Does having your ears pierced hurt?
Self conscious of my boobs?
how to reduce burn marks?
Whats is a easy way to get your face ance free?
i have black circles around my eyes?
Does getting ur nose pierced hurt?
how much will eye bag removal cost?
how to minimize my pores?
Best drugstore medications money can buy????
Painful stretched ears?
senstive skin?
How long did the redness last when you got your eyebrows waxed for the for the first time?
what is it?!?
How do I hide my peircing from my parents!!!?
How could I pierce my clit?
how do you fix oily skin change it to different type of skin?
What a good product for exfoliating your skin?
Has anyone used the NONO HAIR REMOVAL SYSTEM?
can a deep femine cleanser really affect you?
What can I do to improve my look?
navel piercing at 14?slutty?
When your pores open up, does more dirt get in to cause more pimples- or is it the opposite?
this is weird?
what are the/your best beauty products?
whats the cheapest place lip peirced but they do a great job?
Do tongue piercings hurt?
How to Get Rid of Blackheads?
Hi.I have a problem with stretch marks in my thigh and tummy, is there any ways to get rid of them?I'm 21.
How can I make my arms whiter?
Boobs! .. help!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
How to make your hands smoother?
How can I lighten the skin on my buttocks?
Do you recommend putting Bio-oil on the face?
Does freeze 24/7 work?
whats a quick way to loose weirht and not have to pay for pills or stick to diet plans that don't seem to work
'Down there trend' with young men?
I took my nose piercing out and put in a ring, then I tried to put the stud back in and it started bleeding?
Can you tell me what you know about dermal anchors?
How can I keep my face from breaking out right before my period?
What is a good Deodorant?
Help! What do i do for my face? 10 points!?
hey i got 2 fresh pimples on my face,its drivin me crazyyyy,HELPPPP?
how to clean my belly piercing?
Ear cartilage pixie piercing really painful?! HELP!?
What is wrong with my face? (pics)?
What can I do to make my lips noticably softer?
My Lip Piercing is "Too Small?"?
I have deep dark circles under my eyes sometimes any tips on ways to avoid this?
im having trouble with a bully what should i do?
Help me with my skin care routine?
dark circles?
Should I get my ears pierced?
another proactive question....?
How much does a nose piercing hurt?
does clearasil really work in only 3 days?
Why is porcelain skin considered ugly, and people are opting for tanned skin?
is having your tongue pierced trashy?
So i want to get my cartlige pierced and i am afraid it will hurt real bad. does it hurt real bad?
anyone tried the norwex face cloth?
will aloe vera gel remove redness due to a scar?
What changes should I make to better my acne?
One or two nipples pierced?
My Nose Bone Stud is stuck?
How can i stop in-growing hairs on my bikini line?
what do u do when you get chilli on your lips? i touched my face and getting all red around my lips from it?
any girls here that dont wear makeup?
How Thick Should I Put On Sunless Tanner?
Fraxel laser?
Earring - Slightly sore?
Help with my oily face!?
Has anyone tried the new Loreal wrinkle decrease eye cream?
Is it weird to talk with your hands?
Do you think a fifth grader is old enough to date?
how can i be more confident with myslef?
What use is body wash/lotion?
Anyone with their tragus pierced?
What piercing should i get?
Currently using Lush acne prone skin products and I'm not seeing a big change. Help?
pimple on my chin?!!?!?
How to make my breast bigger? is there any type of fruit or etc that will make them grow?
How to clean your navel rings?
has anyone tried the new Clinique 3-step system???
how to get rid of dark circles under the eyes?
has any tried leigh valentine's products?
I used nair on my stomach but it looks wierd because i didn't do my whole stomach. What should I do?
Is it okay to go in a tanning bed 2 days in a row?
Is my nipple piercing infected? What do I do?
How can i accept my looks?
Will putting lotion on your face clog your pores?
About how many guys do you think are in this section just to here girls talk about there bodies??
Am I pretty? Does it burn to look at me? ?
Ever heard of a VI Peel?
Showering with boyfriend and I suddenly have to pee... What to do?
Next piercing to get?
I want to know how can i naturally whiten my teeth without having to go to the dentist & bleaching?
How to get rid of pimples!?
Does anyone else find squeezing spots satisfying?
liquid corn remover on nose?
Can I do my own face-lift and how?
I need help my face is burned and is peeling badly please help best answer 10 points!!?
I can't decide! Pic included!?
For anyone who use the Cellulite Laser D. Code SET?
2 month lip piercing help?
Palmer's original cocoa butter formula?
Does proactive really work?
ive recently broke out in spots all over my legs, what r they?
POLL: What skincare brand do you use?
Best deodorant to stop sweat!?
Should I go tanning? =/?
Isnt it weird to walk into a salon just to get your eyebrows waxed?
What is your opinion on belly button piercings?
Is it possible for a woman to be built like this?
How to make boobs look bigger/cleveage?Teen.x?
I am going to get my ear pierced!!!?
Why do I have a lot of pimples on my forehead?
does vitamin e oil get rid of acne scars?
I got my industrial piercing today and cant stop bleeding?
Does tanning help acne?
Does it hurt getting your belly pierced?
how do we get rid of dark knees and elbows?
Where is the best place to get your ears pierced?
I want piercings really bad, anything left I can do?
When a quy has their ear pierced, is it the riqht or left that means he's qay.?
What's everyone's favourite piercing?
anybody know any good Fake tan?
What are the best items from Lush?
When will my boobs stop growing?
Lip piercing ..............?
A weird way to prevent pimples... should I do it?
I cleanse tone and moisturise every morning and night. Why do I still get zits?
Just got my nose pierced?
Is this still considered a scar?
Changing new belly button piercing?
Is Caramel skin color considered light skinned between or dark skinned?
HELP!!Body Hair Problem!?
How can I make my skin look better? ten points?
What Piercing Should I Get?
cartilage piercing..question?
how to get rid of dark circles under the eyes?
Acne Question, Help!?
Best way to remove acne?
witch hazel products?
Re-piercing my ear lobe?
does waxing hurt.. read mre :)?
In need of a septum piercing, anyone in atl area can do it or give info on some kits i can use?
cellulite help for 18 yr. old?
certain dri a.m. vs certain dri p.m.?
Does putting honey on your lips before bed, give you soft lips?
How fat is my face on a scale of 1-10? (pics)?
What are some good deodorants/antipersipants for sweaty armpits?
Smooth, clear skin?
What can i use to pierce my belly button that will go throught my skin???
Home remedy for red dots/irritated skin from epilating?
Can I buy lucida-glutathione in drugstore, or only by delivery? thanks?
what hurts more to get periced?
Hyperactive scarring help!!?
it s me again the hairy guy , is there a way to get out of this problem other than shaving?
Bags under my eyes!!?
What is something you like about your body?
Flesh Tunnel Piercing?
How to get rid of clogged pores?
Do girls care if a guy has a toned tanned muscly body or not?
How can I stop picking at the scabs on my face?
Where can I become white like Micheal Jackson?
Why does our eyebrows twitch?
Acne trouble, please help!?
what would happen if..?
would i regret using Nair on my arms?
any advice on spray tanning?
whats the proper way to pierce anything on your body yourself?
How long will it take to close my gauge?
I want to bleach my (100% human) hair extensions blue black - do I have to bleach it first?
How do i get flawless skin?
Dark circles under my eyes?
Shaving Legs?
how to make your face look good again?
Today my mom had modelling session for bra-panty-the guys in the team were all staring...?
Is my cartilage piercing okay?
Is this skinny or just normal?
How Bad does a rook piercing hurt?
advice about Pimples?
When shaving legs???????????
Is it normal to get spots on your neck if you haven't shaved for a week?
How to remove scars!?
How to pierce your tongue at home?
Are there risks from getting a Tounge Piercing?
i have a big farmers tan on my feet arms and legs from knee up..?
how do you whiten your skin naturally?
Can anybody source Rosmary Hydrosol used natural skin care ?
Do you think my lips are too big? PICS!! please be honest?
How do I get my bod ready for the beach this weekend?
the song on the commercial for Miss Dior Cherie perfume?
Brown eye?
Is Female Nipple Hair normal?
does getting your tongue pierced hurt?
I'm 14, I don't shower everyday. Maybe 3x a week. I NEVER sweat / my hair doesn't get greasy / etc?
What Happens When They Peirce Your Belly Button?
Girls please help me............................. need lots of answers! its VERY important TO ME.?
what can u use on dark acne scars?
What do you think about people who cut thier wrists?
Will I still get a tan if I wear SPF 50 sunscreen?
Tongue Piercing Infection?
Waist problem?
whats wrong with my skin?
Long noticeable nose?
im teenage grl i hv acne free skin can i use himalaya neem face wash?
I"m planning on getting my cheeks pierced, advice?
Im 17 Almost 18 ! Will my face change from being round and Chubby ?
Bumpy skin, spots and uneven skin tone?
What is the hottest place for a guy to get a piercing?
Mother dear wont let me shave XP?
What is my natural contrast level?
Girls: Im to self conscious........plz help!?
How to get rid of scars?
umm...kinda embarassing...?
My nose is really weird?
will i develop a tan if i go out in the sun right now?
Friends I am deprssed. Today was first time a staff member told me that my body smells.?
Taking reduced glutathione with 1000 mg of vitamin c everyday... is it safe?
What's the best way to get rid of eye bags naturally?
i am looking for a hand scrubber to take off body hair i saw on tv it was for 14.99.?
would i get in trouble for piercing someone?
Acne on Children???
Good Acne routine? is mine good? what is yours?
Which is worse in a man, stubble or acne?
Can you tell me why anyone would peirce their lip?
i have a boil, how do i get rid of it?
microdermabrasion & facial threading; which one first?
Can Bio-oil really get rid of scars?I mean tick and dark scars.?
lip piercing at 16?:) thanks?
Is it impossible to lose 150 pounds in 4 months??
What do I do Help Here i wANT LOTS OF answers!?
What is the best wax for under the chin area that I can buy in the drug store?
What is your favorite product made by LUSH?
I have a hickey problem...?
where can i get this sunscreen?
Is there any good tanning oil/lotion that won't break me out on my back?
help!!!!! zit problems!!!?
Why do armpits get black?
should i get my tongue pierced?
Should I tell on her?
Skin question!! Please help!!?
how to get rid of ingrown hair bumps?
Is there actually a diet pill out there that is safe and effective?
feelin little awkward to ask but m very fair n even after removing my underarm hair my skin is still dark, hel
Facial peircing?
Guys does it matter if girls have small breats?
best facial tanner available to buy?
Brazilian wax? laser treatment? ?
How to smell good in class?
Anti dandruff shampoo?
How do you get rid of big bags under your eyes?
guys my age NOT INTERESTED!! :( 10 points 1st. to Answer!! thanks?
how to effectively remove stretchmarks?
Belly Button Peircing?
i want to get my ears pierced but i cant wear earrings at work, would the holes close within the 10 hours?
A question for wimps with piercings?
Why every time i give a hickey my top lip swell?
excuses for a puffy black eye and swollen bloody lip?!?
Diana Stalder products help?
Opinions on breast implants?
Will i grow taller?
VP's or high up executives that have their 2nd lobe piercings?
Question for waxing?
Looking for a spray tanning booth in the Anaheim, CA area?
Does a lip piercing hurt? I am getting one next week?
Does Proactiv really work?
Seriously, what is a good deodorant with anti-perspirant that works?
Whats it like to get your nipples pierced?
New belly button piercing?
how to get rid of a nodule that hasn't surfaced yet?
I Need Yourr Opinion Pleasseee (:?
How come my arm pits still have stubble after I shave?
useing hand soap on face?
Nose piercing questions?
chocolate and acné...........................?
how old u think i look like?
Tanning Question?
which is the best method to start hair removal on legs?
Experienced Veet Wax Strip users only please!?
HELP! MY SKIN! 10 points!!?
Why does calamansi whitens underarm skin?
any easy ways to get ride of zits?
Bad sun damaged solutions?
:) hairy , trimmed , shaved , desighns ? random question ;)?
Does the "New" Sport- (Secret Clinical Strength Anti-Perspirant Deodorant) Work Please Answer !!!?
Victoria's Secret lotions, srubs etc.?
Is my nose too big, and does it look weird?
I got my belly button pierced last wk it a lil red n white liquid is coming out a lil is it infected?
ear piercing problem. help?!?
Will tanning topless work?
how do i get rid of my freckles?
Question about my belly button piercing?
can i use hair removal cream for face?
My friend had a reaction to clearasil what should i do?
is 5 foot 6 inches and 145 pounds considered fat?
what do i do when im bullied?
Smooth Sensitive Skin After Shaving? lines...?
Eyebrow help Please?!?
Women do you like it when men look at your feet?
How do you get rid of blackheads on and around the nose?
How old were most of you people when you got your belly button peirced?
How do I mke my exboyfriend jealous and make my boobs look bigger?
harry arms... EEEW!?
I hate breasts?
Do guys find genital piercings (female) hot?
I saw my neighbor tanning and....?
Is carrot juice good for your complexsion?
contact solution question?
Can I use baby products on my skin?
does cat litter and water work as a faical?
what gets rid of pimples and scars?
Help! Trying To Find Right Piercing!?
Problems with older nipple piercing?
How do you get rid of cystic zits that are on tender skin?
14 and battling stretch marks. How do I get rid of them?
Using unscented soap for snakebites (piercing) help?
Piercing your nose with a safety pin?
Shaving down there or waxing ? (boys and girls opinion please)?
does anyone find lip piercings attractive on girls?
Does clean and clears morning burst surge work? Does it clear up your skin?
Breast augmentation dr Murray?
what piercing is better easy 10 points(:?
What is my body type?
Industrial scaffold piercing? How much does it hurt? When you sleep and lay on it does it hurt? etc.?
Are these wrinkles on my forehead?
Can I get an industrial piercing if I have the two holes done separately?
How would i look with a lip piercing? (preferably guys)?
Should i get snakebites?
Can I lose acne in 6 months by doing this?
Help with ear gauging after care?
my hands look really bad help me with pics?
How can I lightening my bum as is darker than the rest of my body?
PLeASe HeLP....?
Am I underweight in your opinion?
Just got my ears pierced!need help!?
do belly button piercings hurt?!?
Spray tans for scars?
Shaving legs everyday. Annoying!?
how can i look sexy when i have acne ?
Would i look good with a Monroe piercing?
Acne Help!!!?
who is the niggest?!??!?
How old were you when you got pimples?
I get spots all the time! help!?
Is there a way to keep from blushing or prevent it?
Washes or creams in the UK that help get rid of post-acne red marks?
at what age can you get any piercing you want without parental consent?
What can I use for pimples?
Does she have a big nose?
Does rubbing alcohol clear up your complexion????
Is it good to have gold body jewellery?
i have this brown spot on my chin, what can i do to help?
Red Pimple Wont Disappear?
what is the best teas to drink for acne?
Wat do they use to pierce a belly button?
is there a permanent way of removal of body hair once and for all?
How does accurate work?
Okay, this is do you take the starter stud out of your lip?
Are my boobs to big?......?
How much does a lip piercing / labret usually hurt / cost?
What kind of tatoo should i get for my first and where should i get it??
what should i buy from sephora for acne?
What do you consider a blemish?.... A pimple or a mark from a pimple?
what style of clothes should i be wearing, I am 35 years old and have put on some weight?
What piercing should I get?
what can i apply to a rash/breakout of pimples or whiteheads caused from waxing of the eyebrow! please help!!?
how do you get the smell out of shoes?
If proactiv work for me, should I keep buying it?
What should i use to get rid of acne when proactiv stops working?
how do you pierce your own belly button?
We're can I buy a pokeball ear plug?
What is Q10 in moisturizing lotion?
Please help me with my facial problem?
How do I make my skin way more pale?
How old do you have to be to get your nosed peirced in Missouri?
wats a natural way to become more pale looking?
if my face gets a little bit more fatty will it look good?
I keep getting pimples and I want to know if this will help? Please?
Best facial cleanser?
Has anybody ever had a LAM PROBE treatment?
Trying to close my monroe piercing...?
sweat patches help!?
I got my belly pierced 2 weeks at a day ago?
My doctor prescribed me acne medication?
Do I have a strange bellybutton (PIC)?
are the microdermabrasion kits for home the same as one i would pay for at a salon?
facial soap question.???????????
Has anyone tried the product, "Smooth Away"?
How do you get more color in your face without wearing any makeup?
What is a good and natural bronzing lotion?
Laser Hair Removal Suggestions?
What to was my face with and what lotion to use after?
can i can i can cani do this?
what face wash should i use?
Minocycline& Tanning?!?
Push Up bras harm you?
How to make my fist as strong as steel that i can destroy walls?
what is your opinion on stretched ears?
what is shower gel? Is it different then body wash?
How can I put my lip piercing on?
What do i use to get rid of pimples that have been on my face since last month.?
is there a bad effect of too much chlorine in water?
what can it do to me is it bad or good?
Pale Skin, Ugly?? Picture included.?
Is it safe and beneficial to shave your entire face (meaning underneath eyes, forehead, crows feet and nose)?
Professional Piercers help?
What is a luffa/loofah?
What facial piercing should I get? (photos included)?
HELP! plz plz plz help!?
What are the best skin treatments for acne scarring and large pores?
tanning beds???
Big red mark on the tip of nose tips and advice on how to remove it?
Pigmentation of skin on cheekbone?
bath and body signanture scent?
How to get rid of my pimple?
Why is my face darker than the rest of my body?
the best BODY lotion for oily skin?
what is the best shoe or sandal out there?
How old were you when you started shaving?
What type of makeup is best for oily skin?
Am I a cool tone or a warm tone?
Shaving after indoor tanning?
Seawater faded blemishes?
will a orange and honey mask work for my acne? 10 points!!!!!!!!!!?
Under eye bags?
Your favorite Lush bath bomb?
Thinking about waxing?
What is an ear plug "wearing surface"?
Where is the cheapest place in reading for laser hair removal?
will she think this if my manhood?
How do you get rid of stretch marks?
I did point ballet for many years and I had to keep my toenails quite short. Now, they just won't grow.?
is someone ugly just cause they have a bit of acne?
I know alot of people ask this question, but its worth a shot! LOL.?
how do u take off a labret?
i want my belly button pierced?
How ca i keep my feet soft smooth and browner?
How can I make my boobs bigger without surgery?
Proactiv User Question??????
Does any one know how I can make my breasts look bigger?
how can i make my boobs bigger?
Any recommended acne brands (Clearasil? Clean & Clear?)?
What are the Requirements to becoming a male model?
Is there anyway I can prevent my skin from tanning?
I know everyone's got one but......?
How do you get the perfect beach body?
which creme i have to use to become white?
are my legs big? picture?
tongue piercing!? myself doing it?
Tragus piercing with gun? Help?
Am i getting used? Please help me!?
How to get rid of bags under my eyes?
What can I wash my face with every night to prevent acne and soothe the skin?
What's a good recipe for a homemade face mask?
Tanning bed?sunburst4500 magnum 3 vs sunbreeze5000?
Can I use stockings to exfoliate my skin?
visine for pimples?
who else thinks avatars should?
Do guys look better with tanned skin or pale?
OMG! what the f*ck is a navel! I NEED TO KNOW!?
Do you know any piercing stores in St. Marks, NY?
(Guy) Do I have an innie or outie bellybutton (PIC)?
whats your favorite scent at bath and body works?
Pink skin not changing colour?
piercing your own ear?
Question on Tanning?
Ear Stretching; First stretch (14g)?
orange juice and lemon juice?
How many zits do you have on your face right now?
What piercing[s] do you have ?
Shaving your bikini area
Does Grisi Mother of Pearl soap work for beauty spots?
Skin routine advice, pleaseeeeee?
what info can you give me on skin bleaching?
Does Caress Glowing Touch soap make you tanner?
The Smooth Away Thing?
Dark rings under eyes??????question mark??
How do you treat extremely DRY skin on your face?
Any places to get nose piercing in Edmonton?
My friend just got his tongue pierced. What can (or can't) he eat?
Do I need to remove my belly button piercing for an ultrasound?
What's the point of a belly button?
getting rid of ACNE ?
What do I use for this?
i have really samll boobs and i get teased.How do i make them grow withno surgery?
Tanning at WORK OUT WORLD(WOW) ?!?
Question about hypertrophic scarring?
whats the best electric shaver for Rs.1500?
how can you reduce redness in zits?
Feeling left out..?
How can i make my earing holes a lot larger? like for plugs?
Lip Filler... Which one to go for and why?
Does getting your belly pierced hurt more than nose?
St. Ives body wash make anyone else break out?
I want a body like this!?
In need of beauty products that are completely free of alcohol?
Should I get a nose job?
Is my acne really that noticeable.?
the women having age 20-25 should use moisturizer?
Korean beauty standard?? how do i compare?
is a 14 yr old girl suppost to shave?
im embarrassed! breast problem! please HELP!?
bags under eyes at the age of 16?
I just got my ears pierced today. How long do I have to wait before taking them out.?
how shall reduce my excess fat on my stomach?
If you put mayonnaise on your boobs, do they make them bigger?
questions about ear stretching?
have you ever heard of this?!?
My stomach :) .........?
Would a septum piercing look okay on me[picture]?
my earring holes are infected?
removing fake tanner helppppppppp :DDDD?
Do I have a pretty Face?
can pills and creams really enhance ur bra size?
does proactiv work?
about stretching ears?
Guys opinions please??
how can i fade away the burn marks which i have got when i was two years?
I've always had white spots appear on my nails. I'm just wondering what they are?
belly button ring or tongue ringgg.?
are moles ugly > am i ugly?
Removing my upper ear cartilage piercing?
What piercings would look good on me?
Should a 13 year old get both her cartilages pierced?
would i look good with....[[pics]]?
is there a website where i can remove pimples from my face?
is it normal for face to get a little dry after washing?
How to get deep scars out of your skin?
im piercing my lip tomorrow and i need help?
Does Proactiv really work?!?
how do i remove a mole from skin?
Am I supposed to take my cartilage piercing out at night?
What looks better natural or inplants on a women chest????
How to get rid of acne?!?
Question about the new degree clinical protection?
Left or right ear for a Tragus peircing?
does microdermabrasion do anything for pitted acne scars?
How do i get tan really fast?
What do girls mean by "hot"?
Small gap in front teeth?
What Size Do You Think I Am? no mean comments?
How to get rid of dry patches of skin on face?
What do you think of this girls nose?
I realy want to know If AnceFree realy works?
hey plz help, i've run out of blotting paper..?
self tanning help PLEASE!!?
For Proactive users who use the mask, is it possible to....?
how can i get my mum to let me have my tongue pierced?!?
Can you keep uv gel on your nails forever?
Just A Question About My Navel Piercing?
Slightly uneven cheek?
I am getting a piercing...need help?
I have a scar on my face from Acne.. Will it eventually go away? If so it'll just take a long time right?
Dark spots froming all over my face please help me!?!?!?
Even skin tone?
how to get rid of these bags under my eye?
How many piercings are too many piercings?
I need opionions please?
How long can I keep my nose ring out?
What's the best sunless tanner?
Are there any store products that WORK to get rid of stretch marks?
im 18, paying for my own college, but my mom doesnt agree with belly rings. what should i do?
kiehls oatmeal facial cleanser?
i have a giant pimple and soon i will have a dance wat do i do 2 dissapear it? pls help me?
Tounge piercing burning feeling help):?
is it better to take a shower before you go to sleep, or in the morning >?
reduce redness of a pimple! EMERGENCY?
How can i get rid of my spots?
What color eyes do you have?
I got my nose pierced through scar tissue. Will it heal fast or slow?
Aquaphor or Eucerin product for face?
what's the best hand cream ? ?
Dude, does it hurt to get your ears pierced?
how is proactiv brand for treatment of acne and blemishes?
where can i get Bio-essence in Australia?
I am an africa-american female, 47, what is the most natural way to get rid of post acne marks, fruit if possi?
women answer please?
Can I have my belly button pierced again?
How do i get my eyes to not look like coon eyes?
Ear stretching aftercare - soaking?
Help im fattt!! pleasee helpp!!<3?
Nose piercing stud help?
would u let ur 1/2 year old get her cartlige [top of ear] pierced?
bumps down below from shaving?
where can i buy pure shea butter and jojoba oil wholesale?
Teens and PreTeens: Do You Want Kids When You Get Older?
Has anyone had a boob job done at the Plastic Surgery Center in Freehold, NJ?
How can I make my skin clearer?
Unflavored gelatin and milk pore strip question?
Hydroquinone got heated?
What are these bags under my eyes... I dont lose too much sleep?
Should I get cheekbone implants? PICS?
Has anyone tried Proactiv?
Piercing advice anyone?
why do my nipples get hard when i finger myself?
can you go tanning in a tanning bed if you a Peagent?
Help My Cheek!!! It's All Red!! Help pleasE?
Nose jobs?
Will they grow around the same time this year again?
Double Eyelid?
How long does it take for a cartilage piercing to heal?
oily skin at school!?
Cartilage piercing help :] thanks?
How much does a Rhinoplasty (nose job) cost?
should i ..................................?
can you use Compound W freeze on moles? I have a dark flat mole the size of an eraser.?
How do you do it?
is this wierd?
is it weird to not shave your arms ?
How to clean an infected tragus piercing?
Is it safe to get my cartilage at the piercing pagoda?
Belly button piercing?
Belly button piercing help?.?
Septum piercing got infected?
what is the purpose of a ged essay?
2 year old rook piercing bumps, should I retire it?
ClearSkin-A Acne Gel and ClearSkin FaceWash by Native Remedies?
Does anybody know of an exfoliator thats not to harsh?
which tanner or bronzer????
Why do women have to shave but not men?
I don't feel comfortable in a bikini?? (pictures)?
Nose or Lip Piercing? (pics to help)?
I want a piercing, ideas?
how can i like make my boobs bigger???
How many times do you shave your entire legs with one disposable razor before it's no good?
How effective is Hyclean?
Does getting your ear lobes pierced hurt?
help! acne/blackheads.?
whats a good lotion for dry skin but isnt oily?
do any girls wear sneakers without socks all the time and enjoy wearing them sockless? if so why do you?
Bath or shower!?
which cream is better for the face?
i have a coldesore!!!?
Getting cartilage/helix piercing tomorrow?
Burn my face with a curling iron?
I have never broken out before and for some reason my face has started breaking out bad, Can anybody help?!?
Help with ear gauging after care?
Can men use the relaxing aromatherapy baths in a day spa?
My ear lobes are thick, and I had trouble with healing and infection. Should I get industrials instead?
which brand of moistoriser is good 2use??
Why do i feel this way? please help me .?
Does a cartilage piercing hurt?
Weird skin mark?
new rook piercing?
Is it ok for a teenager to have breast that dont perk up?
How can i make an "at home mask" ?
improving a spa atmosphere?
Is my piercing infected?
Natural/ Vegan beauty secrets?
What is your favorite brand of Pore strips?
How does my stomach look (PIC)?
which is better for tanning...sun your buns or total tan?
will a lip piercing look good on me ?? ( pictures included )?
♥How to appear skinner?
Do i wash enough? Yes or No
Vitamin water splashed in my eye!?
Acne......Any help, tips, ANYTHING!?
opinions on Supre sweet and sexy 20x black bronzer tanning lotion?
(guys only)what do guys like?
Do chemical peels get rid of acne?
I need a tested way to remove black skin under my eye please help please?
Skinny or Curvy???? I'm curvy and 13?
How can I soften my hands and feet?
How do I make my lips plump without injections?
Tanning oil...?
Is My Acne Really Bad?
Red bumps on legs + tanning question?
ingrown hairs on the bottom bit of my stomach?
what do i do when im so angrey i want to die because of the way i look?
i need help.! i am 13 yrs old an i go tanning and i was wondering wat are the risks.?
PLZ any advice will help!!!?
So i work at 2 restaraunts and i'm always on my feet, and they tend to get sweaty, how could i prevent that??
How can I get scents to stay on my body longer?
is it good to wear i bra size of B34 at the age of 13?
which foods are good for preventing acne?
How Can I Hide My Belly Pierceing?
How to get your breasts to grow bigger naturaly?
shaving legs???????????
Why are my eyes always puffy?
my acne has just become horrible in about the last month..?
What causes your penis to go hard? Does it mean you need to go wee?
Self Piercing Earrings?
Is pomegranate juice good for your skin?
Nose piercing Bump..?
my feet and socks smell horribly when i remove shoes aftre returnning from work? plz advise.?
Dryskin/crust around ear lobe piercing?
What kind of skin care under the eyes?
how do i get rid of my acne? what is the best face wash? PLEASEE HELPPP?
Honestly , do you think I'm uglyy?
im hispanic but my skin tone is yellowish,i want to go to a tanning salon, and i dont know what to ask for do?
How to remove hair without it growing back thicker..? HELP PLEASE!!?
what is the best why of getting rid of spots?
Skin tones?
How much does a tongue piercing hurt?
Help!!!! How do I get facial wax off?
Fixing prominent ears without surgery?
i want to get my belly button pierced but i need to find the right spot HELP!?
Do you like my new belly button piercing?
How low do you have to set the A/C thermostat before you start feeling "nippy"?
Has anyone used RPF Ultrasonic machines?
13 yrs old size 34 D !!! what do u think good or bad! god i hate it?
How to get rid of stretch marks?
Is it possible to get pimples under your skin?
Should I get my mole removed? How unattractive are they considered to be?
Bathing in freezing water.?
How do I stop biting my nails?
What are your opinions on this?
Tanning salon question:: what goggles do you wear in the stand up bootH?
Can anyone help me out with self tanners?
Lip piercing procedure?
Soft Hands?
Having an Industrial Piercing but with a helix already?
Whats a great acne control face wash?
I have very skinny legs(chicken legs).?
What should i do to have healthier skin on the head? My heads oily...What do i do?
How can i make my legs softer? I dont shave I use Nair hair removal. Help ME?
diameter of nipple ring?
how to make ur face structure lean and glow on ur face?
can i peirce my monroe with a gun?
how much do breast implants cost in new york? any good places?
whats the best way to get rid of arm and leg hair?
What do you think about hickeys?
Cocoa Butter Stretch Mark Eraser...?
I'm 37 YO married mom. Is it bad to wear super lowrise jeans?
What is the best LASER HAIR REMOVAL method?
How do I change the color of my skin?
Should I gain some weight? If so, how?
How do you get nail polish off your body?
Chest vs behind -- Guys please.?
How do I make skin lighter NATURALLY?
How can I make zits go away FASSTTT!!!!???? PLease Help!! Like in 1 day...?
How do I make lime hydrosol?
help for those who love being tanned?
I Made a mistake of shaving legs!?
What's the big deal with having big pores on your face anyways?
in a tanning salon are you able to be naked on the bed?
how do i get rid of a skin tag?
How much of an improvement would buccal fat removal give to my face?
Been breaking out in clusters of tiny pimples-nothing helps and most products dry my skin. SUGGESTIONS?
How long does it take a tonuge ring to heal?
which tanning lotions can i use there so many....i don't know which one's are safe?
How to use St. Ives apricot scrub?
Can you recommend any dermatologist(for cyst) in San Jose, Santa Clara, Sunnyvale or Fremont area?
is it ok to walk around your house (alone) on boxers, boxer-breifs, or nude?
ive asked a lot of people this, and no-one really knows.... DO YOU?
Does proactive really work?
Help! Help! Colored with Acne.?
Is anyone from Fresno CA? Looking for a good day spa.?
Nail Discoloration - remedies?
The ban roll on Powder Fresh?
Which face wash works better?
Why is my belly button piercing skin thinning ?
OK this is 4 girls only?
What does mike from jeresy shore use on his face clean and clear or clearasil?
Buildup on/around new septum piercing?
Will it hurt to get my belly button re-pierced?
Which is more sexy...Paris Hilton or Britney Spears??
home remedy for skin?
Europeans are not white?
what colour eyes do you have ?
Want to wear a bikini but too scared?
:( !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
How can I prevent from getting pimples?
Do celebrities send the wrong message to young people by extreme dieting?
Skin care: Chanel or Clinique?
How do you get rid of a pimple without poping it?
Ear stretcher question?
why won't my gauge fit in my ear?
im cursed with brown eyes?
Are sunspots the same thing as freckles?
How can I make my face look a little fatter? Is there anything I can do with my hair that will help?
Which body shop product?
how much is plastic surgery in Japan?
Help!!!!! My body!!?
Do you think a man is attractive if he has a eyebrow peircing?
my breast nippiles are too long,can i make small without surgery?
Is using vaseline body lotion on your face, bad for you?
is it possible to get rid of a tan?
what anti-perspirant/deodorant works best for people who perspire a lot?
weiiird stretch marks!!?
Beauty emergency.. please girls help?
how to affectively remove acne?
hmm ? is this a good plan ?
Dose tanning help psoriasis?
Are you suposed to shave your "downstairs"?
Do you like St.Ives INVIGORATING apricot scrub?
If you have pierced ears, how do you keep them from getting infected?
Why won't my metal lip ring come off?
I want a new perfume - clean scent. Any suggestions?
Victorias secret gel inserts safe in water?
What do YOU do regularly to keep beautiful?
Fingernail ripped of at the top!?
I feel insecure sometimes.?
i neeeed help with my acneee ????
getting one ear pierced (16 year old guy) which side?
Belly button peircing?
is 14 too young to get a nose piercing?
what is the best way 2 get rid of zits?????
I am beginning to notice a laugh line forming :(...?
How can i convince my mom to let me get my belly button pierced??
[PICS] do you think i shud get a facial piercing? if so what?
Remove stretchmarks and scars with laser!?
How bad is this acne?
how do i stop getting razor bumps?!! help meee!!?
getting my belly button pierced...?
plzz. hepl i have pimple marks on my face which looks very ugly?
how do I get clear skin like this girl..?
Industrial piercing information?
how can i feel proud of my face ?
I just don't know how to keep my face clear?
how old do i have to be to get my tongue pierced?
i need help!! what exercises are good for toneing my body?
Freckles: Cute or not? ?
do you know any home remedies for facial skin like uneven skin tone and moisterizers?
How can I make my breasts look bigger(or possibly get bigger) by doing an exercise at home?
Do you use bar soap or body wash?
CLeARASIL ULtra DaiLy Facial WASH?
Im A 14 Year Old Girl,Should I Get My Belly Pierced Or Not?
How to permanently remove black circles around eyes quickly?
how could i hint to my mom i would like to shave my legs?
can someone out there please tell me if it is true that applying sperm on your face will prevent wrinkles?
I Sweat alot i need help!!!! please?
any muslims here and can u believe it's the end of ramadan?
Male Underarm Waxing? Your Opinion!?
What colour are my eye's?
shaving problem - think it's urgent?
It's not easy being handsome?
Is girlscout one or two words?
how do i stop myself from picking my zits?
St. Ives apricot scrub?
What do you think is the appropriate age to get a lip piercing?
How can I stop getting a tan?
What is the best solution for dark circles under eyes?
Good brand of vegan body wash?
If i dont shave up to my stomach will i get a ingrown hair ans i mean like to your hips?
What the best soap to use for down there *girls only*?
How do girls feel about guys with nipple piercings?
Fourteen and 32A pleease help me!!!?
is there a cure for stretch marks?
Can i do laser hair removal? Please Help!?
What should I use first, toner or moisturizer?
i have freckles and i don't know if i like them or not, do i cover them up or not?
Pubes: Shave it or leave it?
A question for girls, women who are 16-?
stretch marks?help?
How to cure pimples? And how to cure open pores on the face?
I have sensitive skin but the only kind of acne I get are cysts, How can I treat them?
How do I get rid of mild acne on my forehead?
ear is really swollen from piercing?
whats the best way to get scars of your face?
How do you make yourself look like you have more cleavage?
dove self tanning?
Which one of these curved barbell sizes do you think are best for an eyebrow?
Should i go to a salon and get my armpits waxed?
Im 13 and i want my tounge piercing should i get it done?
Do epilators really work?
Im tryin to find out if I can gauge my ears if I have a double peircing?
Question on stretching ears?
How do I get ride of dark circles around my eye?
How to remove dirt effectively from pores and get smaller pores?
Girls, which would you rather have?
How to get rid of lines on forehead?
I am out of shaving foam, what should I do?
I told my mom last night tht I wanted my Lip pierced and she said I will think about it.Do u think tht is NO.
my mom wont let me shave my legs what should i do to convince her?
What age did you start shaving your legs?
where to learn facial?
Tanning Spray Gel And Acne Please Help!!!?
is it turn if i put dog crap on my theeth it whitens them?
do you shave your arms?
What can I do about my pimples/acne??? I tried alot of cleanser but didn't help?
how to whiten dark groins on both legs?
uhh...a girl whoss like over 14 help me? ahhaaa ;p?
Best face wash/scrub for me?
whats the best way to get, white teeth fast?
How do you get rid of patches of dead flakey skin?
Belly button piercing bleeding?!?!?
I'm 14 and i have sweaty armpits.Which deodorant do i use??
Bath/Pamper products question - Where to start with it all?
What is my skin tone/undercolor?
it s me again the hairy guy , is there a way to get out of this problem other than shaving?
Anyone who's had their cartilage pierced...?
would you rather be a size 2 or 12?
How to reduce pores in Legs ?
What's the best way to cure the torn/dry skin around my nails?
Do you think it's possible to hide a tongue ring from my mom for 2 weeks ?
Should I get my nose pierced? Will it leave a scar some day?
Does getting your belly button pierced really hurt? Please be honest!?
What can I expect from a belly button piercing?
howcome somedays im oily other days not?
Does getting your cartilage pierced hurt?
I pierced my own navel and it went fine so do you think it will be hard for me to pierce my own septum?
Why am I breaking out in hives all of a sudden? Proactiv?
So im getting my lip pierced tomorrow.. ?
what else should i do for my face?
Skin cream?
HELP!? Would i suit a septum piercing?
how do i whiten my tan?
How to reduce wrinkles under eyes?
Is Certain Dri a good antiperspirant for me?
how can i convince my mom to let me get my bellybutton pierced?
Is it OK to drink after getting your tongue pierced??
what is a good face wash to use to get rid of acne?
Have you tried Biore Ice Cleanser?
does anyone like my hair?
Is my new lip piercing infected?
Spray tanning question?
stretch marks..?
What do you think is the perfect height for a woman?
guys please help SOS!!?
Is there an under-eye cream that is just for moisturizing and not supposed to be for wrinkles or firming?
what do girls think of men with scars?
will a nose piercing effect me getting a job?
is taking 100mg of glutatione everyday for a month enough to whiten the skin?
Ear lobe piercings above each other rather then side by side? What are those called?
How do I get my boobs bigger?
how can I prevent the hairs growing on my feet & chest?
I am 14. I noticed that I have some hair between my two eyebrows.I don't know how to remove it.?
wut does the scar left behind from an eyebrow piercing loook like after it got infected?
Does baby oil cause breakouts ?
Does getting your ears pierced hurt? Well, obviously, it would hurt. Is the pain any worse than having braces?
Do Guys Really Care About Stretch marks?
Any good ideas for blackheads?
how do i dry underneath my fingernail?
recipes for home mad face wash?
How to get Dimples???
Should I switch to Proactive???!!!?
skin problem ( i need DR. help )?
Does it hurt to get your ear cartilage pierced?
Can I interchange between a 14g and 16g septum jewelry or will that result in shrinking?
Can i wear make-up on my nose stud?
How can I become a professional body piercer?
what percing hurts more belly button or nose percing?
guys what does this mean?
I want my belly button pierced!?
how can i get rid of a big pimple fast?
How long do you have to wear a cartilage piercing after getting it pierced?
is gluta soap really whiten the skin?
How to deal with criticism when i get nose pierced?
how can i get rid of and prevent dry skin on my face?? like around my eyes and nose?
Is it possible for my eye colour to change now?
How to take off scabs without leaving a scar?
does bleaching hair affect your skin in any way?
can i get the products of "THE BODY SHOP " in bangalore.if yes please tell me the place.?
I have a dermal anchor on my left cheek bone and a medusa, could I pull off a bridge piercing too?
Exfoliating scrubs...?
I need help getting rid of acne, already tried multiple products?
where can you get your navel periced in chesterfield?
can you have no or more than one belly button?
Is Dolce Vita olive oil good for skin?
plastic surgery?
How long does it take for snake eyes piercing to go down in swelling?
Does Ambi Foaming Cleanser REALLY Works 4 Acne & Scars?
does hair removal cream have a side effect after some time?
How to get rid of pimples?
does putting on carmex help lips for smoking?
How important is beauty in your daily life?
tanning moisturisers?
Looking for a good yet affordable anti-aging moisturizer?
Do you find girls with big lips attractive? Is it a turn on?
I have a birth mark looking thing on my face!?
my belly button percing has a bump next to it what is it??
What tanning product should I use?
i am a 12 year old and getting my nose peirced?
How should I apply bio oil for my face?
Help me get bigger breasts!?
Ear stretching question?
What is the difference between Face Wash and Cleansing milk?
What is the average cost of a nose piercing?
How do I get fairer hair and lighter skin.?
which self spray tan mists are best?
Lip peircing; Should I get one?
How do i make my boos look smaller in a bikini?
Where can i get my belly button pierced without parent permission?
Who is the best looking person you have seen in the flesh ?
im cursed with brown eyes?
Does anyone know of anyone who has used papaya soap before?
how long until u see results when using proactive?
how do i perform a nipple piercing?
my face is breaking out and i have no acne stuff!!?
Lemon juice to fade acne scars?
What have you heard about tongue piercings? Want one!?
My nose looks terrible from side view!?
Is Clean And Clear Deep Action good for getting rid of blackheads?
Help! My little sister is starting to get spots! (she is 11 ) How can i stop her from getting more spot!?
How to get rid of them....PLEASE HELP ME?