how long should i wait before washing off jergens natural glow?
Male navel piercings. Yes or no?
Do cartilage piercings hurt?
How to remove pen ink from hands?
I want my butt to get bigger. What should I do?
Get rid of acne on my chin ?
how many pounds should i lose pic?
Do you think it is o.k. if men wear woman's deodorant?
best product to get dark circles?
how can i remove hairs on my face permanently?
Can i pierce trough a scar tissue in the lobe?
Does it bother you when you go get a manicure and the manicurist (Asian)is speaking to her coworkers?
i have shiny nose may be its oily i do not know can i fix it as other skin is normal.?
What is the best deodorant?
Does any one know what clears up skin very fast?
which men's deodorant leaves no white marks on black t's?
please help!!! how do i remove a mole by myself?
how do i get rid of this spot on my lip?
when getting your navel pierced, does it hurt?
How use the body shop tea tree oil?
Love ??? 10 marks instead of 2 marks !!!?
sex?????????? ;)?
how to rid my skin of scars?!? black people get sun burnt?
Shaving (men): Ingrown hairs?
hey girls who is sexier a boy with his navel pierced or a boy without?
1 week old tragus peircing?
how do i make my boobs bigger?
I have a pimple that won't go away! Help?
What's the purpose of honey in homey soaps?
what facial piercing should i consider?
Do it yourself tragus piercing?
any idea about how to get rid of spots on face and make the skin really smouth?
What's the secret to a close underarm shave?
How to remove latent dirt pores?
which strange piercing should i get...?
How bad does it hurt to get you belly button pierced?
i have 2 zits,?
Any ideas about salt? for piercing?
Do you know how to make the nails healthy?
Is there any way to get bigger boobs without plastic surgery or weight gain?
Are ur breast very red while prego,sore breast,tender and very dark around this signs,an white spot?
If u apply cologne in the morning, and u cant smell it any more can any one else?
which side of my lip should i get pierced?
indoor tanning lotion help.!?
Which moisturizers do you suggest that are NON comedogenic?
I have normal/oily skin...what is a good way to keep the shine off my face?
how much does it hurt when u have a nose plasti surgery?
Can you get tanned from hot water?
do home made face masks work?
anyone ever tried olay regenerist microdermabrasion and peel system?
How to make scars go away, pimples, etc?
would u rather go out with a girl for her looks and rep or her personality not both?
Why are my hands so wrinkly?
I need a chest xray, and I have just had my belly button pierced, will it be ok to keep it in?x?
what age is the best to get ears pierced?
Will these fit in a normal pierced ear?
I have wrinkles around one eye and not the other. What could be causing this?
should i get brows waxed?
Girls Only Plz!!!!! Girls girls girls?
How old do you think you should be?
I really want to get to know a redhead girl?
how many moles do you have?
I am 13 and have stretch marks on my boobs how do I get rid of them without having to buy creams etc?
“Which particular facial feature of yours do you personally admire the most?
8th graders ONLY answer?
Is spray deodorant better than roll on?
does a belly piercing really hurt?
Does having a big nose put girls off?
how to develope my breast?
Methods/Products that help close pores?
Do you think this will leave a scar?
ok well i have questions im gonna put in to 1 ok !?
How to get rid of bags under eyes?
Rashes all over my face!!?
does getting your belly button pierced hurt more than getting your ears pierced?
Do other people see things on me the same way as i do from my perspective?
what is best shaves dry skin?
Cute, pretty, hot, sexy, fine, beautiful?
do you know if there are different ways to roll a henna cone?
where can i buy "sudden change extra strength facial moisterizer with green tea"???
is it comfortable to be braless?
GETTIN A EVEN TAN! HELP!!!!!!!! ((and another tanning question))?
Is Elmers Glue safe to put on your ear?
Girl problem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
is it okay to go from a regular earring to a size 14 gauge?
How do I get rid of a fat lip ? - Pleeease Help! :(?
are there any ways to get rit of a hickey? if so, please help me out?
any luck with sunless tanners?
My mom won't let me get a tragus piercing.?
I am in mah teens and I am recovering from jaundice and because of it my facial colour is darkening help me?
Lower back dimple piercings?
Skinny Fat Debate about a friend of mine?
Is my display picture of bad quality?
I heard these things about Proactiv?
Nose piercings........?
does ear piercing hurt?
how do i get rid of my dark underarms? PLEASE HELP!!!!!?
does sephora collection cream body butter work?
acne and birth control?
Bumps on my forehead,cheeks,and chin.?
Help!! Good way to get rid of/minimize acne overnight(10 points best answer)?
my chest is kinda small how can i make it look bigger?
My belly ring is red and swollen but doesnt hurt what do i do?
Tanning tips...I need to get a tan REAL QUICK?
Is my Dermal Piercing Normal?
Can cornstarch baby powder give you cancer?
What should I do about my INFECTED belly button?
what can remove dark circles under eyes?
Ear stretching by myself or by a professional piercer?
i got my belly button pierced unprofessionally and.....?
Best place to get a labret piercing in Gloucester?
do you think its funny when...?
should i get a lip piercing?
what is the best type of way to sleep with smone?
Do I have to cover my eyes?
belly button ring, or not????
does it hurt getting your belly button pierced?
im 14 and really want my nose pierced
How can i pursuade my mom to let me get my belly button pierced?
Where can you find Banana Boat Vitaskin Instant Tanning Lotion?
Do you think that i should be skinnier?
Fake tanning for the face?
Price of Nads Wax Strips in the Philippines?
What do you think about how i look?
what piercing should i get???? HELP!!!?
where can i buy natural clay for a body wrap?
is it normal for a 14 year old to have a big bra size?
whats a good lotion?
What are kankles?? people keep saying my teacher has em?
Eyebrow piercing problems?
How to get rid of acne?
Does VASELINE take away forehead lines?
Is vodka good for skin blemishes?
In need of a septum piercing, anyone in atl area can do it or give info on some kits i can use?
sunburn to tan?
Will a tanning bed help me tan?
Does anyone know what it the best fragrance at bath & body works?
Is camel toe different than fat monkey?
Can you prep. me for helix piercing?
self tanner in the winter???
Good brands of bodywash and body/hair items for teenage boys like lush?
what size of needles are use for these piercings?!?
Wat is the best way to increase bust size.urgent please?
do guys you prefer girls with tan lines or all over tans?
How to tan pale skin?
do you like tanned or white skin type?
How to make your skin lighter?
I need a good school perfume?!?
LADIES,,, do you prefer Sweet or Spicy colognes on guys?
Yikes!!! Hair on my chin, you've got to be kidding me?!?
How to get pale without foundation, surgeries, or products....Juz natural stuff! 10 POINTS!!!?
Where can I buy PSF Green Tea Cleansing Milk?
How to make my legs skinnier?
what does it feel like getting your ear lobe pierced?
How to make skin more Pale/Whiter?
Some good self tanners?
How does the price of body wash compare to the price of bar soap?
How do you get rid of . . . ?
girl help please or boy i do not care really....?
Does Retinol minimize pores or fade blemishes?
Help me out about my navel?
Would you tell me about Scarguard MD ?
whats a good acne solution?
How long do u normally spend in the shower..?
does pro-sense antibacterial shampoo work?
is there a website where i can buy 16g lip huggers?
what is the best dove deodorant and body wash for women?
My Acne before and Now, and Products?
Does anyone know any ways or products to remove under eye bags?
I have a question for adult readers only..?
how would you describe yourself?
i am convincing my dad to get my belly button pierced and he said yes should i get it i am confused?
Tongue piercing and colds?
I have terrible Acne scares...HELP!!?
How to treat the black heads and white bumps on my nose?
Are there Pond's facial washes here in Canada?
I have 2 dry spot on face?
I have a lip piercing question?
im 10 days late on my "." what could that mean?
How do you help dry skin?
Help with chemical peels?
I need your advise help?
I shaved and got razor bumps?
Do lip piercing leave scars?
Hand paraffin...??
The T-zone ?
swimming spoiling my hair....!!!!!!!!?
Scares with Piercings?
How to get rid of those bags under your eyes?
AGH! i HATE my nose!?
What's better!??!???!???!?
Where can I go to get a low cost nose job?
What is the best Vitamin that an adult can buy to help stop acne breakouts, or help close the pores?
Whats the best self-tanning cream?
how much is it for to get my lips bigger (cosmetic surgery) ?
Facial masks??
How can I get rid of dark spots on my hands, it's from working with gloves on my hands all day?
Why does everyone have their lip pierced?
Do you think girls with their belly button pierced is hott?
how do you properly pop a pimple?
Bra Sizes..............?!?!?
what can i do about my blemishes?
i have darklines under my eyes will anything work?
Tips For Clear Skin?
Cleanser and tonic??
Do you think the Monroe piercing is ugly?
URGENT!HURRY!Its about Mary Kay?
Do I have alright legs?
I want to start using some face masks. What are good ingredients to look for that prevent wrinkles?
How can I wear my sunglasses without getting marks on my nose?
How can I get rid of my stretch marks?
is it possible????
Do Guys Like A Little Tummy On Girls?
What's a good breakfast to have?
How do you remove a acrylic toenail?
Acne help me please
wgat is the best type of piercing for a guy?
Itching after tanning, how can I stop or ease it up?
what products have worked well for you?
Do I have high or prominent cheek bones?
I breakout whenever i get my eyebrows threaded?
Help with dry, acne prone skin?!?
Any tip for acneic skin?pleaseee!?
Is it okay to wash your face after you wax it?
Is it okay that I flip my septum piercing up into my nose until it heals?
How can you get longer nails is a week?
i have blackheads (spots )on my nose how to rermove em permenently?
kiehls oatmeal facial cleanser?
skin problem????
Which one has the best body?
Any good, reliable spot treatments?
I want my butt to get bigger. What should I do?
Picking on Chicken pox Scabs- Does this leave Scarring?
What do I do about my scar?
do I have a big nose?
How to make a home spa day for myself?
No bra suits my breasts .It makes red spots all over the skin on which irritation starts.On scratching blood?
What does tanning lotion do?
What are your insecurities about your body?
My big toe nail has weird creases on it?
How can you reduce the redness in eyes, or them being bloodshot?
Do colored ppl age different?.....plz read?
to become white what i have to use?
How many facials does a facial specialist do a day usually?
In the UK, how old you have to be to get a piercing without parental consent?
my nose is always getting crusty help!?
Would it be good to go to a tanning bed everyday for 5 minutes to get a base tan in the course of four days?
Can too much chest hair be bad?
skinny, then fat in a swimsuit?
How do you get rid of persistant spots?
If I eat more fruits and vegetables will I get a healthier complexion?
"midlife" acne?
i want to get proactive but i want to get all the masks and washes and spot treatments?
Cartilage Piercing : Trouble Sleeping?
Can I get a tan in..?
How do I pierce my ears with a big safety pin?
im 32 year old and 5 5 height and 48kg pls tell me how do i gain.?
My face is so oily!!?
stretching ear advise?
Are lay-down tanning beds more effective than stand-up beds?
Clean and Clear Persa-Gel 10 drys my skin?
claire's accessories ear piercing?
i don't know what my face is....can anyone help?
What is best for white/black heads?
Two Questions inside.?
Bigger Breasts/Contest plz :)?
I broke a tooth in half?
Where in Tokyo can I buy F-cup cookies (30/pack-size) and how much are they?
Lady's what is your fav body part on a man? me i like the arm's lol. you?
Will mederma lighten my scar?
What piercing will suit me?
Benefits of hydroquinone, Mometasone and Tretinoin cream for face?
My PA piercing bleeds alot.?
Does milk of magnesia work for oily skin?
Whats wrong with my legs after shaving?
What's the fastest acne treatement that's efficient?
What's a good way to get rid of or reduce pimples?
piercing questions . . .?
tanning salons?
nicee day out....nicee enough for tanning?
i changed my belly button ring too early and now it's infected, how do i treat it?
Do you think its ok for me to go up a size gauge?
Why do i get so oily?
huge zit ! help =S?
What's a good product for dry, sensative skin and that will also treat acne?
Which piercing would look best on me? (i have pics)?
Is there a way to be out in the sun in the summer and not get Tan?
Lip or Nose Ring on me? (Guy)?
Do turmeric masks work well?
I am getting ready for prom and ive been tanning but i get sploches on my back, anything i can do to stop it?
What face wash do you use?
what if a guy sees you in your bra?
How can i get rid of pimples fast?
does weed really change your looks that much?
if chapstick don't work, what can help my chapped lips?
What kindof lotion do you recomend?
How painful are belly button piercings?
Can I get liposuction if I'm not over 18?
my nails!.......?
should i get a face peircing?
i've got spots??????
How long can i leave my face mask on for?
How do i make Hickys go away?
Does sugar waxing really work?
How do I get RID of acne scars?
Lemon & Lime Bath & Body Gel from the BODY SHOP?
How to obtain a base tan with very pale skin?
Teens: Do You Mosturise?
With this piercing what type of ring do i use?
I need help with my nails!!?
how to remove wrinkles on the face?
Good Acne Face Washes (Cheap)?
Second piercings advice!?
How to become thin? SOON?
Dissapear freckles.. Darken Tan?
Anyone know?
Can you pierce skin with acne?
How to get a smaller waist ?
How old do you have to be to get your tongue pierced (UK)?
i am 5'7 180 pounds sophmore and never had a girlfriend and a little freckles no pimples. what should i do.?
Best L'Oréal Men Expert Moisturizer?
I got redness on my face from past pimples how can I make it go away?
Infected lip piercing?
Ear piercing at claire's or wal-mart?
whats the most attractive peircing on a girl.?
My hips are big! how to stop it?
do i look like a model?
Can I get my tongue pierced?
friends extremely tall sister?
I have a huge pimple on my nose!!?
At what age should you start using anti-wrinkle creams?
How Can I Get A Better Indoor Tan?
What is the best way to get rid of sightly facial hair since laser doesn't work on light hair?
Should I get my ears pierced for this?
I do thread my upper lip area, is there possibility that my skin can become rough bcoz of that?
How long does Doves Energy Glow self tanner last?
Does coconut oil is soap clog pores?
is this gross for a 13 year old?
girls, i need your help on this one?!?
what pericings should i get?
How long will my tongue hurt for after getting it pierced?
help me please?!?
whats best for razor bumps?
what is the strangest compliment you have ever recieved?
What type of girl do you like most?
Why do i have shaved spots on my head anytime i shave it?
Would it hurt if I got my belly button pierced and did a belly flop?
???home micro- dermabrasion +chemical peel for stretch marks or face?????
I have little blotches of dry skin all over my legs, could it be from hard water?
My tongue barbell has this weird odor. Help?
What Best Drugstore Moisturizer and cleanser?
10 year old and nails?
how bad does it hurt to get your bellybutton peirced??
I am so Self Conscious about it : (?
What size would men say is "perfect"?
I'm 13 years old; is it okay to self-pierce my own belly button?
what do you think of this percings?
I really want to shave my legs. But I am scared to ask mom because I don't think she is expecting it.?
People who have their tongue pierced.?
what piercing looks cooler belly or nose ?
what are some oral vitamins that will help smooth my smile lines?
what's wrong with my belly piercing!?
What level tanning bed is best?
How to become fat!!!?
Is it gay to have a peircing in your right ear even if it's in the upper part?
Is it a sin to have a ear piercing ?
Facts and convincing my mom about an industrial piercing?
How much cups of water will this bottle hold (pic)?
Am I underweight? D:?
Pimple problem!?
If i was getting my ears pierced,what does it tell people that i have both of them done?
Okay, so i just had my tongue pierced.....?
im 14 and im very depressed because of my boob size...wat do i do?
How do I get the swelling on my Monroe to go down ASAP?:(?
I just started gauging my ears and it kinda itches?
How to look clean at school?
Best way to get rid of stretch marks ?
i need the right acne cream!! help please.?
Size Matters??
♥♥Does ANYTHING work for streach marks drastically?♥♥?
eyes black circles?
I'm so self conscious about my eyelid. Is it even that bad?
When can i change that stud in my cartilage piercing?
does it hurt ot get a nose pierceing?
My face is burning after using neutrogena pink grapefruit oil free acne wash?
Cartilage peircing advice ! Please help , quickly .?
i am male 25 years old and recently bin looking pale and have puffy bags under eyes. Ne quick solutions?
Tanning is it cool cancer????? i need help?
does any females in here have any prominent hand veins that stick out all the time and nver go back in?
Is there anything that will clear up my acne?
Stick Thin Or Curvy?
I want to get my belly button pierced but..?
What skin lotion makes your skin smooth and lighten your complexion?
st.moriz tanning help?
What should I do: wide face?
Make up for very dark brown/black hair, blue eyes & pale skin?
Does Pro-Active really work?
What Stores in the San Fernando valley sell piercing kits, most likely in Northridge area?
Should I have a stud or a ring for my first lip piercing?
will a lobe (lower ear) piercing hurt much? read more?
Am i overweight????/?
im cry:( need help plz:(?
Where in the US can I buy Bio-Oil?Like wal-mart, wallgreens?
important personal question for woman.?
can i use this on my piercing?
Your experience with proactiv?
hair removal strips?
How do you get rid of pimples without all of that confusing stuff?
Microdermal Nape piercings and Nipple piercings?
I have pimples on my face what should I do 2 get rid off them ASAP!?
Should I try an epilator?
Is Old spice Fiji a good body wash?
How much is tanning for a month at suntan city?
how can i prevent getting sick?
I`ve got zits on my chin and .... need help?
lip piercing?
I have extremely dry skin. What's the best lotion to use?
How do I make my skin look better (male)?
How can I get rid of a hickey...and fast??? (read details...)?
why do i have a nasty smell in my belly button?
What piercing should i get?
Do you use deodorant on a regular basis during winter months?
I have hair around my belly button?
Those spots on your legs?
what is your favorite laneige product?!?!?
What could this be ? o.e?
my skin, pimples, scars, HELP!!!?
is it okay to change my nose ring?
what is the quickest way to dry your nails?
acne!!! how can I get rid of it over night?10 POINTS!!!!!?
Do you have to shave?
What would you do if someone did this to you?
What's more important, body or face?
Should i get accutane or wait a little bit longer?
When was the last time you encountered someone with Body odor?what was your first thought about y they have it
Using a sunless tanner plus face lotion?
Is 17 to young to have a hickie?
Help i cleared my (girl) mustache?
Why is my cartilage piercing bleeding?
bald patch on long for hair to grow back?!?!?
Do my boobs look big or average?
SOAP MAKERS, LYE? What kind do you use? Since Red Devil lye was discontinued what brand do you use now?
What piercing would you say hurts more?
What can i do to make my boobs bigger?
is steaming opens the pore of oily skin face?
How can i cause myself to have a organism?
Anyone out there know if Proactiv truly works?
I need Skin help! please?
How can I get rid of cellulite?
Whats the best homemade mask I can make that reduces pore size?
Belly button piercings, (kinda scared,.)?
acne sucks?
Girls? Guys who know? Waxing? Serious replies, please?
dark spot on face, what do i do?
What do you use for chapped lips?
I hate my body!!!! Help.?
how can I lighten my skin .I like to improve my dark brown complextion?
how do you get rid of black heads? whats the easiest and fastest way?
Does makeup make a huge difference with me?
Tips for soft skin on legs please?
Help with Stretched ears?
The ball of my new tragus piercing fell out what should i do?
what should i do? skin question?
What would you like to ask?Still have acne problem at 29?
Does my skin have anything to do with my diet?
Any thoughts on these new Nivea Good Bye Cellulite products?
Do I have a weird looking face?
which shaving method is better?
What is your biggest insecurity?
Hey, I'm 13 years old and want to get my nose or lip pierced. Which one?
Hard skin?
I have hairy arms. Will i have a problem getting a boyfroend in high school?
How do i pierce my lip?
Do I look like a cow?
I realized my belly ring was irritating my piercing and was making it thin out really bad so I changed it just?
Lost a bet, Girl gets to dress me up in anything she wants?
dry fingertips?
I think I am going to start shaving or using hair removal creams. Any advice?
Second piercing crust?
Has anyone tried the no no hair removal?
my face is acting wierd?
Is it attractive for 14 year old girls to have thier belly button pierced? answer please!!!?
how do i close the pores on my face?
How to lose weight?
Help with acne.....?
How long doesnt it take to get rid of dark circles uder your eyes?
How can I make my hands less rough/dry?
HELP me PLEASE!?!?!?
Does pure shea butter bleach your skin?
What is a girls milkshake?
will squeezing my butt cheeks on a daily basis make my butt big n lift it realy need to know special occasion?
neutrogena kit or proactiv?
I'm a very hairy 15 year old..?
Does It hurt having your ears peirced?
Any solution or medicin to stop masterbats?? Thats directly affect my study, creats dipression, irritiation n?
How much does Nicole Richie weigh?
How do u gget rid of chbby cheekss????PLEASE HELP!!PICS INCLUDED!! 10 points best answer!!?
How can my friend get rid of dry, flaky skin on her forehead?
In need for the right bra size!?
about my nose piercing?
How to get rid of face dicoloration?
how old do you have to be to do a full body suspension and how would i organize it?
How can you change your belly button?
Hi.I have a problem with stretch marks in my thigh and tummy, is there any ways to get rid of them?I'm 21.
What shampoos don't have mineral oils / liquid paraffin?
serious question how do girls get gaps in their butt?
Skin problem help???
What's the dangers of getting you tummy pierced?
after i wash my face and it gets dry so is it okay to put lotion on it?
Make my lips look smaller?
Very crooked septum piercing. Halp!?
does getting Ur pierced cartilage hurt?
I was told I'm getting gray hairs on my face because I'm lacking a vitamin or mineral do you know which one?
is is possible to get rid of freckles, or lighten them?
whts the best in making arms fair?
l'oreal color rays?
!!!ACNE ISSUES!!! proactive and what else???
Am I little, I get called little?
help with deoderant please!!!!?
Does anyone know a good website to find recipes for homemade soap, facewash, etc?
Where can I buy the Ritz Carlton "Spa Fresh" Moisturizer online?
Are large breasts considered attractive?
Do you tell a stranger they have extremely bad B.O.?
If I take too much Vitamin C, will there be any adverse effects on my teeth and bones?
What kind of bath soap do you use?
Weird question, But PLEASE help!?!?!?
Whats wrong with my belly piercing?
What are some signs of a beautiful body?
Clean&Clear Blackhead Eraser?
Is it gay for a male to get there anti eyebrow pierced?
Eyebrow ring?
Can saline injections be used to temporally increase a woman's breast size?
Where can I get my tragus pierced?
i want my belly button pierced?
When do snakebites heal?
how tall is too tall?
My nose piercing closing?
Am I to big to wear a bikini? ?
Dead Sea products?
PIERCINGS: Should i get my nose my bellybutton or my tongue pierced?
Will getting a spray tan increase my acne/backne?
Got my Nose pierced yesterday...but now i am a bit scared..?
maggots on the body?
when should i be able to move my septum piercing?
How much does a belly button piercing hurt?
huge zit ! help =S?
how do i do my eyebrows--Guy?
Saw this (The Benefits of Using a Quality Bidet as a Toilet Seater) any one use it ?
does toothpaste get rid of zits?
Do all women have this?????????
i want to get my belly button pierced? what's your opinion on them?
Do the instant tanning beds work?
has anybody use skin i.d .?
Tanning Lotion: Zero to Sexy! Have you used it?! Reviews?!?
I want to get my lips plumped?
Can I have stretched ears if I work at a nuclear power plant?
sun damage: how do i fix this?
what can i do to look fair?
Can anyone recommend a great tanning bed lotion?
15 year old girl, dark circles under my eyes?
Waxing for men?
Does razor burn ever go away?
Why would I be considered chubby or fat?
Do your (pierced) ear lobe holes ever close up/grow up?
help!??!?!?!?!?!?!??!?! pwezeeee?
Why do kids today so small and look so young?
Do electric shavers help minimize razor bumps on your bikini line?
Whats a good cleanser for sensitive/acne skiN? !!! Desperate!!!?
How to get bigger boobs quick naturally plz help me!?
Does Proactive really work?
What type of belly button do you have?
Please help with my pimple!!!!!?
get rid of acne marks over night?
This is a weird question... :P?
Can I clean my @SS with the same shower puff I use to clean my body?
where is your tatoo and what is it?
Do you have to wait a certain amount of time before you eat after a tongue piercing?
Vch piercing?is being sore 3to 4 days after normal?
Nape piercing (Neck piercing)?
i am considering ear modification to points and i wanted to know a couple things?
am a 14 year old girl why do i have small black dots on my nose?
after you wash your face in warm water do u put lotions,creams, moisterizers on?
cartilage piercing bleeding a lot?
Besides the face....?
My friend made fun of me for my belly button being pierced?
Home remedy's for acne free skin?
Tanning. Ruva Vs. Wolff?
What is the best acne skin cleanser?
ACNE I'm almost 21!!!! So self conscious... what product should i buy!!!?
does it look wierd when you take out a belly button piercing?
Skin Products?
Is it normal to get pimples at 18?
Which hurts more? A belly button peirce or a ear peirce?
How to I lighten my armpit?
can skinny people have rosy cheeks?
would snakebites look good on me?
is there a way to reshape your nose without rhinoplasty?
Stretch mark help for teenagers?
why does it happen.(girls only) please help!?
Does getting your belly button pierced hurt?
Black circles around my eyes, how do I get rid of them?
What's the quickest and cheapest way of getting a tan?
Is this normal for a surface piercing?
Why do guys like big boobs?!?
What are some good ways to get rid of acne?
Microdermal anchor on chest...?
Looking for a make at home recipe for an oil-free facial cream/lotion/moisturiser?
Is this too many skin care products?!?!?!?!EASY 10 POINTS!!!!?
Do you enjoy being naked at home?
is it necessary to shave "down there"?
Piercing question? help please!?
Is there a way to get rid of those little red shaving bumps?
Will my 00 gauged ears close up if I take them out?
Should I get a lip peicing, or a monroe?
Where can I buy non-toxic nail glue?
Is it bad to be so tall?
Glasses slip from oily nose?
Got ear pierced and stretched today, how long until I can take it out?
Piercing after care question...?
What should I get at Bath & body works?
What is my body shape?
I need good fast ways to get tan no self tanners just the sun......please help :}?
My face is always pink?
Will Clinique's Moisture Surge prevent wrinkles?
i want a fair skin wht can i do for it?
Is 9 to young to use ProActive?
strech marks/cellulight?
who is the best reconstructive surgeon is ny?
can I get my tongue re-pierced for free?
~Tongue Piercing Question??~?
if a belly bar piercing gets infected can you make it better without having to take it out? ?
I am an africa-american female, 47, what is the most natural way to get rid of post acne marks, fruit if possi?
Is Clean And Clear Deep Action good for getting rid of blackheads?
I want to get a fake bellyring (clip on), but I need some help?
Need advice for Oily skin advice?
how can i get my belly pierced at age 14 ?
make spider veins less visible?
I have dry skin bye my lips? How can I get rid of it?
Murad Post-Acne Spot Lightening Gel? Results?
Why won't my size 12 gauges go in?
How do you get rid of razor bumps under your armpits?
in other to get cure of pigment in our face, what is the best way to cure?
goodbye cellulite??
Is find your bliss website legit?
Body hair on spring break?
i am 5ft3 what about you?
if a guy takes estrogen pills will that help him to lose weight?
Can I get sun burnt...?
Look OK for just having a baby? (Pic)?
Weird asking but blackheads?
acne remedy?
What is the best type of tanning lotion/bronzer to use in a tanning bed?
should i pluck hairs on my stomach?
how long does it take for your ears to heal after you pierced them?
Personal opinions needed, Size 6 or good hour glass figure?
question about proactive, please help?
Can fish oil vitamins the ones you take in pill form interfere with skin clarity can it cause or irratate acne?
Should teenagers get plastic surgery?
how long does lip piercing swelling last?
Bikini situation!!!(girls only)?
Is my skin colour too pale?
Help! oily/dry skin! What to do!?
Ways to hide/ cover up a lip piercing for school?
Is there any risks associated with eating mass amount of raspberries?
What's the best self tanner for fair skin that's almost impossible to tan?
Is a male with both ear lobes pierced gay?
I want to get a piercing for my birthday and what to know what one hurts LEAST (nose,tongue,lip industrial bar?
How to get rid of whiteheads?
Why do girls ask so much if there pretty ?
coldsoresss!! please helpp?
I have a horrible metabolism...what can i do to change that?
INformation on breast implants! help?
scarred spot on my face?
Question on SUNBATH (isn't it just silly?)?
good non-drying acne face wash?
Would you ever get plastic surgery?
please help me GAIN weight people?
what is the best way to remove acrylic nails without having to go back to the shop?
How to get your mom to let you do your eyebrows?
Red dry face?!?
how to keep piercing clean?
am i skinny or normal looking? (pic)?
how do i get rid of thisss :(?
surgery to change the shape of my face?
healthy looking face?
what is the best kind/brand of sexual lubricant?
i want to get a corset peircing when im older but...?
will a demi work to go from my natural mousey light brown to dark golden blonde? or to medium mohogany red?
Would I have enough money? Can I get it at 14?
Spot on my scalp under hair please help!?
Contact lenses?
Do you think it's possible to hide a tongue ring from my mom for 2 weeks ?
Does the Zeno actually work?
Should I get a tongue piercing?
New Labret piercing CUTTING inner lip under the back plate? help!?
Tons of tiny zits on forehead!!!???!!?
Nape piercing or septum piercing?
Do you think i can pull off hats? I know most women cant, what do you think? (pic inside)?
belly button piercing help!?
does acne free face wash really work for your face?
my helix piercing closed up but..?
What are these zit-like things i get under my nose?
botox ruined my mums face? help?
Snakebites or eyebrow piercing?
how to finish the pimples?
Who has the best body? *PHOTOS*?
How many is too many piercings?
My surface piercing is sort of sinking into my skin?
Smooth legs?
what causes acne?
I know i shouldnt pop pimples but i cant help it how can i reduce the redness?
i turn 21 and i want to get my lip pierced but i also want to drink...can i?
Best way to prevent chapped lips?
Did nair not work for me or what?
my skin is fair but dry and dull. How to make it glowing?
can you buy neutrogena products at the store or do you have to order them?
what the fastest way to get breast implants and lumineers ?
I need help with oily skin?
how to get rid of stretch marks?
Sickness after piercings?
Are freckles a turn off?
Which hurts more, nose piercings or lip piercings?
What product can get black spots of your face in a week?
Woman's Body Bible?..................................…
Thin hairs on my stretchmarks.?
industrial strength moisturiser?
black dots on my face?!?
how to remove cartilage piercing ? if you want to remove it?
how to keep a zit from scarring?
How can I get rid of a bad shin guard tan?
ok im confused which ones right ?
Where can i get my cartilage piercing ?
hair starightener?
What's the fastest way to get rid of pimples ?
Im a girl and I have some questions on shaving?
Is my nose big??? + pic included?
How old should I be to get these piercings?
My skin care regimen. I need some help.?
do u like tongue peircings?
What's 5mm (stretched ear) in gauge?
Red skin around nose piercing?
Does acne affect whether someone is attractive or not?
I have many blackheads on my nose,I want to get rid of them?
how much would this piercing cost?
Should you pop pimples on your nose?
do i have the bad boy/ douchebag look need honest opinion?
how to make a dimple more noticable?
Does Pakistan offer laser scar removal surgery? How much does it cost if it does, and how effective is it?
is st.ives good for sensitive skin?
Question about Old Spice?
I skipped ear taper sizes, and im alright?
... should i get lipo for my cellulite? i need too know soon!?
How long does it take to tan?
my gf worried about skin dryness?
What causes my acne to flare up?
Please, can you watch this picture and tell me what's wrong with me ?
How do I get my parents to let me get my lip pierced?
How can I Make my skin clear and soft ? =]?
How to reduce pimples?
does drinking alcohol affect your boobs growing ?
lost bet to girlfriend?
lemon juice /lime juice lighten your skin?
do you need to look for veins when you pierced somebody's lip ?
white spots on my face?
Male facial hair or not?
Does anyone know anything about Mystic tanning?
I need to stop touching my face? Tips on getting rid of acne too? Please?
How do you consume crushed freshwater pearls?
Is it infected, or is this normal?
Chubby girls in Shorts?
What is a good level of SPF in a sun tan lotion so that I can tan, but not get burnt?
thinking of getting a lip piercing.?
My nipples show through my dress? i have a very light undershirt and i can't wear a bra yet? help?
how long would it take two cartilage piercings on each ear to heal?
I have lots of Acne & Scabs on my forehead?
period question!!!!!!!!!!?
do you have any homemade skincare products?
question for guys?
Has anyone ever actually had a LIVING SKULL for a HEAD?
Strectch marks?
how can i get rid of my eye bags?
helpppp how to kissss?
are nose piercings worth it?
What's a good way to get rid of or reduce pimples?
Body Odor. What to do about it. Even if you shower,use deodorant and cologne.?
can you swim in a tapon?
A question about gauged ears?
Every time I shave my bikini area I get extremely bad razor bumps!?
what piercing should I get?
where can i get so-tox slimming cream, i have googled it but nothing, it was gmtv this mornin?
Where on your body would you get a piercing?
i need to change my lip colour .it is so dark.i havent smoked there any cometic surgery to over come it?
How can I get rid of a huuuge pimple by tomorrow?
I'm 13, and I'm gaining weight & ppl keep telling me =o?
How to get rid of the bags under my eyes?
is it alright to switch to clindoxyl gel when im using proactive?
Which is better, Oxy pads or Spectro Pads?
how do u make 32A look bigger
how to make my period come later?
Why did I feel and hear my heartbeat through my whole body?
best drugstore facial serum. 10 points?
should i get an industrial piercing?
I pierced my ears and my earrings ripped through my ears?
Is 13 too young to have your cartalige peirced?
Why can't I take the sun, and other people whiter than me can?
What is the best size?
Should I get the industrial piercing?
when i put on deoderent i still stink?
CALLiNG ALL 12 TO 15 yr Old Girls?
how long to you have to wait to make out or give oral when you get your lip pierced?
Having Neck issues Please Help!!?
Is it normal for your 2nd toe to be longer than your big toe?
What is good anti-persperint deoderent,that actually works?
Would the St Moriz Mousse Self Tanner Still work If i use the tanning bed and have a tan?
What is this? i cant figure it out?
I weigh 130 lbs and 5'2 and 12 years old......?
How do i cear my bacne?
why do guys care so much about..?
Can i get a tanning bed membership without my parents permission (i'm 17)?
my belly button ring keeps rejecting, why?
what weight would be considered "thin" for a 5'3 girl?
How do u get rid of white heads and enlarged pores on face?
what types of food are good for your skin and hair?
Where can i get a nose huggie in dubai?
Can I leave my tapers in for today?
can you go tanning if you have your period?
Are there any vitamins that are alternatives to facial fillers?
Obagi Tolereen?
Is it cleaner to wipe your bottom or wash it with soap and hot water?
Pale pigmented skin. How to make it a whiter skin!?
cartilage piercing help?
Is head-hair dye (blonde/bleach) safe to use on the body?
How should i wash my face in the morning? HELP?
Fair Skin people?
underarm waxing questions? i have done it once before, btw..?
How many pounds is it healthy 2 loose a week?
I have ed nipples, what should I do?
Does Piercing the Top Of Your Ear Hurt?
Can you get a keloid from a nose plug?
Hairy 15 yr old??? URGENT HELP NEEDED !!!?
Eyebrows!! I don't have much eyebrow hair, is there any way to thicken my eyebrows?
Should i get mt belly pierced?
How to Make at Home Bliss Poetic Wax Hurt Less?
How bad do industrial piercings hurt?
Whats Good to Wash your Face With?
How to get bigger lips without make up or surgery?
i wanna get snake bitees reaal bad - does it hurt too geet theem donee ?
What is healing like for the TRAGUS piercing?
What height do girls prefer, for a/their guy?
new cartilage piercing help?
I had a car wreck back in August and I keep getting breakouts in the area - ?
restaurant supply look 4 some 1 to molder are hairnets?
proactive does it work?
ok so i want to get a tan but i burn really bad really easily?
Girls... Why wax if.....?
What causes these bumps and how can i get rid of them?
Spa Night? Any recipes?
How much does a tragus piercing hurt ?!?
Ingrown toenail problem?
Best Acne Wash & Moisturiser?
Girls, if you could get boob implants would you?
two bumps on rook :(?
Mechanic Hand wash???? Ever heard this before?
i have to run a mile tommorow and im on my period. if i wear a pad, would it break?
Chemical Peel Question?!?
best cleanser there is?
Piercing the cartiladge?
Why is my skin so light?
Nipples: i have 1 innie and 1 outie..and embarrassed. anyone else?
What's Less Painful My Lip Peirced or My Nose?
what would you rather have?
what do you think is your best feature?
What should I apply first, fake tan or baby oil?
bronzer? skin colors?
im 13. should i have a spray tan or go on a sun bed?
How do i make myself pretty??
any pointers on spray tans?
Best way to get rid of hair on the legs?
Beauticians/Day Spas in Pattaya Thailand?
Do I have the eyes that would I look good in eye makeup?
I'm starting to use skin care products, is it normal to break out?
when i put toothpaste on my zits ho w long to i keep it on for?
Why is getting tanned a good thing?
Hayy! i have decided to become a goth. I've been listening to this band named Tokio Hotel. i need help. ?
Deorderant suppose to de"stop" Oder from getting to your underarms right?
what is a good Tato??
what is the best way to stretch your ears?
am i too young to get my belly button pierced?
has anyone pierced their own ears?
What could this bump be?
how old do you have to be to get a piercing without parental consent?
should i get my tongue pierced?
How to wax for first time on shaved areas?
ok, first dont answer if youre going to insult me! if youre nice answer please.?
Do you think I look chubby? (Pics included)?
Is OLAY total effects Cooling Hydration Lotion....?
Why is the right side of my face different from the left?
Am I using the wrong material to stretch my ears out?
can you get your ears pierced more than once at the same time?
Do big lips, on a guy, look good?
Any body that had laser hair removal done?
How do you get rid of shine, especially in the t-zone area on your face?
Want to get my nose pierced?? Does it Hurt? plz?
is 12yr old too young to shave her eyebrows?
Radiator mix when winterizing.?
Personal opinions needed, Size 6 or good hour glass figure?
Lip piercing questions?
get rid of acne?! best answer gets 10 points?!?
Best facial cleanser?
need 2 get rid of acne?
Can all the LADYS help me help my sister?
My breasts are large... help please...?
Just got my ears pierced and....?
What do you think of girls with multiple piercings?
Why can I only use thick hand cream on my face?
If you have pierced ears, how do you keep them from getting infected?
Red skin around flat, red dot?
How long does it take for a nose piercing to heal?
I've tried johnsons holiday skin a few times but I keep getting patchy parts?
Is the book Acne Free in 3 Days worth the price?
i am very slim how to put on weight?
I think im fat...but people say im skinny....i need an explanation?
I need nipple piercing help?
Fake tan spray?
Eyebrow peircing ? ? ?
spa owners and workers...?
If I have the left side of my nose and ear cartilage pierced, which side should I get a Monroe?
How do i change my nose stud?
do alot of women do this??
Why are Indians from India afraid to use deodorant?
How do you remove a acrylic toenail?
What does not getting alot of sun time do for your skin?????
What is the best OTC lotion to help with dry, ed, splitting hands?
How do you get rid of ingrown hairs fast?
how do u take off a labret?
tattoo ???
Should a guy get a belly button piercing?
should i hide my freckles?
Stretching ears and they feel dry?
Does it hurt when you have your nose peirced with a gun ?
What can I put in a bath?
i dont like my body..?
Nair face cream made the bottom of my cheek red and rough and it looks like a rash?
what product is great for dark circles and eye wrinkles?
Cartilage Piercing.... and Swim Team in a month?
Favorite skin care products line from Sephora?
Can anyone recommend some good anti-aging products?
Is this an okay weight?
what does cocoa butter do?
Is It Long To Take A 1 Hour Shower....?
What beauty stuff do you do to yourself?
is my earlobe piercing OK? what do i do?
proactiv isnt working for me?
do you like my dress?
Please Help!!?
my hair has no shining i have heard abt eggs?
How to make a piercing less painful?
At what age can you start putting face masks and when is the best time to put it?
I have a problem with my recently pierced nose?
my face is itchy? i got my full face waxed skin looks very glowy and beautiful but itch alot and have redness
What is the fastest and easiest way to get rid of acne?
Piercing cleaning solutions?
Does all face moisturizer make your face sweat?
Whats wrong with my navel piercing?
What acne treatment products do you use?
What piercing should I get?
which one works best... clearisil, proactive, or clean and clear?
I gave myself a hickey,how do I get rid of it?!?
There are these numerous tiny 'dots' on my nose. How do I get rid of these?
Why is my ear piercing doing this?
How to get rid of a zit fast.?
i tried to tan in orange soda &butter &other things help me with this please?
Cartlige piercing help please answer asap?
what kind of *** is good to have ? ((tight, loose, etc.))?
help i am tired of acne!?
which is the best nose? (pics included)?
Philosophy Skincare? Is it good?
Which smelled better? Apple blossom or Cherry blossom?
piercing opinion help?
looking sunscreen for the face?
I just got my ears pierced today, i have some questions?