dose it hurt to get ur belly button priced?
Can body hair be permanently removed?
My boobies got bigger!!!!!?
what women's deodorant keeps you really dry?
do you know ....?
The BEST deoderant for women? With no anti-persperent.?
has anyone used Glutathione?
how to have your best smile?
Hairy gorilla arms and knuckles.?
Ever been to a tanning salon?
How to fix rough and ed hands?
is getting my ears pierced gonna hurt?
Has anyone had laser hair removal done?
Tongue Piercing?
to all ladies i have a queston?
I don't like my body ?
wats wrong with my skin?
Problem with spots on face?
A bigger butt?
how to shut large pores on face?
how long after you get your belly button pierced are you allowed to go to the beach and in the ocean?
Help with tanning...?
which is better for colour of eyes on a girl, brown or green? :D?
If you cut, are you emo?
Why does my face produce excessive facial oil/sebum usually only when I go out?
How do you get rid of face spots?
What face shape do I have?
I'm almost 15 years old, and I'm pretty much hitting 5'7. good/bad?
Hi, can anyone tell me one best way to become slim overnight??????
Indoor tanning+ outdoor sunscreen=??
clear pimple over night?
Well,Heres my question,Im full ginger,can i tan?(sun doesnt work) If not advice to get tan?
If you see a skinny person would you assume...?
Can you wax your armpits if you have thick hair?
What are some good home remedies or anything for pimples ?
what is you ...... color's ?
Should i get my belly button pierced?
what is the best teeth whitening technique that you have found?
Is it possible to get my tongue pierced?
Any ideas for making my palm and forehead sweat more.?
Piercing price question?
i have a few pimples on my back?
How do I get pale? ?
Do I have a good body?
how to grow nail long and thick fast?
How to get rid of these terrible tanlines...?
How does it feel like to re pierce your ears?
eyebrow piercing infected...?
if i get my belly button pierced with food come out of the hole ?
earlobe too thick for my plugs?
Ever tried Strivectin Cream for Stretch marks?!!?
What do you think about dimple piercing?
how i can get a fair ,clear&spotless skin ?
i need help about to cry..?
How can I get gorgeous skin like this?
how do i get my mom to buy me a bra?
how deep is st ives bay?
what is the best lip care product for REALLY DRY lips?
skin problem. please help?
how can i unclog my pores and keep them clean?
What piercing do you think would look good with my septum?
Does this REALLY whiten your skin?
What acne/blackhead remover would you recommend?
How to get lighter (read description)?
Easy way to lighten hair on legs... EASY!!!!!?
GUYS: which body type do you prefer?
How do i get rid of minor acne scars?
whats the quickest way to get rid of a zit?
Tongue Piercing Question?
what foods are good for the skin?
How can i get a smaller waist?
Godiva skin whitening products?
How to quicken metabolism....?
Fade hyperpigmentation on face? please 10 points?
How much does a breast reduction cost in UK?
any advice on what to take for cellulite?
What is a good type of affordable cleansers for an oily face?
ok. does anyone know anybody that has there belly button pierced at the age of 13 or 12?
How long should a piercing hurt afterwards?
My face is really dry and flaky?
Will i grow taller?
if you knew somone with bad b.o would you tell them?
guys what does this mean?
Black Head eraser?? best one.....?
i got my nose pierced a few days ago. and now i need help!?
How to get rid of acne?
Is this true?
How many times can you go on a sunbed in a week?
Does a woman's weight really matter a great deal to an interested male?
clinique anti-blemish solution control 3 step?
infected vertical industrial?
A Face Wash that Works but Doesn't Dry out Face?
How to get rid of pimples fast?
Tragus question? 10 points!!?
how do i make my pores on my face go back to normal?
What is my body type?
Can you use Proactive even if you don't have zits or acne?
Help plese!?!?1!helppppp?
Is it considered gay for a guy to go tanning?
Does a nose piercing hurt?
Will I look good with snakebites?
14 year old guy: Should I get my ear or ears pieced?
Do you think I am FAT?
lips care... please help?
Do you think i should get a nose job? (rhinoplasty) pics provided
Do guys only like girls how are skiney??
how long does it take to get used to breast implants?
i dont feel like moisturizing!?
I had my septum pierced today..?
Why do people keep staring at my boobs?!?
What is the best way to tan? Sun or Jergens Natural Glow?
I'm self conscious about myself?
Should I get a lip piercing?
Is my skin colour cool or warm?
Bikini line hair removal?
Hard fleshy lump inside lip next to piercing?
I have just started the Oil Cleansing Method with Castor, Almond, Jojoba and Avocado....?
Girls only please...?
What is the best way to eliminate cellulite?
Does getting your ears pierced hurt?
What is the strange smell?
I hate people's reaction...?
Does it hurt when you get your cartilage pierced?
When you...?
How to stop unnecessary blushing?
what do you prefer?
I want to get my belly pierced, how much does it hurt?
What's your age and height? I'm curious?
What steps do you take before applying fake tan?
How to clean a tragus piercing? I am very confused!?
how can i get rid of the hair on my stomach?!?!?
Stretchmarks help ?!?
What else Do i need to do to look better?
Has anyone pierced their own belly button?
Pic of a nose piercing with stud out ?
I got my cheeks pierced?
I think my boobs are too big but I can't get surgery what else works?
I have really pale skin,Help,how can i get it tanner?
have u ever used yogurt as a face mask...have u heared it beforE?
does it hurt to get your nose peirced?
Really weird pimple won't go.?
Can you repierce a belly button?
Orthognathic Surgery, chin augmentation needed ?
i want to get a spray tan?
sudden skin breakouts, please help!!?
Should I bleach the two dark scars on my leg to make it lighter using cleaning bleach?
Question about eyebrow piercing?
what is the best product or any that can help remove scars?
sorry, wayy too much tmi.?
Cosmetic Plus Piercing?
How good a product is Smooth Away?
I am 13 and have stretch marks on my boobs how do I get rid of them without having to buy creams etc?
How can I soften up store bought body butter?
getting pierced???
does it hurt getting ur cartilage pierced?
am i pretty??? please tell me :)?
Did acne keep you from wanting to get close to someone?
How to remove scars!?
what are these little black bumps on my nose THEY WONT GO AWAY?
should i put a band aid on my dimple/cheek piercing?
Brake outs?
What should I do with my face?
Breats enhancement technique?
How can I enlarge my breasts?
Do boys judge people by there looks?
I got my tongue pierced yesterday, Can i use this mouthwash? help asap please o:?
Are my legs long??? idk =|?
Pedicure, out of thought?
Is 15 to young to get a lip piercing for CHRISMAS?
What are you supposed to do with the small slivers of soap left over in the shower?
Worried that my breast are too big?
How to care for a new tongue piercing? Tips for fast healing?
Do you think it looks more beautiful to have a nice tan or really pale?
what is the best way to lose weight in your face. Help!?
Why do women have to shave but not men?
Whats a easy way to get rid of pimples/acne???
How to Get Rid of Pimples Overnight?
reoccuring keloids? piercing?
thinking about getting a cartilage piercing?
Ahh, homecoming...with acne?
Still fat? or over doing it?
I want to get my ears lobes pierced and i don't want a stud cant i use a normal earring?
Bikini Lines and Razor Burns?
is this true??
facial problem?
I constantly use lip balm..why are my lips always dry?
what is up with my face?
should i get a tragus piercing on both ears?
After liposuction, will the fat you intake go back to the trouble area?
tongue piercing???????
I got my nose pierced with a gun?!?
Disgusting question: What kind of spot (acne) is this? and how do you treat it?
Best lotion/cream for extremely dry skin?
Piercing shops in Denver that do snake eyes?
Okay so i'm a red head! i am VERY pale, could you please help a desprate ginger?
skin problem?
do i look ok???????????????????/////?
How do African-Americans define beauty as opposed to how European-Americans define beauty?
piercing infection please help with this?
How can I stop my gf from tanning?
What cleanser should I use?
How do I get rid of the bags under my eyes?
Did the Biore Pore Minimizing Collection reallymake your pores smaller?
I feel so short when ever im outside when i see my reflection i feel embaressed andi dont want to be seen?
I got an industrial ear piercing about a week ago...?
(Personal) What type of piercing should I use for sex?
how painful is a nose piercing?
acne pills?
i got a henna done todayy, and it peeled off..?
What color are my eyes?
how pale can you get without being albino?
Piercings? Girls?
is putting peroxide on pimples a good idea?
Would piercing your nose yourself just hurt more?
Morning vs. Night showers?
What is the best method to remove my acne on face?
Has anybody tried mederma? does it really work?
At what age do breasts stop growing?
proactive help????????......?
Need a home recipe to tighten skin.....!!!!?
Belly button piercing. Halllppp?
What products can I use on my feet to make and keep the skin soft. Nothing expensive please!!?
Hempz Hydrosilk Herbal Moisturizer?
Are you supposed to sleep with a bra on or without one?
GUYS? where is the hottest place to get a piercing for a girl?
There are these numerous tiny 'dots' on my nose. How do I get rid of these?
does liposuction always cause irregular fat deposits elsewhere on the body?
will the hairs not grow back if you had laser hair removal?
Are Deep Dark Brown eyes cool and does it gives piercing stares to other people?
Any tips on how to achieve healthy glowing skin?
do i have nice eyes...?
how to make my period come later?
Where can you buy Clinique purse size perfume samples?
Would I look good with both my ears pierced?
Do you tan faster in the sun?
What is the best body lotion that makes your skin soft?
I heard you can tan from a lightbulb. True?
HELP. i over exfoliated. scratches and scabs ughh?
Do any other girls under 21 SHAVE YOUR ARM HAIR?
Are razor blades sharper than pencil sharpener blades?
Belly Button Piercing in WA? (Western Australia)?
Shaving bikini area!?
does anyone also know any sunscreen dat works? and other questions...?
My lip is MAJOR swollen around my piercing?
How to get fake tan off?
what is the best acne medication?
Questions about a skincare product?
what are some good homemade facials?
Guys (be honest) what was the appearence of your last sex partner? fat, skinny, chubby, average, athletic....?
When did women start shaving/waxing their legs?
I forgot to use aftershave.. now my face is covered in pores!?
How Can I get rid of the Bags Under My eyes ?
How can i clear my face back up?
tounge ring?
How do you feel about body piercing?
Question about peeled skin?
Lip piercing question!?
best place to get a belly button piercing in vegas?
Ladyyysss onlyyy thongg help :]?
Why do people say piercings are immature?
How long will i have to wait to see results after using Proactiv?
Is there any acne remedies?
Do guys care about boob sizes?
My mom won't let me get a tragus piercing.?
Are breast implants really worth it?
Certain dri?
how do i get completely soft clear skin?!?!?
am i ready to stretch up a size?
what are some natural ways to get rid of black heads?
body piercing place that doesnt check i.d?
Should I get my nose pierced? People that have their nose pierced please answer!?
Is there a body wash i can buy that DOES NOT moisturize but actually does the opposite?
Blood on my newly pierced ears?
Is Porcelana Night Fade Cream safe?
I am a b-cup and i really want to be a c-cup no bs answers but can i get them that size naturally?
How can make my butt get bigger without getting surgery?
how many inches away do you look at yourself in the mirror?
help me to fight the wrinkles?
Guys: How do you feel about women with stretchmarks?
Natural or ProActiv For Acne?
Do you think my legs look weird? (pics)?
Does foundation/sunscreen/moisturizer cause breakouts even if I cleanse/remove them thoroughly?
how to get white skin?
make spider veins less visible?
microdermabrasion kits - PEOPLE WHO USE?
Can someone tell me if I have a sexy bikini body?
hallo allllllllll?
washing face with water only?
how much does ipl cost in beverly hills?
how to get rid of spots?
Is texting in a tanning bed bad for you?
nipple piercing trouble?
how to get tan really fast without a tanning bed or taning lotion?
Tips for first time brazilian wax?
Tanning salon and the dangers?
i shaved my legs,tighs and penis (1st time)4 days ago.?
Is this an ingrown toenail?
Which is the best way to get my suntanned arm back to its original color?
What foods help reduce purplish acne blemishes?
How much do you think I weigh?
How to get rid/lessen eyebags?
Are breasts with large areolas "bad"?
Do marks that were caused by laser hair removal treatments fade with time?
My g/f sits with her legs double crossed?
I need as many opinions on this as I can get...Thanks!!!?
i want to know if there's a do it yourself proyect for removing an old scar?
Why would a footballer do this on a field in front of everyone to see? Wouldn't it be de-grading?
Need some thoughts on how old you think i look in these photos.?
Would you rather have really dry skin or really oily skin? Why?
What happens to your gauged ears when you get older?
Am I fat (Picture included)????????
Big Booty B***** XD...........................?
Is my belly button a INNIE or OUTY ?
5'5 am i short? will i grow?
How to stop lip-biting habit?
im scared help me with my cartilage piercing?
UNIQUE PIERCINGS?! please help!?
Does easycurves really work (enchance your breast/make them bigger?)?
venom tongue piercing?
if i have acne but not super bad and people say im pretty how do i make my self more confident?
Where can I find unique/funky soap molds?
I have bags under my eyes?
how much for the bikini hair removal?
My spots are getting so much worse? Help!?
what cream can i use for my face, as i have oily face.?
What exactly are birthmarks and how do they get on our bodies? Do they ever go off?
How can I get a light menstration period????
women :what's the part of your body you like the MOST ?
how do we get rid of dark knees and elbows?
Does anyone else have an inbetweenie belly button?
Too much "Back-ne" For Aprils Taste?
Whats the best fake tan product?
how bad does a nose piercing hurt?
shaving vs something else?
how can i get rid of stretch marks?
SERIOUS skin help! pimple to "cut"?
Can I stretch my ears from 10g to 8g?
I have a lot of pimples on my face.Help!?
Is a pinna ear piercing this?
Which piercing instrument hurts less, AND Helix piercing qn?
lighter skin?
I shave my stomach hair...I have noticed it grows back standing up, instead of laying down!!?
I am 13 year old, would my girl friend apply lotion on me at the beach?
How much should I expect to pay for a septum piercing?
How to get rid of dark underarms?
Please help me?!!??!?!!?
My size is 34A. is there any way i can increase my cupsize. i feel embarrsd. please help me?
How do I get silky smooth legs without razor burn?
Lip piercing or nose piercing on a girl?
Aging to Perfection?
Ugly or Loser Magnet?
How can I get bigger boobs?
Why is it black arond my Navel Percing?
so i bought some odaban from ebay?
do I need toner?
getting my belly button pierced?
i try everything but my skin is still very dry what do i do?
i pierced my belly button with a normal needle and put a earring in it beacuse a belly bar wouldnt fit.?
what can i do to make my hand softer?
What soap will I use that will surely whiten my skin?
getting my lip pierced today my moms so against it?
i had my lip pierced for a year, will the hole ever go away?
How to use Proactiv Skin Lighting Lotion?
really want something that can repair my skin....?
after wiping your face with kleenex wipes can you put moisturizing creme on your face.?
Protect and Perfect Beauty Serum from Boots - does it work?
I know people who have hazel eyes and if a conversation about eye colors comes up, just about everyone.....?
Nose Piercing? Please Help !!!!!?
I got a breast reduction and want to how much 112 and 182grams really is cause it does not seem ike enough?
spa owners and workers...?
can some one tell me what kind of plug this is and what size it is? easy 10 points.?
When you don't sleep well...does your skin look worse?
broad feet?
things not to eat when you have snake bites piercing?
Got my cartliage pierced 4 days ago, hate it, can I take it out?
is my belly piercing infected?
industrial piercings?
How do i clean my infected belly button piercing without seeking medical assisstant?
How to help my face not be broken out?
What hurts to get pierced?
what are the active ingredients and side effects of acnemycin?
my lips are realy chapped, help!! urgent?
my boobs hurt and are sensative i don't have my period and nothings wrong with them?
Does every girl go through this?
What foods make you break out most? Be specific..?
girls with tounge peircings? do guys think its sexy?
do you think its okay for a 13 year old to get a nose piercing?
am i skinny or chubby?
How does cucumber help in reducing eyebags?
does it hurt to get your "second hole" pierced ?
When you go tanning do you flip or do you lay on your back the entire time?
What's better nair or smooth away on arms?
Any good tips for reducing bags under eyes?
Will soaking your hands in ice or ice water make them softer?
do i have a huge nose?? am i prettyyy?
Other skincare range(s) that is comparable to Trilogy?
Does a belly button piercing hurt?
how would you get rid of ingrown hairs on your legs?
Belly Piercing healed in 2 months ?
About lip piercings.?
i have TERRIBLE acne!!!!!!!!!?
body shape and type help?
What razor blades provide a stubble-like shave for men?
Is 17 too young for anti-aging products I have lines under my eyes and I have laugh lines that are appearing?
Why do my arm have little bumps on them?
what you eat really affect your face?
How bad does getting your belly button pierced hurt?
Do you think a 13 year old girl is to young for a SnakeBite Piercing?
Self Navel Piercing?
Does getting your belly button peirced hurt?
Does the skin on ur breast peel during pregnancy or no if not please tell me why im peeling??! breast are sore?
best face scrub for men?
how would you assess a clients skin type?
which piercing?
Sea salt soaks seems to irritate my surface piercing?
another question?
can i change earring right after its pierced?
Post Pics of smaller diamonds in peoples Cartilage!!?
can i get spider bites piercing in this spot?
How to get nice skin?
What Facial Piercing should i get ?
Can people stop giving me bullshit advice and tell me something that cures spots--im so unhappy?
How Can I Get A figure Like Miley Cyrus?
how can i stop pimples before they come?
Has anyone ever used Prefer On for stretch marks?
What gets rid of razor burn?
Redness on face because of Acne?
Cartilage piercing with a gun?
how can i get bigger bobs with out getting implants?
Acne Scars :(?
What is the SPF of Piz Buin bronze tanning lotion?
Am I sick in the mind or am I a pervert?
Sun burn! please help!?
Guys look sèxy with full body waxing done ?
pics included would i look good with a lip piercing?
blackhead strips. . .are they real?
Do you have acne free skin?
my penis size is 8, is it normal?
lol i started shaving my pubic region...?
what is the best part of your body?
Girls only please. advice needed #2?
Okay, can you loose 10lbs if you eat 700 calories a DAY for a whole month?
Please Help, I'm In Pain!?
Do you think my body is attractive?
What is the best tanning bed oil?
How to get rid of dark circles under eyes? 10 points!! ASAP?
How to make my boobs bigger?
do boys like girls with "bushes"?
Sweating problem.. (seriously, not joking)?
Question About Gauge size?
will it dry my face out?
Does getting your belly button pierced hurt?
Snake bites to your veins?
why dose pimpple make my face as black spot ?
What is your favorite body exfoliator?
What gets rid of acne scars ?
is sunscreen lotion or cream better?
what happens if you put salt on your arm, put an ice cube on it, and apply pressure?
Trying to tan outside... should I be noticing fast changes?
Is Bio-oil any good at getting rid of scars?
Best place to get a labret piercing in Gloucester?
is my nose way big?? what should i tell a plastic surgeon?
Tanning Tips for Medium Skin?
do u bite your nails? and/or the skin around them?
How do you clean an eye brow piercing?
Question for Mukunda M ? Please explain Steps of Facial massage ?
Gauge of Industrial Piercing?
im getting my nose pierced today, not sure to get it done with needle or gun?
Girls: Lip rings on guys...bomb or whack?
Where should I start to find good skin care products for men?
what ingredient in tanning lotion makes ur skin red?
how do i make my lips softer?
I want my tongue pierced but i play football how much will it effect it?
would you rather be a size 2 or 12?
Ear piercing?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
Help ple???????ase???
Why do people like fat girls?
Embarrasing as it is I have an unusual spot on the end of my nose, i'm worried, any ideas on what it is?
will i develop a tan if i go out in the sun right now?
How to get rid of pimples/acne over night?
Underye wrinkles, HELP?
cost of navel piercing at Totem Tattoo in Williamsport, PA?
Best deodorant (ladies)?
Best way to prevent aging skin?
does coco butter really work for stetch mark?
Would exercise help get rid of cellulite?
Big toe nail falling off?
Im ffing done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Oh look!! a chicken! oh wait... never mind?
How long does a belly button piercing take to close up?
Ingrown hairs and scars?
Way to get tan fast?
How to remove spots? (13 year old)?
lip piercings!!! should i get one!!!!!!?
Trying to get a tan!?
How can a guy grow breasts without surgery or hormones?
suggest me a sun screen lotion brand for men without any side effect?
I m a male and I'm 16 how can I lose five pounds fast with out diet pills?
how can i have glowing, flawless skin?
Tongue piercing swelling?
Is sea salt grinder good for a sea salt soak for a belly piercing?
How do I grow taller?
Why is my body like this?
Do you think what you eat has anything to do with acne?
Is claire's safe for an ear peircing?
do you have to be 18 in australia yo get i tongue piercing? i have parents permission?
is 5'8 too tall for a woman?
How long should I leave in my ear gauges before I go to the next size?
my clear nose stud is to thick to fit in my nose whole help?
embarrased about my freckles?
How to hide dark circles and wrinkles?
guys what do you think of me?
Snakebite piercings on guys? What do you think?
What does a broken nose look like? ?
Skin whitening options? Oral Gluthathione or oral sunblock? Are they safe?
Is my belly button ring infected?
does sugar waxing facial hair make it grow back darker?
What color eyes do you have?
How to do make your legs (calf) longer?
i have a lot of acne!!!!!!!!?
Has anybody got any good ways to get rid of under-eye bags/dark circles under the eyes that work?
what is a good thesis statment about lotions?
is it normal if me 4 day old belly button piercing hole is red on the top hole and ithcy?
Has anyone had a tummy tuck? Or know facts about them?
Estee Lauder vs Clarins?
Why won't the swelling in my lip piercing go down?
Acne pimples/scaring what can I do to improve this or make it be gone?!?
Bug Bites: Is there any quick cure?
My skins burnt off please help?!?
what is your favorite face wash?
Vichy Dermablend Powder Vs. Lancome Silky Translucent Powder?
my nose is turned to the left...?
how to treat a dry pimple skin?
Am I short for a 15 year old boy?
how to get bumps on your arms to go away..?
are there any ways to get rit of a hickey? if so, please help me out?
What type of girl do you like most?
I have tried the power of eight?
my head is big compared to my body?
I rub poop all over my body it arouses me is it unhealthy?
how is a good way to get rid i zits?
What is the best way to rid yourself of acne?
Super dry sore lips. Help?
if you walk funny do you have rickets?
so i got my lip pierced a week and two days ago and i really want to change it. Is it bad if i change it now?
Lately my face has been very dry, what should i use on it?
Why are my stretched ears so cold?
How can I seriously make my shaving bumps go away?
Do stretch marks go away?
belly ring! is it infected? help please!?
I got my lip pierced a couple days ago and my school doesnt allow it.. how can i hid it until i move schools?
im 15 i weigh 130 and im 5"6" {do i need to lose weight?}?
is there really a difference between fat and thick in girls???
Cosmetic Acupuncture business name ideas...?
I been thinking about getting my nose pierced for a while .?
Does wearing sunscreen stop your tan or just the burn?
What are the dangers involved with getting a tongue piercing?
Does hydrogen peroxide help clear spots?
Does anyone no where i can get a cover up for all the hair bumps on my legs and it has to be water proof?
where do i go for bikini wax in hyderabad?
Does nutra nails hardener really work?
If you eat too many carrots...?
Any girls with hairy arms out there?
So my boyfriend pierced my belly button the other day. My friend said it was done incorrectly so...?
(Guy) Should I be embarrassed by my weird belly button?
How tanned will i get?
What colour is your eyes?
im 27 years old and wanting to know whats the best way to control wrinkles i got a few early showing wrinkles?
Infected lip ring...?
viper tongue piercing?
How to get ur original skin color back?
Body Piercings-When is it too much?
What should I do I have a mustache and I’m a girl?
How many piercings should I get at once?
Benefits kojivit gel?
I have long legs. does getting them fatter make it look shorter?
How do I convince my mom to let me get my ears pierced for a second time?
Does Aveeno's Intense Relief Hand Cream really work?
why are my eyelashes coming out?
big bums or small bums?
How can i make my boobs bigger?
Clear n Clear Cleanser/Acne help.?
I have a deep insecurity which is ruining my chances of having a sexual life and is impacting my life? Help!?
Why do young people sunbathe and then complain about premature wrinkles?
PLEASE help with cellulite?
How do I get rid of white facial hair?
how to make your tan appear darker ?
Why is my belly piercing holes red?
how old do you have to be to get your belly button pierced?
I just got my bellybutton pierced last Wednesday .?
what piercing should i have?
What is something you don't like about your body?
How will I know when my piercing is fully healed?
Have you personally tried Skin id?
What's the safest way to lighten skin?
What body shape does this young lady have?
What's the best way to get rid of arm hair?
is this normal for an ear piercing to do?
4)I have to dress up as a hindu girl at a party...What do I wear?
How to train for a body piercing license?
I BOUGHT MARYKAY VELOCITY But it hasnt been working maybe its becuz i have been using sunblock can anyone help
When is okay to change the belly button ring?
Cartilage and or bellybutton piercing?
Is anybody else disappointed with their epilater?
Belly Button Piercing - Question?
Any bras without backs?
Should i get my left or right nipple pierced?
Wat are the steps for piercing ur own belly button???
Does rosewater help with redness due to a pimple?
How often should I use Dermadoctor?
face paint and food coloring?
Piercing needles? What size and how many? :)?
Whats wrong with my sisters ear piercing?
For those of you who got your ears pierced as babies: did you ever regret them?
Where can I find videos?
Whats wrong with my face!!! :(?
My lips have been dry for about 2-3 weeks now with no end in sight, help???
is my body too athletic looking?
which cream best for oily skin?
Short or Tall?
I have function to attend in a month but i have dark circles how to get rid of it and be cute.....?
Will a cartilage piercing close off in 4 days?
My face getting Black ...! & under my eyes getting black ...!?
how long does it take for a scab to fall off?
what is the average length barbell for a bridge peircing?
Which Tragus Should I Get Pierced The Left Or Right?
I have lots of Acne & Scabs on my forehead?
HELP....GIRLS ONLY PLEASE....personal?
Tips for glowing clear skin?!?
Why is my left breast is always hurting?
Is there any non sketchy, nice place to get your cartilage pierced in (North) London UK?
Can you pierce a flat nipple?
if you die with a facial piercing, would they keep it in you?
Does anyone know a good type of tanning lotion for someone who doesn't tan easy?
does she looks asian???
pimpless helppppppp?
skin color uneven how can i fix it?!?
please help happy trail area issue?
I'm a girl who has a little facial hair above my lip. How do I get rid of it?
Tips for making lips very smooth and soft?
What is your favorite perfume/fragrance?
How do you get the best guy to crush on you?
I really need help tanning! Please!!?
Belly button changing?
Skin experts, is it entirely safe to extract a sebum plug which is 'sticking out', with tweezers?
how remove dark black spot around my eye?
Is there any spray tanning booths in belfast?
How old is Jamie spears?
**HELP!!** How do you get naturally pink lips?
how do i make my butt bigger and my thighs smaller?
Would you consider this a six-pack?
What is the best way to get tan?
Can sun-tan be permanent? If not, why are some people brown for life?
Do girl's have adam's apples?
Ear stretching help!?
Trying to lose 20 pounds.. please help!?
oil blotting wipes?
Somethings up with my ear...?
Get my natural skin tone back?
Do glycolic cleansers cause you to break out first?
what is the solution if you have a pores? ?
Epilation HELL! (ingrown hairs)?
My face skin is very dry early in morning but too oily by evening, i dont use any cream, any help please.?
what is deodorant vaporisateur?
Should I keep or get rid of my hair?
how do you get your checks rosy pink?
How tan are you??? (20 characters)?
DEODERANT(: for girls?
What is the return policy like for Bath and Body Works?
can anyone give me an advice which glutathione products is most effective and the best???
Does anyone know any good acne treatments???
New Septum piercing questions?
how does my best friend get rid of back acne? any suggestions?
How did you get rid of your freckles?
anybody use murad for acne marks ??
One week old monroe piercing, need help with aftercare & advice!~!?
Ear Piercing troubles. Please Help?
help ......?
Does it hurt to get your belly button pierced?
Shaving legs in fall and winter...?
Nose Piercing Problem ?
Which company has the best hand care for dry hands?
ear infction maybe??
Ladies, how often do you remove the hairs on your legs?
Whats better Mederma or Elicina?
How can i get PALER skin?
What can I use to remove dirt from my neck, back, buttocks?
Which Piercing should I get, for a 15 year old!?
How can I keep my facial skin moisturized?
Pearl Acne Pill?
Which side should I get my helix and tragus pierced?
Do i look ugly? how to get rid of wrinkles under eyes!? all my face?
Homemade Avocado Mask?
whats the best way to clean a belly button? i had it pierced ;)?
which hurts more a toungue piercing or a lip piercing ?
after Foam Party Foam irritation?
Do you know any product to soothe bikini line iteration due to shaving?
How many out there are feel compelled to change their body image due to images produced by media and society?
I am wanting to get my belly button done I have my nose done and I would like to know If the belly hurts more?
Face lotion? Can i use any lotion on my face?
hello i got eyebrow pierced and it won't heal?
What is a mommy makeover?
Is plastic surgery really worth it?
I have oily skin and the summer time is the worst season for me?
Why do men(usually men of color) use the term fine when describing women, what is it that makes a woman "fine"
any ideas on how to get rid of tired looking eyes please?
what else should I use... Please read?!?
does stress cause breakouts on the face?
Does it hurt getting ur ears peirce?
i just got my tongue pierced and they gave me a short bar. how long will it stay swollen?
Is this at all normal for a piercing? please read n answer ?
Is it normal to be turned on by a belly button ?
Will laser hair removal work?
How can I get rid of my eye bags?
Bad acne after putting foundation on?
Am I fat? Please answer!?
it doesnt look anything like acne its more like brown spots.?
is there any sunscreen that won't completely white out my face when i'm wearing it?
i have another tanning bed question?
Any recommendations of great day-spas in southern california?
I want gauges but.....?
Why is my skin so soft after going on a ski trip?
Clavical piercings?
how can i get rid of black circles and puffiness under my eyes?
Ddoes it hurt to get ur ears pierced with a gun when u r 13?
I don't have much leg hair... Are they all ingrown?
What is an easy way to get rid of whiteheads and blackheads!
Can you use gram flour/chanay ka ata/besan daily on your face twice??
what do u think of tattoos?
problems shaving... um, down there?
any hair removal tips ?? helpppppppp?
Whats the best way to prepare the skin and to apply fake tanning spray?
Lump inside of my lip piercing?
whats better...?
Do i weigh alot for my build or do other people lie about their weights?
cod liver oil and cellulite?
Gummy bear implants full c?
where can you buy demo contacts?
How To Get The Perfect Body Shape?
how can i reduce the redness in a pimple in just a few hours?
What causes ingrown hairs? How do you get rid of them and prevent them?
what kind of food should you eat if you're trying to dtop pimples?
I am looking for the best Body Wraps options, any idea?
Dermal piercing questionnn?
I have little moles on my body that bother me so bad. Is there any way to remove them by myself? PLEASE HELP!?
im a boy and i have really red cheeks. what can i do to get rid of them?
Back dimple piercings? Skin divers?
Is it easy to change your nose gouge?
Why is my face darker than the rest of my body?
Anyone tried leanspa?
what soap/ face wash do u use?
what type of stud is best for a monroe piercing?
after i wash my face and it gets dry so is it okay to put lotion on it?
Scaffolding Piercing swelling time?
what to apply on a dry zit?
I'm in love with Miss USA. I think she's beautiful don't you?
Eyebrow piercing or snakebites?
is this a good bodyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?
How can I get rid of acne?
Nose piercing/ring turning and poking out!!?
How are dermal piercings done?
Are there any other methods of breast augmentation without having surgery?
Does my body seem normal? Or do men prefer curvy?
how good is the product bag balm?
So, another piercing question?
Yes, I have hairy legs! advice please.?
I don't know if I should stretch my ears?
Is it safe to have your ear pierced at Claries?
What can a 13 year old girl do to avoid pimples and black heads?
Tragus Piercing inflamed! please help?
have you ever heard of this?!?
i got it pierced 6 weeks ago. The skin around the piercing is red & black. There is no pain but wit green pus.?
'dreaded bump' next to nose piercing?
I saw an ad somewhere for an Africas Garden party. What kind of party is that?
pimples are coming suggest any good cream?
How does he prove to me he isnt a player?
what is up with my face?
I've had a cold recently and have been using toilet roll at work to wipe my nose. A guy at work said i...?
I want to get my septum pierced?
how to rid of hairs on face?
Do you think SHE'S pretty??
Am I really that ugly? Pictures. Please be at least polite?
Are there electric shavers that leave one's beard looking like it's on day 3?
Side or middle labret pierced on a girl?
eyes-need opinion?
how bad does it hurt to get your nose pierced?
a good moisturizer for very dry lips...?
Bumps under lower lip?
pleez help skool starts wed.?
lotion or creme that will protect against the sun?
Is spf 50 too high for oily/combination skin? Will it clot my pores?
How to get rid of dandruff?
what can i do to my ugly nose?
I smell really bad throughout the day?
What is face bleaching and facial?
How do I get rid of fine lines right underneath my eyes?
If both the dick and clit are pierced does sex hurt?
Sudden septum piercing pain?
covering up black and blue!?
ears piercing at claire's (earlobes)?
i got the stuff from the stridex pads in my eyes...what do i do?
how can i infect my ears?
which name is hotter?
Does an industrial piercing hurt?
Teenage Acne?
I wanted to get my tounge pierced!?
How do I incorporate SPF 15 and Skin Lighting elements into my homemade body wash?
does getting your nose pierced hurt?
Fake Tan For Pale Skin?
NEED HELP NOW!!???????!!!!!!!!!!!!?
What facial peircing should I get done? Honest?
Acne help!!! Breakouts?
y is the fluff that gets caught in ur bellybutton always the same color,regrdless of what color garment u wear
Piercing. question?!!? (10 points)?
Ear stretching and tapers?!?
Glandular fever plus new piercing?
Proactiv V. Olay Regenerist Microdermabrasion and Peel System?
would i look good with a nose piercing?
My hands still have marks on them from this - what can be done?
The skin on my hands is.... PLEASE HELP!?
only guys!!!! im thinking about getting my nipples pierced n idk if a guy will find it a turn on?
How do i get a good tan with fair skin?
Do I sweat alot because I have big pores or do I have big pores because I sweat alot?
Belly button piercing, hiding?
How do you get rid of a pimple over night?
How old do you have to be to get lip injections ?
Ways I can show off my shaved smooth underarms?
what lip piercing(s) would suit me
Opinions on getting your navel pierced at 14?
What can I do about saddlebags? :(((?
Does toothpaste help with acne?
I've had a piercing for 2 1/2 months and around the entrance hole looks a little dark? Is my body rejecting it?
Help! I have extremely oily skin. Can't find a good foundation, powders or sunblock. Please help.?
I seem to have low self esteem...i sometimes wish i look like other girls..Please help :(?
I got my lobes pierced about 4 days ago, now they hurt. Are they infected?
why am i getting these weird little pimples all over my face?
I want to throw up everything I ate?
What moisturizer should I use for Benzoyl Peroxide?
What is skin bleaching?
What is the best fake tanner to use?
How can I get paler? I am a bit fair skinned but i wish to have ivory skin.?
Guys. I need tips on shaving my facial hair.?
I am looking for a good face cream!?
Is it OK to shave before a pedicure?
Why has my skin darkened permanently?
Should I get my Belly Button pierced?
tanning! oops mistake! BIG ONE?
*pics* can yu help w/confusion?
Which way should i wear this cover up ?
Back Acne?
Are girls with pimples unattractive?
If a dog loses a nail, will it grow back???
after 5 days can i take my lip ring out for 8 hours to go to work?
Does olay body wash have a 3 ounce bottle?
Clay face masks? Face masks in general?
my face was normal brown before but it is now dark,how to get back to my normal color?
Home remedies for clear and smooth skin?
Why does guys want skinny girls and never the thick and beautiful ones ?
Oily and dry skin help me?
proactive return question?
I really want to get to know a redhead girl?
Piercing question??
where to get my piercing?
Do I sound fat?
how much does laser hair removal cost for a womans brazillian area?
Is there a good natural way to clean out your pores?
face??????errrrrrrr : (?
why are the letters of the alphabet used for bra sizes?
Ahh! what can i do to get rid of this baby! HUGE?
How on earth do you get rid of blackheads?
what does lol mean?
Question About Gauge size?
What's the best chapstick for dry ed lips?
does anyone have any experience with rhinoplasty?
WHAT IS A GOOD FACE moisturizer (that I can get at a drugstore)?
How can i get rid of genetic spots & blotches?
what are these little spots around my mouth area?
tragus piercing pain,HELP?
How do i get my ring off!!!!?
Clean & Clear vs. Neutrogena?
how does an ear piercing feel?
my freaking skin!?
what would happen if..?
Do you think pale or tan skin looks better?
What causes bags under eyes?
Where to get my nose pierced in north nj?
should I take out my nose piercing?
Im terrified!?
Does mederma work?
Preperation H?
Looking for natural/gentle skin care routines - honey, EVOO, baking soda, etc.?
I would like to find out how many times do you use a fresh TOWEL before you send it to laundry again?
Does It Hurt??
At-home Microdermabrasion vs. RETIN-A?
What size tragus earring?
Bikini problems?
When is the earliest i can put in a retainer after i get my tongue pierced?
OMG huge blackhead problem please help?!?
Does anyone know of a good way to break a habit?
where should get a cartilage piercing done????
am i too fat to wear a bikini?
Foot problem? help please?? 10 points??? please answer...?
can someone out there please tell me if it is true that applying sperm on your face will prevent wrinkles?
So i got my nose pierced 3 months ago and it is now swelling underneath my piercing, what should i do?
Will this work for me?
I don't understand the levels of tanning beds at Suntan City?
How to hid my boobs or make them less noticeable?
Piercing! what i should get. im 14 and i already got the ok with my parents but what should i get?
vertical tragus or forward helix and regular tragus?
Smooth Effects Laser Hair Removal?
what skin tone do i have and sunscreen i should use?
Recommend a good day cream with spf for dry skin?
What can I do to get tanner?
Dry lips? [Quick way to heal?]?
Do you enjoy using blackhead strips?
Are lotions from bath and body works bad for acne?
Help with the skin!!?
would a belly button piercing set off the airport security?
How can I make my fingernails stronger?
i need to know how to get rid of pimples fast?
is it a complement to be told u r older than u really r!?
So whats the deal with in-grown hairs? how do you get rid of these disgusting things?
which lightening cream is the safest for dark spots name?
Is it possible to go to Claire's and buy more ear piercing solution?
Breast augumentation worth it? I'm 17. ?
Getting rid of chapped lips?
Skin help!!!?
Can you make your nose longer with plastic surgery?
how can i reduce the size of my tummy and breast ?
how long to you have to wait to make out or give oral when you get your lip pierced?
If your knees don't match to your skin tone below how can you make them cleaner?
What is my nose shape?
Will a cartridge piercing with needle hurt?
Going from 10g to 8g, why is it so painful?
What should i use to get rid of acne when proactiv stops working?
Can you get a piercing at 12?
Why are there bumps on the nails?
my facial piercing is really swollen and pussy, is it infected?
how much schould i weigh?
My body smell. I take 2 shower a day so I know I am clean but I still smell bad what is the casing it and what
Any aestheticians out there, and how do you like your career?
Almond oil? Olive oil?
How can I fix my uneven pierced ears?
Skin color back to the same from sun tan?
What piercing should i get?
Cartlige piercing help please answer asap?
X out makes acne bigger?
Please Help! Skin Problems!?
What is a Prince Albert piercing and why is it called that?
Wtf please help me with my acne?
does skin id really truly work? does the price stay the same or does it increase with every order?
Does Cetaphil and Proactive really work for my face?
embarrassingly large breast size?
Belly button piercing infected or what.?
How do I remove fake nails painlessly? I saw someone said to use nail polish remover. That doesn't work.
Acne problem? What products are good for my skin?
Why do i gain hair in places I never had it before, while losing it from my head?
Question about washing your face with soap?
Ear piercing in babies - for or against?
can u eat pasta after u get ur tongue pierced?
tanning beds or the sun?
proactiv isnt working for me?
Does a tragus piercing hurt?
How can I find out what gauge my industrial barbell is?
how do i get my mom to buy me a real underwire bra?
facial hair bleaching ??????? PLzZZZ suggest?
I'm light skinned, how long should i stay in a tanning booth?
What is the best acne treatment? i am looking for home made acne treatments?
Aspirin mask for acne?
Can anyone recommend a sunscreen for someone that can't stand the oily, sticky feeling of most sunscreens?
I'm turning 16 in December and I have NO boobs!?
Can exfoliating gloves be used on the face (the product says it is for all skin types)?
Question about acne, skin?
Is my nose big, thought I should ask?
Do I Look Asian to you?
Ear Piercing? Quick and Easy Question!?
where can I Buy a BB Cream in New York ?
Which is the best women's electric shaver which gives a close shave ?