Piercings suitable for a 14 year old?
why does my forehead get oily in?
where can i get my cartilage pierced ?
What are the best products that YOU HAVE used for acne? I think Proactiv is probably the best?
Is this breast growth?
Which piercing should i get?
Do bellybutton piercings hurt?
how pretty am i on a scale of one to 10. ten being the highest.?
Does Proactive work? if not what does?
Can I take out my piercing for 24 hours?
What do you think about piercings?
I'm 14 and getting my first eyebrow wax. Im scared. How painful is it. much apreciation. thnx?
How to get rid of stretch marks on thighs and butt?
wedding in 3 days - how do i get rid of that stupid underarm shadow?
how can I get rid of a huge bite mark?
I have light, porcelain colored skin. Should i tan?
what's your favorite fragrance?
How do I get rid of my freckles?
do i weigh too much..?
How do I get rid of scars?
Very oily skin? Please help!?
How long will it take my skin to clear up?
Can I stretch my ears with pinchers?
piercing equipment???
Is it possible to get stubble on arms?
Your best suggestions for skin care products/routine?
whats its like getting a nose piercing?
How effective is pure Jojoba oil in treating acne?
my mum wont let me wax my legs?
I had a blowout at size 10gauge?
I have a few questions about a tragus piercing!?
what happened to my face?
How can I get rid of blackheads overnight/in a few days?
How long will it take my nose piercing to close up?
next week wat should i do?
What's the wait for changing a cartilage piercing?
Can you tell me why Retin A cream would not work on feet, removing dead skin?
Swollen lip piercing D:?
How much does a belly piercing hurt from a 1-10?
How would one get rid of stretch marks?
In my left breast area, i have a yellowish line and it has purple under it, like under the skin?
Any tips for naturally enhancing breast size?
How old would you say I look....?
how to get big boobs?
What cream should i use to get a good tan?
does it hurt to get your belly button or ear pierced more?
Does proactiv really work?
getting rid of spots please help me :(?
Can i use 2 pore strip one after the other?
Would you rather...?
Changing my lip piercing?
microdermal ancor/implant?
Any easy face pack for a fairer complexion?
what is the best way to have great looking skin?? like no wrinkels..dark under eye circles?
Small boobs helpp mee !?
Is my piercing infected?
Does your nose swell when you get your septum pierced?
I sweat alot on my face & back?
My mom wont let me get my nose pierced!! Ever!!!Is that fair?
How can i make my lips look bigger?
Does my nose make me unattracktive?
Any FREE or homemade cures for a bad sock tan besides tanning?
best acne products that are expensive?
How do you get rid of blackheads? I am DESPERATE!!!?
Where else can I buy tanning oil other than Superdrug, Boots and Lush?
Get can I get rid of my scar (scab)?!?
My skin always looks MUCH clearer if I sleep with my makeup on.. is that weird?
my hands n my knees are dark ..plz help me to make them fare..?
Does getting your belly button pierced hurt?
I think my dermal piercing might be growing out?
Women only. Do you wear underwear? And why?
How Does Microdermabrasion Affect Skin Quality and Clarity?
I don't know if i want to get my belly button pierced?
Does the Bio-oil sold at Boots work?
What are the different forms of treatments available for curing pimples?
camel toe?
Will hemorrhoid cream or anything help close my gauges?
what is a good cream for your face that wont dry it out?
Will lying in the sun for several hours get me really tan if I use tanning lotion?
Toung piercing and milk?
how do you get rid of scars from burns on your leg?I got burned on a motorcycle and i cant get rid of the scar
question about my skincare routine?!?
What is a good self tanner?
Model Help? Acne?Weight?
Exfoliate for around the bikini line and where I shave?
Is it better for guys to have big or small asses?
I got my nose pierced 2 days ago, the whole closed up,would it be okay if I got it pierced again tomorrow?
What Do You really think about proactive, Did it work for you????
I feel traumatised when i come out the shower?
where can I go to get my fingers removed?
For people who got their septum pierced, question.?
Is Tri-Luma a good bleaching cream?
My one boob is bigger than the other?lol?
How can I get rid of blackheads overnight/in a few days?
is it bad to wash your face 4-6 times a day?
Are Nail Salons the number one spreader of Nail Fungus?
What is a good place/site to find a selection of fake/non-pierced body jewelry?
Should I get my eyebrow pierced?
Aloe vera sunburn for acne on face?
Should I take Motrin before getting my nose pierced?
Has anybody ever had a LAM PROBE treatment?
is there hair removal cream you can use safely on your face for men??
what is shingles and whats the cause and cure?
does anyone know any good pro ana/thinspiration websites, i just cant find any?
How do i get rid of my whiteheads and blackheads?
Does anyone know of a body mist in an orange container that smells tropical and might not be around anymore?
freckles/beauty spots/pigmentation?
Which is better microderm abrasion or chemical peels?
I swear, this is a serious question.?
Girls only please...?
How to get rid of backne?
How can I clear ant bites that have been on my legs for 10 years?
What is the difference between using needle or gun for helix piercing?
who has the best body? (piccc)?
How do you cry?
I want to know if I could snakebites again or how long I would have i would have to wait to get the redone?
I really want bigger lips?!?
How to have clear soft skin?
What is the best acne cream out there? I dont have any, jsut trying to make sure I don;t get any, also!?
What to eat with new tongue piercing?
i got my septum pierced about 2 months ago and now my friend got it...?
Help!! I REALLY want to get rid of dark bags under my eyes!! Please Help!?
Natural Remedies for Blemishes?
Know any brands of hand moisturizers?
How can i get rid of/reduce black undereyes?
How long between tongue bar change?
New Cleanser Question?
neutrogena pore refining cleanser?
Ok so everyone thinks getting my ears pierced is a good idea...but...?
Fell off my bike and messed up my face....PLEASE HELP!!!! (PICS)?
does anyone know how to get flawless skin?
What is the one thing you'd change about your face?
I was thinking today, Would any doctor do this?
What should I do about breakouts?
What do you think of belly button piercings?
it takes my forever to tan naturally outside in the sun...WHAT CAN I DO?
What is the shape of my face?
how long do bikini waxes last?
What do you think about facial piercings. Yuck or Yum?
Skin lightening with lemons! best answer 10 points ;-)?
How do you use the new Speed Stick deodorant gel?
Help! Ugly Marks!?
how is jergans self tanner?
what do you think about my body?
Brown people can have freckels?
My ear piercing hurts A LOT?!?
Are pale people more sensitive to the sun?
help me prug PLEASE!!!!!!!!!?
please help me! im really hairy and a female?
I'm not a size 0????!!!!?
Will Proactiv work on my face? I do not have acne, just pimples, and they're not too bad.?
am I big for my age?
convincing my mom???????
how can i get rid of black circles around my eye using natural components that i can buy or make ?
Is there fake tan which actually produce melanin?
Help on fading stretch marks?
How can I get lighter skin color...?
I'm 14 and I have a hump on my back (read description)?
Aguaje, Maca root, and Girls love curves?
experienced tanners: how to tan upper arms, shoulders, and feet in a tanning bed? need help please?
Piercing a thicker tongue?
I heard that if you use preparation H on your tummy, that it tightens it up ALOT..Is this true?
Am I fat or what!?And my bodyshape.......!!!?
im gonna get my nose pierced in 1 week and i really don't know which one is better.needle or gun ?
Belly button piercing?
I am very self conscious of my nose, is it bad?
What is the best firming cream I can use on my breast?
How long does it take for...?
which shoes are cuter?
Where can I get my nose pierced without making an appointment in Springfield, Illinois?
Working for Mary Kay can get you a pink car?
PLEASE HELP! No ones answering! How do i get my skin back to normal?
does shea butter contain antioxidants?
ear peircing?(photo attached)?
Should my 13 year old daughter get her nose pierced?
Why am I so pale....?
Piercing question, all advice welcome...please help :)?
Howw old do i look?!? andd rate me 1-10. pleasee. boyfrienddd helpp?
How to have beautiful armpit and long, slim legs?
Tragus ring help piercing?
What type of witch hazel is good for clearing up skin?
Types of terd?
What is the purpose of a door knocker tongue ring?
any ideas to get rid of spots?
how can i get really really skinny legs?
Why do women seem to be more attractive at 19 than age 27?
I got an ear piercing today, how do i clean my ears?
Is Claire's a good place to get your ears pierced?
Does anyone know how much it costs to get a lip piercing from Silver Safari?
What face moisturizer should a teenager use?
Would a neck toner work on your face?
Does Bio Oil really work?
What is a good drugstore brand eye cream?
How old were you when you got pimples?
My thighs have stretch marks getting rid of them HOW???
Why don't guys with pimples on their faces do something about it?
Anyone Know A Good Dermatologist in Calgary?
Neutrogena cleanser?????
Is it true that these days........?
what is the typical length of a Monroe lipring?
If I use vitamin E cream on my face, will it clog my pores???
Does skin you’ve accidently taken off whilst threading come back?
baby oil + sun = tan?
The perfect tan???
what dress size would these measurements be?
Have you ever used Benefit's Jiggle gel?
where can I find females wanting a massage in Brisbane Australia?
How old is this person?
How does Jergens natural glow firming lotion work for fair skin tones?
Why ppl think its cool to hate fur but love leather?
Shaving after self tanner???
How do I get rid of my pimples???
Why do I have so much lines on my hand?
EMERGENCY! How do I remove fake tan?
i wash my face regularly and i still have pimples from forever ago?
Ear piercing cuteness?
Advice on what to get pierced (not stupid places)?
Is my face is ugly?
Is washing my face 7 times a day good for me?
how do i get out of the habbit on nail bitting please help!!?
is it true...?
Don't guys realize this?
Have you ever seen a guy with his belly button pierced?
Are my boobs TOO big?
Are you in love with your self???
how do I hide the marks from cutting myself?
Do u ever stop getting ingrown eyebrow hairs?
My Cartilage piercing is a little red and kind of sunk in a little but does not hurt at all. WIll it heal?
A few questions about mystic (spray) tanning...?
Started tanning but where i had tape on from a surgery....?
Where can I buy the no scream cream?
This is for anyone who has their lip pierced.?
BEST lotion for body overall?
How long should i leave ear stretchers in before taking out to clean?
how to stop your knees and elbows from darkening ?
dent where my tongue piercing sits!?
How can I gage my ears well?
whats a natural home remedy for red specs mostly on the nose and on your cheeks?
Should I have microdermabrasion done?
Does putting honey on your lips before bed, give you soft lips?
really greasy skin - what to do?
ways to improve your skin (pimples, dryness etc)?
Im considering a tongue piercing. Can anyone share their experience?
I got my nose pierced last week and now...?
Is there any way to reduce the appearance of stretch marks?
Is pale skin attractive?
skin hanging from my belly piercing?
Its thirteen degrees how cold is it there and what do you do to keep warm?
How do I ask my mom if I can shave my legs?
Can anybody tellme if stretching my ear lobes from 5mm to 8mm will hurt?
Is 14 too young to get your bellybutton pierced?
Cartilage Piercing Infection Chances? Please answer ASAP?
Why does it seem like i never even shaved my legs?
Microdermabrasion or Gylcolic Peels? I am starting to get fine lines around my eyes and on my forehead...?
Which way of waxing hurts worse?
how body scrub works?
can someone help me with my tragus piercing?
White bump on the outside of my lip piercing?!?!?
HELP ME! IM STUMPED! 10 points!!!?
Can you remind me?.....................?
how do i get rid of my dark underarms? PLEASE HELP!!!!!?
pimples!!! 8th grader with these!!! GROSS :p?
using a glycolic peel and retinol cream?
Guess my age. First one to guess correctly gets 10 points.?
Cartilage peircing advice ! Please help , quickly .?
Do you shower to wash off the days dirt before getting into bed or in the morning before work or school?
i am only 11 and i have to........?
The Smooth Away Thing?
i want to be a model but i have a big forhead what do u think i should do?
I'm fourteen- should I wait to get my bellybutton pierced? and how bad is it with the pain and stuff?
Sexy Body?
is proactive good or bad?
I just shaved my , and I have these terrible red bumps...?
Do you have to change your nipple piercing jewelry?
Why are there black spots appearing on my face?
Any Natural remedies for clearing spots?
is dry shaving bad for your legs?
Body Types?
does Claire's have good quality piercing earrings?
How long does it take for a belly button to heal when you get it pierced?
nice aftershave to buy men that isnt to expensive ?
shaving my legs.?
For women with breast implants ONLY!!?
How can I cure dark rings?
looking for eye/face cream for anti aging.?
What can i do about acne?
Less visible arm hair?
Has Anyone ever had a nostril reduction for wide nostrils?(cosmetic reasons) If so...?
Does it hurt to get a cut from a shaving razor?
What can i do with puffiness under my eyes?
Skincare Rountine???
Using skincare products from different brands?
What is a legit website to buy ear gauges?
do girls hate freckles?
does any one know why women all shave their privates?
big boobs and bikini hunting!?
Shaving Legs??? Plz Answer...?
I'm thinking of shaving my entire body...even my eye brows. What should I do it with?
How to get better looking eyes.?
Where can I learn how to body pierce in the UK?
Will my acne ever go coz im 21 now?
Is there really any need for body lotion?
I'm really pale and i get red marks on my skin?
Can anyone find a pic like this for me? PEOPLE 17 AND OLDER PLZ?
if i went to a piercing shop would they sell me tapers?
How long does it take for your body hair to grow back?
should i use an antibacterial soap? can't i just use dove or olay bar soaps?
I am 5'7" and weigh 180 with a little belly should i wear a bikini to the beach in FL?
how to avoid the s on myfoot?
I have acne on my forhead and and on my chin, any good products tat really do work?
can u get dimples (how?) or are u born just with them?
My toe nails are crusty?
Should i shave my arms?
Is it normal to have wrinkles in your late 20s?
Booty question!!!?
What causes pimples?
what are these stuff?
Why is my cartilage piercing bleeding?
Strech marks.................................?
i have more hair on my legs hands and upper lips for permenant removing what shuold i do?
Spray on tan..where someone sprays you. Not a booth.?
how can you get rid of freckles, i hate mine!!!!!!!!!!?
I have acne can u help?
So im pale and i never tan just burn is there anyway to get a tan? or no:/?
got my upper ear pierced?
Infected cartilage piercing?
Trouble going up from 10g to 8g?
Should I get both ears pierced?
Dose getting your ears pierced hurt ?
skin help!?
how do models get such perfect skin?
how do you get rid of stretch marks without having to use some expensive lotion or something?
how many eyes do the bats have ?
i got my lip pierced ?
time taken by ear hole to get completely filled with skin?
How come some people never get any acne?
Infected rook piercing?
if i lay out in the sun and i have an uneven tan, will it even out?
Little working out=weight gain?
What's a good skincare routine for me?
Are you happy with your figure?
Can you use bepanthen of 'lady area' razor bumps?
soap or body wash? what particular brand do you use?
When I shave near the bikini line I get really red bumps that hurt. Is there any way I can get rid of them?
How to get rid of acne?
Help? Eyelid wrinkles ?!!!!?? PLEASE HELP?
Dry, acne-prone skin - solutions?
Is my acne really bad?
Do you think my lip piercing will close up?
How do I get lighter skin?
what's a good website to find good, affordable dermatologist?
Do I have a big forehead? *Pictures*?
i have back acne, and wearing a strapless prom dress! help!!?
Winter-damaged skin!?
Are "Bioplast" (plastic) belly button rings safe?
Which are more common, outie or innie belly buttons?
My Dad won't let me get my ears pierced?
Tongue piercing Infection?
Why would a person suggest that I lose weight?
How can I get rid of waxing burns within 12 hours? MY HOMECOMING IS TONIGHT!!!?
Does milk increase acne/ blemishes??
Best way of getting rid of blackheads?
my knees are darker than the rest of my legs. is there any way i can make my knees match the color of my legs?
I want to ask if lemon it's good to put in my body after bathing?
How can i get rid of cellulite?
Saggy&pointed. How can I make my breasts look better?
Hickey Problem!!!!!?
Quick fixes to breakouts?
my 12 yr old son has started to break out and im looking for something he can use that is easy.?
Women/Girls... Do you shave your thighs?
how long do you need to let your bikini line grow before you can wax?
closed rhinoplasty ? to thin out bulbous tip?
0g ear gauge blowout?
How can I remove these?
is glutathione really help?
veet or nair?
Do you need to use soap before using Oxy Face Wash?
Feeling insecure discusted and depressed with my breasts ?
GNC BRAND NAME Now® Glutathione CAN BE USED AS A L-glutathione?
questions about my nose piercing?
How to acheive a really nice tan, without goin red and peeling! lol?
any homemade treatment to get rid of zits and fast???
how to make my hands softer?
what products have worked well for you?
could i still get my belly button peirced even though i dont have a flat stomach?
Would you say I'm attractive, ok looking, or ugly? :/?
How to get rid of acne over the summer?(I use Spectro Jel and Blemish Prone cream)?
what questions could you ask a client regarding thier skin type to enable you to assess their concerns?
does oxy cleaner really works for acne?
My nose piercing closing?
piercing question?
How to put on Old Spice Swagger?
Why am I so hairy while my dad is not at all?
Y do Fathers get mad when they find there daughter's having sex?
What is the average cost of a nose piercing?
what peircing should i get?
I really need advice !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Shaving my legs, how to ask?
How to properly clean your stretching ears!?
Well I have a little keloid scar due to a cut, I started rubbing it with Palmer's scar serum and...?
am i to big to get a belly button piercing?
Has anyone else used tea tree oil for acne?
What can i do about dry lips?
Is it normal for my earlobe skin to peel when my stretched lobes are healing?
have you tried 'Grease Lightning' from LUSH. your thoughts? :)?
Someone said i looked like a barbie doll...should i take that as a compliment or insult?
at shome brazillian wax kit?
I am a 14 guy and want my ears pierced!?
Using a fade cream by a chocolate complexioned person, is it advisable.?
Is it true that some toothpastes work as zit cream?
earlier my hairs are very silky and long and now my hairs become very dull wat can i do?
I want a body like this. Best way to get it?
What's the shape of my face?
What is the easiest and QUICKEST way to get rid of huuuge zits?
Is it bad to pop pimples?
What is the difference between body wash and shower gel?
How much does the new dove skin vitalizer and cleansing pillows cost?
How old do you have to be to get your nipple pierced? if your not 18 can your parents take you to get it done?
For what reason do they sometimes use dermal punches & sometimes use just a thick needle?
Has anyone tried Jojoba oil for male pattern baldness?
few questions about proactiv?
My face get red all the time?
Im a cheerleader and worried about getting my belly button pierced?
What is my body shape?
Can I change my septum hoop, it's almost been two months?
whats a good skin care product for acne?????
Does getting your belly button pierced hurt?
Can I use a sunblock over a moisturizer?
Can I go braless in public?
Shaving the Underarms?
What is my skin tone?
Do you think i'm to young to get my belly button peirced?
Teen In Need Of Acne Advice!!!!?
What is a mommy makeover?
homemade body products?
How can you get rid of stretch marks?
Tried sugar waxing and it turned into a liquid!?
For the LADIES!!!!?
what is the best way to remove body hair if you have hirsuitism?
Why does my back look so weird?
Ageing process ??
I'm starting to break out! agh. my skin was just clearing up tooo! lol?
whats your opinion about girls with plugs?
does bio oil really work for stretch marks?
Help ! nose is messed up :(?
Do you think my septum was pierced to low?
What does wearing push-up bras affect?
should my 14 yr old cousin get her belly button pierced?
omg is this a real piercing??????
Am I underweight for my age and height??
how many times should i was my face?
I have been thanking about getting my hood pierced!!!?
does it hurt to get a belly button piercing?
i always break out around my eye brows when I get them waxed.. whyyyy :(?
What are some good facial masks?
is it okay for a 13 yr old to get a nose job?
Best facial wash for my skin?
How to close up hole left by plugs in ears quickerr?
What medication for acne works ?
What should I get at Bath & body works?
How do I make soap really quick?
How to remove face hair naturally at home ?
does baby oil really make you tan?
I use lemon and strawberry juice as a toner for my oily skin. Can I leave it on my skin all day??
How to get my skin paler?
anyone familiar with the "Magic Milk Whitening Lotion"?
Am i too tall for my age?
If you have a piercing, please answer!?
Whats a great face wash you can buy at walgreens thats really good for your skin?
Piercing Help!? What next?
i shaved
Which do you prefer? Old Spice Red Zone body wash? Or Axe body wash?
Face itches after exfoliating with baking soda ?
Scars :o( [also sunless tanning]?
Does it hurt getting your cartilage on your ear hurt when you get it pierced?
Is this considered annorexic!!?
What are some good homemade face mask recipes?
is it normal to get acne on your pubes?
Does anyone know of anything that can make scars less noticeable ?
How to lighten skin fast!?!?!?!?
Ear Stretching questions?
How can I stop my armpits from sweating?
i have really samll boobs and i get teased.How do i make them grow withno surgery?
Where do you buy these natural acne scar treatments?
piercings......which one to get?
what is a good acne remedie?
I'm gonna pierce my belly button because my mom won't let me get mine, does anyone know how?
How do i lose my stomach?
Stretch Marks???!!!!?
do eyebrow piercings really hurt?
It took a good full year for my nipple piercings to fully heal. Does that amount of time sound right?
when is the best time to have a navel piercing(belly piercing)??
skin? help me please!!! 10 points best answer!!!
My legs are short and fat, how do I get them long and skinny?
Does Proactive really work?
i am how can i say this very endowed down there and i can never sit without it showing how can i change that?
My friend has a self esteem problem!?
Almond Oil On The Face?
what bath product do you like to use?
same question, i need more answers!!!!?
Brown scar due to shaving?
Is there a cream that can help with wrinkles between bottom lip and nose?
could i model? (pics)?
Boobs super small?!?
sinking tongue ring!?
I have red, itchy bumps on my legs, what are they and what do I do it fix it?
acne washing solution?
friends extremely tall sister?
I am 15 years old, 5'8 and I weigh110 pounds, (50kg) am I fat?
how can i hide my tongue piercing from my dad for the 1st week ?
Do i sound pretty to you?
how do i get clear skin?
What piercing will suit me?
Cartilage Piercing....?
My boyfriend wont let me go tanning. Is this normal?
Should i go or should i stay?
Is my pierced ear hole infected? Please help!?
Im going to see this girl tomarrow acne help plz?
Stinky Problem!?
girls only please... and alot of answers?
What is the darkest skin tone you can achieve on fair skin using a bronzer?
Are my thighs big? Picture included!?
Why do all the cool people have big boobs?
should i get my belly button pierced?
tongue piercing thoughts!?
does cleanser help when I already have clogged pores?
Am I Washing My Face Properly?
Snake Bites!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Any colour of skin you love more ? & What is your skin colour ?
Nipple piercing yes or no?
Do I look skinny, fat, average?
Is it true you can make your butt bigger if it's really flat?
Does it stop when you're in water?
does getting your belly pierced hurts?
Straight or curly hair???
Does any one know how much a tongue piercing costs at rich ink?
Botox countdown...Wednesday! Tell me about your experience!?
Hypertropic ear piercing?
Zit under scar tissue won't go away?
Help about nose screws?
I just burned my self with a curling iron?
does proactive solution work?
intense pulse light(IPL)?
how can you get rid of razor bumps or any bumps that appear after shaving your legs??
How does the professional laser hair removal process work?
Any home remedies or something to cure bruising deep beneif the delicate skin?
what size implants to get?
Does anyone have a 3 lip piercings on one side?
my eyes,hair and skin are turning darker even when im not in the sun for months?
How Do I Make My Skin Lighter?HELLLPPPP ASAPPP?
Got my toung peirced whats the best way to eat out my gf?
rejecting microdermal?
Help please! Dark Circles?
Can I tan without tanning cream?
I want to get my nipple pierced do I need consent from my parent?
Does anyone know if there are any acne products that actually work?
I NEED HELP(plz girls only)?
Would lip piercing look emo ?
Which of the olay definity products are best?
I got my septum pierced and I got it changed an hour after.....will anything bad happen? Im worried?
will a lip piercing look good on me ?? ( pictures included )?
Where do you go to have your ears stretched?
HELP?! Im really fed up of my spotty skin!?
Light acne troubles? Help Please?
Does Singapore has Clarins product ?Where?
how can someone with naturally tanned skin look orange or yellow?
which girls do you find more attractive???
Is it safe to draw on your skin with highlighter?
I have a taning appointment in an hour and I have never gone tanning, fill me in on what I am supposed to do!?
Help... Pimples.?
HELP i pierced my bellybutton myself last week, im 13 , i used a safety pin?
does she need a nose job?
What Does It Mean? Please Help!?
I think my ear piercings closed!!! ADVICE PLZ?
how cani remove blackhead on my nose???
Is your top lip meant to be smaller then the bottom?
If you walked by a lake and saw me skinny dipping, would you steal my clothes and make me run home...ya know..
Body piercing apprenticeship?
who has thier septum peirced?
i wanna pierce my nose.?
I keep getting ingrown hairs?
When should teen start sex?
i have been breaking out and had some white heads and need some help?
my boyfriends toenails are turning pinkish... why?
how do i get rid of dark shadows under my eyes?
What do guys think about girls with tongue piercings?
Pros and cons of getting a facial piercing?
Best ways for better skin?
Does gel blood dry? or will it look wet. all night?
will sun burn disappear after a while?
what is the song after every america's next top model?
what is a good face mack to get ride of pimples?
what is this piercing called?? (picture)
What is the best sun cream?
Is it cool to get both of your cartilage pierced?
how long would it take a 12 gauge to shrink down to a 16 gauge?
My lips are dry, what can i do for get rid of this.....?
6mm/2g stretch bleeding?!?
How do you make your skin smooth and un-ed?
How many piercings do you got?
how to get rid of very dark eye circles?
is there something in my nose?
Do you think my legs are too big? (pictures)?
which peircing hurts more?
acne problems..plz help?
I have extremely dry skin. What's the best lotion to use?
my skin becomes dry even in summer looking dry and ugly.suggest me some tips to make it soft?
Best facial bar for really dry skin?
Should i moisturise my face?
Strecher/taper advise x?
Tragus Bump..?
Good Family - Bad Germs!!?
what color can I mix to create magenta and fuchsia colors?
Warm or cool haircolor?
how to reduce redness in my face?
HELP, how do i get my face slim like goo haras?
Does Proactive really work?
Should I shave my arms? :/?
How to get rid of icepick acne scars?
How long after a blowout do I wait to put regular earrings back in?
Is it bad to like piercings?
Can you tell i have acne? Going on a first date soon so i wna know!?
my face is used to make up there a way to make it look in better condition?
wrinkles and sunscreen?
My kids want me to take them to the beach today, should I bring them?
How long will coconut oil last in a lip balm?
How do I prevent and cure spots?
Should I my nose pierced with a diamond nose stud?
Get rid of Dark Cirlcles Under Eyes?
Can I take out my cartilage piercing for about an hour after 3(ish) months?
Does Proactive really work as good as everyone says it does?
ear stretching at a 18g?
Microdermals in the cheeks?
best way to remove blackheads?
how can i remove stretch marks from my body?
skin problem pleeeeeeeeeeez help?
for people who have had spray tans ?????
Is it okay to wash my face 3 times a day?
is proactiv right for me?
Bare or Bush "Down There"?
I really want to stretch my ears...but my mom won't let me :/?
what can i use to sterilise my nose before piercing it?
Piercings down below?
Best skin exfoliaton product in UK???
shaved or not shaved legs up the top ?
How can i smell good all day?
What's another stretch mark? Lol.?
How to get larger breasts without surgery or pills?
Can adding garlic to a clear top coat help nails grow?
Weird question for the girls?
Nightmare..can it go away quickly?
should i get my belly button peirced?
Pierced my eyebrow with a safety pin?
does it hurt when you get your ears pierced?
How can I get a bigger chest naturally?
red stuff on my legs?
Spray tanning questions?
Does AcneFree work? What are your experiences?
I just used Nair... and it left stubble? Wtf?
Tounge piercing help?
can you pierce your belly button again if your remove the first piercing and the whole in your belly is close?
do you like black hair and brown eyes?
Why are my finger nails yellow??
Does Biotin or Zinc make your breast sore?
Why do girls like taller guys?
what do you think of this woman?
Feminine pubic hair? Help.?
New to tanning, help please!?
has anyone with a visible piercing had strangers want to touch it?
how can i minimize my pores?
How do I get rid of pimples fast?
Are these real?
Why does my third ear piercing hurt?
nose piercing, needle or gun?
can someone please tell me what they are putting on this guys face...?
I would like to get a new piercing but...?
Whats the BEST fake tan?
What's a good sunless tanner that does NOT give you an orange look?
Am I big for my age?
Would a labret (centered) piercing look good on me?
Has anyone ever tried Pro active skin care line? does it work??
Hot or Not (pic included)?
nose piercing questions...?
What happens if you have a tan already on parts of your body and you then apply fake tan?
PROACTIV.. does anyone know how long it takes to ship to canada after you order it online?
Clear skin question (please answer)?
Belly Button Piercing!!?
cheek piercing problems !?
What facial piercing should I get? (photos included)?
Do you think...?
How can you heal a sunburn mark that has been there for 6 or 7 weeks now?
I have developed a rash after using Avon renewal cream?
does any one have a pic of their belly piercing after 2 days that i can see?
whats a natural way to clean my face?
does proactiv really work?
how do you know when a tanning salon is hiring?
Is it normal for a sun tan to stay this long?!?
18 and parents still won't let me get my belly button pierced?
Help on Boobs.............!!!!!!!!!!.?
which facial wash do you reccomend?
Granier Face Wash ..?
Any good waxes for waxing bikini area?
Tongue piercing help!?
how to remove dark circles around my eyes? old do i look?
There is this pimple-like object on my face, and I can't figure out if it's a pimple or not!?
Does anyone know of proof that water prevents wrinkles?
Which is a better men's shaver?
should i get a lip piercing?
Is my skin color genetic or tanned?
Can you tell i have acne? Going on a first date soon so i wna know!?
Can i stretch my ears safely with taped acrylic plugs?
minor burns on your face?
Ear piercing! Is it infected? What should I do?
is 14 to young for a belly button piercing?
Should I get my nose pierced?
does it look stupid if you have both cartliges pierced?
where can I get answers to my electric shaver questions?
Havin Ma Belly Button Pierced Tomoz N I Was Wonderin Wt u cud compare the lil bit of pain to?
Hair down there, what to do with them?
How do I get rid of scars in my face?
How to treat an infected belly button piercing?
I have cut marks on my thighs. they look pretty ugly. how can i lighten them.?
Why does it seem like i never even shaved my legs?
This question is for Mao Marxist?
can you gain 10 pounds in a week?
A good lotion to put on your face?
Should I get a lip piercing or a tongue piercing? What hurts the least?
What products can I use on my feet to make and keep the skin soft. Nothing expensive please!!?
how do you get rid of acne marks on dark skined people? (black people)?
What is your opinion on bowlegs?
How do guy prefer down south (hopely you know what im talin about) , buzzed, shrimmed, bare, or other>????
little knot in my lip from removing lip piercing?
What was your most painful piercing? Whats the most attractive piercing?
When I wash my face it goes really red and dry so I apply an oil free moisturiser but it gets oilier?
how can i get my labret pierced and hide it from my parents?
What do you think of my weight?
Girls: What's your everyday skin care routine?
can't get rid of the bumps on my arm. HELP!!?
Is there any way to make my pale skin look less...well pale?
What is your general opinion of eyebrow piercing?
what can remove dark circles under eyes?
Lump in my infected cartilage piercing?
Of the following, which body part never grows: nose, eyes, ears?
How can i get cleaner skin?
I am scared my belly button ring while rip out ( regect)?
Im a guy who just pierced ears?
What else can i peirce?
how can i get boobs fast ?
wrestling season coming up and i have a belly piercing?
recommended dark spot correctors?
For girls who have their bellies pierced?
What's wrong with pale skin?
Two months from going to a gauge eight to six not enough?
black peoples lips, why are they so big?
Which one works better, revlon colorstay or maybelline dream matte?
Nose Piercing Mothaforkenscharactermininum?
I'm 15, I'm a girl,I'm 5'6, 148 lbs and smoken hot.Do you think I could be a model?
Pubic hair - does your boyfriend expect you to shave it all off?
hairy arms!!?
How do I ask my mum to buy my hair removal cream for my bikini line?
sunblock without the greasy feel?
does getting my ears pierced hurt?
My legs....?
Veet Stripless Warm Wax - Reusable?
Which Piercing would look good on me (with pics)?
How to reduce the swelling of my spots in nine hours?
Acne face wash/cleanser?
How to get rid of zit scar on my face?
Strech Mark Remedy?
how remove my face dark spots?
Blistex Five Star Lip Balm?
How do you remove a mole?
I'm 15 and tequan richmond's complexion, but my face, neck elbows, legs are slightly darker. My body lighter?
Anyone know of any good face washes or masks that make pores less visible?
Embarrasing Acne!! :( help please best answer get s!.:)?
With this piercing what type of ring do i use?
small split in front of tongue bar?
Is pale skin unattractive/ugly?
do my teeth look good?
what is your favourite eye colour and why?
How did you stop biting or peeling your nails off?
is showering bad for your skin?
Does drinking water help with your overall appearance?
Is it good to switch facial cleanser every few months?
How to sweat less? (Bad sweat issues)?
how do you get rid of stretch marks without having to use some expensive lotion or something?
Is it common for guys to be completely shaved under there?
lip piercing place near fremont CA (94555)?
how can i get rid of black circles around my eye using natural components that i can buy or make ?
When you get older and want to loose weight, how can you stop looking like a deflated carrier bag?
How do I convince my Father to get my belly button pierced?
Is this too much for my face?
What's a good way to get rid of acne?
Is there a way to get rid of blackheads that keep coming back?
how old were you when you got your belly button pierced ?
Is there any place that would let a child under 18 get a piercing? please!?
Neosporin on acne scab?
What should a guy do for his face?
wanna know abt bikini wax?
how can i get rid of a big, red spot on my face?? ?
How do I make it look like I have a burn mark on my arm? (Reason inside)?
If you have mild acne scars are you disfigured forever and they only fade? if you went for laser?
What is the best fake tan ?
I've been getting electrolysis done for over a year, and I don't see a difference?
Getting rid of little red veins on my lower cheeks?
What do you like about your body???
How much is the average cost for breast implants with nipple uplift and reduction in London?
Does it look like my face got chubbier?
Gross problem... many answers needed please!?
Something curious.................?
How do i get rid of camel toe?
This might sound stupid, but what the
Why is it bad to pop zits?
will scars go away? can you use a home remedy to get rite of them quicker?
How do i get rid of redness and blotches on my face?
Whats your opinion, tanning bed.... or self tanner?
Smiley/Frenulum Piercing?
How old do you have to be to get your nose pierced?
Around What Age Range Do You No Longer Get Acne?
my face is darker than the rest of my body... and im indian.... ok.. how do i get myself all one color...?
please help me!! acne trouble!!?
Would My Belly Piercing Leave A Scar After 1 Year?
how do i get rid of theese lines from i think clothes or somethin?
Help!! Really dry skin..?
Question about drying your face after sweating?
how do i prevent yellow stains from appearing on my shirts i wear deoderant every day all my shirts are yellow
what does it mean when you order a skin care product and it says professional recommendation advised?
Help me decide on this?
IM FOURTEEN AND I WANT MY SEPTUM PIERCED! i have parental permission, will they do it?
How do you stop sweating under the arms?
How do you exfoliate your skin?
stretch mark cream HELP?
I have small white dots on my nails?
I shaved my upper lip and i have spots there now?
Having a Full Brazillian Wax. How bad will it hurt ?
Would I look good with a nose piercing in a year?
My surface piercing is sort of sinking into my skin?
has anyone used strivectin SD for stretch marks?
Nipple piercing yes or no?
Question for those of you with a belly button piercing - healing time?
Help! any one know were to get this ingredient?
at what age can i get a facial piercing without parental consent?
When MAKING SOAP, from melt and pour glycerin...can you add stuff like olive oil, and coconut oil?
I just got a Monroe piercing....?
Help me with bra trouble... Please?
I HATE MY ACNE MARKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!… help!?
HELP! i woke up with DOUBLE bags under my eyes? why?
Makeup while working out?
Is it normal for a 15 year old to have wrinkles?
What men's body sprays smell the best? Colognes?
How to make your boobs bigger?
im a dark skinned to achieve a fair skin tone?
Can you get surgery to change the size of your nipples?
what's your favorite face cleaner?
How bad does it hurt to get ur Helix Pierced?
How do I reply to people when they call me "Tall?"?
where can i get obagi products in india?
What do I do to get good skin?
Whats the best way to get rid of acne naturally??
Can I get some help with this PLEASE?!?!?
how can I hide angel bites? 16g?
My helix piercing won't stop bleeding? Is it infected?
Are any of the facewashes out there bad for the long-term health of your face's skin?
how do i tell....?
Im getting my eyebrow pierced but I have to cover it up for school?
Tanning, what's best?
How to make my skin soft?
Pierced my own second lobe holes and cartilage?
St Ives Apricot for sensative skin?
When I first put on lotion from Bath and Body Works.....?
How do I choose which epilator?
Question about fake toenails?
does proactiv work my sister wants to know?
which is best face wash for male to remove dirt and also should suit Indian skin?
question about earrings and professionalism?
I'm Getting My Ears Pierced Later Today?
What products can I use to maintain pale skin?
What is the safest most natural, chemical free skin products?
how to get beautifuf glowing skin?
how to have a good skin?
Are there any women that love to have their feet rubbed?
how much do piercing your ears hurt? and how long? wheres the best place to go?
Is it okay to keep tapers in for a few days?
carilage piercing for a year? Still so many issues! Help?
Does getting a belly piercing hurt?
BOYS: Natural tan vs. Pale/white?
I keep on waking up naked, what should I do?
im turning 15 and want to get my bottom right lip peirced?
removing regular lotion before tanning bed?
Which Piercing's Do You Find Hot..?
how to get a body like this?
Dark Bags under eyes.?
Need to get rid of pimples quickly!?
Why are dermatologists recommending Neutrogena products if they contain glycerin?
Is moisture the key to healathy skin?
does getting your ears peirced hurt??
How to be alike to Paris Jackson ?
How do I fix the grainy, red blotchy skin on my face?
Am i considered tall?
how can i create cleavage?
Opinions on my body?
does this product really work?
pimple on my nose??????????
need some help for piercing my lip?
Hot to take care of ear and ear ring after ear piercing?
How do I tell my mom my bra's are getting too tight?
Likas Papaya soap?
i wake up looking like I'm dead?
Way to get rid of scars?
If you have faded stretch marks (white ones)?
Help! Swollen piercing question?
B/F Licking my hairy armpits?
Skin care: Chanel or Clinique?
what are the pros and cons of having breasts?
how much would it cost to?
How do you get rid of sandal marks on your feet?
Tounge piercing.... will I be able to speak?
Is It Long To Take A 1 Hour Shower....?
I have ed nipples, what should I do?
Whats the best thing for black heads?
Is it safe and beneficial to shave your entire face (meaning underneath eyes, forehead, crows feet and nose)?
How long is too long for toenails?
Is it weird being 14 and shaving pubic hair?
Vertical labret piercing question?
Moisturizer for African American skin?
Should i get my ears double pierced? im turning 13?
ugh. make-up help. NOW, please.?
Plz Help Me out!!!!!!!!!!
Is my belly button piercing infected?
Ugly bump next to nose ring?
How to remove scars on face naturally?
contact solution question?
Cartilage piercing that I've had for a year is infected yet again?
is 172 cm, 5'9? i'm confused.?
I won a free $20 piercing ticket! What piercing should I get?
Does the SW+SS skin whitening soap with glutathione Really Work?
wat can i use 2 fade black heads?
How can i make my skin look soft?
I have dark circles under my eyes and my periods have stopped. My skin is also bad. Should I see a doctor?
Have you had a tummy tuck and lipo?
Can you rate my face from a scalle 1-10?
Would a monroe piercing or lip piercing look better on me?
would you please inform me about the body waxing salon in zurich/switzerland?
how can i wax my bikini area myself?
do u think i should shave my arms...cuz there really hairy...wat will happen if i do?
how do i get rid of ance in two weeks before my wedding day?
neutrogena natural glow?
A girl getting a humpbackk! help!!?
What are some things that make your lips soft?
how can i hide my nose piercing?
Do I have an eating disorder?
Tanning Tips?
i want to get my nose pierced soooo badly
are these real or fake?
Could I get my septum repeirced?
some rubbish links r being sent from my id to my frnds without my concern is this a virus if so how to solve??
What brand of tampons is better to use when swimming?
um i am also planning on getting a nose ring and a belly ring do they hurt?
Acne help PLEASE!!?
I need a nice tan by May 12, 2007 for my wedding and honeymoon. How often should I tan a week?
I'd like to get a good tan in the next month. How often should I go and what level bed?
Rate me on a scale of 1-10 please. Just curious to see what people's first impressions are.?
Industrial piercing help?
What part of the Body can you use Venus Embrace?
Do you think imperfect teeth can make a pretty person unattractive?
changing an eyebrow piercing within a week of getting it done?
I have large pores on my nose, What can I do to make it small or are there any product that can help this?
Eww I have long armpit hair?
Monroe or nose piercing?
Why doesn't my side profile look as good as my front profile?
How much does a cartilage/helix piercing cost?
I am so irritated with body hair (i am a girl)?
i need to find a site or store that sales natural ess and frangrance oil! but at low prices?
Going to get my nose Pierced, anything i should be aware of before I go?
i have this pimple scar on my nose!!! HoMe MaDe ReMeDiEs?
Belly button piercing help?
Is my Cartilge infected ??? HELPP?
how to prevent dirt from neck?