Can you pierce a flat nipple?
How can I stop being put off by my boyfriend's acne?
does this look like a swimmer's body?
How to keep Lips soft and healthy?
Do tanning products,work?
Does my navel piercing look crooked?
homemade face masks for oily and acne prone skin recipies?
What are your views on cosmetic surgery?
I have blackheads everywhere how do I get rid of them?
what gets rid of scars?
Need input!! Opinion really boob jobs?
chapped lips help please!?
Skin Gallery Tattooing & Body Piercing?
IS it weird that I shave my arms?
What you have a nice tan all over your body, does your face tan too?
anyone got any good ideas on how to get rid if stretch marks!?
advice on gi capsules?
Who thinks my friend is pretty(PIC)!!!!?
Do body washes really cleans you as well as soap does?
Which is better for removing STRETCH MARKS?? Trilastin or Revitol?
People!!! whats the best deodorant??
should i ask him out or him ask me out?
little white spots from tanning?
Belly Piercing - Is this normal?
i need to find Blue Butterflies bath confetti really really cheap.?
What do YOU think of tongue piercings?
Best acne removing face wash?
Im 14 and i want to get my belly button pierced?
Ear piercing question???(again)?
I Have a question? ;o?
Are Brazilian waxes really painful?
I peirced my belly button yesterday and it really hurts now is that normal?
Scincare help? 10 points!?
what juice should you make to keep your skin beautiful?
Septum piercing concern?
how can u get lighter skin in few days when u get sunburnt?
Why lips are really dry, chapped and sore?
Home remedies for dry skin???!!!!????!!!!?
If You See This Question Answer It Please...Help Me?
contact lenses???????????
Which cleanser is the best?
i got burnt horrribly today! how do i help the pain? and can i make the redness lighter?
How to get rid of bags under eyes w/o make-up?
information about cheek piercings?
I used a nail file on my top lip?
Help what kind of Bar soap is good ?
Do I look too skinny!?? (picture)?
yoghurt.. ?
Is Aveeno Positively Radiant good for evening sun damaged skin?
Does pale skin tan faster than tan skin?
nose piercing feels tight? only answer if you have experience and know what youre talking about.?
does salt water help get rid of cold sores?
My face feels wierd after shower?Solutions?
Should I get my bellybutton pierced?
How can I get rid of blacl circles around my eyes?
how to get white skin?
HELP: Can I use an oil-free acne cleanser AND a facial mask in my routine?
Is my tummy toned enough? (pics)?
Why lips are really dry, chapped and sore?
Hey gurlies do you ever have this problem?!?!?
what shape is my face?
Am I considered too thin or just right?
what is it called when people pierce right below your mouth?
Body Modification Norms?
Opinions please? Am I to not normal?
Acne problems!!!?
should I get my eyebrow pierced?
does nair last longer than just shaving?
snakebites and septum?
What to do with my acne?
Please help meeeeeeee?
My wife owns a Doc Johnson adult pleasure toy. Is there any way to get rid of the chemical/plastic smell?
How can I make my breasts appear smaller?
are cream cleansers good for face?
why do i have a sixth toe?
Why do my D boobs look like C's without a bra?
Do 2nd & 3rd ear lobe piercings hurt?
Does witchazel shrink pores on legs even its for face ?
Without surgery at age 15! wat can i do to get my boobs bigger?
im a 12 year old girl, and im scared ill be short.?
Veet Stripless Warm Wax - Reusable?
Guys; would you say belly button piercings are sexy?
peircing my right ear?
Red bumps on legs + tanning question?
4)I have to dress up as a hindu girl at a party...What do I wear?
H2ocean aftercare spray question?
Can my 18 year old brother be me there when I get a lip piercing?
Info about rhinoplasty (nose job)?
Which hurts more? A belly button peirce or a ear peirce?
What's wrong with my piercing?
i am 15 and live in Los Angeles, i want to get a belly button piercing where is a good place to go??r=12306902?
i wash my face at least 5 time a day is this good for my face......?
Oily face, pimples, small acne.............Please help??? 10 points guarantee :)?
What taxes are involved in laser resurfacing cosmetic surgery?
Why does it burn when I put deodorant spray on?
Am i pretty enough to be a model?
Monroe piercing , Questiionz??!?
Should i get proactiv? ?
What is a good facial moisturizer for men that isn't expensive?
i have 4 annoying pimples!?!?!!
what is the opinion on rook piercings?
What is a good home remedy to help treat acne?
im 13 and i hate my boobs, im a 34B but i want them bigger, im not allowed surgery on them so what can i do?
is it possible to get my eyelids pierced?
weird question.... how are girls supposed to shave in college showers?
does butter help your breast grow?
How do you pierce your own ear?
girls when you shave your legs do you only shave from the ankles to the knees or from the ankles to the thighs?
how can i PREVENT spots?
Where else should i get a piercing?
My cartilage has been pierced for 5 weeks but its still swollen.Will it ever go back to normal?
Can I remove 2 Moles that are 10cm apart when I go to the doctors this Wednesday?
Skin always has pimples? Help?
I need suncare advice for nude sunbathing?
how do you get more cleavage?
What moisturizers that doesn't leave your face oily looking?
help please???!!! d:?
Super swelling! ANY ADVICE?
Facial Skin Problem!?
Does proactiv really work?
Ticklish Feet???
Will i get tan if i lay out on the roof?
getting snakebites done?
should i get my navel pierced?
My tongue ring hurts!?
Ear stretching advice/basics?
Whats your favorite deodorant (girls)?
Cartilage piercing after pains?
how do i apply dermablend to my stretch marks on my thighs ?
how to get rid of dark under-eye circles?
Whats the best self tanning product on the market?
ear stretching blow out? Please help me...?
how else can i improve my looks?
ear piercing?
Question about shaving?
How old do you have to be?
what can u use for dry skin?
what happens to your belly botton piercing when your pregnant?
how to stop an oily face?
GIrl on left or right?
What is the safest piercing to get on your face ?
Breast Implants???
How do you remove a scar on face naturally?
Can I change out my monroe piercing within the first 2 weeks?
Im a 14 year old boy and I've realised Im very Ugly!!!?
I want a new cartilage piercing buttttttt I heard I could get paralyzed ?
Does Bio-Oil really work to fade stretchmarks?!?
Hii,m Mayuri nd m 13 i hav oily skin nd i hav pimples plz tell me hw to remove dem.?
is it ok to use baby oil to tan?
How to take out my flatback nose piercing?
I'm really skinny and.....?
questions about skin lightening?
which body parts does a man usually look when he see a female?
I am a black woman with acne scarring (dark spots etc.)?
How do I look in these shorts? (pics)?
any body know where i can get sebo de macho from?????
How do u bleach your bikini line?
How do store brand Retinol creams compare to the Rx types?
A body wash or product for dark spots?
Wrinkles around my eyes?
Whats wrong with my navel piercing? *pic*?
Is it possible for a woman to be built like this?
How do I get rid of pimples fast?
Random blushing serious problem help please?
Is there anything I can do to make my eyebrows longer? 10points will be given for best answer?
Weight Problems.....?
if i melt soap???read details?
i'm pretty white would i be able to tan?
HoW To MaKe My BooBs LOOk SmALler?PLeaSe HelP!?
Am I TOO flat-chested? (pics)?
whats the best facial wash for blackheads on the t zone?
what can I do about my EXTREAMLY dry feet?
Do you think dimples are cute?
Does anyone have any lawsuits or malpractice complaints about Dr. Tom Roberts, SC?
Girls... could you help me?
How do you get a piercing like this?
I need Spray tanning names?
how old do you have to be to get your belly button pierced?
Why do I have a fat and how do I make it thinner?
industrial/tragus peircing!?
if u can..which 2 parts of the body wud u correct?
How do you know if you have a big forehead?
Veet Wax Strips?
Navel piercing question?
is breast milk conisder diary???? my fi'ance wants to know?
Small 'holes' on my cheekbones, near eyes?
Nose piercing! Need some advice and info?
Easy 10 points?
if u can..which 2 parts of the body wud u correct?
How can you get rid of spots quicklyyyy!?
What moisturizer should I give my daughter?
Has anybody used the TOBI steamer for getting wrinkles out?
Girls, do you have sex for differant reasons than guys?
What peircing would suite my face?
How can I keep my feet soft and callous free?
PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ ANSWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
Which product do u guys like the best?
Nose help! important please:]?
What's a good age to get your lip pierced?
Do you think facial moles are unattractive?
genetic eye bags please help?
what do you do when you have your ears peirced and the back of the whole is closed up but the front isn't?
Shaving my arms and body?
How to Get Fitt?? :/?
How do I gauge my ears?
How to shave down there without getting razor bumps?
Should I get my eyebrow pierced??? Would it suit me?
Would you undergo breast augmentation if you lost your naturally big breasts?
Considering plastic surgery?
Ear piercing help !? Needed ASAP ?
What is a good way to exfoliate flaky skin on my face?
A question for guys...?
Has anyone had electrolysis treatment to remove milia spots on the face?
rubbing vasiline on lips will make them bigger...true?
Lip piercing and an instrument?
septum piercing / bar on guys?? picture included?
Are their any negative effects of using an anti-aging cream when your in your twenties or is this a good idea?
what should I do?
Will i grow 15 almost 16?
Do you like my piercings (picture) ?
What can I eat - I just got my tongue pierced?
Can anyone help me with my acne!?
can chlorine ruin ur hair and skin?
LIP RING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Victoria's Secret looking-skin?
black dots on my face?!?
When you get older and want to loose weight, how can you stop looking like a deflated carrier bag?
Am I getting acne from my hair?
What kind of Sea Salt do i use to clean my belly pirecing?
Light up nose rings and/or belly button rings?
fake tan help please? PLEASE!?
Can anyone recommend any good waxes?
I want my belly button done but i have a outty.?
which piercing do you prefer?
how long will it take to lighten the skin of my dark underarms?
do you like sleeping naked?
Know of a racy newsletter for women?
How to get rid of chapped lips? FAST!!?
I have senstive skin and am looking for good routine spot products and kits ?
i really want my freckles gonE?
I bite my nails........?
Is this normal for bras?
How to get rid of a scab that’s in a cleft chin?
how do you stop your lips from going dry?
How to close a lip ring?
i have redness on cheeks by nose with 2 or 3 pimples on each side. how do i get rid of rednes(irritation)fast?
Should i get my toung periced?
Do you have lip, helix or belly button piercings?
I am getting braces...I am so nervous on how I will look.( Guys answer especially)?
waist-hip/bust ratio opinions?
Ok so does rogaine extra strength foam/cream works if applied on face for facial hair?
lip or not?
what piercing is suitable for an 11 year old?
nivea body simply soft body lotion versus aveeno?
Do you really see a difference in my body?
I recently got my belly pierced Thursday. the top part is swollen. Is it infected?
Does a bellybutton piercing hurt?
Whats better for healing indented scars? Vitamin e, bio oil, or mederma?
do i look good please i have started to work out?
all my friends hate me becuz they hav pimples and i dont. what to do?
what is the best thing to use?
can a 16g lip piercing close up?
HElp me!!!!!?
what is a good face toner?
How do I look? Rate 1-10 (pics)?
Rubbing alcohol as a skin cleanser?
Is it necessary to shower twice a day?
does toothpaste really help with zits?? How long do I have to leave it on my face for results??
Anything to help cover up ..?
How to get rid of reddish spot on nose?
Which is best? Oxy, Clearasil, or Clean and Clear?
how should i keep my breast in good shape?
Nose peircing?
Let's talk about stretch marks:?
Girls and Guys: Please be honest (read details)?
I'm 13 and have a very hairy tummy.?
Why does my skin have a redish tint/undertone?
help me plz!!!acne problems!!!?
does anybody kno where to get fake body jewlery in the state of ohio that is close to fayette county?
How long will it takes to make your body in shape?
why do i go tomato red in class?
I can't shave. I 4 different products so far, but every time I shave I have big bumps all over.?
Is there any difference between liquid hand wash, and liquid body wash?
why do people get there tongues pierced?
How do I get a waxing kit?
I've pierced the top of ear will....?
Wacky complexion?
Any dermatologist out thetre?!?! HELP! .. ?
Are Lip piercings ok?
Should I be embarrassed by my strange belly button?
Does he like me?or not i cant tell
Tingle lotions? Some info on them?
who think lindsay lohan has the sexies neck in the world?
how to fit jewellery through my fresh pierced smiley ???
Im Getting my Belly Button Pierced tomorrow?
how does it feel to get your ear pierced?
What LENGTH of lip labret should I get?
what is the best cream to treat darker scars for COLORED skin?
Pimple problem?
Anyone else had galvanic spa facial and reacted?
my face is dull no shine please give me some tips to make my face attractive?
How do you get rid of tan lines from wearing glasses?
are these measurements curvy?
How can I clean it??
How do I hide a new cartilage piercing?
Red Patches Around My Nose! ¬¬?
help!!!!acne is awful i need beautiful skin?
What is a fast way to get rid of acne?
what are the chances of my dermals getting an infection?
How can i get my skin looking pore-less.?
Can someone please help me and tell me how I can hide my smiley piercing away from my parents?
Can't get out nose ring screw..?
I'm a bit of a hypochondriac so don't fuel my fire with the answers!?
Why do I have a fat and how do I make it thinner?
Should I get my ears pierced.....again!??!!?
Tongue bar upside down?
Is there a remedy for getting rid of bruises quickly?
i peirced my nose and im not alout to have it?
What would you say about this?
How much does getting your belly button and ears pierced hurt?
Girls only; Shaving .?
I need a really strong soap?
i need help with skin care?
Bellybutton piercing?
how can i remove suntan?
can my sister take me to get my ears pierced?
ALL GIRLS!(: deoderant help?
where does blue bellybutton fluff come from?
how remove my face dark spots?
please help... confused!!!!! :(?
What are some skin products that will make me tan and "glow"?
I'm 15 yrs old. Prom is coming up & i need a tan . i cant use tan lotions just in case. Can i go tanning bed?
ok i pierced the cartalig in my ear twice now it kills helpp?
Oriflame Anti-Cellulite Massager?
how is lemon juice good at bleaching skin?should it be used with something else or just by itself?
Do shaped plugs have to be smaller than your actual gauge size?
What can I do to stop this bad habit of biting my nails....please read information box as well.?
Best Self Tanning lotions?
If I get an eyebrow piercing what will happen to me at school?
How Do I Convince My Mom To Let Me Get My Nose Pierced?
i have really clear skin! how?
Body Modification Oppinions ?
Indoor Tanning Damage?
Help me with my acne?
whats your favorite chocolate brand?
How do I get rid of dry skin in the creases of my nose?
Why do I have this uneven skin tone?
how do i get rid of acne and oily skin?
Does getting your lip pierced hurt?
blotchy arms?
Convince my parents to let me get snakebite piercing?
Have you ever seen a dark-skinned person with blue eyes?
I want a new piercing, but what?!?
I want white/healthy toenails???? how can i get it???
Would a septum piercing suit me? [pictures]?
Does Proactive really work?
Beautiful facial skin?
prom preparation?!? 2 weeks?
Do I have an hourglass figure?
Bad acne after putting foundation on?
6mm/2g stretch bleeding?!?
Help!! my skin keeps breaking out!!?
Might be getting my belly pierced & am I too fat too get one (pic)?
Would you consider this body shape sexy?
Whats the best product to help with razor rash and bumps in bikini area?
Double lobe piercing idea!?
Anybody know a good barber in salinas,california who can do a fresh taper fade and a box line up?
How do I get rid of black heads thar aren't on my nose?
suggest some easy tips 4 glowing skin?
How to make my legs less hairy with out shaving?
How can I get rid of acne fast????
Is it ok to shave my underarms and wear womans deodarant girl?
how can i prevent from me getting red in the face?
Too young to go tanning?
can i bring my own earring to get my cartilage pierced ?
Problems getting cartilage pierced, anything I can do to prevent it, I want to get an industrial piercing...?
how do i get rid of razor burn...?
hi i was wondering that if u are?
Should I gain weight......(PIC)?
Would you have a breast job or not???
Seriously - should I use Proactive?
which clarisonic model to buy?
Should I get my nose pierced?
Will clairs pierce my lip?
is moisturizer really necessary , l'm 21 years old , what kind of exfoliate do you recommend ?
Would you date/break up with a girl if...?
is brown sugar princess a good self tanner?
Body Piercing books??
i want snakebites and an eyebrow peircing this summer, what do you think?
Does this peircing look good on me?
how do i make my shoulders more straighter?
bar soap or body wash? why ?
How can i get a tan without burning?
is it safe to change my septum piercing yet?
does it matter if i only use the first step of proactive acne treatment?
so after removed my solar (fake) salon nails. how do i make them look less crappy without going to the salon?
Is it OK to wear a bikini top and jeans while you are in the beach and reading magazine and get tan?
Lip piercing question ?
Is my ear piercing ok?
Whats the difference between a skin lightener and a skin toner?
What is your take on a guy you see with both his ears pierced?
does it hurt to get your bellybutton pierced?
help! bad burn from wax strip?!?
im trying to get a sample kit of everyday mineral help pls?
Where can i find a scholarship for a vocational school?
Did you know You're beautiful!?
How do you properly clean a Labret piercing?
ponds dry skin cream! your opinions!?
indoor tanning lotion?
What is the best skin care line in the world?
Best self tanner? (other then the sun)?
is there a disposable razor that has 4 blades?
Can you use hair removal cream for legs on the upper lip if you ran out of cream for the face?
does preparation h really work...?
Tanning Help <3 Need as many answers as Possibly ladies <3?
is my cartilage piercing infected?
Pimple marks?
How many guys think nose piercing are hot?
i have tapers that go from 14G-8G in and i just put them in 2 days ago is it bad they already go all the way 8?
Is it necessary to cleanse your face twice per day?
What do you think is the worst skin type to have?
I have a date tommarow, lotz of zits ..HELP!?
Should i get my tongue pierced?
is there any tanning product that's not sunless tanning?
My breast shrunk after my son, how do I get them back?
GIRLS ONLY!!! (mature).?
What kind food can clear up pimples??
First time using self-tanner.. HELP!?
Healthy weight or no?
Summer, Winter.. what am I?
☆Piercings: Traditional Navel VS Dermal Anchoring?
what age do you lose spots?
How hot am I on a scale of 1 to 10?
my skin color is caramel. but sometimes when i have been in school it gets darker and rough.?
beginning to stretch to?
Why do people have such a problem removing bikini line hair but not other body hair?
Pigmentation around piercing hole?
What are glycolic acids and what does it do for the skin?
My eyes always appear half open. Any tips on how to fix this?
Looking for a good yet affordable anti-aging moisturizer?
help! i have my board exam 1 week before my marriage..i need to shape up and look good?
What is my breast size?
How long does a tan last?
Is there any way to safely remove PEACH FUZZ on the face and lower back?
Do scars ever completely disappear? ?
How to remove hair on my legs?
Belly Button Piercing (:?
How often should i take a shower??
anyone had any luck removing bad ice pick acne scars with a tca peel?
Earring problem at school?
how long does it take for a belly piercing to heal ? HELP!?
How to get rid of cellulite?
Can you use Aveeno Active Naturals on your face?
My uncle say i can get my navel pierced but my aunt says no. i really want it done should i get it or no ?
How do u get rid of a hickie imediatley?
Breasts? Silicone or Saline, whats the best and safest?
Does Proactive really work?
if i'm going to get something checked by a doctor around the pubic area should i shave first ? :S?
hyperpigmented knees?
Am i good looking Please help?
Suffering from acne scars. Need help!!!?
What is a good way to make my feet softer and ready for summer?
can chlorine ruin ur hair and skin?
Recommendations for super strong chapstick?
girls if you have had you period!.....?
after wiping your face with kleenex wipes can you put moisturizing creme on your face.?
Would a plastic surgeon be better for a face lift and eyelid lift or an otolaryngologist?
Is Claire's a safe place to get your ears pierced?
what do u think of big boobs??
ProActiv Solution....?
how do i stop my lips from getting chapped?
how can i reduce the appearance of my stretch marks??
Is this Bra size normal?
How old does this person look?
Best Deodorant?
How do you remove dark shaving marks from face?
how much does this kind of nose job cost?
Whats the ear stretching proces?
Shaving for girls?
Waxing for men?
what piercing should i get?
do you think i NEED to lose weight? pic?
How do you clean your face?
what facial piercing....? [pictures]?
Argh! My pierced belly button?
what kind of lotion do you use?
Do you think I have hourglass body?
How should I get rid of these bruises? Would I need to fake a tan and how without going to a tanning salon?
does using oliv oil for massage darken your skin over the period of time?
What kind of tape should I use for ear stretching?
What do u think about a tongue ring?
32B too small, 34B too big?
shud i get my belly button pierced r they ugly?
Whats the worst thing that can happen if I use hydrogen peroxide to clean my cartilage piercing?
What different kind of facial piercing are their?
What cream is better for existing wrinkles under eyes?
I have a virus on my computer for some reson and i dont want to pay any money for anti-virus is there a free 1
no!no! hair remover. HELP PLEASE?
is there any way to make my adams apple smaller?
when people go into they breakout???
would i be able to change my belly bar now?
Peeling sunburn!!! Ew!!!!?
How big are these boobs?
Period question: girls only?
Has anyone used healtastic?
Are tanning lotions really bad for your skin?
Should I Trim It Or Leave It?
10 POINTS!! why is my face so dry from pro active?
How does burt bees herbal blemish stick work?
Does it hurt to get your ears pierced?
What is a quick way to get relief from ingorwn hairs?
Skin care regime for a guy? help?
Question about my breast size.?
Is it wrong for a bloke to shave his arm pits?
Is there a way to make my foot wider?
!!important!! For people that has their tongues pierced only!?
What is your skin color?
How much is dimple surgery for your cheeks?
What is a good product for dry flaky skin?
how do i get rid of a pimple fast!?
If you get your nails done and painted often, will it hurt/damage your nails?
is getting your nose pierced sore?
What is your favorite natural/safe ingredient-formulated skin care line?
douse it hurt getting your nose pierced?
How can I get flawless skinn?
Help with uneven eyelids ? ?
How can i get my parents to let me gauge my ear?
how to prevent/stop my face from getting oily?
Will Palmers Cocoa Butter Skin Therapy oil with vitamin E work for acne scars and face moisterizer?
what should i do for making my skin pink or redish colour?
Proactiv Help.......?
every morning i shower brush my teeth use deodorant, but i still think i smell does anyone no how to stop this
So, I want an otoplasty...?
What's my body type/shape ?
I am 14 and i want to get my belly button pierced.?
are pimples a big turn off. girls mostly answer im a guy. Do you girls think pimples/clear skin are big diff.?
Face turned dark after applying lemon to fix?
self piercing question?
Which is better: Nair or Veet?
in the sauna?
Pee out in the yard when you're swimming?
should I???
GUYS.. I have a nail-bitting problem.. what are ways I CAN STOP! it getting ridiculous :(?
How can I keep my skin pale ??
Which is better tan or pale?
Thinking about ordering a Derma Roller, help?
How can I remove my dark circles?
How do you make you breats larger naturally?
what is the best excercise routine for sexy arms, legs, abs, and a sexy butt?
my whole body is dry!?
How long can I leave my snakebite piercings out before they close up?
Beaury therapy skin test! is it hard? im super scared and don't know ****!?
Washing hair after two piercings :(?
dark under eye circles are killing me.?
I want to pierce my cartiledge in my ear at HOME...?
my skin(face) color is very white i want to reduce it. TELL SOME WAYS PLEASE?
i got mi nose pierced and it hurts wat do i do?!?
Ear piercing? Help!?!?
Should I get my ears pierced?
skin care crisis help !!?
On females genital area what is better shaven or natural?
what can i do about unwanted hair?
what is the scientific term for someone who dislikes big people?
Are my breasts normal?
Are tanning lotions really bad for your skin?
Cheap home remedies for acne?
lotion can be used for face??
Help!! What do you suggest?
Tongue piercing....??
What's the most attractive physical feature you find in a man?
question about cartilage piercing.?
What do you think about blue eyes?
If i never laugh or frown or smile or cry, etc..will my face remain youthful longer, without wrinkles?
How to clean a belly button piercing?
Are demeter scents "summer vacation" spring break" and suntan lotion" all the same?
I'm 13 how can i get my zits gone.?
AHHHH IM BURNT!!!! How do i prevent my face from peeling?!!? .....?
What Should I Get Pierced?
Brazilian it worth it?
What color/tone skin does this girl have?
is proactive right for me?
i bought sleeping glasses that you wear for dark under eye circles. why do they hurt?
I wanted to change the way i look?
Tons of tiny zits on forehead!!!???!!?
what are these little spots around my mouth area?
Q for the women?
For the experienced only: Nostril peircings?
i have dry skin? which cream can i use?
What would happen if i stretch my ears when i have a little blowout?
What makes me look hispanic?
Help! Fellow ladies!!! I'm so self-conscious of my body?!?
Is my naval piercing migrating or rejecting? (picture)?
I have a birthmark and it's on my leg?
Women - Do you shave your thighs?
What is my face shape?
Best shaving cream for thick, dark hair on legs and/or bikini area?
any suggestion for removing black-heads?
Is Macadamia Nut Oil in Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion pore-clogging for OILY skin?
nose piercing got infected?
Alright this is for girls only...Do you really care about strength of a guy or how much muscle he has?
ProActive return question ?
Would I look good with a lip ring.?
have somebody know where can buy仙可儿美肤霜at singapore?
does proactive really work?
what to do about a burnt tounge?
how can you reduce redness in zits?
Help with an ingrown toenail?
does any1 know how to stop sweating???
Nose piercing at 14?!?
Getting your ears pierced?
how long does it take to get a good base tan?
What do I say on the phone to a salon to get my eyebrows waxed?
what does it mean when a guy says you have a nice curvy figure? is that a nice way of sayin youre fat? or no?
My proactiv lotion (step 3) just ran out, can I use another moisturizer? Or will it make me break out?
The Best Las Cruces New Mexico Piercing Parlors?
Could I get my belly button pierced?
Trouble going up from 10g to 8g?
Mixing lemon juice with lotion work as a lightener?
why when I cut my hair short my forehead breaks out in litte pimples?
How can you make/prevent acne from appearing, I tried using murad , clearasil but seems like nothin works?
I have just started the Oil Cleansing Method with Castor, Almond, Jojoba and Avocado....?
my face gets abnormally hot at night, why and what can i do?
18 and she doesnt shave her legs?
ughhh i'm way to self conscious, what should i do?
Wich is better, Proactive, or Skin ID?
eyebrow piercing question...?
Why would someone dump you because of your skin colour?
kissing help?! .s?
what is this piercing called?
does proactiv really work?
Her boobs grew............?
Would it be good to go to a tanning bed everyday for 5 minutes to get a base tan in the course of four days?
What product should I use?
how do i get rid or or lessen the appearance of wrinkles from crying?
How bad does a nose stud piercing hurt?
from small nose as a kid to big nose as a teen?
Am I fat (Picture included)????????
the best anti perspirant that make your underarm dry all day long.?
why do people think tall is good?
Swimming with Cartilage Piercing?
Which self tanner is best for fair skin. I tried jergens, but the results were too slow.?
does an ear piercing hurt?
Do I got a big butt/waist for my age?
Should I Work Out(Pic Included)?
could i get my braces off faster? HELP PLEASE!?
Would I look good with a monroe piercing?
Am I too skinny?\Do guys hate skinny girls?
i gto my ears pierced today and it hurts i want to change the back part?
top of ear infected?
How do I change my belly ring for the very first time?
Elliptical machine are on hard resistance only? help?
Why did I get goose bumps, even though I was boiling?
what r ways to make boobs bigger?
ugh annoying!?
Is this ok? Pls answer! (s.)?
I'm a little worried about my new industrial...?
what kind of face shape is this?
Where in the Washington, DC metro area do I go for laser hair removal?
How can I change the way I look by 8th grade?
How to heal infected tragus piercing?
I have pimples on my face what should I do 2 get rid off them ASAP!?
how do u get a tan in a week?
can i use a 250 watt indoor plant lamp for tanning?
How to hide my scars?
How do you take care of your skin (face)?
How can I get bigger breasts easily?
I recently got my ears pierced, and even though I cleaned them correctly and everything, it got infected...?
Mr. GorgeousFluffpot is considering getting a bak, sack'n wax ... what advice would you give him?
if i use shaving cream how come i still get razor bumps??
Why is porcelain skin considered ugly, and people are opting for tanned skin?
Tongue Piercing Again !
Which face wash works better?
how cani remove blackhead on my nose???
How to get rid of pimples (FAST)!?
my nails!.......?
What IS this nasty thing on my face!?
can you start to swim after getting your ears pierced?
Would you like a girl if her butt is small/flat?
Am I ugly? serious you guys?
Girls/Women aged18+ please answer this women's problem's problem?
I'm piercing my own lip. I need some help on what to use.....?
Any advice for pimples?
what can i do to make my hand softer?
I am looking for the electric tweezer that was advertised on TV for tweezing hair from all different places?
is my nose big ?
I want to have a relaxing evening to myself tonite. Any tips?
SLEEP? Is there a such thing as getting too much sleep?
How do you PREVENT a tan?
checklist for perfect living?
How do you get rid of big bags under your eyes?
What do you wear, when you go tanning?
Acne Acne Acne Help!?
Will my 00 gauged ears close up if I take them out?
Nose Piercing?
Will Fair and White cream make my skin turn white or lighter?
is it bad to pop pimples?
Does every girl go through this?
What Could You Used To Make A Face Mask?
Ance help!! I cant find anything that works!?
i am i fat?
homemade itching powder?
For my first Brazilian Wax, is 2-3 days enough time to allow for possible irritation?
Acne cleansing help.?
were can i buy a 14g piercing needle?
Hairy Legs?
Will a plastic retainer show in an X-ray?
What would you say about this?
Best countries to sell natural skin products?
What is under your eye brow?
Does laser hair removal really work??
Why are my toenails like that?
whats wrong with my ears (piercings?)?
Free breast implants?
tan...........Need help!!!!!?
Why do people shave their legs? It is taking away from NATURAL beauty?
Some nose piercing questions?
Best razor for a female?
cartilage piercing question?
My body is really cold but I can't feel it.?
Ive had my tongue peircing for a year but it now has a white circle around the peircing & hurts a bit.. why?
Is it better to wear crop tops with my new belly percing or cover it (which will prevent infection)?
how often should i apply sun screen of spf +20 ?
what is the best lotion to apply to your body ?
how do i lighten my skin tone?
How do i get rid of acne without spending any money at the store?
Teen piercing question?
is electroplated titanium ok for piercings?
Why does lynx dry make your armpits sting?
How to put in swirl/curved industrial bar?
i hate the sun, i am highly sensitive to it and its making my skin yucky?!?
A Question About Ear Piercing?
do women like the feeling of being shaved down below the belt line?
how to pierce you own tongue?
how do you get flawless, glowing skin at the age of 43?
Am I getting acne from my hair?
Facial peircing?
Are my breasts too big for my body?
does a eyebrow piercing work its way out after time?
Skin colored bumps growing on nose?
What is the best method of facial hair removal?
Rubbing alchol on face?
i have a sun exposure today..and im using glutathione soap, my skin became reddish?
weird question.... how are girls supposed to shave in college showers?
Can you use sunflower oil on your face?
What would be a good body scrub?
bumps on skin, how do i get rid of them?
is a piercing attractive boys?
Are training bras pointless?
How long should I tan per day?
should i chose tubing or a spa?!?
What are the benfit's of opening your skin pores and how to open them and close them too?
Strike Gold self tanner from Bath & Body works?
what is the best way to remove hair on upper lip?
how can i tone up...?
is there a name for an shaped scar on someones forehead?
This might sound stupid, but what the
I sweat under my arms?
What is the best way to an eight pac?
has anyone ever had any procedures done by Dr. Rod Rohrich in Dallas.?
Does a belly button piercing hurt?
I have alot of acne and pimples?
Cetaphil - which is the best?
neutrogena pore refining cleanser?
acne problems help!!! i've tried everything!!?
I am afraid to get my ears pierced?
Is a septum piercing a good idea?
milk and honey mask????????
I want to get my nose peirced...Hoe bad does it hurt from 1 to 10 ?
Girls have you ever had a Brazilian wax and how bad does it hurt? What is the normal cost?
what plant can be used to make a moisturizer?
Which Acne solution is right for me?
I Have Just Had My Left Ear Pierced And I Am Thinking Of Stretching The Hole So I Can Fit A Pencil Through It?
Piercing Still Hurts?
If I'm using Benzoyl Peroxide, can I go to the Beach?? can I also swim??
My bellybutton piercing....?
How to get rid of large areas of blackhead?
What should I get pierced?
what's this friday 13th?
what face shape do i have?
What do you think of me? (with pic)?
is it ok for a guy to get a monroe for his first piercing?
how to get rid of acne scars?
industrial ear piercing help?
Which is best sun lotion for man?
What non-surgical way can be done about acne scars?
why do we need to regulate our body temperature?
How to put in swirl/curved industrial bar?
My face is full of ingrown hairs!!?
Can you help me, plz?
i am 18 year male and i have a lot pimples on my face.......can anyone please help me out?????
Does anyone know why they call the piercing of the penis the Prince Albert?
Bump filled with pus next to belly piercing hole! pic included! help!?
HUGE DENT please help!!!!!!!!!!!?
Nose piercing! Need some advice and info?
Stuff to write on your hands.?
Eyebrow question I failed really badly?
is it possible for me to get lighter skin in a couple of days?
HOw can you get a quicker Sun tan?
why is this?
How can you get tall? PLEASE HELP?
Does the Clarisonic help get rid of or prevent small blackheads?
how to get rid of pimples?
Do you think tongue piercing is trashy or makes a girl seem slutish/hoe?
Questions about my Tragus piercing?
Lines to use..... example...?
What kind food can clear up pimples??
what to do with patchy fake tan?
Do I look like an A cup or a B cup?
Will this exercise and diet routine help?
Way to lighten dark areas on skin without bleaching?
is it wrong when you dont take a shower a in week?
Why do people say it's bad to pierce at home?
What can i use to replace the inside backing of a brand new nose piercing?
Is it slutty to get your tongue pierced at 14?
I have a firm ball on my lip piercing and it wont go away!?
Which spray tan covers stretchmarks better? Xen or Fake Bake?
Can you rate my friends and I?
what help would you give to your bestfriend, when you found out that shes trying to kill herslf.?
Does Clinique's acne products work for ppl with severe acne?
Do the stridex pads and gel work?
How do i make my eyebrows more bushy?
Serious acne PLEASE HELP!!!!!!?
What is a good way to make zits/pimples less noticeable?
How can I make my pores smaller?
Can I still use my old deodorant with antiperspirant, while using Certain-Dri antiperspirant?
Will The Natural Collection Tinted Moisturizer Give Me Spots?
Do people with piercings all over their face ever hang their glasses on those metal things?
Dark under eye circles.....?
Tanning over fall break?
Where in Kansas can I get my ears dermal punched?
body butter?
Does 35% carbamide peroxide teeth whitening really work?
What is the most effective body spray?
Which skin type do I have?
How do I hide my Man Bulge?
Do you have an inny or an outy belly button?
My newly pierced ear is swollen, red and hurts, What do I do?
Casual sex and body issue?
My ear bled the when I got them pierced the other day?
My face is always red on my checks what can I do to make them the same color as my face?
how long after accutane can i get my ears pierced ?
Ingrown pubic hairs: pop them or leave them?
what r sum other stores like lush cosmetic.?
please read and answer. :]?
Thinking of cutting my face to make a badass scar?
nose piercing. please help me ?
Question about removing my body hair?
what is your facewash that you use?
i need to get rid of my dark spots fast!?
my body aka my feetyoooooo?
I am getting a lot of acne on my back and chest is there any way to treat this?
my skin got super dried out how can i get it moisturized fast?
Does the Ear piercing gun hurt?
I'm a guy......should I use self tanner given my circumstance?
I always get tan no matter how much sunscreen i put on?
When people say alchohol?
my arms are hairy should i shave them or bleach them?
My nose piercing been hurting for the past 2 weeks! Any advice on what to do?
belly button pierces.................................…
is there a risk for piercing your lip?
I have open pores on my face. Help!?
piercing my ear at home?
Has anyone used healtastic?
How can you easily get rid of rough skin on your feet?
any way to dry oily face?
What is the best lotion overall for face? do you get rid of frecles?
What's the best artificial tan?
What surgery can you get on your face to make your eyes appear less close set?
Can you still tan in a tanning bed/booth if you're wearing self tanner?
What is your ONE favorite, must have, can't live without skincare product?
how to get rid of puffy eyes?
Is it okay for a man to wear woman's deodorant?
Itchy ITCHY ( and I do mean itchy) spots around my chest and breasts?
I just got a Monroe piercing....?
Help what am I supposed to do(10 points)?
how to get tattoos off?
Im terrified!?
i am 23. male .how to get rid of dark spots in face?
Under Eye Circles [HELP ME]?
Should I leave the mole on the end of my nose or have it removed and lose a small piece off the end of my nose
Are big eyes bad?
Is it weird for a guy to shave his legs?
Proactiv doesn't work for me?
age to start shaving legs?
Tanning beds and freckling face?
Question about zits on my face?
What are the common brands of permanent hair removal creams, lotions or solution in Malaysia?
has anyone ever had there belly botton tucked in? if so can you give me some info?!?
Huge shoulders, small torso (band size)?! Argh!?
how can i get rid of stretch marks?
Keeping ur face unshiny?
Just got my nose pierced!!?
Is tanning good for you?
Do you think double eyelid on guys look cute?
Greasy Lips!!!?
would i look good with a nose stud? GETTING IT PIERCED TOMOROW HELP..?
i need help with a piercing best answer gets 10 points?
which name is hotter?
why isn't there people with purple eyes?
I'm thinking about getting a Mystic tan for an upcoming wedding, I was looking for advice from someone who has
i burned my arm, how long will the burn mark be there?
Can dimples appear as you get older?
skin lightening... not like micheal jackson i have a reason?
i'm 14. will i get any taller?
Ear piercing pain comparison?
Eminence Organics vs. Avène?
Please answer - See Picture - Is my Belly button /Navel healing well ?
Spray on tans?
iam a boy and i have dark marks on my face .what is the best way to disappear them?please send the best ways?
Would cheek/dimple piercing be a good first facial piercing?
Please answer - Chemical peel cost?
Belly button piercing issues!?
Is it okay to use polysporin on my newly pierced naval?
how long does it take?????
Is there anything else I can do about my wrinkles?
What is happening to me please help!!!??
Best way to care for snake bites?
Where can I buy Olive Vineyard body butter?
how many of u like big black eyes?
Cetaphil - which is the best?
Does anybody know who this is?
underarm waxing questions? i have done it once before, btw..?
where can i find "bath & body works" products in singapore? i need it for my valentine.. pls help!!?
What the difference on skin products? Toner? Emulsion? Essence? Cream? Sleeping packs? Refiners? Serum?
Women: do you consider heterocromia iridis unattractive?
Does getting your ears pierced hurt?
Does the Kymaro bosy shaper work?
Please Help...Zits?
How do i peirce my lip?
What's the best soap to use?
question about a bellybutton piercing?!?
I go barefoot a lot in the summer now I notice the bottoms of my feet are sorta stained?
how do i get rid of post acne mark?
Mole Removal on my Forehead!?
Tanning bed question?!!??
My face is whiter than my body skin tone!?
If you never had an actual intercourse with anyone but?
I need some healthy helpful tips for natural tanning.?
skin problem?
Is it possible to reduce your breast size with out surgery?
Tongue piercing...Beneficial to Male Partner?
Tanning tips! Help?!?!?
using face wash on neck?
My friend has these dark blotches on her face since having her baby?
Dove Foaming Facial Cleanser, Sensitive Skin?
I want to use tampons?? PLEASE HELP??? 10 points for best answer?
What kind of doctor would sew up a belly piercing ?
How to tell your dad your mom let you get your bellybutton pierced?
What do you think of nose piercings?
can anyone suggest best moisterizer for a very dry skin for face.?
how do you take out a nose piercing with a curved/hook type without going to an actual piercer?
Any Remedies 2 make face look WHITER???? PLEASE HELP!?
If you were fat you would be_______?
how can i get rid of my tan?
removing bags under my eyes???
Just go my Ear Pierced and How Long do i Have to keep The Earrings on?
is 214 to fat to get your belly button pierced?
10 points who'll Help With Scar :(?
Is this belly button an innie or an outie?
Getting rid of tan color?
Am I too fat for a navel ring? (picture?)?
Any clue what they are?
lip piercing help!!!!!!!!!!please tell me if this will work?
:| todays horrible!?
Im 15 and i dont think ill get another boyfriend again my acne got worst...?
how do i get rid of a spotty bum?
what is the best airbrush tanning system for home use and the best tanning solution?
Need a cream for my mother that really works on wrinkles and reduces damage?
What should i clean my new pierced ear lobes with ?
Brown spot next to my nail on my ring finger?
What is the sexiest piercing you've ever seen?
pleaze answer ?
what is an effective bikini wax?
What do you think of me? (Pictures.)?
what is inside a pimple? what is it made from?
What is the proper procedure for skincare and makeup application?
my acne just never goes away. help!?
How do I have a shine-free face?
If I bleach my skin will that get rid of acne scars?
Can body lotion with Vitamin E in it be used on the face also?
Black stain on my arm HELP?
Am I skinny / normal / chubby / fat? Pics Included?
Perspire X?
I got an uneven tan during the summer. How can I wear it off?
When someone loses a large amount of weight would they look unrecognizable?Any stories.?
what age should you start shaving your legs?
skin problem..?
OILY skin?
Should i let my daughter get her...?
what do u think of Dermalogica products... is it worth the cash?
3 week old nose piercing bleeding, is it normal?