take a look :: are my 'handles' that bad ?
Removing TOMS tanline???!?
Does anyone else using witch hazel notice their face getting worse?
What is the skin care products to use on African American skin (face)? Has anyone used the Kiehl's line?
What part of ur body are u most proud of???
why do my plugs go in my ear while sleeping?
OMG! Is it true that benzoly peroxide will make you AGE quickly?
Lip Piercings...?
Have u ever used Body shop products ? which is your favorite ?
Honey Mask for acne on sensitive skin?
How do I pierce my own ears?
How can i get rid of oily skin on my nose, what products can i use?
lux bar soap?
Your favorite Lush bath bomb?
Oxy products?
How to give some natural colour to your lips and make t dark pinkish.coz I had dark pink lips,and i am dark.?
can i peirce my own belly?
Can breast grow following this recipe?
How do I get rid of bumps on my face?
my skin have 2 different complexion how can i make into a nice pretty complexion?
Somewhat new Microdermal, and makeup question..little help?
Rate my body? Name everything that's wrong with it!?
Could I be a model? ?
Is My Mum Lying To Me?
i feel fat.. am i?
i NEED to cure my ACNE before school starts in SEPTEMBER!!! HELP?
How can I get rid of my tan lines with out getting in a tanning bed?
I'm thinking about getting my lip pierced.?
can you re-pierce your navel if it is close to ripping out?
Can anyone recommend a INEXPENSIVE self-tanner???
what can i do to be less pale?
Should I shave my arms?
cartilage piercing help please!?
Birth control pills treating acne?
everytime I thread my eyebrows, I get little under the skin spots?
Why do people consider only people who have fair skin colour as beautiful ?
When does JOOP WILD reach US stores?
Is chlorine making me break out? How can I control my acne?
Enlarged Pores on nose?
How can I make my eyelashes longer without using false eyelashes?
what piercings can i get that are not seen very often?
best quality jewelry for lip rings?
Can you get a nose job at 16?
How can I get a wider face?
Is she too skinny???
What else can I try? I've tried Proactive, Murad, Skin ID, Neutrogena, etc...nothing works!?
did neutrogena face wash work for you?
How to get tan in a week?
Removing Burn marks?
Bleeding cartilage piercing?
Hi does anyone have a recommendation for a goon salon for a Brazilian wax in Aberdeen, UK?
is it healthier to go barefoot than to wear shoes all the time?
Would you have plastic surgery?
What's a great acne cream or treatment?
how can i get rid of my spots?
How much does it cost to get a lip piercing?
I can't get my nose stud to come out. i think the hole may have closed around the stud. HELP!?
after care of tragus piercing?
PLEASE HELP! Reunion coming do I cover up stretch marks????
Nivea Natural Tone lotion?
I've had acne for two years... and it still won't go away?
could i model? pics! :)?
is it try that if you put your period on your acne it will go away?
using facial wash everyday drys out skin?
What can I do about my chin crease?
Does boitin help grow nails?
My friends think I'm having a hard time grasping that concept.?
just got my ears double pierced.?
how to make your face look good again?
Anyone know what works for stretch marks?
What is the best way to get rid of spots and blackheads?
what are lunges~ I know that its an excercise but how do u do it?
How can i make my butt bigger?
for people who tried proactiv and it didnt work?
any alternates for a pumice stone?
Do you absorb the oil into your skin, and gain weight if you use a moisturiser with oil in it?
Double conch piercing price?
how else can i improve my looks?
Self conscious about my body and face?
What Kind Of Lips Do I Have?
Have you used bottled lemon juice on your face? Does it work?
can i use waxing for my hands every 15 days?
do women tell the truth on there cup size?
for people who have cleared up their skin using cetaphil?
Ear Streching - Piercing?
who tried nasofix nose reshaper?
I am getting my belly button pierced tomorrow and i'm skinny will it hurt me a lot?
Can I take out my fresh gun pierced ears, then get them needle pierced?
Benzoyl Peroxide?
Can I get a earring cuff?
veet razor? girls!!!?
i tried to get rid of a pimple wit hhot water but the water was to hot and i ended up burning my self very bad
How can I make my pale skin look nicer/glow?
Would I suit canine bites?
I am going to ask my mom if i could get a few piercings for my birthday but i don't want to say the word?
I have a cartilage piercing and need help please!?
What are negative side effects of using tea bags to alleviate bags under eyes?
i want to get a girlfriend with tattoos?
Mani/pedis for my little sister!!?
how long can i wait to put in my tongue piercing retainer?
skin problems?
Shave legs upwards but what about....?
How much does it hurt to get your ears pierced?
Can i use the Biore nose pore unclogging strips on my forehead?
Be honest, do you pee in the pool when swimming?
How do I get a really nice suntan?
Would you let your 14 year old daughter get their lip pierced?
Am i old enough to get my belly button pierced?
I have white bags under my eyes, and and I am trying white, what should I do?
Huge pimple on my!?
anyone know about LASER RESURFACING under eye for wrinkles?
What chain stores in the eastern US carry hair growth inhibitors?
Problems getting cartilage pierced, anything I can do to prevent it, I want to get an industrial piercing...?
Horrible acne! Help?!?!?
What are some good cleansers for sensitive, dry, irritable skin?
Do you pee in the pool thru your suit?
how do i make my boobs perky/firm/round?
How long should I wait before I move up to 7/8ths on my plugs?
What is foaming wrap lotion?
a strange situation!!!!?
Upper ear piercing with steel ring?
what do women think of guys with long necks and handsome faces?
When and where did Scarification start?
how long should i wait to change jewerly on my peirced arrm?
What can you put on you face when you have alot of acne????????
Do biotin pillls work for growing hair?
I'm looking for an awesome smelling deoderant that isn't a gel, solid or roll-on type - I prefer an aerosol
Does this swimsuit look okay? Is it the right size? Do the pieces match?
im using duac and differin i want to know whats a great non comedogenic and oil free moisturizer...please help
Will my chubby cheeks go away?
How can i get rid of light brown spots on skin?
please help with my sunburn?
I'm So oily!! WHAT to do!!?
does getting a belly button piercing hurt alot?
What is the best kind of lotion to buy for tanning in a tanning bed?State the names and where to buy it.thanks
Could i use epsom salt to clean my industrial percing?
i have psoriasis and want a tattoo do u think i shouldnt get one b/c of my skin condition?
Mom vs plugs and tapers?
how to get permanent marker off myself?
ok great news i just finished getting my ears pierced?
How far can you gauge you ears until they won't close back to a normal size?
What hair color do you most find attractive?
How do i get rid of bags under my eyes?
is my septum piercing rejecting?
Urgent.... Question about The Body Shop Shimmer Coconut body lotion!?
How did HyunA get so pale?
I have my twirp dance tonight and I have a little selftanning errors on my hand... how can i fix it??
What's this piercing called?
Can I Get A Full Lower Body Wax?
Will my breasts continue to grow? I'm 15 and COMPLETELY flat chested?
Nose Piercing? Please Help !!!!!?
Do you like the smell of vanilla?
does getting your belly button pierced feel like a getting a shot?
is the disc on my labret suppose too leave an indent ?
What do you think of this girl?
wgat is the best type of piercing for a guy?
GUYS-do you like fat and flat chicks?
Help me with my skin issue! (PIC)?
does it hurt to get your nose pierced ?
What are the different brands of Pore Strips?
Will coppertone sensitive skin with a SPF of 50 prevent me from tanning?
Is it possible to return deoderant?
Ripped prickly skin around my fingers?
I would like to get an eyebrow piercing but my parents say NO?
My eyes are uneven, do u notice? [picture]?
How can I get a really nice tan?
Best cream for under eye dark circles?
Snake Bites[lip rings]????
A good Brand of SHOWER GEL?
I don't want a hairy chest.?
Opinions on Slimray Lipolaser?
What was the reason behind getting your first piercing?
How effective is mederma scar cream?
I have a skin disease and I don't have soft skin. Does every guy want soft skin to touch and wont like me?
i have absolutely no boobes and i heard breast enhancing creams dont work how can i get them?
Jergens Natural Glow Moisturizer questionnn!!! can i put it on my face?!?
How can i reduce sweating??!!?
my lips is dark black how to get soft red lips?
why is my elbow turning dark.?
Any Ontario clinic that specializes in facial cosmetic surgeries?
What face piercing should I get?
how many tattoos is too many?
is a big a$$ attractive to a guy?
i really really really want an industrial piercing but..?
What SHAPE is my face? And will my chubby cheeks ever go away?
Is my 6 month old belly button piercing okay?
[s.] Best way to get rid of doublechin?
spiderbites piercing question?
My teacher is forcing me to take my new earrings out and i've only had them pierced for 4 weeks?
how can i go whiter?
bald italians with big noses attractive?
some guy keeps calling me ugly a b*tch and a whore what should i do? :(?
when do you wash your face????
Do you have any body part that you hate.......?
How often should I shower?
Is it okay to draw on yourself with crayola markers?
is it true if you start using face lift cream skin is sugging faster and you cannot stop using cream.?
Does drinking water prevent acne?
How many days should i treat my eyebags?
is being pale ever pretty?
do freckles fade as you age?
my face is chubby...............?
Daughter's question. What is it like to have pierced ears?
Skin around belly ring getting thin?
very insecure about my body?
Can anyone rate me out of 10?
Even skin tone as a guy?
do u shave/wax ur arms ? r they prickly ? [:?
Why do some men like women that are built like 8 year old boys?
Would a lipring suit me?
I have dark, ed lines, and dry lips...?
Nose piercing really need expert advice?
ok, whats good for wrinkles and sagging skin?
Do I look fat? I feel like it DX?
Getting Mum to let me get my ears pierced?
Does getting your toungue pierced hurt?
What does it feel like to get your ears pierced?
i want to get my ears pierced at Claire's is it safe?
Pills to help you lose weight?
If i stretch my ears to a 2 or 0g what's the worst that could happen?
Dry skin on the arm pits?
At what age should you start shaving?
My knees and elbows are darker then the rest of my body. And Advice?
My face has been really dry and chapped lately bc of winter. does anyone know a good moisturizer?
whats the best way to tan easily on holiday?
Ear piercing advice? please help?
Male waxing???
dark skin under arms and pubic area?
can we have out lineing of the top lips, and thats is light brown. I am a women?
How can I pierce my lip and hide it as well?
pImples Pimples Pimples.!!!!!!!!!!!! can some 1 help me plssssssss?
Is it weird to shave your arms?
lower navel piercing question?
Any advice/facts about lip piercings?
Clavical piercings?
what is the best cream/gel hair removal for large parts of the body?
how tall will i be when i'm older? :]?
Jergens natural glow lotion!!!?
Product advice for my skin type ..what should i use?!?!?
is it ok for a female ( 160 lbs and 5.5) to wear a bikini?
what is the best moisturiser that you can get cheap?
Does the lifesaver on some a tongue rings make it more comfortable?
How do I get rid of my dermal scar on cartliage?
How do I prevent myself from getting tan?
What kind of skin do I have?
Any tips for cleaning up acne that preferably doesn't cost alot and works FAST????
Will UV piercings only glow under blacklight?
Would Snake Bites look good on me??? **Pictures included**?
small boobs?
How can I get my boobs to grow bigger and faster?
Ugly, Average, Or Pretty?
Is it normal to get a lot of ingrown hairs?
How do I know when my anti-eyebrow piercing is rejecting?
Is it bad to put triple antibiotic ointment up your nose?
Can you suggest any cream that can fade post acne hyper pigmentation/ reddish brown spot caused by pimples?
Nose Piercing Advice? 10 points best answer =]?
Does stress actually give you pimples?
What products will help me NOT to tan when in the sun?
does tartar protection cause red bumps on your face?
I'm experiencing the first signs of aging!! What over the counter creams work best?
whats a good website to buy belly rings or barbells at?
where does blue bellybutton fluff come from?
Does getting a second earlobe piercing at Clair's hurt?
How long will my industrial piercing hurt?
how can i stop peeling???
What to do for severely clogged pores?
Im 14 and flat chested?!?
How to get over biting my lips!?
how much dose it cost to get ur ears pierced?
My head is kinda big in proportion to my body?
shaving your arms?
got hairy stomach!!!help?
Im pushing 30 and I got dry patches on my face ! My mom thinks she's a man and didnt teach me anything. Help ?
What is your favourite skincare product?
Tanning to clear acne...?
do you shower in the morning or night?
Which womans deodorant works the best?
Medusa, yay, or no way...?
how long would it take two cartilage piercings on each ear to heal?
Where can I get a hat that does not get my forehead hot?
belly button piercing...?
does anyone know what Alexis Dziena's height and weight is?
Is it okay to smoke hookah after getting your tongue pierced?
Where can I buy Helix Bella, A Cream Made With Baba de caracol?
Please help, no one is answering?
what can be done about my skin? it looks uneven.?
Is it too soon to stretch my ears?
question for girls. when do most girls...?
how old do you have to be to get your nose pierced in illinois with consent?
Spot that's not a spot but looks like a spot HELPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!?
do i push my peircing in and out or twist it? or nothing at all?
Please Help! 10 points!!! =)?
Should I get my belly button pierced?
is it true that sperm leaves spots on a girls face hmm??
How do I prevent my sunburnt skin from peeling?
is it ok to eat toenails?
pimples on my shoulders?
Pamala Anderson good looking or grotesque?
Nails Questions? PLEASE ANSWER!!!!!!???
rose water?
what do u think of beauty spots?
What is the best way to get a clear face?
quick cheap ways to get rid of irritaion?
Girl and guys doesn't matter really?
How long does a toothpaste burn heals?
how do i get rid of razor burn...?
how to exfoliate with really flaky skin near my nose?
How long will it take to get tan with UV tanning at Beach Bum?
Put Abreva on a zit to make it go away faster?
Do you like this piercing?
belly button pierced?
how do u get rid of an old scar..a burn scar?
I've had my tongue pierced for a week?
Do you feel heavier people are less attractive than thin people?
What will happen if I accidently pulled out a healing earing?
has anyone used CETAPHIL(for normal to oily skin) or DOVE SENSITIVE foaming face wash?
I have a spot on my face, how long does it take to heal?
whats the best way to get scars of your face?
what is the cost to buy a Hylexin dark circle eye cream in India? Where can I get it from?
is it bad to wash your face 4-6 times a day?
Cartilage piercing problems?
What's wrong with my belly piercing ?
Skin around belly piercing really thin?
I have 6 piercings, would getting 3 more be too much?
What can i Do?
Which fake self-tanners work the best for light skin?
Nails Questions? PLEASE ANSWER!!!!!!???
how to remove a hickie?
What kind of bath soap do you use?
Does anyone know how to fixed ed toenails?
I Loooove the sunny weather,but hate the mosquito bites,how do i get rid of mosquito bite SOON?!?
How to remove the dark sun spots on the face?
D.I.Y Facial?
The Neutrogena Wave Facial Cleanser?
How to get a big Butt?
Is my nose hugee? pics included.?
Is it bad when an esthetician pops your zits?
Faux Tanning HELP!!!!!!!!!?
Where would this piercing be? (read description)?
How should I sleep with my septum ring?
skin care crisis help !!?
i am a 50 year old man.Do they make anything for men's faces to get rid of wrinkles and tighten the skin,,likn
Baking Soda For Deodorant?
Ok so im going to have a boob job?
Could you show me a picture or two of a person that has tanned skin?
What can i do to feel happy with my body ?
What do you do for your acne/pimples??? ?
I want to get rid of the pimples on my forehead!?
anyone have tried Panasonic epilator ES 2081?
I have very large, noticable pores. How can I make them less noticable?
What should i do for pink lips?
i have orange hair and freckles shud i get a monroe piercing??
For the 18 and up ..thoughts on tongue piercing?
I used facialnair in between my eyebrows and it left a bright mark , can someone tell me what i should do?
good sunscreen for face?
Girls opnions on my body needed plz(pics)?
Is it possible to get the color of your eyes changed?
Rook piercing advice, What should I do?
Do you think my acne has cleared up?
Best lasting scent of cake-batter/vanilla/chocolate/citrus(or any other candy-smelling/sugary scent)?
Do you have back dimples?
How do I get toner arms?
What do you exfoliate with?
If i put milk on my face will i get lighter?
would it be okay if i used veet down there ?
Do boys care about your breast size?
My belly button peircing is red, is it infected?
is proactiv good?!HELP?
Can i do my own belly piercing at home?
Ideal size for first earlobe stretch? 4mm?
I want my nose pierced & my tongue pierced, which should I get??????
Is it harmful to wax arms ?
Washing hair after two piercings :(?
what is so good about imedeen???
Sun burnt on face ! Help !?
Can you give my your recipe for the best...?
contract manufacturers for personal care products in India?
can't get my piercing out......?
Whats the best face wash?
Ear piercing help..please?
Can someone help me please?
Where to buy Orlane Paris product?
whats the best way to solve dry skin under a beard?
do hickeys show up on dark skinned people?
im going to get my belly button in exactly 1 month what can i do to look better !! please 10 points?
People who have been to the dermitoligist for acne?
getting my ears pierced... hlp?
How do you get rid of pimples and wrinkles fast !?
is a 3mm stretcher big?
Is it ok that l shave my upper lip instead of waxing?
i want to get my ears pierced but im scared , does it hurt ?
Fake or real breast?? ?
Where to get a Medium TCA Chemical Peel in Ottawa?
Inside my ear is black?
Is 9 to young to use ProActive?
in the state of TX do u have to have Ur student id to get your nose pieced at a good place?
(PICS) Recommendations for facial piercings?
Bikini line?
Does the sun make vitiligo worse?
Does blemish balm cream aka bb cream cause blackhead, acne or whitehead?
Good skin whitening soap?
solution for my skin problem (big pores and a bit oily) needed?
How do I treat my infected lip piercing?
Has anyone had laser hair removal?
Why do guys look better with our shirts off?
Question about tanning..?
I took my cartilage piercing out 2 days ago, can I put it back in?
Getting a belly ring does it hurt?
EASY TEN POINTS!! What is the best face whash out there??
I am looking for a good surgeon to perform a breast augmentation on me, but want reviews from actual women!?
do you regret your piercing/s?
What is Aromatherapy?
I Got My Belly Button Pierced 2 Days Ago, Safe To Bath?
What is a good acne cleanser that doesn't try your skin out?
Im A Guy Is it Cool If i Get A Tan?
my belly button is weird! it is an innie when im standing up but is an outtie wen im laying on my back....Is t?
Should i shave my legs? Im a guy?
piercing your lip with a tapestry needle?
Im 5'1'' 130 lbs with 38c breast do my breast fit my size?
What self tanner should I use? 10 easy points!!!?
Get rid of a cold fast?! Homecoming tonight!?
Hourglass figure - Is it overrated???
Does having a facial by the beauty therapist help ur skin glow? Does it help blemishes and appearence of skin?
Why are my lips turning black?
Does it hurt when you have your belly button pierced?
Best drugstore self tanner?!?
Why is the fluff in your belly button always of a blueish hue?
how much does it hurt to get your lip pierced?
hello i need help please answer me pretty please?
am i old enough to get a peircing? and which one should i get?
whats the proper way to pierce anything on your body yourself?
Skin Whitening.?
What are some consequence u can get from a tounge piercing...?
Im young and have saggy boobs?
how to make skin fairer??? pls help?
Will this routine help clear up my face?
as a gymnast will these piercings look…?
waxing help?
What make vitiligo worse??
who else thinks avatars should?
i was in good complextion .............but 4rm when im travilling in bike face gets tan ,hands?
i have too many pimplas on my face what can i do?
How can I get rid of pimples?
does it hurt when u get ur lip pierced?
I need something to help get rid of my puffy eyes.
Need a good routine for facial skin care!!??
what size plug is this?
Ear Piercing is hurting?
How do you keep your lips smooth?
Can I take a fresh piercing out the day after?
Microdermals and MRIs?
How to make my nose longer?
Nose Piercing Question?
What do you think about people who cut thier wrists?
does ultrasound ionic skin machine thingy really make a different to the skin?
Where can I buy cool, "hipster" Big and Tall clothes?
10g Ear Piercing Question?
Best body work in nyc?
whats a good skin routine+products to get soft, smooth and spot-free skin? :)?
What kind of piercing is this?
What is the price of a plastic surgery in Canada (Quebec) ?
do you shave your arms?
I have acne but nothing works! Help!?
Can you use use baby oil as lube when putting in tapers ?
i have something black and long under my tongue what is it?
Strecher/taper advise x?
I'm 19, my cousin is 12, she wants her belly button pierced but does not want 2 do it herselve.Can i take her?
S&B Your least favourite piercing?
Clear skin... which should I use?
how can exterminate the freckle in face perpetualy ?
Are There Any Easy Solutions For Dry & Cracked Lips?
am i to skinny?
How to clean my auricle piercing?
Can waxing permanently remove body hair?
how long do ear lobe piercings take to close up?
what do you thinks looks better on men one ear pierced or both?
Garnier products, help?
I'm 14 and I want a beauty spot on my face removed?
Breast Reduction- Nipple Piercing?
In need for the right bra size!?
which acne product should i use?
does veet work on underarms?
What piercings do you have? And People who have their "Cartilage" pierced....?
what r ur best tips on keeping ur skin clear? and dose anyone here go get facials to keep their skin clear?!?
my mum wont let me wax my legs?
How long will it take for my pink skin to blend back to my skin color?
A good Brand of SHOWER GEL?
my boyfriend has dry skin and tightening on his face? is that normal? what can he do so his face dont feel lik?
Is it ok to give a slight kiss on the back after an oil massage?
Does anyone no where i can get a cover up for all the hair bumps on my legs and it has to be water proof?
how easy to look after nose peicing? people with nose peicing?
Is it possible to....?
Does piercing ur ear cartilage harm u?
What is the best bronzing lotion?
What do you think of my weight? (pics)?
Can small kelob scars be frozen off?
how to make sugar wax?
Ok, So I'm a rocker wondering Is it to weird for a guy to paint his finger nails black? Do any girls like that
How many women here have their nipples pierced?
Eyes are really sensitive?
How much weight should I expect to lose if I'm only eating 1 meal a day & throwing it up later?
I just got my septum pierced yesterday and...?
tounge web piercing aftercare!?
Why am i always so red twenty four-seven?
How do I convince my parents into letting me getting my cartilage pierced?
Light acne troubles? Help Please?
Is it wrong to sleep in till 2:30 in the afternoon?
Anal bleaching.. Crest whitening strips in the anus?
what the age to pierce ur tongue?
Is it ok if I change my newly pierced ears after about 10 days?
Which piercing should I get?
how to avoid redness of the face ?
Best Acne Treatment??
My face skin is darker than rest of body and very oily and there are also pimples.?
popping pimples?!?!?!?!?! what should I do ?
Has anyone ever...?
Razors or shaving cream?
Any amazing skin tricks?!!?
If you have your belly button pierced, is the hole visible?
Ear piercing help !? Needed ASAP ?
acne help help fast please?
Deodorant or antiperspirant?
HELP ASAP!! okay so i want to get my bellybutton pierced but my mom wont let me so my boyfriends mom is going?
Is my girlfriend really fat?
Has anyone used Bio Oil?
i`m getting my cartilage pierced tomorrow?
What is the best eye cream ?
Where can I find this brand of shower gel?
Please help me! How to remove a pimple A.S.A.P?
what jewellery should i get for labret stud 16G on my lip?
i have a burn mark on my face, how do i get it so heal soon?
My ears are bleeding from my gauges?
how do i get rid of under eye bags?
whats the best way to tan easily on holiday?
does toothpaste on pimples really work?
Is it okay to shave 'down there'?
Is having one breast slightly larger than teh other normal?
what are the easiest at home acne masks??
Can anyone recommend a sunscreen eye-cream? Normal suntan lotion makes my eyes water and my mascara run!?
Please help (girls)!!!?
What good tanning lotion for tanning salon?
strech marks?
HELP! my belly piercing looks like it's gonna rip.?
how can I lose weight fast without using pills?
tongue piercing?
Ladies on shaving legs & underarms.?
I want to get the top part of my ear pierced.?
I know i shouldnt pop pimples but i cant help it how can i reduce the redness?
Is tanning lotion necessary?
I have HORRIBLE dark circles under my eyes! Please help! I'm 15 years old?
Which jojoba oil shud I choose?
Help with chapped lips?
Is body wash an okay alternative from soap?
how to get rid of redness/pimples overnight?
can a self pircer be applied any where on the cartilige ear?
nose pierced??
How can I lighten my skin color?
HELP!!! My second toe is longer than my big toes???
Why my armpits stink?
where can I find online free eyebrow stencils?
favorite face wash?
How do people that spend a lot of time in the sun get darker skin but no visible sun spots?
how do you get rid of acne?
Does proactive (acne product) really work?
how can I make my boobs bigger?
how would i look like with a lip ring ?
I have started getting really bad shaving rash under my arms and on my bikini line, how can i stop this?
i may sound like such a loser?
My lips are never chapped, should I buy chapstick anyways?
Bra contest. Which is your bra size?
How do i get rid of strach marks on my love handles?
Is it worth getting an intricate naval jewelry to be pierced with?
how to treat redness around the nose?
girls only please!Perosnal question!?
How Can I Prevent My Lips from Getting Chapped?
Are men's disposable razors better than women's?
eww hairyness!!!!!!!!
Should I get a nose or monroe piercing?
What can I use to clear up my face?
How do I get rid of the dark stuff under my eyes?
I am a 15 year old with brown hair and hazel eyes and im 5'5 am i attractive?
Should I get my cartilage pierced?
If I use mederma for my acne scars..?
i have acne and i hate it?
How do I get really tan skin?
I don`t like showing off my legs what do I do?
wich face wash to use?
Can people with eating disorder get their normal life back?
Skin oily...?
why do I get tanned so quick?
Questions about Snake Bite piercings?
I had my septum pierced today..?
Does it hurt to get your clitoris pierced?
what's the best way to shave-CLEANLY in my uttermost private regions/w/out razor burns/bumps? w/out waxing?
Is ktc almond oil pure?
Should I Do Proactive or Accutane?
please help meeeeeee...?
Self Lip Peircing?
SOFT Seaweed Soap?
Am I short for a 14 yr old boy.?
Is it common for guys to be completely shaved under there?
do i need to lose weight?? be honest.?
What is A good cheap waxing product ?
whats the best nostril medicine?
what is a peircing retainer ! ??
(Guy) Do I have an innie or outie bellybutton (PIC)?
can anyone imagine this?
tragus piercing please help..?
school in 3 days face kinda breaking out by my nose and forhead never break out like this not really bad help?
Should I Get Snakebites?
Has anybody had a mole removed from face?
How to remove scars.....?
Does lemon juice lighten 'beauty marks'?
Burn spots after using bleacing cream?
Recommendation for electric shaver...?
Help what kind of Bar soap is good ?
Why do i gain hair in places I never had it before, while losing it from my head?
why do people fart? really because it bothers me..?
should i do it ?
why do u get white spots on your nails?
How can i loose face cheek fat? pic included?
How do I know if my cartilage piercing is on too tight?
I normally have perfect skin and all of a sudden i broke out?
would i look better with my monroe or lip pierced?[pic]?
Help How can i sign up?
will the bump in my lip from my labret piercing go away?
What do lip piercings mean?
What make vitiligo worse??
what piercing should i get?.....?
Whats the easiest wat to pierce my lip at home?
how do u turn your skin tone to be lighter w/ out beaching it?
What acne/pimple creams actually work? And are there any at home things i can use to get rid of pimples?
How do I get rid of these?
i hav a big nose and i'm NOT JEWISH!?
in your opinion, what is the best food for long healthy nails?
Home-made solutions to stop underarm sweating?
Does pure shea butter bleach your skin?
Women: would you do a breast augmentation (get breast implants) surgery???
is it normal for girls to compare boob sizes?
what age to stop wearing belly button piercing?
How to get rid of bags under my eyes?
Why do some people say ear lobe piercing hurts really bad and some people say it doesnt hurt at all??
How to stop sweating so much ?
need help from indoor tanners... especially if very fair skinned.... please help!!!!?
Personal opinions needed, Size 6 or good hour glass figure?
how do nails grow?
At home chemical peel care?
When's the best time to get a nose job?
How do i get rid of the puffy bag things under my eyes?
How to deal with breast implants
what kind of wax is better or ok for sensitive skin?
Smooth shaven pu$$y? For long/permanent. How to?
can i get surgery to look like this ?
oily skin arghhhh!!!?
Guess my ethnicity...?
i sweat alot idk y i wear deoderant and shower evey night but i sstill swet(big stains under my shirt)...?
I wanna get a piercing?
whats the best way to gauge your ear?
How can I get a smooth under-arm shave?
Doing a monroe piercing myself? Unsafe?
Micropigmentation - freckles - PRO'S HELP!!!?
How exactly does ultrasonic liposuction work? Is it really non invasive?
Which Who U Prefer, Azz or Titties?
is there anything i can do to get my ears ready for streching again?
What do you think of my face?? : )?
Does anybody know where Kylie Jenner goes to get her ears pierced? Like, which piercing parlor?
who used Clearasil Stayclear Skin Perfecting Wash?
girls - do you have long nails?
I just got my ear pierced and was wondering if i can change them for my studs. I got my piercing 2 days ago?
Should I get the top of my ear pierced?
i need advice help!?
How long will it take to tan in the sun?
why do people's lips get chapped?
Can you answer my ear stretching questions?
Is it ok to mix different brands of men's body wash/ shampoo?
If I use Veet, and it works for me, does that mean Nair Pretty will also work?
Do you HONESTLY think I have a big nose :/ ?
all of my mates and strangers come up to me and say you are really ugly.?
I get insecure because of the uneven color of my lips. Is there a product that will help make it lighter?
In which pic does my skin look nicer/flawless?
What facial wash or cleanser?
please help me guys!!! i really need help!!?
which acne treatment made ur acne go away fast ?
xen tan has gone patchy on chest as it is fading wot can i do to remove and get a good base to start again?
When you get a ear piercing...?
How do I get a tan?
what do you think????????
Forward Helix Piercing Jewelry?
For girls who have belly piercings?
Do anyone use The Body Shop Vitamin E Facial Oil?
How often should I clean my tragus after 7 weeks?
good non-drying acne face wash?
Can you help a sweating problem?
Embarassing Question, ladies help. . . ?
My nose has HUGE pores?
Have you ever tried Hair Removal Systems- Finally Free Ultra, Lily or Vector??Which is the best?
how do I stop bitting my nails?
How do you numb your ears when piercing them yourself?
In your opinion, Is it better to have thicker lips, or thinner lips?
Not your average " pimple problem "...... PLEASE HELP?
Why do light skinned girls get all the attention.?
Guys in a tanning it true...?
Does the Clarisonic brush work?
How To Approach My Parents About Getting A Tragus Piercing?
How to get bigger boobs?
Which face wash is better for acne?
Is 20 too young to start using ?
How do i get rid of pimples?!?!?
do champori eczema products work?
lip rings?
how do i loose 20 lbs fast?
Which is safer...Tongue pierced or Lip pierced?
what is the best dove deodorant and body wash for women?
Is it a bad idea to shave my arms?
smelly septum piercing?
will an off center labret leave a scar?
how old do i really look?
Deep PHENOL Peel on the face.......Can you share your experience?
Anyone know which stores sell Sarah Michaels products?
Is Water Really The Cure All For Skin and Body Problems?
please read. 10 points for best answer.?
Where in Queens NY can I get a cheap facial??
My hands are sooooo dry help! :(?
Im concerned about my lip piercing?
who has used Proactiv..?
what is my mom's best and worst feature? her on left?
Lip ring sinking into inside of lip?
How do i stop from aging?
Im a 13 year old boy and i dont know why ive been looking so pale?
Is this normal?
Re-Piercing a lip - Yes or no?
What kind of piercing[s] should i get? pics incl.?
I need help with my ear stretching situation?
skin help???
Is bodycandy an online only business?
does treadmill (running machine) make your calves big?
how can i hide a piercing?!?!?!?!?!?! HELP!?
How can I get extremely pale skin?
oily/ shinny skin?
How do you get rid of the dark circles around your eyes?
Mr. GorgeousFluffpot is considering getting a bak, sack'n wax ... what advice would you give him?
I really want the industrial piercing but...?
What would you consider the average weight for a 12 year old girl?
First time tanning questions...?
Is it safe to completely cover my skin with body lotion?
Why do I have a lot of freckles on my face?
My tongue barbell has this weird odor. Help?
Have you ever used Ahava Mineral Mud for your skin? How did you like it?
Should I get my bellybutton pierced?
Tongue piercing top hole split?
How to use my Skin Care Kit?
What should I be using on my face at age 13?
Are my eyes 'green' or 'hazel'?
how do i get skinny quite fast?
How to stop sweating underarms?
which is the best cream for having a glowing skin and for increasing the complexion?
I am getting little rashes all over my face...they arnt noticable unless your really staring at my face....?
what do you thinkon the clean and clear acne control kit..?
My cartilige is red, painful, and peeling. What should i do?
punched in the face ?
how can i remove my pimples?
I don't feel comfortable in a bikini?? (pictures)?
who here actually likes freckles? how can you get rid of em??!?
re-piercing my lip?
What is my face shape?
belly button ring question?
how do you stop your lips from going dry?
Should I tell the peircer what happened?
reduce hair amount?
Piercing my own lip :) ?
my boyfriend has image
How can i convince my mom!?!?!?
Im a 15yr old girl and how do I remove the embarassing hair above my mouth? Help?
why do i have no chin?
Which part of your body do you like the most ?
What else can I use other than razors for my legs?
Nose Peircing?
Cartilage Piercing?!!!!!?
Is Triple Antibiotic cream good for tattoos?
changing to a lip ring?
what piercing would look better?
when does your skin benefit better from a moisturizer?
Is body hair as noticeable to other people as it is to you?
Why is this happening?
how do you get rid of acne?
Does perfect C breast enhancer really work?
My face broke out and now. . .?
Product for red or dark acne marks...please help!!!!?
what is the best way to pierce my lip myself without my mom catching me?
Notched industrial barbell trouble?
red lines under my eyes?
If I go to Mystics tattoo parlor in Crofton, MD, will i be able to get my cartilage pierced with a stud?
How old do i look ?
Perspiring underarms and deodorant/antiperspirant doesn't work!?
Is it true that if you....?
I've been hearing about skin tags. What is a skin tag ?
Belly button piercing questions?
How to get rid of scarring and scabbing?
why do i keep getting beauty marks out of no where?
Chapped Lips!!!!!?
how can i get skin like halle berry's?
how to i get rid of pink blotches from scabs on face.?
How can i convince my parents to let me get my lip pierced?
How can I keep acne under control?
Revitol hair removal. Is there another cream just like it?
Ears Pierced ? =]]?
Can epsom salt be used to clean a cartilage piercing?
I know this has been asked alot but...?
Breast Implants (Boob jobs)?
I know everyone's got one but......?
What is your favourite skin colour tone?
Do you think someone shaving their pubes is a bit weird?
help adding piercings to tongue?
How does Masako Mizutani stay so young looking?
How do you get rid of fine lines on you legs?
What can I write on my skin with without damaging it?
What does it mean if you try to kiss a girl on the lips but she turn her face sideways so you kiss her cheek?
How to get a bigger bum?
i have a dark spot on my face?
What can I use to lubricate stretched ears?
AMBI Fade Cream Question?
i need new deodorant! Which kind should i use?
Just dare to tell me this one thing !?
why do i blush so much help?
im 16 and already have under eye wrinkles!! any suggestions?
skin problem...?
red bumps on legs?
Does it hurt any when you get your lip pierced. If so how much?
In your opinion, is this too much?
I'm 5'4 and 13.. is that tall?
tongue piercing question?
Cool Citris Basil from Bath and Body Works?
What bust size do you think looks best on a 5'2 125 lb woman?
Is it possible to get a Skin Peel without burning the skin.?
i have my belly button pierced is it sexy or trashy?
If I've very sensitive skin does .......................?
wat is the perfect boobie size??!!?
Do you think getting a piercing on the nose will hurt??
What is the best way to hide or cover up LARGE pores on legs?
navel piercing?
I use Mary Kate: Velocity and i tried using toothpaste but now.?
How to clear face up for prom?!?
Ear Cleaners in Austin, Texas?
How do I look? Rate 1-10 (pics)?
does vegetable oil remove moles?
facial hair.?
how to get rid of acne?
How can I convince my mom to get my cartilage pierced?
Snake bites to your veins?
Bras cause Breast Sagging? Is it True? Why? Why Not? ...?
What deodorant do you use?
Got my ears pierced a few days ago and am not sure how to tell my parents?
Anti-eyebrow piercing its loose what should i do?
How much does it cost to get your nose peirced?
after swimming, my face is all face and it feels like "tight"...?
For Proactive users who use the mask, is it possible to....?
Best Self bikini waxing product from the drugstore?
Possible piercing infection?
anyone knows a great, clean, nail salon in brooklyn, ny with an urban feel. mani's and pedi's for $25+ ok?
Does iceing pimples acutally help ?
should my friend start to model ?!?!?!?
if i get off retin a micro would i break out worst?
Is this still considered a scar?
Doing a monroe piercing myself? Unsafe?
Do you think my cartilage piercing will close up? Please answer!!?
does a belly button piercing hurt?
How can I protect my skin from the sun?
ever pierced your own belly button?
Do women usually shave their thighs, or just their calves?
i got my tongue pierced 3 or 4 weeks ago?
Would SnakeBites Or Manroe Work Better?
Where can I find a milk foam cleanser?
Skinnier Face?
how do you quickly remove whiteheads?
Do men use body lotion? If so what brand?
which belly button ring is better for getting it pierced?
Where can you get cinnamon leaf oil?
What are good treatments for seborrheic dermatitis of the face?
school starts in like two weeks and my skin is showing that i'm nervous!?
where can you buy a Cetaphil Antibacterial Gentle Cleansing Bar Soap in the UK?
Does likes papaya soap really work?
What is the best....?
What product is best to use to stop tanning or to reduce tanning?
Body Face or Brains?
im 13 and i want my belly button peirced!?
Is my belly piercing healed yet?
Help..... should i change my face wash?
How to get rid of the stretch marks?
Is it okay to use clearisil with a moisturizing cream?
avon for loads of acne scars?
HELP ME! IM STUMPED! 10 points!!!?
how to get rid of my acne?
How can I prevent my face from becoming shiny during the day?
Hip dermal piercing anyone?
Is my cartilage piercing infected?
stretch marks?
i think i left lemon on my face to long help...............???????????????
Acne problem?
How big can you gauge your ears and still have them go back to normal?
Should I shave my legs?
What's your favorite soap or body wash?
I have a slight tan but miscolored lips...?
how do you get dark circles?
What are the christmas scents at Bath and body works?
Why do I have a dark spot on the side of my face by my sideburns?
Are visible tattoos and/or face piercings okay to have to work at bath & body works?
what hurts more to get periced?
How to get rid of scars?
Does Dr.Scholls Skin tag Remover hurt?
Hair removing methods?? Please?
Which is better acne free or proactiv?
HELP!!! I Really need an answer!!!?
Does spray on suncreen gives the same effect as just put on sunscreen?
I'm 22 I use eye creams(anti wrinkle etc!) is this okay ....?
does anyone have some simple skin clearing remedies?
do i have a long/horse face?
How do I care for my skin?
Do we look alike? -pics-?
What's my face shape?
What kind of bath soap do you use?
What can I use to make my lips smoother?
imperfect skin help fast ima get pic. day monday!!!!!?
How much should I weigh if I am 5 feet tall?
is putting cucumbers on dark circles help for the day or for good?
How do i make a homemade body scrub?
Europeans are not white?
What jewelry should i use to get eyebrow newly pierced?
so i wanna get the skin above my **** pierced?
Is it just me or...?
Difference between lip piercing with a gun and a needle?
If I stretch my ears will it tear into my second hole?
being shy amoung girls?
Best skincare products?
hello all, please tell me what can i use to make my face spots gone?? because i feel ugly with them,, plz help?
whats a good mousterizer for sensitive skin?
Does Dr.Numb Cream Work For Nipple Piercings?
does it look sexy?
I think I'm too tall?
Where can I get my nose pierced at in TN?
I don't like the way I look!?
where can i buy old ambi fade cream in uk?
which body type is more attractive?
do you like tall skinny light skinned guys or short fat and stubby ones?
What can I do for my oily face?
Has Next stop making their Dimension fragrance? In particular their deoderant..?
How much do you think I weigh?
I just started to get a lot of white heads on my nose, how do i get rid of them?
which is better Nivea or Dove cream for face??
i need help fast!!?
can i change nose ring even if there is a bump?
my bf hates my bellybutton piercing?
How can i get a sexier body?
Can I use honey and aloe vera mask everyday ?
i have shiny nose may be its oily i do not know can i fix it as other skin is normal.?
20$ piercing in San Diego?
How can i get rid of blackheads? Any home remedies?
help ive got really bad blackheads on my nose and face ive tried everything?
How do I ask this without coming off as rude?
Stretching gauging ears help please ?
is that using laser treatment to remove hair is good?
ello...can anyone help me w/ ds...?
How can I get rid of a facial scab fast?
How much does it usually cost to get your belly button pierced?
Is Proactiv ok for sensitive skin?
cartilage piercing help?
what do women think if a guy has his tounge pierced?
How do I make my nails look healthy?
How can i get rid of little pimples?
which is the best sunblock for sunny area ?
Am I an average weight?
Accidently got Nail Polish Remover in my mouth???
What's the deal with tanning booths?
should i pierce my belly button or get my nose pierced? short body description and face description available.?
I got an eyebrow piercing with a bump what is it?
best women's deodorant?
I am about to get my ears pierced. on a scale of one to ten how bad do you think it hurts?
Should I get my mustache waxed?
which name is hotter?
How do you get rid of razor bumps? (Couple of months)?
Lip piercing?
laser hair removal in Pittsburgh, Pa?
Would I look good...?
Ear Cartilage piercing help required!!!!!!!!!!!?