Tretinoin .025% gel on penile area?
Arm Pit shaving help!!?
Inny or outy (belly button)?
I need something to clear my blackheads ?
Why is My lip color like this?
should i get a piercing if im on antibiotics?
does anyone have some really good but easy lower ab workouts plz?? im pretty desperate?
Is this a Turn on or Turn off?
can i just get one snake bite lip piercing on one side?
I have white spots on my face after going to a tanning salon. Are they permanent? Is there any way to cure the?
Does it hurt to get a nose piercing?
is this the right bra for me?
can you shave with mens shaving cream?
Will just a birth certificate work for me to get my belly button pierced?
How can i grow taller faster?
How to hide a lip piercing from parents?
is my height good enough ?!!?
Question about plastic surgery?
Help me! need to lose weight, but i have a slow metabolism?
Breast lift at 18??
Do nose piercings close up?
Can I use Duac Once Daily Gel twice a day ?
Are you left handed?
navel piercing help (keeps bleeding /crusty)?
my dad wont let me get a piercing !!!?
which hurts the most?
is it normal if my stomach is swollen after belly button piercing?! :/ please help!?
Cartilage Piercing still swollen?
Pale skin question and please help?
What is a good tanning bed lotion after step 2?
Anyone can answer this! Please do! What do you think about nose rings?
Good scrub for eczema,oily skin,anyone?
Glasses slip from oily nose?
Where do people get body piercings?
How to cover up my big boobs more?
is the neutrogena wave any good for spots?
Piercings? (too many, your personal opinions on them?)?
I had my belly pierced for 4 months and 4 days ago i got a bump its kinda hard is it keloids or rejection ?
deodorant on testicals? bad?
how do you get rid of blemishes/acne?
will you please help! low self esteem?!?
Im really insecure about my body, someone help! :/?
Anything that will take away my acne?
belly button piercings?
Spectro jel cleaser easy questions?
Is your top lip meant to be smaller then the bottom?
What do u think of me..?
Which is the sexiest part of your body ? and Why?
Am I tall for my age?
Poll: What kind of belly button do you have?
Hate being tall. Could you [help] me? :[ Everyone makes fun.?
what is the best way to stop biteing your finger nails?
I have bad acne help plz plz plz?
Good face wash for oily sensitive skin?
Is there any BB creams good for oily/dry skin?
Do nose piercings close up?
Flexible Industrial Barbells?
How to convince my mom to let me get my lip pierced?
am i allergic to plastic?
WIll nair pretty hair removal take off my tan??and i also use self tanners,will it take that off a?
How is the TANNING BED different than the SUN?
Can you wear headphones with a fresh tragus piercing?
so i hate my body!!!tips to improve it please:)?
How do I get rid of shaving dot marks?
at the end of the day when im in my last class my cheeks alwasy get hot and red how do i prevent this?
does baking soda help with under arm sweating?
Where Can I Get A corset Piercing In Utah?
How tall should a 14 year old be?
I'm getting my lip pierced TOMORROW tips??
Hi ..hw can i get smooth and soft skin ?
acne n toothpaste?
When should I use my pore strip?
What REALLY works to fade stretch marks?
How can I get rid of blackheads?
How can I sort out my skin?
14ga surface piercing on lower stomach?
What do I do about my new septum piercing?
What happens if you use a Medium to Dark skin gradual self-tanner if you're fair skinned?
D.I.Y Facial?
Do you think breast implants are sexy?
How do you pierce your belly button at home?
How do you get a very Glossy and Dewy facial texture for a guy?
how to fade a little hickey ?
lip augmentation?
is vitamin e good for dry skin?
what is the Best way to keep a belly button piercing clean and uninfected.?
your thoughts (Pictures included)?
How would i look with a monroe or septum piercing?
UNIQUE PIERCINGS?! please help!?
nipple piercing??
I had my nose pierced two days ago and I need to change it into a clear one for school now how can I do this?
I shaved my "mustache" (I'm a girl)?
DOES ANYONE no where I can find a soap w/NAGA CHOMPA?
Does proactive really work?
Help urgent? were can i buy Cicaplast la roche posay?
Does anyone know any pill or cream that helps grow your breast evenly?
How long should I wait to tan?
how to take care of my nails?
Does Pro Active work for average skin?
i have an eyebrow piercing can it affect my job??
i seriously need some help young not fat and with both cellulite and stretch marks?
i just got my lip pierced (snake bites) and i dont like them what happens if i take them out before they heal?
Should I get a toner or an astringent?
Is it true if ur nose itches someone is thinking about you?
I have a medium skin tone light enough to wear bronzer and would like to try out a spray tan...?
where is a good place in st george utah to get your lip pierced?
how can u lighten up the dark circle under ur eyes?
How do I cover up/get rid of my redness?
Is SPF really that necessary for my lips?
little red bumps on face, what are they?
What SPF sunscreen do you use?
does neutrogena work? which is better biore' or neutrigena?
sore throat?
Red Pimple Wont Disappear?
why do I get tanned so quick?
Piercing question!?!?!?!?!??!?
exfoliating the skin?
Do my current piercings suit me? & also would a bridge piercing suit me? (pics)?
What is the best way to get rid of hickeys [bite marks on the neck] in less than an hour!?
Best place for piercing?
is lemon a bleach...will it work on areas to make lighter on face..?
Can you use Ponds Clarant B3 for dark circles?
Lip piercing...inside or out???
i'm 14 and i want my lip pierced is it going to hurt? PLEASE i need advice!?
Can A Woman Wear Men's Deodorant?
How to get rid of cutting scars for the summer?
What to do to make eyes look bigger and nose smaller?
Who do I get rid of this face rash?
stretch marks
i have a unibrow.. is there any way to get rid of it besides tweezing ? plz i need help :(?
Tingle lotions? Some info on them?
Do i look fat in this pic? (non-bebo member)?
how long until i can change my tragus piercing from a bar to a ring?
i am thinking about switching to proactive, any advice?
Belly button piercing during pregnancy?
Neutrogena Fresh Foaming Cleanser or Toner? (Again)?
what does fair of face mean ?
what piercing shall i get?
What is the hottest place for a guy to get a piercing?
The newest breakthrough in the fading and removal of Acne Scars?
Plastic Surgery Procedures?
please anwser seriously.?
ok theres something wrong with my breast?
Whats the best way to stretch/guage your ears?
what anti-persperant do you use?
How do you correct a "crooked" face?
how to get a nicer body?
Do I have the eyes that would I look good in eye makeup?
What color skin do you have? and what color skin do you like?
Hairy gorilla arms and knuckles.?
how much do you think i weigh? (pic)?
does anyone know about a navel piercing being successful after 3 attempts :(?
My skin tends to break out when I tan in the sun, how can i avoid with out staying pale all summer?
Will going to a waterpark affect my newly pierced belly button?
I have this red bump on my nose can I get rid of it?
Proactiv Product Question(s)?
I am a 15 year old with brown hair and hazel eyes and im 5'5 am i attractive?
Is it better to steam my nose before using a nose strip? I saw this lady yesterday.....?
How can i get rid of the scabs on my leg??
Should i remove fine downy body hair?
Why do people think the cup size is so important?
Guys and sunbeds ?
a BIG problem?
What Do You Think, Personally, Is The Worst Piercing?
Which is the best male perfume?
what is a good cream for the face?
Question about Zeno acne line?
are microdermabrasion kits as effective as professional microdermabrasion sessions?
is there something wrong with my skin?
What do you like better, freckles or no freckles?
do you have to be skinny to wear a bikini?
When will my body not look akward?
cost of navel piercing at Totem Tattoo in Williamsport, PA?
plastic surgery?
What's a good deodorant that helps with BO and sweat?
my friend got his tounge pierced at age 13 so does that mean i can get a lip piercing at age 14?
Ear stretching question?
stretching ears help please?
how do i know if i bought fake glutha injectables?
exfoliating the skin?
whats the most painful peircing youve ever had???
how bad would this hurt and how much would it cost?
Can you wash your face with hand sanitizer if it has aloe?
Will i get any taller :( ?
♥Exercises, exercises, and exercises?
Why do i pick scabs and spit out?
question about piercing?!?
Sunburn question!!! HELP?
If I take too much Vitamin C, will there be any adverse effects on my teeth and bones?
natural home remedies for clear smooth skin?
Pimples/ Red Face :(?
Am i too skinny?
Should I wear a bra?
Tanning in a tanning bed?
Do guys like duck faces?
Do I have big boobs? Please help!?
Will not wearing powder or face makeup help my zits?? PLEASe answer anyone i need answers bad?
what is the most reasonable piercing to get?
What should i get pierced?
tanning question?
Can girls with very fair skin be pretty?
for the guys---- would you think a really hot girl is not as sexy if she has some stretch marks on sides?
Is My New Belly Button Piercing Normal?
should i shave my legs or leave them?
I need a quick fix for bags under my eyes! Going to be in my sister's wedding this weekend and ....?
am i pretty??? please tell me :)?
Is anyone else under 5ft tall? Do you hate being short?
Do i have to give up on skinny jeans (i have big butt )???? < pictures included>?
Will permanent marker come off of teeth?
Is tongue peircing sexy?
How can you tell my Cartilage piercing is infected?
Sun cream dropped in the toilet :( is it still usuable?
how would you even your tan?
which piercing do you prefer?
My is prickly from shaving.?
Why is Eucerin irritating my skin...please please help?
Why is my moisturiser peeling? wth?
how can i make my legs more..normal??(pics)?
Where Can I get my Tragus pierced with a gun?
How can you get white pale skin?
What can I do to make my but bigger?
Do you think scars are attractive?
is my microdermal hip piercing rejecting?
How much does it usually cost in Texas to get your navel pierced?
So my friend pierced my cartilage last night with a hollow needle?
My brazilian took forever!!!!!!!!?
How do these moles look on my face? (pictures included)?
Stretching belly button hole?
how do you keep your skin clear?
shaving my legs.....?
what do i use to remove stretch marks?
How can I improve my looks?
Bellybutton Ring. To Young?
is there any way to get rid of stretch marks?
Micro dermal Hip Piercings?
Best lotion for dark scars on face?
can you get an outie belly button pierced normally?
How do i get rid of dry skin?
Would it be okay to get three piercings at once? (triple forward helix)?
How am I suppposed to convince my mom to let me start shaving?
Fed up constantly shaving my legs - what are my alternatives?
Should I get a nose job?
Is it weird to like cold showers than hot?
Deorderant suppose to de"stop" Oder from getting to your underarms right?
Is there a way to get rid of strech marks effectivly?
Would I Look Good With An Eyebrow Piercing?
help i have back acne?
Cetaphil Cleansing Bar - Where to Buy in India?
Can you get a tan in florida in 3 days?? even if its 70 degrees?
When I wear primer I get MORE WRINKLES!!?
what are ur PMS symptoms? GIRLS?
Leaving soap on the body unwashed?
What's the average price for a belly button piercing?
What did it feel like when you had your ears pierced?
Allergic to my nose piercing?
How long does it take for my naval piercing hole to go away?
shaving.... overprotevtive motherr ugh?
How can I move my cheekbones?
Can I get my nose pierced at a clinic?
I peeled the same scratches on my face over and over and now they left marks! What to do?
I want a rhinoplasty (nose job), but I'm 14?
Help!!! Skin Taken Off By Waxing Stips.?
Is it okay if i wash my face daily with dial bar soap?
Girls Helpp!!! (. Mushtache problem:/)?
How Far more for a 38b to a become a C-cup size?
Which should I use for my face? Cleanser, light weight moisterizer, and/or mask?
Eyebrow question I failed really badly?
How to make pimples go away??
How does the professional laser hair removal process work?
What is the reason for high pigmentation in the body?
whats the difference?
Home Made Face-Masks?
My cartilage piercing (helix) still isn't healed?
My upper lip is burning after using hair removal cream?
whats the best self tanning products on the market?
Is this normal for a surface piercing?
I'm planning on getting my belly button pierced this weekend. What should i expect?
where can you get non biased skin care advise?
Do you think i'm fat? I just need other people opinion?
Do you think my nipple piercing suit me?
What should I do about myself?
How do I get rid of stretch marks?
Anyone else use Murad?....Does it work?
Are my boobs ok, (no pic, just description)?
How do I become whiter?
girls body question?
what is your favorite part of the female anatomy besides the obvious?
Sunscreen and Tanning Oil together?
What Would You Bathe In?
Am I fat? Please tell me.?
is it possible to stretch a silicone plug?
Is there any way I can make my legs longer?
why dont i ever get pimples/breakouts?
How much does buttock injections range from? and or implants?
double belly button piercing?
does getting a nose piercing hurt?
Would i look good with snake bites or just one pericing?
My tragis piercing doesn't seem right?? Freaking Out!?
How do I get really really soft hands?
Am i ugly or not i need to know!?
Can you use olive oil to help get a nice tan?
Underarm Hair and Shaving???
What`s the best daily face cleanser for men with oily skin and wont cloge the pores and move away dirt and oil?
Does it hurt to get your belly button pierced?
Ahh how to get ride of a hickey?!?
how should i remove my blackheads 4m my nose.pls help me ?
I wanted to know what cream is best for scars.?
how do i get rid of t-zone bumps ?
Home made face mask for dry skin?
Does anybody know any good reasons for getting your lip piecred? im trying to convince my parents?
My teacher is forcing me to take my new earrings out and i've only had them pierced for 4 weeks?
is it safe to change my septum piercing yet?
Doess getting your second earring hole hurt?
Getting a second tongue piercing?
Can I get my belly button repierced in the same exact spot?
How to get bigger cheeks?
Can I get a keloid scar from a belly button re-piercing? ?
When you first get your navel pierced what gage do they use?
m going to get my chin pierced,help!?
How can I get my skin looking shiny and unspotted?
how to get rid of little bumps on my nose?
Is there a way to be out in the sun in the summer and not get Tan?
Aloe vera is making my skin very dry?
how to enlarge breast?
is there any remedies for removing dark circles under eyes?
nose piercing? picture! s?
I want my tounge pierced, but there is a few things i want to know first!?
How old can I start shaving my legs?
where do i buy skin bleach ?
Help with a nose piercing?
What kind of acne is this, and why does this happen?
Stretch marks on back ?
who can perform laser treatments in South Carolina?
any ways to get bigger breast than implants?
Body Piercing Locations?
what should i change? pic included.?
Have u gotten a Nose job??
When to apply facial scrub.?
does getting your tongue pierced hurt?
IS IT TRUE??? that if you put toothpaste on your blackheads at nights and leave it, it gets rid of them?
Does proactiv really work?
I have had these baggy eyes since i was how to get rid of them?
At Universal Studios, do they sterilize their spa tools?
30D Bra nightmare!?
I'm 13 should i get my nose pierced (picture)?
why am i young but look old?
well i need advIce for........................?
Help with oily skin?
I'm looking for ideas for a skin care/bath basket. The recipient cannot have scents in their products.?
Catilage piercing?
AHHHH! Please Help...easy pts :)?
is there an expiry date on sunscreen?
How to convince my dad to let me get a piercing ?
Belly button piercing. Scared as heck?
how do you use cold cream? the bottle never has instructions.?
i got my ears pierced last year and now theres an infection because every time i put an earing in there my ...?
Can scars be seen under black light?
Why do I have wrinkles?
can please any girl answer me???
Clindamysin Phosphate/ Benzoyl Peroxide mix Expired?
I want to get my Cartalige peirced?
Is 4'10 to short for a thirteen year old girl ?
how 2 lost pimples plsssssssssssssssssssssssss?
Is it worth to get breast implants?
Can I be 190 cm tall?
Is the person appearing lighter in regular light but darker in violet or black light not ethnically 'white'?
should i use proactiv or skin ID?
Getting ears pierced soon help ?
Nose piercing?
bad hygeine?
whats a good after shave gel for a womans legs?
Best face scrub/moisturizer?
Can babyoil make you break out?
do you know of any beauty tips for the summer?
Is baby oil good 4 ur body and face after a shower?
Help?!?!? I have dark lips?
What else can I use other than a regular ear plug?
I got this new cleanser but im afraid..?
Flexible Industrial Barbells?
how do you remove closed comodones?
Whats the best sunscreen for your face?
yah i have tis one wird nasty stuff comeing out of my ear what could it be?
Whats the best foot cream i can get to make my feet softer?
Hip Piercings and Microdermals. I need SERIOUS advice and answers.?
How is my figure 40-35-42?
belly button piercing question,..?
Do I look too skinny?
ANY1 USE nair?
Products or remedies to reduce pore size?
How can I get rid of my freakin tan?
how do you yodel? how do you know if you can yodel? can you teach me how to yodel?
Please, could anyone tell me where I can find Eucerin Extra Protective Moisture Lotion near Los Alamitos, CA.?
Would it be all right to eat hot food after my tongue piercing?
frown line between eyebrows at 13?:'(?
can you get cancer from picking a mole?
Moles I havr on my body?
what does toners (for the face) do for your face?
help with nose piercing?
Where on the web I can buy Biore anti-acne face wash? Not available in the UK, but I bought some in Singapore?
So whats the deal with in-grown hairs? how do you get rid of these disgusting things?
I got my nails done,now how can i take them off without tearing my real nails apart?
How to get in shape? Get a great figure?
Would I look good with a Monroe Piercing?
How can I make bath fizzies without citric acid?
Why am I so obsessed with myself?!?
Help/advice! PLease answer !?
okkkk so there's this boy?
Would I look good with a nose piercing?
My belly button piercing is growing out of my skin?
lip:he said it was a 16 gauge but when i tried 2 change it was 2 big & wouldnt go in&bleed am i an 18 instead?!?
Can I scrub my hands(palm) everyday?
What's the difference lotion/cream?
Does Glutathione IV really hurt?
so i wanna get the skin above my **** pierced?
im almost 14 and my mom still doesn't let me shave my legs?
Cartilage piercing question?
Any good breast butter/lotion?
Does a second lip piercing hurt more then the first?
How much would ear piercings cost?
Can i get my weird belly button pierced? :$?
Is there a piercing that is easily hid?
How to make a zit disapear!?!?!?
can someone help me in a pimple problem ? pic day is tmrw!?
Does victoria's secrets self tanner work well?
Which hurts more? A belly button peirce or a ear peirce?
What is a good exfoliate to use before shaving?
pale skin, pink cheeks, dark hair oh my!?
Zitsits on the forehead.?
How to hide cuts from my doctor?
Whats the concentration of sodium lauryl sulfate in Cetaphil Gentle SkinCleanser & is it irritating 4 ur skin?
I got proactiv ? HELLLLLP?
how to get a natural tan?
is acne a turnoff to girls?
Does it really work reduce wrinkles with Giavonie Anti Aging Cream ?
Are they pretty? My little sis was begging me 2 get the publics opinion
my mom is 42 yrs. she works hard in the kitchen of restaurant I 'd like to buy some vitamin & moistur 4 her
what is the cream called that makes your boobs get bigger faster? where can i get it? how old do i have to be?
how do you get rid of too much spray tan on your hands?
What diet pills worked the best for you to loose weight?
Will bio-oil help to get rid of scars?
Is 9 to young to use ProActive?
Need a good body wash for a guy! 10 points!!?
Acne rules my life?
cool ear piercings to get? I want a new piercing?
When you've swimming at the pool and you've gotta pee, what do you do?
hard bump behind industrial piercing, almost purple colour :(?
Longest you have gone without taking a shower?
Why do light-skinned people try their butts off sun-bathing to get a tan?
Should I try Nair or Veet?
Can I use two different acne treatments at the same time? Please Help?!?
What face wash wont make my acne worse?
If vinegar helps hair, what helps dry/sensitive skin?
What deodorant should I use?
how to get ride of pimples?
infected pierced?
Umm I want to stretch my ears..?
Acne help!! Need good acne wash!?
Do women like hairy men or smooth hairless men?
stretch marks?
How do I remove tiny acne spots from my back?
Tanning for gingers? Ideas?
Shaving question? Opinions?
What happened to my face?
What order should you apply skin care products?
Skin help! Urgent! HELP ME PLEASE!?
how to get a tan really quick?
Can some one help me about acne.?
I want my lip pierced but mum won't let me.. How do i convince her?
does a monroe or lip pierce hurt more?
Is there any way to hide a lip peircing from your mother?
Can you become a foot/leg model if...?
does any one know how to fade acne scares and will they ever go away?
Are these dimples on the side of my smile?
Should indoor tanning lotion contain SPF?
Help me fight anerxeia?
help me name my tanning salon?
bags under eyes!!? help please!!?
What faceshape does Josh Duhamel have?
Have you ever used Veet? That stuff like nair? Do u agree it doesnt work?
Dark black/brown spots on my nose?
smoother legs?
which scent do you prefer?
how do u get ur skin to be white again without chemicals and stuff???
do i have rosacea? Why is my face always red?
What is a good moisturizer for my face?
What to do for severely clogged pores?
how much tanning is healthy?
What would be your ultimate fantasy in a bath and body store that has never been offered before?
I cant get my belly bar ball off :@, Help?
please help me :[?
I want to get my belly button pierced?
Going to a Dermatologist...?
Do you have sloping shoulders?
does it hurt to get your tongue pierced?
Which brands suit my face?
How do I hide my breasts?
Are the Clean&Clear products work good for combination skin?
How do I get rid of marks on my face that are left back after a pimple?
How many piercings and tattoos do you have? :D?
Please answer - Chemical peel cost?
I normally have perfect skin and all of a sudden i broke out?
11 Year old Belly Button Peircing. Now My Daughter Wants it!?
How do you get a tan? Do you use sunscreen?
i want to make my boobs look bigger and i want them to grow quickly please help?
Is it actually that small?
has anyone used lipozene, and it really worked for you?
what a good tanner thats not too expensive? (one i can buy at a drugstore)?
what can i do for pimples?
Will it ever go.?
ear piercings close?
any good face moisturizers?
so guys....?
Am Goreqous,But My Skins Not All That Good ! Please Read && Helpp !?
What are the best products for the face?
should i get my nipples pierced?
How do you get rid of the body?
what comes out of the corner of the eye when one just wakes up at times in the morning?
What is better, shaving with an electric razon or normal blade with shaving foam?
shaving ? help me plz ?
I woke up with stretch marks :( help?
Does it hurt getting angel bites?
Acne is knocking my confidence, help?
Do girls shave their arms?
2 and a half centimeter pretty big lump, 13 year old girl?
In your opinion, who is a ugly woman?
Is it okay to use peroxide on your infected belly button piercing?
how do you get rid of that annoying darkness around your knees?
PLEASE HELP! i just pierced my own nose!?
Has anyone ever used the skin care line by Mark (Avon)----it is called ----Let's be clear?????
Am i Overweight????????
can i use E oil on Naval?
Shaving down there?
Which tongue piercing should i get, the venom ones or the tongue surface?
My first time shaving!!!!?
Most young guys and even older men have very little body hair.?
What is called when you receive a pedicure.....?
I pierced my lip at home and I need help!!! ?
My Tongue Is Peeling! Help!?
Does anyone know anything about self tanners?
can you get rid of eximia for good?
What to eat with new tongue piercing?
Getting Rid of Pimples Quickly?
Best way to flatten lower abdominals?
What can you put on you face when you have alot of acne????????
Why is calling someone 'black' who has black skin rude?
Why does my face feel weirdly dry after using benzoyl peroxide?
What are good products to get rid of oil on face/pimples?
Spa services an for an unlicensed person?
How much aging will I do in three years?
Please help me stop bitting my nails?
How do I get rid of a tan?
i just pierced my cartilage ear (in the middle outer part of my ear) and i think it is infected some one HELP?
A weird lump on the entering on my lady parts?
how do i get rid of the darkness under my eyes?
What kind of piercing should I get?
What tanning lotion is the best to use for pale skin?
What's the most painful PIERCING you ever experienced ???
Are my legs gross :(?
Cocoa butter cream Vs lotion?
How can you get rid of stretch marks?
I have a cut on my face?
What causes a sunburn?
question about my monroe piercing?
How can I make my underarms smooth and pretty?
does proactive really work?
is my baby toe broke or bruised...PLEASE help?
Whats the best way to get rid of acne?
If we all become size zero, then we can ALL look like skeletons!?
I need skincare help (again!)?
Help Me!!! (Piercing Trouble)?
Should I use sea salt for my new piercing?
cartiledge piercing?
I just got my belly button ring done and its red all aound what could i do?
Does anyone know if the perfume by the celebrity Ashanti is still on the market?
what is the best lotion that leaves your skin really really shiney?
How do you like your boobs?
where does the gaylord texan get it's soap?
how much do you estimate all the plastic surgery barbara walters has done, has cost?
What's this on my skin?
Lip Ring???????????????
What's the best anti-wrinkle cream/product?
Am i to fat to have a hip piercing?!? (pictures)?
When you get a piercing?
How old do I look?(Pics Included)?
Left or right ear for a Tragus peircing?
How do I convince my mum to let me get my tongue pierced?
How does one person tan easier than another?
Whats wrong with freckles?
How do you feel about freckles? Cute, hot, or ugly?
How do you get rid of bags and dark circles under your eyes?
am i the only one who doesn't want to get a tan?
what is the problem related to skin thickening on face?
I'm afraid to wear tanktops because of my armpits. PLEASE HELP!!!?
what happened when your eyebrow don't grow?
Do guys really go for these types of girls?
What are all the things I should look for when searching for some to give me surface piercing?
how to get rid of marks on my face!!!?
summer fever! well i want to get a tan, what is the easies way to tan?
question about my belly button piercing?
Good topics to cover while explaining a navel piercing?
How do you prevent or get rid of dry, ugly discolored elbows?
how make a homemade exfoliator for my face?
tongue piercing risks, facial nerve?
Am I really ugly!? :(?
So a quick question about a commercial I saw a while ago...?
Is it safe to use Benzoyl peroxide face wash and a glycolic acid 10% cream together?
I shaved without asking.?
I'm breaking out all over my face! Help!!!!?
What is the average size of a hooters girl?
would i look alrigth with a septum piercing? (pic inside)?
How to get rid of razor bumps on Front/ & back of thighs?
In 15 year old lad i got my ear pierced last night?
how can i pierce my eye brow at home?
I want a tan!!?
acne on skin - blackheads whiteheads and small red bumps?
Ear Piercing Plug Help?
How much do Angel Bites hurt?
do u think im too young to get a belly ring?
Is there a clear invisible solid deodorant for women?
How do you know if your breasts are saggy? And how do you prevent it naturally without surgery?
I'm 15 and I barely fit into an A bra. Is there anything i can do to make them bigger? Thanx xxxxxx?
What have you used to remove dark circles under your eyes "that worked"?
Can you make your boobs grow faster?
is 12yr old too young to shave her eyebrows?
If I get my cartlidge pierced, and go to a gig (the blackout) would it hurt/fall out?
I got my tongue pierced and my frined wont talk to me?
in which store can i buy the new matis paris bust gel?
Is there an inexpensive way to remove freckles?
do i have a pretty face?
Would You Consider Me Short?
for those that tan?
How to get nice, smooth feet?
What A Joke!!!?
does the new proactiv work?
I picked a zit off my face and now i have a huge area where my skin is all red on my chin. What should I do?
Is it bad to put triple antibiotic ointment up your nose?
How do I keep my skin pale ???????
I have a big nose and want to make it smaller wat do i do???
How to convice my parents to let me get snakebites (the piercing)?
do tongue piercingss hurt?
Lotion with arbutin in it?
Do you think these girls are beautiful?
Anyone here seen Smokin' Aces?
Is Johnson's baby oil good for skin? and what are some tips to make my lips plumper?
acne help!!!!!?
Does toothpaste really get rid of zits..?
is my weight ok?
help with a Mosquito bite??? .?
Is it ok for me to use SPF 30 ?
What Makes a Good Lip Balm?
how to get rid of chest, upper back, and lower back acne?
ACNE QUESTIOn? Home remedies?
Will my belly button piercing close up?
Quickest way to get RID of razor bumps within 5 days?
toe nail polish for a guy?
I'm 13 and I have wrinkles. :[ Help?
Please help! I want a nose job?
Does anyone know how to get perfectly smooth underarms without waxing?
Would I look okay with a monroe piercing?
OMG help got bad sun burn?
Like my new piercing?!?
ok i want to get a tan but im a little embaressed about my weight.. any suggjestions?
Do you think I could be a model?
Should I get my belly button pierced?
where can i get a feet moisturizing cream [in the uk]?
double piercing in your earrings?
What wakes you up early in the morning?
What's wrong with pale skin?
do you think periced niples is kool?
I want to get a nose peircing and an industrial?
Please help me,what shape of nose it's this *picture included*?
Laser surgery scar removal?
face cleaning help please?
How many times do you shave your entire legs with one disposable razor before it's no good?
What is the most sensitive area on your body?
Should i tell my mom that iyou want to shave my legs-im a boy?
This is embaressing but is there a remedy that makes boobs grow :|?
face bleach?
Need Help With Zits and Blackheads?
is it normal to be 5'1" and have 36B/34C size breasts?
Do you like getting pedicures? hows this sound? thanks :)?
14 year old guy: Should I get my ear or ears pieced?
do u have to be skinny too....?
If a face wash says that it Thoroughly cleanses skin by eliminating dirt, oil, and bacteria-?
can i go in a pool with a new belly button piercing?
I am 13 can i get facial done?
Tanning Moisturizer bad idea before going to Caribbean?? YES or NO?
Do I have a weird body shape?
Non-Piercing Tongue Ring?
What part of the human body is the sexiest. . . male and female?
i want to have my nipple pierced?
Will my acne ever go coz im 21 now?
acne.....please help!!!!?
If i stretch my ears to a 12g can i still wear normal earrings?
Spray/Airbrush Tanning?
Where can I get cheap butt implants in sacramento?
Question about skincare after exercising?
Duac Topical Gel ? PLEASE HELP?
Any thing for dark circles to be removed?
Whats a good face cleanser to keep my face nice and smooth, im black.?
Do you think when we age physically our temple area near our forhead expands or widens with age???
Face Shape Help...=]?
tanning..what do you think?
How can I tell if my ear piercings are infected?
Clove oil to numb ear?
Guys answer only pleaaaase :) opinions on womens ladygardens.?
remdies for dark, puffy skin around the eyes?
okay so i pierced my belly button but i didnt use a 14 gauge needle...?
Help? Please? I'm 13 and my face is a different color shade than the rest of my body. ?
Which body type is more attractive to guys?
What is a good home Made recipe that will get rid of zits quickly?
Another one for the girls.........?
how much does a nose ring hurt from a scale of 1-10?
How can you get pinker skin naturally?
How To Get Rid Of Acne With Eczema/Sensitive Skin?
How do I make my spot go down?
Combination skin?
What do i do to get tan?!?!?
If I got my lip pierced in the middle would there be a scar if i decided to take it out?
Is it good or bad that Girls think Im in 10th grade when I'm actually in 12th (Girls opinions)?
I feel really uncomfortable and ashamed because of my ears :-(?
help, i hate the way i look...?
What can you do to loose weight EXTREMLY fast like in a couple of days?/?
Is she pretty? Rate her 1-10...(no need for any negative comments)?
What moisturizer should I give my daughter?
do i look anorexic to you?
So I had my first exfoliation session today...?
What if your dad will NOT let you get a piercing, but your mom WILL?
How do u apply olive oil on ur face??
How to convince my mom to allow me to have plugs?
How can i get my lips to be an eventoned color?
Rashes all over my face!!?
Does extra vigin olive oil mixed with baking soda get rid of freckles if you leave it on for 30 min.?
my hairline on my head got burnt and now its peeling and looks like dandruff!?
Breast enlargement?
What is the secret to having a flawless face?
Which cream is best to clear the face from black spots.?
To people who have waxed upper lip hair... does it look bad when it starts to grow back?
Do i have wide cheeks?
How do I get rid of extra skin?
Is it possible to change your hairline without surgery?
if i got a cellulite treatment, would it fade my cellulite on my thighs/bum?
I bought expired anti-bacterial face/hand wipes?
Has anyone ever used proactive Proactive Renewing Cleanser?
Is a size 4 too big?
what do u do to get rid of ingrown hair n buenlarged pores on ur legs?
Belly button piercing?
How do those "Tumblr Girls" look so PERFECT?
does tooth paste really get rid of under the skin zits?
The BEST skin softener solution? and face wash? PLEASE HELP?
how do you clean shaving razors?
lost weight now i have a super skinny face?
I have tried almost every over- the- counter acne medicine and nothing works. What can I use to lose my acne?
Which deodorant brand does not stain your clothes?
Nivea sunless tanning??
Itchy skin-colored bumps on face after salon waxing?
Switching to plastic "retainer" as jewelry for septum?
How/where can i get help with my body image problem?
2 much arm hair , help!?
am i just worrying about my piercing ?
Clear skin/face~~~~~~~~~?
After I use Tea Tree oil face wash, should I put lotion on every time? And is the toner worth it?
how to get tan really fast without a tanning bed or taning lotion?
stretch marks..does anyone know anything to help with these to make them not so visiable or to remove them?
what is a good piercing to do on your own besides your ears?
Skin care product for blotchy dull skin?
does anybody know how old u have to be to get ur belly button pierced?
i am 19 and my hieght is not up to the mark. plz suggest some exerise .?
is it dangerous if ill get my tragus pierced with a gun ?
How long do I need to keep my strecher in for?
Pimples on back of upper arms?
Is Proactiv for teen ?
do I have to have a longer piercing to have a labret piercing?
Who is the best way to hide cuts in the summer?
HeLP hELP help help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
if i get breasts implants will ihave to change them in time?how long they last?
Ultra Shape Nonsurgical?
How do i remove bags from under my eyes?14?
Should I get a side labret on the left side of my lip?
does shoppers drug mart sell hawaiian tropic tanning oil?
stretch marks?
How many piercings do u have?
what gives kids there very nice looking skin?
Bleaching My ?! Help?
am i too young to get my belly button pierced?
What shaving cream for sensitive legs?
Should I get a septum piercing?
In comparison to other piercings, how much does a helix piercing hurt?
how long does a peircing hurt after getting it peirced with a needle?
armpit hair.. please answer its driving me crazy!?
help me need advice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Will mi Boob's get bigger?
will i develop a tan if i go out in the sun right now?
should I???
How bad does a cartilage piercing in your upper ear hurt?
Im stretching my ears and am haveing trouble putting the next size through?
what is the normal length of a straight barbell for a tongue ring?
am i ugly? (pics included)?
Does it hurt to get your ears pierced?
Easy way to reduce the size of pores at home, easily and naturally?
Hard skin?
How many pound is olive from ant farm?
Does having your ears pierced hurt for the first time?
how do i get rid of circles under my eyes sleep dont work?
I have a bump in my nose, I don't want to have surgery, but I heard that there is a fat injection you can get
Is it appropriate for a 14 year old girl to get a cartlidge piercing?
Getting rid of scabs?
does it hurt do get ur tounge percied and how is it done?
Do women breasts change form during the day?
What makes people attractive?
Help. Bit of a spot outbreak on my face. Tried everything.?
How do I make my breast bigger naturally?
Whats the best way to help with dark under eye circles?
what piercing should i get?
Am i a heallthy size?
How noticeable is this?
What is the appropriate tip to give for a massage?
Is GODIVA Whitening Products effective in whitening skin??
Help. Keloid? Infection? Something else?
anybody know any sites that i can get men to pay for surgery?
Does having your helix pierced hurt much ?
Ladies, what brand of deodorant do you use?
does rose soap help get rid of scars and pimples?
Receive Proactiv Kit every 3 months, still charged monthly?
How do u get rid of blacks head near noticeable places (nose)??HELP PLZ??:)?
How can I make my lip piercing close faster?
Does getting your ears pierced hurt alot?
skin HELLLPPP!!!!!!!!!!!?
SHOULD I wax or shave?
how to get rid of the white things under my eyes which are called milla by the way. How do you get rid of them
indoor tanning bed lotion- best choice/results ?
Where is the best place to get a massage in the Orlando area?
i get rlly sweaty armpits? read?
hairy legs?
Hand sanitizer from bath n body works?
Boob / Breast firmness?
Ear piercing: gun vs needle?
I just got my belly button pierced almost a week ago. I can feel the barbell through my skin. Is that normal?
How can I eat properly after a labret piercing?
how can i get rid of my spots?
best way to remove body hair?
how to get a good tan?
I hate my uneven breasts!?
Does it hurt to get ur tongue pierced?
Spots on my face won't go away?
Does tanning oil with a high spf still help you tan faster than with no lotion/sunscreen?
Will I grow more taller?
Which piercings are good on boys, but can be hidden easily or are not that obvious?
Body problems, self image?
Does suntan lotion ever expire?
Bathing in freezing water.?
Skinnier Face?
are facials worth it?
How do I moisturise really dry skin on my hands?
Tounge or Belly Button?
what do u think of hazel eyes?
Would gauges and a nose ring look good on me?
Question for people with Nape piercing?
Am I using this cleanser correctly?
teen girls please i need help with pimples!!??
Pale skin is so ugly???????
Lip piercing: is this normal?
Are the 'girls' to big?
I always have quite dark patches under my eyes.....?
time to see a dermatologist?
If you use too much chemicals in your face can that lead you into having wrinkles?
How do I take my belly bar out?
Clear clean skin? What should I do?
how come i get bumps when shaving my pubic area?
How to get reid of Pimples?
How Can I whiten my eyes.. really ?
does anyone have a crystalift microdermabrasion system?
My boobs are too big for me?
will an off center labret leave a scar?
What piercing should I get?
How to get rid of hickey's all over my neck ASAP?!?!?
skin whitening surgeries for people with light brown skin?
easy question i just need help picking?
i m 24, i wgt about 55kgs nd 5ft., my marrage is fixed. my mother-in-law want me to become a bit thin.?
Does the Clarisonic brush work?
Does anybody know if Acnevva works?
Does it hurt to get your ears pierced?
really weird acne ish rash thing?
I'll answer yours! Is it normal for girls to have v lines?
ahhhh!!!! i shaved my eyebrow off!!?
How to get rid of deep scar without laser surgery?
Am i tall for my age?
i wanna do my smiley piercing my self!? any tips?
What is a good homemade face cleaner?
i wont to know how you get rid or your black heads and pimples. with out using store products....?
Would a lip stud look good on me?
what colour are cateyes?
whats the best anti aging secret?
Get rid of scars?
I am scared please help me!!!?
where to go to get body peircing in wichita,ks ?
What race am I?
Do guys like when girls shave?
im pregnant, can i use sunless tanning lotion?
where is the best place in manchester to get a facial?
left side for nose piercing?
what foundation to use for dry and acne skin?
What is the best facial cleanser for dark spots?
I have no cleavage at all?
I need help getting my split!?
How do i unfold the upper helix part of the ear?
breast enlargement system??
what are compications that can occor with nose piercings?
How to get rid of stretch marks?
What Would Be A Good Tanning Schedule?
Why do guys think skinny girls are better???
Help from estheticians?
Is it true that you will get wrinkles sooner than your peers if you often rub your face too vigorously?
Belly Button Piercing?
How can I get the best sun protection?
Idk anymore if I should get a third hole in my ear?
what color is the sexiest color on white people to you?
Fading acne marks?
Is body switching possible?
how do you start stretching your ears?
Who's got there nose pierced?
ugghh.. my face is oily! hellppp(:?
Is it okay for girls to shave their faces?
i need to get rid of a hickey, howw?
Great facials made at home?
I want to get my nose peirced...but mom says no.?
What material is the closest to human skin?
is it try that if you put your period on your acne it will go away?
pimple that hurts? :(?
does bio oil really work and where...?
How to not make my skin black?
Do I have pretty eyes, eyelashes and smile?
my belly piercing is very red after i changed it?
I had my stitches out today..?
what type of electric bodygroomer/shaver works best?
Yellow tongue after getting pierced?
how to get taller?
Does an SPF moisturizer last all day?
what should i do?? im really confused?
Do belly pirecing hurt iweight 155 and my stomach is slim?
sweaty hands?
neutrogena or proactive???
who takes showers,who takes baths?
What is the perfect female?
Can I use a moisturizer with Proactiv?
My navel piercing spontaneously (I think) started bleeding, why?
Is my belly piercing infected? HELP! [PIC!]?
are my feet big?
Is it alright to shave with soap or body wash?
Flat Chested & it's embarassing!?
When should I start going on a sunbed?
MY skin got whiter...over the years..possible?
What is the best way to quickly get rid of the hard painful pimples?
I'm 14 and pregnit but I just pierced my nipples?
How do I get rid of my scars?!!?
How to clear my skin of spots?
Does shea body butter really work?
Where in Arnold can I?
facial expressions?
Does it hurt to get your cartilage pierced?
does hot water in the shower damage your skin?
My eyebrow piercing got infected, can I re-pierce it?
honestly what do you think. HONESTLY?
got caught urinating ????????????
What is my body shape? Rectangle? Pear? etc?
What piercing would look best? (pics inside)?
what is the best piercing place in wigan?
How can i shock my body into getting more muscle and then start shredding them up?
how do you get rid of garlic breath if you've got a hot date in a hour?
Does tanning at a salon help acne?
Can anyone help w/ inborn hairs or razor bumps?
Does sugar waxing really work?
I WANT that Body?
what is your best asset?
Is it weird that I don't use deodorant?
Can Aloe vera jel be used on semi dry skin?
How can I get rid of my acne by July?