what is the average height of 14 year olds?
Is it possible to make your ankles...?
is there anything i can do to get my ears ready for streching again?
To get a nose job or not? Why?
I'm 15, should I shave my bikini area! I want to take a poll if it's normal not to, is it gross not to?
My 9 year old daughter..................?
can someone help please?
Is it ok to tan nude?
Shaving rash downstairs =|?
I've had my ear pierced for a week and I'm stretching to 2mm tomorrow, what risks are there?
to get your cartilage pierced for proof can u bring a birth certiufacte and like a yearbook for picure proof?
what is good way to keep the face from becoming oily throughout the day wothout using any type of makeup?
Can you smoke and drink when ou get snake eyes (piercing)?
Are there any over-the-counter lotions that work for extremely dry skin?
Which ear gets pierced?
Is there any money in owning a Tanning Salon??
how come when i shave i get razor bumbs?
How to remove a cartilage piercing?
What do I do?HELP ME !?
how to stop someone getting fake boobs?
Can i use mens face shaving cream to shave my legs?
Should I opperate my ear to make it stick out less?
Industrial Piercing Help!?
Which are more common, outie or innie belly buttons?
Do you think I look pudgy?
Hawaiin Tropic Carrot Oil SPF 15?
what should i get pierced?
belly button piercing?
Fake tans and swimming....bad combination ??
Rate my body 1-10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
what is the best smelling kind of Axe bodywash or bodyspray?
i want a piercing..?
Do you think it is against the Bible to double pierce your ears or get ur cartlige pierced?
I have this smell coming fom my ears were they are pierced .?
how to save my face from scars?
How to get rid of thick, bad blackheads?
where can i get obagi products in india?
bought spanx but are they too big? (details inside)?
what foundations are good for eczema?
Is my cartilage piercing too low? (picture)?
Does getting you ears pierced hurt?
how do you get rid of pimples???
Im freakin out! Wut's on my head?!?
how to get rid of a keloid on industrial piercing?
pimple problem! What should I do?
Where can you buy Prince Reigns Serum in Toronto?
IS MY NOSE TO BIG????????/////?
Acne/spot cures/treatments?
Would I look good with an eyebrow piercing?
girls with tounge peircings? do guys think its sexy?
Bellybutton piercings?
Sexy beasty.?
Should I get booty implants??
Is it actually that small?
Retin-A and salicylic acid?
im a dude. Should i get a earing? Also do they hurt?
Girls, do u shave down there?
my naval peircing has turned black?
Whats the best way to get rid of acne.?
Hydrogen Peroxide for Acne / pimples ?
I have pimples, and when I use me cream it dries me out, but the lotion breaks me out...?
How long will these last?
Whats's the age for underarm waxing?
was there lotion in the 1700's?
Nipples or not?
cartilage piercing?
Double cartilage pierced with gun or needle?
Is there a eating disorder that is from the one I am mentioning below, if there is tell me a little about it?
What do you think about?
I have a zit on the underside of my nose, does that mean my septum piercing is infected?
Do you have to go to a piercer to get your ears stretched?
Do body wraps really take off inches after being done at the spa?
Ladies, have you ever used Nair facial cream on your upper lip?
Burt Bees hand salve what is it used for?
Home remedies for undereye bags/ dark circles?
When would it be ok to change jewerly on a industrial ear piercing?
Lip or Nose Ring on me? (Guy)?
How can i be proud ?
What acne would work best for this situation? Name, brand, etc, PLEASE HELP!?
Please Help my face burns!?
What's the best acne treating product?
How far does a nose stud go into your nose?
Has anyone had a Morpho-Lymphatic Drainage done?
Is there any laser hair removal treatment that works on very blonde/white hair?
what do you hate about yourself?? :]?
Ladies, how do you feel about your breasts?
Facial Piercing, yes or no?
I'm around nail polish and remover A LOT. Can this harm me?
i am 28 now and i am still breaking out?
Nose Piercing, Which hurts less? Gun/needle?
what do you think muyfriend means i made it up with my girlfriend?
How can I get bigger breasts easily?
How to get rid of acne.?
Why are my legs Scaley looking and how do i get it to go away?
I am now using retin a, but my face gets so greasy during the day?
Do u think I'm done growing......?
Will my Piercing still be able to get infected if I take it out now?
Does geting your belly button pierced hurt?
Good tanning place name?
what makes your nose get bigger?
i have a body odour how can i overcome this problem?
Horizontal Lip Piercing...professional piercers..?
how can i get rid of the pimples and spots on my face ?
Help...My acne will not go away! I have tried everything even Proactive! Nothing works.?
What are some ways at home to clean the oil off the T-zone on my face?
can you use a and d ointment and contact solution to clean a belly button piercing?
Red little dot tounge piercing?
What is the normal range of time during which a tongue swells after piercing?
I'm really white and i want tan! help!?
stretch marks?
why don't people have hair under your forearm?
Lip piercing with a retainer?
Kiss My Face peaches and creme moisturizer?
Toe nail is thick and doesn't grow?
Gross...Caused by tanning?
What is breast tape used for ?
How do I figure out if my skin tone is a winter, summer, etc.?
Can i eat and like suck on jolly ranchers when I first get my tongue pierced?
Im 13, should I get my belly-button pierced?
what piercing should i get?
I need info on eyebrow peircings!!!! (Details and other info would be appreciated)?
what is this red line on my face?
How to cover self harm scars and cuts?
Need advice?
Piercing help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Should I Get A Boob Job? I'm Fifteen And VERY Small And Everybody Laughs At Me.?
How to make my face longer?
what will happen if i wax my arms?
I bought expired anti-bacterial face/hand wipes?
does neosporin help wrinkles?
always after i shave my chest i feel itching,why? is it normal? how i can stop it? thanks for your helping :-)?
How long does it take for a cartilage piercing to heal?
Ear Piercing Hole Keeps Closing Up?
How can I keep my skin moisturized when I'm in a building with very dry air?
I have 2 questions about getting you're ears pierced can you help me?
How safe is industrial body piercing? Are there any risks involved in using a metal lathe for piercing?
i want to get skinny and want to have a skinny face?
I am getting pimples on my face?
Hi does anyone have a recommendation for a goon salon for a Brazilian wax in Aberdeen, UK?
ughhh i'm an idiot!?
Does a belly button piercing hurt?
Does getting your belly button peirced hurt?
if im not burnt or red at all from a tanning bed, am i still getting a good tan?
i need to get a pierce...?
Is it bad to clean new pierced cartilage and ear lobes with 90% proof alcohol?
best tanning moisture lotion?
has any of u ever use Nair? and does it work?
How to change my apparence?
Question about tans? and fake tans?
How to conceal under eye bags?
Do you think a hairy back on a female is gross? [Not ALOT but just as much to be noticed]?
When it comes to skin tone, would you rather be lighter or darker?
is this normal for a piercing?
how to get rid of freckles?
i had my lip pierced for a year, will the hole ever go away?
i have lower pink lips but my upper lips are brown....i want them to be pink..wat do i do?
Natural exfoiliant for sensetive skin? PLLLZZZZZZ HELPPPPP?
are we pretty?
wat should i do?
how do kerala girls have hot breast and yummy asses?
Thoughts on my appearance?
What acne treatment works the best?
Best way to make your nose look smaller?
Should i get my tongue pierced?
I'm only 13 but when i hold an expression for more than a few minutes, I get very noticeable lines.?
Udderlu smooth body lotion on face? Help!?
Cotton Mouth after Tongue Piercing! WHY?
Do I have an hourglass figure?
is it ok to use this on my lip piercing?
is there any way i can get rid of these burnt marks?
at what point in your life did you have the best body? women?
Anyone can answer this! Please do! What do you think about nose rings?
Has any one used or uses the Bio Oil?
has anyone used the neutrogena deep clean face wash?
is it bad to use alcohol to clean your face everyday?
I just found out my younger daughter went and got her ears double pierced?
I got my lip surface pierced and it sorta looks infected, or it may be rejecting, what should i do ?
okayy.. sooo my mom is like super duper strict. and i really wanna get my lip pierced how can i convince her?.?
Spa Employee Code of Conduct?
Answer My Friend Bleached her skin!?
Will it be painful to get my lip pierced?
Cleaning my Forward helix piercing...?
gurls only please(bra issue)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Pictures of lip and nose piercings?
What exactly causes dark circles around the eyes?
stretch mark question PLEASE HELP!?
Girls Only: What kind of materials do I need for shaving my legs and armpits?
Non-sticky sunblock..?
I have acne what do u recommend?
Can I do anything for stretch marks?
Clogged pores on nose?!?
which one works the best clearasil or acnefree or proactiv?
Do i look ugly? how to get rid of wrinkles under eyes!? all my face?
i have acne and i tried everything there is to try even proactive.. any help!?:/?
What are some homemade remedies for breakouts? I have prom tomorrow and I need to get rid of these pimples?
Question about Proactive, answer fast, pleaaase (:?
can my sister take me to get my ears pierced?
I think they really screwed up on my belly button?
How can I have soft, beautiful, clean skin?
3-step programme problem?
what kind of face wash should i use for mild acne?
How do I make my shoulders fatter , Theyy are waaayyyy too skinny ?
What gauge is a conch piercing pierced at?
Facial redness?
Get rid of Dark Cirlcles Under Eyes?
random bumps on my body? What are they?
does using oliv oil for massage darken your skin over the period of time?
How do slim wraps work exactly?
How do you get rid of pimples?
What is a good yet hypoallergenic face cleansing product?
curiosity is killing me gotta know.?
What do you think of industrial piercings Part II?
Could my Tragus piercing be causing my headache?
Can men use the relaxing aromatherapy baths in a day spa?
1-10! fastt. be honest ?
Why do Teens got pimples?Suggest some tips?
How can i permenantly remove hair from my body?
what are some ways i could do to get a sway in my walk?
Reviews for Mole, Warts and Skin Tag Removal?
I want to get my lip pierced, does it hurt?
Boobs how to make them look bigger?
Help. What is my face shape?
How do i get rid of sun exposure naturally?
Any Aestheticians??? I need to know about High Frequency Facial Equipment usage for treating acne?
Mum's being a hypocrite?
Spots: I've tried anything, but they won't go!?
I want to get my tounge pierced but I'm prone to keloids..?
industrial piercing question/concern.?
how to protect your skin from getting tanned and dark in sunlight ? what precautions are to be taken.?
am i too big for a bikini? (pics)?
How to get zits gone!?
What do you think about nipple piercings?
Ladies your opinion needed!?
does hydrogen peroxide really help with blemishes and pimples????
is it gross to get my hips pierced?
How can I stop being ugly? Picture inside...?
Microdermal anchor on chest...?
how to get a lighter underarms?
Helix piercing? Please help.?
Why do i feel wet in class?
does alcohol help get rid of acne??????
How tall and how old are you?
Lighten my eyes with sulfur?
how do i get rid of oily skin?
Removing TOMS tanline???!?
Information about belly button piercing?
Im really scared, help!!!?
why did my nails turn orange?
Will mi Boob's get bigger?
what is the daily habit of a female who does her best to look well?
ive been breaking out really bad and proactive is not working at there any special one that works?!?
Does skin whitening soap work? Which is the best one?
Can I use baby products on my skin?
Plastic Surgery - Gauged Ears?
Pale Skin vs. Tan Skin?
My nails are so thin, weak and breaking easily...
does piercing your ears hurt?
Reduce redness in my face?
I'm 12 years old, and I have 36 C. Will they grow anymore or not?
Looking for natural/gentle skin care routines - honey, EVOO, baking soda, etc.?
how to get rid of blemish?
am I too fat?
what is the best sunscreen for your face?
What is the best way to get rid of those black heads?
if your body temperature is 98.6 degrees fairenheit and it is 98.6 degrees fairenheit outside why is it hot?
Why is it bad to get ears pierced at Claire's?
why is this?
Does ANYONE else have a hard time shaving there legs ?
Who uses the Dove Body Mists?
how do you get rid of belly fat?
Are nipple piercings attractive on girls?
can you get a belly button and monroe piercing in the same day?
How to remove blackheads?
Lip piercings on women...?
I'm switching......?
I hate my freckles. Ugh?
Should I keep using the Clinique 3 Step Acne Kit?
I get miserable razor burn in my bikini area, what is the best way to get rid of it?
How can I get a light complexion?
Has anyone tried Olay regenerist eye pods?
What is the best way to get rid of dark circles under eyes?
Is My Body Shape Considered "Good/Attractive" or "Bad?"?
how do you get rid of pimple scars?
If having and outie belly button gross?
Is there anyway I can tell my Mum that I find her facelift to look disgusting without her disowning me?
Are big brown eyes pretty?
Lip piercing... HELP!!?
I dont think my pericing looks right? here's a picture.?
any suggestions on how to get rid of my acne?
how often should I shave my legs, so that the hair wont grow back too quick?
I pierced my nose and have a question!?
18 and she doesnt shave her legs?
Am i Overweight????????
What makes a person face look old?
Are there any home remedies that I can use to lighten my skin?
Embarrasing Problem... please don't be nasty?
Aftercare for forward helix piercing?
How do I get rid of stretch marks?
Whats hotter: Big or Small nipples?
Industrial Piercing.?? Please Help.? :).?
is chandan good for your face?
how can I hide angel bites? 16g?
How can i make my skin heal quickly?
Is my nose big?? I really hate it?
How do I read a girls dimensions? What does 36 24 36 mean?
Red belly strech marks?
How did you get rid of your freckles?
Industrial Piercing Questions?
This boy in school keeps saying i have a big butt, he keeps on saying it, are big butts okay?
how do I get rid of dry scalp?
Did I break my big toe?
Natural ways to make dark circles under my eyes go away?
Spray on tans?
How to remove scars?
Stretchmarks help ?!?
How long should I wait between ear stretches?
get rid of razor bumps?
Phillips 15 watt UV Facial Tanner?
Help! have pimple before graduation?
How do I get rid of stretch marks?
bellybutton pierced?
How much would liposuction on my entire body & face as well as a nose job cost?
how do i make my boobs look bigger?
what is the procedure for a professional bikini wax?
why does my body itch after i take a shower?
Do you think a monroe piercing will look right on me??
How do I un-tan myself?
Will my ears close on their own?
Does cocoa butter or bio oil really work?
I have spots on my face!?
Does a prince albert piercing make sex more pleasurable for the woman?
Do you know a remidie?
Which oil is best for hairs and for skin?
Are there any laser or surgical stretch mark removal procedures?
CURES FOR ROSACEA...please help im desperatee?
What electric razor do you recommend?
Does everybody eventually get...?
Does it hurt to have your tragus pierced?
Belly Button Piercing?
Whats a good face wash?
I got my nose peirced recently but?
Facial issue?
i get really bad razor bumps, especially in the summer, anyone know any remedies that can help prevent them?
How can I get smoother legs?
my parents were almost holding me down to pop this!!!?
Is it harmful to wax arms ?
Have you had a tummy tuck and lipo?
Why am I so ugly?
peircing my lip?
How do I get pen ink off my skin?
i dont like my body..?
is there a way to stretch your face?
Tounge piercing help?
I just got my ear pierced and was wondering if i can change them for my studs. I got my piercing 2 days ago?
Body piercing - please help. No correct answer last time?
When will I grow out of acne?
what's the best face product to use to get rid of pimples?
i need help on my belly button, because im having it done tomorrow.?
Guys, Will you answer this? (piercings)?
Do acne scars go away?
Ear gages and plugs????
How do you reduce your breasts size without surgery?
Wax in ears! any body have a idea to remove the build up of wax?
Can i get my weird belly button pierced? :$?
how often are you supposed to shave your legs and underarms?
easy 10 points ; skin care question?
What do these things help?
Should I get my belly button pierced?
Why is my belly button peircing bleeding ?
How long should my Microdermal piercings last?
Has anyone tried Proactiv?
Do chicks find body builders attractive?
Did my bellybutton piercing close?
Redish purple and puffy cartilage piercing? Help!?
how to remove a hickie?
Kiss My Face Peaches and Cream Face cream?
do women agree with this?
What is my codition? I like to touch hot things and knives!!!?
What do you think i need to improve to be pretty?
how do I get rid of these pores/pimples on my nose?
my tounge ring? can i do this?
Tongue rings and mothers?
Is my belly piercing infected?
which make up can i use that is not tested on animals?
does exfoliant face wash take the tan off your face?
tips on hiding my new belly button piercing?
How many times should you wash your face everyday?
I just got my belly button pierced ?
should i shave my legs or leave them?
Me using fake tan, good or bad idea?
what causes puffiness of the face, especially around the eyes?
help! i am not tan! and i've tried baby oil, tanning lotions, sunless tanners, nothing's working!!!!!!!
Which Of Your Piercings Is Your Favorite??
how do i get rid of super dry skin??????????
my daughters skin has been very badly tanned in her summer vacation.. any home remedies please......?
Best way to stand in a stand up/shower tanning bed?
Will downsizing make piercing bumps go away?
Do belly button piercings hurt alot?
vitamine E vs. coconut oil for acne scars?
Help! Need information on surgery/piercings!?
If i was to go on the sunbeds for say 6 minutes WITH tingle tanning lotion on?
Guys: does having acne make a girl ugly?
Am I a good weight for my height?
how long will it take for my ears to be less sensitive?
How do some guys get lint in their belly button and others don't?
What works best at clearing skin?
Is it normal to have one boob slightly bigger...?
WTF is on my lower lip??!?! Help please :(?
what product worked for acne? help me please..?
Anyone know where i can get a good brazilian wax in mississauga?
I got my nipple pierced this morning. Should I sleep with a bra on?
Tongue/lip piercing compared?
should she get her cheeks pierced?
Does it matter if girls wear bras?
Urgent Ear Piercing Help!?
Is it possible for an epilator to grab your skin?
ok lol ive asked this quesiton like for the third time already and ive messed up asking it lol?
Where in the Washington, DC metro area do I go for laser hair removal?
Gauged ears bleeding ?
Does Dr.Scholls Skin tag Remover hurt?
Home made face mask for dry skin?
What's the best way to get my mom to let me get my nose pierced?
Two showers per week?
will my new peircing be ok without washing it the first night?
Am I cute?
Need help Please!! skin firming cream!?!?
i am considering getting my tongue pierced...?
Do anyone know about the Cosmetic Surgery Center below ? I'm planning for eyelid surgery, please help/advice.?
AMBI Fade Cream Question?
how old is middle age?????
Is my navel weird-looking? (PIC)?
this is going to be embarrasing, but i need help?
If I've had my ears pierced previously, but i had an accident where my earring ripped my ear and the ...?
Bump on my face? How can I make it go down within the next 5 hours?
Does proactiv actually works for pimples ?
After turning in job application (Bath & Body Works)?
anyone heard of bio gel injections? do you think it's safe?
embarassing poll: females what do you think if a guy isn't?
how can you shave without getting razor bumps?
i got a fatty n its hard to shop for jeans... Help!?
2g - 0g ear stretch problem.?
HELP! (continues in beneath this)?
Can I use Adapalene and Tretinoin at the same time. Shall I say at night time before sleeping?
Can someone please tell me how to get rid of my stretch marks!! They are thick, very noticeable, and old.?
how to get eyebroe wax of a 3 year olds cheek without damaging the skin?
do i need therapy??
How can i hide my scars?
Laser surgery scar removal?
i am 11 so what age do i turn into a werewolf?
how does an ear piercing feel?
Why can't I rid my face of acne?
How Do I Get Rid Of MY Acne?
How long will it take for my belly button piercing to close up?
When is it okay to stop cleaning a piercing?
How to get get rid of patches from self-tanning lotion?
Nose job without going under the knife?
How big is the average size feet for a 15 year old girl?
Acne problems!!!! HELP?
How to prevent acne during puberty? (Plus a Keratosis Polaris question)?
Fake tan and thyroidectomy?
can my mom sign for my friend when we get our ears pierced?
Why is my skin so pale?
My summer is ruined, i am not comfrontalbe enough to go swimming?!?!?
Questions about Proactive?
How can i increase my bust size without plastic surgery? Any tips?
Facial Waxing Tips?
I think my septum piercing is to low?
what are the possibilities of a lip piercing going wrong?
I have dark bags under my eyes and glasses i want to wear my contacts but need a product to cover up evenly?
Why am getting pimples all of a sudden?
I want to know when i'll get my fat thigh implants?
What type of belly button do you have?
Backs of arms?
Who's prettier? I'm not being shallow?
Aftercare for Microdermal piercings?
How do I wear a gradual self tanning lotion to bed without getting bed dirty?
what is the dierence between a straight and curved nose stud?for a peirced nose?
is it true that almond paste works good to nourish skin?
Would I look right with an eyebrow piercing?
Is EMLA, a topical anaesthesia, safe to put all over my legs for my laser hair removal?
Is my eyebrow infected or just irritated?
How do I stop the feeling of NEEDING to bite my nails?
How to keep your body cool?
Acne treatment question ?
Should I take a shower?
What's your favorite sugar scrub exfoliator? Brand please, and link if possible!?
Belly button just peirced helpp! :/?
How to get rid of spots quickly?
Navel Piercing In Cardiff, Where Shall I Go?
how do i get rid of acne scars on forehead and chin?
how do i get rid of a pimple really fast?
is it possible????
Creams, Wipes, What? or Witch?
If I clean my face at midday aswell as morning & night would it make my skin better of worse?
my nose job?
Scar Removal - White Scars & Dark Scars?
can u tell me?
nipple piercing help!?
Why were some people blessed with good, clear, dark, skin?
How to get soft lips at home?
Should I shave my legs?
im trying to impress this girl i like do u think i should get plastic surgery to change some of my looks?
i need some shaving tips?
How do I take out my second and third piercing without it hurting?
Is my nose big????(pic included,answer PLEASE)!!?
I have pale skin, I use the shade bronze fake tan should I try dark shade deep bronze, will I go orange?
monroe piercing ? HELP ASAP!?
what kind of sunscreen do you wear daily?
What is the best sunscreen to use when going to the pool?
Ear Cleaning Solution for pierced ears?
In the winter time, I hate my skin tone. Help?
How do I remove the smell?
has anybody tried RevitaClear does it work?
How do u stop bitting you nails?
What's YOUR opinion(s) on piercings and tattoos?
If I just got my nose pierced 2 weeks ago how long after I take it out will it close?
Can my parents sue the person who pierced my belly button?
how can i disapper the spot on my skin?
tongue piercing ? does it hurt?
in what commerical is a girl dancing on bed?
Are there really some foods that are bad for our skin?
spots help would be nice if possible :).?
I'm stretching my ears and I just wanted to know if its permanent?
Help me, I feel like I have a man face?
Should I get this to reduce the appearance of scars that just healed...?
best way to remove pubic hair?
weird lines on my face please help!!?
What the heck is wrong with my face?
How can you decrease skin redness?
help with brazilian????
Does Pro-Active really work?
How to increase my chances of growing facial hair?
Home remedies to get rid of exess oil on skin?
I am really self conscious about my nose, how do I get over that?
Where can I get Organic Apoteke skin care products in Hong Kong?
Feet Problems!!!?
Does this look okay to you...?
I cannot get my tragus ring out?
How do I get bigger boobs?!?!!?
I am trying to lose weight WITHOUT dieting.?
How do you get rid of a pimple fast?!?
Black heads by my lips?
My boyfriend has dark skin?
Piercings, Piercings, Piercings?
Does deodorant darken the body?
Are there any solutions for this?? (20 POINTS I NEED TO KNOW ASAP)?
Do you know a salon which does full body massage ( includes the bottom and nipples ) in London?
Please answer these questions about the sun rays on the skin.?
How can I make my underarms smooth and hairless?
how do I get rid of dry, hard areas of skin on my feet I've got since I started running?
Should I get my belly button pierced?
hmm ? is this a good plan ?
How to make my lips darker in the morning naturally?
A Little Help Would be very Appreciated?
Need some challenges?
READ ME!! Body Scrub Help!?!?
Is it okay to skip a gauge size?
My hands still have marks on them from this - what can be done?
What piercing should I get next?
does it hurt to get ur lip and belly button pierced?
does shaving your legs remove your tan?
My daughter 14 year old uses proactive.?
how do i put on my industrial bar with a charm in the middle ?
Which is worse as a kid: Short or tall?
Does lazer treatment really work!?
Would 3rd hole ear piercings look Dumb?
Needle or gun? And why?
Is This Supposed To Be Hurting?
What is the best Facial Cleanser?
How to make your skin more pale?
how to stop bitting your nails?
my hair has no shining i have heard abt eggs?
Is there any facial exercises on the internet with videos or pictures discribing how to do it?
Why do I get white marks on my fingernails?
Waxing!!! Salon or DIY????
Tongue piercing + singing = ???
that flaky skin around your nails. how do you get rid of it?
Does getting your ears pierced hurt & how do you take care of your ears after the piercing?
Does Proactive really work?
How do I get rid of my dark circles?
How can I make my piercing hurt less?
Has anyone tried Skin79's AC Clinic Skin care line (Cleanser, toner, & Lotion/moisturizer)?
How do you make your own tanning oil?
I'm a girl and I have hair on my fingers. I'm really grossed out?
I am 19yrs old, i wish to have a fair skin can anyone suggest me best skin creams for a fair complexion?
My friend may be underweight?
I wanna be skinner!!!?
Should i put moisturizer on in the morning or before i go to bed?
does piercing your lip hurt?
Tragus Piercing questions?
Should I get breast implants? I am currently a 34 B?
Where can I find products containing these ingredients?
Mineral oil based cream and lotion?
why? .......................................?
3-step programme problem?
My skin is driving me crazy!?
oil blotting wipes?
what shape of face do you think I have?
have u ever tried the atkins diet and does it really work?
Do men really preffer big boobs?? I'm considering implants.?
How to make your nose look like a pig ?LOL?
Are there any procedures for lightening the skin?
How to convince my mum to let me get my belly button pierced?
what is that space on a mans body from the hip to the package called?
can ice reduce pore and how lon it takes to reduce pore ?
how much is laser hair removal?
Is she too skinny???
Dressing for pear-shaped women?
Had a tough party last night. How long will graffiti stay on my back and in my hair?
Is Garnier Light Eye Roll-On for eye puffiness and dark circles good?
My mom says I need to wipe the crusty stuff.....?
Does getting your ear pierced hurt?
nose pierced??
How to get rid of acne.?
Too much "Back-ne" For Aprils Taste?
Should I get my lip pierced?
Will most places pierce the side of my belly?
how do u make my thighs thinner?
Help with Stretched ears?
Homemade Face pack for glowing skin?
What piercing should I get with my snakebites?
is it ok to walk around your house (alone) on boxers, boxer-breifs, or nude?
I need help with my nose piercing?
Switching from a stud to a hoop nose piercing?
Can olive oil massage increase my breast size?
Nose piercing questions?
Embarrasing nose piercing question?
Where I can buy spectraban sun screen?
Would my fiance look good with a lip ring?
Control Bacne?
I need some information about Laser Hair Removal?
Pimple problem pls. help Only home remedies?
Cosmetic Acupuncture business name ideas...?
skinny legs and wrists?
how to get rid spots on the face?
Problems with the magnification on my Clarisonic MIA?
Is it normal to have "razor burn" after receiving a bikini wax?
Why is that white poeple like to have darker skin? What's wrong with your white skin color?
How can I change the way I look by 8th grade?
Any girls with hairy arms out there?
how do i get my eyes to pop?
How do you get soft lips overnight?
Are these stretch marks, if so how can i get rid of them? [PIC INCLUDED]?
My belly button pericing close up?! what do I do?
What's my body shape?
I need tanning tips please.. :)?
I really hate my freckles?
How to prevent acne? ?
Are big eyes attractive ?
how to line up my piercing?
facial hair bleaching ??????? PLzZZZ suggest?
Really oily face?
What is the best method to reduce signs of acne?
Good but cheap brazilian wax??
How long does the pain of having your ears pierced last when done at home?
How can i get rid razer marks?
Skin around Monroe piercing?
how long should a roll of TP last?
Good way to clear acne at age 12?
how do i make my boobs look bigger?
Free Implants?
Help me please please please? :(?
how long will homemade cleanser baking soda/olive oil/tea tree last?
my bra size is 36b or i think 34c is that a good size?
where or how to get body glue?
Can any1 help me, please please please??
So im pale and i never tan just burn is there anyway to get a tan? or no:/?
how many piercings do you have ? and where?
Getting rid of reddening of body/face after being exposed to direct sunlight?
Where can i find these?
tanning bed help!!!!!!!!!!?
How can I deal with this kid in my class? Please Answer! Its URGENT! HELP ME!?
is it normal to have like a bubble looking thing thats red next to your bell piercing?
What everyday moisturising cream shall i use for very sensitive skin?
How do I stop biting my nails?
I left tooth paste on my pimple for to long?
Proactiv's 3-Step System or Neutrogena's Advanced Solutions Acne Therapy System?
Why does this happen when to my nails when I travel to Mexico?
do you think i look good?
Any acne product suggestions?
face && beauty......?
What are some good face creams that i can put on for anti aging and/or wrinkling?
do tongue piercing hurt?
How to stop my armpits from sweating?
Athena 7 minute face lift users--what were your results?
Acne cream drys out my skin?
Should I get my tongue pierced?
Belly Button question 10 points best answer!!?
What makes your feet stink even though you are clean; is it your socks, shoes, hose, etc?
why do we have lines in our palm???
How do I apply self-tanner with gloves on without missing my hands?
Cheaper version of the Clarisonic Mia ( or other electric exfoliator)?
How do you lessen dark circles under eyes?
Eyebrow piercing help!!?
I Have Circles Around My Eyes...?
How can I get rid of my acne!?
Does sunscreen become absorbed by your skin?
Does anyone besides me find piercings to be pleasurable?
I have some pimples on my nose what can I do to get rid of them?
How really can i reduce oiliness and blackheads?(expensive cosmetics dont work)?
How to get fairer???
I have trouble putting tampons on can someone tell me whats best? applicator or no applicator?
I want another piercing,?
Does PROACTIVE really work?
Has anyone ever got rid of dark circles??
Nose taper/piercing care?
Help! How to get rid of red scratches on face ♥...?
Nipple bleaching cream???
Where can my friend get her ears pierced?
Do my feet look too big to be attractive?
What's the whole process of gauging your ears?
why are the letters of the alphabet used for bra sizes?
aveeno positively smooth question #2?
Belly button piercing not healed after 5 months?
Anyone familiar with proactiv please help?
Fake tan works on my lower arms and legs but not on my body?
Can the sunbed have lasting effects?
Why won't my plugs fit in my ear since I had my tapers in for 2-3 days now?
oily skin still?
what's the best brand of emu oil to use your stretched ears?
SHEFFIELD! Where to get ears pierced?
Shaving. . . help plz!?
How do you get rid of pimples fast???????
Is my navel ring infected?
would it be better to get a cartilage piercing with a needle or with a gun?
Proactive skin care??
The skin on my boobs is fairer than that of the rest of my body? why?
I shaved my eyebrows!!?
How many girls out there have a bf?....?
Are there ne surgical ways to make your forehead smaller?
Am I to fat for a bikini?
Why do people's fingertips get wrinkled after an extended time in the bathtub?
Is there something wrong with my industrial piercing?
When to Extract a Pimple?
How much do you weigh and do you think your fat?
I want to get a piercing really bad.?
Does perfect C breast enhancer really work?
Want to get septum pierced?
epilator, where can i find one?
If you give up drinking and smoking will your skin look younger?
Help... Pimples.?
Can I change my cartilage piercing yet?
First piercing. Really nervous.......?
Is the Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel worth it?
Would you have a boob job?
should i get my ears pierced?
what is that thing called: black dot next to your mouth and cheek?
How long does it take a tounge ring to heal?
do epilators hurt like #@%$?
Should I shave my armpits upward or downward?
My straight barbell in my belly button is probably ejecting.. Can i put a curved one in to stop it?
How do i take off these white mark's from my face ?
Can I get an industrial piercing?
how remove dark black spot around my eye?
Dry Skin ; Help Please!?!?
What causes little bumps on your face?
PROACTIV...does it really work as well as they say?
Possible piercing infection?
I am thinking of using fake tan for the first time but im pale skinned, what tanning products should i try?
Bad acne please help?
Does it hurt to have the cartlidge in your ear pirced?
at home SOS remedy for tired face / stressed skin?
guys how can you please them while looking ugly?
how can i get a bigger butt? seriously!?
Should I remove my belly piercing?
Navel (belly button) piercing!?
How does the black head on nose decrease?
Is there anyway to numb your tonuge before getting it pierced?
I have extremely dry skin but my hands are ridiculously embarassing dry, what can I do to soften my dry hands.
Does sticking a pen in your cheek help getting dimples?
Leftover redness from acne?
how can solve the pimbles problem?
snakebites and septum?
my girls e is dry ?
since i got pregnant my lips got really dark and i have got the baby and its still the same...?
Calling all redheads with lots of freckles and/or pale skin!?
what is the best oil & alcohol-free face wash?
i just gor my tongue ring and the ball is sticking to the top of my tongue. is this normal?
what is the best creme, gel, spray etc. body hair removal product (like nair or veet products for example)????
i ask question you my sin about and give me solution?
Good Family - Bad Germs!!?
Answer me please!!! Do I have vitiligo or not?
Should I get a lip piercing?
Where can I become white like Micheal Jackson?
Nipple piercing help?
is it normal to get acne on your pubes?
if i weigh between 160-170 lbs,and i am 5feet 6in.tall,am i considered fat??
i'm 22 and i have cellulites. What is causing this?
how to get rid of body hair at a low cost without shaving?
Is it possible for an epilator to grab your skin?
What to do after a shower ..?
I need help!?
Dark circles under my eyes! urrgh! help!?
Is my belly botton piercing infected?? PLEASE HELP!?
Is putting toothpaste on your pimples overnight really effective?
I need help. I have an oily nose and forehead :/ normally, it occurs when the weather is hot.?
Red, irritated, and sore belly button piercing? Help!?
i caught a flu,then after i got some red itchy bumps kind of like mosquito biteswhat is this?
Best face gradual tanner or tinted moisturiser for pale skin?
Okay please help!!!!!!!!!!!! I am sacred to go to the public pool......because i dont like my body:(?
Tips to keep feet soft?
I want to shave my upper lip but MOTHER doesn't let me?
Greenish cast on skin?
another question about steaming the face?
Most effective way to take down swelling in a piercing? (10 POINTS BEST ANSWER)?
how do i take my forward helix bar out?
I'm going to shave my legs(I'm a guy)?
Do you get a closer shave when you use a mens razor and shaving cream?
Waxing!!! Salon or DIY????
all natural organic sun screen/block?
How to get rid of ice and cold challenge bruse?
Planning to go Tanning?
Ways To Remove Pimples?
what is the best skin bleaching cosmetic?
what is the best daily facial moisturizer for this skin type?
Good age for a nose piercing? ?
How can I reduce wrinkles without surgery?
Any cream/drugs for lips whitener?cos my lips are very black nd I don't like it that way wanna make turn white?
whats the best electric shaver for Rs.1500?
Can you still use face beauty products (moisturizer, mask lotion, toner) that has been bought 2 years ago?
skin lightening ideas please....!!!?
why do most of the girls like guys with muscles ????
How do I clear my acne?
Im going through puberty and I'm really upset with my body?
how can i clean my face?
what's work best for the darkness underarm,knees &bikin area??is it normal,everybody is suffering it or not?
Padlocks locked on fingers. What to do?
What looks better natural or inplants on a women chest????
Does witchazel shrink pores on legs even its for face ?
Does Veet..bladeless shaving actually work??
What is a perfect face?
Has any one tried that Chella anti-aging serum and does it really work?
How do you remove a acrylic toenail?
I have to get rid of white scars that are new! 10 pnts!?
Are moles on the neck considered ugly on girls? (Picture included)?
Do i have a good body?
Showering: Morning or Evening?
Cartilage piercing: Care?
Buying a cream for Stretch marks.. HELP !!?
How do I close my naval piercing hole?
How do I get rid of stretch marks?
How do I clear up needle marks?
i have a red itchy dry spot under my eye. How do i get rid of it?
Is there a piercing that is easily hid?
Is my body shape ok?plz helpn me,I dont have any Bf!:(?
Bad idea to peirce my own..?
what can i put on that will give me a flawless face?
would this piercing look good on me?
whats the best thing to use to get rid of pimples!?
How do you get rid of moles quickly and as painlessly as possible?
first kiss, i need help?
I weigh 120 and im 5'3 am i fat?
Do you think i could model?
First piercing. Really nervous.......?
What are the 7 best reasons not to shave the armpit being a girl?
Shaving down below! What is the best way to minimise irritation if shaving total bikini area?
Funky zit-looking thing in mouth...?
Remedies for sunburn?
How long does it take for a bellybutton piercing to heal?
Did/Does Proactiv work for you?
Can i apply jergans self-tanner on my legs even if i didn't just take a shower?
would i look good with a septum piercing ?
Does it hurt to get your ears pierced?
Please help! Dry Skin!?
Ambi skin care. for burn dark scars( from using Nair)and uneven skin tone help!!!?
does piercing ears at claire's hurt?
Do you have to clean you piercing on the day you get it too?
Looking for Clinique substitue?
Hey there;)do microdermabrassion kits remove acne marks permenatly? or temporarily?
bathing/showering twice a day or once?
for scars is vitamin e or triple antibiots better?
I need a cleanser for breakouts?
Is this true that when some people nervous they get freckles?
how to get a fair skin?
How do you do a full body massage?
Why do tans make someone look more attractive?
I hate being 30! Is it all down hill from here?
what is the best way to get rid of acne? (;?
are there any anti-aging retinoids/creams that dont cause an initial breakout?
how to gett your face to look super clear/pretty with bronzer/ coverup?
hey i have an acne problem?
What does a revitalizing mask do?
dermabrasion for acne scars...good or bad?
whats a good treatment for dry elbows?
How can I prevent myself from picking at blackheads?
What are the risks of bleaching?
*Noxzema* Skin* Product?*?
does it hurt to get your ears pierced?
is my nose big?.....HONEST?
does the size of boobs really matter?
i'm wanting a tan, and i need advice?
i got my cartilage pierced with a gun. what kid of earring do i need for that?
Is it safe to use papaya soap on my face?
hi can any girls help me out?
My left elbow is getting darker day by day while the right one is fair enough. Is there any bleach kinda thing?
How to properly exfoliate my skin?
is it better to shower at morning or at night?
cant tan!?
Should i wax my armpits?
has anyone tried the scanner laser hair remover?
Tongue Piercing Age Policy?
I got Smooth Legs at a flea market.When I opened it there was no directions.How do I use it?
Anybody had chapped lips and got rid of it?
I am going to Hawaii for springbreak will I get really tan if I tan for like 3 hours a day? like a really?
anyone know any cheap ways to get rid of acne?
how do i sort out my uneven skin tone? please help!?
Band nerd question!!! Will piercing my toungue or lip make a difference in my playing!?
What are these white lines on my thighs and breasts?
Inspiration :)? (Please!)?
Does anybody know of a body sketch I can use for my fashion drawings?
Process of stretching your ears?
How to take care of my skin?
How many methods are there to get a bigger,fuller,and rounder buttocks?
My friend shaved their legs WITHOUT shaving cream.What is it she can put on to STOP the itching?
how to get rid of acne?
if i get my nose pierced, will there be a visible hole after its healed, when i need to take it out?
Everyone I meet thinks me and my brother are twins, but I dont see anything alike in us one bit?
Do you have to wait a certain amount of time before you eat after a tongue piercing?
facial peeling gel help!?
Belly Button!!!!?
Can somebody tell me the benefits of using essential oils and also, have someone heard about Himalaya herbals?
i was thinking of getting my nose pierced but i want to know does it hurt more than a cartilage piercing?
How to get my skin whiter?
What is the best solution for dark circles under eyes?
Have you tried Burt's Bees face scrubs?
How likely is it that you'll get stretch marks.?
What color are your eyes?
Why is my left eyebrow turning white?
is it normal to get acne on your pubes?
I'm going to homecoming and Im embarrassed about myself being so pale:(?
Is it possible to....?
my nose is really big pics?
can anyone tell me about " Carley's Clear and Smooth acne teatment", Does it work good?
How to work snapchat! please!?
I had my bikini line and thigh waxed about 12 days ago.?
does getting your the top of your ear pierced hurt??
Exfoliating your face with yogurt?
How can I pierce my belly button by myself?
Navel Piercing Questions?
guns used for piercings?
What piercing should i get?
how to whiten teeth fast?
Niobium captive ring. Is it bad to bend/tighten it?
Is it true that some toothpastes work as zit cream?
Monroe piercing , Questiionz??!?
To flare or not to flare.?
Best acne removing face wash?
were can I get that thing under my tongue clipped?
Help! have pimple before graduation?
Parissa Wax Strips?
would i suit a nose piercing?
Do you want to know how I got these scars?
How do i look? Im reffering to muscle wise and how i compare to others (Pics included) Just need a rating?
What are the best type of clear skin products? I.e toner?
What colour are my eyes?
Veet fast acting gel cream can I use it again?
How much does getting your belly button pierced cost?
Cartilage Piercing PLEASE HELP!?
lip piercing help please?
Lip piercing AND monroe piering together?
does palmers body butter really fade stretch marks?
what color matches dark skin?
Acne problem need serious help I want to get rid of my acne and acne scars before my wedding?
hi im 22 yrs old.i have under eye circles..actually i use so many creams,and natural things also.but no use.?
how to remove the scars of acne from an oily face?