how can i grow taller?
what do open pores look like or can you describe them to me?
Self Tanner advertised on TV?
How can i get rid of stretch marks on thighs and waist?
I peirced my belly button yesterday and it really hurts now is that normal?
How can I get pale quickly?
What difference can lip balm make on dry skin that is not on your lips ?
Thongs... She's twelve..?
Where are Top Care products found?
how do i get rid of ugly under eyes?
>>> I NEED HELP PLEASE <<< 10 pnts bst answer!?
hi people skin solution puhleaseeeeeeeeeeee......?
Lemon and sugar mixture for face exfoliation?
body odor????????????????????
how do pretty boys keep their faces looking better then gurls?
How to get clearer skin?
i have pimples all over my face and its getting serious HELP !?
Does Certain Dri Really Work ?
Do you think I should get a nose job?
Does anyone know the meaning behind this photo?
Tongue piercing?
How to get rid of acne?
How many times a week should an 11 yr old take a shower?
Where can I buy H2Ocean Sea Salt Spray in Australia + piercing help?
I have black wiry hair under my chin on my neck what can i do to get rid of it?
What piercing would look good?
Whats the best way to get a tan without using tanning beds?
I don't think my navel piercing is healing properly, what should I do?
Why do People say it's bad to get you're ears pierced at claires?
What is my body type?
Whats hotter ? belly button peirced or not peirced?
Super Dry Skin Any Suggestions?
Is it true??
How old do I look judging on my face?
I need to know about sex with a prince albert piercing?
About Stretch Marks :)?
This chocolate face mask is burning my face?
Are their any self tanning suntan products that won`t turn you orange?
Does getting your ears pierced hurt?
What do you think of me? Please be tell me in a nice way. (Pic)?
How do you keep your forehead and face from wrinkling?
i have a question about lip waxing?
At what age do women typically start using skin firming/anti-aging creams?
What works best to remove pimples and zits??
why do people get piercings?
Ok how do u get rid of ummmm down there razor burn? i usually get waxed but that's expensive.?
Which method of hair removal reduces skin irritation and is a good long term fix?
How can I lose weight fast ?
acene please help me?
does it work?
What do you think about guys with long finger nails?
Burn from boiling water - need help with scar!!!?
If the toothpaste stings on your pimple, does that mean it's working?
I am 13 and get lots of pimples on my chin (scars as well) and around my nose how can i get rid of them?
Does cocoa butter help stretch marks disappear?
Ways of getting rid of acne?
does a girl need black skin?
how to reduce breast size by the medicine?
how do i get rid of my dry skin in less then 24 hours?
How to get wax off my skin?!?
Cut/Scar by my mouth...?
Whats the best product to use to clear up acne?
Can I indefinitely keep my cartilage piercing out after a year?
tanning oil helppp!?
How do you get rid of curve?
Girls Only Plz!!!!! Girls girls girls?
I have a virus on my computer for some reson and i dont want to pay any money for anti-virus is there a free 1
is having a mole ugly?
back acne help pleasee......?
Lip piercing help, please 10 points?
What is my body shape? Am I overweight?
How do you get rid of sandal marks on your feet?
how to convince my dad to let me get a industrial bar peircing?
I want to lighten my skin...?
what perfumes are similar to impulses musk spray ?
face care routine for spots?
My measurements? I'm still not sure what they mean?
which type of tea tree oil should i get?
Is it harder for ears to heal when you get them pierced at a bigger gauge. Say a 6g?
I have a piercing question?
Should I get FatGirlSleep, or LoveHandler..which is better?
Whats the best way to get a tan?
Help this is freaking me out?
How much longer should I wait before sizing up my stretched ears?
How to close a lip ring?
I cant get my belly bar ball off :@, Help?
How to get rid of acne FAST.!?
what should I weigh??????
Do you know any effective cream for stretch marks?
Should I get my belly button pierced?
Is it bad for your ears to get a 2nd piercing?
Why do people think that being "bigger" makes you unattractive. Because it isn't =) .?
Does anybody know some good homemade acne and/or blackhead face mask recipes?
Carmex vs blistex which is better?
piercing my own belly ? :S?
Nipple piercing questions?
Do you know any easy homemade body scrub recepies...?
How do I get bigger boobs?
organic skin care?
what facial piercing should i consider?
DIY remedy for blackheads? ?
Please help me!!!!!?
Dimple Piercing Or Snake Bites?
How can I make my boobs bigger?
how long does it take for a piercing to heal before you can change it out?
Piercing questions..?
Whats the best type of lotion for dry dry legs?
Do u think I should be embarssed ?
Would YOU EVER consider surgery for yourself?!?!?
(UK) Which would you say is the best fake tan?
What is the best over the counter cosmetic treatment for large pores?
How long does a conch piercing hurt?
Wanna change things, but not sure how that would look?
pierced ears?
does my lip ring look okay on me? be honest cause its not real lol?
Question about eyebrow piercing?
White spots on fingernails?
How to get rid of my upper lip mustache?
i have moles all over my face.what to do?
What is the purpose for butts?
honest opinion on my smile?
I'm 13 years old and I was wondering how old you have to be to get your belly button pierced?
Help! I have ugly scars on my pubic area from shaving/plucking!?
Are there ways to make your...?
How to fight cellulitis?
Tongue Piercing Help?
How can i make myself throw up?
im cry:( need help plz:(?
What's the best smelling male deodorant?
does clean and clear's pimple clearing speed gel work?
i just got my ear pierced and i think its a 18 gauge.i bought a 14 gauge tamper is it safe to use that?
Is it okay to use two different hair removers on the same day?
how do i smuggle food up to my room?
im 15 and i want to get my tongue pierced?
how do i get rid of this acne off my face ive tried everything i dont know what skin type i am?
does getting your the top of your ear pierced hurt??
how long after gettting your belly button pierced will it hurt?
im 14, how do i convince my dad to let me get my eyebrow pierced?
how old u think i look like?
Does Grisi Mother of Pearl soap work for beauty spots?
Im a 17yr old male and i have a ton of stretch marks HELP?
If you could have one FREE cosmetic surgery operation of your choice, what would it be and why?
Am I caring for my navel piercing correctly?
wat should one do to getrid of pimple n acne?
How do I persuade my mom to let me get my lip pierced?
How to stop ingrown hair with waxing?
I've had saddle plugs stuck in my lobes for a month! How can I remove them?
Showering at college- body wash issue?
HOw can i reduce my pimples?
Does anyone know how bad the pain is to get your tragus pierced?
Making a skin care regime?
Im 13 and usualy get spots, i want to know the best things to use to get rid of spots fast?
If your legs are smooth, hairless, clear, clean and trim......?
Will it be ok if i exfoliate my face 3 times a week or 2.?
Could my right ear be infected??? PLEASE HELP ME!?
I need help frm an expert skin care/ speacialist?
is a belly button piercing morally wrong?
Why dose my teacher smell like sexx and old people mixed with dog scented candles?
Im 13, and I have stretch some stretch marks, is this normal?(Im only about ten pounds above my average)?
How do I get rid of dry skin on my face?
What soap is best to use?
Bellybutton piercing for 14 year old?
Im really insecure about my pale skin. Help?
Are big eyes pretty????????
Can you help me think of tanning salon names for my business??
I want to start tanning is it really that bad for you?
Nightly routine, facial moisturizer, tips, etc, help?
anyone had their facial hair permenantly removed using lazer?
What brand of soap do you use?
For girls only Pleaseee !!?
Can you swim in a pool or ocean after you get your bellybutton peirced?
how to quickly reduce dark spots on face or what products should i use?
Which moisturizers do you suggest that are NON comedogenic?
Does juicing work for acne?
Is it normal for a navel piercing to bruise? HELP!?
Wire or Wireless bras?
am I big for my age?
Ear gauging aftercare/ sea salt soaking ?
Belly bar questions???
I Hate my nose!!!!? make me feel better please :(?
What's my body type?
Ear Piercing?
How did you go about getting your belly button pierced without parents permission?
Best moisturizer for oily, acne prone skin?
Please answer...Guys views please?
How do you get rid of "Skin Tags"?
does nivea cellulite cream work ?
Will my wrist piercing heal up?
i have 2 piercings on my cartilage, think i can handle getting my belly button pierced?
How can I cover self harm scars without using makeup?
How to safely take out a cartilage piercing?
who thinks the mirror isnt really showing what you really look like?
What could I do medically about my oily T-zone that's the cause of my acne?
What are your top 3 skincare/beauty products?
I had my tonge pierced 13 years ago and i have to take it out for 48 hrs will it close?
My Dad wont let me get my ears pierced what do i do?
Is tanning really bad for you?
why isn't my sunless tanner working?
i have always wondered this..?
does x out from proactiv work?
Will someone please answer this question?
My skin is reacting to cinnamon?
Do bags under the eyes ever go?
Navel Piercing In Cardiff, Where Shall I Go?
Bumps on and around my cartilage piercing?
k....the neutrogena wave????
how long should it be?
What's the best tanning equipment/tools to buy online?
How long do tanning sprays last and what is the best brand so your tan looks natural?
Are my legs gross :(?
Piercing ALWAYS irritated ???
Does tanning oil protect against the sun (UV rays)?
Best places in Houston for Piercings.?
Does anyone have any tips about stretch marks since I have my daughter I got them.?
Has anyone of you used johnson johnson redness remover moisturizer? does it actually remove redness?
is 16 too young to get lazer surgery? how long does lazer surgery take to heal?
Shaving legs in fall and winter...?
got my ears pierced 6 wks ago. is it too soon to gauge from an 18 to a 16?
Should I have my mouth and nose pierced shut?
Why are my boobs taking so long to grow?
does hydrogen peroxide work for taking off fake nails?
does Proactive really work?
How old do you have to be to get your belly button pierced? Is there a limit?
is it better to take a shower before you go to sleep, or in the morning >?
Quick zit remover-household materials?
How can I prepare ubtan at home? What are the essential ingredients in ubtan?
what is ingrown hair?
do your breast size come by the shape of your body?
Are big butts gross guys?
I like burning candles but I'm afraid to......? ANY ideas?..........?
which race do you think i look like? just curious...?
Should I get FatGirlSleep, or LoveHandler..which is better?
swollen tragus piercing??????????? help?
Sunbeds ??? where, how old, how long?
What can I do about ingrowing hairs?
help buying from eyes lips face(ELF)?
Does Clean and Clear really work?
Grirls Only. I am having some underarm shaving problems.. help?
Is XOUT by proactiv effective for teens?
Want to get my lip piercing but mum will not allow me?
can i put my face medicine over jergens self tanner?
Well ive tried using (sensitive nair) for my upper lip?
Catilage piercing?
can you sun burn your lips xx?
queria comprar notebook acer ou ipad?
At which age can I get a belly-button piercing ?
can i use a 30 spf moisturizer on top of a alpha hydroxy moisturizer and not burn? its summer i want to tan.?
Is there a very noticeable difference when you go from a 12 gauge to a 8 gauge for your ears?
How do you feel about the way you look:BAD,KINDA GOOD,AWESOME,HOT,OR OTHER?
is it ok to use the sw+ss l-glutathione soap with nivea products?
Which one is better for reducing acne & acne scars ? Cucumber or tomatoes ?
Which site is the real Sun Labs Self Tanner?
getting my cartilage pierced need help?!?
In your personal opinion is 14 too young for a navel piercing?
Snake Bite's (The Piercing)?
Do u think moles are unattractive?
Tanning for young teens?
When you see someone with many ear piercings, what's your first thought?
i have a burn mark on my face, how do i get it so heal soon?
pimple problem?
shaving? period? teenage years?
What's the BEST way of treating nails that are constantly breaking?
How much does a lip piercing cost on a Wednesday at Area 51, Basingstoke?
Do you cook the oatmeal when your trying to make the oatmeal,lemon,honey homemade mask?
Sunburn Question...?
suntann help??
Am I too fat to get my Belly Pierced?
how do i make my skin lighter,? i am half black,half venazulen and a little bit of indian?
Need help on my 6 month old rook piercing?
What can I use for the pimples on my forehead?
Does anyone ever wash their backs when bathing/showering?
i have a question for you?
I have HIGH metabolism??????
Should i shower at night or the morning for school?
why do we wear undergarments...? (Decent answers please; thanks...)?
Itchy leg rash after shaving and sports?
Im 17 and im going to get my ears pierced and im really scared. Does it hurt?
Do you think white shirts look attractive on people?
Cartilage piercing done with a gun?
is it normal for one lip to be much biger than the olther?
Does clinique 2all about eyes" work?
what are some good drug store moisturizers that won't make my face shiny?
How do some girls have perfectly clear skin?
I wear 6g tapers, how do I convert to plugs and what size do I get to convert?
Little working out=weight gain?
Bubble on my septum piercing wtf?
are you smart but ugly, or pretty but dame dumb?
How do I exfoliate my skin???
is anyone else paranoid about 'down below'?
People who have their tongue pierced.?
There are Tvs that can converst from 2D to 3D the channels or cds or blu-rays ?
how to remove body hairs withvax any one tell me the answer please?
help! i have a pimple!!?
how do u get lighter skin?
Is vaseline good for my face, back and arms?
what piercing should i get first?
lip surgery--- does it make you fart out of your mouth?
HELP! I got my ears pierced 2 weeks ago...when can i change my earings?
My piercing for my girl's pleasure?
Does olay body wash have a 3 ounce bottle?
Do you think visible veins that pop out look cool? and are they attractive to girls?
pierced tongue?
Should I take out my navel piercing?
whats the best anti aging cream for youngish skin?
2g - 0g ear stretch problem.?
Facial/body scrub DYI?
is 34b big considering im a size 6?
sleeping hrs??
Should I be embarrassed by my strange belly button?
Do women ever wax or shave?
what kind of facial features do u need to become a model?
My nose pierce fell down the drain!?
Guys, what do you think?
BEST tanning bed lotion after reaching plateau? for getting dark?
Very self conscious about my 32a breasts.. implants? guys opinion?
How to get skin lighter?
why was Banana Boat Surf Sunblock Lotion With AquaShield H2O Protection discontinued ?
Were can I get my mole removed?
belly button piercing?
how should i remove my blackheads 4m my nose.pls help me ?
Yonka skincare products?
What should i use to help the dryness in my face?
how painful is a triple helix piercing?
a remedy for aging dehaydrated facial skin?
why do i look horrible in photos?
how do you get rid of pimples FAST.?
Girls wear clothing which flatters their assests. This is generally considered OK. Why not for men?
HELP! my belly piercing looks like it's gonna rip.?
skin discoloration....?
why does everyone think i look older?
I have really dry, sensitive skin and Rosecea on my cheeks what is a good skin care and makeup line to use ?
Can i use coconut oil for underarms? Read Details?
How Do I make my butt bigger?
what do you...girls think?
Has anyone tried the new oil of olay foaming moisturizer? Any noticeable changes?
If you know alot about skin or you are dermatologist please help?
is it gay if a guy gets there eybrow pierced? Girls do you think its hot or not?
Before or after? (PICS)?
what happened to my big lips?
should i pierce my lip by myself?
how do i get rid of stretch marks!?!?
How tall will I be?
HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
dark splotches from tan?
Does anyone know if Burt's Bee's has any products good for sensitive skin with acne?
Does getting your ears lobes pierced hurt?
How can I tell if my whitening soap has mercury in it?
acne?...girls opinion?
help im a 15 yr old guy, i think my hips & thigh is big for my body is it?? (photo) @@@?
are my thighs a little too big?
Anything other than Bio-Oil that helps improve the APPEARANCE of stretchmarks?
Is the person appearing lighter in regular light but darker in violet or black light not ethnically 'white'?
Best lip balm for REALLY chapped/painful lips!?
whats the best deoderent?
Girls only please...?
Infected cartilage piercing?
what are the differences in massages?
How Do I Keep My Piercing From Closing?
Are there any home-remedies for getting smooth, moist skin? 10 Points for best answer!?
Guess my weight judging from my video?
How do u get rid of strech marks?
How can i get rid of an awkward tan?
Best deoderant to stay dry?
what's an effective way of concealing eye bags/shadows..?
I feel inadequate. Breast implants - yes or no?
Whats your favorite part of the human face?
how much weight do i need to lose?
How could I get clear skin really soon?!?
Nose piercing is swollen, help!?
I have open pores in my face. Pls suggest how can these be minised...?
Son's ears pierced.?
Eye color?????
proactive. am i doing it wrong?
Why does my pee have a bad smell?
How tight should a tongue bar be after healed?
When you shave, does it take off your tan?
Who is the best plastic surgeon in Scottsdale/Phoenix for a breast augmentation?
What's the most best, powerful, deodorant for women?
breast implants- are they worth it for me?
Has anyone used ambi cream, and had results from it in skin lightening?
Where to buy larger size stretching kits?
If you have a SPF 15 sunscreen , will it only last for 15 min?
skin care products??
I got my tongue pierced today could i have some tips please and what i can and cant eat?
What can cause your legs to itch really bad a day or so after shaving?
Good moisturiser....?
What color eyes and skin do you have?
Where can I find Dr. Bell's Pomade?
Any suggestions to reduce tongue piercing swelling other than....?
Is it really necessary to use a *separate* eye cream and face cream?
when you get a spray on tan does someone put it on you or does a machine do it?
What can i use if i dnt get many pimples?
How do I get rid of stretch marks completely?
how long wwill it be until i can get my bellybutton pierced again?
Hairy or shaved arms?
i have pimples in my do i get the pimples off?
girls do you think a guy with height 5.5 is very short?
What size is a 22 gauge nose stud?
could you name some antioxidants containing foods and drinks?
I NEED to get pregnant now!?
Do you recommend this deodorant?
If I stop wearing makeup, will my skin get better?
Belly Button Piercing? (Read whole thing before answering plz)?
Help combining tattoos and a piercing..?
Why do you get leg hair stubble when you get gooose bumps?
I have a problem with my skin. It doesn't like to talk to me anymore. Can I pull it off and try new skin?
How can i smell myself?
Whenever I change my piercing?
Hellllp i got a really bad razor burn!! and i have a big thing in a couple days!!?
Do these glasses look to big for my face?
I've whiteheads on my T-zone, esp the nose. No matter what i do to fight them, they just dont go!!
Does ear peircing hurt?? be honest. and also which one is better for getting a peircing..claires or icing? thx
how do I make my sore legs better quickly ?
I am a guy with large red lips. Does anyone know anything that will reduce the redness or size of my lips?
How long does it take to heal a nose piercing?
Do guys care about girls who have heart surgery scars?
Tanning issues?
Who has Used any Daily Glow Moisterizer?
okey so i have wrinkles under my eyes what could be the cause cause im only 16?
How do I hide cuts on my wrist?? ):?
neutrogena product really works?
how do u make pimple disappear with out using medications?
skin problems!?
nipples and bellybuttons peircing?
Ladies, put these qualities of a guy in order?
What do you do to get rid of corns on your toes?
Can someone(s) answer my questions on getting my nose pierced?
Jergen's self Tanner?
Sore feet from dancing in stilletos all night. What to soak them in?
How do I ask my parents I want Clinique?
What is my face shape?
What is the best way to remove and keep off the flake stuff from your ears from fake earrings?
I need a quick fix for bags under my eyes! Going to be in my sister's wedding this weekend and ....?
Is it illegal to for my 11 year old sister to have her belly button pierced?
Can i use lava soap on my ?
Whats the best face wash or treatment to get rid of redness on the face?
Does she have a big nose?
in cleanising toning and moisturizing?
What is a quick, effective way to get rid of a hickey?
ya know how youre nose still grows as you get older.?
My cartilage piercing (helix) still isn't healed?
I could use some suggestions with my skin...?
What's my face shape?
Can women use electric shavers made for men's facial hair on their body?
Benefits of being good looking?
how do you get rid of tired eyes?
How do you make your lips bigger?
how do i perform a nipple piercing?
Can people stop giving me bullshit advice and tell me something that cures spots--im so unhappy?
How to get rid of stretch marks?
What is the best way to grow my forearms quick?
why are there little dots on leg after shaving?
what should i use to clean my face or get rid of pimples???
where is the nearest biotherm store/counter around stoke on trent?
Which skin tone is the prettiest: Avril Lavigne's, Beyonce's or Naomi Cambell's?
my skin id is 14.32.72 did it work out for anyone?
I understand its a bad thing, but how can I get dark rings under my eyes without the use of make up?
How do I exfoliate my skin???
how to get rid of dark circles under the eyes?
Does vaseline darken lips?
does my weight sound okay?
oil of olay or roc?
HELP!!! I'm 16 and weight about 105 pounds. i have wide hips. how can i lose the weight from my thighs?
How can I get larger breasts?
monroe or eyebrow piercing?
Tons of tiny zits on forehead!!!???!!?
Whenever I shave my bikini area, I always end up with razor bumps and it itches like crazy! Any advice?
My kinerase lotion has an expiration date of 1/06---can I still use it?
Skin question!! Please help!!?
How long does laser take to remove red scars?
Do my hips look weird? (pic inside)?
GETTIN A EVEN TAN! HELP!!!!!!!! ((and another tanning question))?
Has anyone tried the new WAVE by Neutrogena???
Does boob rubbing really make them bigger?
Breast Implants Yes or No??
whats the best way to get rid of eye bags and dark circles?
question to estheticians
Is that possible for Japanese girl to have natural G-cup or more?
how do i get soap out of my toenails?
how quick is it getting your belly button pierced?? how many seconds does it take to get the piercing in?
Jergens natural glow (fair to medium)?
I popped a pimple. I know I shouldn't have done that. What should I do (to keep inflammation down?)?
I want my dad's cheekbones! ;/?
Why are my gauges bleeding?
how can i whitten my upper thigh and my under arms?
Forward Helix Piercings?
What should I do if a large male corners me and trys to hurt me???
could you get your skin darker from a bright light? or only the sun?
Cure for Red Mark on Face?
Will proactive work for me? Please help!?
i cried alot in ma sleep and ma eyes are so fat and sour..:| wht do i do??
Are my cheeks really that big?
how old do you have to be to get your belly button pierced?
people say this is my face shape is it ablong or oval?
GIRLS ONLY ADVICE; Please no guys!?
can i use this on my piercing?
Is there anything that can be done about dark elbows?
any at home remidies to strenghten/grow my nails.?
What cream should i use to get a good tan?
does sport bras actually make your boobs smaller?
Getting my first brazilian. What to expect?
Unique snug jewlery, and helix jewlery?
smooth face?
WTF is AcneAce!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
black circles under eyes?
I hate my feet [ 10 points ]?
How do you properly pop a whitehead?
is my stretched ear healed?
Can you shave your arms?
is this normal (proactive)?
can i ask my piercer to cut my nose bone in half?
Tongue Piercing!!!!!!!!!?
foot care !!!!!!?
I have reallu dry flaky skin that comes off and with makeup, my face looks really flaky and gross.?
how to get a nice dark tan?
Body and face questions.?
how to tell my mom...?
I just got my cartilage pierced.. It keeps bleeding... Help?
does the clearasil pimple blocker pen really work?
What would be the best daily routine to have a better skin?
Do girls like it when a guy has dimples when he smiles?
I've been hearing about skin tags. What is a skin tag ?
today I bought the spray ,that you spray under your arms, but theres those roll ons I wanted to know which is?
i just pierced my eyebrow. How can I make absolute sure it does not get infected?
Any body that had laser hair removal done?
which scent do you prefer?
i wanna know if any body has tried body shape cellulite cream and if it works for them?
How do you gain weight if you have a superly fast metabalism?
10 weeks pierced ear hurts?
how old u think i look like?
Question about waxing?
Cartilage piercing healing time?
How Long Do U Have To Eat Vegetables & Fruits Before U Will Start Seeing Better Results For Your Skin?
does anyone have lil bumps on the underside of their arms?
Acne - please help ASAP!?
What do you think of me (my body)?
My strange penis?
I'm 13 and have 34B boobs. Is that small?
Should i be worried about my piercing?
i got my 3rd piercing (picture)?
why do old women have hairy lips?
Will regular stretching help me appear less 'lanky'?
Helix Piercing at 13 ? :D?
please tell me what to do for my skin?? read on..?
Can you recommend a good facial moisuriser?
The home remedy for freckles?
Would a few tanning sessions be dangerous?
does Proactive really work?
Does Wal-Mart sell any solid perfumes?
some areas of face feels rough and dry and burnt.?
What are those lines/creases on the inside of your palm called?
I have pimples all over plzz help?
homesoming is in a few weeks, how do i clear up my skin?? plz help!!?
Best At Home Wax?
Is there a good and easy way to bruise my own face? I don't mean with makeup, I mean a real one.?
how do you get rid of blackheads in your ear?
Teens: Do You Mosturise?
After getting ur ears pierced...?
just got ears pierced for the first me please, 10 points!!?
how do you see a girl who gets her tongue pierced?
The problems with tanning beds?
Has anybody used Strivectin-SD on existing stretch marks?
Ways to get rid of blackheads please!?
Grrr..will you help?
Best bra for plus size/ big bust?
Would you choose skincare products with SPF or without? Why or why not?
What do u think of this swimsuit tan line?
am i more prone to tanning?
Vitamin for big breats?
Best Vitamins???
(Guy) Do I have an innie or outie bellybutton (PIC)?
is it ok to..........?
what is the best woman's deoderant?
For a "Sholay" theme party,if my GF is going as Gabbar, who should I go as & what should I wear?
Why is a tan only temporary? What is a tan, anyway?
Can fish oil vitamins the ones you take in pill form interfere with skin clarity can it cause or irratate acne?
What do guys (over 20) think of girl's hair 'down there'? not a dirty question just general?
Tongue Piercing?
can a deep femine cleanser really affect you?
i need some pep-type?
Real versus Fake (Plastic Surgery)?
Skin Divers are showing signs of rejection?
For people of color(preferably Black) who want to avoid getting a tan what is the best sunblock lotion?
Is my belly button piercing infected?
Questions about the helix/upper ear cartilage piercing?
My face is very oily, but I am allergic to fragrance, what's a good cleaner.?
Septum piercing and nose job?
Does kissing someones neck give them a hickey ?
I really need a bigger bra ? ?
is it ok for guys to wear tongue rings?
How long until i can change my Industrial piercing barbell?
Why do super skinny women always put down women who have an hourglass or pear shaped body?
My acne won't go away?
Is it possible to hide a nose piercing?
I want to get my anus pierced?
how to get rid of blackheads?
Its thirteen degrees how cold is it there and what do you do to keep warm?
How can I remove a large (1mm diameter) blackhead on my nose?
Cute, pretty, hot, sexy, fine, beautiful?
best facial tanner available to buy?
does gettin your belly button pierced hurt???
Is it possible to heal a burn from a tanning bed fast enough to tan the next day?
Does it hurt to get a belly button piercing?
Becoming a piercing artist?
do you have to wait for clinical strength deodorant to dry since its so creamy?
is there a name for an shaped scar on someones forehead?
does proactive actually work?
-MEN- Which Body Type do you like better????
How many overweight people are there in your class?
should you wash your face with hot or cold water?
This is an embarressing ? but help plz!!?
What shops sell belly bars and if u know how much do they cost?
How long did you have acne?
What can I eat to make my butt bigger and my thighs thicker?
can I get anyone to stop talk about me?
Nose piercing PLEASE HELP?!?!?
What could my background be?
Do you believe effect of Coenzyme Q10?
double piercing and cartilage questions please please help?!?!?
guys and girls ..whats kind of opinion do you have of women with fake boobs?
razor burn?
how bad does it hurt to get vch piercing?
popping pimples?
Which stores sell Proactive?
What type of facial wash do you use?
How do you take off a pad silently?
Shaving (down there) How do I NOT get razor burn/ingrown hairs?
How to make a vitamin c skin brightening cream?
is it okay to put salt water on fresh naval piercing?
I always get razor bumps no matter what I do?
How much does it look like I weigh?
How long does it take for Pink skin to heal?
I heard that getting your carlege peirced really hurts. Does it?
I really nead help on going blond!?
Is sulfer good for acne?
Please help!?
Would these imperfections bug anyone?
How to you get rid of the tiny zits around the edge of your nose?
How to get rid of blotchy skin?
q's about ear cartlidge piercing?
how much does it hurt getting a nipple piercing?
peircing ears????......?
My face is so broke out...?
Does anyone know any organic recipes...?
i need help taking off scabs?
Question for anybody that is concerned about premature wrinkles..will get points here?
What acne products have worked for you?
products that might help my acne!!!!?
my belly button piercing?
Will Malibu Hemp Lotion Make a Tan Last Longer?
how many and what kinds of products do i need to get rid of all my acne?
Too skinny? *pic* please help?
Does sweat cause acne (read)?
What piercing would look good on me?
which tanner?
Getting a cheek Peircing!?
I want to get my eyes done...? help? *pic*!!!!!!!?
sunbeds and tanning ..?
Am I ugly? Please read the description before answering?
Do you get the triple helix piercing forward on both ears?
Help me with my pimple problem?
What over the counter acne treatment/medication work for you/the best?
Am I really tall?
My gr.8 graduation is coming up!?
how much would it cost to get my arm hair lazered
I have dark blue lines under my eyes, even though i get sufficent sleep, how can i stop this?
♥ What's your favourite piercing ♥ ?
Ladies, leg shaving options??
Razor Bumps / ingrown hairs help!?
Why do i feel this way? please help me .?
Does getting your belly button pierced hurt?
what piercing??--PICS????????????????????
Im so embaressed!!! ugh?
how long does it take for certain dri to work?
There's this picture of me and i want an honest opinion...?
what is this Self piercer tool?
How could I convince my mum to get my bellybutton piecred for my next birthday?
pretty ot not?
Do anyone know about the Cosmetic Surgery Center below ? I'm planning for eyelid surgery, please help/advice.?
How to soothe facial sunburn?
Where can i get my belly button pierced IN FIFE?
Can I change my cartilage piercing yet?
I got an adorable new sun dress, but it shows alot of back.?
Laser hair removal for young girl?
what are some home treatments to get rid of strech marks?
What would y'all think if your state regulators allowed manicurists to stop sterilizing their tools?
Should I shave my hairy arms?
Would today be a good day to try and tan?
when should i shave my legs?
Are there any other products like PanOxyl?
How can I minimize ingrown hair when I shave?
Does septum piercing hurt?
natural exfoliation?
What can I put on my face to prevent damaged skin when I get older?
Is this wrong?
is tongue piercing nasty?
best option for leg hair removal?
Skin Care:red spots?
Am I Ugly? Pretty? What
What piercing is better?
what is the best skin lightening cream for black skin? I want all over body lightening cream.Please help?
Get rid of facial scars?
what a girl should do in her 20's to reduce wrinkles and other age effects in her future life?
Question about streching?
Total truth:: am i ugly? (pix included)?
I am 16 and i wanna get a lip piercing but i dont want my mom to find out.How can i hide the piercing?
Is LICORICE extract effective in whitening skin??
HOW does she do this??? Pictures included?
why do men like large breast?
How to prevent razor bumps/burn?
Empty Tragus Piercing?
how do we get rid of dark knees and elbows?
Suntan in the winter?
How do I make my eyes bigger?
i'm 14 years old and i have dark brown eyes will they change as i age?
what is the shape of my face?
Darker spots on my do I lighten them?
Why do you have to replace a pouf every 30 days?
What body cream do I buy that prolongs a suntan?
Are their any good reasonably priced self-tanners that look just a good as a salon spray tan?
How can i burn my face off?
Do butt implants feel weird?
My 14 year old wants her belly button pierced. I say no. Am I wrong? I don't think so... ?
Cartilage Piercing VS Helix Piercing??HELP?
best hand cream for dry hands?
Ways to clear the skin color on my armpits?
Talk my mom into piercing my cartilage?
Do you think...?
I am getting a tan for the next 3 days. . .?
Is it bad to exfolait your face every day?
I have my belly button pierced i need help?
what is better for stretch marks- mederma or stri vectin SD?
Pimple question? Please help?
Can regular perfume/cologne attract the opposite sex?
How can I make my breasts bigger?
nose piercing help please!!?
Ear Stretching questions?
Do you use deodorant on a regular basis during winter months?
belly button piercing?
How bad does a naval piercing hurt?
Does any buddy know a Jake?
Help! My cheeks are always red when I'm out in public!?
i'm 13 and i want my cartilage pierced?
Hairy everywhere what wax products should i get?
A question to anyone who has had a belly button piercing please answer?
I pierced my lip at home and I need help!!! ?
How small will 25mm stretched ears go back down?
How do I get really fat in 2 months. Im the guy in the picture!?
what does uv free tanning bed mean?
Will Neutrogena Complete Acne Therapy System treat acne really well?
I want to get a piercing but I have to take it out for a day. is that possible ?
What do you think of tongue piercings?
Eyebrow piercing on a 13/ 14 year old?
14.5 y/o not allowed 2nd hole piercing?
Does anyone think a color tattoo would show on my golden skin, or should I stick to black ink?
Should I get my lip pierced?
Bad bags under my eyes, help?
How can you tell if you a cheerleadering type?
Whats a deoderant which will prevent you having the wet feeling and will keep you dry all day?
Breast implants... yes or no?
how do you remove a skin tad?
how long does a "tan" last?
Removing dirt from neck area?
Gwet rid off oily skiin?
What is my skin complexion?
septum piercing / stretching blow out?
is botox the only option for forehead wrinkles?
where can you print out a manikin?
Tired of my acne, I've been living with it for almost 2 years?!?!?
Am I thin enough to show my stomach?
Are there any creams/lotions, or oils for the ?
does your tongue swell longer than a regular piercing?
How long until i can change my Industrial piercing barbell?
Belly button piercing.....?
I'm writing an article on body piercing...wanting some views and opinons...?
How can i peirce my own ear?
how on earth can i get my parents to let me get my lip pierced?
Would i look good with a Nose piercing?
Has anyone ever waxed their legs> are there any good places around Cincinnati?
how to get rid of or cover up white spots?
How long can i leave my hole open?
Should I get my cartiledge I have wanted to get my cartiledge pierced should I get it ....will it hurt?
anyone know a great tanning product?
Mary kay time wise miracle set fix acne ?
Am I fat?????Help please?
chicken pox bumps on skin?
Tragus bumps help me please? :)?
please help me :[?
Is 5'9 considered short for a 16 year old boy?
how do you get rid of dark circles under your eyes?
Ways to hide a nose piercing?
Piercing gone bad and I want to take it out. How?
which of us has the best?
should i get my belly button pierced?
What do you think to the Clinique cleanse tone and moisturisers, are they really worth the $£$£?
belly button?
i need the price of...?
home remedy for skin?
How to get rid of skin tabs?
Should i leave my piercing in?
My brown eyes are changing colour?
Is it possible to get a keloid on a tragus piercing?
Thin or thick lips? You decide.?
i have really big boods ...?
Does any one know any remedies?
i know this question is disturbing but i honestly don't know..?
Should I get my clit hood pierced?
Monroe Piercing, is it healing correctly?
Whats the best way to get rid of Acne Marks?
Leg Lotion for Reduced Shaving, Where did these all go?
How many times a day should I wash my face?
How to reduce irritation caused by shaving?
I wanna get my tongue pierced some advice? with people with it?
skin problems ladies men please help me its a teeange girl crisis lol!!!!?
i use proactiv everyday but i still have pimples help?
Natural Acne solution!?
Ear stretching aftercare - soaking?
does skin derma pro work on keliods?
tanning burn?
I ALWAYS break out after exfoliating...if I continue doing it will it eventually stop?
How do i get my open pores on my face plz. advice me.?
Facial hair removal help?
After puberty is your skin clearer?
Is Cetaphil facial lotion good for a night cream?
Can I use rubbing alcohol to clean my almost 6 week old ear lobe piercing?
what's your morning routine for cleaning your face and putting on makeup?
Anyone know of a self tanner than will turn a very very pale person very brown?
how safe is it getting a lip piercing?
How likely is it that you'll get stretch marks.?
Is there a perfume that smells like Bath and Body Works' Pink Grapefruit?
How do i get glowing skin for tomorrow?
does skinception work?
How do I get old scaring to fade?
Cartilage piercing.Today.! Help pleasee.(:?
Shorts without underwear?
How does one obtain booty chin?
What are the best store bought face masks?
I want to switch self-tanners...?
Any Ideas on Tanning Bed Rash?
Do i need to lose weight?... am i fat for my age and height?
Tatooo questionn, not sure which way to face it?
What Are Some Lotions For Dry Skin?
What Do You Think????
Which ones do you like ?
how can i get rid of "dark circles" or "bags" from under my eyes?
When a product that contains SPF says avoid contact with eyes, does that mean the eyelids too?
What is the appropriate tip to give for a massage?
Help me decide on this?
WILL SITTING INFRONTG OF LAPTOP SCREEN 5 hours a day give me a tan?
How do i get rid of shaving bumps?
Poll: Sunbed or Fake Tan?
whats the best way to cure puffy eye problems?
Girl question!! girls read and answer pleaseeeeeee!! (:?
My Crisis Pregnancy Center test was negative..yaaaaayyyyy!!?
What is a good self tanner?
Its been about two months since i got my belly pierced Can i go swimming now?
Is there a way you can get rid of pimples overnight??!!??
Cheap body piercing places sydney?
im 16 and already have under eye wrinkles!! any suggestions?
this is my belly piercing ; i`m sort of new teww this , is it infected ?
Will I still get a tan if I wear SPF 50 sunscreen?
Lip piercing help!! (middle lip retainer )?
Please no rude comments....? just tell me how long, not that dieting is good and eating 3 small meals?
Cartilidge or tripper piercing?
How should I remove the hair on my arms....please give me imput 10 points best answer!?
Belly Button Piercing?
please help me, this is so embarassing.?
Can I get my belly pierced if i have an outtie bellybutton?
Nose or cartilage peirced?
is a 34B bra size too small?
infected lip ring :'( HELP?
Would I look good with a left labret piercing?
Is there anywhere in or near boston with good/cheap rates for plastic surgery or rhinoplasty?
how can i make my boobs look bigger?!?
how much does a tongue piercing hurt?
lip piercing problems--?
what is a "sexy man" have to be like?
Help with gauging my ears?
Tragus piercing HELP?
If I have a belly button ring, does that mean...?
Anyone with their tragus pierced?
What is the best method to remove my acne on face?
How to make my acne-prone face more smooth and clear?
How can I convince my mom to let me get my tongue pierced?
What is the best treatment for acne?
how to remove pimples for ever from face?
how do u get rid of black or bags under your please?
I self pierced my lip help!?
Ear Stretching Question?
Would an anti eyebrow piercing look good on me?
How to make lips smaller naturally or with makeup plz. Not surgery?
how old do you have to be to get ur tummy pirsed?
pimple scars?
do boys like girls with big wiggly bums?
Does piercing your tongue hurt?
When can I start stretching my ears?
How do i get rid of the bags under my eyes?
Can I use hider plugs for a cartilage piercing? (multiple?)?
what is a good night cream for 25 year old?
Whats a good cream to lighten skin/fade out scars?
Does chewing gum cause wrinkles?
Do guys prefer fair skin or tan skin?
Lip vs. monroe piercing, picture included?
I just got back from Florida about 5 days ago and got a good tan and would like to keep it, how can I?
Shaving question??
Is 17 too young for anti-aging products I have lines under my eyes and I have laugh lines that are appearing?
Are ponytails a good look?
How painful is a nose piercing?
everytime I thread my eyebrows, I get little under the skin spots?
getting my belly button peirced. scared of passing out?
Why am I breaking out?
Why doesn't brown eyes have red eyes in photographs?
calling all 12 , 11,13, and 14 year old girls????????????????
Whats the difference on how these belly rings Sit on my belly!?! This is soo confuseing! Bleh! s! Thanks.?
how can I whiten my underarms in 3 days? help please?
Would a Monroe suit me?
Does getting your tongue pierced hurt?
skin bleaching agents?
Acne doesnt make any sense?
Sweating/smelling through deodorant?
Should i go tanning in a tanning bed ?
Turmeric as a acne marks/pimple remedy- the dosage?
Is there a special excercise to get bigger breasts?
is it ok to use veet hair removal cream for sensitive skin to remove my pubic hair ?
What should I do about a cartilidge piercing?
A woman would like her public hair shaved by me, a guy?
what is pango? help......?
belly button pierced at 13?
My mom won't let me get my ears pierced. Am I too young?
I'm 13 and weigh 108 pounds and i'm not super skinny I have big legs and sort of a tummy I feel sad.Help?
hi, does anyone know where to get makari face/body products in toronto/scarborough? what is the price range?
Razor bumps/ shaving?
Which Of Your Piercings Is Your Favorite???
Anyone ever had a bump thing inside mouth after lip piercing?
Is there any natural way you can fade birth marks?
is my monroe peircing in the wrong place?
How should i steam my face ?
my mum wants to ask a question?
Body hair grows too fast?
Cartilage Piercings?!?
A question about dimples xD?
How to keep Lips soft and healthy?
my face is dry becuase of proactiv? advice or something?
What else can I use other than razors for my legs?
what is the shape of my face?
Im i fat...........?
can a guy be cute with old acne scars?
Do you prefer latin girl yes or not tell why?
Big pimple! Please help me?
what can i put in my bra that will feel like a breast to a boy?
uhh, this is sooo annoying!! help!!?
im embarrassed! breast problem! please HELP!?
piercing help----------------------------?
How can I convince my dad to let me get my belly button pierced?
Logic fail on my dad's part?
Acne Problems! help!?
good places to cut yourself that bleeds a lot, and is easy to cover up.?
Should I let my daughther have plastic surgery?
I have my ears pierced, what else should i get pierced?
Do you think losing 15 pounds would make a significant difference on me? ((PICS))?
Does anyone know where I can purchase Watkins Peppermint Foot Cream?
Does It Hurt To Get Gauges?
How long do you have wait to tan after laser hair removal?
How do you get rid of dark purple lines under your eyes?
Jergen's Natural Glow self-tanner?
Are there any easy home remedies to remove zits?
Pimple problem driving me insane!!! Please help?
What else can I try? I've tried Proactive, Murad, Skin ID, Neutrogena, etc...nothing works!?
What is the difference between body wash and shower gel?
plzzz help i have lots of pimples on my face...........?
(both images) what would you give me on a scale from 1-10 (part 2)?
how should i hide my tongue piercing from my parents?
Which wrinkle cream should I use?
Tongue piercing swelling...!?
Odd pimple on my nose xD?
Turmeric Powder on scars?
Are belly button rings sexy or trashy?
What color eyes do you have ?
I'm 14 and i have sweaty armpits.Which deodorant do i use??
Snakebite Piercing?????
Witch Hazel &+ Acne Scabs?
Laser Hair Removal?
Butt Shots?
Should I get my lip pierced ?! (NEED TO KNOW BY WEDNESDAY!) :)?
If I take out a lower helix piercing after 10 days, will it close in less than 12 hours?
Pimples!!!! I am only 13!!!?
If i let my belly piercing close, would it be a wise decision to repierce the same location after it closes?
is it okay to have my stepdad pierce my nipples?
Will a dermal piercing reject easily?