What to wear when you have stretch marks!?
Does it hurt to get your ears pierced at age 14 for the first time?
So many things wrong with my body...?
Pimple by my mouth - help me?
What is the best way to prevent skin from aging?
Y does my body tremble.?
How do you get rid of a pimple over night?
Mederma for back acne scars?
Is it true that if you apply toothpaste on zits for one day they go away or maybe decrease the redness?
Things to do before i lay out in the sun?
I am super pale how can i get tan?
My face is getting filled with pimples and to get rid of it?
When I scratch the skin underneath my eye, a yellowish blemish pops up?
how do kerala girls have hot breast and yummy asses?
do any exercises increase your bust ?
how to get rid of black-heads?
How do I get rid of a "hip dent"?
How much does it cost to get your cartilage pierced?
what to do with belly button thinning?
He wants a pedicure, is that normal?
Joined eyebrows ?
Belly Button Piercing Help?
should i get my tounge pierced?
Monroe Piercings?
how long would it take for a lip piercing to completely heal?
What is this dark spot on my nose?
Why can't I get the hair to come out at the root?
How can i make my butt get bigger?
How can I get rid of acne scars?
Should i get three piercings in one day or wait?
Fresh lemon juice or bottled?
How can i get my skin looking pore-less.?
Questions for guys and girls!?
How can I pierce my lip and hide it as well?
i am fourteen and i want to get a nose peircing but my parents wont let me!!!!!! what should i do?
Cocoa Butter Stretch Mark Eraser...?
Microdermabrasion for "sun spots"?
If you fart and burp at the same time, would it create a vacuum in your tummy?
inside of lip seems to have closed on my piercing?
Will Nair's 3 in 1 exfoliating hair removal cream remove ingrown hairs?
Does black salve remove brown spots? (beauty spots)?
super models on the runway usually have really nice shiny glowing skin what do they use??
I'm close to having sex with my boyfriend but am super self concious...?
How do I get a bigger butt?
Very small bumps on my face? ?
Scratching off a freckle?
What is the best advisable soap for body?
Belly button piercing question?
how do you prevent razor burn on your bikini area?
How should 12yr old females should look like?
where is the cheapest laser hair removal place in glasgow?
What's the best way to shave the pubic area?
am i pretty? honest opinions?
How do I get moles/freckles on my face or anywhere?
i want a lip percing but my parents wont let me.. any suggestions?
Am I too large to wear a bikini?
Can A 14 year old girl use Collagen Cream?
Is it okay to sleep with a bra on?
Are there risks from getting a Tounge Piercing?
Does Growth-flexV increase height i am 30yrs old?
Is 14 too young for a belly button piercing?
Which part of your body, would you?
I HATE MY BACK please!?
does getting my ears pierced hurt?
Trouble rotating orbital piercing?
Weird Skin peeling. Need help NOW?
What Body Shape Are You?
Is tea tree oil suppose to sting after use?
Would you rather have an outie or innie bellybutton?
How do I stop my face from getting oily?
Do those over the counter scar removal treatments actually work or at least help a little?
I have acne and it just wont go away no matter what i do!! ugh help!!?
Is it possible to get a rhinoplasty and breast augmentation both in one day?
Why do i get moles all over including my face? details..?
Does ball sweat wash off?
Does drinking a lot of water really help with pimples?
How to be more confident?
My knees & elbows r kind of dark, darker than my skin color. What shall i do?? please help its bothering me!!?
How long after having a naval peircing can I safely put fake tan on?
Chemical peel, microdermabrasion, or facial?
Okay Im 26 and I just started breaking out real bad, what can i do and why is it happening?
girls and guys serious question no dumb answers please?!?!?
if u take out ur belly button ring before itz time can it get infected?
what's the best sunscreen for tanning your skin u've ever tried?
What is the best thing to do to get healthy glowing skin ?
Do sanitary towels show up in Lazer Quest?
how do i get clear skin??
What female body style is this?
i want 2 get a tatoo but imnot sure if im gonna want it 4eva... HOW SUCESSFUL IS THE TATOO REMOVING SURGERY?
Can I get my ears pierced at Claire's Accessories?
Girl said I look spiffy/sharp?
Is My Bra Size Too Big For My Age?
3 simple questions about industrial piercing?
Clinique VS Clean and Clear?
Can i use a tanning bed with a copper IUD?
I am 13 year old, would my girl friend apply lotion on me at the beach?
Is this girl pretty?
Nose Bridge Surgery?
what can I do to gain confidence/clear up my skin?
If I eat more fruits and vegetables will I get a healthier complexion?
how to make a face clean and fresh ?
What Internet sites have cologne for discounted prices?
Would you let your 14 y/o get a nose ring?
Will drinking more water really help clear your acne?
Dark circles under my eyes...?
Piercing my ears? I need some encouragement!?
How to manage oily skin ?
Would I look good with piercings (your opinion) ?
I don't want dark skin?
my belly button ring is?
ear stretching cant get tunnel in?
How old do you have to be to get a piercing apprenticeship in oklahoma?
I had my ears pierced at Claire's a week an a day ago...?
Your opinions? which is more beutiful?
Does the Jergens Natural Glow Foaming Moisturizer or the lotion work?
what is a good ear piercing that is not too common and edgy but not too extreme?
How to make work uniforms more fitting to my body?
When do U know when ur cartilage piercing is healed?
What is your favourite body moisturiser?
How do I get sexy, muscular legs?
Cartilage piercing problems?
Why Doesn't This Shave?
Proactive Solution Product...?
Aloe vera gel? for face?
am i to short for a 14 year old?
How do you keep your skin smooth?
Are back pimples disgusting?
Would you be def or blind?
Has anyone ever used Jolen bleach cream?
Honest opinions please?
Belly piercing? Eyebrow piercing?
I have to loose ten pounds by tomorrow!?
Best acne products?
how much dose it cost to get your tongue pierced !!!?
There's this picture of me and i want an honest opinion...?
is my belly piercing infected?
Ahhh Help! Undereye Wrinkles At 15!?
How does facial hair get thicker?
Please answer - See Picture - Is my Belly button /Navel healing well ?
Will putting bronzing cream on my face then going into the sun cause freckles?
Does a conch piercing hurt more than a regular ear cartilage piercing?
Beat fake tan to cover acne scars?
Is there a natural way to make your breast larger ?
Should I get my belly button pierced?
I'm only 20 and I've started to get wrinkles under my eyes!!?
Is there a way to prevent my face from breaking out from fryer oil?
can someone help me with piercing my ear..?
too skinny???..........?
How do you shave your underarms?
AGH! ACNE! I dont know what to do before school starts!?
Why do I have such a tiny body?
how do you get rid of stretch marks?
What's it like getting a Monroe piercing?
What are beauty spots and what are their purposes?
does getting your ear pieced hurt?
I am looking for the best Body Wraps options, any idea?
Do minimizer bras really work?
Brazilian waxing?!?!? If really dumb i sorry?
How can i make an "at home mask" ?
im 27 and have small boobs.?
tongue piercing and cashier?
Size 0 or size 10 or Size 18?
Hi, my legs go really blotchy and a purplely blue colour, How can I cure it?
where is the best salon to get a facial for acne?
I have like no nipple color.......?
Why wont my mom let me get this piercing?
Should I get my bellybutton pierced?
Girls, do you like your bra size?
Clinique 3 step users?
What do you think about Trinny & Susannah having couples undress .?
Do you have a preferred brand of razors you use to shave legs (and other body hair?)?
does getting your belly button pierced hurt?
Do your ears hurt after you get them pierced?
stretch marks??
Large breasts? (Women only)?
How do you get rid of pimples without washing your face?
Sore belly button piercing?
natural ways to get rid of stubble?
How can I convince my mom to let me get my belly button pierced?
How to get my dad to let me have my belly button peirced?
is this wierd?
Tell me all about your Labret piercing.?
need helpppp?
Does a lip piercing hurt? I am getting one next week?
should i get my belly button done?
Industrial peircing...HELP?
I accidently waxed off my eyebrow and now i look ridiculous. What should I do?!?!?!?!?
Picking scabs and eating them?
Okay so i'm a red head! i am VERY pale, could you please help a desprate ginger?
is this petite? 5'1 and 119?
clinique 3-steps skin care routine for 18 years old??? plz help?
My industrial piercing hasn't stop bleeding.?
What is the best outdoor tanning lotion or spray?
Do pore strips work on removing whiteheads too?
I have a dermal anchor on my left cheek bone and a medusa, could I pull off a bridge piercing too?
if i self harm with scissors but it dont bleed or leave scabs how long will it be there for?
Are my legs long, short or average?
Double navel piercing help?
What can i do about my acne?
cartilage bumps refusing to go down?
who has ever heard of Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque?
inexpensive or homemade face washes?
What is the best way to clean nipple peircings ?
Any ideas of how to get rid of redness/rash on back of upper arms?
Are my Avon Pore-Fection products expired?
How to get freckles??????
my 2 year old daughter has this red sore on her neck, what is it?
On saturday i recently got my ears pierced, does anyone know the time period that i take out the studs?
Do you think I my ears need cosmetic surgery to fix them? (photos)?
does any one know were to get a soul patch shaped lip piercing?
How would I look (pics)?
barry m gradual fake tan?
Does " SmoothAway " Works?
whats a good moisturizer?
the body shop or bath and body works?
My face keeps braking out!!!!?
How long does it take to get tanned in the sum with the accelerator?
why does your lips get chapped?
which facial piercing should i get? [pic]
Belly button piercing, is it infected?
Where and how can I purchase Maui Babe Sun Protectant lotion, SPF 30?
if your nose runs,and your feet smell,are you built upside down.?
I have some questions about ZINC pills!?
is 14 an okay age for a belly button piercing?
I'm 13 I want to get my nose done but also want my cartlige which one?
orderinf proactive should i?
i am 19, i have got a lot of hair in my body... how do i remove it permanently?
Bumps on my legs after shaving?
HoW oLd dO ii loOk?
Opalescence whitening for teeth?
Why do women get breast Implants?
How can I make my fingernails stronger?
Girls only question !!!!! lol?
Any tips on how to achieve healthy glowing skin?
veet for men? Where can I buy them and possible side effects?
what product works best for acne?
what do u think of these?
how to heal skin discoloration from blackhead squeezing?
What should I do?GIRLS ONLY!!!!!!!!!!!!?
How can I get a flawless skin complexion?
Belly button piercing removal?
how to impress your crush?
Does bio-oil work on acne scars?
My mom wont let me get my nose pierced!! Ever!!!Is that fair?
Is a 32DD too big for a 13 year old?
Jergens natural glow? need an answer asap!!?
Quickest way to get RID of razor bumps within 5 days?
Neutrogena Acne products?
Tounge piercing???advice?
IS THIS A GOOD DIET? Sorry for caps! Only 13 years old!?
Would you call this bad acne?
Belly button piercing question # 2 ?
What can i do to get a strong jawline?
I keep getting razor burn on my legs, how do u stop it?
neutrogena fight and fade problem.?
Rate my bikini body out of 10! [pictures included]?
My Belly Button Piercing, When can i change the bar?
Who has gotten their ear cartilage pierced with a gun and DIDN'T have any real problems with it?
How often should I use Nair on my legs?
How do you take away achne from back and face without buying anything?
Omigosh! You all havta know this?
Do I have a lot of piercings and are they chavy?
how do i pierce my own nose???
I am 15 years old, 5'8 and I weigh110 pounds, (50kg) am I fat?
I'm 13 years old a want a Tragus piercing?
Can i change my face shape ?
How can I convince my mom to let me get piercings ?
I want to get my lip pierced but......?
Skin Whitening?
do you find pubic hair attractive?
What home remedy can I use to even out my skin tone?
What is a good non oily moisturizer.?
cut like stretch marks?
What is the difference between an after shave lotion and an after shave balm?
Do men have to remove body hair?
would i look alright with a monroe piercing?
What is the best self tanner out there for body AND face?
Bruises on my big toe nails? Nurses?
My face broke out in zits! Help?
What's a nice, healthy body wash?
Best way to stand in a stand up/shower tanning bed?
Sexiest High Arched Feet?
Do you think it is unfeminine that I don't shave my legs or armpits?
What store provides the Mary Kay Blemish Control Toner 3 over the counter?
PA pericing info?
Why do you have peircings done?
Girlfriend tiptoeing barefoot at home?
Jack Wills Modelling and modelling in general CONFUSED!?
tanning issue please help its easy?
Its so itchy!! I HATE it!!! Its so uncomfortable and irritating.?
Why don't piercers use ice?
My boyfriend says I'm too skinny...?
at home SOS remedy for tired face / stressed skin?
Navel ring rejection. Please help.?
Which one should I get.. Lip piercing or a tattoo on my wrist?
what does body lotion do?
piercings.... strict parents?
Am I prettyyyyy? [1-10 rating]?
stretch marks?
Can witch hazel go bad?
help ! getting spray tan soon and braking in hives?
How do i get comfortable with someone?
can i bathe with my belly button piercing?
is this fat?
how can i get rid of bags under my eyes?
any perfume that smells like CHOCOLATE?
Dark veins on my breasts?
Question about my industrial piercing?
Would you say?
OMG help got bad sun burn?
Should I take a shower?
Ear piercing first time 10pointz?
whos the prettiest?? (pictures included)?
What do girls mean by "hot"?
I have acne what do u recommend?
How can I make my lips fuller without surgery?
What color are your eyes?
Your Open Question: Who has Paula's choice bha%2 for face does it work? ?
Cure for shaving bumbs?
swelling after getting tongue pierced.?
Self-Waxing tips please!?
Should I go to the mall to get my cartilage pierced?
how to get rid of acne? besides pro activ?
ORAL MEDICATION for acne/ blemish/ pimple at DRUGSTORE?
How do I get the most hairless look in my underarms?
i just want to be spot free! >:0?
URGENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i think i burnt my face?
How would you get rid of this line?
I am so worried about my breast size.?
16 and want breast implants?
Is my nose big??? + pic included?
Does getting your ear cartilage pierced hurt?
How painful is it to get your ears pierced?
Eyebrow piercing?
i really love my friend named Yasaman Mashhoory. how can i tell her?
Does anyone use the Dr. Wexler acne skin care line?
Fake belly button piercing?
Do you know any mom with there cartilage pierced or belly button?
What should i do about my eyebrow piercing?
How do you get rid of little pimples on the forehead?
Can you recommend a good exfoliating lotion?
dose anyone know how to get rid of razor burn down there?
Stretching my ears and they're itchy!?
What do facials do to your skin?
How to get glowing face in low light?
How to use "rosewater" and "glycerin" together? HELP PLEASE!!?
Where is the best place in MS to get a naval piercing?
Do the metal blackhead removers work?
when you go for a brazilian wax?
How Bad Does Getting A Monroe Piercing Hurt?
I didn't have a mole on my body,but now in teenage my face has too much moles & they r growing constantly.HELP
There's a bruise right near the piercing of my tragus does it mean anything?
How can i make some homemade wax that really works??
does proactive really work?
how can i get a bum like beyonces without taking anything,just the natural way?
I wake up with lines under my eyes how do I get rid of them!!!:(?
Should a christian use a tanning bed?
Whats the best product to use for stretch marks other than cocoa butter?
Best smelling body spray?
Can I get Deap Clean (Cleanser), at Walmart? And how much is it?
One for the men??? Curvey or skinny??
how to make freckles darker? any cremes please?
How can ya loose ya pimples FAST !?
nose piercing feels tight? only answer if you have experience and know what youre talking about.?
is it normal for only 1 nostril to work?
proportions of creme hair bleach to use for sally hansen extra strength creme hair bleach?
How long does it take for razor burn to go away??
Any girls have trouble with depilation of the nether regions?
Want new ear piercing, read please (:?
chubby cheeks please help me with this!?
How to deal with insecurity over big nose?
how can i get skinny nice legs?
How to make minor scars disappear?
How can I treat an infected lip piercing? ?
Does anyone have advice for acne problems?
self tanning?
i have a lot of ance scars left on my face does anyone no a god way to get rid of them?
How to reduce swollen eyes?
My acne finally cleared up but....?
How can you lighten your skin color?
Prom / Breast tissue problem..?
Ever heard of the moisturiser Ever Sheen?
How long do u think it will take?!?
Actually whats the role of scrub before applying benzoyl peroxide Gel?
People think I'm black?
Ear cuff or third piercing?
How would you get rid of this line?
i just wanna know what you think on my appearance..?
Im Worried About being flat chested?
i am a dancer, where can i get butt-shots?
White line on the middle of my lower lip?
Biotin vs actual hair skin and nails vitamin?
Plastic surgery help?
I have dark bags under my eyes. theyre not puffy they are just dark. and iv been putting on some bag lotion un?
What is wrong with me?
how do you make a face mask?
My underbust is 26" bust is 35". whats my bra size?
Tragus piercing - had done for 13 months hasn't healed?
How do you get ride of strech marks???
Upper ear piercing?
People getting sun burnt...?
Is texting in a tanning bed bad for you?
how do i get rid of the black lines under my eyes?
Shoult I get cheek pirciengs?
i am so desperate to get my large E cup breasts uplifted as im only in my 20's and theyre droopy.Is it agony?
my face is really oily.. HELP!!?
how to become slim in a week?
why do i have such a strange body shape? pictures included...?
How do you remove dark circles under your eyes?
I have a cystic (underground) pimple. What should I do???
im making an oatmeal mask but i don't have normal oatmeal..?
What is that product?
Why do i feel so dry in the morning?
Should i dilute a 30% Salicylic Acid Peel?
if you put ice on you're...?
Can you get eyebrow piercings like these?
Is there such thing as surgery that'll give you dimples on your cheeks when you smile? If so, would you do it?
Does anyone know how to get rid of chicken skin?
Info about eyebrow threading?
keloid on rook piercing?
do i have a horrible body? HONEST ANSWERS ONLY?
Does skin whitening soap work? Which is the best one?
At what age will my friend loose her baby face?
Girls with hairy arms?
i have oily skin how do i get rid of the oily look from my face?
is ponds facial foam good for oily skin?
Which hurts worse- cartilage or belly button?
Best kind of body wash? Answer please?
I don't know whether to keep my septum piercing or take it out (pics)?
why does my face get uglier the closer i get to a mirror?
I want a bigger butt. He..he?
This may sound dumb but ..?
Deodorant that doesnt irritate?
Does Dove Energy Glow sunless tanner body lotion work? Does it turn you orange?
this question is for teenage guys?
how do u get rid of body acne?
What woI was wondering if a belly piercing would look good on me?uld you like to ask?
Is an eyebrow peircing painful?
How to get rid of dry skin on my face?
how do i get rid of my pimple scar on my nose? its very big and its swollen?
What do I clean my nose piercing with?
i have black patches below my lips tht is on my chin .. which looks ugly ..?
upper lip shadow? what should i do?
Aguaje, Maca root, and Girls love curves?
Do other people see things on me the same way as i do from my perspective?
the women having age 20-25 should use moisturizer?
What diameter & kind of hoop earring is good for a cartilage piercing?
How to get clear/better skin?
Why is my face so dry?
help with hairy legs?
Question about fasting and weight? s?
What exactly is my body type?
What is the best cleanser to use for skin that breaks out alot, dry, and sensitive?
Do you always wash your face in the morning?
Dead Sea Mud Mask - what is it?
Big dark ring under my right eye?
hw to gt rid of body hair,othr thn waxin n shavin?
How often should I steam my face?
What's the best thing to get rid of stretch marks?
Does it hurt when you get your nose peirced?
What piercings do you have?
different kinds of french manicures?
how to be emo skinny?
How could I get clear skin really soon?!?
Good but cheap fake tan!?
Really obvious white hairs on my face?
can this put your body into shock?
What to use / how to make nails strong and healthy?
remove my tattoos?
should i get a navel piercing or a smiley?
What ingredients are the most effective for a lip moisturizer?
I want to get my belly button preiced will it hurt? or get infected easily? ? if soo is it worth gettin?
Do you think i should get my nose pierced?
is it good or bad to do situps EVERY DAY?
My septum piercing hurts really bad?
Is it possible for invisible people to still get a tan?
does the jergens tanning moisturizer work well?
Am I model material? Please advise me.?
How can I apply fake tan evenly?
Please answer help i always pee ?
How do you get dirt out of your Belly Button?
I have been using Aveeno Clear Complexion, but breaking out more!?
navel piercing infection?
Made a bad mistake when I was younger, help?
Trying to dim down a cut?
Girls, do you like piercings?
can you sue Claire's for messing up your cartilage?
Has anyone tried emu oil or the liquid snails leave as a trail, for getting rid of wrinkles?
why when i use proactive it turns my face splotchy red and burns?
Where can I get my ears pierced at?
Results from TANamins?
am i getting a new birth mark/ beauty mark?
Where can I get an airbrush tan in Naperville, IL?
for people who tried proactiv and it didnt work?
Has anyone ever used an Epi-Lady? Is it worth it to buy one?
How can I get rid of these pimples?
Concerning Tom's Of Maine deodorant...?
Do i have a super feminine face structure?
Sweating badly!!?
if a boy called you ugly what will say back with the fact that he brought your self estem down?
how long will it take for a tan that i got using tanning oil to fade/go awayy? thanks!?
How to make my boobs bigger?
i just turned 18 and people say i have a body like nicki minaj?
Tongue Piercing Question?
How can I make my boobs get bigger???????
what are some home treatments to get rid of strech marks?
Should I get the monroe piercing?
Question about gauging my ears?
Okay Im 26 and I just started breaking out real bad, what can i do and why is it happening?
Belly button peircing hot or not?
What size is my measurements? (UK)?
people who cutt..?
how do i get rid of blackheads and also how to unclog pores?
Should a 12 year old be aloud to get her ear pierced a second time? :]?
A little boy with both ears pierced: is it ridiculous?
Best Way To Shrink Yourself In Height?
what do you do when someone invites you to the beach/pool and you're between waxings?
I really want to get my tongue pierced!?
moms or 12 year olds?
remove darkness around eyes?
Which living things have 4 eyes, 2 noses ,2 mouths ,4 ears, 2 face, 4 legs,4 hands?
Is being pale ugly?
How do you get your eyeballs whiter?
Will Botox Reduce Redness?
Clinique 3 Step VS. Kiehl's?
jennifer lopez too skinny ????
What are best anti aging products?
How can I get rid of these colourless bumps on my face?
do i look "Big Boned"?
what is the best way to make the pores of my face close?
Does a nose piercing really hurt?
I need help with my acne (pics included)?
Double Helix Piercing?
Does anyone know if they sell Proactiv in any stores?
How can I get my skin looking great?
is there any creams to get rid of freckles/ and what are the creams called?
What is the best sunscreen to use when going to the pool?
Carmex vs blistex wich is better?
should i get my bellybutton pierced?
Is it true that you can get acid in your skin from drinking sodas?
Body Odor. What to do about it. Even if you shower,use deodorant and cologne.?
Is it bad to wash your hair every two days to keep it fresh?
Did your dermal give you a black eye?
What is the name of that body wash by icing? {claire's)?
Is it creepy for a girl to have....?
facial product suggestions?
Looking for hair and skin product tips?
is my nose too big for my face ?!?!?!?
do you have braces?
If a person gets Botox injected into their laugh lines, can they still use those muscles to smile?
How old does the guardian have to be when getting a cartilage piercing?
is there any exercise that helps deepen the dimples?
Does boitin help grow nails?
Dry Eyes??...........?
What's a good facial cleanser for acne?
A question for the guys?
Nose right ....makes ur nose smaller?
what is the fastest and natural way to resolve darkened under arm and bikini line? dis 4 for u my friend, k?
Help ! With my ear piercing?
Which acne cleanser works best?
Why do I have this stain behind my neck what is it?
I want to even my skin tone and smooth my skin.?
my seven year old sister took a razor to her eyebrows how can i make them grow back faster?
Tanning Salons?
Do men use body lotion? If so what brand?
do i have dimples or are these just lines ?
I have a badddd farmer's tan sooo someone help mee!!?
Top ear or tragus piercing?
Would shaving my arms be a good idea?
can u tell me?
should i?? what will happen?
After care, how to hide a monroe piercing?
Does PROACTIV really work???
i want to get breast implants?
Is it trashy to have a bellybutton ring?
how do you make your lips softer?
Which gel deodorant is good for girls?
Is there any nickel in titanum?
which is better clearasil or clearasil face scrub?
why is that when i wear a hat, my forehead which is normally oily and shines, loses its oil and looks normal?
Why don't guys like skinny girls!?
Clitoris piercing????!! Advice please....?
How do i convince my mom to let me get a piercing for my birthday ?
Help with the hair down there!? Ladies onlyy?
Have any other guys mid 30s had botox to reduce wrinkles on forehead/between eye brows, how was it?
Please please answer!! Very important!?
what is the best why of getting rid of spots?
Noy happy with my belly button HELP any way to repierce it ?
How can I treat / prevent razor bumps on and underneath my chin?
How to get rid of a lobe piercing infection ?
how to reduce REDDNESS OF SKIN ????
moisturizer for my face?
how to make my boobs bigger?
Do you think a lip piercing would suit me?
how to lose 3kg in 2 weeks?
Grrrrrr my Spots are getting annoying!!?
will i tan or not if i wear sunscreen, spf 30?
Body acne coverup - UK stockists?
How long can I go without my piercing in?
how much tanning is too much?
lines underneath my eyes?
why does differin cream say not to use on the corners of your nose? thats where my acne is! i use it anyways-?
what on earth do models do to get rid of every last dot on their skin?
Where do you go to have your ears stretched?
face bleach?
Glow Fusion Tan Gun Help?
nose piercing?
How can i tighten my stomach without using special equipment or doing crunches?
Is having a sharp jaw good ?
does proactive really work for YOU?
How do I naturally get rid of dark circles under my eyes?
I'm looking for remedies for dark under eye circles. Any suggestions?
I want a nose piercing!?
Do girls prefer very hairy legs or shaved legs on guys?
how do I hide a hickey?
I really hate my boobs....Help?
can you use a captive hoop for a nose piercing?
What everyday moisturising cream shall i use for very sensitive skin?
My sideburns are uneven, what should I do?
Teen changes?btw...i am a girl?
how do i get rid of my pimple scar on my nose? its very big and its swollen?
Does hydroquinone damage natural melanin production?
whta are the best pads to use when on period?
♥Help! Whats happening to my body?
How badly does it hurt to get your tragus, upper ear and your lip pierced?
Whats the best cleanser for your face for example neutrogena, Clearasil, clean and clear, Noxzema.?
is it ok if i use veet hair removin cream?
Whats the most unattractive piercing to you?
How to get rid of razor bumps??
Aveeno Skin Products Or Neutrogena?
What kind of food is really good for your skin?
How do you hide a peirced toung or lip from your parents?
who has used Proactiv..?
How long do I use Obagi system?
anyone got any tips for the tanning bed?
Im a waitress, should i get my tongue pierced?
I've already asked a question like this but I'm asking a similar one now:?
What tricks have you got to fake tan on your back etc?
can anyone tell me how to take care of a forward helix piercing?
Aha sO i want my nOse pierced still but my mOm wOnt take me.whO wants tO take me lOl?
Is it alright for my 13-year-old sis to undergo facial? Isn't she too young for this?
why they do this??????
s! I'm mixed w/ black and white, light skinned and want to tan....?
Lip vs. monroe piercing, picture included?
How do U get rid of upper lip hair?
do you wash your face in the shower?
No Bumps Rx in Vancouver?
My body is not growing? How do I get better legs?
whats an elixir?As in facial cream,or lotion.?
Do girls find _________ attractive??? Girls answer please!!?
Is it normal to have little hairs on my stomach (as a girl)?
Have a "Home Brazillian Wax kit" Will it hurt ?
Lip or tongue piercing?
So, this guy said he wouldnt like me if I were fat.?
What is considered tall?
should I force an earring through my closed ear hole?
Best way to get rid of red spots?
does proactive really work?
How to do ear piercing in Mass?
Is there anyone else out there who prefers being pale and fair?
Fake tan for pale skin?
What are the names of the jewlrey that can go into my monroe piercing?
skin problem!!!?
i have scars and other marks on my legs... how do i get rid of them??
I pierced my ears when I was little and two years ago I pierced another hole on top of the original hole?
Lancôme vs Clarins. Which do you prefer?
My ear ripped on the inside while stretching,help?
I have a queshtion about proactive?
I have this acne problem!?
does acne free face wash really work for your face?
If you could change ONE thing about your body, what would it be?
A Decent Fake Tan?
I m going to marry so can u plz tell me what all i should take care to enhance my beauty n for my body to look?
my body image is negative.?
CRISIS! How do i get rid of a pimple QUICKLY?
Is it possible to pierce your own belly button?
looking sunscreen for the face?
What's the best outdoor tanning lotion?
Facial piercing? (picture included)?
What is a good cold-weather skin-care routine?
Anyone got a good tips about getting rid of dark circles under your eyes?
Can any Beauty Therapists give me aftercare advice for?
Only ppl with their belly buttons peirced answer this?
If I got my septum done, would I be able to hide it that day? I gotta hide it from my granny?
Nair Question?
How to help my ingrown toenail?
My 13 year old sister wants to get her belly button pierced. she is pretty good with pain but does it hurt?
Where can I get my surgically removed hardware turned into jewelry?
What are beauty & skin uses for rose water?
Whats a good way to convince my dad to take me to pierce my lip?
Help shaving down there!!!?
About Gummy bear breast implants.?
Does having no thigh gap make you fat? Or more at risk in diseases?
Dark brown patches on my skin?
8 year old daughter. tongue piercing?
Can't look at myself in the mirror?
My hair is thin and changing colors on its own AND my scalp is super itchy/greasy?
Wwhat does it meen when your ears are sensitive to things other don't really worry about like fireworks?
I'm looking for a good place to get a gift certificate for a pedicure in Sun City, AZ.?
Tanning Bed Technical Question?
Razor bumps/ingrown hairs when shaving moustache area?
How can I feel pretty?
I'm really pale. Should I put self-tanner on?
is there a natural way to make your books bigger?
why do my shirts be so wet under the arms?
Tanning help!!!!!?
Cartalege piercing?
Does it hurt to get your tounge peirced?
nose piercing help??? (quick)?
Neutrogena makeup remover, cleansing toilettes?
how could i make my skin glowing?
What colour goes better for blonde, fair skin?
Are Alba products really all natural?
does olive oil work as a skin softener?
How often do you get your eyebrows waxed?
what are these red lines in my eyes?
does toothpaste really work on zits?
what can i do to fade dark spots completely on my inner thighs ?
PTFE Surface piercing changes?
Does tanning oil cover up old white scars and stretch marks?
Do you think my cartilage was pierced in the right spot? [pics]?
I'm scared to go to sleep at night?
How do i convince my mom to let me have gauges?
When Can i Change My Tongue web piercing?
Stretch Marks??
Can I get second earlobe piercings and a cartilage piercing done in the same day?
I am 33 years old and still get pimples, my skin is extremely oily. What is the best product to control?
What body type is this?? Chubby...curvy? (pics)?
Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream?
My pierced ear feels sore?
How Do I Get Rid Of A Break Out On My Forehead?
Is this skincare site trustworthy?
What is my body type? honest answers plz?
Is my cartilage infected? Please help!!?
Skin type and acne product help?
can u get rid of scar's??
should i be nervous to get my tongue piercied?
My brown eyes are changing colour?
I'm 13 and i'm getting stretch marks.?
How to get rid of bags under your eyes?
epilation hurttssssss?
questions about belly button piercing?
Im 14 and I want a genital piercing?
self tanning lotion use?
Can I Use European Gold Tanning Lotion Outdoors?
Should i moisturise my face?
What is the first word that comes to your mind when you see this face?
Girls only. Is there any other ways to get a nice shaved You know what?
How much does a neck piercing hurt?
does a bikini wax really hurt THAT badly?
How much is it to get a breast augmentation or tummy tuck in bolivia south america?
How do you bleach your arms?
any tips on zits?
since i got pregnant my lips got really dark and i have got the baby and its still the same...?
At what age should i start using antiaging products?
Did my face become used to Triclosan?
Is their anyway you can make your cologne smell stronger?
Peircing ITS PISING ME OFF!! WHAT DO I DO!? for the 3rd time already!?
Why did my pimple turn red overnight after using Proactiv refining mask?
How to avoid shaving bumps?
How do single flare eyelets/plugs/tunnels stay in?
is 13 an ok age to get your belly button pierced?
Does anyone ever wash their backs when bathing/showering?
Is nipple hair abnormal?
do i sound pretty.?
My tongue ring feels like its ripping but its not!?
Does it hurt to get your ears pierced?
rate me on a scale of 1-10?
My finger nails have turned yellowish.?
Anyone ever get a massage at the exhale day spa in montclair, nj?
what do do with acne?
My facial lady uses Glymed products. I like them but they are?
Can you really walk into a dermatologist's office with acne and walk out with a completely clear face?
Piercings that are easy to hide?
Is it bad to go from bikini waxing back to shaving?
What is the best way to remove hair from legs?
Is it weird for a guy to use body lotion?
is it weird to not shave your arms ?
What would you do if you want to Pierce your nose but your boyfriend hate it.
how do I grow one or two inches this summer?
In need of ear piercing information...?
What can I do to get rid of thick hair?
i Just put In A 2g Double Flared Plug... How Do I take It Out?
What is your favorite body scrub/exfoliator?
What color eyes do you have?
How old does this person look?
I just got my eyebrows done and oh my gosh I have..?
Cartilage Piercing Pain?
Can you make your own lotion?
Dangerous Moles?
Does anyone have a home remedy for acne?
Is My Nose Tooo Big ?
Does Proactive work? Would it be the best thing for my combination skin?
Is my body bad? I have pictures..?
how to get rid of a pimple over night ?
How do i prevent my nose from getting red?
How to get rid of whiteheads?
i have white heads n boils on my face.what should i do?
GIRLS?? What do you prefer?
i need a real way to get rid of my stretch marks?
How bad does a tragus piercing hurt?
Would I look okay with a monroe piercing?
Hair pores on your legs?
which piercing should I get.?
what does it feel like when getting your belly button pierced?
why are my legs always red?
Bad Idea to get nose and tongue pierced at the same time?
tips on piercing your nose yourself?
What's this peirce called?
What do you think i need to improve to be pretty?
does pure lemon juice helps lightened your skin if u use it?
inside of lip seems to have closed on my piercing?
Are the super-expensive cremes really better?
I just got my hips pierced?
What should I do I have a mustache and I’m a girl?
question for girls?
Are organic cotton balls really better for your skin, and how much do they cost?
what's the secret to getting boobs?
I hate the way I look - any advice?
I desperately want a piercing. Not sure nose or lip or both. I'm twenty.?
Tapers to plugs can i do this ?
How to do ear piercing in Mass?
I want gauges but.....?
i am 15 years old how to use proactiv( 5 prouducts) ?
How long should I wait to put a size 6 taper in?
Does getting your belly button pierced really hurt?
spots on legs??
what is a really good face wash?
I get told all the time by girls "jeeze, i'm glad i don't have your boobs," lol are they jealous?
Should I shave my moustache?
Do I look Masculine or a Feminine {pics inclueded}?
sweaty forehead?
Is it true that using perfume can get rid of a spot?
exfoliating gloves or brush?
Conch piercing concern?
getting rid of chin hair?
im 14 and im only 4'8". am i too short, or is this good.?
FOOD TO GAIN WEIGHT ????????????????
Skin care routine for a teenager?
does it hurt to get your lip pierced?
how do i make my zeno mini work?
ok I just super glue &.....sorry I know this will be a dumb question?
Are you comfortable with your body ?
The TV featured Smooth Away Pads?
Low piercing, trying to gauge. What should I do?
why are so many people willing to accept the cost and risk of plastic surgery?
Olay Foaming Face Wash for Sensitive Skin?
Help me! need to lose weight, but i have a slow metabolism?
I have no face structure?
I need to take my lip piercing out for my job which will be a few 5 hour shifts a week. Will it close up?
Tragus and cartridge piercings?
Why do some people think pale skin is gross?
How did I get all of a sudden wrinkles on my forehead ?
Nicole Miller Perfume??
What do you think about skin tightening through light.?
earring infection help?!?
What do u think a decent boob size is?
What is your favorite type of scent - bakery, fruity, outdoorsy, musky, etc.?
If your boobs were 30GG would you be happy?
Do you clean your belly button?
My lips are really, really, really chapped and ive used everything I have, i need some help here!!?
what do you mean by sex?
shaving down there...
Veet Wax Strips?
where should i get my 2nd ear piercing?
How long will it take for my hickey's to dissapear?
How can I get rid of my freakin tan?
hairy face...plz help!?
tongue piercing swelling?
Daith piercing pain?!?
Getting rid of a facial scar?
What can I use for pimples?
how to get an even skin tone all over : D!?
Loose microdermal?! 10 points!!!?
Does anyone else break out when they use Loreal lotion face products?
Please look I need your advice!!!?
Do the balls on tongue rings feel uncomfortable in your mouth?
Tanning question, I'll burn so help?
Face turned dark after applying lemon to fix?
I have.............?
if you had the choice to wear clothes or ban them forever what would you choose?
Has anyone used the eye product Youthology, does it work?
Whats The Best Way To Get a Tan?
How do I get this internally threaded labret stud out of my piercing?
how do you reduce chubby cheek? i used to have a normal cheeks but now its chubby :(?
can somebody answer this question for me?
sever acne help!?!?!?
Have you ever tried cosmetics from Vichy? Is it worth buying?
Does anyone know of any homemade moisturizers?
what does it mean if someone ?
Is it okay to draw on yourself with crayola markers?
How to get rid of backne?
I am getting my upper ear pierced ( pic) does it hurt?
i have start looking older and i am 23?
How to get rid of pimples?
Should i pierce the left or right side of my nose?
I'm worried that I got a blowout?
How do I hide my stretched ear hole?
how can i hind a tongue ring?
How to remove or get rid of acne?
Hi everybody,i am 26 yr and i am looking for an energizing healthy glow cream or serum for face,please help?
has someone used proactive?... does it really cures pimples?
I'm in grade 11 and I have acne, I never did in gr.9 or half of gr.10, what happened?!?
How old do you have to be to get your naval pierced?
Darker skin colour on my joints, esp the knee. How can i lighten them?
Hair removal above the knee?
Who uses the Dove Body Mists?
Nude Drama Skit?
Is mystic tanning better then using a tanning bed?
Please help me with my Acne!!?
For a guy... What is the best way to get bags under your eyes?
Is this breast size too small?
I dont know why joshua likes my breast cup so much?
Should i get my nipples pierced?
Is my belly button ring pierced wrong?
remove blackheads and brown spots?
How do I get rid of a scar on my face?
If you could pick, would you rather have big eyes or big lips?
flat chested forever !?
What is an easy way to get rid of whiteheads and blackheads!
any tricks to geting your boobs to grow?
I have oily skin, what kind of facial wash should I use?
Anyone used the Braun Silk-epil X'elle epilator? How much does it hurt???
Can these two things always happen???????
Enormous Zit!!!?
heyy umm okkkk i just got a tan from a tanning bed for the first time, and before that i was really white.?
Honest opinion needed from Guys....?
i've always had dark cirlces. what do u recommend to get rid of them?
what can i do for extra push up in a strapless dress?
Can you ever remove stretch marks?
Home remedies to getting rid of acne ?
How do I stop my nose from peeling?
I'm getting my Nose Pierced and im getting the gun..and i wanted to know,Will it hurt a lot?
Clearisil, NEUTROGENA, or Clean & Clear!!!? What to do?
Eau De Itchy?
how will i be able to get tan for future reference?
Belly Button peircing :/?
getting my belly pierced soon?
does my lip peircing look alrite?
I want to wear a skirt..Please help..?
What kind of face wash do I need?
How can i get rid of blackheads? Any home remedies?
Dry skin causing under eye area to be wrinkled!!! please help.?
hey,girls what kind of cream or home remedy can i use to do a facial for my self?
Is it safe to clean your belly button piercing with...?
Is it possible to get implants 1000DD.?
Pierced nipples could one be infected?
Do you think its fine for a 13 yr. old girl to get her nose pierced?
The perfect tan???
Strange scabs on my inner breast?
GOOD tanning lotion or spray thats not too expensive ?
Navel piercing question.?
What's the difference between gilletes sensetive hydragel and the pure and sensetive?
How to get rid of dark lips ??? Naturally?
My derm put me on differin, clyndamycin, aczone, and then just a benzoyl per. wash?
When is the next TWLOHA day?
i want CLEAR skin?
acne problem, help!?
Is there any Anorexics/ past anorexics who could help me through my problems?
How long does it take for a women to fully develop boobs?
What piercing should i get?
Labret piercing ball won't come off!?
first kiss? what was it like? easy 10 points!?
Deorderant suppose to de"stop" Oder from getting to your underarms right?
How to get a think Nose Hope into your nose?
how i can stop cellulite???
what is a fast way to tan in the sun?
How do I get rid of the redness from the acne I had?
how can i get rid of my dark circles without the use of teabags?
home remedy for bags and wrinkles under reduce or remove fine lines and early signs of aging.?
Sunless tanning horror?
I need a Pro Ana buddy.?
Is it ok to stare at cleavage ?
getting rid of chin hair?
his mouth is morbidly sensitive <---- what does it means?
What should I wear to go get my nipple pierced?
What type / is the name of this septum bar/horseshoe?
Does proactiv actually work to get rid of acne?
Am I underweight for my age and height??
Who need pantyhoses nowadays?
how do I get over my insecurities about my skin color?
Toung piercing help pls?
So I Like This Guy And He Used To Like Me But Now I Don't Know......?
What can you do to make your boobs grow naturally(without any surgery)?
Are my sleep lines going to disappear?
i have very severe red acne on my face. Please suggest any cream which i can apply during the day?
How do I get rid of scars in my face?
i am 15 and i want to get my belly button pierced.. where can i go get it done at?
will olive oil cause acne to oily skin ?
When I take a crap and throw the toilet paper out, it fills the trash can really fast and leaves an awful smel