Is there anyway I can make my nose look (or actually be) smaller?
im getting my lip pierced.?
Band nerd question!!! Will piercing my toungue or lip make a difference in my playing!?
is spray tanning a good idea?
Are these kinds of breasts natural?
PLEASE HELp!!!!!!!!?????!!!!!!???? ITS URGENT!!?
My friend's skin is so hot?!?
Does Proactive really work?
If i dont shave up to my stomach will i get a ingrown hair ans i mean like to your hips?
will putting Purse Vitamen E oil on my shallow pored dull skined arms and legs every night before bed help?
what is your opinion on tongue piercings in girls?
is wearing a push up bra bad for your breasts?
will i have big boobs?
I want to get my eyebrow pierced, but I have kinda bushy eyebrows?
Are there any products out there like Proactive's refining mask?
What product is good for sunburn?
Should i do this again or is it not good for my nose??????????
Hello,i would like to know what to use for dry hands from you kitchen?
i have a blow out and its not going anywere is there any plugs that i can wear?
Why my skin is peeling on my face? I did not use anything?=(?
How to get rid of dark circles under my eyes?
4 girls & a guy?
Has anyone tried IVY X products? Especially the prevention wipes or gel?
Is it ok to go from a 12g to a 8g ? (need help with my ear)?
tongue piercing hole is stretching because of the piercing,how do i change it?
how much do you think i weigh?
Girls only.....(please read)?
i tried this new face wash?
I just got my cartilage pierced and when the piercer told me hwo to clean my ear she said to twist it.?
Piercing Cartilage (Industrial)?
Is my face shape oval (pics)?
What can I do about my breast and double sided tape for straplesd shirts?
should i get my eyebrow pierced?
Is the pain of an industrial piercing similar to...?
How long will my piercing take to heal?
Hi, how can I remove or fade a natural tan that I got from the sun?
Should i shave my arms?
Sorry...I have another belly button piercing question....?
would i get darkcircles?
Ear stretching crustyness?
Is it weird to take four showers a day?
Do ear piercings hurt?
My relaxed face is 'sad' and 'stern' looking?
I like to wear short skirts?
Would you let your 14 year old get a belly button piercing?
Infected naval piercing?
How to get rid of stretch marks?
Favorite Perfume? Really easy 2 points!! PLEASE ANSWER?
best facial toner (for sensitive skin)?
why i look so tan every once in a while?
do you think peircings are hot? right under the bottom lip and the tounge?
Does arousal decrease significantly after removing a VCH piercing?
Nose job,girls and guys?:)?
Belly Piercing, Does It Hurt?
How long does your skin hurt after laser hair removal?
How to do my self done tongue piercing?
About laser hair removal?
Which ear should I get this piercing done in?
Whats the best oil-free moisturizer?
I have a 8 year old with very light skin, she won't let me put sun screen on her face,?
101 good for an almost 14 yr old?
Can your nose get smaller as you age?
bellly button piercing?
Am I really to skinny?
Where I can buy spectraban sun screen?
Are pierced girls unattractive?
I seem to keep getting SUNBURN on my face EVERY time I go outside!! HELP??!?
What is overweight for a girl? Or does it depend on how she carries her weight?
14 and I have a hairy back? :/?
what is the purpose of a ged essay?
Does it hurt to have your tragus pierced?
Is it possible to have cute ears??
How can you get flawless skin?
I REALLY want to get my helix pierced, but how do I persuade my parents to let me? and does it hurt?
Is Diet Coke just as good for you as Water???
how do i avoid razor burn?
Facial shapes, any help?
Will tooth paste get rid of zits?
Does it hurt when you have your nose peirced with a gun ?
Establishing a goal size for stretched earlobes?
are nose piercings worth it?
question for girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
my piercing get really dry, any thing I can do for that.They get really dry that the skin peels away looks bad?
14 years old, 6'' tall. What do others think of me?
How long does it take pierced ear lobes to heal?
Does getting your cartilage pierced hurt?
whats your body shape?
i got my ear pierced how do i keep it as clean as possible?
does anyone know something like jojoba oil or some type of bio oil that i can buy @ like a Walgreens pharmacy?
What is your favorite deodorant/ antiperspirant?
I hate my curvy body? :/?
do oyu hink it will work on my face?
navel piercing healing with bioplast?
Swollen Upper Lip Line?
Is this short?
Whats the best body lotion in your eyes for any type of skin?
how can i keep my nails clean from dirt?
Would sugaring irritate my sensitive skin?
Dark black/brown spots on my nose?
Why is one of my lip rings moving so much?
pink stripe on my nose from sun? how to get rid of it?
where can i buy discontinued buy phisoderm blemish patches?
Snakebites on a tiny mouth?
Can you stretch out your lips permanently?
What should I expect for a nipple piercing?
Belly button piercing infected, please help?
I always have little patches of dry skin on my face. How to get rid of it, or hide it?
i got my tragus pierced 3 weeks ago ?
shaving problem?? helppp?
GIRLS!!! Ingrown hair . . ..?
Need help !! I'm having problems with my face?
Are tongue piercings worth it?
sunscreen that does NOT cause acne/breakouts and is iol free but still protects against sun rays?
Needle or gun? And why?
What diameter & kind of hoop earring is good for a cartilage piercing?
How old do you have to be to get your cartildge pierced without a parent?
Grey circles appearing under my eyes, how to get rid of them?
Is Clinique's new continuous rescue antioxidant moisturizer any good?
Why do parents hate lip piercings.?
Any tips for how to stop biting my nails?
my belly button is half innie half outie, i want a FULL innie?
What would be the best daily routine to have a better skin?
HoW oLd dO ii loOk?
What do you think about this piercing?
I hate my big boobs and I don't know what to do.?
i have a friend who knew i liked this boy and now she is dating him what should i do??????
How do I pierce my own ears?
i want CLEAR skin?
Should i use, Herbal essences dangerously staight mousse to help straighten my hair? Does it work?
I went to club tan the other day and they told me about high pressure beds?
i want a bigger
what are bogies made out of ???
What do you think of me?
How do you get little beauty spots all of a sudden?
has anyone used lipozene, and it really worked for you?
Are my calves normal sized or bigger for my age?
Help please! Dark Circles?
Question about :)?
What am I doing wrong with my skin?
What is your favorite perfume?
Do dermal piercings get infected easily?
my husbands feet
MAC makeup?
which one is cuter? or neither?
Do self-tanning creams really work?
What is a good self tanner?
Is there any cremes to heal away acne scars?
Infected lobe piercing?
If you have mild acne scars are you disfigured forever and they only fade? if you went for laser?
why do i keep getting razor burn and ingrown hair?
How can avoid skin pealing after tanning?
how can i convince my mum that i should be allowed to get my belly button pierced?
How far up your legs are you meant to shave?
what gives kids there very nice looking skin?
Tips on using TanTowel?
How many girls out there have a bf?....?
Regenerist Microdermabrasion & Peel System can i use it?
is 5ft 3 short for a 15 year old girl?
r u ugly or concited?
Should i apply honey for pink lips overnight?
Uneven eyelids... what do u do??
Should i lay out in the sun or go to a tanning bed?
Is it true chocolate causes acne?
Acne problems!!!! HELP?
is it possible to be numbed when getting lower back micro dermal anchor piercing!?
i have a lot of blemishes..any ideas to help them? what products do you reccomend?
helpppppppppppppp me?
I got my ears pierced and they and really hurting...?
MY FACE: soap or no soap?
how can i clear my skin?
okay i have acne on my arms both of them and on my chest whats causing it??
help me with a situation pleasee!?
Which peircing hurts more: Belly button, nose, or lip?
What should a guy do for his face?
any suggestions on how to get rid of my acne?
How do you get rid of these tiny bumps on my forehead?
I have ichy bumps on my wast what are they please help they are right under the belly button ? thanks?
How can I tell if my ear piercings are infected?
Help me make a skin care routine please : )?
Ear piercing question ??????????????????
Where can i buy a tiny gem/crystal labret stud?
how to get rid of spots naturally?
Is my ear supposed to do this after Ive streched it =/?
How can Jade West eyebrow piercing be fake?
Do I need a nose job?
how do i eat pudding with NEW pierced tongue?
what happens when you forget to shave your legs?
will microdermabrasion kits help? what home kit should i use? hoMedic or neutrogena?
rate me on a scale of 1-10?
for teen girls only!!!!?
What is the BEST anti-perspirent? I sweat alot :(?
Do I have an okay body? [guy]?
How can I tell what my undertones are?
For the more bigger ladies out there....?
Can you lick your elbow?
How yo remove hickeys from my neck?
Is it suitable for boys to have their ears pierced?
what is the absolute best thing one can do for their skin?
guys & girls, what are your thoughs on piercings?
Lotions with alpha- or beta-hydroxy acids?
Has anyone pierced their nose with an invisible or clear stud?
Does it matter how old your piercing is when you start stretching?
Does height matter to guys?Are their some guys that just berfore shorter women? and why?
stubborn me!?
Beauty spots/sun spots on my face?
Any tip for acneic skin?pleaseee!?
How do I keep my face clean and clear?
I want an actualy BODY PIERCER to answer this... would it be okay to pierce your own eyebrow at home?
*ACNE QUESTION* acne acne acne acne, HELP ME!!?
infected nose piercing? please please help me?
How can I get rid of my acne?
Tongue piercing pain?
Skin care for mature skin?
Just pierced my own lip?
Are my legs long??? idk =|?
i have s on my forehead?
My bf bit my lip and its blue, wat can i do?
where can you get cartilage piercings done?
What's a good face wash?
Lip piercing issue? Help? Putting ring in?
what gets rid of streach marks on your arms?
what mouthwash should i use when i get mi lip pierced?
How do I get clear skin?
I go through so much lotion, is it a girl thing?
Can witch hazel go bad?
Can you get a piercing on...?
is it try that if you put your period on your acne it will go away?
where can i buy dermaline skin whitening cream i live in east london???
squats for a bigger booty?
How to get the redness out of a pimple naturally?
How to convince parents...?
what is the opinion on rook piercings?
tan...........Need help!!!!!?
best method of tooth whitenning?
can ice reduce pore and how lon it takes to reduce pore ?
ACNE PROBLEM. I'm 14 and I want them 2 SCRAM, please helpppppp!?
what design should i get?
What is the best way to make my **** look bigger.?
I feel fat ugly and horrible? Help best answer 10 points?
Am I fat? Please say...?
what peircing is this called?
Odd pimple on my nose xD?
less hairy legs, will shaving make it more?
Can you get your nose pierced with a ring?
Pimples Killed?
Can I put lotion on my face?
Freak Legs!!!?
My daughter wants her cartilage pierced?
Which brand ?????
How many minutes in each bed does tan pro give you with the 2 weeks free coupon?
My feet hurt from walking in flip flops too much.?
How do I put my lip piercing back in?
cute bras for 38dd?
What is the best brand of bikini wax?
Can a guy considered good looking but has a below average penis still engage in casual sex at uni?
What kind of skin care do you use?
ab flattening?
has anyone ever tried tanning pills?
does having your nose pierced hurt?
How do you get rid of dark spots on the eyes?
How do you get rid of a pimple fast?!?
Pumice stone is causing stinging?
Good Face Moisturizer?
Question about Zeno acne line?
Where to buy Yoko height products in Chennai?
Help with choosing an epilator?
What are the basic steps to cleaning your face?
black. head. help!?
Tanning the first time?
Chapped Lips?! Help Please!?
How do I get a tan?
How much does cartridge piercing hurt?
Need help on my 6 month old rook piercing?
Help, do you know how to get rid of really chapped lips?
I am currently using 2 types of scar treatment?
If I put sunless tanner on and then immediatly after bleached my body hair, would my skin be affected?
Please answer my question do I have something wrong with my bloods?
Are the creases behind my knees stretch marks?
Fair and white?
i hav my left ear pierced and i was thinking about piercing my right 1 is it girly or gay?
what to put on scars to make them made?
rhinoplasty? HELP HELP HELP?
which piercing do you like better?
How long can I leave my lip piercing in before it won't close, ever?
Do men find it attractive when a girl has her belly button pierced?
How long does it take to get a tan?
Does anybody have any remedy for ingrown toe nails?
skin grows on nails above cuticle?
Can somebody walk me through how to get rid of my acne and acne scars?
Can anyone show me an example of a girl with largerly than average breasts but an ugly face?
do u think 5'4 is short?? tell me wat u think. easy way to get points!?
Why don't I look the Same Always?
What do you think of me?
Ear Piercing?
yesterday my friend was asking why do people make fun of people with uni-brows and whay people don't like them
Is this normal for my age?
how can i reduce the spots n pores left by acne on my face n get a fair skin?please tell me some natural way.
i an not getting very tan.....what do i do????
♥Does coconut oil smell good and what does it feel like?
Does ProActive really work???
Which one is best??!!!?
how to get rid of ingrown hair bumps?
Honestly, are my teeth too big for my face?
can i exfoliate my face?
Is my belly button ring infected?
what can i put on my nose...??
How often are you supposed to change a tongue ring? (After complete healing)?
I am twelve and I have pimples and whiteheads alll over my face. Please help.?
Is there a proper way to wash your face with a new nose piercing?
If you were born with naturally tan skin, does it gradually lighten over time?
I thought of getting my nipples pierced?
Really obvious white hairs on my face?
question about spray tans?
Do you think I am too fat?
How old do I look to you?
I'm a 17 year old girl, how do I get a clear face?
In Australia, is it ok to get your belly pierced at the age of 13?
How to do simple thin anime lips?
Exfoliating body wash.........?
I think they really screwed up on my belly button?
ZITS! Do any of you out there have any cures?
How can I get rid of my pubic/armpit hair easily??
What size gauge is this?
If you could have another working eye--where on your body would you put it?
My tongue ring hurts!?
Why does my skin have a redish tint/undertone?
how can i get rid of blackheads?
Non-comedogenic moisturizer?
can you get a lip piercing at 15 with parent permission in Australia?? :D?
do you know any good products to clear up acne?
Tanning issues?
Skin is dry?
Should I get Snake Bites?
Do you girls out there like shaved abs?
how can i get naturally bigger breasts?
Piercings, sports, what to do?
Do you like tanning?
Lines under my eyes even though I get enough sleep?
Belly button pierced will losing weight affect it?
Products or remedies to reduce pore size?
has anyone used Glutathione?
How can I make my hands softer?
how long does it take for a piercing to heal before you can change it out?
Some piercing questions? XD?
Ear Stretching problem?
I want to get my belly button pierced Should i?
I am thirteen and have dark circles around my eyes. If there anything I can do to get rid of it?
What worked best to fade your stretchmarks?
I have a lump in my ear lobe and don't know where it came from and I haven't had my ears pierced?
[girls] do you shave your legs?
Plucking your eyebrows...?
How does stress cause acne?
Belly button piercing aftercare help?
im getting my legs, bikini line and under arms waxed on friday!...?
Dermal anchor??
who was the first man that shave his face?
Shaving arm hair. yes? no?
Have any of you ever used an epilator?
What works best to minimize pores?
Is large size of the head because of the small size of the shoulders?
I want bigger breast =(?
How do I in a Tanning Booth...?
monroe piercing cost?
Can i change my tongue bar yet?
when shaving around your genitals which aftershave do you think hurts least?
Question about puberty girls only?
I don't know whether I'm ugly or attractive.?
is swelling normal days after a dermal piercing on my hip?
increase in tongue piercing popularity?
I have SOME acne, whats the best way to get rid of it? Anyone?
Is Clean And Clear Deep Action good for getting rid of blackheads?
Cartilage piercing question?
Cover up back acne real quick? Please help!?
Im thinking of waxing my 'moustache' is it true that ii will have to keep waxing and may get a rash or redness
How to shave facial hair without getting bumps?
VersaPulse™ Laser System. Anyone had treatment?
Cartilage Piercing question,?
Himalaya herbal products.....have you tried the skin care and toiletries ?
Which black body henna is the best and stays the longest?
My aerolas/nipples are uneven?
At Home Leg Waxing?
what will make my skin lighter?
How do i get rid of my acne scars?
i need to know ow to keep my skin healthy supple and free o acne and its scars?
Is proactive one of those treatments where you can't ever stop using it?
Broke out with many medium sized bumps between my eyebrows?
Skin ID right for me?
What's the standard measurements for male models?
Help with black knees and elbows!!!?
Thin or thick lips? You decide.?
Does 'mederma' or 'no marks' cream work better for dark spots left from pimples?
Is proactiv solution for everyone?
How Old Do I Have To Be To Get My Belly Button Peirced?
if i am overweight, and currently trying to lose weight, will my stretch marks fade/go away?
2g - 0g ear stretch problem.?
how do make your thighs skinnier?
how do i make my armpits lighter and smoother?
i wanna get my cartilage on my ear pierced... does it hurt? should they use a gun or a needle? i really want i?
What do you think about skin tightening through light.?
Where is a good site for finding out how many years in college it takes for diferant careers?
I cut myself today.. help?
What ingredients are the most effective for a lip moisturizer?
Does firming cream prevents wrinkles also?
Belly Piercing Questions!?
Ears peirced 1st time what's it like?
Should a boy get his nose pierced?
What is your views on piercings?
Shaving dry legs..?
Has anyone tried the Suzanne Somers FaceMaster and does it work??
HELP---how do you get rid of pimples?
Jergens natural body moisturizer help?
How do you stop biting your nails?
what materials are used for traditional indian piercing?
I have a problem with deodorants I keep switching my underarms are itching all the time what should I use?
Do guys like a girl that is skinny and smaller than them all the time?
I pick at my chapped lips. Help?!?
how much to nose jobs cost?
How can you get acne free skin using home remedies or drugstore products that don't dry out skin!?
Why does fake tan not take on scars...?
teens only!?
skin... bumps?
tongue piercing? hot or not?
Is a mach 3 razor good for going against the grain and which one is the best?
what are some good stretch mark solutions?
I am a 15 year old male, what is the best face piercing to get?
What is the reason of freckles?
How can I convince my mom to let me get my tongue pierced?
How to prevent underarm wetness? What type of deodorant works best?
Oily skin wat to do ? Should i use vlcc oilfree mositurizer spf 20?
i am 14 5'6 and 136 do you think thats healthy?
how to get nice looking legs.....?
Im average size but my body isnt as toned as i want, whats the best way way to tighten the skin?
if i put deoderant on my forehead...?
lip piercing help please?
pro activ?
Brazilian wax?
What should i get pierced?
waxing!can some one help me!
Weird facial hair!!!?
can i stretch my ears from a 12 gauge to a 8 gauge?
i went tanning and now my skin is itchy!?
Is being short a bad thing?
Ladies Only! Does it matter?
Should I switch to a razor blade?
i think i have a little foot fetishism?
I have no cleavage at all?
My friend has a self esteem problem!?
how can i gel all my body shaved or laser or...?
How do you know if your toe is infected?
How can I refine shea butter at home to remove the odor?
Am i overweight? i`m 4'11" and 97 pounds?
Why is my face always white and flaky and dry? What should i do?
DIY Face mask XOXO :-)))?
what can i do to fade dark spots completely on my inner thighs ?
Belly button piercing?
My belly button piercing?
Navel piercing infected?
i am really UGLY what can i do?
What is wrong with me? Wrinkles at 14?
Tanning beds?
Should I have my nipple pierced?
Oh No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PLEASE HELP MEEEEE!!!!!?
How long will this take????????????
What's the best treatment for acne?
Should I get my tongue pierced?
I need an opinion on eye color? I don't know what color my eyes are!!!?
I'm thinking about getting my belly button pierced. Anyone know a good place in New Jersey to get it done at?
Whats the best treatment for crows feet?
How to help my face not be broken out?
(Ladies) Would you have a problem getting a massage from a Male?
Does a naval or lip piercing hurt more?
Girls AND Guys please answer - i need both points of view.?
How can I get rid of acne and puffy eyes overnight?
Can your skin color change a bit when on you're period?
Are these signs of an ingrown toenail?
At 18 I recieved plastic surgery to remove a keeloid I had in my ear it is now 7 years later can I repierce it
smaller is better than bigger part 2?
How much does plastic surgery cost.?
Which side should I get my helix pierced?
Which one should I try ?
Is taking antibiotics with a new piercing a bad idea?
I was just wondering about thin lips.?
Women: would you do a breast augmentation (get breast implants) surgery???
What are/is my most prominent feature?
I'm 5'1 and 119 lbs...Am I FAT?
Belly button or nose piercing? ?
do u have to be skinny too....?
How do i fix years of damaged hair??
do you close your blinds while changing?
My urine is black and looks like coffee grounds. Does that mean i'm super healthy?
Is Clean and Clear a good face care brand?or is there one better out their?Something that cleans N helps skin?
I need a new skin care routine..any sugestions?
I have a Monroe piercing and I went to change out the jewelry today and a tube of skin came with the end?
How can i ge trid of spots and get perfect skin?
Did they have body wash available in the 1950's or did everyone use bar soap?
advice on boyfriend getting a tongue piercing?
How many people go to the sunbeds ?
How can i get rid of fine little pimples? Help.?
Claire's wouldn't pierce my ears?
would you go out with a girl with a big forehead?????
Wanting to get a part of my ear pierced but not sure what?
Can anyone help me???
How do you remove vaseline from neck area?
How to convince my mom to let me get my lip peirced?
i need your help i have small breast and want implants made fun all the time just want to look good in swimsui?
How to make my nose smaller?
I have stretchmarks everywhere?
Does anybody know any recipes for home-made self tanner?
New Bladeless Shaver?
Stupid Gay Mole (Seld consious)?
How do you know when your oral piercing is healed?
Should/Can I re-pierce my ear?
How do I get rid of ZITS on my FACE every MONTH?
how do i get rid of these acne scars?
stretch marks?
has anyone ever used xen tan as im thinking of buyin it .....?
any product i use my face gets worse?
Mom wont let me get a piercing.?
My cheeks are too full and fat how can I slim them down?
Piercings...Yay or Nay?
How bad does it hurt to get the top part of your ear pierced?
Get rid of scars?
Surface piercing bar help :) PLEASE?
What works?
How can I hide a lip piercing from my crazy madre???
Hey I am 14 years old,and 5 feet 5 inch tall, my problem is this that I am still almost flat chested and thatI
Stretch marks on back ?
Do I look okay in a bikini /: ?
how can i get rid of spots on my face?
My ear is pointy at the tip and I want my cartliage pierced...?
whats a blemish?
how can i get my girlfriend to get rid of her hair down below?
How much does a piercing cost?
i cant get my piercing through my lip?
How much does it cost to get a nose job?
How do I look (pics included)?!!!!!?
do body shapers work i need one for homecoming if so how much of a diffrence will it make?
HELP, someone!? my tragus piercing I can't get it out?
yummy corset?
is tyra banks hotter than your mom?
Why are women so obsess about the size of their boobs?
How can I clear my skin up?!!?
Ok girls this is very embarressing...?
I just got my ears pierced today... Can I wash my hair?
I the person you see in the mirror the same person you see in pictures?
What is Lukewarm Water?
How can I convince my parents to get a second hole in my ear?
If someone was selling hand made soaps with beatiful designs would you buy them?
Best oily skin face cleanser?
fair-skinned women?
How can I get the full benefit of a steam room?
How to make olive oil go away?????
Does nair pretty work?
Is it normal to feel ugly all the time?
how long do you think it will take me to get into shape? & what else should I be doing ?
do you know any really kool rock/punk bands?
can i get earlobes pierced again?
is my belly button piercing swollen? is it normal?
What is a body feature you like the most about you?
Please Help...Zits?
is it true that tanning beds helps acne?
how old do you have to be to get a eye lift?
what are the dangers of self piercing your forward triple helix piercing ?
What is a good facial moisturizer?
When does the brain finish growing?
acne problems, NEED HELP!!?
Lip piercing help please?
People Are Idiots!! Why can't they Realize this?.?
lip piercing?
my face wont stop breaking out?
Put Abreva on a zit to make it go away faster?
Stretched to a 0g Ears are sore?
views on belly button piercings?
I always have bag under my eyes? Xx :S?
Why is my stomach, back and legs darker than my face and chest when they're the least exposed to sun?
Pros and Cons of ear piercing?
Has anyone used Crystal V tanning lotion by Austrailian gold?
Would I look okay with both angelbites and snakebites?
First Time ear Stretching?
Will my skin shrink to fit me?
Is tanning once dangerous?
How should I remove the hair on my arms....please give me imput 10 points best answer!?
I have problems with my skin. i feel like its not smooth. my cheeks have always had tiny pimples.?
How do I persuade my mom to let me get gauges?
Is safe to do your own chemical peels at home?
Can you wash your face with hand sanitizer if it has aloe?
Question ?
How should I sleep with my septum ring?
HELP! Pimple/acne problems..?
Swimm checklist?..,(:?
how do i get a bigger ***?
13 and I haven't started menstrual cycle?
What does it mean if puss is coming out of my belly button piercing when squeezed?
Want to get my lip piercing but mum will not allow me?
HELP!!!! Replacing Helix Bar Piercing!!!!?
Is Clearasil just full of chemicals because?
Do you have to get pierced if you want a cuff earing?? And does it hurt?
Any tips for how to stop biting my nails?
Nipple piercing?
I need help with my looks when I am in public!?
How do you treat extremely DRY skin on your face?
ways to get a tan without sun ?
Best piercing places in Peterborough/ March area?
Forward Pinna Jewellery?
Does anyone know any succesful shampoos to combat baldness? Perhaps to use whilst receiving other treatment?
What would happen if I sprayed a full can of deodorant in my eyes ?
In which store can i get jojoba oil in indian market?
Would I look good with my lip pierced?
Eye Bags/Wrinkles at 14-years- old!! PLEASE HELP!?
What are these piercings called? (*pic included*)?
I get freckles from the sun? Any way to prevent it?
Can someone help me, ACNE !!!?
Has anyone been to Natural Body and Spa Shoppe in Vinnings?
Do you apply Jergens natural glow daily moisturizer to the backs of your hands and ears and feet?
Can i get my belly button peirced if im a minor but my bestfriends mom came with me?
How much does it cost to get a piercing at Universal's tattoo shop?
how to get rid of bags under my eyes?
Am i allergic to lotion?
What do you like more?
do women prefer men hairy or smooth or just chest and bits?
How to take care of my new pierced ears?
Accidentally pulled septum ring?
Should I get my monroe or nose pierced? picture of me!?
Industrial piercing(scaffold)?
help me and my body!?
Am I too fat for a hip piercing?
When did you get your first piercing?
What exactly is my face structure?
Should I get my lip pierced?
Going to a sleepover with 4/5 other girls but i have stretch marks, help!?
What are the best cream for mild fair women skin?
Nose piercing! Need some advice and info?
How do I remove Sharpie from my face?
i burnt my eyes with a lighter cant see need help fast?
What's your secret to healthy skin?
mom threatening to kick me out if i get my nose pierced?
My butt is really perky how do i get it fuller?
dry skin can anyone help me?
How can I look freaky and still have a job/career???
Oval/Diamond Face;Short forehead How should my brows be?
how to get lighter skin?
What is my body shape?
I have acne (not serious) but I'd really like to keep a clear face. Help?
My butthole really stinks. i wash every day in every part of my body. especially my butthole. idk what to do:(?
What is this piercing called?
Is this normal?!?!?!?
Do i hqve to use dostilled water to clean my nose piercing?
How often should you change the razor heads for an electric razor? Those blades are expensive as the razors!?
I'm a 18 yr old male... Am I past puberty?
What is the best crystal rock deodorant?
BiRTH CONTROL help pleaseeeeeeeeee?
What did it feel like when you had your ears pierced?
Can you get your lip pierced through a previously closed hole?
tell me what you think, pleaseee...should i get my inner conch pierced??
how to make ears not shine?
i have dry skin around my nose peircing, do i leave it or do i scrub it off?
why wouldnt/would you want to get a nose surgery when its really big and doesnt fit with your face?
Please Help!!?
I don't like my small boobs :'(?
Is it normal for my skin to break out really bad about a week after I have a facial?
hey I'm thinking about getting an anti eyebrow piercing do they hurt?
girlsss onlyyyyy.....?
Any tips to help clear my skin?
which would look better, eyebrow, cheek, or bridge?
My face is whiter than my body skin tone!?
is there any way to make you hips more curvier?
Anyone use palmers eventone buttermilk lotion?
HOW DO I GET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
hey please help? what do you think?
How can you make your boobs ***?
Black crusty skin on the tip of my nipples?
Favourite body part?
do you put neutrogena body wash EVERYWHERE on your body?
Has anybody used Strivectin-SD on existing stretch marks?
How long do I have to wait to put in a retainer for my lip piercing?
HOW many piercings do you have?
how much is it for to get my lips bigger (cosmetic surgery) ?
Razor bumps- how do you prevent/rid them?
Question on looking good; I prefer for girls to answer please?
is it ok to shave arms?
is this common on alot of girls?
Male Teens: What deodorant/antiperspirant do you use?
Is my face supposed to feel a burning sensation after i use a moisturizer?
What does it mean when they say a girl looks scary?
What is my face shape?
How can I get rid of a horribly dark uneven skin tone?
I realized my belly ring was irritating my piercing and was making it thin out really bad so I changed it just?
Wow soon we'll all look alike (Plastic surgery)?
Is it normal to have white under my tongue piercing?
Why am i so fat and why is my face breaking out?
I'm Alarmed: I Have Wrinkles and I am Only 26??!!!?
Does anyone know what the rules/regulations and laws are in Michigan to become a professional Body Piercer?
is my figure (weight) similar to blake lively's?
Joesoef Skin Care Anti-Acne Treatment - sulfur for acne?
Have you ever used veet hair removal creams?
Skin ID or Proactiv for acne?
how to avoid pimples?
Pierced ear won't stop bleeding?!?
ZITS! Do any of you out there have any cures?
Anybody tried Garnier Moisture Rescue lotion?
how can i even out my skin tone?
Is my dimple piercing infected?
can you get a nose piercing in kentucky if your under 18?
Help with face breaking out??
whats a better moisturizing cream- for anti-aging? La Mer products or Clinique?
Ladies... If you could blink your eyes and one part of your body be perfect, what part would you choose?
i want to know what sizes bra is bigger is a size 32DD bigger or is a 38D bigger?
Any easy face pack for a fairer complexion?
I got my belly button ring on august 22 2012. when can i change it?
if i have a 4 weeks and a couple of days old cartilage piercing can i take it off and change it?
how effective is silicon bonding of hairs?
I laid out today (yea, i used sun screen) and now i'm really tan on my face except for my sunglass area!! help
ow to get nice toned tan legs?
Could my tinted moisturizer be causing this breakout?
Where should I go to get my 3rd piercing done?
Not happy with my skin color?
wasnt Ms Nevada simply representing her state by kissing other girls and exposing herself?
why don't guys shave their armpits???
♥What excalty is a eating disoder?
Whats the best month to get a tan?
Ear Piercing?
Freckle Removing?
Shaving your bits!!!?
When should i rotate my industrial?
Am I an OK weight for my age?
im 17 should my spots start to clear up yet?
Which one of Avon's 'Skin So Soft' products is the one that's supposed to be a good bug repellent?
Who has Used any Daily Glow Moisterizer?
Is 5'7 Tall for a girl? Personal Opinion needed!?
Does boitin help grow nails?
Will OHIP cover part of the costs of a tummy tuck if I've had 3 C-sections?
my lips are chapped how can i get them soft and smooth again?
Is 17 too young for anti-aging products I have lines under my eyes and I have laugh lines that are appearing?
Any products/ways to shrink or close the pores?
What is your favorite eye color?
Laser Hair Removal as an option??
How do I remove corns from my feet and the appearance of them?
Breast implants yes or no?
How long does self tanner take to show?
Berry scented razors?
can a naval ring hole close up? help me!?
how do i prevent yellow stains from appearing on my shirts i wear deoderant every day all my shirts are yellow
I pierced my lip one week ago?
Do belly piercing hurt???
Have you used Mystic Tan? How does it fare with acne prone skin?
whats the best way to flatten a tummy and reduce stretch marks?
Why does my breast hurts when I wear just one of my bras?
Question for people with Nape piercing?
What do u think a decent boob size is?
Blah blah blah am i fat?
what cream to use in order to get rid of dark circles under ur eye???????
I need help with this. Any answers?!?
wierd itchy rash on face a day before my first day of highschool!!!!!!!! help please 10 points?
How to make my breasts bigger naturally?
How many methods are there to get a bigger,fuller,and rounder buttocks?
Getting rid of spots? (Tips/home remedies?)?
Can I put a 1.2 mm earring in a 1 mm piercing hole ?
Have you got your ear's Pierced at Claires?
will anything happen to my skin if i use an oatmeal mask nightly?
Secret or Dove Deodorant?
If you were a teacher how would you reduce the "jiggle factor" of your breasts?
How To cure a sunburn or to make it feel better?
How can I get clear skin?
pierced ears. ive changed my earrings to non- sterling silver is this ok?
Spray-Tanning Questions For Fair Complextions....?
Help Please?
What exactly is a CHEMICAL PEEL? (for the face)?
How do you get in 8g (3mm) double flared plugs?
What do you think when you see a 14 year old with a belly button piercing?
How should I tell my mom that I'm secretly shaving?
facial scrubs?
How soon can I go swimming after getting my belly priced?
when do start wearing bras?
Whos the prettiest???
How To take care of a new nose piercing?
What changes will i see and feel if i drink HEAPS of water?10POINS FOR BEST ANSWER BABES. IMPORTANT?
Cartilage piercing help :] thanks?
Best peircing for teen?
I need some help with chest-binding.?
which self tanner is better for a guy...dove energy glow, neutrogena, jergens energy, or oil of olay?
embracing my paleness?
How Can I Hide These Cuts In June?!?
Do you like your eye color?
am i too skinny??? be honest plz..?
I seem to be dark spots on my face. Also my face does not seem to have a one shade complexion.?
what should i do?? please help.?
Thinking about tanning?
my skin is consists of more pimples and dark pots please recomend me any good solution?
What do you think of him (PICSS)?
How to get nice underarms?
what is it?!?
tips for piercing a friends lip?
is there a way to make my nose straight?
What's your naval ???
I think I'm ugly...?
Please, I need help on getting rid of dark circles around my eyes!?
do champori eczema products work?
how can i reduce the redness in a pimple in just a few hours?
Somebody help me with a shaving problem?!?
my skin is dry and peeling help?
What's more attractive to women: nice pecs or 6 pack abs?
Does Nair hair remover really work?
How can i grow before school starts?
How many people have 2 showers a day?
clean & clear?
How many bottles of water should I drink a day?
"Manly" oil reducer suggestions?
which piercing woild be best with my braces.?
is 5'4 considered small?
my boyfriend has image
Do you know anything that will get rid of freckles? :)?
how to hide wearing 2 bras?
What is the BEST! way to get VERY tan FAST???
Do all girls have to use moisturiser and stuff?
what is the best way to get rid of bags under the eyes?
What hand cream is this/is this most similar to, and where can I find it/similar?
im 23 years old. my chest is very smooth and they come easily in hands like breast. will they become bigger if
How long do your nipples hurt after getting them pierced?
How much of Naturaful do you apply to each breast?
Proactive refining mask?
tanning question...?
Piercing help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Tongue Piercing Questions!!!?
can you put nails from the salon in your pus*y?
What's the problem with being a hairy woman?
I have Wrinkles on my Eyelid because of styes?
How can I entertain myself ;)?
Industrial piercing help?
Any Acne and/or scar removal remedies?
Body Piercing Career?
grr zits theres picture day tomorrow how can i get rid of them in less than 24 hours?
How do I hide a small nose stud?
what ear to get your ear pierced?
Is Guam mud wraps any good?
Victoria's Secret bra poll!!!?
I have stretchmarks everywhere?
What chain stores in the eastern US carry hair growth inhibitors?
what's ur favorite facial moisturizer and why? looking for some good ones?
pink or brown?
I'm a lifeguard and I get tanned really easily!?
Stop using proactiv tonight after long time using it?
How can I stop my breakouts?
best bra size?
Can i do this with my cartilage piercing?
(Girls) Does your face break out more when it's that time of the month?
light lips?
Id there any hope left for this bellybutton piercing or do I need to ditch it?
Is talcum powder the same as baby powder?
Is it weird to not wash your face?
Question about plastic surgery?
homemade face mask for smooth, flawless skin?
what is the ear gauge for a coke bottle cap.?
İ shaved my face and my age is 13?
Which would you prefer... Differen ( i dont know how to spell it) or benzaclin?
Pores on nose big/noticeable?
I want to get my lip pierced.?
question about splits...please help?
Has anyone tried the Celtrixa stretch mark lotion?
Is my belly button piercing healed yet?
How to make lips smaller naturally or with makeup plz. Not surgery? PLzzz?
Belly Button Pierced Wrong?
Is anybody know whether Obagi NuDerm set safe for pregnant women?
I am going to go and get some kind of piercing this wkend, what would look good on me?
pores? i dont get what they are...?
What Piercing Should I Get?
Where a nose can be pierced without affecting your sinuses?
Ear stretching after 3 weeks, 5mm to 6mm?
how can i make my lips puffy and soft and kind of supple?
what can i do so people cant see my pit stains?
Are big ears a turn off for guys?
did your nose ever bleed after getting it pierced?
My daughter saw a free sign at Claire's for ear piercing, should i let her get them done there, she is 13?
how long does a tragus piercing take to heal? and keloids too!!!?
Any one know of easy to hide piercings?
Shaving arms? Good idea?
Going into 8th grade..?
do freckles turn into pimples?
How messed up is my nose? ?
Can anyone recommend any really nice perfumes?
which piercing is best to get at age 14?
Can body lotion be applied to the face?
Why do teens have to be skinny, just to be called beautiful by the public, or to get a boyfriend?
Im 15 year old lad and i want my ear pierced but my parents wont let me?
How to Remove the Darkness and Bumps from my Private Area (female)?
how to keep a zit from scarring?
What are some good self-tanning products at cvs type stores?
Shall I tell my Mum?
how do you get rid of...?
How to get rid of blotchy skin?
how to darken a patch of skin that's turned white?
omg!!eyebrow help!!!?
How do I remove the dark circles under my eyes?
How do you get rid of acne in other places besides your face?
How long does it take you to take a shower?
Ladies....what's your bra size? Are you happy with it?
Would cheek/dimple piercing be a good first facial piercing?
best cleanser/toner/moisturizer for combo skin?
Acne scar URGENT?
How often should I use facial scrub?
Self tanner and shower?
IMPROVE SKIN overnight?
what does it mean if ur nipples are red?
Why can't I shave my thighs?!?!?
Are you happy with the way your body looks?
piercing question?
What is the perfect female?
Do you need to put ointments to look and feel younger?why?
What do you think of my daily skin care routine?
acne or what...I am in my late 30s?
Stretching my ears and im a little confused...?
Is this short?
Where to buy Gillette Satin Care Shaving Gel or Skintimate Shaving Gel in Sabah?
How many times a month should I shave my armpits?
So embarrassing to ask but Im curious....?
i have a navel piercing and my parents cant find out?
Thigh Epilation Poll?
I used electrolysis and laser and neither worked. Is there another I can use? What about home treatments?
Getting my cartilage pierced?
Can I wash my face with a watermint and sea mineral scrub then use proactive day repairing lotion?
I tried almost all the acne products and none works. Help!!!?
changing colors?
Glowing face help???????
What is my face shape?!?
hair removal?
Best hair removal creams?
ab workouts?
Does ginger really clear up acne?
whats the best way to get rid of stubborn acne?
can you minimize the size of your mole? if so, how?
Im going to be 18 and i want my tongue pierced but my parents are 100% against it, is it easy to hide ?
Skin type and acne product help?
how good would i look with a monroe piercing?
how can i make a pimple go away in 1 day?
How long does an eyebrow bar take to heal?
I have a sunburn where??
How to make breasts appear larger?
Am I meant to be a boy?
Using lemon juice to take away acne scars?
im way too young to have wrinkles.?
I pierced my own cartilidge, tragus and lobe yesterday when can i switch the earrings?
Am I too fat to wear a bikini?
Brake outs?
hey anyone know a lotion that will help keep a tan??
at present iam using sunsilk shampoo which is suitable for my growing hair, but i have a problem of hair ?
stretch marks and im 15!!!?
Is it important to wear panties?
How many times should you wash your face a day?
Body Piercing Career?
Tips for Soft Skin?
help .. im tired of being called fat?
average shoe size?
Does anyone know where i could get a great facial?
how much does a dermatologist cost (in florida)?
Should I get implants?
I'm Thirteen years old, and my mom won't let me shave?
Parents, Would you let your 15 year old daughter get her nose pierced?
Please give me your advice?
why do people make fun of people ?
How long should you wait until changing a lip piercing stud into a ring?
Is a pinna ear piercing this?
Do I look the same with/without makeup (photos)?
rhinoplasty next year pics ?
Peircings ! very random but important?
zits will go away i promise?
is this for real burn faster?
OMG PLEASE HELP ME. Waxing my Bikini Line. To scared to rip strip off. What do i do ?
how much does it usually cost to get a lip piercing??
helpl whats wrong here?
belly button piercings?
How do people that spend a lot of time in the sun get darker skin but no visible sun spots?
Can I change my 18g helix piercing to a 20g?
what do u think if extraction for the whitehead or blackhead?? is it good way to remove it?
I'm not comfortable in my own skin. Help?
Belly Button Piercing Help?
Is it true if you frown a lot, you're more likely to get wrinkles?
Mysterious arm bumps?
would u be cleaner if u got in the shower or the bath?
I HATE my dark and uneven skin!!!! HELP!!?
Which philosophy face products are best?
Lip piercing - healing?
how do you remove those white things on your nails?
My lip is swollen,i pierced my lip myself and my lip got swollen what do I do?
Can you recommend a daily sunscreen that won’t make me oily?
On a scale of 1 to 10, how bad does it hurt to get your nose pierced?