GirlsOnly Bra Question??? should i wear a padded bra or a just u underwire or a trainer!!!?
Why do super skinny women always put down women who have an hourglass or pear shaped body?
homeade recipe to get rid of zits quick. there still in the early stage can i get rid of them today?
morning eyes, dark circles I NEED AN ANSWER PLEASE!?
how old do you have to be to get a industrial piercing in wisconsin?
piercing my ear myself?
why is it that when your on your monthy guys think its gross its part of a girls life!!?
What is the best acne treatment?
how to grow nail long and thick fast?
gals answer pls, no nonsense from bored guys.. haha thanks!?
Should I get my lip pierced on my right or left side?
the other day i asked my bf what size of breasts he preferred he said mine were perfect but then i asked him?
How can soft tissue damage get better faster?
Where can you buy cocoa butter and is it just a lotion ?
if i popped my acne would it help or hurt??
Picture day tomorrow, I LOOK LIKE A MESS! HELP!?
How can I get bigger boobs ?
sunless tan ? home remedies?
When I get high, is their anything to make my eyes look less red?
what is nair?
I have hair dye on my nails how to i get it off!?
Did I damage my skin?
Best natural wrinkle creams for face,eyes and neck?
I need people from Muskegon Michigan's help?
which one is it better?
How to get bigger breats..?
Tongue Piercing. Painful?
How much time do you SPEND taking a SHOWER?
help with my sunburn!!?
After removing my acrylic nails. My thumbs are splitting. Can anyone help?
Acne Scars :(?
Are there any pills that you can take in order to get rid of your legs' hair for good?
Heeellp? Girls only!?
What is a good deodorant that doesn't leave white marks under your arm?
Tanning beds *first time*?
How do you pierce your belly button? Experienced people please help!!?
how and why should we use moisturiser?
does barbie give the wrong impression to young girls?
Other than water, what would you just love to completely bathe in?
just got my belly button pierced...?
aligator skin?
glycolic acid?!?!?
how do i face them ?!?
How can you make your boobs grow bigger?
i want to get a new piercing , i already have my eyebrow pierced.. what do you recommend?
What is my skin type?
How do i get rid of acne and marks?
can i use pantene pro v brunnete on blond hair?
asymmetrical face and puberty?
Good brand Scar cream?
when i replace my nose stud with a new one at 6 weeks, what size shud i get?
whats your favorite chocolate brand?
is this wierd?
I have a pale face, tan body? Help?
Nose piercing help!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
ADVICE!!! stupid nair?
should i get a monroe piercing?!?
how do you get rid of those little white heads on your face that dont pop? I got a facial befre and she had to
i need help with zits?
Facial hair removal help?
How can I get rid of blackheads overnight/in a few days?
Would you go barefoot if your feet were?
I am a small breasted woman...thinking about getting implants...should I ?
Does anyone know what to do when you ALWAYS have dry hands? ?
Will my ear piercing close? PLEASE Help?
what kind of food should you eat if you're trying to dtop pimples?
Should i get a piercing? (Pic)?
How can I get my sunscreen applied as quick as possible everyday in the morning?
Tanning Tips for Medium Skin?
how old do u think i am?
Please help me.?!!!!
Suggestions Pls!!!?
Is it bad to get your cartlidge pierced with a gun?
My legs are horrible (women only!)?
Dark Lines around my lips?
What's my body shape/size?
Excessive swelling after taking out recently-done monroe piercing? Is this normal?
How to make ur boobs bigger quicker?
Ideas to make a homemade skin care product?
i feel like piercing something?
Written consent for piercing?
Whats is a easy way to get your face ance free?
What female body style is this?
Acne help?
Godiva skin whitening products?
how much did u grow afer 16 ?
when i shave why do my face bump up! How can i slove this! how do i make it go away?
Should a 13 year old get a belly button peircing?
my nipples show through my tops!?
What are the differences between the Blade Deodorant Body Sprays?
How many times should i use proactiv a week?
What's a good deodorant for women?
what do u think of me rate from 1-10?
i have a friend with underarm stains? HELP!!?
How do i make mi legs shiny after i shave?
please give me a remedy.........?
Are chemical peel results permanent?
How do I have a shine-free face?
Bath and Body Works scents?
Is dove men+care a good bar soap?
Can I go to the pool the day after getting my ears peirced?
If I got my tongue pierced and it gets infected, can I just take the piercing out for it to heal?
What are these?! They're not pimples? And how do I get rid of them?
weird blemishes on my face...?
I am looking for the perfect face routine...?
How to make my skin whiter?
Never pierced my ear?
Should I get a lip piercing or a tongue piercing? What hurts the least?
big pimple!!!please help me?
Best deodorant for females?
I have little blotches of dry skin all over my legs, could it be from hard water?
i'm so happyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!?
Should someone with fair skin like me not put on lotion right before going into a tanning bed?
Cleanser that wont wash your self tanner off!?
what is the best way or product to treat dry teenage skin with acne?
Will my chubby cheeks go away?
How do I convince my parents do let me get get snakebites?
is it safe to use whitening capsules for skin at the age of 14-15?
Does anyone know of a place in either Danville or San Ramon that does good eyebrow waxing?
Good to sleep in glue?
Is it true that most lighter-skinned Africans feel superior to the darker-skinned ones?
what does getting your cartilage peirced feel like?
I was cursed with small boobs :( Should I get implants?
Which is the best facial moisturizer out of these?
How long does it take to grow hair one inch longer?
is it normal for a 16 year old to be 5 foot 1?
What's your favorite piercing?
What should I do with the barbell?
if peole say your ugly and some say your not ugly what does it mean that you are?
Where abouts does the caption ball go on a nose ring when you're wearing it?
any products that will lighten my skin?
is one time enough for bacne?
How does it feel do get yur ears pierced?
how to get rid of blackheads?
What is best deodorant to use if you have a sensitivity to aluminum?
Arm Pit shaving help!!?
Pain ratings (1-10) [1 being the lowest 10 being the highest]?
Proactive or not?
How well do spencers fake tongue rings work?
People with tongue piercings, help !!!?
Will my wrist piercing heal up?
Can I use the pro active cleanser alone?
How can I get a darker tan?
nose smaller..chin bigger? help.?
Self Tanner advertised on TV?
is it true that is bad to sleep whit your bra on?
Is there a product or products like "Proactiv" Dark spot corrector i can buy? please help.?
Most effective sunblock?
Question about freckles?
Few hair between eyebrows?
Should I use proactive or toothpaste on my pimples?
belly button piercing with anestetic?
I have a wetsuit problem!?
How to get an even skin tone??
Homemade FACE primer?
belly button piercing!!!!!!!!!!!?
I have this huge zit that really hurts?
Bra size? I have no idea what I am?
Has anyone noticed how the COLD weather really depletes the moisture right outta ur skin?
Belly Button Re-piercing? Should I or not?
Navel (Belly) Piercing: Hot or Not?
My skin is oily, dry, sensitive and have pimples, what should I do!?
Dimples on lower back?
Should i get my belly pierced?
What dos lipodissolve feel like? Is it very painful? How many treatments did it take to get what you wanted?
I'm gauging my ears and having a ?
need to get rid of black marks?
Which smelled better? Apple blossom or Cherry blossom?
Should I get my belly button perced?
how likely is it for a nose piercing to get infected?
what are these black spots under my eye?
Ladies, what is the longest you've gone without shaving/waxing your legs?
Are there any lotions out that help prolong my tanning (indoor salon) for after I get out of the tanner?
Does it hurt to get your ears pierced?
How to remove acne black spot from face.?
Yes, this is sorta about cutting?
Infected helix piercing?
whats its like getting a nose piercing?
How much does it hurt to get your belly button pierced?
good body exfoliator?
Flat chested or big chested i mean boobss people !! what u think !?
Micro dermal Hip Piercings?
Question about my pale skin & wavy hair?
how do i get rid of visible veins on my skin?
How do I get the dispenser pump on my Banana Boat After Sun Lotion to work?
which piercing would i pull off the best?
lip piercing in LA under 50$ that's good quality?
Why do I feel like I'm so ugly?
what facial piercing should i get?
How can I tell if my whitening soap has mercury in it?
what can do to get rid of spots on chest area?!?
Whats the BEST sunless tanning lotion for african american?
Is it okay to get your tounge pierced with braces?!?
Use of toner?????hepppppp?
what size tongue bar?
Does proactive's dark spot corrector work?
Lemon juice and honey for face? Please help?
Tan or pale?
How can I make my boobs bigger naturally?
Do tongue piercings hurt? (professionals opinion?)?
Do you shave your armpits?
How to make your own soap?
What is the best acne treatment out there?
Do models wax their faces?
Would you rather buy lotion with?
My nose looks bigger from the distance?
What are the home remedies for dry skin?
how to numb your lip?
Help with a rook piercing 2 weeks old?
Question about my belly button piercing?
Help How to get a reddish skin face?
How to avoid acne???????
Why is my face dry after using clearasil?
Ear cartilage piercing question!!?
Im 15 and I want bigger boobs , help ?
what are hot dog skins made out of?
what is an easy way to put in double flared tunnels into a cartilage piercing?
Any quick recipes to make face look smooth and radiant?
what natural stuff can make you lighter?
In Grown Hair?
What's the best self-tanner?
I'm looking for these 3 skincare product recommendations?
Ance... :(?
why am i so tall.......?
Septum or Bridge?
what facial product can i use to reduce enlarged pores?
Is this normal for ear-stretching?
What is the best acne medication to use?
whats a good face wash......?
is the face always darker than the body?
How much does the Myespil hair remover laser cost?
How do you pierce your own nose?
can you firm a turkey neck and breast sagging skin without surgery?
please help me i dont know what to do.?
What chemicals can be used to dissolve the calouses and corns off the feet.?
is it ok to wear a tampon when ur not on ur period...?
Belly button piercing pain tips?
What is my body shape? Rectangle? Pear? etc?
anyone familiar with the "Magic Milk Whitening Lotion"?
What should i get my man for his b'day?
Any good products I can use to help treat acne?
i want a bellybutton ring so bad does it hurt!?!?
do you use deodorant on the same day you shave your underarms?
Australian Candle/Body Shops like Bath and Body Works?? 10 POINTS BEST ANSWER :)?
Does getting your eyebrow pierced hurt?
is the pedi egg good or bad?
Ponds clear pore strips?
Suntan in the winter?
I have bad dry skin on my face.. what creams do you suggest?
where should i get my lip pierced?
how old are some of you?
Ear piercing questions!?
im 13. i really want to get my nose pierced. should i get it?
what foundations are good for eczema?
does wearing bra make your boobs bigger?
Would my freind look nice with her nose pierced?
why do women want implants? guys prefer smaller breasts they are sooo much sexier!!!?
what do you think of neutrogena pore refining cream and rapid clear oil control foam cleanser.
ive had my nipple pierced for at least 7 months now....?
how can you prevent getting your navel piercing infected?
How do I keep my skin pale in the summer?
Do they do nose piercings in Vietnam?
Help for darkening skin under my eyes?
I have size 0 gauges. If I take them out will they eventually go back to the size of a regular piercing?
How much will a industrial piercing cost?
Is there any available tea tree oil face mask from body shop in trinoma?
Why is my skin so bumpy for a girl younger then 13?
My face is swollen usually? please help:(?
How can i get my breasts back???!!!?
How can I make a sun tan fade in 4 days?
We have glasses to aid our sight, hearing aids to aid our hearing, but what do we have to help us smell better
How Do I Get Rid Of My Baby Face?
I think my dermal anchor piercing on my finger might be infected...?
Will the Proactiv refining mask do anything to my hair?
skin whitening and peeling creams, are they dangerous?, are there any side effects of using them?
How can I help my best friend remove her armpit hair effectively painlessly without using money?
Is there any advantage of using a facewash over toilet soap?
acne scars ? how do i get rid of them ?
What can i use to clear my skin up ?
How many of you use St. Ives Apricot Scrub?
Can an 11 year old get a navel piercing?
Do I have a fat face?
how do you get rid of pimples in the nose?
Having my Belly Button pierced. Will it really hurt ? PLEASE ANSWER. Want it , but scared of the pain?
Does pro-activ really work?
what can i do about my skin????
Acne scars related to proactiv?
i put toothpaste on my face and left it over night as i heard it reduced pimples now my skin is burnt help?
What's the safest way to get tan fast?
do girls who talk down about other girls(that show off their bodies) only do it because they are jealous?
Peircings ! very random but important?
I have a flat chest, aaagh!?
What's the quickest way to get rid of a pimple?
Do I look fat in this dress?
Should I shave my arms?
My skin smells so starchy?
Can you boil your razor blades ?
is it true that make-up gives u wrinkles when u get old?
Would Cheek Piercings Fit my Face (Pics Fixed)?
Getting rid of stretch marks?
what size tongue barbell is this? (piercing question)?
how long would it take for a lip piercing to completely heal?
My eyes are yellow right at the bottom when i look closly and im 13... is xbox to blame?
Dark Eyebrow Problem?
ways to get rid of acne in 48 hrs?
What are these items? ( luxurious bath set ) pictures?
how to get rid of black marks around mouth / mustache ..?
does getting ur ears pierced at age 10 hurt give real anwsers?
Is it possible to lighten my skin color within 1 month?
re piercing ear help!?
Under 18 - Where to get tragus pierced -Washington DC Area?
Self tanner on the hands?
Is talcum powder the same as baby powder?
What helps you tan quickly?
how to convince my mom to let me get my belly button pierced? ! help please!?
Is there any way to make mosquito bites disapear quickly?
Neutrogena pore refining toner vs Neutrogena alcohol free toner?
I hate to ask, but i will anyways: Rate my appearance?
how to get rid of body hair at a low cost without shaving?
I think belly button piercing is infected, what do I do?!?
Is There A Way To Make Your Nose Wider ?
girls only! i got my .?
i need help guys????
Red bump next to navel piercing?!?
I really need help I have the biggest.........
What if you sleep with a toothpaste mask on every night, would that get your skin clear really good?
Help a fellow chick out, ladies. What's good for improving stretchmarks?
Should I scrape off a scar and try to heal it again?
How do I get a hickey off my neck??
I stretched my ears and one is swollen and painful!?
What can I do to lighten my skin ?
Good Deodorants?
Is it OK to use skin moisturizer on the skin near to your eyes?
Does tanning help acne?
Does your daughter pretend to shave in the shower?
I have inverted nipples but i want them pierced. ? What should I do?
Dark under-eye circles :( any ideas?
Does it hurt to get your eyebrows waxed?
What is the best skin product to use for pimples?
What does it mean when there's puss coming from the bottom of your belly button ring?
how do i get rid of deep scars on my face?
what do you clean piercings with when you first pierce them?
How much water do I need a day to improve my skin?
Chapped Lips? Can't find lip balm?
does pro-active really work?
Wat is the perfect size ?
Why do some get wrinkles in their forehead?
What is an effective way to get rid of acne?
where does a piercing look better on a guy?
what do girls think of birthmarks?
Can you give me a recipe for how to make scrub (to use to exfoliate with)??
What's worse silicones or a lift?
nose piercing help??? (quick)?
does coco butter work?
I'm having pimples on my oily face how can i get rid of this?
Does 'proactiv' work well?
what are blackheads?
Perfect body . . .?
How to get lighter skin?
Gauging from a 10 do an 8?
stretching ear advise?
help with deoderant please!!!!?
Self-tanner HELP with skin tone...?
Rate me 1-10 Thanks...?
can you please help shaving legs question?
Is there any place that would let a child under 18 get a piercing?
what do those chemical peel kits do for your skin?
cosmetics problem?idk..?
How to refresh your skin ?
Does it hurt to get ur belly button peiced?
I have dark circles under my eyes. Why do i have them, and how do i get rid of them!?
Can a lip piercing result in white on tongue and bad taste in mouth?
do you know any really kool rock/punk bands?
Ugly body? or not?
How to get redness in my cheek to go down?
is it okay to put sun block on your lips?
i sooo hate bein tall!!!?
I tried Nair for the first time and only used a small bit as a test...?
what is the closest thing to a septum clamp?
OK ladies does size really matter? What would consider too small/too big?
What sort of product gets rid of blackheads? and does this mean I have oily skin or combination?
How can i reduce a stress breakout?
Does anyone use Isagenix skin care before?
should i use a tanning bed or not?
Does Vitamin C help your skin?
Which girl is more pretty??? (PICS) !!!!! I NEED OPINIONS on this GUYS AND GIRLS?
I really want laser surgery for dark circles under eyes?
I have this bubble type thing on my industrial piercing is that normal?
A female friend got her nipples pierced, is it wrong to ask to see?
Do I look like Im 12? Picture.?
Does proactive actually work?
whats the best tanning spray or lotion?
Will this get rid of my freckles?
i cant stop biting my lips and its becoming a major problem for me personally?
does it hurt getting a lip piercing?
Similar moisturizer but less expensive?
I want my tongue pierced?
Is it safe to apply Aloe Vera Gel on the pubic area?
Am I pretty?
Cheek piercing problem?
Can you suggest any cream that can fade post acne hyper pigmentation/ reddish brown spot caused by pimples?
Do girls like it when a guy has dimples when he smiles?
Do I have a permanent tan?
Stretched ear is swollen.?
Okay, so I went to have an industrial piercing for my birthday and the lady pierced it all retarded like,?
Is it possible to be too big for a genital piercing?
(Piercing) - Guess the gauge of this barbell? [pic]
does caffeine affect ur skin?
Eyebrow piercing or snakebites?
How can i get my butt to look bigger in my skinny jeans?
Does ear piercing hurt?
How do i make mum let me have body piercings?
Do peel off masks help? Or do they only harm your skin?
What are good home remedies for acne?
i am 5'7 180 pounds sophmore and never had a girlfriend and a little freckles no pimples. what should i do.?
how to make my boobies look bigger?
How do I get red of my red cheeks? (pics)?
How to convince parents for a piercing?
Bug Bites: Is there any quick cure?
Where can I buy the skin cream 'Fair and Lovely' in Orlando, FL?
My pimples keep coming and going! How can they STOP?
Should i just give in and let my 14 year old,get his eyebrow pierced?
What are the best ways to stop biting your nails?
What's the best product(s) for acne?
I am a girl of 14..i am 5'3 now..please read on and tell me can i be 5'9?
Bumps on ear piercing?!?
How much do buttock implants cost
is it ok to eat toenails?
any suggestions?
Probably getting my belly pierced tomorrow does it hurt..?
Ahh! what can i do to get rid of this baby! HUGE?
What does skin protect the body from?
girls.... shaved balls or not?
How can I stop my lips going dry and flakey?
How to get pinker lips?
How to stretch without tapers?
Ingrown hairs and shaving?
Why do I look pretty in the mirror than on camera?
Whats the secret to super soft skin????
is it a good idea to pierce ur own nose?
i cant stop picking my lips anyone no anything i can do to break the habit?
How can I get rid of this piercing bump on my nose?
eYeBRoW HeLP!!?
good stretch mark removal?
Do men prefer short hair, shoulder length or long hair?
Question about tattoos and tanning?
GiRLS!!! whats ur biggest insecurity when in a bathing suit?!?! please helpppp!?
How old do you think i am?
i am 11 and i am 5''1 am i too tall?
hair removal? PLEASE HELP ME D':?
I feel so fat that i cry all the time?
How do i do my eyemakup for being so light skinned?
Advice please....attractiveness?
HELPP MEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!?
best measurements for 5'9 girl?
arm pit hair?
Is it normal for my nose piercing to bleed ?
Stop Albert piercing from getting infected?
My nose is really red and the skin is flaky constantly. Prescribed cream doesn't work. Any suggestions?
How do I get my lips soft?
is anyone using rosehip oil? how does it works? I got some acne scars on my face :( pls help me!! : )?
Nose issues...? Too wide.?
does it hurt to get a belly button piercing?
guys, do you like lip rings?
Beat fake tan to cover acne scars?
do tongue piercing hurt?
what kind of sunscreen works?
how do you remove skin growth from your face?near your eyes?
what can i use for dry lips? i cant use Vaseline?
does it hurt to get your lip pierced?
what can i do about dark circles underneath my eyes???
Are Dimples Considered Rare?
How often should you change the razor heads for an electric razor? Those blades are expensive as the razors!?
How do you get flawless skin?
what is the piercing which goes from in your mouth(under the tounge) through to under the chin?
How can i darken my skin tone?
How can I improve my looks?
could i pull off a lip piercing?
Proactiv Directions....?
Is 3 months long enough?
People who actually know a thing or two about piercings, and people who have actually have piercings?
does it hurt?
Can i use bactine to clean my navel piercing?
What's the best type of massage to get to relieve back and neck stress?
Do you remove your bra during sleeping hours?
do you go tanning in the nude?
I made a deal with my mom about a Cartilage Piercing? 10 points.?
ear piercing help please?!?
Guys opinions please??
How to apply sun protection correctly?
What sense do you think is the most important?
5 3 and 13 is 116 over weight??
What color eyes do you have ?
what is the name of a crem available from doctors for excess hair on the face?
Is shaving arms REALLY that bad?
Deodorant doesn't work?
Which is better? Safi or Himani?
How do i decrease my pore size?
I have a friend who is breaking out like crazy and she wants to know if proactive works?
What do you think? Seriously, and honestly?
Radiator mix when winterizing.?
I'm allergic to fake Jewelry, can i still get my belly pierced?
Naturally skinny! What do I do to pack some pounds?
Whats my body shape?
Does anyone have a lower lip labret?
So i shaved my pubic area and it has a bump help!!!!?
Which ear gets pierced?
What can I put on my face to make it look clear? Brown skin!?
Do you think a 13 year old with a belly button piercing would come across and slutty?
Leg shaving help???????
first kiss, i need help?
i am 23. male .how to get rid of dark spots in face?
What can I use for pimples?
Does this sound disproportionate ?
Does NV work?
Acne face washes - help!?
Where should I get my upper ear (cartilage) pierced?
Body Measurements???
i look worse than the elpehant man why wont any one operate on me for plastic surgery?
does anybody knows any guy who uses olay total effects?
where is a good place in georgia and or alabama to get your belly button pierced?
Would i look good with a Nose piercing?
Acne trouble. Please answer!!!!?
Does pro-activ really work?
What are some downsides to getting your lip pierced?
I need to whiten my underarm in 2 months, I only want to use home remedies, please advise?
I'm a beginner shaver...I NEED HELP!?
How can I make my hairs between my eyebrows less noticeable?
HELP ME I need to convince my parents for this piercing?
Is it worth getting a facial now?
does exfoliant face wash take the tan off your face?
Belly Button Ring;Gym Class;Adviceee!!?
Navel Piercing In Cardiff, Where Shall I Go?
how can i stop biting my nails?
Does it hurt to get your eyebrows waxed? I am very sensitive to pain!!?
How to get rid of large pores on legs?
Microdermals for collarbone?
Would God mind if I got a lip piercing, or should I get fake ones?
easy 10 points ; skin care question?
Is it ok......................
What are you currently washing your face with?
glowing skin?
Does my friend have too much chest hair?
How to get a tan like Gisele?
rook piercing is swollen?
Cartilage piercing?
belly button piercings?
Can someone tell me if this is an infection on my new ear piercing PLEASEE?
PleASe helpp:(?
how can i pierce my belly botton myself!?
where to buy pink bras 32A in Ireland?
I heard these things about Proactiv?
Do I have acne scars?
Is my belly piercing infected?
my skin color is brown like asian people but i want to make my skin white do you have any thing?
Nipple Piercing on a straight man?
Piercings and tattoos questionnaire :)?
natural ways to get rid of stubble?
Tooooooo skinny or normal???
What is the best way to remove wax and clean the inside of your ears?
Best hair removal creams?
if you dont change your lip piercing fast for the first time will it close?
can i use strivectin serum first then the strivectin cream overtop?
I cant tan normally after using fake tan?
Should I get my ears pierced?
Ear Piercing help please D:?
I want breast implants?
Has anyone use Countinously Clear by Serious Skin Care?
what color are your toenails right now???!?
what is the best and qucikest thing to use to get rid of stretch marks?
Can scorpions be effective at pulling nose hairs?
How to make your boobs look good?
What should I do??? ?
How much does Claire's charge to get your ears pierced?
How can i smell fresh and clean all day long?
Best full body bronzers?
What do you think of Leona lewis' new look ?
How to lighten my brownskin with lemons ?
Should I get my nose pierced?
I've got dry skin and spots?
in the winter, my hands get really dry?
Can lime really lighten your skin?
How can I convince my mother?
I'm african american and when i shave you can see black pores spots. how do you get rid of them?
How to make my skin red?
ear piercing problem, please help?
tan/melanin injection?
Stretch marks or something on my legs?
What is a good tanning bed lotion after step 2?
Recommend a good hand cream/lotion?
are tall girls only considered "hot" if they're model-skinny?
i reallly want to be a model?
Does it hurt to get your clitoris pierced?
Wearing a hoop nose ring always goes infected?
how come i look really different to how i looked only a couple of years ago?
how to treat body acne?
ahhha lip pierceing!??????????
Is the brand 'Boots' available in India?
how do i get rid of upper lip burns ?
Does anyone have a home-made face mask recipe?
my skin color is caramel. but sometimes when i have been in school it gets darker and rough.?
i wonder why..please answer this!?
what is better secret or degree ?
uneven/ very deep c curve on nail?
help spots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
I gauged my ears now its swollen with a little blood and puss?
Can I make my pores smaller?
Should I go tanning? =/?
Does toothpaste help acne? And what are some other remedies for clearing acne?
How do you make it appear that you have no acne?
Am I too skinny?\Do guys hate skinny girls?
Would I suit having a lip ring??
What product can get black spots of your face in a week?
i'm getting my ear lobes pierced, does it hurt? to all ppl who have their ears pierced??? 10 points!?
Can anyone give me some information about nipple piercings?
Is my lip piercing infected? Plz help?
Im starting to get very pale?
Age for microdermabrasion?
How to get everlasting tan?? (desperate)!?
How do you know if your fat?
A Question about puberty and big pores help please.?
Does Nair hair remover really work?
How do I not get tan but be able to go outside?
Skin care after fractional laser resurfacing procedure?
i have blackheads and pimples what do i do???
help stop my stomach from growling?
i cut and i need a quick way to fade the scabs and scars by the end of this week?
Do you have flat feet?
Should I get an ear piercing?
Is my brother ugly or average?
Are you getting anything pierced on National Piercing Day?
can i tan?
I'm 15, I'm a girl,I'm 5'6, 148 lbs and smoken hot.Do you think I could be a model?
Static.... how can i make it go away?
What Color Eyes Do You Have?
Loofa question....?
Does height matter to guys?Are their some guys that just berfore shorter women? and why?
Do you think i should get a nose job? (rhinoplasty) pics provided
Has anybody used "Brava"?
whats better for people that have acne proactiv or the wave by neutrogena?
What piercing should I get?
How can I remove self tanner from my legs?
for people who want peircings !?
belly button question. =]]?
Should i leave my piercing in?
How would a lip piercing look on me?
Why do I have dark spots under my eyes?
IN YOUR OPINION, is 14 too young...?
Does the shower tan system really work?
how old should you be..?
Where can I find jahoba oil in/around Ft. Worth, TX?
Is this normal behavior for a lip ring?
I want to get an epilator. But need help before getting one.?
GUYS:Tall girls with long legs or skinny but curvy(average height)?
Would you let a 12 year old pierce their belly button?
please help!?
20-22 Gauge Nose Hoop w/o ball?
how to avoid pimples?
spots if you don't squeeze them where where does the the stuff you would squeeze out go?
Do ear cartilage piercings hurt?
How many times a day are you supposed to moisturize your body ?
My skin is so oily when I dont wear make up?
Acne treatment?
How do I get rid of spots quickly and effectivly?
What is the best to remove age spots .?
I have these totally annoying pimples on my face, what should I do?
To shave or to wax?
What do u put on marks left over from scabs?
Ear piercing questions!?
can i take out my newly peirced earrings for 50 minutes?
Once my tongue piercing heals will the bar look more centered?
Has anyone gotton great results from proactive?
how do models keep there skin so pretty and clear?
Do guys care about girls who have heart surgery scars?
How long should I tan each side if I'm extremely pale?
What Is The Best Way To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks?
What's my body type?
hair removing problem ...........?
i'm a dude and i wanan get breast implants, think its weird?
My face is really dry. What can I use to help it!!?
Why I'm i getting more pimples from a face clenser?
Your opinions on Stretched ears?
Good skin products for my face?
can my mom sign for my friend when we get our ears pierced?
Infected bellybutton piercing?
Does Dudu Osan Black Soap work?
Can Girls get Beer Bellies?
whats the least visible piercing or how to hide it?
My wife owns a Doc Johnson adult pleasure toy. Is there any way to get rid of the chemical/plastic smell?
Are hip dermals worth the pain?
Waxing my bikini area?
Do women think navel piercing is sexy on a man?
How hot am I on a scale of 1 to 10?
help to convice my mum to let me get a tongue piercing?
tongue or cartilage?? what should i get?
Under eyes?
ok is this true...?
How can I clean walnut dye from my fingers?
Best Tanning Salon?!?
Name an antibacterial moisturizing bar soap?
what to do with patchy fake tan?
Are nipple rings always crusty?
how to remove puffiness and dark circles under my eyes? BEST ANSWER!?
My navel piercing is looking kinda....odd?
Am I 'unusual' or 'different' looking?
so i have a few piercings and i was wondering?
Has anyone tried Nourish Skin Firming Lotion? Does it work? Where do you buy?
How do I find out what my skin tone is?
guys and girls can answer if u want..?
What is a luffa/loofah?
Anal bleaching.. Crest whitening strips in the anus?
Okay this is a really easy question..... what are some things nawt to do when yr drunk???
Do i really look like justin bieber? (pictures)?
How can I??
When will the inside of my stretched ear heal?
I really want a lip 13?
Tanning help? (Please look)?
Pierced ears today? Please help with some questions?
I ed my acrylic ball on my tongue piercing and I can't get it out, how can I get it out?
what is the ideal breast size?
What do u think this song means, I wrote it and tried to hide the meaning and i want to see if its noticable?
Is Vaseline bad to put on your face?
Is Proactiv supposed to burn?
My legs...?
If I double up on spanx, can my thighs get smaller?
About to give up with my acne ! H e l p .?
Wher can i find glycerin derived from plants and not petroleum based?
Has anyone ever used lemon juice to whiten their privates?
What was the best acne product you ever tried?
This boy keeps making fun of me over something so pathetic!(girls only please)?
Moisturizer for African American skin?
Dry dry dry lips?
is my nose big, and are my eyes far apart? im really wondering, i think i may have facial dismorphia?
wats a quick way to get rid of a few spots ???
the saved armpit or hairy ...which better of a babe?
why do people get there tongues pierced?
what are the risks of piercing your own belly button other than infection?
Are there any moisturizers that are good for chapped, dry skin?
Acne help!!! I need a good product to use!!?
this question is for teenage guys?
How can I treat my skin?
Im a guy and how do i use the biore unclogging scrub?
pimple!!! >< somone please help!!?
Does piercing ur ear cartilage harm u?
HOw to cure itchy skin?
Do girls prefer very hairy legs or shaved legs on guys?
Anyone know much about plastic surgery in Melbourne?
im not afraid of what ppl think but im ijust wondering about getting my tongue pierced should i?
has anyone tried the products from
Cartilage piercing is very swollen, worried about complications!?
How can I apply fake tan evenly?
How do i get rid of this pimple?
Belly button piercing?
Should I get my tragus pierced?
Can boys get their ears pierced at Claire's accessories?
Loreal facial peels help?
What do certain facial features mean to a person's personality?
When Does Lush Do Thier Big Sale?
**********Do i have caramel complexion!!!?
Do you need parental consent to go indoor tanning if you're under 18?
who think lindsay lohan has the sexies neck in the world?
blackheads on my nose?
getting my upper ear pierced?
i want my lip pierced?
Which piercing should i get done?
How to hide a tongue piercing from parents?
What do you think about the shape and appeal?
RED acne scars on face!?!?!?
stylish piercing places for dermal hooks?
What piercings do you have/want?
Someone please help me.?
Help! It's really gross and i need help!?
What is the safest most natural, chemical free skin products?
Does differin work? HELP!!!?
lip piercings help please.?
In which store can i get jojoba oil in indian market?
Micro-dermabrasion question?
Microdermabrasion, laser facial or chemical peel ? ? ?
Which skin care products are better?
Does tanning beds cause cellulite?
some guys at my school make fun of how my bones stick out, are they that bad? picture included.?
about looks.. plz help frnds..?
How do I convice my mom to get lips piercing?
What is the best thing to clean nipple piercing?
Do tattoo parlors do ear lobe piercings?
Belly button ring?
Do you have to have a luffa stick when bathing with a luffa?
how to preserve our skin from acne or pimples?
question about piercing?!?
What does it feel like after they pierce your tongue?
how you do change Industrial Barbells?
What is this on my face???
what to do to get fair colour within a month?
Why do we see designs and dots when we close our eyes?
Can I use hider plugs for a cartilage piercing? (multiple?)?
My nose is wide, nasty comments are made about it and it gets me down, seriously, how can i make it smaller?
i am suffering from the problem ejeculation. plz tell me the best solution. or consult a Dr. near by Mathura o
Needs this shaving rash gone ASAP ! Please help!?
how do you get more cleavage?
Thinking about getting a madonna/monroe piercing?
Im Getting my Belly Button Pierced tomorrow?
What's the differences between the green and the clear alcohol?
How do you get rid of dark circles and bags under your eyes?
What is the perfect cup size?
Is it possible to chew off the light brownish dead skin under fingernails?
How long will this take to go away? please help! (PICS)?
Girls what do you think about tanned guys hot or not?
Is there any way to remove scars from ingrown hair?
What do you think of these piercings?
Have you or someone you know used ProActive?
I'm only 13 years old and i have stretch marks, is that unusual?!?
Is my bellybutton piercing infected?
I love the scent of sunscreen ie. bananas,coconut& pineapple. I am looking for a lotion that lasts and works?
ever used sugar bare from sally beauty supply?
is there any way to get rid of stretch marks?
Cute, pretty, hot, sexy, fine, beautiful?
Pierced ear, cheap piercing read?
Ear stretching questions ?
Whats the skin in front of your ear called?
cure for deep, dark circles under my eyes?
down..there? lol?
What hurts more getting a shot or piercing your nose?
I need help GIRLS ONLY?
is pore minimizing possible?
is taking 100mg of glutatione everyday for a month enough to whiten the skin?
where can i order food grade cocoa butter in the uk?
Why havent I got any pimples yet??? im 21 and i think thats rare?
Perdita has a red shirt, a black shirt, a yellow shirt, and a white shirt. She also has a pair of white ......
what is the reicpe for a home- made lip plumper?
oily skin arghhhh!!!?
Is my body attractive/well proportioned?
Ladies, do you prefer a loofah or nylon net puff?
What is a good Cream/soap...ect that will make acne and acne marks go away?
how can i make my lips bigger??????
What would you change about yourself and what do you love about yourself:)?
What is a good way to reduce/get rid of acne on your legs?
will this make me toned or just muscley ?
Sexiest High Arched Feet?
any ways to get rid of stretch marks after pregnancy?
What is your favorite Bath & Body Works Scent?
How old do you have to be to get your pinna pierced?
take a look :: are my 'handles' that bad ?
about the no7 priducts i like useing or any?
Would a few tanning sessions be dangerous?
Cartilage piercing on left or right?
ahh!! help!!?
Why are my eyes always puffy?
do you think i look like this actress?
How long do surface acne scars last for?
hey, I want to start tanning but I have a weird question to ask.?
Ok so I just had my bridge repierced, b4 it got crooked and I rly don't want it to happen again?
What is better belly button or tongue?
why is that when you put sunscreen on your face, your complexion gets darker?
Questions about AfterCare And Earrings for my Helix Piercing? (cartilage)?
how to get rid of black bags under eyes?
Elemis Day Spa?
should i get a nose job?
How should 12yr old females should look like?
how do i get rid of pimples on my face?
How do I raise one eyebrow?
help covering my stretch marks?
I need help to stop blushing. ?
Can body lotion with Vitamin E in it be used on the face also?
Why's my skin like this?!?
How do I convince my mom to let me get my ears pierced for a second time?
What's the best color of nail polish, in your opinion?
Recently got Lip Piercings?
Does this swimsuit look okay? Is it the right size? Do the pieces match?
Please help need face to clear up fast.
Body Image Issues??>>>?
Recommend a bath/shower soap that will not break my out?
How long does waxing last for?
Are the majority of Asian females flat in the booty area?
How do I keep my skin pale in the summer?
Get your SEXY back.....?
Is Using Rubbing Alcohol On My Face A Bad Thing?
What is your experience of nose piercings - and do you have any advice?
Started waist training... tips and tricks?
Am i pretty (((pic included)))?
How to get rip of a fat lip...?
Trying to name a new product, a sun tan oil that is natural, organic and moisturizing. Your best ideas please
Does Piercing Pagoda do piercings other than ears?
Does that hair remover called nair work????
A deoderant that accually works ?
Is getting your nose pierced more painful than getting your ears pierced?
Weird Bumps?
Belly button piercing got hit?
how to get bigger breast?
Do I have too many piercings?
can anyone tell me where I can buy pro activ in New York plz?
Would you get a facial after or before a breakout?
nose piercing question? please help?
breaking down scar tissue?
Lip Piercing (Weird Situation)?
How long does panoxyl 10 take to work?
Sea salt mix with my oatmeal cleanser ?
Please Help Me I Need This Info By NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
How can i remove under eye bags?
any homemade whitening \ bleaching face mask?
I just pierced my ear and it look a little off from the other side?
I was thinking of getting my tongue pierced ?
Belly piercing question?
do guys mind if girls have ance scars on their face?
How can I hide my scars?
nose stud. it wont come out and i think its infected. how can i get it out????
Please help me with my Acne!!?
Skin care routine for dry skin?
should i use clearasil skin perfecting wash or acne clearing gel wash?
What tongue ring is better, a slight curved one or a regular straight up n down one?
I get these hard little whitish lumps on my face?
Very dry skin on the face?
Can I loose my job for not shaving my armpits?
Help ! nose is messed up :(?
what piercing should i get next ?
So I just tried to pierce my belly button. help?
Best acne face wash......?
Would a lip piercing suit me (pics)?
Ways to get rid of acne?
Any tips for making skin less oily?
how can i get dimples?
why wont my boobs grow?
im a girl but im kinda of tomboyish everyone says my older sisters are prettier then me what can i do?
What should i wax with>?
whats wrong with my skin?
where do i get my tongue pierced in indianapolis indiana?
My daughter wants her cartilage pierced?
I got my navel pierced about 2 weeks ago Dr. said it was infected and prescribed a cream, do I keep using it?
I want to get my belly button pierced, but i am not sure? i have done a ton of Research. Does it hurt?
Where can I buy the Secret Clinical Strength Anti-Perspirant SPORT Deodorant?
Do acne scars fade away???? Or do you have to have something done to rid of them????
Good way to remove pimples?
is it weird for a guy to go tanning?
I don't get it about you guys?
do guys like girls with pale skin?
does getting your noes peirced hurt?
If I'm getting bad breakouts in middle school, will it be better by high school?
local piercing places?
To young to be curvy or something?
if i go on the sunbed with fake tan on.....???
Does anyone know if bleaching facial hair is harsh on the face?Is threading any better? Any Redness or Spots?
should i get my bellybutton pierced ?
how tall and how much do you think she weighs? (picture included)?
i am getting my eye brow pierced, which one should i get done ? ?
Should I get my nose pierced?
Sucked cheeks & fine cheekbones?
POLL: Tattoos... hot or not?
Pulled my Tragus piercing in my sleep!?
Which piercing hurts more? tongue or nose?
Can I use stockings to exfoliate my skin? to plump the skin under my eyes?
why does my skin look nasty after washing it?
How is toothpaste good for acne?
im not sure what to tell her?
I just did a lip waxing for the first time and my upper lips were red then these marks did't go away.?
How do i fix my shaved eye brows?! HELP?
Am I okay? Or what.... 14 and in need of help....?
When did women first start shaving?
Best moisturizer? 10 points best answer!?
Why does my collarbone stick out so much?(picture)?
How should i get tanner?
Does Nivea's Cellulite Treatment really work?
How to get reduce/make less noticeable, inherited eye bags?
Should i get a peircing?
First time shaving underarms. HELP?
Can i take out my piercing?
Why did my piercer pierce my belly button with a 16 gauge?
What is the best moisteriser for dry skin on the body, not face.?
How do I open a new spray deodorant bottle?
Do you prefer Veet or Nair?
What color are your eyes?
How to get rid of facial moles?
excuses for a puffy black eye and swollen bloody lip?!?
Do you think I should show off my confidence for my flat chest? Will guys find it attractive????!!!?
can strawberries really get rid of freckles?
How can we stop cellulite?
is my ear piercing infected?
would my ears get puffy if i got my cartilage peirced?