Nose piercing question?
I have dark upper lip hair. I am young, and don't want to tell my mom, so I can't go to a salon or anything.
tanning tanning tanning!!!?
Will detox tea clear up my acne completely?
hi guys can i use suger with lemon juice for scrubing everyday?i have a oily face skin.plzzzz let me know?
HELP! Have you heard of this skincare regime?
Saggy OR small boobs, which is worse?
were can i get my navel pierced at 13 in ottawa?
Is it okay for my 11 year old Daugter to be 150 lbs?
Breast/bra question? (Girls only)?
How can I treat my face after I burnt it with Benzoyl Peroxide?
Parts of my body are darker than the other ?
I need to get advice on skin appearance (tanned or not tanned)?
Whats the best herbal supplement for your skin especially for your face ?
septum piercing help please!!?
getting rid of tan?
Is it ok if I don't shower.?
acnefree severe step 4?
Should I get my Belly Button pierced?
Acne help!!!!! any advice?????????
Do most girls get back zits/pimples?
Should women with bigger boobs be treated better than women with small boobs?
How can i convince my parents to let me have a lip piercing or a bridge piercing?
I Need some help wih my acne? If you own any Acne treatment you can help.?
nose stud falling out?
uneven skintone?
Does anyone have a cheap, effective remedy for cellulite?
help me with my dream please?
Where in Dayton, OH can I get my 'junk' waxed?
does dry skin age quicker?
Many people go for cosmetic surgery in Poland as it's cheaper than the UK, can anyone give me any info on it
'Single eyelids or Double eyelids' ?
tips for getting my eyebrow pierced?
Can I get my angelbites pierced with a BioFlexBar ?
Does anyone else feel this way? I HATE it!!!! s for best answerrr?
is it worth the pain, time, and money to get your nose pierced?
Does getting your nose pierced hurt?
How can I prevent breakouts?
What deodorant is the best?
Whats good beginner size gauge for a person that has never had their ears pierced?
What shape face do I have?
Have a Shaving Question?
Which is the best shaving cream that gives the best preformance?
Question about washing your face with soap?
Issues with my lip piercing?
Skincare help? Blackheads, bumps, and the occasional zit.. (long but please read all of it)?
Shaving my help?
Which piercing would you recommend?
Is vitamin E oil good for hair and scars?
What is this type of girl i'm attracted to?
What are your views on cosmetic surgery?
belly button rinnnnnggg (:?
Is vitamin E good against acne?
Why do I keep getting keloids on my nose piercing?
Where can I get Barc Bump Down in the UK?
toner help?
Should I apply pure wheat germ oil before or after toner?
I'm a 17 year old guy......?
How do you get rid of razor bumps?
Anyone know anything about ProActiv Solution?
I am a registered nurse and want to know how I become a Cosmetic Injectables Nurse?
Should I get an industrial piercing?
Girls what's your skin care routine what are good skin care products?
spots on face help pleaseee?
SkinID 2 times a day?
how do i become more confident with my looks?
ok, i peirced my nose be myself.?
how i remove my pubic hairs witout enjoury?
Acne problems and pregnancy...?
Why do people pose nude? Do they not realize that God does not smile on that?
Dark underarms need to be GONEE?
Can I get my tongue pierced for a third time safely? Previous two times were troublefree, it just closed up.?
my face is used to make up there a way to make it look in better condition?
Help! I need a really good moisturizer that doesn't make me break out. What do you know?
Should I get my belly button pierced?
Why don't Black women get wrinkles?
If a face wash said it helps get rid of oil in your pores, does that mean it can help get rid of pimples also?
Need a tan before June 28...?
big pimple!:(?
What is a good way or good face wash that will get rid of zits?
Can my passport still be used as ID even if its not valid for leaving the country?
Ear Piercing?
Question about zits on my face?
what can i use to keep my newly peirced ears clean? i dont have any rubbing alchohol or peroxide?
once you first get snake bites..?
piercing help.?
What is this huge white bump on my ear piercing?
How to make DIY eye protection for sunbeds? (tanning)?
does that nair stuff really work?
What does it mean to be voluptuous?
Can eos sphere lip balms help eliminate dark undereye circles?
how can i get rid of all my pimples?
Where can i get my cartilage piercing ?
what do you think of my legs?
whats a good weight for a man thats 5 foot 9?
how to get a flat stomach and a fat face?
Why do so many women shave or wax to look like pre-pubescent girls ?
Do you think its okay for a guy to get his cartiladge pierced?
Preference? Beautiful plump or skinny girls?
The best way to prevent scars?
how to remove black heads?
This lady peeled off a layer of skin when waxing my eyebrow, what should we do?
Big butts and you cannot deny?
Should I get my cartilage pierced with a ring or stud?
What wakes you up early in the morning?
Whats a good fake tan lotion?
which piercing hurts less?
Which skin tone is the prettiest: Avril Lavigne's, Beyonce's or Naomi Cambell's?
No showers! How do i still feel pretty camping?
how much would it be for a nose job ?like to get some of the cartlige out?
stretch marks?
will my boobs finally grow after i get my first period?
Does the zeno really work?
Small boobs helpp mee !?
good stretch mark removal?
what length size stud can i change my monroe piercing to after 3 weeks?
I'm a beginner shaver...I NEED HELP!?
GIRLS. Who do you think would win a kicking contest between a man and a girl?
What color are your eyes????????????/?
My Epiduo is working great, but it's drying out my skin. What do I do?
how many facial masks can you use a day?
What can I do to make my lips noticably softer?
Rook or Tragus piercing?
What would you prefer more, bellybutton or nose piercing? i can only get one.?
Im going tanning soon. But my mom wont let me tan more than 2 days a week.?
tips for painless eyebrow plucking..?
The youth as we know it skin care...please help!?
Important question please help..
Question about tragus piercing?
What Else can i wear in a bellybutton piercing?
what can i use instead of botox to get rid of lines on my forhead?
Abs ASAP...?
Does Loreal's Sublime Slim for cellulite work?
does getting your ear peirced hurt?
which is much better, skin white whitening lotion or block and white whitening lotion?
why am i getting so many breakouts?
Will my nose get swollen after getting it pierced?
No Deoderant left???
Cocoa butter after self tanner?
My Skin Texture?
What is this.............?
I have a big penis, I want to make it small, how can I do that?
how do i eat healthy without being costly?
Anyone with sensitive skin or eczema use a salt scrub?
Quick question....?
Would it be smart to get my nose or lip pierced?
is there an easy way of removing hair? Like a cream?
can i use veet hair removal GEL cream to remove stomach and chest hair?
Should I shave my arms?
Curvy or skinny women?
Where can I buy Actifade? Walgreens? How much?
What are the BEST Hand Lotions to stop signs of aging.?
Did I burn my upper lip?
how do u get rid of a tan?
This Might sound stupid... but how do I put on gel deoderant??
What is the best way to treat extremely dry ed skin on hands?
At what age did you noticed your first Wrinkles?
How do I make it look like I have a burn mark on my arm? (Reason inside)?
does getting Ur pierced cartilage hurt?
just got my nose pirced need advice?
blotchy post baby nipples?
Is my face asymmetrical?
its about skin...?
need to find a cream for razor bumps?
Hand paraffin...??
Whats the best season for tattooing my body?
Dry skin.....?
ear piercings?
Can I use Nair for legs on my armpits?
Can butter and oil irritate your skin?
is i have modelling face?
Should I wait until I'm done losing weight to use Strivectin SD for stretch marks?
My boobs are Small and im...?
I have a greasy face by the end of school?
Can I have stretched ears if I work at a nuclear power plant?
Asking about a nose piercing?
frown lines ???
using a tanning bed for the first time.?
I'm too embarassed to go get a brazillian bikini wax at a salon. Does anyone know any good waxes or techniques?
What about a nipple piercing?
Tongue piercing questions?
What other ear piercing would you recomend and on what ear?
Fat toe- under(not below) the nail - brown?
How can i convince my mom to let me get my belly button pierced?
How can I lighten the skin on my buttocks?
i have some dark spot in my underarms.........which does not loot good.pls help how to remove it.?
Acne... getting worse, What To Do !?PLEASE HELP?
Dark Circles?
How do i get my nose stud to saty in over night?
is my butt too big??
easiest way to stretch my ears?
st. ives blemish fighting apricot cleanser?
I reall want my nose pierced?
if you have a lot melanin, will the lotion you scratch off your skin darken or are you just dirty?
What to wear while tanning?
Is it suitable for boys to have their ears pierced?
Info about Scaffold piercing?
Tanning with baby oil in a standup bed?
i got white creases under my arm from tanning?
Should I peirce my lip or tongue?
Tongue piercing advice?
Does anyone no where I get get free samples of tanning lotion? Thank you?
Really Dimple on both cheeks for girls will give any fame to them!?
Is there a way I can fix my nose without actually breaking it?
Why does my lip piercing still hurt?!?
Can I take my cartilage piercing out after almost 5 weeks?
(pics) Do You Think Im Handsome?
does anyone know how to even skin tone, my skin isnt the best and i want to even it out, does anyone know how?
do you think im to tall?
Get rid of tired looking eyes?
what does everyone think about fake tans and excessive, orange to red orange fake or real tans?
Should I get my eyebrow pierced??? Would it suit me?
What would happen if i stretch my ears when i have a little blowout?
14 yr old face waxing....?
Help preventing break outs?
i have fair skin so i get sun burn easily. How do i get a better tan as i spend most of my time outdoors?
What are toner pads ?
Tetracycline vs. doxycycline?
i have chicken legs... need thicker calfs/
Pink and whites are too long... help?
what is my Neutrogena Wave supposed to do?
how can u gt rd of pimple that u no r about 2 grow?
what is the minimum age for getting breast implants?
what is wrong with my face?
Okay so i'm thirteen and i want a cartilage piercing (known as helix) my mum and dad say no, am i to young?
I want to get a down stairs piercing is the hood or clit better or more effective?
i hate my eyes!?
all i want is clear, glowing skin?
how do you get rid of zits and spots?? (natural products)?
big boobs.............?
Why Do I Come Up In Spots After Shaving With a Blade?
Piercing age in Australia?
Would I look right with an eyebrow piercing?
What is "Body Sugaring" and where can i get it done ?
How do I get rid of bumps and red spots that are not acne?
I want my breasts removed just because i want to, any help?
Nose piercing questionsss?
how do i do my eyebrows--Guy?
GIRLS QUESTION - reducing breast size?
If you cut, are you emo?
What are the chances of getting septal hematoma from a septum piercing?
Tongue Piercing- Keep Clicking Bottom Ball Against Teeth?
I need acne help!!!!
how can i get a piercing without parental consent?
Paradise Gold - Facial Moisturizer?
Do you think my eyes are pretty? they are palish-blueish green..hard to explain.What do you think?
PLEASE HELPP! Under eye dark circles ='(?
Does my face look a heck of alot fatter?
what product should i use to make my skin younger?
Does SkinId from Nutrogena work?
Is my navel piercing infected? If so, how do I fix it?
I Need A bit of help on Lower Navel Bar?!?
Want another piercing, can you help?
Which type of facial massage is best for permanently dehydrated skin; Pevonia Hydrating Plantomer or hydroxy?
Where is the best place to get belly bars?
Poll- girls! Do you have your ear lobes pierced?
Want to stretch my ears 2 weeks after piercing?
nail varnish lips?
Slightly uneven cheek?
im 15 and have strech marks? Do they fade over time?
Is it ok to put alcohol on a fairly fresh piercing?
I made a deal with my mom about a Cartilage Piercing? 10 points.?
who makes the best MOISTURIZING acne treatment?
dimples of venus?????????
piercing age in UK? what can i get?
how can you make your girl high and excited in bed?
Belly button piercing advice for swimmer?
Singapore's source of the cream for mole removal?
Is it true that if you....?
Effective Cream for stretch marks?
Who has an imperfect body, but loves it anyway?
how old should i be to get silicone gel breast implants?
what is a hickey?
Why do some people have back dimple (dimples of venus) and others don't?
What can mark your skin for a long time?
I have really pale skin, people tell me I look sick... any suggestions?
Ladies, which razor have you found that is BEST at getting skin silky smooth, w/less cuts & irritation?
my vertical hood piercing hurts!?
I accidently waxed off my eyebrow and now i look ridiculous. What should I do?!?!?!?!?
How tall are you and what shoe size do you take?
St tropez or Fake bake?
Does using harsher soap harden your skin?
I have oily skin, is there a cheap remedy for this?
Does smooth away work?
am i at a good weight,?
please help me with body odor!!!!!?
How many methods are there to get a bigger,fuller,and rounder buttocks?
Nose piercing left or right?
Will my breasts get smaller?
Why does my ear lobes keep closing and hurting after i pierced my ears?
Why are my lips like that? 10 points?plz?
Belly Button Piercing Dream?
i seriously need some help young not fat and with both cellulite and stretch marks?
How do I clean out my pores? (Skin help... please?!)?
Vch piercing aftercare?
I need a great deodorant?
I want to get my eyebrow pierced, but I have kinda bushy eyebrows?
Ear piercings for boys?
What is the best product to get rid of blackheads on my nose?
Please just tell me your honest opinion?
When is the best time to wash your face in the evening?
how do look tan before summer without tanning beds?
I caught my b/f with dirty mags and movies all featuring black women. What should I do?
how to get a clear face?
my mom wont let me get my bellybutton pierced?
Help please! Body Piercing/Tattoo shops in Concord/Charlotte NC?
I have a question about my acne? Plz help:)?
What's the average price for a belly button piercing?
Whats the better way to a sexy tan?
How long before I see results being on accutane?
Does having you belly-button pierced hurt?
I Need a Little Piercing Help...?
Have Any Of you try VASELINE Sheer Infusion Body Lotion?
Help with back acne??
How can i get a Eye Brow piercing with out asking my Parents?
I'm 37 YO married mom. Is it bad to wear super lowrise jeans?
Which acne spot treatment is better?
My ear ripped on the inside while stretching,help?
How to get rid of tanning line on darker people?
Would this hurt: A girl jumps on a guys stomach?
What piercing should i get?
is 5'8 too tall for a 16 yr old?!?
Belly button piercing?
Should I get a monroe piercing (maybe stretched ears too)?
Female and Male bodies................................?
Please heeelp meee?
I'm a very hairy 15 year old..?
im a beige color and i want to go blonde should i? i did it like 2years ago but i dont remeber how did i look?
How do I know if my nose piercing is infected?
navel piercing?
I suffer from razor pumps when i shave.I use razor pump patrol but it didn't avoid it completely.What'll i do?
How can I improve the condition of my skin?
industrial or navel piercing?
How to get rid of acne scars?
does it hurt to get yur nose pierced. or belly button? helpp?
Get rid of under eye wrinkles?
Would Bio Oil work on my scars?
can someone recommend an Oil Treatment /control lotion for my face?
Which facial piercings do you think i would suit?
What's the best soap and moisturizer for dry, sensitive skin?
im am peircin my bellybutton, do i use a needle or safety pin, and how long do i leave it n til i put a ring n
How to fix my skin?!?
Hydroquinone with Ammonium Lactate cream?
how badly does it hurt getting your belly button pierced?
My nails keep peeling!?
Should i get my nose pierced?
wts better for shaving a razor or the electrical tool ?
How much does an industrial piercing hurt and how is it done?
is my nose big, and are my eyes far apart? im really wondering, i think i may have facial dismorphia?
Does St. Ives Apricot Scrub work?
What are your thoughts?
Just need opninions, am i too pale?
Has anybody got any good ways to get rid of under-eye bags/dark circles under the eyes that work?
can you put this in your bottom lip piercing?
just got my ears double pierced.?
Godiva skin lightening products?
I'm thinking of shaving my entire body...even my eye brows. What should I do it with?
is my nose too big!? please help, i hate it:(?
do i have small feet for a 14 year old?
I just can't figure out my complexion! Help?!?
Acne help!!! I need a good product to use!!?
How do I get a lighter skin tone again?
Do you know any home remedies for getting rid of blackheads?
Girls can only answer this. No boys!?
Do the Ponds Clear Pore Strips expire?
blackheads help me get RID of them?
How to whiten the whole body naturally?
is the laser treatement against cellulite bad for you?
How do you treat dry scabby lips?
How do you remove pimples completely?
What tanning lotion do you reccommend?
Does NoseSecret really work?
is it common and safe to use a straight barbell in a naval piercing?
How can I remove eye bags?
Is my acne really bad? On a scale of 1-10. ?
Does anyone know how much it costs to get a lip piercing from Silver Safari?
Why do bare feet in shoes make shoes stink?
how do i get rid of acne scars.?
growing solutions.?
How Much Does It Cost To get A Bar Piercing In Your Ear ?
Ear stretching from 8mm to 10mm?
grr i went from a zero gauge to a 7mm i cant find any!?!?!?!?
Peircing your ears for the first time?
I want a nice dark tan without the fake lotions...?
Acne Troubles im a teen!?
How much does it hurt to get your lip pierced?
I have a small bubble by my nose piercing stoped cleaning to after 1 month then this happens?
Is there any way to get bigger boobs without plastic surgery or weight gain?
my face is darker than the rest of my body... and im indian.... ok.. how do i get myself all one color...?
if a 15 year old got a lip peircing, would it look good?
Will protein bars help me gain weight?
What can i do if i have a zit on my nose that wont go away and has been there for over 6 months?
shaving hips?
what piercing should i get?
what is bath graffiti?
How to whiten tan and it won't go away...please no Jackson jokes or telling me to dark is beautiful
What's a good face cream for wrinkles and for everything on the face?
does a tongue piercing hurt as much as...?
Is benzyl alcohol okay for mouth piercings?
my face is darker than the rest of my body... and im indian.... ok.. how do i get myself all one color...?
Tanning, what's best?
Does it hurt to get your ears lobes peirced?
how do i get rid of bags underneath my eyes?
how do u peirce ur own Tongue at home?
Help! I work 3rd shift and my eyes look soooo....sleepy?
small red spots are appearing on my skin?
how much does it cost to get a nose or boob job?
can i switch from a acrylic taper to a stainless steel jewlery? ear stretching?
How can i make my skin return to its original light color in 2 weeks or 3 help!?
Red acne spots help??
What fragrances can help relieve stress?
I need to zap a pimple overnight!?
how do i face them ?!?
Question about gauging my ears?
Can you have plastic surgery on your toes?
what do u think about bellybutton peircings?
Does anyone know of something that works quick for scars from post acne marks?
How come my butt gets so sunburnt when I tan?
My daughter wants to shave her arm hair-should I let her?
body washes?
Ear piercing for a six year old?
What are the chances of me getting sick from a pierced nose?
How to get rid of a bump on bridge of nose (without surgery?)?
How do i get this stupid eye lash out of my eye?
My friend pulled my earring accidentally, and now my ear hole is stretched (it is no longer a hole anymore)?
I want to get my lip pierced...?
Scar Tissue On Lip Piercing?!?!?
okay i am going to kentucky for my husbands graudation from basic training and i need to get tanned quick .?
what face shape am i? (with picture)?
Belly Piercing Plan Urgent Help!!?
Tragus Piercing Problem!! I Got my Tragus done over 2 years ago?
What's the best way to get rid of arm hair?
Has anyone had good results with Laser hair removal or Electrolosis?
Does anyone know a good face mask recipe?
Nose piercing Help ?
I need a good self-tanner?
Im ALWAYS tired in the mornings and can NEVER get to sleep at night!?
if you use hair removal products on your arms, is it true that the hair will grow back thicker and darker?
My 10 yr old daughter has very white skin.Sometimes her veins show?
Any tips on how I can make my boobs bigger, without surgery?
it doesnt look anything like acne its more like brown spots.?
Is there anything that can be done for sagging breasts?
Hey. I have really dry skin on my face from makeup. Should i get a new one? or use lotion or something else(:?
Beuty treatments that WORK? s! :)?
have u ever used nair on your eyebrows?
Navel piercing rejection- what should I do about it?
Salon Sunbeds:- How Long Will it Take?
Pedicure in nail salons?
Acne help? I've tried Proactiv...?
Can I use Clean&Clear cleanser with Epiduo?
how do I get rid of acne?
anyone know how to take good good care of the belly and not having any infections?
How do I minimize these after-wax bumps over my eyebrows?
I need your help/advice on this?..?
Please help me not hate my hugee breasts.?
What's the best epilator for sensitive Asian skin? Why do you consider it the best? Any side effects?
my belly button piercing is kinda red around the top ball what should i do?
Are Facelifts Taking a Big Chance?
I have fair skin and can easily get acne. Any suggestions on what to use to clear up breakouts?
help??? my lips are suPER dry and flaky???
can u stil use the sunbeds while using jonhsons holiday lotion?
Why is my face like chinese will it get better?
Should I take out my navel piercing?
Why do people like tongue piercings?
What is the best fake tanner to use?
Who has used Purpose Dual treatment Moisture lotion?
Will sleeping on your face or on the side of your face make you look older?
what to do when i sweat at school?
I want to be an do you get rid of acne?
Poll: does anyone else have this problem...?
how can i shave my head without razor bumps?
What helps redness on face?
My face is so dry because of max clarity! help!?
do you think i should get a septum piercing?
Is there any good/safe Skin Bleaching products that you can get by prescription from your doctor? help please!
Joined eyebrows ?
Can I do anything to reduce swelling on my tongue piercing?
Have you ever used veet hair removal creams?
does it hurt to get your belly button pierced if your 12?
what is a nurse expected to do at a hair laser center?
i want to try veet for my legs, but im scared i will get a rash?
What eye color is this? (PICTURE)?
dont you hate it when people say their piercings didnt hurt one bit? they obvs did somewhat!?
has anyone ever used a blackhead remover vacuum?
Cartilage piercing helpp!!!!?
Girls, How do I get my legs the smoothest?
What does it mean when they say a girl looks scary?
Should a man 48 yrs old wear an Afro? or should he wear his hair short (military style)?
i need this to go away ASAP! help please!?
Which papaya soap is more effective? ( i messed up on the other ones links)?
how to make slim in a body without diet?
The skinny vs curvy debate.. why is it so vicious? And why do people openly insult skinny girls?
Why do us girls always feel pressured to be "skinny"?
I had a sunburn and know it is peeling HELP?
What is this bumpy thing on my nose piercing?
Industrial Bar Piercing Suggestions/Answers!?
What is the best moisturiser you have ever hade?
How can i hide my lip piercing!?
Belly button peircing?
how painful is a belly button piercing?
what is a really good face wash?
Are self tanners like body moisturizer u rub them till they dissolve?
if u use a cream to tone ur skin then stop using it will ur skin become untoned?
Piercings & Kelloids? Help, please :)?
what is a good lotion to lock in moisture after using loreal 360?
Should I Take Cheveox Eyebrow Roll-on?
How old do you have to be to get your belly buttin pierced ?
how can I eliminate bags under eyes?
Anyone tried Cetaphil ?
How can i get a good tan? and what time should i tan?
Does tanning in a tanning bed cause cysts? Also, would you reccomend mystic tan?
Certain Dri Users-?
Help required for dry skin and black spots. Lacklustre skin - the glow has gone.?
Ways to make your skin whiter?
HELP! ive waxed my top lip and......?
how do you......?
How to remove nail polish without nail polish remover?
What are the best soap, deoderant, and body wash (keeping sensitive skin in mind...)?
Egg white facial mask whats it for ?
Does a monroe piercing hurt?
I need help finding the right bra size?
tongue and belly button piercing question?
Help! going skiing need tips for skin!?
what can i use for my hands as they are getting dark pigmentation day by day?
why is it bad to use hydrogen peroxide on a belly button peircing?
any ways to get rid of pimples?
can i exfoliate my face?
Home made recipes to get rid of acne?? (needs moisture too)?
where can i get my lip pierced?
Super dry sore lips. Help?
Help please, My navel piercing is growing out?
I have had 2 kids an am 29, I was in excellent shape...?
Help Please?
redness around top of belly button peircing?
Under eye wrinkles from crying?
How to get rid of acne?
Bellybutton piercing information?
Where can I go to become a salesperson in my district for Dead Sea Salt Exfoliating Moisturizer?
If a person is described as 'striking looking' what does it actually mean?
i might get my nose pierced and i was wondering if it hurts alot but i have 2 bros so i can handle pain!?
Acne on my face, please help I am going out tomorrow!?
i want snake bites but i cant get them because of my work, help?
where can i get nose rings lip rings tongue rings and eyebrow rings for cheap like less dan a dollar?
problem Excessive hair growth on my face due to the use of betnovate N?
How Much Does A Monroe Piercing Usually Cost?
Im not alowd to wear makeup or get my ears pierced untill im 14!! I s my mom to strict?
Tanning Booth Tips?
How can I make my face tanner?
Will Apple Cider Vinegar get rid of beauty spot/moles?
How do i get the hair off my thighs, or at least make it less noticeable?
anyone on here have implants?
Breast Implants (Boob jobs)?
when your on your period...?
bags under eyes at the age of 16?
Can Quinoderm be purchased at Walmart?
had eye brows waxed yesterday and now have red bumps and it is sore?
Fake Tanning options?
Getting pierced at Claires?
bath and body works heated foot booties?
Dermal anchor removal? ?
help! bad burn from wax strip?!?
Girls only..........?
how to hide cuts on ur arm? (20 characters! suck it)?
How old do I look? Like if you really had to guess and get it correct?
Make own tanning goggles?
Do you prefer the all over tan, or the white bikini line?
For the ladies...?
I was thinking today, Would any doctor do this?
I have dark freckles?
Will Sugar lighten skin?
Why do I get random breakouts on my side? ?
good inexpensive remedy for eye bags?
what do you use to wash your face?
Ear piercing question?
HELP PLZ I hate my bum soooooooo much?
Dry lips in the winter?
"Thick-er" white woman - why do most people act like it's a huge deal if you aren't built petite?
preventing armpit stains?
Which is the better to make your pimples go away faster?
is my new belly button piercing crooked? (pic included)?
My lips chap and peel really bad. Why? What chapsticks can I use to prevent them from getting so dry?
How do you lighten facial skin using regular vinegar?
Dove Foaming Facial Cleanser, Sensitive Skin?
are my eyes TOO big? please be honest.?
I need to get rid of my dark circles under my eyes..any ideas?
which is the most attractive body part of girls?
Toothpaste to wash your face?
Is there any way that I can reduce the appearance of my big nose?
I got my belly button periced and its a little sore and looks a little red is that natural?
What are some of the risks of getting your belly-button pierced?
How many pimples do you have right now?
A guy i like and best friend issues?
cost of laser hair removal?
what is a prince Albert?
Has anyone had bad results from Veet?
I hate my acne soo much?
bump inside my tragus pierce?
Can you wear makeup when you go get a mystic tan?
would u find a girl with stretch marks still attractive?
how do you make a pimple that is under the skin and painful come to a head?
I have extremely OILY skin. I wash my face twice daily, yet have to wipe the oil off every 30 mins? what ....?
Dermal Anchor Piercings in lower back dimples?
How do I convince my parents to let me get a lip ring?
Can you help me with my acne?
How can i get massive boobies?
Dry skin-need a good day cream?
I want to get my septum pierced but my parents will go ballistic?
Cosmetic reaction how long will it last?
Whats Wrong With My Tanning?
Getting my ears pierced but i am sick?
If your 12 and have nothing to masterbait with at home what do you do?
Hi.I have a problem with stretch marks in my thigh and tummy, is there any ways to get rid of them?I'm 21.
Concern with my nose.?
What looks better? Pale skin, or a tan?
Mystic Tanning HELP!?
Best moisteriser for oily skin?
Im ALWAYS tired in the mornings and can NEVER get to sleep at night!?
Is there any way to prevent hair bumps?
Should I let my 10 year-old daughter have her ears pierced?
HELP about bellybutton piercing!?
I know someone who wants to be a model but has eczema could they still be one?
Holy crap pimple problems please help?
i just got my industrial piercing 2 days ago and i would want to know what should i use to clean it?
Does Proactive really work?
Clinique 3 Step VS. Kiehl's?
what age is the right age to get your belly button pierced at?
How to remove stretch marks?
What are the MOST foolproof ways to estimate the size of a man's penis?
how to get rid of dark circles under your eyes (not eye bags)?
women, could you give up crossing your legs?
What can i eat to make my skin lighter and more fair?
No hips.. I'm big in tops, but tiny on the waist... when will my hips develop?
opinions on girls with their noses pierced?
Clear skin/face~~~~~~~~~?
I have a big nose & I need advice.?
skin help!!!?
how to get eyebroe wax of a 3 year olds cheek without damaging the skin?
Can anyone help with my piercing?
I feel strongly attracted by girls wearing nose studs.Is it normal?
First Lip Piercing Questions ?
Can tumeric paste help reduce the looks of scars?
with or without freckles?
belly button piercing?
My period is due but i havent seen it. hv pimples on my face and oda signs i experience but its still not out.?
My brother has disgusting scars on his arms. How can he get rid of them?
Do tongue piercings really hurt?
Are nose septum piercings more easily subjected to migration and rejection?
what exactly is dermabrassion (spl?)...?
Bottom of chin hurts after monroe piercing on top lip?
Cartilage piercing question?
i cant stop picking my lips anyone no anything i can do to break the habit?
How to get rid of a greasy face ?
Girls Which brother is better looking ??? (hopefully links work this time)?
Cleaning out your belly button?
stretched ear splitting?
What do you think of this face?
How do I get rid of red lines on my stomach?
What should I apply first, fake tan or baby oil?
What do you think of her face and body?
Where should I get my rook and tagurs pierced?
Help!!! I sweat loads!! What can i do?
is getting drunk then getting a nose piercing a good idea?
Eyebrow Piercing Scabbing Daily?
anorexic question, answer please & thanks. =)?
How long do you take in the shower?
How do I make my lips softer?
does the ZENO Hot Spot work?
Should I wear shorts even though I have hairy legs?
On a scale of 1 to 10 how good do I look?
Help with my pale skin...?
I have a huge zit... wat do i do?
Any good waxing waxing kits?
how to pierce my nose my self?
Tanning? first time for me help!?
Help!!!! where is the best place to get a piercing?
How do i look like slenderman?
What is the white stuff in pimples?
Anyone use palmers eventone buttermilk lotion?
which antiperspirant/deodorant do you think is best?
How to make fingers less wrinkly?
I'm 13 and wanting a forward helix piercing in the UK,how much and could I get it done?
Why is one side of my face fat?
tips for piercing a friends lip?
Greens make your skin glow?
i had myfirst facial yesterday and i have red bumps all over my face it this normal and will i heal ?????????
i have the two WORST habits! Help!?
Does toothpaste really work for pimples?
How much do labret peircings hurt + do you think one will suit me D:?
would i look good with my nose peirced?
Have you ever had a Detoxifying Seaweed Wrap?
Is my cartilage infected? Do I need to take it out?
my face is so not proportionate...?
Should i use proactiv 3 times a day ?
Do you think i can work an eyebrow piercing?
How well does mederma work? I bought a bottle yesterday and how long till i see results?oh its cut scar on arm
Should i get my belly pierced?
How do I get rid of bumps on my face?
What is turtle lotion, whats in it and what are the benefits of using this lotion?
How do I convince my mother to let me get my lip pierced? PLEASE HELP!!!!!!?
How to keep from biting my nails?
Im really worried about my weight?
will this scar/hyperpigmentation fade?
What shop can i buy coconut oil from in the uk?
What is a quick way to get relief from ingorwn hairs?
Nipple piercing? ?
Do you consider eyebrow piercings look good on a man?
Can you use watercolor paint on your face?
Piercing your ear cartilage!!!!! Help!?
has anyone used skinbright for hyperpigmentaion?
white heads on fore heads aand black circles under eyes how to remove them ?
When it’s sensible to be a fusspot?
Does this nose right make your nose tip less bulbous?
mole removal, more than one?
Should I get my nose pierced? Does it hurt really bad? Any helpful info :)?
Question about my breast size.?
Whats the prettiest piercing? in your opinion?
Dose not haveing a shape become bad at 13?
To pop or not to pop this pimple... HELP?
What foods should I eat to help keep my face acne-free?
How do i get rid of Cellulite?
How can I get rid of acne fast????
How can I convince my mom to let me get more piercings?
Acne issues?
how to make your buttCRACK longer than it already is?
help!!! shaving arms?
Questions on tanning?
no one ever says anything about my scar, why?
Spray tan streaking?
What is this white line across the bridge of my nose?
Belly Button Piercing Questions. Helpppp!?
I have a strange combination of skin tone and hair color...?
Help regarding acne?
My belly button piercing is infected..whats the best solution??? thanks! :)?
if i'm going to get something checked by a doctor around the pubic area should i shave first ? :S?
Creams for bikini line?
If I were to buy a wax kit....?
I have few neck lines (not wrinkles). How do I get rid of them.?
Need a good homemade scrub?
cartilage piercing?
Anyone know if holland & barrett naturally inspired skin hair & nails formula works?
Help! my sunburn hurts!!!?
What's the best product to lighten skin?
How can I stop being insecure?
How big can you gauge your ears?
Where to get my ears pierced in London?
what exfoliator can unclog my pores?
Clean and Clear VS Proactive?
Please Rate me please please?? 1-10?
How do I make a home made face cream?
Can I use Duac Once Daily Gel twice a day ?
is there such thing as bleach for body hair?
Travatan makes skin under eyes darker?
Does toning give me more muscle mass?
anyone had just a breast uplift ?
how can i make my breast grow 3 bra sizes in less than a week naturally?
How to remove the black circles?? Pls help me out?
Pros and cons of getting a facial piercing?
Ear piercing opinions please?
Do I have an OK bikini body? I know i'm a little chubby, but opinions please? (PHOTOS)?
how do i get rid of stretch marks and cellulite?
does getting ur belly pierced hurt ?
What worked best to fade your stretchmarks?
getting my ears pierced again for the 2nd time?
different ways of saying kissing??s most unusual!?
what's your favorite piercing?
I have two EXTREMLY important ear peircing questions!?
How long do I have to wait to take out my nose stud?
Lip peircing help!!!!!!??!?!?!?
Shailene Woodley belly button?
help get rid of acne quick?
Do you think I'm too skinny?
Anyone had problems w/invisible deodorants keeping away the smell?
How to get rid of wrinkle on the bridge of nose?
i have the worst dark circles under my eyes EVER ! PLEASE HELP?
Will tanning in the tanning bed twice a week give me skin cancer?
Shaving makes the skin on my legs look bad. Anyone with some tips for me?
i need to kno how to do this?
Does lazer hair removal remove hair forever? And does it hurt?
What can i use if i dnt get many pimples?
I'm feeling insecure. Is this cup size good?
is it possible to tell your body shape before you're fully developed?
How do you elimate dark (and I mean dark) circles under your eyes?
Why does my bellybutton stink? It smells like fermented cheese. How do you remove it?
Why do people love Burts Bees chapstick so much?
Getting your lip pierced with a quartz retainer?
I am eighteen, and have never shaved or waxed my legs before.?
Too much UV RADIATION can be LIFE THREATENING?! I don't understand, help!?
Question about the new degree clinical protection?
Ahhhhh! Acne!?
I want a new piercing, but what?!?
HELP ?! i shaved my arms /:?
How long should a tin of deodorant last spraying 3 times a day?
i have hairs on my face , to remove these unwanted hairs wat to do?
will my eyebrow piercings close up and snakebites?
great cream for face?
2nd ear lobe piercing?
Something curious.................?
I just got my bellybutton pierced last Wednesday .?
I want to get my tongue pierced, but I can't find anyone that'll do it without checking id. Can you help me?
Which lasts longer: The Spray on tans or the tanning lotions?
how to get good and fairer skin?
Was that brave or just crazy?
What's the best way to stop peeling after a sunburn?
help me! im going to have sleeping problems tonight!?
What is a good weight for someone who's 5'4-5'5?
do snakebites look good if you have thick lips?
Is having your nose pierced on both sides wired ?
do you think proactiv does work?
Do you think getting a nose piercing is trashy?
which girl is good,sexy/cute, fatty/slim, ????
Has this product worked for anyone before? Anyone have any success clearing acne scars before? With what?
How to wash/clean face naturally? :)?
Not happy with my skin color?
how to effectively remove stretchmarks?
Im 14 and getting belly pierced in UK? Advice?
I got my tragus piercing with a gun today, how do i remove it?
how long after a navel piercing is normal for it to bleed?
How much does getting your ear cartilage pierced hurt?
Would an eye brow piercing suit me well? What do u think? (pics inside)?
Can someone tell me a REAL remedy for acne scars that actually works?It can be home remedy or over the counter
Can I use sudocrem on my belly piercing?
Is it weird to have really big eyes?
How do I look? One to Ten Scale?
Yes or No: Should I get a hoop in my nose?
opinion on tongue piercing?
Are my legs long, short or average?
ok im at work and i really gotta go to the toilet but i dont wanna waste time cause i might get fired HELP!!!!?
What are the best store bought face masks?
who was the first man that shave his face?
what is the average height for a 13 year old?
I've got about two hours to get the welling in my lip down.?
What kind of makeup does Oprah use?
beginning to stretch to?
Dry dry dry lips?
Tounge piercing question?
What's the best acne cream that gets rid of pimples and whiteheads?
Where can i buy glycerin from?
am i pretay ? pics plz b honest?
Help!Whats the best product to remove pimple blemish that is dark..?
What's up with my nipple piercing?
How to Remove Dark Underarms & Knees?
What piercing/s should i get next?
Has anyone had problems with underarms breaking out b/c of deodorant?
Has anyone used a skin roller (derma roller) for stretch marks? ?
Pimple - to pop or not to pop - read please?
Ear re-piercing... Help!
is 13 to young to get a nose piercing?
has anyone tried black opal?
Skin Problems?
dark circles under my eyes. help!?
I'm self-concious about my pale skin?
How do I get clear skin?
i need help with problems?
what to doo when my boyfriend wants me to take out my nose piercing?
Stupid question about tanning?
products for a uneven skintone?
Is body wash an okay alternative from soap?
does anyone know ware i can get at home spa treatment recipes or ideas.?
I am 14 years old, do you think i'm too young for a nose piercing?
Ok how do u get rid of ummmm down there razor burn? i usually get waxed but that's expensive.?
Would it look weird if I use self tanner just on my legs?
Which ethnicity has the sexiest boobs?
I just got my perod!!!!?
i need serious help with my feet!!!!?
why do i look older and younger sometimes?
Most painful facial piercing? (non-microdermal)?
Does your nose get fat during puberty?
How to reduce skin darkening round the hip or the waist line?
Ways To Stop Peeling My Lips?
Could I model........................?
What are your views on tongue-splitting?
Sore Cartilage Piercing?
How can i lighten my even my skintone naturally?
How can I tell if I would actually look good with a lip piercing?
teeeth whitening...crest whitestrips users?
How do I tan my sides in a tanning bed?
crater-like Dents/impressions left in people's skin?
Mary Kay??
women could you give up crossing your legs?
What is the Best Acne wash you used?
Cartilage Piercing Industrial Piercing Which Hurts More?
Help! My teen stinks! Which is the most effective deordorant? She's using Dove/Original scent--not working.
the tears that we cry, if u had to carry it round with you ...?
how to get fair skin?
what type of machines and supplies do i need to start a micro dermabrasion business?
Daily face cleaning routine?
Am I short? Please help me out here!?
Got cartilage pierced 4 days ago. Still very
Do i have the Eyebrows to get Eyebrow Piercing?
Bellybutton Peircings??/?
How old do you have to be in the UK to have your ear pierced?
Smiley Piercing Concern?
Whats the best way to get rid of pimples besides drinking lots of water and healthy eating! ?
I used a nail file on my top lip?
stretch marks on my hips?
Facial care...?
what can i do to get rid of the crease on my brow?
Acne problem getting rid of?
White heads, I think?!?
does toothpaste work on pimples?
why is my head disinigrating?
Girls only, do i have a good body?
How does it feel to get your cartilage pierced?
I want a piercing... what piercing should I do?
Tanning Lotion help!?
the pores on my nose and around it are getting large, how do i shrink them?
Are Mariah Carey's breasts real?
My 9 year old daughter..................?
What can help chapped lips ?
PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ ANSWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
how can i make my butt bigger?
Hairy everywhere what wax products should i get?
What works better for over night pimples proactiv, clearasil, or toothpaste?
Infected new ear piercing?
Does getting your navel pierced hurt? and what are the pro's and con's?
question about my piercing help please!!!?
do you think i look good?
I'm a girl and I don't grow hair on my legs?
Guys, what do you think of a body like this? (pics)?
Question for the women?
Does the Clean & Clear Advantage Acne Control Kit work?
VersaPulse™ Laser System. Anyone had treatment?
Is it bad to pop a pimple?
Please Read? low self esteem?
benzoyl peroxide making my pimples worse!!?
Clinique 3 step users?
can anyone tell me where can get the sunless tanner in Singapore or Malaysia?Thanks?
Does anyone know what it the best fragrance at bath & body works?
What do you wear, when you go tanning?
What kind of plastic surgery do these women need? Rhinoplasty, facial reconstruction..etc?
How to get nice, smooth skin..?
body lotion?
Will tanning help hide the stretch marks I got during my pregnancy or just make them worse?
piercing belly button?
I only get whitehead pimples?
Can anyone help get a Tan?
whats the difference between sunless tanning lotions and tanning oils?
Do women think navel piercing on men is sexy?
How well does Proactiv work?
why are some people so mean?
tried to pierce my own lip, can't feel that part anymore.. help?
What is my body type?
How to bleach my skin white?
Does laser hair removal work well?
My hips look frustratingly big! help!!?
Laser hair removal question?
What can I do to help my extremely dry skin?
thin lips... help!!!!!!!!!?
First waxing experience?
How long should I stay in the tanning bed...?
How to naturally make my skin lighter fast!!?
Will this cut on my face scar? PICTURE INCLUDED.?
Jergens Natural Glow + KP Duty + Nivea Goodbye Cellulite?!?
Does black salve remove brown spots? (beauty spots)?
i have problem with my face it has small Frankel so what should i do to move that and my face comes soft???
'Seeds' in my ear piercing?
Does having your bottom lip pierced hurt?
Does Proactiv Work??
Should i Take a shower tomorrow?
What is the best way to keep ur pubic hair from becoming "wild"?
What skin condition disallows you to swim?
Lip piercing ..............?
What is a good moisturiser to use for dry skin when using Retin A Gel 0.01?
Anybody used Clevastin Enhancing System (Caps & Gel)? is it really good?
What is the best acne treatment to treat pimples??
I have some questions about piercing...? s!!?
How to become SKINNY !!!!!?
Couple of beauty questions.....?
who in the philippines offers the best and safest brazilian wax?
Is there a good way to slim down the upper arms?
What is the pain level like of a nose piercing? i have my tongue, tragus, ears and nipple done?
Need a tan for Sat night!!!!?
Help with leg waxing?
How do I take care of my lip piercing?
Is a woman still beautiful with acne scars?
Is there a reason some peopple get more bruises?
Pimple, Help!!!?
would u wear a bikini if u....?
Where is the skin care products by mene and moy available?
Are there such things as....?
where do we get St. Ives Collagen elastin product in banglore?
Is it bad to breathe in the mystic tan spray?
Nose piercing or tongue? if your gonna criticise, dont comment please! ?
Why is it my body weight and shape seems to change alot,like by the weeks?
Cartilage Piercing.... and Swim Team in a month?
Do you know of a blackhead cleanser/remover that WORKS?
how can i get rid of the pimples and blackheads on my nose and forehead without proactiv and that other crap?
ny face is breaking out!=[?
Piercing own ear, third lobe?