my pimple turned into a scab, what should i do?
How can I naturally make my eyes lighter?
Opinions on fake tapers/plugs?
What's the best way to moisturize your lips?
Whats my body shape? 33, 28, 38. I am 5"8 tall, and black?
Why does everyone think I'm full Japanese?
Is it normal for an 11 year old to be 4'8?
Pimple problems.. Idk if this is going to work?
Cartalege piercing?
any good piercing places in miami?
How to use 3-in-1 Hydrating acne Treatment by Neutrogena?
Tounge piercing help !?
Skin growing over my scaffolding bar?
Poll- girls! Do you have your ear lobes pierced?
What are some good face butters (besides Carol's Daughter - I'm allergic to one of the ingredients in hers)?
Why wont my tan go away?
Any way to make myself paler?
I can't tan...please help
problem Excessive hair growth on my face due to the use of betnovate N?
Bumps a couple weeks after getting a piercing?
Cartilage piercing question?
How to clean my new nose pierced?
how to make your thin lips look bigger??
Opalescence whitening for teeth?
what is the point of putting Vaseline on your lips?
GUYS - do you prefer a bit of a flabby, soft tummy or a washboard, really flat tummy?
What do you think of my nose?
Changing an unhealed ear lobe piercing?
Is it safe to clean your belly button piercing with...?
Does the Neutrogena Microdermabrasion kit actually do what it says?
Help with stretch marks?
Stridex Dual Solutions??
difference between shaving and hair removal cream?
Im 16 and VERY un-happy with my body?
Will i ever have a normal body again? feel like i have ruined my body :(?
Hair removal for mans face?
how do nails grow?
is this common on alot of girls?
Info on nose piercings?
Lip Piercing ...Hurts :\?
is this convincing enough to give to my parents?
How can i get bigger boobs?
I really need some advice about my skin care...please help!?
(girls only) which is sexier? tanned with a six pack or pale with eyeliner?
What home remdies could i do to stop my underarm odor?
is it true that the thicker body is preferred over the skinny body?
i want to get my eyebrow pierced but i need some further information?
lasering the bikini line.. and some more?
I'm thinking of shaving my arms?
where can i get my ears pierced in ENGLAND ?
pimple on nose wont go away!! HELP?
Is it slutty for a 14 year old to have her bellybutton pierced?
where can i buy nivea deodorant whitening night cream?
Can you still tan in a tanning bed/booth if you're wearing self tanner?
I HATE PIMPLES!!! How Do I Get Rid of Them!!?
i am using contact lenses for the first time........Please answer....?
What is you opinion on Burt's Bees?
Sunscreen causing cancer?
which men deodorant is best for men?
Tragus and cartridge piercings?
Do I have a big nose? *Pictures*?
where can i buy snakebites jewerlly in toronto store?
Teenagers getting plastic surgery?
im 13 and wear a.....?
Is it gay for a man to go tanning at tanning salons?
My neck feels kind of oily?
Which has less bad chemicals? - Neutrogena or cetaphil?? and which is best for pimples???
Bar piercing or gauges?
Help me improve my Appearance? What should I do?+10?
Which cleanser should I buy?
do i have a big nose? should i get the bump removed if you can see it?
Which should I use in order?
BEST soap for body overall?
How to keep my fingernails clean and the tips white?
How do i get this kind of cartilage piercing?
What hurts more getting a shot or piercing your nose?
Experiences with nose huggies?
Hello, well i was wondering can i use hydrocortizone cream everyday with benzoyl peroxide.?
I have red bumps on my arms and I want to get rid of them, What do I use??
Is it ok to shave my arms ?
weird question.... how are girls supposed to shave in college showers?
i'm getting my belly button pierced. :)?
Is there anything wrong with me or what?
Hairy or shaved arms?
how can i get rid of lines over belly?
is it okay for ur boyfriend to ask for other girls number?...?
What's wrong with my nose piercing?
Is there any way to fade scars? many times a week is safe?
Do you believe in anti...?
L'oreal SUblime BRonze Self Tan Gelee?
i have greasy skin how do you make i make it not ???
if my skin burns in the sun, would it do the same in a tanning bed?
Which one is the better face cleanser?
Does It Hurt To Pierce The Belly Button?
Swimsuit body helplpppp?
Women/Girls... Do you shave your thighs?
How to heal facial cuts FAST?
what is a nurse expected to do at a hair laser center?
Cartilage piercing on left or right?
ok my hands face n feet r chapped?
How much does upper body wax cost?
I wanna get my lip pierced...?
Help!! I am 13 and want to get rid of my spots!!?
What are the best exercises for fat above the knee?
Info about Scaffold piercing?
What happens if you use gel nail polish without the light?
Just got belly button pierced? Tips?
how old were you when you got your first cartilage piercing?
whhe best self tanning lotion to use?
Dermablend question ?
small boobs!?
Homade facial recipe?
i always have bags under my eyes and i am never tired?
are moles on a girl unattractive?
Best jeans for an apple shape?
Dark spots from previous acne! HELP!?
is navel piercings really worth it?
how do i get rid of circles under my eyes?
Septum piercing questions..?
best quality jewelry for lip rings?
Which is better for SCARS? cocoa butter, Mederma, Sebo de Macho, etc.?
brazilian, armpits and swelling?
are facial freckles cute?
How can I get rid of nasty stretch marks from having a baby?
How to cure my acne problem?
What piercing should i get next?[pictures included]?
Hairy Chest at age 16?
Can you get a PTFE stud put in when you get a monroe piercing?
do u shave yur arms??
I have been shaving my moustache!!! i know its bad. But what can i do or use? HELP!! :O?
my cuticles are a mess.?
What shape is my face?
how tall iz garren of of baldwin hillz on bet?????
I have terrible skin?
Hair removal ? Important question!!!?
Piercings ears with acne in them?!?
Like my new piercing?!?
my mom wont let me get my bellybutton pierced?
Would you hate me if I got my nose pierced (pic inside)?
if my tall 1.73m is good or not for you girls? and why?
how can solve the pimbles problem?
Whats the darkest someone with olive skin can get if they tan.?
office in san diego where its easy to get financed for breast implants>?
Has anyone tried "Clearasil Clear And Refine Daily Scrub?"?
I just started using an eye cream and my eyes look worse.?
3 piercings, 1 day. Not a good idea right?
What female body style is this?
what do you think about black people.?
Can u change from a lip ring to a snake bite?
can i apply lemon on face 4 pimples?
Would I look okay with a monroe piercing?
Why does my face always gets so much pipuls?
lip piercing or tongue piercing for a 13 year old?
how to get rid of chest, upper back, and lower back acne?
Does anyone know about how much money it cost to get an industrial bar peircing in your ear?
It's about my face.?
Whats a good dye to use on your pubic hair?
Natural/HomeMade face masks/pastes?
Is tinted moisturizer better than pressed power?
what is it called when people pierce right below your mouth?
Does waxing make underarms whiter?
any good sites on how to give a good body massage?
Is it still attractive to men to have the nicki minaj type body shape?
where can I Buy a BB Cream in New York ?
will it hurt to get my ears pierced again?
Breast enlargements -Voice of experience needed?
when you get your nose pierced, and have a cold, does the piercing get in the way?
My ear cartilage itches so much!!?
good acne over the counter products?
how do sunbed bronzers work?
How do you get rid of stretch marks?
How can I hide a piercing from my parents?
is extra virgin olive good for your face and skin?
are you embarassed by your feet?
Best skin care range ?
What type of peircing would look better on me *pics*?
how do i get rid of circles under my eyes sleep dont work?
how can i make my hands and feet fair?
what is an easy way to put in double flared tunnels into a cartilage piercing?
how to get paler skin?
During Laser Removal of a tattoo, what happens if there is ink on top of other ink to remove?
Thinking of getting my labret peirced?
im in need of help. SKINCARE?
Parissa Wax Strips?
Random beauty marks keep appearing on my body?
How do I get rid of my pimples. Please help.?
i have small boobs! i get teased for it at school, how can i feel more confident?
help with feet ?
What is the BEST way to get a natural, bronze-looking sunless tan?
What would be the side effects of me putting powdered Vitamin C and Vitamin E into my favorite lotion?
Is 21 too young to start Using Garnier skin renew daily regenerating serum?
how long do ear lobe piercings take to close up?
Does cold pressed olive oil really help in lashes growing?
Facial scarring attorney needed.?
AM i gonna gain wait .. and grow ????
What causes little bumps on your face?
How to know how big my nose piercing is?
Itchy rash on sensitive skin?
Does my body gross you out? (pic)?
Nose piercing help!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
I got my septum pierced and I got it changed an hour after.....will anything bad happen? Im worried?
what is better?? nutrogena or proactive? is there a REALLY good face wash that YOU use that you really like???
Pimple problem!!! I have a party tommorow!!?
Help with brazilian bikini wax!?
i live in pensacola fl and i wanna know where can i find hydrogel implants at ?
Im 13 and i have dark circles under my eyes, help?
GIRLS! is tanning safe?
how can i make my skin lighter and fairer on my whole body ?
I'm really embarrassed to ask this question, but...?
ladies only?
I'm 14 and getting my first eyebrow wax. Im scared. How painful is it. much apreciation. thnx?
any good tanning salons in or by fort walton beach FL??
How can i get rid of a dry face? my face is so dry and idk why?
What do you think of eyes with brown spikes coming out of the middle, and then green for the rest of the eye?
Do you think my legs are too big? (pictures)?
I have a long and wide face!! HELP!?
i measured my foot and it says 10...when i measured it at the stores it says like 9 ...and i buy a size ten...?
Are people joking or I am I really that ugly?
what piercing can i get that my mum and dad wont see? i have basic ears, helix and my tongue web! what else?
Does toothpaste work when applied to whiteheads?
what do you think of my body?
Do you have an innie or outtie belly button?
Can you stretch your ears with this?
getting a retinoid prescription?
Has anyone been to the Magical Touch Spa in Woodbridge?
what do they use to numb ur belly button b4 they peirce it?
I'm really depressed over my skin?
How Young Is Too Young?
Does getting a double ear piercing hurt?
Does waxing reduce the growth of hair if its done regularly?
Ok she got her navel pierced a week and a day ago. it hasn't been pusing up or anything but for some reason?
how i can stop cellulite???
un wanted facial hair?
How to stop my stretch marks?
how much is it to get it pierced?
should i get my lip periced?
How long are your legs in relation with your height?
Do you think I'm pretty?
Non Oily foot scrub recipes?
daily glow tanning lotion...?
i have bad hairy skin,pls. help with home secrets for glowing & healthy skin from insiide?
What are your opinions of my looks (just curious)?
helpppp skin emergencyyy ! plz answer my ?
I have a genetic question?
does toothpaste actually help get rid of pimples?
Does Olive Oil really work wonders for skin?
Thinking about waxing?
Why does my belly piercing ooze?
what eye color do guys prefer on a brown/burnett haired girl?
How many smiles does it take to form one wrinkle?
I have my ears pierced, what else should i get pierced?
Do you think proactive works?
why is my face so oily?? can someone help me stop it please?
Tragus Piercing Aftercare?
A tongue piercing with braces?
which is the best brand of sunscreen lotion for indian women which can be applied on both face & body?
Can someone help me find an acne product with both these ingredients sold in stores?
What can I do about my chin crease?
I'm a 14 year old girl, how do i get rid of acne?
NEED HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????
the redness on my skin just wont go away!?
I am a 15 year old girl and i think i have small breast. I know this is not a problem but what is a norm size?
How long will it take for a Piercing to close up?
How can I remove redness from my hands and feet?
Do laser hair-removal home devices like "Stop Skin laser" really work??
Anyone used Bio-Oil, Results?
I have these weird bumps/lumps things on my right ear lobe! and I don't know what it is?
How Old do you Guys Think I look?
Who in your opinion is more attractive?
stud nose ring out ?
Tanning Tinea Viscolor?
can Islam cleans their face using a product contains alcohol ?
Why do people find dimples cute?
I've been drinking nothing but water for almost a month now....I've been breaking out really bad..?
How do I stop bitting my nails? Is there any method that works best?
im getting my legs, bikini line and under arms waxed on friday!...?
Do Cartilage Piercings hurt?
Are loofahs and scrubs the same?
I Am Ridiculously Nervous About A Piercing?
Does mist suntan lotion or rub-in suntan lotion work better?
Peirced Ear Problem! HELP?
i have black circles under my eyes yes i dont get enough sleep im a 14 year old boy how do i make them go away?
Microdermal and skin divers, are they the same?
Any tips on how shrink my belly?
The best product for my skin?
How do I quit the habit of picking at my acne?
does dr. summits skin whitening cream actually work?
wrinkles at 17 is it possible i am scared?
I Have A Lot Of Blackheads And Pimples!?
I'm getting a breast reduction what size you think would be best?
i am considering having my bellybutton pierced?
Help! My little sister is starting to get spots! (she is 11 ) How can i stop her from getting more spot!?
Should I get my nose pierced?
Nose Pierce Bump Solution? (Professional Piercers or People Who Experienced Only)?
Does the oil cleansing method work?
how long will does it take for ear piercing holes to close after being healed?
Please help ?! How can i get bigger hips?
my belly button ring keeps rejecting, why?
Best cream for getting rid of scars?
repierce belly button?
best natural thing to remove dark spots?
What products can fade away dark spots?
How do i make my boobs look bigger?
How do I get the wrinkles out of my scrotum?
why do things which are "unscented" smell so bad?
How do you get bigger breasts without getting implants?
I got my lip percied about 4 days ago...?
How do you get rid of dark under eye circles?
cartilage piercing question?
Do I have low or high cheekbones? (picture)?
Why am I getting more acne when I wash my face?
Sleeping on an industrial/scaffold piercing?
Topical vitamin C not necessarily effective?
How can I get rid of the dark circles under my eyes?
How do I get rid of my acne?
what beauty tips can you give to whiten underarms?
What do you think of Rhinoplasty Surgery?
does getting your nose pierced hurt?
How can I get rid of really bad bite marks and bruises on my neck?
How can I get a flawless skin complexion?
If your slim and tall is your body shape rectangular?
Recommendation for products against blackheads?
peeling underarms need help?
IS there a thing I can do, to make my chicken pox a little easier?
how do i get rid of bags under my eyes im only 14 and i have really bad bags whats should i do?
My daughter used a foot slaugh on her arm very hard. What can I put on it to help, it's burning on her?
do iput my pro active three step program stuff on in the morning and night??
how to reduce eyebags?
I want to get my belly button peirced...does it hurt really bad?
best tanning lotion???
is there a certain way u should shave ur underarms??
Ear gauge blowout question?
Can't get my earring back in- now I have wonky ears! How can I even them out?
what is the effect of olive oil on body hair?
What is that sore thing that i always get in my mouth!!?
How can i speed up the growth of my nails?
I have some pimples on my nose what can I do to get rid of them?
What kind of piercings would look good on me?
Best way to treat your hands?
how can i get rid of my spots?
Can Smooth Away cause Wrinkles?
Does proactiv REALLY work?
What soap will I use that will surely whiten my skin?
Please help bout navel piercing?
Olay Anti-Aging Eye Roller?
Take lower cartilage piercing out?
Neutrogena Rapid Clear Acne Defense Lotion discontinued?
How can I make my lips bigger ?
My wooden guages wont turn?
How much is it to get a breast augmentation or tummy tuck in bolivia south america?
How can I get rid of acne?
help me please 10 points?
How do I get rid of saggy eyelids without surgery?
Acne scars??????????????????
why are the americans such a fat nation?
How to hide freshly pierced ears?
To tan, or not to tan?
Sunless tanning Question! Any Estheticians got any advice?
excuses for a puffy black eye and swollen bloody lip?!?
Do you think my legs look weird? (pics)?
belly button piercing yes or no..? s for best answer . . !?
neutrogena or proactive???
How much does cartridge piercing hurt?
Does this kind of sun 'tanning' bad for you?
Do i have the Eyebrows to get Eyebrow Piercing?
im 14 and i sweat a lot..?
What tongue ring is better, a slight curved one or a regular straight up n down one?
Monroe piercing????????????
Where is the bikini line?
I need help over facial creams ..?
Is it possible to eat your own face?
should i get a tragus and/or helix piercing?
I'm 13 and want to shave, but my parents doesn't want me to. What to do?
should i get my lip pierced?
How can you get rid of dark areas of skin around frown lines?
Tanning oil substitute?
Tongue web piercing infection?
Can tanning in a bed clear up skin?
Should I get a nose job?
Topical lotions for use with psorisis?
toe nail polish for a guy?
breast uplift and implant ?
"Thick-er" white woman - why do most people act like it's a huge deal if you aren't built petite?
My ear piercing burns/hurts?
Are CLIVEN products effective and real?
Anyone ever get a massage at the exhale day spa in montclair, nj?
will pond's clarent B3 cream give me acne?
My husband has lost a bet & has to wear 12 female items that i choose.Pls help me compile a list....?
how to get bigger boobs?
Nipple piercing?
new piercing?
Botox-fillers Training?
Non drying acne cleanser that prevents menstrual breakouts?
Why does my face get oily?
Belly button at 14?????
How can I get rid of the DARK bags under my eyes???
is my bellybutton piercing infected?
How painful is a tongue piercing?
Flawless Face Rose Water?
guys, what do you think about these piercings on a girl?
hydroquinone? aka skin bleach?
How much does a, Full Brazillian Wax hurt ? Having it done soon?
Question for skiniD users?
2nd Lobe Piercing Help?
Do we look similar?
how much should a 5'3ft girl weigh?
how much does this girl weight *about* (pictures) don't call me a pervert. i want to look like that. o_o?
What are good ways to stop biting nails?
How can I get rid of blackheads and acne scars?
Is there any way i could make my boobs bigger?
I'm a girl and I'm really hairy and it's embarrassing?
Is using baby oil as sunblock safe?
Has anyone ever tried the spray on tan in an indoor tanning salon?
****What piercing to get? (Pics)?
Where to get my Monroe piercing?
I used some nail polish remover and now im all itchy?
my teeth r kinda yellow....any tips? quit smoking recently?
Do you think I'm fat/overweight?
Has anyone tried ELEMIS S.O.S Survival Cream?
dark underarms?
what is the best lotion to get my skin glowin for the summer because my caramel color looks kinda dull?
Is it ok to pierce your lip with a safty pin?
eczema and makeup?
What should be done to fix my feet?
Why is it so hard to find 14k Tragus Piercing Jewlery?
Is it normal that i'm still a virgin at 18?
White bump around nose ring piercing?
Will baby powder dry the skin?
How has your skincare regime changed over the years?
how togetrid of acne?
Top ear piercing ! ? please help.?
Why do people think that being "bigger" makes you unattractive. Because it isn't =) .?
is my tragus to small to be pierced?
how to have a beautiful tan?
will this make my acne worse?
Once acne goes away, is there a chance that it could return?
When i get my lip pierced can i get a ring insted of a stud?
Laneige or Spectro cleansers?
cartilage piercing helpppp!?
Figuring out my earring size?
How to protect my belly piercing?
What is the best product to put on a child's face for pimples?
blackheads deep inside the pore?
How much water do you need to drink a day?
How do I redmove redbness from my nose and cheeks?
What is an average cost of BOTOX injections for the forehead.?
What can I do about this?
getting rid of tan?
help me with my dream please?
FOR TEEN GIRLS: How do you feel about your body? Anything you love, hate, or would change?
In need of ear piercing information...?
Are pale people UGLY?
How can i make my skin tan faster?
is moisturizer really necessary , l'm 21 years old , what kind of exfoliate do you recommend ?
Question about Pro Activ face wash?
how can i make my breast size small....?
belly button pierced?
please help? girls only?
I HATE my skin/body SO MUCH?!?!?!?
What is the best way to hydrate or moisturize the face?
do u think that acne makes a pretty person ugly?
whats the best way to clean a nape piercing?
how do you MAKE buble bath out of house-hold items?
how do i become more of a deep sleeper?
What's the use of a face cream?
How do you get rid of tiny spots?
do i have small feet for a 14 year old?
If you drink alot of water.............?
ok, whats good for wrinkles and sagging skin?
Better Looking Legs For The Summer??
how to have no clothes on?
Is this normal for a 14 year old girl?
How can I get a clean/close shave?
Can you buy veet wax strips in shops in Abu Dhabi UAE?
self tanner in the winter???
Is it okay for a guy to wear concealer?
thinking of getting a lip piercing.?
what is the absolute best thing one can do for their skin?
Getting two tattoos in different spots of two different kinds of flowers?
Small blowout on left ear?
Fake bake the face self tanner?
Should I get snake bites?
How do I get rid of pimples fast?
Help, i want to become a piercer!?
Why am I suddenly getting pruny in the shower much sooner than I used to?
Does a bellybutton piercing hurt?
will i still grow?
i am to young but i have sagging breast,can anyone help,any tips?
Hip dermal piercing anyone?
who uses pro active?
How to get rid of acne scars?
how to get rid of pimples?
What do you think about petite girls?
Help!!! Waxing problem....?
Can someone Help please?
what does SPDF 8, 12, 10 means when it comes to lotion and whitening products?
rate mee?! just 4 boredom! <33?
How do I get rid of my blackheads?
hi just want to ask a few questions about permanent hair removal on the face?10 points best answer?
i am 23. male .how to get rid of dark spots in face?
Will covering my knees to prevent them from tanning like the rest of my body look funny?
For those that use proactive?
how can i persuade my mum to let me have my ears pierced?
am i pretty without makeup ? (pic)?
How do I get a clear face? ACNE?!?
I want to get ride of this broken capillary on my nose i want it gone i don't want to use concealer HELP!!!?
What is the best tanning lotion to use to get the fastest tan possible without turning me orange?
i have bags under my eyes...?
does it hurt to get your lip peirced?
I'm really insecure about myself..what can I do?
Skin Conditioner?
Am I Male Model material? Pics Included?
what is a good night cream for 25 year old?
How to really accelerate tanning?
Pros and Cons of the industriel ear piercing?
St. Ives Apricot Scrub?
Does Venus de Milo Beauty Soap Bar give me a lighter skin complexion?
Should I get my Septum Pierced?
Has anyone ever used Miracle of Aloe Foot repair lotion for dry heels?
If you like fat chicks what do you like about them?
help me belly button pierced?
Earlobe stretching issues?
Shaving legs (sensitive skin??)?
when you poop, is it legal to grunt?
What's a good self tanner for me?
Are you an INNIE or an OUTTIE belly button?
Deoderant Question?
How do you get the Dark circles under your eyes to go away?
Dark spot corrector????.....plz answer easy 10 points!!!!!?
is plastic surgery against islam??
How to get rid of teenage spots?
Vote-Yes or No Did Proactive Solution work for you?
What do you think about getting ears pierced all the way up?
Skin care help!?
Mederma or Acne Mark Fading Peel...?
Size 12-14 is this sexy ? ?
Is my helix piercing normal?
this has been scaring me i need to know what to do?
Question.About gettin hornyy?
What is a natural way to get bigger boobs?
Why are people so stupid to think that size 8 's (uk) dont have curves??
How much would a sternum dermal hurt compared to other piercings?
Spray Tan! What is it like? Is it good?
What is a girls milkshake?
yellow liquid coming out of cartlage piercing?
No showers! How do i still feel pretty camping?
HELP? I have HUGE dark circles under my eyes?
how do i get rid of stretch marks?
does proactiv really work?
How To take care of a new nose piercing?
What is wrong with my nose piercing?
what happened to the new garnier eye roll on (the brown version)?
What piercing should i get, ( teenagers please, adults welcomed) Links work now! :D?
How do i get rid of the strech marks on my thighs?
my nose bar (Stud) thing is stuck?
what skin conditioners can i use to look and stay young looking (i also have oily skin)?
Do you break out after a facial?
How can I make my makeup stay on longer?
please help i cant take it anymore!!!?
Should i downsize? I think i have a blowout but not sure?
baby oil for tanning?
What is the easiest and cheapest way of removing facial hair?
does getting Ur ears pierced hurt?
do your breast size come by the shape of your body?
I love jessy kandy's tan !!! Like I want to get a tan! is tanning safe?
how do you exfoliate?
is it good if your belly button piercing pusses?
bikini wax help pleaseeeeee?
Which one?
True or false? Easy question!?
i got a belly button piercing and confused how to clean it?
Help! Ugly Marks!?
Every when can i stretch my ears for guagres?
lost bet to girlfriend?
I am in my late 40's and still get spots on my face. I have tried everything I can think of to rid them.?
Dimples? Good or bad?
Should I Stop Proactive or Continue?
Whats a unique piercing i could get?
What brands of hand soap have no lanolin, moisturizer, or deodorants?
How to get a butt like roxy reynolds?
GIRLS ONLY. Is my push up bra too big?
This is a really embarrassing Question, please no stupid answers?
Rook piercing pain, got it done a week ago?
Naturally skinny! What do I do to pack some pounds?
Quick Skin Question (pimple)?
How long does it take for a nose piercing to close?
Can women use Garnier men oil control?
Skin Whitening.?
** =)?
What shower gel are you using at the moment?
Ear stretching gone bad, need help!!!?
Any things I could do now to prevent wrinkles later?!?
whats better for people that have acne proactiv or the wave by neutrogena?
How does a swollen lip last ?
Why am I ugly? Really, why?
I have really bad acne and schools starting soon! What do i do?!?!?
What To Use When I Wash My Face!!?
what piercing would look best on me?
Would I suit a lip piercing, a nose piercing or both? (Picture included)?
should i ask him out or him ask me out?
How do i get rid of minor acne scars?
i want my tongue pierced but my dad said no how can i get it on my own with out him or any one knowing?
What is a good facial scrub for dry dull skin?
what hurts more a lip piercing or a nose piercing?
What should I do about piercing opinions?
Where can I buy proactive!?!? HELP!!?
my belly button ring ripped out.?
Whenever I change my piercing?
lip piercing?
What is a good face wash from department stores like target that help reduce acne?
Whats the best way to help with dark under eye circles?
30D Bra nightmare!?
how much does laser hair removal from your upper lip cost per session?
stretch marks?
Is it possible to get a zit on the inside of ur nose.?
Is there anywhere to buy Pimpless 1 and Pimpless 2 in the U.S.?
My foundation is breaking my face out, why?
Is vitamin E lotion okay for stretched ears.?
If I dry brush my skin every day, do I still need to exfoliate once a week?
Has anyone had good results with Laser hair removal or Electrolosis?
how to have hairy legs?
people say this is my face shape is it ablong or oval?
Has anyone ever tried quick tan, By body drench?
Second holes in ears?
How do you make your skin lighter?
I NEED TO LOSE WEIGHT!!!pls help. i'm going to Maui in 2 months and i REALLY need to lose 45 pounds!!!!!!!!!
Get can I get rid of my scar (scab)?!?
What to use to get rid of acne?
how do you maintain /keep your tan??? showers/baths etc?
Cleanser that wont wash your self tanner off!?
could cheap navel jewellery cause infection? or rejection?
Is new industrial piercing infected?
Cucumber's On Your Eyes?
How to reduce the look of acne scars?
do my legs look big in leggings (pic)?
Where you could get an industrial ear piercing around loveland?
What side should i get my upper cartilage ear pierced?
Questions about shaving facial hair and sweating...?
Do you have to be 18 to gauge your ears?
I really need some help please?
how to make the skin around your eye look lighter?
What's the most beautiful thing on a woman's body?
Home remedies to getting rid of acne ?
Where/Who do you recommend for a Thai massage in Bahrain?
Nose piercing question please help?
How do you properly moisturize oily skin?
What is your favorite natural/safe ingredient-formulated skin care line?
Severe tanning bed burn?
how do i reduce the darkness after i shave in my underarms?
Is it possible to get back dimples with workouts?
ear piercings stories? ?
Laughing Line?
My boyfriends got a "PA" and wants to get a "Reverse PA" as well. Should i let him?
I get dry peeling skin after tanning...what if i use Palmers Cocoa butter moisturizer as a tanning oil?
Pimples on my chest/breast erea?!?!?
piercing question???????????????????
How to lighten my elbows and knees?
About piercing, please.?
Does a belly button piercing hurt?
Do you think my heterochromia (different colored eyes) is creepy?
dark circles?
Shaving or waxing?
How to make my lips bigger or look bigger?
anyone have a belly button piercing?
I want to even my skin tone and smooth my skin.?
Please help me with my skin?
how can i get rid of black bags under my eyes?
What is the best lip product for dry lips?
How often should one do sea salt baths?
What do you think of me?
How long will it take until i stop breaking out using Tretintion cream?
how to get rid of acne?
I need help with newly pierced ears?
nose piercing has the back part in it.!!!?
How to remove a nose stud with a ball on the end.?
How to look after newly pierced ears?
does anybody know what an eyeball ring is?
People with combination skin, what your skin routine?
When you shower, What part of your body do you wash first?
Does getting your ears peirced hurt ?
I have my period and I haveee to wear yoga pants tomorrow !?
Is there anyway to get rid of strecth marks?
Tragus piercing opinion? Help please read!?
What is the best women's deodorant?
hair removal for men "down there"?
Which is best sun lotion for man?
Dark under-eye circles :( any ideas?
For 13-14 year old girls only!!!?
Should I get my navel re-pierced?
Septum piercing concern?
acne..... rawr :(?
Do you know what America's #1 Skincare and Cosmetic Brand is?
has anyone used a GOOD spray on sunless tanner?? meaning one that dosen't turn you orange or streak??
what is your favorite show?
is it safe to clean a newly pierced ear with hydrogen peroxide?
What is the right ear shape for an industrial piercing?
should i pierce my own toungue?
Day Spa Party Help Please,,? :)?
Do you know which salon/spas sell the Obagi skincare system in Calgary, Canada?
How to shave without bumps?
Facial structure - need to learn about the facial structure to understand where wrinkles form...any help?
How do I know if my cartilage piercing is on too tight?
What if you get your nose pierced and you dont want your nose piercing anymore what kind of scare do you get?
Clean and Clear Product Usage?
How can i get really tan?
tongue piercing- 1 week old. help?
when u peirce ur own lip is it supposed 2 swell?
i bought tea tree oil for my nose piercing...?
Can my friend's mom take us to get our ears pierced?
what is my face shape?
Freckles - Lemon Juice?
What's a good sun less tanner?
Wheres the best place on your bottom lip to get pierced?
I have hairy arms, I'm a girl?!?
When does a lip piercing stop being red?
Does anyone know anything about self tanners?
click me click me!!!!(20 characters)?
How to get rid of stretch mark's?
Does anyone have experience with Nutrimin-C products?
queria comprar notebook acer ou ipad?
bumps after shaving?
Is the lipo procedure more painful then breast implant procedure?
Does anyone know a way to cure razor bumps and ingrown facial hairs?
How do you get rid of pimples without proactive or any other type of acne medicine?
What are is a really good body wash that you suggest? What is a really good moisturizer?
My monroe piercing is healed but I can't fit the short bar in. Why?
im 13 turning 14 in may. i want my nose pierced badly should i get it done?
What is wrong with my face?
Do hypertrophic piercing scars go away eventually?
Can this piercing hole shrink? ?
Getting Rid Of Blackheads...?
i friggin hate my height?
good dark spot/acne scars corrector, skin evening treatment?
How to turn my skin to light brown or light?
does proactiv actually work?
How would weight loss affect the look of a belly button piercing?
I have a question about my acne. I need an answer. ?
what is a smoothst?
ideas on a facial piercing?
What is the legal age limit to get your navel pierced in South Carolina?
How painful is it getting your nose pierced?
What body shape does this girl have?
carttilage peircing ahhh....?
How much does tongue rings from Walmart cost?
is a eyebrow ring and a barbell interchangable?
how to become a PROFESSIONAL BODY piercer??????
Ear stretching question, about scar tissue!?
are braces unattractive?
How old were you when you got your ears pierced?
Ear piercing.....hurts!?
i had my tongue pierced....?
How can I make my breasts more droopy? I know this sounds weird but...?
My ear piercing just bled a bit when I turned it (its been 6 weeks) can I wear dangles for 5 minutes?
Which daily use products will you suggest me to make my skin look better?
In how much time will my piercing close up?
My prom is 4 days away, how can i get tanner in that amount of time? :/?
please tell me theres a cream out that removes stretch marks?
is it worth it to get a nose ring . ?♥?
I Need To Fix This Situation by the time school starts? s for best answer!?
How can I get my mom to let me use Nair?
Does it hurt getting your cartilage on your ear hurt when you get it pierced?
Nivea Summer Touch question?
would u wear a bikini if u....?
Is my acne really bad? On a scale of 1-10. ?
Has anyone got sick from flavored body lotions and lubes?
Need advise on my tragus piercing :-(?
Tragus piercing?
screwed up toe?
we pierced my friends ear to night and....?
Can using an exfoliating body sugar scrub cause more body hair?
what shall I use to cover up freckles?
piercing questen. Help!?
HELP cuplux gel on my face!?
How to get rid of stretch marks?
Whats an effective way to fade stretch marks, or at least hide them well?
Does tanning beds cause cellulite?
What cologne should I get for my man?
red spots after waxing?
What is a good face wash for very dry, yet acne prone skin?
how to get rid of acne in one week?
ACNE scars stressing me out.?
I think I am addicted to CHAP-STICK!!!!!?
Is Hawaiian Tropic Royal Tanning Clear Spray a quick self-tanner spray?
where can i find & Buy Dermaroller? how much does it costs?
hey girls, how long will it take to wash your face?
How to take off the purple color under my eyes ?
Which girl is prettier please rate!?
Best skin lightening products for dark spots?
Why do you get most of your zits on your forehead?
Skin burning? Should i use oil?
should i get my ears pierced?
Best deodorant?
Am I pretty?
Double to single eyelid surgery... Is there such a thing?
Rose water????
My cartliage piercing is very painful?
Lip piercing?
How bad does getting your ears pierced hurt?
How can I stop bitting my nails?
Whats the best way to get rid of acne?
I was wondering if anyone has any home remedies or know of any cream that will help get rid of stretch marks?
what skin colour do you prefer? Tanned or Pale?
How to dress?
will i get a log of leg muslce if...?
best way to clear up
Is it possible to get rid of a piercing infection without having to take your earrings out?
What part of your body would you never, ever get pierced?
is it good to have big hips???
how can i get red eyes?
I hate breasts, I'm sooooo humiliated!!?
What is your favorite pro ana site?
are men better tanned or pale?
Why when i shave my side burn it looks like a shaved spot?
What do you dislike about your self?
belly button piercing ?
How can i cure my acne in less than a week?
Big nose Big problem? :Ohelp plz?
how long should i wait before i can change my eyebrow peircing?
Female piercings? What should I get? 10 points.?
i need vitamin e oil for my ear gauges?
Deodorant broke my skin out! What should I do?
Help with spots ANY advice totally welcome! =]?
Does Nivea Q-10 actually work?
Good moisturizer for combination skin?
I need a good salon name,hair make-up fitness, nails,?
Would I look good with a lip peircing ?
How do you elimate dark (and I mean dark) circles under your eyes?
Dark Bags under my eyes?!?!?
I just peirced my belly. How long do I wait till cleaning it with sea salt and warm water?
has anyone heard of merlot skin care?
How much does a belly piercing cost in Brisbane?
How do I get rid of stretch marks?
is getting my belly pierced with out my parents knowing safe?
Septum piercing risks?
Do I have a weird bone structure (face)?
I hate having cellulite on my thighs?
where can i buy dermatend in new zealand?
How do i get tanner?
has anybody actually gotten oily skin from a bad diet?
my ears were peirced with an 18 gauge, can i stretch them to a 10 gauge within a month?
Should I Take Cheveox Eyebrow Roll-on?
How long will it take for my monroe piercing to close?
Healthiest Method and Effects of Tanning?
Stretching gauging ears help please ?
any way to get more meat on my legs and feet?
How to apply Biotherm self-tanning mist?
peeling belly button?
Is proactive really good?
What can I do to my nails that makes them look nice but also natural?
What can I do about this?
why do people say "omg i am fat" but in really there are not?
i need to know how to completely take care of my lip piercing !!?
What type of Cuticle Oil?
secret to summer legs?
How do I ask my mum to buy my hair removal cream for my bikini line?
Does putting toothpaste on pimples actually work?
Skincare routine & products?
What is your favorite physical feature about yourself?
How do you get rid of BLACKHEADS?
Drinking milk ????????? lol?
is this disgusting??? (sweating)?
how do i apply dermablend to my stretch marks on my thighs ?
A question about skin colour?
I need to buy an aftershave for my dad for xmas, he is 57 any good suggestions, thanks?
anybody know f any good bikini creams ????
I can't put my labret back in?
Problem with Nair Roll-on Wax!?
Stretched/gauged ears bleeding?
What piercing/s should i get next?
is this normal to only get brown gushes?
Anyone here developed acne in their early 20's?
Is My Tragus Too Small To Be Pierced?
Is Tanning Gay for a boy ?
Copper Peptides?
It's bad to pop pimples right? why though?
Am I ugly? (pics included)?
Is there any point in shaving/ waxing my body hair?
do i look gross this skinny? (pics.)?
do you get darker if you drink coffe and tea and lighter if you drink milk?
thank you every1?
i am a redhead and i have just started going to a tanning bed what can i do to reduce the chance of wrinkles?
how to put on weight?
everytime i shave my arm pit i get razor burn or not close enough shave do you have any ideas on what i can do
How many people would be attractive if it weren't for their noses?
to get rid of slight sagging and wrinkles on face.?
What are the different materials that a tongue ring can be made out of?
Can You Be A Model If Your Not Really Tall?
natural sun tanning the best hours are for 34470?
This acne and acne scars is killing me!?
*embarrassed* help! They wont stay in...?
What breed of people is this?
i need a way to help me stop bighting my nails?
how to treat black heads and white heads?
16 and want breast implants?
my friend is missing an arm?
What is the difference between face wash and facial scrub?
i want to lick my cousins feet but i don't have a clue on how to lick it with out him knowing?
do you have your ears pierced?
I Wanna Get A Belly Button Piercing?
epi laser hair removal?
Does anyone know of a product that reduces the raised up scars on tattoos w/o ruining the color?
which body spray is best for men?
Fastest ways to get rid of black heads?
nipple peircing (male)?
I'm 12 and im a size 34B i wish i was bigger...?
what are temporary tattoos?
how much evening primrose oil is safe to take for acne? 3000mg?
How often is too often to apply moisturizer to your face when it's dry and scaly from BP?
where do i get pierced?
PROACTIV...does it really work as well as they say?
Is there a moisturizing facial cleanser, that does a great job removing makeup?
Will I grow more taller?
super dry hands?
How to come over from small holes on face?
How soon can you change your belly ring after getting it pierced?
Why does tanning oil have SPF in it? Doesn't that defy the purpose of absorbing the sun to get a tan?
Is there something for stretch marks that works?
How to ask my mom for a second lobe piercing!?!?
i am 11 and i am 5''1 am i too tall?
I can't get tan!!?
Describe the Feeling when you get your Nose Pierced? With a Needle.?
If I took melanin supplements, would my eyes go back to it's natural dark blue?
Plastic Surgery?
under arms Q ?!?! HELP!?
have you tried proactive?
Are Michael Jsckson's kids biologically his?
ear stretching fail? help!?
Do you like using Philosophy? Would you recommend the Radical Skin 8 piece kit?
does proactiv work for 13 and just started getting acne?
Are you supposed to tip the masseuse after getting a massage?
Does Hydrogen-Peroxide make your tan fade, and skin lighter color?
Tell me about yyour inner conch piercing?
fake tanner?
What would happen if you didn't eat for a week?
Tongue ring rejection?
Does pickin your lips make them bigger an less natrual color? (Bad habit)?
to skinny ?
Which facial piercing would look good on me?
Are navel and/or nipple piercings easy to keep hidden under everyday clothing?
should i let my piercing heal or get it re-pierced?
nose or monroe peircing? (pic)?
how do you get dark circles from under your eye?
Please help?
I have a deodorant dilemma?
What works best on removing stretch marks.?
How should I trim my hair?
what is this ...please help it is serious!!!!?
does tanning get your teeth whiter?
Desperate to get my tongue pierced...?
GUYS.. I have a nail-bitting problem.. what are ways I CAN STOP! it getting ridiculous :(?
What are your opinions on freckles?
How to change my skin tone?
What is a good face wash...?
AGH! i HATE my nose!?
does anyone know...?
I want to get my cartilage pierced, but my mom won't even listen?
eyebrow piercing questions?
Solutions to dry skin?
*Girls* Do you think it looks good when...?
tricks to treating mild acne?
Only 16 and lost like 40-50 pounds but my face looks sick and saggy!!?
how can i get RID OF MY SEVERE ACNE?
Skin care regime for a guy? help?
has anyone tried the products from
does dark nail polish look bad on really tan skin?
i want to get breast implants?
what is best to use to get rid of under eye circles?
does proactive really work?
Please help me.?!!!!
my knees hurt?
Whitish light yellow coming out of lip ring.?
hey i wanna kno dat does olive oil help in reduction of stretch marks??? if yeas explain itz usage?
Is my bra size normal?
Can I use a moisturizer with Clindamycin Phosphate gel?