What is the best and fastest way to get rid of acne and acne scars?
Microdermabrasion aftercare suggestions?
How do I get rid of blackheads?
how old do you have to be ???????
would you like this page?
(REPOST)nose piercing(:?
Stretching ears to a 000gauge ripped, wont downsizing cause harm?
Should I get a lip peicing, or a monroe?
Is it safe to use two different brands of acne medication at times?
I need soft lips quick! help!?
I just got my bellybutton pierced and it's red?
I need help fading a scar..?
Whats a good facial cleanser?
Bath and Body White Cherry Blossom?
how much does a belly button piercing cost?
godiva skin lightening creams?
how long should i wait to change my monroe ring????? i got it pierced for a month now.?
Is it alright to go to the mall....?
What hurts more. Getting your belly button pierced or getting your cartilage pierced?
What age did you start shaving your legs?
Do you think under God's will, my lip piercing will close up?
My skin is über sensitive?
Is it necessary to shower twice a day?
how do i get rid of acne scars?
Hard skin?
I want to get my ear pierced?
how old do you thank the "right" age to get hips pireced?
Why is there a subcategory for tattoo but not piercing?
ingrown hairs/red bumps/pimples down there that won't go away?
How to make your skin more lighter and fairer?
what peircing relli hurts ?
Does A Belly Piercing Hurt For My Age?
Shaving my legs.........??????
Bump/keloid on upper ear after piercing?
Are visible tattoos and/or face piercings okay to have to work at bath & body works?
how can i hind a tongue ring?
Doing my own third lobe piercing? Am I too close to cartilage?
Why am i so small compared to these girls?
Nose Ring Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Do you think I'm chubby?
Is shaving ur pubic hair gay???
i am 13 and i am already saving up..?
Guys: Is there any male existing on this earth that would prefer small breastts over big?
How old where you?
Has anyone ever tried Pro active skin care line? does it work??
bubble gum on face?
BREAKING OUT !!! PEMPLES !!! ACNE !!! ALL of the above?
what age is the best to get ears pierced?
Does anyone use the Dr. Wexler acne skin care line?
Micro dermabrasion question?
1-10 how much do these piercings hurt?
anyone got any good ideas on how to get rid if stretch marks!?
What can I not do with a new tongue piercing?
Should I get a nose piercing?
How many numbers are there between 1 and 2?
Stretching belly button hole?
Do I have a butt? Pictures included.?
Do indoor tanning bed lotions with bronzers work in the natural sun as well?
Is being pale a bad thing?
What is the perfect age to start applying a night cream on face?
How do I get rid of stretch marks?
Help with ear piercing?
belly button piercing yes or no..? s for best answer . . !?
How can a get Pailer skin?
Industrial piercing!?
is it true that if you have a mole on your face your beautiful and if not then your not pretty?
what is the best sunless tanner?
is it true that left side nose piercings mean you are lesbian/gay/bisexual?
I have difficult skin on my face need some advice?
How old do you have to be to get your ears pierced at claires?
LADIES ONLY!!! Under arms?
Just got my ears pierced, how long should I have the same earrings for?
Stretch marks on teenagers? Doctor's advice?
How do yo get rid of a curling burn?
Is my nose too long !?
how to get rid of stretch marks?
What can i do to make the swelling go down on my lip piercing?
I am really scared of having my ears pierced?
Bill Gates tongue pierced?
HEeeeelp I'm scared to ask my mom if I can go tanning?????????????????????????????????…
is my lip piercing infected?
How would you rate my GF?
surgaring process?
Nipple don't seem to be very sensitive?
can some skinny girls have a big bust size?
What is the best way to get rid of strech marks?
when should i shave my legs?
i am to look good.......wat to wear whch vl mk me luk good......m jst 5.1 nd m 15.?
GIRLS HELP!... about sex with your boyfriend / man?
Pros and cons of SPF?
What's a GOOD over-the-counter cream or whatever that's gets rid of acne? (:?
Can i make it to prom?
Have you used Zeno? Did it work? Any side effects?
Fading stretch marks on my breasts?
what will happen if ?........................?
Closing up stretched ears?
is anyone using rosehip oil? how does it works? I got some acne scars on my face :( pls help me!! : )?
is it normal for your skin to be flaky?
Going under breast augmentation, will a 205 saline implant look very natural?
How do I get rid of marks on my face that are left back after a pimple?
Bath & Body Works catalog?
How do I know whats the best thing to apply on my face? Its oily. am applying cream (fair&lovely),no change.?
I think the korean lotion mad me pale? HELP!?
One stretched ear is slightly swollen, what do I do?
While deployed to Iraq I purchased Arabian nights perfume oil for my wife. How can I find It agian?
i want to get skinny body and skinny face?
Why cant I blush.....?
What tanning lotion should i use? professional brands only*?
questions about a nape piercing (back of the neck)?
Ear Stretching question.?
Do you really have to redo a mystic spray tan every week?
am i overwieght? (im not self conscious i just wanna no)?
20 male, at what age does oily skin usually get better?
money for breast implants?
proactive question?
Is it normal to get a lot of ingrown hairs?
Broke out on my face.HELP!?
Help! Ear Stretching...?
HELP!! I sweat wayy to much under my arms!!?
Do you think tounge piercing on girls is trashy?
How do I lighten/whiten my skin?
Why are my armpits brown?
Australian Gold?
how does my nose piercing looks??
Big red mark on face from popped pimple?
Women's Genital Piercing...
Is there a TRUE natural cosmetic company?
So I really need new piercing ideas!?
what to dilute benzoyl peroxide in?
hi iam havin black pimple marks on my face.I hv tried creams n its still there it has been 2years.pls help?
what should i do about my belly piercing?
how to get rid of back acne?
When u get hot in the face, do u automatically go red then?
Best way to get rid of spots and blackheads?
does it hurt getting ur cartilage pierced?
Shaved my nipple off. Need answer fast.?
Got my eyebrows waxed and they're reddish!!?
i have a lot of black moles on my skin, what should i do to lessen them??
When it comes to skin tone, would you rather be lighter or darker?
Should I stretch my nose to change its shape? (Pic included)?
Pierced ears (re-pierce or ?)?
how do you know when a tanning salon is hiring?
what's the best scar cream i can use on my arms?
Extreme self-esteem issues because of my Nose. Help!?
can a woman broaden her hip with exercise?
Self Tanning Bronzer and Sunscreen in one?
Why is everyone, especially the girls like Nicole Richie,Lindsay Lohan etc turning into stick insects?
which is more comfortable? GIRLS ONLY!?
Can you use organic soap bars for the face?
tongue piercing? i need info please!?
does it hurt lot?
is there any other way to remove hair? besides waxing and shaving?
how can i get skinnier?
no matter what i have oily skin!?
Ever since I gained weight I notice I have lots of disgusting pimples on my arms. Help?
can you put nails from the salon in your pus*y?
How many belly bars should I have?
Why don't men find fair skin as attractive as tanned skin??
how much will it hurt when i get my tongue pierce?
What do you think about tongue piercings?
please help... confused!!!!! :(?
are my lips unattractive? with pics?
what is the formula for replacing emulsifying wax with beeswax & borax?
Should I get my lip pierced?
how much does it cost to get spray tanned?
Why are my legs bumpy?
Going on holiday............?
Nose peircing?
How to get smaller pores?
How to cover up a cut?
Belly button question!?
How can I get rid of all these blackheads and other spots I have?
Casual sex and body issue?
Is there any single Jamiacan guys my age?
any ways to get bigger breast than implants?
do you think i'm pretty?
whats a nice looking piercing for a girl to get?
DO you think freckles are cute? (or do you think they are ugly)?
Do I look too skinny?
Size zero or 18+?
Make Waxing for ur hair?
How can I treat / prevent razor bumps on and underneath my chin?
I look tan but i want my fair normal skin back is there anything?
Does size really matter that much?
septum piercing question?
I cant smile...?
Will my belly button piercing close up?
my face has med complexion but i want to be more fair,previously it was more i ll get my colour back
Is it bad to wash your hair every two days to keep it fresh?
Just used Veet for the first time...?
Why is my belly button piercing that is 2 years old bleeding?
Is it true that Milk is a good moisturizer??
is my upper body too skinny?
which brand of moistoriser is good 2use??
FOR GIRLS ONLY, If i told you that i have a big scar on my right leg, would that be a turn off?
has anyone here ever seen a ghost??
Ok i pierced my lip i need help?
Nervous to go to the tanning salon for the first time????????????????????????????????????…
My face is really dry should I still use my face wash?
Does ultra tan offer employee discounts?
Can fade creams help lighten skin?
my mom is not letting get my lip pierce so im going to do it my self?
Bump on the back of my earlobe from piercing?
Why won't my mum let me have my belly button pierced? ?
Is safe to do your own chemical peels at home?
whats a REALLY GOOD way to get rid of pimples?
Does anyone know where talum powder comes from?
I want to have very white skin without hydroquinone or harmful chemicals , I'll do anything , help !?
How long do you have to wear a cartilage piercing after getting it pierced?
What body type am I?????????????
Double Monroe piercing?
Do you find girls with big lips attractive? Is it a turn on?
Tapers and ear stretching?
Bath & Body Works Outlet in Virginia?
does getting your the top of your ear pierced hurt??
I am 20 yrs old what should I use fro skin care? To protect against the sun & this fine lines.?
bra help???
Is the person appearing lighter in regular light but darker in violet or black light not ethnically 'white'?
anyone tried pro-active for acne?
Why am I getting more Birthmarks on my face?!?
How do I get a tan?
natural, tanning? please help?
Where you're from, do people look down on you tanning?
my belly piercing is red on the top hole... :/?
Do you think Amal is a good name??????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
Face mask that can "relax" you?
My toe nails are crusty?
Who is afraid of getting there ears pieced?
Please answer this question?
My son is white as a GHOST?!?!! HELP?
Active Hydrating Beauty Fluid -sensitive skin?
How to get unchaped lips?
Can I use flavored yogurt?
What is the best thing to wash your face with?
I am a fifteen year old girl and i have stretch marks.?
tongue piercing questioon?
ummmmm. i'm gross. help?
i have acne problems ive been using the proactiv system they come on my face when its my period time?
Ladies what do you have on your feet right now?
Can i put Carmex on my piercing?
clearasil cream, is it works on black spots left because of pimples or only on pimples?
how do you take out your tragus piercing?
What are some products that help get rid of razor burns(AKA shaving bumps)?
Ear piercing in Claire's?
How to get my pale skin back?
my elbows are rough. what should I do to make them smoother?
I have a big nose & I need advice.?
How can I keep acne under control?
Rose water????
Does facial hair removing cremes cause scarring? Such as Sally Hansen, surgi-creme and others.?
Hi i need your help only girls sorry boy's not u you lot don't know anthing about girls?
Why is my skin always pale?
is proactiv right for me?
how can i make my skin whiter?
Tattoos: what colors to avoid for tanned/olive skin?
What does it mean if puss is coming out of my belly button piercing when squeezed?
should i pierce my belly button or get my nose pierced? short body description and face description available.? scarred?
Which peel is better?
What piercing is this?
I'm having troubles with my lip piercing, please read?
I am going to get my legs waxed tomorrow. I found Darvocet....a friends med...should i take it?
Where are Top Care products found?
Nipple piercings.?
Does sleeping on a new ear piercing make it swell?
what lip gloss is this person using?
how can we avoid strech marks?
Does she have a nice booty?
What piercing should I get?
Is this bra size calculator accurate?
is it safe to get an industrial/scaffold and weaving piercing at the same time?
I have dark lip corners and around my corners its dark, I want to get rid of it?
Ok, so i'm getting my nose peirced tomorrow but...?
why am i so hairy - im a teenage girl?
i'm a lesbian what side of my lip should i get pierced?
Pros and Cons of the industriel ear piercing?
Which is the better retinol product?
Need help in getting rid of pimples!?
Real Nails keep lifting?
what should i clean a belly piercing with?
does it hurt to get your ears pieced?
How many of you out there...?
Does getting your eards peirced hurt?
whats your opinion..?? waxing or razor or!!!?
Fake tongue piercing?
Help with ear piercing?
i want to be tan this summer?
what natural cures are there for spots on yur face?
Popping Pimples and Pimples that wont pop?
Is it normal for my piercing to be sore after just a few hours of being pierced(bellybutton)?
If you have a zit and put tooth pasted.....?
Why is my skin (mainly my face) different?
What are some fade products I can use with Salicylic Acid?
Where can I buy a koosh ball tongue piercing?
Please help my friend pierced my ears a week ago?!?!?
is there anything i can coat my face with to make my face look smooth and natural ?
Want to get my ears pierced whats the shortest amount of time I have to keep earrings in?
need help weight thing!!?
is it possible for a face wash to not work anymore?
How to get rid of huuugee pimples??!!?
Navel Rings?
Any D.I.Y Toner recipes????
how do you get rid of zits?
Is my cartilage piercing infected?? ): help.?
How do i get rid of stretch marks?
A Bra Question for Both sexes?
Best oil free face moisturizer?
How can I get rid of continuous bags under my eyes even though I sleep at least 9-12 hours a day?
Is it bad to pop a pimple?
Does my skin have anything to do with my diet?
Will my redness clear few days after facial?
(Girls Only) Do you shave or wax your legs, and if so why?
Is it bad to skip a gauge size? I'm at 16 right now can I go to a 12 and skip 14?
What face shape do I have?
Good Face Moisturizer?
Where can I get my ears pierced?
how can you reduce redness in zits?
How do i change back to my old skintone?!?
Exfoliate for around the bikini line and where I shave?
Best waxing strips for a cheap price?
Does Proactive actually work? Please help!?
I have a greasy face by the end of school?
guys: what do you think of a 5'9, 124lb girl?
Should girls shave their arms?
Should I get a nose job(long,please read all of it to understand,best answer gets s)?
What can I do to shed excess water weight?
Am I cleaning my Snakebites (piercing) right?
How to reduce sweating in underarms?
Help this is so embaresing!?
Belly Piercing???
Why do I have the most oily face ever?
Best way to rid yourself of unwanted hair?
Should i get proactiv?
belly button piercing infected?
whats rong with my nose?
[pic] where should i get a piercing?
*Girls* Do you think it looks good when...?
How long does it take you to take a shower?
Bumpy skin under eyes; clogged pores? & big pores on cheeks.. .s!?
what makes someone pretty?
Adult acne?
whats the fastes way to get off?
is there anythang wrong with women being AMAZONS???
does getting your ears pierced hurt?
What shape face do i have?
i have eight bug bites?! best answer, s! :?
First day of school advice ?
I think it'd be cool to get a surface piercing on my stomach. Is that a good idea?
i saw a program about girls who own a tanning salon, that did a sunbed for a 6 year old, is that safe?
If you fart and burp at the same time, would it create a vacuum in your tummy?
Would swelling, bruising, soreness, and a slight discoloration (looks like bruising) be an allergic reactionto
how do i get a perfect complexion without makeup?
Your ways of getting rid of spots?
i am a girl with fair complexion but the skin under nails are dark in my hands and also in legs this makes me?
Does sunscreen keep you from tanning or just from burning?
My second eear peircing?
there was a fragrence at bath and body works about a year or 2 ago it was a purple flower what was it?
how do you remove body glitter?
How to get a body like Alana Blanchard?
Whats the best way to get rid of stuburn spots quickly please?
should i wax, pluck,or thread my eyebrows ?
What Are Some Lotions For Dry Skin?
Is it possible that after I quit using Retin-A after at least a month will the pimples still be there??
Whats the most effective way to get rid of scars without lasers, or any other sort of operation-like thing?
Best body lotion?
Should I do my own lip piercing on the upper part>?
2mm to 3mm stretch ok?
Can i wear stainless steel tapers til i get to an 8g?
What do you think of her face and body?
clinique three step or oil of olay line?
A good mosturizer for really dry skin that doesn't make your skin oily looking?
how to treat an infected belly button piercing?
Cant remove back of earring help?
question for people who have had their bellybuttons pierced?
What piercing would look good on me (pics)?
what do girls like better big guns or a six pack?
i dont know how to french?/?
What are some good ways to get rid of acne fast?
Can you prep. me for helix piercing?
how to get reddish lips?
theres a bump in my piercing!!!?
How Can I Get A Better Indoor Tan?
Tons of doctor appointments over the next few weeks and possibly surgery. How can I hide my SH scars?
Are hip piercings worth it?
How do I get rid of Acne?
How would you describe me ?
Do I have a big nose?
What facial moisturizer is good for sensitive and spot-prone skin?
What is the best way to tone your stomach?
How do you get rid of pimple marks?
Would I look good with an angel kiss piercing?
How to get big boabs?
how do u make a girl stop sweating???
Is it normal to still have acne in your 20's? How can I get rid of it?
Does the nose stud piercing hurt?
Bely button peircing questions ?
If you found a real live mole would you play with it?
how to reduce breast size?
Do we really need to numb an area before piercing?
i'm getting a spray tan tomorrow, what do i need to do before hand?
How old should you be before you lose your virginity?
Does laser work really work?
Which face wash works better?
What's the standard measurements for male models?
Okay I'm not sure weather if this is a facial cleanser or scrub.?
Salicylic acid cleanser used daily?
Are breast implants so bad?
What hurts worse? Tongue piercing or eyebrow piercing?
What can I use to remove dirt from my neck, back, buttocks?
Self Tanning!!!?
i am 16 years old and have hairs on the sides of my upper lips nd i want them removed. what is the best method?
Do the girls like hairy chest?
using products with hydroquinone?
Stretching your ear?!?
i want to have my nipple pierced?
hmm... what is MY body shape.........?
is it normal to 'shave down there'?
how do i get clear skin?
How to reduce hair at arms and hands?
is arbonne international safe and non toxic?
Newly pierced ear lobes - can't get them out. HELP!?
tanning booth?
Is 12 earring too much?
Can small noserings close?
how can pimples come off?
Am I curvy, skinny or chubby? What about my friend? Whose body is better? s (picture)?
hair. skin. height. body. MAKEOVERRRR :]]?
dandruff/chaped lips ewwwww?
How to get smooth skin on the backs of arms & thighs?
Tongue piercing????????????????
Should I get a boob job?
How can I get flawless skinn?
Help!!! I sweat...?
When someone calls you a mammoth.?
How much would it cost to get my blow up doll waxed?
i just gaged my ears 20-12 in one day, is that bad?
Does Pro Active work?
i have dark circles under my eyes and i have tryed to get rid of them,but nothing works.what should i do?
if my belly button is healed at 6 weeks can i take it out?
How do I get rid of a crease mark?
breast reduction exercise?
How much does full body waxing cost?
can i bring my own earring to get my cartilage pierced ?
how do i erase/remove permanent sharpie of my hand?
Should I get an eyebrow piercing?
did I ruin or "cancel out" my first laser treatment (for face)?
I shaved my eyebrow, will it grow back?
What can a 13 year old girl do to avoid pimples and black heads?
my friend has dark complexion but she is beautiful. any suggestions that she could become fair?
If I ice my face everyday for about 5-10 min. will it help avoid wrinkles?
How do you get full lips ?
Lots of tan lines and darker parts of my body. How do I lighten my skin?
Tongue piercing aftercare?
Skin peeling aftetr tan/burn - what to do and put on?
How can I lighten my stretch marks?
I have dry skin around my eyes but no wrinkle, what can i use for dry eye erea witout wrinkles?
Ear stretching question?
Almond oil? Olive oil?
how to get lighter skin?
aaahhh!!!help!!!how could i get rid of zits in a natural/chemical way...?
does proactive solution work?
Are my facial features suitable for commercial modelling?
How to get rid of stomach bump?
What can I do about razor burn from shaving?
What spot cream should I buy?
Does anyone know a home remedy to get rid of blackheads on my skin?
How bad does a nose piercing hurt?
how many people honestly?
10 reasons to get my belly button peirced?
Is there really a good creme or lotion that works on stretch marks or is laser surgery better?
Is it alright to use men's shaving cream on your legs?
What are 'hickeys'? (I don't know if I spelled it correctly)?
How do I get this sticky stuff off my face?
Face Question???????
my 12yr old daughter wants to shave her legs?
what's the best homemade remedy for a pimple?
Question about aging..?
do you think its yucky when?
For exfoliating your face, what kind of exfoliation systems are out there?
should i pierce my own toungue?
How much do you think your D Cup Breast weigh?
My insecurities eat me alive, im so insecure , i need opinions ,?
did my boobs stop growing?
How can i increase my bust size without plastic surgery? Any tips?
Ear Piercing Keloid Question?
What's my body shape?
Foot Spa needed!?
I'm worried about getting my tongue pierced but I really want it done!?!?
How can I become more secure with my body?
Where, in Surrey, does side-belly piercings?
Know any homemade, inexpensive ways to improve skin?
My ear has been bothering me and ive had it pierced for 7 weeks and i dont know why it feels so irritated.?
Plantar wart/ Hard skin on my pinky toe and under big toe. Been there for a while now and won't leave?
Who looks better?
is there a way to get my color back?
How can i make my boobs bigger?
how do i un-clog my pores??
I heard that Egyption Magic cures acne completly!?
Does Boots No7 Protect and Perfect Beauty Serum really work?
Best way to stop female facial hair?
Getting a belly ring does it hurt?
Shaven, trimmed or natural?
Dark Circles?
Is there any way to...?
What face shape do i have? (picture)?
Vegetarian and acne? please read all.?
What is your favorite Perfume?
What You wear when u sleep ?
why they do this??????
where can i find & Buy Dermaroller? how much does it costs?
i am very pretty and people tell me to model i am 14 and i am 5'7 and i way 110 i have a 23inch waist?
Why is my skin so soft after going on a ski trip?
what do women think of guys with long necks and handsome faces?
what size boobs should i go for ....?
Ear stretching tapers wont move?
How can you avoid shaving bumps.?
Ear piercing question?
I get white stuff on my lips after using Vaseline and other lip balms. why?
Sudden septum piercing pain?
Help still have issues removing hair on legs, coarse stubborn hair but dry sensitive skin...?
panoxyl 5.0 gel fundamental problems?
Will wearing foundation make me wrinkly or ruin my skin quicker?
Do you think someone would get an infection from piercing themselves?
Does getting your tounge peirced hurt?
Questions about my Tragus piercing?
What's better then chapstick.. for men?
List of things to get rid of acne scabs?
I have an underground pimple and it hurts! Help?
Is it okay to use skin lightening serum on all of my face?
what color are my eyes really?
I just got my monroe pierced?
Smiley Face On Nails Hot Or Not?
My belly button piercing ?
belly button piercing question,..?
if you were offered free surgery for any part of your face or body what would you have done?
Lump inside of my lip piercing?
Shaving your arms as a girl?
Is my cartilage infected?
Best Anti-Wrinkle cream for eyes?
Want Snake Bites But I Have an OCD?
Do I have small framed or medium framed body?
What is the average salary of a professional body piercer?
How to get rid of ice and cold challenge bruse?
What can I use Jojoba oil for and how can I use with other essential oils?
do guys like short girl or tall girls?
I want to get my clit pierced. Anyone had it done?
does anyone know if there is a certified Doctor that does buttocks silicone injection in new york city?
Is surgery the only method to lift saggy breasts?
what affordable beauty products can i use to improve my skin tone.i am african woman,chocolate in complextion?
why am i always the center of attention?
I hate my height. Helpp :(?
I have a heavy jawline what can I do to make it appear or actually make it smaller?
which body measurements do you think are hotter?
I need a moisturiser for my face that...?
Has anyone used Linda Evans 'Rejunenique'?
Can breast grow following this recipe?
I want to pierce my ear at home...?
How can I remove self tanner from my legs?
how to get rid of under eye circles?
How to use Mederma?
Should I shave my facial hair with electric razor machine?
Okay, So I have about 2 weeks to get tan and I don't want to use a tanning bed.?
Tongue piercing?!?!?!?!?!!?
How can i get a figure like ariel on the little mermaid?
How to clear acne fast?!?
how do you get rid of malasma?
cartilige ear piercing?
can i get my actual lip pierced?
My helix piercing gone red. What should I do?
How can I get perfectly clear and tan skin?
Ear piercing help please.!!!!!?
is aveeno body wash worth it?
Toung piercing advice?
Padlocks locked on fingers. What to do?
Bio Oil or Cocoa Butter? Which is better for removing zit and pimple scars?
What will get rid of dry skin?
how do i convince my parents to let me get both of my ears pierced?
How can I treat my flaky lips?
how can i avoid pimples?
My Cartilage piercing is a little red and kind of sunk in a little but does not hurt at all. WIll it heal?
What Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturiser would work for me?
what should a model weigh?
nair pretty?
Opposite sex eye colour?
What is deodorant?
Questions about cartilage piercings?
What do you think of guys who wax?
Have you tried Nivea goodbye cellulite, is it effective? what is the best product to get rid of it?
y haven't my breast grown since the age of 13 I'm now 20?
Do i have a big nose?
please help? im 13 and feel sick after tanning in the sun!?
What does the category mean "more to love?"?
when u wadsh ur face?
help me please i had this for like a month already ?!?
do champori eczema products work?
How did I get rid of razor bumps and marks on your bikini line?
Shold I shave
what are the pros and cons of double monroe peircings? (ie. gum receiding, gum disease, ect) ?
Japanese/Korean Skin Whitening Products?
How to convince my mom to let me get my belly button peirced?
if you had a single wish what part of your body would you change?
Okay i've asked this question 4 times now and have gotten no responses to any of them/:?
does the size of ur breast depend on ur fat ?girls only plz?
i tried to peirce my bellybutton... :(?
Am i fat or curvy? Honestly please...?
My 3 month old navel piercing is VERY dry! Help!?
Can anyone recommend any really nice perfumes?
Remedy for severe dry, chapped hands??
A bad KISS MARK is in my neck, i need to get rid of this before my girl friend finds out!!! Help?
If I pierced my ear lobes, how many weeks do I have to clean it with ear antiseptic?
I have acne and really dry skin...what should I do?
Get my natural skin tone back?
I've stretched my ear to 1inch and I'm not sure what the best way is to close them up without surgery!?
How do I get my stomache to tone down?
what do u think of big boobs??
acne question?
how can i give my skin that 'glow'?
Industrial or Helix piercing?
Should I get an industrial piercing?
Does all face moisturizer make your face sweat?
How to cure infected belly button piercing?
Which tanning lotion is the best for a lvl 2 bed?
Pierced my own ear????????????
look at this pic, and honestly tell me what you think.?
How can I lighten my skin?
Should I wear shorts even though I have hairy legs?
how to get clear smooth skin?
What race am I?
has anyone heard of merlot skin care?
is my lip piercing suppose to be swollen?
how long will homemade cleanser baking soda/olive oil/tea tree last?
are her breasts too small for a 14 years old ?
any ideas ?
What REALLY works to fade stretch marks?
I Need a Little Piercing Help...?
i need step by step on how to pierce my own bellybutton by myself or by the help of a friend?
Where can I purchase a spacer for my nose piercing?
Is there anything that makes it go away faster?
does it hurt to get your ears peirced?
How to get rid of crows feet?
Does Neutrogena Instant Bronze sunless tanner work..or does it just wipe off??
got another problem............?
Will shaving or waxing your legs make the hair thicker?
My li[p piercing has started to inbed itself a little.. what do I do?
Where to get a tan?
what is this lump on my nose next to nose piercing?
i got a peircing on my . i did it myself and it got infected. im supposed to meet my bf in one hour help
Vertical Labret Piercing, How long can you leave it out?
How to fix sensitive and flaky eye area?
Where can I get both my wrist pierced in Los Angeles?
Where can I buy Repcillin in Australia? Its a south african cream.?
how do you get rid of body Odour in the groan area?
Am I really really skinny?(EASY 2 POINTS!!! ANSWER YES/NO)?
How can I convince my mom to let me get my belly button pierced?
What is the best way to ask your girlfriend to remove forearm hair?
whats the best way to remove hair from underarm and bikini?
I am scared my belly button ring while rip out ( regect)?
Active Hydrating Beauty Fluid -sensitive skin?
will papaya soap make your skin whiter forever??
Facial issue?
How does water Hydrate your skin?
What is the first word that comes to your mind when you see this face?
I think I'm fat. People tell me otherwise.?
girls only pleaseee... kinda an awkward question.?
how do i make my breasts bigger without getting implants?
My wife went all baggy after childbirth..Is there corrective surgery available on the NHS?
Im 23 yrs old can i use wrinkle creams?
body wraps that make u loose weight!?
industrial piercing question/concern.?
do you shower in the morning or night?
Would you class this as a "big" nose?
Does anyone know a good place in Oxford for me to get my ears pierced?
OK people... Lets be honest here... What can YOU tell me about Proactiv Solution?
Will tomato get rid of beauty marks?
Do I look better than Brad Pitt?
Does anyone knows how to remove or lighten face scars aparted from going for lasers?
How do you lighten dark knees and get rid of scabs, scars and brusies?
Help me!!!!!!!!?
has anyone used flaxseed oil to remove moles?
Will my belly button piercing close up?
what is best place on the body to get pieced?
Mysterious arm bumps?
Whats the best time to lay out?
how should i get ride of dark circles under my eyes?
I am soooooooooooo sick of acne!!!!!!!!!!!?
What order should i put on these skin creams/lotions/etc.?
Bellybutton Piercing questions?
What is a good stretch mark removal cream?
What is the best tanning salon in Brantford, Ontario?
A couple of questions about ear piercing?!?
Would I suit a lip piercing? (picture)?
Dove product that removes white spots from face? Makes it smooth and clean?
How can i hide an eyebrow piercing?
This is a bit embarrasing!!!?
How do celebrities get such amazing skin?
How to use Proactiv Skin Lighting Lotion?
Changing belly button ring balls?
how can i Peirce my own tongue?
boys i need ur opinion & girls too me !!?
i have a lot of blemishes..any ideas to help them? what products do you reccomend?
A good mosturizer for really dry skin that doesn't make your skin oily looking?
scarred spot on my face?
should i get my nipple pearced?
Piercing advice anyone ?
is it better to pop zits or just leave them be?
How can I remove blackheads quickly? I need flawless skin for saturday?
Shaving question....?
Why do my collarbones and chest bones show when I'm not even skinny?
just wondering.....?
Whats a great face wash you can buy at walgreens thats really good for your skin?
If you get your cartilage pierced with a needle can you wear a stud, or do you have to wear a ring?
would you date a girl with a flat butt? (guys question)?
Microdermal Nape piercings and Nipple piercings?
how do i get rid of post acne mark?
How do I convince my mom to let me get a piercing?
Waxing!!! Salon or DIY????
Do women find Iggy Pop attractive?
Should I complain?
girls only?
am i preety and confidence issues?
how do you get smooth legs to last :)?
Does black salve remove brown spots? (beauty spots)?
do girls like when boys feel on them?
stretch marks?
Guys, what's your skin care routine?
Is using soap to wash your face bad for your skin?
Is my cartilage piercing infected?? ): help.?
I have 2 hang nails. Which one should i pick first... My big toe, or my pinky.?
When can i put in my own labret stud?
I want to get my belly button peirced...does it hurt really bad?
Is 14 too young to get a nose piercing?
How to make a vitamin c skin brightening cream?
Does it hurt to get your tounge peirced?
Is it possible to go to Claire's and buy more ear piercing solution?
Self tanner on the hands?
Is there a method or a system that will make your foot smaller?
Has anyone tried "Clearasil Clear And Refine Daily Scrub?"?
Getting rid of my acne?
Generally what is the cost of a belly button piercing?
Can I wear barbells as jewelry while I am stretching?
How do I quit??
how do i make my thighs smaller/lose fat/muscle off them?
nose piercing or monroe piercing?
dark circles?
Why Labody Essentia's products are so effective & safe.?
Good, cheap tanning oil with spf?
Eyebrow piercing on the left or right?
How old do you have to be to get your tongue pierced?
Does wearing a bra at night really help prevent sagging later on?
spots, blackheads, scars?
My guy wants to see me in a bikini, but...uhh... I have stretch marks? lol?
Dark spots from previous acne! HELP!?
Is 17 to young to have a breast reduction surgery.?
How can I fake tan without getting chemicals in my navel piercing, and being blotchy/uneven?
what are the best antiblemish cheap products out there?
Upper lip has red dots :/?
Is there something wrong with my nose piercing?
Why did my pimple turn red overnight after using Proactiv refining mask?
Should I get my lip pierced on my right or left side?
What do I do to get rid of it?
Nose Piercing bump - what to do?
Clean & Clear Advantage?
What hurts to get pierced?
which piercing would look better on me?
Which is best sun lotion for man?
should I get my eyebrow pierced?
What can i do to prevent razor burn, bumps, and scars from shaving my privates?
does the VASELINE with coco butter that evens skin and texture really help?
white nails?
I'm fifteen in a half and I have a personal question about my body, please help?
Baking soda acne treatment?
Does anyone know a good fake tan that doesnt blotch?
HELP!!!!!!!!!!!! How do you get rid of stretch marks!!!?
What to do about a big nose?
What store provides the Mary Kay Blemish Control Toner 3 over the counter?
WOuld u perfer a hunk or a caring loving gentleman?
Is there a way to get rid of bumps before they turn to red acne?
Can I get my belly button pierced if I have an outtie?
dose anyone know of any good acne treatments? please tell me?
i want to have a small breast?
My mom won't let me take care of myself?!?
My friend is bleaching his skin. How can I talk him out of it?
I want to wax my arms. Any tips girls?
can smoking affect your tongue piercing?
How can I get rid of this black head?
What is best deodorant to use if you have a sensitivity to aluminum?
what works best for chapped lips?
Do you think proactive works?
best lotion for nice skin?
how can i lighten my skin back to it's normal color and keep it this way during the summer?
Am I too tall?
how can i fix my nails...?
what is a good cosmetic line title?
how can i keep a strait face?
What body lotion or moisturizer would u suggest for smooth and shiny looking skin?
What to do with my weird skin?
Is it worth it for me to get plastic surgery?
does dermovate whiten the skin at all and how long would it take if it does?
What type of breasts do u prefer?
Is my nose too big and my lips too thin?
Will my tongue piercing close if I take it out?
I am naturally very pale. How can I get a good tan and complexion?
why do I look like time didnt effect my face?
How much do you spend on shaving?
is semen good for your skin?
Using no moisturizer on my face?
How to get rid of arm hair?
Help! Should I go on a quick diet?
if you eat healthy, will it show in your skin?
Gold Magic shaving powder?
what body feature would you rather have?
which type of breast augmentation is the best?
Is it a sacral dimple? Or whatever it is, does everyone have it?
Microdermal Piercing Question?!?
Is it true that from age 25 you begin to see your skin go downhill and start aging?
Does Proactive work? if not what does?
plastic surgery feet?
Does Proactiv stop working at some point?
What can I do about my pimples/acne??? I tried alot of cleanser but didn't help?
whats the fastes way to get off?
Do you think the word SQUINTY when you see these eyes? (Photo)?
How can I get lighter lips?
please give me the various uses of natural aloe vera on the skin and hair and the applications?
getting a tragus piercing...?
home remedie to whitning skin and glowing clear face plz tell me home ramedies?
Cartilage piercing!! really want to get it done is it true gun is illegal it shatters the bone?
What's wrong with my belly button ring?
Why Am I All Of A Sudden Breaking Out???!!! :'(?
00g ear stretching with tape, questions.?
What is this model called? Anyone knows her?
Am I to young to get my belly button pierced?
Any good home remedies on large pores?
OMG! Its almost my graduation and my face is breaking out! Does hand sanitizer work? Have u used it?
How to make my face skin glow naturally?
How can I treat my flaky lips?
Is this true??
I'm so annoyed by my body?
Am i fat, my family calls me fat?
What kind of piercing is this?
What's the use of a face cream?
What can I do if my lips are dry? ?
Cocoa butter on the downstairs area?
Help?! How can i stop my face from being oily?
What's the Best Product for a Smooth Complexion?
Palmers Fade Cream Good For Leg Lightening? As it's darker than the rest of my body.?
Industrial piercing(scaffold)?
I hate my horrible body?
Are belly button piercings supposed to move up ?
do you have an "innie" or an "outie" belly button?
i have a little buttle next to my belly button piercing?
I know everyone's got one but......?
Shaven, trimmed or natural?
How to get rid of hickey's all over my neck ASAP?!?!?
My smiley is infected ?
Stretching my ears? i need help?
How to really make your face slim down? ?
Any methods on removing bags under eyes?
I'm allergic to nail polish but I love painting my nails, anyone can think of a solution?
Whats a nickname for brown skin girls?
Asprin facial mask? peppermint oil?
how do I grow one or two inches this summer?
Help with pimples and scars!!! Important!!!?
How to increase glow in the face ?
has any of u ever use Nair? and does it work?
Tips & Tricks for scalp and skin?!?
My face is very red from face mask!!? Help!!?
im 15 and not circumcised. Is that weird?and do girls not like that?
How can I avoid irritation after waxing my eyebrows?
Should i kick the medusa piercing and go with snakebites?
Stretchmarks on breasts at 14. Please help!?Ph1axAA62301290100102"> What would you rate this girl????
What do you think of this...?
im ugly as sin tried everything what can i do?
Acne trouble, please help!?
hey boys answer this question........ whats better butt or breast?
i Have Horrible Skin any help?
is there something wrong with my body?
what face cleaner helps with...?
how do you make your roommate feel better after you told him you hate fat people? help me fix it!!?
Has anyone ever used Jergens Natural Glow? Or any better product suggestions?
Septum piercings vs. industrial piercing pain?
eeeek. Dark Circles? help!?
goodbye cellulite??
Disgusting question: What kind of spot (acne) is this? and how do you treat it?
Is my Belly Button not healing correctly?
Bumps on Cartilage Piercing?
Help my cartilage has a bump it won't go away:(?
where is the best site to buy deep discounted designer perfume?
How can I keep self tanning lotion from leaving little dots all over me??
How do i gain weigh quicker?
Cartliage piercing, done by myself?
Does Vitamin E help in healing and reducing scars?
Is my face shape oval (pics)?
how can i make my boobs look bigger?!?
Alternative to a belly button BALL ?
how do you get rid of the bumps in your arm?
Infected piercing help!!! :(?
how can i reduce this blemish?
Ugh, I have peach fuzz on my upper lip and I hate it...?
Any products to help me get a tan when sunbathing?
How to get rid of stretch marks?
does horse riding expand your hips?
What is the most basic skin care routine for teens?
inexpensive or homemade face washes?
Does £15 for a helex piercing include the earring?
The obliteration of eye bags?!?
i am having lots of problems with my pimples can some one help with using natural things???
Can you make your boobs grow faster?
i am very pretty and people tell me to model i am 14 and i am 5'7 and i way 110 i have a 23inch waist?
purifying mask question pls help!!?
how do you reduce the apperence of already existing stretch marks?
Should I get my belly button perced?
PLEASE HELP. Ingrown hairs and styes...?
Help with home facial??
feelin little awkward to ask but m very fair n even after removing my underarm hair my skin is still dark, hel
What do you think of belly button piercings?
How can I lose acne in less than a week?
Can i use my dads shaving cream to shave my legs?
How do I hide my stretched ear hole?
flakey and dry skin!?
Does anyone know of anyone who has used papaya soap before?
Should I shave my arms?
Is this a blessing or what?
Does an eyebrow piercing look gay on a straight young, caramel skinned black teen?
will a demi work to go from my natural mousey light brown to dark golden blonde? or to medium mohogany red?
can i get the top of my ear done at Claires with the gun?
Do you have a large chest?
Does toothpaste help with acne?
how to minimize my pores?
Microdermal anchor on chest...?
eye peircing question?
should i trim it or keep it?
please look at this!!!!!!!!!!!!!help!!!!!!?
how do you get rid of muffin tops? ( lumps of fat at sides of stomach) help !!?
I just pierced my ear and it look a little off from the other side?
Vertical Labret Piercing Question.?
Should I get my nipple pierced?
the best skin care product?
How do I keep from sweating under my arms?
is it safe for me to pierce my belly button myself?
Do you think I'm pretty?
Peircing Troubles? Could It Be Infected?
Is it ok to get your tongue pierced at 14?
a remedy for aging dehaydrated facial skin?
What are some ways I can lighten my skin?
My girlfriend pierced her ears twice; thus two piercing on both ears. Is this bad?
Is it ok for a 14 year old to tan in a tanning bed?
How to take care of dry flakey skin?
what makes a lady pregnant?
any one got any tips on eplators to remove my hair from legs painfree if poss?
Whats a good face product that's cheaper than the wave?
how do i get rid of my tan?
honestly do i need to lose weight?
At home face masks...?
Surgery stuff on my body? How do I get off?
Would I look good with a nose ring?
cartilage piercing question?
Im 13, and I have stretch some stretch marks, is this normal?(Im only about ten pounds above my average)?
If you got a piercing where would it be ?
do EOS make your lips darker?
What is my body shape?
I'm 5'1 and 119 lbs...Am I FAT?
Questions about a tragus piercing?
what is the best and cheapest solution to shaving legs that get ingrown hair folicles?
Help? Red burns above lip after using Sally Hansen?
help with abs, and thighs?
Is this bra size calculator accurate?
Forehead acne... Please help....?
How do I get rid of dark circles?!?
Best face wash for sensitive skin?
which is the least painful piercing?
Going on a date? Stayed up all night? How do I get rid of bags under my eyes?
GIRLS ONLY!!!!!!!!! about bras?
Can I skip size 8 when gauging my ears?
Shaving my legs problem!???
should i get a helix ear piercing?
Zitsits on the forehead.?
Can a girl answer this question?