piercing?
belly button?
I wanna know how to grow TALL!!?
what r sum other stores like lush cosmetic.?
How to fix inverted nipples?
Too young for plastic surgery?
How do I make my boob's look big?
Supre Tansium Tanning Lotion??
When people go to nude beaches do they usually shave "down there"?
Waxing my legs myself tomorrow, any tips?
How can I make a home made facial, like at spas?
Eyebrow piercings; is there such thing as minor infection?
I popped a pimple. I know I shouldn't have done that. What should I do (to keep inflammation down?)?
Is it true that drinking water can get rid of pimples?
I think black eyes (bruises) are hot, HELP?
Best way to get rid of bags from under your eyes?
is antiseptic disinfectant alright to use for cleaning my infection?
How long do I wait before my ears are fully healed?
How long does it take nose cartilage to go back to original shape?
How to get rid of Wrinkles?
•H E L P• Full Body shaving for a female ? Nair ? Anything :'( !?
what can i do to remove pores?
How to help oily skin?
How to Lose Weight while keep the size of breast?
Is 36B a to big or to small for my body type?
Sudden septum piercing pain?
I left Nair on too long, and my skin got irritated, HELP!?
how to get a clear face?
would it be okay for me to go in a tanning bed?
i've gone 11days without washing, anyone gone longer?
Any Self tanners that work good?
will a piercing shop change my septum?
nose piercing question?
food coloring in sugar scrubs?
What does girls think about guys with pale skin?
Acne help!! Need good acne wash!?
Skinny, yet still have fat?
what do i to get rid of my melasma? iv tried everything :(?
Tips for a 13 year old girl to have a clearer face in 1-2 months?
shaving your arms?
If I get my belly button pierced this weekend, will it be healed by the end of June / early July?
Should I used astringent with face wash or just one?
my face is randomly breaking out, it's sort of annoying...?
TWO toned skin help?
what is this Self piercer tool?
Just had my ears scalpelled.. question?
Palmers Coco Butter Formula?
when you use skin lighting creams what hormone does it work with in your body to fade your blotches?
washing your face?
My skin always looks MUCH clearer if I sleep with my makeup on.. is that weird?
Clinique 3 Step VS. Kiehl's?
how can i get rid of the dark spot under my arm?
Fake Tanning Disaster !?
Best razor blade sharpeners?
Where can i find an exfoliator for my face?
OMG. i just got in my car and the sunray beamed at my face..will i get darker?!?
i am really,scared of getting my belly button pierced?
Is it better to let your skin just peel from dryness?
How Can I Sort This Out?
is this a good way i would take care of my skin everyday...?
changing a cartilage piercing?
Am I considered too thin or just right?
i have an ugly brown stain on my two front teeth since i was like 11 its only on those teeth?
What is the right ear shape for an industrial piercing?
is it possible to peel out my mole?
do women care about if a guy is hairy but he shaves it?
Am I too fat for a belly button piercing? (picture)?
Desperate to get my tongue pierced...?
Need Help! Ive used a face scrub too much im red! POINTS 4 BEST ANSWER?
Do I have a really ugly nose?
How Much Does A Cartilage Piercing Hurt?
Best brand of skin care products for redness/rosacea?
animal friendly products?
Can I have breast augmentation, lipo and a nosejob in the same intervention?
Reddish spot or blemish on nose?
What happens if u try to clean a noes piercing with rubbing alcohol?
I'm having dry skin problems...?
How long do i wait before i change my nose ring?
who here thinks that hilary duff went uglier?
how do i make lavender vanilla soap in less than a week?
Pimples Help, what can u use?
how to get rid of spots on back?
Hanging skin under my inner top lip eeeewwww?
Help!!! Skin Taken Off By Waxing Stips.?
How to hide/get rid of panty lines?
my skin has been getting weird?
how much ae belly button piercings?
I have perfect skin but...?
i want a tan!?
which antiperspirant/deodorant do you think is best?
How to get rid of acne scars?
ask mom about belly button piercing?
ive had my cartilage pierced for 8 months and it is still very sore. is something wrong?
I feel like I have small breasts?
White area around my lips?
does it hurt to get your ears peirced?
how do you prevent dry feet during the winter months ?
I want to switch self-tanners...?
Does your bedroom affect your beauty routine? If so how? Same goes for the bathroom?!?! HELPPP?
to prevent white hairs?
How do I get my whole body to get whiter?
dark under arms?
how to fade a little hickey ?
Fraxel - Help please?
i have to be a sexy dancer with a midriff shirt on stage...but i have some hair on my back and stomach..?
I have question about my lip piercing?
Why do I always have difficulties with my T zone?
What cool piercings are there I can get?
breast implants?
spots on forehead -.-''?
Does anyone use the Neutrogena Advanced Solutions Complete Acne Therapy System. And does it work?
If i get a piercing around my mouth area and don't like it, will the hole close on it's own?
Should I get a lip piercing?
What's the deal with mineral oil and petrolatum in lotion?
How to use Mederma?
How can I make my eyelashes longer without using false eyelashes?
i got my belly button pierced and i dont know its infected ?
any suggestions?
Why is being dark skin so bad, but having a tan is great...?
How to solve uneven dark pigmentation problems, overall dark tone, and prevent it from reoccurring in our face?
Scared for life?
dark circles under my eyes?
Please answer both genders!?
So for my first time tanning?
Only girls answer please kinda personal?
When I wake up...?
I have washed my face like 4 times today, but now its sore and just as oily as before?
Do lip piercings ruin your teeth?
how to remove white heads?
does proactiv work?
Can I clear my skin when medication is the problem?
Do YOU worry about the way you look?
What piercing should i get?
Tongue piercing is 5 days this normal?!(Pic included)?
Would you do this for PERFECTLY clear skin?
oily face...............?
What facial moisturizer is good for sensitive and spot-prone skin?
What do you do to keep your skin smooth (cheeks), especially after shaving?
Girls help me please!!!!!?
Does getting ur belly button relli hurt because some of my m8s say it hurts and some of them say not HELP ME !
How to get redness in my cheek to go down? Please answer!?
Inverted Navel rings?
why is is that everytime i look in into the mirror, i acutally kinda do like the way i look, but when a pic...
Would i look good with snakebite piercings? (IM A GUY)?
How to grow taller fast?
What Internet sites have cologne for discounted prices?
Peroxide in my eyes!?
Which Method of Tanning Do You Prefer, The Tanning Bed, Mystic Tan, or Other Sunless Tanning Products and Why?
waxing legs?
How do I get the color of my boobs even with the rest of my body?
Do you think a fifth grader is old enough to date?
Need advice about my new Venom piercings, tips and food choices? What to expect on healing time?
does anyone think Iam hott?!!?
I really really really want this piercing?
Going to get my nose pierced tonight :)?
im 18 size 12 D-DD and i want them bigger much bigger any tips on how to do so without surgery?
How can i remove my hair near to my *** hole with out pain?
Industrial piercing in right eat?
whats better pale or tan?
where can i get my lip pierced?
Why am I breaking out in hives all of a sudden? Proactiv?
how do you make homemade wax?
Infected belly button piercing?
Tongue piercing ??? Should i get one or not?
what's the best scar cream i can use on my arms?
How old do I look????? ?
are there any home remedies for my skin?
I need a feeder? Please help.?
19 and now have puffy dark circles that wont go away?
I want my lip periced, but im 13, can I get it done?
how to get rid of stretch marks?
What are some good moisturizers..?
Anyone that has been on Acctane (for acne)!? Questions!!?
Without being XXX rated, what is your favorite body part??
Industrial piercing bruising?
has anyone tried the new Clinique 3-step system???
Do you think she's model material?
Help...My acne will not go away! I have tried everything even Proactive! Nothing works.?
How can you get rid of stretch marks?
I have small red spider veins on my face. Has anyone had dermatological treatments to remove these?
Best product to clear skin, even tone, soften skin, minimize pores, and clear blackheads?
How to cover a birthmark on my forehead?
How can I make dark sunken eyes & deep laugh lines disappear?? :(?
Why did only one of my ears closed after gauging them?
Does any one know how good the Sally Hansen self spray tan works.?
how to get rid of acne scars for cheap?
i want to get my ear pierced?
how do i make my boobs look biggger?
Tattoos what do I do?
whats the best way to get rid of a rash on my face?
Freckles... down there..?
Belly button piercing.. HELP!?
can you use mouthwash to disinfect tapers?
Lip changing help???
im getting my ears pierced tomorrow and i was wondering if they can do 4 piercing(2 in each lobe) in 1 sitting?
ear stretching (PLuGS) question?
What's the best and/or fastest way to remove black hair dye from your skin?
Blackheads... How to get rid of them like forever?
Belly Button peircing problem?
Please help on how to increase my butt size?
What is the most inexpensive thing that fights acne and black-heads you know of?
How to stay fit, without too much their any way to stay fit with little bit exercise in our dail
My face is to oily is that bad?
how to get rid of oil on nose?
How to get freckles? and what about moles?
Piercings? Click here! ?
OMG HELP. I've started to wax my legs, but i'm to scared to pull the strip off . What do i do? NEED HELP .
Different brands of beauty products?
how to remove red spots from my face which were caused due to bleaching? plz plz plz help friends?
what are the best ways to keep your skin (face) clean and smooth?
Question about my body....?
why do people think tall is good?
spots and blackheads..?
How to get rid of pimples (FAST)!?
Would somebody PLEASE tickle my feet?
Plz help me guys :) !!?
Helpp! has anyone tried lumnaskin or any face bleaching cream??!?
When was the last time you encountered someone with Body odor?what was your first thought about y they have it
shaving legs..why dont they stay that way?!?
Do women prefer hairy guys or shaved guys?
How can i get rid of my spots?
I need a way to make my legs more attractive?
How should I clean my navel piercing?
What does the industrial piercing me ?
Is my nose ring infected??
Proactive solution users...?
How to sleep on newly pierced ears?
omg what do you do when you get a freakin pimple?!?
Non Scented body spray?
recently started using Witch Hazel as a toner after washing my face because I've read that it does wonders fo?
is it true that a papaya soap will naturally help lighten your skin?
i am very slim how to put on weight?
Help for a health problem?
belly button piercing, Few questions? Thanks x?
Does anyone have an opinion on Proactiv versus Murad Acne Complex kit?
****What piercing to get?
Why does my tongue burn after get it pierced?
Do you know a good way to make my hair good?
How to make my FRAXELED skin peel faster?
how do you remove body glitter?
when to do the facial before a programme?
What kind of face wash should i get?
What is the best way to remove hair from legs?
i have oil skin, so my face is getting so dark and tired soon when i go out .. plz suggest me..?
green tea and almonds?
how long before my Monroe piercing heals up(i want to get it redone)?
hello i got eyebrow pierced and it won't heal?
Tanning outside ...?
how to make ur skin glowing and fresh?
height problem ?! :/?
Is there a retainer for a horizontal eyebrow piercing ?
How do I get acne/pimples off of my back?
how do you tan your sides in a tanning bed?
Huntsville, AL bikini waxing salon?
How to get my dad to let me have my belly button peirced?
How can i bleach my pubes?
How can I get tan in 30 days?
Should I tell my mum my 14yr old sister smokes?
Does anyone know how I can buy "Tridyn Synergel"?
Hair removal that gets rid of little black hairs?
Is it alright to go to the mall....?
Can i do laser hair removal? Please Help!?
how old do you have to be to get ur belly button peirced with an adult?
How to lighten your skin with a lemon and does it really WORK?
Great (cheap) skin serums?
Okay hard question... Bet there won't be an answer. Or at least a good one.?
How to change eyebrow piercing?
can i have a nose piercing AND a lip piercing but not at the same time? Like take turns?
hating this bumpy pimple?
what spray tan??
Smiley piercings...........?
How Can I Tell Her???
How to look good in a swimsuit :)?
stretching my ears from 20 to 14g tapers?
Which celebrities have their cartilage pierced?
When you get your belly button pierced?
Infected belly ring? A little red?
Should I shave my arms?
i just got my belly ring pierced how do i clean it?
Where, in Surrey, does side-belly piercings?
why iam getting some pimples when iam using new products?
Male 30 years old thinking of getting my ears pierced?
Do you think i could model?
Name my spa!?
Bad acne, what can I do??
Brazilian wax does it hurt?
How do I take a shower with a new cartilage piercing?
help with cosmetology/facials??
What exactly is Lush Shower Jelly/any shower jelly?
I'm 13 years old and i am very flat chested HELP ME!!?
How long will it take to go back down to an 8 from a 4g?
The point of no return for ear stretching? Please provide links if you have them?
How to get rid of acne?
Helix Piercing Help Please?
how do you loose thigh fat?
What are good products to use for shaving armpits and legs?
Who is the best cosmetic surgeon for rhinoplasty in L.A?
How to convince my mom to let me get a lip peircing?
microdermal neck piercing fell out?
Have u ever used Body shop products ? which is your favorite ?
do i have a pretty face?
what is trimming ??and will it help to heal a ingrown toe nail ?
Does getting your belly button pieced hurt?
how do i get rid of ance in two weeks before my wedding day?
Face creams? Easy 10 points!!!?
i am 27 yrs n i have a oily skin i want to make my skin more clear?
Shaving down there. :/?
Does taking vitamin c supplements help to reduce the size of pores?
Nose Piercing? Helpppppp?
is it safe to pierce your septum yourself?
Tongue Piercing Again !
How do i look from behind in a bikini? (picture)?
Modern body piercing (since '60s)?
I hate breasts?
What color are your eyes?
I'm looking for a good place to get a gift certificate for a pedicure in Sun City, AZ.?
Does anyone no where i can get a cover up for all the hair bumps on my legs and it has to be water proof?
Im only 14 years old and already have this problem?
Where can I buy tumeric powder and gram flour?
For whitening skin is baking soda used or baking powder used?
SPF-30 help........??
Is there any way to reduce the bad smell of my body without using deodorant?
Will my broken belly piercing heal back to normal?
Navel piercing?
Facial moisturizer for summer?
Seriously, do NOT buy!!?
What are the chances of getting a keloid from a tongue piercing? Please Help.?
Does proactiv really work?
Skin Care For an 11 year old!!!!!!!?
whenever i get my nose periced should i let them use a gun or needle?
homopathy way removing acne parmanently?
how to balance the piercing on my ears?
will tanning kill me in this case?
Need Some Tanning Advice?
Anal bleaching.. Crest whitening strips in the anus?
Im really pale. Help?
Okaayy..I am very very VERY pale;;?
What is a good face wash for acne?
Can push up bras hurt breasts and make them saggy?
What is the Sexyest part of a man's body? Men and Women can answer?
if you have skinny legs can you wear miniskirts?
How to cure my acne? ?
13 year old getting navel pierced ?
What is a home-made face spritzer like you could buy at the store?
I have to change in gym class but I have really hairy legs. What do I do? (boy)?
My lips get chapped pretty bad in the winter , what could i use?
What do you think about showering every other day?
which moisturize product for skin care is good for me?
How to get rid of white spots on my face?
What is this piercing called?
How do you keep from sweating, and letting it SHOW?
How to clean freshly streched ears?
How to get high cheeks?
Toothpaste get's rid of acne?
How do you reduce the redness after waxing?
Is slimming pills recommended????
ACNE HELP....................................…
around how much does it cost to have your ears gauged for the first time?
Nose piercing Help ?
any (new) tips for under eye puffiness?
Please rate me a 1-10?
Does anyone know any homemade acne cream?
Help me out lol .... ?
is this weird?
Can I take my plugs out of my ears?
What is the best over the counter acne product?
im a dark skinned to achieve a fair skin tone?
Shiseido substitute/equivalent?
Winter dry skin on face - help??
How do you get rid of black bags under the eyes...?
What do you think of these girls? Are they good looking?
what are good home-made face masks?
i have oily skin and my pores are always open what is the best thing for my skin?
Nose piercing Help ?
why do i have a sixth toe?
How much weight can be lost in 2 months?
How to get rid of acne scars?
Is it safe to super glue a small rhinestone to skin?
How do i get rid of acne?
Nose Piercing?
Nivea vs Degree deodorant?
how to get rid of under eye black? plse help?
Where can i buy diana stalder underarm whitening and peeling set? I'm located in Tondo, Manila. ?
Noxzema Triple Clean....??
I have been stressed out lately and my face has broken out?
clean & clear advantage kit direction?
HI I am a guy on my neck where I am shaving,that part is getting black than my face part,please suggest cream?
What's a good way to get rid of acne?
Waxing down there....?
who do i treat my face if its bad?
taking care of your body: how much time it gets to see good results?
Is 13 too young to have your cartalige peirced?
how do i know if i bought fake glutha injectables?
nose piercing question?
How do you get rid of bad razor burn on your knees?
Tragus piercing on both ears?
how much for the bikini hair removal?
how to get rid of oily skin..?
Soaps and shaving creams that aren't animal tested?
Post operation acne..please help. I am depressed as these leave black marks on my skin.?
difference between ultra pore strips and pore strips for biore?
Best Asian skin whitening body lotion and soap?
My Hickey wont leave !!!?
Three big pimples have suddenly appeared on my face?
Anybody have dark circles under their eyes?
whats the best method for shaving your legs as mine are always sore and itchy after words.?
White Spots In my face, how to get rid of it?
what store can I buy a bath bomb/ball/fizzie thing in so cal?
Fake Bake sunless tanner by Sephora?
Can you take 1 minute to vote for me? it's just one click!?
I think my dentist is also my son's bus driver. How can I tell?
Can you change your nose to any shape with a nose job?!?
can people with fair skin tan?
are cold showers recommended for skin?
Saggy&pointed. How can I make my breasts look better?
Can I take out my cartilage piercing?
Is going to get waxed (down there) really awkward?
Lip piercings on women...?
how can solve the pimbles problem?
what do i do about these craters on my face?!?!?
Girls only!?
Anyone else ever get a ingrown hair hurts really bad sentive area to..?
would i look good with my nose peirced?
How should I get rid of my tan lines?
Are these body measurements normal for me??
Which is the best lotion brand for your skin to buy at Target or Walmart?
Casual sex and body issue?
Are my boobs a good size? (Insecure)?
My mom wont let me shave my arms?
is my nose awful ?
do you think proactiv does work?
I have terrible Acne scares...HELP!!?
If I use self tanning lotions how do I get it on my back?
Are loofahs and scrubs the same?
What acne products should I buy to help the pimples and bumps??????????//?
With a healed tongue piercing, can you eat anything?
i'm size 38/D, can i get breast implants?
Gauging from a 10 do an 8?
My Boyfriend is on CRACK! Should I break up with him?
how to get my fair skin back as i was very fair till 9 but now i m brownish ..i m 15?
I look like a MAN. what now?
What do I do to look mature? (pic included)?
Navel piercing question?
HELP, ewwwy face.???????????????????????????
e.l.f cosmetics?
does anyone know a good way to get rid of pimples?
what does toners (for the face) do for your face?
how long does it take for an industrial pearcing 2 heal?
how does it feel to get your ear pierced?
What is the best tinted moisturiser for comb skin?
darker skin if I can't tan?
Opinions on 14 yearold with tongue piercing?
Breast size is small?
Is there a difference between getting microdermabrasion with a dermatologist or a aesthetician?
Favorite drugstore skin care product?
tanning at 13...?
belly button pierced?
Do you shave your arms?
question about waxing and bleaching?
Brazilian bikini???
Pros and cons for shaving your legs?
Does a prince albert piercing make sex more pleasurable for the woman?
I have very dry skin this winter. I am a man. I need a soap with lots of moisturisers to make my skin normal?
does Egyptian magic cream works on scars?
Should I Use Lotion On My Face After Shower?
discoloration between my eyebrows?
the saved armpit or hairy ...which better of a babe?
What is the best deodorant?
Will mi Boob's get bigger?
spots on face help pleaseee?
How painful is belly button piercing?
What website do you use to buy skin whitening capsules and other oral supplements?
Can you predict how tall I'll be?
i wanna get my ears pierced but which is better- the gun or the needle and is one less painful than the other?
need tanning advice- 9 days til wedding day?
I cannot take out my earring yet, but it hurts and it hard to twist, and it might be infected, but I need-?
Any good tips for clear skin?
Is it safe to apply Aloe Vera Gel on the pubic area?
Why do my ears hurt more now than when I got them pierced?
Do you like the shape of your head?
O.k have my period and getting a bikini wax---Do i have 2 cancel??
Is there a cream for spotty arms?
i want to get the top of my ear pierced?
How can I get my original(white) skin tone back?
Ear stretching with tunnels?
I need an excuse to shave my legs?
One Month old Nose Piercing Problem...?
are all morbid metals tapers made of steel?
Does anyone know of a lip conditioner, lip balm, or lip chap for sevberly dry dry lips?
What body part or feature are you worried of aging?
what is a "sexy man" have to be like?
help with tanning,.10 points.?
Is Airellis good?
Neutrogena Instant Bronze Foam?
What is that little crater right before your butt ?
Is proactive solution good for oily skin?
Can breast grow following this recipe?
Why is shaving such a big thing?
How do avoide razor bumps "down there"?
What are the pros and cons of getting your bottom left side lip pierced?
what is your honest opinion of my face?
Has anyone else used tea tree oil for acne?
How does a 13 year old girl make her breasts larger?
I'm getting a breast reduction what size you think would be best?
When to wash my face when in a greasy kitchen?
i want to piercing in my belly?
Question About Lip piercing sizes?
Females, why are a majority you so against body hair on males?
How to get rid of my oily skin?
do i have to bring an adult with me to the tanning salon?
Thigh Gap Attainable?
is it safe to put Nair on your private regions?
in what commerical is a girl dancing on bed?
Is The Badger Balm For Your Lips Or Body?
What do you think about Scarlett Johansson's body?
Wrinkles or dry forehead?
I have pimples all over plzz help?
Uniform complexion?
How long does it take for a belly button run to heal?
My boobs ^_^?
how long does it take for ears to close?
What piercing hurts the least?
Bad ingrown hair stuck?
Question for black people (esp black women)?
i have/had a pimple and dried it out with toothpaste and stuff and now theres only a red bump nothing inside?
breast pains with implants?
does it hurt to remove a mole?
Nipple piercing?
im 13 and really want a piercing but dont know what to get?
Is my butt too big?
male dry skin and blotchy complexion?
Could I use all natural ingredients to make a moisturiser or Skin creams?
i've got new ear piercing yesterday..and i've got some questions help?
I took lip piercing that had been pierced for 2 months out for a day and now it is closed up on one side?
What is your favorite Bath & Body Works Scent?
Accutane And Tanning?
is proactive ok for acne?
when you lose weight do you lose breast?
Whats better? being Tall or being Short?
What is your skin color?
Does chocolate give you spots?
Everyone tease me...i'm sad....i have psoriasis dandruff on my's so embarrasing..HEELLPPPP!!!!!!!!!
Nose Peircing?
Does It Hurt To Get Your Nose Picered??
I have started getting really bad shaving rash under my arms and on my bikini line, how can i stop this?
After washing my face with face wash(for oily skin) my skin becomes dry?
how does preparation H work on under eye bags and does it burn?
Is my ear piercing infected?
Should I be a belly dancer?
I need help! ASAP!?
My ears are very upset with me, and I can't figure out why?
What is a glow tan in a salon?
What would you like to ask?m hving fine lines under eyes. which is the best way to get rid of it ?
i have a question about washing my face...!!?
My ears smell? (Help me, please!!!)?
anyone with a tongue piercing?
I Have Really Bad Dry, Sensitive Skin and everything i use to wash my face makes it worse.. what should i use?
What acne treatment worked best for you?
Can somebody give me a website to Dr.90210?
What Are Some Good Beauty Tricks?
Hairy arms?
I tried to pierce my ear and...?
Touche Eclat by Yves St Laurent....?
Which is the most beautiful part of the body in a woman?
get rid of acne?! best answer gets 10 points?!?
Where can I get Organic Apoteke skin care products in Hong Kong?
Serious question! Anal bleaching?
Exfoliating body wash.........?
Is it okay for a 16 year old girl not to shave her legs?
How to get rid of acne/blackhead marks?
What you do with your skin to be...?
do you know of any spas?!?
How can I make a hickey go away fast?
tomorrow I'll do a nipple piercing and i want some help to decide witch side is better?
Fake tanners?
I am 32 and have just woken up to see fine lines around my eyes?
Guys pls help me my skin i will rate 5 star for ur answer?
why are parents so ****** stingy on letting there kids get a piercing?
How can I get a more "womanly" body?
hey girls who is sexier a boy with his navel pierced or a boy without?
nailllll question help =]?
Nipple piercing yes or no?
Self piercing belly button?
he says i am.. but am i?
Need help wif SPOTS:P?
How to get a think Nose Hope into your nose?
Why am I obsessed with popping my boyfriend's pimples?
would u rather have a guy shave his arms, legs, or arm pits??
I am having some ear stretching problems.?
I REALLY want to get my helix pierced, but how do I persuade my parents to let me? and does it hurt?
Where did you get your ears pierced at?!?
Get A Tan In Michigan?
what is the best way to clear up acne....?
Hair removal techniques?
constantly chapped lips - any solutions?
How do i get rid of undereye circles and bags?
How to get better skin?
Large Pores?
What chapstick/lip balm is the best for peeling lips?
Should I get my eyebrow pierced??? Would it suit me?
Is this body good enough to be a body model? (PHOTO)?
How do i get tan without a tanning bed?
i have orange hair and freckles shud i get a monroe piercing??
Cut is healing but its dark. What to put on it so that it is not dark permantly?
If i were to get a hip peircing what type of peircing would i have to get.?
What are some alternative ways to help a piercing heal?
How to make pores smaller or pimples shrink or dissapear without medications?
How do I get a....? ?
how do i pierce my own belly button...?
How old do i have to be to get my lip peirced? ._.?
Very dry painful
red patch after waxing??
so ive had a pimple for like 6 weeks on my nose i dont know why it hasnt gone away?
so im going to get my belly button pierced soon?
tanning in sun?
do you consider me fat?
I have an oily forehead how can i make it less shink and oily?
Anybody know anything about dimple surgery?
Anyone ever used St. Tropez tanning lotion? 10 points?
My 14 year old wants her belly button pierced. I say no. Am I wrong? I don't think so... ?
I Pop pimples but I don't get scars?
What wrinkle cream should I use?
Nose piercing and cartilage piercing?
I am a 5'5 female and would like to lose weight?
Is my skin bad because I don't drink water?
why do people act fake?
acne issues?
How can i get rid of all or some of the freckles on my face?are there any methods you know?
does hair removal cream have a side effect after some time?
Where Can I Go To Get Full Body Wax In Virginia Beach VA or anywhere near that town?
What would be a good piercing for a guy except the ears?
what do i say if somone calls me fat?
Can people have their arms waxed (I don't mean armpits)?
PLEASE help with cellulite?
tongue piercing + alcohol?
Will i grow 15 almost 16?
What body shape does this lady from India have?
i want to know what i can call my skin color my skin color i s (black,white and indian)?
I want to peirce my tounge with a kit. I only know you can get a kit online and I dont have a credit card. now
Have you ever used Lytess underwears?
Can someone help me find an acne product with both these ingredients sold in stores?
How to get bigger boobs in puberty?
Pimples!? I try everything& nothing at all works.?
Tanning beds, good idea?
Will I be okay to go to Homecoming?
Going to be getting my ears pierced....?
HELP!!! this is so embarrasing!!?
GIRLS: What's the longest you've gone without shaving your legs?
my hands n my knees are dark ..plz help me to make them fare..?
Am i getting used? Please help me!?
What is a good recipie for a home made face mask?
infected vertical industrial piercing?
im 20 years old.. i often step out in the sun.. please suggest some home remeadies to remove my tan?
where can i buy snakebites jewerlly in toronto store?
Whats your favorite deodorant (girls)?
Acrylic nails or sculptured nails?
my daughter is worried !?
I know this is a really crazy/weird question, but, is there any way I can make my boobs bigger?
Am i fat if i weigh 150 lb. and i'm 13 and 5'4?
cut myself; need to hide them.?
can i use a electric tooth brush instead of Clarisonic (plus,mia or classic) the circular motion one?
My lips are really, really, really chapped and ive used everything I have, i need some help here!!?
What is the best acne brand?
How to get cutting scars to fade?
Self harmers/ body modifiers, are u proud of the scars u have?
Is it ok to where a thing at 12 ears old?
proactive after working out?
Im getting my nose peirced tomorrow, how much does it hurt?
how do i use baby oil on my face, and would it help or worsen my acne?
looks, i have a really good body like i have abs, and muscles, but i have pimples, do girls care about that?
Can I use a Brillo Pad on my skin in the shower?
So this is kinda weird,Girls help please.?
How old do i look? (please)?
Which cream for razor burn?
Ear stretching question, about scar tissue!?
Oily skin?!! Help!!? i need everyone's advice!!?
whats the best way to make the pimples go away??????
why does everyone think i look older?
Is it normal for boys to walk around without shirt inside their house?
Am I thick???? I'm so confused?!?!?
Gift after getting a boob job?
what are the best products out there to get rid of acne???????
GUYS: Opinion on stretch marks?
has anyone used the sugar waxing method?
Pierced hips?!! What should I do?
This is a pedicure-type of question...?
I hate my pale skin ( how can I get it to be darker)?
how to get rid of shave bumps...?
advice on belly piercing.will it look ok with my uneven figure? help!?
What is the best product to use to get rid of dark marks on face and body?
what piercing to get?
What should i eat/drink around my period for clearer skin?
Ok girls this is very embarressing...?
How long to tan for?
Best facial scrub, cleanser or product i can buy???
i'm 32. i have very pale skin and i look 22. why is it that when i get a tan i actually look much older?
What is a good eye / anti-wrinkle cream for a 30 something?
my skin is very dull and the complexion is also not very good.pimples also appear nw n thn .plz tell me d soln
How to keep swelling down from new lip piercing?
Will a nose huggie make my nose turn up?
Whats the best sunscreen I can get to not get a tan?
I have a long story- anyone who will bear with me, it is greatly appreciated.?
Thin, wrinkly skin under eyes?
Does this body look natural?
What acne products work well on chin pimples?
What do u think I should I do?
How can I prevent a tan?
questions for Aveeno Foaming Ultra-Calming?
Piercing a friend's eyebrow? Advice?
What is a females weakest spot?
how old are you when you start to look 30ish instead of 20ish?
how do i make my skin lighter?
What piercing shuld I get and how?
What is your favorite part of your body? What is your least favorite?
is shaving your arms a good idea? ?
How long does it take to get tanned in the sum with the accelerator?
Has anyone ever heard of collagen injections for your buttocks? DOes anyone have any info on it?
what do you prefer?
does getting your cartilage pierced hurt?
i just pierced my cartilage ear (in the middle outer part of my ear) and i think it is infected some one HELP?
Dark hair roots and shaving?
Does Dove Energy Glow soap make you tanner?
Got my belly button pierced and I have an x-ray. Please HELP!?
Is it possible to keep gauges from smelling bad?
I want to get my nose pierced, I am 17, do I still have to have a parent cosign for me to get it done?
Are these pretty or bland features?
acne question!!?
What are some natural home remedies that help get rid of acne and clean your face?
Back of lip ring sinking in?
Will an acne system work .....?
Face masks? Asap. Please help.?
Who is the BEST plastic surgeon in Maryland?
My face is really shiny...How do I get it to not be so shiny?
Can I take my lip piercing out and put it straight back in again?
I want to get my belly button pierced, questions?
How do I take away rash?
I have a strange combination of skin tone and hair color...?
how can i remove blackheads from my nose????????????
Cut my birthmark off?
if a guy comments to another guy "Your girlfriend is really filling out those jeans." is that good or bad?
Is this normal snug piercing healing?
Plsss help need to know about cost????
Hi, i want to get my eyebrow pierced but im going abroad to thailand for a month a week today, is it worth it?
i just got my belly button done and its red and there is pus coming out is that normal?
could my pillow be causing acne?
Have you ever used Dove Deep moisture creamy facial cleanser??
how often..?
solution for face pimples?
Do you think bellybutton piercings are slutty?
Using rosehip oil how long could it take to.make scars remove? it take how many months?
to girls: would you date with someone who is height is 5"4?
what causes acne?
Second earlobe piercing! help!?
Is it okay to change my belly button ring for the first time even though there is a scab and a bump on it?
Is it dangerous to pierce your own........?
Black to White Ratio?
is this skin care routine good for acne free skin?
Tongue didnt swell after piercing?
Why do east asians have no/little body hair?
How do I get rid of dark and light spots on my face ?
Aside from body lotions, are there another means of having a fair or even a whiter skin?
Is it okay to shower twice a day?
does it look sexy?
I used tanning beds for a short stint...?
Sunless Tanning Lotion PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
How do i ask mom if i can get spider bites (two piercings on one side of the lip)?
How much does Titan laser procedure for the face usually cost?
How can I hide the scars on my wrists?
The best indoor tanning lotion out there for fair skin?
Help me get rid of puffy eyes(BAGS)?
What face products are right for me?
Did you ever use toothpaste as a type of zit cream?
Why Do I Have Wierd Crap Commin Outta My a?!?!?!?!?!!?!?
Does it hurt to get your cartilage pierced?
What should I use.........?
Pimplesss Helpp! (Girls Onlyy]?
How long does it take for piercings to heal before I go swimming?
embarrassing pits :( plez help?
How to ger fair skin . NATURALLY ?
Where to get a professional spray tan in pittsburgh, PA?
skin help please help!?
what hurts more to get pierced; belly button or nose.?
I hate my hips?
PROACTIV...does it really work as well as they say?
What products would you not be able to live without?
How long does it take for a scab to fall off?
which is worse: people who bleach their skin or people who over suntan?
scaly skin::: eww!?
My legs go blotchy whenever it's cold?
Whats a good way to get rid of pimples>?
homeade recipe to get rid of zits quick. there still in the early stage can i get rid of them today?
I really wanna grow tall. Tell me some growing secrets!!!?
Fake Tan!!! HELP!!!!!?
When I shave my legs, I get rashes how can I prevent them?
What is the best face wash/cleanser you have used?
Where can a 13 year old get her belly button pierced..?
Why does aloe-vera itch the skin???is that normal?
A moistureiser I could use without getting my face oily?
How to I pierce my eyebrow safely?
How can I get rid of dark circles under my eyes?
Should I shave my legs and arms?
I need to get advice on skin appearance (tanned or not tanned)?
Does clinique have money order/billing plans?
help??? my lips are suPER dry and flaky???
HOw can i reduce my pimples?
Is my Frenum Piercing Migrating?
Does tea tree oil really work for clearing acne?
if i got my lip pierced...what would happen if...?
Soo how do I look with a septum piercing?
hey,i hav a pimple on my face how 2 get rid of it......any advices pls?
what is the best length for a barbell for an ear piercing.?
am i too fat to wear this top?
How to make my legs skinnier?
Is it possible to tan someones name on your back?
how do i get my skin lighter and brighter?
Big Bum Or Small Bum?
removing tanning lotion skin stains?
am I too fat?
Stomach piercing. Yay or nay?
What hand cream is this/is this most similar to, and where can I find it/similar?
How do I use Benzoyl Peroxide? 12 points!?
Where can I buy Multani Mitti in rock form in Toronto or the GTA?
How can you tell if someone had a nose job by looking at them?
what are these red lines in my eyes?
whats the problem in my face?
How do i make myself have better self confidance?
Are diet pills safe?
acne...??? HEEEEEELLLPPPPP!!!?
What's a Good Facial Moisturizer?
What's a good, respectable size for plugs?
Which basketball players have their ears pierced?
im breaking out.... help?
Chlorella gel cleanser?
Hard skin?
Easy way to get rid of pimples?
Can i get a nose job, im 17 male?
Is having your nose pierced on both sides wired ?
My mom has a mustache!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
how do i remove the lines under my eyes?
Bleeding Navel Piercing?? Normal?
can you use something to make acne scars invisible?
does lipton green tea 100%natural really help with acne!? :D helppp plz?
does getting your lip pierced hurt???
How to get rid of my infection ?
Tattoo to cover a scar on my leg [pics]?
Does getting your eyebrow pierced hurt?
tell me about Nair Hair Removal?
Piercing my own nose?
How do I persuade my mom to let me get gauges?
How do I get rid of acne on my shoulders?
Easy way to reduce the size of pores at home, easily and naturally?
How Can You Brake Your Hand quickly! x?
What is a good home remedy to treat acne and post-acne marks??? Or any "Myths" that might work??? PLEASE HELP!
Is it true that papaya REVERSES your pigmentation???
Can you use Koji-Sans's face cream on your body too?
piercing questions...please gets 10 points!!!!?
Proactiv Directions....?
neeed help?
Does a Tragus piercing hurt more than Nape piercing?
whats its like getting a nose piercing?
I'm a size 16. I am 6 foot tall. Should I wear a bikini?
Help with upper lip discoloration?
piercing care?
i am 24 years old and suddenly wrinkles and bags have popped up under my eyes why is this????
I might get my left ear re pierced. Help!?
I am 17 yrs old. I had black hairy arms. It was really embarrasing so i started shaving everyday. Is this bad?
Wanting to get a new piercing (pic)?
Is it possible to have stretchmarks at 14?
Oily skin helpp ??? :(?
If I get a monroe piercing, what care should I take when I play my flute and piccolo?
Self tanner with spf?
What happens when you lose a dermal post in the skin?
Which stores sell Proactive?
How do I get rid of black circles under my eyes?
What do you think of industrial piercings Part II?
14 getting lip pierced?
How to get ur original skin color back?
I am 13 years old and have red strech marks. How do I get rid of them or hid them?
Monroe Piercing Jewelry?
shaved off my eyebrow :(?
Im Getting My Belly Button Pierced?
About laser hair removal?
My cartilage has been pierced for 5 weeks but its still swollen.Will it ever go back to normal?
Why did I have bad skin?
Does toothpaste work when applied to whiteheads?
Really big spot :/ well i think its a spot?o ask?
If you layer on different SPF products, would it give you more protection against the sun? ?
What is the best product to clear your face from pimples?
Hey dudes i was wondering can you still make your ears thicker with Vitamin E oil or jojoba etd even though,?
What is the best facial cleanser and toner money can buy?
How to deal with under-eye bags?
What is the best brand of moisturizer that doesnt make your skin oily?
first period?
Question for anyone with a big butt too?
My body gets really tan but my face doesnt!!?
I need to get tan asap!?
I really want a lip 13?
How come parts of my skin on my arms dont tan ?
I want to even my skin tone and smooth my skin.?
When you are a thirteen year old boy that is an athlete does acne usually go away in a year or two?
How old should you be before you lose your virginity?
What size circular barbell and captive bead ring do I need for my septum?
What's the best price you have found for Fake Bake and where did you buy it from?
Belly button piercing?
how to remove scars/brown spots?
why is all shave creams and gels dontwork for a hydrated smooth shave but Dove soap does?
Are freckles on your face cute?
So Bugs Like To Nibble On Me. Help?
A few questions about my triple helix piercing?
what should i use to gauge my ears?
i want a piercing but im not sure where or if it will look good and im scared i get one that will hurt alot.?
Should I get my belly pierced?
I"m planning on getting my cheeks pierced, advice?
What piercing should i get?
how do i clean my nails ?
Proactiv Deep cleansing wash-When to use?
How can I get rid of this really bad bacne?
Which is safer...Tongue pierced or Lip pierced?
Is it okay to twist my piercing? (cartilage)?
should i get my nose pierced?
Girls what do you think?
Why is girls deodorant better!?!?
question about laser hair removal?
Can you get surgery to change the size of your nipples?
Do lip piercings hurt?
How to Make Skin Less Translucent?
what should i do with oily face?
I was out in the sun for an hour and i didnt get tanned/sunburnt, whats going on?
My belly button is peirced too deep?
how to get rid of the pimple???
Why did she say you shouldn't use bar soap to clean your face?
Shaving problem weird bumps appearing?
WOuld u perfer a hunk or a caring loving gentleman?