I don't like my body shape ? Help?
What is my face shape?
Visine for irritation after hair removal?
Why is belly button fluff always blue?
tanning lotion bad??
Will i grow 15 almost 16?
Can anyone help w/ inborn hairs or razor bumps?
what is my Neutrogena Wave supposed to do?
How do you get rid of CHAPPED LIPS FAST?
how do i reduce my acne?
for piercers or with experience of women genital pericines. what one enhances sex the most?
any body knows how to remove spot from my face?
What is oyur favourite piercing....?
can i have 30 moles removed on the NHS?
Proactiv question (BEST ANSWER GETS POINTS)?
Whats the skin in front of your ear called?
Double piercing help with what kind of earring? (:?
wax or shave?
My top eyelid swelled from a mosquito bite?
Can I get a lip+tongue piercing in 1 day?
Questions about my skin care regime?
Wrinkles under my eye?
What works best on removing stretch marks.?
is it sore to get your belly button pierced?
can pimple scars be removed?
My Face wont stop breaking out!!! HELP!?!?!?
Can i get a tanning bed membership without my parents permission (i'm 17)?
i heard that shaving with the same razor for a long period of time darkens armpits. is it true? if so, why?
i usually put shapoo in my face whenever i shower. is that okay?
How can you dye your teeth?
Better skincare for your face!?
is this tooo skinny?????
Should i put moisturizer on in the morning or before i go to bed?
Best face wash for sensitive skin?
How to...Have better skin?
I am 13 and have no facial hair!?
I'm too embarassed to go get a brazillian bikini wax at a salon. Does anyone know any good waxes or techniques?
What have you heard about tongue piercings? Want one!?
What's your opinion of vajazzles?
We find light skinned people on the bank of Arabian sea compared to People living near Bay of Bengal why?
what is the best depilatory cream mark?
Dark pimple/bump/cyst on the back of neck?
Tips for sun tanning? What time of day is best?
would wearing a push up bra affect the out come of my chest measuring?
I have bad facial skin and my mom won't let me get like Proactive or anything.Help?
Is 36B a to big or to small for my body type?
Just pierced my nose? Question:o?
Help! Trying To Find Right Piercing!?
good way to lose 20 lbs?
How can I stop razor burn?
Thermage....anyone ever try it? Did it work?
What's a good, respectable size for plugs?
I'm 13 years old a want a Tragus piercing?
What can I use to reduce acne scars?
Where is a good site for finding out how many years in college it takes for diferant careers?
Good moisturizer for combination skin?
What do I do when no one thinks I'm beautiful?
dermatologists: what is in a chemical peel?
Awwwwwwww I'm getting zits...HELP HELP HELP!!!!!!!!! PPPPPPPPLLLLLLLLLZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!?
How can I keep my facial hair from growing back?
Why do the corners of my eyes hurt?
is being to tall a turn off?
Should i Get Snakebites or a single lip piercing?
How do I fill in the empty spots on my face?
Has anyone used Perfectil triple action skin,hair,nails? How long did it take to work and was it any good?
Will harnesses irritate a navel piercing?
how not to be hated by others?
my nose is huge, suggestions?
My cheeks, new rashish thing?
Safe to get piercings when sick?
How to even out your belly color?
how often do you shave your legs/armpits/bikini line?
can I take my nose piercing out?
Skinny v. Curves? Opinions?
Where can I buy Repcillin in Australia? Its a south african cream.?
Know of a racy newsletter for women?
Do guys perfer girls with pale skin?
I have tan lines on my face and need urgent help!?
are beauty pageant girls allowed to have belly rings and tongue rings?
when i put on deoderent i still stink?
my face is peeling and its leaving my skin pale and nasty how do i get my natural color of my face back?
best piercing to get ???
I want to gain weight and try to target my breasts?
Where do u get Jergens Tanning Lotion?
I just got my cartilage pierced yesterday and it still aches and hurts to lay on, when will the pain go away?
how old do you have to be to get micro dermal anchors?
Is Noxema a good,effective product?
Favorite drugstore cosmetic?
how can i get a skinnier face?
Are there any bleach creams that will remove sunspots?
question about proactiv and makeup remover?
I have a bad habit of sitting at the computer and holding my face up with my hand, HOW DO I STOP?
Im getting dark brown spots on my palm and they looks like they are dirty.?
Is being out in the sun too long bad for me?
Which piercing best suits my face? (pics)
Dry skin problem, any tips?
does it work?
how do i get rid of circles under my eyes sleep dont work?
Likas papaya soaps?
girl troubles...................?
Dark upper lip, help! :(?
does anybody know any natural ways to make scars disapear?
How can i improve my skin?
How can I get rid of my back acne?
What's your age and height? I'm curious?
whats the bast part of you body to get pierced?
Should i way over 115 lbs?
sunless tan?
do you think a big butt is good or bad ?
how to hide a toungue piercing from my parents?
Any way to make sure my septum piercing will be healed?
How to get flawless skin?
When does Middle Age officially start?
skin problem..?
Any bras without backs?
Are cherries good for your lips?
acne help please!?
how to lose weight around the tummy area?
Where can I buy the anti perspirant Certain Dri?
When measuring your hips are you actually measuring your butt?
Im 14 and i am wondering should i get my tongue,ears,and nose pierced on the same day or on different days?
What is the easiest way to get sharpie off of my body?
where can i find bras at?
What is the thing in the corner of your.....?
Does proactiv work?
how long does it take for a scab to come of?? THIS IS AN EMERGENY!!?
how to stop bitting your nails?
would you rather...? (women only)?
My oral piercing won't come off?
Do I need a professisional to stretch my ear lobe or can I stretch it myself?
How can i increase the size of my hind quarters? (if u know what i mean )?
Self tanner with spf?
What is the best way to get rid of dark circles under eyes?
Should I wear a bikini?
How often can I use the sunbeds safely?
What fruits make my skin look better/fresher?
Do you think i'm tall?
How do I hide my belly bump?
How to make an innie an outie?
belly button peircging migration/rejection?
Proactiv? should I use it?
Nose Piercing, any advice?
how can i make my lips appear larger without cosmetic surgery?
What color bikini should I order?( pictures)?
How to make my legs look skinnier?
Has Anyone Tried The Black Opal Products ?
is BLEACH safe for any type of skin?
skin... bumps?
Where can I get realy good smelling lotion?(incluse the brands if you can)?
Body Measurements???
I need a substitute for honey.?
How much does it cost to get your ears peirced all the way down?
ACNE... ive tried everything!!!?
where to get nose pierced?
White mark on skin, scar?
How do I close my naval piercing hole?
What Is sheving?
best face wash to use for acne?
does a 220volt tanning bed use more electric then a 110volt tanning bed?
Anyone knows a good brand to remove stretch marks on the body and scars?
Is 17 too young for anti-aging products I have lines under my eyes and I have laugh lines that are appearing?
Hey look at this Lip piercing question!?!?
what type of body to think is most attractive to you?
Does tanning oil really make your skin tan faster and darker?
how do i make my face less chubby?
Is it stupid to have a fake nose piercing?
shaving your legs?
how do i get rid of the puffiness in my least reduce it ...?
Do you have any (facial) suggestions for date night?
When will my face improve?
anyone know about LASER RESURFACING under eye for wrinkles?
there was a fragrence at bath and body works about a year or 2 ago it was a purple flower what was it?
Breast Reduction Surgery?
Need a tan?
reallly want a belly piercing!!!!?
infected piercing help?
anyone know anything that works to get rid of spots?
How to hide a hickey?
How can i stop sweating?
Anyone tried Soap & Glory products?
Tanning bed lotions to get a dark tan FAST?
why do old women have hairy lips?
Can i make my blue eyes brown?
does it hurt to get your ears pierced?
Piercing Help?? Please?
Can you help me decide?
Breast creams???
Does pee really help on acne problems?
What is ERYTOP LOTION ? how to use it ? what is the price of this lotion in india? PLZ..TELL ME WHAT IS IT? D?
Would the St Moriz Mousse Self Tanner Still work If i use the tanning bed and have a tan?
Does it hurt to get a belly button pierced?
Belly button piercing, is it infected?
If I get my ears pierced at 12g, can I get a plug at first?
I shaved my upper lip ONCE months ago but now the skin on my upper lip is dark! What can I do?
Does Bio Oil really work ?
Dudes shaving their legs?
How to hide stretch marks?
how do i get rid of a zit fast?
I need a FAST facial recipe?
Am I too young to stretch?
How to get rid of fatty deposits under eyes?
Question about ear piercing?
what is sun block for?
Are my eyes too big/weird?
What's this piercing called?
Is it ok to wash my face with Radox Men deep clean shower scrub it has watermint and sea minerals in it?
anyone try acnefree power pimple peel?
How to get rid of stretch marks?
Best thing to use to tone skin?
period question?
are stretch marks from a year and a half ago considered "recent"?
is my nose to big for my face?
If you have acne prone skin and you have a professional facial,could you have a bad break out 2 weeks later?
Help shaving down there!!!?
How to stop picking my lip?
Should i get my conch or snug pierced :)?
Will tanning get rid of body acne?
How to Make a fake belly button STUD that looks real?
get rid of leg razor bumps?
How to get your skin soft?
Daily face wash product for men pleaseeeeeeee?
I have been using Benzole peroxide products for a while now. And my skin is really dry.?
I've been having acne problem since last year.,,So what kind of treatment should i use...?
I am 13 and have no facial hair!?
Has anyone had a Morpho-Lymphatic Drainage done?
OMG!! Can somebody PLEASE help me get rid of my acne!!?
How to lower your voice when you're a female?
when to Cleanse,Tone and Moisturize?
St Tropez......So many products but which one to get?
I am having a hard time finding a bar soap that I like...what's your faveorite?
Can I tan like this?
Am i too fat?
Why do I sun burn so easy?
How can I take out my eyebrow piercing?
Thinking of getting my tongue pierced?
There's lines on my forehead near hair line, what can i do about it?
Any good home remedies to get rid of pimple scars??
Pics. Does anyone find this beautiful?
My eyes burn for no reason?
Dark underarms please help! solution needed?
what is a good Tato??
do you think it would be weird to have a boyfriend that is 5 inches shorter than you?
what age in victoria do you have to be to get a surface piecing?
Any body ever had IPL on face for discoloration and wrinkles?
Is there any way to get bigger boobs without plastic surgery or weight gain?
How can i shave my underarms real well that it wont leave little dots of hair?
Help with buying moisturizer?
Huge nair problem!!! PLEASE help!?
Is it best to use skin products in a set?
how does it fell to get the top of my ear pierced?
Difference in Razors..??
When does your face sharpen out? Baby fat?
does mederma work on scars?

Face wash recommendations please?
How do i clean my infected belly button piercing without seeking medical assisstant?
How and what to use Duac with? Help appreciated.?
What do you think of this?
Nose peircing?
In Walmart, does Dr Scoll's custom fit orthotics work?
how long should i wait to get my belly re pierced?
Ways To Remove Pimples?
My ear piercing was bleeding?
how do you disguise [or at least divert attention from] big....?
what about stretch on my breast and arms?
belly piercing?
13 and I haven't started menstrual cycle?
Do anyone know what to eat to have a fuller breast rather than taking pills?
Too big or not big enough?
How can I get lighter skin color...?
How do I get rid of teenage acne? any good brands?
hidroquinone cream?
White "flaky" things around my mouth and on lips when i go to school in the morning every day?
What do you think of my tongue piercing?
Okay I have those little bumps on my arm they kinda look like zits but idk how to get rid of them so help me o
Is my belly button piercing slanted? Or just swollen?
can anyone give me tips for pimples?
My skin is terribly dry, I do use lotion after I shower, and exfoliate as well, any suggestions?
Hypertrophic scarring?
How old do you need to be to get a piercing?
are there any ways to help whiten your teeth?
Is it normal to form a canker sore next to my new monroe piercing?
I'm 11 and weigh 88 lbs. at 5' thighs and butt are do you think I am?
How to get rid of bags under the eyes - without surgery?
when i have a bath or a shower when i scrape my nails accross my skin all this white stuff is picked up,?
my eyes change colour...wats wrong wit me?
i need help with my skin?
Does it really work reduce wrinkles with Giavonie Anti Aging Cream ?
how bad does it hurt to get you belly button pierced?
How to solve sweating problem without anti-perspirant?
Irritated belly piercing? Please help!?
Want to get my nose pierced?? Does it Hurt?
I want my cartilage pierced?
Im getting my bellybutton pierced?
I'm 15 and I want my ears pierced, does my mum have to be there?
whats the proper way to pierce anything on your body yourself?
saggy breasts after pregnancy?
How can i get rid of my pimples in 6 days?
I have acne on my forhead and and on my chin, any good products tat really do work?
the skin under my eyes are so dark, how the hell can i get rid of it.?
How did you get rid of your freckles?
What should I do about my messed up piercing?
How to convince my parents to get a second piercing?
how does tanning in a salon affect teenagers under 18?
i want 2 do a nose piercing !! witch 1 should i do with needle or gun ?? but im scared 2 do wit a needle !!?
are big boobs still in?
((GIRLS ONLY))How can I get rid of my stretch marks?
If get a lip piercing when I'm 16 can my parents kick me out for getting one without their permission.?
hi can any girls help me out?
Can anyone tell me where to buy preservative K?
Would this face wash routine work well?
Piercing My Friends Ear .. And Now Burns :(?
IN my face there are pimples.they come and then ythey go very late leaveing some mark.?
need to persuade my parents to let me get piercing?
How can I make my nails grow faster?
Is it rare to have dimples?
What do the stars on TV use to get their legs so shiny?
What's the most effective face wash?
Which acne treatment is better: Proactiv, Clear-pores, or Neutrogena Skin id?
oily skin still?
skin help please help!?
Biore Blemish Fighting Ice Cleanser?
Can I "move" my new navel ring?
waxing? if i wax my upper lip is it going to grow back worse its not all that noticeable now?
How many facials does a facial specialist do a day usually?
what can you use for suntan lotion? Homestufff.? To get tanner?
why does my skin feel like its burning if im not sun burnt?
Girls only!!!!!!!! (I mean it)!?
i'm not tannninggg!!!!!!?
Bikini waxing? ew?
Where can I find a picture of someone wearing a clear lip piercing RETAINER?
sinful tanning salon?
Is it better to have my legs waxed proffessionally at a salon or at home?
How do u get thicker in 20 days?
Please heeelp meee?
while using an epilator do you move it downwards or upwards?
best tanning lotion ?
what are those dark spots at the armpits?
When to put on indoor tanning lotion?
Ear piercing, infection, antibiotics, etc? How long before they close? HELP!?
how long does it take for a belly button ring piercing to close?
How long should I take Metathione whitening pills to make my complexion lighter?
Which do you prefer: a girl who is a slightly overweight, or one who is a slightly underweight?
who has thier septum peirced?
womem only- shaving?
How much will is cost to get yours ears pinned back? Looking for a cheaper plastics surgeon in SE suburbs?
Two showers per week?
My Lip Piercing is at least two months old.?
Is Tanning Safe?
how to bring out my eyes with out eyeliner?
how do you get rid of...?
Bruise remedies?
Does a cartilage piercing look good on everyone?
Does putting body lotion help anything with removing a tan?
Tongue piercing i need help.?
Manicure or no manicure?
Honestly: Does piercing your ears hurt?
I think my dermal piercing might be growing out?
Nape piercing Healing question?
what shall i call my beauty salon?
Should I get my nose pierced? People that have their nose pierced please answer!?
what is the most popular bath and body work scent?
acne and birth control?
I'm going to get my belly pierced....?
How can I convince my mom to let me get piercings ?
how much does laser hair removal cost for a womans brazillian area?
If i gained as much weight as i have will my boobs double?
how do i talk my mom into letting me shave ????????
where can i buy ear strechers in coventry?
ugh!you knows what's weird?
Is my scar making me anti social? why do people judge me because of my scarred face?
Do you put Clearasil Vanishing Acne Treatment Cream on your whole face?
how do i get rid of stretch marks?
How can I make.......?
Info on nose piercings?
How do I convince my mother to let me get my lip pierced? PLEASE HELP!!!!!!?
Cuticle pushers...?
Dark underarms and private area. HELP PLEASE.?
Is it really bad to sleep with a bra and a built-in bra cami shirt?
can any one desribe for me the sound of a kiss?
What everyday moisturising cream shall i use for very sensitive skin?
What is your FAVORITE PIERCING...?
Do you know of/can i trust this website?
Um question for the girls:$..?
when i try to watch videos on xnxx all i get is 1% and it wont load?
Is my conch piercing infected?
i have scars on my legs does anyone have a medication or remedy to get rid of them?
32A at age 15 is NOT normal!!?
What happens if you don't bathe or shower in 16 months?
Skin Lightening Product information?
What should I get. Lip piercing on the right or Monroe?
snakebites help please?
Is it ok to exercise without a bra ?
Best way to get rid of a pimple?
My face full of pimples only water wash fach wash is best or not for my oil and sensitive skin?
How can I make my nails grow faster?
Why Does Vaseline Have Cetyl Alcohol in it's Cream?
should you wash off nivea cream?
Is being a tall girl a bad thing ?
how to make soap using 3 D mould?
How do i have olive skin when my mom, sister, and brother have fair skin?
If I get my cartlidge pierced, and go to a gig (the blackout) would it hurt/fall out?
What are the pros and cons of getting an anti-eyebrow microdermal?
Newly Pierced Tongue?
i have big boobs!!?
belly button pierceing?
How can I get rid of ugly red shave bumps in my bikini area? URGENT!?
i want to peirce my lip but im afraid it wont heal?
Does the no no hair removal thing hurt?
Help? How do I ask my mom if I can go tanning?
Should I get my ears pierced for this?
i need help with pimples.?
Best Way To Shrink Yourself In Height?
How can i stop the urge to cut myself?
what do you use elizabeth arden 8 hour cream for?
how to make my breasts bigger naturally?
should i get my dimples pierced?
how to get rid of acne in one week?
How Can I Make A Really Dark Hickey?
what gives kids there very nice looking skin?
belly button pericing?
How to get the best possible tan:w/o a tanning bed?
What over the counter Facial / skin rejuvenation is best?
I hate my body:( please answer asap?
Big brown spot under my breast?
What is a good body bronzer?
how do i get rid of pimples naturally?
What to do for severely clogged pores?
How do you take out the back of the earring?!?!?
need a tanning lotion ?? help?
About Lip Piercings...?
Which vitamin should I take ?
Belly Ring Problem!?
My leg hair won't shave completely off?
Is it normal to have hairs on your penis?
Enjoy the sun without getting freckles?
does the body burn more calories when its cold?
Why does my collarbone stick out so much?(picture)?
What is hickies?
Wax still on upper lip?
How do you get rid of acne?
Can I have my belly button pierced again?
Duct tap over noes peircing.?
Birth mark on my butt,kinda insecure about it?
Moisterizer for acne prone skin and also for preventing ageing skin.?
how do you know if you have clogged pores on your face?
i have a question!!!!?
LOreal Sublime Slim ABS Tightening and Toning Gel?
Is it possible to match sunburn with ultra violet tanning?
I can't get ride of acne?
What brand deodorant is good?
what hurts more getting your lip pierced or your nose?
how to smell good?
how to get rid of a pimple over night ?
Experiences with minocycline?
How to remove dirt effectively from pores and get smaller pores?
How often should I steam my face?
Who lyks me???
I'm a 12 year old girl and..?
How do I switch from a simple stud lip ring to a horshoe peircing?
PA pericing info?
is it ok to get my ears pierced a day before i go to the beach?
what facial piercing....? [pictures]?
Am i to fat to have a hip piercing?!? (pictures)?
Lip problem! My bottom lip is pink. And my upper lip is pale pink in the middle with the exterior a much?
How to reduce Acne Scarring?
What aftercare tips should i follow for ear lobe piercing?
im breaking out all over my face, please name some products that can help????
Surface Piercings Question...?
how do i remove and eyebrow piercing?
Will my belly button piercing close up?
Red lips and pale skin..ugh.?
Do ne-yo look good to you?
can gluthatione soap reduce dark spots cause by acne?
Working at a tanning salon?
I think there might be something wrong with my ears...?
I'm embarrassed to sleep with out my shirt What should i do?
How old do you have to be to get laser hair removal done?
My Hemoglobin count is good but I have freckles on both cheeks.I need effective home remedy?
do breast sizes matter ?
Should I have rhinoplasty?
Is it bad to leave earrings in for too long?
How to change my skin colour?
Swollen Tragus Piercing? Please read on...?
opinions on nose? pics?
How can i convince my mum to let me get a nose piercing?
is my breast size small for my frame?
Why do some woman wear thongs at work and let them show by leaning over an bending over at work???
Why is my tatoo coming off??
How to make my nose smaller?
I am african american but why does my skin tan so easily?
this sounds stupid but will my lip ring close?
HI what is the best face wash, toner and moisturiser for my combination skin?
I really want to make my skin look bronze.?
PLEASE HELP! how can i make my feet/hands pretier?
Invisalign, x-rays and pierced ears??
Why do my eyes change from blue to green to grey?
my daughter is 11 and wants her belly button pierced can i get in trouble if i let her?
is it normal for my piercing to do this?
How to get a bigger butt?
just pierced my tongue been 3 days now?
How long should i go tanning for?
convincing mother to let me get eyebrow piercing...?
Any good sports wipes?
Acne? Help?!?!?
Is 4'9" too short for a teen =[?
Can I have my belly button pierced again?
do freckles turn into pimples?
15 year old underarm hair please help?
Would anyone recomend proactiv? Has anyone had any success with it?
Is it worth having hip piercings???????
How to make my cheeks less rosey?
I have razor bumps what should i do to heal it?
Why do some people have bumps on their faces (not acne, not temporary)?
Will i grow 15 almost 16?
Have you ever used Equate Oil Free Acne Wash, the orange stuff?
tanning lotion for scars???
What is the best self tanner for face and body for a very fair skin with some SPF protection?
how do you know if your tongue piercing is infected?
Why are my eyes always puffy?
how do i get get rid of spots?
elancyl cellu reverse?
Recommend a good day cream with spf for dry skin?
how to convince my parents to let me get my belly button pierced at 13?
is there an expiry date on sunscreen?
am i pretty?open to anyone!!!?
How to get my lightest skin tone/make tan fade?
How do you get a good face tan?
which tans better, tanning lotion or tanning oil?
how do i get over my big nose....?
should i do it ?
WHAT THE HECK is coming out of my belly button?
I color contacts that arent circle lenses or at least normal size and precription..n last a year!! plz answer!?
how to make your skin lighter?
how can i get rid of my acne?
should i get my belly button pierced?
Is there any reason why a minor should be allowed to undergo cosmetic surgery without parental consent?
Having a friend's mom lie for me to get my lip pierced...?
Industrial Piercing Info?
how to get my mom to let me get my tongue pierced?
Does anyone else besides me have a hard time deciding what skin care products to buy?
How long before i can change belly ring?
If i shave my legs will i get a better tan when i go on holiday?
Is it bad to pluck pubic hair?
Facial Moisturizer Not Working?
Is it okay to go to the tanning booth ten times?
is it okay for ur boyfriend to ask for other girls number?...?
Max how many pounds can u lose in a month?
What should I do to my body hair? Specially.... ?
whats the difference between shaving and waxing??????????????????/?
I have oily skin. even if i clean my face, it becomes oily in 5 minutes.?
im 18 size 12 D-DD and i want them bigger much bigger any tips on how to do so without surgery?
how old do you have to be to get your tongue pierced in england?
LUSHIES UNITE! What are your 10 FAV products from lush?
BEST acne treatment you have tried?
What acne product is the best to use?
Can you please help me! SPOTS!!?
how do you make your boobs bigger without surgery?
spots on face after shaven what should I do to stop getting them?
is there anything like pevonia for roacea that works but costs less??
How to stop myself from eating my skin?
Eat your way to lighter skin ?
hey yall just wondering if you can answer this its like so serious scroll down ok?
Am I fat or what!?And my bodyshape.......!!!?
How can face scrubs help your face?
What caused you to get your body piercing?
if my tall 1.73m is good or not for you girls? and why?
HELP Lines on forehead ONLY 13?
back dimples?????????????????
y is 1 boob bigger then the other?
Should Men have glowing facial skin?
whats sorer piercing belly or toungue ?
Best product for blackhead removal?
Is this normal for bras?
Can i still get a labret piercing if I have a scar in that very place?
Nivea Body Good-bye Cellulite Patches?
how do i make my boobs look bigger?
Why am i skinny yet i have such an uneven body shape, so bad i feel i cant wear tight fitted clothes!?
What is a good deodorant (antiperspirant) to use?
how do i get rid of post acne mark?
how to get rid of acne?
Help me...............?
How to block the sun from my face--naturally?
Whats the best way to clean a tongue web piercing?
Why do my eyes do this? (read details)?
I really need help with my pimple/acne scars!?
Acne Help!?
When strangers guess your age, how close do they usually come within your actual age?
How to get nice, smooth feet?
Does anybody know any home remiedes that will work over night to get rid of my forehead acne?
UGh ACNE!! =[?
can i get a tan from a sun lamp?
helpp!! puhleasee!!?
How much does it cost for a lip piercing and does it hurt ?
i know this question is disturbing but i honestly don't know..?
have you ever tried sugaring (persian waxing)?
Does Proactive really work?
How to tell if my bra is to small?
how do i apply fake tan to my hands without it being streaky?
how do you get rid of 3 scabs with out picking?
Belly button piercing advice?
Does ban really work?
Thinking about getting my nipples pierced...?
is there any possible way that i could undo a tan??
at what point are ear piercing holes healed and permanent?
is it bad if my nose is red around my new nose piercing?
how to hide a belly button piercing from your parents?
Im going tanning. Any first-time tips?
tragus and triples(:?
Can you put tea tree oil on a new belly piercing?
Natural products to take better care of my body?
ladies help please ?
how do you get dark circles from under your eye?
any painless way to pierce a tongue?
should i get my bellybutton pierced?
Day 3 of tongue piercing?
How much does it cost to get your cartilage pierced at Atomic tattoos?
Please help?
Can I take my industrial piercing out for a few hours?
What's wrong with my lips?
what do guys like?? honestly?
What's your favorite piercing?
Are people born with model figures?
advice on acne please?? =(?
Anyway to get rid of the bags under my eyes?
Can I Use eight hour cream on oily/combination skin?
where can i find clean and clear in Australia?
whats your number one tip for perfect skin?
Can your boobs grow when you haven't even had your first period?
I have alot of pimples/acne on my back?
I think my boobs are too big but I can't get surgery what else works?
About Lip Piercings...?
Hair remover on your Balls?
whats the best homemade recipe to make your face soft?
I pierced my lip last night, do I have an infection?
skin lightening cream or soap?
What is a good sun block lotion for black people.?
how do i get rid of a fat nose?
Does clean and clear actually work ?
Snakebite piercings on guys? What do you think?
do you have to have permission to get your belly button pierced?
With a rook piercing, is swelling normal?
why am i sooo pretty!!!!!!?
Saw this (The Benefits of Using a Quality Bidet as a Toilet Seater) any one use it ?
Help!!! My skin!!!?
Does having your lip pierced hurt?
What caused your last scar?
girl troubles...................?
if you have your belly button pierced, click here NOW!! pleasepleaseplease!?!?
How can i get a nice tan at the beach?
Should i do workout with new belly button pierce?
My body (skin) doesn't match?
Blistex Five Star Lip Balm?
lol im 13 and im wonder if thesse are abs? xD for the girls ?
At Home Skin Brightening Remedies?
askin 4 you?
Dark Circles under my eyes? Any advise on how to make them better?
dark underarms HELP~!!!?
can i change out my nose piercing now or should a wait a little longer?
Scarring after removed nose piercing!?
What's a good skin care line for a salon?
Are lumps around cheek piercings normal/?
do people get pimples if they te?
where is a good place in georgia and or alabama to get your belly button pierced?
I have homecoming in a few days but I want to cover up scars on my legs?
Looking for something from Sephora that will make my lips smooth and moisturized and get rid of any lines?
question about earrings and professionalism?
Allergic to my nose piercing?
What is my face shape? (Includes picture!)?
I have acne on my forehead, if I kept my face natural will it disappear?
light lips?
I can't get my piercing all the way through ?!?
Does Nativeremedies clearskin skin wash work for acne?
is it normal for my belly button piercing to look a little bruised?
How can i get rid of my spots?
is this rude?
Wrist piercing??
How long should I tan outside?
Get rid of acne scars overnight?
help men problems?
What else Do i need to do to look better?
My sister is 11, and she's 5'1 how tall will she be?
Whats wrong with my belly piercing?
What is the Best acne treatment?
Is This a Good Moisturizer?
Scars can actually fade completely?
How do you change a tragus piercing?
how to change tragus bar?
Tell me what you thinkk, piercing. (Picture)?
Tanning rooms? Do you recommend them?
how can i make my pimples go away i try ed proactive and it did int work need help please?
how do u keep ur nails,long,healthy and nice with home remedies?
Do these really work?
Question about Lip Studs and Lip Rings (Diameter)?
tounge piercing help please?
Stretching my ears for the first time! please help?
septum piercing pain?
does plastic surgery cost less the further south you go (in the us)?
Is it SAFE to pierce my tongue??
Is it harder to get a tan if the sun is behind a big gray cloud?
My waist size z 32 bt m slim, jst wnt 2 gt rid of my waist size. Avoidg fatty food will change entire figure?
i need to know how to completely take care of my lip piercing !!?
shaving ??? open only if u started puberty. and ur a girl .?
Lip piercing?
I just got my ears pierced today... Can I wash my hair?
How do I properly clean a horseshoe piercing?
Baby powder and lotion?
i don't have bad acne,,, but im starting to break out:S?
What is the best way to hydrate or moisturize the face?
dark circles under my eyes?
Lip Piercings?
Soo how do I look with a septum piercing?
I'm 13 and I have horrible bags under my eyes?
How To Get Rid Of Wrinkles Under Eyes?
i have really bad skin, and have tried almost everything out there, is there anything anyone can suggest?
is it ok to pierce the very tip of your tongue by your self?
is my nose long?
how to i get rid of pimple marks..?
Had a nose piercing since start of the year but it still bleeds when I take out the piercing?
I need help with piercings?
How to get rid of these weird facial bumps?
Rhinoplasty at newcastle nuffield hospital....?
Need to know a good tanning lotion for my scalp?
How to get darker skin? (10 Points for best answer)?
Help! People think I'm anorexic but I'm not...?
does garnier light work for dark circless?
Where can I buy SLS-free soap base?
Is it normal to be able to lick the inside part of my collarbone?
HELP!!just did a bikini wax gone really bad!!?
Help i just bit over half my nail off!!!!?
how can i get rid of the pimples and spots on my face ?
help WRINKLES i think?
Would I suit a navel piercing?
are you born with crooked teeth as a gene... or is it something that developes over time?
Best SPRAY-ON tan I can buy over-the-counter?
im 15yrs old and wanna do ramp modelling...?
growing solutions.?
What is hickies?
How can I make it look like I dont have leg hair without shaving them?
Best hair removal method for a guy?
♥Why does my skin break out more when I drink more water♥?
what is your belly button piercing supposed to feel like?
i got the top part of my ear pierced how long b4 i can take it out??
i have blackheads (spots )on my nose how to rermove em permenently?
Can dimples appear as you get older?
Is using Crisco as a motustuizer a bad idea?
How to clean belly button piercing?
How can i remove fat from my lower eye lids?
Severe Body Acne wont go away?
my stretched ears burn and are swollen but when i stretched them they didnt hurt?
How much does the piercing needles cost,everybody i ask say they dont know?
Does proactiv really work?
how to achieve soft kissable lips??? best answer 10 points..?
I ran out of soap...........................?
what r these things on my face??
Hello I am nazia my age is 29 my sikn is very dark and dark and dark spots Plz help me?
to boob job or not to boob job?
i am 31 years old why do i keep getting acne?
How bad does getting your nose and cartilage pierced hurt?
Please help!?!?!?! Skin dilemma!?
is my belly button piercing infected?
ow do u know if u get a infected ear pierced?
what is a product that will clean my face really well like get rid of zits fast?
Info on silicone tunnels?
i need help ......??????
i got scabs from the personal microderm?
Somebody help me please. I've got vertical wrinkles between my breasts. I'm only 20yrs old.?
have you ever had an experience like this with a professional piercer?
Do I have a warm or cold skin tone?
Laser Hair Removal Cost on Stomach?
Oil Skin question.?
how to maintain shape of boobs in spagidies i mean shirts wid strings n sleeveless tops?
Can a thinned lobe be thickened again without surgery?
how to play up greek looks?
want to get my cartalidge and belly pierced im 13 please answer?
Are belly piercing dangerous?????
Can I use moisturiser on oily skin?
Anyone who has a lip piercing?
What colour eyes do you have?
which piercing would best suit me?
Does the Clearasil 12 hour acne face wash really work?
Where can I get these septum rings?
Really dry skin on my face... quick fixes?
What's my body shape/type?
cartilage piercing with stepparent?
Does getting your nose pierced hurt?
Will my boobs shrink if...?
my face burns ALL THE TIME?
How do I get rid of my cellulite?
does it hurt to get your belly button pierced if your 12?
Is there a way to get rid of scars without buying anything expensive?
Am i Supposed to pop,or not pop pimples ?
Do self-tanning creams really work?
ok, ive set up a shop on ebay selling my own hand made soaps?
What's the best subtle self-tanner? Will it look weird if I only use it on m my legs?
Skin Help;;Pleaseee!!?
i stretched my ears and i think i ripped my ear D:?
How can I get my parents to understand bras?
How to whiten tan and it won't go away...please no Jackson jokes or telling me to dark is beautiful
why do people always stare at me?
What happens if I layer sunscreen?
Do you feel better when you have a tan?
How to get perfect skin (as a teenager)?
How Much Do You Think I Weigh?
looking for a scrub i cant find?
what do u think of beauty spots?
Guys, would small boobs put u off a girl?
thread lift?
belly button peircing???
Tanning Salon Question...?
What do you think about Scarlett Johansson's body?
Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream?
I want my tongue pierced really bad and my older bro has one. is that a good enough reason to make them let me?
I got my septum piercing, but the hole is too high?
Anyone know how to get rid of back acne?
which bath and body works scent is the best? I need to kno i dont care who answers just help me please/?
Brisbane piercing shop for teens s?
What are some home products that help relieve sunburn?
Should/how could I switch out my cartilage piercing?
Has anyone used the Tanda Skin Care System? If so, how well does it work?
Is it better to let your skin just peel from dryness?
Homemade oily skin facial moisturizer?
I am start to shave more in my private area to keep from getting bumps what do i use after i shave.?
What's the best place to get my lip pierced in Kansas city?
What would the "attractive" weight?
wat will happen if i ....?
How to get rid of a pimple?
How is it that people don't realize whn blacks tan, it's to even out? Not get darker.?
male dry skin and blotchy complexion?
I have a huge scar on my back because i was in a terrible accident?
What to do with dark underarms?
how to get soft hands?
Best lotion for face?
is this attractive?
I'd like to have great skin before school starts in 14 days.?
Do guys only like girls how are skiney??
Mary Kay??
Bumps "down there" from shaving?
Help! What to do about female facial hair?
I want my body back?help?
my belly button piercing is red around it and oozing puss is it infected?
Good face wash/cleanser?
Clear face, no bags under eye?
Is it bad to wash your face with hand soap?
I've got pretty oily skin and I have moderate acne, how can I deal with both problems?
Is this normal -picture?
What peircing should i get?
Piercing at Download festival?
Is my nose piercing infected?
what is the best face cleanser, toner and moistureiser?
How can i tell my mom...?
tragus and foward helix piercing?
Should i get these moles removed?? (pic)?
can we use coffee powder as a face pack?
Tell me all the flaws you see in me [PICTURE]?
Do I look like a snob?
Ear stretching after care - sea salt soaking?
does vitamin K really reduce the appearance of spider veins?
I had pimples but now they have gone off !any fast method to remove those marks of the pimples?
do hormonal pills help to get rid off body hair?¿?
please tell me if you think my nose and chin is too big?
Does getting your belly button pierced hurt?
I want to pierce my own ear .?
tongue piercing swelling? indent on top of tongue?
will my bone shape change?
Does Clinique anti-blemish solutions in 3 work?
Axe for her? Multiple smells?and reviews?
What do you think of my nipple?
which epilators are best?
Is my belly button piercing infected?
is putting moisturizer on better than not doing so?
How can i get rid of dimples?
What side should I get my nose pierced on?
Fourteen and 32A pleease help me!!!?
Can a hood piercing leave you numb?
Are belly button piercing's chavy?
wondering if any women have taken clenbuterol for weightloss?
how can i convince my mom to let me get a belly button piercing?
I want to regauge my ears, would it hurt as bad as the first time or worse?
How Long Do Lobes Take To Heal?
how do you get rid of pimples in the nose?
my boobs to big for my height and age and weight?
Why do shaving hurts like hell?
Sunscreen BUUUURRRRNNNSSSS my face, what can I do?
how many of u like big black eyes?
which girl is good,sexy/cute, fatty/slim, ????
How to make your boobs look good?
Shaving the down below questions...?
How do you get your belly button pierced? How?
I have a moustache How do i get rid of it?
Belly button piercing!?
They say not use soap on your face but what about Dove soap?
How can I convince my mom to let me get my tongue pierced?
Belly Button Piercing?
Tongue piercing i need help.?
Does sleeping naked feel good and how many people do it. I want to try it but I'm not sure what it feels like.
Where can I get my nose pierced in delaware & how much does it cost?
Plastic surgery Question?
How do i make my but bigger.?
how can i convince my parents?
How do you use the clinical strenght deodorant?
When I get my nose pierced, is it possible to get like a clear stud?
what is that space on a mans body from the hip to the package called?
How far up your leg do you shave?
At what age should a girl start shaving?
stretched ear ling noise?!?
Hey guyz,m looking worst day by day..tell me how to get rid of this problem?
Do GIRLS like boys with strong arms?please READ MORE!?
Has anyone waxed their upper lip or face?
please help!! soz i have done alot of questions today! lol?
Women do you like it when men look at your feet?
When is it best to get my cartilage pierced?
Snakebites info ,stories or advice?(the piercing)?
is garnier dark spot corrector suitable to remove my dark spot?
boob job? shall i?
Should I get my ears pierced?
URGENT!!hey.. acne question?
If I have a belly button ring, does that mean...?
How can I hide the hair on my arms???
So, how many piercings do you have?
how do i pierce my own bellybutton?
Does a naval or lip piercing hurt more?
Nose Piercing ~OR~ Lip Piercing?
How much do you think I weigh by looking at me?
What is it called when one breast is bigger then the other!?
Any way to ease the pain when you are burnt?!?
How can I make my nose smaller?
are there any negatives to using Nair?
how to get rid of stretch marks?
HELP!! i got my tragus pierced and my mum doesn't know yet!! she will go mental! what shall i do??? thanks
What is the secret to models and actors absolutely perfect skin?
I. am. so. sore. HELP!! 10 points to best answer?
Will i grow 15 almost 16?
how do i get rid of blackheads?
My lips are SOO chapped...?
Can anybody tell me if Oxy face wash 10% benzoyl perioxide is any good?
can you get a "tan" from black tea?
How do YOU get rid of blackheads?
Should I get a nose job? *pics*?
Hydrogene peroxide question?
how do i know if i need glasses? plz help :l?
Is Ahcohol good for my skin?
Exactly, what should I expect if I pierce my Tragus? (Pain-wise)?
Is wrinkled skin after bathing normal?
For both guys and girls...Do you think my boobs are too big?
How long can i keep my Rook out without it closing?
Will Jergens Natural Face Glow lotion make my face break out?
i look like an oompa loompa!?
Men, what is your favorite breast size?
What happens when you take of your piercing once you got it done?
i weigh 128 and im 5'6. am i fat ?
First time piercing. Belly button. {{ADVICE}}?
Sun bed - how many sessions will i need?
Will shaving or waxing your legs make the hair thicker?
do u know want can get rid of spots?
Getting my Monroe done tomorrow?:/?
How long do I use Obagi system?
How do you keep your skin smooth?
Belly Button piercing..i'm bummed!?
Chemical Peel Question?!?
i want ppls honest opinion please?
Do any of you know any aftercare tips for lip piercings?
Butt implants?
HELP!! :'( How do i get rid of my really bad bags !?
Should I get my lip pierced with a small subtle gem stud? ( below lip-right side) What do ( guys think)?
Neutrogena Products Questions!?
What is causing my armpits to turn yellow?
I need to figure out what kind of outfit to wear to this 70's themed dance that I am attending.?
should i get my navel pierced?
How can i clean up my dirty pores on my nose and on my chin?
Ambi Fade facial cream?
Why does my lip ring hurt so bad?
Dark spots left over from sun tanning and a previous zits?
What kind of lotion should I use to tan?
How to get a good tan and what products to use?
getting a belly button piercing YAY help?
Nape piercing looks slanted!?
What is the best way to convince my mom to let me get a monroe piercing??Who knows of any cute pictures of it?
what kind of face cleaners do you use?
i am looking for perfume bath oilmade in the 80,s by diana de silva/gianfranco ferre. any clues where to look?
i'm going to the beach!?
this is going to be embarrasing, but i need help?
does almond oil and lemon juice help stretch marks go away?
can u get rid of scar's??
belly button piercings going off in metal detectors?