Am I supposed to rotate my navel piercing?
Bump under belly button piercing?
Can someone recommend me a facial moisturizer???!!?
When I take off the Dead Sea Mask, my face has facial redness? Is this normal?
is 30A a small size bra for 13 year olds?
Forehead acne... Please help....?
Acne treatment?
I have major bags under my eyes. HELP!?
My upper lip is darker than the lower one. Is therea solution?
I want my eye brow pierced, i go to a private school gross right? will they make me take it out?
Earrings for my 22g cartilage piercings in my ear from 20 years ago?
Whats a good facewash for deep in pores?
How can I make my legs look and feel softer and just all around better?
Ear piercing question. Can you please help?
How long does it take to grow hair one inch longer?
Does anyone know a good Dermatologist in Houston, TX?
Where are the locations of the real Bath & Body Works outlets?
my lips are slightly small. is there any way to make it luk big n sexy?
i just got a lip piercing but i dont know what to do helppp?
Solution to uneven pigmentation of skin?
Should i care what people think about my piercings ?
Is it possible to hide a tongue ring?
venom tongue piercing?
My tragus piercing is swollen?
what color are my eyes?
What's the deal with mineral oil and petrolatum in lotion?
How do i get the redness of a pimple out?
how can you get rid of stretch marks?
Im a tourist in the USA and I have dry skin so I use moisturizer but I cant find my usual brand and products?
I'm Breaking Out Like Crazy?
pleaseeeeeeee helpppppppppp?
Razor bumps do they go away in a dayy ?
tell me about Nair Hair Removal?
How to get smooth skin on the backs of arms & thighs?
does it hurt to get your belly pierced?
good acne clearing system/kit?
tounge piercing help please?
Did I ruin my skin by tanning?
I take showers every morning and night but my underarms still smell especially if I don't wear cotton tops.
does Arnica Flora Gel really work for bruises like will it go away in a day?
why are my questions not showing up in the big bank of questions?
for people who want peircings !?
Should I exfoliate my face?
What beaver is best; bald, Brazilian, or bushy?
Stretched ear question/white plugs losing color?
Experiences with Retin-A?
if i pierced my nose?
hot climate+dry skin=?
do aloe vera heal rash?
How to tell if my bra is to small?
Question on face washes and my legs?
I cant have sex with a woman if she dosnt have clean beautiful feet. Is it normal or abnormal?
Have you tried Celltone snail gel?
any product i use my face gets worse?
What to put on a burn??
Anyone use Biore pore strips?
Please help? Sweating problem!!!!!!!!!?
To moms of girls or girls who are young enough to help me out but mature enough to respond politely....?
do you regret your belly button piercings?
help meeeeeeee to save my life?
why are my feet so sweaty?
Please Help?
what is better real breast or fake breast?
I'm piercing my nose at home without my mom seeing it can i use a sewing needle?
In a clean-up wat r the different steps and prosidures and a quick remide to get red of dark circles ?
Best Face Wash You've Ever Used?
Which is the best soap for Men in Indian market?
What kind of deodorant works best?
What is kaley Cuocos body shape?
Does anyone know how to get rid of ingrown hairs on the bikini line?
nasty old looking skin?
Ear piercing gone wrong?
How to remove the dark sun spots on the face?
is using razor to clean l hairs, make look black?
How can I get whiter? ?
Is my nose hugee? pics included.?
want to be a model? (pics)?
What is the best self tanner for the body?
i want my tongue pierced but my dad said no how can i get it on my own with out him or any one knowing?
What is the most attractive thing in your body and why do u think so?
What do you use for super sensitive and dry skin ?
How many times a day should you wash your face?
whats the difference?? pics!?
Do all Victoria's Secret Angels have Ectomorphic body type?
cant get my cartilage piercing out !?
Clinique 3 step system? I cannot figure which type i am?
TANNING, is it really that bad?
winter time is here.?
How do you clear a pimple on your lip line cause from wax removal? ?
Burning face wash after steaming?!?
How do I ask for a razor for shaving my underarms and legs?
whats a natural home remedy for red specs mostly on the nose and on your cheeks?
Where can i get my nose pierced at 14 in salisbury maryland?
sunplay sunscreen?
what is the best anti-wrinkle cream/treatment?
Got a prob on my face. I have these marks and spot (i mean it, the deep somethin on the face).?
How do you get rid of extra creases on eyelid or triple eyelids?
WANT PIERCING! Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
to shave or not to shave?
Will my piercing close up?
How many times a week can i go on the sun bed?
If ur ugly or dead in the eyes can color contacts or makeup help u look cute?
Where can I get my B-hole pierced?
For those who used Differin for their acne, how long did it take to see results?
Can you help me with this acne?!?
what happens when you ........................................…
Daughter's belly button permanently sticking out?
Can you get your balls pierced at Claire's?
Do people care how your belly button looks?
I'm going tanning for the first time?
hi i am 21 yrs gal,..plzzzz kindly advice..?
How long till my helix stops hurting?
Good bronzer for glow?
Can I wear barbells as jewelry while I am stretching?
Please i need a way of making my lips pink but not that i will start looking for materials.i need fast actions?
Pierced nipples?
Will I ever get a tan?
Swimming with a bellybutton piercing?
Having a friend's mom lie for me to get my lip pierced...?
Why do teen gils want to get their bellys pierced?
Where can i find bio oil in the states?
Can you get infections from nose piercing retainers?
inside of lip seems to have closed on my piercing?
Can I just tone and moisturise my skin?
Is this normal? I feel so bad about myself?
this is kind of for like girls only and involves puberty.?
Is it normal for a sun tan to stay this long?!?
Does Skin ID really work?
i tried every deordorant,why does my arms still smell funny?
What's the best deo for girls? (girls 30 or younger plz)?
Does Proactive work? And continue to work after several months of use?
Question for skiniD users?
Pimple like bumps on body?
How long does it take till stretch marks go away?
wax for bikini area?
Would you think badly of someone if they had there belly button pierced at 14?
why was i born this way?
I just got my cartilage pierced and when the piercer told me hwo to clean my ear she said to twist it.?
what to do for piercing swelling?
how do i use 'Tend Skin' after waxing?
Sensitive skin / scrub?
help!!!!.im 21 and i feel like my complexion has went down hill?
Im pretty short (5'7'') and wondering if having a body like say Marcus Schenkenberg will make me look stubby
Is my belly button piercing healed yet?
Why does my nose piercing still hurt right now?
do you use avon skin care products?? if so, do you like them and why do you like it??
My cartilage piercing (helix) still isn't healed?
Deodorant help needed!!!?
hip surface piercing?
Blackhead removal remedies?
Proactive Solution Product...?
HELP BRas!!?
belly button piercing question. help summer is coming up.?
Hey Guys does this body type sound attractive? If not write your own preferences?
is my face too feminine?
How do i shave my genitals(sp?) without getting razor burn?
Anyone shave their bum ?
question for proactiv users?
What's up with my eyes?
Allergic reaction to waxing eyebrows?
Cartilage ear piercing?
No sugarcoating. Do i look different?
who is better Selena Gomes or Mary-Kate Oslen?
Which is better for knee scars, Bio Oil or Egyptian Magic?
zits!!!! need help right now!!!!!?
who knows some good tanning places that are cheap? coupons/discount/promo codes. Other than what's on their site, anyone have a code I can use?
Any good breast butter/lotion?
Should i get my eyebrow, lip, nose pierced?
how much does the proactive product costs??
can I tan without underwear?
What does African Black soap do for your skin?
Will my clear nose retainer fall out without a backing?
Guys, truthfully! do you like girls my weight range?
when should i shave my legs?
Ten points for best answer...Help x?
How old were you the first time you had sex and were did you have it?
how do i remove scars??
Okay guys, i got my cartlage pierced with a needle like 5 or 6 days ago..?
Dark hair strip down belly : /?
Can you shave your arms?
Will I look better as a BRUNETTE? (with pictures)?
my friends say that this picture is a really creepy picture of me.?
Just curious i guess????
Are there any home remedies to get rid of stretch marks?
Belly button piercing?
i'm having troubles getting my nose stud out?
How many of you pick your scabs & eat them?
cartilage pierced at 16?
how do u cleanse under your finger nails? and how do u make your breath smell fresh throughout the entire day?
How can i convince my mom to let me get a lip piercing for Christmas?
Piercing my nose at home! Any tips? One question!?
Does anyone know of places that pierce but numb the area before piercing it ?
Nivea vs Degree deodorant?
Cream help!?
How to get rid of Eye Bags?Home Remedies only!?
Lip and tongue ring, too much?
What was your experience with facial fillers (Radiesse or Restylane)?
How do I get bigger boobs?
Hope in a Jar?
Asking people to help me stretch?
What's the best sunscreen to use on your face, that has a high spf (60 or higher) and won't appear greasy?
I need to find a moisturizer that doesn't clog my pores! Help and advice really appreciated.?
what do you recommend? waxing, shaving, or nair?
how to enlarge breast?
What are the ingredients of Revitalift day cream?
Can I get my tongue pierced with an overbite?
tiny bumps??on my forehead?
how long does it take for a papule to go away? how can i speed up that process?!?
What are the ingredients in....?
Does toothPaste work or acne also?
belly button rinnnnnggg (:?
Can Lacto Calamine fade away scars?
I have sunburnt legs but have to wear a dress..?
Has anyone ever tried Shape Changers Detox Body Wraps, and does it work?
would i suit any piercings ?? :) ?
Is it better to wax or shave your cankles?
I get a red face all the time :(?
Tips on Perfect teen body?
how do you get more cleavage?
I can't decide what kind of facial piercing to get!! please help me decide?
Do I have a HUGE nose?
Ear cartilage piercing help?
how can i get my nipples to come through my shirt?
How do superstars get their perfect body shape:?
Why does the box for my Benzaclin talk about mixing a powder?
Just wanted to know, how much does a bellybutton piercing hurt, compared to an industrial?
what is a good manly smelling cologne?
i have bags under my eyes ?
Best way to get rid of spots?
How do I get rid of bags and puffiness under my eyes?
i shaved in THE area now it itches! HELP?!?
Does it look like I workout?
what do you think????????
Under eye bags and circles?
Something else.....?
what tanning lotions speed up the tanning process when on sun bed ????
How do I get rid of bikini line bumps?
I have Ambi...Do you? Am i supposed to rub it into my mark? Or Just put it on and leave it alone?
what is the sexiest part of a womans face?
Advice in getting my belly button pierced?
does jovees fairness cream makes the skin fairer?
Does the Neutrogena Healthy Skin Enhancer work??? Thanks (:?
what are some natural remedies for your face?
Solunist Platinum + EGF for sale in US?
Acrylic Nail Liquid?
Is Fragrance free Eucerin Original Lotion the best for just plain moisturizing your skin?
How do my eyebrows look?
What can I do about saddlebags? :(((?
Are my facial features suitable for commercial modelling?
how to keep a zit from scarring?
i have a bubble on my nose from piercing it myself what do i do?
Do I have to wait to get a tan at the tanning salon if I get waxed first?
Self Tanner?
I wanted to get into the body art/ piercing profession...?
What should i get pierced? 10 points?
Is Hawaiian Tropic Royal Tanning Clear Spray a quick self-tanner spray?
What is the cause of acne?
to cocoa butter,users how long did it take for you to see results on your stretch marks?
is it true that if you eat salmon and canteloupe your skin will glow?
What do you think of your birthmark?
proactive? yes or no?
How to get freckles???????????!!!!!!!?
How to get smaller pores?!?
How can I make my body near perfect?
Could I be a model for Hanes?
Solution for dark eye circles.?
How can I slim up my gymnast's body?
is it ok to put on ur sun screen when u get out the shower and dry up?
What is good spray tanning with a good price that could spraying on face and body?
What shape face do I have?
does he like me 10 points will be given?
Does Avon's Anew spider vein therapy cream really work?
best cream for cellulite?
Dry and dull skin?
Whats the best way to take away unwanted hair permanently?
would i suit a nose piercing?
what age can you get your belly button pierced at?
A question about face masks?
How often do you shower?
how can i get rid of black bags under my eyes?
Will drinking large amounts of water help clear my acne?
Has anybody used Aveeno Clear Complexion facewash?
How to hydrate my face?
Nose ring without piercing?
Zit Under Eye. Anyone ever have one?
My bra size is a 36c. Howcome when famous ppl report their bra size as a 36c it looks so much bigger than mine
What hours of the day are the best ones to tan?
The female body, what's the perfect measurements/type in YOUR opinion?
is anyone sure if rose water works to remove dark circles?
Changing an unhealed ear lobe piercing?
How much does laser hair removal cost?
good or bad for my skin?
Why does it burn when I put deodorant spray on?
Daith or snug piercing?
Chubby, Average or Stick Thin?
bra measurements?
i am 16 years old and my height is 5.3". I want to increase it. please suggest some tips.?
How do I heal this FAST? (PICS)?
Why Don't I have those 2 lines on my nose? mostly everyone else has them.?
Should i risk it or not? Please hellllp!?
is there any way to make my adams apple smaller?
does sunburn change into a tan?
Girls have birth control for their acne, is there i pill for guys acne?
does it hurt to get your nipples peirced?
my legs get really itchy ?
How do I get rid of those dark circles under my eyes?
snug and forward helix experience?
Should i get my eyebrow, lip, nose pierced?
What do you think when you see a 14 year old with a belly button piercing?
Dry lips! HELP!?
is it bad for a 12 yr old to have size 34a kids size bra?
I have tried waxing my upper lip..?
How long do you have to wait to go swimming after you pierce your belly button?
I need a good moisterizer?
What kind of skin care do you use?
Has anyone ever had a Brazilian wax and how does it make you feel?
How well does KY intense work?
how can i build my self esteem and confidence and feel like no ones starring at me because of my scars?
is there a piercing parlor in sunset place?
How can I get my face to look less flushed?
How to measure your thighs?
Opinions on 14 yearold with tongue piercing?
what is the best product to remove spots?
Cucumber's On Your Eyes?
I have a question about facial complexion?
What will work for me fast?!?
emu oil and provon....?
Tanning This Summer?
I have this squishy lump in my ear lobe. What is it?
Does chewing gum cause wrinkles?
my skin(face) color is very white i want to reduce it. TELL SOME WAYS PLEASE?
How to clean freshly stretched ears?
Has anyone ever tried a brazillian wax? Was it worth the pain?
tell me how? can i acheive it?
what takes away brown spots off your face? they are not blemishes.?
Whats is the best product to use on the face?
10 points to best answer..?
Do women have hair on their buttocks?
how to i get rid of pimple marks..?
Best Products from Lush?
Hi Guys! did any of you had a rhinoplasty?
I'm thinking about getting my belly button pierced. Anyone know a good place in New Jersey to get it done at?
How can I get rid of these little pimples on my forehead?
can people with fair skin tan?
breast enlargements -Voice of experience needed?
What vitamin / minerals (a) Is beneficial for the heart (b) is good for the skin and anti-aging?
Are lip piercings sexy?
clothes phobia!!?
is TANNING all that bad if you only do it a few times a year?
Should I pierce my ?
Should I wash with soap after swimming?
Black Knees and Elbows (Black Girl)?
Does fake tan cause cancer??
i need help with a lot of body stuff?
Does getting your belly button pierced hurt?!?
How long does it take for finger nails to grow?
Do you reuse towels after showering?
I have a new piercing but it needs to be taken out?
I'm stretching my ears, how would I do this?
should i have thick eyebrows or should i keep them thin?? (((piiiccc)))?
Gauging ears with pinchers...?
Ways to get rid of acne...?
What is your secret to looking young?
which one of these heights can make a girl more attractive?
how do you get the red out of a zit i just popped and now looks terrible.?
Are these real?
what is the best whitening soap in philippines?
So, i have a beauty spot in my eye.?
Why am I incapable of waxing my legs?
i am 14-beautiful, attractive, pretty & all that. but how to walk attractively?
Does having your helix pierced hurt? I have had my lobes pierced fine, will my helix hurt more?
My skin is fragile it will breakout from anything?
How can I remove eye bags?
Eyebrow, Nose, Septum, or monroe? (Pics)?
Ugly, Average, Or Pretty?
Vlcc skincare products?
how long should i wait before i can change my eyebrow peircing?
My cheeks are too full and fat how can I slim them down?
Cleavage enhancing bra??
does the topical aczone also fade acne marks as well as clear it up?
How do you get rid of this?
What face shape do both have? ?
Things to use as plugs/tunnels(not for streching only for jewlery)?
I was think of getting a nose job...?
Do you have to have surgery to get youthful abbs back after having babies?
what is the best skin care product for young adults?
Should I get a belly button piercing when summer starts?
I keep my hair in my face covering my left eye a lot. I'ver noticed a lot of zits are popping up. Why are they?
someone tell me where I should pierce next, 10 points if I get it done?
How do I ask my mom for a NEW shaving razor?
Does putting sunscreen on under tanning oil defeat the purpose?
i bought blackhead scrub, but unsure if its a face cleanser as well.?
Should i get my lip pierced? (pic)?
elizabeth arden visible difference cream?
what is the name of the shaving cream that you don't have to use a razor?
I'm kind of embarrassed to ask.. (prefer girls)?
do you all think?
What happens if you stop using whitening lotion?
Two cartilage piercing at the same time ?
How do we look (pics inside)?
My arms are too big for my body?
Tell us how you got that mark(scar) on your...?
how can i remove moles without sugery's that leave scars... any natural ways?
I have a question...?
How do i get rid of blackheads?
i tan so much and i never seem to be getting darker, why is this?
Why do I come up in spots on my legs after shaving with blade (female)?
how can Iget rid of dark circles under my eyes?
do i have a big nose??
Is it normal for girls to have v lines?
Help! I just got my eyelashes tinted and I don't like it!! Is there any way to remove it?
What's a good product to get rid of my acne?
How often should you exfoliate your face with brown sugar?
How can I make my red stretch marks less noticeable?
Best treatment for a nose kiloid?
Nose Piercing backing and information issue?
Is blood good for your skin? (i.e. bathing in it)?
how to get rid of body hair at a low cost without shaving?
How to get rid of eye wrinkles?
how do i know if my belly button piercing is infected? do I look?
Should i get my nose pierced?
how do you make a landing strip by shaving?
how do i get rid of post acne marks?
how can i stop getting a shaving rash down below?
How to get rid of spots? I've tried everything.?
how do i get cleavage?
How can i remove scars?
girls, i need your help on this one?!?
Oily skin?
I feel so ugly and fat plz just plz read!?
wasnt Ms Nevada simply representing her state by kissing other girls and exposing herself?
I really need help tanning! Please!!?
Are pimples meant to be popped?
Would I suit a lip piercing, a nose piercing or both? (Picture included)?
Skin genetics ? Teen Stretch Marks ?
pimple problem?
Is it okay that I flip my septum piercing up into my nose until it heals?
could you forge a signature for getting your belly button pierced?
Potato can lighten your skin color?
how to get rid of these zits?
anybody with experience of blackheads.?
How much does Cady Groves weigh?
girls with dark hair....?
eye swollen after ear bleeding from industrial piercing ?
Should i get a second ear piercing?
Calling all Deodorant/Anti perspirant Experts?
can rubbing soup on breasts make them stop growing?
How do i make my acne go away?!?
What can I put on this to reduce scarring? Or is it too late?
Pimples, pimples and more pimples?
How long do I need to wait after ear piercing?
How to disguise my piercings?
skin colored bumps on my forehead?
Who can I help hide my stretch marks?
Which has less bad chemicals? - Neutrogena or cetaphil?? and which is best for pimples???
should i go nude?
Would I look good with Ear Gauges?
Is there a way to get rid of strech marks effectivly?
What color are my eyes? (green, hazel)?
suggest some tips for open pores?
how can I whiten my underarms in 3 days? help please?
Can i use coconut oil for underarms? Read Details?
I really want my tounge pierced but my mom said no?
Is it gross if people try on nail polish in stores?
country bunny bath and body?
Is olive oil the same as?
when i use estelle 35 ed my tongue gets blue in colour is it possible?
why is it so perverted?
permanent sleep under eye?
My lips are really, really, really chapped and ive used everything I have, i need some help here!!?
would it be weird if?
Lip piercing? What's wrong with my lip.?
I need exercises to help loose weight off my hips!!!?
is my nose really noticable?
How much would you......... please answer?
What are these items? ( luxurious bath set ) pictures?
Effective spot treatments?
Can you get sick from an infected navel piercing?
is this normal for an ear piercing?
What are those white spots we sometimes get on our fingernails?
What are the best ways of clearing up skin?
is there ayway to get a boobjob under 18?
How can i tell my mom to stop?
Tanning Question?
How to make homemade self-tanning lotion?
my friend wants to pierce my lip..?
Is my belly button terrible?
is steaming opens the pore of oily skin face?
blackhead problem!!!!!?
Why is my belly button piercing skin thinning ?
Do girls like the smell of stetson cologne? on a guy!?
who sells Cabots natural musk oil?
any mauritian on line 2 help me 4 fairness purpose?
How do actresses make.... *PLEASE READ!!*?
I always get zits on the area in btwn my upper lip and my nose, on my nose, and my chest/back what should i do?
is it normal for my belly button piercing to look a little bruised?
I want to use Nair so bad.?
what are exact signs of and infection &..................................pleas… dont judge. if so dont answer.
What facial piercing would suit me ?
When can i change my belly button ring?
best way to clear up
How old do you have to be to get your belly button piercied in england?
Is it unhealthy to burn the hair of your body by a lighter?
what is Epil Smooth and it´s function?
Skin Medica?
how do u get tid of love bites?
what piercing should i get next :-) *pics included*?
How'd I look with a lip ring (pics)?
What exactly does it mean to have hips?
What is the best way to get rid or at least fade stretch marks after having a baby?
Are there any store products that WORK to get rid of stretch marks?
arm n back acne?
Why does my side profile look weird (face)?
Smiling and lines around eyes?
I just got a belly ring the other day and was told to clean it with listerine or scope...any other care info?
I get zits,even though i clean my face everyday.?
Uneven Colored Legs. Solution?
best tanning lotion to use that i can buy in the salon?
Is it safe to get more than one piercing at once?
Septum piercing question!?
How should i make a exfoliating cream with these ingredients?
Do you wear protection goggles when your using an exacto?
suggest me a sun screen lotion brand for men without any side effect?
Do I look more American or more Turkish?
my lips are realllyyy chapped and look horrible!?
acnnnee ?> helppppp!?
I want laser hair removal?
how to get rid of breasts?
How to get rid of spots on my face?
Does it hurt to get your ears pierced?
how to line up my piercing?
Ingrown hairs and scars?
Winter dry skin on face - help??
Best jeans for an apple shape?
Are big ears on a guy unattractive?
Should I get my lip pierced?
Spray tanning questions?
Where could i design my own belly bar?
is there any way to minimise the look of scars?
My tattoo is a bit patchy?
Face creams? Easy 10 points!!!?
What is the best eye gel on the market?
Whats the best way to get rid of Acne Marks?
what are basic tips to keep a skin firm?
thick i have a chance?
Should I get it done or not?
Shoulder blade sticks out big time?
is it possible to wash up in milk?
Do you feel embarrassed when you are naked and around other people?
how do i hide a FRESH tongue piercing from my parents?
my top lips burns help plz?
How Can I Make My Skin MEGA Soft?
Do guys care about breast size?
can i stretch my ears from a 12 gauge to a 8 gauge?
what is the best website to get piercings?
What is the best facial moisturizing cream?
I forgot to put deodorant on today...and now I am stinky at work. Help!?
how do i prevent stretch marks?
Piercing opinion? Which one?
Do I need Facial massage?
Why does my tongue piercing swell more at night?
How do I convince my mom to let me get a piercing?
Navel piercing, small piece of flesh sticking out?
acne n toothpaste?
What do you use to cool down your upper lip after waxing?
Only for girls to answer. And girls please answer fast. Its urgent?
Parents won't let me get a nose piercing?
Dry skin problem...what's causing it?
Can I exercise with a fresh navel piercing?
When I scratch my head I get white creamy Stuff under my nails, What is This?
OK ladies does size really matter? What would consider too small/too big?
all about natrual tanning...?
How to pop zits?
Pro Activ........?
BIORE Preservation...Does it really work?
(women) huge pores on thighs from shaving?
Tongue piercing? Help!?
Cartilage piercing care?
Whats causing the redness and bumps on my face?
Do you have an innie or an outie?
How long should I stay in the tanning bed...?
Would I look good in..............?
Acne/ Acne Scars Problem?
Face Problems to large of pores?
Ear piercing: Left or right (I'm a guy)?
my boyfriends toenails are turning pinkish... why?
What piercing should I get?
WTF is AcneAce!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
what kind of jeans flatter big thighs and big butts?
Should I pop my zits?
whats tonner?
Should I shave my legs?
Would I Suit An Eyebrow Or Lip Piercing??? :DDDD?
I have Blemishes under my hair?
how long do you have to wait?
Do your mom have her cartilage pierced?
Considering laser hair removal?
Piercing for my 12 yr old?
Sugar or oatmeal scrub for at home face exfoliation?
What are some face features that are Japanese?
The right time for a VCH?
Does waxing really cause wrinkles?
how do i make my breasts bigger without getting implants?
Some good beauty products that really work? + evaluation of palmers firming body butter and bio oil?
i want to get my nose pierced soooo badly
I want to get my belly button pierced what are some pros and cons?
How do I cover this up ?
getting your ears pierced??!!!!???????!!!!!!!!!?
Do I have ugly feet, picture included?
Is it ok to mix different brands of men's body wash/ shampoo?
What is an easy way to get rid of whiteheads and blackheads!
According to my measurements what is my body shape?
best face washes that get rid of acne fast?
What foods should I eat in order to get better, healthier skin??
How do i get rid of blackheads?
What to use for dry skin?
What is wrong with my lips ?!?
Should I get my nipple pierced?
My upper body is thinner as compared to my lower body?
Does getting your nose pierced hurt?
Back polishing?
Does clearzine really work?
I just popped my pimples, is there away that I can make the bumps less visible? Makeup not helping?
Can a blowout in your ear get worse even though you've stopped stretching?
Whats up with my face?
How can I get rid of dark spots under my eyes?
What do you think when you see a 14 year old with a belly button piercing?
Is it gay to have a peircing in your right ear even if it's in the upper part?
00g help ? not sure how these work?
After rhinoplasty i got a rash so i used an acne creme withno prescriptions and am peeling like a dinausore ?
How to convince my mom to get my ears pierced!?
nose piercing help??? (quick)?
is this normal??????????10 points?
Preparation H + Saran Wrap?
Help with my acne, please!!! It keeps getting worse!?
How can you get longer nails is a week?
how do you shave down there without it itching?
I need pimples gone NOW?
Tragus piercing is swollen!?
which moisturizer cream is best for my skin?
tanning oil?
is my skin tone black cause I'm tired of being called black when I'm actually half white half arabic?
Oily skin problem?
I have this ring around my nose for some reason..?
my skin id is 14.32.72 did it work out for anyone?
favourite shower gels?
Any thing for dark circles to be removed?
My face seems to be getting puffier?
I am 13 years old and scared to get my ears pierced,?
How to make homemade handwash?
Can i change my nose stud after 3 weeks?
Which CVS products are better than name brands?
I want to pierce my nose on my own, how can I do it?
When can i get a retainer for a cheek piercing?
please help me--girls.?
how long does it last the spot last?
how do you get rid of the "bags" under ur eyes with-out buying anything?
Should i get belly button piercing?
Belly button piercing and kickboxing.?
Where can I get my facial features assessed (I.E if i have high cheekbones and what race I get them from)?
is there ANY way to get bigger booobs, ?
How do I clear my acne?
if u get ur ears pierced will it hurt? (girls only!)
i have lots of acne randomly all over my face. what can i use to get rid of it?
Please Help!!?
I have an oily forehead how can i make it less shink and oily?
Lip Piercings.- Advice and Opinions Please.?
I Just Got My Tongue Done ?
Immediate relief for my HUGE ZIT? HELP?
can Islam cleans their face using a product contains alcohol ?
Boys....what breast size do you find acceptable?
What should I do about my dry hands?
I have really bad skin, huge pores, bad acne along my jaw line, and bad scaring. What should I do?
what are support hose for? Are they helpful for sore feet & legs (I stand on concrete all day - brutal) thanks
Should I get my lip pierced?
Guys what do you like better?
How exactly do you do you steam blackheads??
How to remove the love marks caused by kisses?
tanning issue please help its easy?
THIS is a wierd question but i gotta know!! is it NORMAL when your....?
What brand has the best bar soap for soft, silky, and hydrated skin?
How to get rid of spots Fast ?
The best treatment for eye area?
Can I put clear studs in my fresh piercing? How would it look?
Has Any one Tried MAMA LOTION?
how do you take away the pain of acrylics for a bit?
how to pierce yo ears yourself?
Skinnier Face?
How to fix sweaty armpits?
is it a good idea to pierce ur own nose?
How can I fade my scars?
Does proactiv actually work to get rid of acne?
How can I look older?
how do you get rid of pimples???
Claire's uk piercing!?
I have swollen and dry eyelids?
i have another tanning bed question?
How Do I Convince My Mom To Let Me Get My Nose Pierced?
Do you think tongue piercings are trashy?
how can i wash my face thoroughly?
She doesn't have much shape...................?
should my self pierced ears be sore?
Thinking about a monroe piercing *pics*?
girls only please!?
can i get my ear secretly pierced?
Microdermal Removal with a Solid Anchor?
Should I lose weight?
How do you get rid of brown spots on your face that r caused by being in the sun too much?
14 years old. Tongue or nose pierced?
Do I wash this face cleanser off or leave it on?!?
What should I do with the barbell?
am i a cutter ( ........) ?
Am i Hourglass or Vase Figure?
HELP! need face washes/moisturizers/cleansers to wash skin?!?
What can I do to stop this bad habit of biting my nails....please read information box as well.?
Should I shave my legs the night before or tomorrow?
i have dark circles under my eyes?
what would make my wound heal faster?
Is my belly button piercing healing or infected?
Peach fuzz around my upper lip?
what is skin made out of?
Is There Significance To Piercing Left vs. Right Eyebrow?
Do you have a bad mark on your face? if so what happend?
at what age is it absolutely impossible to look 20?
how to make your body and room feel clean?
What happends if you pierce your lip outside-in and it goes in an up direction?
Belly Button piercing?
What acne products work well on chin pimples?
How can I get rid of this blemish on my chin (DETAILS)?
Smiley Face On Nails Hot Or Not?
Summer sun?
Natural or nude lips?
dark splotches from tan?
Question for Self Tanning?
Can you change your nose to any shape with a nose job?!?
Do grls find eyebrow / lip piercings hot?
Darkness above and under mouth?
brazillian wax?
Is there any way to make a woman's breasts larger without gaining weight, using pills, or having surgery?
Which womans deodorant works the best?
don't know the help?
Help?!?! Please answer ASAP!!?
is a slimming pills is good for a 12 yr old child?
how to rid scars?
question about my VOICE (DEEPNESS)?
Alright people, just trying to prove a point to my boyfriend (body image).?
If I dont shave my legs for a couple of days and try to go layout...?
What hurts more, a lip piercing or your ear getting pierced or getting your blood drawn?
After u save ur avatar, what next?
What works better on itching caused by mild sunburn?
do you wear underwear??
What does it feel like to get a third earlobe piercing?
When out of Shaving cream, is it alright to use ice cream?
I have PE (physical education.) After that class, my face feels disgusting. What do you suggest I do...?
How much money should I save up for? ?
My perfume doesn't stay?
I'm 14 and already have laughing lines!?
Do you think i would look boring?
Can my ears heal properly with acrylic tapers?
Why won't the swelling in my lip piercing go down?
what happen's if you like a boy but den you like an other boy but there both leadin you on ???
which is the best soap for men?? (available in India!)?
how to tell difference between razor burn/bumps or ingrown hairs?
Is it gay for a man to win fake tan?
Can Vitamin E help me get clear, smooth skin? (and get rid of acne)?
sun tanning-heading to the beach this wkend?
vlcc skincare products?
Do you think it is unfeminine that I don't shave my legs or armpits?
Does Clinique acne treatment work?? If not what works the fastest and the best?!?!?
one of my boobs is bigger than the other ?
ANY1 USE nair?
Will it be painful to get my lip pierced?
What kind of piercing is this?
Are St Tropez self-tanners worth spending extra money on? ?
Deformed nails. Help!?!?
sun spots?
Does Dove Energy Glow soap make you tanner?
With this piercing what type of ring do i use?
how do u get rid of black or bags under your please?
I want a new piercing?
Is my belly button piercing rejecting?
i've got very dry, small spots(sometimes red and itchy) on my cheeks.?
I recently started feeling pain where my belly piercing is and I don't understand why?
So like is this noticble?
how can i get rid of the pimples and spots on my face ?
how can you get rid of a scar ASAP?
Is waxing worth it?
Please suggest me good herbal medicine & natural beauty courses ?
what have I done now?
Whenever I sweat, will my sunscreen come off?
Brazilian wax does it hurt?
Oily skin face wash?
how do i get rid of redness in a wrinkle in my forehead?
Should this be removed..or does this make me have an "unique look"?
Ever been to a tanning salon?
What is my skin complexion?
Where can I get a pedicure in San Francisco at night?
Why Has My Skin Started Going Really Dry Even Though i Put Facecream On Every Day & Night?
Help please on piercing?
How do you get rid of the dark circles under your eyes?
How to convince my parents to let me get a belly button piercing?
i suffer from acne i am 14 and have a girl friend, she say it doesnt matter but i know it does any1 have tips?
Do they sale triple forward helix jewelry sets?
How can I get rid of my slightly dark knuckles?
ugh. i hate looking at my self up close. SKIN! HELP!?
Need some advice about a clit piercing.?
I just got my hips pierced?
Achieving this skincolor on an NW20 who burns easily?
How do I get rid of my acne?
ladies, what is the best part of ur body that u love the most?
Will Botox Reduce Redness?
okay, stupid question but....?
Dry, ed, winter-worn feet. HELP!!!?
Alternative products for skinID?
Naturally skinny! What do I do to pack some pounds?
Black Head eraser?? best one.....?
What is your opinion on double pierced ears on a female?
self esteem? self consciousness?
Oatmeal and honey, bad to put on skin weekly?
How can I have brighter and glowier skin, without makeup?
which of these heights do you prefer in a girl?
Any good breast butter/lotion?
Lemon juice vs. freckle?
HOw do i get rid of acne nothing seems to work for me?
Is 14 a young age to get a belly piercing?
Is tehre any wya to make cheek bones seem lowe/smaller/ not so round?
What are your thoughts on tanning?
which parts of your body..?
What can I do to get rid of my acne fast!?
Ear Stretching question.?
What is wrong with my underarms? PLEASE HELP!?
skin help...?
how can i remove moles without sugery's that leave scars... any natural ways?
If i wore a black shirt on a sunny day will I still get sunburned?? Chest/Shoulders??
does cocoa butter lighten stretch marks?
Is there a certain age you have to be to get a chemical peel?
What side of the nose does the noce piercing go?
How do I get rid of a fat lip ? - Pleeease Help! :(?
what's it like getting/ having neck dermals?
can black people get sunburnt?
is there anyone who doesnt have stretch marks after having children??
I am 50 years old, and still have some bad acne scars.?
Do indoor tanning bed lotions with bronzers work in the natural sun as well?
My underarms constantly smell and i constantly sweat?
do surface piercings leave scars?
whut do u think of her body?
How can i be curvier?
Is there a way to make my lips red again?
I want to get my neck pierced ?
I'm goin to git mi tongue pierced does it hurt? How long does it take 4 it 2 heal?
How do you prevent razor rash/bumps in bikini area?
The Proactiv Refining Mask? Will It Work Alone?
My ear peircing hurts!! 6 years old!?
Which piercing do you prefer?
Is there something wrong with freckles?
Are my legs to big to wear these shorts? ?
im very pale, and starting to become self conscious about it?
when you use proactive does it burn your skin?
A question on certain dry?
Can anyone recommend a really good hand cream please?
Its been 13mos and my belly piercing will not heal.what do i do?
Dry skin, help please :) *10 PTS*?
Is there something wrong with freckles?
How to get ear piercing EVEN?!?????????????????????
Stretching my ears from 2g to 0g?
Any way of making a living just doing facials?
im goin 2 get a second hole in my ear does it hurt?
Should I get a nose job [Im 14]?
I have pimples alll the time! help?!?
How should i clean my derm roller?
Best piercing place for belly button in Milwaukee Wisconsin?
Piercing suggestions?
am i normal?
What kind of excersises does Miley Cyrus do?
Where are places in Maine where you can get Proactiv?
Going to the DERMATOLOGIST tomorrow? Will it help my acne? please answer.?
I Have Dark Circles under my Eye. Please help me get rid of it. Suggest me some home made stuffs if possible.?
I've started getting spots. what product would work ?
How do I get rid of teenage acne? any good brands?
How do you keep your lips from getting really red?
i got my nose pierced about 6 months ago in the 19th of this month is it ok to change it?
Will baby powder work as well as deodorant if you don't sweat much?
At home remedies for Acne.. anyone?
Dark circles under my eyes?
Can i get another ear piercing after ive had otoplasty (ears pinned)?
Cartilage Piercing ? Help ?
Has Anyone Tried The Black Opal Products ?
Girls, what is your initial reaction when you take your shoes off after a long day?
Such a horrible acne problem! I FEEL SO UGLY! Help me please!?
Am I too fat to be wearing a bikini?
has anybody gotten their cartilage pierced at the piercing pagoda?
hey ppl...please reply...hw 2 remove dark spots 4m d face..?
how can i size up without tapers?
OMG HELP. I've started to wax my legs, but i'm to scared to pull the strip off . What do i do? NEED HELP .
How Can I Get Six Pack?
How to get rid of a zit.
sweat stains...........................?
Tanning at a tanning bed without eye protection?
can i use any type of dial soap for my belly piercing?
i have blackheads (spots )on my nose how to rermove em permenently?
Did Proactiv work for you?
Is dark skin pretty? compared to white skin?
How to shave your underarms without irritation?
this is really embarrassing so girls only pleaseee. helpp!?
`* at-home facial????
what are the benefits of waxing over shaving?
What products would you not be able to live without?
I am wanting to go to the tanning bed for the first time.?
Implantation bleeding??
Why do i scar so easily?
How do I get rid of the dark stuff under my eyes?
are acne scars ugly?
How long does it take Jergens Natural Glow to fade completly?
How can I get rid of this blemish on my chin (DETAILS)?
Does Proactiv really work?
do you think i need to bulk up my legs abit?
Can i use diaper rash cream as aftershave ?
Horribly dry skin! HELP!! PLEASE!?
What is the age requirement for piercing your tongue?
Info about eyebrow threading?
embarrassing question about lady parts...? We need help?!?
Does anyone know what stores sell emu oil? Like Wal Mart of CVS?
Did I f*** up my eyebrow piercing?
I wanna tan but I've got no tanning oil?
I am 33 years old and still get pimples, my skin is extremely oily. What is the best product to control?
My hair is too greasy when i don't wash it but to dry when i do?
how to get a hot body ready for vacation?
Tounge piercing hole has sliced a bit as if ive catched it and its opened more?
My septum piercing...?
Getting Scars On Face?
Please help! Braces and bulimia?
I just got my belly button pierced! Is this normal?
Is washing one's face feminine?
my lips tend to get ed. but it tends to get ed on the corners of my lips how can i get rid of it?
F0r ppl who have KP only?!?
Will Lemon Juice with a little water mixed in help my scar?
Once you get your tragus pierced, can you still give blood?
Why are there bumps on the nails?
Can't look at myself in the mirror?
Interested in a poll about women and shaving?
does it hurt getting ur bellybutton done??
Does your food diet affect zits on your face?
A weird way to prevent pimples... should I do it?
How can I get a better figure?
How can i (a male) get rid of the bags under my eyes? even temporarily?
how do you get rid of razor burn scars?
which celebrity has the hottest booty?
Can your nose get smaller as you age?
Tragus piercing info?
should I get breast implants?
skin peel v microdermabrasion?
piercing clamps/foreceps! help me!?
Why do my eyes burn at random times?
are there any home made body permamnent?
How do I get a sun tan without going to the beach in one day?
how do you make your nails healthier?
what to do about blackheads an oily skin?
Can I wear a bikini?
I want a Brazilian wax but I've never had a wax in that area. Should I work my way up or go for the gold?
do guys prefer big or small breast?
I put on an Avacado and Mint Face Mask - it smelled so good, I tasted it - alot. Do you think I'll get sick?
Should i get my lip....(Picss!)?
Need help fast! How can I hide a hickie on my neck the size of quarter in 3 hours?
What is the fastest way to get rid of an acne scar?And how long will it take?
What is the best way 2 shave with a razor(gillette) and mimimize razor but to none. is there a home remedy?
Does epiduo really work?
Is shaving my arms normal?
Tanning????? Girls I'm 13 (girl) help?
changing your tragus piercing?
Do I have an ear "blowout" from stretching my ears?
Will vasaline make my red spots on my face go away?
Is it better to get your ears pierced with a gun or a needle?
who do boys prefier....?
how can i drain the blood from my ear lobe? (stretched 8g)?
What is the best acne treatment?
Did I ruin my skin by tanning?
what do you put on your face to make it look nicer and clearer?
what can i do with my big breasts?
Dark circles under eyes! help plz?
Where in malaysia can i buy jojoba oil,trilastin cream,stripeptin,fair and lovely antimark cream?
I have a question about using honey on your face?
Why is one of my lip rings moving so much?
What is the best treatment for unwanted wrinkles between the eyebrows, & where in Nth Brisbane? Botox etc.?
Is this a good size?
will my skin ever get use to being shaved?
Questions about Using tapers.?
how to convince my parents in to letting me get a tragus piercing?
Im 13 and tanning? Please Answer?
Does anyone know a good place in Oxford for me to get my ears pierced?