How to have thinner/smaller lips? (Without Make-up if Possible)?
how do i get my feet really soft?
Does anyone know someone who looks like Snow White?
How do i clean my lip piercing?
Every time I cry, I wake up the next morning with the puffiest eyes EVER. What can I do to avoid this?
How to reduce swollen eyes?
my mom won't let me?
Hair dye help please?
Is your's an innie or an outtie belly button?
What is the point of genital piercings?
GIRLS: what do you do everyday to take care of your face?
Does proactiv work? I have very sensitive skin and I am afraid to try it. Nothing seems to work for me.?
i have this zit...please help?
Nose Ring sticking out of nostril, help?
please help with ear piercing!?
what's bigger in terms of body jewelry LENGTH?
What ear piercing should I get?
How to get rid of hangnails?
Please help me!!!!!!?
face care routine for spots?
So I'm 16 and I'm going to get a tongue piercing. ?
What color are my eyes? (pics included)?
how old for implants?
Does microdermabrasion actually work to get rid of wrinkles on your face?
What is the correct answer when a women asks..."Do these jeans make me look fat?"?
Is figaro a gud brand of olive oil to be used on face nd body as moisturiser?
First time sunbed user! Help!?
Should a boy get his nose pierced?
How to get big boabs?
How many scars do you have on your body? What do you do with them?
Does winter make your skin lighter?
Do you think getting a piercing on the nose will hurt??
Question for women only: What is your biggest physical turn-off when it comes to men?
what size shoe?
Tragus Bump..?
can a 13byear old girl use facewash?
Do bags under the eyes ever go?
Nails Questions? PLEASE ANSWER!!!!!!???
If you knew a mom that had...?
how do you use an eyebrow retainer? aka how do you put it in and take it out wihtout infection?
About boobs!!?
What's a good method for reducing the appearance of stretch marks?
honey to get rid of brown spots on your face?
single dark hair?
I get sweaty under my arms a lot and i have tried virtually every antipers. to stop pit stains. any ideas?help
how to get rid of belly line.?
is water is good for our skin...?
How does cutting becomes addicting?
How do you get the scent of ciggaretttes away on your body and fingers? is there an easy quick way?
I feel inadequate. Breast implants - yes or no?
Sensitive skin / scrub?
what do you think of freckles?
How do you get olive oil easily absorbed by your skin?
What are your opinions of my looks (just curious)?
Please share your unique experiences in doing face yoga to improve skin with a beginner?
How to remove blackheads from nose?
Microdermals and MRIs?
Is there another brand equivalent to bath and body works tranquil mint scent?
how long does it take to get a good base tan?
Can a guy get his nipple pierced?
Is there an effective way to get rid of the smell from ear gauges?
How to get tan in a week?
Tragus piercing .......?
Aren't asian girls the least likely to be left-handed?
Is 5'8" short for a guy?
anyone know anything that works to get rid of spots?
is there surgery to have clean fresh skin to make it look new nothing on my face?
what can i do to clear my face?
Can anybody suggest me the best dermatologist in mumbai?
How can you get flawless skin?
How long does it take nose cartilage to go back to original shape?
How do celebrities remove leg or armpit hair?
Why are sunglasses important?
I Have a question? ;o?
Am I short, average, or tall?
whats rong with my nose?
Do you think it's possible to hide a tongue ring from my mom for 2 weeks ?
What can I pierce, without parental consent, at 16?
Help my nose is turning purple?
I is my cartilage piercing infected?
Hi I'm 14 and I've got really hairy legs?
Have a Shaving Question?
How much does skin move when losing weight?
Every morning, i wake up with bags under my eyes. does anyone know a way to get them to dissapear ?
Im a 17yr old male and i have a ton of stretch marks HELP?
All-natural remedies for severely chapped lips?
How long do the results of Veet hair removal cream or gel last?
I'm short with a large frame am I big boned?
sweat patches help!?
Questions about my first wax?
Would I Look Good With An Eyebrow Piercing?
Why is this happening TO ME?!?
How can I get a lighter skin color?
I use to get too much sun, so now i got dark color under my eyes, what can i do?
IS IT TRUE honey can get rid of the red spots left by acne just by rubing it on it?
Tongue Piercing-need advice before hand?
Belly Button Piercing. Please help?
why is my under eyes scabby? and burning!?
i have dark bikini areas . what do you all sugest to lighten them ? how about having plastic surgery done ?
Does it hurt getting your belly button pierced?
Eyebrow piercing tips? ?
Do u like my display pic?
I'm thinking about getting a dermal anchoring piercing (surface stud)?
5"1 and 7st is this the correct weight or am i over???
double piercing and cartilage questions please please help?!?!?
How long should I wait to tan?
How can i lose a tan?
Have you had a bump removed from your nose bridge?
How do I feel better about my body image?
how to convince my mom to let me get a monroe/ angel bites?
I need some dry skin solutions?
how to improve/ rid cellulite?
Super dry hands, what to do?
I have pimples on my face, please suggest some method for preventing them permenently.?
i need skin help?
What can I do before getting my industrial pierced?
Can i take an 8mm tunnel out for good?
Who else thinks Cris Brown is soooooooooo CUTE!!!!!?
My teacher saw my pads and tampons? :/?
If you pierce you belly button does it eventually close up if you take it off?
Will my ear piercing close if I do this ?
belly button piercing?
my face starts to burn after i wash my face and my face is completely clear.?
Hi. I pierced my monroe yesterday & i have a short bar in... & my lips really swollen its that normal?
My ear peircing? Best answer gets 10 points?
Is Artistry really one of the top 5 cosmetic brands in the world?
Belly piercing growing out?
Is tanning still as popular as ever?
is he just jealous?
What works best to remove pimples and zits??
anyone used bio oil? what makes it different to other oils?
if u are 34A how do u make ur boobs bigger or seem biger without a pushup bra?
laser eye surgery?
I really desperately want my cartilage pierced but my mum won't let me!?
what is better?? nutrogena or proactive? is there a REALLY good face wash that YOU use that you really like???
I want paler skin - Asian needs help!!?
what is the quickest way to get rid of acne?
what makes someone pretty?
Indoor tanning questions > ...?
what kind of ring do they use when they pierce nose and how long ot i have to wait before i can change it?
Do belly button piercing hurt to get done?
how can you prevent getting your navel piercing infected?
how long does clinique 3 step system last until you throw it away?
Tongue splitting (forking) done legally... Questions?
My clarisonic won't work !?
Making my Face more fairer?
my bottom lip has a big black line almost like a bruise?
question about spray tans?
Sunscreen Help?
In wintrs i look dark...means skin colour changs bt in sumers its ok?
how long do you keep clean and clear spot treatment on for?
how do you fix dry lips?? is there a certain lip treatment?
Pimple Problem Help!!?
Shaving Under it alright?
Does my body look OK? (pics)?
Does anybody know a really good dermatologist in San Gabriel???
my skin is light brown but my knees are kinda dark, any suggestions?? (girl)?
Help with ear piercing?
Does anyone here use the Clearasil Scrub (Clearer skin in 3 days)?
Bath and body works scentportables?
Did I shrink in height?
white spots on my face?
Monroe and Nose Stud :)?
Is Clearasil just full of chemicals because?
how to get rid of bad rep of smelling bad?
Do they make 4 gauge tunnels?
Stretch Marks Appearance?
Does piercing your tongue hurt?
Acne and zits?
14.5 y/o not allowed 2nd hole piercing?
Would I look good with a septum piercing (pics)?
Mind body and spirit, in ASHINGTON. Answer my question ill answer yours;)?
i have 3 kids and i'm 15 what do i do i need help?
which works better, solid or gel deoderant ?
What should i clean my new (self-pierced) 2nd ear lobe piercing with?
i want a tan!?
my belly button piercing is infected, what do i do?
Put a mix of cinnamon, lemon juice, and baking powder on acne with taped paper towel over it. Acne fix?
Can pale be beautiful?
Shoulf i go or not go to school today if i have red dots all around my body?
I got my belly button pierced last wk it a lil red n white liquid is coming out a lil is it infected?
Tanning Question??????
i have dry and sensitive skin should i use baking soda?
do you have braces?
brief historyof who wasMr.Celsius,Mr.Fahrenheit And Mr.Kevin?
What causes my acne to flare up?
How old do i look? (picture included)?
why is the skin around my nose more red then the rest?
Do you have any tips on how I can avoid getting cut when I'm shaving my legs?
Secret Clinical Strength???
Which side for my helix piercing?
belly button piercing ?
Confused on steps for applying lotion on face?
Girls Helpp!!! (. Mushtache problem:/)?
Is it o.k to get your nipples pierced with colored barbells?
is it bad to use two different face washes, like using oxy (maximim wash) and clean and clear daily wash?
am i fat???
Do i have more masculine or feminine features? Close set eyes or wide set? high cheekbones?
is it ok to be pale?
How do you avoid getting a farmer's tan?
Monroe piercing jewelry?
Skin treatment website?
Is there anyway 2 get rid of freckles.?
Should I go for a nose job? Yes? No? Maybe? LOL?
what is the best product of L-Glutathione to purchase through the internet???
Can I still use my old deodorant with antiperspirant, while using Certain-Dri antiperspirant?
Random earlobe issue?
Tooooooo skinny or normal???
What's a good numbing product for stretching and piercing?
I'm going tanning for the first time, and i burn easily, how long should I stay in for?
is there anyway to shave and not get annoying razorburn?
What do you use to cool down your upper lip after waxing?
TAN vs. PALE skin. which do you think looks better?
Yes To Tomatoes Pore Scrub or Facial Mask?
I am getting my nose pierced but people say it hurts alot.?
taking out a lip piercing one week after getting it pierced?
Why do I always have difficulties with my T zone?
ever pierced your own belly button?
For people of color(preferably Black) who want to avoid getting a tan what is the best sunblock lotion?
I have horrible knees! (pics inc)?
Does this ear piercing look OK?
What is the best way to slow the aging process?
can i use this on my piercing?
wut can i use that gets rid of scars fast??!?
How do you get rid of acne on your arms?
ok, ive set up a shop on ebay selling my own hand made soaps?
Is it true that if you cut your hair it makes it grow faster?
Small bump behind tragus piercing?
what is the cheapest place in jackson tn to get your navel pierced?
Clean & Clear Oil absorbing sheets?
small skin colored bumps on legs?
Do you think you were pressured into getting a piercing?
How to convince my parents to let me get my belly pierced they say I'm growing still I'm 13 years old?
How to get rid of blackheads?
Light skin girls with dark hair are hotter or vey blonde girls with bronze-tanned skin?Any other alternative?
Can I get the same nipple re-pierced? ?
What type of stud do they put in a nose piercing?
acne remedy?
How long does Proactiv take to FULLY work?
how to remove dark circles naturally ?
How do I convince my parents to let me get my ear pierced?
Is my ear piercing infected?
how can i fix my nails...?
How many of your middle aged husbands would rather their skin dry up and look leathery than to us body lotions?
Please Rate Me? Im Confused!!!?
would wearing a push up bra affect the out come of my chest measuring?
Is it bad to not moisturise your body and face for a long time?
Waxing while on acne medication?
Braun Silk Epil SoftPerfection epilator or Phillips Satinelle Soft HP6508 epilator?
How many times a week should an 11 yr old take a shower?
how can i remove the blackheads on my face??
want glowing skin anybody knows?
Where can I get the best price for plastic surgery?
Whats better?
What is my skin color? <Pic>?
should i get a belly piercing?
♥What is a good exfloiting product?
what are blackheads?
will my belly ring close? help please!?
Age 14 Acne how to get rid of it !?
Would this work as a 'sea salt soak'?
How to be more hygenic?
anyone with gauges/ stretching experience?
Is washing your face with tea tree wipes a good alternative to soap and water?
Can I switch my cartilage piercing to a hoop now?
okk soo someone wanna tell me wut getting ur tongue pierced feels like?
was never a good idea to use a wash cloth on the face is it?
Should I be getting a bra?
'Ponds dramatic results' towlettes?
piercings......which one to get?
I want to go tanning but i else can i get a tan ?
Is it bad to have big lips?
please help me.! im kinda embarrassed,,.?
How to look taller ? any way to improve height ?
if anyone has taken accutane come here please question!?
How do I make my self look really hot ?7?
I'm 15 and I have large breasts (almost a D). Embarrassing question?
How to stay calm when getting ears pierced?
how do pretty boys keep their faces looking better then gurls?
i'm very, disturbingly pale...
Picking on Chicken pox Scabs- Does this leave Scarring?
I feel so ugly and have a low self-esteem?
Can i use coconut oil for underarms? Read Details?
When is the next LUSH sale?
how can i get my legs to be smooth?
Blackheads... How to get rid of them like forever?
What are those little blue pads that absorb oil from your face called?
How old do you have to be to get your belly button pierced? Is there a limit?
Am i too tall? I am a 13 year old girl?
What kind of piercings do you have? and where?
Skin problem help????
how do u poop?
why does shaving cause dry skin ?
can anyone please help me?
What are good products for sensitive and red-prone skin?
...piercings, pro, or non pro, any :)?
Had my second lobe piercing today and have a purple mark on my ear. Any advice?
big cheeks (guy) QQing 4 answer?
does hydrogen peroxide really help with blemishes and pimples????
Newly Pierced Tongue?
need help getting rid of pimples for good!?
should i get the top of my ear cartilage pierced?
Is proactive going to ruin my skin?
I have a big nose what can I do to take the attention off my nose AND MAKE ME LOOK B ETTER?
Chunky girls, do you think they're pretty?
How do i make mum let me have body piercings?
should i get my tounge peirced?
stretch mark coverup?
I have little moles on my body that bother me so bad. Is there any way to remove them by myself? PLEASE HELP!?
What are some myths about people who have moles on their face?
Could I treat butter as buttermilk?
Can Salt Water Hurt A Pierced Ear?
Im 14, but i have these lines under my eyes?
Is there a distrubutor of a perfume called lolita lampicka in the philippines?
I got my ears punched at a 10g 11 weeks ago, when can I start stretching them?
which piercing hurts more?!?
Big Boob problems 38h?
Has anyone lost acne by changing their diet?
Hey ladies, how do YOU get the best shave on your legs?
Piercing and swimming help! asap?
What is my face shape?
whats the best way to tan easily on holiday?
Which hurts more? A belly button peirce or a ear peirce?
how can i get rid of acne ?
does getting this hurt?!?
I have a question about how to get an industrial piercing.?
Gross question....but I need a solution, it's driving me nuts!!?
I would like to know how to make dark spots left on my face from blemishes disappear.?
Can you go swimming after you get your belly button pierced?
whats the best way to get rid of tired and puffy eyes?
HOW can i cure my hairy nipples?
Can you have a little bit of acne scars and still be a model?
Ways to get rid of acne?!?
How do you apply self tanner with no streaks or blotchy spots?
how do you get rid of blackheads?
Does this look infected (pic)?
is tongue jewelry from claire's safe?
pimple on my chin?!!?!?
What should I do to my face?
its here and everywhere!?
Getting my facial skin silky smooth?
Do you wash your feet first, i.e in the sink, before a bath?
Do i weigh to much???????/?
how do i get rid of this ?! please help(:?
belly piercing bleeding?
Soothing Shave Gel For Bikini Shaving?
Can I take my earring off an hour after it has been pierced?
How old do you have to be to get your eyebrow pierced?
how do i get rid of theese lines from i think clothes or somethin?
I have these small bumps under the skins surface, what can i do to fix this? What is it caused by?
Whats the point of taking a shower in the morning?
i have what they call in the south a "farmer's tan"...?
How can I stop picking at the scabs on my face?
for how long will my tongue piercing hurt?
Products for arm hair?
What is the strongest sun cream available online? To prevent sun tanning/sun burning?
Best moisteriser for oily skin?
Girls only question! Girls please help!?
What is the way to permanently remove body hair?
Should I get Angelbites?
Should i get my ears pierced?
how bad does it hurt to get your nipples pierced?
what piercing to get?
How to bring down my swollen lip?
Dimples in Peoria, Illinois?
Time in the shower??
What's wrong with my lips?
How to remove dirt from large nose pores?
Please answer! Is this myth about tanning and getting freckles true?
Do Indian girls expect their guy to wax/shave body hair?
Will Kojic acid (found in skin creams) "interfere" with laser hair removal treatments?
what is your thought of guys with big heads?
how do i get the hair off?(girls only)?
Does gauging your ears hurt?
Do you think it's weird for a guy to use lotion?
Does Clinque Dark Spot Remover work for acne scars?
Getting a belly button piercing?
I am light skinned and would like to have darker skin!what can i do?
I'm 16 and already have wrinkles under my eyes?
has any one applyed ???
how can you make scars less noticeable??
What is this guy's face shape? WITH PICTURES?
Have you bought any late-night paid commercial products?
how do i get clear skin?
I Need Help Girls!!!!! Please and thanxs?
How do I stop getting beauty marks?
dark circles?
Using chapstick - is it just me or...?
What does it mean by removing impurities on face?
can i have tips on gaining weight?
i can't decide which piercing to get!?
what make-ups have harmful substances?
Do ear cartilage piercings hurt?
Milk of Magnesia for acne?
is tongue jewelry from claire's safe?
Please answer! Homemade facials...?
Is there a scrub that can be used on your legs before you shave?
HELP! smiley piercing?
I have my ears pierced twice on either side, and they are quite sensitive. is wearing 9ct gold earings ok?
My face is peeling! Helpp!!!?
black armpit is that eczema?
Can you really get cancer from tanning even with lotion?
How do i find somebody famous to try this new 4 day deodorant?
I need to get....Please help :/?
Can you use a 10mm length bar in your bellybutton if it was pierced with a 12mm bar?
Help me to decide, should I go with body wraps or not?
Toothpaste on acne really work?
stretching ears help please?
does it hurt when you get your ears peirced?
Is there a limit on how tan some people can get?
Is there a skin care product like Pro-Active, but more affordable?
Which product is better Witch hazel OR skin ID?
Guys? Do you think that birthmarks are unattractive?
Cork city tanning salons?
Do you think acne makes you ugly??????
does darker skin weigh more than lighter skin?
Whats the best way to get clear smooth skin?10 points?
Shaving bikini line?
Facial Hair girls only!!!?
How to get rid of dark areas ?
boobs? girls and guys?
what piercing should i have?
How to make legs appear longer?
I have 6 piercings, would getting 3 more be too much?
What to expect from my body at age 30?
Microdermals in the cheeks?
A question for guys...?
Why I dont get chubby cheeks? ?
Guys: how unattractive is cellulite on a girl?
question about my VOICE (DEEPNESS)?
i need help please. can u help me?
Laser hair removal at good price?
What is your face washing routine?
Are real tans worse than fake?
I'm a 14 year old girl, how do i get rid of acne?
Convince my parents to let me get snakebite piercing?
ummm how do you get your "headlights" to go on dim??
is she going to hate me or etc? ?(facial piercings)?
why do stinky people shop in morrisons and not sainsbury's or tesco?
how can i get a piercing with-ought infection?
When is my period going to start?
How do you do fizzy bath bombs without citric acid?
What brand and scent of deodorant do woman prefer.?
Chest Shaving: how do you do it and is it true it grows back twice as much?
boob help....?
need help, my skin has flared up?
If I'm getting bad breakouts in middle school, will it be better by high school?
What is a good moisterizing cream for face and hands?
What is rose water?
I want to get my ears pierced but my dad wont let me any ideas on how i can hide it.?
Improving Stamina !!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Can you tell im 1/4 indian??? pics?
It's really cold here and my skin is pealing and really flaky.....What should I do?
My skin suddenly turned really really dry from oily?
Shaving irritates my skin, how can I prevent this?
What other ear piercing would you recomend and on what ear?
Spots on my lady parts?
Witch Hazel and the face!?
i have dark spots and want to reduce my pores so i can have less bumps on my face. i bought the mac powder?
How can I get rid of acne fast & completely.?
what to do if your friend pierced your septum very crooked?
I think my nose piercing might be has a bump in the inside of the nose next to the piercin HELP
Is Hawaiian tropics tanning lotion good?
Can I use Proactive acne cream on my arms?
How long does it take for the darkness and the circles under your eyes go after...?
How can I pierce my nose at home?
Lip piercing issue? Help? Putting ring in?
school bathroom tongue piercing?
Body Odor or just..keen senses?
Girls: What are the best Sunblock Brand to use?? And What SPF 15 or 30 or more?
Is my navel piercing infected? If so, how do I fix it?
are there any ways to help whiten your teeth?
How old am I?
can i use a reg hoop lip ring on my monroe?
Is it ok to shave my underarms and wear womans deodarant girl?
What do you think of the new and improved scent of Johnson's bedtime lotion and wash?
I work in a kitchen and I keep getting grease in my skin and it's giving me spots how do I prevent it?
do i have a hot body (stomach, butt, thighs) picture included?
How can I melt soap without burning it?
last minute ways to get rid of a zit?
if you dont wash your face for a while and it starts to fade and then you wash it will it go back to normal?
How to remove pen ink from hands?
How do you gain weight if you have a superly fast metabalism?
Piercing. should i get one? (pics!)?
How do you know if your cuticles are long?
I'm a girl who has a little facial hair above my lip. How do I get rid of it?
What is a great, and afordable, facewash to keep my face free of breakouts?
What skin care products do you use?
15 years old, will I grow more?
Does anyone else have 'ugly' days?
ok i pierced the cartalig in my ear twice now it kills helpp?
is "superfine facial towel" good?
Chubby, heavy, sloppy or skinny, yummy, firm?
Does Proactiv really work?
whats the risk of piercing my own belly button?
How far can i stretch my ears And get them back to normal?
Nose right ....makes ur nose smaller?
What are the best ways to get rid of acne scars?
underarms and lower abdomen hair?
Would a lip stud look good on me?
Belly Button piercings: Hot or Not?
Do you use deodorant on your...?
What works easily and quickly to remove patches/blotches when self tanner starts to fade?
I have small red spider veins on my face. Has anyone had dermatological treatments to remove these?
When is too early to start anti-aging skin care regiments? ?
What is my face shape?
What smile face is this . *?
How to get rid of spots quickly on your face?
How to remove the love marks caused by kisses?
What happens if you don't bathe or shower in 16 months?
Which side should i get my lip pierce left or right?
Pierced cartilage?
I am located in the philadelphia area. I am looking for a plastic surgeon who performs brazilian butt lifts...
would a nose ring look cute on me?
can u see any flaw? see it yourself. anyone?
what is the best way to get rid of pimples??please help?
REALLY stupid question... but where do guys stick their?
How Can i Make My Boobs Bigger?
How do i get rid of my pimples?
Should a 13 year old use proactiv? Why or why not?
does size really matter!?!?!?!?
I have an hourglass figure. What bathing suit works for me?
Quickest home remedy for dark underarms?
how long should u brush ur tongue for?
Do i have chicken legs??
How much plastic surgery is too much palstic surgery?
what are the possibilities of a lip piercing going wrong?
How do you shave your legs and which is the best cream to use to leave no hair marks?
Are you addicted to lip balm? Can you not survive without it?
whats the best deoderent?
how to tone your legs and arms?
question? i need an answer?
what causes acne?
How Old do you have to be to get a belly button piercing?
oily face n scars! hw to gt rid?
Why do I always look mad?
shaving down below??
Exactly how much damage does tanning do?
Does cucumber help with pimples & pimples scars ?
how to avoid pimples?
question about tanning!!!?
Are sunspots the same thing as freckles?
Why is my belly button, on average, about 4 inches higher up on my torso than anyone elses i've ever seen?
what is the best moisturizing lipsticks or chap sticks?
what is the use of tea tree oil?..?
will getting my belly button pierced mess up my six pack?
Stretching from a 2g to 0g?
my skin is dry 10 points best answer?
get my nose or my belly button pierced? :3?
What brand of moisturizers work best?
bra to bed??????????????????????????????
I want my lip pierced but my parents won't let me!!?
pleasee help me!!?
Anyone got strange birthmarks?
how to make hip smaller in two weeks?
i have a dark patch on my chin?
i am to look good.......wat to wear whch vl mk me luk good......m jst 5.1 nd m 15.?
looks, i have a really good body like i have abs, and muscles, but i have pimples, do girls care about that?
does darker skin weigh more than lighter skin?
Pierced hips?!! What should I do?
Nose jobs?
Wat do they use to pierce a belly button?
Whats teh BEST way to get rid of acne??
How do you shave down "there?"?
Which is longer??????
Does proactiv really work?
Do tongue piercings and braces look stupid?
Conch or rook piercing help!!?
why do people find tans so attractive?
Best Proactive Cream or lotion?
My lip peircing is really sore around the hole,?
pimple problem pls help?
I'm really white ???????????
I got my eyebrow pierced, and I think it's infected?
what kind of facial piercing would look best on me (pics)?
ughh how horriable are my legss ): .....(pics)?
is 16 to young for a belly button piercing?
Where can I get my helix pierced? Needles, NOT A PIERCING GUN!
How do I get a Eye Tan?
i am so desperate to get my large E cup breasts uplifted as im only in my 20's and theyre droopy.Is it agony?
Ingrown toenail?? yes!? no!?
Tongue piercing helppp?
what is the hottest thing about a gurl besides boobs?
I want a get a new piercing. i dunno what though. pic.?
whats the best smelling deodorant?
Proactive skin care??
Why are my boobs getting smaller?
should i get my belly pierced or my nose?
double piercing and cartilage questions please please help?!?!?
How can i make my boobs bigger?
Hey does anyone know if the Hylexin for Dark Circles really work?
any cream for reducing size of breast?
Tanning.....i guess not my thing!?
Is it weird for a girl to shower in axe?
Piercings that would look good on me? (pic?
Where can i get xtreme brite gel or other bleaching creams in the uk?
How can I properly heat up coconut oil for use on my skin?
Piercing question, not sure why it's like this?
My toenails are peeling really bad. They almost look like there is layers on them. What can i do and why do?
Can body odor be related to stress?
how do i get permanent marker off my legs??
Irritated belly button piercing- help?
Why is my girlfriend's butt getting smaller? It use to be too big and I could grasp it, not anymore.?
Can you undo circumcision?
how to make my breasts more bigger and firm?
how can i make my fingers look thinner?
If I had my navel piercing for a couple of years..........?
How cani stop being so pale??
help! is this normal?
Is it true that you can get a tan at night?
What part of the lip/lower lip should snakebite labrets be located?
What is a good exfoliate to use before shaving?
how much do you think she weighs?
Dark Circles Under Eyes????
Mederma for acne scars?
Rook piercing and sports?
Am I pretty? please don't be afraid to tell the truth?
aftercare for tragus piercing?
Belly Button Starting To Rip. Please Help!?
Best natural deodorant???
any piercings your tired of seeing on people in public?
when you shave does the hair really grow back thicker and faster?
skin help now!?!?!?
What is the best females gel deodorant?
How old am I?
Does it hurt to get your lip pierced?
how much is laser hair removal?
My skin is purple!?
what do u use to remove scars?
can i have some girl help?
How can I quickly get rid of pimples under the skin (before tomorrow)?
Real versus Fake (Plastic Surgery)?
what are things to say to convince my parents that i want to pierce my eyebrow?
perfect female body measurements?
how do I ask my mom to get my ears pierced?
How much do hip dermals/piercing cost?
So there is this Piercing?
Am I the prettiest girl.......?
What is the best at-home bikini wax system you have used?
why do people say it is bad to have a tongue ring?
which lakme sunscreen should i use?...?
Skin problem...?
What is the best kind of spray tan?
My gf always wanted me to shave down there....but we broke up is it a good idea to show her now?
Keep getting blow out when stretching ear from 10mm too 12mm?
Should I get a nose job? I'm 14...?
what does it mean if i have a small patch of purpley spots on my thighs?
What are the best soaps and wash's for acne?
Will i grow 15 almost 16?
im 14 yrs old and im going ro get my nipples periced.?
what should i do to make my breasts more firm and lift them up?
Pigmentation problem in face and body....Any suggestions please?
Confused about my body shape?
why does everyone think i look older?
Girls: what's the longest you've gone without shaving your legs?
My recent nose piercing is sore. Is it normal?
how overweight is this?
how do you get rid of hairy legs ?
Stretching my ears and they're itchy!?
What are some good reasons that I shouldn't get my belly button pierced?
Intense itching?
how can i reduce the redness in a pimple in just a few hours?
I am really self conscious about my nose, how do I get over that?
Is it easy to change your nose gouge?
my daughter has something that looks like acne is there anyway i can get rid of it?
what are the pros and cons of getting my lip peirced?
tongue piercing for the first time !?
Best face wash?
Piercing ears with 20g needle?
how can i make my skin darker??
tell me one thing .....?
Need Tanning Help. :)?
Black heads problem pls help me ladies....!!!:(?
how to remove sun burn?
Is there a natural environmentally friendly deoderant that works?
I'm really nervous on getting my ears peirced, help?
HELP??? How do u get rid of?
I want to pierce my lip where should i pierce it so i don't hit a vein or anything.?
Will I always have chubby cheeks?
does anyone use a anti wringle creams and do they really work?
sunless tan ? home remedies?
hairy stomachs?
What essential oils & in what ratio do you mix to arrive at a Johnson & Johnson baby powder smell?
how do i know if olay is original?
Peircing Troubles? Could It Be Infected?
80 Ib + 5'0?
which is much better, skin white whitening lotion or block and white whitening lotion?
I just got my toung peirced and my gf wants some?
my height is 5'2".pls convert it into inches.i will be thankful to you?
piercing. i need help....?
Does anyone here bellydance and if so how much fun is it?
Flawless Aesthetic Clinic?
my friend wants to pierce my lip..?
Has anyone used an at home laser hair removal system on their face?
How to lighten my neck color?
Does laser hair removal treatment actually work?
Belly button pierced??
does the no!no! hair removal system actually work?
I have natural body odor, please help me :(?
How can i reduce acne in about 1 week?
how can i get rid of spots fast ?
I want to know if you can spot anything that resembles cheekbones on my face. ?
ahhh! i need help on the ugly spots.=(?
Tounge puercing help !!!?
How big can you gauge your ears and still have them go back to normal?
face is getting dull,age 22 yrs,what is the daily treatment for skin care,what brand be perfect for oily skin?
help, my face is really oily?
Does anyone have a nasallang?
I HATE PIMPLES!!! How Do I Get Rid of Them!!?
my belly button piercing?
Indoor tanning-I never get tan!?
girl help please or boy i do not care really....?
what eye color goes best with a medium tan skintone, dirty blonde hair and a petit average body?
How to get slender legs?
What is the difference between body wash and shower gel?
How can i get my parents to agree to this?
My nose is soooo big!?
i had my tongue pierced....?
piercing prices??????????????????????????????????…
Can any1 help me, please please please??
How Can I Stop My Fringe From Getting Greasy So Quickly?
Has anyone ever waxed their legs> are there any good places around Cincinnati?
How Alo Vera gel helps to reduce skin pigmentation, I mean what contain it has? Is it source of Vitamin E?
awkward question..... about acne? plz help!!?
does she looks asian???
piercing places in MA?
I recently got the top of my ear pierced and I accidentally knocked it. It's now red and won't go down?
Should i get my ears double pierced? im turning 13?
Does going for facial sessions really work?
proactive help????????......?
SO SMALL>>>!!! i'm flat as a board?????
what are some ways to get rid of stretch marks?
Is tanning once dangerous?
How should i pierces my belly Button?
Any way to get rid of acne as a teen?
Last time you took a shower?
Infected cartilage piercing?
Allergic reaction to acne treatments?
I have 1 really big zit. I tried everything, and i don't want to buy things like proactive. What should i do??
Is it true toothpaste gets of pimples?
Dual fraxel procedure: Who has tried it?
Have I blown out or damaged my ear while stretching?
how to get rid of sunburn.................................…
what deodorant smell do girls actually like and could possibly turn them on?
ways to get rid of pimples at home- FAST?
can you get rid of a mold(circle) if yes what can you use?
What bar is used for the scoop tongue piercing?
Belly Button Ring Rejected.. RIGHT?
How do I get a sun tan without going to the beach in one day?
What are epilaters like?
I just got a nose piercing, and i have to swim next week what should i do?
What are the pros and cons of getting your bottom left side lip pierced?
how do i convince my dad to let me get my nose pierced?
OMG I have these two huge zits one on my forhead and one on my chin how can I make them go away quickly?
Am i fat, curvy or skinny?
I have some questions?! About nose piercings?
What do I do to get good skin?
Smoking with a vertical labret piercing?
i have a rook piercing but i want my snug done?
What kind of doctor would sew up a belly piercing ?
Would you consider me small, medium, or large?
What facial piercing would look best on me?
Why do i have dark circles under my eyes?
does getting your belly botton pierced hurt?
who the heck invented the bra? and why the hell did he/she do it???
How Does This Sound To You?
Your piercings/ tattoos?
embarrased about my freckles?
I have weird-shaped breasts?
They smell so bad?
Help with tanning...?
Do you think I could model ( pictures )?
Where can I find a gel moisturizer?
How to hide/get rid of panty lines?
vitamin E oil on stretch marks?
belly button piercing?
Do U Think A 36 D cup Is too big?
Is it possible to reduce the scarring from face mole removal?
Irritation and redness under my eye?
I need help with my minor acne?
Am i to tall?
How to convince my mom to let me get my lip pierced?
What's the effect of citrus on our eyes?
Piercing... you choose.?
what are the consequences of pierceing you own belly button?
skincare routine for late 20's?
Do tans fade away? I can't help being in the sun?
Lightening cream for hyperpigmentation..?
buying tanning lotion from internet sites?
Is this good for my acne?
What can I use to stop the itching after I shave my underarms and pussy?
Best deodorant..?
How to get fat off of my thighs?
Can I Become A White Person?
What piercing should I get?
Acne? Help?!?!?
how to get rid of dark stuff on my belly button piercing?
Nose piercing with a gun?
what do i have to do to look slim?
Stretching didn't hurt at all... Can I try a bigger size?
Whats better: thick or thin?
Can you get a tongue piercing while your pregnant?
Surface clavicle and hip piercings!?!?
Does Anybody know where i can get some piercings at near Greenwood SC?
How do you get rid of a hickie?
Is it true that a sunscreen can only have a maximum protection of SPF 30?
How to get my pale skin back?
How to get smaller pores?
in which store can i buy the new matis paris bust gel?
How do you do a tan?
How can I get bigger boobs?
Embarassing bathing suit problemmmms... help?
How long does your tongue stay swollen for after getting it pierced ?
What is the difference between micro-dermal and dermal anchors?
Is it possible to get dimples later on in life ?
foot care !!!!!!?
I get dry peeling skin after tanning...what if i use Palmers Cocoa butter moisturizer as a tanning oil?
What colour hair goes with my skin tone?
can a woman broaden her hip with exercise?
Skin Conditioner?
Fast! I need to get rid of my pimples!?
How to make my boobs bigger without surgery?
Am I aloud to tan with a freshly pierced piercing?
why do people grow upwards?
how to get rid of black heads FAST?
anyone know any good home made face masks?
(women) Rate my picture 1-10? :)?
What do you think about the product Easy Feet?
I really love doing facial massage with facial massager. What are the advantages and disadvantages?
How can I prevent benzoyl peroxide from bleaching my clothes and sheets?
Height Question?
can your pore in skin go away naturally?
How to convince my mom to let me pierce my nose?
Where can i purcahsed luke warm water?
Fist time on sunbeds...Please help!?
need help weight thing!!?
If i graduate high school with my cosmetology license...?
Nose piercing problem?!?!!?
What are the lines under my eyes? (Pic included)?
Why are my toenails like that?
At what age should you start shaving?
What is the best microdermabrasion product to use for African American skin?
Guys does breast size really matter?
What is quick lift as in an alternative to a face lift?
Do girls think I am attractive?
Nipple piercing...?
Will drinking water help clear dark spots?
pretty or not?{pic included}?
can anyone imagine this?
Should I lose weight?
Really dark arm hair?
i want to start modelling but i think I'm not the right size.?
Should i get belly button piercing?
is terlisgen generic for lamasil? Does it work the same?
should i have my bellybutton pierced?
Any ways to make your face fuller/fatter?
What happend?? To my?
How long should you wait after an ear peircing to go swimming?
Snake bites piercing question?
Can I put a band aid over my belly button piercing after i take it out?
Whats the best face wash?
When should I take my cartilage out?
I wana get my belly button pirced?
Picture day is coming up...?
I want a Belly Button Piercing?
Honey face mask 2x a day?
ear gauging help - easy 10 points.?
HIP PIERCING QUESTION please answer:)?
please help me i want clear skin i am fed up with my skin?
does weed really change your looks that much?
Skin Care Regimen Help?
Where can I become white like Micheal Jackson?
Can i use hand soap to wash my face?
How does a skinny teen get rid of stretch marks?
is this normal?? help!?
Navel piercing healing?
why do i look good in home mirrors but bad in school which one is true and is that how i look in real life?
I feel a pimple coming. What should I do to help keep the inflammation down? Also, any ance scar remedies??
do you think tanned skin looks better than pale skin?
when are acne products ok for kids?
how to know if i have olive skin?
The true Hazel eye Color?
what is on my face????
Will my ears ever go back to normal?
How can i get Pale Skin?
Do you think i can become left handed?
nuskin face lift activator?
My wife wants breast implants!?
Do you think I should get a lip piercing? (pics)?
Industrial Piercing turning black?
whats a good lotion?
Does Aveeno still sell positively smooth lotion or have something similar (smell & consistency)?
How to remove sharpie after getting a piercing?
Is it ok to sleep in your makeup?
Pimples/ Red Face :(?
What are the possibilities of getting my lip re-pierced?
Honestly: Does piercing your ears hurt?
breaking down scar tissue?
How can i get rid of an awkward tan?
about the pill please help me =(?
what product is great for dark circles and eye wrinkles?
i tried to peirce my bellybutton... :(?
belly button ring, or not????
How do you get the perfect tan on your face? What are some good facial tanning lotions?
What is that underneath my eyes? Red circles! Help!?
do you think tanned skin, dark hair and bright blue eyes is an interesting combination in facial features?
Would an oval shaped belly button look good with a piercing?
How do I remove bags from under eyes?
can i make my b00bz bigger by diet and ecxercise?and how?
I sweat under my arms?
How many people are willing to rate a body 1-10?
Do they sell Proactiv Solution at the Chicago hip mall?
what`s a good moisturizer that is oil free and has spf?
(GIRLS ONLY PLEASE)What's a good size for me?
Belly button ring... red and itchy?
i have got really dry skin... need help!?
industrial peircing, :)?
OXY pads? For pimples and such.?
This is but please answer?
how to be tallest?
girls does he have an okay body?
What type of facial piercing should i get? Guy, Pic?
I don't tan so well, answers please?
G Clinique does it work?
Arousing Ways to Lotion Up Your Girlfriend?
What's the quickest way to get rid of a pimple?
questions on lip piercings?
what is the fastest way to get rid of pimples today i got made of of it!!!!!!!?
who uses pro active?
A good weight for 5'4 girl?
I like peanut butter, do you like peanut butter?
I have a scar on my wrist that looks like i mutilated myself but i didnt and i dont know what to do?
how do you get pimples gone?
how can I make my eyes come out?
is it worth the pain, time, and money to get your nose pierced?
Where can I use the White Musk Sensual Body Powder?
Do lip piercing hurt?
moisturizing skin?
Perdita has a red shirt, a black shirt, a yellow shirt, and a white shirt. She also has a pair of white ......
Do spray tans cover up vitiligo well?
help piercing?
Random Purple nipples?
Shaving question. Girls only please. ?
Am I too large to wear a bikini?
How to convince a parent to get a piercing..?
help pleaz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
How do I make my lips less red?
Can you pierce your ears the second time after your ear closes?
When do stretch marks get too bad?
hi guys can i use suger with lemon juice for scrubing everyday?i have a oily face skin.plzzzz let me know?
going to the beach with stretch marks?
How much does an industrial piercing hurt and how is it done?
Do "Soap & Glory" sell...?
can you suggest a good face cream with sun protection. I have dry skin?
Uneven Skin Tone???????
Will it work putting "fade out"cream on my lips to lighten the discoloration?
Belly piercing... i think its infected?
how do i prevent stretch marks?
Should I pop this pimple?
How do i get rid of my pimples?
Question about ear piercing?
if you whoop or beat your child at age 16 is it considered child abuse?
convincing my mom to let me get lip piercing?
Armpit help....?
my inner thighs are dark,what should i do to make them fair?
penis size good or bad?
how to get an even skin tone all over : D!?
How to keep my face clear of bumps?
How to remove a shoulder mole?
My skin is really dry and feels rough?
after having your ears pierced for a whole year, will the holes close if you don't have anything in them?
oily oily skin ! helpp?
What's your opinion on a 15 year old getting their tongue pierced?
How much is Gender Reassignment surgery in Canada?
How long is the barbell they typically pierce your lip with?
:( am i fat for a 13 year old?
How long does it take for the potato remedy for dark circles to work?Days? Weeks? Months?
Can you wear small tapers as temporary jewelery?
please help. all answers will be appreciated?
black. head. help!?