how to fade a little hickey ?
Why is no one interested? (pics)?
Would I be able to model?
“Which particular facial feature of yours do you personally admire the most?
How to be fairer after being dark?
I want to be completely bald "down there", is there any creams besides nair rid of hair?
lighter skin?????
When i smile, why does the skin above my lip fold?
Can my employer make me remove my eyebrow peircing?
New piercings ;] , ideas..?
Attracted to young girls?
What is the FIRST part of your body that you dry off when done bathing & what part do you always seem 2 miss?
what facial product can i use to reduce enlarged pores?
I am 14 years old and i needed some extra cash and went into prostitution and now im pregnant what shall i do?
i have a normal skin color but it turns pale with rosey cheeks,why?
Does Hiyas Papaya Whitening Soap work ?
best way to get rid of blackheads and shrink pores?
Is it ok to use more than one face wash?
How to get a little tanner healthily?
Red spaghetti marks on my back from hot water bottle?
Burnt skin problem, please help! (10 points)?
Has anyone tried certain dri? its supposed to make u sweat in other places instead of ur pits?
Ugh my body looks like a rectangle help...?
Belly button piercing aftercare?
please i need help; does anybody know how to grow your breasts naturally?
How long does it take for finger nails to grow?
how do i get rid of ingrown hair?
If I use sunscreen and then use tanning lotion will I get a better tan?
I shaved down there... HELP?
how can i make waxing less painful?
Whats a safe way to pierce my own lip? if there is any..?
hi i'm 18 yrs old and i have this small-small acne on my face(on my forehead cheeks region)?
Is this a blessing or what?
Is it dimples or is it from just too much smiling?
how do i post my avatar?
Eyeborw Threading in Yuma Az?
nose piercing not getting cured?
What body shape does this young lady have?
I have my nipples pierced and I think one is infected. What should I do?
Can I indefinitely keep my cartilage piercing out after a year?
OMG!!!!!BiG EMERGENCY!!!!!!?
Where can I buy Actifade? Walgreens? How much?
Spray on deodorant???
What a good Deorant for armpits?
Nipple piercing?
My 00g tunnel will not stay in? Help?
do the boobs increase because of sex?
Anybody been with transform for cosmetic surgery?
Does getting your nose pierced hurt? coupons/discount/promo codes. Other than what's on their site, anyone have a code I can use?
Do you wear anything while in the tanning booth?
What products actually help get rid of acne?
why do the bottom of my feat peel so much!??!?
What do you think of my body? (pictures)?
Lay Down Tanning Bed Weight Limits!!?
is it ok for two people to share the same roll on deodorant?
If you have an adam's apple will you still grow?
what piercing should i get!!!! (pics)?
I need a perfume with warm fragrance.what is your idea?
Can I use Swedish Beauty Tanning Lotions Outside?
Can i get my lipp pierced?
how do you make a hickey less noticable?
douse it hurt getting your nose pierced?
Gauge sizes from regular piercing?
i have white heads n boils on my face.what should i do?
Why do women want foreign objects in their chest?
is it illegal to have your lip pierced at 14 yrs?
i need help with school problems?
homesoming is in a few weeks, how do i clear up my skin?? plz help!!?
What type of facial piercing would suit me best? PICS INCL.?
Skin is both dry and breaking out?
Has anyone used Rejuvawand? If so, does it work?
what is the average length barbell for a bridge peircing?
IS MY NOSE TO BIG????????/////?
I messed up a spray tan!?
Can I scrub my hands(palm) everyday?
have you tried any of these products from neutrogena or revlon? ?
I peeled the skin off my acne cyst!?
should i lose more weight?
What is a good oil free moisturizer?.......?
does getting your cartilage pierced hurt?
Does size really matter??
is my cartilage infected?
Can you have big breasts but still be considered not curvy?
Y is my face soft after I wash it but not soft after I moisturize?
I've been wearing sneakers all year...?
guys what do you think?
Is "Proactiv" a good skin clearing brand?
Really dark arm hair?
Im going to shop for medications?
Is it true you grow into your looks?
which body part is the best?
Belly button piercing issues?
How Long Will It Take My Piercing To Close...?
Is there a method or a system that will make your foot smaller?
Are you supposed to sleep with a bra on or without one?
should i get my belly button pirced?
how do i get rid of scars made from pimples?
Does the Clean and Clear advantage kit work?
Infected Ear Piercing.?
I need advice. (Nose Ring questions, need answers)?
What is a good lotion to use...?
Why am I ugly? Really, why?
What's the PROPER way to shave your sac?
Tongue piercing?
How do I get a tan?
I think I want my tongue pierced?
hair removing problem ...........?
Should a 14 year old get a Belly button piercing? ?
Why am I incapable of waxing my legs?
Can you take out lip piercings whenever you want?
Has anybody used Breast Actives Pills for breasts enlargement purposes? Are they effective or not?
HELP, how do i get my face slim like goo haras?
What is this on My face?
How do I look in a bikini?
hey plz tell me some good brands?
How old do you have to be to get a lip piercing in NC with a parent?
i have a skin queshtion.?
has anbody gotten postive results from using proactiv ?!?
Should I shave my legs?
I am trying to find the best anti-aging skin care regime. I am currently using prescriptive skin care and my?
how do I get rid of stretch marks?
What is the difference between Nivea Good-bye cellulite gel cream and cellulite patches?
Is there a good, cheaper version of the Clarisonic?
Please help with my acne!!?
shaving or waxing?
After getting a nose piercing....?
I have my tragus pierced, what kind of headphones should i buy?
will my stretched ears shrink?
after having your ears pierced for a whole year, will the holes close if you don't have anything in them?
Best scar remover without prescription?
What are Bee Stung Lips?
Would you ever pierce your own nose?
Body image -- 5'3" and 160lbs. Cute or obese?
I am 14 years old, do you think i'm too young for a nose piercing?
I'm young with slight wrinkles- normal??
How do u make your breast bigger?
how do i make lavender vanilla soap in less than a week?
What do you think of freckles?
What is your biggest insecurity?
What are these marks under my lips?
VISS IPL Hair Removal System? How does it work?
Drugstore acne/black heads products? :)?
why do people make fun of me?
How long will it take for a lip piercing to heal after having it in for four years?
Why do I heal so fast ?
How can i make my skin glowing in 7 days?
Which Piercing Should I Get?
Am I fat? Is my stomach unproportional to my body?
tongue piercing + alcohol?
Stretch Marks and Tanning Beds?
somebody has try the cream BABA DE CARACOL (snail cream?)?
How do you treat extremely DRY skin on your face?
Why am I getting acne where I didn't used to?
How bad does it hurt to wax yourself?
Good way to remove pimples?
Help? I'm very unconfident?
i need a girl ,where can i find one .?
How do I convince my mom to let me get a belly button piercing?
How can I get better skin?
Whats the healthiest way to lose weight fast?
Im a 15 year old girl, do you think i will grow much more?
what kind of mud is good for your skin?
Insecure about my boobs?
how do i make my butt glow...?
How do I convince my parents to let me get my ears double peirced?
what colour nail varnish best matches dark skin tone?
Is it bad to write on your skin with pen/marker?
how lighten skin fast?
Pimple helppppp pleasee?
Which hurts more nose or cartilage piercing?
moisturizing skin?
is it ok to use a MOISTURIZER even if im just 18????
if u use toothpaste to get rid of a zit....?
Cold Soress?
How much does a chemical peel cost?
deep cleansing pore strips?
How to hide/get rid of panty lines?
How do you use the aspirin mask for acne? Does it work?
31-24-36 pear shaped or what? [photo]?
HELP!!just did a bikini wax gone really bad!!?
Is Mowrah Butter like body body ?
8g to 6g stretch is a no go. Any advice?
Plucking my upper lip?
How can I wake up for Junior High in the morning?
What's my body shape?
What is good spray tanning with a good price that could spraying on face and body?
Stretch Mark Problems (HELP)
I recently used toothpaste to clear my pimples. the next thing i knew, my face turned red, scalded and burnt.?
Has anyone ever had an ingrown toenail surgically cut out?
Does anyone else feel this way? I HATE it!!!! s for best answerrr?
Please help me?? :( Under eye problem!!!?
What cool piercings are there I can get?
how to turn a sunburn into a tan?
Can i use regular thin acrylic paint on my face?
im going to pierce my belly button myself any ideas?
Lip, Nose, & Cartilage Piercings?
Help please on piercing?
****What piercing to get?
I have two questions about getting my ears pierced?
where i can get Stylist for myself in mumbai as i fell my style sense is low ?? Pls read below?
How do you use the proactiv refining mask?
i have a tongue piercing how can i tell my mum :|?
do you think this guy is hott/cute??? (pic)?
Do men prefer blondes?
does SALICYLIC Acid found in acne med. mkae u lose a tan?
Nose hair outside of bottom of nose (sides and front). I MADE A STUPID MOVE A YEAR AGO?
bumps after a bikini wax?
Does a Jessner peel hurt a lot?
i have darklines under my eyes will anything work?
will i ever get a body like that?
Is it considered normal for a female to have their lower right lip pierced?
Can i switch my lip ring?
CAN Anyone help us,,CANADA?
What should I do to prevent my face from being so oily?
how to decrease the darkness around my mouth?
Does it hurt to get your cartilage pierced?
whats happening to me?
What would you prefer more, bellybutton or nose piercing? i can only get one.?
who sells dermalogica?
What is a face, a face? A face?
does cat litter and water work as a faical?
Which eyebrow piercing looks better?
Does having a facial by the beauty therapist help ur skin glow? Does it help blemishes and appearence of skin?
Dry Skin help!!!!!!!?
Medusa or snakebites?? (5 pics) please help!?
My parents think I'm too young to get a navel piercing? 10 points.?
I'm pale. I tried tanning outside but..?
recent cartilage piercing.. infected?
sholud i lose some weight?pic incl?
what peircing is this called?
what is the best way to keep your face blemish free?
My face broke out in pmimples!? :/?
What are good acne suggestions?
Is Avocado Good For Your Hair or Face ?
Does anybody know how much Harley medical group Dublin are charging for replacement of PIP implants?
Im 34 am I too old to get my nose pierced?
What is the best leg hair removal stuff?
Making my Face more fairer?
How could i hide these piercings..?
Lighten my eyes with sulfur?
shall i get my hips pierced?
How can I get my parents to let me go to the tanning bed?
I have some questions about piercing...? s!!?
need help about ear piercing...?
Question About Lip piercing sizes?
does size really matter.?
Skin & Body?
Casual sex and body issue?
good foundation for teens with acne?
Is my body Proportionate? (pics included)?
Getting rid of Stretch marks?
if you have your ears pierced how old were you when u got them done?
Is there a list of salons that offer Brazilian waxing?
Is it dangerous to get laser hair removal in your pupic hair? 10 points!!?
How dO i LeARn tO LoVe MySElf?
eww popping pimples question ?
How to peirce your tounge your self?
Can i use 16g gauges if i work everyday and need to remove them? will they heal ok or is it unsafe to do?
How to obtain Retin-A cream without perscription in Canada?
Hey guys it is sure that by fair&lovely I can remove pimples??how?is there any other answer?
What does petite mean?
How can I limit break-outs when I shave?
My giant forearms make my hands look like a carnies. What can I do to help?
Just Got My Navel Pierced?
how to get pimples out by tommorow august 20 or at least make them less noticeable please?
Do I have to use all of the Paula's choice range to get the best results?
What products should I use to get rid of my bags?
i have spots on my face! i am 14 and i have lots of spots! HELP!?
Can I use women's shaving cream on my face?
How long would a 30ml bottle of serum last me if I used a pea size amount on my face once a day?
Is he handsome...................?
how do i make my hands smooth and like not dry?
help acne!!!?
What's your opinion on a size C bra?
Legal age for dimple piercing in Florida?
What is a safe way to get a nice tan?
Used tanning bed, poor results?
Why do my lips get more pigmented (colorful) when I cry?
How to get rid of dark circles under my eyes? Please help!?
Have you notices this also?
Can I still use moisturizer with Retin-A?
How can I Make my skin clear and soft ? =]?
Are there belly rings that go 4 ways if i have all 4 sides pierced? Like a +. I've searched but found nothing!
Does getting your belly button pierced really hurt?
I got my belly button pierced....?
Ear piercing!?!!!?!!!?!?
A question for girls that shave their....sensitive areas....?
this questions for the girls. which body parts do you like on a guy?
whats a natural home remedy for red specs mostly on the nose and on your cheeks?
Is there any available tea tree oil face mask from body shop in trinoma?
best way to change vch barbell and guage it?
Why do my ears hurt more now than when I got them pierced?
Why do I smell, I am Super Clean??!!?
(GIRLS ONLY PLEASE)What's a good size for me?
How do you get rid of tanning discolourations?
Wearing a bikini while having stretch marks?
Are anti-aging creams beneficial to me as a 21-year-old?
belly button piercing?!!?(:?
I got my tongue pierced yesterday, Can i use this mouthwash? help asap please o:?
Cartilage piercing, I'm 14 is it dangerous and does it hurt?
How can I convince my mom to let me get my ears pierced?
Its all about skin(dark and light)?
What is the best in-store acne cleaner?
HELP!!i need to get rid of my acne its getting ALOT worse???
Has anyone here used certain dri deodarant?
good non-drying acne face wash?
do you like guys with pimples?
how many inches away do you look at yourself in the mirror?
How pretty am I? Be honest.?
Pale Skin vs. Tan Skin?
I cant get the ball of my tongue ring!!!!!! what should i do??
ear gauging help - easy 10 points.?
My belly button piercing is infected? Or not?
Whats the point of tongue peircings?
Why do people make me feel so bad about being tall?
Tragus piercing. HELP please?
whats an elixir?As in facial cream,or lotion.?
Can boobs be too big?
How do you wash your face?
weird bumps from shaving?
Is it a pimple?
Do guys get their belly button pierced?
How do i get?
how to decrease the darkness around my mouth?
i am extremely uncomfortable with my body........?
am i fat??
How do I prevent razor burn when shaving?
What is the best brand or kind of razor?
Uneven face+body tan? Help?
Whenever i put most lotions on my legs i get a ton of small red bumps that sting really bad! what are they??
How I do get rid of these bumps on my skin?
can you still help treat stretchmarks that are around 8 mths old but still look very fresh (red-purple-ish)?
Removing Dead Skin?
What is my correct bra size?
What exactly does it mean to have hips?
whats a good acne scar remover?
Is this considered attractive?
5'7, big ***, and boobs... i have a questian....please answer?
How do you get rid of dark armpits?
How can i get rid of the scabs on my leg??
why are white people taning their skin and making their lips bigger even getting butt surgery?
If i use nair on my arms will i regret doing it?
im 13 years old and i think i need to were foundation my mom said itll clog my pores ,will it?
what do you think of us?
What product can get black spots of your face in a week?
What does the Monroe peircing say?
Does Getting Your Lip pierced Hurt?
How to keep my belly piercing clean ?
what is the best way to get a good natural sun tan, is it easier to use sunscreen or not?
Is an ingrown toenail worth going to urgent care for?
about looks.. plz help frnds..?
whats the best deoderant?
Am ii really thatt uglyy ?
How many is too many piercings?
is it time to lose the tongue ring... help me decide?
eyes ...ur fav ....... ;)?
Lip piercing?
A piercer stretched my ears with silicone, do I have a right to sue?
How do you get rid of blackheads?
belly button piercing?
To women who have been tanning in sun beds for years: What kind of damage have you noticed or not noticed yet?
Blister like bumps on arm after being in the sun?
Skipping a size in ear stretching?
Does it bother u when you see people with zits on their face and u know they can fix it by using face scrubs?
How do you make your own self-tanning lotion or anything similar to that?
Has anyone here tried Hydroxy cut max?
How can I get this redness around my eyes away?
can i change my belly button ring?
Bikini line shaving vs. waxing?
Very crooked septum piercing. Halp!?
difficulty stretching from 2g to 0g?
Help me my face is so dry?
How do you imagine a FEMALE named JAMIE NURIA ?
why do my lips get chapped so much?
girls only help me plz??
How did you cure your acne???
r my legs unattractive?
Ok so I want snake bites but I was wondering how big of holes would be left from a 18 or 20 gage piercing?
How long did it take for your medusa piercing to stop swelling?
Why do i get darker when i go outside?
girls only answer this please?
Peeled an acne scab! PLEASE HELP?
I just got my hips pierced?
Why dont i see myself as being pretty?
Does Clearasil pills has here in The Philippines?
what is the average body measurements a 14 year old girl needs?
Should I get my cartilage pierced?
PIERCINGS help ?[][]?
Why am I not cute or attractive?
monroe piercing?
My waist is shrincking and hips are spreading help????
Do I sound fat to you?
Im 22 years old, and still have acne on my face and back. What can I do?
What is a quick way to get rid of pimples?
What's the safest way to get tan fast?
Snakebites and Septum jewelry question! Will choose a best answer.?
Which skincare line should I go with?
what lip barm is good for chapped lips (from asda if possible)?
can I change my face to lok like east asians using plastic surgery?
How do I make my skin way more pale?
am i pretty/what to change?
Do i use it for the whole body or the vagaina for summer eve body wash?
Is the use/eating of cranberries beneficial to your skin?
What do you call the kind of eyebrows that are joined in English?
how to get rid of dry skin and acne overnight?
The conch or the rook piercing
how can i make my breasts shrink?
Does a SPRAY tan give you cancer?
Whats something good you can buy to clear acne scars?
omg!!!!! My skin itches soooo much, and i can't help but itch it!! What should I do?
Drugstore best cleanser?
Just wondering what Peter Marks is like to work for?
dermatologist question?
does pro-active pimple cream actually work?
How do I clean my skin best?
why do i get red, dry spots on my face?
Should i get my belly button pierced a third time?
ACNEEEEEEE! I need some help here!?
IS there something wrong with me?
i have a serious acne scar problem?
Snakebites and gums. . . . . . . .?
How do i keep my nose peircing from my parents?
i want a lip percing but my parents wont let me.. any suggestions?
Do you think 4 or 5 piercings on one ear is cute or tacky?
Any girls with hairy arms out there?
I got 11 Piercing no tatts yet what's the sexiest piercing on girl, girls only?
Tanning lotion on face?
Swimming with new bb piercing?
Is witch hazel good for spots?
How to get rid of teenage spots?
How do i get rid of bags under my eyes?
How to remove acne and pores?
for all u girls,,, SOS stress?
Industrial Piercing questions?
are long legs good or bad?
What does mike from jeresy shore use on his face clean and clear or clearasil?
Cartilage piercing? Should I get it or not? Help!!!(:?
My mother wants breast implants - what do I say to her?
Facial redness?
Is my tummy flat enough for a belly button/navel piercing?
Doe's Anyone Find This Girl Attractive?
Doess getting your second earring hole hurt?
Any recommendation for good skin care range for asian skin?
I NEED 2 KNOW NOW!! how do u stop under arm sweat??
My hips are big! how to stop it?
Peeling??? Please hELP!?
Does the shower tan work?
I wanna get my tongue pierced , will it hurt really bad?
What hurts more belly piercing or ear piercing?
dimple piercing question?
I have bad acne... how do i get rid of it?
infected piercing help?
Im going to peirce my own tongue..?
How bad is it to wash my face with soap 3-4 times a day?
does getting ur tounge or lip pierced hurt?
i got pimples in ???
does avon clearskin work for acne?
at what age should I start doing my daughters eyebrows?
how can i lighten my skin back to it's normal color and keep it this way during the summer?
Do pore strips that you put on your nose to get rid of blackheads actually work?
can anyone tell me what is hot cloth cleansers?
nose piercings?
do nipple lightening creams work?
Should I get a cartilage or another lobe piercing?
Does Nair really work?
Would you say?
Specialist genital piercer in the UK?
I suffer from quite bad spots... and I need something that actually works?
i have scalp problems, i don't know what to call blister or bumps or bacterial infection?
Do you shower before bed or after you wake up?
OMG I have these two huge zits one on my forhead and one on my chin how can I make them go away quickly?
can pale ever look good/better than tanned?
What's up with my septum ring not staying?
which is hotter pale or tan skin (GUYS)?
Does anyone know a good product to remove moles on your body my sister is to afraid to get it cut off?
Cleanser and tonic??
How would a person not have a belly-button?
Hi all, I would like to know how to increase the size of breasts?
how do you prevent from getting tan?
i sweat......?
Does anyone know of anyone who has used papaya soap before?
i wanna get my lip percied but i dont know if it hurts or not?
Noxzema Triple Clean....??
How to get rid of poo smell after your finger nail accidentally went throuth the toilet paper?
I am wondering what type of barbell piercing is best for an eyebrow piercing, i don't want a ring.?
how do i get rid of my acne?
Got chicken neck?
What are some good scents from bath & body works?
how does preparation H work on under eye bags and does it burn?
Help me with bra trouble... Please?
help me i am so insecure?
Why does everyone want to be tan?
How do I prevent razor burn when shaving?
Help! What to do about female facial hair?
how bad does it hurt to get your bellybutton peirced??
does hair really grow back darker and thicker after you shave?
When it comes to acne scarring...?
How can I get a zit-free face and soft kissable lips?
i want to know somethign about washign face is this right?
Any advance on how to get rid of my acne?
Does fish oil moisturise skin?
how much does the silver tanning bed cost?
does it hurt getting a wrist pierced?
I have purple bags under my eyes?
what exactly does clean shaven mean?
How to perswade the mother??
Getting ears pierced?
i just got a eyebrow piercing but my job says i cannot wear it and i dont want it to heal over?
Is there a way to get rid of scars without buying anything expensive?
Nose piercing scar after removing it for a few years??
i have pimples all over my face and its getting serious HELP !?
what do u think of me rate from 1-10?
(RESPECTFULLY) Breast implants, your take on it?
My parents think I'm too young to get a navel piercing? 10 points.?
Peeling sunburn!!! Ew!!!!?
"personal question" (puberty >_> )?
how much does Bodycology Exotic Cherry Blossom Body Cream cost?
piercing my own bellybutton?
Should I invest in breast augmentation or a nose job?
popping pimples?
Skin lightening solution? 10 points!?
Perspiration question???? HELP?
Is my lip piercing irritated or infected?
pores on my nose unnaturally big...?
Reviews on Neutrogena?
how di i know if i have FAIR skinn or OLIVE skinn?
how can I fade a love bite quickly?
how effective is liposuction?
Acne? why all of a sudden?
Help! Face is dry and red?
prescription necessary for benzoyl peroxide?
How long does it take for a hickey to fade?
Should I get my cartilage pierced when I'm 16?
What face wash do you use?
does proactiv really work?
body shop body butter hellp?
Are you an INNIE or an OUTTIE belly button?
Do I have low or high cheekbones? (picture)?
Do you like lip rings?
Why does my tongue piercing still hurt?!?
How sore is getting your belly button pierced?
Piercing suggestions?
Who was that woman that had her face badly disfigured by silicone injections? I think it was back in the 60's
Dry face..disaster! 10 points to best answer!! :)?
what is the best cosmetic in winter season ?
how much do you weigh?
How can I make my skin look lighter?
Have you streched your ear before?
I always get razor burn and ingrown hairs when shaving?
im 13 and i wanna get my nose pierced, should i go for it? does it hurt?
Lower back dimple piercings?
left snakebite piercing?
for scars is vitamin e or triple antibiots better?
What is a good eye cream for under eye wrinkles?
Is 13 a good age to get my ears double pierced and cartilage too?
Is it true if you have teen acne you won't get adult acne?
DO you think her nose is big ? (picture!)?
How often should I use Crystal Body Deodorant Stick?
Would you buy skin care products at an antique mall table or booth...?
small boobs!?
lil bumps under my eye?
Oily Face Needs Help!?
How does one get a great complexion (pic)?
how many facial piercing are to many?
Is it so wrong to have a foot fetish too?
How to cover selfharm scars (swimming)?
How often do gunned cartilage piercings actually go wrong?
How to get rid of scars?
can beauty products change the pigments on your face?
Do belly pirecing hurt iweight 115 and my stomach is slim?
P90X timeline question?
Can you help me please?????????????
How Do Diet Pills Work?
Should I get my bely button pierced?
Is my 6 month old belly button piercing okay?
I can't accept the fact that there are girls more beautiful than me,( plz don't be harsh, I do want 2 change)
I hate my skin !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
anyone used the johnsons holiday skin lotion??
Tragus piercing?
i just got my septum pierced... is it supposed to be crooked?
Am I really as pretty as people say?
everything was fine till i got this stupid body acne. help me get rid of it before summer camp!?
Skin Problems, PLEASE HELP!!!!!?
How to make my cheeks less rosey?
about hygene?
Girls: What do you like?
I'm getting rhinoplasty ! Can anyone give me some tips?
Is scrubbing your face with a wet towel dangerous?
I'm extremely self-conscious about the scars on my leg?
I tried the the honey and cinnamon remedy and I ended up having little bumps all over my face! What can I do?
Opinions? Are my eyes green or hazel?
What do you think about my weight? pic?
What is the best way to quickly get rid of the hard painful pimples?
does she looks asian???
Will i get tan if i lay out on the roof?
How to not freak out about getting my ears pierced?
i got my 3rd piercing (picture)?
face scars?
Do you think it's gross?
i want to get a belly button ring. info please?
Stretching ears question - ready to start!?
Do these piercings hurt?
what to use for oily skin?
Are these bio-gold collagen lip masks reusable ?
No deodorant ever works completely...favorite brands?
difference between ultra pore strips and pore strips for biore?
Best bodycare to use?
whats the best way and fastest to get acne to clear up all the way if you have really oily skin?
What is my face shape?
i have puffy eyes every morning. how can i stop this?
Best products for my face?
Can i use bactine to clean my navel piercing?
BioFlex plastic or Titanium for navel piercing?
Okay girls, I need some help.?
MEN: Do you get turned off by nipple hair on ladies?
What different kind of facial piercing are their?
When u r having ur period...?
Can i hide this piercing from my mom?
I have a problem with deodorants I keep switching my underarms are itching all the time what should I use?
I hate my boobs. They're gross.?
Thinking about getting my septum done again?
Nose piercing advice 14years old.?
i have ugly feet, wha can i do?
Is it normal for acne cream to dry up, but still be visable even if I can't feel it.?
tomorrow I'll do a nipple piercing and i want some help to decide witch side is better?
I've heard that Proactiv isnt really that good. I want to know have anyone used it and didnt work!?
Nose Piercing???
What is the best anti-aging product in your opinion?
Windy City Ink Reviews?
I want to shave my legs!!?
how to hide a tongue piercing?
Do I have to many peircings for my age?
How often should I go to the tanning bed?
What is the best face cream for dry skin?
Should I get a piercing tomorrow or save?
Do I Have A Big Nose?
My poor face :O!!!!!!!?
How do you get rid of whiteheads? (ugh)?
body shapes? whats perfect for male's?
I sweat threw my clothes and i always have pit stains.. How can i get rid of them!?
I'm getting my nose pierced, but I don't want a stud..?
Does Anyone Know How Much A Lip Piecing Cost?
Clean and Clear, tanning lotion?
What can cure the bags under my eyes and my acne?
Wearing a skirt, but I have hairy legs?!?
How old do you have to be to get your nose pierced? With an adult (18+)?
Teenagers getting plastic surgery?
Questions about septum piercing?
What to do about serious acne?
How can i get a bikini ready body and keep it?
How to peel off skin?
has anyone ever used xen tan as im thinking of buyin it .....?
the ends or my eyebrows well the hair is like facing upwards..what can i do i hate it?
How can I make my fingernails grow like really fast?
Opinions on ear piercing?
my nipples are pink? what is the true colour for teenagers nipples.?
How do I stop popping pimples.?
Can I get my belly button pierced if I have an outtie?
Zits on my back???
ok who is prettier?
I have several rashes on my chest that are due to peeling of the skin is there any cure for them?
my skin is very dry ,what should i do to get glowing skin?
How Can i get thinner?
I'M GETTING A NOSE JOB but I don't want people to know!?
Do i look like a stoner? plz dont report?
Who has used the Obagi skincare line and what were your results?
How old do you have to be to get your lip pierced?
How much weight should I lose to look like..?
This is bugging me so bad?
Is it ok to use sunblock as lotion?
Why are my lips so big. It sux?
HELP PLEASE ! question about having your nose pierced?
whats some items straight from the kitchen that are really good for your skin??
Should i get my ear pierced? guy?
What colour is my eye?!?
good acne over the counter products?
what is the best exfoliant face wash?
please help, i think i have small dimples but you cant always see them, so do i have dimples?
what do u like piercing your lip or nose?
ummmm help?
i have acne problem help?
Im a guy and im gonna get my ears pierced today and was wondering if its ok to take them out after 3 days?
Which is better, a nose piercing or lip piercing?
im tired of using wrong acne products wat shud i use?
how to get taller?
Is a Full Brazillian Wax agony ?
Navel Piercings.....?
Natural glow? 10 points?
How to make a homemade hand scrub?
Plz help 3 huge zits on the day before prom!?
Bumps on Septum piercing.?
Might be getting my belly pierced & am I too fat too get one (pic)?
is this kid attractive??
At 18 I recieved plastic surgery to remove a keeloid I had in my ear it is now 7 years later can I repierce it
my tounge piercing hurts help?
Should I pierce my lip?
How does wearing makeup affect the skin?
How to get rid of hangnails?
can anybody suggest me something for a dark spot(butt)?
do i have a big nose?
HELP!!! I'm getting too tall and I'm only 11!!?
Should I Get A NOSE PIERCING (picture)?
Getting ears pierced ???
i jus got my nose pierced yesterday. if i experience no pain can i change the ring today?
Why did scientists create tanning beds which make skin darker but they didn't create bleaching bed?
Ways for a teen to lose weight?
What piercing should I get next...?
how can i get rid of pimples? without using any products?
Is fourteen too young for a nose piercing?
i have a Nair Question??! PLEASE HELP!?
How can I get rid of these things under my eyes?
What's the difference between baggy eyes and dark circles?
How do you make your lips bigger?
I need some advice on a good skin care routine.?
Is there any cremes to heal away acne scars?
Lightening skin with lemon juice?
How do I ask for a razor for shaving my underarms and legs?
Does the Jergens Shimmer lotion stain clothes or rub off on them??
Hyperactive scarring help!!?
Is pale skin attractive?
Is there a way you can get rid of pimples overnight??!!??
What does it mean if you try to kiss a girl on the lips but she turn her face sideways so you kiss her cheek?
How can I get a safe but dark tan without going to a tanning salon?
Are naturally red lips attractive?
what is avo?
Razor Bumps / ingrown hairs help!?
Is laser mole removal surgery real?
Do microdermal anchors still hurt in the long run?
Would i look weird if i pierced my eyebrow?
should I???
huge zit ! help =S?
conch piercing questions and concerns.?
Acne or Pimple?
Are hip piercings worth it?
Is there anyway to get rid of strecth marks?
How do you get rid of bad acne?
what piercing would look best on me?
Lip Piercing; Why Don't They Freeze It?
Size zero or 18+?
My stretched ears aren't downsizing?
How can I stop myself blushing?
how do you get rid of oily skin?
i want to go tanning, but my mom says no, what should i do?
What is the best aftercare for a rook piercing?
Quick remedy for ed lips plz!?
Bra help!?!? Wat do I do?
clean and clear blackhead?
How do I get rid of stretch marks?
Which hurts more nose or cartilage piercing?
how much on average to dermal anchors cost?
Casual sex and body issue?
how to make my face fat neurally please i need it and also to make my skin light with home remedies..?
facial piercings on girls?
Is my piercing healing right?
Just look at me?
does it hurt when you get your ears pierced?
I have pale faired skin and want to get a tan?
Uggghhh Mole in my face?
i got my ears pierced about 2 months ago now and i take them out to clean but my ears seal up fast why?
self tanner!!?
Help!?!? Making a new skin care routine?!?
Plz! Im confused can someone help me with this math problem???
Whats the best way to get a tan without using tanning beds?
i have one boob bigger then the other :(?
Care for re-pierced ears?
Having Neck issues Please Help!!?
WHat is the best way to remove a zit?
I have one pimple I that has to be gone by TUES, is it possible?
Do you find me tall for a girl?
Any recommendations for numbing creams for Piercing ?
How do you remove fake tan stains from your skin?
A question for the ladies (and maybe the gents)?
I think I am fat, what is ur options?
Angel bites/double monroe?
Fair skin and want to go to a tanning salon. I need advice.?
Help!?!! please!!!!?
What am i better off trying to pale cheeks?
Tongue piercing--HELP!?
Does getting your ears pierced with the needle hurt?
labret piercing, redness around piercing?
For the ladies - have you used Nair or other hair removers with self tanners? Will it remove the tan?
spots spots spots!!!?
Are there any home remidies to even out skin tone?
What are some ways to boost self confidence, self esteem issues, and body image issues?
How long can I keep bath and body works body lotion/shower gel/body splash before I have to throw it away?
benzoyl peroxide making my pimples worse!!?
best body wash for shoulder/butt pimples?
What is wrong with dark skin?
has anyone used olay regenerist daily serum?
My septum piercing...?
advice about skin care products.....?
eww hairyness!!!!!!!!
can you go in the ocean after you get your ear pierced?
reallllllyyy embarrasing flaky skin?
Snake Bites[lip rings]????
(pics included)i'm 23 so i'm really flat chested and i hate my body i can't go to the beach?
i am 18 year male and i have a lot pimples on my face.......can anyone please help me out?????
Who will do my survey about body piercings?
which is the best epilator....????
Facial Laser Hair Removal?
Clincque 3 Step Breakout, What Should I DO??!?
I'm 13 and I'm tired of getting wrong attention for my size D breasts. Am I being ungrateful? Advice tips, plz
Has anyone ever used a mens electric razor on their legs?
What are the best products for skin care?
How do you get rid of acne?!?!?
MyBelly Button Ring,Help Please..?
Does the auricle piercing hurt?
Are all Chinese girls like this?
I got my tongue pierced today but i took the bar out, it was too uncomfortable will it still swell up?
does Proactive really work?
getting a retinoid prescription?
INGROWN HAIRS, razr bumps. and self conscious. help.?
whats the least visible piercing or how to hide it?
dark circles under eyes?
My school won't let me have a septum piercing?!?
Can i Stretch my Ears with Pinchers instead of Tapers?
Anyone know if clean and clear face washes are good?
So how do I change...?
Hair on back,stomach and upper arms.?
Im breaking out on my bum!?
i wanna get my toungue pierced but hubby is against it !!!?
Ladies: Do you shave your thighs?
I'm going to get my belly button pirced on a scale of 1-10 how much does it hurt?
Star Flower or Evening Primrose Oil?
I've tried to pierce my ears 5 times and I keep getting cysts.Should I try once more?Has anyone had this prob?
Is this normal for a surface piercing?
Hmmmmm, what do you personnally think of nose and navel piercings?
Does mineral oil remove old scars?
Which soap should i go for?
Who loves Lush ?
Does a conch piercing hurt more than a regular ear cartilage piercing?
is it weird to shave your arms?
Best bra for a 34 B.?
Does tanning at a salon help acne?
Pierced my lip and its swollen!?
advice on shaving public hair?
Shoe size determines height?
I need help to change my skin care range. Can anyone give advice on choosing the correct type of skincare?
how to use ambi fade cream on arm pits?
How to hide a tongue peircing from my mom?
Is it bad when an esthetician pops your zits?
What do you think the percentage of girls in the world who use lotion?
1-10 how much do these piercings hurt?
19 years old and just getting acne, help?
First piercing is it all right to use a plastic stud ?
i'm using differin .3 gel for my acne, am I allowed to wear moisturizer?
Are curvy hips OK?
Does nivea goodbye cellulite really work?
too much b-ball in the sun...?
guys : pretty face and bad body or bad face and superb body?
How do you get rid of......?
Really painful cartilage piercing!!?
Please help! I want a nose job?
Does anyone know a website that sells large steel taper kits?
how to remove the dark circles around my eye fast?
Help!!! Skin Taken Off By Waxing Stips.?
how bad does it hurt to get your belly button periced?
Why is being fat so acceptable now?
How do I get rid of white stretch marks?
best drugstore facial serum. 10 points?
So I really need new piercing ideas!?
What surgery can you get on your face to make your eyes appear less close set?
Im 16 and VERY un-happy with my body?
What is the meaning of the base notes, middle notes and top notes in perfume making?
reduce hair amount?
Does my face look right for Cheek/Dimple piercings?
Face is dried out. Help!?
Meladerm cream.. is it safe? and from where can i buy it?? pls help!!?
Do you think my face is pretty?
non-permanent black marker pen?
Using Nair for underarms?
whats the mystery gift from hydroxitone?
Is Bio-essence Celebrity’s Choice suitable for teenagers?
Nose, Lip(not ring, ball), Monroe, tongue, or eyebrow piercing(picture)?
does it hurt to wax bikini line?
Nipple piercings on women: one or two?
natureday breast enlargement creams and liquids?
I have a huge pimple?
What facial piercing is easiest to hide from your parents?
belly button peircing. help please!?
Why does my face itch everytime I use a facewash that works for me?
Is there a eating disorder that is from the one I am mentioning below, if there is tell me a little about it?
How to get rid of dark bags underneath your eyes please help?!!?
I suffer from quite bad spots... and I need something that actually works?
Would you like a girl if her butt is small/flat?
cartilage piercing with stepparent?
guys opinions on back dermal piercings (guys only)?
Do I have oily or dry skin?
What's worse? Tanning or smoking?
ever since the beggining of school, ive had acne. When it starts to clear up, it just comes back. Any tips?
How to properly exfoliate my skin?
How to get rid of bags?
do you have a hamster cheek?
Are belly button piercing's chavy?
Moisturizing bar soap- what is a good brand?
Body Persings?!?!?
Yellow Arm Sweat, Gross. HELP!?
Are my lips too feminine for a guy?
14 and Really Hairy ?!?!?
pimples.... how can i make them go away!!?
Dimple piercing or not?
is 14 a reasonable age to get a nose piercing??
Would i look good with a piercing?
What is that facial stuff that Jessica Simpson and Kelly clarkson do commercials for?
I want my lip/ face pierced?
Are you comfortable with your body ?
would a 20g nose retainer fit in my cartilage?
veet for men? Where can I buy them and possible side effects?
Can someone tell me a way on how to remove dark spot on toes?
im 21 and only 5'2?
Vaniqa cream...anybody ever use it??
my skin is all ruff from like tanning bed so much?
My cartilage is purple?!?
How to make lavender oil.?
Scars left over from pimples?? Ew ?
So I am getting my belly button pierced and I have a question , HELP PLEASE !?
Which piercing is most common, nose or monroe?
Does your daughter pretend to shave in the shower?
When can I take my eyebrow ring out?
How do i get bigger boobs naturally?
who likes freckles?
If a woman were to describe herself and say that she was a size 8, how big/fat is she?
Im a 15yr old girl and how do I remove the embarassing hair above my mouth? Help?
i cant seem to stop biting my nails?
Are real tans worse than fake?
what is the cream called that makes your boobs get bigger faster? where can i get it? how old do i have to be?
Water... I'm always confused!?
Im 14 and I already have minor lines under my eyes... HELP!?
18 year old asian guy here wanting some facial skin care tips?
ear stretching answers needed!! ?
Do belly button rings look trashy?
Do you think tan lines are Tacky?
sore throat?
okay so im thinking about getting my belly button pierced im 15 is it a good idea?
Why do you get most of your zits on your forehead?
Piercing my own lip ?
What was your shoe size when you were 13?
Whats the best foot spray or cream or powder for sweaty & odor feet?
Is my belly button piercing infected?
applying salt to the face is this good?
Dark spot covering my can i get it 2 go away?
how long does it normally take a lip piercing to lose its swelling?
How can I get rid of big hips?
what kind of lotion do u all use for ur face? and how do u all keep ur face lookin healthy?
Help with shaving arms?
what is the best skin and hair vitamins for black women?
how many of u get in a tanning bed?
How do I hide my cuts? help ASAP?
what can i do to make my booty much bigger?
does lipton green tea 100%natural really help with acne!? :D helppp plz?
Can i change out my lip stud after 5 weeks because of this bump (pic)?
Mario Badescu Drying Lotion Any Good (& Whitehead Comedone)?
What are the best brands for skin whitening soaps?
question for guys?
What do you think of me?
Ok need help asap I am streachin my ear I had a 3m taper in and streach to 4m taper and it bleed but its stop?
how tall were you at ages?
Oily skin, but dry in the T-Zone!?
how long does it take?????
how to get rid of zits that are on arms?
is 14 too young to get your bellybutton pierced?
How do you make your lips redder and watery?
Science Fair Expiriment On Tanning Beds & Spray Tans.?
can i remove my own microdermal?
how to make your skin lighter?
Good face wash product that clears skin??
How to get a nice glow to my skin?
Is a tragus piercing painful?
what percing do guys like the most?
Why do armpits get black?
is waxing good on underarms? what is it's effect?
do i have a big nose??
Can I interchange between a 14g and 16g septum jewelry or will that result in shrinking?
Thinking of getting tongue piercing?
Are girls with pimples unattractive?
Hi, How much does it hurt to get your nose pierced?
Picking pimples?
after crossing your legs do you get a warm red spot on your knee and calf???
Help me in choosing a best body spray?