please suggest some homemade remedies to improve my complexion....................?
how much tanning is too much?
HELPPP!!!! How do I get rid of a hickey.... and fast!?
best facial cleanser for combination skin?
How can I make my breasts bigger or at least LOOK bigger?
when you shave does the hair really grow back thicker and faster?
how do i perse my tongue wit out going to get it done?
i want to buy a new depilatory machine i like braun (the green one) i need more info on other machines?
Does tanning in beds or outdoors help clear up acne?
What should b done 2 reduce the darkness of hands???
when u wadsh ur face?
Shaving?!?!? (Girls only)?
I'm super depressed about my height?
Is my belly button peircing infected?
In your opinion: What is the "Ideal Body"?
pls Suggest me one best shaving lotion & gell..?
I have my belly button,nose,and ears pierced. what piercing should I get next!!?
Me in speedo (girls only)?
Does Veet or Nair work better?
Acne on my face again!?
Please Help! Skin Problems!?
Acne=( i tried that proactive stuff but...?
Can i use a salacylic acid moisturizer with proactiv?
which is the least painful piercing?
how do i make my eye stop bleeding?
If you give up drinking and smoking will your skin look younger?
Where can I find Differen?? 10 points for first answer!! Thanks!! :o)?
My face feels wierd after shower?Solutions?
I'm becoming very hairy since i became 16, all around my arms,shoulders,back, will i be getting more hairy!?
What is the best bleach for body hair?
I have VERY dry skin on my face. I exfoliate and mosturize constantly with no help. And suggestions?
Any of you women have this problem?
Please Rate her 1-10.....?
How to get rid of these bumps on my legs?
i want to get my belly button pierced but what do u do 2 clean it ?
How to get rid from dark circles on eyes?
Question for all you "curvy" women, who hate on skinny women?
Exactly how to ask my mom for deodorant?
I'm a boy and shaved my legs?
Is 34A a normal size or too small!?
What about a septum piercing?
Do you still lay in the sun or in the tanning bed?
I'm getting the top of my ear pierced..?
hahah seriously who does this these days (PICS)?
age of shaving???
Survey #3 Biggest Turnoff (For men and Women)?
Face skin help?!?!?! Prom soon?
What's the best way to reduces the appearance of stretch marks?
Ears Pierced.... Did they hurt?
What's the best way to start stretching my ears? I have lots of questions?
I have some questions about ZINC pills!?
What do you think of think of me pictures?
Ear piercing's help please?
What is the best way to get a nice ROUND booty?
big lips or thin.??
What oil free sunscreen should I put on my face when I sit in the sun?
Black Circles that will not go away! help?
How can you make a narrow face appear wider?
My legs are too hairy...?
What are these small dots under eyes?
i want a tragus piercing?
new Micro-crystal proactive?
Am I fat? (pixxss)?
would it be wrong&stupid to have a friend pierce my nose?
how to get rid of dark bumps on skin?
How often to belly button piercings reject?
Why do curvy girls HATE skinny girls?
Stretch marks all over my bum and thighs?
I need a Pro Ana buddy.?
blackheads on my nose?
Is this true that Vitamin E has no any effect on scars at all?
sunbed , solarium?
Should I stop eating?
How would you describe this body shape? (PICTURE)?
is it better to pop a zit or leave it?
is it possible for me still to grow?:(?
Question for 13-17 year old girls?
What is the beat razor for shaving your legs?
Is there a lip balm that can heal your lips?
How to clean the lips?
I have severe red acne marks all over my face on..?
Will drinking a lot of water prevent Acne?
Okay, so i've had this bump on my nose ring?
I want to get a breast agumentation how do I know what size is right?
Ways to get rid of acne!?
my face doesnt look symmetrical :(?
What piercing would be the better option ?
Help? Please? I'm 13 and my face is a different color shade than the rest of my body. ?
whats happening to me?
can you get tan in the moon light?
How long do you keep 50% Glycolic Acid on for?
where can i find bras at?
what side does a nose piercing go on?
How can I get rid of my pubic/armpit hair easily??
Is wears tights studs bad for your lip?
LUSH product best for acne?
ACNE!!!! please help i want it to go by by?
I really want my belly button peirced but scared of infection?
please give me your honest opinion... (girls only)?
What is the proper way to remove hair from the pubic region?
how would you describe my figure?
Getting my rook pierced?
what facial peircing should i get??
whats a good after tanning lotion?
How do I get rid of my pimples?
cod liver oil and cellulite?
**********Do i have caramel complexion!!!?
what do Spa's use on your feet?
How can I pervent myself of getting acne?
Using h2ocean to clean piercings?
Anyone with a tongue piercing?
Should I continue using Murad?
Do we look similar?
What are sessions for tanning?
Women, any ideas on a "Brazilian Bikini Wax"?
Why do women hate their bodies?
BREAKING OUT !!! PEMPLES !!! ACNE !!! ALL of the above?
girls only?
my daughter is 11 and wants her belly button pierced can i get in trouble if i let her?
chap stick recommendations???
wich is better! frm bath and body works! Japanese cherry blossom or Moonlight path! (need to know quick)?
Have any advice for spray tans?
how to get rid of dark circles under the eyes?
What can I use to moisturize my face?
can i get the top of my ear done at Claires with the gun?
What shape is my face?
How can I get rid of my acne?
does jergens natural glow express smell good?
Is soft hair on your face normal?
Why do i have so much acne when i come back from somewhere?
What is the fastest most effective skin whitening product?
what is the average body measurements a 14 year old girl needs?
has anyone ever had any procedures done by Dr. Rod Rohrich in Dallas.?
Breast strech marks?
Pampering? What is the correct order for a facial?
is it too late??
Why do I have. chubby face?
can anyone tell me a home remedy for ed heels ?
Do you think losing 15 pounds would make a significant difference on me? ((PICS))?
Can Dove cream bar cause acne?
can i have tips on gaining weight?
Once my tongue piercing heals will the bar look more centered?
I don't know if i have an ingrown toe nail or not !?!?
Belly Button [navel] Piercing [Cheerleader]?
Tennis tan help...................?
benzoyl peroxide?
how to kiss someone?
blackheads from hell please help?
Do i have the body to model?
will my acne go away if my skin stays matte?
How can i make my nose smaller without surgery?
whats up with my nose?
White color growing in my nail?
How exactly do i clean my new belly piercing with sea salt ?
After Leg Shaving Question?
skin and eyes?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
Lip-ring? Should I?
What do i need to do to become a Professional body piercer?
Thinking of getting my tongue pierced?
Should i let my daughter get her cartilage pierced? yes or no?
My face gets really dry, from the sun and chlorine, when I put oil of olay on it makes my skin have pimples!?
Severely Dry Hands that are bleeding. Help!?
What do you prefer BIG Boobs or a BIG ***?
What bathing suit color looks best with very tan skin?
Does getting a belly piercing hurt?
What do women think of men tanning and how should I do it?
i cant seem to get rid of acne!! any advise?
Should I shave my head?
Does toning give me more muscle mass?
Why the he'll did I come out dark skinned if my mom is a very light skin and my dad most of my family is white?
My face is really shiny...How do I get it to not be so shiny?
How do i get rid of acne scars?
How to get rid of pimples and acne?
How Do You Open The Razor Blade Box?
Proactive Renewing Cleanser?
How to get rid of blackheads?
how do i protect my face from enlarged/visible pores?
Shots, getting my fingers pricked, getting my ears pierced don't really bother me, would it hurts to do these?
long toes and toe cleavage?
When to apply blemish cream?
Why are my hands sweating?
How to lighten knees?
ok loads of pimples?
incredibly swollen ear lobe from piercing.... advice?
I'm going to pierce my nose on my own; Is this dangerous?
Should I keep using proactiv?
Dry face..disaster! 10 points to best answer!! :)?
How do you keep from getting razor burn?? LADIES ONLY!!!!!!!!!?
my Lips are dark....?
i have my cartage pierced on the left and my bangs go to the right, what side should i get my nose pierced?
Why when you don't put on lotion, your skin becomes itchy?
piercings n parents =[ !.?
what foods are good for your skin and body?
What is a good cleanser for oily and ance-prone skin?
whats best to get rid of age spots, wrinkles etc?
Does lack of sun make body hair darker?
How can I grow at least 1 inch in my sleep tonight?
What is congested skin?
How to hide long lips when wearing a bikini?
I have these red burns on my cheeck. What should i use to make them go away?
Can the Neutrogena Long Lasting Shine Control Scrub Work as a Facial Mask?
average height?
I am really pale - how do I get a tan?
How can I make my breasts smaller or at least look smaller?
what do you think on piercing your monroe by yourself?
Why is my skin breaking out?
what would be a good title for my website?
stretch marks and tanning beds?
Are electronic shavers better than razors?
My (sexy) body is very sore?
I pierced my lip with a needle and used a normal earring stud. What should I do? .?
What is the correct size breasts for a 7 year old girl?
More freckles have appeared on my face?
"personal question" (puberty >_> )?
What about a septum piercing?
How to get rid of white spots on my face?
How do you get rid of acne fast!!!?
I'm skinny, and I want bigger breasts. Not like Pam Anderson but just a nice bust. Read details?
I got my tongue pierced...?
is it healthy to go braless at night?
Where can I get my tragus pierced?
mystic tanning?
how can i tell my gauge size?
Is this normal -picture?
Acne: Retin-A + Doxycycline question?
Why am I addicted to biting my lips?
Can anyone recommend a female piercer to do male genital piercing in London?
How do I get rid of oil on my face?
What colour do you think my eyes are? ?
My Nose Bone Stud is stuck?
Has anyone used Pro-k?
Anyone ever try a Glycolic peel? What were the results? I have acne scars I want to get rid of.?
Would a small nose piercing suit my face?
Lower back dimple piercings?
Can anyone recommend a good cosmetic surgery company?
Why wont my toe nails grow?
too many piercings?
Is it just me or...?
just had a 35% glycolic peel done.. it cost me $60.. took less than 20 minues'?
which is worse getting your nose pierced or being a smoker?
Navel bars sold at Claire's?
I know people who have hazel eyes and if a conversation about eye colors comes up, just about everyone.....?
What color are your eyes?
How to get pale skin?
Does nutra nails hardener really work?
Should asians have white skin or dark tan skin?
Does the skin lightening hydroquinone work very well?
Poll: does anyone else have this problem...?
where to buy likas papaya soap in the torrance or losangeles area?
How does the laser thing work?
Lip changing help???
I hate spots!!!!! Help?
im gonna peirce my own belly button... i have a question?
why do we get pimples?
I want to get my lip pierced but my dad won't let...?
How long will my skin be sensitive to the sun after using differin?
Leg shaving...?
Belly Button piercings: Hot or Not?
is getting you're eyebrow peirced sore?
Best Cream/Masks For Dry Skin? (Face)?
How can I even out the tan on my arms?
Acne, how to get rid of it in a month?
I've whiteheads on my T-zone, esp the nose. No matter what i do to fight them, they just dont go!!
if you touch ur nose alot can it get bigger?
If dyed my eyebrows, would they stay the colour that I dyed them forever?
Insecurity from Physical Appearance...Port Wine Stain...?
Does getting your nose pierced hurt?
is it safe to use hair removing creams for facial hair?
who has a belly button piercing?
where can i find catsuit in india?
My nails look weird? Description says more! Plz read it!!?
Bridge piercing help?
whats the best ear piercing that i could get?
What is the best treatment to use to zap a zit in 3 days?
Does getting a 8 gauge hurt? and how old do you have to be?
Can the wrinkly skin after pregnancy go away with exercise?
Is it safe to wear any kinds of tapers casually?
how to reduce blushing?
whats your number one tip for perfect skin?
My face is burning after using neutrogena pink grapefruit oil free acne wash?
what is the typical length of a Monroe lipring?
ear piercing retainer question?
Clean & Clear Advantage 2 in 1 Acne & Mark Eraser Kit Lotion flaking when using it with spot treatment gel?
Skin help???
eyebrow piercing safe???
My eyes are very small,and i am very tall and skinny.These are my 2 list of questions.Details are found inside
how to take care of lip and belly button piercings?
"Down there" question.......?
How do you get rid of dry skin?
how to hide freckles?
How long can I leave my snakebite piercings out before they close up?
septum piercing feels...tight?!?
When will the crater in my tongue go away?
Whats a deodorant that doesn't show sweat stains through clothes?
can i have an eyebrow piercing if i work at walgreens?
Whats the best INDOOR tanning lotion you have used?
Does getting your top ear pierced hurt more with a gun or a needle?
Back acne... it's disgusting. Help me!?
How long for a cartilage piercing to heal?
nipple piercing trouble?
Fat toe- under(not below) the nail - brown?
Can i get my belly button pierced without a parent if im 16?
From 1 to 10 how sore is it to get your lip pierced ?
a few questions about getting a tongue piercing?
Tragus piercing .......?
can I ask the ladies something?
Any suggestions for a natural acne face wash?
I stopped washing my face with chemicals and my skin cleared up?
How do you get freckles?
how do i clean my ear piecing?
Can waxing permanently remove body hair?
Some feet care help?
there's a know behind where i pierced my ear?
does vitamin e oil get rid of acne scars?
Quickest way to darken my skin?
does palmer's coco butter vitamin e oil help for scars?
Should I get a tongue piercing - I'm 13?
Revitol hair removal. Is there another cream just like it?
What are good products for sensitive and red-prone skin?
Proactive issues help?
How do I remove this mark on my face?
Is my belly button piercing infected?
What hurts more for ear piercings:?
SERIOUS skin help! pimple to "cut"?
Girls - in your opinion what is the most attractive of each thing?
hey those with the insect bite spots, do you still get boys attention?
How can I reduce the appearance of fine lines under eyes?
how do u give a full body massage?
how do i make my boobs bigger without surgery ?
How do you keep your lips from getting really red?
help! boob question important?
Does using brown sugar and milk make your face soft?
do i sound pretty.?
How do I get rid of the yellow under-tone to my skin?
I need to tighten my pores!!?
i want to get my lip pierced i was wondering how long does it take to heal?
Do the light red blotches from light acne go away?
how succesful the Laser treatments?
in the winter, my hands get really dry?
What can i use to get clear skin?
how can i get rid of my oily skin?
Am i fat??? (Pics)?
Does ProActiv acne solution work? Does it leave the skin dry?
bleaching just some streaks in the front of my face ?
Which is prettier? Freckles or no freckles?
where to get my lip pieced in orlando flrida?
Proactive users here!!?
how old do you have to be to get a eye lift?
Do you have to have parental permission (under 18) to tan?
What is a good self tanner?
I'm 15 yrs old. Prom is coming up & i need a tan . i cant use tan lotions just in case. Can i go tanning bed?
Why my skin is getting dark ?
fake tan help please? PLEASE!?
Why is clear solid gel deodorant no longer sold?
Help me!! Smooth skin?
How to prepare for a brazilian wax?
Now I have to dress up as a hindu girl at a party...What do I wear?
Is this weird/ a turn off?
What would a tattoo and nose piercing feel like?
does it hurt to get your belly button pierced?
How do I prevent myself from getting tan?
Does anyone use the Neutrogena Advanced Solutions Complete Acne Therapy System. And does it work?
Will my breasts get smaller if i lose weight?
How do these jeans make my butt look? (pic)?
I have red marks/scars due to shaving and plucking, does anyone know how to get rid of these?
whats the best way of gaining 5'1" and 38kg...what food should i eat?
Toothpaste on blemishes.. Good idea or not?
What size barbell/labret should I get for a tragus piercing?
Freckle Remover?
my husbands feet
Are stretch marks unattractive?
How can you not smell?
When someone calls you a mammoth.?
How do you shave your labia?
Does suntan lotion ever expire?
how to make a face clean and fresh ?
how does someone poop?
Does getting your belly button pierced hurt?
Redness and dry patches around the eyes?
Area around my lips doesn't tan?
am i fit to be a model?
what is your opinion about lip rings?
How can i get cleaner skin?
Do I need a foot scrub if I have a body scrub?
Help!! Really dry skin..?
nivea men 5 in 1 acne oil skin whitening cream but its using comments?
would i suit facial piercings? pic included?
Really red face help!!!!?
Am I short for a 13 year old girl?
proactiv or clean and clear?
what's so bad about a navel piercing?
If tanning is bad, why does tanned skin look healthier?
dark lines under my eyes?
What is the best thing to use to take away cellulite?
What is a good way to make zits/pimples less noticeable?
Which of the L'Oreal 360 cleaners is the best for oily skin with blemishes. Please I need to know which one...?
What is the best thing to use on your face after shaving to close up pores?
Do anti belly button piercings hurt worse than regular belly button piercings?
Does all face moisturizer make your face sweat?
If I were to buy a wax kit....?
Name my spa!?
There any GOOD acne products out there?
my face has these tiny bumps around my nose area and on my nose and i want them gone ! what sould i do !? ^_^?
My breats aren't very big, i'm nearly 15?
Do people really like implants?
how can i make my breasts more shapely (rounder and perkier) naturally without surgeries?
Average cup size of a grade 12 student?
I have really pale skin, people tell me I look sick... any suggestions?
What's the best way to moisturize your lips?
I am super lazy with routines..?
How often would a man have to wax his back to keep the back smooth?
Does this make your boobs bigger?
What to do for acne scars?
Is the Schick Quattro for Women disposable, or does it have replacement blades?
Can i do my lip piercing with a gun?
(Girls only)Do I need a makeover to get girls?
one of my piercings has gone crooked please help?
I'm not a size 0????!!!!?
How do I make my face nice and smooth in 2 weeks? What to use?
How old do you have to be to have an eyebrow peircing in the uk?? I'm 14.?
THIS IS URGNT HELP!!!!!!!!!!!?
Lip peircing (Horrible photoshoped picture included)?
when is the best time to take a shower?
Is it alright to use men's shaving cream on your legs?
how can i get rid of my razor burn on my legs?
Lip piercing guages question?
Does it matter which side of my nose i get pierced? I cant decide. help plzz!!?
Help with the hair down there!? Ladies onlyy?
is a 2 and1/3 in. big for a girls forehead?
Over the counter chemical skin peels?
nose piercing with a gun?
What is the best solution for dark circles under eyes?
Where do I find self wax at wal mart or target?
How do i get rid of a hickey?
has anyone used Laser treatment for upper lip hair removal;did it work;how many treatments?
Stretching ears using taping method?
Accidently got Nail Polish Remover in my mouth???
Am I ugly? Tell me the Honest truth of what you think? (Pictures Included)?
How to treat dry, ed lips?
Does anybody know what store I can find these in?
Mom said no to belly piercing. How can i convince her?
Do you like your face as tan as your body?
How do you get rid of the dry skin around your nose after a cold ?
Any professional piercings please help?
What is the best smelling body spray from Victoria Secret?
how to hide wearing 2 bras?
How to make acne marks go away?
about no 7 products what the diffrents and how i could used it incase i use to much i have sensative skin and?
Please Help?
which is better for acne?
I am going to ask my mom if i could get a few piercings for my birthday but i don't want to say the word?
my breasts are very small. my age is20 . how can i have a busty breasts?
what is the best dove deodorant and body wash for women?
how to be more confident and have more self esteem?
what should i do to help my navel piercing heal?
is gluta soap really whiten the skin?
Boob job or all natural?
newly stretched ears are oozing a bit?
I need help with my acne?
who noes of a gd pad tat doesn't make u change ur pads so often?
how can i shape my legs?
Ladies what do you think?
are there any breast enhancements that really work?
How to fix uneven skin tone?
Is 4g (5mm) safe to stretch?
What tanning product should I use?
do dermalux av lamps works?
Is 14 too young for a belly button piercing?
What are the signs that an eyebrow piercing is healing?
does getting your cartilage pierced hurt?
What is the most basic skin care routine for teens?
Please help I need any good product for wrinkles I am 30 and I woke up today with a lot of them...snifffff...?
male shave body hair?
Why do most girls get tans at the tanning bed and should i?
Is vitamin E good against acne?
HELP!I cant get my stud lipring thru my piercing?
Two showers per week?
Help with Tanning Lotion?
Why when you don't put on lotion, your skin becomes itchy?
nose pierced??
Bad skin question.....?
Does anyone else have an outie belly button?
Is it safe to wear a nipple piercing retainer during surgery? If so, what should it be made of?
shall i get my cartilage peirced at claires ?
i have sun burn and my prom is on thurs..?
How could I whiten my pussy? It gets dark, specially after shaving it.?
Can i pierce trough a scar tissue in the lobe?
Why in those deodorant commercials do they act like its SO necessary to lift up your arms?
tanning beds or the sun?
When should I change my tongue ring?!?
Which body wash should i use?"?
Sudden growth of breasts and want to go backk??!?
should i buy a rolex or a timex watch??
What are some good skin bleaching creams for african americans?
I'm 13 and I have wrinkles. :[ Help?
I got my tongue pierced?
I peirced my belly button today so how long should I wait before cleaning it with sea salt and warm water?
should i use differin gel after i wash my face with a salicylic acid wash?
Infected bellybutton piercing?
Puffy Lips?
Where can I get this lip ring?
HELP! How do I stop my face from turning bright red?
How do I take studs out of my ears after 6 weeks?
GUYS: is a bellybutton piercing attractive?!?
Should i get my ears pierced a second time?
Going from 10g to 8g, why is it so painful?
I want to surgically remove my lips, where can I go?
Nose problem, please help me?
ACNE!! Help!?
Tanning outside ...?
(UK) Which would you say is the best fake tan?
facial hair removal problems?
How can i tell my boyfriend his fake tan makes him look orange??!!?
Nose piercing still bleeds after a year?
Cheek Piercing Swelling?
how can i get my teeth whiter. . . fast!?
is it common and safe to use a straight barbell in a naval piercing?
Can a hood piercing leave you numb?
Best acne concealers at local Walmart?
How Hearing Works?
Easy way to lighten hair on legs... EASY!!!!!?
Dont you hate it...(Women who arent overweight)?
raser burnn! =P?
Is there nyway I can get rid of big red ugly pimple?
is this true about Proactiv Dark Spot Corrector, please help ?
How tall are you?
What drugstore brand self tanner do you guys recommend?
Girls due like a guy shaved or hairy i like to shave chest and body?
Best way to get rid of stretch marks ?
Can anyone recommend a home glycolic peel?
Do tounge piercings hurt ?
where can you buy DDF 2% salicylic face wash?
has anyone tried the bender ball? ?
What's a easy way to prevent pit stains from going the whole day other than deodorant?
Does it hurt to get a stud in your nose?
How do I get rid of large area of discolored skin?
How long does it take for ear piercing holes to close up?
Teen girls, What is your jean size?
Is having a really oily face a good thing?
How to clean/Heal crusty pusy ears from gauges?
i have a wierd skin condition, does anyone else have it?
Dimples on your cheeks =) Cute? Or not ?
Is my body attractive?
How do i get rid of stretch marks?
Which hurts more getting your dermals done or your bottom lip pierced?
riddle me this, answers?
Oily skin in the summer months! HELP!?
I'm a 29 year old female with acne & I'm losing my hair!?
Cleaning out your belly button?
Is it okay to use two different facial hair removers in one day?
Are hip piercings painful?
what is the best cream for stretch marks?
How do you take away achne from back and face without buying anything?
getting rid of acne...HELP!?
Does whitening toothpaste whitens the skin?
Breast implants? mostly looking for women who have them to respond.?
if you have a ingrown hair will it eventually come out?
Can someone help me please?
How to make pimples lose their redness?
useing hand soap on face?
do mud masks help treat acne?
I'm 5'5 good lookin 16-year-old male i feel that my height is what holds me from dating, any1 have a solution?
please help me!!! with tanning in the tanning beds?
how to get rid of dark stains on face naturally?
How much would this piercing hurt?
I have small, tiny bumps around my nose and cheeks?
How do I get tan?
Is there anything that helps get rid of zits fast?
What happens with warming facemasks, washes, etc.?
Mild palm sweat help?
Is there a natural way to remove freckles and/or Moles??
How old do you have to be to get your ears pierced?
what creams/lotions are effective for lightening skin?
What color/tone skin does this girl have?
My Zeno Ance treatment?
i have a few pimples on my back?
how can i get rid of my tan?
i need to know if my nape piercing is infected or rejecting?
i'm 14 and i want to get my lip pierced, do u think a 14 year old should get it done?
Need to look older. help!?
question about really dry skin?
Should i do this? Advice please?
Guys pls help me my skin i will rate 5 star for ur answer? please!?
How can I pierce my friend's septum?
Surface Piercings In Australia ....?
My measurements? I'm still not sure what they mean?
how to get my mom to let me get my tongue pierced?
how painful is a lip piecing? something like this (pic).?
Is my cartilage piercing infected? If so, what should I do?
advice about Pimples?
Septum piercing and girlfriend?
New Tongue Piercing Info?
Nose Piiercinqq Bump?
does veet work on underarms?
Tea Tree Oil in use with nasal piercings?
age for getting a piercing?
how do you get rid of a wax burn it left a dark mark and its been about 2 weks already when will it go away?
what are your opinions on belly button piercings?
big big question?Gradual self tan moisturiser?how to apply it??
How long did your cartilage piercing take to heal?
Plantar wart/ Hard skin on my pinky toe and under big toe. Been there for a while now and won't leave?
Pierced my eyebrow with a safety pin?
Such a horrible acne problem! I FEEL SO UGLY! Help me please!?
Can I go swimming with piercing??? PLZ answer!!?
WHere should I pierce my ears in San Francisco?
I just stretched my ears & I can't get the plugs in?
Body Face or Brains?
how to remove a fake tattoos?
is my nose big/ugly ?
I'm starting to get a turkey waddle. What can you reccomend?
I have 2 ear lobe piecercing and i want to get my tragus pierced. how much more pain is my tragus compared?
What is the appropriate age for a tongue piercing?
Women's Leg's and Men's Faces?
I need to get rid of my acne right away. Any advice?
how do i perform a nipple piercing?
my sister is 9 yr old and she just got her tongue and bellybotton peirced and she loves it but i thnk its wron?
How do I get rid of a huge zit by Monday?
If your slim and tall is your body shape rectangular?
Is 4'9" too short for a teen =[?
stretch marks??
Does my collarbone look normal to you?
Pierced Earring and a cyst on the ear?
Drugstore facial moisturizer for extremely dry skin?
how do i make my skin realllllly smooth and bump free?
which girl is prettyier?
i have only 1 week to get rid of acne on my upper back how can i do it?
Is 99% Aloe Vera Gel from the Lily of the desert brand good for the face?
I just dont like my face?
suggestion for face care?
So its summer time, how can I keep my pale milky white complexion and not tan?
girls i need your help?
Yes To Tomatoes Pore Scrub or Facial Mask?
What is the best self tanner??
Long noticeable nose?
What to do about ingrown hair?
I'm thinking of shaving my arms?
What is a good skin cleanser and exfoliate.?
what is the numeric value of 5'5 ft.?
Wat is this??
Help! Face is dry and red?
My oatmeal cleanser is not working ?
how to hide self harm cuts?
Is my ear pierced too low to stretch?
What color braces would look best on me?! :)?
i was fair when i was a kid but know am looking dark i dont know if it the bath..what can i do help me ..?
Tongue piercing i need help.?
How to convince my parents to let me get a belly button piercing?
How to make my face look rough?
Does the new AXE Boost body wash really work?
am i pretty?open to anyone!!!?
can i another get external body of activa?
does getting your ears pierced hurt?
Any suggestions for stopping hair bumps around the bikini area?
navel piercing, im getting mine done, dose it hurt much.?
Does putting honey on your pimples then putting a bandade on it work? And does putting toothpaste on your pimp
im pretty pale how long do you think it would take for me to tan in a tanning bed?
Is Blairex Sterile Saline Solution okay to clean my nose piercing with?
Severely Dry Hands that are bleeding. Help!?
Sexy Body?
Ladies, besides your own race, what 1 race of boys do you think looks the most attractive?
What's a good hair removal product?
Girl help~ What can I do?
2 skinny??
how to get rid of dark circles?
Does anyone else use nair? Need help..?
How do you remove gel nail polish without damaging your nails?
how to get rid of dark stuff on my belly button piercing?
How to get rid of them....PLEASE HELP ME?
Should I get my belly button pierced?
after care for facials?
Will (after letting your lip piercing close up) there still be a scar?
How old do you have to be to get periced in Nevada?
My son wants to wear a bra?
what is the best way to keep a sunburn from peeling? & what is the fastest way to get rid of the peeling?
SKINproblems please help!D:?
How ca i keep my feet soft smooth and browner?
What is your daily beauty routine? And how can I keep my skin in good condition?
I want lip ring, mom says no?
Eat your way to lighter skin ?
What's the best medicine/cream for making wrinkles look less noticable?
How do you use those blackhead/whitehead removers?
Where can I get my eyebrows plucked? (filipinas please)?
Piercing advice and opinion if you got a piercing or experiance?
Darkass circles HELP !?
do u shave Ur legs or let the hair grow on them?
Is going tanning worth it?
how can i enhance my breast size ?? i am a teen and my size is just 30?
i want to get breast impants i live in the bay area and well i was wondering which doctor is best and the pric
is shower gel better than soap? read details too?
How do I put a tunnel in my septum?
maggots on the body?
Clove oil to numb ear?
When I shave my legs, I get rashes how can I prevent them?
how to get rid of sores on my face?
question of my slanted eyes?
Is my cartilage piercing infected?
i have this zit...please help?
If you have ever had laser hair removal...?
Hey, Do you think i am UGLY, (JUNIOR 16 MALE)?
Whats the best self-tanning cream?
Shaving legs?
It's bad to pop pimples right? why though?
Is it possible to tan someones name on your back?
What piercing do you have and what was the pain level of each?
did you tan a lot as a teen? how long does it take for sun damage to show up?
I want to get my belly button pierced but..?
Can i eat and like suck on jolly ranchers when I first get my tongue pierced?
who thinks rap and hip hop have gone way to far?
Allergic reaction to acne treatments?
How do doctors remove splinters from under toenails?
Belly Piercing help?!?
weird pimple. :( help please.??
breast implants how much do they cost in australia?
Why are my nails so yellow?
how would i look with a nose piercing (pics)?
Can a thinned lobe be thickened again without surgery?
facemasks? any recipies...or am i better to buy a few?
why do my shirts be so wet under the arms?
Bad acne, what can I do??
Does shower cream clean skin?
which piercing should i consider? easy 2 pts :)?
Do piercings take away from femininity?
I lost the ball that screws onto the top of my belly bar?
Should I get both ears pierced or just my left?
What bathing suit color looks best with very tan skin?
how do i look at my balance on my body shop card?
our school policies and piercings?
Best way to remove acne?
Is Humco brand castor oil cold pressed?
please help!?
Is it better to wash your face in cool water or warm water?
who takes showers,who takes baths?
Is 14 too young for a nose piercing?
where do i get pierced?
where can i buy septum forceps ?
Yay! getting my belly pierced Tuesday! But! ?
has anyone used palmers coco butter leg gloss?
Getting cartilage pierced?
how do i get rid of scars from cuts quick?!!?!!?!!?
Spot issue on my face?
urgh acne i hate it!?
Belly Button Scar While Tanning..?
How to convince my parents to let me get a piercing?
♥How come I bloat so much?
What body shape do I have?
has anyone used victoria secret products?
If I put a stud in my newly pierced lip, what will happen?
Face Problems Help Please!?
I hate my nose, is it really as big as people say?
Is it best to use skin products in a set?
If I gauge my ears with these will they go back?
Is it normal for a woman to shave her arms?
Do you think I have hourglass body?
oily face also pink?
What brand of deodorant do you use?
Can I get microdermal piercings while I'm still growing?
How can I have perfect skin?
my skin is dry skin but i have pimples and if i eat spicy i get more pimples what can i do?
I need help in 7th grade. I really want to be popular.?
lip piercings?
my bum is really black. so are my knees. how to lighten>? its really bad i cant wear swimsuit even?
I get really dry skin?
which one is better,extraction by fingers or equipment?
Nose Ring sticking out of nostril, help?
how do i get rid of acne fast?
How to lose face fat?
Rough dry knees, elbows, etc.....women please?
I just got my eyebrow pierced almost 3 weeks ago.?
im a dude. Should i get a earing? Also do they hurt?
How do I have a nice smile?? *picture included*?
does anyone else use WEN clensing conditioner for their skin?
does suntan lotion prevent against tanning too?
Mixing sugar in my facial cleanser?
Should I get snakebites?
Chubby, Average or Stick Thin?
is it weird to tan in a one-piece?
i want to get my belly button pierced but my parents think it looks trashy, what do you think?
Should I get my ears pierced?
how do you get designs when shaving your pubic hairs>? all i know is a basic straight line?
do you think tan skin is pretty?
how do you get rid of dark black spots?
i was born with my dark circles and i hate my eyes. how would i get help for real cheap???
ears&nose peirceing?
New to lush! Help!?!?!?!?!?!?
IS IT TRUE honey can get rid of the red spots left by acne just by rubing it on it?
How old do I have to be to get my lip pierced in B.C. without parental consent?
please help how do i do it?
What jewelry should i use to get eyebrow newly pierced?
Likas papaya soap?
clean and clear acne control?
I just got my ears pierced?
hey girls im a 15 year old chubby kid and im just wondering if i get my tongue pierced is that attractive?
Fake lip rings?
I am darkskin and i want to become a little lighter, how do i do it?
How to get clear skin on face?
Is it okay to wash your face with soap?
How to make fake tan not come off your armpits before the rest of your body?
Best way to get rid of under eye bags/puffiness?
Am i too young for a nose piercing?
Am I really Too Tall?
when i tan in a tanning bed why does my face get red instead of dark help?
How can i qet mii lips soft &&' pretty?
open pores?
Yellow/Orange hands!!!!(Read Below)?
how do you get rid of stretch marks?
How to reduce wrinkles under eyes?
my lips tend to get ed. but it tends to get ed on the corners of my lips how can i get rid of it?
is it ok to used this discontinued product - shiseido sun protection cream spf 36+++?
what's the best product to clear your acne?
How to get clear skin on face?
Ear piercing help !? Needed ASAP ?
What do you think of my body?
How can I moisturize my face during the day?
Does stress actually give you pimples?
What is a good level of SPF in a sun tan lotion so that I can tan, but not get burnt?
Do you prefer tanned skin or pale skin?
Having a Full Brazillian Wax. How bad will it hurt ?
Lip Rings bruised my lip?
Can Desitin diaper rash cream be used as sunblock? Since its zinc-oxide?
What is your Insecurity?
My forehead is darker?
how do you whiten your skin naturally?
I'm a 19 year old guy with questions about skin care?
Fake Bake Tan Enhancing Lotion - how does it work? How come it prolongs your tan?
How to get rid of a tan?
How can i get a flushed/reddish face?
Why are my boobs taking so long to grow?
i bite my nails...EWWWW help!?
dont wanna b rood or mean but....?
i have a big acne problem... any ideas to help?
How long did you have acne?
Whats shakiras body shape/type?
Eyebrow help! crooked!?
is this true?
im 21 and only 5'2?
what to do to get rid of rough skin?
what is the best way to get rid of pimples?
how to make a zit go away?
if you pull out a hair repeatedly, does it eventually just not grow back?
Are they real??? If yes then how can she handle this??? They are so heavy :/
How do I heal dry elbows?
quick question. ok i cant find knox unflavoured gelatine for my eyes, would...?
how to convince mother i'm old enough to go to the tanning bed?
My face is to oily is that bad?
What is the procedure of piercing your belly button?
when I smile one eye is bigger then the other and I have really chubby cheeks... when will my chubby cheeks go?
How old do you have to be to get a snug piercing?
Red spots from pushing out blackhead?
Ways to get rid of acne?!?
Are my feet wide or narrow? I need this info for shoes. {Picture included} Please answer s?!?!?
Would this type of piercing look hot on me? (pictures)?
is using an epilalater better than shaving?
Have you ever heard of people shaving their whole face?
How do I get rid of lines in my neck?
What's a good age to get a tongue piercing?
which guys on here think nose rings are hot?
I have a huge fear that I NEED to get over. Please help!?
How to clear acne? D:?
is it a complement to be told u r older than u really r!?
viper tongue piercing?
do you keep emu oil in the fridge?
What moisturizer is good for acne prone skin but will prevent aging?
Boss said I need a bath?
I have redness around crease of my nose help!!?
How long can I leave jewelry out of these piercings?
Does anybody have a nine hour novena? Backne?
my friend told me that bangs give you acne, and i just got bangs. what do i do and is it true?
my breasts are weird.?
How do I ask for a new piercing without sounding immature?
Harrah's Hotel- Laughlin?
how to get rid of a pimple by tomorrow!!?
Itchy rash on sensitive skin?
What do you think of this picture for my facebook?
how do i get rid of deep scars on my face?
do you think i'M FAT AND UGLY!!?? TEN POINTS?!?
my skin on my face burns?
Labret piercing ball won't come off!?
Does it suit me?
why is my face so flaky all of the sudden?
Dimple piercing help?
What can I do to get the body of my dreams?
I'm really tanned right now. But when I stretch my skin it looks lighter. Is that my natural skin color?
any perfume that smells like CHOCOLATE?
Shaving the down below questions...?
Laser hair removal...?
How do u get rid of strech marks?
how can i get nice legs?
Would this piercing work with me?
Should I use a toner for my face?
How many ear piercings are too many?
will the avocado mask work for wrinkles?????
What size should i start stretching my ears at?
Do I have chubby cheeks?
Do guys like when girls shave?
What is the best lotion??
My daughter wants to get her ears pierced at 13?
What can i use to keep my tan?
Is Tanning Safe?
Monroe piercings?
Why cant I just be "normal"?
What do you think about Boob Jobs?
Oh my god! Please help me! (women only)?
Help on a nose piercing!?
Do your lips do this too????????????????????
Hey, I'm 10 but I have one big zit on my face. Help!?
Is it possible to have surgery to put dimples in your cheeks?
Do you like my tragus piercing? ?
Im 34 am I too old to get my nose pierced?
A few questions about pro-active?
I think my piercing is infected what do I do?
how do i get bigger butt?
i made coffe body scrub,how many times can i use it in a month?
does anyone have a solution for acme ?
how do i ask my parents to get a belly button ring?
Weird question.....POLL :))))))?
Getting Height???????
I sweat alot on my face & back?
I had a pimple on my nose and there is a problem.?
what is Pilates?
Can dissolving Vitamin C suppliments in water be as effective as those $120/ounce facial serums selling now?
Help with spots?! Please help thanks xxx?
My face is very red from face mask!!? Help!!?
Deodorant Help...??
Nose Piercing? (pic included)?
I'm 14 and play getting my cartilage pierced bad?
tanning bed......?
Is this normal -picture?
Plzzz help im having red spots under my breast!!?
How can i get rid of my pimples in 6 days?
Forward Helix piercing advise please?
What's happening with me lip piercing?
I have no cleavage at all?
Is it bad to like piercings?
Cosmetic surgery, how young is too young for it?
is there a way to make my nose bigger?
How do I know if my skin is oily?
I really need a good deodorant!?
Is baby product enough for my skin?
Does it hurt getting a lip piercing?
i wanna pierce my nose.?
Best skin whitening product 10 points?
What piercing would look better on me? (pics)
is my nose big? [pics]?
How do i know if my cartilage piercing is infected? How should I treat it?
Is soft hair on your face normal?
I need to get St.Dalfour cream and soap, where do I get them?
Get rid of shine?
I want to get my ears pierced but I have a problem?
how do i get mystic tan off my finger and toe nails?
Laser Hair Removal Cost on Stomach?
How do I remove a beauty mark without a dermatologist?
clindoxyl gel vs benzaclin?
I just waxed what can i do to prevent those little pimples?
2 year old rook piercing bumps, should I retire it?
How can i make my skin tan faster?
I have clogged pores, will the neutrogena wave help?
pimple help please!!?
What size would men say is "perfect"?
about hygene?
what is that silver tanning fan thing in movies?
Girls, rate this body?
a good fake tan for my face.. besides the tanning bed?
how do i remove scars and stretch marks? am an african girl and is streesed out by this.?
Am I too skinny?
What to use to clean a cartilage piercing?
How good is Bio-Oil for the skin?
Is it safe to wear sun protection factor my the face all year.?
How Do You Get Your Butt Bigger ?
i want to get something pierced.. other than my ears!?
Should I get my nose pierced (Photos)?
my face is a lil chunky how can make it skinnier?
Can't stop biting my fingers to pieces, any advice welcome...?
Pierced ears are still sensitive?
How can i remove under eye bags?
My peircer won't do tongue peircings. . .?
Help!!!!!!!!!!Going on spring break trip in a couple of days and i have a HUGE pimple or bump?
Will i grow 15 almost 16?
If you were given an opportunity to get cosmetic surgery done on you, would you? WHy?
how to look after my belly piercing when im going on holiday to tenerife?