Clean & Clear Advantage Kit - Itchy Face!?
How to get ride of stretch marks?
Should i get my wrist pierced?
How long will it take for jergans tanning lotion to fade?
Girls what's your skin care routine what are good skin care products?
is it normal to have a little lip thing after stretching your ears?
Skin issues.?
How to change my face?
lotion to use after shaving?
POLL: Rumor or Truth?
why does everybody make such a big deal about self-piercing?
Is this normal for a cartilage piercing?
can you die piercing your own lip?
Nipple piercing complication?
What piercing should I get next?
Does it look weird to have one color on my toenails and a different color on my fingernails?
Is pomegranate juice good for your skin?
Is this acne scar/how do i get rid of this?
how do you get rid of muffin tops? ( lumps of fat at sides of stomach) help !!?
Bad sunburn help, any1 got any ideas for...?
how to make sugar wax?
Why is my skin so pale?
How long does it take for a new piercing to heal up if you take it out ?
I'm scared to get my ears pierced.?
laser hair removal?
okay, so im 16 and im thinking about getting my upper lip waxed, but im afraid its going to come in darker :(?
Question for the Ladies?
Should i get my septum pierced?
Can you fit your hands around your waist and touch ?
Teens: What piercings do you have?
navel ring issues???
How do I not get razor bumps when I shave?
too much body hair help?
I recently got my ears pierced, and even though I cleaned them correctly and everything, it got infected...?
is it ok for children to use deodourants everyday?
Does height affect your bra size?
has anyone pierced there own belly button by themselves or made someone do it for them?
are there any dangerous effects of a cartlidge piercing?
How to remove these spots on my legs??
What Peircing's Would Suit Me?
How so i make myself more selfconfident?
Whats Good For Clearer and Brighter Skin???
Hair removal cream leaving black dots on my face?
How to...Have better skin?
Can someone tell me a good skin care line...?
does it hurt having your belly button pierced?
Ear piercing problem!!?
Any quick fixes on making the swelling go down from a popped pimple on my chin?
How far can i go with a guy when I'm on my Period?
Where can I purchase a spacer for my nose piercing?
plastic surgery?
Why Are People So Ugly?
How can I get bigger breasts?
why every time i tan and use tanning oils it doesn't work that much, but if i didn't put anything i get dark ?
Wrinkle creases on forehead?
How do I look?
guys opinions on back dermal piercings (guys only)?
m hving fine lines under eyes. which is the best way to get rid of it?
I emailed my mom asking for a bra, and she said yes. But she hasn't mentioned it since then. Help?
How many numbers are there between 1 and 2?
is an oval shaped face considered attractive on a guy?
A question about sunless tanning?
How to solve my oily face problem?
am i cute serioudly?
Anybody know anything about dimple surgery?
10 bonus points to win if you answer this simply question?
can you get rid of bags under your eyes?
what to do when lips become black?
Does lemon juice really bleach body hair? PLEASE ANSWER.?
can ur legs go smooth without shaving them?
What is the history of Henna art?
Would it be weird if I went into a salon and asked to get my back waxed.. considering I'm a girl..?
belly button piercing....? is this right?
Dermitage for skin.......are there any local stores to purchase this item? Or any other help for wrinkles?
Can I use listerine to wash my hair?
how can a tall girl be attractive?
What should I do about myself?
i wannna get face surgery,?
what is charcoal cereal soap???
I have serious blackheads..?
Are there any good home remedies for acne?
Does man looks more attractive in fair skin or wheatish (tanned) skin?
Tongue piercing is sore?
If the toothpaste stings on your pimple, does that mean it's working?
bikini tan line help...?
what is the sexiest part of a womans face?
Eyebrow waxing mixed with dermatologist topicals? Please help! It's short.?
Nose peircing!! how do i make it less painful??!!?
were can i have mu belly button pierced?
should i tell my mom i peirced my belly?
Need to know a good tanning lotion for my scalp?
Once had but want again?
Does calcium improve skin or help with acne?
Girls, whats your secret to flawless skin?
help! is this normal?
Girls . . do you prefer padded-bras to non-padded ? If so why ?
spiderveins on my ankles how can i get rid of them cheap?
Fake tanning for holidays?
does ice help reduce redness in a pimple?. or what should i use?
depressed about having small boobs?
Wanna konw what are the different kinds of resins used to fix the artificial barbe & moustache on the face?
i have a pimple on my nose how can i get rid of it!?!?!?
Naval piercing not deep enough?
what do you people used for your acne?
Do you even notice when someone has a blemish or imperfection on their face?
Why do black people have big lips?
Cleocin T Lotion, Gel, or Liquid for acne?
Has anyone tried Burt's Bees Marshmallow Vanishing Creme?
Why is it when over weight people run there pants start to fall even if they have a belt on or have them tied?
Does getting your belly button pierced hurt?
do tanning beds really work?
girls, help with a random question?
body recipe deo vs mistine white spa deo?
is there any way i can get rid of these burnt marks?
I have an oily nose but I dont get acne on my nose?
nose piercing? picture! s?
How do you reduce redness on your face?
how much approximately would these piercings cost all together?
what are the best products out there to get rid of acne???????
Question about my bellybutton?
Anyone know anything about ProActiv Solution?
Nipple piercing - new partner...?
how old do i look old or young?
Should I remove my arm hair?
Piercing Please Help!!?
Does it hurt?
if a boy called you ugly what will say back with the fact that he brought your self estem down?
Questions about Proactive?
Tongue Piercing Question, How easy is it to pierce the needle through?
Looking for a pink hand lotion made in the 1950-60's named Dessert Flower or Dessert Rose?
Chemical Face Peels?
Belly button piercing aftercare?
Ok, so i'm getting a nose job, but what should i change my nose shape to? (pics inside)?
What's the fastest way to get rid of pimples ?
Birds r so beautiful but why do their legs look so scrawny like little sticks?
Can you tan more than once a day?
True or False ?
Will hair bleach bleach your skin?
Stinky butt?
What products should I use on my skin?
Help! mint julep mask took out all the oil from my skin?
Two Questions inside.?
~Im really skinny & i don't like the way i'm shape, i want curves..wat can i do to gain weight?~?
What gas do Doctor's use when they freeze warts?
Safe way to get rid of acne?
Should i get my cartilage repierced?
What SPF should i use?
What are some good bronzers for my face?
Do you suffer from acne?
Why doesn't the acrylic stay on my nails?
What Age Should I Start Shaving My Legs?
how old do you need to be to have your lip pierced?
Is this an eyebrow piercing infection?
rate my body?
Is this a pimple on my face?
2 year old nose piercing, worried about it healing up.?
Tongue piercing sinking through hole? HELP?
Facial gone bad!! HELP!?
How long does it take to get an effective sun-tan?
collar bone piercing!!!!!?
how do u get rid of a zit FAST HELPPPP?
Do I look like a man?
the Proactiv toner burns my face! please help!?
When should I change my tongue ring?!?
is it true that left side nose piercings mean you are lesbian/gay/bisexual?
Maybelline Makeup????
what is the best soap or face wash to use to get rid of acne?
Cartilage Piercing.... and Swim Team in a month?
Does it hurt to get your cartilage peirced in your ear?
Is it ok to use St. Ives. Apricot Scrub on my body?
Industrial piercing look sweet on Girls?
Ear stretching question?
i want to start shaving my legs but i can't just ask my mom cuz im embarrased so i have to make it obvuious to
How to wash hair with newly pierced ears?
where can I buy "Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque" in the UK?
newly pierced
Cartilage piercing? (20)?
What acne products work?
Shaving my legs, how to ask?
Do both the balls on a barbell for a eyebrow piercing(regular/standard)twist off?Will it b hard taking itout?
how good is st tropez sunless tan lotion?
pure peroxide on my acne?? is good???
How can I get rid of blackheads and acne scars?
little white bumps on forehead, are they little pimples or?
really uneven skin color?!?
what do guys think of girls with face piercings? eyebrow or lip?
I'm getting my belly pierced, what can i expect?
---Bush or Brazilian?
your thoughts (Pictures included)?
Whats the sexiest peircing on a guy?
My double flared tunnel is stuck in my ear.... Help!?
piercing my own belly button?
less hairy legs, will shaving make it more?
I have no face.?
Are nipple piercings attractive on girls?
Anti-Eyebrow Piercing Questions.?
New Face Soap Made My Face Burn?
help stretching my ear?!?!?
What are these things(pic)?
how to minimise the breast size??
Information about belly button piercing?
How does it feel to get your Cheek/Dimple piercing? Just wondering.?
how to create cleavage?
Do you know if Zeno works?
Veet for upper lip?
Belly button peircing?
do i have a big nose?
my hands have been really dry ? ? ?
can I use this sea salt for my nose piercing?
Please, can you watch this picture and tell me what's wrong with me ?
Would a nose piercing suit me? (pics)?
What to do about the dark hair on my upper lip?
how much does a surface piercing for your lower back cost?
Face washing?
Is there any ways to get rid of a pimple without leaving a scar or mark?
is my Monroe piercing healing normally?
I hate my body!! Please help me?
What to do about scabs on body?
what is the best brand of spay tan you can buy from walmart?
i have white spots on my arms?
How can you get rid of a really small chin?
Does suncreen prevent tanning? If not, what can?
Why do some white people want to be tan?
When you use any skin product can your skin get used to it and stop working?
I just threaded my upper lip?
Does proactiv really work??
wat is the best solution to get rid off stretch marks?
Dark circles under eyes?
What SPF should i use?
What to do about oily face?
Does coconut oil work in place of aloe vera?
How big is too big for stretched ears?
I want a woman to sell me her socks after she works out or jogs?
Should i pierce my septum?? (PIC) ((:?
Asprin mask help please?
Guys shaving legs? Sounds weird?
Best facial scrub, cleanser or product i can buy???
Is cartilage too dangerous with folded ears?
Should I stop using proactiv?
does it hurt to get your ears pierced?
Are my earlobes too thin to stretch any higher? Need help from someone with stretched earlobes!!?
Cartilage piercing infection?
My tragus piercing was done 6 days ago...?
What's a great acne cream or treatment?
I got my septum pierced today, and he done it with a straight bar?!?!?
what do i say if somone calls me fat?
birth control pills good for acne?
how do you get pimples gone?
Belly button (navel) piercing ?
What's the shape of my face? 10 points?
What causes pimples?
Embarrasing red bumps on my arms.?
Breast Size - love it or fix it?
Under eye lines D:????
A good mosturizer for really dry skin that doesn't make your skin oily looking?
Is it okay to put alcohol & peroxide on a navel piercing?
How can I improve my appearance?
Hey it is me agian i am 13 and i play softball will i have to take it out i am going to get a tiny dimond?
I usually never get pimples but when i do it takes forever for them to go away any tips?
Rook piercing and rugby?
how to remove black heads?
How to stop from swelling in a navel piercing?!?
My mom wont let me shave my legs?
Does it look like I workout?
can a guy be cute with old acne scars?
Please give me your advice?
do you think this would look ok?? easy question?
What do you tend to do when your nervouse?
I am trying to apply kojiglo gel under my eyes...will this gel be helpful for me to remove the dark circles?
I have a skin prob!!?
Cartilage piercing or 2nd lobe piercing?
How badly does it hurt to get your nose pierced (nostril)?
Hair pores on your legs?
What can help my under eye circles, help!!?/10 POINTS !!?
Is this a good acne treatment?
How should i clean my derm roller?
My girlfriend waxes her face.. is that weird?
Are smiley/scrumper piercings permanent?
Does a belly button piercing hurt?
do you think this guy is hott/cute??? (pic)?
I want to get my tounge pierced?
im getting my ear pierced soon and i am wondering can u get a small stretcher(gauge) in straight away?
My lip is swollen , and I have a lip piercing help ?
Private question!!!!!!?
Dark circles around eyes help!!!!!?
Cartilage piercing help :] thanks?
Wha is my face shape? With pictures?
Can a lip piercing result in white on tongue and bad taste in mouth?
how can i improve my looks(pictures)?
How do I start stretching my ears?
How long does it take for a tongue piercing to close up?
gloomy bear or invader zim perfume?
Is it normal for boys to walk around without shirt inside their house?
How to convince my mom to let me get my ears pierced a 2nd time?
Anybody know of any stretchmark creams that actually make an improvement? HELP???
Natural Things That Make Skin Lighter?
when is the best time to put on your deodorant?
Help! How do I cover hickeys?
How do i make my eyebrows darker?
I want to get plastic surgery!! what should i get done to my face?
Which deodorant brand is clear (not white) and dry (I don't like them in gel) for men (and good)?
Clinique dark spot corrector????.....10 points?
how do i make my lips look less red?
Tips for shaving a female "private" area? (Without being too graphic)?
Please Answer..Pimples?
Does anyone know where i can purchase Garnier Skin Naturals Pure 3 in 1 wash and scrub in new york?
does scar removal treatment work?
What is a glow tan in a salon?
When washing your face with acne soap and water...should you use cold water or hot water?
How to get rid of dimples???? lol?
I need a new facial cleanser?
Need instruction manual for ultrasonic cavitation machine?
Proactive? Breakouts?
i have pale skin.. how do i become tan?
Im 24 is it normal for me to have circles under my eyes like when ur lack of sleep ? How do I get rid of them?
How would I look with a lip piercing?
What FOODS should a person with acne eat?
belly button infections?
i need to get rid of my acne!! help!!?
Razor bump scars help ?
Swimming with a bellybutton piercing?
I hate how my body looks?!?
Do guys mind when a girl wears padded bras to enhance the bust line?
How long taping method to go to 4g?
steaming towels?
What face piercing would look good on me?
do guys like girls smuggling peanuts ?
Losing ten pounds in two weeks?
I had to take my lip piercing out for just today and the hole closed up? Repiercing it myself?
Question about septum piercings?
Are you heavy, slim, skinny, curvy, petite, plus size?
Belly button ring changing question?
Does any health insurance cover cosmetic surgery? Does any insurance cover a portion? (tummy tuck and butt aug
I had a boob job two weeks ago and I was wondering how long does it take it for them to soften up?
can my dermotalogist remove a scar on my face?
Apricot Scrub JUST FOR GIRLS?
Questions About New Tongue Piercing!!!!?
What's the best sunscreens with moisturiser for men daily usage?
i want to get my belly pierced but i'm going to the beach..will it hurt?
Is my side burn piercing rejecting?
whats the best food to eat for clearer skin?
What is the best tanning oil that also has good SPF?
Will clairs pierce my lip?
I have dark spots But..?
What can I do to lighten up the skin in my armpits?
Im 13 and my acnes getting bad?
Does this really help?
what breast size of priyamani?
i need your help i have small breast and want implants made fun all the time just want to look good in swimsui?
does proactive (facial cleanser) actually work?
what can i do to make my swelling on a monroe piercing go down?
how bad does it hurt to get your tongue pierced??
wuts better; Jergin's nat. glow or Coppertone mist spray?
how can i convince my mom to get a second peircing?
Any good products or remedies for flaky pimples?
Can I get a lip+tongue piercing in 1 day?
If proactiv work for me, should I keep buying it?
10 to 8 gauges. (20 fn characters?)?
How to reduce dark skin in the underarm area??and also stretchmark?plzzz?
Which face piercing would look the best on me?!?
Inexpensive face lotions?
I know this is kinda gross, but please help me. Please?
How to make you skin lighter after 3 weeks and less?
10 to 8 gauges. (20 fn characters?)?
Why is my skin dry around my belly button piercing?
My tragus? No pain, no swelling?
If I apply a self-tan, can I go and expose to the sun on the next day?
what is that you can put on your face so that ur whiteheads will be gone?
peeling lip helppp!!!!!?
Does getting your ear cartilage pierced hurt?
I shaved my pubes how long will they keep itching for?!?
lip piercing help!!!!!!!!!!please tell me if this will work?
Would a nose piercing look ok on me?
Does Max Clarity foam wash really work?
Is it normal to have blood clots after I pierced my tongue?
i have a rash!?
How do I pierce my nose?
how do you peirce your belly button your self ???
How to get natural skin color back?
how to get glue-on nails off?
I have hair around my belly button?
Is this a cool piercing? *pic*?
really want something that can repair my skin....?
Really ashy elbows---they're soo dry and discolored! What to do?
Is Nair hair removal good for bikini line?
Do piercing really hurt?
how do you get rid of black bags under eyes?
anyone tried oxy cleansing pads????
I'm piercing my nose at home without my mom seeing it can i use a sewing needle?
Would a neck toner work on your face?
does getting Ur ears pierced hurt?
how old do yu have to be to be waxed?
Weak nails?
Dove Soap as a face wash?
My bottom lip is a little bit bigger then my top lip, is that normal or are they suppose to be the same size?
Has anyone had full body laser hair removal?
what product should i use for this?
i was wondering what would be good to use on my face to make my complexion more supple,?
How can I make my breasts smaller or at least look smaller?
What is a cleanser that i could use along with differin?
Does anyone know what medications help bad back acne?
My lips are chapped...?
dimples, smiles, surgey, remove?
I have pimple marks on most of the parts of my face.Please help me to get rid of these through home remedy.?
What do you think of dark undereye circles?
PanOxyl bar?
help!!! big zits on forehead! one on each cheek!!!!!!!!!?
How can I get pimples off my face?
How to get rid off bags under eyes?
is it bad to take a shower at night????
They're not going they're not going they're NOT going !?
Should I get my lip pierced?
hey which is better to use proactive or neutragena?
What is the difference between tighlacing and waist training?
i want to get a septum piercing?
Labret piercing question.?
My pores are always clogged. What home remedies can help you cleanse pores regulary?
girlstache? trying to make it less noticeable?
Zit Under Eye. Anyone ever have one?
wat can you do to improve your eyes if there ugly or dead?
how to help my acne/scarring?
Black mark on toe for about 2 weeks now?
Whats the best chapstick for a guy?
Do any girls actually go tanning anymore?
Is it easy to stretch a septum piercing from a 16g to a 14g?
How do I make my cheeks chubbier?
Do girls like freckles?
What should I use to remove black light paint from skin?
How to get rid of bags under your eyes?
Such a horrible acne problem! I FEEL SO UGLY! Help me please!?
Im thick(not skinny) but i am toned, don't men like that better?
Weird skin color facial bumps. They're super small & you can't see them and just really annoying.?
Where can I find a milk foam cleanser?
facial wax...?
How can I made my lips more moist?
neutrogena face / acne question.. :(?
What is your favorite face wash?
How to darken eyebrows?
How do you make pores on your face look smaller?
Which vitamins are best for reducing/treating under-eye puffiness?
Guys honest opinion on scars?
Sudocrem on spots? 10 points?
how to reduce REDDNESS OF SKIN ????
Belly button piercing?
what to use for oily skin?
A question about my body?
neone here order from avon?
smooth away hair on cheeks?
What should I use to clean my stretched ears?
How do you get started on peeling an orange?
Do you think an electric epilator like the Philips HP6570 can be used effectively on a guy's groin area?
where do i get my tongue pierced in indianapolis indiana?
anyone had just a breast uplift ?
Belly button piercing?
I'm thinking about getting breast implants?
Went to beach for two weeks and my blemished face cleared up, was it the salt air?
What should I do??? ?
How do u think i look?
what are these?
I have a skin care question.?
Whats the best lotion to use after shaving your legs to keep them soft and smooth?
Does anybody know the difference between the Tria 2011 5-speed laser device and 2012 5-speed device?
Will Clinique 3 step help even out my combination skin?
Why do face masks always burn my face?
Does tanning oil cover up old white scars and stretch marks?
ear piercing retainer question?
Tanning problem!! Read it pleease!?
honestly am i overweight?
I got pimples on my face?
is my nose too big for my face?
i have a bubble on my nose from piercing it myself what do i do?
Tongue Piercing Infection?
Looking for a GOOD skin cream that helps with ELASTIITY AND MOISTURE!?!?
Best shaver under 35-45 £ with mains/rechargeable ?
what can i do to improve my body? (pics)?
Do you think these girls are beautiful?
Has anyone ever used Miracle of Aloe Foot repair lotion for dry heels?
is it normal for a 12 yr old gr 7 girl to not have a boyfriend?
What can i do about dry lips?
Would you consider me small, medium, or large?
What is the Sexyest part of a man's body? Men and Women can answer?
This is for noxzema users?
why is the disc on my labret stud sinking into my lip?
does it hurt getting ur bellybutton done??
I recently started feeling pain where my belly piercing is and I don't understand why?
Does the Clarisonic help get rid of or prevent small blackheads?
stretching my ears??
I need a link to a picture but i cant find it! HELP!?
Which facial piercings do you think i would suit?
Does washing your face in sour milk really get rid of freckles?
How do I get my whole body to get whiter?
What to do about scars?
what type of face wash do you recommended?
Is vivel soap is lite or hard one to face?
Shaved my stomach, grew back thicker, now what?
How do I tell my boyfriend to loose weight?
Self-conscious of outy belly button?
can nail polish be used on pimples?
Im skinny am i undateable?
facial hair.?
How can I get rid of my frown lines?
does the belly button peircing hurt at all?
bubble gum on face?
Keeping a navel peircing clean?
Is facial cream supposed to make your skin feel oily?
what is a good cream for forehead wrinkles?
Is bodybuilding essentially narcissistic?
How can I get rid of this black head?
ACNE!! Help!?
how badly do lip piercing hut 1 - 10?
I get light headed after piercings. I'm getting my belly button done soon. Advice?
Does it hurt to get your ears pierced at age 12?
Is My Body Shape Considered "Good/Attractive" or "Bad?"?
what is the best way to wash your face?
Would Bed Tanning be really risky if you went 5 days a week for a month, 10 minutes each time?
bags under the eyes?
How to hide cuts on your wrists?
My Skin ripped off of when i got my lip waxed!?
Does getting a tongue piercing hurt?
10 points!!!!!!i need some good recipes for home made facemasks?
Help with spots ANY advice totally welcome! =]?
How long does it take to recover completly from a nose job?
how to get a tan really quick?
Hempz Hydrosilk Herbal Moisturizer?
Do both the balls on a barbell for a eyebrow piercing(regular/standard)twist off?Will it b hard taking itout?
I want breast implants?
Can people eyes really change color? I don't believe it.?
put hair removal cream down there?
Does the MaxClarity foam work good on sensitive skin w/ major acne?
Should I really feel this awkward about being tall ?
Botox-fillers Training?
how to reduce redness? ACCUTANE?
Whats Scruffing lotion for?
tanning lotion question?
i have a different color underneath my armpits im curoius what it is?
if you use a sunscreen will you still tan?
Does getting your ear pierced hurt?
Girl question!! girls read and answer pleaseeeeeee!! (:?
Im 15 is 32b really small?
cartilage piercing, which ear?
changing tongue ring
What is the best moisturizer to use with mineral makeup?
ladies which do you use flannel or sponge?
difficulty stretching from 2g to 0g?
Ear Piercing is hurting?
My exgirlfriend thinks my legs are too hairy but I honestly don't want to shave my legs?
Does Barielle Advanced Formula Porcelain Skin Whitening Cream really work?
what's your favorite moisturizer?
Will tomato get rid of beauty marks?
remedy for lighting freckles?
I'm almost 15 years old, and I'm pretty much hitting 5'7. good/bad?
do you think tan skin is pretty?
cartilage piercing with stepparent?
I want to model but I have a huge birthmark and stretch marks?
Help!! Ear stretching problem!!?
I want to get a helix spiral piercing on my ear. Do I have to get multiple piercings or just one?
Im 14 And male how to tell mom?
whats the best way to get rid of arm and leg hair?
ummmmmmm ma piercing!?
conclearer for dark circles?
which piercing hurts more, nose or belly?
Do I have a weird looking belly button (guy)?
Girls what do you think of a guy with flawless/clear skin?
Does Ambi Cocoa Butter cleansing soap bleach skin?
How to make your breasts grow?
What do you think of this girl?
Monroe piercing - the smallest gem you can get?
If I use bronzing gel will I turn orange??
How would a person not have a belly-button?
Advice from someone with a tongue piercing?
What would happen if my girlfriend found out that I wear thongs (g-t-v strings) or if I told her?
have i changed? if yes for better or for worse and how?
i am not sure if i have dimples or not?
I really need a tan!!!!!!!?
TYRA BANKS SHOW, what did they use to reduce the looks of cellulite????
Suggestions on mild tingle tanning lotions?
what is the best way to get rid of redness in zits?
Can an old person be sexy?
Anyone tried Cetaphil ?
my lips are chapped how can i get them soft and smooth again?
Where can I find rosehip seed oil?
Are silicon ear stretchers hard to get in?
what do you have that is pierced?
Do I have guys feet?????? I asked a question and someone said I did!?
Whats the fastest way to get rid of zits??
What does a rounded nose look like?
Garnier Fructis eye roller?
How do you get rid off spots thag keep comming back please help if you can :(?
What can I replace cucumber with?
i have dry skin plz... help?
Does this piercing look healthy?
cartilage piercing?
I need help with my skin!!?
Need to look older. help!?
Skin id vs. Proactive?
i love the Neutrogena wave?
Is it feminine for a guy to go to a tanning bed?
who do you think has a nicer body?
How do I make my brown eye not brown?
Help!!! My skin!!!?
Girls: Do you like boys Tanned or Pale?
Is there any way I can relieve shaving bumps on my bikini line?
Teenage Acne?
where can i buy a rose ab claw set nose stud?
Has anyone been to the Magical Touch Spa in Woodbridge?
What is the best tanning bed lotion out there?
How to get rid of acne scars?
Would you know any remedy for dark eyelids/dark circles?
Pro ana mis and your thoughts on my situation.?
home remedies for oily face?
Is scaffold and industrial piercing the same thing?
i was wondering if waxing ur face makes it worse. can someone help?
Gross...Caused by tanning?
Can you make your own massage oil???
Help on shaving legs?!?
My dry winter skin, HELP?
Tattoos: what colors to avoid for tanned/olive skin?
Piercing needles or piercing guns?
Belly piercing questions?
how do you get super soft skin and lips?:)?
Im 16 & saggy 34dd!!Help!?
i'm tanorexic...?
Would a septum piercing or a Lip piercing look good on me?
what do you do when it's your first kiss?!??!!!!!?
Does Mandara Spa products test on animals?
shall i get my nipple pierced?
Want to remove dark spots?
how bad does this look?
how do i make my back dimples show?
how long do chalazions last?
Do you have any peircings?
who do i get rid of acne?
would it be weird to intentionally lighten the rest of my body?
ponds cold cream.. is it okay to use in the age of 16?
How can I pierce my nose at home?
How do you get rid of blind spots on the face?
Proactiv is drying out my face?
spider bites or snakebites?
how much does a tragus piercing hurt?
how to get a pimple away really quick, if the old toothpaste trick isnt working?
What body type out of these 3 do you like?
how old do i have to be to get my ear pierced (?Uk)?
i need a more curvier body?
pimples on my shoulders?
Pros & cons about shaving arms ?
What is this earring/plug/pincher thing?
umm...kinda embarassing...?
So last night...I had an awesome piercing adventure.?
how old do you have to be to get ur tummy pirsed?
Eyebrow waxing question?
Looking for thr right facial mask treatment.kk?
How can you reduce black marks around the eyes?
why do we wear undergarments...? (Decent answers please; thanks...)?
how do i prevent me getting zits??!! im only a kid!!?
How much should i weigh....?
Piecing places in California where they pierce under 18?
What to do to get rid of blackheads?
how to i stretch my tongue peircing from a 14G to 12G properly?
how can i make my face lighter?
Do MEN care about brest size?
Skin problems like horrible acne and large pores? :( How can I help this?
my cartilage piercing is hurting again, help?
would you recommend panoxyl products?
i just pierced m y lip and want to keep it from my teachers and my parents what to do?
What skin product is in this commercial? Clean and clear?
Can Quinoderm be purchased at Walmart?
Favorite deodorant/antiperspirants?
how can i increase my sexuality..sometimes i'm sexual but othertimes i'm just not sexualities you know
I want to get my ears pierced, but my mom wont let me? How do i show her im old enough to get them?
is it fine to use dove extra sensitive for my face?
My Bellybutton is ruining my life! I need some Dr. Phils please!?
is my nose piercing too low?
Do you know how to make a natural face wash at home?
New ear piercing , Can i change the studs ?
New Olay Definity Cream?
i have a belly button ring for 5 months now and now its just a thin pieace of skin what to do?
in addition to my other question about nose peircing. do they numb it ?
Whats the NAME of the peson you like? 10 POINTS!?
I'm self conscious of my bathing suit?
quick home remedy for puffy eyes?
Piercing my own lip ?
After getting a nose piercing....?
Too Tall Too Shy ...Left Out :(?
Victoria's Secret model how do they ....?
Help with spots ANY advice totally welcome! =]?
Dry Skin ; Help Please!?!?
Would i suit any facial Peircings ?
stretching freshly pierced skin?
exfolianting ingredients?
What Piercing should i get?
What is Vitamin E actually good for?
i have this zit...please help?
I wanna get my nose pierced ?
Does the acne free terminaor work?
Girls: What is your favorite razor and shaving cream?
Should I use sea salt for my new piercing?
Should I get my lip pierced?
Perfect Sunless Tan?
Can your hair turn like this wried kind of blond when you use tanning lotion?
I Can't Shower...?
help me name my tanning salon?
My mom won't let me get my cartilage pierced?
Stretching my ears and they're itchy!?
Can I get my belly button repierced in the same exact spot?
How do I depigmatize my skin?
What lotion do you use?
i weight 120 pd is that to fat to get my belly button peirced?
How can i lose 28 pounds in 3 weeks without getting more stretch marks how much exercise should i do a day to?
Why is it that some people are unpopular but become popular after losing lots of weight?
I was told I had ball cancer?
How do you create a spa experience for yourself at home?
How to get clean long nails without chipping them?
How do you get little beauty spots all of a sudden?
can i use Arnica to clean my new belly button piercing? HELP?
Belly button ring changing question?
How Can I Make My Legs Look Longer?
My nose ring isn't long enough. What size should I order instead?
What does I.U mean on bottles of Vitamin E oil?
How can I get prettier skin?
My chest looked like a guys. I hate fake but i had a sm B implant put in to push out what i guys care?
Does getting you belly button pierced hurt?
Would I look good with a nose piercing?
i hate shaving: hair removal products?
Newly pierced ears question?
how do i look be honest please. . . (pics included)?
I have dry lips, need help?
acne treatment?
i woke up with scratches on my face and one on my arm what is happening?
I'm around nail polish and remover A LOT. Can this harm me?
When I shave I get really bad razor bumps and ingrown hairs with puss. What can I use to help it..?
do cucumbers reduce darkness under eyes?
I want a full body... hair, skin, body makeover and need help!?
Has anyone used Aveda's Green Science?
Best self tanning lotion?
i think later on in life i am going to get "breast implants" how big should i get them?
What is the appropriate age...?
Process of getting gauges?
Dermatologist question? Acne & Epiduo!?
Suggest me something really good for Clear Skin...?
How to get rid of a scab?
is this normal for a lip piercing?
who takes showers,who takes baths?
How to get rid of acne.?.?.?
what is your favorite perfume/cologne to wear?
Question for the girls! What to do AFTER you shave 'down below'?!?
its here and everywhere!?
what will happen? fresh piercing & alcohol.?
i have acne and i tried everything there is to try even proactive.. any help!?:/?
What is the best way to get a tan?
My lip piercing.. will it ever go away?
How to make my head appear bigger?
Eyebrow Piercing Question?
Where would I go to get my my blowout scalped off and around how much would it cost?
Do you use self tanner ?
I want to lighten cut scars on my forearm that are about 3 years old.suggest domestic measures .?
How to tone out my skin?
tanning question..?
what is the cheapest place in jackson tn to get your navel pierced?
what can i use to clean my new belly button piercing?
Does anyone know of a fake tan for darker skins?
what piercing should i get next?
I have a few spots on my face but have tried the clearasil face cream. Does anyone no any solutions?
Am I normal??? Problem with my bust.?
How much does lemon juice brighten skin?
Best self tanner?????
Is skin lightening creams/soaps really harmful?
Can I replace my face cream with sunblock?
Why lips are really dry, chapped and sore?
my skin is a dark tannish color. i tan if i go out in da sun. n e suggestions on how to make it a bit lighter?
I have had my tongue pierced for about a year. How long can I leave the jewelry out before it closes up?
Why's my skin like this?!?
Has Anyone ever had a nostril reduction for wide nostrils?(cosmetic reasons) If so...?
Sugar scrub made me red?
Im getting my ears pierced?
My Monroe is jacked up?
how bad does it hurt to get vch piercing?
i want a nose piercing, but i have a mole.?
is there a way to get a fake tan that is permanent?
Does my stomach look big in this picture?
How can I hide my body in the summer?
What is better; Aerosol Sunscreen or Lotion Sunscreen?
i HATE LIFE do u hate life i know my sis don't?
What is your favorite thing about yourself?
does anyone know why ur lips get chapped after making out with ur gf?....or does it only hapen to me and my gf?
What should i get pierced?
Uggghhh Mole in my face?
Are cosmetic colorlenses bad?
Do light poeple get darker with hydroquinone ?
how do i make my thighs smaller/lose fat/muscle off them?
does anyone know where you can go to try one free tan in San Jose?
flat chested and made fun of for it. help!!?
How to use my Skin Care Kit?
Irritating Spot ! Help !?
Should i get my ears pierced?
zits ...!!?
I have 11 pimples on my face wat should i do?
how to remove nailpolish when remover won't work?
benzoyl peroxide making my pimples worse!!?
Isnt popping zits fun?!?
How long can i leave my snake bites out?
Do you know anyone who has violet eyes?
do i have a big nose ? ? ? (picture )?
eyebrow piercing? (twenty characters)?
Nose ring/stud or a monroe??? (pics)?
Do girls like guys with there ears pierced?
severe blackheads!!please help?
Where can I buy a koosh ball tongue piercing?
How do i make my skin dryer, Specifically on my nose?
what is in grown hairs?
Can an Underarm Deodorant be used as a body deodorant?
What is the best acne treatment?
how can i look prettier?
10 points for answering questions about face and body.?
does it hurt when u get ur ears pierced?
How much usually is a lip piercing?
Am I pretty? please don't be afraid to tell the truth?
i want my tongue pierced but my dad said no how can i get it on my own with out him or any one knowing?
Tragus piercing info?
Cartilage Piercing Industrial Piercing Which Hurts More?
how much weight do u think i need to lose(pic)??
Pimples on my chest/breast erea?!?!?
What is my face shape?
How to get this desired result for skin?
cartiledge piercing?
what would be a good moisturizer for a 19 year old??
Is it bad to do a face mask after Exfoliating?
I have many blackheads on my nose,I want to get rid of them?
If you have mild acne scars are you disfigured forever and they only fade? if you went for laser?
I'm a 19 year old guy with questions about skin care?
face shape?
Why is the skin around my piercing peeling?
What percentage of the women population in America have (or had) breast inplants/surgeries (to enlarge them)?
Plz smbdy hlp!!! To get rid of this thing?
what is a good self tanner for under $10 (for body not face)?
Anyone know any good treatments for psoriasis??
Can you apply tanning lotion with a mit?!?
how to get rid of body hair?
exfoliating with a washcloth?
okay, more help on my belly piercing. it fell out.?
Does my piercing look good or stupid?
No tan under my nose?
Gauges? Should I or no?
if you had an 14 year old girl would you let her get her belly button pierced?
Monroe piercing for me?
Does anyone know of anyone who has used papaya soap before?
I am getting a tan for the next 3 days. . .?
I dnt know if my belly button piercing is infected!?
Why Do I Have Stretch Marks and i am 13?
Lip piercing question ?
How to reduce sweating in underarms?
do you know any good products to clear up acne?
what should be the diet of 18-30 years girls?
Nose looks big from far away......?
Dark Circles under my eyes?
What does it meen if a girl is big or thick?
Are expensive tanning lotions really better?
How do i clean my belly piercing?!?!?
can suction fake tongue rings go on the bottom of your tongue?
When a piercing gets infected?
Help - Industrial Piercing?
How do I put my nose ring back in after taking it out?
Could you help me with my wrinkle problem?
What is the skin colour/tone of both? white and light brown eh?
Belly button piercing closed up?
Can someone explain why they use cucumbers on the eyes for spa treatments? What is the benefit?
what a good age for me to get a navel piercing ?
Is it possible to heal a burn from a tanning bed fast enough to tan the next day?
What could my background be?
Sunless Tanning Lotion PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
waxing... hair down there questions?
Is it ok for a girl to shave her legs with no shaving cream?
Are there any razor & shaving cream brands that don't test on animals?
I need a good treatment for getting rid of pimpmles fast?
i am a flat assed asian and im married to an american,will people laugh at me when i come home with him?
How to get red of redness left from pimples?
Is this weird girls only?
what piercing??--PICS????????????????????
whats a good face wash......?
Antiperspirants (UK only please)?
Please help me with makeover?
how to make stretch marks less noticeable?
how can i get rid of my oily skin?
I want my hips surface pierced does anyone know a place in liverpool I could get it done?
how deal with facial hair??? Pls help guys?
What is the best way to prevent breakouts and treat them?
how much would it cost to?
Will bronzer take away my tan?
My tounge rings seems like its sinking into my tongue...What should i do?
My ear piercing has half closed?
very very odd after Tanning Bed?
How does it feel to get your cartilage pierced?
Can u help me?(prolly a gurl question tho!)?
school in 3 days face kinda breaking out by my nose and forhead never break out like this not really bad help?
HELP! Does anyone own this? Could you tell me what it does! I hate looking like this.?
How do I get rid of the bags under my eyes?
How to get rid of a tragus piercing infection?
whats good for pimples?
sunless tan ? home remedies?
How much for this piercing?
I have dry and coarse hands...?
Women - how do you get a close shave?
Your Favourite....?
how to remove puffiness and dark circles under my eyes? BEST ANSWER!?
Best self tanners??
does veet work good?
What do you (preferably guys) think of moles 'down there'?
Is there any cure for kelloids?
how to get rid of irritated skin!?
Am i fat if i weigh 150 lb. and i'm 13 and 5'4?
Is a caramel skin black women considerd light skined or brown skined?
How do you get rid of the body?
acne? help...?
Which is the best body soap for back acne from LUSH?
I want my butt to get bigger. What should I do?
I suddenly have B.O for no reason?
What guage is my helix piercing?
I'm not sure if I should get pierced here?! Help!?
What's the best acne wash?
scared get a body lift surgery?
Anyone use Juice Beauty products?
is aloe vera a good face gel to use all the time ?
(UK) Which would you say is the best fake tan?
what is the difference between kasturi manjal and kastoori tumeric powder?
why does the sun make your hair lighter and you skin go darker?
Should I get a cartilage or another lobe piercing?
Why do i have I circles AROUND my eyes??
Why does it look smaller although it's the same size?
I just got my cartilage pierced and when the piercer told me hwo to clean my ear she said to twist it.?
I had my belly button pierced two years ago, I took the bar out for three days, and now it won't go in?
image essentials sensitive skin deep cleansing astringent?
Hiding septum jewelry? (curved barbell)?
How to make your underarms lighter?
Help and advice to Stretching My Ear?
Hi I was just wondering how to get rid of the wrinkles under my eyes (laugh lines) without any make up ?
if i use shaving cream how come i still get razor bumps??
What is wrong with my pierced belly button?
how can i get a.......?
how to remove a hickie?
Hi all, i am suffering with warts.....plz help?
Ok Please read...i need help?
19 years old and just getting acne, help?
Down There??????
Ear Piercing Question...?
What does it mean if puss is coming out of my belly button piercing when squeezed?
I have a problem when I shave my bikini line that it gets darker in that area ANY HELP?
Clean & Clear acne advantage Kit WHATS THE PROPER WAY TO USE IT?
What all should I know if im planning to get a spray tan?
Could being in front of the computer too much mess up your skin?
do women agree with this?
Reacting to Proactive Solution??!!!??!!?
Would I look good with A Monroe piercing?
Unique Belly Piercing Ideas?
Im asking a girl out tommarow and zits came at the rong time!!!help?
how do i get rid of the little dark circles and puffiness under my eyes?
if we smoke means our lips get we avoid this?
spots on face help pleaseee?
is 16 too young to get lazer surgery? how long does lazer surgery take to heal?
Did I make a huge mistake by doing this?
Any pre Tanning Tips? PLease answer!?
What do u think about Mamma Mio stretch marks rub butter or Oil?
Why do girls keep asking me if I workout while staring at my biceps?
My belly button piercing has a lump under it?
How old do you have to be to get your nose pierced in Virginia, with a parents consent?
Are home microdermabrasion kits any good?
how should i convince my mom to let me shave my legs?
acne and weight?
Just got my naval pierced?
I got my tragus pierced and never cleaned it was it just an infection or a keloid?
Dark Circles under the eyes?
how to reduce redness in a forehead wrinkle?
My skin is a problem its full of pupils.?
Toe Nail Polish 101!!!!!!!!!!?
Grls i hav a question?
Can I Stretch My Ears Up?
Nose Piercing ~OR~ Lip Piercing?
Facial structure - need to learn about the facial structure to understand where wrinkles form...any help?
any advise?? please help!!?
Can't put my belly button ring back in!?
help i don't have much time!?
How to get rid of Pimples?Home remedies only!?
aside from over the counter deodorant, what other ways to prevent excessive underarm sweat.?
why am i so short with a short pinky and i have upperlip hair with fat thigh and i am so quiet but very smart?
What is a 5 o'clock shadow?
I just had my ears pierced and now they're pussing (or whatever your correct verb is)?
Help..... should i change my face wash?