Does getting your belly button pierced hurt?
can anyone help me? ideas please?? :)?
I want a new piercing?
How do i make my breasts grow bigger?
I am 15 and wondering should I get my ear pierced, Can you make up my mind? :)?
Dark circles under my eyes! i need help?
If you have ever had laser hair removal...?
can a self pircer be applied any where on the cartilige ear?
Can you use Egyptian Magic as a Lubricant?
how can i get rid of acne?
does teh Clearasil clearer skin in three days cleanser really work?
How to convince your mom to let you get your belly button pierced?
Am I average or to big?
Can anyone recommend a good moisturiser to help soften 'crows' feet around the eyes, my skin is quite dry.
Terrible bikini bumps all over?
What's the most unusual and pointless piercing(s) in your opinion?
Is armpit fat noticeable?
How to get rid of a hickey?!?
Black soap & shea butter Question. Also Does hydroquinone (sp) work? And if it does how long does it take?
Um question for the girls:$..?
Help me choose a piercing?
White bumps on my tattoo had it for 5 months.?
HELIX! (top/cartilage) piercing!?
There's a white ring around my lip piercing, is it infected?
How to make your nose look smaller?
Whats a good body wash that gets rid of acne??
who sells dermalogica?
his mouth is morbidly sensitive <---- what does it means?
if i dont squeeze whitehead pimple what will happen?
I want a sexy stomach? (pictures)?
HUGE bump inside my nose by my septum ring?
For People that have used "Pro-Atcive"?
How to clean freshly stretched ears?
how can i prevent zits?
what do i do?!!! Please help?
tanning question?
Forward Helix VS Tragus?
do you wash your face in the shower?
How to get rid of a tattoos at home?
make my scars not so noticeable???
Help with my butt!! haha?
BiRTH CONTROL help pleaseeeeeeeeee?
What ear piercing should I get?
8 piercings at 14? Too many too young?
My microdermal is dried Out, from sea
It's bad to pop pimples right? why though?
is antiseptic disinfectant alright to use for cleaning my infection?
Hood peircing?
Where can I buy the anti perspirant Certain Dri?
My face broke out and now. . .?
I'm A 7th Grader, How Do I Help My Breastss Grow . ?
is a belly button piercing morally wrong?
What does skin protect the body from?
Will i grow taller?
shaving legs & body?
How does a pumice stone remove hair permanently?
How do I get my whole body to get whiter?
Can i freeze my mouth for this Peircing?
eyebrow waxing problem!?
Cheap nose surgery in Perth, Australia?
i want my tongue pierced but my dad said no how can i get it on my own with out him or any one knowing?
Do you tan better on a sunny day, or a cloudy day?
Hayy! i have decided to become a goth. I've been listening to this band named Tokio Hotel. i need help. ?
white patches on my do i remove them?
Wrecking balm does it work?
How to convince parents...?
I just got my ears pierced?
There's a point on my nose my nose is pointy actually.?
i have dark circles under my eyes and i have tryed to get rid of them,but nothing works.what should i do?
hey i got a question about tattoos and contact lenses?
♥♥Does ANYTHING work for streach marks drastically?♥♥?
Nose piercing?
should i get my nose peirced?!?!?!?!?!?!?
how do I heal my flaking and dry skin?
how much is an tongue peircing in grimsby and were from?
Pale girl or tanned girl?
Is it normal to bleed a little bit after a brazilian wax?
Why is my monroe piercing sore?
What is the "best" facial piercing to get?
Will tanning bed lotions with DHA fade and get blotchy like self tanners?
What do you think?
i feel so depressed that i'm a short girl (20 yr old at 5'2)...?
What's a good face product for oily skin?
what kind of earrings should i get when i get my ears pierced?
what is the name for white people who have slit/curved eyes?
do you have to be skinny to look good with a belly button ring?
Can i do my lip piercing with a gun?
cheerleading red face very hot ????????????????help!!!!!!!!!!?
Clean and Clear Blackhead Eraser, has anyone used this
Piercing Cartilage (Industrial)?
Putting toothpaste on a spot?
Swimm checklist?..,(:?
dead skin around my stretched lobe?
what is a face toner for?
skin doctor is a little mean?!? read on please...?
Fat girls and belly piercings?
How to get bigger breast size?
Will you be young forever if you avoid the sun? ?
Am I to big to wear a bikini? ?
Which is more sexy...Paris Hilton or Britney Spears??
Do you recommend Nair or to continue shaving with a razor?
dose anyone know how to get rid of razor burn down there?
Self tanning moisturizer?
How to ask my mom...?
I have black marks on my cheek near my both nostrils. How can i remove or make them light ?
What piercing should I get next ?
Do you think I could make a good model?
Has anyone tried Burt's Bees Marshmallow Vanishing Creme?
would you consider this tall for a fourteen year old?
does it hurt when u get ur lip pierced?
Guys only please opinions needed!?
Shall I get a nose job? (pics)?
Dark circles and bad skin under eyes?
What piercing should I get?
Can someone answer these questions I have about sunscreen?
How much weight do you think i have lost? (pics)?
i usually use a electric trimmer to trim my down under, but other day i shaved now its itchy and red why ?
Does anyone know of any decent salt body scrubs which dont leave behind a greasy feel???
What is the best non-prescription antipersperant deorderant on the market?
should she get her cheeks pierced?
What is the best tanning lotion for outside use?
How much does it cost to get your legs waxed?
What is the best face wash?
Wat shud i use aftr bleaching my face to remove ance scar plz help and sum fast ways to fade them?
which is better for you sun or tanning bed i have a fear of getting older or looking older?
Aquaphor or Eucerin product for face?
What is the way in treating ACNE??
I work in a kitchen and I keep getting grease in my skin and it's giving me spots how do I prevent it?
what do you shave your with.. razor and cream? Is it spposed to be red afterwards??
how to get an even skin tone.?
Has anyone ever had a Brazilian wax and how does it make you feel?
industrial peircing? PLEASE ANSWER!?
acne problem...please help...
Help me girls!!! I have chin hairs....I shaved it once but more are coming . What can i do?
Lots of skincare questions... What am I doing wrong?
What acne skin care product works the best besides proactive? like zeno....?
My ear piercing just bled a bit when I turned it (its been 6 weeks) can I wear dangles for 5 minutes?
Coldore Be Gone!!!?
does anyone here have there belly pierced under 15?
Would an eyebrow piercing look good on me?
TONGUE PIERCINGS...alchohol...?
size question for guys?
I have to take out my earrings after 2 weeks of having them pierced for 6 hours?
can foundation help in evening out ANY of your body's skin tone?
how do I get over my insecurities about my skin color?
Does body scrubs really help with tanned skin?
How do you prevent or get rid of dry, ugly discolored elbows?
What color contacts should i get?
When you see that the hole of your piercing is fairly big, is it always mirgration?
I need help!!!! Girls advice ONLY?
Pleaseeeeee help with my skin?
Is anyone who done there eyebrow permanently?
Anyone recomend a good moisturising cream?
Can tanning help this??
I'm too tall please awnser fast!?
What are the possible substitutes for drysol available in India ?
Is it ok to wash my face with clean and clear in the morning and a nutrogena wave at night or will it dry out ?
A bunch of ear piercing questions!?
Tell me what you think of my body?
does getting your bellybutton pierced hurt?
scar creams?
Guys: What is your favorite part of seeing a girl in a bikini.?
Does tanning in a salon heal cold sores and lips and acne/pimples?
what is your opinion on big lips?
neutrogena or clean and clear?
Can someone tell me a way to lighten my skin tone?
what do you think about nose piercings? am i too young?
What does petite mean?
make a face look younger, firm the skin around the cheek around the eyes ?
Does a pierced belly button look sexy?
does anyone know how i can get rid of my acne scars in one week?
is my cartilage piercing infected?
I saw a man in the garage who had obviously shaved his legs. Is this the norm nowadays?
skin peel v microdermabrasion?
My mom wont let me get my nose pierced!?
Will personal hair remover "Finishing Touch" make my lip hair grow back thicker/darker?
Should i shave my arms?
How much does it cost to get you ears pierced? Legal issues?
Can you give me the name of a cream for under eyes circle?
Stretching your ear for the first time?
how can i become lighter(skin color)?
how well does the mystic spray tanning work at tanning salons???
Girls what do u think of a guys eyebrow being pierced?
How to get poochy and curvy?
I have a date tommarow, lotz of zits ..HELP!?
I wanted to get my tongue pierced but Im told its too there absolutely no way around this?
Want to get my 7 month old's ears pierced. Any advice, good experience and bad experience stories?
Mole on your boob, gross or watevers?
I have bad acne... how do i get rid of it?
Rate me on my looks from 1-5.?
I was wondering if anyone has any home remedies or know of any cream that will help get rid of stretch marks?
Uggghhhh!! sweaty armpits?
Help!! What is the BEST face wash out there ?
what is wrong with ginger people?
Would a monroe piercing or lip piercing look better on me?
Help with leg waxing?
PLEASE HELP ME. I have no idea how to hide my cuts and I don't want people to know. Please.?
Nose Piercing? Helpppppp?
i was thinking of getting my nose pierced but i want to know does it hurt more than a cartilage piercing?
Ppl who have a triple forward helix piercing!?
is it normal to be 5'1" and have 36B/34C size breasts?
Really dry feet?
Can an old person be sexy?
i want a nose piercing?
Belly button Shyness......?
Should I perform this action?
Im getting dermals on the back of my neck, any design or color ideas?
How much will a septum piercing hurt?
Do girls care if I have pointy nipples?
Are belly button piercing hot?
ways to get rid of dark circles under eyes?
What would be a good way to get rid of acne and not come back?
What would you like to ask?Which side should I get my nose pierced?
My face is constantly red and i can't figure out why.HELP!?
fat transfer from your butt to your face?
Do i weigh to much and am i fat?
Should I get my cartilage pierced? I'm 14?
Poll: Bath or shower! :P?
How can you reduce a fat face?
does getting mole removed hurt/leave scars?
I like to show myself?
please help me i want clear skin i am fed up with my skin?
could i get my braces off faster? HELP PLEASE!?
What happens if you reach too far into your belly button?
armani original aftershave?
How do i get rid of blackheads?
Shaved or not?
Whats the best INDOOR tanning lotion you have used?
Is there any way you can remove sharpie if you have it on your skin?
pimples, and scarring?
Has anyone used Hydroderm Body Shape?
Health and skin care?
Skin paler that won't hurt or harm my skin?
New to tanning, help please!?
Piercing help please?
why can i make my nose taller?
how do i get rid of spots in a week?!?
I'm 17 and would of thought i'd be allowed my tongue pierced :(?
What is a quick at home remedy for blackheads?
clearing bikini line and area without irritation?
how long does it take for cucumbers to remove dark circles or puffiness?
best cream to use on a dark skin?
Big brown spot under my breast?
Okay so i'm thirteen and i want a cartilage piercing (known as helix) my mum and dad say no, am i to young?
I want to take out my cartilage piercing?
proactiv, clearasil, neotrogena - what worked for you?
any suggestions for an oily face?? help pleaseeeee?
How does rose water benifit our skin?
Suggestions for my body?
does someone in chandigarh know of a lady who could come home for beauty treatments??
HELP ME get rid of THIS?
Does Preperation H really work for getting rid of Dark Circles?
does Palmers cocoa butter clog your pores if so what is a good moisturizing lotion that also fade acne scars.?
Black crusty skin on the tip of my nipples?
Wanting to get my chest pierced!?
How to remove the spots caused by ingrown hair on legs?
Out of interest, are your feet: small, medium, average or Herb Alpert size?
how can i make my chest look bigger?
what is your thought of guys with big heads?
Laser hair removal - shedding?
wats the best tanning lotion to use?
How long do surface acne scars last for?
Why does hair keep growing...?
How should I remove the hair on my arms....please give me imput 10 points best answer!?
piercings yeah??! blah blah?
old accounts for friends of ana?
Natural ways to reduce/hide scars (without makeup)?
how do I get clear skin like this girl..?
it is wrong to be black and so light skinned?
What else should i get pierced on my face???? i have a picture of me btw?
Whats up with the whole tanning bed thing?
What's wrong with me?!?
useing hand soap on face?
Where do you think is the worst place to get a zit on your face?
girls, help me, about underarms...?
Tragus pierced with a Gun or Needle?
Answer to bad teenage acne?
bleaching skin?
HELP about bellybutton piercing!?
can anyone tell me how you use melonotanII ive ordered some off the internet but have no clue how to use it?
Help, I feel insecure?
Do you have flat feet?
who is the hottest girl alive?
Do You Shave Your Arms?
Girls,espicially experts,I need help on shaving my legs...?
Tounge Piercing Question??
OMG I have these two huge zits one on my forhead and one on my chin how can I make them go away quickly?
Changing Lip Ring Help?
omg i hate being?
For a 14 yr. old. Would u rather be 5'4 4'11 or 5'9?
hide belly button piercing?
Difference between an upper ear and helix piercing?
Am I really ugly!? :(?
Brighten photo app?! ?
Should I buy the Clean&Clear blackhead eraser, or Biore strips?
Face product?
I have a black spot on my nose?
Please someone help: Face issue?
Bad reaction from Benzoyl Peroxide?
How do i mix salt water solution for my ear piercing?
how to use tea tree oil as an acne solution?
Questions about ear piercing?
Dead Sea Mud Masque - where to buy?
are there any fading creams for spots on the back?
I need acne tips, I'm desperate.?
how to lighten skin complexion, my other body parts like hand neck are dark as compared to face , plz suggest?
I'm barely twenty. And I have these massive, deep lines that form all around my eyes when I smile.?
Do I have to keep the studs on after I get my ears pierced ?
Advice on Mystic tan levels!?
How to remove blackheads naturally?
Can anyone tell me the category of ingredients used in Nivea Soft and SheerCover Moisturisers?
Help deciding what piercing ?
ear piercing, can i get my cartilage repierced?
Is this weird girls only?
Is there any other way than face mask to exfoliate? If not, what are good masks for oily/spot prone skin?
What tanning bed is better?
I am not overweight I weigh 137 and am 5 ft. 8....?
Nude lips look for naturally red lips?
Make a Big forehead appear smaller?
How to get a small butt?
How to turn into a unicorn?
Large pores in ears?
People who have their tongue pierced.?
what makes nail polish dry faster?
If I want to get tan?
I've had a piercing for 2 1/2 months and around the entrance hole looks a little dark? Is my body rejecting it?
i need serious help with my feet!!!!?
what do you think is a sexy body piercing?
what r ur best tips on keeping ur skin clear? and dose anyone here go get facials to keep their skin clear?!?
Help with upper lip discoloration?
can you re-pierce over a pierced ear?
What kind of piercing should I get?
After Tongue Piercing...?
CRazy Question. What are your favorite smells besides perfumes and colognes?
Belly button piercing?
How do I know if I have a ear gauge blowout?
is putting cucumbers on dark circles help for the day or for good?
How to improve cuticles?
How can i get rid of a spot which i can feel coming up?
WTH I don't tan!!?
Aloe vera is making my skin very dry?
Can I "move" my new navel ring?
So like is this noticble?
Any good tips for reducing bags under eyes?
My face is always red?
am i too young for a nose job?
Scar remover????????
Why dont i see myself as being pretty?
Does anyone else suffer purple under the eyes that isn't hereditary, and tried everything....what works to?
what are the benefits of waxing over shaving?
How do you make a scratch mark go away?
Horizontal navel piercing?
Lost the back to my lip ring!! Help!?
About lip piercings.?
rolling tobacco?
Looking for hair and skin product tips?
Should my friend get her cartlidge pierced at a jewelry place or have her friend do it for her?
Ok how do u get rid of ummmm down there razor burn? i usually get waxed but that's expensive.?
Is this true???
Ripped out vch piercing?
Should i pay proactiv or no?
How many of you ladies are proud of your height?
wat home products reduce redness on the skin?
is there a way to make arm pits stop stinking?
How long are your legs in relation with your height?
oh my..oh my..?
how to get rosa acosta body?
should i get a nose job?!?
my friend needs your help...?
What is a good moisterizer for face and for body?
Is it possible to get pimples under your skin?
Help with hygiene products ?
What are some effective post-rhinoplasty tips to accelerate de-swelling?
Have you eve tried a day cream for face that prevent dark spots caused by sun?Witch one?
Ear piercing?
What deodorant keeps you smelling fresh??
i just got my ears pireced .. help..
how can i get rid of the "blackness" under my eyes?
im 15 and not circumcised. Is that weird?and do girls not like that?
nipple piercing and freeze spray?
Can A Very Pale Person Tan In A Tanning Bed?
after swimming, my face is all face and it feels like "tight"...?
Should I change this barbell?
what's the name of this piercing?
I bought the L'oreal tan wipes and messed it up bad?
According to my measurements (36-26-32.5), what size should I wear?
Obsessed with my Nose!! help please?
Why are Indians from India afraid to use deodorant?
what is your bra size (survey)?
What colour are your EYES?
Foot repair cream for crazked heels?
girls only !!!!!!?
How do I get little bumps off my face?
Aguaje, Maca root, and Girls love curves?
IM FOURTEEN AND I WANT MY SEPTUM PIERCED! i have parental permission, will they do it?
How much does the no! no! hair remover system cost?
How can I shave my beard without getting cuts on my face?
Can I just use the Proactiv toner + lotion?
How often should I apply tea tree oil to a nose piercing bump?
is my skin tone black cause I'm tired of being called black when I'm actually half white half arabic?
Has anyone worked at LUSH Hand made cosmetics?
How do I keep my thighs and bum the same size but get my upper body skinnier?
websitesHow much should a female,5'4,muscular, 15 yr old weigh??
Does Proactiv REALLY work?
Korean Facial Products?
Does ocean water make sunless tanner come off faster?
Is there a way to get rid of your tan?
how do i pierce my own belly button...?
When it comes to skin tone, would you rather be lighter or darker?
Tanning help!!!!!?
Belly button piercing pain tips?
My face burns when I use.....?
How can you get rid of acne faster?
how to hide wearing 2 bras?
Do you think it is o.k. if men wear woman's deodorant?
Is my belly button piercing infected?
How long does it take for you to get ready for bed?
Tetracycline vs. doxycycline?
Itchy, Swollen Stretched lobes?
Sunless tanning Question! Any Estheticians got any advice?
Does Sally Hansen's Salon Airbrush work?
What Lotion/Product will make my legs look silky & shiny? =)?
ance problem...HELP!?
stretch marks?
Tanning bed lotions help?
Can your hair absorb sweat?(I mean head hair)?
high coloring on face any remedies?/moles?
how to make my less wrinkly?
how to get rid of my oily skin , my face looks oily suggest home remedies to over come from this oily face?
Dark spots froming all over my face please help me!?!?!?
can I put firstaid cream on my nose piercing?
What features are the same between me and my brother?
my friend wants to pierce my lip..?
are my breast decent sized?
do lip piercings hurt?
My face is so oily!!?
My face is so red!! Help!!?
Which piercing would look best on me?
On saturday i recently got my ears pierced, does anyone know the time period that i take out the studs?
I think my breast are to big. Im 15 and almost a d what can i do about the bigness?
How do you get a tan without getting freckles??
How old do you think you should be??
hairy arms................................?
Is it normal for boobs to be pointy??? GUYS what do you think?
What should I do with my dark knees!?
what acne product is the best?
What LENGTH of lip labret should I get?
Help me with these please?
How do I get rid of bumps on my cheeks ? And Eye puffiness.?
dermotologist !! how much?
Bigger women? Yes or no?
Is it possible for me to be thin but my hips not get any narrower?
What causes dark circles under your eyes?
head and shoulders clinical strength makes me breakout but classic clean is fine?
What is the best bump and pimple clearing cream or face wash for a 14 year old guy?
are feet ugly?
I wana get my belly button pirced?
Would you concider my breasts big?
Piercing own belly button. Read detail before judging my question please?
how can i enlarge my breast size naturally without surgeries?
so i'm 17 and i'm 5'5" and i weigh 145 pounds. Am i fat?
Is olive skin attractive?
Is Triple Antibiotic cream good for tattoos?
what would be the best face wash to use for oliy skin?
should i be a model???
Whats the best face cream to start a child off on?
do i have a big nose?
why does he want me to get this done?
Do you consider her as dark skin?
Why is my facial wash doing this?
my frowny piercing is thinning! help! 10 points!?
Why are dimples attractive? i have two and my left side dimple is deeper than my right.?
am i fat or are people just jealous?
best acne treatment cleansers?
how to make neck and face colour same?
Working at Bath and Body Works?
Your experince with *Fair and white* brand *?
Does lemon darken your skin if you expose your body under the sun? What if I already rinsed after taking a bat?
Skinny until the death, is it worth?
How many of you reading this and living in the UK is actually from South Africa!?
Would Bio Oil work on my scars?
why do so many brazillian gilrs have big butts?
Questions about Nipple Piercing?
Monroe piercings?
How long does panoxyl 10 take to work?
i'm looking 4 so,mething 2 amoven mi skin..?
Swollen piercing after one month?
Why do Latin women pull off the curvy figure better then other women?
is dry shaving bad for your legs?
Any Organic Aid: Pure Vitamin E Oil users here?
i have a new tongue piercing,after i wait a few weeks is it okay to take it out for mma practice?
Solarium tan for two sessions, is it worth it?
I m going to marry so can u plz tell me what all i should take care to enhance my beauty n for my body to look?
Whats the best way to get my spray tan to last?
i want a belly button piercing, do they hurt?
blotchy uneven skin HELP!?
How many times a week should you wear facial mask?
What is the best way to get rid of a really bad pimple?
My summer is ruined, i am not comfrontalbe enough to go swimming?!?!?
Looking for a Best Beauty & Day spa?
Belly Button Piercing Help?
How can I get better skin?
Are lotus herbal products safe and may i know wether they are effective or not?
16 and I have cellulite?!?
How can i make my break out on my face be less red and swollen?
How do I tell my mom I have a nose piercing?
what piercing shall i get?
Question about Mario Badescu drying lotion?
Piercing name help? What is this lip piercing?
I just got my tongue pierced and it did not swell up?
Easiest way to hide your septum piercing?
How can I have soft, beautiful, clean skin?
im 5'2 and 98 pounds do i sound skinny
Avon Arabian Glow Gel Bronzer....Where the hell has it vanished to?!?
PLEASE, anyone who has used bio oil?
How do you do a sea salt soak for your belly button piercing?
How do i lose the fat on My legs and thighs and weight?
Dressing for pear-shaped women?
My legs are red and sometimes rather blotchy?
How can I get rid of my acne?
Is 34D a good breast size for a 17 year old?
Should this be removed..or does this make me have an "unique look"?
new stretch marks.....HELP PLEASE?
What do each of those colored jelly bracelets mean?
I had my belly button pierced for two weeks ... the barbell is continuously being pushed up, need your help?
How do you hide a nose peircing from your parents?
what it fell llike to get your ears peirced?
How much money do body piercers make?
Looking to get breast aumentation, need advice from women who have had it done?
What figure on women do you like best? Quick question short answer!?
Self tanner/lotion question...?
What's this bump by my eyebrow? (10 Points)?
??red bumps??
Please tell me your opinion....?
how long to colorado?
How can I get tanner naturally?
Does it hurt to get your ears pierced?
How tall willl i be when im older?
How to make plugs bigger?
Do you like tan or pale skin? ?
question about ear piercing (first time)?
Any women want fewer wrinkles?
What's wrong with my belly piercing ?
Is it true that underarm hair is not common in Asian women?
is there a way to get rid of wrinkles?im only 24 but ive got 2 around my mouth since a laugh a lot. ?
Redness of acne?
I'm thirteen and getting dark circles under my eyes?
What is the perfect figure for ladies (early twenties)?
Ok, How can you get lines out from under eyes?
What's the big deal? (Two questions)?
How can i solve a BO problem?
Should I apply face lotion to my face before going to bed? (after washing my face)?
does hair removal cream have a side effect after some time?
Just wondering what Peter Marks is like to work for?
How to get lighter skin color?
Do girls like guys with there ears pierced?
how to not show sweat?
do all piercers ask for id to get your septum pierced?
im 13 and ive just started to shave my legs?
How to get glowy skin?
What are some good home remedies for acne?
How can I get flawless and beautiful complexion?
is 12 too young to have a belly button piercing?
Are there any disadvantages of using a electric shaver?
Too much UV RADIATION can be LIFE THREATENING?! I don't understand, help!?
When is the best time/amounts to use proactive ?
Where to get my Monroe piercing?
why won't my gauge fit in my ear?
how to get rid of puffy eyes?
Why does weight matter so much? ?
best recommended lotion for sensitive skin???
What is the Sexyest part of a man's body? Men and Women can answer?
How do you shave down "there?"?
Do I have a baby face? How old do I look?
is it try that if you put your period on your acne it will go away?
have u used "cetaphil moisturiser" on face for a long time?is it good? african american and i think that i have big lips?
Albino pale skin?
Mystic Tan Barrier Cream, Help?!?
How do I get a tan?????
How quickly do the effects tanning lotion wear off?
SOOO? i pierced my wrist today....?
what is then best way to use baby lotion?
How often should you replace your mesh body scrubber in the shower?
where can i get my cartilage pierced ?
Should i get my nose pierced?
What can i use to diminish open pores on my thighs?
Question for people with Neutrogena Wave Sonic 2-Speed Spinning Power-Cleanser.?
I've tried just about EVERYTHING out there?!?
I have acne and I'm trying to model. Help!?
self tanner?
i dont understand my skin color?
Is 5'8 an attractive or unattractive height for a girl?
fast way to get a natural tan with the sun?
Height Question?
I need an excuse for scars...?
Is wears tights studs bad for your lip?
I have loads of dead skin?
Does an ear piercing feel like a needle in the arm?
shall i get my hips pierced?
How to treat my type of skin?
is Gabriell Union bleaching her skin???????????
how can you make a pigsty go away in a day??????
belly piercing ??????????????????????????????????????
How do I get rid of stretch marks on my arms? And fast!?
Is it ok to use Prenatal Vitamines when you are in your 50`s?
How to get rid of acne fast ?
what bra size is smaller 30A or 30AA ?
cartilage piercing at acreedo in abingdon?
on a scale of 1-10 how bad does getting your nose pierced hurt?
Is rubbing toothpaste on your face bad for you?
is there a way to get rid of freakles?
Can I go swimming after getting a belly piercing done?
I want to buy face wash from "Tony Moly".?
How long do the results of Veet hair removal cream or gel last?
SOAP-What's the difference between LATHER and MASSAGE?
best acne treatment? Any thing that worked for you like a miracle?
my booooooooobs help?
Should i get my tongue pierced?
Does Avon's Anew spider vein therapy cream really work?
Is there a retainer for a horizontal eyebrow piercing ?
how to reduce my pimples ?
Do you wash your hands a lot? How many times a day?
Should i break up with my bf?
How to use a Self Tanner?
Ok so I just had my bridge repierced, b4 it got crooked and I rly don't want it to happen again?
Spots near my nose!!!!!?
never ending bump on my tragus?
How to get a natural looking tan?
Is it true..?
i wanna be fair pls help?
How can I go up a cup size in my bust?
Can you turn brown eyes into blue?
Why is my belly piercing purple?
How can i get rid of dimples?
Is it cool to smoke cigarettes?
A little boy with both ears pierced: is it ridiculous?
im flat chested would this help it?
What works better for over night pimples proactiv, clearasil, or toothpaste?
pale skin...?
Is wrinkled skin after bathing normal?
cheapest places to get navel piercing in independence,mo?
I got my belly button pierced and it itches. should i be worried?
Should i wear shorts and a t-shirt if i am a girl?
Acne treatment question ?
why do i blush so easily?
why do women like the brazilian wax?
What is the frist thing you think of when I say Toenail??
Please help no one will help!?
What should I use for my mild acne? (NO PROACTIV Answers!)?
I tried popping my zit and it was bleeding a little...should i try agian?
What do you think is the best cream/ wipes for blackheads, spots?
I used a rx acne med. about 4-5 years ago that rolled on and it worked great i just cant think of the name?
Is this a good home made facial mask idea?
How do I get lighter skin?
Any QUICK ways of gettting fake tan off ?
Would it be smart to get my nose or lip pierced?
Why do people have eyebrows?
does CLARINS paris "super restorative redefining body care " really streamline and reshape waistlines?
chest acne?
im a girl and i have a few skin problems?
how do i prevent my skin from pealing?
Nose piercing or Monroe Piercing? Which is easier to do at home?
Is there another body spray that smells just like Beauty Rush Grapesicle body mist?
Very oily do I get rid of it please?
How to get rid of camel toe?
weird question for the females?
Is a tongue piercings scar tissue normal?
Anybody tried Garnier Moisture Rescue lotion?
Is tanning bad for you?
Why do people's noses change?
Help! i have an infected ear piercing?
More than one thing I need help with?
whats the difference between triclosan .3% hand sanitizer and ethyl alchohol 62% hand sanitizer ?
please tell skinhair can make our skin have acne or pimples on it? or black and whiteheads?
What should I do with my face:(?
How do i get rid of my acne!?
how old were you when you started wearing deodorant?
why is my second toe way smaller than my big toe?
Girls: Lip rings on guys...bomb or whack?
Date!! pimple redness HELP!!!!!!!!!?
How many years lip balms are good to use?
Does Proactive actually work?
what is the sexiest piercing for a girl to get?? and wots the ugliest?
Can a belly piercing really do this?! O.o?
Does anyone know what the laws OK Trinidad and Tobago are to get a navel piercing at the age of 13?
Is laser hair removal safe and effective?
Changing belly button ring balls?
Does anyone else have this problem?
if my skin naturally does NOT tan then will it tan in a tanning bed?
Is there any place that would let a child under 18 get a piercing?
Do you plan a appointment to get your nails done?
nail bitting?
Questions about mederma?
I really hate my nose?
Do i have to downsize my ear just because of a small rip?
HELPP!!Does Certain Dri Antipersirant really work?
Can anyone tell me that cellnique sebum gel is useful?
Would I look good with a Labret piercing?? **pics?
Does a nose piercing hurt?
I need to figure out what kind of outfit to wear to this 70's themed dance that I am attending.?
Which Neutrogena sun block should i get (there's so many)?
If i waxed will the bumpes go &will the hair grow back softer? :(?
I'm a guy who wants nice skin, what do I do?
have you used zeno?
I want a bigger butt. He..he?
How To Get Rid of Acne!!?
Is there any other place besides California that you can get (Gummy Bear) breast implants?
Does it hurt getting your ear pierced for the second time?
Just got my nose pierced?
How can I loose 10 lbs in 1 week?
How many of you use St. Ives Apricot Scrub?
Kind of personal but important?
Snug piercing? is ment to hurt this bad?
yaar i have dark complexion feet.i hav tried many home made tips but useless.i want fair complexion feet.?
Size 14.. am i too big?
How do I heal this FAST? (PICS)?
PLEASE HELP!! I get really bad bags under my eyes...?
how to get rid of pimple marks in the back?
Where can I get my ears pierced near Tupelo, MS that doesn't use guns?
Do Aveeno blemish products work for moderate acne. If so which one's should I buy?
Are there any products out there like Proactive's refining mask?
Should I re-apply sunscreen after putting sunscreen and then tanning lotion?
Does Bio oil really work ?
Should i use face wash and a mask?
Why are the tips of fingernails white naturally?
Help?! How can i stop my face from being oily?
can i put peroxide on my lip peircing?
why is my skin peeling?
Perfume? Easy 10 points?
how can i improve my looks? please help?
why? .......................................?
When can I take out my piercing studs?
jergens vs l'oreal sublime glow?
Smooth Sensitive Skin After Shaving?
does getting your ear peirced hurt?
after i shave some parts of my body it burns and itches ALOT... why is this?
Is it gay for a guy to wax his legs?
Dark marks...and bites?
Should I get this lip ring???What do u think men??
Good brand of vegan body wash?
Scalp peeling from sunburn!!?
pictures! i lost wieght but i still think im fattt?
Tanning question for my face?
when your knees touch, do your thighs touch too? are my legs to skinny???
Things to do before i lay out in the sun?
What is the best deodorant ?
Belly piercing HELP!?
tanned skin or skin burn !!?
Forward Helix Piercings?
Plastic surgery of nose?
how can you make your teeth whiter?
What does I.U mean on bottles of Vitamin E oil?
Hey look at my pictures on 360, which piercing do you think I could pull off?
Some good ideas for a body image PSA project?
cartilage piercing question. PLEASE HELP!!?
Do I have an hourglass figure?
would i look good with a teardrop piercing ?
Should I get breast implants? PLEASE give me suggestions?
My li[p piercing has started to inbed itself a little.. what do I do?
How do I get rid of scars?
My Crotch Is Covered In Bumps, Cuts, and Scars. Also Ingrown Hairs and Compound Hairs?
How to eliminate razer burn......?
What factors are responsible for facial symmetry or the lack thereof?
Going to get my nose Pierced, anything i should be aware of before I go?
Moving my stretched ears outward?
Why do guys have nipples? They dont need them.?
What is the One Rule I'm Supposed To Obey TO LOSE WEIGHT?
What is a good cleansing milk?
I took my belly ring out a few days ago.?
When I shave my legs, I get rashes how can I prevent them?
Back acne and a strapless grad dress :(?
Why is my 2 day old belly button piercing bleeding heavily?
Can people stop giving me bullshit advice and tell me something that cures spots--im so unhappy?
Has anyone every heard of Klear Action?
Do I have the body to be some kind of model (male/pic)?
Is this a good body shape or not?
wat is the best way 2 hide dark circles?
How do i keep perfume smelling on me?
what body feature would you rather have?
Get rid of ingrown hairs/ razor bump on legs..?
How many piercings do you have on your body?
are girls supose to shave down there?
What's the standard measurements for male models?
For people who got their septum pierced, question.?
shaving issues?
waxing how much is it n wer can i get it dun?
ok..what works best, Nair or Veet, veet looks better, and i've always wanted to try one of them?
Is 14 too young for a belly button piercing?
I am 13 and want a eyebrow piercing and tattoo is that to young?
will my hip piercings definately grow out?
Back of lip ring sinking in?
Is it ok to go from a 12g to a 8g ? (need help with my ear)?
How can a fat guy like me that weighs 268 pounds and has no muscles get a hot skinny girlfriend?
How to whiten the whole body naturally?
Lip piercing questions?
I just got my bellybutton pierced and it's red?
Are belly or nose piercings easier to take care of?
Should I get my chemical peel?
what color is the sexiest color on white people to you?
how can I get my skin to look noticibely healthy and beautiful?
What would you say my body type is?
My piercing for my girl's pleasure?
Should I get my nose pierced?
benzaclin for break outs please please please help!????????
how to get a bigger butt?
Is it possible to....?
Do pushing on your dimples make thrm bigger?
solution for my skin problem (big pores and a bit oily) needed?
Can i use calypso sun care Deep tanning oil spray on a sun bed?
sweating! embarassing!?
I want to pierce my nipples?
Can I still use moisturizer with Retin-A?
Cleocin T Lotion, Gel, or Liquid for acne?
Which kind of girl has the most desirable body to men (PICS)?
New piercings ;] , ideas..?
Am I Fat!?
What am I SUPPOSE to do with acney?
what products can i use to get rid of acne? ( any tips all are apreciated )?
Is there a face massage that can help prevent wrinkles?
can anyone give me names of soap that is good for sensitive skin?
girls - do you have long nails?
Are men's disposable razors better than women's?
Labre Piercing.?
I have a fifteen year old cousin who has acne so so so bad. What soap should she use to get rid of it?
i Hate My self And Skin!!!?
Kate Moss - What's all the fuss about?
what is a good way of making huge pores look smaller?
Would it not be a better idea to call fingers 'thingers', as they do things but never fings?
does it hurt to get your tongue pierced ?
My lip piercing ia turning blue!?
Piercing places in Philadelphia that pierce under 18 with parental consent?
I'm 15 never been kissed and I just can't go for it, Ineed tips, good tips.?
What do I do if I dont like a plastic surgeons before and after picture?
How do you steam your skin?
How to get rid of scarring and scabbing?
Tiny flesh colored bumps on face-- its a rash, what do I do?
on the scale of 1 to 10 please rate my pic.?
I want to use tampons?? PLEASE HELP??? 10 points for best answer?
best face wash?
I'm getting my ears pierced for the first time at claires soon . Does it hurt?
could i put body tanning lotion on my face aswel as on the body?
How long should i wait to stretch from 2g to 0g?
waxing...ladies please anser!?
which part of ur body doesn`t have a name?
waxing salon?
What face wash should I switch to if mine isn't working anymore?
acnee. helpppppppppppp!?
red, bumpy, itchy legs...please help!!?
How To Remove Marks And Bumps On Skin (Basically Make It Clear)?
Am i the only one...?
Calling all girls?!..........?
dry skin and pimples ?
am i petite and tiny?
How to get rid of dark lips ??? Naturally?
What's your opinion on using sunbeds?
I have acne can u help?
Mom, Can I get a Brazillian Wax?
What Do You really think about proactive, Did it work for you????
Why do we have belly buttons?
Any tips of healthy skin?
I think my bangs give me zits!?
Do you think I have a nice smile? pics included?
aesthetic surgeryyy. need help?
i want my lip pierced but i need some help?
How to get rid of a tattoos at home?
Bumpy skin, spots and uneven skin tone?
Problem with dry skin?
how can i get a clean, healthy and glowing face?
Am I to young to go tanning at a tanning salon???HELP!!?
How to keep a tan from the sun on your face as long as possible?
does waxing have the same effect as using an epliator?
sex question...need help.?
Should I Get My Cartlidge Pierced?? Im 13 in June.?
can I use liquid nitrogen to get rid of keloid scars?!?
My cousin has hair on ...?
Belly piercing... i think its infected?
Helpp school photos tomorrow?
What piercing should i get?
Whats Wrong With My Tanning?
Getting ear pierced, and opinions on it? girls help needed?
Good, discreet place for a micro dermal piercing?
can i change out my nose piercing now or should a wait a little longer?
infected belly button ring?
Why do guys like seeing girl's stomachs?
eyebrow piercing questions?
what makes dark brown eyes pop?
what should i do for making my skin pink or redish colour?
Girls, do you like your butt?
Why is my nose different?
I am really pale, and i am scared to wear a bikini because of it, what should i do?
Is it ok to pop a pimple?
My face needs help! Please help me? *i give Best Answer*?
I'm going 2 a pool party but kinda scared ...wat should i do?
Spot problem on my chin..?
Anyone Use overconfident tanning lotion by OC??
is there such thing as bleach for body hair?
if you have cellulite does that mean that you are fat? Be honest?
Where can I but a kit to pierce my belly button?
Does getting your earlobes pierced hurt?
Do tanning pills work?
Does getting a belly piercing hurt?
i am 19, i have got a lot of hair in my body... how do i remove it permanently?
Where can I find this! Please help!?
would i look good with my lip pierced?
I am 18 years old and I live in Canada. I am thinking about breast implants?
Help with gauging my ears?
My ears stick out and I was thinking about get my ears pinned back.?
dose tea tree products work?
HIP PEIRCING?! questions:) please help..?
I want to get my clit pierced. Anyone had it done?
how to get bumps on your arms to go away..?
Okay, I'm going to go get a spray tan...?
What products should I use to get rid of brown spots and minimize pores?
is it safe to use a sewing neddle to peirce your lip?
are guys okay with girls with acne?
i am 11 and i really want to get my nose and lip pierced do you think it is a good idea.?
are there really any face creams that are worth £20 or more?
What causes a slight infection everytime i get a piercing?
When can I change my lips piercing jewellery?
Do you think my legs are too skinny? {picc}?
My thighs have stretch marks getting rid of them HOW???
How to prevent whiteheads?
What does it mean when there's puss coming from the bottom of your belly button ring?
help!! stop a pimple?
I have a heavy jawline what can I do to make it appear or actually make it smaller?
Can a person tan using fluorescent black lights?
Where in Odessa, Texas or Midland, Texas can i get a henna tattoo?
How to lighten the nipple colour? Anyone share the solution...?
What shall I get pierced next? I already have . . ears,nose,lip,tongue & belly button pierced.?
Nipple piercing questions?
Is my nose big, thought I should ask?
I need natural acne treatments?
I Screwed Up On My Face, I Need Help?
Do you ever regret your tongue piercing?
Nipple size? Is there a standard?
Is there anything I can do to get my semi-ghetto booty up to "apple bottom" status?
How can I whiten these?
Whats The Cologne That girls Like the most?
Which face-wash is best for dry skin?
Help help - 2 big spots - got a modelling casting tomorrow!?
What's your favorite skin tone / pale or tan?
Is there a way to numb my lip?
I want to start shaving my legs but my mum wont let me?
should i use differin gel after i wash my face with a salicylic acid wash?
Help i have bad armpits!?
does it hurt when u get ur lip pierced?
please help my problems?
how much do you think i weigh?
First Lip Piercing Questions ?
Is it okay to not wear underwear?
what is your bra size (survey)?
Do you use deodorant on your...?
Can I use tanning lotion to even out my skin tone?
Nose piercing?
Abs ASAP...?
What is your favourite skincare product?
Pale skin and blonde hair?
I get smelling hands after cutting onion&garlic, what to do.?
I have a problem w/ sweating. please help?
Hey I am 14 years old,and 5 feet 5 inch tall, my problem is this that I am still almost flat chested and thatI
Belly ring or belly bar?
How long before rhinoplasty can be preformed with broken nose?
Where can I buy numbing gel/cream?
has anyone gotten a bump near navel piercing?
i don't like my new ear piercing. can i take it out right away?
when will my facial structure mature?
what hurts more? Tongue or tummy piercing?
Can I put this on my nose piercing?
How Do I Get Rid Of Acne Like This?(pic)?
Can someone help me with my bad acne scars?
What piercing should I get?
What is a good lotion...?
Best fake tan method?
Does the Acne Free kit get rid of blackheads?
how to apply in vergina and remove hair using veet?
Please help ASAP deep scabs?
Shaving my underarms?
I have a ball closure ring in the top part of my ear.. and the ball fell out and the actual ring turn't around?
What store sells Snooki tanning lotion?
My daughter wants to shave her arm hair-should I let her?
Do you think I should get plastic surgery?
weight lose in 2 weeks please help? :)?
where are pure jojoba oil sold in singapore other then online?
is 4'10 to short for a thirteen year old?
what piercing is the most painful?
Cartilage piercing burning/sore/bleeding 3 days after getting it done?
What do you think about using a tattoo like this to hide a burn scar on my leg?
should i get my belly button pierced?
Upper lip has red dots :/?
Should I get my belly button pierced?