Why does my ear piercing hurt?
wrinkles!?at 13 years old?
How old do you have to be to get your nose pierced?
Razor bumps/ shaving?
Where is the best place to get my nose piecered in mount barker?
When is too early to start anti-aging skin care regiments? ?
Heel problem,please help?
my face won't stay clear of blemishes! help please!?
Are my breast a good size for my body?
I want to be tan but I am allergic to self tanners/spray tans!! Help?!?
What is the best toner for a face with acne?
lip piercing does it hurt !!!?
Bras cause Breast Sagging? Is it True? Why? Why Not?
how far can i gauge my ears untill it well not shrink back?
Does bath and body works test someof there products on animals?
the Proactiv toner burns my face! please help!?
what is the best exfoliant face wash?
how can i get a bigger butt? seriously!?
Do you like belly button rings?
am i at a good weight,?
what can i do about this. ... ?
Anyone shave their bum ?
is it gay to have the right side of your bottom lip pierced?
Boob question? How can i make my boobs bigger?
Skin Dilemma--help me please!?
plz help get dark spots off face?
Would you cringe if you saw this?
Good comebacks for when a guy calls me flat chested?
Thinking about getting my belly button piericed?!?
What good tanning lotion for tanning salon?
What Is Your Least Favorite Facial Piercing?
Plastic Surgery Procedures?
I Can't Shower...?
Would you date me based on looks alone? [picture]?
How do i make my acne look less noticeable for a party?
are girls supposed to...?
what bra size is smaller 30A or 30AA ?
Tattoo & Tanning Question?
If I do sit ups with a belly piercing will it hurt/ reject it?
Do you think age 15 is too yong to get a belly button piercing?
My new piercing help.?
want glowing skin anybody knows?
Bumps around piercing?
Constant "depression" about spots.?
How can i apply the 3rd pro-active step (repairing lotion) without using my fingers and not waste 2 much?
How to remove leg hair?
Little zits on my nose??
What is this called? Or a good way to describe it?
Should i make a fat joke about my ex bf mom?
My skin getting darker.I had been out in the sun for like 2 hrs.How to get it healed ?
Where can i get my bellybutton pierced?
How do you get rid of stretch marks that are red?
i'm getting silicone breast implants 550cc smooth round?
I want to get my lip pierced but my mum wont let me because the scar will look horrible, what do i do?
I think my belly button piercing might be infected? help?
Would wrinkle cream help under eye bags?
What's the Best Electric Razor in Your Opinion?
My belly button piercing has a lump under it?
How bad does it hurt to get gauges?
what do you think????????
Tongue piercing questions(I'm a guy)?
Is my daughter fat and does she have a large chest?
Do I need to lose some of my thigh mass?
Conch piercing: healing vs infection?
hair removal question?
Body Rejecting Belly Piercing?
How do I get rid of bags under my eyes?
Getting my ears pierced questions?? help?
Isnt it weird to walk into a salon just to get your eyebrows waxed?
Shaved my nipple off. Need answer fast.?
why is using hydroquinnonine being banned as a skin lightening product by the FDA?
Tanning.....i guess not my thing!?
Do I have a big nose?
15 years old and got wrinkles?
why is my rook cartilage soft?
I have a big nose and want to make it smaller wat do i do???
question for the ladys...?
"Best" way to pop a zit?
32D at 16??! Is that SUPER big? :(?
Can you ask to have your nipple numbed before getting it pierced?
Instead of calling Jenny- call your attorney! Programs stipulate "results not typical" but angry customers ARE
Where is the skin care products by mene and moy available?
i did something stupid to my ears. i need help?
after waxing, does less hair grow back?
Which is the sexiest part of your body ? and Why?
what causes as in skine spot?
Do you sleep with a bottom sheet and a top sheet or just a bottom sheet?
legs look bigger some days then other?
do I have a big nose?
Do I have an ugly nose?
Can I put a plaster on a new wrist piercing?
I'm getting a, Full Brazilian Wax tomorrow. How much will it hurt ? PLEASE ANSWER. Very apprehensive?
how can i hide my tongue piercing from my dad for the 1st week ?
why do women like the brazilian wax?
Is there any way to get an even skin tone without wearing foundation? Or is that just not possible...?
Anybody have any experience with a Nefertiti piercing?
Moisturizer for oily skin?
Are there ways to remove blackheads and prevent them from coming back naturally?
Eyebrow piercing tips,hints?
Tanning questionnn.....?
Anything that will take away my acne?
What is the most effective way to clear chest and bacne?
Which clarisonic brush head should I get?
Belly button or tragus piercing?? ?
HoW To MaKe My BooBs LOOk SmALler?PLeaSe HelP!?
i wax my cheeks, fuzz on lips, and fore head.... ?
Is Fragrance free Eucerin Original Lotion the best for just plain moisturizing your skin?
anti persperent deodorant?
whats better pale or tan?
I fell down and now i have a purple scar on my nose?
Its my boyfriends birthday today and tonight im going to give him a massage. Any tips?
How can you whiten your skin after it has been exposed to sunlight?
I want to get my belly button pieced on my 14 birthday?
Does size really matter?
Two months from going to a gauge eight to six not enough?
How can I get bigger breast?
what should i get next ?
Am I cute?
Am i too fat for a belly peircing?
Guys and ladies what do you think? honest opinions please?
if you inject food colouring into your nutsack will you ejaculate different colours?
Does anyone know the best way to prevent spots/whiteheads forming just below the jawline?
how painful is a belly button piercing?
How do I get rid of marks on my face that are left back after a pimple?
how do u get ride of pimples fast really fast?
Does Proactive work? And continue to work after several months of use?
Why are white people smellier and hairier than east asians?
Is my face shape oavle?
I need your help/advice on this?..?
My husband have always had sweaty hands, and it is causing him great distress.?
How do I hide a body?
Ok... even though I don't like this...?
Pros & cons about shaving arms ?
my nipples are pink? what is the true colour for teenagers nipples.?
Dark brown hand, legs and back? Home remedies?? Good ones?
I get called names at school, am I really that bad?!?
I want a nose stud, i'm a 14 year old girl.?
frown line between eyebrows at 13?:'(?
How soon after a belly piercing can u dye ur hair?
what are your favourite lush products and do they help with problem skin?
Is a woman still beautiful with acne scars?
Is it okay to use a thick body lotion on your feet?
What does the category mean "more to love?"?
Should I shave my arms?
which piercing should i get?
my ears are newly peirced i ahve a question about them?
How to convince my mom to let me get my lip pierced?
Sunscreen BUUUURRRRNNNSSSS my face, what can I do?
belly button rejecting?! :(?
how do i get rid of pimples?
Freckles and the sun?
Snakebite Piercing?????
Worst Hormonal Breakout EVER....?
What is the best deodorant?
wats a good acney cream that works realy good?
How many bottles of water should I drink a day?
What do u think a decent boob size is?
Do tongue piercings hurt?
I'm 126lb is that too big to get a belly piercing?
How many scars do you have on your body? What do you do with them?
How old do I look ??
Girls- If you have an innie-outie?
Getting cartilage pierced ( 10 points!!!)?
Why do my armpit area on my shirts stain?
how do i get bigger boobs?
I have inhereted black circles under my eyes and cup lines under my eyes and they sag low,?
Home remedies for face treatments?
Will I lose weight if...? PLEASE?
Does witch hazel help with acne?
upper lip issue?
Q for the women?
PLEASE HELP!! Really depressed, need to know how to get rid of my 'baby face'!!?
If my industrial piercing isn't fully healed can I still get an earlobe piercing?
does it hurt to get an ear percing on ur cartelage?
Will a 4 month old piercing close?
ANSWERS PLEASE! Why is it that they made having a big butt okay?
What is the average breast size for a 13 year old? HELP!! Also more questions below?
Belly Button Piercing Hot or Not ?
How to get rid of spots & redness?
Is Cernor Under Eye Cream any good?
Piercing problems?
What is the best moisturiser you have ever hade?
I have acne!!!!!!!!?????????????????????
Just got my ears pierced, how long should I have the same earrings for?
Has anyone used reversa anti spot lighening cream?
belly button piercing?
Body Modification Oppinions ?
Question about Belly Button Piercings!!!?
I want to get a second ear piercing??
i cant stop sweatin and smelllin in my armpits?
Can gym class add inches to my cupsize?
How Old Am I? - Guess!?
evil by needle surrey b.c.?
Eyebrow piercing question, help please.(: ..?
When taking a shower in some houses, the water feels so "slippery" on our body?
how to remove skin irritation from belly?
is this normal for lip piercings?
Is it slutty for a 14 year old girl to get her belly button pierced?
Do you think i look good?
my nose is red and chapt what to do?
help!I am strange?
how do i get rid of a zit over night?
Does anyone know if there is a rep in Norwalk, CT?
my boy is a user is it hard for me to get preagnat or what?
Can you get rid of dark under eye circles?
My Crotch Is Covered In Bumps, Cuts, and Scars. Also Ingrown Hairs and Compound Hairs?
any good retailers of neutrogena in aus?
Question for people who shop or work at Bath & Body works?
a question about rings and labrets?
Is it true that the darker the skin of a person is, the rougher and thicker it is?
Can nose job make the skin of your nose becomes smooth?
how to not feel your belly button getting pierced?
how can i have redder lips?
Do I have to cover my eyes?
Why are grandpas so mean to thier grandaughters?
I took my nose ring out a yr ago. I want to put it back in. has it already closed up?
my lips are really chapped?
Does Barielle Advanced Formula Porcelain Skin Whitening Cream really work?
Which are more common, innie or outie bellybuttons?
Do you think a 14 year old is too young to get their tongue pierced?
How do I persuade my mom to let me get gauges?
girls.. what do i do down there???
Photo shoot in 2 days, zits everywhere!!?
Looking for a make at home recipe for an oil-free facial cream/lotion/moisturiser?
Is troutdale body piercing and tattoos any good?
Has anyone tried Estee lauder Advanced Night repair?
Stsrting my own cosmetic line?
after i shave some parts of my body it burns and itches ALOT... why is this?
i have a very sensitive skin, and my problem is my pimples scars all over my face and i want it all gone..?
Tragus or Helix piercing?
any good face moisturizers?
ive battled acne for ova 2 yrs & have tried dozens of creams & anitbiotics & nothing works. what should i do?
Where do you measure your hip measurement?
Whats the better way to a sexy tan?
Tragus piercing infected?
Should i way over 115 lbs?
i'm a dude and i wanan get breast implants, think its weird?
can someone tell me face masks ASAP.?
please enter my question and make me win 20$ pleeeeeease!?
Hi I was just wondering how to get rid of the wrinkles under my eyes (laugh lines) without any make up ?
how do i get a body like this ?
Tooth paste on a zit?
teenage years
how much do u think it is for a nose job if you want ur nose smaller?
my lips need moisture!??!?!?
How do I get rid f those pesky little back heads!?!?
how much does it cost to get strech mark lazer removal?
What is this bump & how do i get rid of it?
How to peirce my own lip?
Help! My teen stinks! Which is the most effective deordorant? She's using Dove/Original scent--not working.
Any good homemade face masks for...?
Stretching my ears ..(:?
my boyfriend has image
How Much Does It Hurt To Get A Tragus Piercing?
infected nose peircing?
Applying lemon and sugar mix on face ?
What is the best deodorant for preventing wetness (sensitive skin)?
HELP! Picture Day Tomarrow and I have a HUGE ZIT?
I have a Bath and Body Works gift card and can't decide whether to get White Cherry Blossom or Exotic Coconut!
elbow and knees?
Does Proactive really work?
should i do it ?????????????
How to make you skin lighter after 3 weeks and less?
I've been having unwanted blemishes for the past three years..?
How old do you think you should be?
fair and lovely?
are you supposed to shower after tanning,and how long do u Waite?
Would a double ear piercing look chavy ?
Where can I find reviews on the product Kinerase?
how to naturally remove Marionette Lines?
Teen girls only!?
how old do you think i am?
is pale skin pretty at all?
My underarms sweat badly. Any suggestions on deodorant?
Is Maxim Antiperspirant available in the Philippines?
is there a cure for stretch marks?
How much does the Myespil hair remover laser cost?
How do reduce irritated nose (outside)?
why do you get hairs in your underarms ???
my teeth r kinda yellow....any tips? quit smoking recently?
Upper lip hair...?{Girls only}?
Girls, what do you prefer?
How Can I Get Rid Of Acne Fast?
Need more units of botox or try dysport?
what are good facial recipes? by the way i am female.?
What kind of face shape do i have?
Has anyone used the Neutrogena acne prone cleansing bar?
its been 2weeks since my rook piercing.. can i change the jewelry?
How do I get rid of my acne?
What is the best solution for dark circles under eyes?
Will my face structure widen when I am older?
Bath and body works FROSTED ORANGE SPICE HAND SOAP (seasonal)?
How to keep from getting a tan.?
sugar face scrub? does it really work?
Question for weight lifters?
How do my eyebrows look?
how much weight can you lose if you just eat salad for a month,drink water, and exercising?
16g to a 14 g lip ring.?
How often to apply slice of cucumber on eyelids and face?
Is there a deodorant that smells like musty books?
Why is it so impossible to undo my Tragus piercing?
Olay Regenerist....?
Septum piercing at shiva, afflecks?
two different moisturizers?
How much should a 5'4 teen weigh?
Help convincing my parents to let me get snakebites?
How long after getting my belly button pierced can i go back in my hot tub?
how to clear black sports and pimples on face?
How do I heal facial scabs?
How bad did a tragus piercing hurt for YOU?
Just want honest opinion? am i ok looking?
My cartilage earring fell out... Help!?
How to cover a birthmark on my forehead?
Will laser hair removal be worth the cost for me?
Beauty skin care products/routine?
Has anyone tried smooth away? Does it work?
Is there anything wrong with being short?
What product can rid of my pimple?
Good facial moisturizer?
Belly Button Piercing Help!?
Idk if you can or cant but help?
what is the best method to rehydrate your face ? HOT or COLD water?
did I ruin or "cancel out" my first laser treatment (for face)?
Is this picture too provocative to upload?
Non-sticky sunblock..?
how often should i apply sun screen of spf +20 ?
dermatologist bleaching my butt?
How do i get rid of my dark circles?
What piercing[s] do you have ?
How old do you think I am?
Soap and Glory products?
Shaving (down there) How do I NOT get razor burn/ingrown hairs?
How Can I Keep My Skin Healthy During This Winter Season?
How old do you have to be to get your nose pierced?
How to get tan in 2 days maybe 3 days please help!?
Gauges?? I need info ,?
Will drinking a lot of water prevent Acne?
how to fight wrinkles?
my face is oilly~~~~~~~~~~?
Unexplainable, and terribly frustrating Body Odor.?
How can i make my boobs firm in a natural way 'coz it's too soft.?
Best soap for sensitive skin?
Do belly-button piercings really hurt?
Pimples on my forhead! help?
Why do i get spots when i shave.?
does sun block or screen stop u from getting a tan outside?
Does a lip ring hurt?
Nape piercing looks slanted!?
how do i avoid an oily face?
what's your favorite face cleaner?
Date!! pimple redness HELP!!!!!!!!!?
tounge and ear pierce?
how do you get rid of veins that show on the face?
how should i get a good tan?
When can I change my tongue bar to a smaller one?
If I got my septum done, would I be able to hide it that day? I gotta hide it from my granny?
Rosaea or sun damage?
Breast augmentation?
Thinking about getting my belly button piericed?!?
How long is cosmelan?
What should i do to save my skin from the summer sun?
looking for laser hair removal in Dubai?
Is it okay for a guy to wear concealer?
What happens if you lose weight after getting your belly pierced?
girls!!! irritated skin after shaving what to do!!!!!!?
i want to make my skin glowing and shinning.....would u like to tell me about?
ey i need some answers plz?
im turning 14 and my face has a lot of acne. what should i do?
i have terrible dark circles due to hereditary. I want to find a way to help reduce my dark circles.?
Am i an Hourglass, or Pear body figure?
are tall girls only considered "hot" if they're model-skinny?
Does my industrial piercing look like it is placed properly?
Jergens natural glow? need an answer asap!!?
what is the best for my zits?
I cant tan normally after using fake tan?
Had my helix pierced and unsure of the right earrings?
Strechmarks on thighs?
i wanna get my nose pireced but i want to know how bad it hurts first? wats the least to worst piercings ?
i am 5'5 and weigh 155, am i too heavy?
How can you get rid of dry skin?
Sea salt soak measurements for nose piercing please!?
so every time i shave my legs.........?
Questio on Stretched ears?
yea ....advice?????
Need a natural solution to get rid of tanned skin?
Can i remove my lip piercing forever after 5 weeks?
which one is better, veet or nair?
what can i use to get rid of dry skin patches on my face in less than a day?
What's the difference between bone structure and face shape?
Why is my face is oily in the morning? How can I stop this from happening?
is it safe to break open a glow stick and put it all over your body?
How often a person should wask the private parts of the body?
There's no point of getting ***/boob implants?
What is this thing in my ear from my piercing?
I'm getting nipple piercings. Help?
All of these self-tanners make me yellow and the color fades too fast =(?
i need help ! shaving problem with legs ?
How to make my own lip balm without vasaline?
the best acne skincare???!!!?
Would I look good with Ear Gauges?
Where can a 16 year old get her belly button pierced in Las Vegas without parent consent?
clinique 3 step acne solution---- side effects?
Do i have a big forehead?
tanned skin and light brown hair?
How do you know if your piercing is infected?
Why do you have peircings done?
how much should u weigh if ur 5'4 ?
How do I get rid of blackbheads in my nose area?
I have prescriptoion sun glases and the shade is not that dark can i get them darker? at a lence store?
is the face always darker than the body?
How do I make my butt bigger?
Lip piercing jewelry..?
does anyone know how i can get rid of my acne scars in one week?
Madison Piercing Help?
Do you think multiple piercings are classy?
this may be a really stupid qus. but what does it mean when you get your tongue pierced?
can you use a cell phone in the tanning booth?
Where can i buy Bio-oil for stretch marks in Washington,DC?
How to get rid of acne!?
best face moisturizer with sunblock?
Should i get both sides of my nose pierced?
indian girls nose piercing?
I Need Yourr Opinion Pleasseee (:?
18 and parents still won't let me get my belly button pierced?
Help! I over exfoliated lol?
Questions about monroe piercing?
Would you say i'm fat?
how long do i clean my industrial for?
Homemade Facials For....?
why am i soooooo freaking awesome!!?
Best drugstore self tanner?!?
Is there any way I can make my stomach brighter???
Are There Cameras In Change Rooms And Bathrooms?
How can you get rid of dark "patches" under your eyes using natural products?
does that nair stuff really work?
How do i Look? How is my stomach and chest? What can I do to look better?
does anybody know what an eyeball ring is?
best way to remove body hair?
I'm 14 and I have wrinkles under my eyes and on my forehead?
What is wrong with my belly button peircing! :( Please help! :(?
Do girls like big guys?
Bio Oil??????????????????????
when do women start to get wrinkles ?
A question about tanning.....?
Im 13, and i dont look like it and a lot of people pick on me about it?
How to remove hair permanently/ long-term?
What do i do if I have a nose piercing infection?
How do you make lips naturally pink?
i recently came to very skin became dry and feeling very itchhy.i use vaseline.but no
Hot wax-hair removal?
Does having your ears pierced hurt?
Is it bad to have a shower and not moisturise your face afterwards?
Are there any good home remedies for acne?
i have an uneven skin tone?
Is there anything else I can do about my wrinkles?
How can i reduce sweating??!!?
to cocoa butter,users how long did it take for you to see results on your stretch marks?
is it weird for a 17 year old girl to get her arms waxed?????
Facial care...?
what are the best herbs to use in a bath sachet when wanting it for balance and clamness?
Does spray sunscrean work?
Do men have to remove body hair?
how can i get rid of black bags under my eyes?
what are some easy tricks to lose weight?and if your 14 how many lbs. should you weigh to be normal?
Which one do think is healthier?Fruit or Vegtables?
Should I get it done or not?
I want my dad's cheekbones! ;/?
I laid out today (yea, i used sun screen) and now i'm really tan on my face except for my sunglass area!! help
i have a sunburn, how do i get it to peel?
How can i make my nose smaller without surgery?
how to get rid of top lip hair?
Why is one of my toenails turning brown at the BASE?
How can I get a bump/razor rash/irratation free shave on my bikini area?
does the following hurt?
The bottom half of my dermal anchor looks like it's not deep enough into the skin. What can I do?
what bra size is smaller 30A or 30AA ?
What is your favorite drugstore lotion?
can i be 14 and get my belly button pierced?
Parts of my body are darker than the other ?
Why do some men like women that are built like 8 year old boys?
Where can i get my bellybutton pierced?
I wanna get my cartalidge pierced but my mom wont let me. Do you think its really that big of a deal?
am i overreacting?
how do i keep my skin acne free?
How do you say lanvin's perfume "eclat d'arpege" correctly?
Has Any one Tried MAMA LOTION?
is there any possible way that i could undo a tan??
What are the natural ways to reduce the darkness of body and ampit?
How do i convince my parents to let me get a piercing? ?
Should I self pierce my industrial or get it done professionally?
My face produces so much oil, how do i prevent it?
I stretched my ear to an 8 last week can I Stretch it to an 6 today?
Why do people say I have a curvy body when I don't?
should i get my ear pirced at 13?
How do you get rid of ear wax? Its a right nuisance, I've been using bleach but it stings a bit so whats best?
Will hydrocortisone 1% cream reduce the redness of a zit if I put it on overnight?
is she light skinned?
A good sunscreen for the face?
Very stupid question about indoor tanning lotion...?
Is it very painful getting your hips pierced?
The Proactiv Refining Mask? Will It Work Alone?
What facial piercing should I get?
what schooling do you need to be an ESTHETICIAN?
clear skin?
Tanning Suggestions?
Shave legs upwards but what about....?
Can an Underarm Deodorant be used as a body deodorant?
HELP! What's the absolute best way to completely clear up acne on my back and chest?
I'm going tanning for vacation so I don't burn?
My aunt gave me a hicky on my cheek tonight but I have to go to church tomorrow how can this go away?
I need a design for my nails.?
Has anyone tried Acnezine? formerly known as Acuzine...?
Micro dermal face piercings?
Pimple again!! What to do.??
what do you think is the perfect....?
Jergens natural glow (fair to medium)?
How do you feel about small (0g) gauges/plugs/tunnles on girls?
How to get get rid of patches from self-tanning lotion?
Where is chin in the human body? Show diagram?
Feeling run-down and unhealthy....?
how to get dark circles to disapper under ur eyes...?
whats a good metal to use for fresh piercings?
has any body tryed GiGi hair remover?
I just shaved my arms... Help?
Can i crush aspirin and put it on my lip piercing inner part?
My skin is drying what should i do?
how should I ask my mom to let me shave? s?
how to make my face skin smooth n softer.. ?
what will my implants look like 1 year after surgery?
Super smooth legs?
I just got my tongue pierced 3 days ago,..?
Best cindy crawford anti aging product?
How do I look? Rate 1-10 (pics)?
Stretching cartilage?
I like to have some advice about white spots...?
How to keep homemade remedies shelf life over a year?
If you could get any piercing, which would you get pierced?
In the UK, can people numb youre belly button b4 you hav one, and feel nothing?
Do you think i could switch out my cartilage piercing?
Blackheads and pores?
Does heat and/or sunlight heal scars?
HELP?!?! What face shape do I have?
do i hav a good body or am i too thin or hairy etc?
Nose Piercing Bump, HELP!!?
Can I Remove a Freckle???
One single crease eye and one double crease eye?
can you swim with a lip ring in right a way or not ?
Face cleaners for normal- non break out skin?
how do i get rid of my pimples at the last minuet. HELP?
Putting visine on your face.....?
Help.. What tanning lotion should I buy?
why do all the perfumes at sephora smell so bad?
How do you get rid of acne marks and what can you use to do it?
Any girls with hairy arms out there?
Can Erase Diamond be applied with other products?
Are gauges irreversible?
I got my ears pierced about 10 days ago is it okay to take them out for 1 hour?
Need some help please?
Is it bad to use a lot of different creams and Moisturisers on your face and body?
is my scar really obvious?
Cleavage Piercing ..?
whats your skincare routine?
What can i use to get sexy,oily,clear skin?
What is ultra super?
Please help , pleasee [ its for girls]?
PLEASE HELP! Skin problem !!?
Ear piercing, infection, antibiotics, etc? How long before they close? HELP!?
What is a good sunscreen for me?
Rash under lip, help as it's aggravating lip piercing?
How do you make a big nose with a bump seem.... small and pretty?No surgery.?
Is it normal that you can see and feel your rib cage?
What size of body do you prefer ?
Do you think losing 15 pounds would make a significant difference on me? ((PICS))?
peeling lip helppp!!!!!?
Why my pores do this?
Has anyone used the "Witch" line of skincare for blemish prone skin? If so did it work well? Thanks?
Is there a good home treatment for rough, dry hands?
Newly Pierced Tongue?
Ways to hide/ cover up a lip piercing for school?
How can I keep from getting Prickly hairs when I shave "Down There"?
When do i use deo?
belly button rinnnnnggg (:?
Does vaseline darken lips?
what do you think about gingers?
How Long Will It Take My Piercing To Close...?
Girls only please.?
If I use Nair to remove hair will it grow back as if it had been shaven or normally?
Is there a way to restore my natural skin color?
I got my ears pierced with 10g n stretched to 8, can I wear stainless steal plugs?
Seborrheic dermatitis please help?
Why do girls (and women) prefer the slim look rather than the heavy look?
Is It Ok To Apply Sunblock Every Morning?
Can I use muslin strips with a wax formula that doesn't require strips?
How can i answer the question: how do you see your self 2 years from now?
Tanning Bed/Booth question?
do you think im pretty?
Would snake bites or angel bites suit me ? Depending on my lips, face structure, etc? (pics included)?
OMG i am 16 and i have wrinkles?
Dou you know anything about yeast infections?
i just get my belly botton periced and i was wondering something.....?
2 questions for Aveeno Foaming Ultra-Calming?
is bad to pop pimples?
Good face cleaners for problem zits? PLEASE HELP!!!?
How can I convince my mom...?
How do perfune and cologne manufacturers determine the different prices of perfume?
Tongue piercing quesion?! please help?
when i put toothpaste on my zits ho w long to i keep it on for?
How can i get rid of my pimples in 6 days?
How to get rid of (or at least hide) Bags under the eyes?
Why is my skin so oily and bumpy?
Sunderland nose piercings?
Guess what his body is like from his face (PICTURE)?
is it true that if you eat salmon and canteloupe your skin will glow?
Dance=Sweating :( Help!?
Painful growth around the inside of my monroe piercing?
What's wrong with my cartilage/helix piercing?
How do I get rid of the bags on my eyes?
Is there a body wash i can buy that DOES NOT moisturize but actually does the opposite?
Does picking your lips....?
what do you think of Johnsons Baby Oil?
Where can you have cosmetic surgery done for free ????
Does piercing the top of your ear with a needle hurt a lot?
ears&nose peirceing?
how do I remove dark lines under my eyes?
Huntsville, AL bikini waxing salon?
How can I convince my mother?
Is Spray on Tanning safer than the tanning bed?
What Vitamins Help Prevent Wrinkles?
How old do you have to be to get your tongue and hip pierced?
Has anyone used 'my elos' hair remover?
My face needs help! Please help me? *i give Best Answer*?
Does waxing hurt??!!!?!?
under arms turning black need help!!!!?
How do you know if you have long legs?
Does Ponds Cold Cream help get rid of acne?
what is an easy and best way to take away dark spot or pimples on once face.,through not using any products?
Does any one know what clears up skin very fast?
What is the cause of my increasing dry scalp ?
Which is better the Morning Burst Surge or the Wave Sonic?
What's a good face wash and moisturizing routine?
Getting my rook pierced?
rate my picture for a + 10?
Can you get your balls pierced at Claire's?
y do u have little white spots under your finger nail?
do i have a biqq booty?
Redness Between My breasts?
how on earth can i get my parents to let me get my lip pierced?
do getting your tongue pierced hurt?
What facial piercing would look best on me?
Help . Bumps on my tongue ?
i want to have bigger breast!?
How much ML of Glycolic Acid do I need to peel my face once?
Whenever I shave my legs, no matter what kind of gel or soap I use, I always get red bumps.Any suggestions??
If i put milk on my face will i get lighter?
will 4-5 mm tunnels be a problem for me to have a job?
What is your favorite drugstore lotion?
Should I continue to shave my body hair or not?
What is a good theme for a party?
Singapore's source of the cream for mole removal?
anyone here do anything to ur pimples?
Which piercing out of these two is more painful..?
First Brazilian wax?
Does anyone know how to get UV off of your skin and fingernails?
pimples and toothpaste.?
Is the axe detailer worth it ?
I get smelling hands after cutting onion&garlic, what to do.?
girls, guys, please help?
How to get rid of scabs quickly?
I am 13, Am i allowed to get my ears pierced again without parent's consent?
Walking and VCH Piercing?
olive oil isn't healing dry skin!!!?
How to get rid of acene?
How long does it take for 10g ear holes to close up?
Does getting your cartlage peirced hurt?
Im 13 and have really small breast.?
how do i get rid of the bags and darkness under my eyes?
is there anyone who has used the I-light IPL5000 epilator? is it effective? better than Laser?
how much are breast implants.... QUICK!!?
disposable razors?
Does anyone know of anyone who has used papaya soap before?
Gauge help, piercing (UK)?
skin help please!?!!
how do u get rid off bags under ur eyes without make up , tea bags and cuecumber dont work?
Help please :(? I don't like my body ?
Good bronzer for glow?
I have no breakouts, can i use peeling products?
If you've had a belly button piercing please read!?
Beauty therapy!! interview at college help!?
Which piercings are good on boys, but can be hidden easily or are not that obvious?
Heel problem,please help?
Does anyone know of products or methods that will improve the look of scars?
girls only please?
Belly button vs. Nose Piercing?
my face is really oily.. HELP!!?
Bags Under My Eyes?
can somebody tell me what products are effective for removing blackheads and blemishes caused by pimples?
how do i get pink ink off my hands?
how do you get rid of blackheads in your ear?
Is 13 too young to get you navel peirced??
who is my match maker?
Navel piercing question? Professionals only please, or someone who had similar problem.?
Can I play trumpet with a Marilyn monroe piercing?
big butts or big boobs!?
13 yrs old size 34 D !!! what do u think good or bad! god i hate it?
Where can I buy eucalyptus, peppermint, and spearmint essential oil?
im pretty pale how long do you think it would take for me to tan in a tanning bed?
Piercing my seconds (ear lobes)?
Dark upper lip, help! :(?
What should i get pierced (pics)?
i want a eye brow piercing?
Piercing your ear cartilage!!!!! Help!?
Im 14 years old and i have hair on my upper lip, what can i do to get rid of it!?
I have these tiny little holes in my fingernails. They look like maybe I'd put a pin in them?
Im 14 aaannddd?!?!?! Help?
Is it safe to undergo rhinoplasty / nose job surgery?
So I don't know what piercing I want?
I wanna get my nose pierced but my parents dont aprove. Can i hide it?
I'm so close to possibly getting my tongue pierced?
naturally straighten nose?
my belly piercing is very red after i changed it?
Skin lightener?
oily skin??
Is it normal for my nose piercing to be red after 3 weeks?
Will being "spotty" affect a piercing?
I'm thinking of getting a hip piercing...?
Clear Skin?
My daughter has warts on her hands. How do I get rid of them without freezing them?
huge forehead help please?
How do you get rid of long lasting spots?
purple lines on my butt?
Homemade toner??!! Please help(:?
Can I get my tongue pierced with a "retainer" or clear barbel?
Dark Circles? AND Stretch Marks?
dermatologists: what is in a chemical peel?
Red patches after a Brazilian wax?
orange county cosmetic doctors who do LIPORAZE?
Would you find my measurements attractive?
does butter help your breast grow?
How do you apply self tanner with no streaks or blotchy spots?
stretch marks?
Dry skin, hair, and scalp?
wedding in 3 days - how do i get rid of that stupid underarm shadow?
Closing a lip piercing?
another bath question?
Earring spacer alternative. Suggestions?
Lip Piercing?
im 15 and i think i am 5 foot 2?
Pimple problem!! Please Help?
I want to be tan! (pics)?
Going in for a Brazilian Wax tomorrow?
Should I get my mustache waxed?
Intimate piercings?
Does anyone bite and chew the skin around their nails?
Are lipids and carbohydrates good for you?
How long should you wait after an ear peircing to go swimming?
How can I hide my body in the summer?
how can i even out my t shirt tan?
What exorcises can i do to help reduce my double chin?
wrinkle lines under my eyes after chemical peel..PLEASE HELP!?
What is the electric razor right now?
Getting implants at 15? What do you think?
Can anyone tell me based on this pics what her breast size/cup size is?
Do you have to have a luffa stick when bathing with a luffa?
how much does a tongue piercing hurt?
How long does it take for your a to get use to you?
Dark circles under eyes ? ;o ♥?
What is the light brown line extending from my belly button downwards? (i'm not pregnant)?
Help on shaving legs?!?
To Skinny, or normal ???? (pics)?
uhh... proactive..?
whats Exfoliate?
Am I too fat to wear a bikini?
Peeling skin of lips...?
Im really pale. Help?
Labret piercing?
What is a safe way to get a nice tan?
How can I get my mom to let me get a cartilage piercing?
i am a dancer, where can i get butt-shots?
what is the best product for oily skin?
How much is surgery to close a belly button piercing?
How do i remove sweat bumps on the neck? Painlessly preferrably. :P?
i have scabs on my face.?
I want to pierce my own nose?
Where can I get Cetaphil cleanser in Singapore?
Can I get my ears pierced if I bring my 18 year old sister?
Skin under nails is peeling off?
How to treat infected microdermal piercing?
What's the best moisturizer for the winter months?
Questions about nair?
I just got my belly pierced for a 2 time, and its crooked. How long do I have to wait to get it done right?
How can I get my face back....?
How to fade exema scars/help exema get better?
How can you smell good through the whole day?
How can i get rid of my acne?
Which is healthier: getting a spray tan or going to a tanning salon?
Do you reuse towels after showering?
How do I get bigger lips?
Where can i buy glycerin from?
what do u think of me rate from 1-10?
Where can i find indoor tanning salon lotions in stores, not online!?
What is Cup size or breast size i mean what 52gg or 36dd ?
HELP?! i was subscribed a skin bleaching cream for a dark spot on my skin, is it permanent?
anyone had just a breast uplift ?
how to get rid of dark circles?
Does the Neutrogena Wave really work?
yuk! spot in legsss?
how can i hind a tongue ring?
How do i peirce my lip?
what is it like having your tongue pierced?
why does the corner of my nose on both sides smell like pizza cheese?
Sand paper stuff for hair removal?
how long should it be?
how can i effectively exfoliate my skin on my face?
how to lose pounds fast like 10 in a week?
Belly or Lip Piercing?
Has anyone used Fake Bake before?
keratosis pilaris on upper arms and possibly cheeks?
how long to you have to wait to make out or give oral when you get your lip pierced?
What do i need to do to keep my belly button piercing clean?
which hurts more? well in your opinion...?
Good tanning place name?
what part of the body do you like most in man?
Why caucasians tan???
what you think of clean and clear?
If something glows in the dark, will it glow under a blacklight?
Is my belly button piercing rejecting?
Question for Girls?
Ear stretching? [aka. gauges]?
Smoking while tongue piercing is healing?
how do i get the darkest tan?
Do twins HAVE to be same age and gender?
Is it safe to use tanning lotions while pregnant?
my booty won't stop itching...what stops itching fast? alcohol? peroxide? what?
My face looks horrible -_-?
I'm 13 I want my bellybutton pierced am I too young.?
zit problem (just hear me out )?
AHHHHH my foot is asleep!!!!!!?
Which body part of the opposite sex is your favourite?
How can I avoid touching my face?
What piercing suits me?
I'm a boy and want my ears pierced my mom says no even though there is no reason?
Help ple???????ase???
i need help my toe nail is breakin does anybody know what can stop it and make them strong and grow?
Everything to know about stretching ears (plugs)?
pimple question?
I got my Inner Conch pierced yesterday, it started bleeding today and it wont stop. can someone please help me?
can i have da full explanation 4 laser hair removal?
Question mainly for girls?
How does a medusa piercing compare to other piercings? personal experiences?
Would lip piercing look good on me?
What wrong with my face!?
How do i make my nipples lighter?
i'm scaaared...tongue piercing?
I am fat and I look like I am pregnant. I get dirty looks. WTF should I do?
Alternative to face masks?
America's obsession with looking young.?
Thinking of going to Dermatologist to remove moles....Please help?
Which is the best moisturiser?
Does my big nose make me ugly?
original brand of grape seed oil?
Guys, how much does weight matter?
How can I get my gauges in without tapers?
so i have a few piercings and i was wondering?
Does anyone know where I can find these plugs?
Does Clinques acne care line work?
How much does it cost to get a Chemical peel?
i have palee skin...?
Which is more sexy...Paris Hilton or Britney Spears??
Fake or real breast?? ?
Is this true?
what to you, is considered a piggy nose??
Is it an insult to be called PRETTY BOY?
Getting rid of wrinkles under eyes?
In the sun with Acutane?
I just got my ears-pierced, how can I maintain it?
My Skin Is Starting To Get Black Spots.! Im Scared.?
How to get rid of burn blister scars?
Does anyone know what to use to make your skin look better without costing a fortune?
Hygiene problem (deodorant help)?
is it ok for a 13 year old girl to shave?
Can you change tongue rings?
There are cheaper botox injection and discount coupons. Anyone know where in Ohio?
Does this piercing make me look trashy?
Should i get snakebites?
Question About My Ears? Help!?
i have acne scar..its not deep....can someone help me how to get rid of them without tightening my budget...?
HELP I HAVE REALLY DRY SKIN AND LIPS. WHAT TO DO??????????????????????????????????????…
Question about earrings...?
Japanese/Korean Skin Whitening Products?
snakebites&&stuff<3..? (;?
would u wear a bikini if u....?
The back of my piercing is red and swollen?
Belly button piercing pain?
do i look fat? lol just wonderin (:?
Do I have oily or dry skin?
collar bone surface piercing compared to nape (painwise)?
My legs are so ugly? Please help me! Does anyone else have this problem?
Which should i get pierced?
waxing legs?
how can i have redder lips?
I want to get my septum pierced, will it keloid?
how do i wash my face without buying any acne products???
what is the name of the shaving cream that you don't have to use a razor?
White skin turned brown after 1 month in sun?
Is it normal to get a lot of ingrown hairs?
all of my friends have bigger chests than i do and they all make fun of me for it. What should i do?
how to make my breasts grow more?
How to become SKINNY !!!!!?
cartilage piercing throbbing non-stop?
Has anybody seen a recent photo of the country singer, Kenny Rogers? Is that plastic surgery gone wrong???
Has anyone tried Montreal Stretch marks?
do you think i'd look good with my nose pierced? (pictures included)?
vaseline cocoa butter?
Argiform? Anyone have adverse reactions? How long does it last?
someone help me with my varicose vein problem?
Would a Lip Piercing suit me?
Septum piercing after care?
how does roll on wax and roll on lotion work ?
my 11 year old sister has a mustache what should she do ?
I stopped washing my face with chemicals and my skin cleared up?
I just got my lip pierced about 4 days ago?
guyz......answer it.......:P?
How can I fix this (I RLLY NEED ANSWERS)?
If you use a facial scrub, Im just wondering, will your face get a little scratched or not?
What are Biore pads used for?
Has anyone ever actually had a LIVING SKULL for a HEAD?
Cartilage piercing..?
What is the best sunless tanner?
Does walking up hills and stairs backwards really lift your butt?
Hello! I've always wondered which parts of a fella's bod ladies check out first? What would the top 3 be?
How can i get baby soft skin?
My face looks like shiit?
Is it possible to shave with a belt sander?
Who likes passion marks?
How do i find somebody famous to try this new 4 day deodorant?
would guys like my body type?
How do i whiten my skin?
Need a girls help?
Big Breast? Could anyone give me any options, other than surgery, to enlarge breast?
still hadnt had a growth spurt?
what do u do to get rip of pimples! HELP!?
Got my tragus pierced, when will in-ear earphones be okay again?
What causes your penis to go hard? Does it mean you need to go wee?
Can my skin get smoother if I stop using moisturizer?
Porcelain Skin??????
Red spots from pushing out blackhead?
Acne help! Please help!?
What is the best between those three creams?
Hi, I’d like to know if anyone have tried those tanthrusuites?
Is it bad to get two holes pierced at the same time?
Women who have had electrolysis done??
Should i use my pimple cream in the morning?
why is this?
is neutrogena oil free acne treatment effective ?
ear piercing bleeding after i bumped it accidentally what do i do ?
Does Mandara Spa products test on animals?
Tru Visage & Pur Essance?
Is it safe to spray my body gold?
what cetephil cleanser is better??
Why do people get piercings????
I'm 5'4 and 13.. is that tall?
ive had my tongue pierced for three days, can i change my barbell?
Should I get my Septum Pierced?
Sun block substitute?
I have hair dye on my nails how to i get it off!?
Cartilage/Helix and Rook piercing questions?
Is belly-button piercing painful?
Infected nose piercing?
What is the BEST way to get a natural, bronze-looking sunless tan?
why do men not get cellulite?
spots on legs??
i have a few pimples on my face. what should i do to remove them??
should i go for Macrolane breast injections or breast implants?
so im going to get my belly button pierced soon?
proactive problems?
what kind of piercing should i get?
any good facial exfoliations that wont make my face break out?
describe this picture in one word?
Lululemon? Yoga.......? Help?
Why do urinals have to be open?
how much does getting your ears pierced hurt?
Is their anyway I could talk my mom into let me lay in the tanning bed ? Do spray tans look too fake?
It get harder to rotate the earring during the recovery?
why are my toe nails starting to grow sideways?
Hairy chest?