How do I stop my stupid 11 year old sister from piercing her own lip herself?
how was there belly button pierced?
Should I get the top of my ears pierced?
I get all these offers online where I only have to pay shipping / handling for a free trial. Why is it that?
super stubborn zit HELP?
There's a bump on the side of my nose piercing and it bleeds?
How do i heal razor bumps?
What do think is the Ideal breast size?
Can men use Clean and Clear for acne?
Really dry lips what to use?
VERY dark circles under and around eyes?
Does it hurt to get your tounge peirced?
How do you get rid of the redness in a ........?
Is it normal to still have acne in your 20's? How can I get rid of it?
how to remove sun tan?
does my body look too athletic?
how much do you think i weigh?
can you suggest a good face cream with sun protection. I have dry skin?
34a and 15 years old?
Is it dangerous to go from a very small cup size to a fairly big one through plastic surgery?
How do u get rid of acen if u already tried proactive and a bunch of ather stuff?
My Crotch Is Covered In Bumps, Cuts, and Scars. Also Ingrown Hairs and Compound Hairs?
Can you use sunflower oil on your face?
Where can i buy Bio-oil for stretch marks in Washington,DC?
Does it hurt to get your ears pierced?
How many of you use St. Ives Apricot Scrub?
stretch marks?
Keeping An Eyebrow Retainer In?
Girls ONLY!!!!!!!!!?
were can u get ur belly button and nose pierced at 12?
is the face always darker than the body?
urgent!!! i want my face clean within few days?i have got some pimples?
HELIX! (top/cartilage) piercing!?
my mom says i need proactive. Is this true?
How to measure the length of a barbell?
Industrial piercing help?
Has anyone tried Philosophy save me or help me products? Vitamin A cream?
is there anyway to shave and not get annoying razorburn?
what helps with the appearance of scars?
how to reduce burn marks?
Should I get one or both Nipples pierced?
Brazilian Wax?
My lip piercing.. will it ever go away?
Smooth, clear skin?
I have a zit thats deep in my chin what do i do? school starts in 10 days and i dont want it?
Make a Big forehead appear smaller?
I'm allergic to fake Jewelry, can i still get my belly pierced?
Is there a lotion or something that can help control oily skin and also help redness/acne?
Can i use a labret ring if im piercing my Monroe?
What would you suggest a guy?
Is 'softening lotion/ lotion de tonique' the same as a toner?
what is your favourite body piercing?
does nivea cream help lighten skin tone?
Hood Pierced?
would my weight change a guys mind?
How would I look with my septum pierced?
How to tell my mom about my septum piercing?
i have a really dry mouth?!?
Why are my underarms sweaty like five minutes after i put deoderant on?
Should I take my lip ring out?
what kind of facial piercing would look best on me (pics)?
Im skinny and i dont know why??
Should i get my nose pierced???
facial hair?
Washing your face with just warm water and a washcloth....?
how to remove dirt from legs?
Nose piercing lump - and not healing?
i have bruises how do i get rid of them?
I have dark circles ,my skin is having pimples and I want fairness on my face,what should I do?
can you get cheap plastic surgery at university hospitals or aesthetic centers?
My face is really dry. What can I use to help it!!?
How to get rid of bags under my eyes?
What is this on My face?
another deodorant ?
What is the best way for me to work out?
What face shape do I have?
Straight or curly hair???
Help! I overwaxed my eyebrow!?
remove lots of tattoo?
will a 14 -year olds boobs grow more?
Pros and cons of "bioflex" jewellery?
Proactiv system??????
Can I wear night cream and a hydrator at the same time?
how long will does it take for ear piercing holes to close after being healed?
body wrap???
clear skin!?
i have a question !!!?
does it hurt getting ur cartilage pierced?
how can i remove my pimples?
garnier nutritionist?
Should I shave my arms?
Aveeno or ...................?
witch one should I get done my belly or tounge?...?
Waxing armpits for the first time?
Thinking of getting my belly button pierced?
Is macadamia natural oil flawless product worth buying? And what's been your experience with it?
cartilage pierced at 16?
should i remove the mole?
I want to get an industrial, but can I wear spacers right away?
How do I get rid of stretch marks?
Can I use Oxy 10 Acne lotion (cream) after washing my face with nivea face wash?
how deep is st ives bay?
This is a question for the people who have clear skin?
Why is my belly button pink inside?
how should i get ride of dark circles under my eyes?
Help . Bumps on my tongue ?
Vaseline is not helping my lips!?
friend to thin?
Any and all info on Conch Piercing?
what's and effective home made facial scrub for oily skin?
How can I make my breast look bigger or better in my bikini?
how can ibe beautiful?
Best moisturiser for spotty, oily skin???
Belly button piercings?
after care of tragus piercing?
I pierced my belly button and will it hurt if I get it done aging because of the scared tissue?
Anyone try the new Gillette Proglide yet? How was it before I go and buy one?
is this common on alot of girls?
Makeup while working out?
Why is my tongue bleeding!?!?!? Is this normal?
How do I convince my mother to let me get my tongue pierced?
I wan't too get my tounge pierced a.s.a.p!!?
is 5ft 3 short for a 15 year old girl?
Does a monroe piercing look good on anybody or do you have to have certain features?
How Can I Get Skinnier?
Are there any solo masseuses in Willenhall, walsall or wolverhampton?
what is the purpose of body spray?
Is it alright to shave with soap or body wash?
How do I get a lighter skin colour?
Do belly button piercing hurt to get done?
how long would it take to do a tattoo on my arm?
How can my 14 year old daughter get rid of upper lip hair???
Will my nose get less pointy as i grow?
ACNE! Help me and I'll help you!?
I have different eyes?
How do you get rid of blotches from tanning?
homemade sugar wax?
What piercings do you have/want?
I have 36A boobs...should I consider getting breast implants?
How to get bigger lips?!?
Does it hurt getting a wrist pierced?
Spa day for myself? Help Please:)?
How to get rid of....?
im going into this interview blind, body piercers answer please?
What are some good face butters (besides Carol's Daughter - I'm allergic to one of the ingredients in hers)?
How to get rid of skin spots?
What do you think?....will choose best answer for .s?
How dyou reduce the outbreak of pimples?
What can I do about dark circles?
How can I stop my lips going dry and flakey?
Belly ring turning skin black?
does washing your face in an upward motion help reduce wrinkles?
Has any1 ever gotten hair laser removal treatment and gotten burns on skin? what 2 do 4 laser burns?
Ladies question for you?
Where can i get an online Porn Magazine Free.?
Does anyone have a home remedy to get rid of embedded blackheads (t-zone) ?
good sunscreen for face?
How do I get rid of stretch marks?
Why are popular girls usually mean..........?
why do my boobs look and feel?
how long does it take for a toe nail to grow?
My skin is super dry and I'm pretty sure it's from my hot showers, but I love them so much :(?
What's wrong with my nipple piercing?
how to look perfect, from head to toe?
Dark circles and wrinkles under eyes. How do I get rid of them?
Is it okay to use orajel on a recently pierced lip?
need opinion on pictureeee?
My skin is really bad. Quick answers please.?
What type of skin do I have?
How r the products from the brand "THE BODY SHOP" ?
My ears look funny please answer?
Girls, what is sexier on a guy? Abs or Pecs?
how to get rid of redness/pimples overnight?
I have medium skin and I was thinking in going to a tanning salon.?
Need help with piercings?
How to take off the purple color under my eyes ?
I really need advice on my skin. Acne.?
Light olive skintone belongs to dark skin group is it right?
How to get rid of pimples?
Why dont antiperspirants work for me?
Does it matter what side you get your noes pierced?
First day of tongue piercing?! Help!?
how often should you wash your face?
Why are my eyes black underneath?
Proactiv or neutrogena?
Sensitive toe nails when clipping them, is this usual?
Getting my ears pierced questions?? help?
Anyone out there an Esthetician? Need to know more about it?
is zyporex a scam??? is there anything wrong with it?
How to make a piercing less painful?
what type of masks can i make for my face?????????????
bottom of feet are very itchy and red?
How to you make an aromatherapy mist out of essential oil?
I peirced my nose with a head pin?
OMG. MY TONGUE piercing?
is your belly button in or out?
How do you make your forehead look smaller???
should I self pierce my septum?
Epilation HELL! (ingrown hairs)?
Help for a health problem?
Acne isn't going away-Please help!!(read all)?
is my belly piercing infected ?if so how do i treat it??please help 20 points?
"sweaty underarms"!?
I'm starting to use skin care products, is it normal to break out?
What can i use as a disinfectant for a lip piercing?
Would I look good with Snake-bite Piercings (PICS)?
Tea Tree Oil or Vitamin E Oil or Jojoba Oil for face?
What do you like more?
Am I fat?????????
acne help!!!?
does pollution causes skin darkening?
Tell me what you think of my body??
who has tried dermaline whitening creams have they worked for you????
How does the Neutrogena summer glow daily moisturizer work?
Really obvious white hairs on my face?
HELP ! How can i get my original skin colour back !?
Would snake bites or any other piercing look good on me?
what is the best moisturizing lipsticks or chap sticks?
Girl Body problem - Scars?
Is it me or is Nicki Minaj's skin getting whiter?
major helppp!!!!!!!!! chapped lips problem!!!:(?
My boobs are too big for me?
does anyone know a home remody for getttin rid of zit and bags under eyes?
How likely would my piercing get infected if i pierced it myself?
Ear Piercing,is this normal?
Whoever has gotten their tragus pierced, how bad does it hurt?
Red swollen ring around my monroe piercing?
how do you know when a tanning salon is hiring?
i got my ears pierced last year and now theres an infection because every time i put an earing in there my ...?
my ear piercing is so infected that..?
best cleanser for face?
Anorexia poem by me..?
Is my nose big? Pictures!?
How is shaving your arms gross?
I'm 38...Do I need a face lift? Photos!!!?
OMG I can't shave my legs without getting razor burn?
how can i get pale skin?
should i take the job?
how can i increase my breast size naturally?
nose piercing? please comment...! =)?
How do I get fuller lips?
How to hydrate my face?
who has tried obagi blue peel? is it worth it?
Good way to get a tan on a low budget?
Is 36B a to big or to small for my body type?
omg im so nerves getting belly pierced!!! advice:)?
is 5'5 for a 17 year old girl a good height ?
Chest pimples, any solutions!?
Im really hairy! (girl)?
how effective is liposuction?
this is so ugly!!! how can i get rid of it?!?!!?
i want to get something pierced.. other than my ears!?
Is my body attractive?
1 blade razor blade (old~fashioned type)?
i have a few open pores on my can i close them so my face looks younger?
How do I ask my mom?
is it possible to gauge my ears with using pincher's?
Dry skin around gauge hole. Ear lobe?
When I first put on lotion from Bath and Body Works.....?
Girls help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
My nose ring hurts. Please help!?
I need a facial moisturizer that is hypoallergenic, fragrance free, very light, and NATURAL. HELP!?
Pimple Question !? :/ HELP !? Anybody !?
Best way to cure dry/chapped lips?
how do you prevent from getting tan?
What is this piercing called?
How painful is belly button piercing?
can you go back to a normal ear piercing when at a 12 gage?
my face was normal brown before but it is now dark,how to get back to my normal color?
my skin is kinda red and looks kind of splotchy?
How many numbers are there between 1 and 2?
I have a light pigment on my leg and it bothers the heck out of me !! How would it to blend in?
Do girls wax their bellybutton area?
what really is anorexia i have herd different thing rather it is sterving ones self or jus pucking ??
i just got my lip pierced?
I have heard people say not to wash you're face with a bar of soap... Why? thx in advance?
How would I look with a lip piercing?
Angel bites or monroe piercing? (:?
?Will you keep a tan if you go to a tanning salon once a week?
Do girls prefer guys to shave "down there"?
who thinks the mirror isnt really showing what you really look like?
how do i get longer nails?
My daughter wants her cartilage pierced?
Septum piercing?????
What do I say on the phone to a salon to get my eyebrows waxed?
What's the best remedy for chapped lips?
Who has recently gotten their nose pierced and how much does it hurt?
Will you like the concept of online beauty store.?
I'm a male getting my nipples pierced - What kind of ring is hotter barbell or hoop?
Should I keep it or get rid of it? (Bridge piercing)?
I wanna get a piercing?
i got my tounge pierced on sunday and?
when you get your belly pierced, is it normal for it to itch? at least slightly?
Can an old person be sexy?
How Do I Prevent Armpit Stains?
how much is an tongue peircing in grimsby and were from?
Question about belly button piercing?
should i chose tubing or a spa?!?
Tongue Piercing my friend?
Ingrown Hairs Are Pissing Me Off!?
Will a bikini line blemish ever go away?
magiclear or neostrata?
what is best soap free face wash for oily skin?
OK..... is it okay for teens to tan?
how to make our breast Look flat?
how much do you think she weighs?
My tongue piercing is in the wrong place should i get it re done?
what is the shape of my face?
How to make my skin less oily?
how to get rid of long-term blackheads?
ok fine my questin is gfhnzf!?
how do i get rid of acey not bad acey tho?
how can i close up my lip holes ASAP !?
Belly Piercing - is it worth doing it again?
What is with parents and piercings?
when getting your navel pierced, does it hurt?
red bumps when i shave?
how to be fair?
Have any of you guys gotten a piercing at Claire's that got infected?
where can you print out a manikin?
Shaving my help?
Does getting a tongue piercing hurt?
is my neck piercing infected?
i got my ears pierced on saturday but now there very sore and stinging?
how do you prevent irritation under your armpits after shaving?
Quick way to clear alot of acne?
does tanning your legs make them appear longer and leaner?
What's your favorite Bath & Body Works product?
i want a tan!?
Are there any lotions that help get rid of celulite quikly?
girls? At what age did you start your period?
Do those pills/creams for breast enlargement really work? Which one is best?
I recently got my ears pierced, and even though I cleaned them correctly and everything, it got infected...?
Who is the best looking person you have seen in the flesh ?
Which cleanser would be better for my skin?
pimple question?
How could I perice my belly botton with out my mom finding out?
What is the safest piercing to get on your face ?
how are you suppose to use a washcloth on your face?
How do you appreciate your body?
Are lazer hair removal products any good?
Ingrown hair discolored. help!?
whats the difference?? pics!?
how do you get rid of scars?
guys deodorant for a girl?
Is this normal?? please help?
is my ear piercing infected?
bellly button piercing?
I'm fourteen 4' 10'' and I weigh 109 is that OK?
Does it take a lot of guts for a guy to dress up like a girl?
Spiritual reasons for piercings, ears stretched, piercing and your chi flow?
HELP! Will this list plan work?
Bigger boobs/ butt? Please help?
deodorant problem. help?
does this expire?
DressSizeQuestion? :P?
what are the best microdermabrasion treatments??
Large pores in ears?
i have got a spot on my face help!!!!!!?
Be honest do i look good. do i look fat. do i need to lose any weight.
Why would a stranger do this? Help :(?
What would life be like without bras or bikinis?
Is it bad to go to the tanning bed everyday?
What is a way to keep my skin helathy?
Can anyone recommend a really good hand cream please?
Are your nipples pierced?
What do you think of my body?
Using skincare products from different brands?
belly button piercing? help?
How can i get my stomach darker with out a fake tanner?
I Wanna Be Pale But How?
ok...i have a really bad tan line on my to get rid of it?
how would you know if your tongue piercing is healed?
Healthy ways to get clear/ish skin?
Does getting your ears pierced hurt?
I have this this blackhead on my nose THAT WONT GO AWAY?
Botox alternatives that work?
any Good faces washes?
Girls and Guys: Please be honest (read details)?
Looking for natural remedies for my face. Please help?
What are the common brands of permanent hair removal creams, lotions or solution in Malaysia?
I have dry, flaky/gross skin on and around my nose and chin?
Where can I buy basics for making my own body products?
Does biting your nails mean that you have worms?
white spots?!?!?
so many pimples?
ANYONE ever tried breast inhancement pills or herbs?
Whats the best face wash for your skin?
There are these numerous tiny 'dots' on my nose. How do I get rid of these?
I have dark spots on my forehead ! Please help !?
whats your favourite body feature?
Is this fat to you???
what is the best thing to use on the skin condition eczema?
how would you assess a clients skin type?
Tongue piercing problems.?
Are there any procedures for lightening the skin?
How do I close my naval piercing hole?! What would you recommend?
How long can you keep salt water for piercings?
How do I look in a bikini?
whats going on with this?!?!?"?
What can I do for really dry skin?
Ladies, what is your favorite......?
Best Face/Acne Cleansers?
Is there any cream for filling up face pores?
Is it normal for my son to get red circles under his eyes?
How to get rid of black heads on my nose?
what is my body shape?
Tips for shaving a female "private" area? (Without being too graphic)?
i want a belly button piercing but im only 14 and my dad wont b there. can i still get it done without him?
I have a tanned skin. But I really want a brighter, whiter skin!?
Meladerm Philippines?
Why are my cheeks darker than the rest of my face?
Question about skin....?
baking soda w/ calamansi can whiten dark underarms?
Ears Pierced-Try Again?
Why is it so itchy!!?? Is there another alternative!?!!!???
would i suit any piercings ?? :) ?
I used an Oxy Pad this morning, and it left two small red marks. One went away, but the other stayed?
Products for my Face?
will dove sensative skin scentless soap bar make my face break out?
Palmers cocoa butter formula jar versus nivea creme?
i am short and look normal from my wist up but my legs?
My Eyes!!!!?
take a look :: are my 'handles' that bad ?
AM i gonna gain wait .. and grow ????
Clean and Clear or Neutrogena?
Is it weird to shave your fingers?
Should I get my lip pierced?
plz help get dark spots off face?
Could someone help me out please?
suntan? no suntan !?
Is there really a home remedy to fix Angular Cheilitis?
Is spf 50 too high for oily/combination skin? Will it clot my pores?
Fastest ways to get rid of black heads?
Is bruising after getting your septum pierced normal?
Does Any1 have a Home Remedy for a Facial that shrinks pores and tights your skin? That actually works?
Best facial washes for an oily t-zone?
What's another stretch mark? Lol.?
how do you get rid of scars?
SKIN Help!!?
where can i buy green clay powder in CA. besides online?
My boobs get in the way so much!?
why has my brazillian wax torn my skin ?
Does it hurt to get your ears pierced at age 14 for the first time?
What face wash do you recommend?
Is 13 a good age for a belly button piercing?
I have an hourglass figure. What bathing suit works for me?
femstache!plz help...?
Get Rid Of Pimples Tips ?
Would it be a bad idea to get a monroe piercing tomorrow if i'm going to the fair on Sunday?
Easy homemade ways for acne?
Maximum days for not bathing?
ear piercing not healing?
would i look alright with a monroe piercing?
oily face and hair fringe?
Im 25, should I be using anti ageing creams?
how do i get tunnels for my ears?
How do rings for belly buttons work? Can you buy just the ball part?
every 1 says im gorgeas wat do i do?
Why do men always have their hands down their pants?????
Im 14 yrs old and have bad acne but cant afford expensive products HELP!!?
How to draw out a zit so I can pop it.?
Has anyone ever used a pore vacuum to remove blackheads?
benzoyl peroxide gel questions? it has to do with pimples?
Have had dark circles under eyes since young, one eye getting puffy underneath. I have tried alot of stuff! ??
Piercing places in Philadelphia that pierce under 18 with parental consent?
Is it okay to not have a thigh gap?
I have really large pores on my nose...?
acne and toothpaste?
I got my eyebrow piercing done, but my boyfriend is telling me to get it off... what should I do?
my elbows!!!!!!!!?
which creme i have to use to become white?
what are the risks with getting your tongue pierced?
Best way to clean new septum piercing?
does neutrogena skin ID work?
are there any foods or stuff or anything that will reduce the growth of body and facial hair?
are there plastic or non metal rings i can put in my ears..?
I want to get really soft lips, but everything i use seems to dry them out!!?
How much would a nose job in Canada cost and how long do they take to heal?
How to get rid of cutting scars for the summer?
Have You Used A Microdermabrasion???
Guys, not that I have it but, is acne a big turn off?
question about using a plastic (or other non metal) lip rings???!!!?
Is my belly button piercing healed yet?
Does Benzaclin work?
Red Bumps after Shaving ?
what do you do if someone spreads a rumor that your stuff your bra when you don't?
Clear clean skin? What should I do?
pale or tan skin? opinions?
How do you smell right at this minute?
plz help me upper lip hairs?
I want laser hair removal?
help/tips with tanning?
Would a labret, eyebrow and septum piercing look too much on a girl?
i putted ice on my acne then i shaved my upper lip hair and then i applied neutrogena soap on my face?
How to get rid of chapped lips?
girls whatdo you think about hairy chests and backs on men?
Sexiest part on a man's body?
Is it okay to shave 'down there'?
are girls supposed to...?
would i look bad with a monroe piercing?
Will this make my pimples heal faster?
Skincare/ acne prouducts/ routine?
Easy way to get rid of pimples?
i have these bumps on my arm????
how to APPEAR tanner, not using tanners or lotions?
How does Justin Bieber get such perfect skin?
How am I suppposed to convince my mom to let me start shaving?
What is the best way to get a tan?
Should i get a boob job?
Bellybutton piercing pain after a month?
How to make your legs look thinner?
How to get a tan in 2 weeks?
i have a little buttle next to my belly button piercing?
I am almost 18 and one of my breasts is a c cup and my other is an a cup I need help!?
I have had horrible blackheads on and around my nose for years! What works?? Help me!?
What's a good & cheap water based moisturiser?
Is OLAY total effects Cooling Hydration Lotion....?
monroe peircing swelling up?
I hate when i do stupid stuff like this! Help!?
If A Black And An Asian "Made" A Baby, Would It Look More Asian Or Black?
how to heal skin discoloration from blackhead squeezing?
I want my body back?help?
what is a good way to get rid of bags under your eyes?
How do i change my tongue ring for the first time?
Is my body doing the right thing?
how to get rid of acne?
have you ever used an epilator?
Septum/ navel piercing?
Belly button piercing queeries!?
ow to get nice toned tan legs?
What's you favorite skin care product brand?
Hip dermals or hip surface piercings?
for people who tried proactiv and it didnt work?
anybody know acne remover that ACTUALLY WORKS and where i can get it......?
How do I go about bleaching my private parts??
do i have a big nose? does it make me ugly?
How much Does ear surgery cost?
DRY LEGS: What should I do?
I've Had It With Acne?
Where can i buy the brand Australian Gold in Australia?
Where can i get my nose pierced around the Inland Empire?
form 1-10 how bad did it hurt when u got your ears pierced?
Indoor tanning lotions?
lips reduction surgery in delhi?
Why do I come up in spots on my legs after shaving with blade (female)?
how do you get clean nice looking skin?
Is there anything good about being 12 years old?
Ok I got it done now what?
Question about tongue piercing !!!?
Should i get my belly button repierced?
Ok so last week my cat scratched me 5 times on my wrist and i have scars there do u no of anything that helps?
Tragus Dermal Punch.?
Irritating Itching Down There?
Do piercings take away from femininity?
Can you solove acne over night and if so TELL ME!!!!!!?
i have had my earing in my ear for 9 weeks is it safe to take it out?
do you think that beauty pagents are good for kids?
Why is that now there is advt turned towards Male Fairness cream? Girls are taking revenge?
Vlcc skin fairness cream or gel?
How bad does it hurt to get your ?
pretty feet?
My Pimples arent going away need help for remedies?
HELP ASAP!! okay so i want to get my bellybutton pierced but my mom wont let me so my boyfriends mom is going?
Home remedies to get rid of acne scars?
Nose Piercing fell out in my sleep...?
Why do i feel wet in class?
What is a good face wash for teenagers?
help! please, infected lip piercing.?
Which piercing shall me and my friend have?
Waxing catastrophy...please help!?
Is my butt shaped like a woman's butt?
Is there any type of Soap that will give you Pale Skin?
First time my eyebrow will be done?? Need help!?
all natural organic sun screen/block?
Should I get my lip pierced?
Cartilage piercing done with a gun?
How to stop caring about my looks?
How Do I Get Rid Of Dark Circles Under Ur Eyes?
Can IPL treatment get rid of blackheads?
Does Aveeno clear complexion daily moisturizer work for those who use it?
am i FAT????
what product of cetaphil...??
Gauging my ears to 8s?
How to cover up scars on the arms? (self harm)?
orange face!?!?
should she get her cheeks pierced?
What does skin protect the body from?
How to get nice underarms?
Infected belly button?
Please answer!! What should I do in order to avoid bumps, pimples, and redness after threading on face?
Could you die from an infected lip piercing?
Shaving Questions -Women-?
is it ok to use a cleanser with parabens in it?
How do I remove the dark marks from my armpit?
Tell us how you got that mark(scar) on your...?
Navel Ring/Piercing Question!?
LADIES,,, do you prefer Sweet or Spicy colognes on guys?
which lightening cream is the safest for dark spots name?
Can bleached skin be tanned?
how to convince your mom to take you to the dermatologist?
need help with my body care routine?
okay ladies. what REALLY works down there? don't want to wax and shaving causes those annoying bumps?? help!
how can i get a good tan for spring and summer if i'm naturally light skined?
Is baby oil good 4 ur body and face after a shower?
does veet work?
Has my fresh naval piercing ripped?
why do my eyelids get so heavy when i get my eyebrows done?
I had laser hair removal 5 days ago and still have red welts - what can I do to get rid of them, I have a date
best lotion??
Would I look good with a septum piercing (pics)?
I want to buy face wash from "Tony Moly".?
Can cell phone radiations also cause wrinkles?
am i changing my deodorant too much?
Can i still get a labret piercing if I have a scar in that very place?
is twenty pounds too much to lose?
Has anyone ever tried electrology hair removal?
do you hate fat people ?
has anybody tried brava?
what is the best moisturizer for your body?
what anti-perspirant works better?
Tongue web piercing? swelling and pain?
new daith piercing...?
How can I??
removing black heads?
If you were the mother of a 14 year old, what piercing would you let them get thats NOT on the ears?
Does it work for blackheads?
I am getting a piercing...need help?
after care for facials?
Why is the skin around my fingernails peeling?
newly pierced
(UK) What is the best facial moisturiser?
Am peeling around my eyes, What do i do?
how can i gain 10 pounds in less than two weeks?
what color eyes do you have?
Does getting your cartalidge pierced hurt?
Belly Button Piercing Help!?
The skin on my neck is really irritated?
will 1% hydrocortisone cream work for acne/blackheads?
How could I go about asking my mom..?
St. Ives wash?
How can I get an hourglass figure?
please help me guys!!! i really need help!!?
should we breathe out through nose or mouth ?
I want to become way tanner and fast. but how?!?
whats the best facial wash for blackheads on the t zone?
Getting my ears pierced again but i play sports....?
does anybody go to THE NORTH TEXAS SCHOOL OF MASSAGE in arlignton texas?
Help! Really Important Acne Question!?
Girls serious question. Am i too big do i look weird? or is this ok?
What cool piercings are there I can get?
Lip Piercing Tools?
I need to gain weight and get rid of that pale look on my face.?
Nose job for outer part?
what are some home made facial masks, that will make my face tingle?
Is this tacky?
How is Aveeno Positively Radiant Exfoliating Body Wash for very very dry skin or olay body wash with ultra moi?
I need help. I have an oily nose and forehead :/ normally, it occurs when the weather is hot.?
Why does my body look the same!!?
Piercing advice? getting pierced tomorrow?
good daily facial cleanser for sensitive skin?
Does the Clinique 3 step system work?
does putting on carmex help lips for smoking?
If you were born with naturally tan skin, does it gradually lighten over time?
ZITS! Do any of you out there have any cures?
What face shape do I have?
i have really dry skin on my face? which moisturizer should i use?
Shaving Under it alright?
Body lotion as a face moisturizer..?
does the neutrogina oil free acne foam face wash work?
How can I get my parents to let me have a nose piercing?
when to change belly button piercing?
Should i just take out my piercing?
How to Make Skin Less Translucent?
Horrible acne breakout.....I want to cry?
Are their any negative effects of using an anti-aging cream when your in your twenties or is this a good idea?
Can you take a cartilage piercing out?
What vitamin / minerals (a) Is beneficial for the heart (b) is good for the skin and anti-aging?
What can I use to shave my legs?
questions about stretch marks?
how do I carve my gf's initials on my hand?
Underye wrinkles, HELP?
How do I get my weight reduced?
how to make face skin glowing n fair?
What cleaner should i use on my monroe peircing?
What should I do if whenever I shave, there is always stubbles?
People make fun of me!!!!?
I am really short and I get teased. What should I do?
How do i pierce my lip?
Strech marks help ???
Does anybody know the difference between the Tria 2011 5-speed laser device and 2012 5-speed device?
At age 13 could i get a monroe piercing?
Acne Problems! help!?
Teen Question about Bras and Breast? Please? Serious?
How long after getting my belly button pierced can I change it?
I'm 24 and I have bad wrinkles under my eyes, it is makes me look like late 30s.?
Help! Acne and dryness problems!?
What is your favorite body wash / shower gel that leaves skin moisturized and smelling good all day?
Monroe or nose piercing?
Can you get tanned by fire?
Hellllp i got a really bad razor burn!! and i have a big thing in a couple days!!?
How can i even out my skin tone? (the skin around my mouth is lighter than the rest of my face!?
does this girl have big thighs?
does getting your tongue pierced hurt?
Im 5'1'' 130 lbs with 38c breast do my breast fit my size?
I want to be black so bad?
help... facial breakouts?
Is this creme really THAT good? Please look?
I know people who have hazel eyes and if a conversation about eye colors comes up, just about everyone.....?
Is there anything I can put on to stop this?
What can l use to make my rough looking knees better?
How much does it hurt to get your lip pierced?
Im thick(not skinny) but i am toned, don't men like that better?
Do you know any product to soothe bikini line iteration due to shaving?
When to change rook piercing?
Whats the best way to get rid of pimples ..the sooner ther better..???
I want clear skin, how can i make mine better?
my skin is really dry but i have alot of acne?
I just found out my younger daughter went and got her ears double pierced?
how can i improve my smile?
i sized up 4 days ago & when i take my taper out it's wet.....?
I don't ask to become fair but atleast tell me how to lighten dark skin & make skin glow?
My face is getting dry patches on it and today when I put my makeup on it felt tight.?
Cartilage Piercing? HELP?
I have function to attend in a month but i have dark circles how to get rid of it and be cute.....?
Can this flat mole on my cheek be removed with a laser?
Should i let my daughter get her cartilage pierced? yes or no?
boys- do you like the lip piercing on girls?
What piercing should i get?
Why of all people did god have to make me ugly?
Any cures for under eye bags?
Winter is coming, my skin is drying rapidly. What is the best body lotion?
Tragus Piercing Problem!! I Got my Tragus done over 2 years ago.?
Lobe piercing... bump filled with puss? Help?
How to prevent acne and zits?
Is this weight loss permanent or will it come back?
what do u think of Dermalogica products... is it worth the cash?
I got my belly button Pierced a week ago. It is very red, and is pussing alittle. It does not hurt at all,?
can i put a horseshoe ring in my vertical labret?
Does getting your toungue pierced hurt?
Big Butt!!! Self Conscious!!!?
how do i stop biting my nails?
darker skin if I can't tan?
what is the best way to get rid of redness in zits?
CLOSED rhinoplasty or OPEN rhinoplasty?
I can't banish those blackheads!?
my face is very sensitive to face washs .?
My nails are so dry and thin.?
if your toner tingles is that a good or a bad thing?
Can I Use European Gold Tanning Lotion Outdoors?
does it hurt really bad getting ur nose pierced?
How do I get bigger boobs?
How much will ear stretching hurt?
How do you clean a tragus piercing?
my belly button piercing fall out today and ive only had for 2 months. HELP?
can someone please tell me what they are putting on this guys face...?
Hey dudes i was wondering can you still make your ears thicker with Vitamin E oil or jojoba etd even though,?
Describe the Feeling when you get your Nose Pierced? With a Needle.?
Uhm, please help me with tips on how to ask my mom an embarrassing question!?
Tounge Piercing?
Jessica Simpson photos on Proactiv looks Adobe Photochopped.?
Keeping a navel peircing clean?
How can you make your boobs bigger without surgery?
what are good homemade recipes to keep your face clear from blackheads and pimples?
My skin is purple!?
I need a new skin care routine..any sugestions?
Please Answer..Large Pores?
do you like your body? i need one hundred answers sp please help me out!?
I love being naked and driving naked. I don't want to get in trouble. So is it illegal to drive naked?
Strech Mark Remedy?
Hormonal Acne Tips Please?
Where can I find 100% shea butter in Chicago?
How can I work this to my advantage...?
how do i get rid of my stretch marks?
ii pierced my eyebrow myself?
Why wont my toe nails grow?
what are corns that are on your toes???
HELP Should i bleach?
How do you wash your face in the morning?
I have horrible bags under my eyes. Help?
Should I get my belly button re-pierced?
Are girls attracted to me but i just don't know how to approach them?
What is the least painful piercing out of these?
Hey, Do you think I should get something done about my birthmark?? W/ pic?
I'm having a hard time tanning? :(?
Tragus piercing help!!?
Anybody ever heard of ShimmyShea?? Ever tried it? I'm looking for a review.?
Do I have the measurements to model for Victoria's Secret?
What's my body shape?:(?
Mole removal and prevention? Please help!?
i am black and love to have fairer skin without damaging it so what cream can i use esp. without hydroquinone?
know any home remedies for eczema?
Should I get a breast reduction?
Tongue piercing?
I've had dark circles under my eyes since I was a child. What will get rid of them?
Women..Is it possible to grow old gracefully?
When am I ready to go onto double zero plugs?
any advice on how to improve my self esteem?
do you think a septum nose piercing is trashy?
i think i'll cute but how??
What foods should I eat to help keep my face acne-free?
hair removal?
anyone tried Vaseline Intensive Care Healthy Body Glow Lotion?
What is so wrong with wanting a facial piercing?
Is my nose way too big?
How can i make my giant calves smaller?
I have really bad acne, tried proactiv SUCKED, and I also went to dermtologist which what should I try now?
should i pop my zits?
Would it be bad if I stayed in the sun for about an hour, just to get tan, but only once?
how to heal chapped lips easy and fast?
how can i hide my nose piercing?
Good products to make stretch marks disappear?
what do carnudos lips look like?
are my legs dark?(pics included)?
A question about Skin Specialists? 10 points ;)?
Tongue piercing questions :)?
Am I little, I get called little?
I have hair dye on my nails how to i get it off!?
How to loose weight easilly w/o exercise in 1 months time?
Does a acne treatment that is 10% benzoyl peroxide work better than one that is 1% salicyclic acid? Why?
Breast size and body shape?
can i use prep H under my eyes for wrinkles?
How can I make my skin glow and get rid of all the pimples and marks on my chest and arms?
should i get my navel pierced?
Nipple Piercing Aftercare?
does anyone know if that "Bio Oil" used for scars and strechmarks work?
How long do self-tanners take to work?
Itchy swollen INSIDE belly button belly piercing?
will my skin look better if....?
What all have you eaten today?
Do I have chubby cheeks?
im 15 and always chicken out of getting my ears pierced does it hurt?
Why do self tan sprays leave a "smell"?
I turned 12 yesterday i want my tongue and my nose pierced?
i looked at tanning both lights!!?
i need this to go away ASAP! help please!?
Is this a good skincare routine for a guy with oily, acne-prone skin?
Nose Piercing Questions?
I have a big nose what can I do to take the attention off my nose AND MAKE ME LOOK B ETTER?
help!!! shaving arms?
do you get acne from drinkning alchohol?
Is it normal for a scarfaction to..?
cartilage piercing pain?
Non-granular exfoliating cream?
Planet sun tannin question?
Nose Piercing? (pic included)?
Can smiley piercing migration lead to rejection?
How do I get rid of broad shoulders? Or atleast make them look narrower?
Who do you think is HOT??
how to make my chest seem bigger?
Does anyone have a dry face that breaks out?
Any ideas how to make cutting less obvious?
Is my bellybutton peircing infected?
sweetest smelling scent that drives men crazy.?
15 yr old and dont like taking a shower?
is it too late??
What is my face shape?- with pictures?
Fake tan using food coloring.?
How old do u have to be to shave and next part GIRLS ONLY use pads?
What else can I use to clean my newly pierced cartlige?? (ear)?
Have you ever used Lytess underwears?
What improves your body image? I need to improve mine. (GIRLS pref.)?
To be Tan, or not to be Tan?
How can I get a lighter skin color?
Spiral barbells and snakebite piercings - Yes or no?
Wat should I use to clean my new monroe and lip piercings?
How to fix rough and ed hands?
How do I convince my parents to let me get my lip pierced ?
What body type am I?????
Girls, is it trashy for a girl to not wear a bra under t-shirt or tank top?
Why do american women have those horrible mishapen ugly breast implants?
How do I get rid of dark circles around my eyes and the lines under them?
I M 16. i m skinny, nd i got no boobs, neither a big butt to impress guyz!wut should i do.i also wnt 2 gain w8
Stretching Ears For First Time?
Can I remove my earlobe piercing after four weeks and five days and replace it with a fake one?
Pro Activ........?
Rook piercing pain, got it done a week ago?
what to u guys like better? tan or pale?
Men - if you had to shave one armpit because of a sore, would you shave just that one or would you shave both?
Is this belly button an innie or an outie?
Why is it bad to get ears pierced at Claire's?
Skin care routine for dry skin?
I have a question about bra's?
Can Nailene gel activator be used in place of A.S.P Light Less Gel Cure spray?
What's the best way to get rid of arm hair?
where can i go to get my eyebrow pierced?
I can't get rid of my acne...?
How do I get Rust-Remover off?
Which piercing best suits my face? (pics)
Question for black people (esp black women)?
Will My Nose Get Smaller?
HAs any one ever used the spray tan? If so does it work and how long does it last?
How to change your tongue bar step-by-step?
Should i get my nose pierced?
Piercing ALWAYS irritated ???
Pimple problem!! Please Help?
I keep licking my lips!! how do i stop??
Make hips look smaller?
what piercing would suit me?
I need to clear up my skin!?
where can i buy glycolic acid IN STORE?
my nails need help?
what all do you need to pierce yout own belly button?
What side of the nose does the noce piercing go?
need to get rip of my pimples fast !!?
Tongue piercing questions! for anyone with experience!!?
Should I get a nose job?
How to remove hair on my legs?
I have nice full lips...Do women like that??
Heyy girls do you think guys should shave their chests?
is the length of my bridge piercing too short?
Butt implants opinions?
To get a nose job or not? Why?
How much do hip dermals/piercing cost?
What you have a nice tan all over your body, does your face tan too?
Im a guy and im gonna get my ears pierced today and was wondering if its ok to take them out after 3 days?
Acne problem? What products are good for my skin?
which is the best sunblock for sunny area ?
Why is my back wide....I hate it!!!!!!?
does having your belly button peirced hurt ?
Is it normal for birth control to break you out?
Udderlu smooth body lotion on face? Help!?
What to use / how to make nails strong and healthy?
How did I get such a big nose? O.o?
How bad does it hurt when you get your ear pierced?
Will my eyebrows get dark again, because proactive bleached them?
How can I prevent my nose from becoming chapped & dry?
Would it be ok to wear tapers for a while?
Is this true..........?
guys can u plzzzzzz suggest me on hw to get rid of the tan i laty devloped .........thanxsssssss to INDIAN SUM
What is the best self-tanner you can buy at a drug store?
what is your opinion on stretched ears?
I need help with my new nose "hoop"!?
Boys: Which one do you like better?
Anybody else use the soap BASIS?
Ladies, this is kind of a strange question, but how do you rid yourself of facial hair?
Girls/Women aged18+ please answer this women's problem's problem?
Who is barefooted right now?
My nose is peeling!!!HELP?
Moisturizing body wash with old spice?
Bath and body works sale?
what happens if my septum piercing was a 14 gauge, but i used the wrong size what do i do?
my ears swollen HELP ME!!!!?
Bad tanning bed bulbs or my lotion?
Can i hide this piercing from my mom?
Are you supposed to use a facial scrub before or after the cleanser?
Has anyone tried Porcelana Night Cream?
Is it wierd for a boy to get his ears pierced?
just got industrial piercing - bleeding?
Pimple before Prom! :(?
does butter help your breast grow?
What facial piercing would look best?
Does anyone know if the perfume Pavielle is available anywhere.? My Mom used to buy it from Avon......?
How to Tan even in a bed?
How bad does it hurt to get you belly button pierced?
How to get my pale skin looking beautiful ? ( picture )?
Questions about stretching ears for those with personal experience?
Shaving legs????????
Guys, what does the perfect body look like to you?
My stretcher won't go all the way through?
if you take a tongue ring out and leave it out will there b a noticable hole?
What's the difference between dark circles and eye bags?
Can you still get a tan wearing sunscreen?
Question about my belly button piercing?
Get rid of bumps on legs?
Question about Moisturizer's and medication for your face...?
Have people died in from tanning beds like this?
Hey im a boy and sometimes i get made fun of my big pink lips. How can i get rid of it?
Can I shower with tanning lotion on?
leg shaving?(20 characters)?
im 5'3, 100 lbs... im fat...?
How to get Clear Skin?
45 minute shower, what!?
how do i loose acne????
do tattoos hurt much if one doesnt like needles?
Any thing for dark circles to be removed?
Does listerine work for toe fungus?
should i buy a new toothbrush?
What is the best product for undereye bags that take away the darkeness look also?
What's better out of the three: nair, waxing, or shaving?
Help! I need a really good moisturizer that doesn't make me break out. What do you know?
how do i fade or remove a dark spot or discoloration on my forehead?
am i fat ?