Belly button piercing issues!?
First time sunbed user! Help!?
is it possible for me to get lighter skin in a couple of days?
how would i look like with a lip ring ?
Belly butten piercing?
do you like my monroe piercing?
Please help! How long until the bags under my eyes go away?
i have a question!!!!?
How do I look? I'm a 16 year old boy.?
I'm a dude, 15, what should I wash my face with........?
anyone can answer just girls preferably?
Honey Mask for acne on sensitive skin?
Monroe or side labret piercing?
Does LUSH Grease Lightning really work?
Infected Industrial piercing?
How to get ride of freakles?????? I hate them?
What is good for combination skin? Please list face wash and toner?
Is my belly piercing infected ? :O?
Why can't I shave my thighs?!?!?
what piercing should i get?
How fat is my face on a scale of 1-10? (pics)?
Can someone help me my face is horrible from pimples.?
Tongue piercing, how to stretch hole?
Cleanser or face wash?
should you shave or wax legs...which one last longer?
Is there any way to get bigger boobs with getting surgery?
do girls hate freckles?
I am 18 and I Frown ALOT everyday, will I get wrinkles? :(?
ANSWERS PLEASE! Why is it that they made having a big butt okay?
Have you ever tried the WEN shampoo?? was it worth it ?
hey im bored. Tell me what colour eyes you have?
piercing the top of your ear?? ((cartilage))?
Toothpaste on an un-popped pimple?
Can anyone tell me where to find Juliet's Clean & Smooth facial scrub?
what is the best kind of tanning lotion?
please help me!! acne trouble!!?
Is there any possible way to get bigger lips?
How to hide a nose piercing?
eyebrow piercing questions?
Which womans deodorant works the best?
cheaper products than Meladerm?
is anybody obsessed with>>>>>?
I'm a girl and I'm really hairy and it's embarrassing?
What is wrong with his skin?
what piercing should i get?
Why am i so paranoid about my navel piercing?
what can i do about my black cirles under my eyes?
Anyone know which stores sell Sarah Michaels products?
how do you pierce your own belly button?
What kind of acne is this, and why does this happen?
What is the best eye cream to cure dark circles?
How do you recover from wrinckles?
How to be alike to Paris Jackson ?
How do I get rid of a boil on my face?
Am I really as ugly as I feel?
Nose piercing smaller?
What can I improve on my image? *pic*?
How do you get rid of spots over night?
Does it hurt to get a stud in your nose?
Do you think this is an excessive?
my lips really hurt. what is the best type of chapstick out there?
I've got hair on my upperlip and my neck. What is the best way to remove it.?
My skin keeps breaking out:(?
How can I get rid of chapped lips?
Am I skinny enough?(Picture included)?
How to store homemade honey face wash?
what antiperspirant will make my underarms soft and dry?
I have been scrubbing my neck with soap and water for 5 yrs. and neck is still dark.What should I do know?
How do you get rid of the dry skin around your nose after a cold ?
how can i prevent zits?
What lip piercing would you get: labret, side labret, monroe, or medusa?
i saw a program about girls who own a tanning salon, that did a sunbed for a 6 year old, is that safe?
Do i have a fat/wide face?
how do i make my booty get big?
Why is my face breaking out so bad?
Im a guy and how do i use the biore unclogging scrub?
Any face products to recommend?
Whats the best over-the-counter hair remover for sensitive areas?
How much it costs help me?
What's my body shape/size?
Where a nose can be pierced without affecting your sinuses?
shall i get my nipple pierced?
what is the hottest thing about a gurl besides boobs?
How to clean VERY dirty feet?!?!?
What the name of the piercing that is in the middle of the upper lip?
What is a good and safe tanning lotion or oil that a pregnant woman can use?
Funky zit-looking thing in mouth...?
Adult Acne!!?
I heard Lemon Juice gets rid of freckles(or helps them) true? HELP ME PLEASE!!!?
What will clear up my acne???
Is there a way to make my foot wider?
Lip piercings?
If you tan in a tanning bed, and your outside, can you get a tan over your fake one?
Do you ever get home and strip naked?
Facial for oily skin ?
skin help plz??????????????
I got sunburnt last week and now my face is peeling.What can I do/use to speed it up (school starts tomorrow)?
earring help best answer chosen soon as possible
Does Proactiv really work?
How to increase freckle coloration?
How to make my breasts more perkier/ hugger?
wut should i do about my nose piercing???
I have many ace scars on my face, indents. Is there a natural way to get rid of them?
Axe body wash?
im so mad at this 'it's the law to be sixteen to use a sunbed' crap!?
How can i get rid of oily skin?
Clipping back the thigh area of the ardyss Body magic?
Ears pierced at claires?
How can i make clear my butt's?
Body Piercings-When is it too much?
i have thick hair whats the best shaving razor out there?
I have become dark after returning from skiing course last winter...?
Why i find butts more attractive than face or breasts?
how to preserve our skin from acne or pimples?
help me with my acne? =[?
Can you get your belly button pierced more than once?
How can I quickly reduse the swelling of my cartiage piercing without Aspirin or it's paste form? Plz help!
feminine wash?
Can i do my own belly piercing at home?
does hair really grow back darker and thicker after you shave?
Are stretch marks on a man a big turn off?
Stretch Mark Problems!?
Pore strips for oily nose?
When is the last time you?
HELP!!!! iv had my nipple pierced for a few days and don't like it on me!!!?
What shampoo/conditioner/soap do you use?
How long will it take for my monroe piercing to close?
How can you keep paint from getting into your pores?
razor burn?
i have little red itchy bumps on my stomach, what is it?
Nose or Lip Piercing? (pics to help)?
help with acne?
Does Proactive really work?
How To Hide My Neck Piercing.?
red dotes around my eyes!?
How many bones are in a human's body?
Recently began stretching ear lobes. Dark Purple blemish behind one lobe?
does proactive really work?
I have braud sholders nd im a girl is that a good or a bad thing?
Does anyone have advice of tanning products available at the drug store? Are spray on tans safe and effective?
cut my forehead and now have stiches--advise please?
Is my belly ring infected?
need to get rip of my pimples fast !!?
to girls are eyebrow/lip piercings hot??
What do you use to whiten your teeth?
ive been breaking out really bad and proactive is not working at there any special one that works?!?
How do you convience your mother to let you have a lip piercing?
what should i do about sunspots on my face?
Help what kind of Bar soap is good ?
Which hurts worse.. tounge piercing or belly button piericing?
is it ok to shave legs with water?
Can Dettol handwash be used on the body?
i have a question about washing my face...!!?
Embarassing much?!?
Has goldie Hawn had breast implants?
How many women out there have facial hair?
what is the best thing to use?
how to prevent pimples and wrinkles?
who sells dermalogica?
What do you think.......?
Who knows the name of the Barbie font?
how can i overcome my fear of spiders?
is it okay if i don't use a moisturizer?
How long does a lip piercing take to heal?
My Girlfriend Is 20 Years Younger Than Me!?
I used sugar wax on my arms and in one place a bit of skin has came off?
Why are the lips a special part of the face?
Anyone know a exfoliant/scrub that also contains bleach/lightening ingredients to lighten skin as u exfoliate?
Are snakebites painful to get?
How,to stop getting bags under My eyes in the morning?
Acne problems please help.?
Pregnancy skin?
My face is narrow and i want a wider face?
Tan or Pale, which is hotter?
What happens if I layer sunscreen?
Should I buy proactive?
what happens if my septum piercing was a 14 gauge, but i used the wrong size what do i do?
how to get clear skin?
How can I smell completely like mint? Deodorant doesn't do ****.?
I took my nipple piercings out about 2 weeks ago. How Lon does it take them to heal up completely?
My belly button piercing seems too short to allow healing. Is there a way to get a longer bar?
is bleching face is really harmful ,even if done ones a month.?
i have an acne problem...?
help my finger nail breaks easily how to prevent that from happening?
Does cauterizing your nose hurt?
How can I lighten my skin?
Getting my lip pierced?
Irritated belly button piercing- help?
pierce it yourself?
I Need Belly Piercing info?
punched in the face ?
How do i hide my ear pits?
helpppppp pimplessssss!?
Plug fits in one ear but not the other?
Does it hurtt to get yuh nose pierced?!?
Ways to hide a nose piercing?
acne help please!!!?
I have dark circles under my eyes. Why do i have them, and how do i get rid of them!?
Can facial hair stop growing in a certain area(spot) on the face after it has been growing there forever?
Would you say that eye brow piercings are for gay people?
Is there a facial moisturizer that includes sunscreen, wrinkle and pimple protection? And does it work?
How would weight loss affect the look of a belly button piercing?
Does anyone know of an acne treatment that clears skin really fast?? urgent!!!!?
pimples! PLEASE HELP!?
How do you get rid of a major scab fast?
hey ladies! what do you use to remove the hairs on your breast? what is the best method? help me, thanks?
I need help firming my chest!!! D:?
Is a 5'11 female scary looking?
Sun tanning? 10 POINTS FOR BEST ANSWER!!?
Neutrogena acne therapy kit?
Pimple before Prom! :(?
How do I take many soap bars and combine them into one?
is this overweight? (girls please)?
dark skin under arms and pubic area?
Skin problem!!?
Tongue Piecings ? ? ? .... ?
Belly button piercing still RED after 2 months?
Want to get my ears pierced whats the shortest amount of time I have to keep earrings in?
is my piercing going to get infected?
belly button piercing?
Uneven eyelids?! HELP?
to remove body hair and lip care?
What is the BEST body wash to get rid of acne!?
Do skaters get their lip pierced?
what are compications that can occor with nose piercings?
is it possible?
can someone tell me an honest way, to take care of my skin on face to remove open pores?
Would I look good in snaked bite (piercings)?
Shaving Legs?
What do I do about my gauges? (00's)?
My Zeno Ance treatment?
How do I get rid of black heads and the tiny little white smelly bumps along the edge of the nose?
Do you think my acne has cleared up?
how to enlargement the breast i hve small?
where can you get sea salt?????
I got sunburned last weekend white red but i havent peeled yet?
How Do You Get Your Butt Bigger ?
What moisturiser is the best for dry skin?
How do I get rid of spots really quickly?!?
I need help with my belly button ring?
should i use roaccutane/isoface again?
Is this ugly? 10 POINTS?
Septum piercing questions..?
How to get clear and glowing skin!!!!!!!!!!!!?
What exfoliator should i use?
How do you do fizzy bath bombs without citric acid?
How can i make my earing holes a lot larger? like for plugs?
i pierced one side, but i can't pierce the other! (ears)?
can a naval ring hole close up? help me!?
why do women like the brazilian wax?
Can I switch my cartilage piercing between a 16g and an 18g?
First Time Waxing!?
piercings.... strict parents?
In what product can I find the highest percentage of salicylic acid for the face?
Is there any way that I can reduce the appearance of my big nose?
What are some good products for fading scars?
People make fun of me.?
Why do I sometimes have single/double eyelids?
i want to peirce my lips (snakebites) good and bad side of getting that done?
Nair Hair Removal Cream?
what ingredient in tanning lotion makes ur skin red?
I'm Breaking Out On My Forehead And Around My Nose?
What are normal measurements? Im 36-30-37?
what looks better a bikini or brazilian wax??
how much does it cost to get a navel piercing, where can i get in done in Savannah GA?
Do you have an innie or an outie?
Does it hurt when you get your nose peirced?
Spray Tan Help!!!?
Is there any food u can eat to get rid of a scar? ?
How old do you have to be in order to get dimple surgery.?
how tall and how much do you think she weighs? (picture included)?
Downsizing gauged ears?
How much does it cost to get lip pierced?
Do you think I'm chubby?
does getting your ears pierced hurt?
I have two questions about getting my ears pierced?
How to get my teeth whiter?
Belly Button Piercing (:?
will i grow into of my big head?
My tounge rings seems like its sinking into my tongue...What should i do?
Cutting Help/Healing Question?
how to get rid of long-term blackheads?
Would this turn you off?
need help with big forhead and baby bangs?
White gunk under toenails?
How do i hide/get rid of stretch marks?
Can you go from a size 34B to a...?
do i have to remove my microdermals in the dimples of my back to give birth?
I need help with my nose piercing. ?
will fish oil make acne worse?
Lighten skin? Answer please.?
i'm a dude and i wanan get breast implants, think its weird?
Facial issues, how do I fix this?
Are big eyes, rosy cheeks, and pale skin pretty?
How to have a spa day at home?
Where can i buy epsom salts?
girls, out of lip, nose, and eyebrows, which type of piercing looks best on a guy?
What is my body type?
Never been to a tanning salon----Spray Tan?
Need a good lip ring stud site for a 20 gauge Monroe/Madonna piercing.?
Help me out lol .... ?
Likas papaya soap?
Best female fragrance?
In less then 15 minutes I am going to get my ears pierced I AM SCARED?
Leg Lotion for Reduced Shaving, Where did these all go?
What are the benefits of applying vaseline to the face ?
omj omj omj. i need helpp. my lip piercing is infectedd and its getting worse :,(?
Surface piercing bar help :) PLEASE?
Best full body bronzers?
My friend has facial hair on her face she's asking me how to get it off but i don't know HELP!?
How to get rid of pimples in 3 days?
how do you clean a piercing ?!!!?
How can I lose weight fast ?
How much does the new dove skin vitalizer and cleansing pillows cost?
Does Nose Right nose reshaper really work?
is cross dressing cool or weird?
ok lol ive asked this quesiton like for the third time already and ive messed up asking it lol?
Ear stretching advice?
Really bad breakout....?
i feel like im a geek. wat 2 do?
Is it ok to take my tragus out?
Lip rings?? snake bites? whatever?
Women with a Square Chin: Masculine or Regal?
Nipple piercing help????
My feet are really ed and peeling?
Belly Button Ring;Gym Class;Adviceee!!?
I want to get plastic surgery!! what should i get done to my face?
what colour do you think a smurf would go if you chocked it? discuss?
Does less sun exposure actually lighten your skin tone? good sunscreen brand?
i understand how to put contacts in but when i try the contact keeps sticking to only my finger and not my eye
is it true that skin can break out when it is too dry?
I was called ugly today, am I really?
quick ways to get fake tan off?
Gradual Tanner Disaster!?
piercer in the future???
Are they too big? Or are my friends over reacting?
i have skin pigmentation on my face how can i clear it out?
after restylane treatment in lips ow long does the swelling last for?
Weird Bumps?
Is this an okay idea? Lip ring?
Bloody pores on my nose?
What are some acne that work well, but don't dry out your face a lot?
For 5 weeks now, I've had my nose pierced. I have a small white spot around it. Is it infected?
how do i make my armpits lighter and smoother?
How to hide a tongue piercing from parents?
Should I get a lip piercing?
Any bras without backs?
Does two dermals for $50 sound sketchy?
Can you purchase Proactiv in any stores in Canada?
How do I fade a dark spot?
is water is good for our skin...?
Innisfree green tea mineral mist or skin79 green tea/rose toner?
Dark lines under eyes problem?
How can I make my nose smaller, without comestic surgery.?
what body shape am i ?? *pic*?
Question about gauging my ears?
What stores in the US sell Kojic acid soap?
weird question - Smelly ear piercings?
What's the best sunless tanning product to use?
what's the best scar cream i can use on my arms?
13 years old and i have no breast help fast?
Is there a piercing that is easily hid?
my nose piercing keeps falling out?help.?
Is tongue peircing sexy?
Plz.Tel me the name of two types of vico termeric cream, and which is better for which type of skin.?
What colour are my eyes???Brown, green or hazel??
i need a real way to get rid of my stretch marks?
bellybutton piercing...?
How to stretch ear peircing for beginner? No one answered before so please answer!!?
Question: Is he on steroids?
Scarring after removed nose piercing!?
Any good and quality skin whitening pills?
I Got My Belly Button Pierced 2 Days Ago, Safe To Bath?
weight off legs?
5ft6 too tall for a girl?
I hear that maderma can fade away acne scars has anybody tried it and has it worked for u?
I'm allergic to fake Jewelry, can i still get my belly pierced?
Should I peirce my lip or tongue?
How to get a very dark tan fast?
A question about skin colour?
Are you happy with your body?
Why do I get random breakouts on my side? ?
how do u get rid off bags under ur eyes without make up , tea bags and cuecumber dont work?
Why do my eyes always puffy with dark cirlces around them?
My son (28 yr) is still having terrible facial acne. Can anyone suggest any treatments he could try.Thanks?
If you wax your face does hair grow back?
is the tanning bed considered direct sunlight?
Which is the best Derma roller to buy?
Getting rid of a facial scar?
What Size Do People Pierce Noses With?
Does getting your ear lobes stretched hurt?
I Want 2 Get My BellyButton Pierced..?
Which hurts worse.. tounge piercing or belly button piericing?
Is it true that jojoba oiltrates through pores and unclogs them?
What is the best face wash to use for oily skin?
Im thinking of waxing my 'moustache' is it true that ii will have to keep waxing and may get a rash or redness
19 years old and just getting acne, help?
Normal for a nipple piercing?
OK listen up you tanning people.?
Does Skin ID really work ?
I Sweat to much.?
What is the best moisturiser you have ever hade?
I have oily skin. even if i clean my face, it becomes oily in 5 minutes.?
How old do I look to you?
My mom wont let me pierce my nose how can i convince her?
What would a tattoo and nose piercing feel like?
Will my piercing close?
mystic tan questions.....?
What is the best way to get rid of pimple's?
Best Deodorant to use?
i have small breasts but i don't really wanna look like i have any, how can i make them look even smaller?
I have tiny breasts. What do I do?
How to get lentigoes out of the face?
Do nose piercing hurt?! I'm scared!!?
Stretch marks on teenagers? Doctor's advice?
cartilage piercing with a needle?
What face shape do I have?
stretch marks,,,, and oh so young.! HELP!?
Dark Spots in my face? help?
for oily skin and dark circle?
what is the best facial rejuvination method with out surgery?
a question for professional piercing artists:?
Why don't boys like me?
How to let my mom let me get a lip piercing ..? HELP!?
How do i fix my fake nails?
Whats a really good homemade face mask for spots?
How can you keep ur skin healthy when you tan at the salon?
What is the best way to get a natural tan....?
do skin brighter creams lighten the skin? if so what product would you recommend?
Under eye bags?
What worked best to fade your stretchmarks?
what can i apply overnight to make my skin better?i have oily skin..?
Nose Piercing... Do you recommend it?
Forward Helix piercing advise please?
(Inverse) Vertical labret scarring?
getting tragus pierced :D?
HELP! nose piercing...?
Pimple like bump underneath belly button piercing?
Body image..picture included?
I was using this thing to shave my eyebrows (just the little annoying stray hairs) and somehow this thing-?
i cant take off my lip piercing?
my breast are way to small?
why do people get body piercing ?
egzema :S:S please help?
Is this A Small Chest Size Or Big?
What's the best way to remove pimples scars?
How long does bitten fingernail skin take to heal?
Does wearing thong make the skin darker between the cheeks?
Earlobe stretching issues?
What causes dark circles under your eyes?
how is it that some people never had acne in their life?
Mild acne on my cheek?
Is the schick intuition bar naturals sensitive care razor's bar just moisturizer or soap too?
I'm an old mother with a new baby, I don't look my age, What can I do to look younger?
how can i get rid of my acne.?
My mom wont let me get a 2nd ear piercing?
I always get dirty feet when I wear flip flops ... what can I do to keep them cleaner?
How can I improve my self esteem when god gave me this horrible acne and scars?
Whats the skin on your elbow called?
Bump near my tragus piercing?
whats the best way to get rid of black heads or perv ent them from happening?
Do you need an adult with you to get your bellybutton pierced if your a minor?
How do I get rid of these indents on my face?
How to do simple thin anime lips?
Too fat for a bikini?
gauges getting dry?
Pierced my clit at home?
I'm worried about my bra size...
Ear Stretching; First stretch (14g)?
how to sweat less? it's embarrassing sometimes?
I have a problem w/ sweating. please help?
help me with my scar please!?
Help?! How can i stop my face from being oily?
does Lakshma MAXXI work?
Tongue piercing help?
i live in miramar beach fl where should i get my lip pierced3.?
My perfume doesn't stay?
Question about pierced ear. Please answer.?
Homemade acne cures help!?
What is your favorite body part on the opposite sex?
I am a girl of 14..i am 5'3 now..please read on and tell me can i be 5'9?
Questions about AfterCare And Earrings for my Helix Piercing? (cartilage)?
why do my boobs get bigger everytime i get older?
How and what to use Duac with? Help appreciated.?
Would you say I'm curvy (pictures)?
If I stretched my ears to 00g would they ever go back to normal if I took them out?
Guys only!!! or Girls can answer too as long as you don's get offended?
How to get in shape for volleyball?
What do you think of me?
Is something wrong with my tongue piercing?
has any body used new clearasil ultra? for acne?
Shave bumps, or something -- help!?
Burt bees or Eucerin? Easy 10 points!?
My nails are so thin, weak and breaking easily...
HELP!! how do u get an ear infection from an infecter earing out??
How long until I can take out my jewelry and clean my lobes?
Dry Skin!!?
If your chinese,spanish and filipina mix what would your skin color turn out to be.?
I have pimples on my face, please suggest some method for preventing them permenently.?
Hi. I have a tongue piercing about 8 months. but about 1-2 days, my tongue it kinda hurts me. any idea why?
Facial Waxing Question - Research for my website?
HELP!! my belly ring top skin got split in two by accident!!?
What's a good deodorant for me?
does steaming your face get rid of acne?
What should I do about this "raised" scar?
How do I get a baby face?
How old were you when you got your ears pierced? How old should you be? Baby, toddler, young teen?
Tragus Piercing.?
I seem to keep getting SUNBURN on my face EVERY time I go outside!! HELP??!?
What is a good cream for men to use under the eyes?
ears pierced?
How do you make you lips really smooth?
what do you thnk about really dark skin girls?
is this self tanner a good one?
Body Measurements???
I just woke up to find a pimple on my forehead, should I …?
Extremely sensitive skin while tanning?
How much does it hurt?
In south carolina where is a great place to get piercings?
Very dark hollows under my eyes? Im 15!:(?
Can your skin tan go away?
Educating people about what they are putting on their skins...?
Should I throw away all of my shoes and socks?
acne systems?
How to prevent dried/chapped/ed lips ?
What would you think of a 13 year old with a belly button pierced?
Is this combination of products bad?
purple circles under eyes!?
How much is it to get your ears pierced at Walmart?
How can I make my nose less shiny?
How to take care of dry flakey skin?
What piercings do women like on guys?
What is the best eye cream to cure dark circles?
What chapstick should I use?
How sore is it to get the top of your ear pierced?
How much dose it cost to get ur belly button peirced?
are baby wipes safe to use on your face?for removing make-up?
I have dark circles around my eyes how can I make them go away?
on a scale of 1-10 how much does getting your lip pierced hurt?
want to be a model? (pics)?
How bad do industrial piercings hurt?
I have a lip piercing that's been in for about 6 weeks now, if I take it out, will it close up within an hour?
stretch marks?
How much is it to get your cartalidge pierced?
Should I get my ear pierced without telling my parets?
what stores is the neutrogena wave duo sold in?
Ugh...question please answer..need help!!...?
Do i sound ugly because i feel like it :(?
Whats the best storebought waxing kit for 'down there'?
was the aveeno continueous radiance self tanner discontinued?
My dry winter skin, HELP?
how to get a body like this?
good spray tans??
How do I make my freckles stand out more?
what is skin made out of?
how to remove hair DOWN THERE..?
why do 80-95 year olds go tanning?
Does any1 know a good credited plastic surgeon in Sydney who has cheaper prices for their services?
skin getting dry and black shades on forehead?
Is 29 too old to get your noise pierced?
Girls, whats your secret? How are your faces so clean with no pimples or nothing????
Navel Ring Worries...?
is it good to use moisturiser if u have oily skin?
Can I use a mixture of these skincare products??
is it bad to pop pimples?
Should I get my Belly Button pierced?
can i make my b00bz bigger by diet and ecxercise?and how?
would sandalwood powder reduce pimples?
how much it cost for someone to come in my home to give me a pedicure?
Are all saops disinfecting? or mostly only the ones that are labeled as disinfecting. like body shower bars..?
do you have your ears pierced?
Is it bad if you cleanse your face really hard?
How can I get rid of wrinkles under my eyes?
Does getting angel bites hurt?
How do you stop face bloats in the morning?!?
how many people who wear thongs are super horny as soon as they pull a pair out of the drawer?
Which is better, a nose piercing or lip piercing?
MY lip piercing bar is too short for swelling..?
I need to find a good sunblock?
for a navel piercing do i use antibacterial LIQUID HAND soap--- or antibacterial BAR soap to clean it?
what can i use to get rid of scars on my face tell me herbal treatment?
How can I seriously make my shaving bumps go away?
I'm 13 and i want my belly pierced....?
I want a genital piercing?
I have really pale skin is it good?
Shaving Question..PLEASE HeLP!?
what is the hottest piercing for a girl to have?
what can i do?
are girls supose to shave down there?
If breast implants and plastic surgery in general were less expensive, would you do it?
How to remove fake tan with a lemon?
how do i protect my face from enlarged/visible pores?
I need help. Girls Only!?
my friend keeps saing he is ugly what sould i do?
WTF.... why do i have pimples all over me?
Does It Hurt To Get Your Belly Button Pierced?
(Inverse) Vertical labret scarring?
bra measurements?
How do you get rid of pimples?
Hey, Do you think I should get something done about my birthmark?? W/ pic?
Does having your helix pierced hurt much ?
Mystics TAn?
is using a scrub everyday safe?
i need some shaving tips?
Will virgin coconut oil clog my pores?
I weigh 52 pounds and I am in grade six... is that ok?
How do I get rid of a shiny face?
Question on family andty?
My lips keep breaking out with acne and will not go away even though im using pro-active?
I'm thinking of stretching my ear any advice?
What is the best way to get rid of stretch marks?
is washing your face with cold water good?
pedicure ...... !?
Pimple for almost a month?
Hi my age is 21 and iam facing naturally tanning v.badly plz suggest something which improve my skin.?
Any good products for stretch marks?
Acne problem getting rid of?
Weird whitehead?
questions about belly button piercing?
Tanning, what's best?
How do I get my face to not get shiny?
should i get my ears re-pierced ?
Healthy weight?
Pierced ears today? Please help with some questions?
Best TANNING lotion to use in tanning bed...?
How do you keep your fingernails from growing "under?"?
Is a 32C bra size....................?
I keep getting sweaty armpit stains!?
Is there any where that does micro dermal in Northern Ireland?
Dry lips question?
my face is acting wierd?
How To Remove Pimples?
why does my nipple come thougth the shirt?
What body wash do you like?
Do I have ugly legs, guys and girls?
Is there a deodorant that's good for a really strong odor? (not antipersperant)?
trying to get tan.whats the best ways.?
eyebrow piercing? (twenty characters)?
Please click! I need to know if there's a product for a couple of things?
Ear piercing??????????????
Help? I want my birthmark gone and nothing works?
Nipple or not?
Septum peircing healing?
how can i smooth out the skin on my face?
Will my sunburn turn into a tan?
Do the FatGirlSlim products really work?
Dry scaly skins...what should i do..?
Inside stretched ears?
whats up with my nose?
How can i prevent sunmarks from wearing sunglasses?
What to ecpect from Nair?
Is my ear piercing infected/do I have a keloid?
How do I make my legs appear nicer?
Waxing? for women only!!!!?
How do i know if my nose piercing is infected?
should i get a nose job?
What's the best subtle self-tanner? Will it look weird if I only use it on m my legs?
Waxing!!! Salon or DIY????
20-22 Gauge Nose Hoop w/o ball?
My belly button piercing healing sideways?
eyebrow piercing...?
What is your skin care routine?
16 yrs old,,,and want to get an industrial piercing....should i??
How do I get really tan skin?
How can I get one of my ear piercings to close?
Do you reckon i have a big nose?
What kind of cream is really good for numbing?
Got my eyebrow pierced, how to tell my parents (pic of piercing)?
Sunburn Help?!?!?
how can i remove sun tanning frm my arms and feet?
Do you have tender or very tough feet?
Experience with glass septum retainer?
Does this Remedy work??? (20 POINTS)?
I shaved my pubes how long will they keep itching for?!?
how can i lose weight fast help please?
Which is better? Curious or Fantasy?
what are the chances of my dermals getting an infection?
What should a monroe piercing look like 2 days after piercing?
i have acne and i tried everything there is to try even proactive.. any help!?:/?
Bottom or Top Belly Button piercing?
what is the closest thing to a septum clamp?
What body parts do you find the most sexy on men?
Acne cleanser for dry skin at CVS?
Embarrassing...removing hair 'down below'? Help?!?
Why do Retinol based creams come in such tiny jars?
Question about eyebrow piercings...?
Is it bad for you to tan in a booth or out in the sun? Which is better or worse for health?
what kind of surgery should i get ? and what does it call? any Doctors?
What was the situation when you got your first period?
How long should i wait to stretch my ears if i have had them gauged before and started at a 12g?
Get your SEXY back.....?
I have dark freckles?
i got my nose pierced and now i have got a red boil around the piercing what should i do?
where can i buy fruttini body scrub/lotion in the UK?
How much is 56.3 kg in pounds?
how can i enhance my breast?
How Do People Get Dimples?
I want to get another piercing but im not sure which one i should get?
Any household items that are size 0 gauge?
face shape?
Should I exfoliate my skin before my spray-on tan next week?
Neuropeptides in skincare products?
is the girl fat? {picture included}?
Skin peeling aftetr tan/burn - what to do and put on?
I need a lot of answers! please help! -origins products-?
I've been drinking nothing but water for almost a month now....I've been breaking out really bad..?
Why do i bite my cuticles?
How to get rid of unwanted facial hair?
How can I prevent my hand from getting burn?
anything else than bubbles u can put in bubble bath?
What's the best way to get rid of acne scars?
Do you have lip, helix or belly button piercings?
Would you cringe if you saw this?
Do i need to take admission in any modelling school before entering the modelling profession?
Should I have my mouth and nose pierced shut?
I NEED large(r) breasts!?
My face feels really hot please help?
Does Clearasil work?!?
I want to pierce my ears?
How can I make my lips less pink?
How many belly rings should I own?
What is the best piercing to get?
Cartilage piercings? Do they hurt?
Im stretching my ears and am haveing trouble putting the next size through?
how do i get my butt whiter?
i just got my navel pierced and i want to make sure it will heal correctly. any tips ?
Ladies...what kind of deodorant?
la tan tanning lotion prices?
Poll: Six pack abs on girls?
I had laser hair removal 5 days ago and still have red welts - what can I do to get rid of them, I have a date
how dangerous is it to get a tongue piercing??
Can I get a spray tan if I have acne-prone/sensitive skin?
What is wrong with my chin ? I shaved a couple days ago and pimples started to envade my chin..?
How can you get rid of acne faster?
what facial piercing to get next ;) (pics)?
y is this happenin 2 me?
freeeee 10 pointssssss :)?
Girls like Lean and defined guys or big and bulky muscular guys?
Quick home remedies for eye bags?
How to clean my Gauges?
should i get it pierced?
What is a better hair removal brand?
How to get a lip ring in a fresh piercing?
Is olive massage on gave gives u a fatty face ?
what can i put in my bra that will feel like a breast to a boy?
can we apply talcum powder after applying the garnier light cream?
nose piercing left or right?
how to get darker skin ? (face)?
My hair is too greasy when i don't wash it but to dry when i do?
i have problem skin!?
hair removal cream/lotion?
Where i the best place to get a piercing in Orlando, Florida?
Tragus piercing help!!?
would i look good with a septum piercing ?
Ear stretching?
Top ear piercing Help?
good faace wash to reduce fair skinned pink undertones...?
When you don't sleep well...does your skin look worse?
just got my ears double pierced.?
what kind of wax is better or ok for sensitive skin?
tongue piercing at...?
I am a female; 5 5' weight 150 ?
Does johnson's holiday skin lotion (fair to medium skin) work?
How to fade dark spots?
1-10 rating based off pic?
GIRLS!!!! Ultimate question!!!!!!!!!?
how do i make my boobs look bigger...?
I need a Pimple and Black Head remedies?
Cosmetologist vs Dermatologist for Laser Tattoo Removal?
how to get a tan really quick?
How To Keep Skin From Breaking Out During Lady Cycle?
Are hairy legs unattractive?
SERIOUS skin help! pimple to "cut"?
um piercing question?...........?
Could I get a ear head (Helix) piercing and then use an L shaped nose ring for it?
Am I really tall?
Black eye?
how to have your best smile?
I bite my nails I don't know what to do when I run out of nail.What do I do without making my nails taste bad?
Who has tried a good hand lotion?
Is it bad for you to tan in a booth or out in the sun? Which is better or worse for health?
belly button piercings?
What can I do about the "cellulite" on my thighs? lt looks awful.?
When I wax or use an epilader my hair grows back side ways under a layer of skin. How can I stop this?
Do you take showers or baths or both and how often?
Do you know of any good shower gel with microbeads and strong fruit smell?
There is a little white bump on the inside of my septum piercing?
SO SMALL>>>!!! i'm flat as a board?????
Little red bumps, ingrown hairs on stomach.?
I have some questions about a helix piercing?
So I got my lip pierced and...?! Opinions please.?
what's the best natural and effective way of whitening underarms?
what piercings do you have?
ladies; do you have facial hair?
Cartilage piercing before vacation in Mexico?
how do i cut myself without my parents knowing?
What works easily and quickly to remove patches/blotches when self tanner starts to fade?
Are industrial peircings supposed to bleed?
Is my ears and nose big?
I need to make my skin flawless in less than a week?
did u have to have gum surgery before you had your braces put on??
How can I get rid of dark lines under my eyes? Is it only more sleep that will help ?
should i shave my legs or leave them?
what is this lip piercing called? 10 points!?
expired olive oil?!!?
Best Face cream with vitamins for Dull/oily/prone to acne skin..?
How do i get these whites spots on my shoulder blades completely tanned?
why does my face feel kinda dry after i wash it?
Going to the STAND UP tanning bed for the 1ST time....pretty nervous! Help?!?
How long does it take for a nose stud infection to go away?
my belly button smells why?
Please help...pimples at hairline?
Can I roll my eyes anywhere I want?
Can I get liposuction if I'm not over 18?
Which belly ring should I wear when I change my current one for the first time? (pics)?
what is my mom's best and worst feature? her on left?
Is getting your nose pierced more painful than getting your ears pierced?
Do I have low self esteem?
Itchy shaved pubes?
Would u recomend a chemical Peel?
Am i allowed to peel my sunburn when it starts to peel?
How can I stop cutting myself?
Can I just change the ball on my eyebrow piercing?
Does lemon juice really help acne scars? How long does it take for it to remove dark brown and red acne scars?
Are Lip piercings ok?
Is my eye color scary looking?
is laser hair removal treatment suitable for dark or african skin complexion?
Will bleaching lotion damage your skin?
Proactive users?
If I pierced my ear lobes, how many weeks do I have to clean it with ear antiseptic?
What's the best (but cheap) tanning salon?
What do you think about piercings?
how to grow bigger lips?
Where can I go to get my ears pierced professionally?
Should I get my nose Pierced when Im 18?
How do you get rid of pimple marks?
How can i get a big face?
how to qet rid of scars on your face like marks ?
Who makes those eye strips for wrinkles?
would you like this page?
shaving legs???????????
What is _really_ wrong with my hand?
Eyebrow piercing for girls?
why is my belly button piercing red?
Calcium build up under toe nails.....?
if i wash my face with "kiss my face" olive oil&chamolie bar soap will it help my acne?
Hair question!?
What can I do to make my but bigger?
My wife wants me to get my ears pierced?
Where do people get body piercings?
sobakawa buckwheat pillow?
I'm self conscious about myself?
inexpensive face products..?
What are some common assumptions about females having their tongue pierced?
what can u use for acne and skin discloration in the clevage area without harmful chemicals?
I just got a few mole on my body that I never had before?
What is the best smelling body spray from Victoria Secret?
Little Survey!? Girls Plzz!!??
well i pierced my belly button!!!HELP?
Should i get my ears triple pierced and double and cartilage? or both?
Heavy hips?
What piercing would look good on me?! pics.?
How old do I look, pictures included (:?
How to deal with an oily nose...?
Lancome Microdermabrasion???
who can i go as a villian cause its superhero day at my school i need to throw stuff together dont want to buy
how to get rid of blackheads ?
OMG...are my feet too big?!??!?
How do I flip down my septum piercing?
If you could only use one type of skincare product for a year, what would you choose and why?
Question about my gauge?
does waxing hurt?
What can help chapped lips ?
Wet Armpit?
Girls: How old were you when you got your ears pierced?
Your opinion on lip piercings?
My spots are getting so much worse? Help!?
I need TAN legs! Someone please help?!?
Poll: does anyone else have this problem...?
hello i got eyebrow pierced and it won't heal?
Can you boil your razor blades ?
I need some advice about anal sex?Please help!!!?
Should I get my lip and/or nose pierced?
HOw about this question?
does the solarium still work when you have fake tanning lotion on?
My school won't let me have a septum piercing?!?
why is my skin red from putting on toothpaste?
Gentic dark circles under eyes?
what is the average body measurements a 14 year old girl needs?
How can I make my face less oily?
is there an OTC 5% benzoyl peroxide treatment?
is this normal for women ?
Nose Piercing Question?
does proactive work?
How can i get rid of the puffy bags under my eyes?
How to use face scrub?
What are your thoughts on lip piercings?
Im thick(not skinny) but i am toned, don't men like that better?
What are some ways I can lighten my skin?
How to reduce dark armpit?
mom threatening to kick me out if i get my nose pierced?
how long will my lip be swollin after i got it peirced?
(kinda embarassing! Girls only please) ?
What does the fraction mean in gauge piercing size?
What piercings do you have?
Does Clarisonic work?
is the original strivectin sd still manufactured? - NOT IS IT STILL SOLD but IS IT STILL BEING PRODUCED?
what kind of tanning lotion for skin should i get?
How can i get rid of iritation after epilation?
How long does it take for an industrial piercing to close?
How to heal a chapped lip?
can i sue the ear piercer at the mall?
I have a lot of pimples on my face.Help!?
why is it so dark around my navel piercing?...and How can i make it go away?
can pale skin look beautiful?
What to do about the back of my neck being hairy?
please help me, i would like to know?
is it safe to use a sewing neddle to peirce your lip?
Dose boy's go to beauty parlour for facial ?
Strange to like Small Breasts?
Once acne goes away, is there a chance that it could return?
Quick Question:DDDDDDD?
Which hip piercing should I get if any?
What age do you have to be to get your lip pierced in jacksonville florida?
Nude Drama Skit?
What can i use when piercing my own Ear?
how often can i go to the spa to get facials? would going twice a week be bad for my skin??
Why do most people hate piercings so much?
Is it bad to wash your face 2 times a day?
Aloe Vera For The Skin? (For Dark Spots Left From Acne)?
Dry skin on face, peeling?
How to get rid of a pimple?
When you get your hips pierced what does it mean by your body "rejected" them?
permanent makeup on scars?
I'm going to pierce my nose on my own; Is this dangerous?
again, proactive solution?
I want to get 3 piercings. Should I? [!PICS!]?
How often to use cleanser?
I'm considering getting Breast Implants, Can anyone relate or know which is better saline or silicone?
Help with buying moisturizer?
how do you make a landing strip by shaving?
I have acne and black heads worse now than in high school. What products actually work for these problems???
Is this an acne scar?
RAZOR BURN!!!!!!help!?!?!?
How old do you think I look?
how do i make my hips wide?
What's the effect of citrus on our eyes?
Can I tan with suncreen on? ?
Do I need to go to a dermatologist?
Toe nail fungus, Lamisil did not work?
Is this safe or not? (nose piercing)?
pro-active users or former pro active users?
Do guys like any of these piercings?
would i look good in a bikini?
Cut/Scar by my mouth...?
how to get rid of red skin?
Stretchmarks, Cocoa butter ??
swedish message question...?
I'm curious about laser hair removal.?
What's my body shape?
Why do some people look orange when they tan in tanning beds? (It happens to me, lol)?
Do you know any good belly bar websites cheapones?
Do anti belly button piercings hurt worse than regular belly button piercings?
What's the best indoor tanning lotion?
Do you think its ok for me to go up a size gauge?
What St.Ives product is good for dry skin?
Do guy's like tongue piercings on girls?
How can I get oily free skin and less breakouts?
Do U think Im heavy ?
How do I get rid of acne scars?
Where some of the snobby "pretty" girls...?
am i ok?? this is kinda personal info but here goes nuthin..?
What Esthetics/Skin Care School is better?
Want to stretch my ears 2 weeks after piercing?
Do guys like wide hips on girls?
18 and wrinkles around eyes? D:?
bathing suit on pale skin?
how can i make an at home wax for my legs, and what do i need for strips?
GIRLS: Poll: Which muscle is "hottest" on a guy?
Nose pierced. Need some info or anything!!?
i Hate My self And Skin!!!?
white bumps on back?