what is my body shape?
how can i stop poping my knuckles?
Help fade a burn mark on arm?
help with nose piercing?
Clear Skin?
Can Someone Please Tell Me How A Female Teenager Can Get Rid Of A Mustache?
girls how often do you shave your legs and arms?
I tried to pop a zit and now it's all crusty?
What Should I Do About My Face?
Spots!!!!!!! Does steaming help?
can anyone recommend the best way to remove scars and blemishes ?
Septum piercing and sneezing?
I need help with a question on my face...?
It's swollen under my right toe?
My right breast is biger and softer than my left breast????!!!!!!!?
red marks and how to get them away!?
What is your favorite Old Spice deodorant? And what about the smell makes it your favorite?
Does the proactiv dark spot corrector work on moles?
my labia lip is swollen?
Teenage pimple problems? Help!?
How do you fix a bumpy nose..?
Achieving this skincolor on an NW20 who burns easily?
men: what's the ideal height in a girl?
does a cartilage piercing hurt?
How to get rid of spots on your forehead?
i cant decide if i want my belly button pierced!?
I really need help with my pimple/acne scars!?
I really really really want this piercing?
I have barely an A cup and I want them to look bigger and actually be noticable... what can i do?
Is it possible to tightlace or corset train the upper ribcage?
How much does a navel piercing hurt?
I NEED HELP... a guy @ school!!!?
Is there away to tone your face?
what's the best face wash/acne cleanser?
how can i get superskinny?
How do you get freckles?
belly button piercing?
I have these lines/wrinkles/sagging on my EYELIDS and it makes me really sad! HELP! :'(?
how come every person that has orange hair has freckles?
How do I remove dead flies from my forehead ?
Is this a good size?
whats the plastic surgery when you get stuff took out your bum and put into your lips?
How can I get rid of the dark circles under my eyes from using stuff from home?
Do you have an innie or outie bellybutton?
My lips are very chapped?
My breasts are larger than before, D cup, nipples bigger too?
Best bra for a 34 B.?
HELPP MEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!?
ACNE HELP....................................…
Are Sunless lotions good for people of color?
Ear piercing!?
Can tampons go bad? like, if you buy a box of tampons one day, but dont use them for a month, can they go bad?
i am a flat assed asian and im married to an american,will people laugh at me when i come home with him?
In desperate need of advice for my acne. PLEASE!!?
Is this a good face WASH?
Are these backheads and how to get rid of them?
How much does initial body jewelry usually cost?
Should I get my mole checked?
Where is the cheapest place on-line to buy strivectin SD?
Do you think I'm fat?
Why does it hurt? (Girls only)?
how do you get rid of razor burn scars?
my belly button piercing is still oozing stuff sometimes, even though it's been a year that I got it?
Question for the GIRLS, please?
Super swelling! ANY ADVICE?
Ear stretching question?
My nose ring fell out last night. I tried putting it in today and now its pierced in the wrong place?
Is it true that...?
I have my upper left ear Perice for 2 months and 2 weeks. If I take it out for a day will it close up?
Do I have full or thin lips?
Does getting your nose pierced hurt. on a scale one to ten (10 being most painful.)?
I have bumps all over my head after i shave. need help?
Navel piercings in london ?
Bikini Line Hair Removal?
What method of hair removal do you prefer?
I have my tongue peirced and im looking for another piercing. i was thinking my nose, a monroe or a libret.?
When to apply blemish cream?
face wash? which is the best>?
Stretching my ears and they're itchy!?
what causes a puffy face?
Ever been to a tanning salon?
Weight gain on face changes ear size?
GUY'S! do you prefer girls with natural or fake breast reguardless of the size??
What FOODS should a person with acne eat?
which works better, solid or gel deoderant ?
Steps for cleaning a microdermal, I have questions?
how to get rid spots on the face?
How tall are you and what shoe size do you take?
I rub poop all over my body it arouses me is it unhealthy?
how do you get pimples off your face in 1 week?
Should I pierce my own NAVEL without my parents knowing?
Whats the name of this lotion?
My spots won't go away? :(?
What is the best facial cleanser?
Gauging Ears and such?
So who has got sun burnt or a tan? (UK ONLY)?
What can i do to remove my acne and acne scars???
What type of acne treatment do you suggest?
Facial Hair....removal?
what are your favorite tanning accessories?
How much to remove a facial scar?
My 14 year old wants her belly button pierced. I say no. Am I wrong? I don't think so... ?
Do you think it's too early to treat the Wrinkles under one's eyes with Laser at 25 ?
lot of hair in my arms?
How to Get Rid of Under-Eye Bags?
I Want 2 Get My BellyButton Pierced..?
How do I tell if my side labret piercing ring screws on or pops on...?
How can I get a even skin tone?
Help! Peircing Question.?
red marks and how to get them away!?
Do you use shower gel of perfumes, do you think they are worth it?
Skin help???
Which female race has a proportional body..?
Should I let my 10 year-old daughter have her ears pierced?
how painful is a lip piercing?
Do you think I am too pale?
My parents wont let me get my bellybutton pierced so i want to pierce it myself...How do i do it?
Do women think navel piercing is sexy on a man?
how to choose the best earning?
Can any cream do this? [details inside]?
Does getting your nose pierced hurt?
how old do you think i look?
How does it feel to get your Cheek/Dimple piercing? Just wondering.?
My feet stink. How do i fix it?
I wanna pierce my lip by myself?
Fake tan, what do I buy?
I'm 15 and have really aged around my eyes, please help?
I tend to sweat quite a bit on my forehead, does anyone know how i can reduce or stop this?
Is my pierced ear infected?
Is it creepy for a girl to have....?
Im 13 and am a 34A. normal?
I am really pale, and i am scared to wear a bikini because of it, what should i do?
i have very pale skin.. but I wanna go tanning. will it help or just burn me?
where can i find a size 30E bra?
does a tragus piercing hurt?
how to tell my parents i want a tongue piercing?
When you go to Bath and Body Works...whats your favorite product?
i need to know how to put my contacts in my eyes i am a lefty they r such a pain i cant do it it too hard hel
What's the best way to get rid of puffy eyes due to crying?
Where do i go to get my ears pierced?
How does Justin Bieber get such perfect skin?
Is it bad if I substitute shaving cream with acne wash when shaving my legs?
Do guys wax the of their bum?
what kind of earrings should i get when i get my ears pierced?
what is your bra size (survey)?
Cartilage Piercing?
do u think im weird?
Sweat...lots of sweat?
Likas Papaya Soap & Sensitive Skin?
is obaji skin care effective?
for scars is vitamin e or triple antibiots better?
Pimple problem driving me insane!!! Please help?
Are big boobs better than small boobs?
Question about acne medicine directions.?
Why does my nose piercing still hurt...?
How tall are you and what shoe size do you take?
what is Mediterranean olive oil hydrating face mask used for?
Lip or eyebrow piercing? which one should I get?
Does having oily skin make your skin look darker?
What is a good moisturizer to use for oilier/combo skin?
i have just started my gauges, when do i go to the next size?
Girls what do you think of a guy with flawless/clear skin?
how does a person get this done?
Is this true??
How long can I keep my belly bar out for?
give me an honest answer please?? [working pics this time]?
Natural remedies for redness?
What's your bedtime routine?
15 year old girl, dark circles under my eyes?
Beauty question! Were can i buy hard wax for bikini area, and what are tips to avoid those icky red bumps?
is washing face in cold water best for your skin?
For people who have had there lip pierced?
What are some great smelling all natural lotions?
st. ives apricot scrub blemish blackhead control or st. ives blemish fighting cleaner?
Boob question?
Is adding clean beach sand to my shower gel and using once or twice a week a good exfoliation method?
What can I do to replace foundation and powder?
what is the average cost to get a pedicure?
When can I change my tongue ring?
Stretching my ears? i need help?
How to prevent bumps from an electric razor?
when plucking eyebrows why do you get blood spots?
I suddenly have wrinkles?
Is milk a natural cleanser?
Any good home remedies to get rid of pimple scars??
Am I fat...?
How do I treat my new INFECTED belly button piercing?
My eyebrows are completely ruined from years of shaving them. Can they be saved? Pics included?
Looking for face product?
Do tongue piercings look good on girls?
Whats wrong with my skin? (detailed pics)?
Rhinoplasty...nose job. Should I?
HELP!! big red zit!!?
Stretching my ears for the first time! please help?
what are the beauty products that i can use for my severe blackheads?
what are the general causes of acne??
i tried to get rid of a pimple wit hhot water but the water was to hot and i ended up burning my self very bad
Any tips or tricks to get rid of scars?
do guys like girls smuggling peanuts ?
Will putting on aloe vera lotion as soon as I shave help somewhat prevent razor burn?
If you have beautiful radiant skin...?
I kinda hate myself (read description)?
What should I get pierced?
How do i get rid of my razor burn?
i have white skin and i want to be tan!!?
Help shaving my legs, asking mom??
Belly Piercing Plan Urgent Help!!?
How can you tell the difference between windburn and sunburn?
Facial Piercing (Pics Included)?
Redness on my nose area? [Pictures included!!!]?
Cartilage piercing question?
how can i remove the spots of chicken pox from my face?
temporary "real" tattoos?
how to make my boobies look bigger?
can you turn a sunburn into a tan?
Can someone please help me?
What is the best ways to get rid of pimples?
How many times a week should I use a scrub?
Does VMV hypoallergenics acne products work?
My skin is so oily when I dont wear make up?
to shave or not to shave?
when you get your nose pierced, and have a cold, does the piercing get in the way?
what is a good way to get rid of bags under your eyes?
Do you suffer from acne?
Has anyone used one of those Zeno things??
How do you get the perfect beach body?
how to get rid of fine white hairs covering face?
Does it hurt to get your lip pierced?
Smoking with tongue piercing?
How bad does a bottom lip piercing hurt compared to...?
Which "SCENE" name should i choose? :D?
Going to swimming party but Scars!?
How can I darken myself?
Teen Acne Problem!! What should I do?
i want a smoother and soft face any tips please?
how to unclog pores, easy s?
Anti-aging product?
How do u bleach your bikini line?
Self tanner question !! please answrr !!?
why do girls go tanning?
whats the best type of face wash?
How to get rid of all my pimples?
Why does my skin look smooth and i don't like it?
What Color Is My Skin.what race do you think i am?? [[READ DETAILS]]?
What is the smallest length for labrets?
hellllp me please?! ahhh?
Cetaphil daily facial moisturizer?!?
i want to make my eyes more healthy and clear?
How to do simple thin anime lips?
puffy under-eye bags:?
My face is red help :(?
`* at-home facial????
WHere should I pierce my ears in San Francisco?
Is bra size 34FF medium of large?
home remidies for spots?
I have VERY fair skin and don't tan at all how can I get a little tan at least......?
Hair removal...advice on waxing?
Deformed nails. Help!?!?
Do you know anyone with an outtie bellybutton?
Should i let my daughter get her cartilage pierced? yes or no?
Tanning Beds & Razor Burn?
i got a belly button piercing and confused how to clean it?
Just tired of shaving and getting irritating bumps and redness down there!?
Sister spa day.................................?
Can you leave glass tapers in while stretching your ears?
what is the best cream to deal with pimples?
What do you do when you feel a zit is about to come out,which works?
TorF: Someone got their nipple pierced & a nerve popped out & they had to cut it causing him to throw up/****!?
How to make your boobs bigger without implants?
(Piercing) - Guess the gauge of this barbell? [pic]
girls only please... and alot of answers?
Dry scaly skins...what should i do..?
you have your ears pierced?
Can I get parasites from these 8 puppies? (read on)?
Whats a great acne control face wash?
Self Tanners?
Does it hurt to get your eyes pierced?
girls i just would like to know your opinion about why some young girls luv hug hefner even he was old?
how do i get permanent marker off my legs??
What body shape am I??????
Can I shatter my ear by getting my cartilage done with a gun?
My areola itches soo much!! HELP!!?
Swollen piercing after one month?
Using hydrogen peroxide to lighten facial hair?
Proactive sucks!!!!?
my facial skin is nasty! help!?
Am i pretty = Really dark brown eyes...Long Honey color hair...Average height...Fit...?
I know this is kinda gross, but please help me. Please?
I dont think i am pretty what to do?
do you think I can get pierced?
what is the best face cream for wrinkles around the eyes and upper eye lid, that really works?
What's the best way to get rid of hair on the bikini area or arms?
Does any one know how to make scares fade away?
What can I do about my underarms?
guys my age NOT INTERESTED!! :( 10 points 1st. to Answer!! thanks?
Homemade facial mask!?
Howw old do i look?!? andd rate me 1-10. pleasee. boyfrienddd helpp?
Ideas for names for Mobile Beauty Business?
what is victorias secret's most enhancing bra?
Ear gauging question (Preferably for those who have gauged ears themselves)?
I really want to get some piercings but my parents say no?
If you are skinny, have clear skin, not deformed, don't you think you have potential to be pretty?
Get rid of a BIG zit fast! NOT TOOTHPASTE, that doesnt work!?
can i use olay total effects 7 in one ?
Any and all info on Conch Piercing?
skin problem girls only please!?
Looking for a good Lip Treatment?
im scared to shave my private area beacuse i once did and it was so so itchy when it was growing?
I hate my breasts size. Please help?
What color is Fake Bake supposed to be right out of the bottle?
How long till nose ring bump goes away after i take out nose ring?
home remedies for acne and scars plzz?
if you ate yourself, would you double in size or disappear..?
What bar is used for the scoop tongue piercing?
how do i get rid of dark knees and scars?
SERIOUS skin help! pimple to "cut"?
How long do I have to wait to go swimming after I get my belly button pierced??
Thinking of getting my belly button pierced?
ok im kaiss im 15, i pierced my ear waaayyy too low and it looks really weird. How can i fix this?? plzz help!?
is my body rejecting my piercing?
How many times a day should you wash your face?
Help! I'm sunburned!?
Fake lip rings?
I have a body waxing question?
Do women neglect their feet?
How effective is microdermabrasion in getting rid of acne scars?
Are you ticklish? And if so, where are you mostly ticklish?
Girls, do you walk on your tiptoes when you're barefoot?
Can I get a keratin treatment on my hair after my new rook piercing?
Do I look more American or more Turkish?
What is the best bath soap for dry skin?
Are all Dark stretch marks, new stretch marks? Please Help!?
Do I sound fat to you?
How many people think facial exercises really works?
how do i make my boobs get smaller?
What size is my piercing now?
who is better Selena Gomes or Mary-Kate Oslen?
What should i get pierced?
PCA skin care does anyone have protocol book?
Should I get my bellybutton pierced?
Can I wear a bikini yet? (pictures)?
How do i get tanner?
Tanning beds?
My lip is swollen from my lip piercing how can I make it go down?
Girls only please..i need help =/?
how often shall i use an Facial sauna for?
Where to buy Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque in Ontario, Canada?
Is my nose to big... CRITICS WELCOME?
What should I expect for a nipple piercing?
Black eye?
How to get everlasting tan?? (desperate)!?
i am getting my eye brow pierced, which one should i get done ? ?
Should I Trim It Or Leave It?
I have oily skin, what kind of facial wash should I use?
How do you get rid of redness and bumps after waxing?
My Nose Is HUGE!!?
I want to get my nose pierced, I am 17, do I still have to have a parent cosign for me to get it done?
i'm getting my ear lobes pierced, does it hurt? to all ppl who have their ears pierced??? 10 points!?
pimple promblem??help me plz !?
Any Good Whitening Mask?
How do you get rid of stretch marks?Is there a quick way to do it?What causes them?
can paula's choice products be bought only online?
Does mist suntan lotion or rub-in suntan lotion work better?
How do I get ride of razer burns under my arms ?
How do you slim down fat calves? (That's legs not cows). Rest of me not fat so why?
how to change my skin color from dark?
How bad does it hurt to get your cartilage pierced?
does anyone here have there belly pierced under 15?
Which side should I get my nose pierced on?
My pierced ear is healed but has a bump?
What is a good, safe and reliable waxing product?
do u look like your age?
Is it possible to build abs based on eating only grainy(wheat, rice, maize,oats, dal) food?
Breast buds sticking out of my bathing suit!?
How long will it take after I get my ingrown toenails removed for there to be no pain?
rhinoplasty..... Help please?
I have a big nose and it's really ruining my self confidence?
Are there any products or home resmides I can use to even my skin tone?
Swollen piercing after one month?
Just pierced ears..10 points best answer!?
Weird zit-like bump on cheek?
tanning bed burnt ;.?
First Time ear Stretching?
what is your favorite eye colour, and do i have a good one? (pic)?
I hate my nose!?
I don't really have acne..just pimples and i just want my face to be smooth.?
What is the best product or way to get acne away?
Nose Piercing- i have a few questions.?
How not to cut your self shaving? I always do... it irritates me, how to avoid it?
How long before you can sleep on a cartilage piercing?
what works better , nair or veet ?
Any and all info on Conch Piercing?
i have dark blue eyes with electric styled lines, is this rare?
Does baby powder smell nice?
Lip or Nose Piercing?
Which is better deodorant?
Why does my cartilage piercing keep shrinking!?
how should i use my proactive?
Blacks Have Tan Skin?
Tongue Piercing Questions?
where cn i gt cheryl productsn cheryl london coz cheryl's products dnt hav counter sale.thank u!!!
Recipe for sugaring wax?
Body or face? Which would you prefer?
Height & Navel?
Would you ever get your boyfriends named tattoed on your body....?
Why do people want to have lighter skin?
What is mean by pure cocoa butter I am usimg aveeno cocoa butter is that ok?or do you know any other brands?
puffy eyes?
What is the best tip to hide (or better get rid of) scabs?
Is it true that when u get your tongue pierced that it could like split in half lol?
One big zit in between my eyes!?!?
Does it hurt to get your ears pierced?
How much does a lip piercing hurt?
navel piercing..and strict mom!?
do i use st.ives or clearasil 1st?
Tanning help? please answer. however I do rant on a bit.?
alcohol in facial creams good or bad ?
I need a very good deoderant/anti-perspirant?
Do i have tanned skin??
what is the best brand of pure coco butter to use on deep stretchmarks?
I think my navel piercing is rejecting but not 100% sure?
what is tanning lotion with tingle?
I need help with cellulite/strectch marks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Where do I get a life?
crossed legs and feeling weird?
Cartilage or lobe peircing?
how to get rid of acne?
Okay please help!!!!!!!!!!!! I am sacred to go to the public pool......because i dont like my body:(?
My Cartilage piercing is a little red and kind of sunk in a little but does not hurt at all. WIll it heal?
Hair dye help please?
i am 13 and i am already saving up..?
What's a nice, healthy body wash?
Way to lighten dark areas on skin without bleaching?
i pierced my belly button ?
is it weird to not shave your arms ?
what is a good moisturizer for my face. something that won't break out my skin but keep it from getting too dr
If you get your belly button pierced and you take it out years later will it close?
Enlarging the breasts.?
pImples Pimples Pimples.!!!!!!!!!!!! can some 1 help me plssssssss?
Best at-home remedy for under-eye bags?
How do you get sugar wax off your skin?? Please help, I'm on a really tight schedule! >.<?
how do you.......?
am i a cutter ( ........) ?
Do tans from tanning beds last as long as tans from the sun?
A good lotion to use on dry skin?
Should There Be A Minium Weight Limit Ofr Models?
how can i get rid of my scars?
Why does my face always get so red?
what makes someone pretty?
How long should you let a stretched piercing heal before using silicone plugs?
suntans with sunscreen?
Bumps on face? It never goes away...?
I just had a baby 6 mos, ago and my breast are not the same what do I need to do to firm and left them?
I was born with the wrong nose what can I do?
Are ther realy nervs in the lip that paralyze your face?
what is the best product for oily skin?
ear streatching plz help me?
Really Dimple on both cheeks for girls will give any fame to them!?
Why am I suddenly getting pruny in the shower much sooner than I used to?
Why is my skin so oily after putting on lotion?
remedies for pimples?
how do i convince my parents to let me get my ears pierced?
i have lilltle bit of dark skin any ideas for making it fairer.?
how can I clear dark circles under my eyes?
Hair removal cream leaving black dots on my face?
Does the MaxClarity foam work good on sensitive skin w/ major acne?
what piercing do you this is the best?
am i cute or ugly just saying because my boyfriend calls me ugly i don't know if he's playing or not.?
What's you favorite skin care product brand?
Wearing headphones with daith piercing?
Who haev jakcson mihceal or obama?
Does Proactiv work?
Paranoid about neck piercing !?
Can cell phone radiations also cause wrinkles?
Does permanent marker come off the skin and is it dangerous?
Should I get my belly button pierced. A monroe or spider bites?
ab flattening?
How do you make your bellybutton...?
Can I use a moisturizer after using clindoxyl gel?
What is more attractive. Smaller real breasts or larger implants?
Cartilage piercing infected? Help!?
Question for the girls!!!!!!?
What shaving products are best?
What part of the body teenager guys prefer ? (eyes, hair, legs, etc.)?
How far can you gauge you ears until they won't close back to a normal size?
Best lotion for baby soft skin?
Can your boobs shrink?
which one hurts more getting periced your lower lip or your nose?
What does exfoliate mean?
If you use Cocoa Butter lip balm it wont make you fat if you lick your lips will it?
What piercing hurts the least?
What is a way to get rid of acne spots?
why are there little dots on leg after shaving?
my face is itchy? i got my full face waxed skin looks very glowy and beautiful but itch alot and have redness
So I just tried to pierce my belly button. help?
Are my legs really long?
I have glasses!?
girls.... shaved balls or not?
Are nose hair really that important? Can't I just get rid of it by laser hair removal? Anybody done that?
Umm I want to stretch my ears..?
am i fat? please answer.?
a good girls spray anti perspirant?
How to make my skin smoother?
What should I do if whenever I shave, there is always stubbles?
How do we know if your nose piercing is infected?
I wanna shave my arms, but i have to ask my mom, and i'm really scared on what i should say. please help?
how do st ives products affect the waterways?
Question for experienced women. (Sizes)?
what is the best acne fighting system?
Really dry, flaky skin on face.?
Is it really that bad to pop zits, pimples, blackheads and other acne?
Why does this happen?
I seriously need help. I just shaved my whole bikini area and I have a rash... and its seriously bothering me!
Does my belly button look strange, be honest? this normal/natural?
If I get my belly button pierced...?
hiding stretch marks?
scab scab !!!?
Girls what's your favorite?
i am 5ft3 what about you?
I have a rough face but no acne, how can i get rid of this ?
Is it safe to shave my butthole hair?
how to get rosa acosta body?
what to expect when getting a lip piercing?
hi im 5ft 11inch but hav very low wt i hav?
everyone at my school says i will be a stripper when i get older is that bad?
What is a good stretch mark removal cream?
Is this acne or something else?
NEED HELP WITH PIERCINGS (photos included ! )?
I just got my ears pierced but my ear cleaning liquid is almost gone. What can I use instead of it to clean?
Is there anyway I can tan ?
Is it normal for boobs to be pointy??? GUYS what do you think?
Why is this and what does it mean?
orange face!?!?
What's this specific eye color/shade called?
how long will does it take for ear piercing holes to close after being healed?
My suncream lotion bottle says 'All day moisturisation'. Can I just use this instead moisturising cream?
ahhh! i need help on the ugly spots.=(?
Do i look good?
Will my acne ever go away? Help!?
The problems with tanning beds?
Does getting a tongue piercing hurt?
Black women please help!! How do I get rid of strawberry legs?!?
Is it true that you have to be eighteen to tan without your parent's permission?
How do remove acne scar with a lemon?
scarring on piercing ?
my fase was oily,ihad lot of pimples on my fase,i always change please tell me a good soap for?
Is my ear lobe piercing infected?
whats worse?
large pores?
What is the best pore minimizer that you can find in your local drug store?
Can i go down to 12g tapers?
Does the SW+SS skin whitening soap with glutathione Really Work?
hey ppl...please reply...hw 2 remove dark spots 4m d face..?
whats a natural home remedy for red specs mostly on the nose and on your cheeks?
Little help about a tongue web piercing?
Arm Liposuction!?
Please help no one will help!?
i am going to get my rook pierced, should i get a curved barbell or captive bead ring at first?
What ear piercings can I get at claires?
I am pretty muscular but I want to look real good for spring break. What muscles do girls like the most?
Help with face lotion suggestions?
I want a models body...?
whats the best deodorant or anti perspirant out there?
im getting my hips pierced in 2 weeks and i need to know..?
What are beauty spots and what are their purposes?
how do i get tan.?
How do i not make my legs look veiny?!?
Tips on getting my eyebrows threaded?
Best waxing strips for a cheap price?
I was wondering if a belly piercing would look good on me?
canceling Proactive account?
my face is breaking out, helphelphelp?
Before or after?(pics)?
proactiv just isnt working?
how to get rid of blackheads?
have you ever heard of this?!?
How to get rid of pimples?
If you JUST got your hips pierced is it okay to get your belly button pierced 3 days later?
3 Month Old Belly Button Piercing is Swollen?
I want to know once a for all do men like skinny girls?
Lancome Microdermabrasion???
how to make my boobs bigger?
little bumps on my arms!?
Acne problems, any advice?
What can I do to help a blowout from stretching my ears?
Hi please help?
how do you get rid of facial/cheek dimples?
Is there any type of soap that i can use to prevent hard water from damaging my skin and hair?
How do i get rid of blackheads?
Ear Stretching: Should I try the 8 gauges?
Who is Vanessa Bryant's cosmetic surgeon?
MEN and Piercing's?
What are some good home remedies to help your blemishes go away faster?
I need super soft feet in a week or less!?
Mom restricted me from shower for a week?
For Bleachin cream....Which One Do we put more of...The Bleachin Cream or The Cream Acivator???
when do you wash your face????
Acne help...?
what is best product to decrease pore size?
How to get rid of pimples?
do teen facials work?
Nose piercing or monroe?
have u ever used nair on your eyebrows?
????im thinking about using neutrogena oil free anti acne moisturizer even though im using duac and differin?
My upper lip is big..?
how old do u have to be to get your belly button pierced in ohio?
7 year old boy both ears pierced?
How to get rid of scarring (?) left by waxing?
how does my best friend get rid of back acne? any suggestions?
AHH! My skin is horrible!?
should i get my lip pierced?
How do I get over my self-consciousness about things down there?
I need help with my skin!!! :(?
what causes a puffy face?
Lip Piercing: Convincing my mom?
Shaving Down There..?
Are Jehovah's Witnesses against liposuction?
size 6 or 16??? wat do u prefer?
Does a Tragus piercing hurt?
how to get rid of thigh stretch marks?
Who can perform laser hair removal in Florida?
How do i convince my parents to let me get a lip piercing?
erythromycin and benzoyl peroxide gel help, and acne help?
what can i apply overnight to make my skin better?i have oily skin..?
lip piercing? read it ;)?
Do you think an electric epilator like the Philips HP6570 can be used effectively on a guy's groin area?
Does it hurt getting ur ears peirce?
birthmark HELP plz 10 points to best!!!!?
How much weight do i need to lose from my stomach by the look of this picture?
how much does the industrial via rook piercing cost?
Getting a tan really fast? HELP!?
how to get rid of chapped lips?
does Bio oil work for stretch marks also?
Is my nose too big? (with pictures)?
Pierced for a year, still closes up?
Whats a good cleanser for sensitive/acne skiN? !!! Desperate!!!?
Girls only....................................…
answer. anorexic problem?
has anyone used olay regenerist daily serum?
Can i use AcneFree Severe and Noxzema at the same time?
bridge piercing question?
Who is hotter priyanka chopra or katrina kaif ?
Embarrasing nose piercing question?
I shaved my legs, I'm a dude?
Has anyone tried acnepril?
Should i get rid of my piercings i dont know what to do....?
how often do you shave your legs, armpits? anyone shaved/waxed their arms?
is it better to shower at morning or at night?
nipple piecing scars?
I intend to "fix" my earlobe to their original state. I have a lot of piercing, which left ugly marks.
How long should i leave ear stretchers in before taking out to clean?
Skin lighter NEED HELP?
what are these marks on my face ?? after i applied the clean and clear spot treament...?
does any one know about a good laser dark spot removing doctor ?
Are moles a good thing or a bad thing?
Does anybody know why the skin around my navel ring is so tight?
When will it happen? Is there something wrong?
Do girls like guys with there ears pierced?
HELP! I just ate a lot of chocolate and don't want my SKIN to BREAKOUT!?
How do you get rid of zits/hide them?
how long does it take to go from 14gauge to 0?
I just got my ears pierced today, un-professionally, and I accidentally ate pork, what happens (URGENT)?!
How do you make your lips naturally bigger?
Rook piercing question?
belly button piercings?! :]?
how should i hide my tongue piercing from my parents?
how do i tan my skin with lotion?
There is a huge gap between my fifth toe and my fourth toe. Is this normal?
How much bigger will my boobs grow from age 16?
how do you prevent red bumps when shaving? (women only)?
ggrrr my face is a mess..I Need your help girls.~!~!?
what is the best type of way to sleep with smone?
What's the best for the helix piercings?
Waxing took off some of my skin! What can I do?
How can i shave my body without getting the irritating red bumps?
How can I become pretty?
acne..... rawr :(?
Why am I breaking out so bad?! Please help!!!?
Ok....Which Is More Painfull?
how to make ur face beautiful?
What is the best product to shave legs? (veet, etc.)?
How many of you really like your body and face?
How long will it take for my scars to clear up?
Im 16 and suddenly got a wrinkle on my forehead?
I have very protruding nipples, they always look like I am well turned on how can I make them less noticeable.
Has anyone used skin id by Neutrogena?
why can't you go swimming or go in the sun for two weeks after getting a tattoo?
How do I convince my parents to let me get my tongue pierced?
How to reduce dark armpit?
how much would it be for a nose job ?like to get some of the cartlige out?
i think i have a little foot fetishism?
For women: Has anyone tried the breast enhancing system Brava? Or know info about it? How well did it work?
opinions on girls with their noses pierced?
Earring problems.?
Body guy like the best?
i am a redhead and i have just started going to a tanning bed what can i do to reduce the chance of wrinkles?
How to ask my mom about getting my belly button pierced???
How do you take your pic and put it as your picture that people can see?
Which facial movement do you recommend to prevent the wrinkles between eyebrows?
I am the worst person on earth?
my mom is being difficult! HELP!?
How do i lessen. the chance of ingrown hairs?
hey guyz plz temme the base lines of different companies.?
Is my belly button piercing infected?
What fake tan is best ?
who has a belly button piercing?
Hourglass figure - Is it overrated???
Any tips for removing whiteheads?
how do you remove freckles naturally?
Piercings...Yay or Nay?
Just dare to tell me this one thing !?
underarm waxing questions? i have done it once before, btw..?
Tanning when you are incredibly pale?
What are pincers for? (stretching question)?
Bath and body works scentportables?
I hate my freckles!?
Razor Rash?
Is 14 too young for a nose piercing ?
How do i become popular?
What skin care lotion is best for your skin?
do biore pore strips work?
leg shaving?
has ne1 tried the tko shea butter for sm? did it work?
Insecurity from Physical Appearance...Port Wine Stain...?
Proactiv system??????
Will Germoline get rid of spots?
how sexy is it to have a clit piercing?
My ears were pierced wrong, what do I do now?
Perfume Please Help!?
I glow in the dark do you?
Thinking about getting a nose piercing?
Toung piercing cleaning?
What caused your last scar?
Are nipple rings always crusty?
how can i get rid of my oily skin?
help i was a major idiot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Do belly button piercings from seventh sun get infected ?
i am 14 and if i weight lift wood i stay short?
Should i get lipotherme?
How to clean a nipple piercing?
Do you know of any Natural moisturizers that do not cause acne?
help stretching my ear?!?!?
does anyone know any websites to get cute belly button rings besides
How much do metal and steel tapers/plugs cost?
How do you get rid of stretch marks?Is there a quick way to do it?What causes them?
whats the best deoderant?
Why is my skin always pale?
isnt waxing down under gonna be really painful as its a sensitive area?
Clothing for different countries?
What are the steps to finding a good plastic surgeon/Rhinoplasty Dr?
do u bite your nails? and/or the skin around them?
What is the best moisturizer for my face?
my jaws are bulge .....pls help?
Honestly , do you think I'm uglyy?
Tongue Piercing - Infected?
What could I do medically about my oily T-zone that's the cause of my acne?
Tight eyes?
a question about my skin.?
i'm wanting a tan, and i need advice?
hide very dark circles uder eyes!!?
What is my skin color ?
Im a cheerleader and worried about getting my belly button pierced?
Can i go ahead and guage my ears again?
Zits?!?! + Pimples?!?!?
Am I Good Enough to be a Male Model?
What is the best way to get a tan?
Piercing Gun Complications?
should i get a lip piercing?
Can someone recommend a good?
how do u get rid of hickies in a few minutes??
"Dewy Skin?" Why does everyone want it?
help me i have got a big nose and i hate my girl will ever like me?
anyone here used accutane?
question here?
is my tragus infected?
My face is soooo dry and flaky!?
Does getting your tongue pierced hurt?
GUYS: Do you think taller girls are better than short girls, or worse?
What are you using to keep your skin from drying out in this weather♥?
which piercing and why ?
Would doing this help downsize earlobes?
How can I become a meatball?
What do i do when i have acne?
What is face bleaching and facial?
Please help with my skincare routine? Product recommendations?
Should I shave?
do you know?.?
Is it acceptable to return to the salon for waxing if not all hair are removed the first time?
i want to get my tongue pierced but im not sure...?
Lip vs. monroe piercing, picture included?
does getting your nose pearced hurt?
Shaving legs, help...what should i do?
want nice skin, any advice please?
Written consent for piercing?
is the neutrogena wave any good for spots?
My Eyes!!!!?
how can I make my eyes come out?
Olay Total Effects or Olay Regenerist?
BOOBIES!--which kind of implants are better and prettier? Above the muscle or under?
is my ear piercing infected?
Be honest, do you pee in the pool when swimming?
What do strippers use to make themselves smell so good 'down there' and how to get the perfect shave?
do guys find girls with a lip ring cute if it looks right of course?
Can I swim with my belly pierced for 4 months?
I am 13and i want a tonge peircing but my dad says no how do i get him to finally say yes?
BOOB one here recomd doctor?
Is is okay for a 15 year old to go to a tanning salon?
How to make breasts grow bigger?? ?
My skin has become tanned due to the sun.Give me an easy home remedy to get my natural colour back?
Mixing lemon juice with lotion work as a lightener?
What will safely and effectively remove peach fuzz off the face?
Does this hurt? (piercing question)?
which body measurements do you think are hotter?
how do i get rid of my acne?
How do celebrity females get their faces so clear, smooth and blemish free?
how can i improve my face care routine?
Body problems, self image?
Is there a certain type of cream/lotion I can use right after shaving?
Why are my hands so wrinkly?
Friends I am deprssed. Today was first time a staff member told me that my body smells.?
acne probelm!! help???
What will the dermatologist likely prescribe for acne and scars?
I am having a big sweating problem! i have tried loads of deodorant but it doesn't work!Help me!?
Aftercare of new lip piercing?
I want to get my tongue pierced & want to know how can i hide it,where in new york can i get it done,btw im 14?
Where can I find this septum piercing jewelry!!!?
Will I burn in the tanning bed....?
Using rosehip oil how long could it take to.make scars remove? it take how many months?
Hypothetically, you can have one cosmetic procedure done (paid for)-what is it?
How the hell could this possibly have happened?!?
Blackhead help!?
How to bleach your skin...?
Can my stubborn ears stretch to a larger gauge?
Can you sleep with an acrylic belly ring?
Is this considered attractive?
Is my Monroe piercing healing like it should be?
How can I keep my facial skin moisturized?
Would I look good with both ears pierced?
Clearisil, NEUTROGENA, or Clean & Clear!!!? What to do?
How well does fraxel laser surgery work on the skin?
bellybutton piercing .?
i need help w/ my acne!!!!?
Lip Rings bruised my lip?
Is it impossible to lose 150 pounds in 4 months??
Gurl's :- How long does it take??
how do u make a homemade facial mask?
How long will it take for my 2nd ear piercing to close up?
Where is the best place to get a SPRAY ON TAN in central ohio?
where does ear wax come from?
New facial piercing ideas?
I want to stop using proactiv for my face since it just brings back more, so what can clear my face up?? help!?
Getting Mum to let me get my ears pierced? (repost)?
31-24-36 pear shaped or what? [photo]?
Redness under buttcheeks?
how can i reduce my breast size?
I got my nose pierced with a gun?!?
Does a Tragus piercing hurt more than Nape piercing?
how do u get rid of pimples fast?
Is there any place beside the proactive co. (like a store or something) where I can get proactive?
How to make breasts a LITTLE bigger?
Am I too white?(seriously)?
What would you rate this girl????
Dry Skin/Acne on skin won't go away!!!?
Can teenagers use aveeno positively radiant?
i have small breasts but i don't really wanna look like i have any, how can i make them look even smaller?
tanning for the first time ever?
Spots on my face won't go away?
Is this too many piercings?
black. head. help!?
Spots on my face won't go away?
Piercing Supplies in Toronto
Shaving Down There, LADIES ONLY!?
what can i do to make my breast bigger .?
How to take the blade out if a disposable razor?
navel piercing maybe infected ? help :/?
Am I Good Enough to be a Male Model?
Do I sound fat to you?
Razor burn....down there...?
Can a pro piercer stretch my ears for me?
How effective is laser scar removal surgery?
what dermalogica product frims and brightens under eyes?
How do I make my nails grow faster?
Pimples on my face....Help?
Which brand is most natural - Burt's Bees or Yes to Carrots?
Is it a bad idea to pierce my own ears?
sunburn help!?
Tongue piercing questions?
chicken pox bumps on skin?
Ear stretching advice?
what age do you lose spots?
Clinique dark spot corrector????.....10 points?
clean & clear morning burst good? goin to buy the cleanser or scub?
Do you know of anything that makes skin paler?
dry skin on my cheek?
how to stop your knees and elbows from darkening ?
I know this is gross but I really need help?
:/ what can i do to fix my huge...................??
Does Waxing Hurt....................................… please answer!!?
Prickly Belly Button hair?!?!?
if my belly button ring is infected should i take it out ?
i want my belly button pierced ?
can pretty girls get snakebites?
I want to get my anus pierced?
How to make my head appear bigger?
ANYBODY please help me I don't know how to finger myself :'(?
Im thinking about getting my smiley..does it hurt?
Scars from shaving?
Georges street arcade tongue piercing?
Pimple problemo!!!?
i want to get my second hole, but my parents won't let me?
Homemade moisturizer?
What is the best way to remove the white spots on my back?
URGENT@! Do I put Sunblock on before my IPL treatment?
Why do I have dark circles under my eyes? I'm only 15..?
has anyone tried the Zeno hot spot?
(disgusting but...) I itched my belly button in thethe shower today and..?
laser hair removal not seeing much difference yet?HELP!?
how to get rid of pimples and scars from my face?
How to change your tongue bar step-by-step?
Little insects making my body reeally ichy and leaving marks?
will my 1.5 month snug (cartilage) piercing grow shut after a week?
Which is the best quality lotion/cream for dry, ed hands of the below?
My girlfriend wants me to shave my face all the time... why?!?
Can i get another ear piercing after ive had otoplasty (ears pinned)?
lip surgery--- does it make you fart out of your mouth?
How long should i wait to re pierce my ear?
pls help i don't know what to do?
Tongue peircing HELP!?
Help!!How do i get rid of razorburn!!now!!?
shaving rash?
Do I just take a shower to get the tanning oil off?
Should I get maybaline baby lips? And if so what color?
what is a product that will clean my face really well like get rid of zits fast?
I wanna get my tongue pierced some advice? with people with it?
Good way of getting rid of blackheads?
I'm a 14 year old girl, how do i get rid of acne?
how long until I can repierce my navel after getting it done and taking it out?
I don't shave my legs?
Your #1 favorite body part on your body?
what shoes should i wear to make my feet small?
Belly Piercing???
Am I too tall?
Why does my face structure and skin look so bad under flouresent lighting?
What different kind of facial piercing are their?
Old piercings still crusting?
i have some queries about my body please help me????
Which celebrities have big eyes? Which ones have small eyes? Which ones have deep-set eyes?
when i try to watch videos on xnxx all i get is 1% and it wont load?
Who tend to develop more wrinkles as they age?
Does tea tree antiseptic oil work????????????
I never wash my face at night because its a total hassle?
Will I be able to switch to a barbell?
First day of high school.. and i have a big pimplee!! :( Any advice?
Can't put my finger on it, but do I look odd?
What is the best acne system on the market?
should i get a nose stud?
Spray tan shower HELP!?
did you tan a lot as a teen? how long does it take for sun damage to show up?
My elbows are really rough, when they rub against my sleeves it hurts!?
I'm so jealous of my friend's flawless skin?
Does the Jergens Natural Glow Foaming Moisturizer or the lotion work?
what is the most effective way to whiten dark underarms?
Where can I find a gel moisturizer?
does my body sound like i have potential to model?
What is the best self tanner for the body?
How many of you really like your body and face?
How do I figure out if my skin tone is a winter, summer, etc.?
acne is completly destroying my personality?
Does body bi vi work?
Should I pierce my own ear?
tried to pierce my own lip, can't feel that part anymore.. help?
Is using vaseline body lotion on your face, bad for you?
My 9 year old daughter..................?
Back acne... it's disgusting. Help me!?
I've got tooooo many pimples on my face!! Plz help!?
How can i make my knees lighter ?
How to get a really good tan?
are there any quality instant-tan products for the face nowadays?
Will erythromycin work for my skin?
Acne treatment?
How should I take care of my rook piercing?
Hypertrophic scarring?!?
best way to keep my ears clean?
Solution to dull and damged skin?
Should I buy the Clean&Clear blackhead eraser, or Biore strips?
Round face any way to change it?
I feel so ugly! (I'm 12 years old btw.)?