What is the best part of a women's body?
I need help with care for my skin - starting out?
what's a good moisturizer with spf 30 or higher for oily/acne prone skin?
what store could i find this product??
PLZ help ME?
I've had my ears pierced for 17 years...?
what's the best outdoor tanning lotion?
Is it worth losing that 3 lbs again to look my best?
How do I get my mom to let me get my belly button peirced?
Its so itchy!! I HATE it!!! Its so uncomfortable and irritating.?
What size would my piercing be/help?
5'5 am i short? will i grow?
Can you use orajel before getting a lip piercing?
omg my face HELP ME!?
Is it ok to use anti-wrinkles cream at alomost 16?
What kind of paint can I use on my skin other than body paint that won't or stain?
How do I make my face nice and smooth in 2 weeks? What to use?
how do i perform a nipple piercing?
Scared for life?
What are those lines/creases on the inside of your palm called?
What's the best exfoliating product for your body?
Skin help! With skin that gets oily as the day progresses, how many times a day should I was my face?
keliod on eyebrow piercing natural remedies plz?
Nape piercing (Neck piercing)?
Pan Oxyl Benzoyl Peroxide or Clean and Clear Persa Gel 10?
what are the easiest at home acne masks??
Does putting pee on ur face really help the zits go away!?
is there any side effects by using erytop?
Breast implants, what is best? Difference between under the muscle and above. Silicone or saline?
Would a septum piercing suit me? Pics.?
What cream do I use to get rid of a wrinkle and circle under both of my eyes?
I bite my nails!!!Arrrrrrrrrrgggghhhhhhh i cant stop?
Really bad blackheads and spots?
is my body decent looking??
What is the best way to stop bitting your nails?
what piercing would look good on me?
what should i buy or do?
Tounge piercing help please?
How can I make my pores smaller?
Need sunburn help redness remedies?
What kind of body shape am I?
What do you think the appropriate age for getting a belly button piercing is?
I Want To Pierce My Belly Button.?
My labret piercing is closing on one end. How bad would it be to push it through?
Help please! Am I a tomato?
Do you think you're fat?
My upper lip is big..?
What do u think i could use for my stretch mark, im only 16yrs and i have it all over my tigh?
Best shaving cream for thick, dark hair on legs and/or bikini area?
help. i have dry ashy skin.?
nivea body simply soft body lotion versus aveeno?
I need some creative name ideas!!?
How to have pink lips naturally?
Which football player is the cutest????????
eyebrow piercing is lumpy and sore?
Will wearing high heel shoes cause varicose veins? What can I do to reduce present ones and prevent more?
Why is it brown down there?
Why do my eyes change from blue to green to grey?
am i ready to stretch up a size?
How much would laser hair removal cost for my lower stomach?
Do you need a license to become a body piercer in Virginia?
is there a way to get bigger boobs?
Help with ingrown hairs?
Why is my skin so dry? And is there anything I can do?
What kind of deodorant works best?
how deal with facial hair??? Pls help guys?
Does anyone know of any good websites that contain aromatherapy recipes for skincare?
Should I get double lobes after stretching?
accidently used table salt to clean navel piercing, now what do i do?!?
Does anyone know how to get UV off of your skin and fingernails?
How do I prevent my lips from becoming chap all the time?
Weird sensitive bumps from shaving my legs ?
my face!!!!!!?
How do you know if a navel piercing is infected?
Best way to remove hair from bikini line?
how can i whiten my complexion????????????
Black cat for Halloween?
Anti Tragus or Tragus?
Is LORAC oil-free stain for lips and cheeks a good product?
IN YOUR OPINION, is 14 too young...?
if you're popping out of your bra, does it mean its TOO small?
Is this A Small Chest Size Or Big?
How do I make myself look more naturally beautiful?
What self tanning product do you recommend?
tanning lotion?
acne question!!?
Spectro jel cleaser easy questions?
Is it ok to tan nude?
Ladies,can you pliz tell me how a guy's cute buts look like?
Should I Use Lotion On My Face After Shower?
photograph problems?
Would I look good with a nose piercing?
do you think a 29 waist size is too small for a male model?
What's the best acne wash?
What are these small bumps around my mouth?!? Please Help!!!!!!!!!!?
What can I use for my small blemishes all over my face?
what is da best product for removing pimples?
I really wanna get my lip pierced ?
For people that have there noses peirced?? does it hurt really bad? can you describe to me what they'll do?
does getting your cartilage pierced in your ear heart?
What about big boobs??
I do not use make up very frequently because when I do I get blackheads and can it be solved?
Help!!!!!!!!!! shaving legs?
why don't the insides of your arms tan?
Im really insecure about my pale skin. Help?
How and where can I get plugs?
basil tonic for face?
Can you give me the name of a cream for under eyes circle?
How long will it take for half of my eyebrow to grow back?
Should I get a lip piercing ..?
does anyone know any good tattoo and percing shops near seminole fl?
should i get a septum piercing ?
I want a new piercing and can't decide what to get...?
how to get rid of stomach hairss? please helpp 10 points best answer?
It's swollen under my right toe?
urgent skin care routine for normal/oily skin?
What can I do and what prodocts will give me a flawless face?
My belly button piercing is itchy!?
Am I short or average?
how can you get rid of or reduce grey-coloured knees/elbows/underarm areas?
Where is a good place to get my ears pierced in Toronto ?
After first IPL for bikini line what are the effects?
Is Yardley soap good on the body?
how do i get rid of this? exfoliate?
How can I persuade my parents to let me get a nose ring?
Will i grow 15 almost 16?
I Think I'm Fat? Is My Weight Okay?
opinions on tongue peircings?
Is sunblock supposed to be this oily???
I have a reddish "bump" on my face that I know is about to turn in to a nasty pimple, should I put toothpast?
Which one is best ? Snakebites or Dimples pierced ?
is it true that left side nose piercings mean you are lesbian/gay/bisexual?
Which is worse as a kid: Short or tall?
How long does it take the outside of a lip piercing to close after having it for 8 months?
Best chapstick/ lip stuff?
crossing my legs at the knee but it feels akward?
Is this okay to do?? Piercing by myself??!!!?
navel piercing, im getting mine done, dose it hurt much.?
how can i reduce the appearance of my stretch marks??
im 13 and im only a 32A in bra i want to make them at least look bigger if not bigger how do I do it ?
what type of natural oil is the best moisturizer for ur face?
What lotion/oil would you recommend for my dry skin that may combust due to the friction from my clothes?
what can i do about my pimples?
Ne1 know any really good ways to get clear skin?
i'm 15 years old at 5'6 and 92 lbs.?
Should I take out my navel piercing?
Red bumps on pubic area?
effective beauty products?
acne help please!!!?
I want to get a perfect body!?
anyone had their facial hair permenantly removed using lazer?
How can I get a body like Kendall Jenner?
when i was a child my nose was huge but now its normal is this possible?
Wearing A Bra To Bed ? ?
what do you think? 1-10?
Why do your upper eyelids get saggy when tired?
How to refresh your skin ?
Nipple piercing infection?
What Is the best face wash to get rid of zits?
how should i clear up my skin?
How can i make my face thinner?
Getting cartilage pierced?
How do i get rid of blackheads?
Do men find it attractive when a girl has her belly button pierced?
what do guys think about cellulite and stretch marks?
how do i get rid of scars?
Before and after?
Cartilage piercing problems?
Tanning can be a WOOPSY right?
what type of piercing would you get?
Should I get a nose, conch, or tragus piercing?
What Facial Piercing would guys look good in?
what do girls think of a scarred face?
Plzzz answer ppl i need 2 kno?
Whats the diff. Lip balm & chapstick?
red dotes around my eyes!?
how can i make my breasts shrink?
girls I need some help!!?
how to make my boobs look smaller?
My nose piercing bump won't go away!!!!! HELP PLEASE!!!!!!?
tanning question...............?
Am i overweight?
best medicine for blackheads?
how can i remove eye bags?
Does anyone think that I am pretty?
What is this piercing called?
where can i find organic jojoba oil in montreal?
Whats my ranking?...can I get reconstructive criticism please (PICS INCLUDED)?
Sensitive skin face wash like Philosophy's Purity Made Simple?
birthmark meaning?
Does A toung piercing hurt?
I have clogged pores!....I think.?
Whats a quick way to get rid of a zit?
Help in getting rid of a heavy tan?
Is proactiv for people who have sensitive skin also?
Piercing my cartilage at home!?
Remedy for severe dry, chapped hands??
Im using st tropez self tanning spray, has anyone got any tips so i dont do it wrong?
what do i do if i get an erection on a nude beach?
Are moles a good thing or a bad thing?
what's the difference between nivea goodbye cellulite serum and gel?
Do women like hairy chest, legs,arms, backs? Need some help.?
should I self pierce my septum?
Where can i buy clay in the uk?
Dessert Treats?
Question about this lotion (aveeno)?
Is there a way to get rid of blackheads that keep coming back?
My face is so dry! Help!?
Dark circles under eyes ? ;o ♥?
cartilage piercings and stuff?
probaly a girls only type of question..unless ur gay. lol?
Have you got hazel eyes?
When can i change my belly button piercing?
Dark circles under my eyes?
Bleeding VCH piercing?
Skin help! With skin that gets oily as the day progresses, how many times a day should I was my face?
what percing can i get with a parent at age 13?
how do you remove freckles naturally?
i`m aging and face has became real dry and flaky and i`m poor so what`s best to buy?
Im getting laser hair removal on my face. can i wear bronzer after like a week? when will the hair come out?
Is proactive going to ruin my skin?
Is it true that Milk is a good moisturizer??
I want to pierce my lip.?
How bad does a naval piercing hurt? How long will I be sore for?
How can i get rid of acne quickly?
How to remove a mole?
question about acne?
body acne...?
What Do You Think Of Me?
Does anyone know the average age of people getting rhinoplasty procedures done in 1997?
navel piercing..and strict mom!?
About how much would this cost?
Navel Piercings: Help Me!!!!!!!!!!!?
how many times should i cleanse my face?
i have oily skin & got some short of pimple?
I want my nipple pierced!?
No matter how long I layout, my face wont get any darker!!?
What's the best face cream out there?
Can anyone give me some information about nipple piercings?
would my lips be to big if i got lip injections?? (PICS!)?
Does the olay acne face wash work?
I am scared to get my ears pierced! Does it hurt?
Acne Problems!?
what's your opinion on a 14 year old getting their belly button pierced?
whats the best way to get rid of eye bags and dark circles?
what do i use for my acne?
Does anyone know how to make homeade bath salt's?
How can I pierce my own nose at home?
can my dermotalogist remove a scar on my face?
do these baby pictures look anything like the person now? (what a cute kid)?
If you use your lip balm when you're sick and then again after you're well, will you get sick again?
Can I shave 'down there' with the same razor I use for my legs and armpits? Please only from a woman's view.?
I'm curious about laser hair removal.?
does proactive really work?
Whats a good fade cream for brown spots on face???
What is the best way to remove tanning mistakes. I cant seem to rub it on evenly.?
Do eyeglasses leave dark rings under the eyes?
Is 5'8" short for a guy?
What should I do about my boyfriends super dry skin?
Do You Like Feet!?
Girls please help me............................. need lots of answers! its VERY important TO ME.?
Should I wear socks in bed? Or should I have bare feet?
does getting Ur pierced cartilage hurt?
Is Tanning Gay for a boy ?
Please help??
What is your bra size?
i find Brad Pitt extremely goodlooking, am i gay?
mto 1 mto shahmaghsoudi 1?
Do you think this dress is too skimpy (pic)?
Hairy Arms...?
I am too scared to get a bikini wax but really want one!!!?
i have shower everyday when i got home from work even if its a winter. is this normal to have shower every day
Red itchy skin help!?
is it healthier to go barefoot than to wear shoes all the time?
My face is super dry! HELP!?
Obsessed with my Nose!! help please?
any home-made product to reduce hair on body? p.s. i'll give u 5-stars for it!?
Is there something that you can put on your skin to get tan but not be in the sun?
Is tion really causes acne ?
HELP! Tips to get toned.?
how do you get rid of pimples?
How can i get the old spice man to answer me with a video response?
I recently had a chemical peel, but my face never peeled. Now it looks like it's actually caused wrinkles!
What's the effect of citrus on our eyes?
my head is big compared to my body?
embaressed about tallness?
does rubbing lemon juice on my face get rid of freckles?! x?
belly piercing ??????????????????????????????????????
do lip piercing hurt?
Itchy septum piercing, why?
How can I fix my ingrown toenail?
my facial skin is nasty! help!?
Does lifting weights cause face wrinkles?
i have scars and other marks on my legs... how do i get rid of them??
i have blackheads (spots )on my nose how to rermove em permenently?
Fresh lemon juice or bottled?
which is worse a really oily face or dry face?
Help! My face is covered with pimples!?
how do you know if your dedorant works?
What is your favourite (non-sexual) body part and why?
Girls, what do you think about guys with eyebrow piercings?
i want to get my tongue re pierced but im not sure if i should...?
Plz help me guys :) !!?
what about stretch on my breast and arms?
Apple cider vinegar for acne?
how to take care of lip and belly button piercings?
i got a fatty n its hard to shop for jeans... Help!?
i wanna get my toungue pierced but hubby is against it !!!?
Where should I go to get my ears pierced?
Can I repierce my own tongue?
Whats your favourite piercing?
Is I ok? I just made out with a cactus. I have white fuzz on my lips. What should I do?
Nose Piercing. Cute or trashy ?
How to get an even skin tone?
Do self-tanning creams really work?
Girls PLEASE Help Me.?
Tips For Shaving My Legs!!! Please Help!!!!!?
I want to pierce my lip where should i pierce it so i don't hit a vein or anything.?
How long does it take for your ear piercing to close?
Im 13 years old should i be shaving my pubes?
Will i get any taller :( ?
how to fit jewellery through my fresh pierced smiley ???
where can i find Bio oil and Rosehip oil?
What's your favorite skin tone / pale or tan?
I wana get my belly button pirced?
best cream for acne?
I'm Short, is that a bad thing?
self tanner with tanning or tanning bed?
belly button they leave a large hole?
Is there a difference between having Acne and Rosacea, and having Acne Rosacea?
My child's skin is still very rough and dry, please help?
What Age does this Gentleman Look like he is?
Is there anyway i can get my prince albert piercing to close?
How long before I can change the ring in my tragus piercing...?
How to use Proactiv Skin Lighting Lotion?
How to get ride of acne scars.?
how to get my parents to let me get my belly button pierced?
Does a belly button piercing hurt?!?
Need help with gauging sizes?
Best way to pierce my tounge?
Have I ruined my looks? Can I make a turnaround?
Pimples...bad bad bad!!!??
Question about :)?
Does the Neutrogena Wave work good?
What do you think of DESERT ESSENCE Sunscreen Towelettes???
what is the piercers curse?
How much do I look like I weigh?
wat is goose bumps?????
need to be naturally looking tan by friday! PLEASE HELP!?
bad skin? quick help?please?
"Yeah buddy" t shirts?
is pale skin unattractive?
hey I'm thinking about getting an anti eyebrow piercing do they hurt?
Self Tanner?
what would you compare the feeling of botox too?
smooth, milky skin?
Have any of you tried this?
Would u recomend a chemical Peel?
does image essentials continuous control acne cleanser work to fight off pimples?
I don't think my navel piercing is healing properly, what should I do?
How to lose weight while revising for exams?
Tongue piercing questions?
Sweat stains?! HELP PLEASE!?
What is the largest attractive breast size?
do braces make your lips stick out?
how much does it cost to get your ears pierced?
How to get rid of bikini razor bumps?
Bump on the side of my Nose Piercing?
Is my Monroe infected?
Is it normal to sleep in my bra?
can i get my ear secretly pierced?
dOeS gEtTiNg Ur RoOk PiErCeD hUrT?
When is the last time you?
How can I get rid of my dark circles?
Best acne treatment you have ever used?
Does it hurt to get your ears pierced?
Know a way to get skinnier?
clearisil, neutrogena, or proactiv?
Uggghhh Mole in my face?
dark circles...14 yrs.?
How to get silicone stretcher in ear?
How can I get rid of dark under eye circles? (.s)?
Results from TANamins?
will one day of extreme sweating ruin my shirt?
Does toothpaste really help clear pimples?
plastic surgery???
Cartilage piercing question!?
My nose is red! all the time.. i'm so desperate and i'm sick of coming from that doc to the other one,plz help
if a girl has a cameltoe does it affect arelationship both sex and love wise?
How old do you have to be to git snake bites?
Is it so wrong to have a foot fetish too?
May i ask, do your breasts sag?
is Casaque perfume by Orlane the same as Casaque by Jean d'albret?
piercing choice?
What do I do about peeling skin on my face?
I need some creative name ideas!!?
easy question i just need help picking?
how can i shrink my coldsaw as much as possible befor school on monday.........?
What is my body shape?
How can I get smooth, toned thighs in three days?
Infected helix piercing?
I want to get my nose pierced, I am 17, do I still have to have a parent cosign for me to get it done?
What really keeps bags from under yours eyes?
Raccoon eyes?
Hypertrophic Scarring or Keloid on Tragus Piercing?
what is a woman's most sensitive spot?
Is My Mum Lying To Me?
Should i let my daughter get her cartilage pierced? yes or no?
Does 100x bronzer in a tanning lotion turn you orange? ?
How should I remove scars of Pinole from my face?
how can i make my legs more..normal??(pics)?
some home remediez for cleanin the dirt on the neck?
What are Bee Stung Lips?
why does this spray solution hurt my new piercing?
Do I have a good body to do modeling with? pictures included?
For girls who are pierced down there..?
is my weight ok?
Brazilian wax question!!!?
what do you think of a girl who has pierced nipples? ?
Ladies Please Answer ..........?
Does pure shea butter bleach your skin?
a question about buying proactiv?
Every woman is beautiful right?
Can I still make an ear tunnel?
Working night shifts and all. Does anyone have trouble staying awake to see the sun?
indoor tanning lotion help.!?
Is it safe to use Veet on a c-section scar?
Help me what can i do to make my scars fade?
how can i clean my second ear piercing? i did it at home?
does smooth away work?
Why does my face feel spongy when I come out of a long hot shower?
Are stretch marks a big turnoff?
Would a spike piercing look weird on the side of my lip?
What kind of Peircing should i Get? Picture (:?
Wrinkle Cream... !!!?
what piercing would compliment my angel bites?
in spa exfoliation ?
Why is my face like chinese will it get better?
How to my life around by making my face clear and healthy?
Where can you get the best facials in London (for very special events)?
What is the best way 4 a really white person to tan a little besides taning bed?
Would i look good with a nose piercing?
Best piercing place for belly button in Milwaukee Wisconsin?
have you ever heard of this piercing, and...?
Any tips on shaving ones pubic area?
how much do you think i weigh?
What do you wash your face with?
I am getting a facial for the first time?
How to use nair? Plz help!?
I'm a bit of a hypochondriac so don't fuel my fire with the answers!?
Bad Habits and You?
How can you get dimples naturally?
What is the best tanning oil that also has good SPF?
Does ear peircing hurt?? be honest. and also which one is better for getting a peircing..claires or icing? thx
how do you remove your belly button?
what should i do in order to get fairer skin?
is there a way to reshape your nose without rhinoplasty?
can i get my ear pearced?????
Getting my navel pierced.?
how do you get rid of the redness from an underground blemish or best way to cover it up today??!!?
I want my skin lighter?
i cant stop picking my skin ive made it very sore and tendor how do i resist tempation and the urge?
how to get rid of dandruff?
Piercing law in Virginia?
is there anyway possible to get acne to disappear in about 2 days?
Can I get my ears pierced at Claire's accessories?
Do you want soft lips?
I'm getting my Belly Button Pierced!?
Why does my belly piercing ooze?
can i pierce my cartilage twice?
HUGE rash?!?!?!?
How many methods are there to get a bigger,fuller,and rounder buttocks?
what piercing should i get? [picture]?
Does putting honey on your pimples then putting a bandade on it work? And does putting toothpaste on your pimp
What acne product works best and fast?
Is my mole removal scar healing properly?
best quality jewelry for lip rings?
Why is my forhead darker than my face?
Do I have high or prominent cheek bones?
Is my piercing infected?
Will they let me get a double and a triple ear piercing?
Piercing Survey for anyone with any sort of piercing or opinion.?
How can you change your belly button?
Does Dove soap clog pores?
Will this exercise and diet routine help?
Zits and pimples and breakouts, oh my!?
hw to become slim?
GIRLS ONLY : How do you view men with shaved legs?
Girls which of these 4 guys is hottest?
Lip piercing or snake bite??
How to remove these spots on my legs??
why do white people want to make their skin black by tanning?
bellybutton piercing hell, leave or remove?
Had a nose piercing since start of the year but it still bleeds when I take out the piercing?
MEN;who is more attractive?
Am I skinny or medium? *pics included?
What is the minimum age for tanning beds?
skin and eyes?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
Best way to reduce stretch marks ?
What can I use to reduce acne scars?
how can i get good clear skin quickly?
How can I remove spray-paint from my hands?
how do i convince my mom...?
long torso?
Do I have to shave before begining Proactiv?
Is Hookah addictive!?!?
What does gentle cream do?
what is an effective bikini wax?
HELP!!!yhow u get rid of zits??
I'm only 13 but when i hold an expression for more than a few minutes, I get very noticeable lines.?
Acne !! plz help !!?
Is keeping your face smooth and moisturizing it the same?
Is it possible to get acne if you have dry skin?
If you get a birthmark removed, will it scar?
Best Home remedy to become fair?
any ideas to get rid of?
What piercing should I get?
Belly Button piercings: Hot or Not?
How to get rid of Oily skin?
How tall are you? And how much do you weigh?
what is the best daily facial moisturizer for this skin type?
have you ever tried a topical anesthetic to lessen the appearance of wrinkles?
Why my skin is peeling on my face? I did not use anything?=(?
How do you get rid of Dark circles under your eyes?
do you like tanned or white skin type?
Does Proactiv work?!?! Help?
What are the risks of getting a triple ear piercing?
I know it's long but can somebody help me?
How do women keep their bikini line smooth almost constantly?
Please answer?
How can i get rid of / remove the dark circles under my eye?
why does bruno mars skin color change?
how old do you think i am?
belly button piercings turn-off or hot?
How can i get tanned fast?
Do you have any tips to make my skin soft?
will i get a tan from using sunbeds?
I'm thinking about getting my lip pierced?
What Shape Face Do I Have? ?
If your ears are gauged...will they ever get back to a regular earring size?
rate? (pic included)?
Has anyone read Eat Your Way to Lighter Skin by Thienna Ho?
Girls only. WIll my chest still grow?
How do i get rid of acne?
Remove cutex without cutex remover please help?
OMG. Please help me.Started to wax my legs. Can'T pluck up courage to rip strip of. PLEASE HELP . IN A MESS
does the piercing look good?
Yellow tongue after getting pierced?
Does my epilator not work?
What is the best thing to soak your dry feet in?
how to re smooth a dry spot on the skin?
too much b-ball in the sun...?
am i light skinned or something eles?
my parents were almost holding me down to pop this!!!?
How can I get really smooth silky skin?
Help from estheticians?
Is porn okay to look at?
Dry earlobes and flaky. How to fix this?
What piercing looks the best on me?
Light up nose rings and/or belly button rings?
Questions about web piercing?
I got my ear pierced 5 days ago, can I leave it out for an hour without it scabbing up?
Would you date him?.... pic inside?
Belly Button Piercing?
How can I develop the color of my face ( improve my complexion)?
Why do some people "love" to pop zits and bumps on other people?
Girls: Would you be willing to pose for a picture like this for charity?
Poll: Pale VS Tan?
what is the safest method for waxing the whole body?
Tips on Tongue piercing?
how do i perfect my tan?
Is Yves Rocher product really good for the skin ?? does it really reduce wrinkles?
Do you think my feet are too big?
what piercing should i get next on my face?
Is 36B a to big or to small for my body type?
My nose is so OILY i wash my face allll the time....?
My nails won't grow?
Do clarisonic products really work?
Help i cleared my (girl) mustache?
Is proactive vegatarian?
How can I look perfect?
How many times per week do I use Freeman Avocado and Oatmeal Facial Clay Mask?
Is is safe to use nair on your genital regions to remove hair?
What do you use to whiten your teeth?
do you think a bra size 36 c is big for a teenager?
how can i get rid of bags under my eyes?
Lip piercings and receding gum lines?
how do look tan before summer without tanning beds?
How can I be happy with my body?
how old do u have to be to get your bellybutton pierced?
OMG i am 16 and i have wrinkles?
what was losing your viginity like?
my stretched ears burn and are swollen but when i stretched them they didnt hurt?
How sore is getting your belly button pierced?
What's a good Mosturizer?
I want to use Nair so bad.?
I got my ears pierced again and one of them is really swollen?
is there really a difference between fat and thick in girls???
How to give myself snake bites..?
how to get a good tan?
how to get rid of an infected blackhead in my ear?
I have rosacea what is a for sure way to get rid of it?
Where can I get my lip pierced without photo ID in Winston-Salem or Raleigh, North Carolina?
Got my nose pierced on the right side..?
How can I even out my skin tone?
what is the best way to get a even tan?
Girls only pleaseee....Embarrasing Question. HELP?
what can i do about acne?i have a whole bunch and i cant get rid of it because it always comes back!?
How can I get rid of acne?
How long do I wait in between stretching my ears?
What's the best zit treatment?
Which piercing hur the most?
Hairy Legs! Please help me! What do I do?
what looks better tan or pale?
Spots on my lady parts?
Bath and body works shoppers/employees?
shaving...GIRLS ONLY ! ! !?
Microderml piercing advice?
i have this huge bump on my nose between my eye brows. I use proactiv, acne free everything but nothing....?
how long do you have to wait before you can swim when youget your belly button pierced.?
What to do about scabs on body?
what does the Victoria Secret sweet & flirty body mist smell like & is it a good smell and does it last long?
Whats the best self tanning product on the market?
i have a prob. it is wen i laugh?
Can you please answer! So I can have peace and go to sleep!?
Cheerleader Body!?
Lip Peircings. Yes Or NO?
how do i prevent yellow stains from appearing on my shirts i wear deoderant every day all my shirts are yellow
what is the difference between a tanning lotion and a sunblock lotion?
What is my body shape?
I have a lot of bumps and pimples on my face. Wut shud i do???
what hurts more to get periced?
how to get very pale?
I really need some help please?
if i put butter on my boobies will they get bigger !!?
Taking my tongue ring out and putting it back in, is that going to make it take longer to heal?
im allergic to perfume...?
Dark bags under eyes?
wut facial peircing(s) wud look best on me?
How much cleavage is too much?
How long do you take to shower?
Is it okay to use neutrogena oil free moisturizer after using Neutrogena Advanced Solutions Acne Therapy?
Smiley Piercing Concern?
Yellow Arm Sweat, Gross. HELP!?
Belly butten piercing?
This girl thinks it`s funny that her sister lost all her hair after chemo. what should be done about it?
My cheeks are too big?
Why do I wake up with a really oily face?
How do you keep your skin smooth?
Tomgue piercing help?!?
I didn't get any pimple?
can anyone give me detailed intsructions for applying proactiv solution. please.?
Should I get a tragus or middle cartilage piercing?
how can you get rid of blackheads?
is it ok for guys ages 25 below to use olay total effects moisturizer? is the result same as in girls?
To shave or to wax?
Are there any self-tanners for pale skin?
help with industrial piercing problem?
IMPORTANT. where can i get fluro body paint from? FROM AUSTRALIA?
Do toners reduce acne scars?
Gillete fusion?
Where can I buy "the wave" by Neutrogena?
how do you get rid of stretch marks?
Turning 18? Tattoo or belly button pierced?
What are good home remedies for this?
What to do with my piercings?
i want my belly button pierced?
Are there immediate results of laser hair removal? Or only long term results?
how long does a "tan" last?
Can genetics prevent tanning???
What to do about a recently rejected piercing... do I bandage it or leave it?
Will my boobs shrink if...?
Do you prefer pale skin or tan skin?
my lips are not black and not too much red...but i want to look cute among my friends..?
does a belly button piercing hurt?
What is a fast way to get rid of bags under your eyes?
How can i make my earing holes a lot larger? like for plugs?
im 14 and still 30 aa?!?
Cartilage Piercing Question.?
Grirls Only. I am having some underarm shaving problems.. help?
Which piercing hurts more?????
how to clean bellybutton piercing?
Should I move the hoop while cleaning my new helix piercing?
deoderant that works?
mY LEGS are too skinny...can anyone help me?
Guys, which one of these heights would you prefer?
I Want My Tongue Piercing...Should I?
I woke up with stretch marks :( help?
Whats good for dry lips?
Would a lip piercing look good on me ?
Whenever I shave my legs, no matter what kind of gel or soap I use, I always get red bumps.Any suggestions??
really greasy skin - what to do?
Will this cut on my face scar? PICTURE INCLUDED.?
Piercings help; have I got too many? :]
How can i prevent infections in my bellybutton piercing?
Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream?
Do you think age 15 is too yong to get a belly button piercing?
How long do I have to wait to size up my gauges?
It hurts to shave my underarms.?
Can exercise help rid of dark circles?
How long do you have to keep the original ring in a navel piercing?
Girls, sanitary pad question??
how to look after my belly piercing when im going on holiday to tenerife?
whats ur opinion on using a facial brush? wet or dry?
how do i make my boobs look bigger without a pushup bra?
How old do you think i am? (pics included)?
Lower lip piercing question? ?
Cellulite question? help!.?
is it bad if i put toothpaste on my body?
Do i keep the tapers in?
how to control oily skin?
Is 14 too young to get your bellybutton pierced?
Where is the cheapest and most reliable place to get your bellybutton pierced in co, springs?
how do I get rid of stomach lines?
Piercing my nose at home! Any tips? One question!?
What's my body shape?
belly button piercing?
aveeno positively smooth question #2?
is petroleum jelly really effective in curing pimples?
What do u think I should I do?
Can a belly button ring push it's self through the hole?
How much does a tongue piercing cost?
Redness around corners of mouth?
pls help me for my dark circles i m losing my confident?
to shave or not to shave?
Where to get my ears pierced again?
Whats the most effective way to get rid of scars without lasers, or any other sort of operation-like thing?
why was i born this way?
what kind of face wash do you use for your acne?
I'm 13 and i'm getting stretch marks.?
Why doesn't my face tan?
How do I get rid of those dark circles under my eyes?
black uv labret piercing?
what do i do about my dry skin?
How can I get rid of body and facial hair?
Am I too skinny?
Is 5'8 a good enough height for a guy?
What face shape do i have?
does this look like a swimmer's body?
What piercing do you think would suit me? Any idea would be great!!?
Belly Button Piercing?
Which side for nose piercing?
I keep getting burnt in a tanning bed..?
Should i just take out my piercing?
Average cost of certain cosmetic surgery procedures.?
What would you think of a 13 year old with a belly button pierced?
Hey im 16 and i need help about shaving?
is there any other way to get tanner besides outside or a tanning bed?
How can you get rid of little bumps on your nose?
can vaseline cream be used in place of a lubricating jelly?
what is this lump on my nose next to nose piercing?
can you get a belly button and monroe piercing in the same day?
What can i do to remove my acne and acne scars???
I need acne help please??? I need answers fast!?
How do i get rid of bumps on my knees?
i want to improve my massage - deeper moves, and harder pressure- help!?
my hands are darker than my face .want to know how to whiten it please?
Im getting my first tat friday what should i get?
OMG. Please help me.Started to wax my legs. Can'T pluck up courage to rip strip of. PLEASE HELP . IN A MESS
i just got my nose pierced and i need to hide it. how?
What is this on my face? I'm 37 years old?
Is it true if u look in to the sun everyday it will change the colour of your eyes?
How Do I Get Rid Of My Oily Skin!!?
what percing do guys like the most?
Natural Remedies for Blemishes?
a good moisturizer for very dry lips...?
how to get tattoos off?
how do u get rid of stretch marks?
what do i use to clean my nose piercing?
Piercing for my 12 yr old?
should you wash off nivea cream?
EEEEWWWWW! black heads!?
do you think i need to lose weight?
Does squeezing your nose actually make it bigger?
shaving... please help me find this product?
I'm 19 & have premature wrinkles under my eyes & my lids are starting to sag already from rubbing/tugging...?
TANNING question?
If your boobs were 30GG would you be happy?
What is up with all these fruity bath/beauty products ??
Brazilian Wax...?
skin care order?
What color are your eyes????????????/?
i got spray paint on my fingernails. how can i get it off?
How do i......?
Michelle Phan's "Iqqu Acne Serum"?
Clinique 3-step programs?
Difference between body lotions, creams, and butters?
How can i make my girlfriends skin a little bit lighter?
does castor oil make your eyebrows darker and more hairy ?
Am I able to get my tongue pierced?
What is better the Dermawand or NuFace?
what can i use to get rid of scars on my face tell me herbal treatment?
Which is the best male perfume?
Hot to take care of ear and ear ring after ear piercing?
Lobe stretching question?
i need to find a site or store that sales natural ess and frangrance oil! but at low prices?
Okay Im 26 and I just started breaking out real bad, what can i do and why is it happening?
would snakebites look right on my face?
can you remove freckles, some how?
Black crusty skin on the tip of my nipples?
What cream is best use to treat and prevent wrinkles?
how old is Matt Cohen?????
Is my current piercing in the right place for a snakebites piercing?
Who's the top 5 biggest breasted women in the world?
Do you think tounge piercing on girls is trashy?
How Can I Get Rid Of Acne Fast?
Ear piercing help !? Needed ASAP ?
How To Remove Dried In Dirt ?!! Please Help?
Why does my septum piercing still "crust" ?
Face cleansers?
How do I get rid of bags under my eyes?
how do i make my shoulders more straighter?
Ear peircing started to bleed after removing earring?
Question about Tragus piercing...?
how tall ru/ how how tall do u wish u could grow?
What is my body shape?
piercing opinion help?
how someone can blind themselves?
What can make you get a great face?
Can the nose right make your nose bigger over time?
Has anyone tried yoko height increaser?If yes how to use it for optimum gain???
What is the best treatment for unwanted wrinkles between the eyebrows, & where in Nth Brisbane? Botox etc.?
I have acnes help me please...?
home remedies for zits... ones that WORK FAST!!!?
Do belly piercing hurt?
how long is a spray tan good for (read details)?
Should I get snake bites?
Why havent my boobs grown ?
shaving and face cleanser?
Help me with my pimple problem?
How do you make your lips more pink?
I need something to get rid of spots?
What color eyes are most attractive? BESIDES THE COLOR OF YOUR OWN EYES!
Is this an ugly nose?
Tretinoin .025% gel on penile area?
How do I get rid of stretch marks?
What facial wash works?
how should i remove the blackness from my knees and elbows?????
Help with my nose ?10 easy points.?
Tanning bed lotion!???????
What are your thoughts (Pics)
L'oreal SUblime BRonze Self Tan Gelee?
spray tan on scars?
Does getting your ears pierced hurt?
Will my burn turn into a scar!?
piercing my own belly button?
Is it safe too be in a tanning bed?
If I get a septum piercing will it change my nose shape?
how much should u weigh if ur 5'4 ?
can i use proactive repairing day lotion at night?
Cleaning your belly button piercing?
What is the best moisturizer for sensitive, acne-prone skin?
A few questions about accutane?
shaving rash?
what ear piercings dont hurt much (10 points!!!!!!!!)?
How many bottles of water should I drink a day?
Lemon juice on pimples?
Should i get my belly button pierced ?
ear piercing cleaning process?
If I got my tongue pierced and it gets infected, can I just take the piercing out for it to heal?
tanning lotion questions!!?
What are Biore pads used for?
Face cleansing steps?
what anti-perspirant/deodorant works best for people who perspire a lot?
Please answer...10 POINTS!!!?
If your scabs don't clear quickly, is my skin not regenerating fast enough? Do I need vitamins?
Where should I get my cartilage peirced and I don't live anywhere near a tatoo parlor?
Any ancient beauty secret?
Hi friends im a 5'7'' tall guy from india, 20 yrs of age! Can a girl love a guy as short as me???
Red, irritated, and sore belly button piercing? Help!?
How can I have shiny skin after washing?
Do YOU tan (tanning bed, sun, self-tan, etc.)? Why or why not?
Does getting your ear pierced hurt?
Am I fat? (pic included)?
Does getting your nose or tounge pierced hurt?
does ear piercing hurt?
Big nose gives me confidence?
i want to get my belly button this a good idea?
Shaving, Waxing, or Hair Removal Cream for Halloween Dress Up?
how long should i use my sunbed for?
Best tanning bed lotion for my skin?
For getting piercing's...?
What face shape do I have?
lady did my makeup at ulta unsanitary?
Stretched Ear - Cut fistula putting in threaded tunnel?
Okay. I pierced my lip. But I have a question about it. ?
HoW To MaKe My BooBs LOOk SmALler?PLeaSe HelP!?
Can too much nail polish cause peeling, flaking nails?
how do u remove freckles ?
Micro dermal piercings!?
what kind of sunscreen works?
How do I take my belly bar out?
how to straighten your nose or make it appear straighter without cosmetic surgery?
mon ray or maxim anti perspirant? or is there a better one that has worked for you?
Embarrassed, need opinions?
Describe the use of wax pot Spatulas and Muslim strips.?
Im skinny and i dont know why??
How can I make my own plugs for my ears?
Industrial piercing question?
Does fresh air make my skin better? (10 PTS for best answer)?
New face wash causing dry patches?
Is it possible?
my face is a mess it not nice?
Can I use two coats of self tanning lotion?
HELP! need face washes/moisturizers/cleansers to wash skin?!?
Large red Scab in between eyebrows and chapped lips hole?
how do i get rid on an ingrowing toenail?
I hate my skin colour; I'm just too dark! What can I do?
Stupid question about ear gauges. HELPPP!!!!?
Have hygene problem please help?
Does pale look bad on girls?
how to get rid of oily skin..?
recommendations to get back natural hair color??
is it attractive if i gauged my ears?
Thrreadign waxing and pain?
I stretched my ears and now I want them back to normal size. Is their anyway to help them? ?
Is 14 too young to get my arms and legs waxed..?
What's my eye colur?
My nipples are uneven and really noticeable :O?
Perfume Suggestions??...?
which one works the best clearasil or acnefree or proactiv?
I've got some glycolic acid to use on my face to make my face look younger?
Do you like the smell of vanilla?
Hello, please how can i remove the tanning and black small dots from my arms, these all are like sunburn?
Worried bout ma bra size?
Whats a good face wash to use?
How to get rid of acne over the summer?(I use Spectro Jel and Blemish Prone cream)?
How safe is industrial body piercing? Are there any risks involved in using a metal lathe for piercing?
does proactive work????
how does it feel to get your tounge peirced?
Would I look good with a lip piercing?
Is it okay to stretch my ears to 14g using another body piercing?
Am I too fat to wear a bikini?
How do you get a flat killler body?
girls help me out plzz.....:)?
What causes nails to grow on top of others and to ?
is there a way to changing one eyelid back?
does getting your lip pierced hurt?
I'm gonna get my ears pierced for the first time soon, what kind of earrings should I use during healing?
I'm getting stretch-mark like things on my face but much smaller/lighter than a stretch mark ... what are they?
how much are breast implants.... QUICK!!?
Laser resurfacing?
Here's a picture of my lips, would angel bites or snakes bites suit me?
I want a lip piercing but my dad's worried about me not being able to get a job.?
does a monroe or lip pierce hurt more?
Does it hurt to get a Ear piercing?
Infected rook piercing?
Pamala Anderson good looking or grotesque?
What's worse silicones or a lift?
Solutions for razor burn...?
someone suggest to me a good face cleanser to get rid of acne!?
How can I get rid of my stretch marks?
How do i tape stretch my ears to 7/16"?
What can make you get a great face?
How can I improve my looks?
Would you consider this body shape sexy?
Suitable treatments to recommend intervals for facial treatments-plz help!!?
question about proactiv and makeup remover?
if you have a club in school, and you want money, does the school buy the club all the fundraiser?
Does an ear piercing feel like a needle in the arm?
My proactiv lotion (step 3) just ran out, can I use another moisturizer? Or will it make me break out?
Non-Piercing Tongue Ring?
should i get myy dippels pierced?
axe shower gel/salicylic acid use?
How do i get rid of black/white heads for good!!!?
Shaving. . . help plz!?
my fake tan turned ORANGE! HELP!?
Im 13 years old should i be shaving my pubes?
I need help with my stretched ears?
I'm really hairy for a girl?
Ear plug that will not unscrew ?
is there any body usin vaseline body lotion healthy white?
How do you really lose weight from your theighs?
OTC creams with Retinol are pricey - anyone try one they really like and think is worth it?
I need help. Girls Only!?
has anyone been on a professional masage in a salon or spa center?
Where can I go in the CA Sacramento/Central Valley area to get my child's ears pierced. I am wary of guns.?