Do nipple piercings hurt and what are some positive and negative things about getting a piercing in that spot?
does anyone like the fray?
Why do people say Biore isn't a good skin care brand?
Does foundation/sunscreen/moisturizer cause breakouts even if I cleanse/remove them thoroughly?
Stretch Marks on side of my Butt?
What can I use to lubricate stretched ears?
does anyone know the brand name of the cream which removes the hair when u use it?
need help with acne???
so my skin is dry.and i wash my face around 6 to 7 times a it ok??
HELP! my skin is peeling!?
Face Wash Help! PLEASE ANSWER!!!?
Would a small nose piercing suit my face?
2 skinny??
Most attractive piercing on a girl?
Does anyone know if the company Jene' Corporation is still in business?
What should I get pierced?
Spots near my nose!!!!!?
wat is the best deodorant 2 use in the summer?
Do you wash your face before or after you take a shower in the morning??
What's the most effective face wash?
How to draw attention from my nose?
How to remove blackheads? Help!!?
dermal anchor help!!?
i hav recently used panoxyl 5% and it's made my skin look horrible would it be worth it at the end?
give me an honest answer please?? [working pics this time]?
what would be a good moisturizer for a 19 year old??
eyebrow wax-wax to hot?
Has anyone used products from The Body Shop?
Is this a pimple on my face?
Skin is dry + acne = ????
How old do these kids look?
What do you think of pHisoderm? I have pimples that are skin colored, and I'm looking for a good treatment
Question about the oil cleansing method?
Reccomendations for a facewash?
Does anybody use Sensai facial products?
My lips are always dry, and its unattractive.?
If a woman were to describe herself and say that she was a size 8, how big/fat is she?
really good chapstick?
Sun tanning tips in Arizona ?
Piercings...Yay or Nay?
how long do i clean my tounge piercing?
i want to get a monroe piercing but...?
do you know any products that can make my skin the same color. like any products that whitens your skin?
How to make my peeling sunburn stop hurting and peeling?
how do i get rid of the black circles around my eyes?
My nose is soooo big!?
Will size 14 gauges ripe my ears?!?!?
how can i get a bum like beyonces without taking anything,just the natural way?
Self tanning moisturizer?
i have black hair and started having dandruff since my delivery. i use warm water?
How 2 b popular!?!?
I have medium skin and I was thinking in going to a tanning salon.?
Are my legs ugly! HELP!!??!?
do biore pore strips work?
Skin probz.... help me!!!1111111?
How can I improve my skin (photo included)?
how do i get my skin to have a normal color?
How to get a really good tan?
I am thinking of getting my belly button pierced?
Is it true if you frown a lot, you're more likely to get wrinkles?
Does having your ears pierced hurt?
What would you consider long legs to be?
How to trick my gilfriend into making her boobs bigger (naturally, no pills etc) without she knowing it?
How to get rid of body acne?
Is there an age thing for this?
belly button rejection help? with picture!?
what is the best face cleaner that can clear up acne and blackheads????
My forehead is pretty big and i want it to be much smaller to get more looks and turns from friends and guys?
should i get my clit peirced?!?
OMG I can't shave my legs without getting razor burn?
after crossing your legs do you get a warm red spot on your calf and knee?
can u see any flaw? see it yourself. anyone?
My lips are dark. Suggest a home remedy to make it lighter please.?
This Question Is for girls with piercings?
Someone please please please help me ?
Is it possible to change your outtie belly button to an innie?
Hi,im playnin on trying the 30 day trial kit with proactive,and I was wonderin does it works,?
My nose is really red and the skin is flaky constantly. Prescribed cream doesn't work. Any suggestions?
Dark under eye circles?
Should I shave my arms?
I messed up on my ear piercing?
waxing, red dots?
Earlobe piercing questions....?
How do i make it look like i cut my wrists? i want to be cool?
how to remove a bioplast belly button rings?
Smile while hiding puffy eyes?
Which piercing do you prefer?
Has anyone tried the Neutrogena oil-free acne? And should i use moistrizure after the wash?
Hairs on man chest is good looking or not?
Will neutrogena sun fresh sunless tanner make you break out?!?
Is Tape Good to put on your Lips?
I have two dark brown spots on top of my hands. What is it?
a question 4 guys . . .?
Tend skin?
What kind of bug bug is this?? (pics)?
Original piercing ideas? Please answer!?
ear piercing retainer question?
How do we get ashy skin?
how many piercings have YOU got?
How do you get nail polish off your body?
does it work hmmm?
What is my skin tone?
Fake tan using food coloring.?
why are people always trying to judge blacks as well as any race?
How do I stop biting my nails?
if i went tanning today and got a medium burn should i go tomorrow?
Girls, which would you rather have?
What is the point of a bellybutton piercing?
is it ok for new birth marks to apear on your body. ?
tanning..what do you think?
WOMEN!? does anyone know any great smelling perfumes?
Am i really fat? Or just a bit fat?
i want to get freshness with no pimples in my face? what can i do for that?
What's the best way to get a quick tan?
does popping your zits help?
18 and wrinkles around eyes? D:?
i have acne which leaves darks spots on my face, please give some advices!!?
I went out tanning in the sun today and came out a litte burnt later a noticed lighter spots like spalshes of?
Does anyone have an idea for a good moisturizing face mask?
What would be a good material to scrub the skin(mechanical exfoliation)?
Cartilage piercing question?
Spetum piercing questions?
Should I use hair removing cream down there?
How to get clear skin?
If i wear bandaids on the bridge of my nose so my glasses dont mark my nose will it work?
Why is my moisturiser peeling? wth?
should i get my belly button pierced?
Rosehip oil for acne scars?
Girls only, Please help.?
Sugar Lip Scrub? Help Please!?
can you go tanning in a tanning bed if you a Peagent?
my skin is dry.age 43.using ponds age miracle regenerating makes my skin to use it?day n nite?
Is getting your cartilage pierced painful?
do yall have any pictures of jesse spencer named?
Which peel is better?
Does my body look okay?
Eyebrow piercing,chaning the piercing?
Is it okay to take out my nose piercing after 2 weeks?
Could I pull of getting my eyebrow pierced?
Tanning? I've never done it before, questions?
self tanner!?
Lighten my eyes with sulfur?
what type of soap will make my skin get clear and smooth?
Double ear piercing!?
how do i get bigger boobs?
i got my belly pierced 8 week ago and white stuff come out it is it nomal?
My skin under my eyebrows is burnt from waxing?
help please! scars!?
How safe is Photo Rejuvination led skin therapy?
I stretched my lobes at too big of a jump a 2 g from a 0g without taping and...?
is my nose long?
How Muh Does A Nose Piercing Cost?
How can I get rid of a huuuge pimple by tomorrow?
I have bags and darkcircles under my eyes...HELP?
do u like cunky girls?
Can lose weight doing this?
i recently just started using a tanner, when should i expect results?
what is the best creme, gel, spray etc. body hair removal product (like nair or veet products for example)????
Skinny girls jealous of other skinny girls?
About what size gauge is a pen's ink tube?
guys and girls can answer if u want..?
Get a Perfect face??
I popped my pimple, what should I do next?
How to get rid of chest wrinkles?
does eyeshadow cause wrinkles?
should i get a lip piercing?
Opinions PLEASE!! (Nothing mean)?
what color is the sexiest color on white people to you?
Clean & Clear or Proactiv?
help me please very dry skin!?
is it true that is bad to sleep whit your bra on?
how 2 reduce the fat of one's hands?????????
how to get my lips to look big and plump without surgery or anything?
how do i get bigger breasts?
What kind of face wash should i get?
how much does a belly button hurt from 1-10??
Dont understand cup size and the number help!?
Where can I buy Helix Bella, A Cream Made With Baba de caracol?
Shaving (down there) How do I NOT get razor burn/ingrown hairs?
Tongue piercing......?
How to make your skin lighter?
extremely chapped lips...HELP!?
how do i un-clog my pores??
How do piercing parlors smooth the ends of their wires/nose rings?
suntann help??
What's a good age to get your lip pierced?
to get your cartilage pierced for proof can u bring a birth certiufacte and like a yearbook for picure proof?
how can exterminate the freckle in face perpetualy ?
Why are my boobs itchy?
How can I get rid of the red spots??
should i get a lip or eye brow peircing?
how to remove body hairs withvax any one tell me the answer please?
What is the best kind of jewelry to get when you have a VCH piercing?
laser hair removal etc in uk??????
are there any ways to look tanner with out the self tanners or going to a tanning bed?
My child's skin is still very rough and dry, please help?
Can can I get rid of body hair?
i have a huge zit!?
What type of facewash should I use regularly? More questions in description.?
how do i apply fake tan to my hands without it being streaky?
what to do about a burnt tounge?
Does it hurt getting your ear lobes pierced?
Vitaclear & Proactiv Question?
What color are my childs eyes?
What would you think of me at first glance?
dry skin on nose and cheeks?
Is a 38C big or small for a 16 year old girl?
What Age Do You Think Is Right To Get A Belly Button Pierced ?
Adult Acne!!?
my friend got his tounge pierced at age 13 so does that mean i can get a lip piercing at age 14?
how can i even out my t shirt tan?
A question about epilators?
weird skin growing on my chin?
Why is my skin (mainly my face) different?
is this good for your face?
What are some good, homemade face masks?
How much does a nose piercing cost at Sadu?
how long must i wait befoer i can change my septum bar?
Why do I have permanent frown lines and I'm only 14!?
Girls, do you have long or short nails?
Lades...if you could change one thing about your body, what would it be?
i got my nose pierced today...?
I'm staying in chennai & which soap I need to use ...? Presently using DOVE..?
what type of acne do i have?
Umm I want to stretch my ears..?
Why do people want to be sooo tanned, when pale skin looks younger?
How long do emery boards and cuticle sticks last?
Do I have a HUGE nose?
is toothpaste good for ur skin?
Does getting your cartilige pierced hurt a lot?
is this too young to get a piercing?
Seriously how can i...?
Is it ok for me to use SPF 30 ?
If I shave the hairs on my arms what are the consequences?
how to quickly reduce dark spots on face or what products should i use?
Is it okay for guys to have a little booty?
how can i shrink my boobs?
is there a way to make your boobs bigger?
Is it bad that my industrial piercings swelling is so severe I can't clean it?
My bra size is 42 DDD. How can I get even bigger without surgery?
I took my nose ring out a yr ago. I want to put it back in. has it already closed up?
is haley♥ a kewl name or ashley♥?
proactive! i need help?
What are your thoughts on stretchmarks?
How much do you think i weigh?
my ears are stretched to a why does the hole look like a 6g?
do i need a nose job?
what is a good facial scrub?
When i get a tan in a stand up tanning bed will my freckles pop out where i use to have them?
Breast and rhionoplasty..... How much should it cost... Midwest?
Help, stop me from biting my nails!?
What's the best thing to use for stretch marks?
Has anyone used Clean and Clear Morning Burst Shine Control Cleanser?
belly button?
where to find hear like shampoo location?
Poll, nipple piercings, turn off or turn on?
What happened to my eyebrows? :(?
Tell me the procedure to do chocolate facial?
random, but does anyone know the advert which...?
My legs...?
do you know any home remedies for facial skin like uneven skin tone and moisterizers?
tips for getting rid of acne/pimples?
How to get money fast for belly button piercing?
Is it safe to draw on your skin with highlighter?
I got my conch pierced?
where i can get proactive?because............?
Plastic or metal for belly button piercing?
Georges street arcade tongue piercing?
What are the Merits and Demerits of Vivel Soap?
Would I look good with Snake-bite Piercings (PICS)?
Lip piercing help, please 10 points?
How to take off scabs without leaving a scar?
I have braud sholders nd im a girl is that a good or a bad thing?
Are there any good perfumes/sprays for people with sensitive skin?
Girls, would ever date a guy that uses David Beckham cologne?
How much does one hip piercing cost?
How to get ride of stretch marks?
How much would this piercing hurt?
What is your favorite piercing and why did you get it?
I am fat and I look like I am pregnant. I get dirty looks. WTF should I do?
Can waxing permanently remove body hair?
Face Problems Help Please!?
how do i get the perfect tan NATURALLY w/o using the tanning bed or self tanners??
Have you ever heard of using Rubbing Alcohol to wash your face?
Is this normal healing for a labret lip piercing?
What's a good face lotion with vitamins A,C and E in it?
should i get a tan or stay the way i am?
Why does everyone want to be tan?
bags under eyes?
GUYS who like to take care of themselves - do you use moisturizer for your skin?
I'm after buying a body butter in coconut, people don't like the smell?
Bottom or Top Belly Button piercing?
How can I convince my mum to let me get my belly pierced?
How much will my breast shrink?
I have a small bust and bum?
Has anyone used Bio Oil?
Dermatologist(doctor) vs commercial beauty salons for skin treatment(acne etc), which to choose?
if you have rough, dry, and acne-prone skin.....?
What's your fave skin tone?
I Want A Lip Piercing But I Dont Want To Come Across As Gay?
what to do about dark underarms?
how can i get rid of all the redness in my face?
White stuff coming out of my lip piercing?
What is the best way to rid yourself of acne?
How old do you have to be before you can get a piercing without your pairents consult?
whats the quickest way to get rid of a pimple?
Tongue Piercing Experiences?
i am having lots of problems with my pimples can some one help with using natural things???
Will my Piercing still be able to get infected if I take it out now?
One big zit in between my eyes!?!?
Is it bad shaving without shaving cream?
How to tell if you're actually pretty?
Ear stretching- stretched to 10mm blood/soreness etc. What do i do?
should I get a nose job?
my daughter is 12 she really badly wants her nose pierced and i don't think shes going to change her mind?
Strange shape patches on skins?
How should i blow my nose with a nose ring?
How can I convince my dad to let me get my belly button pierced?
Waxing Delima?
Navel piercing.. please help?
I also just used the pads to remove hair color from my face and neck. I also now have burns on my face...?
Does waxing your legs when the hair is short hurt more or less than when it is fully grown back?
What side should i get my lip pierced on?
Good Ways to get Rid of Acne Fast!?
I've just started growing underarm hair but it's only growing out of my right arm?
hw do i cope with pimples?
Are there any home remedies to get rid of stretch marks?
Do guys look better with tanned skin or pale?
Can you help?
I want to get my nose pierced...?
I got my tongue pierced 3 days ago and i have white stuff coming not Alot just a little in my bar!?
Girls please help me!?
Guys, what do you think of a body like this? (pics)?
what do you use to take the hair off of your legs?
What should i do to stop being so hairy.?
How should I go about stretching my septum piercing?
which hurts more? piercing?
what kind of body type do girls like the most? ?
i want to improve my massage - deeper moves, and harder pressure- help!?
What acne product should I use?
How much does it hurt getting your cartilage pierced?
Best moisturizer for oily/ sensitive teen skin?
How to get rid of a pimple?!?
Is this the right way to help my fiance with her body image issues?
I have a job interview tomorrow and i have snake bites and my nose pierced?
Where do you measure your hip measurement?
Are there any ways to make a scar seem less noticeable?
How to get rid of my oily skin?
what unusual peircing should i get?
What face shape do i have?
I'm 14 and play getting my cartilage pierced bad?
Does any one have the mary kay Velocity Foam bodywash for Sale, need BADLY?
Pimple attack?
red bumps when i shave?
My pores are always clogged. What home remedies can help you cleanse pores regulary?
Is 34b too small for me?
Sideways-growing hair... problems getting a smooth close shave on the neck (im male btw italian)?
Any suggestion for dry skin?
Make your skin paler?
Help me fix my tan lines?
Any suggestions?
what is my cup size and what bra should i wear?
Stretch marks?
Can I use baby products on my skin?
are women the only ones having problems with the darkening of the armpits and the crotch area?
New piercing swollen?
How do i get this kind of cartilage piercing?
Where can I learn Japanese Facial Massage in Australia?
does strech marks stay on your skin after you have treat it? how do i remove it totaly from off my body if so?
Does anyone know of a salon in the York area for sugaring hair removal ?
Should I have surgery to get my ears pointed?
♥How can I make my legs and arms look smoother and silky?
can i apply lemon on face 4 pimples?
How to ger fair skin . NATURALLY ?
Anyone got any ideas on how to get fake tan off?
how to clean new nose piercing?
Suggestions needed for shower gel for Men ?
What do different gauge's mean for monroe piercings?
Did your skin get better after puberty/high school?
stretch marks??
How To Get Rid Of My Acne and Acne Scarring?
Piercing at Download festival?
Dark circles at 16????
I am 17 yrs old. I had black hairy arms. It was really embarrasing so i started shaving everyday. Is this bad?
where can i get the gel things for your breasts?
how can i make my brests smaller without hetting surgery?
Do guys think short girls are pretty?
don't you hate how people look at you just because of your piercings?
ear piercing helppp..................................…
Everynight before bed i wash my face, but i still get pimples, why?!?!?!?!?
how to prevent from getting wrinkles?girls?
Thinking of getting my tongue pierced?
In your opinion: What is the "Ideal Body"?
is it possible to make a crooked/bump nose straight, naturally?
Has anyone used the eye product Youthology, does it work?
why can't i stop ing my knuckles?
Is the xen tan lotion, mist, or mousse better to use? I have fair skin?
Do You Like Pale Skin?
how do i get my money back garuntee with clearasil?
How can I get rid of these problems I have?
Acne..Please Help!....?
Do milk and honey baths lighten skin?
Is a tongue ring piercing considered an open sore doing oral sex?
Good tanning lotion?
getting pierced???
Do you want soft lips?
Ways to get rid of acne?!?
I smell, yet i am a clean person, :( help?
Need help fast! How can I hide a hickie on my neck the size of quarter in 3 hours?
Bikini/Brazilian Wax in Jacksonville Fl?
Can it make my skin look better?
which is more attractive? Shaving or hairy?
why does my toe nail hurt?
Which should I buy, Dove or Neutrogena?
Shave legs upwards but what about....?
how do i get out greyish pit stains?
should i get my belly button pierced?
How to clean an infected tragus piercing?
Am I chubby ? please help!?
How can I get someone to see me naked?
I'm 5 feet, 97 pounds...?
What to do about highly irritated under arms (from shaving)?
nose piercing?
Is it worth it for girls to remove hair from their forearms?
What is ultra super?
has anyone ever broken out from using clean and clear steam?
Besides breast implants is there anyway I can get my pre-children breasts back?
piercing own navel?
any beauty tips for some one with dark complexion?
What can I do about my son's penis problem?
why do all my piercings get infected?
Natural remedies for my dark circles?
Why do girls like taller guys?
hi people skin solution puhleaseeeeeeeeeeee......?
Ladies, what is the longest you've gone without shaving/waxing your legs?
im 12 and Im only a 32a?
Has anybody got any good ways to get rid of under-eye bags/dark circles under the eyes that work?
Quick way to get rid of zits?!?(by tomorrow)
What colour hair goes with my skin tone?
Good reliable place to get body jewelry?
I have dark circles around my eyes how can I make them go away?
any whitening product that you can recommend ? it will be used in a sensitive part?
How long does it take for the swelling caused by a tongue piercing to go down most of the way?
what do you think (PIC)?
Do i look full mexican?
How can I get rid of my pubic/armpit hair easily??
Why do women shave or pluck their eyebrows completely off, and then draw them back on?
I have armpit hair, it's so embarassing!?
How do you cause dark under eye circles and bags?
How to get rid of pimpels?
Do you have a preferred brand of razors you use to shave legs (and other body hair?)?
Cold Sore? Help me out? ?
i always have bags under my eyes and i am never tired?
How to get rid of an ingrown toenail?
Ear stretching advice/basics?
Pristine skin care...?
Skin too dark?
Hickey problem!!!!!!!?
Ear stretching question?
Bleeding Pierced Ear? Not sure why?
Piercings down below?
Nipple peircings - sexy or not?
Is a 36 DDD too big for a 17 year old ?
is my monroe infected? HELP! idk what to do and im freaking out!?
I have dry cuticles, thin nails and I dont bite but i pick at my skin. Any suggestions?
What is the skin lightening report?
What face shape is this? (pic)?
In comparison to other piercings, how much does a helix piercing hurt?
Am I short for a 14 yr old boy.?
Does anyone know of a way to get rid of post acne scars?
I am looking for a new piercing...any ideas?
hi all, i am facing acne & pimple issues my face is nearly full with acne/pimples and anything?
Is it possible to change your hairline without surgery?
need lady help please!?
What do you think of a 14 yr old girl going to a tanning bed like once every week or even less?
how can i stop having such an oily face!!?
what eye color do you have ?
tanning my face?
Does diet REALLY affect acne?
What do you associate the tongue piercing with ?
Girlfriend tiptoeing barefoot at home?
Advice for second tongue piercing?
what is a good moisturizer for my face. something that won't break out my skin but keep it from getting too dr
what can i do to make my hand softer?
How to remove dark spots?
Does any one know how to get rid of blackheads?
BioFlex plastic or titanium for belly button piercing?
Is a 38D cup big or small?
After six weeks of a new ear & cartilage piercing?
Would I suit a lip piercing? (picture)?
first time using a sun bed..?
Is it wise to wash my face with soap regularly throughout the day (mostly for acne prevention)?
My husband has lost a bet & has to wear 12 female items that i choose.Pls help me compile a list....?
whats your view on split tongues?
Smiley Face On Nails Hot Or Not?
Vitamin C face wash (Avalon Organics)?
Of the following, which body part never grows: nose, eyes, ears?
can you use nair roll on wax with milk and honey on your face?
wts better for shaving a razor or the electrical tool ?
Can you be allergic to your own sweat?
stretching of lobe piercings?
How do you grow boobs naturally?
Mixing beeswax and fragrance oil into a metal container, it discolors to a rust color but it isn't rust. ???
Nose taper/piercing care?
girls only!!?
Will my face fat go down when i lose more weight?
Should I Ask My Mom To Get My Ears Pierced?
What is that called , when people flare or stretch their nose muscles out of habit?
what is the best acne spot treatment for sensitive skin?
What do I do about hairy legs?
are vibrators safe to use?
How do you get rid of puffy eyes?
Whats this big thing about boobs?
do you think that belly button piercings are trashy?
If you have to choose between the two which are you going to hide your breast or your crotch ?
I want big boobs:( any advice people?
Why does tanning oil have SPF in it? Doesn't that defy the purpose of absorbing the sun to get a tan?
Substitute/alternative for a piercing clamp?
At Home Skin Brightening Remedies?
Why when i do my weekly facial exfoliating regime do i come out in spots?
Getting ears peirced can i get infection?
Do you show your belly when out?
What is the best razor to use to shave your head? Do electric razors work?
I have acne problem on my forehead and 15...any suggestions??
how to get glowy skin?
What figure on women do you like best? Quick question short answer!?
I want to reduce my tummy. Can you suggest a right way?
If you are wearing bronzer, can you still get a natural tan from the sun?
What would you recommend?
How to really get healthy, fresh, glowing skin. Naturally?
how to APPEAR tanner, not using tanners or lotions?
Has anyone had the blue light laser acne treatment? I am interested to know if it is effective for back acne.
Does getting ear lobe piercing hurt? Experience?
Picture day tomorrow, I LOOK LIKE A MESS! HELP!?
Help Brazilian Waxing in Hyderabad?
Is it safe to repierce my belly button ?
Can i still do thread my eyebrows if i vertically pierce my eyebrow?
where To get a clear, flat nose stud in Uk?
What does it mean?
Should I shave my pubic hair or not?
How many piercings do you have?
how to get rid of dark eye circles?
What to do about ingrown hair?
Eye color?????
What clothes shops in the UK sell bellybars?
Shaving question? girls only please?
Industrial/Scaffolding piercing.?
Doing a piercing apprenticeship?
I have lots of acne scars on my back but no acne anymore?
which piercing is less painful?
Am i fat (pics).....?
how can i clear my skin?
I'm 13 and want to shave, but my parents doesn't want me to. What to do?
How should I clean my earrings before changing them?
My skin is too oily, especially my face. Any suggestions?
How do I make myself look attractive?
how can i make my serious case of "strawberry nose" go away?
(women) do you smoke cigarettes?
How to my life around by making my face clear and healthy?
Have you had Breast enlargement surgery? Some advice from previous experience please?
Does sweating affect a spray tan?
What is my face shape?!?
What is the best way to prevent skin from aging?
is getting ur belly button peirced sore !!!?
self belly piercing?
what is a good age to get your belly button pierced?
13 and want my belly button pierced advice?
What causes pimples?
NOSE PIERCING!!! plz help?
why are my feet so sweaty?
Dark spot covering my can i get it 2 go away?
How Do I Tell My Dad I Pierced My Lip?
Vitamin E Gel Capsules in India?
Some girl help please? as many answers as possible.
Getting Rid Of Dark Circles?
Im Thinking About Getting My Cartilage Pierced...?
Does the Tria Laser Hair Removal really work?
What's the sexiest colour for eyes?
Do cold stuffs etc ice helps heal lip piercing quicker?
What is the best natural way to lighten skin tone?
i have small pimples and red spots n my cheek.does stiemycin work for it?
Girls i need your help!?
What is it with the men at the gym, they have these huge beautiful sculpted upper bodies and itty bitty...?
What is your idea of the perfect face for a girl?
Is The CLINIQUE Moisturizing lotion Oil free?
Dry, flaky skin on face?
Will my vitiligo get worse?
Is laser epilation safe for skin? What are side effects?
Astringent, Cleanser and Deep Treatment Mask problem?
how can i get rid of this!?
Parents and piercings?
What face shape do I have?
When will this crater in my tongue go away?
oily face also pink?
Does anybody know why the skin around my navel ring is so tight?
How can I get a good shaves? How can I prevent bumps and irrritation? Or what products can I use?
Does it hurt to get your ears pierced?
Please help me figure out my body shape? I measured and got this: 33-27-33?
what age do you lose spots?
infected tongue piercing?
Does your nose get fat during puberty?
Vichy Dermablend Powder Vs. Lancome Silky Translucent Powder?
should i wax, pluck,or thread my eyebrows ?
What does a rounded nose look like?
how can i take the smell of ciggaretes off ?
How long do i have to wait in order to change my lip ring?
How to remove mild acne scarring and freckles?
QuanMan is Cool.?
does drinking alcohol affect your boobs growing ?
UGHH pimple right between my eyebrows :( ?
Glutathione- is it effective to whiten skin?
I am pretty muscular but I want to look real good for spring break. What muscles do girls like the most?
'Seeds' in my ear piercing?
Will baby powder work as well as deodorant if you don't sweat much?
If you have a Cartilage Piercing Please Read ....!?
What skin cleanser should I use?
I HATE being tall, why do people think it's such a great thing?
Sugaring method instead of waxing?
help with acne?
How can i make clear my butt's?
Jergens natural glow ?
When is the best time to tan outside?
My mum isnt letting me have my nose done :(?
Should I shave on my upper thighs?
hmm.. boyfiends..i need help!?
my belly piercings infected how do i cure it?
Favorite dove nutrium moisture scent?
Tips on preparing for a lip piercing?
should i get another nipple pircing?
Tanning problem help pleaz?
i have a sun exposure today..and im using glutathione soap, my skin became reddish?
Need to get rid of pimples quickly!?
help me with my upper eye bag problem please!?
I can't find clearasil products anywhere here in the Philippines, I wonder why? their facial wash is the best.
how to pierce your nose?
does that nair stuff really work?
Help with a rook piercing 2 weeks old?
what is a great gift for my wife on our 5 year wedding anniversary?
How To Approach My Parents About Getting A Tragus Piercing?
How do you remove fake tanner??? EMERGENCY PLEASE HELP ASAP?
what is my body shape?
why do i look light skinned outdoors in daylight but dark indoors ? :(?
Am i gonna still growing tall?
Should we do any modifications after a breast augmentation?
does anyone think Iam hott?!!?
Poll: GIRLS ONLY!!!!!!!?
why was i born this way?
how do i get rid of?
Question About My Ears? Help!?
e oil as gauge lubricant?
Product advice for my skin type ..what should i use?!?!?
How do i get rid of the bags under my eyes?
How much does Miley Cyrus weight? How tall is she?
How can i take off my tongue bar?
New Septum Piercing Questions.?
why is my second toe way smaller than my big toe?
About how much do you think it would cost to get my collar bones pierced?
what happens when white people bleach thier skin ?
i need my acne to go away fast??
piercing equipment???
How to change eyebrow piercing?
When could i take my Industrial piercing out?
Are my breast a good size for my body?
I'm asian and have naturally brown-tannish skin. How can I get lighter????
Dry Skin Solutions ?
Eyebrow Piercing?
Is it very painful getting your hips pierced?
Will my new Rook piercing hurt when I wear headphones?
can you buy neutrogena products at the store or do you have to order them?
howd i do today on my diet?
How can I get sexy legs?
piercing my ear at home?
What is a good, cheap moisturiser for whole body to buy over the counter?
quick skin fixes! helpp?
convincing my mom???????
Do you find gauged lobes attractive?
Stretch marks or something on my legs?
am i fat/chubby/overweight?
How to get my nails grow quicker?
Has anyone tried ?
Do you think anti aging cream is really work?
Should I cut it off? I mean my hair; It is waist length and hot in summer.?
how to get a natural tan?
spot under my skin, on my face?
im studying to be a nail technician does anyone know if the anatomy is important?
what do you think is the best facial mask for STUBBORN blackheads?
Can i take my nose ring out for 12 hours without it closing up?
what do u think...?
Acne problems?
If I use Nair to remove hair will it grow back as if it had been shaven or normally?
during the day my face tends to collect a lot of dust and dirt?
In your opinion, Is it better to have thicker lips, or thinner lips?
I want to get my septum pierced but can i?
(as a guy) how to convince parents to let me get my ear pierced?
I got my belly button pierced and i can feel the barbell with my fingers when i touch it?
what is the best type of cleanser to use to get rid of pimples?
Am I Over weight??? PLZ HELP?
Anything i should know before getting my bellybutton pierced?
How come bidets aren't popular in United States?
Cuticle Softener/ Remover?
Pimples on the back,what's the fastest way to get rid of them???
Does the "No No" work?
at what point in your life did you have the best body? women?
ive heard what you eat affects your skins condition....?
Will Tinted Moisturizer Give Me Spots?
A question on certain dry?
Is it weird to take four showers a day?
i just pierced my own lip?
Would you consider me chubby, picture included?
What do you think about piercings?
Whats Wrong With My Tanning?
Helix / upper ear/ cartillage piercing?
Am i the only one...?
Wearing a eternity ring on right hand ring finger- any significance?
does waxing harm your skin, what if you have excema?
How long do i have to wait to change my lip piercing jewerly????
what are some natural remedies for your face?
my face keeps changing, my eyes change shape my chin changes shape ,and my cheeks change ect?
Getting my ear pierced?
Tattoos or lip piercing?
Help with My Crappy Skin?
Do people prefer pale or tanned skin?
Does anyone know any body piercing salon in Runcorn, Cheshire?
bad effects of a nose ring?
is queen helene mint julep masque oil free?
Should I buy proactiv?
What is a good way to make my feet softer and ready for summer?
How to cover a birthmark on my forehead?
What are they?
how to increase height. any product or medicine. if anyone suceed in it plz mention?
Im 15 years old and 90 pounds and i still keep trying to loose weight but its not working.Got any suggestions?
What is this.............?
Stop my septum piercing from healing during surgery?
Fading acne marks?
help! bad burn from wax strip?!?
Why is it that I wash my face and still have all this acne?!?!?!!?
i have pimples in my do i get the pimples off?
Does anyone have a home remedy for acne?
Avon Anew professional stretch mark smoother?
how can i go to 00 gauge?
Whitening/Lightening Lotions or Soaps?
Is there anything wrong with walking around my home naked?
What is a good face wash for controling oil and shine?
Is there a place in California that does profesional body branding?
Do I gave an hourglass figure?
Should I get my belly button pierced?
Ear Stretching problem?
Important please...How do I measure this?
Is benzyl alcohol okay for mouth piercings?
Is there such a thing as using too much lotion?
I've always been wondering about this?
okay i am going to kentucky for my husbands graudation from basic training and i need to get tanned quick .?
tounge peircing and lip peircings?
facewash help?!?
How to get away from acne/pimples?
How do i get red of pimples on my face in 2 days??
i'm very, disturbingly pale...
how do i fixed my toenail or lack of....remdies or tips please!?
navel piercing after care?
girls why do i get more attention at the club when i wear holey jeans and a t-shirt verses dressed up?
Are cherries good for your lips?
How can i remove hair on my legs without shaving, waxing, etc?
How to get clear skin ? Please Help !!?
Why i find butts more attractive than face or breasts?
How can I minimize ingrown hair when I shave?
has anyone ever tried tanning pills?
Small boobs helpp mee !?
How can I get whiter? ?
Secret to beauitful.smooth and supple skin??
Too fat??( Pics included)?
how long can i wait to put in my tongue piercing retainer?
baby oil or body oil?
How do I ask my mom to put lotion on my butt?
Do dimple piercing leave scars?
What color are your eyes?
Should I get my nose pierced? Does it hurt really bad? Any helpful info :)?
the corners of my mouth has got some dark pigmentation like patches/spots. Anyway to get rid of it?
will i grow more or not and stay the same?
piercing questen. Help!?
bleeding belly button piercing?
Do I need a nose job?
What was your results from Proactiv Solution?
How long does a split lip take to heal?
What can I do so my legs can look really nice if i have extra sensitive, dry legs?
Thinking about getting my belly button piericed?!?
I get turned on from girls using lotion, why is this?
Okay so I was using ink that R not from pens or stamp pads, so how do get the ink off my hands?
How to get rid of a bump on bridge of nose (without surgery?)?
Is it anything to worry about if your period is late?
is getting laser sun damage treatment safe?
Does this nose right make your nose tip less bulbous?
When taking a shower in some houses, the water feels so "slippery" on our body?
breast implants- are they worth it for me?
Whenever I shave my bikini area, I always end up with razor bumps and it itches like crazy! Any advice?
how do i remove my pimples ,its getting more worst,and my skin is oily ,do anyone can help me out?
Cartilage Piercing Questions!?
were can i have mu belly button pierced?
i m 24, i wgt about 55kgs, my marrage is fixed. my mother-in-law want me to become a bit thin.?
how can u make the reddness in pimples go away FAST!!???
I have a bump in my nose, and I know there are injections that can fix this. How much does it cost or where?
Which ear piercings go good together?
Piercing legal guardian question?
i have acne and i hate it! i have done almost everything! any help?
tongue piercing question?
How do i Get Rid Of Zits ........FAST !?
Is this normal?? My face looks different?
Anyone tried Smooth Away?
How to remove acne scars?
is coffee bad for your skin?
i want to know if there's a do it yourself proyect for removing an old scar?
Why does my face always feel oily? like in the middle of the day?
I'm thinking of shaving my arms?
Wheatish skin Vs fair skin?
Shaving your bikini area
Pimple question? Please help?
Wrinkles on forehead at 20 years .. Could anyone tell me the possible reasons?
What's a good face cream for women in their 20's?
Belly button piercing?
lip piercing: yes or no?
Piercing the middle of the hand?
Skin care problem! Please help!?
I have dry, flaky skin on my cheeks and upper part of my nose how can I get rid of them(i moisturize)?
i need help with my mom, and shaving!?
I have an ugly scar on my eyelid.. can I get rid of it?
lip piercing closing up?
When can I drink after getting my lip pierced?
How can i make my boobs bigger???
what colour eyes would you want your partner to have?
Why doesn't my body change?
How do I convince my parents into letting me get a piercing ?
Is there any difference between liquid hand wash, and liquid body wash?
How much weight can somebody lose in about 6 weeks?
If I get my ears pierced with an 8g, what would be the first earrings they use?
Lip piercing questions?
can anyone give me names of soap that is good for sensitive skin?
7.5 inch long and 6.5inch width a small face size for a 5,2?
red bumps after shaving 'down there'.?
Nail Biting ??
Does body bi vi work?
Ear stretching questions?
does having a good diet, daily exercise, and good skin care REALLY pay off when you are older?experiences plz!
What's my body shape.....?
what facial piercing should i get? includes pics?
Should I stop using proactiv?
is 14 & going into highschool to young to get belly button pierced ?
How old were you when you got your navel pierced?
Who's the prettiest out of thse girls? (pics)?
How does accurate work?
Has anyone tried acnepril?
What causes wrinkles?
Soo very curious about my face?
septum retainer wont flip up?
Empty Tragus Piercing?
How do you feel about freckles? Cute, hot, or ugly?
my boyfriend always calls me beautiful but when i look in the mirror i see a fat cow staring at me.
why do i look so old even though i am below 21?
help! me plz!!! people!!?
How to find out a women has A,AA,B,C,DD or any cup size,explain?
is my butt huge???
I just bought Smoothaway, and it dint work as great as expected. How do yall use it and does it work for you?
How can i make body glitter for my 7 year old daughter without using aloe vera gel?
Tragus Piercing Question, Quick Please!?
Im 13 and i have a big to pop it ?
Does Proactive really wrk for acne?
Can Max Clarity Make Your Acne Worse?
is there anything i should do to help prepare for a sunbed?
Upper Conch Piercing Aftercare Questions?
How to get rid of big ugly mole in one day?
Are Ear Stretchers Attractive?
What can I do about stretch marks??
is it okay to apply a whitening cream after putting on toner?
What is a good product or at home remedy to help with acne?
Face treatment help please?
How bad does it hurt to have sex for the first time?
How can I get rid of Acne Scars?
im cry:( need help plz:(?
getting rid of hairy nipples?
Can you help me with this acne?!?
where can i get a feet moisturizing cream [in the uk]?
Hot or Not (pic included)?
for girls only... question about laser hair removal?
I'm 14,i want my lebret peirced,my dad said he'll take me,will they peirce it,if he's with me???
i have the two WORST habits! Help!?
Is my tongue piercing too far back? (new)?
Cocoa butter after self tanner?
Is it bad to have 3 piercings healing at same?
Where can I get tea tree oil?
dead skin around my stretched lobe?
where is your tatoo and what is it?
Is skin lightening/ whitening a mental illness?
Is it bad I like looking at myself naked.?
Trouble removing verruca gel?
New tongue piercing help?
How to get rid of dark circles under eyes?
Is there an inexpensive way to remove freckles?
If you're using Victoria's Secret body lotion, which one do you use?
Where can I get my nose pierced without making an appointment in Springfield, Illinois?
How to make breast look bigger?
why am i soooooo freaking awesome!!?
Ladies, has anyone of you fought Celluite and won?
Is liposuction better than a tummy tuck?
How to get rid of blackheads?
is there a way to keep my skin the same tone?
What do you think about nipple piercings?
ahh!! help!!?
Best womens deodorant/antipersperant?
Diffrence between lotions, creams, and body butters?
Face wash recommendations?
Can betadine clear acne?
Am I underweight/normal/overweight?
Help with my acnee pleaseeee,! easy 10 pointss?
Huge green zit...should i pop it?
Scar Tissue On Lip Piercing?!?!?
How can I buy a Zeno when I live in New Zealand?
should i get a tan?
what body part do i need to work on more? (pic included)?
Should I get my belly button pierced if my mum forbids it?
Does axe shower gel expire?
black spots on nose...!!?
How many bottles of water should I drink a day? 500 mL.?
can skinny people have rosy cheeks?
im 13 and i hate my boobs, im a 34B but i want them bigger, im not allowed surgery on them so what can i do?
What is this piercing called?
Should I get my ears pierced for this?
is it true that if u get a tongue piercing infected it will go to ur brain and make u suffer brain dammage??
Help on Ear Stretching?!?!?
quick cheap ways to get rid of irritaion?
does the lip peircing hurt? {10 pionts best answer}?
What's your opinion on using sunbeds?
bags under the eyes?
is it normal that after 13 days my venom tongue piercing feels tight?
What do facials do to your skin?
favorite piercing?
ACNE!!!! -__- ..............................?
I have a 13 almost 14 year old daughter who wants her nose pierced.?
how can i get rid of pimples ?
Can model's have freckles?
Gauge after blow out?
why does a guys manhood matter so much to girls these days?
i popped a blackhead now there is like a scab and a little hole and its really red?
What is my face shape?
can i hide tongue piercing?
I hate my body image?
Piercing Ears?? Please help me, I feel clueless!?
Am I ugly?
chapped lips?
does pink scarred skin go away?
what is tanning lotion with tingle?
Big brown thing on my arm?
Witch Hazel &+ Acne Scabs?
Is my belly button piercing infected?
Breast augmentation?
I keep licking my lips!! how do i stop??
Belly Button?
Which ear should I get my rook pierced?
Girls ONLY!!! PLZ?
does my nose look weird?
Are moisturizers for young people too?
how can i remove a scar?
does the belly button piercing hurt?
Can I use folk art paint on my face?
What is facial cleansing lotion?
Allergic Reaction to Makeup?
hairy face?
Blood on Tragus piercing?
Is it okay to change my Tragus Ring to a Barbell?
How much is it to get your ears pierced at Walmart?
does anyone know how to make a cleansing facial mask for acne?
When you first get your navel pierced what gage do they use?
How to make gauged ears shrink?
Can I tan with suncreen on? ?
HELP! Belly button ring problem . . .?
does smoking effect a fresh peirced lip?
just curious. what do guys like better?
what's the best outdoor tanning lotion?
Why won't my size 12 gauges go in?
what does aftershve do?
♥Olive Oil?
Whats hurts more..Nose piercing or cartilage ear piercing?
Question about my cartilage piercing?
Whats the best sunscreen for sensitive skin???
Is 13 too young for a belly button piercing.?
Whats happening to my nape piercing?
How can I keep my skin pale ??
angelbites and snakebites do they look good together should i get them ( pics)?
Cleanser vs. Scrub?
Neutrogena products that will help smooth out my skin?
is olive skin warm or cool?
How to check to see if someone has long legs . Must the leg be more than half the height ?