how can you keep your skin feeling so soft and looking sexy?
How do you get rid of blackheads??
which one is better ?
Question for women with breast inplants:?
Best drugstore moisturizer?
how to clean new nose piercing?
how do i dry underneath my fingernail?
clear face.?
bumps on my arms O_o?
This Has Been Going On For A While.?
Does spencers sell fake piercings inside the store, as well as online?
Light skin girls with dark hair are hotter or vey blonde girls with bronze-tanned skin?Any other alternative?
Getting a bellybutton piercing? read on!?
How to get a hole in your nose?
What's a good sunscreen?
Pore strips for oily nose?
Do you think a vertical labret piercing would look weird if I have a gap in my two front top teeth?
Shaving your arms and legs?
Help Me Stop....?
How do celebrity females get their faces so clear, smooth and blemish free?
How can I Make my skin clear and soft ? =]?
What can i do to prevent razor burn, bumps, and scars from shaving my privates?
Random Q: What bodywash/soap do you use?
Aloe vera?
Help I need information on my blow out.?
Why does shaved hair grow back coarser?
does waxing harm your skin, what if you have excema?
belly button ring hanging weirdd. could it have migrated?? pleasee hellppp!!!?
What do you do for your acne/pimples??? ?
How to get bigger breasts naturally?
Home made skin care products?
Is tan skin pretty? (no pics)?
What perfume do they use in Holister stores? (it smeels so good.)?
Acne scarring- covering it, fading it, tips, anything!!! Please help!!?
Can you name something physical you hate about yourself?
how to impress your crush?
Why is it bad to have a crooked piercing?
How do you clean new nose pierces?
How bad does it hurt to get snake bites? (lip piercing)?
i hav a big nose and i'm NOT JEWISH!?
How does my stomach look (PIC)?
Do lip piercings really ruin teeth and gums?
Makeup help??!!?
Does getting your ear lobes pierced hurt?
what can i use on my dry legs?
What age did you start shaving?
My mom won't let me get a second earlobe piercing?
What's a great face moisturizer?
How can I fade my scars?
what color are your toenails right now???!?
wat causes wrinkles?
wut facial peircing(s) wud look best on me?
Does washing hands alot cause your hands to get real dried up and have cuts?
Is it weird if I wax my arms?
how to make my hands softer?
Getting an ingrown toe nail removed tomorrow :p PLEASE HELP!!!!?
Surface Piercings In Australia ....?
should i get my nose pierced?
little white pimples on my face?
do i look ok???????????????????/////?
Is it OK to shave your underarms with a razor in terms of being male?
How do I look? Should I do anything to look better?
Where can I find a expert body piercer who specializes in ear stretching?
why did i just put pink nailpolish on my toes? im a boy.?
proactive? yes or no?
what is good for whitening teeth?
Help me get rid of acne scars?
Hair down there, what to do with them?
Getting my septum pierced today, but im a LITTLE sick?
my friends say i am to skinny...?
Breast and body. need info please?
Skinvitals, A-whiten mask, FADING FRECKLES. Can anyone help me?
is it bad to use alcohol to clean your face everyday?
Neutrogena face bar is burning my face?
mole removal, more than one?
pls give me tips to cure acne pits naturally and also tips to increase my breast size and weight?
Is it true you can get and other diseases from getting a navel piercing?
how would you go about piercing your own belly button?
can i dwaw sharpie on my skin?
How to get rid of dry patch on skin fast?
Is Clean&Clear better or Neutrogena (for Acne)?
What products would you not be able to live without?
How do I look? What can i do to look better?
What is the best self tanning lotion to buy? and which one last long and is streak free ?
do i have small feet for a 14 year old?
I really need a good deodorant!?
How can I get softer hair and skin?
What is the best way to apply self tanning lotions?
<><><>Girls Answer Please!<><><>?
I have a question about my body hair...Girls only. Please help?
Does it hurt more to have your ears pierced or to hae a blood test?
Would I look better pale or tan?
Should I get my ear pierced against my mom's wishes?
How many times a day should i use retin-a micro for my face?
I didn't get any pimple?
Exfoliants for ingrown hairs?
What's my body shape?
what should i do?
will fish oil make acne worse?
Is this safe or not? (nose piercing)?
Breast enlargement...?
How do you treat ingrown hairs?
Do you think visible veins that pop out look cool? and are they attractive to girls?
should i get my tounge pierced?
What's your height and jean size (US)?
how can i reduce pimples from my face?
what do guys think of girls with face piercings? eyebrow or lip?
I drink 2-3 litres of water a day but my skin is still always very dry, itchy & flaky? ?
People with tongue piercings?
Thinking about getting my labret pierced. Info?
anti persperent deodorant?
septum piercing re-pierce?
Glamour modelling is my dream job?
how do you get rid of pimples on your back!?
how can i get rid of a big, red spot on my face?? ?
what would think of a 14 year old with their belly button pierced?
Belly Piercing? Help!?
i mbrown skinned girl & i always face heartbreaking comments around me.plz help me to become fair.?
how to get clear skin fast?
piercing rejection question?
Why do I have little bumps on my armpit and y do they hurt ?
Does wearing a bra at night really help prevent sagging later on?
Ok I have a creepy hat with a light up skull but idk if I should be a witch doctor or a criminaly insane hater?
What can cause severe bags under your eyes?
HELP!i hav blackheads on my chin n my nose n its bad for a cheerleader my bf realizes it 2?
Do they do nose piercings at Claire's?
how can i make an at home wax for my legs, and what do i need for strips?
using baby lotion and cream blackens skin?
coldsoresss!! please helpp?
What are some skin discoloration treatments THAT ACTUALLY WORK?
cheeks piercing, yes or no?
belly button piercing . . .pretty or ugly ?
Do clear tongue bar balls really not show the peircingv?
Ladies woukd u get a brazilian wax from a male esthetician?
Should I stop using Benzoyl Peroxide? Will my ance get better or worse?
Do you enjoy using blackhead strips?
Bright and Clear complexion?
Will this routine help clear up my face?
what is a good face cleanser??
Glow in the dark lingrie ?
Should I go to claire's or icing to get my ears pierced?
How to get legs nice shiny and glowy and healthy looking?
height/shoe size?
Acne Question (Please help!)?
Does it matter if I get a piercing and have dental work in the same week?
what's the best women's electric shaver under $40?
The Dreaded Farmer's Tan?
What is alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) meant to do to your skin?
how long does it take for ears to close?
How to get freckles???????????!!!!!!!?
i want a kickasss body by summer?
Price of Nads Wax Strips in the Philippines?
Are old Avon catalogs worth anything?
Another skinny girl. . .?
Wire or Wireless bras?
body jewellery... gauges....?
Wat do i scrub blackhead wit to make them go away?
Should i use proactiv 3 times a day ?
what cream can i use for my face, as i have oily face.?
Does getting a belly button piercing hurt different amounts for different people?
Tongue piercing... is still kinda swollen around the bar is that okay?
how do you get rid of stretch marks without having to use some expensive lotion or something?
Garnier no streak fake tan (gel)?
I suddenly have acne? Help?
whats the best way to solve dry skin under a beard?
benzoyl peroxide making my pimples worse!!?
How many pimples do you have right now?
My cheeks get bumps on my face but they are not pimples.Its a skin inflammation because puss doesnt come out.?
Dry skin problem (face)?
should i get the top of my ear cartilage pierced?
My Nose Bone Stud is stuck?
ACNE I'm almost 21!!!! So self conscious... what product should i buy!!!?
i got burnt horrribly today! how do i help the pain? and can i make the redness lighter?
what's the best face moisturizer?
snake bite piercings. help?
Do these oils clog pores?
How to get rid of pimples?
I have HAIRY LEGS ..?
How to apply Biotherm self-tanning mist?
I like burning candles but I'm afraid to......? ANY ideas?..........?
Girls will wearing my retainer make me more attractive?
Does anyone have any lawsuits or malpractice complaints about Dr. Tom Roberts, SC?
Does Clean & Clear Work for people with acne?
Whats a good Facial Cleanser with Benzoyl Peroxide in it ? ? ?
How to deal with Body acne?
What is the best way to remove body hair absolutely?
Is it bad to use 9 acne products at once?
Stretched ear inflamed?
What can I do to get scars to go away?
one boob is bigger then the other what can i do?
y do u have little white spots under your finger nail?
does getting your tongue pierced hurt?
Vase or skittle shape, combination of hourglass-pear?
How to stop unnecessary blushing?
I got an ear piercing today, how do i clean my ears?
How long does it take for a new piercing to heal up if you take it out ?
Does X-Out Acne Treatment System work?
How do I get rid of the yellow under-tone to my skin?
Belly button piercing, top hole red?
body acne...?
How to stop picking my lip?
Belly button piercing help?
what is vaseline for?
help buying from eyes lips face(ELF)?
How old do you have to be to get excess nose cartilage shaved?
How long will my snakebites stay open?
Are my eyelids sagging or normal.(PICS!!!)?
My nose ring isn't long enough. What size should I order instead?
Belly button piercing question!?
How can I make my breasts look like a "B cup"?
Does anyone else have an outie belly button?
What is the most common eye color?
If you could have one FREE cosmetic surgery operation of your choice, what would it be and why?
I wanna go tanning and I have some questions?
what can i use in a sauna?
is my belly button piercing healing properly?
im teenage grl i hv acne free skin can i use himalaya neem face wash?
when i take Vitamin C injection, How long will my skin be white?
help me please i need your help with a problem?
How to get rid of my face pimples?
what do you think of my eyes?
Mum's being a hypocrite?
Closing pierced ears! HELP?!!?
Should I complain?
Which piercing out of these two is more painful..?
i hate my really pale white skin what can i do?
what happens to your body when you get frightened?
if i get my lip waxed will the hair return darker?
How to make your own soap?
Adams apple on a girl- am I alone?
help with tanning please?
how to i prevent this pain from when i do this natural woman thing that woman are supose to do?
How can I get rid of blackheads on my nose only?
Cartilage Piercing in wrong place?
Do I have an abnormally long neck?
Do bleaching creams work?
When you see that the hole of your piercing is fairly big, is it always mirgration?
Is it bad to have soap in your nose?
do freckles disappear?
Hypertropic ear piercing?
How old do you have to be to get your nose pierced in Eau Claire, WI?
Is there anything that can make greasy, orange peel looking skin look normal?
Is it too young for me to thread my face at the age of 16? will it effect my face in a bad way?
Why is my skinn getting darker?
st.ives apricot cleanser?
i just got my ears pireced .. help..
Bags Under My Eyes?
What is the easiest way to lose weight?
Puffy Lips?
How to get a big Butt?
Whats the soonest i can exfoliate before waxing?
How to get clear skin wit just cetaphil?
i just got my belly peirced, but i don't like it?
thick skin on face!!PLEASE HELP?
Opinions on piercings?
Please no rude comments....? just tell me how long, not that dieting is good and eating 3 small meals?
My clarisonic won't work !?
First time tanning questions...?
Description of this nose type?
How much do you think I weigh?
how can i stop biting my nails?
do you prefer tanned skin or pale skin?
How do I get RID of razor burn?
Which one should I get?! Cartilage or 3rd hole piercing?!?
The area below my "behind" is dark.Any ways to even my skin tone around there?
how to determine correct size of bra?
What is the most effective body spray?
Help!! My lips swollen and I have three days to get it back to normal! Any ideas???
Anyone who has their Monroe pierced-what can I do to help with this infection?
how to minimise my brest size??
What should i get pierced?
What is the best self tanner out there for body AND face?
Help!!? Nose piercing :(?
All the way or particle?
how long until I can repierce my navel after getting it done and taking it out?
do u like when a face have big lips and big eyes?
what with my piercing? come look at this pic?
Personal microderm gone wrong?
Piercing problems?
How can people lose their weight on the easiest way?
How do I shave my armpits?
Is it stupid to have a fake nose piercing?
Would this type of piercing look hot on me? (pictures)?
Weird substance on belly button piercing?
I know this is a stupid question but is 6'1 tall?
Which football player is the cutest????????
What is this all over my body?
Are Lush products really worth it?
is there any hope of removing stretchmarks?
i want my nose pierced and dont know whether to get it done by a needle or a gun. HELP!!?
Is there a lip balm that can heal your lips?
im starting to get a lot of pimples on my forehead ?
Easy Way to get rid of bacne pleease help!?
Weird for guys to go tanning? / how long would it take before results?
how can i remove my dark circles?
How do I get rid of a crease mark?
My pimples keep coming and going! How can they STOP?
What are these Dark Shades, kind of ruff spots on my cheeks?
whats the best at home waxing kit?
ok, i peirced my nose be myself.?
shaving legs...?
Ladies,I've just discovered "Nivea for men" moisturiser & exfoliating face scrub?
I don't know if I still like my piercing. What do you all think of it?
Shaving --- Hot Lather Machine?
what is the best drug store fast acne treatment?
How can I stop biting my nails??
Which moisturizer works best for razor bumps?
What's the difference between razors for men and razors for women?
i really want a bra!?
pimple help!?
How to treat dry, ed lips?
girlstache? trying to make it less noticeable?
What is a good facewash?
stretch marks on boobs?
i want my nipples pierced but i don't want to pay a bunch of money any cheap spots in philadelphia?
will the doctor refer me to a dermatologist?
Gauge after blow out?
Worry lines/Wrinkles at fourteen?
should i go blonde? i have brown hair, blue eyes and pale skin?
Needle or Gun to get top of ear pierced? (cartilage)?
how much does a belly piercing hurt?
Should i get my belly button pierced?
Recently pierced ears?!?
Do you think these girls are beautiful?
how did acnease work for you?
How can I have my mom let me get angelbites?
Im a 17yr old male and i have a ton of stretch marks HELP?
Is a "Bubble Butt" Good?
What is the best brand or kind of articficial tanner?
What do you guys think of my Mole?
What do you think of nose piercings..?
how can i get rid of my chubby face?
What improves your body image? I need to improve mine. (GIRLS pref.)?
How can I lighten my skin complexion?
How do I get rid of a crease mark?
ALL 12-14 year old girls!!!?
So many products on face?
i cant believe im asking this..... ? help?
Where can I find rosehip seed oil?
How can I get rid of Dead Skin?
Whats the prettiest piercing? in your opinion?
How do I make myself look attractive?
i am 13 and i want my belly-button pierced??
How can we make our body of larger size?
I want to start looking after my skin?
how do i stop a habit?
My Acne before and Now, and Products?
Am I fat [pics] How do I lose it?
Needle on hypertrophic scar?
women, could you give up crossing your legs?
How long do you have to wait between ear piercings?
I need to get tan asap!?
how do you get rid of hard pimples that hurt?
How did HyunA get so pale?
if i take out sperm daily will i be thin . Can u tell me what will happen i take out daily?
Does getting your ears pierced hurt? Well, obviously, it would hurt. Is the pain any worse than having braces?
Oil control face wash for men?
I need help. Girls Only!?
nose piercing?
How to get in single flare plugs?
Is it ok not to show your teeth when you are smiling?
How to get rid on ingrown hairs spots on stomach?
Does Top Gel Pearl Cream work?
what is a good affordable....?
How to make my underarm to my natural skin color. It's black?
girls boobs?
What product can tighten ur face skin? and whiten it? plz help me?
Has my fresh naval piercing ripped?
Does anyone know a good type of tanning lotion for someone who doesn't tan easy?
Ladies ONLY , I need help?
Is 17 too young for 'plastic' surgery?
Why does proactive doing this to my face?
i got a little sun burn. but now my face is all pealing. how do i make it go away?
what make a person brest grow?
Long story about body odor, can someone help?
sudden skin breakouts, please help!!?
GIRLS: What Do You Think of My Body?
My face coming more dark in Photos?
Is it gross for your collar bone to stick out?
what do you think.. (PIX)?
Girls: How do I ask my mom to let me...?
What is the best tanning oil that also has good SPF?
Best Acne-Killing Facial Cleansers?
Have you ever used some type of vitamin C cosmetic product/facial & noticed a difference?
How to get bigger lips without make up or surgery?
I cant tan normally after using fake tan?
does lemon juice get rid of freckles?
Just got my belly done, is it ok to sunbathe?
In profile my nose looks big and ugly, but my face looks pretty, does it matter?
whats a good facail mask recipe?
Does heat and/or sunlight heal scars?
how to reduce melanin in your become fair?
less hairy legs, will shaving make it more?
is it true that store bought indoor tanning lotions will inhibit getting tan and/or damage acrylics @ salons?
For Girls Only!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Does anyone have anything to take care of the dark circles around my eyes?
does proactive work........?
naval piercings and a 15 yr old. help me?
I am really pale, and i am scared to wear a bikini because of it, what should i do?
how can i get a tan without tanning beds or oils?
how do i make my breasts bigger?
How do you get rid of blackheads!?
Does using a face mask replace face washing?
were is the cheepist place to get equipment for beauty therapy equipment for college?
Any natural hand washes to help with eczema on the hands?
How long will it take for my pink skin to blend back to my skin color?
Belly button piercing?
Are brown eyes really that ugly?
i got my ears pierced last year and now theres an infection because every time i put an earing in there my ...?
Has anyone tried olay total effects and ponds miracle cream?which works better for wrinkle correction?
is using a washcloth dangeous for face?
does hair really grow back darker and thicker after you shave?
i hate shaving my legs!!?
what piercing would suit me?
Please Help me i need help?
Can you get a piercing on...?
How do you get rid of dark circles round your eyes?
Can Advil work the same as Aspirin in a face mask?
My hip peircings.....?
i need help with pimples.?
Should I get the industrial piercing?
For how many times in a week should i do this to remove corns?Should i use glycerine or any other mosturizer?
My navel piercing is really infected?
Lump on my earlobe but it is not pierced?
itchy and burning face for days?
Making bath salts that won't stick together?
How can i stop the urge to cut myself?
I want a new piercing and can't decide what to get...?
My skin is breaking out AND drying up?
how can i get the black marks/spots off my face?
What to do to get rid of acne/acne scars?
I hate my body.................………....?
Please help!!!!!!! even if it has already been answered, as much help as i can get!!!!!! keep answering guys X?
Please rate me a 1-10?
Any products to help me get a tan when sunbathing?
how do these essential oil smell?
how to tell my mom...?
Is my wieght right for me?
What Neutrogena product is good?
Veet fast acting gel cream can I use it again?
Is my belly button infected?
My eyes are yellow right at the bottom when i look closly and im 13... is xbox to blame?
Cheap skin products or at-home methods???
best remedies to get rid of stretch marks?
im getting my belly button pierced in a a couple of days, does it hurt?
will a nose piercing effect me getting a job?
Am i average or could i lose some weight?
tips on tanning please?
What are some myths about people who have moles on their face?
I want a nose job but can't afford it, what should I do?
what are the chances of my dermals getting an infection?
I'm a male getting my nipples pierced - What kind of ring is hotter barbell or hoop?
My lips are very dark, So please suggest Me the best & permenent solution/ointment/cream at low cost?
I use to get too much sun, so now i got dark color under my eyes, what can i do?
I have a wierd question?
Spot problem. Please help?
I got my belly button pierced and the piercer said to just put on neosporin and nothing else?
nape piercing!!!!!!<3?
Shaving bumps?
Cheap and EFFECTIVE ways to whiten underarm ?
I glow in the dark do you?
i dont think i have a big nose but everyone tells me i do?
Does it hurt to get your cartilage pierced?
What can cause your legs to itch really bad a day or so after shaving?
Piercings, sports, what to do?
what can i use for dry hand?
Does it hurt to get your ears pierced at age 12?
What do you think about my face/body? pics?
does anyone know where Park Si-yeon (박시연) got her nose surgery (the last one)?
I don't think I have a earlobe blowout but it hurts like hell.?
I was wondering (Male or female)if I am attractive.Honestly I would like to know!?
please click answer.?
Tea tree oil...needs diluting! Please HELP!?
Worried about my new industrial piercing?
I have REALLY oily skin (on my face only) and need some help to fight this.?
i have/had a pimple and dried it out with toothpaste and stuff and now theres only a red bump nothing inside?
Alcohol Clear your Skin?
Applying lemon and sugar mix on face ?
How do I get sexy, muscular legs?
does getting your noes peirced hurt?
Who knows of any great spot zappers? This is pretty urgent :S?
am i ugly or not ppl say i have pretty eyes?
question about ear piercing?
How to get rid of black heads?
I read that if you put mint juice on your face it will clear acne but I don't know where to buy any. Help!
how long it take to see improvement with Glycolic acid skin care?
How can i get rid of this... help?
how to avoid shaving stubble on your legs?
How should I best thicken my stretched ears?
Should I get my ears pierced with a needle or gun?
How do you get rid of whiteheads and blackheads without having to pop them?
what happens to your naval piercing when you get pregnant?
sholud i lose some weight?pic incl?
Breasts plastic surgery, should i get a B or a D size?
Advice for going on to a new year of school?
Getting plastic surgery !?
GIRLS ONLY- Is this awkward? (s!)?
what is lacking in my looks?
Any difference between olay regenerist 30 second wrinkle filler and filling and sealing wrinkle treatment?
How can I get rid of my dark eyebags?? my mom has too, is it genetic?
i want to make my skin glowing and shinning.....would u like to tell me about?
Can you get rid of stretch marks?!?
How do you remove a acrylic toenail?
what do you wash your face with?
I know this is gross but I really need help?
Whats a strong Cologne for men That They could smell you from far away?
can u get ur belly button pierced at the doctors? if ya then do they numb it first?
When you get out of the shower what body part do you dry off first?
tongue piercing???
What's the best electric razor on the market rite now?
I have a hooked nose will it make me less atractive?
How am i getting zits?
does my face look normal?
Anyone that knows about sunburns/tanning.?
What do acne blemishes mean ?
This is pathetic asking this question on here just needing opinions ?
I got stretch marks from lifting?
How can you reduce black marks around the eyes?
Getting my nose pierced-would like some advice from people with experience?
Are acrylic tapers bigger than stainless steel tapers?
How do I get rid of my red face? (please read details)?
Has anyone used "Turmeric essential oil" for the face? If so,......?
Should i get my nipples pierced?
Am I Fat or Whatt???
---Bush or Brazilian?
Should I get an ear piercing?
well, frankly, my pitts stink. help please.?
did you tan a lot as a teen? how long does it take for sun damage to show up?
Nape dermals after 2 months rejecting?
Acne; I have really bad acne in my left cheek that won't go away. I have a lot of cystic nodule acne. ?
question about spa treatements....?
what is best to get a wound scars and blemishes off a black african skin?
does it hurt getting your tounge pierced?
Have you ever thought of sitting in the toilet backwards and going to the bathroom?
My jaw..................?
why do people stalk me when i buy something?
super dry skin question?
dimples on my eardrum why?
Need a tan?
Hair removal?
Would I suit an eyebrow piercing?
What is the best Facial Cleanser?
How old do you have to be to get a belly bar or belly button ring?
how do i make a cucumber face mask without using yogurt, mint, or anything that i would most likely not have?
What piercing should I get?
how can you get rid of a pimple..?
How much days of interval should be there in exfoliating , facial oil massage and taking steam?
Is Olay Regenerist Regenerating Lotion with UV protection safe to use for the upper and lower eyelids?
Getting your lip pierced with a quartz retainer?
My flat asian nose?!?
Great (cheap) skin serums?
certain dri?
How to get rid of dark circles?
septum piercings,, question about em,..?
which piercing is less painful?
How much does it cost for a plastic surgery?
Need advice regarding cleanser?
wats a good weight?
Does it really hurt to get your lip pierced?
Transverse Ear Piercing?
snakebites and septum?
Help! PIMPLES!!!!?
Should I get this lip ring???What do u think men??
Dimple piercing help?
I want to stretch my ears?
Is there anyway to get a lip piercing done without a parents permission?
Why are my cheeks darker than the rest of my face?
Does banana boat sunblock still smell like coconuts/bananas or is it now unscented?
i got my tongue pierced?
Please help me !?!?!?!?
How does bikini waxing get done?
Shower in the morning? I don't have time? HELP!!!!?
Can you recommend a daily sunscreen that won’t make me oily?
Should I get both ears pierced?
how to get rid of dry/ oily skin?
Help!?!! please!!!!?
anyone who knows about the product Tend Skin Liquid?
Bags under my eyes!?
HELP!!! What's wrong with my eyes?
How much dose it cost to get ur belly button peirced?
Are you allowed to wear an earring immediately after an ear piercing?
How to get rid of pimples fast?
If the left boob is bigger than the right one what should i do?
Chapped Lips Problem,Please Help?
what can i do tonight to reduce my facial sunburn??
What should I do about my hairy legs?
I am very fair( the Irish sort). I need to be Cuban-esque tan for a show. What are some good tanning supplies?
How pretty am i? 10 points.?
I have no cleavage at all?
Is it bad to have a baby face?
about how much does laser hair removal cost if you want to remove the whole torso area?
My weird sweaty armpitss????
what is the cost for hair removal through laser?
HELP!!! Accidently scratched a brand new scab that is NOT ready to come off?
Is there an expiration date for DABO korean sheet masks?
Tips on face cleansing?
What products do you use?(females only)?
how do i stop my pimples permanently without using any cream but only tablets and no alternative medicine?
my tummy kinda pokes out of my prom dress...what can i do?
Piercing tn? How to get started?
I would like to ask a questin about my skin mouth area or chin area is darker compared to my whole fac?
medication causes acne?
HELP ASAP!! okay so i want to get my bellybutton pierced but my mom wont let me so my boyfriends mom is going?
can i get gauges and a double piercing without parent permission?
40 y.o. woman wants to get her nose pierced....?
is is possible to get rid of freckles, or lighten them?
how to change my skin color from dark?
Help!!! please!!! ill answer yours!!!?
Does Pro Active really work?
how can you get rid of stretch marks:(?
HELP!!Weiightt Issues PLEAZ HELP!?
What is the best thing for acne?
PLEASE HELPPP!!! do u get black hair color off your skin?!?
How do you get rid of unwanted hair on the face?
Aveeno positively radiant moisturizer?
BOOB OBSESSED?!?!?!? help!!?
How much would a belly button piercing hurt?
Tongue Piercing asking my mum?
Tounge piercing question?
How to get back my original skin tone? Previously my skin tone was lightly fair.?
Is it okay for a girl to have hairy arms?
Tongue piercing is sore?
Too Many Ear Percings!!?
What type of toothapste works on pimples?
Should I get snakebites?
I need help with my acne!!?"?!?!?,?,?,?,?,?.,?,.,,?,.?
Does waxing eyebrows hurt?
Has anyone use Countinously Clear by Serious Skin Care?
Anyone uses,or used Dermabrasion?
Im Young & Male! How unattractive isit to have black circles around my eyes?
Why does washing my face make my pimples worse?
what's your favorite deodorant smell?
Has anyone used Bio Oil?
do i have dimples or are these just lines ?
Where can I buy a cheap oil based cleanser?
What is the best way to remove dark spots?
is it okay for a 13 yr old to get a nose job?
To young to be curvy or something?
hey how to make my face looks good in the morning?
FRECKLES ~ Hot or Not?
how can you get rid of stretch marks?
Am I old enough to get my belly button pierced?
How tall are you? What color are your eyes and hair?
Want new ear piercing, read please (:?
whats some items straight from the kitchen that are really good for your skin??
best affordable face powder???
Plz help for men facial product for clear fairer face?
love eyes??
I have a personal question......?
Getting my lip pierced tomorrow, how can I make it hurt less?
Does any part of your body makes you feel unhappy or look ugly?
What colour eyes do you have?
How to convince my parents to let me get my belly pierced they say I'm growing still I'm 13 years old?
Has anyone else used shampoo instead of shaving cream?
HELP i got painful acne that wont completely go away what do I do??
Nair Hair Removal Cream?
What kind of stores I can find soaps like Papaya kojic acid , glutathione? Glutathione pills?
I have a lazy eyelid. Is there a surgery to correct this?
Do I have to clean my newly pierced ears everyday until it heals?
I'm a black woman and I'm looking to keep my legs shiny for the Summer, does anyone know what to use?
How do I make my knees look nicer?
I am 24 and my appearace is fat.I need to reduce, especially my hands,stomach and buttocksand get good shape.
Who knows of any great spot zappers? This is pretty urgent :S?
This qeustion is for the lady's about a type of cologne.?
how to get rid of breasts?
Does every belly button peircing get infected?
How much do micro dermals hurt?
How many points do the uniform inspectors take off of your grade for spider bites in the jrotc uniform?
Is 20 too old to wear glitter toenails?
Wat is the best way to pierce my septum my self with out my parents finding out?
Do you shave your hands or knuckles?
if a dermatologist removes a hair follicle, will that permanently remove the hair?
Is there anyway I can stop my chin from stretching when I smile?
I think I have an ingrown hair.?
Nose piercing in willow grove mall !?!?
how can i get rid of and prevent dry skin on my face?? like around my eyes and nose?
I have pale skin, how can I tan?
How to stop being self-conscious about my big boobs?
How do I get rid of my blackheads??
getting a nose ring?!?
dermatologists: what is in a chemical peel?
i made coffe body scrub,how many times can i use it in a month?
got hairy stomach!!!help?
How long before I stretch my ears 14g-12g?
Is Dial soap harmful if put in mouth?
What is the best moisture lotion for legs.?
my nails need help?
What should I do to make my face more tanned?
Does rubbing milk and lemon juice on your face makes it get a ligther/whiter complexion??
How do you remove dark spots from face?
Yearbook photos are wednesday, but I'm getting black heads and pimples.?
sweating.... ewww nasty gross?
dark circles under eyes?
Modelling questions in description bar?
How do i pierce my bellybutton?
New Septum piercing questions?
Whats a good dye to use on your pubic hair?
Is proactive one of those treatments where you can't ever stop using it?
Piercing question, all advice welcome...please help :)?
Do dark skinned indians suit a medium yellow coloured blouse/shirt?
Will i ever have a normal body again? feel like i have ruined my body :(?
advice for cleaning my nose piercing?
I have Blemishes under my hair?
I have a crooked smile, why is that?
im 13 and ive had acne since i was 9 and proactive did not work for me how can i make it go away?
My lips keep breaking out with acne and will not go away even though im using pro-active?
What sunscreen will NOT make me break out? They ALL do!?
does lasering removed hair?
Are you more attracted to tan or pale skinned guys/girls?
What's up with people wanting to numb their piercings?
What chapstick/lip balm is the best for peeling lips?
what is a good female unscented deodorant that will last all day?
How do you make a sunburn on the face not hurt?
Why is my chest not tanning as much as my belly and legs?
guys does knowing a girls on her period gross u out?
What's your favorite piercing(s)?
Why do i look so young ? i mean i am 16 and people ask me if i am 14. Is that a good thing?
what gauge is a cartilage piercing ?
Sweaty arms pits? Help me get rid of them?
How do you get rid of Bacne also known as back acne?
Helix piercing? Please help.?
Can switching products so much cause oily skin?
Is it good and recommendable to have a piercing in the eyebrow?
How to make my pale legs look nicer?
I'm 19, my cousin is 12, she wants her belly button pierced but does not want 2 do it herselve.Can i take her?
does getting your ears pierced hurt?
What are these things below my nails?
how to rid scars?
Why are my parents so against me shaving?
What is the best electric razor to get a guy?
Does anyone else use hair remover cream on their face (the cream is especially for the face)?
Pros and cons to being short?
How can I grow tall and have long thin legs?
How do u get ur female private part smooth without having to wax it?
How old should I be when I get my belly button pierced?
What is a good recipie for a home made face mask?
How to make my lips smooth and soft?
Problems with nose piercing?
How can I remove facial moles?
Body Butter?
Can I wear earphones if I have a heart Daith piercing?
How do I get luscious lips and pretty eyes?
my bra size is a 32 A is this normal for a 14 year old?
What's better for puffy eyes, cold or warm?
How can i get rid of blackheads in my ear?
i have six fingers on my right hand .what is the significance of this?
Should i kick the medusa piercing and go with snakebites?
What should i do with my hairy legs?
How to get the perfect tan?
Suggest a good body lotion for me please!?
All I want is clear skin, what am I doing wrong?
After having your tongue pierced how long is it painful?
How do I persuade my mum to let me have my ears pierced?
make a piercing close - quick?
I've been breaking out on my neck?? What do i do ??
Would i suit a right side bottom lip piercing?
Horrible tan need to get rid of it asap?
why do i have to be 16?
I have a few sunspots on my face - do commercial fading creams work?
how do i get longer nails?
my tragus piercing is swollen?
does suntan lotion prevent against tanning too?
How do i change back to my old skintone?!?
Blackhead help!?
ACNE PROBLEM. I'm 14 and I want them 2 SCRAM, please helpppppp!?
can we have out lineing of the top lips, and thats is light brown. I am a women?
is it a good idea to get a belly ring?
How long should you tan outside?
how to enlarge breast?
Should i get my belly button pierced to give me more confidence?
Would a nose piercing look ok on me?
What cause your skin color to change colors after a tan?
How can i make my skin go back to its regular color?....?
First Lip Piercing Questions ?
whats the best way to get a tan?
Tanning Beds!?
obagi vs acne cleanser?
Belly button piercing hurts...?
How can I get rid of blackheads?
Need help deciding if i should switch to..?
Has anybody had a mole removed from face?
what tanning procedure do you think i should do?
Shaving arms?!?!!?
Tongue piercing advice?
Is it safe to super glue a small rhinestone to skin?
How to remove self tanner?
What is a good self tanner?
Help with my skin care routine?
Is it bad to like piercings?
Deodorant that does not leave Yellow Stains?
How can i make clear my face from marks of pimples?
Can't Find My Chapstick!!! What Do I Do?!?!?!?!?!?
what is a stretch mark?
Does a monroe piercing hurt? whats it feel like?
Is Dial soap harmful if put in mouth?
how can i make my tan skin lighter naturally?
whats the safest way of piercing my own ear?
PICTURES INCLUDED. Should I get a septum piercing or a nose piercing?
Do you find hands attractive?
Sea Salt Soak for your ears?
What are some ways to make face masks.....?
What is your fave perfume smell?
Piercing question, all advice welcome...please help :)?
Facial Hair Removers?? Shaving Powder?
anyone used "Tan Perfect" self tan lotion? is it any good and what about the color?
Indoor Tanning Lotion?
help skin toning?
how do you get rid of acne?
Dry Eyes??...........?
Any Household Items Remove Scars?
I have acne problem on my forehead and 15...any suggestions??
Tanning bed?sunburst4500 magnum 3 vs sunbreeze5000?
what is my body type?
Piercing my own Nose?
Cartilage Piercing Bump?
What do guys really think of breast implants?
Where can you get hollow piercing needles offline in birmngham,AL?
What peircing would suite my face?
Is it okay?
What do you use to get clear skin? How do you maintain your clear skin?
Is 5'4 tall or short for 14 year old boy?
need to persuade my parents to let me get piercing?
How to make my legs super soft and smooth?
do lips tan too?
i pierced by belly button with a safety pin (it was a new one) how long do i leave the safety pin in for?
veet for men? Where can I buy them and possible side effects?
what do u do about your hairy upperlip?
hair. skin. height. body. MAKEOVERRRR :]]?
Do you find hands attractive?
tounge ring?
ok I am freakin determined to get tan, some help me out?
How to get rid of pimples fast!
How can I get rid of faint red marks on my cheeks from previous spots?
Should i do this again or is it not good for my nose??????????
How should I best thicken my stretched ears?
Can you use an eyebrow retainer as a lip ring retainer?
Does easycurves really work (enchance your breast/make them bigger?)?
does birth control help acne?
help! stressed and my face is breaking out?
Navel piercing questions?
Nose Piercing Questions?
i wanna get snake bitees reaal bad - does it hurt too geet theem donee ?
Pimples, spots, zits and spot scars...?
11 yr girl getting belly pierced?
I'm so awkward in my body?
Order of Acne Treatments?
Are my boobs average for my body?
would it hurt if i pierced my upper lip on my own?
Is this okay to do?? Piercing by myself??!!!?
Does tea tree antiseptic oil work????????????
Stretched ear piercing?
OMG I have a zit!What do I do!!!?
spot marks?
how can i whitten my upper thigh and my under arms?
How to i remove black armpits?
Homemade tanning oil?
How bad does a belly button piercing hurt?
Can you get a PTFE stud put in when you get a monroe piercing?
it is mon and i got my tongue pierced on thurs and everyting seems to be good may i change to a smaler bar now?
Is there any way to get rid of.......?
How often should I expoliate?
what are paper thin ear drums, what can happen to them?
Help a girll out?!?! Answerr!?
What deodorant?
How long does it take for ear piercings to close?
what juice should you make to keep your skin beautiful?
I need a great deodorant?
i am short and i have a big bum but i am only a 34a is that unatractive?
Does a nose piercing hurt for...?
How to make my pale legs look nicer?
Has anyone had an experience with Thermage for stomach skin tightening?
Which face masks sounds the best?
Is it okay to wear body lotion as a facial lotion?
how can i get my mum to let me have my tongue pierced?!?
Should I get breast implants?
help me out!how to get rid of dark spots&improve skin tone?
How to remove Black Pores behind thighs?
Tell me the procedure to do chocolate facial?
22,boy.I using Melacare forte on face.But now 2 black mark at sides of lip near to avoid mark what i?
what is my face shape?
How would teenage girls react if they see a shirtles17-year old boy working out, through his bedroom window?
I'm only 14 and have really big bags under my eyes, i sleep alot, how do i get rid of them?
Has anyone gotton great results from proactive?
Once my tongue piercing heals will the bar look more centered?
Why do I get white marks on my fingernails?
What should i expect for this pirceing?
eyebrow piercing on a girl? hot or not?
I want to know if I could snakebites again or how long I would have i would have to wait to get the redone?
Top five things for soft skin and nice complexion?
Problem with my face..(AcneFree Users Preferred!!)?
What is the best self tanning spray/lotion out there?
How come I always look bad in public bathroom mirrors?
Scarring for medusa and dimple piercing?
What happens if you have a tan already on parts of your body and you then apply fake tan?
My face gets so red!! help!!?
How do you get rid of dark circles under your eyes?
is $2400 a good price for laser hair removal?
is my face fat ? *pictures included!!*?
which piercing hurts more?!?
what is a good face moisturizer?
Are belly button piercings Hot or not? (guys opinions)?
fat transfer from your butt to your face?
Do I have the eyes that would I look good in eye makeup?
what is the best acne spot treatment for sensitive skin?
white spots of my face?
Skin Problems, PLEASE HELP!!!!!?
I'm turning 16 but I look younger? ):?
How long does your skin hurt after laser hair removal?
How do you get rid of backaches quick without any kind of lotion product?
Does Proactive really work?
When and where did Scarification start?
I'm 13 and have wrinkles around my eyes when I smile (LITERALLY)?
what are your favorite scents from bath and body works?
About using body scrub Help me?
How can i cure my acne in less than a week?
i keep getting spots on my forehead and on my cheeks?
Any excersizes to build up the side areas of my nose?
What kind of "home-remedy" can I use to take the oil off of my face?
how can you look skinnier in a bathing suit?
what a good remedy to use to for face to get rid of scars and pimples?
Do you know about Cuticle cream!!!?
Losing Weight?
has anyone used mederma on BRAND NEW stretch marks?
Ive noticed a lot of girls have Fat lips is that like silicon injected lips or something. ?
Can body lotion with Vitamin E in it be used on the face also?
After biting my nails for so long will they grow back to normal size?
Lighten skin the best & fastest way?
Burt's Bees products - do they use cane sugar?
Any zit suff that works...?
I want to take out my belly button piercing I just dont want it any more?
what side do boys get there ears pierced on ?
I have a big huge hard pimple on my chin?
I look 3 years younger than I am , what can I do?
I am feeling very tired during my period, what kind of vitamins should I take at this time?
Is it acceptable to return to the salon for waxing if not all hair are removed the first time?
What are oils good for?
A question about dimples xD?
I have acne problems. Please Help.?
fragrance oils?
Has anyone here used Proactive? Did the acne get worse before it got better?
good acne over the counter products?
Have you got your ear's Pierced at Claires?
How pretty am i? pic included!?
Is Johnson's baby milk soap OK for my face?
if i stretch my ear to 8g/6g , and i decide to take them out, would my ear hole go back to it's regular size?
How can i loose weight, easier and enjoyable?
BUmpy chin! Help! Anyone?
Guys honest opinion on scars?
I work in a kitchen and I keep getting grease in my skin and it's giving me spots how do I prevent it?
Do old women still have leg hair?
My nose piercing is infected, can I take it out?
Am I male or female????
Just had my ears scalpelled.. question?
Does it hurt to get your cartilage piercing done?
Im 15 year old lad and i want my ear pierced but my parents wont let me?
Is it gay for a male to get there anti eyebrow pierced?
Why does fake tan not take on scars...?
what can i do to remove pimples?
hey, I want to start tanning but I have a weird question to ask.?
How do I persuade my mom to let me get gauges?
Conch or Snug piercing.....?
Neutrogena grapefruit scrub, wash, or cleanser?
How to ask for a piercing (15)?
What piecing looks better.....?
Tapers for wearing all the time?
Get rid of acne over night???
Im a black Female with HORRIBLE acne scars......?
is vaseline a good source to make your face smooth and undry?
How do i return Clean and clear kit!?
why do my lip get dry?
how long can ones finger nail grow in one month?
I have really dry, sensitive skin and Rosecea on my cheeks what is a good skin care and makeup line to use ?
i'm scaaared...tongue piercing?
how do i make my nose looker smaller?
Gum piercing (not smiley)?
Is proactive good?
Should I get my ears pierced.....again!??!!?
How should i wash my face in the morning? HELP?
i am plannig to haveing a breast lift because of a condition i have does anyone know a good plastic sur?
how can i make my piercing heal faster?
Before and after?
veet hair removal cream(how long do i leave it on for)?