Which is best? Oxy, Clearasil, or Clean and Clear?
What face shape do I have? (pic included)?
Belly button - Inny or Outty?
Can you solove acne over night and if so TELL ME!!!!!!?
how do you make your butt grow?
Where can I find Always Clean pads?
getting my cheeks pierced sat?
my cartlidge piercing is crusty, pusses, bleeds when i take it out but it doesnt hurt when its in what do i do
Should I get my lip pierced?
Im 13 and I still havent got my period!?
What can I do for my oily face?
Gauging a piercing.?
I have purple bags under my eyes?
what i have to do with a big nose?
will putting lotion on ur legs right after u shaved them, clog the pores on ur legs?
Do I look too skinny?
Does facial hair removing cremes cause scarring? Such as Sally Hansen, surgi-creme and others.?
what can i do if my lips are like really chapted?
Belly Button piercing advice!!?
I want a tan!!?
Aloe Vera For The Skin? (For Dark Spots Left From Acne)?
My ears stick out and I was thinking about get my ears pinned back.?
Do I look fat? I feel like it DX?
Can I change my nose ring now?
Self Piercing?
has anyone ever expierenced coldsores for using retin-a-micro?
I got a new shallow wrinkle line on the forehead?
Can you really use preparation H for undereye bags?
How can i stop my nose from curving down FULLY! when i smile?
best major tanning salon?
How do I clean my industrial piercing ?
which body wash has the best scent?
a wash to get tan out?
should i rotate my newly pierced belly button?
Tanning Bed Advice, Please!?
What do you think of GARNIER'S Pure Active blackhead clearing scrub?
Time between bleaches?
Is caviar facial very good?
to get rid of slight sagging and wrinkles on face.?
Dark Spots in African American Skin?
Dark knees! pleaseee help!?
why do i have no chin?
Nightly face routine to help acne and dry skin?
Home remedy's for acne free skin?
Should i get my eyebrow pierced?
Warm or cool haircolor?
How do I get rid of pimples on my face?!?
I have really small boobs! What clothes can I wear to appear larger?
Black eye?
what is the best moisturizer for your body?
Do you think tan lines are Tacky?
what causes ski-slope nails?
My Lip Piercing is at least two months old.?
Ive been eating 500 calories for the past week, but today I just ate 1500 calories, is it gonna go to my *ss?
Is it normal for my inner lips to pop out and swell after sex?
probaly a girls only type of question..unless ur gay. lol?
Is this still considered a scar?
Putting on baby oil and lotion after shower?
To young to face steam?
Guys answer only pleaaaase :) opinions on womens ladygardens.?
OMG! I starting to get..?
How many of you reading this and living in the UK is actually from South Africa!?
Dark circle!some one told me to use cold tea bags to reduce dark circle.?
REALLY stupid question... but where do guys stick their?
What's the best face moisturizer?
How did i get 2 wrinkles under each eye within 1 week!? Will they go away soon?
Fake tounge piercing/ring?
What color is Hazel supposed to be?
Any tips on how shrink my belly?
why do I keep growing stretch marks all over?!?
How to treat an infected belly button piercing?
how to tan naturally?
pure vitamin e?
whats a good exfolite for your skin?
How can I remove my moles? 10 points?
Do girls find scars gross?
reactions on foot scrub samples?
I'm thinking of getting my tongue pierced whats the do's and don'ts?
How to Remove Dark Underarms & Knees?
Girl Body problem - Scars?
What happens with warming facemasks, washes, etc.?
What is the best brand for getting rid of acne?
Am I short for a 14 yr old boy.?
Be very honest very!?
Earring Help Needed!!!?
Light spots on my face?
how do i get rid of dark knees and scars?
Getting my Tongue Pierced?
infected cartilage piercing?
Will a scar on my face stop me from getting a girlfriend in the future?
Micro dermal piercings!?
This is insane, I asked a question and it was deleted, did not use bad language, etc.. all I aksed was,?
I have pinched a flat mole on my face, now it looks like it has that possible?
what is the best face cleaner that can clear up acne and blackheads????
i have spots on my face! i am 14 and i have lots of spots! HELP!?
Would you ever get this piercing?
what piercing would suit me?
Is there a way to restore my natural skin color?
products to prevent pimples?
Clear clean skin? What should I do?
Would the St Moriz Mousse Self Tanner Still work If i use the tanning bed and have a tan?
Can you help me look younger please?
im bored so im going to pierce my belly button on my own. what will i need?
im turning 28 next fall September 27 and i fear aging need help?
how can you shave without getting any razor bumps or itchy skin?
my skin is getting rough and lifeless ? how can i make it glowing and soft?
booob problems - haha?
ive just had a cartilidge piercing done. do i twist the earring or not?
will a belly button piercing look funyyy with an outtie?
What piercing should I get?
i need tips on gaining weight?
How do I get a good summer tan?
GIRLS! Whats my Best Feature?
Why do I blush so easily?
What do ya'll think about guys and shaved legs?
this questions for the girls. which body parts do you like on a guy?
why do we get pimples?
belly button peircing :) ... ?
I've got lots of pimples on my chest.?
How does it feel like to re pierce your ears?
Ugh my body looks like a rectangle help...?
Has anyone tried the CVS brand acne moisturizer?
whats good for scars?
i have 2 little circles?
Is there any cure for kelloids?
soap & shampoo for child?
How do I keep from crying when working w/ pore cleansing strips on my nose????????????
I don't want dark skin?
How to get the most sexiest legs?
Has anyone used a generic Proactiv?
hey ladies..whats more of a turn on body piercings or tattoos?
can a girl still be sexy even without big boobs?
India Cosmetic Surgery?
Hair comes in lighter after waxing? What if you've shaved for years, then you wax? Would it come back lighter
Barefeet even in winter? Who hates shoes, socks, stockings, etc... No matter what the temp?
belly button piercing yes or no..? s for best answer . . !?
i can't get tan enough! what indoor lotion should i use ?
Has anyone tried a product called ultra hair away?
is there such thing?
Is my cartilage piercing infected?
~Im really skinny & i don't like the way i'm shape, i want curves..wat can i do to gain weight?~?
How to get rid of blackheads?
I'm surveying,Are you ticklish??What part??How hard do you laugh when tickled there??
wat ear should i get??
how do you get rid of acne?
how to get rid of the red marks left by pimples?
are cream cleansers okay for oily skin?
Rook piercing question?
Girl's answer...?
Where can I learn how to body pierce in the UK?
Have any body used neutrogena microdermabrasion for face at home?
What are the bright sides of being tall? Cause I hate it :/ (Im a 15 yr old girl & 5'10)?
How should I tell my mom that I'm secretly shaving?
Second piercings advice!?
Peanut Butter Mask for Acne?
Is it safe to shave my butthole hair?
Good way to clear up acne?
Does getting your ears pierced hurt?
Where can I buy Olive Vineyard body butter?
I like this boy at church and he knows already. but he likes my friend who goes out with his friend?
i have a burn on my eyelid?
Can I clean my belly button piercing with "Del Destino Sea Salt"?
Are there any places i can go to get a piercing without parent consent?
Best type of face wash?
Do some people look better pale than tanned?
are soy products good for combination akin?
What race am I?
Help getting rid of bags under eyes?
Pimple problem pls. help Only home remedies?
will i always have acne if i cant get rid of stress?
how do i shave my bikini line. i will give 10 points to anyone who answers.?
My skin is damaging my confidence..?
Blackheads and pores?
Nipple piercing.. still not healed.. what can I do?
How should i pierces my belly Button?
Skin Care Help Please?
How do you make you face look skinnier?
Would you rather be tan, or pale?
looking for eye/face cream for anti aging.?
has anyone read that book from Chris Gibson?
How do you make scabs heal faster?
want to get my nose pierced?
I want to pierce my cartiledge in my ear at HOME...?
whats my FACE SHAPE? [ pic ]?
what's the best face product to use to get rid of pimples?
how old do you have to be to get a belly piercing on your own???
how to get smooth underarms without the bumps?
hey, I want to start tanning but I have a weird question to ask.?
what is the best skin whitener? not super expensive but cheap in price plsssssssssssss....?
i get a pigment in my skin?
How do I persuade my parents to let me have my naval pierced?
How soon can I go swimming after getting my belly priced?
I pierced my nose and have a question!?
girls: do you think guys with pierced nipples is sexy?
Victoria's Secret Love Spell? Or Secret Charm Body Lotion?
Chapped lips...?
Should i get my ears double pierced? im turning 13?
women, do you get offended if a guy gives you a compliment on your legs or bottom?
HELP!!!!I have really BIG feet!?
Hairy chest?
If you could choose your height..?
whats the safest way to get a lip piercing?
Should I shave my arms????
loose skin?
How painful are microdermals?(chest?
Skin nightmare, help!!?
Name for a Natural Body Treat Company?
At what temperature is it too cold to tan?
how well does the "Victoria's Secret shimmer lotion with tint" work?
Has anyone used the PedEgg?
what is the most effective way to tan using a tanning bed?
how can i size up without tapers?
How can avoid skin pealing after tanning?
dots on my legs!! help!!?
Your opinions on nipple piercings?
What is the best product to make my skin glow without a tanning lotion?
spot under my skin, on my face?
Avon clearskin clear emergency intensive treatment?
Skin lightening with lemons! best answer 10 points ;-)?
is this normal for a cartilage piercing?
What are the differences between the Blade Deodorant Body Sprays?
What's the most beautiful thing on a woman's body?
out of face wash. what should I use?
How long can I leave my tragus piercing out with out it closing up?
spots scarring after being scratched off?
Is my nose big? (picture)?
am i a pear shape body?
Does anybody have tips/cleansers/foundations or anything that wld help my oily skin?
Somebody help me please. I've got vertical wrinkles between my breasts. I'm only 20yrs old.?
what foods can i eat to help clear my acne?
Which do you do first: Wash your hair or body wash?
Does ANYONE else have a hard time shaving there legs ?
I'm really inscure about my body...?
Navel Piercing Questions?
Dermadoctor pore minimizing solution?????????? HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!?
how do you remove water/liquid from ear?
People who pick there nose?
what happens when white people bleach thier skin ?
Self Tanning and Tanning Moisture Lotions ?
Is it ok to get a piercing soon after another one?
shaving or nair on legs?
Does sugar waxing hurt?
Which Eye color....?
keeping a tan in the winter- HELP!!!?
Is there a product that i can buy from the drugstore that will remove acne scars.?
Does my nose look big in this picture?
I just got my labret pierced any tips for the healing process?
I am a tanning newbie and need some help about how to start?
How can I get rid of acne?
what happens to lip piercings over time?
Teen girls only!?
Help!! are these scars from waxing?
which laser hair remover is better? the silk n or the tria?
My cheeks, new rashish thing?
Does Pro Active work for average skin?
I was called ugly and slutt?
My skin looks horrible and gross?
blackheads from hell please help?
tanning question? answer please!!?
i need to get rid of my dark spots fast!?
Fake tan or no..?
How do i look like slenderman?
Do I have too many piercings?
things you cant do with your body?
HELP! plz plz plz help!?
I used nair...?
Question about lobe piercings, closing up and repiercing?
Infected new ear piercing?
I'm gettin my nose pierced, I'm worried the jewelry will bother me.?
do you think my brothers good looking 1 to 10?
i have more hair on my legs hands and upper lips for permenant removing what shuold i do?
pimples& dandruff problem?
Is it bad if you cleanse your face really hard?
Should I........?
I have 2 scars on my face where my moles use to be. What should I tell my family?
What part of your body do you hate the most and why?
Who do you think is prettier : Kate Moss or Kate Winslett?
Is my piercing rejecting?
Do you ever put too much lotion in your hand? What do you do with the leftover?
Does sudocrem reduce redness of spots?
what kind of fabric can you use for homemade wax strips?
Any natural ways of breast reduction?
Can i wear stainless steel tapers til i get to an 8g?
i need to get rid of my acne!! help!!?
shaving problems??!!??!?
Does anyone use the Oil of Olay Total Effects Products?
Does makeup make a huge difference with me?
Should i take them off?
How to get rid of acne?
Best razor to use to shave bikini line and how to get ride of period cramps?
home treatment to remove horrible acne scars?
How to remove freckles?
Is Artistry really one of the top 5 cosmetic brands in the world?
Does anyone know a good glycerin based or sorbitol based soap?
does anybody know where I can find...?
Would I suit a navel piercing?
any DIY methods that can make the teeth white?
How to cover up scars;?
why do I have dark circles ?
Belly button piering close up?
Hands are very sensitive....?
My face skin is darker than rest of body and very oily and there are also pimples.?
How do you remove and prevent naturally occuring "pit-stains" over time on white clothing?
How do I get the purple under my eyes to go away?
My eyelids are saggy... what do I do?
How often do you get your eyebrows waxed?
Does anyone know of any great (and affordable) body waxing places in Monrovia, CA?
How to keep young skin healthy and supple?
How can i tell my mom to stop?
does proactiv get rid of blackheads and whiteheads too??? please help!!?
whats the best anti aging secret?
Should I use cold or hot water to close my pores?
My legs....?
Better aftercare for ear lobe piercing?
what should i do to help my navel piercing heal?
Designer skin (Black 20x) lotion for tanning.?
If I take my tongue stud out will the hole close over?
Best tinted moisturizer?!Jergens natural glow for face OR Covergirl?
My daughter is 11 and wants to wax her eyebrows. What is an appropriate age?
Yes or No??????????????????????
yeah so ths is sorta embarassing but:?
tongue piercing???????
What is the best moisturiser for the over 50s?
Greasy skin?
Pimple or not?
Acne problem, help please?!?
ways to avoid staring nighbors while i sunbathe nude?
How to get Rid of Acne in A Month?
how to get rid of wrinkles?
Can someone recommend me a good electric razor for dorm life?
Can face masks expire?
***Belly Button ring?***?
Do you know a remidie?
What do men prefer?
i'm i too tall??????????????????
am i normal for my age?
How can I make my skin glow and get rid of all the pimples and marks on my chest and arms?
Does Pakistan offer laser scar removal surgery? How much does it cost if it does, and how effective is it?
What's the best color of nail polish, in your opinion?
How long till i can swap my nose ring for a stud ?
Best Womens Shaver?
Should i get a monroe piercing or a nose piercing? pictures included. =]?
HELP!! Gauging my ears, went from 10 to a 6?
So damn TAN... how do I clear it up.??? ?
Is it good being in the middle?
AcneFree For Mild Acne?
3 wrinkles on my forehead?
10 reasons to get my belly button peirced?
best acne cream?
I don't feel comfortable wearing bras?
when you use stretch mark cream do you have to use it consistantly for the marks to stay gone?
Should I Continue With My Prescription?
my skin tone is black help me?
perfect skin?
Could I be a shirtless greeter at abercrombie & fitch?
What do you think of Johnsons Baby Oil? And what do you use it for?
Is it safe to go tanning with fresh stretch marks, what will happen to them?
LADIES,,, do you prefer Sweet or Spicy colognes on guys?
Is 5'2" considered extremely short?
i can't seem to grow a goatee?
Is it okay to use Certain Dri and a different deodorant?
Is Bio Oil good for stretch marks!?
Is it better to get your ears pierced with the gun or a needle?
Should I take a shower even tho im on my period???!?
Tanning everyday for a week only ?
what brand perfume you use ( young lady only ) ?
Do you think I'm done growing?
I got acne problems, any secret remedies or advice? (:?
looking for eye/face cream for anti aging.?
How is L-retinol different from normal retinol???
un wanted facial hair?
i always get red in the face when dancing?
How to get rid of/minimise/hide Large pores and scarring on skin?
Is wrinkled skin after bathing normal?
how can i lose this weight (pic)?
Acne that just won't leave?
How to get rid of pimples!?
Where and when do I use oil absorbing sheets? 10 POINTS BEST ANSWER!?
Nair on your happy parts.?
How to reduce swollen eyes?
Any tips for cleaning up acne that preferably doesn't cost alot and works FAST????
Does it hurt to get your ears pierced?
Is there such products as freckle stickers?, stick freckles.?
tongue piercing risks, facial nerve?
At what age do Girls stop growing taller?
suncreen troubles?
What is a good "skin evening" cream that relieves redness and acne scars?
Guess my weight judging from my video?
If I've very sensitive skin does .......................?
can chewing a lot of gum make your face slimmer?
how can i make my scars fade/disappear?
So much Skin! How can i reduce it ?
how do i get rid of acne FAST?? PLEASE HELP!?
Has anybody ever had Electrolysis hair removal done on their face?
"sweaty underarms"!?
Is Pale skin a turn off?
Belly Button Piercing Care?
Do you guys really care about strectchmarks or tan lines?
The back of my earring won't come off?
What are great smelling men facial care products that don't break the bank?
anorexic question, answer please & thanks. =)?
Anyone use ProActiv?What do u think about it?
Does natural lemon products lighting your skin like lemon lotion and chapstick??
what's the best lotion for very dry skin for women of color?
facial scrubs?
How do I lighten my elbows?
Cleavage piercings - sexy or tacky?
How to get beautiful bright glowly skin?
How do I remove razor bumps or ingrown hairs from both of my thighs?
Tennis tan help...................?
Are tanning beds scary? Someone explain tanning to me?
Why can estheticians pop our pimples but it is suggested that we don't do it ourselves?
What is your favorite natural/safe ingredient-formulated skin care line?
freeeee 10 pointssssss :)?
How to get rid of tom shoes tans?
Why do some woman wear thongs at work and let them show by leaning over an bending over at work???
pimple scab! help!!! (pics)?
Nicole Richie in yellow bikini?
why do i like picking my nose?
ladies, are these photos of true cellulite?
skin problems from a young age how do i fix it?
i have really bad acne?
What's my body shape?:(?
can ur legs go smooth without shaving them?
Which is better for washing your face: Olay, Nivea or Clinique?
how does it feel to get ur cartilage pierced with a low pain tolerance?
can i get fake suntan lotion off my skin???
nice aftershave to buy men that isnt to expensive ?
Best lotion product for my face?
best natural thing to make my breats grow?
I'm having troubles figuring out my skin type!?
How to bleach my self?
whats the best way to get rid of hard skin on on bottom of feet?
HELP!? Would i suit a septum piercing?
how can i infect my ears?
Is Britney Spears considered "Thick"?
Hey it is me agian i am 13 and i play softball will i have to take it out i am going to get a tiny dimond?
Is it true your legs and torso will look longer if you loose weight?
Who is the world record holder for largest boobs?
under the eyes black shade is there. any remedy pl tell?
how to treat itchy flacky skin around nose ,chin ,eyebows ?
Keeping An Eyebrow Retainer In?
lip augmentation?
how would i pierce my own tongue?
Pierce my Belly?
Dry dry dry lips?
The right time for a VCH?
Is Tala ant egg oil effective in permanent hair removal and does it work in people with hormonal inbalances?
how i can fatten? (with good style of body)?
what is bad about this picture of me?
How do you tell your boyfriend?
Be honest. How bad is my nose, really?
Help for pimples peeps !!!?
why do we get hairs on our toes?
Hi. i'm a 14 yrs old boy,i have a pretty face but my nose is killing me,pleas help?
Bad effect of using fake nails?
which direction to shave armpits girls, avoid ingrown hairs?
What is the difference between body butter and body creams?
Is adding clean beach sand to my shower gel and using once or twice a week a good exfoliation method?
tinted moisturizer?
waxing myth?
Heyy girls do you think guys should shave their chests?
How do you get a tan? Do you use sunscreen?
According to a recent Lynx (AXE) deodorant commercial, All men have smelly, unclean genitalia. Really?
baby oil or body oil?
Why does weed make my face oily.?
Is the tragus piercing done with a needle ? & Is it possible to cost 3 Pound ?
how i can remove the stretchmarks?
What is my face shape?
Whats the best spot cream i can buy in boots/superdrug?
Do you have acne free skin?
Naval Piercing Questions!?
Sun screen can slow signs of aging. Can moisterizer do the same or does it just conceal?
In which pic does my skin look nicer/flawless?
Gauge stretch question...?
Is it really that bad to pop zits, pimples, blackheads and other acne?
On a scale from 1-10 how much does a belly button piercing hurt?
does it hurt getting your belly button pirced?
Naval piercing is itinfected or what help me answer my question!?
Is it impossible to keep your eyes open while you sneeze??
Extremely sensitive skin and severe acne...Please help!?
Vlcc skincare products?
What can help chapped lips ?
I have a blackhead in the crease of my nose. Help!?
How can i give myself a tip-to-toe makeover?
I wrinkles in my forehead?
Industrial piercing in right eat?
I need help with getting rid of my acne?
look i decided to not pop pimples when ready to pop?
What piercing would i suit?
Can anyone recommend a good face wash for sensitive skin?
Jojoba oil on acne anybody ever use it?
How much is bartending school?, how long does it take? is it worth it?
A pun for Soap and Glory?
y is this happenin 2 me?
Working on my tan and I have a question.?
Skin pimples complexion etcetera etcetera?
what products is good for your face to remove acne and make you skin lighter?
Is it a natural reaction to cover yourself up?
the basics in septum piercings?
Spot on my nose????????
How do I get rid of acne scars on my face?
beach bum tanning and hollywood tans jobs?
I need to get rid of a few pimples quickly,?
is laser hair removal ok for my skin or any skin ? is it ok if young people to do it ?
how can i get rid of stretch marks?
is it safer to get your nose pierced with a needle or a piercing gun?
Skin problems!!!!!!?
How do you get freckles?
Which hand sanitizer kills 99.99% of the germs and doesn't dry out and burn your hands?
Nose piercing?
How do you get thicker thighs?
Will this hurt my daughters skin?
Heavenley bodies buttercream? lush cosmetics..?
How can i avoid tan lines?
How can i make my nose smaller without surgery?
What colour for a bikini look best for COOL skin undertone?
Is there anything wrong with a guy piercing his ears?
Why do I break out after I wash my face?
what are good home-made face masks?
shavingggg ; help me plz?
When should I go up? And..?
How much for waxing all parts of your body except your head?
Can you tan more than once a day?
Which one will make me look hotter?
Graduation Dess Question?
How painful is a bridge piercing?
Does Epiclear really work?
Can I become a hottie if so how?
can i get black from drinking ink?
How long does a belly button piercing take to close up?
Whats better? being Tall or being Short?
Olay Professional Pro-X Cleanser?
I'm growing faster than other kids.?
How do I get rid of nose piercing scar?
I dont shave my thighs but rather I use hair removal cream and I still get razor bumps or ingrown hairs.?
pubic hair?
Is my skin too pale pic?
Do you think she should get nose surgery?
Does Proactive Really Work?
Minuscule bumps under my eyes?
have you ever had your partner pop a zit on your body in the shower? If so have you ever done this to help?
How to get rid of blackheads and acne?
should i diet for my boyfriend?
How long does it take for my ear piercing to heal?
how to use erythromycin and benzoyl peroxide topical gel?
should you shave or wax legs...which one last longer?
what is the best way to get rid of pimples?
belly ring..?
Question About Tragus...?
What acne would work best for this situation? Name, brand, etc, PLEASE HELP!?
Does Proactive REALLY work, even on sensitive skin???
Thinking of switching to waxing....?
Would there be a significant body image change?
has anyone been to the dermatologist? Please Answer!!?
can your skin tan from being in the sun for 5 seconds?
Should I get breast implants?
Is my belly button piercing healed yet?
if i mix water with the olive oil and glycerin, will that ruin it's effectiveness?
Should a 24 year old girl get a lip piercing or no?plzzz answer?
How to get a good tan and what products to use?
Are these spots on my face moles or something else?
i want my belly button pierced?
Im average size but my body isnt as toned as i want, whats the best way way to tighten the skin?
Which is better for removing STRETCH MARKS?? Trilastin or Revitol?
how to i prevent this pain from when i do this natural woman thing that woman are supose to do?
Do those spray on tans really work?
I have really ugly legs?
What kind of deodorant do you use?
Are girls with six packs gross?
Do I have to to be a size 0 and lower to be considered sexy these days or what?
is extra virgin olive good for your face and skin?
Is it ok to shave your upper lip?
I hate having big eyes help?
What is the best brand of glycolic acid out there?
what piercing should i get?
Why do my ears hurt more now than when I got them pierced?
How can you make your body one even skin tone?
You know how you have ear gauges? How can I make my nipple do that?! Help!?
Dove Body Lotion?
Do you think that when a girl has a eyebrow piercing, shes a lesbian?
4mm ear tunnel wont go in help?
6mm/2g stretch bleeding?!?
Wouldn't putting tea bags for undereye circles make it darker?
Wow soon we'll all look alike (Plastic surgery)?
how to do self face bleaching?
Questions About New Tongue Piercing!!!!?
Pressure to pierce tongue?
Does breast enhancement really work?
Industrial compared to Belly button. Pain wise.?
Wrinkles under right eye?
Is my bellybutton peircing infected ?!?
How do I make my feet really soft?
How do I get rid of the bags under my eyes?
Do nose piercings usually scar?
getting my ears pierced again for the 2nd time?
cartilage piercing help !?
which is better?
I want to get my penis pierced ( price Albert ) ?
how do you make your but bigger?
Does tooth paste help pimples?
Will a bikini line blemish ever go away?
Do girls really have hair all over their body?
Can I go swimming after getting a belly piercing done?
How to loose weight easilly w/o exercise in 1 months time?
Is it odd for a 28 year old women to have wrinkles?
how can i get rid of two red spots on my chest?
Can i use a salacylic acid moisturizer with proactiv?
I Screwed Up On My Face, I Need Help?
where can I buy milk of magnesia in Hong Kong?
What colour is your eyes ?
Used Underware. Hot or Not?
spots on legs and hands due to the use of epilator?
I want my belly button pierced but i am afraid my belly button will be to tiny for the clamp, is that possible?
teen girls help??
I have sensitive skin. What products to get rid of acne can I use?
What can I do to stop being so greasy?
using solarium tanning salons ends up to skin cancer?!!?
Tips for first time brazilian wax?
Will a Venus Embrace Shaver head fit on a diffrent shaver body?
Lip piercing, possible infection? Help!?
Do tattoos hurt?
ice-t's wife "coco" is from where?
Do I need to shave first or wash face?
Is she pretty or ugly?
Dead skin on face?
Will strapless bras keep my boobs from moving everywhere?
I just woke up to find a pimple on my forehead, should I …?
earring infection help?!?
Can I stretch my ears again?
Is their anyway I could talk my mom into let me lay in the tanning bed ? Do spray tans look too fake?
I have acne all over my face!!!?? Help ?
Which side for helix piercing?
How much would a tongue peircing cost at divine in calgary alberta?
I need help from someone who knows alot about Puraria Mirifica?
big nose!! help me!!!!!?
can i use mary kay after sun gel on my face?
Im a girl and I have some questions on shaving?
Can someone please tell me what the name of this machine is?
Ladies, how big are your areolas, bigger than a 2 pence piece or smaller, or same size?
Do nose rings leave scars???
My nose is crooked, help please?
Do the balls on tongue rings feel uncomfortable in your mouth?
My face is too sensitive, easily turns red, and skin tone easily darkens, what should I do?
what do guys think of girls with face piercings? eyebrow or lip?
What looks sexier..tan or pale skin?
should I let my friend pierce my ear cartilage?
What's hotter? Tanned or porcelain skin?
how do you use selftanner on ankles and knees?
Is aqueous cream suitable to use as a cleanser for sensitive skin?
I have a bump in my nose, and I know there are injections that can fix this. How much does it cost or where?
I want to get a bridge piercing, do you think it will suit me? (pics)?
Is there a way to get rid of minor STRETCH MARKS?
i m depressed bcoz of my acne?
How bad does it hurt getting your lip pierced?
Why of all people did god have to make me ugly?
sunburn to tan?
Any idea on how to keep from blushing?
black armpit is that eczema?
How to remove pimple marks on my back and face?
Laser Hair Removal????????
My straight barbell in my belly button is probably ejecting.. Can i put a curved one in to stop it?
Whats the best spot cream i can buy in boots/superdrug?
is she pretty?
How do cucumber/aloe mask help oily skin?
What is a home-made face spritzer like you could buy at the store?
Will losing weight make the appearance of my hooded eyes less noticeable?
Am I......fat? If I am...?
is this sea salt non-iodized?
Girls, If your new man had a hairy back would you dump him?
Help with acne.....?
Questions about stretching ears for those with personal experience?
Can u apply The Body shop butter on ur breasts?
Am I fat?? How many pounds do you think I need to lose? And how can I do it in a few weeks?
How do i get good attracting tummy & waist skin?
How to get rid of this ?
cartilage piercing info?
The skin around my eyes are dry?
Apricot scrub for my face?
Am i allergic to lotion?
how can i take off pimples ,blackheads, or little like small bumps like almost allergies ?
Would you make the decision to get?
Does Proactive Really Work?
What is the frist thing you think of when I say Toenail??
I just got my belly button pierced. The skin is turning a little red. Is this normal?
Best way to rid yourself of unwanted hair?
Piercing problem!?.!?
how well does the "Victoria's Secret shimmer lotion with tint" work?
ProActive is the worst thing I have ever tried...any regrets for any of you?
Korean Facial Products?
Why some famous expensive cosmetic products have not expiry date?
epilation hurttssssss?
How do you treat a bump under the navel piercing?
does bio oil really work?
Using Bleach on Acne?
can 12 yr old girls get breast implants?
when you shave does the hair really grow back thicker and faster?
How long does H2Ocean Spray take to work on an Industrial Piercing?
is there such thing as a facial deodorant?
should i ?
highschool girl in need of booty?
How old do you have to be to get your ears pierced in Australia, New South Wales? and why need consent?
I want to get my Monroe pierced but I have to get jaw surgery?
Does the Clearasil 12 hour acne face wash really work?
Can anyone tell me about the best toning face cream for african american females?
question about laser hair removal?
Piercing Places in New Jersey?
who do you think is the best?
Should I get my ears pierced? (Does it hurt?)?
Help me please?? Piercing question?
I look really young for my age and I hate it.what should I do? i dislike looking like a little kid :(?
s!! Is Fair&White a good bleaching agent? ?
Dry Skin/Acne on skin won't go away!!!?
Cartilage Piercing(I Already Have It..)?
What to wear when you have stretch marks!?
Is it gay to have a peircing in your right ear even if it's in the upper part?
sunburn help!?
who thinks i could make it as a model?
Can I re-pierce myself through the same pierced hole?
How far can i stretch my ears And get them back to normal?
How long do you take to shower?
how do you get rid of pimples fast?
Do guy's really prefer skinny girls?
Where can I buy Silastic Gel?
Is it possible to make your own lotion? Or should we leave that to Jergens, Lubriderm, etc?
Is it possible to shatter the cartilage in your nose from piercing it?
Used Veet (in shower) today..
if i get a tan like everday, can i eventually look 100% african american?
Advice please....attractiveness?
I am 5’3 and 135 lbs; 34D (almost DD). Waist approx 28 – 29”. Can I wear a bikini?
how to get rid of acne, what REALLY works!?! !?!?
Short way?
where to get booty injections shots in louisiana?
care of the skin in winter?
Should i go tanning in a tanning bed ?
How to check to see if someone has long legs . Must the leg be more than half the height ?
what effects does pomegranate juice have on skin?
Do you think I'm old enough to get my nose pierced?
I have got freckles on my face; is it possible to get rid of freckles?
Does getting your belly button pierced hurt alot?
Belly Piercing help please!!?
What Works To Fade Acne Marks?
Does wrecking balm fully remove a tattoo?
I'm 18 and a 32b .. Any alternatives?
hair removal for men "down there"?
What is a good face cleanser?
how wide is your nose?
Black and white striped "pinchers"?
Weird question, but... do you wash your face?
Good, oil-free face wash?
How can you get rid of razor burn and those nasty bumps that come from shaving?
im trying to get a sample kit of everyday mineral help pls?
if somone notices my hickey and asks...wat should i tell them happened...besides tellin them dat its a hickey?
Where can I get my tongue peirced in Roanoke, Virginia?
which is the best way to remove women's legs' hair?
Do you pop other people's pimples?
experts on skin care please help?! (eye creams)?
how can i clean my second ear piercing? i did it at home?
What piercing hurts worse tongue or belly button?
Are my eyes too big :O (pic)?
What is it like living with facial implants?
please be honest... am i ugly?
in which order should i apply these products for best results?
Lots of dark , thick body hair on young man.?
Lemon juice to fade acne scars?
What is the best way to remove the white spots on my back?
I look skinny from the side but not the front..?
Piercings and swimming?
I need a feeder? Please help.?
why do we get belly button fluff?
i have a big forehead and it makes my eyes far back is that normal?
Nostril Re-pierce Question?
Human body question about something strange and mysterious?
(Women) Do you put lotion on your legs?
Where can i buy white tea lotion?
leg shaving?(20 characters)?
Do you stop getting spots around the ages of 18+?
looking at my twitter pictures, what colour / type of flesh plug should i buy?
My daughter is light-skinned, african-american (red), what can I do to keep her knees from getting black?
Too many beauty marks?
Can someone help me quickly with how to get rid of dark circles around my eyes?
Breast implants... yes or no?
EAR PIERCING HELP! (1st time)?
How do i look from behind in a bikini? (picture)?
MY BODY. i need your opinions!?
my hippps are big .. i wannna shrnk it a lil bit... how??
Can i change my lip stud after 2 weeks?
Shaving Down There, LADIES ONLY!?
why dont salons, when giving a brazilian, go all the way down to buttocks area?
Will a tanning bed even out my tan?
How soon after a belly piercing can u dye ur hair?
good homemade face mask ideas?
whats an elixir?As in facial cream,or lotion.?
how can i get rid of the dark spot under my arm?
Freckles: Cute or not? ?
What color eyes do you have?
Could I be a model..............?
Can I wear a bikini?
Do I have potato nose?
What can I do with my pimples?
skin blemish??
can smoking affect your tongue piercing?
When you get a snakebite(lip ring) does it REALLY hurt...what happens to your lip?
How can i get a double flared plug into my 2G holes?
Sunburn Question...?
Noxzema 60 second cleansing whip?
Is it alright for my 13-year-old sis to undergo facial? Isn't she too young for this?
Why do bare feet in shoes make shoes stink?
Omigosh! You all havta know this?
Help with tanning???
what do you hate most about your body?
i wanna get my toungue pierced but hubby is against it !!!?
Does it matter if girls wear bras?
is 13 an ok age to get your belly button pierced?
Can i get my belly button peirced if im a minor but my bestfriends mom came with me?
i want tanned skin! tips?
Infected cartilage piercing?
Can you get your lip pierced with a retainer?
face!! cream!! if i put cream from now on ...?
Waxing arms Should I?? or Should I not?
Will I burn in the tanning bed....?
why when I wash my face in the morning it looks gd bt then after sweating it looks darker and sweaty?
MODELS: Good or Bad?
what can i do with this piercing?
nipple piercing help!?
My friend and I are wondering....?
Pores clogged (cheeks, nose, forehead, chin...everywhere) on a daily basis?
White bump on my face?
Why do certain body lotions do this?
Do i have stretch marks?
Can't get a tongue piercing because of my webbing, so any other suggestions?
What is the best face wash?
Pimples: on your face? or on your back?
Top liposuction in NYC?
Have u ever heard of a growth enhancing supplement called KImi??? And if u have... is it worth trying???
How to choose the best sunscreen?
my face is starting to break out!! (ten points)?
do products like EpilStop and Veet, alternatives to shaving, really work?
why does my face get greasy quick?
my daughter is piercing her lip!?
had my ear piercings on for a day and am thinking of removing a piercing...?
Skin goes from dry to oily?
how to get rid ?!!!!!!?!?
is there a type of gel that makes the corns on your toes go away what can i do?
Small dots all over my face?
What is a good diet without taking pills? any excercises that help u lose weight fast? PLZ help!!!?
what makes you think that a woman's body is a work of art?
Does Rejuvinol work? What about Botox?
is my belly button infected ?]?
Can i improve my skin tone?
Where to get ear piercing?
what are the symptoms of someone being dull?
What is my face shape?
should i get my tounge pierced???
Help im im losen my body has anyone got theres back?
Do men prefer blondes?
should an eleven year old shave her legs?
after restylane treatment in lips ow long does the swelling last for?
clear skin really fast? help! birthday in a week!?
removing back dermals myself?
Is it true that white zinc cream will lighten up dark acne scars and marks on your skin?
what is the best sea breeze product?
Is this a sign of Hiv?
Am i fat for my height?
pimple scarring solutions in 2 months?
I am from Alexandria , Egypt from where can i buy victoria secret product ?
does getting your eyebrows done hurts?
can vaseline get rid of under eyecircles?
I shave under my arms and wear womens deodarant im a boy does it matter?
Should I get my monroe pierced?
Should i piercing my belly button myself?
I peeled off my gel nails & now they're all messed up! If I go back to the salon can the lady fix my nails?
love eyes??
So i have a lip piercing and i rubbed the inner part of my lip with alcohol?
im 14 and i want my navel pierced do you know any places that will do it for me w/o saying you have to be 14?
Please Help!! Am I overweight?
Is Proactiv really THAT good?
Is she too big to go for teen queen?
How long do guys keep growing?
Bump behind my earring? Painful to push on, looks filled with blood?
why is my face so oily?? can someone help me stop it please?
is my bellybutton piercing infected?
What's everyone's favourite piercing?
how overweight is this?
my figure is 33-30-40??????and my height is 5"9 and got an athletic figure and 17 years old.what do u think ?
is it ok if i shower without using a soup or a body wash?
There is this pimple-like object on my face, and I can't figure out if it's a pimple or not!?
Honestly, do I have a big nose?
Is it possible to lay out and get a tan during the winter?
What body piercing do you like best?
How can i remove my pimples, scars and black dots from my face?
should I get a Cartilage Piercing?
Bleaching body hair then going tanning?
has anyone tried Palmer's Cocoa Butter Lotion?
Ladies, what's your favorite skin cream for velvety skin?
Nape piercing..........?
Shall I get my belly button pierced?
My sister and I want to get a small sister tattoo but we don't know what of. Any ideas?
I'm thirteen and wondering about getting a Monroe piercing?
How do i stop razor burn and ingrown hairs?
On average, will this ear piercing hurt?
What is this item called? About 30 years old, plugs in and has glass attachments that electricity runs through
Why some famous expensive cosmetic products have not expiry date?
when you use skin lighting creams what hormone does it work with in your body to fade your blotches?
best bra size?
HELP ME! is there a simple way to...?
does nair/ veet work?
help me lose weight please!!?
I've got small bumps on the bottom/back of my lower arms...?
Lab Series or Clinique for Men?
Best lotion for legs?
how do Asians get your skin so nice?!?
Numbing cream? Help??
What is the best kind of spray tan?
How do you imagine a FEMALE named JAMIE NURIA ?
Blackheads nose strips..?
just want to share something with everyone?
About lip piercings.?
question about my belly button piercing?
What piercings do you have?
why wont my body grow?
What should i do about my belly bar?
Clothing for different countries?
what is a good skin tone correctingor whitening cream for the face? please please help!:(?
How to convince my parents to let me get my belly pierced they say I'm growing still I'm 13 years old?
what shape of face do you think I have?
Zeno, anyone?
acne.... sorta?
How do you get a super smooth bikini line?
What race do I look & would be considered?
blondes, which guys are least attractive?
How long should i wait to repierce my naval?
this ones for the ladies.......?
Am I chubby? *picture*?
What Do You Think Of Me?
Are my nails normal? Because they are flat?
Kind of personal but important?
Help with my nape piercing?
what does it mean when your ear piercing doesn't want to come out?
What are these bumps on my face (not acne) ?
Grrrrrr my Spots are getting annoying!!?
My hands are really rough ...?
how can i get rid of my eye bags?
how to use cold wax more effective?
What am I SUPPOSE to do with acney?
what can i use for my acne?
my underarms sweat
What does an epilator do?
Is tanning always bad for you ?
Question for women: hair 'down there' issues?
bags under eyes, help?
Whats the strongest peel to use with no downtime?
how can i remove my pimples from a cheap cream or homemade thing?
How do i convince my parents to let me get my my lip pierced?
Does anyone know how to get rid of pimples on my face?
how should i remove my blackheads 4m my nose.pls help me ?
super sensitive nipples. highly irritating. pls suggest a remedy?
This is a question that only GIRLS shoulder answer.Seriously.?
Is anyone else insecure/hate the side profile of their face?
How do you get rid of a scar?
hi does anyone know what i should do, wash my face with clinique face scrub face is real sore like a reaction
Is it okay to get a piercing and a temporary tatoo?
Pigmentation problem in face and body....Any suggestions please?
my hands are very hard ,how can i make them soft?
Breast Size after baby?
my new nose piercing fell out?
What face piercing should I get ?
what really causes stretch marks ?
Should I go pale or tan?
Can a in a nail heal?
is Coppertone sunless tanning gradual tanning good?
Tanning problem help pleaz?
Face cleaners that work?(s)?
I am 32 and have just woken up to see fine lines around my eyes?
Does getting your eyebrow pierced hurt?
better with or without nose pierced?
Does losing weight makes your skin lighter?Do you get taller?And does your hair get healthier?
Which eyebrow piercing looks better?
How much water do I need a day to improve my skin?