how do i change the whole lighter in 1995 grand am?
custom automotive flooring?
Where can I find a go-cart belt thats not to expensive?
Is there anybody know about a floating pontoons for hotel usage?
Whats wrong with my car?
Front wheel sizes 4 stud for vw polo r reg?
how to fix tunsiganals on a jeep cherokee siganls not working but the lights are?
do u need to replace transmission when you replace engine?
What's wrong with my car?!?
Window replacment help!?
can you put an airbagg into a car that never had one?
99 Mitsubishi Eclipse shuts off hard (shakes) when turn off key, takes 3-4 cranks to start sometimes?
What should i have paid a mechanic to put in a new break vacuum booster. Part and labor?
how to remove a minor car dent?
I have a 83 vw rabbit gti & wanted to do a engine swap. Wat engine could i drop in without to much diffculty?
How can you learn how to be a auto mechanic?
where can i find a headliner for a 1991 pontiac grand prix?
If u have any suggestions please help?
what do the signals mean on vw beatle dashboard?
repair help on my jeep..!!!!?
Dexron II where to buy?
I just had my 4l60e rebuilt out a 98 k1500 and the torque converter is really tight against the fly wheel what?
What is wrong with my brakes?
What tools would i need to start a small engine repair shop?
1999 Ford Explorer will sometimes not start. Is this an anti-theft key problem or something else?
Is flooring the gas pedal bad?
does anyone know how to install a car heated side mirror in a car that originally didn't have that option?
Landrover 90 19J D reg 2.5TD nearside front disappearing noise?
Can I do a timing belt myself?
Once your brake pads begin squealing will they quit or squeel until they are changed?
Temporary car rust fix?
Is it possible to officially lower car Co2 emissions?
whers the # 7 cylinder located on a 98 f150 4.6l tritan?
Stupid question - what do you do if you tire is too flat to drive to the gas station?
Why did the dealer quote me so much for a new stock rim?
can you use a 55w fog light bulb?
How to replace the shifter nob on a 04 saturn ion?
1994 Gmc Jimmy Door Glass Problem.?
What is the difference between gas and deisel fuel?
How to remove tint from my car's windows?
My car won't start, what is the problem?
89 honda radiater support?
What are some things I can do myself???
does anyone know where the relay is for power windows on a 99 gmc jimmy?
How do you get motor oil stains off concrete?
what sized oil drain plug washer fits a 95 Honda Civic drain plug?
I'm looking for an 81 chevrolet inline 6 silverado wiring diagram for the power windows.?
Why is my car slightly overheating, but then, the temperature goes back to an acceptable value?
how fast is 95 km/h ??
how do i change my brakes on my jaguar s type 2002???
Nerf Bar brackets?
My headlights are very high even if i turn it to low beam.?
Truck will not start just makes a clicking sound? HELP!!?
I have a 1984 Caprice classic 4bbl carb 305. I was wondering if anyone could help me with some carb question?
how do i replace a right hand outside mirror on a 2001 nissan frontier sc?
Front brakes squeak after replacing pads and rotors?
Does this mechanic know what the heck he's doing?
I need to replace my distributor cap, rotor, wires and spark plugs on my 1998 Honda CR-V?
How do I Balance my twin SU's and how do I stop her running rich (Triumph TR7 V8 3500). Thanks.?
My car runs rough when I turn on the A/C?
I am rying to find a part for my car tis called a clock spring can you help me with this.?
What is the best air freshner to use inside a car?
How to remove marker off a school bus seat?
any ideas on what to do with faulty car batteries.?
i have a 1992 buick lesabre i was just wondering if i could swap a L32 supercharged engine into my buick?
Donut Tire and Transmission...?
how can i get 500hp out of a 2005 civic?
my car is a fwd auto which only slips when in drive,the lower gears & reverse are fine,why is it doing this?
i need to know how long my 12volt battery will hold its charge pulling 1500 watts?
Why will my car not start when it is cold?
What should i do if my car leaks antifreeze and is always smoking? i cant seem to find a mechanic to tell me.?
i know this sounds ridiculous, but I swear it's true - help??!!?
Petrol.. Super/ Premium. what a rip off..?
Where do the springs go on Drum Brakes.Is there a diagram that I can print,so I can rebuild them?
spongy brakes?
My car makes a rattling noise while in park. Whats wrong?
Need info on doing fork seals!!?
car problem dont know what to do??
Sticky clutch? Reverse doe?
My dad lended my truck out to one of his friends son and so while he had it he drilled holles into exhaust?
I have a 1989 chevy truck with a 305 v8 engine with TBI. why does it run badly only when it rains?
Toyota Hilux LN model,5L motor cylinder head tourqe settings?
how do you replace a fuel filter on a 94 ford f150?
My driver side tire is leaning towards my engine?
Hybrid battery life reliability?
Car won't crank. Clicking Noise.?
Help! Is my mechanic right about this?
Old car likes to overheat?
I need to know what kind of adhesive to use in order to glue a piece of weather stripping to my car window?
Can i drive my Toyota Camry 1998 without the white plastic container in front of drivers wheel?
what is the fireing order on chevy 3.1 v6?
Need help with throttle position sensor 1985 Ford 302?
I have stored my Interstate car battery for 2 years. Can it still be used? Battery is 3 yrs old.?
Where online can I find a mechanics manual for a 1993 buick roadmaster.?
Where can I get small parts for cars?
how do i remove a 1999 mercury sable's headrest?
2004 Subaru TurboFuel Octane Required. Why?
what do when car overheats whille you are drving?
how high can I rev my car?
How do you check and test your distributor and coil for proper plug firing voltage?
how to put 26 on ss monte carlo?
tire pressure question?
my indicators in my 206 gti have died and now my windows ... my dash lights too can this be fuses?
looking for pinouts for GM 1225550 ecm?
A KIA 4wd question?
BMW 95 318i won't start until the 3rd crank from a cold start?
My car is 10 yrs old and coolant is!!!!!?
What is a U-joint?
whats the bar called that makes the car move?
Can I replace 2 set of tires with installation for under $200?
carb for a chevy 350?
My car a/c is not working?
Maintenance free inverter battery life time & how to check end of life?
What advantage is a Twin Point Dizzy, what else do I need for it to run correctly, i.e. special coil, HT leads?
are front wheel drive cars fine for heavy snow states?
Why did my car window go down?
Quad is having a power issue and i cant start it, why?
cavalier have timing belt or chain?
Will a Gearbox from a CA20 fit an SR20DE? or is it possible to make it fit?
Is it possible to convert a gasoline-powered vehicle to E85? If so, is there a do-it-yourself method?
the most 5 lowest maintenance cars?
i just go a soccerball and i don't know what type of air or gas goes in it..?
Subaru Legacy '98 broke down, can't figure out the issue?
Is it a good idea to start your car in the winter every few days to keep the battery charged?
when im driving the steering becomes heavy when trying to turn?
i need the vacum line lay out for a 1987 v-6 2.8 chevy camaro where can i get it? don't say the internet .
How much is gas in your area?
pull start is hard to pull with spark plug installed, easy when it's not?
How do i bleed the lines on my car?
what kind of engine oil does an mtvr use?
How much would it cost for a new clutch and installation?
My car has an oil leak, I have been told its the cylinder head gasket?
can the cam and crank timing be off and still run but not well.?
I need help to rebuild a chevorlet Geo Metro moter?
do you check transmission fluid when car is hot or cold?
Tree branches dented my car and ed my windsheild?
changed clutch and removed shifter from housing to drop transmission. won,t go into gear everything is bled .?
Where can I get a coolant reservoir cap for my 2007 mazda 6?
my car keeps cutting out when i pull up at low speed or stop at traffic lights.?
My garage door started making this beeping noise and now it beeps every 5 seconds? Why?
Why is does my car rev on its own and is SUPER loud when it starts?
oil is coming out of the exhaust pipe on start up?
How do you adjust the rear brakes on a '98 Grand Cher?
Is Castrol Edge Motor Oil Better Than Mobil 1 Motor Oil...?
i need a picture of the steering column gears?
"if i disconnected my car battery for a week would it still work when i reconnected it?
Stupid question. But do you have to fill the up the radiator with coolant? (Read More)?
How do you figure out a low idle speed when in drive?
Question for mechanics about fluid flushes?
Do I have a blown headgasket?
Noisy new brakes.?
where can i purchase blinker fluid?
VW mechanics near Sunnyvale, CA (but NOT Sunnyvale VW)?
my chevy malibu 2000 3.1 engine is leaking over by water pump but not from water pump?
What is wrong with my car?
I have a question, what kind of tooth paste is the best to use to clean my headlights?
why do my indicator lights flash fast on one side?
Does pressing the "doors closed" button prevent the elevator from stopping on unwanted floors and go directly?
What kind of gas does my car use?
Car broke down ..what could problem be?
my car is not blowing cold air but is full of freon?
98 dodge avenger runs hard and smells like fuel?
would there be any reason not to have a cars automatic transmission fluid changed?
what is the best battery i can buy for my automobile?
Transmission question for 92 Ford F150 4x4?
can you fix a chip in a windshield?
How do you know the axles in your car are messed up?
1995 Toyota Windom 2.5G (engine check light)?
How Driving Manual Car about braking?
How can I reconnect horn and cruise control on a 2001Dodge Stratus Sedan?
how often should i change spark plugs?
How much would 1.3 ratio rockers help in a lifan 6.5 hp (clone motor) improve on power?
Why do car battery terminals corrode?
Any idea why car wouldnt want to go into 1st or 2nd gear?
Replace 1998 Nissan Sentra Keyless Entry Remote?
Dodge Spirit possible cooling system issue?
The brand ( Buick ) its a good brand ?
On my MOT it failed because it said my windscreen wipers were not covering enough of the windscreen.?
why does the rear end of my ford focus rummble horribly?
How to free a seezed up Brake calipar Bleeder?
Older cars cheaper to repair?
Someone did something to my car so it won't start, what could it be...?
Where is the cheapest smog check in 90068?
Any problems with front speakers not working in dodge van with after mkt. stereo?
i have dodge ram 99 i have a shake at 55mph not tires or alignment can not find whats wrong?
Does anyone know how to remove the rear brake drums on a 1992 buick century?
Is Ethanol E85 able to be used in all cars or is there a kit to buy to make your car compatable?
Help with car, lost key!?
where is the starter located in a 1999 expedition located , what lets you know it needs to be changed?
How can I start my old car?
Will my car be damaged if I don't drive it for a year?
What happens to a car battery when the positive and negative connect by a wrench?
How often do you usually fill your gas tank up?
my car heat wont stop blowing i cant turn it off what can i do?
Does a transmission fluid flush get rid of all the old fluid?
how do you know that ...this isn't heaven..?
Six months ago, i bought a second hand car. The brake fluid reservoir is low. I'd like to top it up.u?
I need to know when should I use the L, 3 and D speed of the transmision?
Is this a good price for tires?
What can I coat the o rings with for water pump install?
wana to buy a car vacuum cleaner please suggst...?
My Cars A/C is making a loud noise?
No coolant in the resevoir?
Is it dangerous to have oil leaking into the hole that spark plugs are in?
Is it possible for a person with little mechanical car knowlege to replace a head gasket on a 1998 peugeot 106
will my 1989 olds ninety eight set an engine fault code if i gut out my catalytic con.?
What model transmission does a 1992 chevy suburban have?
my car has trouble starting only in the am. won't turn over. Batt and Starter ok. any ideas?
how does a door handle work?
i need to locate fuel fillter?
Rainbow puddle under car...:S?
Brake Problem?
Is this incompetence for a car garage to allow this to happen ?
Need help with my transmission...?
my 92 bronco (oj style) idol stays high whats going on ..?
Can front Sknuk2 sport struts for the 96-00 fit on a 1998 Integra GSR coupe?
i have a 1990 mitsubishi eclipse with 242,000 miles. is it worth it to rebuild the engine and put on a turbo?
Is this safe and efficient to use as a leveling kit? Anyone else have these on their trucks?
Clean Detail car stuff?
Why did my dad tell my mom he is going to check the oil, water and transmission fluid in her car today?
My windshield spray motor sounds like it's fine but there's no fluid spraying out ?
2003 impala 3.4l won't start. when trying to start electronics go crazy and I hear stange buzzing/humming?
would AT fluid mixed with oil do any harm to the engine?
from start to finish how many hours does it take to remove and then install engine in 1994 grand am?
How do I clean oil stains on a cement drivway?
Car trouble...need help?
What would happen if a serpentine belt was installed incorrectly?
what's the best way to deal with a rust spot on a car door?
How to wax my car by hand without getting it uneven?
My steering wheel locked while driving?
My oil dip stick reads on the L (low) line. After adding oil the line did not change and reads the same.?
VOLVO 850 how do you replace bulbs near speedometer?
Attention anyone who knows anything about automobile air conditioners.?
on the news people are selling things to get more gas money,,if you needed to what would you sell first?
Reducung dimentions of toughened glass?
What is an average charge for a tuneup and rpm sensor replacement on a 2001 Ford Taurus?
Can you help me diagnose my car?
how get leaves out of car air conditioner?
where is the radiator for the 2002 chevy malibu please show pictures?
Its illegal to use red diesel in cars but does it have any adverse effect on newer turbo diesel engined cars?
why is that everytime i hit the brake of my car a little hard, the emergency brake light blinks?
My Van Is ticking and the oil light is coming on?
Why does my car burn gas so quickly its a 2001 daewoo i've change spark plugs,oil,trans fuel and everything
(1) Zirc Fittings (2) CV boots?
Seventeen year old tires with plenty of tread left, are they still safe?
Does air in the brakes of my car affect shifting?
How do you remove vehicle wrap decals?
Why shouldn't I just repair my car?
Patch or Replace the hood on my car?? Auto body question?
Where to get NGK splug wires?
How take out fog light bulbs on 00-05 monte carlo?
Dead car battery failed to jump, aside from a new battery, would I need a new alternator?
Can a person blow his engine on purpose and be covered in warranty?
2006 Chevy 1500 i want a 1" lift in the front is there a simple solution to this?
how to install freeze plugs on a ford escort?
What type of fluid does a manual transmission take on a 2000 Dodge Neon?
Need help with putting a belt on a 1990 ford festiva.?
How do I replace the 2002 LS Mirror switch?
Car help, please????? Help a gal!?
Can I spray down my car engine?
should i be mad if wife and her mom try to sell my 1962 running pickup?
toyota piston ring end gap?
can you buff spray paint?
will different size tires on the front causes different handling?
Does anyone know where I can find a power window switch for a 2003 KIA spectra?
can i cut an acess panel in my 2002 silverado truck bed to remove the fuel pump?
What should you do if a semi-truck loses a piece of metal and it dings up your windshield?
why is my car surging when idling?
Are parts expensive for BMW's?
whats better valvoline full syn or pennzoil ultra?
Check engine light?
89 Dodge B150 3.9 will not start?
Why does my car jerk when i redline?
I just replaced my brake pads and also bled the brakes and now the brake light on my dash turned on, why?
2003 Rendezvous interior lights stay on all the time while car is running. How can I fix this?
where is the blower located in a ford 95 van?
is there a difference between and automatic and manual engin in an 86 chevy s10 with the 2.8 and 4 wheel drive
my car CD player puts out too much power for 2 speakers how can I wire it with 4 speakers so each gets .5 powr
My car has an automatic transmission. How..?
my truck is missing,it did this once before about?
No mechanics can figure out what's wrong with my car?
Too much bird poop in my car!!!?
Can sum1 please give me the results of Iowa caususes in '04, '00, '96, '92 and '88?
Brake light problems for 1996 Toyota Camry?
My car still overheats!?
Engine sound identification?
How do I keep snow off of my HID lights?
Could my chrome timing cover cause me to have a oil leak?
When checking trans fluid: leave car running, or turn it off?
I own a 96 Dodge Dakota that is getting close to 200,000 much loger do you think it will last?
engaging the clutch. confused?
How does gas get into the oil on a 5.7 350?
I jump started my car last night and now it won't restart?
how do you get the new car smell back... besides buying a new car?
Should I replace the transmission or engine first?
my escalade tv system its not working wath can i do?
How long can I drive on 3 cylinders?
1985 chevy idles fine but stalls when it begins to warm up?
I have a 1993 Nissan Primera p10 with a SR18DE DOHC twin cam 16 valve ,Multi point fuel injection,?
instrctions on how to replace a cam sensor in a 94 intrepid?
how do you get into a 1988 jeep cherokee with all the doors locked and your keys locked inside is there away?
Can you help me figure out what year car my engine came from?
Is it safe to put WD40 spray on car fan belt? as it is making so much noise &
My car shakes violently from 62-71 mph?
ford inline 6 motor question?
Problems with the car after jumpstart?
Whens the best time to do an oil check in your car?
a 94 oldsmobile cutlass supreme. coolant light come on even when antifreeze is present and then it stalls?
what are common symptoms if your car has a ed or blown head gasket?
The check engine light on my car if it stays on what do I do?
Changing tire?
I notice my front drivers side hub cap is brown with rust, or brake dust, why?
How do I calculate the salvage value of a car?
Problem with 2003 Volkswagen Golf?
What is the largest tire I can put on a 2004 Jeep Rubicon without modifications? It came with 245/75/16's.
What is a good engine oil for high Km cars?
My ac is loud, my car is shifting weird sometimes and a few other things?
How do auto mechanics affect society?
What is the most cost effective and efficent way of cutting metal?
my 96 mercury villager only blows hot air while in acceleration, and suggestions?
hot or cold driving or idleing it dies at different speeds?
My front rims on my focus keep getting bent. What would cause them to do this?
toyota engine replacement?
My 03 G35 center console loses power by itself except for display, turns on A/C, any ideas?
can i run my engine with no 02 sensors for a few minutes?
My car won't start and I don't know why?
Is it normal to feel vibration after changins brake rotors?
Can adding too much oil to your car cause it to smoke BIG time?
What's wrong with my 99 Jeep Cherokee? The battery or alternator?
Where can I find a 2000 VW Beetle fuse guide?
HP loss from not running the recommend octane rating?
speedometer "freezes" 2002 Chevy suburban,any suggestions?
Do you really need to rotate your tires? Can't you just let the front ones wear out faster and then replace?
I've got a 1994 chevy Astro van. Squeak in the left front wheel.?
Does bigger wheels cause problems to a transmission?
I got a Honda Clone Go Kart engine from a guy in Oklahoma. The engine is a new, never been run. Smoke started?
after how many miles should you get an oil change?
Can wheel alignment be done with worn track rod ends?
My car idle is louder now than when i first bought it?
dont u hate when this happen??????
I'm not sure if I have a gas leak Chevrolet Corsica?
What is the mechanical difference between an E-85 comp. engine and an unleaded.?
Saturn SC2 96 Won't Start, Fuel pump/Battery/Injectors fine.?
I need a fuse box diagram for a 93 jeep cherokee.?
what type of engine oil do i use for my car?
Electrical problem? or maybe something less complicated?
Your opinion needed: Car shaking at low speeds not high speeds, steering wheel wobbles left and right?
how long should a car water pump last?
Anyone have a deutz f3l 1011 engine repair manual?
Where is the oil sending unit located on a 2006 impala?
What's that car paint called that changes colour from blue to red to purple depending on the angle?
i have a 1988 ford escort and water/oil r getting into the fuel injection system?
where do i go to get my tail lamp fixed,or can i buy it myself at an autozone?
Head Gasket Problems?
bonneville 99 sputtering?
ware r the lifters in a engin?
what is the loud wining sound coming from the rearend of my truck?
How do you install a pod filter on a carby engine?
How do you reseal a side mirror on a car?
My car is having trouble starting?
Not good at vehicle repairs. I have a 1998 GMC Sonoma. Gaiges went funny and dim. RPM's racing. Help!?
ecu's help?
Car will only start when jumped?
got a 71 volswagon bus.need to know how the throttle asembaly goes back together?
Car Accident. Wheel's off center?
What is the oil capacity for a 1997 Ford Ranger?
Cost of santro rear indicator?
Just replace my brake rotors and pads. So why are my brakes still squealing?
whats a good overdrive tranny for a 454 in an 83 k10 with 3/4 running gear?
who makes the best oil filter?
lowered my car, suspension is uneven?
Car will not start?
How do i reprogram my key remote (lock/unlock)?
changed oil but oil light still on?
What's the difference between four-wheel drive and all-wheel drive?
engine over heating but was fine before oil change?
how do I remove cigarette odours from a car?
How much does it cost to replace the belt tensioner and when is it be replaced for an 06 CTS?
how to paint fiberglass auto body parts?
How do I restore a 79 cutlass?
My entire LED taillamps are out?
Will this blow up a car?
car scratches on a black vauxhall astra?
1997 Buick Riviera won't start?
Recommend a good motor oil for my new Civic?
where can I buy aftermarket mercedes slk interior parts?
Do you think Obama knows what a tire valve stem wrench is?
assimbaly of a 97 ford thunderbird?
to paint a car, do i wanna use a hvlp turbine? or just the hvlp gun and an air compressor?
How dangerous is it?
What does Low Coolant mean when flashing in your car?
Whats wrong with my car?
How can I repair this?
why do you never see cab over trucks anymore?
When i change water pump my car vauxall vicar now become noise anus help?
Is it ok to paint the lettering on tires white ?
what does "activematic" transmission means?
What is this Cleaning product called?
What is wrong with a ed block?
How much does it cost to get your car alarmed?
Should I switch motor oil?
Do I need to change my push rods The lilters on vette r held down where the 89 lilters or not?
1995 VW Jetta 2.0 5 speed needs new ECU. I am looking to buy this car and was told it needs a new ecu?
98 Acura CL 2.3 VTEC wont start with out starting fluid, what could it be?
How do I start on fixing up a car?
how to swap engine from 2.3 to 302 ford ranger?
my 92 accord battery voltage with car off is about 13v and on a lil over 14v. my battery light flickers?
Can i rely on Kwik Fit to put the correct oil in on an oil change?
bad water pump 1997 firebird ?
what size's are the V-6 motors in a 97' CHEVROLET lumina?
Does anyone know what the noise is on my car?
how long is the working life of an alternator in hours?
why does my car shoot out white smoke through the exhaust?
I have 08 expedition and its been making a knocking noise...?
How do I kill my car!?
i need a wire diagram for 92 camry my break lights do not work but every thing else dose what can i check?
What will cause my blinkers to flash fast?
Will the people at the petrol pumps help me check the tyre pressure of my car?
How many inches does it take to hydroplane?
My battery goes dead easily in wintertime?
97 buick LeSabre fuel gauge stuck on full?
where would i find a free repair manual for a 289 v8 engine?
My Car Keeps Blowing a fuse!!!!!!!! Whats causing this?
how do I remove tree sap from my car and car windows?
my car starts to idle , sputters, then revs up and down?
How much are smog checks?
old moped worth the money?
If you put in a new motor can you change the miles on the odometer?
Is it ok to keep the car running while filling up the gas tank?
Does Painting Flames on my Trans Am, make it Faster?
my peugeot 206 cuts out when driving?
How to gain 40 Hp on a 2.0L C20NE Pontiac engine?
my car won't start can anyone help?
How much would you offer for this 1997 Pontiac with problems?
My car is noisy for no reason?
Truck won't get fuel when the engine is warm?
im trying to find out how to fix a door window in a 1987firebird without buying a book?
My new car uses Synthetic motor oil, how many miles should I expect between oil changes?
i lost my car keys and i don't have a spare.?
would a defective MAP sensor cause a overcharge at the battery?
My mechanic changed my oil, then died. How can I tell which type of oil he put in the vehicle?
Chrysler Sebring power window regulator. Does anyone on this Earth know if its the same as the front?
How much will it cost to put a new head gasket in my van?
what engine does this car have?
What could be wrong with my 97 silverado?
Battery Terminal's are frying,?
Calling all mechanics!!?
how much horsepower and torque does a 351 modified have?
Do I need to repair or replace my car?
where can i get a valve cover gasket?
car won't start after driving through deep water.?
how do i replace a flasher?
Is my mechanic swindling me?
where i can find the manual for Ford Fiesta 2001?
Car Mechanics Please Answer!?
how much mpg would i get out of a 350 engine?
2005 Hyundai Santa Fe, throttle problems?
I have just passed my driving test and have bought a a corsa arizona 1995, when i am driving a orange sign com
How do I add refridgerant to my 1997 Chevy Venture?
Chevy Astro AWD 1994 Fuse help!!!?
where can i get cheap tires?
What's causing my car to screech around my rear tire when the car is in motion?
2002 GT Sunfire oil problems?
where are the studies of average annual vehicle maintenance costs? By state if possible.?
What should I do with my truck's interior?
whats mpg on audi a6 2.0 litre petrol?
If i take the exhaust off my car it will sound dead cool but will it go any faster?
Can I get a new car key made, even when I lost my only one?
will a 25C be too much for my 12C battery plane?
Is there a Federal Law regarding a lifetime warranty on vehicle airbags?
What do you think is wrong with my car?
cost to fix a blown brake line on 1999 GMC suburban?
What is wrong with my dang car? It won't start, idiot lights come on, rapid clicking sound...more inside...
Need info on 2002 Mazda Tribute 4x4 manifold leak.?
should i increase my tires psi?
changing motors?
what does it mean if a sign in ur car lights ^ and it says, "service engine soon"?
Is it true that a 1.8l diesel engine has the same fuel consumtion as a 1.4l petrol engine?
How do you fix a rear tailgate upper door on chevy Astro van?
Do you wash your car or let the car wash do it? what make have you?
how can i make my truck faster without having to tune?
can you put a kickstart on a pull start engine?
If I am buying two front tires for my car do I need to get them balanced and the front end aligned?
VW jetta warranty service in Jacksonville, FL.?
Tire went flat, then spare went flat. What's wrong?
why do i have to floor my brakes for them to work?
I have nowhere to dump the oil from my car when I change it, is it OK to park over a drain and let it empty?
Problem with my car's axles?
can i get help to fix my car?
what will a racing cat pipe do? and do i need a muffler?
Where is the emergency cut off switch on a 1991 mitsubishi montero LS?
head gasket repair i think has gone wrong?
Engine lost all coolant on the freeway and severely overheated (fire). 99 S10?
can automatic cars have loud exhaust like a standerd car?
How do I change my muffler bearing on my '83 Corvette??
Why does my battery keep dying on my 95 Ford Contour?
Why do I smell exhaust fumes inside my 2006 Volvo s40i when the sunroof is open or windows are ed?
On a carborated vehicle if there is no air filter in the air intake will it make the vehicle idle higher?
If i have sludge in my engine and switch to synthetic will that help clean it out?
Please i need advice about my car which i put a new battery yesterday?
GUYS: Girls that fix cars?
how to TAKE OF A car TIRE?
How do i temporarely get rid of the smoke coming from my exhaust?
my blinker on my car keeps going off?
How much will it cost to replace side view mirror?
Why do people have this general perception that dealership service departments RIP-OFFS?
Can I link up 2 jump leads to extend the wires to jump start my car?
what is the mysterious warning light on my Transit's dashboard?
if transmission oil is leaking, will i have to het a new transmission?
filling my car with fuel?
Is the car repair shop lying to me?
Theft Safety switch went off?
i have a 1996 ford aerostar that when turn the igntion ihav no 12 volt elect power. any help?
window seal for my 1997 VW Jetta Trek?
can you convert a 1994 bonco w/efi to propane? if yes,then is it legal.?
Lost key fob for viper alarm system?
whats the best formula for cleaning windows ?
1973 auto parts need help?
Why does the 4 wheel drive light flash on my Mitsubishi Montero Sport?
What can i do about my thermostat breakin off in the engine?
How do you replace the fuel filter on a 1999 Grand Am?
are the outside mirrors on a '91 ford explorer interchangeable with a '91 F-150?
Where can I get a passenger side tail light for a 95 pontiac firebird???
2000 silverado abs comes on at low speeds does not want to stop?
What would of happened if my car seize because of running out oil while driving?
how to find centroid of a bent rod?
Idle surge problem please help?
why does the gearshift tug up or down a little with the car's speed?
Car tires getting "chewed out" from inside?
Problems with my Car, need help before I take it in and get raped!?
where can i buy dupont automotive paint on the web?
Can you trust a car (Nissan Altima) with a rebuilt engine?
is it all right to switch gas station all the time or stick with the same one?
door wont lock on my car?
What is the best way to get tree sap off your car without ruining the paint?
will mustard in a gas tank hurt the car?
Car Battery Help Please?
Does this mean my Alternator is bad, or something else?
Am i responsibe to pay up for car part that failed after job done?
how do you remove the caliper on rear disc brakes on a 2001 Oldsmobile Aurora?
do you need a certain wrench to change an oxygen sensor on a 1989 buick century 3300 engine?
Will my car be considerd totaled?
Weird smell coming from my windshield vent?
where do i find pictures of a fuel pump for a 1986 gmc vandura 2500 van?
can gasoline still be used if it has been mixed with diesel?
What is the difference between Oil Filter and Fuel Filter?
Gun cleaning?
Best way to block view into the back of my SUV?
Scan my car and i got 4 codes, what are they and which should I fix first?
Does a 2005 elantra have wheel locks on the back wheels?
why does my van need an Oxygen sensor?
if anyone knows anything about cars, why does my steering wheel make noise even though the fluid is fine?
Would they have been able to tell me this at an oil change ?
If my friend doesn't change the oil in his car for 10,000mi, what will happen?
Why is my dashboard brake light lit?
besides the fuel regulator in a 1999 chevy surburban can the throttle body sensor cause it to hard start?
whats wrong with my car?
Why is my clutch "sticking"?
What do i do with this truck?
Should I have my transmission rebuilt or sell my car?
Installing coil overs to lower car?
tire size for 1998 nissan maxima?
someone has blocked up my exhaust with bundles of hair and my car engine is running bad how can i clear it?
can anyone help explain how to switch out an ac clutch and water pump?
I was wondering what the general cost for transmission work is?
Will my car fail its MOT with this problem?
I have a 1999 Deville with 60,000. A tech. told me that it's idleing high, needs maint. What maint do I need?
what is the best way to remove gunk build up on the stearing wheel and gear shift in my car?
I have an Ols Intrigue 2003. What are the best brand tires to buy for it?
whats causing this idle issue?
How to remove a subaru sti cv joints?
check engine light is on and states that it is cylinder #1 is missfiring. Did basic repairs, didn't fix it.?
Cost to replace automatic transmission for Toyota Corolla CE 2001?
Why is my steering wheel vibrating?
Whats wrong with my 85 caprice classic?
ABS light on in 1997 Ford Ranger?
what does yellow dash light with O/D mean?
where is a good spot to buy parts for an old threewheeler i bought?
I have a Galant and I came home from work and pulled in the yard and stopped, then I went to go to the store a?
How long should a serpentine belt last on a 2003 Toyota corolla?
My car radio has locked after the battery was disconnected at the garage.?
how much does it cost to fix a car side mirror?
can you replace a starter relay with 2 wires and a fuse?
Made a STUPID mistake adding oil today?
what does it mean when someone calls my atv a cadillac?
Why won't my chevy colorado start?
what octane fuel does a lt1 need?
2006 Cadillac escalade esv brake light problem?
can you fix a chip in a windshield?
Does anyone know how to get car owners manual if lost.?
How can I tell if I have a flat tire?
What is the horsepower of the newer 30cc homelite engines?
how do i convert my automatic 94 del sol to standard?
My car shifter moves from Park all through the gear but the car does not move? Can anyone help?
Does Pick-N-Pull pull wheels off for you?
Can anybody solve my car problem?
5W+4=72+W W=?
What would happen if too much metal was removed from a brake drum during machining?
Daewoo engine over-heating problem, what's the deal?
What does it mean when the spark plug boot are filled with engine oil?
Recoil Starter broke on Tecumseh 5.0 HP engine?
2006 Pontiac Montana SV6 "Repair Traction Control/ ABS/ Stability Control"?
i have a car ignition coil with three wires. a yellow, a red, and a black. which is my positive and negative?
how do i know how much air needs to be in my tires? I know they arent even close to being right.?
Is My Car OK???????
i locked my keys in your car:Autozone?
weld exhaust tip to muffler?
The neighborhood mechanic says replace the engine but he didn't "test" if it was locked up. Is this right?
1998-2000 volvo s80 vs 1998-2000 cadillac sts, which is more reliable?
what kind of oil should i use for my car?
how do i change my transmission oil in my 2006 toyota tundra?
How do you know if your carbs float level needs to be adjusted?
is short ram intake good for winter?
Why won't my 99 GMC Yukon start?
what size bulb is this? link added?
Can having 2 ignition keys on a single ring cause ignition problems?
Where can i find parts for british leyland diesel?
Who thinks this is funny?
I needs some engine parts for the Komatsu PC200 excavator,where to buy?
how can i find out if my truck is leaking transmission or break fluid?
bad exhaust manifold?
Whre can I get for free Meredes Benz diagrams and exploded views?
engine block?
Will lambo doors work on any car?
My car stalls... why?
why does my computer say im outside the us?
My clio 1.4 sport is juddering when ticking over & stalls when setting off.?
what should i do when my car is coding for a faulty EGR valve?
i just programmed a new transponder key and now the car locks wont work.?
how do i know if my car smokes because of my rings or valve seals?
I have a antifreeze leak?
1994 Dodge Grand caravan Le 3.3L Fwd No rear transmission mount?
cant figure out why my 1993 regal camshaft position sensor has no fire?
Contour belt? Does it actually work? ?
What is tubeless tyre? Will it get puncture? Thanks.?
if i buy springs then i don't need shocks?
Ok this is a weird one?
What is this next to transmission stick?
what kind of glue should i use to paste a lip boby kit on my car?
clean out fuel injectors with higher octane fuel?
Are mechanics open on black Friday?
1996 nissan altima brake lights will not turn off even though the car is off?
where is the cigarette lighter fuse on a chevy cavalier 2000?
Chevy Silverado 1500 Coolant Leaks?
I replaced my brake lines and now I can't build pressure back up in my brake pedal?
Is my car shifting hard?
Where is the IAC valve on a 2000 Crown VIc?
is a stage 2 clutch to aggressive for a daily driven car?
are there any dedicated sites for mechanics to discuss questions between each other out here on the web?
Front brakes squeak after replacing pads and rotors?
what could cause water coming from my exhaust?
I have no power to my car but the battery is good?
Another "Bright Green Fluid Leak" Question...Need Immediate Help!?
Steering wheel vibrates when exceed 55 mph (100 kms). Why?
diesel smell enter inside my car?
Dealership claims I don't have warranty on car when I was supposed to?
Check Engine light going on and off? Misfires?
why does my car battery keep dying when the battery test says it a good battery?
I bought an engine oil treatment and the directions indicates to "Add Entire Can To Engine Crankcase"?
Which car would have more damage in a three car accident?
how to lift and level my truck at the same time?
how do i make my timing belt go bad?
How do you get rid of the musty camper smell in boat?
car leaks water and the radiator is always empty?
Where can I find pre-printed mechanic iein forms in the wayne county MI area?
Why do disk brakes squeek or scream?
What is this noise coming from my van?
Vehicle VIN Numbers.?
i have a 1999 isuzu rodeo 2.2L TBI that will start and run for like 5 minutes then dies and will turn over.?
I have changed the engine on my Vauxhall Vectra,?
what is 60% of 350?
Where can I find 10 inch rotors for my 1997 cutlass?
I have a 2003 nissan altima that idle bounces while transmission stutters until its moving only after crusing?
How long does insurance take to fix car after accident?
I'm taking my car to a garage tomorrow.....there is oil in the antifreeze . How did that happen??
Power window on dr. side won't move but master switch will work for passinger side. What do I check and how?
Today I scratched my father's sports car, but my brother has driven it since,and hasn't noticed....?
Car problems please help?
how often should i get my car's oil changed?
When I turn the wheel in my car, it makes a loud noise like something is about to come apart.?
Instrument cluster problems with 97 buick century?
My keyless entry remote for vehicle broke (not the battery- I checked) on me a couple of months back?
how do you reset the fuel pump on a 1991 Infinity?
93 mercury grand marqui tends to shudder at speeds 45 to 65. any ideas. this cars been very problematic. ready?
My radiator fan won't turn on!?
VW Golf 97 electronic control module. Where can I find it on the car?
my 1992 ford fairmont 5 litre speedo works but my mileage counter doesnt how is this fixed?
Battery Light Indicator Keeps Flashing When I Drive?
Fuel injection cleaning @ EZLube?
fender bender help? hood and water?
Does my tires need to be replaced?
New battery immediately drained?
I have a 94 ford van that when accelerating feels like driving on a rumble strip.Let off it stops, whats wrong
Brake problems! please help!?
Why does timing a car engine have to be so complicated?
How do i know if my car has a blown head gasket?
We have a 1998 Mercury Sable with an oil problem....?
Does leaving the headlights on waste gas?
Our van starts, smokes, and wont go anywhere. Solutions?
what size flat head motor is in a 1954 chrysler windsor?
Vibration while you push brakes?
Do most automotive shops give you a ride home when they're repairing your car?
Hit pothole now car makes abnormal noises on passenger side only?
Why does my radio turn on when on press on the brake pedal?
Do I really need thicker oil?
My car wont start....Sometimes.....?
No compression on 1 cylinder? help?
Does repairing a BMW cost a lot more than a Honda?
where can i find free online information for repairing autos?
have a 1993 mercruser 4.3/ 4 barrel, balanced shaft engine. Will a 1990 4.3 from astro interchange.?
Help. car wont start?
filled the tank with gas. Shortly after driving started to sputter, cough and then lost power.?
Car (possible) battery problem??!!!?
Why does my car fail to start or stalls?
brakes and cost to replace?
My daughter has put in a new battery and a new alternator and still......?
can you use regular gasoline in a 1992 cadillac deville that says Premium???
Is it bad to shift to first gear when slowing down and taking off without really stopping?
anyone know anything about fuses? brand new car and none of the lights work!?
If the speedometer driven gear in my car is off by 10Mph, Do I get a driven gear with less teeth or more.?
how do i fix a 99 dodge intrepid crankshaft sensor? It keeps going out and car will not start?
Why does my car air conditioner leak?
flat tire..............?
v40 idle control valve cleaning?
sorry but how much does a wheel cost? roughly ta, x?
how do i remove spraypaint or primer off a car to its original color?
will a 89 buick eng and tranny fit into 93 0lds body and interchange with the wiring and computer ?
whats the purpose of a header?
I have a 1998 bmw318se engine cut out on me. It turns off a battery but won't start! Any ideas please?
Are there sources for Automotive Owner's Manuals for Mitsubishi Monteros online? How about online manuals?
Can you replace a munaul door handle for an aromatic?
Car won't start. It cranks, but won't turn over.?
K&N Air Filter - Any better?
Help Locked keys in truck?
What does awd mean when that light comes on?
What are the signs of a cars transmition going up?
how can i get out scratches in auto wood grain?
Is it worth it to repaint your car?
can you mix dot 3 and dot 4 brake fluid?
how to change air filter in 1998 honda cbr f3?
how do i reset my speedometer?
Car won't start?..occasionally?
do you tip the auto parts delivery driver?
How much does it cost to have a carburetor rebuilt?
Best way to spray paint a ped?
engine cleaner................?
Is there anyway to make the clutch pedal lighter?
How do I change my alternator belt on a 94 Mazda Protege?
How to remove a 03 Silverado alarm system?
Why are automatics geared higher then manuals?
how to change 1997 Buick power steering puump?
oil and check engine light on?
I have a thick layer of ice on all of my car's windows right now, what is the best way to remove it fast?
What is a straight cold air intake?
why is my truck making a popping noise?
Is there an easy way to change the headlights in a 2000 Jaguar S-type?
How do you know when a fan belt is broken?
How do I open a car with frozen door locks?
What's a lube? I always see "Oil, lube, filter" ads. I know what two of those items are!?
How do I add and check the transmission fluid on a 1993 Ford Tempo?
How can i increase the mpg in my car?
Dashboard Issues!!!!?
Car loses power while driving.?
My back/brake light does not work when brakes are is not the fuse, I checked that.?
I'm not sure if I have a gas leak Chevrolet Corsica?
How do I report a gross polluter vehicle in California?
My car won't start!!!?
Do I have to change my oil filter...?
why my car is starting to shake when it reach 80 to 90 km/hr?
Blazer won't start and is stuck in PARK position?
Abs assist pump is making noise all the time and abs light is on?
Engine Slipping 2007 Kia Spectra EX?
I lost my only set of keys! 1982 Chevrolet silverado keys what do I do?
Why won't my dome light shut off?
Why does my car keep using so much coolant on my 2000 Mustang V6. I just had the lower intake manifold fixed?
what do you do when you lose your car keys?
how do i set the timing on a 1994 plymouth colt 1.5L?
Why do people drill out a car motor?
what do i get to make my exhaust louder?
fan clutch on 99 van conversion engages often?
2003 Dodge Sx 2.0, timing belt to be changed at 160,000km.?
Engine mount problems?
how do i fit a turbo kit to my car?
What do I need to tow a car?
car seems as if something is holding it back when driving?
need to know what is wrong with my car?
98 avalon automatic headlamp system?
About how much within $100 would it cost to replace a radiator on a 10 year old car?
my truck make a loud scretching sound when I try to start it and somtimes it won't start why?
my older son rode over my younger sons bike with his pickup truck should they split the cost of the repairs on?
How much does it cost to replace an air filter in an Integra RS?
Generally, how much does one pay to have a tire patched?
Engine sound insulators ?
Dodge AC System?
Problem with my Lincoln Weld Pak welder
What length valves should I use?
Is aluminum a good electrical ground?
Please help, 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix SE 3.8 V6 keeps overheating after replacing intake manifold gaskets!?
would a 7''inch lift put to much angle on the drive shafts?
performacne chips for vehicles, wich ones work and best for money?
where is the dipstick for the transmission of a 2000 pontiac trans am?
Car is making a squeaking sound in the front end?
unleaded & diesel ?? help?
does the oil go in the radiator?
1998 Mercury - experiencing loss of power and acceleration on hills as well as rough idle?
Can I put Gullwing doors on a car with a Tagra top?
Effective Car Mods????
86 Camaro accessory diagram?
How do you know if your wheel bearing is bad?
what is the best synthetic motor oil for my scion xB?
How can I get a used or refurbished engine for my isuzu rodeo 2003 V6?
What Custom exhaust will work best for my car?
How to install coil-over or springs?
Safe to use dryer hose for truck exhaust?
Major oil leak, tappet sound - new Aprilia - why is this happening?
my stupid screen wash jets wont work propery?
i am eager to know what the clearance measurements between the lifters and valve spings on a 92 honda accord?
where can i find info on where to locate a gas filter on a chrysler-sebring?
how do you clean car windows without streaks?
Do you know what this noise could be?
why wont my 1985 gmc jimmy start?
how do you take rust off of chrome?
The red warning light comes on when I drive the car for about 3 miles.Have checked the old and its OK.?
My car makes a grinding noise and the brake idiot light comes on when I make a left turn. What could it be?
How can the fan clutch nut be loosened in a jeep Wrangler if pulley can not be held stationary?
I need a spendle for my yerfdog model 42134?
What size cam do i get for my 350hand engine?
why is my car idoling high?
What is "ABS Fault code H47" for a 96 Corvette (OBDII)?
How can I keep continuous power coming from my Car Cigarette Lighter?
What would sand do to my engine?
How do you know what brand of oil to put in your vehicle?
When i replace the brake pads on my car could I purchase the pads then just pay a mechanic to put them on?
Help!! What's going on with me down there?! Weird discharge?
How often do you get your car serviced?
Question about letting your car idle?
Car is clicking but not turning over.?
my car tries to start but all i get is a puff of air and gas from the carburetor?
if a car bought has had a problem from day 1 and warranty has run out,are garage still liable?
Flooding on passenger side after running heater?
i have a 1999 Chevrolet Tahoe. Can I make it run on ethanol fuel.?
Why does my battery die if I leave my car sitting for a few days?
i need a belt for a derbi mopad?
whats the price to fix a mercury villager year 95 for heater hose?
abs light and handbrake light staying on?
Landrover freelander no reverse gear shift?
i have a 2001 warrior 350 i cant start,?
find uncle eds oil change?
how do i reduce my diesel emissions?
What is the address of the Goodyear Automotive Center in Marshalltown IA?
My transmission bands are slipping afer I have accelerated?
1989 GMC 1500 V8 350 Suburban not starting?
How to park in parking lot reverse parking- canada?
I have a 1992 Ford Taurus, what's wrong with it?
I need sparkplug firing order for 88 gmc 305 engine?
I need a diagram for digital dash replacement in a 1994 Cadillac Deville sedan.?
what kind of a/c system would a 1977 plymouth volare have?
What would cause my car to shake when I hit 50-55mph?
Why do I keep having a screw loose!?
Will a nail in my tire cause a puncture?
I have a 2000 gmc jimmy with a bad battery, does it really matter what brand of battery to buy?
I didn't start a car for 4 weeks and now it won't start. What's the problem and is there an easy fix?
When I let got of the breaks on my car there is a loud lower pitched noise?
how can I be sure an auto mechanic won't rip me off?
How do you know if a motor oil is for gasoline engines?
I'll go to your place to repair your car's brake problem... what do you think of this idea? should I go for it
Broken light bulb has zmashed inside socket?
98 Camry....front right turn blinker very faint...and not in time with left if hazards turned on.?
Running in a new car - would anyone follow this advice?
Can you damage your car by leaving hand-break on?
What ONE option would you like added to your car?
How often should I change the shocks on my car?
Before my oxygen level was always 99-100 and lately is 96-98, is that normal?
what size tires are on my 1992 pontiac bonneville ssei?
inverters - maintenance free ------?
What am I missing, why are gas prices going up AGAIN!!?
DC clampmeter for checking the current drain of car,where I can get the DC clampmpmeter with 10mA -10A range?
Car A/C issues?
can anybody tell if this car has rust on it?
What is a 4th position used for on a 5 speed transmission?
Is it possible to stall a car with automatic transmission?
My key broke off in my ignition is there a way I can get it out other then locksmith?
Can I sue a car repair shop for damageing my car and loseing my work contract?
What would you like to ask?why does my crown victoria sputter?
Car engine shakes when starting up but ok afterwards?
what can cause eratic shifting in the transmission?
neeed help with motor swap?
would I be safe to buy a blower motor from a junk yard for my heat to work in my car ?
what do I need to run a/c induction motor from a generator?
how can i find online an evinrude outboard motor engine schematic?
Remove the door off a 95 Park Ave?
2 Prob., must run car for at least 20 min.,when engine warms will not blow anything but hot air. AC works.?
Hit a curb, Now car wabbles.?
what is an Idling cervo? what is its function? how does it affect the performace of a car if it gets faulty?
What is the greenish yellow stuff leaking from my car?
my car bounces when i slow down.....?
Does it really help your gas mileage if you change your air filter frequently or is it a marketing scam?
overheating firebird?
When is the best time to check your engine oil?
1995 Eclipse GST w/GReddy T4 Turbo had vacuum blow off to boost gauge-any problems after replaced?
I drive a 2001 Mits. Eclipse GT and I have a problem with my steering wheel trembling when i brake.Help?
how do I replace the alternator on a 95 avenger?
will a 185/70R14 tire fit?
on a 86 s-10 one piece rubber oil pan gasket do you use sealer with it?
How important to detailing a car?
How to get my truck louder?!? HELP!?
how much does an egr valve for a 2002 misubishi galant de 2.4L 4 cy cost>?
Hyundai Sonata Alternator and Cat Convert.?
what do you think might cause a "whirring" sound, I just replaced the 3 belts?
Do you really have to warm up your car?
What's wrong with my car?
what to use as window replacement for a day?
My Car Is Overheating... Why?
car has no pick up when i floor it ?
auto body repair f 150?
is there any way to self check the condition of the ecu (elec cont unit) on my vehicle?
My car is making a "breathing" like sound around my feet?
My Ford Focus is leaking antifreeze what should i do i don't want to take it to the shop?
whats the differnce between a flowmaster and headers?
Anybody know what this means in cars?
Why does my Fradan BB-51 leaf blower stall when I go to full throtle?
How do you stop your car if you run out of brake fluid?
At what temperature does gasoline freeze at?
97 ford escort sport tran nauturl switch will it keep it fromm shifting?
My car is making a funny sqeaking noise. What could it be?
Hi folks:new pads, new rotors, new axle but for sum reasons my steerin wheel still shakes when i use the brake?
Rear wheel Bearings on a ford explorer 2002 XLS?
Mechanics please help. Wife put diesel fuel in place of oil when doing oil change?
Why does my car move so much?
Can having the A/C in your car disconnected cause the check engine light to come on?
i have a clear liquid leaking from my left rear tire. im pretty sure it is brake fluid because i refilled it?
MY radiator fan went out and how do i know what fuse to change?
How to replace manual passenger side window on a 99 honda civic?
Is octane 94 and above consider leaded gas?
What causes pinging besides low octane fuel?
99 Wrangler air vents?
Ordering lower bumper for truck, what 'color' or 'finish' do I order so I don't get a primered one?
Does a discharged battery affect transmission?
My car would try to start but not turn over but now it's just making a clicking noise?
How do I remove the shifter knob from a 2006 Jeep Wrangler, manual transmission?
everything comes on in car but wont start?
Ideas why I am getting terrible gas mileage...?
How can you get oil off driveway?
A bird flew into my windscreen the other day and left a mark on it.?
My turbo is spooling weird...?
my 05 impala is making a puttering sound whats wrong?
radio code needed for 99 merc e240?
nedd 6to find a mechaic manuel 93 mercedzbenz?
how to bleed radiator in mitsubishi gallant 2002?
97 sebring LXI trouble!?
Memory on power seats of my auto is not working. Any ideas on what is wrong? Will not store the position.?
My car is making a squealing/screaching noise from the front drivers side tire area?
File insurance or not?
can a low battery cause a car to stall?
Where is the AC/Heat Fan Motor Resistor located in, on 1996 Olds 98 Regency Elite located?
How fast can you go on a donut tire?
How much to fix a car window?
I replaced the battery on my 2004 Mitsubishi Galant, and now funky things happen?
Sockets SAE to Metric?
wel its been over heating alot and i was looking for the thermalstat and i cant find it lincoln mark8?
My breaks feel horrible on my car. It sat for 3 years but the pads seem ok not perfect but?
wouldi need to change or get anything to put a 3.9 automatic to bolt to 2.5 manual dodge dakota?
What should I know about a car before going to trade school to be a mechanic?
Front left Tire wobbles please help!?
What is the best pick up truck to by????
Should I replace my timing belt on my 1996 Honda Accord?
2005 chevy equinox starting problems?
crx control arm bushing stuck to bolt?
Chevy Malibu problems! Why does it do this?
Is it my starter or my flywheel?
Does my car need an alignment?
Is hard acceleration bad for your car?
Why does my car shake when I accelerate from a dead stop?
Tire tread width change?
my grand am is getting hot hits 220 while parked?
Does the s10 blazer tensioner pulley bolt have a left hand thread?
On a 351w. What's the difference between normal and wedge heads?
How does one replace a car key?
mechanics only please...?
What can be causing my car to accelerate on its own, hesitate, and shut off when idling sometimes?
how far can u drive without a alternator belt?
How do i fix my brakes?
Will a 4L60 V8 tranny work on a V6? Will the wiring all match?
How to get rid of spots on dash window in car.?
How much to paint car at Maaco?
How do I remove small chips on a windshield?
Which battery cable, positive or negative, should I disconnect on my car to work on electrical?
1995 chevy blazer torque converter problem?
When I use power from the windows or other electric items in vehicle my front light flicker?