Describe the Feeling when you get your Nose Pierced? With a Needle.?
is it possible for me to get lighter skin in a couple of days?
Should my mom get her nose pierced?
is there anyway possible to get acne to disappear in about 2 days?
How can i clean up my dirty pores on my nose and on my chin?
what's the fastest way to gain weight . help.?
what problems would i have if i got a monroe piercing?
help please! scars!?
Edging period ?!?! Someone help!!?
How do you get rid of stretch marks?
how do i remove the bumps on my thighs...?
How long can I keep bath and body works body lotion/shower gel/body splash before I have to throw it away?
dress guy as girl?
Painful wrinkles after baths?
Nose piercing questions :)?
Belly Button Piercing. I have wanted to get my bellybutton pierced for almost two years, but i'm so scared.
UGH. Pimple/zit on my forhead wont go away! HELP?
do eye lift creams give permanent results?
where can i find prince matchabelli fresh white musk body lotion?
i have a really dry mouth?!?
How do I get rid of bags Underneath my eyes?
how do i get rid of an exremely oily oily face? I have tried everything!?
(disgusting but...) I itched my belly button in thethe shower today and..?
Does Palmer's Skin Success Eventone Complexion Soap get rid of acne?
how tall and how much do you think she weighs? (picture included)?
Are there any other ways to make your boobs larger besides plastic surgery?
what is your belly button piercing supposed to feel like?
how do i quickly get rid of a rash?
I have lines on my cheeks!?
does it hurt to get your belly button peirced?
My husband has just pierced me and there is lots of blood!!!?
Is it okay to wash your face after you wax it?
Dry skin after hot shower?
Which scar treatment works the best?
Has anyone done radio frequency face lift before? How does it feel? Is it painful?
troubles with my nose pierced?
How do if your ear pierced lobe is fully healed?
I have pimples on my face that look ugly?
Does Everyone get pimples?
Do anti belly button piercings hurt worse than regular belly button piercings?
Would I be able to model?
Lotion for Prettier Skin?
face washes for forehead zits?
Anyone have an epilator?
Are there any body HAIR REMOVAL CREAM products that you would recommend?
Is anyone else under 5ft tall? Do you hate being short?
I m too slim and i want to gain some weight. so tel me what can i do?
Has anyone used this product?
Is it okay to smoke hookah after getting your tongue pierced?
i hate my nose i want a nose job!! should i?
Need a convincing arguement to win my mother over to letting me get a piercing....?
I didn't have a mole on my body,but now in teenage my face has too much moles & they r growing constantly.HELP
I want to get a nose piercing?
Legal Piercing Age In Germany?
Getting Scars On Face?
Should I give up on my infected industrial piercing?
Best lotion for extremely dry skin?
About to end my life?
i am really,scared of getting my belly button pierced?
Possibly infected tongue piercing... how to treat it?
Is 5'91/2" short for a 16 year old guy?
Should a man wear a toe ring or ankle bracelet?
Urgent piercing question help please?
Godiva skin lightening products?
Tragus piercing question?
Has anyone ever used a pore vacuum to remove blackheads?
Any fragrance recommendations?
15 year old boy ugly?
I got my tongue peirced about 3 weeks ago and it still swells up in the morning, what can I do to stop this?
Are large breasts considered attractive?
you suggested laser hair removal!!??
Tanning Lotion...Australian Gold Beach in a Bottle.. anyone tried it?
will my acne go away if my skin stays matte?
how can i make my moisturizer more mosturizing?
When getting a Jacob's Ladder piercing, Do you get all of the piercings at once or one at a time?
How much does this girl weigh?i will answer yours?
Is it painful to wax your pussy?
will the bump in my lip from my labret piercing go away?
What is the best way to clear up acne using at home remedies?
self tanner with tanning or tanning bed?
Acne problems!!!! HELP?
I need a good lotion that you can get at a grocery store?
How can I even out my skin tone?
how to get rid of puffy eyes?
Best lotion for dark spots/scars on face?
How painful is a tragus piercing compared to others?
how to peirce your tounge your self?
A simple question: why girls use cleavage?
why does my new navel piercing itches?"?!?!?,?,?,?,?,?.,?,.,,?,.?
Neutrogena Skin ID?
i hav a huge pimple!!! help!!?
How to hide cuts on your arm..?
My newly pierced ear itches so bad, why?
i have eczema in my face?
How to prevent wrinkles around the mouth?
How do I ask for a razor for shaving my underarms and legs?
How to keep my skin soft and clear?
Anyone care to explain Blackline body jewelery?
How Much Does it Cost To Get My Lip Pierced?
Ingrown hairs?
Best facial washes for an oily t-zone?
When I go outside and want to get a tan,how do i get tanned faster or tanner?
Can I take out my cartilage piercing for about an hour after 3(ish) months?
Boy shaved legs normal high school?
will this save me money or am i wasting money?
Do natural tans look better than fake tans?
Is 14 a good age to get a second piercing?
How do i change my face shape without surgery?
is my breast size small for my frame?
what is the solution if you have a pores? ?
how can i get rid of the scars caused by shaving at my bikini area?
lip:he said it was a 16 gauge but when i tried 2 change it was 2 big & wouldnt go in&bleed am i an 18 instead?
Medusa, yay, or no way...?
Do i have a big nose ?
How to i get rid of my stretch marks?
getting cartlage pierced..?
Nipple piercing.. still not healed.. what can I do?
How can I make the skin white??
Please answer! Name of soap?
Whats The Best And QUICKEST Way To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks?
Can any one recommend........?
Sweating problem.?
Saggy&pointed. How do I make my breasts look better?
Dark under eye circles?!?! Easy 10 points!?
What do I do about my underarm hairs? s best answer!!!!?
Industrial piercing help?
Medusa piercing ball fell of while cleaning it?How do I clean it?
Question about tanning?
How does cutting becomes addicting?
I've had my nose pierced for 3 months but it still hurts a lot?
Firmology by Benefit? Does it work for you? did it fade your acne scars? did it make you break out?
Lip piercing advice. please :)?
How Do I Get A Bigger Booty ?
Does anyone have the monroe piercing?
Plaster on new nose piercing?
How can i lighten my skin?
I have a problem with my hip one is slightly bigger. It is making very uncomfortable.?
Which FACIAL peircing suits me best?? (Pictures) ( I'm aware of my nose piercing)?
Help! i have a zit! please help me?
Ear piercing in babies? Right or Wrong?
what do you think my age is ?
How do I convince my mum to let me get me a tragus piercing ?
Why is belly button fluff always blue?
I am looking for the perfect face routine...?
where can i find a massege place with a happy ending included?
How to use nair? Plz help!?
Favorite Products!!!!!!!?!?!?!?
Can you actually eat the cartilage from a dermal punch?
whats the best fake tan you have tried?
Nose pierced 6 weeks ago. Developed large bump around hole. How to get rid of bump?
I am looking for an all natural solution for my bad skin.?
is it chavy to have ur belly button pierced.? thx?
whats a good face wash with benzoyl peroxide?
I have been using Secret deoderant for years, but lately I noticed my underarms sometimes feel hot and ?
Can anyone help me find this product ?
Is damage from lip piercing to the teeth and gums preventable?
Dry skin... pls help..!!?
what is a good moisturizing moisturizer for acne prone skin?
How do you take care of your dry skin in winter?
Gyno Time??
Should I get my nose pierced?
Why do people love to be so tan? :O?
I am 14. I am 5'5 and weigh 120-125..?
Is it true I have nice legs? (picc)?
what can i do with this piercing?
How long until i can change my Industrial piercing barbell?
Which is better..... skinny or curvy?
tounge and ear pierce?
How to be more hygenic?
Opinions on a third nipple?
i like pale skin but my skin never wants to go pale i just wanted to know the best ways to get pale skin?
Proactive? Breakouts?
Pls suggestme one face mask that can also be used for neck&should be easily available in all stores in india ?
Help me with my acne!?
has anyone gotten a bump near navel piercing?
How to convice my parents to let me get snakebites (the piercing)?
Need help with acne?
Best place to get my tongue pierced?
Can small kelob scars be frozen off?
How Old Do You Have To Be...?
How bad does epilating legs and underarms hurt?
Please answer If you ever used Olay Complete Defense UV Moisturizer?
OUT OF THESE, which is your favorite classic scent from Bath and Body Works?
i am south indian girl! i am black yet beautiful......?
If I bleach my skin will that get rid of acne scars?
Just gauged my ears need help?
Why does everyone think I'm full Japanese?
just want to share something with everyone?
Suggestions Pls!!!?
what are these things on my thighs?
Self Tanner Gone Wrong, Please Help !?
good home made face masks?
Does it hurt to get ur tongue peirced?
Is it normal for a 13 yr. old to have stretchmarks?
Lip Piercing. Look good? Yes? No?
what kind of things can i do to make my skin look better while my baby is sleeping (apx. take 5-10 min)?
Does having your tragus pierced hurt ?
how do i elimanated a pimple?
Which is more effective in whitening underarms?
Tragus earring stuck!!?
What is your No.1 beauty secret, (remedy, product or tonic) that you can't do without?
How do I get rid of stretch marks?
what type of Visine should i use on my face to reduce my acne redness?????????????????????????????????…
Why do so many White girls try to get a tan??
help please......navel peircing question?
Can you still shower if you've only had you piercing done a couple of days?
Does the Clean & Clear Advantage Acne Control Kit work?
Dermal Anchor on Temple, Using Barbell?
do men look good in fur?
question about monroe piercings!!?
what facial piercing should i get? includes pics?
I have my period and I haveee to wear yoga pants tomorrow !?
how much does it hurt while getting your cartilage pierced?
what kind of deoderant can i use now???
How old do you have to be to get your belly button pierced without parental consent?
Can cornstarch baby powder give you cancer?
Is Atomic Tattoos a good place to get your ears pierced?
how to prevent/stop my face from getting oily?
Do you think 12 years old is a little too young to get you belly button peirced?
Is there an acne cleanser with around 2% salicylic acid without the chemical smell?
how can i know what my body and face really look like?
Got Tan?! Please Help!!?
has anyone used lipozene, and it really worked for you?
How to get rid of horrible sock tan line?
Ok which one works better for acne scars? Scarzone or bio oil?
How to go about facials?
I'm piercing my nose at home without my mom seeing it can i use a sewing needle?
i want big boobs!!!!!?
What gas do Doctor's use when they freeze warts?
can benzoyl peroxide help scars?
My nipples are hard and pointy?
Best place to get breast implants in So Cal?
Is it good or bad that Girls think Im in 10th grade when I'm actually in 12th (Girls opinions)?
What can be done for hypopigmentation?
does tura skin toning cream work for dark spots?
How to get rid of oily skin?
So for my first time tanning?
Whats the better way to a sexy tan?
Are you happy with your body or face?
Pimples? Im breaking out?!?
what is the best way to find a girl with six fingers in her left hand |?
Which muscles would a girl prefer on a guy?
Waxing Bikini Line Area?
Dual fraxel procedure: Who has tried it?
what creams/lotions are effective for lightening skin?
do you think she is really fat?
is sunblock spf 60 + any good ???
How many times should you wash your face a day?
Should my 12 year old brother get his tongue pierced?
How do I get a medium tan? How long will it take?
Is my nose big ? This needs to be 20 characters long. ?
Would it be dumb to take prescription pain killers before getting a piercing ?
Belly Button Piercing? Good Age..?
omg!it freakin burns?
How to get rid of guilt feeling?
Does getting your ears pierced hurt alot?
I think my cartilage piercing is infected!!?
Has anyone used Hydroderm Body Shape?
I can't get rid of this razor burn?
Are Big Blue Eyes Attractive?
Ladies help me!! I need advice on shaving "down there" ?
Does anyone know of something that works quick for scars from post acne marks?
household itemsz that get rid of dark spotsz?
Minocycline& Tanning?!?
how can i use makeup to cover up my stretch marks?
Does tanning in a salon heal cold sores and lips and acne/pimples?
I have been tanning, I need your advice.?
What can I do to get scars to go away?
DIY belly peircing? Good idea or not.?
Please help me!!!!!!?
do tan pills work and are they ok to use?
Should I apply a separate sun protection cream on my face or will my normal body sun-cream suffice?
What brand of tampons is better to use when swimming?
How to hide razor bumps on bikini line in a bathing suit?
Are organic cotton balls really better for your skin, and how much do they cost?
What's better, Cocoa Butter or Glycerin?
What face products are right for me?
what can i use to fix spots where iv had acne on my face?
Body Shop vs Soap and glory?
Should i get my bellybutton pierced?
Do you think imperfect teeth can make a pretty person unattractive?
How is exfoliation done, what are some at home products that work great? Can it be done professionally as well
so is tanning oil a good thing to use in the sun?or does it mostly make you burn?
I have been bitting the inside of my lips and peeling the skin lol i know thats gross but ....................?
How Do I Get Rid Of My Back Acne Help !?
which side should i get my cartilage pierced on?
spray Tan HELP!!!!??
Piercing needles? What size and how many? :)?
Are their any ways to get your lips really soft?
ok i cant stop blushing!!! what will stopp me from blushing soo much!??!?
Are abs hot to girls? and what makes them so hot?
what are these bumps on my face ?
Does it hurt to get your cartilage pierced?
I am in the process of loosing Weight. Does any one have a remedy for stretch marks?
Should I use a "tingle lotion" for tanning in the bed?
Which muscles would a girl prefer on a guy?
Red bubble above tragus piercing?
Top ear piercing ! ? please help.?
Do you pluck you eyebrows or wax them?
How 2 make my boobs look bigger?
Do you have piercings?
What place can I get ear jewelry?
tragus piercing question?
how old should u be to get ur nose pierced?
In the winter time, I hate my skin tone. Help?
So I shave my & I use shaving cream! But it tends to be itchy after. I end up scratching leaving scabs?
What is the perfect female?
alot of Pimples, when i get may chest waxed..?
is there any sexy men that like fat women lol?
How old do you have to be to get your tongue pierced?
Skin Moisturizing Lotion for Desert Denizens?
Can I wash my face when I have stitches?
should i get my lip pierced?
would it be wise for a late bloomer to consider breast implants?
scar removal????
how to make my period come later?
Cartilage piercing...?
I'm apparently emo?
Steam from food?
why wont my body grow?
tragus jewelry?
lemon juice?
what is the best way to get rid of brown spots on the face?
What is a good natural way to get rid of pimples?
Wax, Trim or leave it alone. What do you think?
acne and toothpaste?
How to get a fake tan off fast!?
where can i find & Buy Dermaroller? how much does it costs?
What should I do about this belly piercing situation?
Shaving doesnt work...?
When getting a Monroe piercing, how big of a gauge do they use?
How long will this piercing take to heal?
how do u get rid of a zit FAST HELPPPP?
I have a pimple right under my nose, what to do???
Should i get my bottom lip or my monroe pierced?
Rubbing biotin on bare nails?
Why do women go so over the top when they get implants?
My dad is 60 and bought himself and I tanning minutes? Is that weird?
Do youuuu think I'm overweight (picturess)?
quick help!?!?!?
Could I pass for 16? *Pictures*?
A good nails place in arizona?
good spray tans??
How do you treat ingrown hairs?
Do you think it is weird for a 40 year old mother of 3 to get her belly button pierced? ?
Should i get my tongue pierced?
Scar tissue on my Lip piercing !!! Help im SCARED :(?
Help?? Went to a football game, now one arm is a lot more tan than the other!! ?
Trouble removing verruca gel?
stretch marks? Not Overweight...?
Sensitive skin face wash like Philosophy's Purity Made Simple?
How to fade exema scars/help exema get better?
Piercing tips please?
Whats the best herbal supplement for your skin especially for your face ?
Cartilage piercing on a guy?
does proactive really work?
Getting a better Tan?
When do your feet stop growing?
i have super dry skinn helpp!! please?
Kindly suggest me so i can get rid of this pimples & marks.?
which piercings would look best on my face?
I wear 6g tapers, how do I convert to plugs and what size do I get to convert?
help girls only?
What Do You Think Of A 14 Year Old Boy Shaving Armpits & Legs?
Is there any way to get rid of or close sweat glands?
Really painful cartilage piercing!!?
what can i use to sterilise my nose before piercing it?
New tongue piercing at an angle?
How long does the "rubbing" pain occur for after a belly button piercing?
help with all the hair down there!?
How to cure pimples? And how to cure open pores on the face?
If u saw me what would u say.. fat girl, chubby girl, normal girl, fit, athleticc or eww too skinny...??
am i underweight?
Do Girl Care if You Have Acne?
is it wrong when you dont take a shower a in week?
is there any other face wash that i can use over counter that is similiar to proactive????
How much do you think I should start out with?
Does my stomach look big in this picture?
Are you in love with your self???
haw can gain weight,faster?
whats your fav deoderant?
I am going to use foundation pls help?
I am an africa-american female, 47, what is the most natural way to get rid of post acne marks, fruit if possi?
For a labret,what gauge is 1.2x6mm?
Can someone tell me where i can get a piercing needle ?
My lip piercing is infected and has been for over a year?
!!!what gauges schould i get when ive never had them before!!!!!?
What if your dad will NOT let you get a piercing, but your mom WILL?
Are my thighs too big? (Pic included)?
Where to get longer barbells for nipple piercing?
what is a good web site for tongue piercing?
What are the most important things to do to prevent the signs of aging?
My GF painted my toenails red while I was sleeping, what should I do?
No Deoderant left???
i have my belly pierced and it has a rash around it help?
how to get rid of pimples on my forehead?
how can i get rid of acne ?
i got my septum pierced wednesday and on side is more higher than the other. should i take it out?
Chapped Lips Helpp Now!?
How much would a Helix piercing cost?
Can i use coconut oil for underarms? Read Details?
anyoneelse got alot of birthmarks?
How to stay fit, without too much their any way to stay fit with little bit exercise in our dail
What is a good face wash?
where can i pre-waxed strips?
He's Mad Over A Piercing?
ok...i have a really bad tan line on my to get rid of it?
Persa-Gel 10 working fine, now dried up and irritated my skin. HELP!!!?
does it hurt lot?
dry skin on my legs?
dark circles???
Pan Oxyl Benzoyl Peroxide or Clean and Clear Persa Gel 10?
What is the order of application for the Mary Kay Botanical Effects?
A horrible facial...?
Want to get my ears pierced whats the shortest amount of time I have to keep earrings in?
whats better..noutrogena or clean n clear?
Does this work for acne?
Is it possible to look like this ?
how old do i have to be to get my ear pierced (?Uk)?
homemade facial scrubs! any ideas?
What is the best method to maintain a tan?
Does tanning in a tanning bed reduce acne?
What are epilaters like?
Where is a good place to get a spray tan service in San Jose?
how do you make a pimple that is under the skin and painful come to a head?
to tan or not to tan is what Im asking?
I need help for my scabby zit!!!?
What do you think of body modifications?
Do my eyes have a distinctive/rare shape or is it relatively commen?
should i get a nose job? pics included?
How do I ask for a new piercing without sounding immature?
how would i pierce my own tongue?
belly ring!!!!?
whats better lip or nose piercing?
how do u get a smooth skin?
I think I might have re pierced the back of my ear?
smiley piercing, plastic balls, band camp...?
What ID do I need to get my ears pierced?
Cleaning cartilage piercings?
Have you ever tried queen Helene's footherapy scrubs and lotion?
getting my cartilage pierced need help?!?
Help with Cartilage Stretching?
what's the best fake tan?
my hairs become very dry and rough and weak and also have dandruff. i m using head and shoulders but it is not
How do I deal with in-grown hair?
what is a good acne fash wash?
How to get rid of it in one day...overnight???
how to apply tanning lotion correctly ?
should i get a nose job?
what piercing should I get at the weekend?
So im still a teen but i want to go on a diet, not for cosmetic reasons but to be healthier.. Im having issues?
Are big lips attractive on a girl?
How to get V lines? and what to eat to get them?
In general are SOCKS smelly?
How to use tapers to stretch my ear piercing?
How to change my skin colour?
do skin brighter creams lighten the skin? if so what product would you recommend?
Is it safe/hygenic to pierce your own ears?
Is it ok/safe to use your body care products on your face and vice versa?
am i hot or not...stupid question, but yeah w.e?
i want to peirce my lip but im afraid it wont heal?
How do I get luscious lips and pretty eyes?
Help with this chick?
Should I shave my arms? Do most people shave their arms?
For a guy... What is the best way to get bags under your eyes?
How to get in shape for volleyball?
Is bein tall cute?Or is short betta?
How do I lose these dark spots that looks like freckles on my legs. They are so embarrasing. Helppp!!!!?
Does Proactiv work?
What face shape do I have? (with pics)?
Boy or girl plastic surgeon? products help please!?
Nose piercing? How bad does it hurt?
do u think my lips are normal?
Angelina Jolie, rejected???
I have lots of blackheads what can I do to get rid of them without using over the counter medications?
Ear Stretching!Help!!!?!?
How can i stop in-growing hairs on my bikini line?
Mixing beeswax and fragrance oil into a metal container, it discolors to a rust color but it isn't rust. ???
i really want to get my nose pierced but my mom wont let me ?
I need TAN legs! Someone please help?!?
How Do I Get Rid Of MY Acne?
How can I get rid of bumps on my legs??
How Old Do You Have To Be To Get Your Tummy Pierced At A Shop ?
Ear stretching and tapers?!?
Does having your lip pierced hurt?
In which pic does my skin look nicer/flawless?
secret to summer legs?
what can i use to make your piercing on my lips not hurt as much?
Please, how can i get rid of my acne?
is this okay for me to have done?
Tongue piercing...ball sinking into tongue?
My tragis piercing doesn't seem right?? Freaking Out!?
What's your favorite soap or body wash?
my boobs arent growing ,, does anyone no a good doctor for boob jobs?
How is a good eye cream/gel supposed to feel ?
Will hydrocortisone 1% cream reduce the redness of a zit if I put it on overnight?
Is there a difference in skin color between spray tans and bed tans?
Can somebody give me a website to Dr.90210?
How tall are you? and what age?
Is it sore getting your upper lip pierced?
do you use sunscreen if you wanna gat a tan ????????????????????????????????????????…
a monroe, lip piercing or snake bites? (pics inc)?
In your opinion, is this too much?
how old do u have to b to get ur belly button periced does it hurt and wat kind of belly ring do u have 2 get?
When I say 'guy with a small a$s do you think of a young guy or boy?
Best way to tan safely? (I know that is contradiction, but i am going in the sun so need advice)?
Can cocoa butter even out lip color?
Stretched ear is swollen.?
Hypertrophic Scarring or Keloid on Tragus Piercing?
I`m going to be getting my tounge pierced in february but im 14 do you think thats slutty?
My sister wants her nose pierced?
How to get rid of a spot?!?
Why won't my tragus piercing stop hurting?
stretch marks-girls.?
How old do you have to be to become a body piercer in Virginia?
What do you use for super sensitive and dry skin ?
I am interested in getting my tongue pierced.. I want to know if it hurts to get it done?? I always wanted it.?
Does tanning in beds or outdoors help clear up acne?
what can i do to remove pores?
I want my ears pierced?
Curling Iron meets forehead.?
How can you remove stretch mark fast?
Is it okay to use HQ 4% (Hydroquinone) while on Laser Hair Removal?
Does a cartilage piercing look good on everyone?
Why do my piercing holes smell bad?
My Nails [mani's and pedi's]?
My arms are too big for my body?
can a olive oil massage make your boobs grow?
Has anyone tried Philosophy save me or help me products? Vitamin A cream?
i want to get my nipples pierced?
Why do we get black spots on our legs from shaving?
Would you let your 14 year old daughter get their lip pierced?
What is the best way to get rid of acne?
(i'm a guy) I want to get a tan in one day..?
omfg this sucks big time!!!!!!!!!??!!!!?
GIRLS; excluding face, what part of a guys body is the biggest turn on for you?
Why do short girls think they're better than tall girls?
cartilage piercing?
navel piercing at 13?
Is there a reason some peopple get more bruises?
hairy chest?
how do whiteheads form and what is the best way to get rid of them?
Why does my face produce excessive facial oil/sebum usually only when I go out?
i wana get my tongue pierced?
tips on tanning please?
What is the best face wash/cleanser you have used?
Are these scars forever?
What's a good facial product to use? Like for moisturizers, toners and cleansers.?
How can I get a quick tan without buying anything or going to a tanning salon?
Bleeding a week after the industrial piercing?
I love the feeling of getting things pierced?
Do you need to put ointments to look and feel younger?why?
Does anyone else have an inbetweenie belly button?
Tabaco pipe questions on shipping?!?
i need some good exercises tips. i like to stay fit and active.?
what percing hurts more belly button or nose percing?
does plastic surgery cost less the further south you go (in the us)?
Is this a good idea or does it damage my skin?
cellulite at age 15 !!?
how can i make my skin lighter?
do you know any products that can make my skin the same color. like any products that whitens your skin?
how can you reduce crows eyes without surgery?
I got my helix piercing just recently , when can I start opening the pirecing and change it to a new one ?
Does anyone use the Oil of Olay Total Effects Products?
wheres lynx vice gone?
where can i find concha nacar de perlop night cream?
I cant get my tongue done cuz I have a vein through the middle. Is there any other alternative?
I have cut marks on my thighs. they look pretty ugly. how can i lighten them.?
What should I do with my eyebrows?
Piercing help please?!?
What's the longest you can keep a 50 sun screen before it loses its effectiveness?
How to get rid of an ingrown toenail?
Nose or belly button piercing?
what you think is worse ?
What does a broken nose look like? ?
what do you think of this percings?
pleaaaase help me with my skin! i actually wanna cry!?
Who knows a cellulite remedy that actually works?
stretch marks?
Does one or two earrings look better on a guy???
I want to be tumblr skinny?
Should I shave my armpit hair?
whats best way to get rid of dark circles under eyes?
Not brown girl in a ring but brown spots on my skin.?
Tanning help? please answer. however I do rant on a bit.?
Can i use st. ives apricot scrub for?
Sweaty armpits. Really gross. Going to be very nervous tomorrow.?
Whats your favourite piercing?
How do i get rid of dark rings under my eyes? without makeup. Because i'm a guy?
Should I get my belly button pierced?
would i look ok with a nose piercing?
What is the best way to suntan?
Best Self bikini waxing product from the drugstore?
is Pro active really worth the money?
okay i just got my lip pierced and im thinking of getting my nose too. does it hurt worse than your lip?
what is vaseline?
Question about lip peircing?
my bellybutton rigns too tight!HELP!?
Girls only, do i have a good body?
What are some ways to limit the appearance of acne scars that are fast & work?
Is there a possible way to rid of a permanent sun burn?
Why are my toenails turning black/brown and pealing off?
Philosophy: Purity face wash.?
Guys & Gals, How do you think my body size/shape will and how should i wear to look slimmer/better?
What should I do about my hairy arms?
piercings, which for me?
When is too early to start anti-aging skin care regiments? ?
Guys: I'm have pale white skin...?
I am 13 years old and scared to get my ears pierced,?
What is the perfect figure for ladies (early twenties)?
Shaving the down below questions...?
Does anyone know a good face wash brand?
Do I need a tan badly ?????? (picture included)?
Do you think a tongue piercing means you like to suck d**k?
do you get darker if you drink coffe and tea and lighter if you drink milk?
how old is middle age?????
Could you help me with my wrinkle problem?
Should men shave their whole body?
how to make me into an avatar?
can you get stretch marks from splits?
Spray Tan? Foam? Lotion? Which is the best!!!?
My skin is pretty bad, and im sick of it. What products can i use to help it? I already tried ProActiv.?
After a shower should you dry your face with a towel or let it air dry?
should i get my bellybutton redone?
What are some ways to get comfortable in your on skin?
do facial piercings scar?
How can you tell what type of skin you have?
How can I achieve a clear complexion?
nose piercing..?
bikini wax help pleaseeeeee?
Do I look kind of fat? (pics)?
anyone have tried Panasonic epilator ES 2081?
what is genotype?????
What do you think about my weight? pic?
Is there something wrong with my industrial ear piercing?
Belly Button Piercing?
How much does it cost for a nose piercing in knoxville tn?
Is it ok to pop pimples when there ready?
how to balance the piercing on my ears?
How old do you have to be to get your belly button pierced in Pennsylvania.?
if a guy comments to another guy "Your girlfriend is really filling out those jeans." is that good or bad?
Can you use Oatmeal as a Cleanser, even if it has aded cinnamon?
I just got my ears peirced today, when can i put in my 16 quage fake tapers?.?
How much did it hurt when you got your lip pierced?
Do you or have you uses Bye Bye Blemish for breakouts?
shaving hips?
When Can I change My Tragus Piercing ?
Getting cartilage pierced?
i pierced by belly button with a safety pin (it was a new one) how long do i leave the safety pin in for?
Helpp.,please answerr!!!:]?
Is there a lynx sharp focus aftershave?
help me please???????
What cream can I use for my son to make his face glow?
How can I make my skin milky white and pimples free ?
After-Pimple Hardened Blood scar?
is there anyway to get a pigment thing out of your body??
how do you get rid of acne that you've had for 8 years?
how do u get rid of body acne?
i have a big pimple!?
im 20 years old.. i often step out in the sun.. please suggest some home remeadies to remove my tan?
What piercing should i get, ( teenagers please, adults welcomed) Links work now! :D?
Girlfriend wants her nose pierced?
What non-surgical way can I help my breast to be perky?
looking for an acne product (website) shown on tv?
how much does it cost to get a navel piercing, where can i get in done in Savannah GA?
HELP pleaseeee?
help plz i am looking 4 massage oil?
can you stretch out a bikini top?
Im going to play Dress up with a guy as my doll?
what do you think of this pic?
how to get rid of dark circles under the eyes?
I'm 16, 127(ish) I fat?
How do you get rid of stretch marks?
pleasssssssssse help!!!!!! in real trouble.?
nivea goodbye cellulite?!?!?! whos tryed it?!?!?
belly button piercings?
Whiskey on spots?
Skin-care products that you had used (no matter good or bad products)?
what is the best tanning lotion that generally increases yr tan and that doesn't make yr skin look orange???
WhUts ThE bEsT WaY to wHIteN TeeTh?=))))))))))))?
How to get rid of arm hair?
Can yogurt really do this? Please answer this!!?
if you had laser scar removal for face, would your face look just like how it was before you got the scar?
Skin Care For an 11 year old!!!!!!!?
Will going to a waterpark affect my newly pierced belly button?
please help me--girls.?
My 7/16 double flare plugs are STUCK in my ears!?
How do you know if your fat?
Shaving question? Opinions?
how to remove keiolds from ears at a low price?
Can u help me?
I'm 15 and I got my belly button pierced on july 11,it still has'nt healed I did clean it toowhat should I do
I'm fat but I want my belly button piercing?
I use proactiv clenser daily, acne is gone, but texture of my skin is still rough, should I use toner as well?
anyone know how to cure really bad sweaty smelly feet?
Navel ( belly button ) ring?
My lip piercing ball keeps falling off?
I need help from someone who knows alot about Puraria Mirifica?
will ear care antiseptic(from clairs) work to clean your ears if you just streched them ? (thats all i have.. ?
Shaving??? Help?
oily skin and pimples solutions?
Is it bad to shave without shaving cream?
alternatives towards cosmetic testing? pleasew help! :)?
Can you undo circumcision?
what should i get next ?
Should I get my nose pierced....?
Flea Bites?
Anyone shave their bum ?
Best face cleansers for dark spots or fighting wrinkles?
I have a huge zit... wat do i do?
Help! I just got my eyelashes tinted and I don't like it!! Is there any way to remove it?
Help and advice to Stretching My Ear?
i want 2 get my ears pierced really bad!! does it hurt?
I just pierced my ear... How do I clean it?
Suggest a remedy to remove facial hair, and make the growth slow or even stop?
How much is "Rush Shipping" when you order Proactive?
are microdermabrasion home-kit safe?
Does clear essence medicated fade creme work?
I hate being pale!! Help me please!!!!!!?
Cartilage Piercing Infection Chances? Please answer ASAP?
where can i find acetone-free nail polish remover? what brands got it?
Is 14 too young to get my arms and legs waxed..?
is it normal to have a little lip thing after stretching your ears?
how can i reduce the sight of cellulite on my thighs?
who here actually likes freckles? how can you get rid of em??!?
how do you get rid of a flat mole?
Two questions, about self-image and body temperature?
How do I get fake tattos off my 3 year old?
Under eye lines D:????
I want to be an do you get rid of acne?
acne on my forhead need help plzzz?
can i put bio oil in a roll-on stick? like the burts bees roll on stick?
Natural Suntan Oil Hula tan its the natural suntan oil .?
Is she too skinny?
I have REALLY oily skin (on my face only) and need some help to fight this.?
Does squeezing blackheads out of the nose cause broken capillaries?
What Vitamins Help Prevent Wrinkles?
What Condition Do I HAVE????
can your chest stop growing if you..?
How do you feel about the way you look:BAD,KINDA GOOD,AWESOME,HOT,OR OTHER?
i got the top part of my ear pierced how long b4 i can take it out??
Does Proactiv really work?
can you put your toe in your mouth?
Hate being tall. Could you [help] me? :[ Everyone makes fun.?
can sleeping late(while still getting 8-10 hours of sleep) cuase dark circles?
monroe piercing considered immature?
is their any product to reduce stretch marks?
jolen bleaching cream?
My lips arn't red in colour,i wnt them to be red bt naturally nt wid lipstick.Wt should i do?
Help with brazilian bikini wax!?
What is a good way to reduce/get rid of acne on your legs?
What do you think of my.......?
what is the best deodorant in the world?
can anyone recommend me to a safe piercing shop in brooklyn that i can get my nose pierced?
I have these wrinkles on my face...Help!?
How long have you had your tongue pierced?
I have dark skin. But I want a lip ring. Will it scar when I take it out?
Please quickly I need answers!?
acne medications for 13 year old?
Fat toe- under(not below) the nail - brown?
Does toothpaste really help get rid of pimples?
Best scar treatment for dark skin???
How to convince my mom to let me get my lip peirced?
What should I get pierced?
What is the meaning of the base notes, middle notes and top notes in perfume making?
How long should i wait before switching products??
Guys-I need your input...?
who needs a best answer!!!!!!!!!!??????????
Females, why are a majority you so against body hair on males?
Does time really make all scars fade?
What's the best mascara for Asian eyes (that also can be gotten at the local CVS)?
Should I be aloud to have a nose pierce ?
how do you tighten your facial skin?
Can women use electric shavers made for men's facial hair on their body?
how would i stop my oily forhead?
do women ever get belly button fluff?!?
how to remove birthmarks on a face?
what do u think of hazel eyes?
Help with acne please?
Does getting your ears pierced hurt?
Dark circle!some one told me to use cold tea bags to reduce dark circle.?
Which piercing is worse?
eye bags. my eye bags we'rent that bad a couple of years ago but now they've gotten worse. i know that its a .?
should i get my nose pierced?
Can acne facial wash help with blackheads?
men please answer....?
how to get rid of dark circles under eyes?
HELP HELP HELP, I went on a date and could not stop sweating.?
which side should i guage my ear?
Eye wrinkles at 16 help?
my new belly piercing is crusty?
What is best home remedy to remove hair on the upper lip?
Should I wax or Nair my arms?
getting one ear pierced (16 year old guy) which side?
Is it ok to wash face with clean water, then cleanse, tone and moisturise? It seems like too much to use a ...?
Laser Hair Removal Question: Plucking is not ok at all between sessions?
why do my boobs look and feel?
My boobs are too big for me?
if my legs are a little hairy can i still go tanning?
guys: would you consider me to have a good body?
do you hate the way you look when you wake up in the morning?
I'm 14 years old, a girl, do you think it would be a good idea to get a Monroe piercing for my sixteenth b-day?
How likely is it for an industrial piercing to reject?
Feeling insecure discusted and depressed with my breasts ?
Does Proactive really work?
Navel/belly piercing?
Can I use a moisturizer with Proactiv?
what can I use to get rid of spots on my face?
My breast implants are too large and I want them smaller. If i get smaller implants will my skin be saggy?
shaving bikini area everyday?
should i bleach my skin?
How can i stop blushing and going bright red over nothing all the time? Please help.?
can i put a circular/horseshoe barbell in 7 week old lobe piercings?
Should i be embarrassed or not? (all answers apreciated very much)?
What do saunas and steam rooms do??
Why am I getting acne?
Do you think 15 years old is too young to get my cartilage pierced?
Can a dermatologist pierce my navel if I ask?
Best DRUGSTORE cleanser for mild acne?
how old do you have to be the get your belly pierced in mi?
What can I do about my skin ? Its really bad?
Do you think getting a nose piercing is trashy?
Is it safe to use non-toxic Elmer's multi-purpose glue on the face?
finding a monroe ring?
Oil Skin question.?
is this normal for a lip piercing?
I have fair skin and i wanna go tanning?
I want to pierce my tongue web.?
do i have a big nose? does it make me ugly?
Angel bites or snake bites piercing?
Tanning oil recipes?
Lady's what is your fav body part on a man? me i like the arm's lol. you?
Let my Belly Button Ring Close?
what is my body shape?
How do I become a professional body piercer?
What are good @ home face treatments?
Does anyone else out there pick at their skin obsessively?
Does sephora supreme cleansing cream work!?!?
Don't you girls hate it?
Im scared to get my ears pierced...should i Be??
stretched ear ling noise?!?
White ooze around bottom ball of new tongue piercing?
My face burns after using primer?!?
Do you think I'm pretty?
How can a guy grow breasts without surgery or hormones?
i want my body to be big like taylor lautner?
problems shaving... um, down there?
how do you make your nails healthier?
Why does regular bar soap clean my acne better than face washes?
I got my ears pierced but...?
Noy happy with my belly button HELP any way to repierce it ?
how much do nose jobs usually cost?
Pale Brunettes or Pale Red Heads?
How do I get a big butt? lol?
Moisturizer for Combo-Acne Prone skin?
after getting your septum pierced does your nose go really red?! because i wana get it done on my lunch break?
Should I get my mole checked?
Are 39-31-40 good measurements?
I shaved and got razor bumps?
belly button piercing question,..?
Wowsie, Are They Real ?
dark little spots on my nose what are they?
what size shoe?
if i melt soap???read details?
Really long legs????????
just recently gauged my ears, twist or no?
If you get a lip piercing while you have braces, will it effect your braces any????
What's my body shape/size?
Nose ring after 8.5 weeks taking it out?
Getting my cartilage pierced, stud or hoop?
belly button piercing . . .pretty or ugly ?
honey as face cleanser?
Does coconut oil help lighten skin?
I m a male and I'm 16 how can I lose five pounds fast with out diet pills?
You ever had a spray on tan?
Do you wax or shave?
What should I do about breakouts?
what should i say to this tanning salon owner?
Ladies what do you think?
Help with hygiene products ?
Why do I have two spots of red flaky skin under my lip?
How would you describe yourself?
How to have a spa day?
Can bras for dudes be dangerous?
How important are moisturisers for your skin?
How do I get a earring back off a nose piercing?
Belly button piercing questions!! Help?!?
I've had lipolysis done to my cheeks and chin...?
Bikini line hair removal?
i'm 13 and have sum spots and black heads ..i've tryed lodes of skin care stuff ,they havn't worked!!
how to control pimples on face?
How do I take these off?
how can i do this?
Earrings for my 22g cartilage piercings in my ear from 20 years ago?
My underbust is 26" bust is 35". whats my bra size?
I have a 32A what should I do?
should i get a flesh hole?
is waxing good on underarms? what is it's effect?
Is This a Good Acne Dailey Skin Care Routine?
Underarm problem..Other gurlz have this problem?
are my boobs big ? and my period hurts.( just girls answer the period one)?
How bad does it hurt to get your nose pierced?
Why do i break out after i use my cleanser?
How to stop touching my face?
What's better!??!???!???!?
Does Proactive actually work?
Has anyone tried any Garnier facial products?
Skin problem...?
Anyone know of a self-tanner that makes you look brown-toned (bronze) and not yellow or orange?
Acne crem drys out my skin?
Can't get my earring back in- now I have wonky ears! How can I even them out?
Please help!!! I'm getting zits on my forehead!?
ways to get rid of acne in 48 hrs?
Best TANNING lotion to use in tanning bed...?
what can i do for stop my armpits from getting dark?
how do I get rid of darkness and bags under my eyes..I feel like it makes me look older and I am only 23?
Girls would you still find a guy attractive if...?
When a product that contains SPF says avoid contact with eyes, does that mean the eyelids too?
chocolate and zits?
Tanning after acne cream?
Is 13 too young to get snakebite piercings??
Best anti-aging cream for young skin ?
How do I get a clean shaved face?
Do you tan better on a sunny day, or a cloudy day?
how to pop zits?
best facial cleanser for combination skin?
Anyone kno a vitamin that helps clear up skin breakouts/acne that can be purchased@ a vitamin shop?please help
Why does this happen to my face?
Girls - share your tips how you get flawless GLOWING skin??!!?
What eye creams are good for dark circles?
Piercing both sides of my nose?
Could my right ear be infected??? PLEASE HELP ME!?
Brazilian Wax Pleasurable?
I have situation.I ordered online some Lancome make up and cream.When I received it,they were very hot?
cold showers?
how can you remove freckles?
How to make your breasts grow?
can you use philips lumea on your face?
Help! People think I'm anorexic but I'm not...?
How long will it take for my belly button piercing to close up?
Would Certain Dri A.M. Work by itself?
How do I make my breast bigger naturally?
Imm a pre-teen and I have really bad acne. I don't have the patience to wash my face. Suggestions?
what piercing would look better?
Home Remidies For Acne?????????????
Hey i have a bit of blemishes?
Are skinny girls the only pretty ones?
Does fair/pale skin make you look pretty?
can a guy be cute with old acne scars?
What is the best way to get rid of or prevent pimples?
What is your favorite self tanning lotion?
I have short nose, what's the best surgery to make it longer?
When does a belly button piercing usually get infected?
Should I get my lip pierced?
question for people who have had their bellybuttons pierced?
is there any1 who used pro-activ?
comfort zone active pureness acne treatment?
Have you ever tried VersaSpa spray tan? How is it?
my fase was oily,ihad lot of pimples on my fase,i always change please tell me a good soap for?
What are some easy ways to smooth out rough skin?
Is it safe to pierce your own eyebrow?
Would the Clarisonic or Olay Pro x brush be good for dry or acne prone skin? Has anyone used these?
does it hurt when u get ur ears pierced?
should i spray tan or do the tanning bed ?
My lips get dry and I don't know what to do?
Total truth:: am i ugly? (pix included)?
I recently got the top of my ear pierced and I accidentally knocked it. It's now red and won't go down?
tanning help face redness?
my freind wants to know is it normal to have a hairy top-lip ?
My Nose Is HUGE!!?
Eyebrow piercing help??? I got my eyebrow pierced a few months ago and the two holes are very close together..
treating a breakout?
Lemon/sugar facial scrub?
Do other people see things on me the same way as i do from my perspective?
does it hurt when u get ur lip pierced?
godiva skin lightening products?
eww popping pimples question ?
I need help. What do you think?
Should I get a ROOK or TRAGUS ear piercing?
How to get rid of dark circles under eyes?
Will it look nice? If so, what is the best guage size for my lip piercing?
My son's friend saw me fully naked?
is the Neutrogena Acne Mark Fadinf Peel okay to use for a 16 year old?
what is the best way to take care of a cartilage piercing?
I have wrinkles im only 13. wtf help!?
How to sweat less? (10 EASY POINTS)?
How often should I use Dermadoctor?
What face masks do male models use?
bellybutton piercing still red :S?