What can I use to moisturize my bellybutton piercing?
How to reduce facial hair thr' home products.?
Is there A Way too Make your Skin Lighter?
How to get rid of a lip piercing infection?
Eyebrow Threading in Aurora, Colorado?
I heard that drinking alot of water help clear ur skin from pimples is this really true?
I dont think i am pretty what to do?
Did this make my nose sensitive?
Belly Button Piercing. Please help?
Can a navel piercing affect exercise?
Sudden septum piercing pain?
Bigger boobs in a week?
Where can I get a similar navel ring to Adriana Lima's?
what do they use to numb ur belly button b4 they peirce it?
what kind of lotion do u all use for ur face? and how do u all keep ur face lookin healthy?
what is a good oil free moistureizer ?
How to get rid of stretch marks?
Is it true that straight eyebrow bars grow out quicker than banana shaped bars?
hair color for brunets and that compliments medium skin color?
Can a girl go in the boys restroom?
Rate me/??///??/?/ pleaseee?
How much does it cost to buy spacers to get gages?
Does it hurt to get ur belly button peiced?
Is it normal for a african american to have a wide nose?
lotion....cellulite....2 questions in 1?
EEK! How to stay calm for ear piercing?
shaving without cream, water, or soap?
top 10 tips to healthy looking skin?
choosing between getting my belly or hips pierced... help?
i have stretch marks at age 16!?
Is 36 C big for a 13 yr old?
How long does a lip piercing take to heal?
is 34B a small breast size for a 13 year old?
How to get rid of zits?
Worried bout ma bra size?
Years ago, there was a face mask product called Mudd and it came in a tube...?
How do i change my septum piercing for the first time?
Acne regimen help? Clindamycin phosphate topical lotion, benzoyl peroxide, salycylic acid?
how can i stop biting my nails?
Modeling career help?
Zits on my back???
Should I get my ears pierced? (Picture included)?
What ID do I need to get a navel piercing?
whats a good age to start shaving ur armpits?
belly button pierces.................................…
Black heads in my ear?
Is Great Value Pure Honey organic? I don't see the word "organic" printed on it but I will assume pure is?
What's the big deal? (Two questions)?
When MAKING SOAP, from melt and pour glycerin...can you add stuff like olive oil, and coconut oil?
A painful pimple....first day of school is tommorrow...please help?!?
How much does everything for your own gel nail kit cost?
what do you find more attractive pale skin or tanned skin?
What is this white line across the bridge of my nose?
I SWEAT SO BAD!!!! Help, what works?
Best place to get a pedicure in Tacoma Wa?
how can i make my serious case of "strawberry nose" go away?
Getting my rook pierced?
i need to get a pierce...?
How much does numbing cream cost at Walgreens?
Help!! Very self conscious about my breast?
Just got a tongue piercing, and the tip is turning purple...?
Nose piercing question?
Ok I just bought this nose to ear chain thing and I dont have my nose pierced. Do I need my nose pierced?
How do I get rid of a boil on my face?
Tongue Piercing After Its Done?
When you pierce your OWN EARS, how bad doeslocation?
I applied lemon and baby oil. But i have question when you apply them, does your skin start itching?
chemical burn from acne product?
Help! I have extremely oily skin. Can't find a good foundation, powders or sunblock. Please help.?
is it possible to get rid or fade freckles?
Do glycolic cleansers cause you to break out first?
inexpensive face products..?
How can i get rid of forehead pimples? And what is causing this?
Do they put numbing cream on when you get your ears/belly/nose pierced?
what is your favorite bodywash?
So, how do I avoid ingrown hairs when shaving bikini line...?
Hard thing inside my ear lobe piercing?
how good is the babyliss beach broze tanning system?
getting rid of acne??question for people with acne?
Is Yaz making me breakout?
What are some products that tighten facial pores?
belly button ring.?
How do i get red of pimples on my face in 2 days??
Howw old do i look?!? andd rate me 1-10. pleasee. boyfrienddd helpp?
How can I help my best friend remove her armpit hair effectively painlessly without using money?
How to get darker skin fast?
how to remove skin irritation from belly?
im 15 and i want to get my tongue pierced?
Do you think im pretty??:) Pics included!?
Which face cleanswer do you use?
Lip infection why do I do? Please help?
Which should I get; A nose ring or a lip ring?
Does it hurt to get your nose peirced?
is electroplated titanium ok for piercings?
What products can I use to heal my terrible chapped lips?
im getting my cartilage pierced but idk if i should get an industrial or a double helix and which ear?
My nose ring is infected, Do i have to take it out and let it heal?
When you remove cotton socks, why is there lint only between the little toe and the next toe?
Why do i hate my skin-tone so much?
my daughter is 6 she shaved one of her eyes brow will they grow back in she was crying after she did it?
is this okay for me to have done?
Smiley/Frenulum Piercing?
answer thisss questionn bby?
Skin whitening injection?
Do lemons and limes really make your skin lighter?
What to do after a shower ..?
How can you get rid of dry skin?
Hip piercing questions?
how long does it take for a piercing to close?
What is the proper way to take care of/clean your belly button piercing? ?
Pimple forming underneath!?
What lotion and cream will make my skin and face fair?
Cure for eyebags and dark circles other than sleeping?
fourteen years old--nose piercing?
Can anyone recommend a similar beauty brand to Prescriptives?
i have pale skin with freckles(the palest!!) can i compete with all those bronzed babes out there??
on a scale of 1 to 10..
I got my tragus pierced and never cleaned it was it just an infection or a keloid?
could you get a tan taking a hot shower?
Who has ever had a "skid mark" in their underwear? Be honest, please.?
How do get skinny fast & stay skinny by starving yourself or another method or both without exercising?
My First Tatoo..?
Star tattoos?
What size hole does Claire's pierce?
How to minimize developing scar tissue on labret piercing?
What can I expect from a belly button piercing?
Do you fart?
how to close open pores?
Suggestions for pale skin?
does proactive really work?
How to get rid of spots?
How much is rhynoplasty?
Face help!!!!?
what would my body shape be?
how can i stop my boyfriend from using my products?
Does it hurt to get your nose pierced?
Acne problem?
Which piercing should I get? HELP!?
tanning newb help??
what do you think is the best acne wash?
Girls only please...?
Did you know that every woman is exactly the same in her bust? I?
Is Palmers Cocoa Butter products any good?
Pimple Tip for you?
ladies - how far up your legs do you shave?
My face is really shiny...How do I get it to not be so shiny?
What's my body shape? ?
Should I get my ears pierced at Icing or Claire's?
Is Coco Butter good for wrinkles?
Ear gauging question ?
When can I change my belly button ring?
Ingrown hairs on my legs?
should I pierce my other ear?
are there any ways to look tanner with out the self tanners or going to a tanning bed?
What are those rough red spots that cover the upper legs and arms and how do you get wrid of them?
Do guys like short girls with large thighs and that are kinda curvy?
Ear stretching advice/basics?
do you know the latest promotion from biotherm Malaysia?
How Can I Make My Bum Bigger?
do girls find scars from cutting attractive on guys?
i know this question is disturbing but i honestly don't know..?
whenever i shave it's smooth but you can still see the little black dots?
I am dying to get my butt bigger?
Belly Button or Nose Pierced or Neither.?
If i waxed will the bumpes go &will the hair grow back softer? :(?
where can you buy Dermatend in stores?
Have you ever used hair conditioner as lotion? ?
can boys control thier sperms?
What should i get pierced? 10 points?
help!I am strange?
Bump on the back of my earlobe from piercing?
Piercing age in Australia?
Why won't I gain weight?
Is this wrong?
Tanning. Ruva Vs. Wolff?
how does a teenager get rid of dark bags under there eyes using a nature method or ointment or something???
How do I determine the color of my skin undertone?
how do u make pimple disappear with out using medications?
Are all Chinese girls like this?
Do you think women can olny have breast implants?
How to minimize large breasts?
At-Home Wax Kit Suggestions?
How much tanning lotion should I use on my legs.. If I'm asian?
Eyebrow problem?
can i make a smaller nose!!?
Will my eyes be fixed by medication?
do you think i should lose weight?
Do stokings stop you from tanning?
Large undereye circles?
Does getting ur lip pierced hurt?
How long should I wait before I can change my eyebrow piercing out?
What's the Best Cover Up For Scars?
Is this normal?!?!?!?
Transverse Ear Piercing?
Is it bad to have big boobs at 14?
Can you ask to have your nipple numbed before getting it pierced?
what is the scientific process of sun which make our skin dark or red within short time?
Does Vaseline or Rose Salve remove blemishes?
Does sleeping on a relatively new ear piercing make it sore?
what is the best deodorant in the world?
I'm getting my Belly Button Pierced!?
tragus piercing help?
I have the "PIERCING ITCH" :D?
my hippps are big .. i wannna shrnk it a lil bit... how??
why do women?
How to hide cuts on your wrists?
I'm thinking of getting my tongue pierced, but the risks are freaking me out.?
If I never go in the sun, is it still bad to use a tanning bed?
How often should I massage my face with Vitamin E Oil?
Anti-Eyebrow Piercing Removed. Healing Help?
How can I use self-tanner without streaks ?
i keep breaking out on my cheeks!!!!?
Does anyone know of a body mist in an orange container that smells tropical and might not be around anymore?
how do you make ur lips bigger with out colligen (yea i kno i cnt spell)?
Do the wallflower scents and scentportables for the car at Bath and Body Works really work?
how old do u think?
How to make my hands less red and greasy?
Can I use Shishedo moisterizer on top of Proactive to help the dryness?
Hi friends im a 5'7'' tall guy from india, 20 yrs of age! Can a girl love a guy as short as me???
Are my eyes really massive and ugly?
Why do i have a widow's peak hairline?
so i got my lip pierced a week and two days ago and i really want to change it. Is it bad if i change it now?
all i want is clear, glowing skin?
what is something that will work really well to clean a lip piercing?
I am having a skin problem, please help me or recommend a good product!?
my lips peel year round?
Microdermal Anchors, please help!?
How to cover nose and lip piercings (dark skin)?
please help how do i do it?
which hurts more a toungue piercing or a lip piercing ?
girls, home remedies for skin?
SHOULD I wax or shave?
Vertical labret piercing or nose piercing?
Can you explain how "It Works!" brand body wraps work without using the word "toxin?"?
Does it hurt to get a 14 gauge piercing for the first time?
Hey! :) My daughter is 9 and I don't know how this happened but she's got her puberty?
It's been 5 weeks since I got my double piercing and I think it's infected?
How Can I Reduce My Dark Under Eye Circles?
what is your favorite laneige product?!?!?
Do you like St.Ives INVIGORATING apricot scrub?
What should I do to lighten dark armpits?
Silicone in fresh ear stretches?
skin help plz??????????????
how to become slim in a week?
Does anyone need 2 use the bathroom?
How can I stay up all night but not look tired the next day?
is it trashy for a freshman to get a belly button piercing?
how do i break my nose????
What does petite mean?
How do I get skin as pale as they have in Dark Shadows?
Does it hurt to get your cartilage pierced? ?
whats a good way to convince my dad?
I used to be light-skinned but i got a bad sunburn and my skin turned really dark !?
Spots help?????? best answer goes to the longest reply?
Does anyone know how to get rid of tired and baggy eyes?
What pierceing(s) would look best on me?
Would Bio Oil work on my scars?
help!! i have bright red lips?
Can I straignten out an existing ear piercing that hasn't closed up?
what girls deodorant works the best?
cure for deep, dark circles under my eyes?
My lower lip is changing in color please help! :'(?
how to get a flat stomach and a fat face?
does it hurt when u get your nose pierced ?!?
Dry face? PLease help.?
Can tack soup be used as a hand cream?
Has anyone been on the pill, and its made your skin heaps better?
Where can I get realy good smelling lotion?(incluse the brands if you can)?
How and what to use Duac with? Help appreciated.?
Nipple piercing?
which sunscreen lotion is best for boy ?
I have so much acne and it's getting gross what do i do?!?!??!?!?
Best face washes for acne?
I Have big Large Bumps under my arms They pop on they own and pus comes out and it hurt?
what is is called when your wrists look like cankels?
Mens' shaved heads - are they attractive?
Has anyone else found microdemabrasion with steam does nothing whatsover to erase fine lines, dark circles or?
Skin help!?
how can i hide my piercing?
What's good for dry, ed hands for basically winter time?
Does anyone know a great but reasonably priced salon in Raleigh,NC?
where can i buy a piercing kit for my lip/eyebrow?
how long does it take for an ear piercing to heal typically? The lobe.?
How to get big boabs?
What color skin do i have in this Picture?
What piercing would suit me.?
how do i get rid of pimples in less than 3 days?
Facial Cleansers?
How do I get rid of the bags underneath my eyes?
How do I remove this burn spot on my forehead?
I have two lip piercings when will they close?
what are some good stretch mark solutions?
How do I ask my mom if I could shave my legs?
What is the beat razor for shaving your legs?
I Want My Friend's Body!! [[*PICS*]]?
shaving legs?
Are these dimples or smile lines?
Face Problems to large of pores?
Anyone have horrible tan lines that last for months?
Pro-active vs. Neutrogena? (Or any other acne medication...)?
Gross bumps on arm?
has anyone tried nutritioniste nutra-pure detoxifying gel cleanser?
Stretch marks on back ?
Whats the BEST sunless tanning lotion for african american?
How can I even my skin tone between my neck and back?
i dont like my face, where do i get a new one?
Is being pale a bad thing?
reducing appearance of stretch marks?
Redness, swelling, and a little blood the day after stretching my ear?
Is Ahcohol good for my skin?
What can I do to replace foundation and powder?
i want to have my nipple pierced?
How can I get oily free skin and less breakouts?
Are there any ways that I can make my boobs and butt bigger?
carmen electra is too skinny ?
My face is always red on my checks what can I do to make them the same color as my face?
FOR TEEN GIRLS: How do you feel about your body? Anything you love, hate, or would change?
What body part or feature are you worried of aging?
Does getting your belly pierced hurt?
When measuring your hips are you actually measuring your butt?
is stretching one ear going to look weird?
how to clean newly pierced ears?
im a guy and i wanna get snakebites?
How to get rid of pimples?
how do i stop the pain whilst plucking my eyebrows?
Please help me with this but don't judge?
would color contacts make ur eyes look different and make u look cute?
whats wrong with my skin?
Question on Gauges:)?
Guys: Do you prefer fat girls or skinny girls?
my friend told me that u r suppose to shave your pubic hair () and i just wanted to know if that is ture
Lips constantly chapped, need help!?
Am I small for going into 6th grade?
Whats the skin on your elbow called?
what are the essestial creams needed for skin (specifically face) care?
Cosmetic Surgery??
how can i reduce the bags under my eyes?
What deodorant should I use?
how am i looking in this? thanx..........?
do you think im fat or im too skiny?
how do we get rid of dark knees and elbows?
Thinking about getting a madonna/monroe piercing?
Which is better for knee scars, Bio Oil or Egyptian Magic?
homemade face mask for smooth, flawless skin?
I want to get a down stairs piercing is the hood or clit better or more effective?
acne and birth control?
what piercing should i get?
what is the most moisturizing face wash?
How can I get rid of near-constant razor burn?
Ingrowing hair problem?
is there any clinique bonus at myer or DJ in OZ at the moment?
Ear stretching tapers wont move?
Which oil is better to use on my skin?
i just got my lip pierced (snake bites) and i dont like them what happens if i take them out before they heal?
Best Way To Get Soft Hands?
whats the best way to clean a belly button? i had it pierced ;)?
What would you say is the best face soap or wash?
What can i use to help me to stop biting my nails?
I have acne on my back, chest, and upper arms. HELP!?
Do the metal blackhead removers work?
How do you get sugar wax off your skin?? Please help, I'm on a really tight schedule! >.<?
How Do I Convince My Mom To Let Me Get My Nose Pierced?
I'm writing an article on body piercing...wanting some views and opinons...?
how can i get a.......?
Do you like eyebrow rings?
I have been breaking out in hives or getting bad rashes on my face?!?!?! HELP!!!!!?
having fairness problems?
l Hood piercing?
How come I get acne on my face but not my body?
Girls, do you like piercings?
how do I get over my insecurities about my skin color?
Any amazing skin tricks?!!?
red bumps down there?
What are some skin lightening creams that are very effective?
Tongue piercing Question?
How do you get rid of a gap between your thighs?
is 214 to fat to get your belly button pierced?
Does it hurt to have your belly button pierced?
Cotton Mouth after Tongue Piercing! WHY?
how to remove a burn scar?
I want my lip pierced but my parents won't let me!!?
Has anyone tried the Eucerin Redness Relief products, specifically the cleanser and the night cream?
My friend uses lotion to try to get rid of stretch marks but i don't believe that works. Does it?
Does this sound like a good skin routine?
My nose is very greasy and I have used cleansers and tried other things without success. Are there any
DO i have to Wear the "Starter kit" Earrings from claires?
How to convince your mom to let you get your belly button pierced?
i have an ugly body!?
How much does waxing hurt?
What's this specific eye color/shade called?
Information on tatoos.?
Are microdermabrasion treatments only for use on the face?
Has anyone used Ocean Potion Xtreme Tanning w/ Bronzer?
what color makes my butt look bigger?
if i put deoderant on my forehead...?
Which would you rather have: Wings or a Tail?
How do i get this kind of cartilage piercing?
Do you think I would look good with a monroe piercing?
Is there anything I can do to get my semi-ghetto booty up to "apple bottom" status?
Acne......Any help, tips, ANYTHING!?
Teens and PreTeens: Do You Want Kids When You Get Older?
What's the best sunscreen?
Why Do I Come Up In Spots After Shaving With a Blade?
Does anybody know how I can get rid of the skin darkness from my earings?
How old do u have to to get snake eyes peircing ?
Is my pierced ear hole infected? Please help!?
Is my head circle or heart?
Now I have to dress up as a hindu girl at a party...What do I wear?
Big red mark on face from popped pimple?
Lip or nose piercing?
Skin Problems? help????
Can using sensitive, soap free facial cleaner on normal skin cause breakouts?
Does herbal essences Dangerously straight really work?
How can i get a figure like ariel on the little mermaid?
i need to get rid of a hickey, howw?
Do you have dimples?
HELP with my ear piercing?
What side should I get pierced?
Not brown girl in a ring but brown spots on my skin.?
Don't you hate the feeling you get after you cut your nails?
please help my child's skin issue?
my legs always itch so bad the day after i shave them?
Pores clogged (cheeks, nose, forehead, chin...everywhere) on a daily basis?
Is it appropriate to use regular salt to substitute as a salt bath?
How or where do I get gauges?
So im still a teen but i want to go on a diet, not for cosmetic reasons but to be healthier.. Im having issues?
Is it to early to change my Monroe?
Cartilage peircing plzz help?
Why do more pimples appear now that I don't pop them?
how to properly clean my septum piercing?
My lips became addicted to vaseline, so i stopped and now their really dry and ed any help?? :(?
What is the best product to use to shave my face?
Tips to get soft lips / skin?
is this normal for a 16 year old girl?
Where can I buy the no scream cream?
what piercing would suit me?(pic)?
Do you cry when you get waxing of ur eyebrows done?
I need to figure out what size my septum ring is.
Reviews on Neutrogena?
any side effects using face-clin gel?
How to prevent tanning?
Eyebrow Piercings?
what is this peircing called?
How exactly do i clean my new belly piercing with sea salt ?
Sun protection WITHOUT sunscreen?
Will it hurt to get a piercing that has healed over once re-pierced?
Cartilage/helix piercing?
how do i stop the burning of sunburns?
Infected Snug Piercing?!? Help!!?
Body question...?
should i get a lip piercing?
Does Any1 have a Home Remedy for a Facial that shrinks pores and tights your skin? That actually works?
Does Proactive really work?
How do you get little beauty spots all of a sudden?
Which skincare kit to get for combination skin?
Should I get it pierced?
will 4-5 mm tunnels be a problem for me to have a job?
Any thoughts on these new Nivea Good Bye Cellulite products?
A 1 shot 1,000$ + solution to facial scarring/acne?
Is it true?
Can some one please tell me the best way to keep my skin clear of acne?
Should I get a new face cleanser?
Is this too many pierceings? Please Help!?
Good, cheap tanning oil with spf?
Is it okay to use earrings for snakebites?
what do guys think of girls with face piercings? eyebrow or lip?
How do you make heart surgery scars vanish/fade?
Would my fiance look good with a lip ring?
What is the best facial mask?
Claire's nose studs ?
How to Remove my stretch marks without surgery?
signs of a bellybutton piercing infection?
Cellulite question? help!.?
does it hurt to get your "second hole" pierced ?
Help with my legs?.......?
i have oily skin and its really botherd me plzz help?
Why do women scream when their skirt is blowing up in the air?
I shaved my arms..?
What type of training or certifications do you need to administer Velashape?
I have a super oily forehead!?
Why is a tan only temporary? What is a tan, anyway?
Does having your bottom lip pierced hurt?
How can I get clear skin?
Is something wrong with my tongue piercing?
Is it normal or Ok.....?
Bath and Body Works Question?
Which womans deodorant works the best?
How can you make you hands softer?
is it ok to shave your pubes????
How Old Do You Have To Be In North Carolina To get Your belly Button peirced Without Parent Consent?
Girls what do you think about tanned guys hot or not?
Drugstore Whitening Face Mask?
How to get rid of my acne?
HELP me SUNBEDS?????????????????????????????????…
Laser hair removal for under 18s?
48 hour deodorants? Surely you'd have had a wash by then anyway?
ear piercing
Body measurements? Hourglass?
what is the best skin lightening cream for black skin? I want all over body lightening cream.Please help?
What is a good piercing for my sister?
What's the difference between sunbeds and the sun?
Sideways-growing hair... problems getting a smooth close shave on the neck (im male btw italian)?
Earring Help Needed!!!?
should i use tanning spray before prom?
Is my lip piercing infected? If so, what should I do?
How much please????
Please answer! nobody answered this the first time!?
gauged ears question?
is it ok to go in a tanning bed two days in a row if i know i wont burn
debating on a belly piercing,but after pregnancy does the hole go back to normal?
Do I HAVE to be skinny to be a model ??
Am I thin? fat? normal? whats my body type?
Should I get my belly or tongue pierced?
Do any of you know any aftercare tips for lip piercings?
Is only using a face cleanser enough?
Stomach piercing. Yay or nay?
What is a good face lotion for sensitive skin?
How to get rid of stretch marks.?
Why doesn't my deodorant last?
HELP Should i bleach?
whats the best way to get rid of white heads and black heads on the face... especially around the nose?
I have a problem that I have lot of moles on my face.?
Ear stretching tapers wont move?
nipple piercing?
after a tongue piercing is healed is it ok to wear aclyic balled tongue rings all the time?
how do u make homemade soap and things like that?
What's the best sunscreens with moisturiser for men daily usage?
How to get rid of a swollen lip piercing?
I have dry lips, need help?
Can you tell how much I weigh?
Height Question For GuySSS!!!?
Please Answer..Large Pores?
hair on boobs?!?!?!?!??!?
reviews on the neutrogena alcohol free toner?
Silly do i make my skin drier?
does it hurt to get your tongue pierced?
How do I get rid of the bags underneath my eyes?
Does toothpase really helps for pimples?
What piercing to get next?
I've tried everything to get my acne away. what can I do?
Do you think that you can loose weight by drinking those herbal teas?
How can i get rid of a toothachee ?
what is that tanning spray that Snookie uses on JShore?
Why doesn't everyone just use a really high SPF? What is the purpose of having sunscreens with different SPFs?
Does wearing a sunscreen with a higher SPF prevent tanning?
Bikini line shaving vs. waxing?
Is it unhealthy to burn the hair of your body by a lighter?
How can I get my shoes from smelling like feet?
are these real or fake?
Is it normal for a preteen/teen girl to get a "belly"?
i need some skin care help?
How to SLEEP good at night?
I HATE shaving, must have relief!?
LADIES!!! How do you shave your... "area" without getting razor bumbs and without having it all scratchy?
Should I get my nose pierced?
Which gel deodorant is good for girls?
What is the best foundation for the face if you have some wrinkles?
plz answer!!!!????
What is the darkest skin tone you can achieve on fair skin using a bronzer?
where can i find cocoa body butter in hyderabad?
I really want to shave my legs-but im a guy?
Belly button piercing removal?
Is this true??? PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
What's happening to my skin?
what is your opinion on stretched ears?
Which is better for removing STRETCH MARKS?? Trilastin or Revitol?
ladies help please ?
The best ways to keep my water levels topped up!?
Not allowed to shave!! :O?
Does anyone have their tragus pierced?
Belly Button Piercing. I have wanted to get my bellybutton pierced for almost two years, but i'm so scared.
When do I apply a pore-refining mask?
I'm thinking about getting my lip pierced.?
Are belly button piercings supposed to move up ?
Clean and Clear vs. Nutregena?
Lip piercing infected?
How to let my mom let me get a lip piercing ..? HELP!?
What are the best ways to get rid of acne scars?
What is my body type?
Can you apply tanning lotion with a mit?!?
what the fastest way to get breast implants and lumineers ?
Pimple before Prom! :(?
i bite my nails! help!!?
what's the point of body wash?
Which has the most sizzle?
Burt's Bees Skincare Products. Are They Worth It? Need Opinions From Burt's Bees Users Please!?
Is it wrong that I don't like black skin?
What's the best thing to get rid of stretch marks?
how can i get bigger legs?????pleaseeee?
if my face gets a little bit more fatty will it look good?
How to make my breasts more perkier/ hugger?
about a piercing...?
If I bleach my arm hair, will it stay or fade back?
Am I Too Skinny?
How can I make my nose smaller without surgery or makeup?
lemon juice on skin? ?
anyone who has had there wrist pierced?
how to reduce the dark circles from around the eyes?
anyone try acnefree power pimple peel?
I have these little bumps on my face, and they look like acne, but there not, and I`ve tried everything to get
question about my breast. please no male answerers.?
Cartilage piercing at 8 weeks?
Tanning Bed/Booth question?
I cleanse my face night and day but most of the time i always wake up with a whitehead somewhere on my face?
Have you ever had a Parrafin wax facial treatment done before??
Problems with oily skin?!?
Feet question?
My Skin ! Best answers will get 10 points?
What are some good home remedies for a better complexion?
Whats a good face wash?
vicco termaric cream can cure pimples?
My partner says I should wax or shave my legs and armpits, do you guys agree?
How can I persuade my parents to let me get a nose ring?
remedy for dark circles under eyes?
Tongue piercing meaning?
Does anyone have any acne products that have worked. not like proactive. like just something that worked for u?
How can I get a body like Blake Lively?
Help help - 2 big spots - got a modelling casting tomorrow!?
Condoms keep breaking. Help?
average height/ shoe size?
What are your thoughts on women and breast implants ?
question about belly button piercings
Is it okay to use pods facial scrub and then master oil control?
can waxing my arms cause me to lose my tan?
Ear Piercing 13 years old?
I've got pretty oily skin and I have moderate acne, how can I deal with both problems?
How much is a belly piercing at Malefic tattoos?
With a rook piercing, is swelling normal?
Industrial Piercing turning black?
What do people have against freckles?
Ear piercing prices...?
how to get rid of dark circles?
Are expensive moisturizers and serums worth the price?
Laser hair removal scars?
urgh acne i hate it!?
What are some good products to get rid of my acne?
How can I get rid of acne scars on my back, chest, and shoulders?
Can you stop a sun burn from peeling?
vitamin e indent scar?
Do milk and honey baths lighten skin?
I got my upper-ear pierced, and...?
Likas Papaya soap?
Skin care for my teen daughter:)?
what to do with lose skin ? and Stretch Marks on body ?
Are gauges irreversible?
The more cheaper price= the more lower quality of skin care's products?
Stretch marks will eventually go away right?
pircing help plz!!!!!?
Would i look good with a monroe piercing?
a few questions about waxing...?
I have a bump in my nose, I don't want to have surgery, but I heard that there is a fat injection you can get
Ok, I'm 15 and want to get my belly button pierced.?
Should I lose weight or maintain weight?
Need some advice on careing for my lip piercing ?:)?
My ear piercing was bleeding?
Belly button infection, maybe or just healing?
i have vary big breast haw i will reduesed?
I have a stupid pimple -___- what can I do?
i swear this is REALLY getting old ..?
Girls do u find it attractive or gross?
My tongue is white after I got it pierced?
how much weight should i lose (pics)?
How should I cut my childrens toe nails?
i am 22 and i have wrinkles! help!?
Skin paler that won't hurt or harm my skin?
Why are my gauges bleeding?
7.5 inch long and 6.5inch width a small face size for a 5,2?
Is it common to develop facial freckles in twenties?
What's the most cinnamon-y smelling deodorant?
Removing Dead Skin?
I need something to clear my face up?? Please help!!!?
what is a way to make your lips look plumper and fuller using THINGS AROUND THE HOUSE?
Skin care after fractional laser resurfacing procedure?
Why do some people have bumps on their nose ad what are they called?
Problems with acne. please help?
i like to remove my pigmentation on my cheeks wic makes me too upset?
would a monroe piercing suit me? pics included :]?
what are the beauty products that i can use for my severe blackheads?
how to know if i have olive skin?
My skin is VERY oily. How do I moisturize it without my face being greasy or shiny?
how to get rid of blackheads? skin advice please?
I have a question about horseshoe peircings? !?!?!?!?!?
Is bodycandy an online only business?
Why do people say crude oil/mineral oil is good for skin when its man made and?
i am very dark how can i make my skin a little lighter?
How can I make my homemade soap last longer?
How do I hide really bad sweat stains when im wearing bright colours?
What do you think of this...?
Whats wrong with freckles?
should i get my belly button pierced?
How to get ride of blemishes?
I do high intensity workouts and my sunless tanning comes right off, is there a lotion that is sweat proof?
Is this considered attractive?
Is spray tan better or a tanning bed?
Should someone with fair skin like me not put on lotion right before going into a tanning bed?
How do i peirce my lip?
best way to get rid of blackheads.....?
Razor burn?
Getting an Industrial Bar Piercing?
what food and drink are good for your skin?
Is it ok to use St. Ives. Apricot Scrub on my body?
How to get rid of dark areas ?
very large ear hole how to make it small.?
It is dangerous and harm full to put a piercing?
Should she get breasts implants?
Help with changing lip piercings?
Under eye circles...?
How can I entertain myself ;)?
aaahhh!!!help!!!how could i get rid of zits in a natural/chemical way...?
Girls only?
dOeS gEtTiNg Ur RoOk PiErCeD hUrT?
Which piercing should I get?
shaving your V*****??????
What's better, Skinny or curvy?
what's the best way to cover up lovebites?
How do i Get Rid Of Zits ........FAST !?
Belly pierced questions?
Does anyone know were I can buy Pittsburgh Steelers body jewelry?
GIRLS is this weird??????????
How to stay calm when getting ears pierced?
What should I get pierced?
help... worst skin ever?
can i ask my piercer to cut my nose bone in half?
do i need to lose weight?? be honest.?
I'm worried about my belly button piercing.?
Breast Size - small or big?
Belly Piercing - is it worth doing it again?
how do you remove gel from nails ?
Does ear piercings hurt?
Can anyone recommend an Instant Tanning lotion that's worked really well for them?
Belly Button Piercing Care?
if a guy comments to another guy "Your girlfriend is really filling out those jeans." is that good or bad?
Would it be ok to skip gauges from a 12 to a 8?
I want a double piercing but..?
fav eyecolour?
Does nose piercing hurt?
i have really fair skin, and red hair, but i really hate being so pale. is it okay for me to go tanning?
Shaving bikini area?
whats the best electric shaver for Rs.1500?
Is there any good tanning oil/lotion that won't break me out on my back?
how to look after your skin (for men)?
Is showering bad for you skin?
Too many products, how do you choose,ladies!?
how much does it cost to get your lip pierced in irving, texas?
Which of the following hurts most?
Help!?? My Mum Wont Let Me shave and remove facial hair and im 14 already!!... ??
Do we all have birthmarks & moles?
I just got my nose pierced last night. ?
why after i take a bath my skin get ashy?
How to make a pimple pop?
Need to get a good self tanner? Modelco?
What face piercing should i get (pics)?
am i fat *pics?
How Do I get rid of acne scars? no lime please that seems to make it worse?
What Do you think about applying sunscreen on your children?
What Is The Best Tanning That Isn't Harmful?
Self harm discoloration?
how much botox cost for expresion lines?
Ear piercing: gun vs needle?
how can I make my eyes come out?
How to remove toe corn naturally?
how can i get rid of my stretch marks? .s best answer?
What should i get my man for his b'day?
How does Miley Cyrus' skin go from this to this (pics)?
Is male tanning common?
tanning help...i got a pic to :[?
Im assuming im ugly cuz i havn't gotten a gf in my freshmen year, what can i do o look better?
blotchy arms?
Can you really use preparation H for undereye bags?
Do you have to tip an esthetician for anything (like microderm)?
How to get super clear pores?
red dotes around my eyes!?
Will I be 'dark' or 'noticeable' the first time I go indoor tanning at a tanning salon?
Question about the acne solution i want to try?
Want another piercing, can you help?
Joesoef Skin Care Anti-Acne Kit cleared my acne - anyone else?
Is my Frenum Piercing Migrating?
Should a 24 year old girl get a lip piercing or no?plzzz answer?
What can I write on my skin with without damaging it?
How to get rid of facial moles?
Does a cartilage piercing hurt?
how do i make my lips thick????????
I'm lightskin, but my knuckles on my hand are VERY DARK. Please tell me how to remove the darkness!!!?
how can i close up a big pore on my forhead !?
How fat is my body =?
What Else can i wear in a bellybutton piercing?
can somebody tell me what products are effective for removing blackheads and blemishes caused by pimples?
How do you get rid of bags under your eyes?
PiMPLE HELP!!!!!!! =)?
can any one tell me of good acne products that actually work??
What piercing should I get?
I need to get St.Dalfour cream and soap, where do I get them?
if you wax, does the hair go away for good eventually, how long?
Angel Bites? Monroe+Madonna?
Snakebites, help please?
I look terrible and hate looking in the mirror anymore? Please help?
Is it easy to hide septum piercing?
Are my eyes 'green' or 'hazel'?
your views on clit piercing?
how to get nice skin for a beach holiday?
What is the difference between lotion and body butter?
How can you get rid of dark "patches" under your eyes using natural products?
Can i get my ear repierced at a 10g?
does the pimple remover 'zeno' work?
What's the best way to treat dry & sensitive skin?
tiny bumps on my skin?
Do butt implants feel weird?
Does anyone else suffer purple under the eyes that isn't hereditary, and tried everything....what works to?
Is the way you look in photos a more accurate ..?
My belly button piercing rejected, took it out, what now?
Eyebrow infection?
How to get rid of pimples!?
i want a belly button piercing does it hurt?
waxing problem?
Do u like tans or pale ppl?
How do i ask mom if i can get spider bites (two piercings on one side of the lip)?
Getting rid of dark circles?
where should i get a piercing?i am a guy?
Do any Drugstores or Pharmacys sell Proactiv?
What's the best acne treatment?
how really effective is eye cream and how much so,then which is the best product to rid of blackness under eye
does this product work?
Which cream for razor burn?
Can I use Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs to cover up scars?
Ugh...question please answer..need help!!...?
I'm thinking about breast augmentation?
is this a Growth Spurt?
BOYS HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Is vivel soap is lite or hard one to face?
I was think of getting a nose job...?
How can i increase the natural brown skin color under my eyes ?
1-10 how bad does it hurt to get your belly button pierced?
has anybody tried the walgreens...?
remedies for cartilige pain?
I have really bad acne that leave scabs?
I'm thinking of getting my tongue pierced.
During facial, bleach cream has to be applied first or after doing facial.?
I recently had a chemical peel, but my face never peeled. Now it looks like it's actually caused wrinkles!
I want to get a fake bellyring (clip on), but I need some help?
After i used ponds perfect care lemon cold cream my face is slightly wet is this normal?
Does Proactiv actually work?
am i fat??
Can you put numbing cream on your nipples before getting them pierced?
Western Family Plain Yogurt for face mask?
average height?
Does it hurt to have your nose pierced?
What is the best anti-aging cream a 21 year old should use?
which acne treatment actually worked for you?
dark spot on face, what do i do?
Should I get my ingrown toenail out now?
how much does it cost to get a nose or boob job?
how to have hairy legs?
Conch piercing pain scale. Just got mine done, and wondered what it was like for others?
What is my skin complexion?
Do you pee in the yard when swimming, or just in the pool?
How do you stop sweating under the arms?
should i shave my arms?
I'm thinking of getting piercings how much will they…?
sea salt vs. table salt?
Cartilage piercing problems?
help! i have a bump on my nose but it's not a pimple!
What can I use to soften of my VERY dry hands!?
Im 5'1'' 130 lbs with 38c breast do my breast fit my size?
Are getting moles removed considered cosmetic?
inner conch piercing questions?
How do I get rid of razor burn?
hey Brazilians! Share your secrets?
In which store can i get jojoba oil in indian market?
cheerleading red face very hot ????????????????help!!!!!!!!!!?
how can i make my nose stop shining so much?
how do you know if you have clogged pores on your face?
Is it normal for my new ear piercing to hurt (a little) when I am cleaning them?
What colour, would you describe my eyes as?
Does getting your ears pierced a second time hurt?
is it safe to get cartilage piercing at claire's?
What is a good facial scrub that's also affordable?
How do I get rid of my scars?!!?
How can i become annerixic?
i want to get my belly button pierced but what do u do 2 clean it ?
Should i get my belly pierced?
How long do you have to wait to change your belly button after it is pierced?
cleanser and moisturizer recommendation for normal to dry skin?
How does Olay Smooth Finish Duo Work.?
this is my tanned skin colour, where can i buy skin coloured ear plugs?
is there such thing as over-cleaning a new piercing?
Questions about inner cinch piercing?
Is being pale bad???
Which is the best facial moisturizer out of these?
how to get rid of breasts?
How to make a homeade facial mask?
i am going to pierce my lip help?
what mouthwash to use if you've just gotten a tongue piercing?
Best peircing For me?
How to use Milk of Magnesia for acne?
My ears look funny please answer?
What's the fastest way to get rid of pimples ?
New To Tanning! HELP?!?!?
How can I get clearer skin?
Will my Belly piercing hole ever close?
Is it true you can make your butt bigger if it's really flat?
i just pierced my ears with a safety pin?
is my baby toe broke or bruised...PLEASE help?
I use oils for around the eyes to pervent wrinkles?
How to use face scrub?
How to remove permanent marker from skin?
What are your imperfections?
Infected triple lobe piercing?
My bf wants me to get breast implants?
My nails keep breaking?
Question about male rhinoplasty?!?
is it wrong to pears the left ear as a female?
Girls, do you like your bra size?
Acne control?
What skincare product I can use to close open pores?
Clean and clear Persa- gel 10?
What makes a better willy? Circumcised or intact?
Clinique or ProActiv?
tanning lotion?
What kind of ear piercing should I get?
Question about belly button piercing!(:?
Is my girlfriend dressing to impress (other Men)?
I need serious help with a nose piercing!!!!!?
how to get rid of cigarette smoke smell?
ho0w long do u have to let a belly button piercing heal?
Could you get one of them piercing needles?
Ears Pierced ? =]]?
Pimples and Dark Spots!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE HELP EVERYONE?
Your favorite firming facial mask?
i am really pale, is there anything i can do about it?
Will my eyes be fixed by medication?
(girls) shaving?
Will my earlobes at least shrink?
I got a sun tan. lemon and sugar?
Is this at all normal for a piercing? please read n answer ?
hiding breast implants from parents?
I need help with my new nose "hoop"!?
Does geting your belly button pierced hurt?
which girl is good,sexy/cute, fatty/slim, ????
hiding self harm scars?
If I put Tape on my face and pull it off, will it be helping clearing the dead skin cells and unclog pores?
I dont know what to get!!!! Mouth peircings!?
Hi. i'm a 14 yrs old boy,i have a pretty face but my nose is killing me,pleas help?
does anyone know something like jojoba oil or some type of bio oil that i can buy @ like a Walgreens pharmacy?
SO SMALL>>>!!! i'm flat as a board?????
Can you use an LED light to cure an UV gel product?
Facial viens!?
Why does coconut oil clog some people's pores but not others?
Tongue piercing questions?
Do you think I'm fat?
why do we get hairs on our toes?
I have my tragus pierced, what kind of headphones should i buy?
exfoliating a tattoo?? will it fade?
Is it weird for me to be so tall for my age, as a girl?
Reg'd peacock hair dye on skin ?
How do I look in my pic? What can i do to look better? Do you think i need to lose a few pounds?
whats a cool loooking belly button ring i should get?
how can i clean my face?
Peeling skin of lips...?
got caught urinating ????????????
Making home-made wax do you have to have brown sugar can it be white?
Excessive body hair. need advice?
What can I do to my nails that makes them look nice but also natural?
will scientists ever come up with a way to completely remove stretch marks?
breaking out , im 14 . any tips to control it ?
Breast Size - love it or fix it?
Homecoming's coming soon.....?
friends extremely tall younger sister?
Would it be ok to pierce my own cartridge?
Should I get the top of my bellybutton pierced or the bottom?
what is a good homeade facial recipe???
How and where to get a loan for cosmetic surgery?
How to make my skin soft?
Dark under eye circles?!?! Easy 10 points!?
my skin is a dark tannish color. i tan if i go out in da sun. n e suggestions on how to make it a bit lighter?
which is the best n effective sun block cream which doesnt make th skin greasy?
Advice on Plastic Surgery?
belly butoon piercing in las vegas?
is it safe to buy Strivectin for stretch marks off of ebay?
frustrated with pimples?
Should i get my first hole pierced with a needle or a gun?
How to make minor scars disappear?
Is light skin better than dark skin?
How can I make my butt bubbely?
Help with shaving, razor bumps?
how can i become white ??? i am brown/yellow?
What is called Boobs ? I want to know. I want honest reply .?