under the eyes black shade is there. any remedy pl tell?
is it true you can't be a model if you have any scars?
i have different complexions in my face . not a even skin colour . little dark vertical lines on cheeks .?
How can I get rid of them?
to all the women out there i was just wondering if there are any out there that like dimples cause i have them
how do i get permanent marker off my legs??
What's the point of washing my face in the morning if I'm just going to put makeup on?
Am I too skinny?\Do guys hate skinny girls?
just started using proactive????
How to get rid of bad acne? Need hairstyles too.?
Help! spot and a party in two days?
which is the best way to remove hair from your body?
My mom won't let me get my belly button pierced?
How do you know if you have a big forehead?
question for those who have been on ACCUTANE????
Has anyone taken the freckle removing pill called "Alitol? And how did it work for you?
Ways of getting rid of shadowed eyes?
If i tell young children i am santa, will they sit on my lap?
why are my teeth so yellow?
How do I clean my skin best?
>>>>omgod! my face! What is this?<<<<?
questions about piercing myself?
Should I shave my arms for the state swim meet?
I am looking for a cellulite cream by Essentials. I use to buy it at TJ Maxx and the no longer carry it.?
will proactiv fix this kind of acne?
i have very small breast!!!?
can you use Compound W freeze on moles? I have a dark flat mole the size of an eraser.?
Can I change my belly ring now?
whats the best type of face wash?
is it ok to take out my industrial piercing?
How do you soothe a shaver cut?
what do u think if extraction for the whitehead or blackhead?? is it good way to remove it?
Will a 1 month old piercing close up?
UGH, zit problem. wanna help?
does hydrogen peroxide work for taking off fake nails?
what makes your skin clear from a few pimples and redness?
Is it normal to have little holes in ur tonsials?
Will this exercise and diet routine help?
dove moisturizer that also bronzes the skin slowly??
Women: I need your help!!!!!!!?
How to make my lips smaller or appear smaller ?
I am over 50 and I need to find a good, really effective moisturizer that I can afford.?
I have run out of cuticle oil. Can i use olive oil?
Belly button piercing - when will it stop hurting?
does it hurt to get your hips pierced?
How do I get rid of bumps on my cheeks ? And Eye puffiness.?
how do you fake get a hickie?
Whats a good face cleanser to keep my face nice and smooth, im black.?
Name an antibacterial moisturizing bar soap?
Massive zip on my upper lip?
im 13 & i sweat really bad, through my clothes, & it smells. deodorant and undertops never work. i need help!!?
What do u think this song means, I wrote it and tried to hide the meaning and i want to see if its noticable?
what is the best woman's deoderant?
Is my smiley piercing infected?
Boob Job???!??
How much bigger will my boobs grow from age 16?
is my naval/ belly button piercing rejecting or migrating or what ?
how does it feel to get your ear pierced?
Does sudocrem reduce redness of spots?
Dark tanned face,but I have very light skinned body?
whats the best thing to get rid of spots?
How much is it roughly to get a lip piercing in southampton?
What is the difference between bodywash and shower gel?
How can i get rid of scars on my forehead using natural ways?
How to become model thin?
Would you let your 15 year old daughter get her ears pierced all around? Like all the cartilage and the tragus?
Septum/ navel piercing?
how long should you brush your teeth for? and how many times a day?
Do models on runways looked pissed because they're starving themselves?
Why is my tongue web so swollen?!?
are freckles cute??
does sleeping in tights make your legs tighter?
Does clean and clears morning burst surge work? Does it clear up your skin?
does getting your belly button pierced hurt?
i have little more black skin. what to do?
How long does teeth whitening last? (Dentist)?
Can i use Mederma if i have sensitive skin? Does Mederma work for macules and facial scars?
there are lines under my eyes?
girls, i need your help on this one?!?
What do you classify as "too skinny"?
Will my skin shrink to fit me?
Huge green zit...should i pop it?
Industrial piercing? Help?!?
Paint chipping on my tongue rings?
Can anyone recommend me a good acne face wash?
is there any possibilities that the stretch marks will improve?
Does Nivea Goodbye Cellulite work?
Are garnier products effective?
help adding piercings to tongue?
How often should I change my bath towel?
Am I too fat for a belly button piercing? (picture)?
Piercing problem, once again. Please help!?
How do I get nail polish off my 1 year old daughers skin?
Does anyone know of an acne treatment that clears skin really fast?? urgent!!!!?
Do you think my body is attractive?
plastic surgeries on your face?
Getting rid of acne scars?
is my belly button infected?
Can I get my second hole pierced even if I stretched my first hole?
Ripped prickly skin around my fingers?
BIG PROBLEM! I have 7 hours to get rid of this acne!!!?
Are girls supposed to shave their arms?
Which Who U Prefer, Azz or Titties?
A Question About My Tragus?!?
whats the best deodrant for teens?
Fat girls and belly piercings?
What is a really good self-tanner that smells good and lasts a while?
what else could i have pierced?
How do you get rid of blackheads??
What kind of belly button ring would work best for riding and showing horses so it dont get caught?
Which one is a better whiting cream?
Mystic tanning?
Does any one have a tip on how to make dark sin brighter?
should i get my eyelashes tinted?
pimple help! URGENT! please help!?
Why arn't my boobs getting bigger?
Which is better for SCARS? cocoa butter, Mederma, Sebo de Macho, etc.?
Questions about getting my nose pierced?
am i pretty? pics included?
What are things out there that are bad for your skin?
what is the average price for breast implants?
How to shave my legs??
Why does my upper lip have skin peeling off?!?
Secret piercings: Should i hide the piercings or just show my parents and wear retainers to school???
4 benefit sex for beauty skin,... did you know?
What is the smallest length for labrets?
Im 13, and i dont look like it and a lot of people pick on me about it?
My legs will NOT tan!?
What color are my eyes?
Does getting your belly button peirced hurt?
Is my face wash the correct one!?and do girls like boys with acne!?
Dark knees and scars ?
am i FAT????
how do i get ridd of the marks and frecles on my skin ?
Septum or Bridge?
Do you think losing 15 pounds would make a significant difference on me? ((PICS))?
does size really matter!?!?!?!?
I got my tongue peirced about 3 weeks ago and it still swells up in the morning, what can I do to stop this?
Severe Razor burn help?
why the f in this world fat girls have bf and i dont????
does anyone know some really good acne medicines?
does proactive really work?
how do i peirce my ears myself?
Easy ways of dieting for teen girls?
Before I get a belly piercing, what would be on the liability form they make people sign?
how would i get rid of dark circles under my eyes?
What do you think is the perfect height for a woman?
Does hypertrophic scarring ever become permanent?
Clinique or Philosophy or Proactive? Help my skin!!?
How long after electrolosis on thread veins does it take to see results?
What is my belly supposed to look like after being pierced for two days?
is there a good lotion for face that does not cause blemishes and helps with scars?
Is my body shape weird?
Clevage tape .. What/how.. help !!?
black circles under eyes?
hw to get rid of dark circles?
what to do?
How do i get rid of black/white heads for good!!!?
How do I prevent this razor burn?
Does Anyone Know If Proactive Really Works?
anybody know any good Fake tan?
Salicyclic acid!!?
how to i prevent this pain from when i do this natural woman thing that woman are supose to do?
how to achieve soft kissable lips??? best answer 10 points..?
Ear peircing hurts! infected years later??plz help?
HELPP me im 14 and i ....?
Pouty lips?! Some one said I have them? (Pic inside)?
i want my belly pierced and my parents probelly wont let me so how do i convince them please help?
How to get rid of skin spots?
What is the perfect cup size?
I wanna get my bell button pierced but my mom wont let me. help!?
what is the best tanning lotion?
Does getting your ears pierced hurt?
How can I prevent this razor burn rash in my inner thighs?
i stretched my ear from regluar to a 6 and there pretty sore and they bleed. am i going to be okay? what shoul?
Hi! im ruel from the Philippines. How can i prevent my acnes?help me. although these acnes werent scattered...
Can I used boxed Sea salt to clean my tongue piercing?
egh, my skin!?
Does laser hair removal really work? Permanently?
how effective is liposuction?
Stretch Marks?
i'm 18 years old , 5.5 and weigh 165 , how much should i weigh and am i short?
liek z0mg i g0tz a p1mpl3 b3h1nd m@ e@r!!!1?
My mom won't let me get my belly button pierced?
How much does it hurt to get your naval pierced?!?
I get bullied alot...everyone says i look like i have downs...?
How to get rid of bags under the eyes?
Girls & Women: Could you totally defeat a strong man in a street fight in less than ten seconds? If so... How?
Is it bad to wash your face 2 times a day?
non-permanent black marker pen?
Am I too tall & heavy for Asian girl? I'm about 155 cm and 40 kg! I don't want to be tall and fat!?
Should i let my teenager get her tragus pierced?
Thoughts of getting breast implants...?
Why does my septum ring always smell ?
how can i fix this problem?
What is the best tanning lotion for outside use?
Please help!!! Bags under eyes!!!?
red bumps on cheeks!?!?
I have really small boobs! What clothes can I wear to appear larger?
Question about streching?
Help I have stretch marks and idk wut to do!?
Has anyone ever got rid of dark circles??
Do teenage guys really care if a girl has acne?
is getting a brazilian wax worth it?
which is cheaper? neutrogena or b'iore?
laser hair removal?
Tongue piercing vs lip piercing?
How do you get the scent of ciggaretttes away on your body and fingers? is there an easy quick way?
Why is the fluff in your belly button always of a blueish hue?
How much is For tanning?
if i get my lip waxed will the hair return darker?
how long does it take for a tan to fade?
How can i reduce pimples from my face????
I have darker spots on my face due to scratching pimples.?
How can i make my skin lighter?
Tongue piercing off-centered?
what should a model weigh?
How do I get rid of acne on my shoulders?
eww hairyness!!!!!!!!
Proactiv problems...HELP?!?
Skin care: Chanel or Clinique?
I'm thinking of piercing my own nose?
what tanning products around the house?
After using Honey/egg white/yogurt in my face wash do I wash my face with soap or just water?
what should i get pierced tongue or nose?
I'm short with a large frame am I big boned?
Hi, im a 17 year old guy trying to decide if I should get my ears pierced. My peers say yes, parents say no?
i hate my body, do i look chubby?
girls. how do i get tan from going to the beach?
where can u get ear pierced?
How much time is a tanning salon equals time in the real sun?
my skin is all ruff from like tanning bed so much?
Is this a good makeup routine for a 13 year old!?
what do u rate me?!!???!!!?
what's a good way to fix oily skin?
What is that new sunscreen called?
Pimple Problem...Help!!!?
Can you give me the name of a cream for under eyes circle?
waxing... hair down there questions?
Should I apply baby power to my adult skin before or after applying lotion? When should I apply baby powder?
Does getting your navel pierced hurt? and what are the pro's and con's?
im getting a monroe piercing tomorrow, what can i expect? any advice?
does degree have a lotion?
How can I make my skin smoother?
What is the difference between level 1, 2 and 3 beds in indoor tanning?
Piercing Prices for Be you?
i waxed "wrong"!!! Please Help?!?
I'm only 5ft , can you cheer me up ? ?
Blackheads, does any have any remedies?
Does the Arbonne business really work?!?
Do you think she's fat ?
Dry skin after hot shower?
Cartilage piercing abnormal?
I get told all the time by girls "jeeze, i'm glad i don't have your boobs," lol are they jealous?
my knees hurt?
Do you think im too tall?
Deodorant not working?
what is the best teas to drink for acne?
Why is my belly button ring bleeding?
where should i put a piercing on my face?
why does my hands and face look a purpley colour when walking on a beach?
Ahh! what can i do to get rid of this baby! HUGE?
Will drinking tonnes and tonnes of water get rid of cellulite?
do you shave your arms?
best cleanest, professional place to get bellybutton pierced?[[painless too.]]?
*pics* can yu help w/confusion?
Why did only one of my ears closed after gauging them?
anyone know where i can purchase "Intensive Spa" product in Singapore?
It says cleanser or is it exfoliater or what!?
advice about Pimples?
Am I ugly? I'm self conscious, also how old do I look?
anybody know any sites that i can get men to pay for surgery?
Can I blush b/c of my dark skin?
I got my belly button pierced...?
i know someone with a lot of pimple in her butt what causes that? and how can it be removed its so ugly?
Will hiding my tongue piercing from my mum work even though we talk quite a lot and in 15?
Natural/Desi Hair Removal?
How long do u wait to apply moisturizer after applying ZIANA?
Are you short if you are 5'5 20 year old girl?
Plaster to cover up piercing?! ?
What is the most basic skin care routine for teens?
i got my ears pierced in july last year and they still haven't healed why?
Whats a cheap way to make zits go away?
Is Nivea "Soft" a nice daily moisturizer for men?
What are some good tips to not sweat, or sweat less?
My nipples are uneven and really noticeable :O?
How do i prevent my nose getting Oliy ?
Is milk good for your skin?
Navel piercing Question Important!?
Proactiv or clearasil?
how do you feel about short people?
Serious question about ear piercing?
Do Men Prefer Women With Lighter complexions over Women With Darker Complexions.?
What is so great about this girl and her features?
Should I get my belly button pierced?
Will this get rid of my freckles?
What are the curtains and the carpets?
I think my piercing is infected?
How do i cear my bacne?
Is this a blessing or what?
Can pine tar soap really clear acne?
should i get a nose pericing (pic)?
Bigger butt????????!!!!! help!?
Which colours work well with tanned skin?
Did your complexion change after you started wearing a toner?
Chemical peels for acne?
Daily face wash product for men pleaseeeeeeee?
How long will it take to close my gauge?
What's a good face wash and moisturizing routine?
how do i draw attention away from my nose?
How can I meet a hottie for me? [pic]?
♥How do I stop this???????
Would a belly button piercing look okay on me?
Can your boobs get smaller??
people with naval piercings please help?
What type of tampon should i use?
how to make sea salt spray for piercings?
I'm a girl with a hairy lower back?
Lower frenulum piercing (frowny)?
What is hickies?
who HATES proactiv commercials especially the ones with jessica simpson?
my boobs are sagging and i have stretch marks on them!! help?
Should I bathe in gaorade or tea?
How do YOU remove your stomach hair? As well as other body hair?
How to get rid of these annoying zits?!?!?!?
Anyone care to explain Blackline body jewelery?
Why is there blood down there even if i passed my period just a week ago???HELP!?
bathing suit question?
Naval piercing not deep enough?
routine for using self tanning lotion?
How to really accelerate tanning?
should i ?
Help i cleared my (girl) mustache?
What bras to buy for bigger breasts on an average size girl?
Do belly button piercings hurt ?
getting rid of cellulite?
what piercing should i get?
Losing weight on thighs !!?
How often do you shower?
Is there anything that I can do to cure the dark circles under my eyes?
Tan Towels cancer effects?
What do you do to carry yourself sexier?
Belly button piercing question? HELP?
Best facial mask to get rid of forhead wrinkles?
the edge of my lips are very dark, how can i make it pink like the rest?
What are good ways to remove corns??
neutrogena how long to use it?
has anyone used olay regenerist daily serum?
why can't i stop ing my knuckles?
Does anyone know of a good belly piercing place?
What is the best body lotion that makes your skin soft?
i have acne and i hate it?
Does my nose suit me?
What is wrong with my pores?! Please HELP ME!?
Have you seen Kim Cattrel on Sex in The City?
piercing lip with piercing gun,,,please read?
stretch marks
What the name of lipstick helps to get a small and baby lips? ?
my lips turnd black please tell me tips to turn back red?
About piercing, please.?
Does Proactiv works?
Can i take an 8mm tunnel out for good?
I have gauges and i think i got a blowout or infection or something?
Whats my face shape?Picture inc.?
How to get tan in 2 days maybe 3 days please help!?
can clean and clear morning burst shine control used by men ?
How can u get rid of scars?
Adult Acne?
Too Skinny! Help?
can u answer..please ..[[ill appreciate]]?
How old are you?
Should i let my daughter get a monroe piercing?
Is it safe to use Pure African Black soap on children and infants?
how can i lighten the dark circles around my eyes?
how to get remove my pimples and black spots left by pimples from face?
My acne won't go away?
huge boobs??
I have acne!!!!!!!!?????????????????????
Dry-crepey skin on hands?
how do i firm up my thighs and arms?
Do guys like 'big' natural breasts, or silicone breasts?
anti-aging products? ?
which do men prefer shapely hips or big bum big boobs?
How do i remove bags from under my eyes?14?
tips on piercing your nose yourself?
what should i buy or do?
How can i get Pale Skin?
Should i get my eyebrow Periced (girls only)
Swollen bump next to my lip piercing?
how do i get a flat...?
Proactiv vs. Murad?
if i have to swim for p.e but im due but i havnt came on yet should i still swim or no it could show up .?
Jojoba oil as a face wash?
I think i burnt my face with baking soda, Emergency!?
parnoid about my skin?
I accidentally knocked my new cartilage piercing?
girls: do you shave *down there* and guys do you care if a girl has hair there or not???
What are these bumps on my leg?
Is this true about big breasts and bras?
Is it true that Michael Jackson will freeze himself and come back in the future?
Acrylic Nails?
Nipple Piercing on a straight man?
cream for veins...................?
What piercings would I look good with?
Does anyone know a good nail salon in Atlanta GA that does brazilian wax as well?
'Down there trend' with young men?
do products with lemon flavour or extract lighten skin?
Pros & cons about shaving arms ?
Do I have acne scars?
What do you use to wash your face???
qeustion fo for people with really clear skin :)?
Cartilage piercing?
my 12 yr old son has started to break out and im looking for something he can use that is easy.?
How can I get rid of my chapped lip mustache?
how to get rid of dark circles under eyes?
Do freckles every fade away?
at what age should i start to buy creams for wrinkles??
Why do people hate freckles?
please help me with acne problem, I'm desperate!?
Cartilege peircing problems?
What causes this loose skin/wrinkles? (pic included) s for best answer. please?
how old do i look ??
what do you think of me?(pics)?
How to get rid/keep acne away.?
Can i use a regular earring in my Tragus?
Cetaphil Cleanser and Lotion?
I just stretched my ears from a 2g to a 0g, and one side is a bit swollen?
How to get my skin paler?
how much does a tongue piercing hurt?
What is a simple product that works?
How do I keep my skin looking healthy?
Guys only, which colour?
I just really need help with my body...?
is pale skin pretty at all?
Is it weird to use two deorant at a time?
Plastic Surgery Question?
Are my boobs too big for my age?
Is Dolce Vita olive oil good for skin?
navel questions! (: ?
Is my belly piercing healed?
How do you get rid of blackheads??
How do I get tan?
Chubby Face, skinny body?
Can i make my feet smaller?
jergins natural face glow?
I just threaded (its a hair removal) my upper lip..?
how to hide a hugee red pimple??
I have senstive skin and am looking for good routine spot products and kits ?
Re-gauging / stretching ear lobes?
How do I get the dark circles under my eyes to go away?
do snake bites piercings close back up over time?
I feel so ugly and fat plz just plz read!?
r there any homemade remedies that can reduce under eye puffiness?
is 34B a normal breast size or small?
How do i get?
Where can I get a wax in south London?
Am I fat? Please answer!?
What should i do to make my face sweat more?
Am i pretty or not and would i suit a lip piercing?
Why am i so small compared to these girls?
belly button piercing?
How do I prevent red bumps when waxing my legs?
I want to get my nose pierced, but scared...does it hurt and how bad?
How can I get soft skin?
Any advice for my skin problem?
Rate me please!! And how old do you think i look?? Thanx :) x?
Forehead and eyebrow problems?
how can you get rid of stretch marks?
Does anyone know if Cetaphil works well on getting rid of acne?
what piercing should i have?
Want to hear from all females who've had their navel pierced???
Clear skin/face~~~~~~~~~?
Wax in ears! any body have a idea to remove the build up of wax?
my mum says i cant get my tounge peirced until im 16, shall i get it done behind her back?
I'm thinking about getting a Mystic tan for an upcoming wedding, I was looking for advice from someone who has
Phillips 15 watt UV Facial Tanner?
Does getting the top of your ear pierced hurt?
Fake Tan ??????
How can I get rid of this?
skin problem ( i need DR. help )?
Question about my ear piercing(easy)?
mosquito there a way to help them disappear faster?
what works better for acne, Proactiv or Nuetrogena?
to all ladies i have a queston?
I am 13 years old and i am starting to get acne wat do you suggest?
Do girls think I am attractive?
can I use pond's gold radiance?
how much botox cost for expresion lines?
hi! i want to know where i can buy clearpores products in the UK cos i cant buy it on their website?
GIRLS ONLY!!! (mature).?
Would I look good with snake bites?
Face question, irritation under my eyes!?
How to make my skin whiter?
how do u make dark lips look lighter? any home rememdies plz?
Will i ever have a normal body again? feel like i have ruined my body :(?
Am I normal??? Problem with my bust.?
hw can i make my face soft?
has anyone tried black opal?
I can see my pores...isnt there something that can shrink them?
Have you used baking soda as a facial scrub? How has it worked for you?
Has anyone used Kiss My Face?
Should i shave my legs? Im a guy?
piercing rejection question?
Nose piercing Bump..?
What is wrong with me?
girl question??
Are my back zits a huge turn off?
What product (specifically) should I use to clear up my acne and KEEP IT CLEAR!!!!?
Can I shave on top of a scar on my chin?
how to get rid of the spots?
How can I secretly shave my legs without my mom knowing?
What is a good home remedy to treat acne?
What are brown spots on my face?
what would be tha safest way to pierce my eyebrow?
Does the "No No" work?
contact lenses???????????
cleaning dark ankles and knees?
is it normal for girls to have hairy stomachs?
How to remove
acne. help!?
How many people thing that if women get done from behind their butts will get bigger cause mines did.?
How do I tighten the pores on my legs?
What are those white dots that you get on your fingernails and what causes them??
Am i ready to change my belly button ring?
I have been tanning, I need your advice.?
tattoo on the side of my neck whats the pain like??
is it okay to use shampoo as bath gel?
How to change eyebrow piercing?
Losing weight and getting rid of annoying stretch marks..?
i want to remove my wound marks...i had meet with an accident yesterday?
what can I use to get rid of my acne?
Do anti-brow piercings swell?
When can I change my eyebrow piercing?
acne products. what works best for you?
What's the difference between a Labret and a Labret STUD?
Can a belt button like this get pierced like an innie?
Underarm problem..Other gurlz have this problem?
What's good to get rid of cellulite?
How to get white underarms?
PLEASE Any Tips For Acne?
Are facial moles really unattractive?
Is there any ways to remove freckles??!!?
Questions about a piercing?
How to make a hickey last longer?
Acne problems?
Tummy tuck help?
How do I remove blackheads?
i got my second lobes pierced around 4 weeks ago , should they still be painful?
How much does a nose piercing normally cost?
How can i be curvier?
Uneven eyelids? HELP.?
Is proactive good?
how to use ambi fade cream on arm pits?
Does my skin have anything to do with my diet?
i'm wanting a tan, and i need advice?
How to naturally flat/not popped out fade moles?
How can I convince my mom to let me get piercings ?
does it hurt to get your ear pierced be honest cuz i'm terrified lol
the easiest way to get rid of acne that you already have? cheap, easy way?
Is anybody else disappointed with their epilater?
Any home remedies for acne?
help girls! a shaving question?
how much weight do you think i have lost? (pics)?
what kind of piercing fits me? (pics included)?
how do u make 32A look bigger
Uneven skin?
Which ear do you peirce if your straight?
anyone recovered from a skin condition such as eczema that permanently leaves a scar. How do you get rid of it
Who loves Lush ?
People stare at me and i don't know why. what's wrong with me? pic included?
How do i stop peeling after getting really tan from the beach?
how would i look wit hazel eyes?
skin and my health?
how much do i have to pay to settle my armpit problem?
Can i wash my face with soap?
preferred body type for guy?
I just shaved my , and I have these terrible red bumps...?
Exercise body help!?
I want to get a peircing... Facial what should I get?
hi just want to ask a few questions about permanent hair removal on the face?10 points best answer?
What is the best moisturizing facial wash/cleanser available?
What is a good homemade face mask that has witch hazel and oatmeal in it?
how to get rid of pimples after waxing?
How do I get rid of this awful fake tan?!?
So I might be gettin my nose pierced..does it hurt?
i hav oily skin plz help with any home remedies?
Is it wise to pierce your nose with a sewing needle?
why is my skin so greasy ?and what can i do ?
If I stop wearing makeup, will my skin get better?
Ear lobe piercing questions?
has anyone tried the bath & body works c.o. bigelow? is it really good? if so, which one? thanks a lot?
Should I be scared about getting my lip pierced?
Why am I addicted to biting my lips?
what causes ski-slope nails?
How does my body look?
does the 99 cent store sell pure aloe gel?
is tongue jewelry from claire's safe?
How many layers of tape will it take to get to 1 1/8 plugs?
Is it too late to remove piercing?
stretch marks?
Whats wrong with my eyes ? (only to people who know about the human eye) (pic)?
Where can i purcahsed luke warm water?
What is the best way to get rid of those black heads?
Would I look good with a nose piercing?
What's better natural breasts or implants?
tongue piercing?
Is it okay if i wash my face daily with dial bar soap?
silicon sheet for scar?
how to make slim in a body without diet?
I'm 13 years old a want a Tragus piercing?
What do people prefer? Skinny or Cuvy?
what would you rate me?
When should I change my belly button piercing?
Why do tanning beds give me a orange colored tan?
Is it a bad idea to shave my arms?
How do I get rid of a boil on my face?
Girls... What's the coldest temperature at which you're barefoot at home?
What age do you think I should start using an anti-ageing cream.....?
if i end up waxing my face it'll grow bac darker but not as thick n den i cud bleach it, wt do u think?
Does neutrogena microderbrasion work for acne scars?
what works for your skin to keep off acne?
Drinking coconut water for lighter glowly skin? ?
what peiceing should i get?
Tongue piercing? Help!?
would you say an inverted labret piercing is more painful than a normal labret piercing..?
Jefree Star....................................…
Is my cartilage piercing infected? What should I do?
Can standing in the rain be considered an equivalent to taking a shower?
Adara Virgin Coconut Oil?
what do you think would be a good piercing for a female?
Is tanning bad for you ?
Would a septum look good on me?
does sunblock/sun screen cream makes your face darker?
How much does it cost to get your tongue piercing at skin candy?
How much do spider bites (the piercing) hurt?
i wanna get my second hole pierced..?
how long does it take for a belly peircing to heal?
Chemical Face Peels?
the body shop or bath and body works?
Help! I'm on fire....?
Is there a possible way to get your tongue pierced and not get caught with it ?
do u shave Ur legs or let the hair grow on them?
I am going to get my ears pierced...?
can pills and creams really enhance ur bra size?
Would a tattoo on the side of my waist look good?
I Wanna Be Pale But How?
Is a nose piercing painful?
Why am i 13 and still a breast size 34A?
industrial and inner conch piercing questions?
What is my body shape?
What should i get pierced?
Have you used ProActiv?
What to do before going to get a wax done?
How do you get rid of pimples without washing your face?
Does silver or gold compliment my skin tone??
Should I shave my thighs?
How long after having a naval peircing can I safely put fake tan on?
What is the proper procedure for skincare and makeup application?
1 lip piercing... or 3?! (With picturesss..)?
i been using proactiv for the past 2 weeks and nothing! help?
How can i make my boobs bigger?
I know everyone's got one but......?
How many pounds is it healthy 2 loose a week?
I have a weird helix...can I still get an industrial piercing?
How do you remove a hickey ?
if you are under 18 do you need to have your parent present while getting a piercing?
Is olive oil good for skin?If it is, why?How to use it?
My esthetician told me to put neosporin after she did extractions on my face and caused them to bleed a little?
Lifecell face cream, great reviews but does it really work!?
how do I get rid of darkness and bags under my eyes..I feel like it makes me look older and I am only 23?
i put a smaller lebret in my monroe?
I need help with asking my mom something.?
names ofproducts that make your skin fair?
Can you use baby oil?
Is it wrong for a bloke to shave his arm pits?
What can I do to have better clearer skin?
how to properly clean my septum piercing?
How do single flare eyelets/plugs/tunnels stay in?
how long does it take for your face to be clear with proactive?
Ok, Im a girl, 20yr, and 5'8". I want to be 5'10"- anything I can do?
Does anybody here also get razor bumps on legs from shaving?
Where can i buy Nizoral?IN STORES ONLY.?
For my face?
Do you think double eyelid on guys look cute?
Is there any natural way to get rid of dark circles?
what to do if someone makes fun of skin color?
Get rid of tired looking eyes?
Cartilage piercing question?
My picture....?
is it better to pop zits or just leave them be?
can you die piercing your own lip?
Body Piercing!!?!?!?!?!?
how do i make my lips thick????????
I'm 13 years old and i am very flat chested HELP ME!!?
Woke up today with a sore tongue piercing?
How to wash/clean face naturally? :)?
How holds the world record for the biggest breasts?
ive had my belly button pierced for 3 months, when can i change it?
I need tanning help! 10 points to best answer!?
Stretching ears with Silicone plugs?
Are industrial peircings supposed to bleed?
How old were you when you got your 3rd hole peirced?
What do I do if my belly button piercing healed?
i have a very pale fair skin do i make my skin look little darker using make up and look natural?
Does getting you're tounge pierced hurt?
I get nervous around boys and always panic and say something supid............??
dark patches after bleach .. help pls ..?
What is the best face skin care regimen for males? ?
uhmm dry skin?! can any girls help me?
What are your favourite natural beauty care tips and tricks?
What is the fastes way to lose 26 pounds?
do girls like scars on guys?
beauty or????
Guys:could you carry a 103 pound girl?
Any way of making a living just doing facials?
does it look like i have a ballet body?
Please Help! Skin Problems!?
So, I am stretching my ears out to get gauges ,but i havent told my mom yet. How should I tell her?
Finger piercing jewelry?
What can I use for dark circles under my eyes?
I need Spray tanning names?
Am i too young for a nose piercing?
where can I get sandalwood power in montreal?
I have a clogged pore that I cannot clean out!?
shiny skin?
Help with facial hair?
I Am Ridiculously Nervous About A Piercing?
Need help on...!!!?
Can you clean an industrial piercing with alcohol (2 weeks old)?
i feel fat.. am i?
What kind of foundation should i buy?
how to make my boobs bigger?
Question about Accutane?
Tragus piercing with a captive bead ring (CBR)..?
Should someone with oily skin moisturize?
nose piercing does it hurt?
How to get smaller curves?
What does this do for my face?
how can i get rid of "dark circles" or "bags" from under my eyes?
I pierced my belly button with a normal needle and put a earring in it because. Belly bar will not fit in the?
What do you use to clean a bellybutton piercing?
Does proactive soloution work?
I need a really strong soap?
whats the big deal about being white, and not tanning?
How can i get rid of acne scars?
New Fahrenheit Fragrance?
hiya can anyone tell me the best way to get rid of puffy eyes from crying?
the best acne skincare???!!!?
How many ear piercing is too many?
Do you know any easy homemade body scrub recepies...?
How often do you tan?
Tanning test help!!!?
help! after 12 years of acne i have major scarring!?
How to get rid of acne?
How do I get rid of ingrowns and their scars?
Problem with pimples and blackheads?
how old do you have to be to get your belly button pierced?
I'm baby-faced. Pro or con?
how old do you have to be to get your belly button pierced in mexico?
Is this a cool piercing? *pic*?
Ear a little purple after piercing?
Will just a birth certificate work for me to get my belly button pierced?
Shaving problem weird bumps appearing?
Question mainly for girls?
How many times a week should you wear facial mask?
When i shave down there, i sometimes get red bumps they look like pimples.. is this possible?
how can i stop pimples?
my daughters getting tan after swimming ? how to avoid it ?
Why do i think I'm ugly and fat?
I'm getting the top of my ear pierced..?
My mom wont let me get my lip pierced.?
I have big boobs, is this bad?
Does this mean anything?
whats the best shampoo????
What face shape have I got ?
What is a good fake tanning lotion?
Does online, internet cyber tanning work!?
Does zenmed scar and hyperpigmentation kit work?
Lotion Bars, help please?
I started to gain more confidence, but my nose is ruining it?
What do guys look for in a girls body?
newly pierced ear cleaning solution...?
What is my BMI?
I have a raised scar on the vein of my arm, what stuff can I use to reduce its appeearance.?
How can I get rid of my whiteheads?
Labret piercing Help!!!?
Does proactive's dark spot corrector work?
My skin isn't good at all little bumps on my forhead?
Are there different kinds of Facials?
Worth The Rejection Rates?
HELP!!! I'm 16 and weight about 105 pounds. i have wide hips. how can i lose the weight from my thighs?
how can i hid my lip ring from my mom?
Leg waxing advice please?
I'm chubby and I have a chubby face?
Hicky trouble!!!!! What shuld i do????
Swollen bump next to my lip piercing?
Has anyone used reversa anti spot lighening cream?
does it hurt to get your nose peirced?
how to get rid of little bumps on my nose?
How do i get rid of bags under my eyes and dark circles around my eyes?
How accurate is Kiehl's brand for a smooth, clear face?
what tanning lotion is best?
Im 14 and i want to get my belly button pierced?
what are some good ways to help wounds heal, minimize scarring and discreetly cover them?
how can you fix ear's that pop out and a crooked big nose?
does toothpaste really help to get ride of pimples?
ladies do you think..?
what is the best thing to do to get clearer skin in a week?
help with my boobs.?
Do I look better with or without eyeliner?
how can i get clear skin and smaller pores?
Can you take a bath with body wash?
nose piercing has the back part in it.!!!?
What part of your body would you change that you cant change yourself?
Girls..When did you start shaving your legs?
Can anyone help me solve my face problems?
What piercing would look good?
GIRLS: If a hot.....?
How much does getting your nose pierced with a gun hurt?
Cetaphil Cleansing Bar - Where to Buy in India?
What moisturizer should I use when on Accutane?
Facewash question?
Can pus come from your ear piercing if it's irritated?
Alright, what did you do with my bath towel?
Tips for sun tanning? What time of day is best?
What product should I use?
How to pierce your tongue at home?
I like this boy at church and he knows already. but he likes my friend who goes out with his friend?
Do guys really care about tans?
What is the best acne cleanser?
Why are my lips peeling!!!!!!!!?
Ive been called fat out in public too many times?
Newly Pierced Ears Help!?
whitening solution for inner thighs..?
How can I get a even skin tone?
Is it okay to twist my piercing? (cartilage)?
Eyebrow Piercings?
Dark circles under your eyes?
Why is the fluff in your belly button always of a blueish hue?
Help!! I have an ident on my chest....?
Whats the best treatment for crows feet?
Acne doesnt make any sense?
is New Dove Mens care deep clean body and face wash considered as an exfoliant?
Acne Scars :(?
Bags under eyes!!! Help :(?
how can i shave so my face wont break out?
Why is tanning so unhealthy for you?
What facial piercing should I get next (pic) o.o?
Whats my face shape, do i have soft or prominent features? also what kind of heritage sticks out in my face?
I am 5'3" am I short??
Newbie sunbed user needing basic advice?
how to get rid of acne?
I just got my 2nd Piercing!?
i have really fair skin, and red hair, but i really hate being so pale. is it okay for me to go tanning?
What age do you think is good?
Should I get my nose pierced? I want mutiple opinons please!?
Shaving Under it alright?
Hi, my legs go really blotchy and a purplely blue colour, How can I cure it?
worried about bikini !!!!!!!!!!!!!! help please?
how can i meet buffie the body?
Is There Something Wrong With My Belly Piercing?
how can i hide my eyebrow piercing at school ?
How to take care of a pimple?
infected ear piercing?
Is it legal to get your'e belly pierced in newyork at age 14?
Tongue piercing indent? HELP! (Picture included)?
Palmer cocoa butter or Bio oil?
I want to be tan! (pics)?
Do blackheads and whiteheads need to be squeezed or will they come out on there own?
for acne and stuff, does putting on egg white or egg yolk help? or both?
Does mineral oil remove old scars?
i bought blackhead scrub, but unsure if its a face cleanser as well.?
what is the best time of day to layout?!?
Question About Tragus...?
has anyone tried the ANEW LUMINOSITY ULTRA Advanced Skin Brightener SPF15 UVA/UVB from avon?
what can i do to make my booty much bigger?
I need a stronger deodorant!?
What facial piercing would look nice on me and why?
for teen girls only!!!!?
how do i stop biting my nail? i have done it since i was a kid?
Is it true you grow into your looks?
What do u think?
Any face wash recommendations or something ?
loose skin?
Info on a Nair product..?
non salicylic acid face wash?
Lip piercing really swollen?
When I put warm water and sea salt on my new belly percing it stings alittle ?
what's the best facial cleansers, in your opinion ?
How long should I leave a stainless steel 2mm taper in, after my 1st ever stretch?
benefits of coconut oil???
Is this an advisable skin care routine?
Do products like Hawaiian Tropic tanning lotion work?
I have rashes during changes of weather what is the best cream for it?
How to convince mom to let me get my nose pierced!?
does proactive work........?
What are some solutions to stop biting nails!?
Shiseido 'Benefiance' Wrinkle Lifting Concentrate?
14 getting lip pierced?
What is bright skin?(20 characters)?
i weigh 128 and im 5'6. am i fat ?
facial hair??
How to convince my parents to let me get a third ear piercing?
Is my nose too big (pictures)?
I need opinions on my weight?
is it okay to go to the beach if you just recently got your belly button pierced? will the salt water help ?
can I get anyone to stop talk about me?
i need hair trim around bikini area [ for woman ] what type of MC can i use?
Blood blister on belly piercing?
How do I tighten the pores on my legs?
Do you know if any of the following cleansers foam up?
How to get bigger boobs in puberty?
Has anyone ever been spray tanned with Sun Fx?
i have a big forehead and it makes my eyes far back is that normal?
how can I make it look like for around 6 hours that I don't have dry skin?
What kind of skin care products do I need?
Are tongue piercings worth it?
Cartilage and Tragus piercings?
how to remove pimples?
What should I do about a skin-lightening dilema?? HELP?
Girls, please help! ACNE TROUBLES?
How can I MAKE a facial that will make my face soft?
If I get my ears pierced, would wearing earrings be more comfortable than it is with my clip ons?
Can I get my second hole pierced even if I stretched my first hole?
should i get a nose stud?
My acne won't go away? Help?
Please look at this, It wont take long.?
are moisturizers safe????
is mac studio finish concealer good in hiding acne scars?
Does proactiv really work?
Hi, i want to get my eyebrow pierced but im going abroad to thailand for a month a week today, is it worth it?
Does anyone out there have totally blemish-free skin? If you do...what is your beauty routine?
how to get rid of dark circles under the eyes?
Is this wrong?
Proactive is making me worse and making my skin burn. What do i do?
what is the best way to......10 points?
is it worth killing your skin to have a tan?
i dont wana wax, it will just make it worse?
i have no confidence at all? :/?
Is 5 ft 8" tall for a girl?
Is it okay to take out my nose piercing after 2 weeks?
kiehls worth it?
How old do you have to be in order to get the industrial piercing?
Lip piercing question ?
Sun burn help???????????????
Can't get my tongue ring unscrewed?
How to stop the red bumps after shaving? (bikini shave)?
Does getting your belly button pierced hurt?
What is the best home remedy for a stye?
What kind of tanning oil should i use for OUTSIDE TANNING not tanning beds but OUSIDE TANNING!?!?!?
can i stretch my ears from a 12 gauge to a 8 gauge?
Can I use women's shaving cream/gel for my face?(I'm a guy)?
Retin-A and salicylic acid?
I haven't taken a shower in three weeks, is it even worth it to shower anymore?
Have you ever heard about the Borba skin gummy? does it really make your skin flawless?
What to use to clean pierced ears?
Whats a good way to get rid of ingrow hairs on bikini area?
HELP I HAVE REALLY DRY SKIN AND LIPS. WHAT TO DO??????????????????????????????????????…
Sunburn spots?
I want to break my nose?
how to make my skin look better ?
Wave Duo Replacement Pads?
Should I Get This Piercing?
Do you think i am....... ?
if you have a lot melanin, will the lotion you scratch off your skin darken or are you just dirty?
should I???
why do people think tall is good?
How do u stop ingrown hairs?
Scab comming off on face to early?
ok my hands face n feet r chapped?
I m too slim and i want to gain some weight. so tel me what can i do?
I am going to get my ear pierced!!!?
What would be better? Lip or Tongue?
which anti wrinkle cream would you recommend?
How often do you have to use Freederm gel?
Trying to close my monroe piercing...?
Help with ear gauging after care?
Signs a monroe is infected ?
Did you ever put toothpaste on a pimple to dry it out?
is 14 too young to get a boob job?
Ways to whiten my skin color?
why does my face ALWAYS break out with little whiteheads the day after i shave?
Any methods on removing bags under eyes?
ear piercing freak out, help?