how can i convince my mom to let me...?
If i use AMBI fade cream can i put it..?
Why don't I have big boobs?
how much does laser freckle removal cost to remove freckles from the face?
am i going to get a blow out? ear stretching?
i Just got my ears pierced its still burning is it suppose to do that?
How to get rid of bikini area red bumps after shaving?
Dermablend/alternative to cover body acne?
My Cuticle grows over my nail?
When will my lip piercing start to swell?
what mouthwash to use if you've just gotten a tongue piercing?
Should I get a septum piercing?
Does microdermabrasion or facial peels benefit lines around the eye?
Where Can I get my Tragus pierced with a gun?
Clean & Clear Advantage Oil-Free Acne Moisturizer?
What do people prefer? Skinny or Cuvy?
How do I dye or bleach pubic hair?
How do I get cheeks like that?
My lips are red and inflamed?
WIll this damage to piercing?
i have a huge pimple next to my nose & this saturday is my birthday party! how do i get rid of it fast?!?
Proactive Help.........?
best sunless tanning lotion?
What Side Do You Get Your Monroe Piercing On?
Bump on front of cartilage piercing...?
Can this remove Cellulite !?
Does regauging your ears damage your earlobe?
do u think im uglyy? check out pics?
how much evening primrose oil is safe to take for acne? 3000mg?
Laugh lines around mouth/smile lines or whatever, onlyy a teen? please help :(?
AHH please help me!!?
how can i get rid of the nasty tiny dry pimples on my upper arms?!?
dark circles under eyes?
Any tips on treating sunburns?
Can I leave my tapers in for today?
Cartlidge piercing??? Girls HELP!!!?
Should I use Proactive?
Is this my final breast size ?
Lip piercing?
What is the best acne fighting face wash?
adams apple on girls?
Boys ear piercing?
Please Help Me I'm 15 years old and i Shaved my Private Area and it hurts when I do movments HELP PLS?
streching ears, taping method?
What are some effective acne treatments?
i need help ! shaving problem with legs ?
Other alternatives for Noxima?
do u like tongue peircings?
AnyOne knows of any products good for combination skin?
How to get rid of razor bumps?
Are these symptoms after peircing your belly button yourself okay?
When I steam my face I get really bored?
How to get rid of zits?! ASAP!!?
i go back to school in a few days and i have some spots/pimples - how can i get rid of them fast and in time ?
WHATS the best wax for at home brazillian waxes?? 10 points?
My face is always red?
Is it okay to take out my nose piercing after 2 weeks?
i just got my tongue pierced?
What should i get pierced?
Is my belly button piercing infected?
How to get rid of ice and cold challenge bruse?
I wish to get rid of my beer gut is lipo the best way to go and what happens to the exsess skin?
Got the worst BO after I used Tom's of Maine deodorant! Help!?
How can I get tanner?
Does egg mask help reduce redness left from previous pimples?
Why do my scars look light pink and not white?
Oh no!!! Dark circles?!?! =O?
Sickness after piercings?
Shaving question??
What are the benefits of Vitamin E oil?
Getting my nose pierced in a few days.. advice not to be nervous?
What Aloe Vera Gel is the best?
at what age is it absolutely impossible to look 20?
Do zit zappers like the Zeno Hot Spot really work?
How many of you all, right now....?
How to get rid of acne?
How do I prevent my lips from becoming chap all the time?
Is there any way i can make myself appear shorter?
best hair removal techniques?
If I burn, Is it possible for me to get a tan?
body wraps?
what do you think about my body?
Is my nose big??? + pic included?
Why do boys have bumpy throats?
does dermatix helps lighten old face scars?
Does that lotion that claims to make the hair on your legs less apparent really work?
With a healed tongue piercing, can you eat anything?
What face shape do I have?
Should I use sunscreen under tanning oil?
Anyone else have exma what works for you ive tried everything been to every doc nothing works?
do you think its wrong for a thirteen year old to have a tounge piercing?
How do I keep my henna tattoo last?
Is it natural to have smile lines at 17?
Hylexin Useful? Safe?
toooooooo embarresed help!!!!!!?
how to get rid of spots?
Which brand moisturizer & body lotion are best ?
does it hurt to get your bellybutton pierced?
Not allowed to shave!! :O?
I need a tan. Tanning bed or spray?
What would be the perfect nickname for....?
What is the Best face wash?
Why does my face feel weirdly dry after using benzoyl peroxide?
neck rash?
How can I use self-tanner without streaks ?
What is your opinion on boobs?
whats the best deoderant for a female?
what a girl should do in her 20's to reduce wrinkles and other age effects in her future life?
navel piercing question?
which piercing hurts less?
looking for personal care products face cream?
what's your favorite part of the body?
anyone else with a nipple ring? or maybe a "hood" piercing?
Helix Piercing and Soccer?
For one night (formal) would a spray tan or sun bed be better?
long face,long nose but i want to straight bangs!?
How often shall I use Hand Cream and why??
how old do you think you should be to have it pierced?
in the winter, my hands get really dry?
What hurts worse when getting your tongue pierced?
need HELP ASAP please ?!?
Can I still make an ear tunnel?
14 years old.... REALLY want a tongue piercing!!?
Does it hurt kissing after getting your nose pierced?
does this girl have big thighs?
What are some ways to get rid of dark circles under the eyes?
New pimple - can I pop it with needle?
How do I get rid of acne in 2 weeks?
Cool Citris Basil from Bath and Body Works?
do ears age? do they wrinkle? i was just sitting here when i thought to my self i do not think i have seen any
Which do you prefer? Tan skin or pale skin?
does nivea cellulite cream work ?
Does ProActive really work?
can i use a reg hoop lip ring on my monroe?
What's the best face moisturizer?
help with breast size ?? ?
What is the best tanning lotion to use?
I have super big boobs.....?
I'm scared about my boobs!?
Are Bare Mineral Products sold in stores???????
my eyes feel stingy whenever i apply lotion on my face, any recommendation for other moisturizer?
Threading upper lip? Opinions and advice?
I am 5'7", is that short?
how much do breast implants usally cost?
.Acne problem please someone answer.?
Female Genital Piercings?
How long does it take for a belly piercing to heal?
Anyone currently using the NONO product? Is it worth buying? Feedback please.?
Is waxing worth it?
Flaky skin on my face?
is there a podiatrics in Manila, Philippines? old do i look?
how can i reduce the redness in a pimple in just a few hours?
Is olay regenerist deep hydration regenerist cream good for me?
stuck double flared wooden plugs?
which foods are good for preventing acne?
how to unclog pores, easy s?
how do you get rid of blackheads???
Going from a 2g to a 0g?
what do you think of spirit perfume by antonio banderas?
Cleaning my navel ring?
What works best to clear scars?
Will vasaline make my red spots on my face go away?
Excessive dead skin problem. ...At least I think that's what it is.?
Do you think these girls are beautiful?
Can your lips get bigger?
how to make a zit go away?
Im 14 an have smile lines an chapped lips, would drinking water help them go away?
When you get your cartilage peirced....?
how to rid my skin of scars?!?
How to remove dark circles?How are they caused?
I'm 5'4 and 13.. is that tall?
What is the electric razor right now?
Pueraria Mirifica info?
I've had acne for many years and can't seem to get rid of them.?
How to change my apparence?
Will skipping every meal but Dinner help me loose weight?
Why am I getting acne where I didn't used to?
I have 2 questions about getting you're ears pierced can you help me?
What acne treatment will work for me?
Would this piercing look good?
about every so often the bottom of my lip turns black plz help?
What is the worst tattoo you've ever seen?
Is this a good idea or does it damage my skin?
How to remove scars!?
what is my mom's best and worst feature? her on left?
problems with nose piercings and runny noses?
Where can I find legit websites for financing cosmetic surgery with bad/no credit?
if i don't wear a bra what color shirt should i wear?
Do any of the methods or products used to remove under eyes wrinkles really work?
skin care order?
What is the average size of a belly piercing when first done? (14g, 16g?)?
how can i get get smaller boobs?
How can I get my face to look less flushed?
I have dark circles and puffiness and have extremely sensitive skin. Please suggest under eye creams (cost).?
what does gel nail polish do?
i had my belly pierced before but it got infected and i have an ugly scar do you think i can still get it done?
Belly Piercing - Is this normal?
I'm self conscious about myself?
What is the best acne treatment?
Whats the perfect bra size?
every girls nightmare!!?
how can i get my skin back to normal?
18 years old with brown spots under eyes?
How to make my fist as strong as steel that i can destroy walls?
Does a dermatologist clear , even , and lighten my skin tone ?
Body mod for a 13 year old?
Why is my nose ring sinking?
I got my moles removed via lazer, however the scab fell off early is it going to scar?
How do I get the purple under my eyes to go away?
Do you use deodorant on a regular basis during winter months?
whats the difference?
What helps your skin stop peeling on your feet?
Do I look anime to you?
How to stop toliet paper balls is my wohaaaa?
Piercing ideas:/ help!!!?
Does the twist n roll work?
is pale skin beautiful? or is tan better?
washing ur face with COLD OR HOT water????? what is better cold or hot?
Help!!!!! My body!!?
hmm .. proactiv?! help?
Fake Bake - I have been told no to apply to my face, where do I stop?
What do you think about the shape and appeal?
When should I change my ear piercing?
Tongue piercing healing?
Does lemon juice really help acne and lighten your complexion?
How do I pierce my nose?
which industrial bar do you like better? [picture included]?
Signs of eyebrow piercing migration/rejection?
I'm a 30 yr male with bad dark circles under the eye. How can I reduce the darkness without using makeup?
Will aspartame make me go blind?
How can I get rid of a pimple overnight?
What do you do to make yourself look younger?
does it hurt having your belly button pierced?
Which of these 2 girls is prettier?
IAM 18 OLD BOY IAM FROM KERALA how to remove red pimbles on my face?
tanning...then shaving??
MAD depression - My skin is starting to look bad; oily skin with pores beginning to MULTIPLY?
My skin texture and skin tone is horrible what are my options and is their anything organic I can use?
my son who is 13 is gettin a lot of spots whats the best stuff i can get for spots?
best whitening product to get rid of freckles & dark spot?
my boobs hurt and are sensative i don't have my period and nothings wrong with them?
baking soda w/ calamansi can whiten dark underarms?
Millennium's Paint it Black vs. Designer Skin's Obsidian?
if i smear **** in my face will it get rid of pimples?
Why am I so pretty? I have a great body and it's truly amazing. But it's so wierd, my friend is UGLY AS POOP!
until school ends i start to smell sweaty like i just worked out..?
Help with the neutrogena wave face cleanser?
What facial piercing to get next (pics)?
Help under eye problem?
Do you have a birthmark?
Do I look geeky? Honest Opinions please.?
where can i find herbal essence body wash?
how do i get rid of my back acne ?
What deodorant is the best?
how can i tan quick from the sunbeds i am really pale and what lotion can i get to help me???
I want to get my belly button pierced but In the next few weeks after it I would be swimming alot. Is this ok?
Do I have oily or dry skin?
what is the best thing to put on sunburn?
I usually get my eyebrows shaped at the beauty parlor. Now I want to do them myself. What's the procedure?
Where do I get Nivea self-tanning lotion in hong kong?
What are oils good for?
If you have an adam's apple will you still grow?
How to get rid of large pores on legs?
I take showers once every two weeks?
I have tried almost every over- the- counter acne medicine and nothing works. What can I use to lose my acne?
My boobs are too big for me?
how long before you can walk or sit down after having liposuction on the buttocks?
I really want one more piercing what should I get ?
does getting ur belly pierced hurt ?
What causes that black ring around a finger wearing a 14 carat gold ring?
I asked my mom..?
Is it just me or does Clothing Look BETTER on Tan Skin?
Bumpy rash/reaction to burning my skin with acne cream?
How do I get rid of dark circles around my eyes?
has anyone tried "mark The Body Squad Butt Fixing Cream"?
what is the best way to get rid of acne?
What are some tips on getting square plugs in?
Help me improve my Appearance? What should I do?+10?
What color Is her hair???/?
What are good products to even out a cyclist tan?
Bikini Wax?
Body Butter question?
What are good products to get rid of oil on face/pimples?
How can i get a tan without burning?
How do you get rid of stretch marks?
what the age to pierce ur tongue?
Does titanium body jewelry contain nickle?
would a series of facials help with cystic/severe acne?
How to use h20 ocean spray for belly piercing?
How old do you think I am (pic included)?
if you are under 18 do you need to have your parent present while getting a piercing?
Can u answer my question?
I'm 13 I want my bellybutton pierced am I too young.?
Why is my mouth dark,where my lips meet?
are my ears too big?...?
How much do I look like I weigh?
can i go swimming in the sea the day that i get my belly button pierced ?
how good is st tropez sunless tan lotion?
Would it be a terrible idea to have one beer before getting a labret piercing?
Does getting your lip pierced hurt?
Issues with my lip piercing?
girls only help me plz??
sexual abuse, help.!?
how to develop my breast?
I just got my labret pierced any tips for the healing process?
Suddenly broke out really bad on my face and back, please help D:?
I have open pores on my face that resulted from acne. How do i get rid of them? How will i make them disappear
What can a 13 year old girl do to avoid pimples and black heads?
Please help with my skincare routine? Product recommendations?
3 simple questions about industrial piercing?
what part of the body do you like most in man?
Is it normal for boys to sleep without tops?
What do I do Help Here i wANT LOTS OF answers!?
Is having freckles a bad thing?
Purple lines on my thighs?
Is long term use of benzoyl peroxide bad for your skin?
Dahlia or cheek piercings?
Hi,this is my main prblem regardng shaving my pussy,its really a tough and very difficult job?
Help im white n pitite... my fiance love thick latin women?
How do you pierce your own belly button?
Is Pedicure for.....................................…
How to dress a rectangle-ish body shape?
at what age should I start doing my daughters eyebrows?
calling all 12 , 11,13, and 14 year old girls????????????????
how can i get rid of "dark circles" or "bags" from under my eyes?
Girls only please. Girly problem.?
does belly button peircings hurt?
What should I do about my ear piercings?
How can i stop biting my nails?
what kinda septum bar / ring is this?
Do you feel embarrassed when you are naked and around other people?
do you know a super quick remedy for dry skin ?
my face is dull no shine please give me some tips to make my face attractive?
Fake Bake Lotion, Peeling & the smoothie. Whats your viewes & advices on that product?
how can i get rid of stretch marks?
What piercing should I get? A cartilage or 3rd hole?
Has anyone ever sucked your toes before?!?!?
I am trying to apply kojiglo gel under my eyes...will this gel be helpful for me to remove the dark circles?
Which one matters most..?
I just got my monroe piercing done roughly a week ago. There is little blood is that ok?
Period question: girls only?
Should i go to swimming this Saturday or not?
tanning help?
Is 82cm hips too wide?
Why are my lips so big. It sux?
do i have a big forehead?
so embarrassing! help please...?
How long does it take for ear piercing to close?
how much does the proactive product costs??
where can I get sandalwood power in montreal?
what is the sexiest piercing for a girl to get?? and wots the ugliest?
Shaving? Please help fast!?
Do You Think I need To Lose Weight?
What are the pros and cons of getting an anti-eyebrow microdermal?
Does anyone know where i can get a really cheap pop up spray tanning booth from for under $100 dollars?
who has the sexiest boob sin the world now?
Cartilage piercing? Were to get it done at?
guys, what pericings do you like on girls?
keloid?? hypertrophic scarring?? or what?? helpppp please!!!?
what is a good age to get your belly button pierced?
Pierced ear problem!!!! I need solution ASAP PLEASE!?
is this true???
What to put on super chapped lipes?
Problems with gauging my ear....please help?
How long after you get your belly button pierced will it hurt?
I want to be an do you get rid of acne?
Wat methods of creams will work 2 lighten skin in sensitive regions?
Do guys like tall girls in 8th grade?
Why do people shave their legs? It is taking away from NATURAL beauty?
m 20 and hav brown moles on my their any solution????
Big lips??
Neutrogena Skin ID Help?
What is the best kind of jewelry to get when you have a VCH piercing?
what are the best body massage oils?
My kinerase lotion has an expiration date of 1/06---can I still use it?
Sudden Acne Breakouts?! Please help!?
White spots on my face?
am i pretty? i need some stait foward ppl.?
Get A Tan In Michigan?
I'm 13 and i'm getting stretch marks.?
What is a good organic moisturizer for normal skin that does not clog pores???
I NEED TO LOSE WEIGHT!!!pls help. i'm going to Maui in 2 months and i REALLY need to lose 45 pounds!!!!!!!!!
How to find out what uniforms are washed with?
where can i find concha nacar de perlop night cream?
beauty tip advice plz?
Labret and or nose piercing?
Tanning Lotion?
best hair removal techniques?
I'm twelve years old and want my belly button pierced?
I want to get a nose job?
I have saved ALOT of earwax, and have made a candle out of it, but it smells funny, can anyone tell me why????
Can climate affect eye colour?
You are what you eat...not true!?
Dark underarms please help! solution needed?
Will my nose always look big?
What piercings do you have?
Whats wrong with my sister?
how do u test tat ur boy friend really loves u?
how do people like this i recon its disgusting (pics)?
whay are my cheeks allway so red?
Can u change from a lip ring to a snake bite?
Why did I get goose bumps, even though I was boiling?
Best facial wash for my skin?
Question for experienced women. (Sizes)?
My acne treatment is ending. Should I change to Proactiv or stick to my original products?
Is Johnson baby product organic?
facial hair??????????????
How do I get rid of an uncomfortable skin problem?
@ wat age did u start getting pimples?
how do u make a fake hickey?
how do i get rid of my pimples i've tried acne washes!?
Is this boy cute/hot/attractive?
is vaseline a good moisturizer?
how do you make perfume long lasting?
Will I be able to tan if I apply sunscreen?
Why do people prefer tanned skin to pale skin?
homemade wax?
sex toy party?
whats a good place to get ready made lootbags in canada?
Any Good facewashes at local stores?
Nose Piercing Infected?
What is the best sunless tanner to use to get the quickest results?
I want to get my earlobes pierced.... should I get it done with a gun or a needle?
Removing Brownish Bumps from legs?
Im going to the beach this week so i wanna know if ....?
anyone know how to cure really bad sweaty smelly feet?
How to get rid of acne? ?
Does a nose piercing hurt?
How do I get rid of shaving cuts?
How do i make my thighs thinner?
my skin is HORRIBLE. heeeelp!?
Does these sizes make any sense?
how do you get rid of dark circles under your eyes?
any body recommend botox for lines on the forehead?
Why do i feel so ugly, and fat? it because i am?
Should i get my belly button pierced?
Do I sound fat?
Boots No 7 Total Renewal Micro dermabrasion?
best way to get rid of acne?
can i get a piercing over a scar?
magiclear or neostrata?
care of the skin in winter?
Ear piercing infection, maybe?!?
Did your cartilage piercing give you any headaches?
Shaving after laser hair removal?
Skinvitals, A-whiten mask, FADING FRECKLES. Can anyone help me?
should i let my daughter wear make up and get her nose pierced she is 12?
How can i smell good?
How to get rid of whatever this is on my face? (White head, cyst, wart, random bump??)?
Help Jolen bleach cream?
Ways to get rid of acne?!?
What birth control makes your boobs grow and can you get it at 14 in the uk without parental consent?
Self re-pierce belly button..?
Would i look ok with a septum piercing?
What do you think of the new and improved scent of Johnson's bedtime lotion and wash?
wanna gain some weight?
Pubic hair - does your boyfriend expect you to shave it all off?
Would I look good with a lip ring?
How far do you go for your health and aesthetic?
am i fat???
Double-pierced ears age?
Lipo dissolve on face?
Lightening cream for hyperpigmentation..?
What should i do to improve my appearance(Pics Included)?
Is my cartilage piercing infected?
how do i make a fruit face ?
My eyebrow hairs are really long..?
Curling iron burn ON MY FACE! At home remedy?
what does uv free tanning bed mean?
I have large cystic pimples and my hairs are thin and falling.?
What will happen if i change my whole skincare routine?
Beauty question! Were can i buy hard wax for bikini area, and what are tips to avoid those icky red bumps?
On a scale of 1-10 how bad does it hurt getting your belly button pierced?
what type of face wash do you recommended?
How to get silicone stretcher in ear?
Ive had my eyebrow pierced for 2 years and the piercing fell out, how long will it take to close?
Self Piercing?
Should I get my nosed pierced or not?
would a nose peircing look okay?
Girls unhappy with their breasts...?
Do you like the smell of vanilla?
Should i get my ears pierced?
get taller????
Please help!!!!!!! even if it has already been answered, as much help as i can get!!!!!! keep answering guys X?
HELP!! my belly ring top skin got split in two by accident!!?
Nose Piercing? (pic included)?
Are my shoulders too broad?
how 2 remove the stretch marks from the body...which is due to loss of weight?
How can you get rid of stretch marks?
little dot on my led after shaving?
I have a huge zit... wat do i do?
is zinc good for acne?
does that garnier nutritioniste skin renew face cream work?
♥Where can I find coconut oil in TX?
Is this a good way to tan?
How to get rid of blackhead,whitehead,and acne...quickly?!?
tanning moisturizers?
I really want a nose job?
Trying to dim down a cut?
how do u get a natural tan the easiest way?
Help! Would this skin regime work?
hand rash, ?dermatitis? eczema??
how do you make pimples go away?
do you think im to tall?
what helps razor bumps?
Please, I'll do ANYTHING. How can I make my boobs bigger?
How many guys think nose piercing are hot?
How long can I take my Industrial piercing out for?
Answers from females pls?
Has anyone ever sucked your toes before?!?!?
what is the meaning of COOP? Nobody answers this in Education category?
Washing hands after applying self-tanner?
will this save me money or am i wasting money?
Ladies, what would you want....?
How can I hide a lip piercing from my crazy madre???
family reunion in 5 weeks, enough time to get light tan? how much will it cost for 2, 8 min sessions a week?
how can u get really tan?
How to hide a monroe piercing?
Well, im pretty pale and i was wondering how long it would take to get a dark tan if i lay out in the sun?
Back acne! PLEASE HELP!?
My face is really dry and flaky?
Should I get my nose pierced? PICTURES?
Bare or Bush "Down There"?
Three new pimples the day before prom?
Where should I go to get my ears pierced?
Piercing navel with sewing needle?
Is my butt too big?!?!?!(pics included)?
should you get your ears pinned back if your ears are big?
What is your take on spay tans?
lip piercing questions?
Which site is the real Sun Labs Self Tanner?
tongue piercing + alcohol?
how to get a tan without being in danger?
Can people eyes really change color? I don't believe it.?
Went to beach for two weeks and my blemished face cleared up, was it the salt air?
What facial piercing should i get? (PICS!!)?
i look totally different from both sides of my face?
Is my penis too big?
I just got my ears pierced. How do I stop myself from touching them all the time?
Has anyone tried Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula?
I am thinking of having my lips enlarged?
proactive user stories.?
I have really large pores on my nose...?
i pierced my lip , how do i tell my parents ?
my poor poor.....pores?
My nose looks terrible from side view!?
I want to avoid wrinkles when Im older,,?
how do i get rid of these cus they hurt like alot?
Does Blemish Complex Kit really work?
ProActive is the worst thing I have ever tried...any regrets for any of you?
How do u get ur eyebrow pierced?
I got my tragus pierced and never cleaned it was it just an infection or a keloid?
What is a good bleaching cream for black skin for dark spots?
Differin XP - skin care routine?
How long after u get you cartilage pierced can u go swimming and is it in one ear or two? ps im a girl?
please help ! THAANKS?
Any Remedies 2 make face look WHITER???? PLEASE HELP!?
What would be a good tanning lotion to use from Tropi Tan?
HELP- surface piercing underneath navel using straight bar!?
Ear Piercing Plug Help?
getting rid of stretch marks and cellulite?
i need hair trim around bikini area [ for woman ] what type of MC can i use?
Does olay body wash have a 3 ounce bottle?
Snake eyes piercing infected!! What should i do?
How does Olay Smooth Finish Duo Work.?
Should I get my tonuge pierced?
Whats the worst that could happen by getting your bellybutton peirced? ?
Trying to lose 20 pounds.. please help!?
Good sun protectors ?
how do u get a tan in a week?
Okay...So I have stubble down there...?
Where is the cheapest place on-line to buy strivectin SD?
tongue piercing or industrial?
Do tears do this? is this true?
if a woman of the age of 30 takes estrogen?
What can i do to fix my skin?
Should a 24 year old girl get a lip piercing or no?plzzz answer?
Dark brown hand, legs and back? Home remedies?? Good ones?
Oily face!? :( my face is always freaking oily.. :'( Help?
Can I exercise with a fresh navel piercing?
Can someone tell me if this is an infection on my new ear piercing PLEASEE?
Cartilage piercing questions?
im 15 and not circumcised. Is that weird?and do girls not like that?
I feel so fat?
How can i loose 10-20 lbs FAST?
How can I clean walnut dye from my fingers?
How do you get rid of blackheads really quickly?!?
cleaning dark ankles and knees?
another proactive question....?
will the bump in my lip from my labret piercing go away?
One for the men??? Curvey or skinny??
Do you think my cartilage was pierced in the right spot? [pics]?
looking too skinny ????????
Pimples under breast?
My face looks like a pizza :(?
Black/Hispanic Beauty Question: Good facial skin care products?
Should i get Proactiv?
Suggestions for Facial Moisturizer?
Piercings? Girls?
What is a good lotion to use for rubbing one out?
I got my belly pierced 2 weeks at a day ago?
How well does proactive work?
What do I do when older boys/ men look at me and say wow! your have big breasts?
how do i clean my eye brows & eye lashes?
Can you become addicted to tanning?
Skin treatment website?
Tanning in beds with oil?
How to get rid of greasy/oily skin?
Is it okay to use moisturizing cream around piercing?
Im a 12 year old girl and I get pimples.?
which vitamins good for womans. i always feel tired and i get black circle on my face look tired all?
Best way to get VERY pale skin?
Nose peircing!! how do i make it less painful??!!?
Does anyone know some little known secrets about sun tanning?
How much do brazillian waxes hurt???
guys opinion on girls with their tongues pierced?
How much does facial plastic surgery cost for a dude?
Poll: What colour eyes do you have?
if my belly button is healed at 6 weeks can i take it out?
Help acne scars???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
if you take a tongue ring out and leave it out will there b a noticable hole?
How to manage oily skin ?
What moisturizer is good for oily skin?
What are some homemade masks I could try?
Help with oily skin...?
are the push in style monroe piercings hard to put in?
Is a tattoo or a piercing a good idea - help me decide?
Can someone help me plz!?!?!?
I just got my ears pierced today... Can I wash my hair?
What is the best way to get the flaky pealing skin off??
My 14 year old daughter wants a piercing?
Do I have an OK bikini body? I know i'm a little chubby, but opinions please? (PHOTOS)?
Is it true that jojoba oiltrates through pores and unclogs them?
pimples pimples pimples pimples?
Friends teasing about pale skin. what do I do?
Freckle Removing Cream?
Which peircings are most likely to infect?
Trouble putting in my tunnel?
wat can i do to look taller?
who has a better body?pic?
Help me!!!!!!!!?
I Need Help With My Madonna Piercing...!?
do you think my body looks to athletic?
Does Mandara Spa products test on animals?
Will my ear piercing close up if I leave it out for a few months?
my nose is really big pics?
Have you seen Kim Cattrel on Sex in The City?
veet for men? Where can I buy them and possible side effects?
questions about belly button piercing?
Does the tragus piercing hurt, read below?
What's the best skin care regime for exceptionally oily skin?
how can i get rid of hair on my stomach with out waxing plucking or shaving?
Long nose....xxxxxxXxxxxx?
Im having belly button pain, bloating and chunks of white coming out in my stolls the size of a quarter!?
How to hydrate my face?
Please help!!!! i put a medicine that was to Strong and NOW I HAVE A RED SPOT?
I have ugly black heads on my nose sometimes i sqeeze them and it leave a whole is there anything for them?
Where can get Eumora at best price?
What surgeon did Pamela Anderson's breast implants?
Questions about electrolysis for upper lip??????
What is wrong with me?
Scar tissue around my belly piercing?
How can one correct a shape of his forehead?
When will I be able to change my piercing jewelery?
The skintone on my legs is very uneven?
Getting a tan?
Dark Lines around my lips?
How do I heal dry elbows?
Do I have to many peircings for my age?
can you take a shoer in cold water?
girls. how do i get tan from going to the beach?
Is Gamat(sea cucumber) Soap good for the skin?
i use proactiv everyday but i still have pimples help?
where can I buy Vitamin E Oil and Almond Oil?
Tanning Problem..?
can i get my lip pierced ?
Raccoon eyes?
Getting an industrial piercing?
What should I get pierced?
my bust is 30, my waist is 26 and my hips are 32. is that a straight, acceptable or hourglass?
would it look bad if i got a fake tan?
Are there any over-the-counter lotions that work for extremely dry skin?
St Tropez Gradual Tan Problem?
should i get my nose or my tongue pierced?
wanting to reduce puffy nipples?
What hours of the day are the best ones to tan?
Tea Tree or Seaweed from The Body Shop?
6mm or 8mm long lip bars?
can a thirteen year old buy breast enhancement cream?
how can i get rid of my big forehead ?
Primer on acne-prone skin?
Any idea on how to keep from blushing?
How much weight do I need to lose?
Where can I get a cartilage piercing in Marietta?
ow to get nice toned tan legs?
I'm going to pierce my own navel, can I use this?
Is there a way to make your butt bigger with having plastic surgery?
Is Johnson's baby lotion vanilla oatmeal a good lotion?
piercing your own belly Button 1 question?
fake tan help please? PLEASE!?
Bottom lipp inner piercing?
Can aloe vera clog my pores? Sunburn?
how can I lose weight in this areaaa !!?
are acne scars ugly?
will 18g tapers close if i take them out of my ears?
how do you get rid of dark dry skin?
ear piercing/stretching?
Girlies, this ones for you ?
Is there anybody know about men's hair removal product?
getting rid of age spots / sun damage?
Ear piercing help and advice?
is being a lil chubbie a reason for having stretch marks...?
Would these products work for my skin? Please help!?
Ear piercing blowout?? Plz help?
Ladies! How do you take care of your body & beauty?
What hurts more. Getting your belly button pierced or getting your cartilage pierced?
Anyone use ProActiv?What do u think about it?
Good comebacks for when a guy calls me flat chested?
Skin care products for black people!?
Do gauges if taken out go back to normal?
skin help ?
How to get reid of Pimples really fast!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
Should I get a nose job?
waxing problem?
what can i do to my ugly nose?
what is my face shape?
Are 33 inch hips considered big for men?
If I eat more fruits and vegetables will I get a healthier complexion?
my pierced ears bled today and white stuff was coming out! What should i do?:(?
self esteem? self consciousness?
Can drinking a lot of milk give you zits/acne?
the average shoe size for a 16 year old female?
Are you suppose to twist a belly button piercing?
the side of my face is darker because of a shaving mistake i wanna know if i can regain my complexion back?
Does anyone know of a good face-wash that actually cleans the face?
Neutrogena Acne products?
How does Olay Smooth Finish Duo Work.?
snakebites help please?
Can anyone help me get this?
Can you move from 1.6mm to 4mm taper.?
What is the difference in smell between lemongrass oil and lime oil?
If you could have another working eye--where on your body would you put it?
clear lip retainer help? ?
What is it that makes someone look older (no wrinkles)?
does it hurt to get your tongue pierced?
Is my nose big compared to my face?
Is it worth it for me to get plastic surgery?
How can I make my face look "pretty"?
Would it look weird if I got my cartiledge done?
I hate my curvy body? :/?
Is it possible to get a fairer skintone?If yes what are the ways?
Which clean and clear fruit infusion should I use?
Excellent Nail Technician in Melbourne?
Do I have a good body?
My skin day by day getting black dats and pample?
Can I leave my nose ring out for an hour without it growing in?
Can women use electric shavers made for men's facial hair on their body?
How to stop proactiv without breaking out?
Tragus Piercing Problem? Help!?
should I get my tongue Periced?
Lip piercing question?
I need something that will help my dry flaky skin that feels rough to the touch?
my breast are way to small?
is it okay to change your belly button ring all the time?
Do you think im pretty? HARD CORE TRUTH PLEASE!?
I'm so pretty, rate me on a scale of 100 to 10000 please :)?
how to get rid of a zit fast!!!!?
For Guys What type of bodys do you like on girls?
How to use bleach creame?
I have extremely dry skin. What to do?
Peircing??? yes or no?
How to remove pen ink from hands?
Is there any possible way to get free rhinoplasty?
Girls whats more attactive?
How to get thinner? .s!?
What Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturiser would work for me?
girls: do you prefer a man with a baby face???
Help! How to manage / prevent stretch marks?
Does your parent have to take you for a cartilage piercing?
Am I underweight? D:?
Does Pro Active really work?
Can you get burnt in the shade and HOW???
Breast lift and breast implant question???? women who have done this i woild prefer thank you!!!..............?
i suffer from acne i am 14 and have a girl friend, she say it doesnt matter but i know it does any1 have tips?
is claires a good place to get ur ears pierced?
Do lip piercings hurt and are they a little girly?
how can i make my lips look red without putting lipstick on????
These steps to getting rid of acne?
I have pimples what do I do?
What is your daily beauty regime and diet regime (for women)?
Gender Reassignment- EXPERIENCED PEOPLE ONLY!?
Can you name something physical you hate about yourself?
Ladies: IS it really such a big deal when you break a fingernail?!?
i keep getting spots on my forehead and on my cheeks?
Whats the best product to use to clear up acne?
Why can't I take the sun, and other people whiter than me can?
RAZOR BURN!!!!!!help!?!?!?
Help!! Tongue Frenelum Peircing (Web Piercing)?
hi do you know name of cream that remove pigmentasion?
Why do some black women bleach their skin?
What kind of Peircing should i Get? Picture (:?
How old do y'all think i look?
veet or nair??????????
:( !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Why do people pose nude? Do they not realize that God does not smile on that?
do you know a super quick remedy for dry skin ?
Am I the only guy that prefers this color skin (not racist)?
What is the frist thing you think of when I say Toenail??
Proactiv Help!!!!!!!?
How to get clear tanned skin? please help!?
Im pretty flat chested but got a padded bra cause my nips show. im worried if people will think im fake HELP?
i jus got my nose pierced yesterday. if i experience no pain can i change the ring today?
Which EU member state contains the ugliest men?
whats the fastest way to cure a rugburn on your face with little bruising afterwards?
guys what is the best part of a girls body?
i have a questionnnn!?.?
why won't my lips stay moisturized?
How to have a beautiful and glowing skin?
Ear peircing infected!?
how do you thread your upper lip?
Is it ok to get your tongue pierced at 14?
Is this too much for a 13year old?
How do I pin my ears back at home?
Can you use Vitamin E oil spray body oil as a lube to stretch ear?
What's the best chapstick for dry ed lips?
Does anyone know if there are any acne products that actually work?
Is proactive going to ruin my skin?
Sun protection WITHOUT sunscreen?
I want to do something unexpected?
I want to model but I have acne...?
Im trying to find a really good everyday facial moisturizer (Fragrance, Oil, Etc free)?
IS MY NOSE TO BIG????????/////?
Has anyone used the veet razor?
Are green eyes rare?
Does sunscreen prevent darkspots from reoccuring ?
How can I get her "sun-kissed" glow?
Im 14 year old and 5'7 am i too short to apply to ford modelling agency?
Scars /mini skirts?
Beauty therapy!! interview at college help!?
When you quit taking oxytetracycline because your skin has cleared up will it come back?
Is there any cremes to heal away acne scars?
How can i get rid of a pimple without a head?
Benefits Of This Mask Help!?!?
Tips for Clear Skin?
What cause huge pores on the nose?
which kind of facial piercing do you think would look good on me?
does baking soda mask help with acne?
Belly Button Ring;Gym Class;Adviceee!!?
Snake bites or angel bites?
stretching my ear...?
Help!!? Nose piercing :(?
Bridge piercing help?
HoW Do YoU PieRcE Ur BeLlY BuTtOn By UrSeLf?!?
peircing my lip?
Is it ugly to be short AND have big boobs?
Does the no no no hair remover work? and is the new "pro" better?
Should I get my tongue peirced??
I had my belly button pierced about a month ago but my belly bar wont come undone. what should I do?!?
Dry earlobes and flaky. How to fix this?
How can I change my eyelid?
too formal?
where can I buy Pond's facial products in Surrey BC?
What can I do to wash the self tanning off my hands?
How to get rid of dark lips ??? Naturally?
How to get rid of dark circles and bags under your eyes without any products?
Possibly infected conch piercing?
help i hate myself????????????
I cut myself shaving over a 1 year old scar. Is this bad? Will it scar even bigger?
photograph problems?
Weird face shape? (Picture included?)?
lower lip piercing?
Massive pimple on nose?!?
my eyebrow was infected and a dude told me to use saline on it should i becuse it is just salt & water?
How do i get rid of facial sunburn FAST?
Will my ear piercing close?
my face used to be light but i played sports now its black do anyone know how i can make my face light again?
me photo: stretchmarks - swimming?
My face needs help! Please help me? *i give Best Answer*?
Is it ok to use baking soda as a scrub followed by an egg mask?
Do I look fat or average? (pics)?
how to be emo skinny?
which cocoa butter lotion is best to remove stretch marks?
why do i get zits after shaving!?
natural skin care...?
im 98 pounds?
I am a very hairy young man .?
How much does a belly button piercing hurt?
Should I get my lip pierced with a small subtle gem stud? ( below lip-right side) What do ( guys think)?
Does it hurt to get your lip pierced?
1 cheek piercing? yes or no?
piercings.... strict parents?
When can I stop cleaning my rook piercing?
What piercing shall I get next? Easy points?
which vitamins are good for skin lightness?
where can i get my belly button pierced?
Ninja perfume?
How to quickly get rid of scabs...?
How painful is it to get your eyebrows waxed?
How long do i clean this piercing?
How do i get bigger hips?
Skin id vs. Proactive?
Are moles on the neck considered ugly on girls? (Picture included)?
Aloe vera?
How to make my tan go away?
What age do you think I should start using an anti-ageing cream.....?
I messed up a spray tan!?
Whats your favorite part of the human face?
What are your top 3 skincare/beauty products?
Belly button rings?
insult or complement?
what color eyes do u prefer?
What is the BEST cleanser and moisturizer for dry skin?
Is my nose really all that horrible?
How can I get rid of this dark spot as fast as possible?
Does face moisturizer make you darker?
has any body tryed GiGi hair remover?
colour of discharge?
best way to have perfect clear skin... e.g. get rid of dark circles, blemishes, uneven, oily skin tone????
Any one showers in their garden?
is my nose big?(pics)?
Can we use peel off and scrab same day.?
Is there any way......?
My legs are short and fat, how do I get them long and skinny?
Why do some women put on so much perfume?
How to get rid of moles?
pimple help! URGENT! please help!?
My 16 year old daughter wants a monroe lip piercing. Should I let her?
dermatologist bleaching my butt?
Is it bad if my **** hurt after my boyfriend played with them?
how bad does a tongue piercing hurt ?
Baby Feet/Foot Pedicure Kit?
what are those circle ring piercings you get in your earlobe what is the piercing called?
Are There Any Easy Solutions For Dry & Cracked Lips?
anyone tried the nutrisse eye roller, that is suppose to get ride of puffiness around your eyes?
Can someone give me some opinions on my picture?
I want to lose belly fat? How?
how to lighten skin to it's original color?
is body paint the same as face paint?
Help!!!!!:( i dont know if these are the same!!!!!!!?
Who purchase Ascorbyl tetraisopalmitate?
Does everyone shower and use soap?
is this wierd?
is it ok to...?
What eye color is this? (PICTURE)?
If i were leggings once or twice a week...will it make the appearance of my cellulite more noticeable.???HELP?
Big, shiny, red pimple + bad timing = HELP!?
I have inhereted black circles under my eyes and cup lines under my eyes and they sag low,?
Should I get my lip and/or nose pierced?
benzaclin and neutragina body wash.?
how to keep good skin?
How to deal with an oily nose...?
Still getting zits at 49!?
Should i have my belly button pierced?
What are some fun "spa type things" that I could do?
I need help! Hypotrophic scarring on my industrial piercing...?
what dress size would these measurements be?
I just got a facial and i want to know how long i should wait to see results and she gave me a toner lotion
does getting your belly pierced hurts?
rolling tobacco?
How do you think I would look with a lip ring?
Back acne problems help?
What cheap lotions help your tan in the tanning bed?
cost of liposuction or a tummy tuck?
how can i get rid of bags under my eyes?
how do i stop a nape pirecing rejecting?
When is shingles no longer contagious?
What gauge is a conch piercing pierced at?
Preparation H + Saran Wrap?
Shuld i purchase an epilator OR electric razor?
Infected belly button piercing...?
i want to lick my cousins feet but i don't have a clue on how to lick it with out him knowing?
Can I remove my piercings for a few hours a day and not get them infected?
Nose reduction?
would u rather have a guy shave his arms, legs, or arm pits??
How do I get people to stop staring at me?
Need help fast! How can I hide a hickie on my neck the size of quarter in 3 hours?
Do you think that i'm fat?
Which color contacts are best?
which foods are good for preventing acne?
dry skin on my legs?
What to do after a pimple popped?
How can I fix my large pores on my cheeks?
I'm thinking of getting a eyebrow piercing and some people say it gay and only for girls?
I Need Yourr Opinion Pleasseee (:?