What skills are involved in restoring a classic car?
does anyone know if a ball joint would make a tire fall of a standard pick up truck?
Brakes rubbing on 97 ram 1500 4x4?
Does anyone know how to remove the alternator on a 1992 Oldsmobile Achieva? Any helpOr experience wouldBeNice.
why does my car take forever to start?
What happens to your car if you do not get an oil change?
Question about Car inspection /Emissions?
Buick car radio is acting funky. Anyone know a fix?
ford f150 2000 will not crank over what different things should i check?
Is it possible to put any old radiator in a car?
Why won't my friend's car shift into gear?
nissan 1990 car brakes?
nearly new car? New to me?
Why is my car overheating?
what is "torque" (automotive, car engine.)?
Need good advice for my situation. Replacing the battery and alternator?
Both brake lights on VW PASSAT (2003) will not go on with headlights at night? Help?
Subject: truck transmission P.T.O., I need info on any pto that would fit a Watson/Brown/Lipe aux transmission
Why is my car using so much diesel?
cheaper auto body repair?
a glass left side the camper snugtop little one?
Did auto body shop steal my car parts or my entire car?
oldsmobile alero 98 tranny maintenance and procedure?
1992 GMC Sierra SES Code DTC-42?
Brake Pedal Goes Almost all the Way to the Floor?
why does my crown vic 93 shacking at speeds 35-45?
What is the bias valve and is it hard to replace on my brake system? Also do I check it to tell if it works?
1 year without oil, damage questions plz help?
Should i use 4 gauge or 8 gauge wire?
What is NJTSRN?
First car and Parts?
can i break the o ring off the new trans filter cause the old one is stuck in the transmission?
Does the VOLVO 740 GLE have a DLC Box?
How Can You Mess Up An Engine Of A Car?
can any one tell me, how many bearings are used by OEMs in cars, two-wheelers and commercial vehicles on avg?
"the inside of my glass where the speedometer is fogging up how do i fix this?"?
I change my brakes but brakes a still making nose. What could be wrong?
Should i still be warnteed? (catalyst converter)?
The headlights in my car do NOT come on when I turn the switch.?
how do i stop spark knock?
i have a 206 (2002) when starting the car the doors lock what would be the problem?
What's wrong with my Sunfire?
'91 BMW 525 battery?
How often do I change a cars oil that rarely is run at all?
red break light on dash stays on?
What is wrong with car after accident?
1995 Chevy Silverado 1/2 ton transmission?
where is the blower motor resistor location on 1997 k1500 truck?
why does the diesel engine give better fuel economy than a petrol engine?
Why does my 1981 corvette's battery keep dieing?
how can i test my alternator to see if it works ok?
gmc sierra turns, has spark,doesnt start. replaced lots >:(?
Could my car be burning oil ?
My 1992 toyota corolla failed NOx emission test. How to fix it?
why does my fuse blow?
how can i fix my car alarm? Plz help!?
Why does the interior glass in my car keep steaming up, even with the blowers on and after drying them fully?
Will a 94 4L60e fit a 97?
The engine systems in the ECM manages are divided into 4 basic systems. What are they?
how do you install external voltage regulator on 91 dodge dakota with v8engine?
Disc Brake Proportion?
why is my steering hard?
Bought a little hand held steam cleaner - the steam is cold!!!?
Where the water goes through the engine block to cool it, why isn't it coated with something rustproof?
what is all about valentine?
how do u know if your head gasket has gone bad?
what happens when you put the wrong (foreign!) gas in your car?
i want to learn more about my cars engine?
What does the valet key do?
Truck will start but wont stay started. Replaced battery. not sure what it could be.?
Skoda Octavia gear shift solenoid 2005 Does anyone know where this is.?
Whats a good paint shop in Miami that will paint my car?
Where can I find an ignition module for a 1986 honda rebel 450?
Why is my car NOT producing HOT AIR?
Will 185/70/R14 tires fit 195/70/R14 wheels?
Does anyone know the proper tire pressure?
HELP? is it possible to open the car bonnet when it closed?
2003 chevy silverado z71 starts and quits, whats wrong?
Do my car need a new motor?
antifreeze dripping out of the muffler?
HELP!!!! '95 Eagle Talon TSi trouble, and ideas?
MY 75 c10 stepside 350 shutters really hard at idle?
where can i learn car computer/ECU repair?
My car squeaks when I turn, and when I hit bumps?
Best tires for my truck?
What is this thing called TPI ?
k, i made a mistake, filled gas tank soy milk? car is making funny noises...?
Should I use synthetic oil or regular oil?
Why is my car shifting so roughly between first and second gear?
What is Stage 3 porting?
My PT cruiser's lift gate is rusty, plus the rear wiper motor is dead. Could I buy a used one at junk yard?
what do you drive?
aftermarket car alarm, someone made a fob and is causing mayhem,?
I need tips on installing a "Valve Cover Gasket" & "Heater Hoses" on my 1991 Honda Accor LX. Please help.
What is the highest miles you have seen on a Honda?
i have a 1993 isuzu pickup wont start good battery reads 12v on voltage meter makes loud click when try start?
1992 Ford Explorer Eddie Baurer Edition revs when idle?
Does driving your car with little oil in the engine damage it significantly?
Need help with a stripped torx screw?
my dome light dont work on my 92 honda civic and it is a new bulb..if it has a short where would it be?
My service engine soon light is on and i also smell gas in my car. What could this be?
How much would it cost to put a new bumper and fender on a 2002 Chrysler 300m special? (labor included)?
Why is my fan loud at times?
How do you open doors that aren't locked?
garage ripped me off when replacing my wheel bearings. what should i do?
Got clutch installed 3 months ago. Throughout bearing out already?
how hard is it to change the relay switch on a 1999 kia sportage?
MECHANICS! Which one should I keep?
How do I replace a taillight bulb on a 2003 mitsbishi eclipse?
I put a litre of too much oil in my car and naw it looses power and the exhaust pops?
99 Suburban shaking at low speeds ... why?
How to fix noisy valve lifters?
honda cr-v o2 sensor?
My car makes a clickling sound when I try to turn could it be my battery?
is it normal for brakes to screech?
could running 87 octane in my sti cause fuel cutoff at high rpm?
What is the function of an ignition coil in a 2000 Chevy Prizm?
I bought a 96 civic. It's white but like matte, not shiney. Should I just wax it?
How do i change the fog light bulb in my 2001 Pontiac Aztek?
do i need a license to remove and install car engines and transmissions in michigan?
what do you know about golf 2 car?
My car battery is less than 1 year old. However......?
currently doing up a 1975 ironhead sporty?
I have a Ford Splash, and when I close my door and start up the truck the warning chime goes off!!!?
Spark plugs - which ones do you think are best?
how often should i replace my cars air filter?
How can i temporarily and easily make my car not start?
Is antifreeze and coolant the same thing?
can anybody tell you what kind of rims these are?
my neighbor has no muffler on his car and wakes me up at all hours!!!?
77 camaro h or x pipe?
1995 dodge ram pick up. cummins diesel. shutdown solenoid replacement?
what is the best method for getting rid of oil stains in the drive way?
what gauge wire and do I insert the wire directly into the hot side and then put the fuse in with it? I have?
How much should it cost to have a roadworthy inspection and obtain a roadworthy certificate in Victoria?
What parts do i need to make an inflation hose?
is there a web site that i can find a diagram or a schematic of a 1999 chevy z71 rearend?
does anyone know were the freeze plugs are located on a 1989 Isuzu trooper?
Will 185/70/R14 tires fit 195/70/R14 wheels?
Im looking for parts fo a 1992 Lexus SC300 where can I find used part such as seats,door handle,speaker cover
where to find 2002 acura RL key fob programming info?
Ford Bronco Paint Idea?
are quick oil change places like Jiffy Lube okay or should you go to the dealer?
93 Ford Tempo that won't start?
buying a car at a police auction?
My car broke down on the highway and all I heard was a loud sound. What's wrong?
How do I remove bumper sticker residue left on my bumper?
How To Remove Bicycle Dents With House-Hold Items???
Tapping noise from engine?
Can I put 10w-30 or 10w-40 engine oil in a toyota avensis 1.8 petrol (2004)?
How Much Would It Cost To Put Power Steering In My Car?
engine compression in one cylinder went from 60 to 190 with oil added. its been about 16 hours and the....?
where is the starter on a 2003 mitsubishi galant v6?
While replacing the key ignition a ball bearing, spring and a piece of plastic came out from their help?
How many volts should an alternator put out?
can a gasoline engine be modified to run on liquid hydrogen?
I have a 2000 Buick Regal Supercharger. But my car only goes in reverse,2nd,1st.?
What is the hose called that connects the intake manifold and valve cover on an 88 or 89 honda prelude?
auto paint: I need to do a touch up paint job on my car. I have two questions. 1) what is the name of the?
Car brakes are tight, not stuck, and car shimmies in front?
2004 F150 4.6L-the mini message center displayed a trans fault-how to fix without going to the shop?
where can i access repair information on the net for free?
I keep having to add power steering to my car, any ideas on what could be wrong and how to fix it? Thanks!?
1995 lexus ls400 crankshaft sensor location?
How much is an older sears twin cylinder, 20 gallon 2 hp air compressor in good working condition worth?
help i need to find what this code is on my 95 wrx impreza?
What Can I Do About This...And a WARNING to ALL!!?
i need help with my camaro like yesterday?
engine management light comes on when i hit 70mph ( vauxhall astra 2001)?
need a 2.0 engine split fort?
My Car Alarm is not working?
How good is an engine that is 115hp@5500rpm?
Why is my car heater blowing out cold air, and why is my car starting to overheat?
what is the camshaft specs?
running an electric socket from my car?
Where can i fing the alarm box on my '02 Ford Explorer?
car problems.. I started my car this morning and it?
Spark plug number for 92 Camry LE 4 cylander?
Will I get a refund for having my catalytic converter fixed on my 2001 Buick Regal?
Car Not Shifting Into Overdrive?
will suspention off 84 F-250 interchange with a 88 F-150?
What to do if door handle gets loose?
Can I fix a slashed tire with fix-a-flat?
Tint covering High Mounted Brake light?
retractable head lights stay open, on 1983 Honda Prelude?
Guys, a girl working at an auto shop...Hot or not?
Brake squeling typeof noise coming from the car.Noise intermittent.Comes while turning and on potholes.Reason?
How much energy does my cooling fan use?
quaker state ultimate durability 5w-50 is a non detergent oil?
Why is my car squealing?
Can a regular ASE certified Master Automotive Technician get accepted to BMW STEP?
how does a 2.0 diesel engine work?
Why does my car crank but takes long to start?
My car smells like antifreeze....what could be the prob?
Where can I find OBDII trouble codes?
Will anything bad happen to my car if it says to use premium gas only, but I used 87 octane by mistake? car won't start, any ideas?
On a 98' corvette will bad secondary air induction valves take away from car's preformance or pep?
Problems with a Distributor in a chev.?
my headlight bulb is melting causing some condensation on my headlight casing. what do i do?
Where is the fuse box in a Mercury Cougar 1999 4 cyl?
help needed lady driver?
I can put my car into gear and nothing happens?
universal key fob ,do they work and how difficult are they to reprogram?
How can the SRS indicator light be reset on a Honda ?
What is the least expensive 205/75/r15 tire WITH white lettering on the sidewall?
price to fit cruise control to a vauxhall cavalier?
why dont cars have a sensor to alert you when your Brake Pads are getting low?
do bad struts affect the rotors?
Pontiac Grand Am GT '04 Overheating?
technical information about on road mobile servicing?
My central air unit is very loud?
how many Foot Pounds of pressure do I need when replacing rocker heads on a chevy blazer 97?
Will 185/70/R14 tires fit 195/70/R14 wheels?
1995 Chevy Blazer Problems?
The key broke off in my ignition, what should I do now?
How do I remove old registration from windshield?
squeaky chevy lumina ls?
The engine light is on but nothing is wrong?
My car is squealing realllllyyy loud!?
2000 isuzu rodeo V6 CEL blinks with acceleration only, what could be wrong?
please help car question?
my 'Brake' light wont go off even though the fluid is filled. why?
my service engine light is on, what does that mean? ?
Why my speedmeter speed is off when I go past a speed thing on the side of the road that tells you haw fast?
turning back mileage on digital odometer?
Diagram 2006 Nissan Quest IPDM (fuse block)?
possibly a battery problem?
My car's battery is dead... Why?
2003 Saturn Vue gas tank says it's empty but I just filled (20.00 $$) of gas??!! Bubble in the gas line??
What causes water to overheat in a car?
how do i get my car ready for winter?
how to jump a relay on a car?
How to put h7 hid bulbs for my car?
Why will the car not go anywhere when put in gear?
Noise car making? can anyone suggest what it might be, as i lost with it all?
what is the loud wining sound coming from the rearend of my truck?
Should I put a turbo on my mopar?
How do I change my gauges?
I want a 4 cylinder, easy to fix, 4 door. what should i go with?
How much would it cost to service the airbag in my 2003 Cadillac CTS ?
help my alarm key fob wont turn of car alarm?
Why is my car having trouble starting?
wheel offset..............?
Why do people drive manual transmission cars?
how much for a transmission valve body for a 2003 mercury mountaineer?
If you dont tighten the gas cap right does it turn on your check engine light? ?
Does anyone know of inexpensive classes for Automobile Smog Certification in the SF/Monterey Bay Areas?
97 Chevy u-joint problem?
How long should brake pads last for?
what causes a diesel engine to misfire?
Is it ok to use regular water instead of anti-freeze?
My 94 VW golf's sunroof doesn't work...?
how can i get dents out of my van?
Why is my car having trouble getting in gear? Just revs?
97 chevrolet cavalier transmission problem?
my heater will not warm up inmy 1989 grand am can someone tell me why ive check the core and the thermostate?
How come steering wheels off center?
Do car shops usually take your tires off in order to siphon them for the winter?
what size wheels fit on a 1987 honda civic?
Is it dangerous if tank leaks a little only when filled?
Restoring a 1992 Cadillac brougham? Rust?
¿where can I get a dodge pickup diagram?
is it a bad idea?
Which oil for my car?
why my fiat punto cuts out when I stop and ready to pull away?
What happens if I put chips and salsa in my intake valve?
thanks tgar59?
am getting frustrated trying to find a 5speed manual transmission for a ford 460, around 1988, help!!!?
why dont my brake lights go off when im driving its a saturn?
Replacing AC compressor and clutch on a Saturn L 100?
What will happen if I go from 5w regular oil to 10w 40 synthetic oil?
is rich or poor(lean) mixture which will produce more power ?
How can i program my keyless entry remote for a 2007 toyota corolla?
toyota camry power surging??? why???? help! please?
95 honda civic ex overheating?
Do you think Pep Boys would work on my 2005 Ferrari F430 Spider?
02 S10 fuelpump not workin at connection direct to battery it work?
reversed battery cables,?
my SUV wont start for some reason.?
im looking for a complete combo switch for a 1996 vauxhall frontera 2nd hand and in good condition?
Why did my car shift to reverse by itself?
Can Coca-Cola be used as...?
does any one know what the?
How do you replace a door hinge pin on an 89 Mustang without cutting anything. I only need to replace one.?
I am getting ready to leave (20 minutes) for a 4 hour road trip. I just checked my oil and everything was ...?
Car:Toyota ,Acura ,Honda ,Infiniti ,Mitsubishi?
05 Jeep Grand Cherokee won't start every now and again, and BATTERY tests out good. Whats the cause?
£250 head gasket rip or what?
Why would a 2000 ford f150 water pump leak?
Why Wont My 95 Caprice 5.7 LT1 stay running?
i hit a mailbox...someone help me!!!?
What is the best xenon headlight bulbs to get?
Is my flywheel going to be a problem when i change my clutch?
anyone know a "quick fix" for a 302 ford with blow-by?
What could be wrong with the car windows and is it costly to fix?
Am i responsibe to pay up for car part that failed after job done?
1989 chevy truck noise in drive gear only?
what is the best carburettor for a 202red motor off a hj holden auto?
What happened to my car?
Getting my windows tinted?
Why do my tires walk after five years?
car windows fogging up?
how do i move the tensioner on a 95 thunderbird?
how do i set the timing on a 91 volvo 740 turbo.?
how do you get tar off the side of your car?
What are some reasons why a car that has started all year doesn't start in the winter?
car wont start at all no power lights etc?
What is this tool called?
Why will my 1993 Taurus 3.8L not start when hot?
When I shift gears in my car, I hear a loud grinding noise when I push the clutch. If anyone knows please help
does anyone know were ican get afront pulley for a1998 shogun 4x42.8 td new or s/h?
05 durango, wont start. turn ignition on it dings and check engine flashes 10-11 times, new fuel pump. local g?
Why does my car idle low until it warms up?
what do I need for my car?
Car leaking coolant from drive belt?
Can I use Gear Oil as Motor Oil for a short term.?
How can I make the ride smoother in my Mini Cooper?
ignition switch wont turn and steering wheel is locked?
Does anyone know where I can get 1 small round running light for a 1996 Pontiac Bonneville SE ?
Are there any truely functional add ons or modifications one can make to improve gas mileage of an older V-8?
Why is my new clutch slipping when changing gears into 3rd, 4th, and 5th?
i have a 1995 toyota and it wont crank at all?
Do I really need a new oil pan?
How would you spin a bottle cap to close it?
my 2003 ford lightning jerks/hesisitates at 40 mph when giving it gas while boosting up?
Catalytic converter replacement?
I have a 2006 Honda Accord and the passenger airbag OFF light won't turn off!?!?
Can you pull the inner shaft mount and unhook the axle and inner shaft from the transmission?
custom car interior shops in northern NJ?
were can i find a cheap Catalytic Converter for a 1993 integra ?
where is the Cylinder Head repair services in Dublin?
when checking the power stearing fluid is the engine running or off?
Insurance wants to total my car?
How do I remove the door panel on a 2000 honda civic 4 door vp?
where can i find out if a car was in an accident?
Truck juttering? what could it be?
Spark plug question?
Whats wrong with my car?
My check engine light?
what type of oil to use on a rt durango 5.9 v8?
1996 T/A LT1 Starts and runs 10-15 and quits will restart and do the same if i let it sit a day.?
What is a CAT-BACK exhaust system ??????????????????
How much would it cost to fix scratches off a car?
What gloves are suitable for use when handling engine and gearbox oils?
Can i put a viper automatic car starter on a 1990 integra rs?
i ran out of gas and then when i put gas back in it it it would turn over but wouldnt start?
another problem with the car?
Grinding sound with new rotors and brakes. Why?
To Keep a ford car warranty valid do you have to have your car serviced by fords?
How do I remove Diamond Tech common paint sealant from my car?
Need info on 2002 Mazda Tribute 4x4 manifold leak.?
I own a 1999 honda accord,I heard if i remove my catalytic convertor i will get more horsepower is this true?
What is the difference between automotive OBD and OBD2 diagnostics ports?
Installing a new car battery(HELP!)?
what is wrong with your brakes if you have to push the pedal all the way down?
where is the aldl connection on a 1994 honda accord?
What should i do when crusing and the car breaking system and steering wheel fails?
brakes that don't work?
why is my steering so heavy on my fiesta?
is a car tire salvageable if one has run over a screw,trating it all the way to the screw's base?
Why do cars have a horn?
1992 honda civic wont got in to gear?
Can a ed passenger side mirror on a car cause it to fail an mot?
Six months ago, i bought a second hand car. The brake fluid reservoir is low. I'd like to top it up.u?
I have a good battery in my car but my car wont start or none of my lights come on what could the problem be?
'52 Mercury flathead V8 rebuild?
I cant adjust my foot on gas when driving?
Whats the best way to cover some exposed metal on my car without getting it professionally done.?
Is there any reason my car should still be going into limp mode after the transmission was rebuilt?
why wont my car start, how can i fix this problem ?
What seat cover size would I get a FJ45?
wiring diagram for 1981 corvette?
I hear a constant hissing from my car even when it's off......?
Where do I hook up my vaccum guage?
My fan belt is squealing ?
why my car burns more gas just after replacing fuel pump?
1997 Ford Ranger 2.3 irregular fuel gauge reading?
Its the morning and my car wont start!! i dident plug it in how can i get it going?!?
how fast is 500 horsepower?
96 ford Taurus radio, power steering gets tough, windows, and wipers all fail when in gear, what could cause t
How long does it take to replace the ball joints in an '02 Dodge Durango?
Is it ok to put bigger wheels on the car or can it affect the car, if so what would u recommend to do?
Something just poured out from underneath my car.?
i just purchased a used car two days ago and the tires are shot i asked them to change the tires before?
White smoke and water coming out of tailpipe?
Replaceing a starter motor on a Auto?
Some metal part of my car keeps hitting the floor. What is it/Should I fix ASAP?
What is the paint code for a white s10 xtreme?
how to change alternator on 1994 grand caravan 3.3?
Car doesn't always accelerate right away!?
What does PED mean in automotive electronics?
Car troubles Citroen Saxo vtr?
Took my key out of the ignition and the engine was still running......why?
whats wrong with my car if it doesnt accelerate when i floor it what can be wrong?
can you rev a car when its in park?
My bmw won't start. Help me?
is it possible to put a supercharger and a turbocharger on a vehicle?
Doe's anyone know how to wire up a VN V8 Commodore in a conversion ??? or where to find a diagram Quest 1?
How much gas in a gallon?
The driver side automatic window of my S-10 stopped working. What's wrong with it?
Air conditioning vent shifting to floor and defrost 98 Winstar?
why when i shift my car in nuetral the gear gets tight?
is this a car myth....?
How do i change a light bulb?
Difference between 195 60 r15 and 185 70 r14 tires?
Car wont go above 90mph and slows down uphill?
What should your Oil Pressure (PSI) be when Idling?
What is "Power Steering" ?
why is gas mixing with my oil in my 95 ford windstar?
How fix a speed-o-mter on a 1990, 240 sx?
2001 CHevy Impala Evaporative Emission Control System?
Does your spare tyre need to be there to pass an MOT?
Trans leaking at speedo- cable
My power steering fluid is red. Is this a problem?
Is this mechanic bsing me about my timing belt?
96 dodge 1500 multiple engine prob?
CHEVROLET BLAZER ANTI-LOCK BRAKE SYSTEMS RECALL, when and if for 2000 & 2001 models?
caddilac converter????
What are the valve cover torque specs on a ford powerstroke?
Tips for cleaning alloy wheels..?
how do i top off my oil?
What color are low beam lights in a car?
2000 isuzu rodeo, OBD issue?
i got a 2004 rx8 shoud i put on turbo or a supercharger, or is it possible to do both?
Hit a curve doing a turn around now tire and rim is bent making noise trouble driving it what can be the wrong?
when i do a long wheely on my kawasaki 650 kvf blue smoke cums out of tail pipe then after 4 min it clears ?
New beetle interior lights?
what replaces torosprinkler head 600 ?
GMC Suburban puller?
power steering fluid problem?
Seeking empl. as aircraft mechanic any part of the world, Certified and 15 yrs experience Can you help?
Why do my brakes squeal after I recently replaced them?
2000 f150 starting problems?
Battery light on when accellerating, off when engine slows back down (sometimes)?
Car door swap on a Volvo?
why does my computer say im outside the us?
how many gallons of transmission fluid it needed for 4 cylinder car?
When I turn off my 2001 Diamante, the brakelights stay on. I open the car, step on brake, and it's ok. Ideas?
What would make a car die when stopping?
1999 Honda Civic A/C problem?
what r the signs that the head gasket has blown.?
How do you take off your back tire off my bike? (I Have a sting ray)?
Air pressure on back tires?
why should hold the clutch when we are trying to change the gares?
What car paint color is this?
My husband says you dont have to change the oil on the car when the sticker tells you?
Do you bore your engine to put a cam and lifter kit in?
replaced valve cover gasket, now it dosent start as easy?
How long should it take a mechanic to find a faulty sensor?
Will I have to provide my vehicle color every year at renewal?
WhAt performance parts increase gas milage or how to increase it?
what all does a car need to run ??
How to fix noisy valve lifters?
How to remove deep scratches from cars?
How to install a voltmeter on your car..?
How do you remove the Harmonic Balancer from a 97 Buick?
Does revving my car to the max for long damage the engine?
i have lost my locking wheel nut and have a flat tyre. any suggestions?
I have a 2004 saturn ion with 223,200 miles on it, what weight of oil should i use?
my windscreen washer not working any help please?
anyone know the how many lb of torque for the pistion rods on an 91 toyota mr2?
what kind of breaks do my gas scooter need?
what is the minimum labor charge to install a new gas cap on a car?
ow good and bad it is without an exhaust on your car?
what type of fluid do i use for my honda there a certian name for it?
My car was declared that it had an 109 point inspection. However it was in an accident which was not reported?
What's a good car stick shift car?
i need a mechanics opinion?
Could someone explain what the difference between this shifter is from other ones?
i have a 1992 bronco & it has a 6 inch lift i was thinking about putting 8 inch coil springs on it?
how easy is it to use touch up paint on cars and what type of brush should i use?
My car failed its mot on emissions. The garage said i needed a new cat fitted now emisions worse,possible, why
1975 camaro paint job?
Is this garage ripping me off or is this reasonable it just seems a lot to me?
What product can I purchase to remove Black Streaks from a Painted Aluminum Trailer?
How do I get rid of the wheel cleaner stains on concrete?
is it ok to add those commercial fuel injector cleaner liquid in gas tank?
replaced alternator in an hundai now it won't start it turns over but won't start?
do u wax a car before or after a car wash?
My back right wheel locks up while backing up, any suggestions on what the problem is or a possible fix?
How do I change the water pump in my 1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse RS?
What is the main purpose of the O2 Sensor?
2004 Ford F-250 6.0 Sometimes acts like no power at starter?
93 Escort wont go into gear?
How to replace winshield for 2000 jeep Cherokee?
racing my car !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Why is my car shaking?
car exhaust question?
Silverado 2500 or Ford F250 Pros/cons of diesels, transmissions, front ends, body rot, repair costs?
Can I use 205 70 16 tires on my car?
Brake pedal Goes all the way to the floor.?
how much do auto mechanics get payed?
what do you think about valvoline?
My car (98 Sable) has ICE COLD air, but no heat. What's wrong?
my reverse gai is not working what should i do to repair it and how much it will cost?
Trouble with fuses on 93 ford Econoline?
if i have 12.5micro farad capacitor then in which h.p motor this capacitor will be used?
car died while driving, now wont start/?
What could be wrong with my speedometer?
does anybody know whats the minimum oil gas ratio for a 2 -stroke bike 02 honda cr250r?
We did not find results for: A sample of helium gas in a container fitted with a piston, the piston is frictio?
Clicking noise in engine?
has anyone ever had an alternator put out too many amps?
How to convert steam to electricity?
I want to put a 1275 engine in an original 1000 engine Mini Moke. Do I need to change the carburetor?
I need a little minor mechanical help please?
are there any simple bolt-on devices i can use to save fuel.?
renault megane problems help please?
My 92 Chevy Astro Van has an idle prob,need help, repaced all sensors and egr valve, what else could it be?
Is rust on brakes normal?
Someone offered to fix my rack and pinion for $...?
Is there a 5 speed transmission that I can couple to a 70's Chevy 350 small block?
I have a 1977 corvette that has been sitting 2 years. I can't get it stated.?
Where can I get a shift knob for my 2000 Ford Focus ZTS that is compatible with the Reverse Lockout function?
how do you install a honda accord sandwich adapter for a 1992? This is for the oil cooler?
I have a KAWASAKI AR50 and it does not rev beyond 7rpm unless on a cold engine what could this be?
welding agian???
i want to find blue capa flex hose, please give a little help. thanks?
My car is being repaired at the moment?
What is the most reliable car manufacturer?
Recently changed spark plugs, oil and air filter and flushed engine, car continues to stall or backfire, help?
what is the differance between fixed plant and equipment?
Can i take my driving test with check engine light on?
How much are new tires?
Can I fit a V8 Engine into my car?
63 Chevy Impala SS Convertible?
A few problems with my car help? May all be cause by one problem.?
what can i do to get the smell out of this car??
How much horse power will I get from adding headers with a cold air intake?
front clip for 2006 mitsubishi eclipe gs?
what to do about sticky brake calipers on plymoth voyager van?
Do I need a new starter?
Noise when moving steering wheel right?
Car almost dies on turnover, then starts like nothing.?
did anybody have a power cut just about a few mins ago?
car ran hot enigine stop now it will not start?
my car makes a scraping sound when I start it and....?
how do you know when it is time to change your alternator belt?
2001 Ford Focus Repairs?
I have a question about auto body work?
Lights in car dash before starting up.?
what methods are used to clean rubber tracks from the surface of the track?
pontiac sunfire turbo?
Does my timing belt need to be changed?
Scratches on front bumper on the car - cost for enterprise?
I just bought a 1989 Civic, the engine has been modified...?
Should I trade in my truck before or after i fix it?
If I'm Replacing Rod Bearings should i Replace Connecting Rods Too ?
How to clean klx110 carb?
should I get an oil change?
did the vh holden commodore 4cyl have a electronic distributor?
Bent ford 150 truck frame?
my car is using water in a weird way?
how to stop a squeky water pump on bmw?
do u wax a car before or after a car wash?
How does one clean the car battery posts? Is there some special solution or tool to be used?
What is a good first project car?
I took my dad's car and it got dented should I pay for the damages ?
How do I get Magic Eraser "greasy" spots off ceiling?
Does anyone know how or who can convert a ford explorer 5.0 v8 to run on propane?
Going past 3,000 mile oil change interval?
when i move my steering wheel i seem to have clunking sound?
Which of the following self-adjusting mechanisms utilizes a knurled pin, quadrant, and?
don't you hate it when people tailgate?
Are Duralast parts from Auto Zone low quality from Mexico that does not last long?
i have a 1994 Buick Century can anybody tell me how much it would cost to put it on if i already have the part?
how do I change the brakes on a mercury tracer?
my ford taurus has a lot of anyone?
How to take off some paint off of my car?
When I am driving and stopping at red light (waiting for the green light) my car shakes/bumps for seconds.?
Is my car gonna blow up?
My mom says I HAVE to down shift when I drive her manual. Is this true?
car smells like burnt plastic?
Please respond. I have to make 350 mile trip. Can I use just water as coolant in my engine?
how do I rewire my truck. lights don't work?
do any one know how to start elect scooter by lipton my elect security key is broke i need a by pass method?
1990 Ford Crown Victoria part name question?
Help my car is broken!?
whats the biggest wrench that can fit in your pocket?
How long does it take to fix a car?
What could be the cause of high-idle with my 1992 chevy pickup?
car keeps stalling when i slow down?
Replacing shocks on a 1994 Dodge Spirit?
where can i find a freightliner dealership that has a repair shop in the Indianapolis area?
My Volvo V70 GLT loses heat after 15 minutes.?
dexron II vs. dexron III?
What happens to the engine, if an oil filter is loose?
Why does my car shake when I hit 80 mph?
What are some of the reasons why car brakes squeak?
On average, how much does it cost to paint a car?
are brake hoses easy to fit ?
Car problems, please help?
Does anyone drive the same car as me??
Car problem,brake light stays on while driving.?
Why does my 2001 Ford Excursion lose power when going 70 and uphill on the freeway?
I have a 1990 Mercedes 190e class I am looking for the meaning of the symbols in the dashboard ex:brakes?
Will it hurt to leave a bolt out on the Cylinder Head?
Question about brake pads?
Pump Kick On After Few Minutes?
car brakes. am i mad?
how to make a go kart motor go faster?
What could be wrong with my car?
89 Chevy celebrity dies at stoplight when AC on high?
My new key won't start my car?
How much is a new gearbox and labour going to cost me in total?
I put petrol into a diesel engine!!?
Rear brake caliper Chevy Lumina?
Is anybody can help me how to start to use a new r134A freon tank?
What is the head size for a caliper guide pin on a 2004 Sebring?
1987 pick up b 2000 replace pick up cool ignition module coil and it still will not fire what could be wrong?
where can I find a spark plug wiring diagram for an 92 Olds 88?
How do I open a car with frozen door locks?
How do i change my headlight fluid?
How much is actual cost of diesel?
Car won't shift out of first gear?
Please help, my car battery is flat...?
is there any switch to stop fuel delivery to the engine from keeping it from starting?
What is a Cat, and is it expensive?
My car is making a loud tapping sound from the engine, any help on what this is?
my pulsar 135 unable to ride in rain .it is difficult to start and engine is it due to wrong auto c?
Do Lamborghini's come with automatic transmission?
How often should I change the air in my tires?
Do I need the air sensor?
is it difficult to change a car battery?
Why are my brakes squeeking?
while mechanics are working on a car, will they purposely damage it so you have to bring it back?
How do I replace my leaf spring shackle bushings?
Should i plasti dip my wheels?
While pouring octane booster into tank do I need to keep the fuel tank full or it can be poured at any point.?
My diesel engine blows black smoke?
Why are my destructo d2 trucks so loose, after countless number of attempts to tighten them.?
Car stalls in cold weather?
Programming car computer correctly?
How soon will it be before cars no longer need mechanics?
will a car push start without a battery in it?
how do i change the muffler fluid in a 2000 intrepid??
92 accord and changing tires?
just bought a car ., I run a auto check and it says previously a salvage car?
how much should it cost to have a repair shop fix my headgasket in a 1997 Mazda Protege?
I have a 96 explorer, the battery is fine but the car doesnt want to start in the cold?
Roebrook industrial estate, kingston Road ,Leatherhead, Surrey; do you have an e-mail address please?.?
Bolt Removal Suggestions?
I have a Pontiac 2002 Grand Prix SE...I took it to the shop and these codes were present. Would someone...?
How much would a ticket be for the brake light not working?
My car is kinda rough at idle...and stumbles bad when I give it gas while driving?
i have a new will not start. i have dash lights/radio. car does not make a sound when keys turned.
i lock my keys in my car?
what do i need to have manual control of my ride height on my 94 lincoln continental air ride suspension?
Dodge Dakota '02 won't start - happened at car wash - battery tested today and good - what to check next?
i have 2 gm cars same problem no turn signals just 4 ways. all fusses are good and tried new switches, flasher
What exactly is "Horsepower"?
The "check engine" light is on in a 2003 Maxima GLE. What could it be?
Can anyone tell me where the oil filter is located?
what would be a good torque converter for my tranny?
on 1996 chev k1500,is the trans compatable with the 1998 same model?
Small Engine Problem?
can i put super unleaded(gas) in my car that takes regular gas?
Where is the lock control module on 96 crown Victoria?
How much work is involved in changing a recently rebuilt 383 to suit a turbo 400?
Will magnets on my fuel line increase the MPG of my car?
how do you change a fuel filter on a 2001 ford explorer 4x4?
car wont start, makes a clicking sound when i turn on hazard lights, headlights and honk the horn.?
my jetta is dying on me!!! help~?
My front brakes groan when I stop.?
What are the smallest jets edelbrock makes?
changed spark plugs and leads and still using alot of petrol and oil on a ford fiesta 1.3 finnese?
Can keeping a car stationery reduce petrol?
bought a 1974 f250 highboy?
How much would it cost to repaint a back bumper of a Toyota Rav 4?
1999 GMC Sonoma 2 Wheel drive.5speed?
I have a 91 cadillac and can't find a leak and don't know where my coolant is going someone please help?
I have a 1995 standard ford ranger, with 170+k on it. never had any issues with it up until last week.?
I want to tow my car with my truck using a tow bar. Will it mess up my transmission on the car being towed?
Should I replace my rear tires?
Where should I buy my car tires?.?
Anti-freeze coolant leaking into engine.of brand new Range Rover Evoque.?
Can you use winter tires for more than one year?
If my rpms go into the red what will that do to my car?
Will a standard transmission out of a chev 6.5 turbo diesel work with a gas engine?
Motor caught fire after running at 150 mph...?
How can the air filter get soaking wet?
What causes clicking noises in cars that don't want to start?
little help please?
How to fix a squeaky belt?
I have a 2005 Volve S40 with intermittant ignition, what is the cause?
Whats a cheap and good powerful car with a need for speed????
Where can I get cheap gas?
How to build a 350 engine ?
Okay, this is the last time I will ask why my car is stalling... we hope 1 of you will solve the riddle?
1995 Eclipse: What is a TCU?
Where is the fuel pump located in a 1983 Lincoln Continental Mark VI?
is it illegal to have your windshield ed?
2002 ford f150 hard shifting in and out of 4wd?
Why do most automobile owner's manuals warn the owner "do not top off the gas tank when filling up"?
1971 300sel 3.5 mercedes?
I need step by step instructions how to change my 1986 chevy 3/4 ton flywheel please.?
How come my right break pedal wont work?
is a 85000 miles saab 900s reliable,transmissionwise,enginewise,etc…
93 maybe 95 devile cadi-transmission is leaking, can i drive it, how muchto fix problem?
How Do I Install a License plate with only holes?
Why is my car heating up all of a sudden?
Best way to remove spray paint from plastic/fibre glass?
Can I convert magneto to battery ignition? I have an LUC combine engine from a John Deere 12A combine.?
my clutch has gone in my car-how much will it cost to replace?
how do you start a diesel engine tractor after it ran out of fuel?
Does installing A performance muffler on a 1992 camry require welding?
2009 Honda Civic battery drained in 3 hours?
Is it worth getting my head gasket fixed on a Rover 100?
Is lexus sc400 a good car, and what problems should I expect?
How much should a 60,000 mile tune up cost?
How can I un-freeze my window wiper water in the morning?
Where can i buy little s hooks for car seat covers?
REBUILD TRANSMISSION i changed seals changed input shaft race now it wont go back with out locking up?
There is a quarter stuck in my *** how do I get it out?
1970 Oldsmobile Cutlass gas Smell/Battery Drain help!?
how fast does a 110cc spider go cart go?
Is $300 reasonable price to get my car tinted?
1995 dodge avenger makes noice in the back when going past 45 mph?
02 Monte Carlo SS Original parts?
why did my engine light come after i had it serviced from the dealer?
Oil leak - can it wait?
How much is it to fix a blown head gasket on a 87 Honda Prelude?
There is a constant ticking sound in my engine and when i accelerate it gets faster.any ideas what it is?
How long and how fast can I drive on a spare tire?
Can i go without having the center bolt in my harmonic balancer?
what does it mean when you step on the gas but car wont accelerate past 30mph and jumps?
If i have a body lift and a suspension lift can i lift my truck any other ways with out taking off the one on?
i have a 1992 pontiac grand prix won't start, car will turn over but won't crank up what could be the issue ?
I spun out in the rain, is my axle broken?
on a 1977 datson 280z with feul inj. why does the engine pulsate when idleing.?
Help to Identify 56' Carter carburetor?
How Much Does it cost to fix a torque converter on a 1989 Chevy Cavalier ?
How do I replace a taillight on a Kia Sedonna?
the sensor in the fuel tank?
My gas mileage has been cut in half.?
What national chain would you take your car to for an alignment?
can a bad thermostat run your car battery down?
I have a 1986 chevy s-10 truck. It idels real fast. Where is the idle air control motor?
are there any chiltons books out there with info on the engine of a 1991 dodge stealth?
Where to buy cheap car body kits from?
If I chop off the catalitic converter, will my truck run ok?
Has anyone had frozen/rusted caliper sliders? Did you cut it off and replace it with a bolt?
I got a door ding and am pissed?
Just had my radiator replaced on Friday...Today I noticed a brown liquid leaking from under the pass side?
What dose "Engine Service Soon" mean?
can anyone help im looking for some lexus style rear light clusters 4 my voyager where can i get some ?
I have a 2000 Buick Century. When I am driving in stop & go traffic the transmission will shift in first and?
My windshield is slowing sliding downwards?
My s reg 2 litre vauxhal vectra is not holding water in the coolant bottle?
Is high mileage oil necessary?
How am I supposed to know when the catalytic converter is getting really clogged up?
Is it bad to run open headers on my GTO?
how do I change "drive belt" on my car?
will an engine out of a 94 dodge intrepid fit into a 99 intrepid? 2.7liter engine that is?
my ford mondeo tail lights dont work,tried fuses,bulbs but no joy any help?
A friend of mine told me that my car could run on vegetable oil so I poured some of it into the petrol tank?
What does it mean when your car shakes while driving down the road?
I have a knocking sound in my 1999 s-10 2.2l.?
Changing oil and transmission fluid.?
My car's check engine light came on a couple days ago and we put some fuel injector cleaner in and the light
How much should it cost to replace oxygen sensors?21k!!!!?
does the oil go in the radiator?
Why is my truck battery non holding a charge?
What's a reasonable fee to pay for a mechanic to replace a side view mirror of a ford focus?
Car keeps accelerating.?
Flat tire need help quick please!!?
CNG Operated Car Engines?
Where can I find a Machine Shop in Tampa fl area to get my head gasket fixed on my 1995 honda civic?
frontera makes noise grating while turning right or going up kirb?
I just replaced my starter and it's already gone out?
Why do i have to spray starting fluid in my breather on my cummings diesel engine to get it to start?
95 subaru impreza Tires on it now are 185/75/14 will 175/70/14 or 185/70/14 or 185/65/14 work?
I need to test the durability of my rear end?
Freightliner/Cummins tech needed. Where is the lift pump and could it be my problem?
How do I know if it's the plugs and wires or the coil?
location of fusebox on a 1969 cadilac deville?
Can I use 510 e cig cartridges on my battery?
What is the CORRECT firing order for the spark plugs in a 5 Speed 1992 Honda Civic DX Hatchback?
Why does my 98 Grand Am Stally right after starting? after start?
How to make a 4 cylinder faster?
how does worn tyres affect braking distance?
Could anyone tell me why I have to keep filling my 1996 Fiat Punto up with water every few miles.?
How do I interpret real-time engine data?
Is it normal for air to release when I take off my petrol cover?
vacuum lines?
If somebody tries to push start an automatic, what are the "bad" effects of this?
2002 chevy cavailiar?
Is this car easy to get parts for?
In the middle of the night I called up an emergency roadside service to repair a flat, and a young guy...?
I have a stsvens model 94 m 12gauge i want to know how old it is?
why does my 302 cleveland have spark when key turned off instead of when cranking?
why does diesel fuel foam up and shoot out the filler neck?
where are the freeze plugs on my 1995 neon?
Where is the low pressure port on the A/C system on a 1999 Olds Alero?
Where can I find a radiator fan shroud for an 80's GMC Jimmy?
1994 Dodge Grand caravan Le 3.3L Fwd No rear transmission mount?
1978 corvette dues it require high test fuel?
The cruise control on my hyundai elantra stopped working!! PLEASE HELP?
After the motor swap the new motor doesn't start. No spark on the spark plugs nor juice in fuel pump?
98 honda accord break light question?
Why is the yellow light on in my car . Is that my engine , or my catalytic converter . It keeps telling me to?
Whats wrong with my transmission?
how can i tell if my engine has seized?
Question about transmission in Silverado?
Where are the temperature sensor located on cars?
fuel / temp gauges 97 escort?
Car Shakes When I Brake?
Do you have to have a key fob to get a car starter?
Why do the jumper cables get so hot?
How do I get minor scratches out of my windshield?
What is a stator wire used for on a high output alternator?
In your experience, how long does a car battery last for?
Why does my steering wheel shake?
I need to find out what this symbol means on my ford ka dashboard NOW?
where to find fender skirts for a 1990 cadillac fleetwood?
Squealing sound from my car - except while I'm braking?
told by toyota rear main sealneed srepalcement . 200,000. mls shouydl I? and how much time to shop ?
I have a 150 cc Hammer head go kart that Runs really bad?
I have replaced the starter,alternator & bat and my jeep still won't start unless I jump it. what do I do?
Why does my car act like a dead battery but will turn over?
a glass left side the camper snugtop little one?
Can you replace the spoiler on your car?
What is a bumper bracket and how many of it does a typical bumper assembly have?
Car help please! This guy has been working on my car since it wont start he comes to my house?
Is it possible to tow a car with a sufficient amount of duct tape?
a marine generator engine after normal overhauling cannot be turned with bar what can be the reasons?
How much will it cost to change all four tires of your car?
Will a standard start without brake fluid?
Im fixing someones car and being paid for it but there not paying the full fee only part. need some help?
do you have to replace both front wheel brake pads when only one is a problem?
what are the 2 small circular object in the grille area on my scion tc?
how to fix faded car paint without painting?
white build up on wifes car battery?
Any good infinity mechanics out there?
my car is chugging and running hotter than normal, and dying when i stop..?
So how did you become to be a car mechanic?
harley electraglide speed wobbles?
How much would it cost for an engineer to mount a 125cc engine to a go kart?
tune up on cars?
Mr. Gasket Street Scoop linkage?
Does it hurt a car to wash it too much?
where in birmingham can i get cheap tyres?
Car feels like it's grinding at highway speeds?
Why is my truck battery still being drained after the truck is turned off?
im looking for the gap for spark plugs in a 91 chevy blazer?
why can't we have prescription windshield windows in our cars instead of wearing eyeglasses?
Will a tuner that is pro-tuning my car adjust my turbo psi?
I think I should stick to 89 octane...should I?
can you put a turbo charger on a older engine?
Citroen saxo servicing?
On a petrol lawnmower, what mechanism is used to make sure the valves in the cylinder open/close correctly?
if your red oil light comes on it means?
ford probe transmission?
How much money would it cost to fix this car dent?
whats the best way 2 remove pigeon faeces from my new car without damaging paintwork?
Why do CNG cars have less horse power then gasoline cars, yet cng has higher octane then gas?
How do I lift my truck?
which is the longerlasting auto Honda or Tyota?
replacing the heating core of a 1999 jetta?
my car makes this rattling sound when starting up but goes away after a couple of minutes. whats wrong with it?
What is unit of surface tension?
what does it mean when your tires are chopped?
Car help please! This guy has been working on my car since it wont start he comes to my house?
fuel problems with my jaguar x type petrol car?
Hi Guys !!!!! i have one LITTLE problem that i need help solving, that has cause me so much HEADACHES = )?
What grade of Motor Oil does the 2009 Toyota Rav 4 use ?
how to replace brake shoes on a 2003 KIA spectra?
I forgot to add oil after I drained the car, the car ran for no more than 5-10sec.?
Were do the valve stem seals go?
What could be wrong with my heater/ac?
Should i replace a motor if i have driven on 3 bad cylinders for 4 mnths?
2002 Buick L:esabre Used Window Regualtor?
yamaha xs850 clutch/transmission adjustment rpm/speed chart?
Is there any way to temperarely start a car with a bad starter?
What type of stuff forms in a car radiator?
need instructions on how to replace intake gasket on 93 nissan sentra 1.6?
Is this true and if so would you do it?
can i get a remote start, keyless entry on my car?
how to remove or lift xr6 turbo engine to get sump out?
What do you think about my truck?
what is the currency enchange rate for thailand?
99 jetta.......... GL auto. 119,000 miles whats going on with my car.?
would a blown shock cause my suv to shake at 65 mph and above?
Air conditioning problems in a 1998 pontiac grand prix gtp?
Farm Tractor problem?
Renualt clio 53 plate cutting out?
Does having a dirty car affect its performance?
i was bord so i kicked the front of my car and poured sand in the oil and chec engine lite is now on?
anyone know whatI can use to clean the interior of cloth seats of car?
How do I check if the alternator is the problem!?
can 85w-90 gear oil be mixed with 75w-90 gear oil?
200 grand voyeger. new fuel pump, new water pump, and new timing belt. it still wont start, and am lost on why?
unlock door?
Replace axle seal?
Transmission change cost?
i have a 2007 IS 350 lexus my auto system doesnt work or turn on how can i fix it ? or what might be the issue?
1996 Cadilac SLS Seville Norstar V8 4.6L,?
how would I go about getting an inspectors licence in the state of PA. on auto and emmisions?
2000 5.3 liter chevy silverado v8?
How many thousend miles i can spend on cars oil castrol 5w-30?
whats are some signs of a bad Alternator?
Having major car trouble after oil change?
what thread size do i have?
whats the difference between 10w30 and 10w40?? Is one thicker, or something?
Will my car stop faster if I have my driver shift into reverse at 80 miles an hour?
My car radio display is messed up after getting an oil change yesterday. What happened?
Smoke coming from car music?
What would cause a motor mount to ?
Price range for small car paint job?
Places to buy a Michellin tire online with a TireRack promo?
i need parts for a 1976 1/2ton chevy pickup what online store can i find them?
Brakes, tires or alignment first?
how much should I expect to pay for a tune up?
URGENT. I put vinegar on my shower head and now water wont go through it?
After an oil change from Midas i have a bad oil leak. How do I get midas to fix this?
What does the heater control valve look like on a 1998 Ford Ranger?
2002 chevy malibu?
Are there different round k&n filter sizes because mines doesn't fit?
98 mitsubishi eclipse short circult?
if the thermostat in my cars can i improvise without buying 1?
battery light won't go off and car goes dead while driving?
Why Would Someone Key My Car, I Don't Get People Sometimes . . .?
Hose for the tranny cooler beads up with tranny fluid?
2007 Chevrolet Aveo Problem with steering wheel shaking b/t 45-70mph?
What is this part? (pictures)?
How to remove water spot in a car windows?
bosch classixx 6 1200 i have changed the bushings fault f21 still flashing?
Im having probloms with my truck, please help?
why is my car doing this?? please help?
Could a bad starter be the cause for my battery being drained?
what type of cold air intake system can go on a 2004 Chrysler Crossfire?
Are jaguars really expensive to maintain?
Dome light, horn, and power lock dont work?
how can I check for vacuum leaks on my bike (honda vtx)?
combination bolts-how do I reset the number?
noisy fan belt anyone know any quick easy and cheap solutions?
I have a question about why brakes wont work then.?
what is the exhaust size on a 04 gto?
Are we able to use the lifetime powertrain warranty on our truck?
my exhaust pipe melts with my new carburator. how can I fix it?
What kind of modifications do I need to do to a 2006 Nissan 350z in order to increase performance?
where might I find free auto repair manuals and illustrations?
Why it is important to describe to a customer what you have to do to complete their work?
don't use the brake when switching from reverse to drive gear?
Technician A says shop ventilation is not needed when working on new vehicles because new-vehicle emissions ar?
how can i tell if my car has?
stone chipped windscreens - do repairs really work?
where is omaha's best junkyards for auto parts?
What is the best way to buff out scratches on the paintof a navy blur car? Whats the best quipment/wax/method
What would cause the front end on a car to shake violently?
Can I use light truck tires on my saturn?
I'm looking to refinised a clear coated aluminum rim? Any ideas? products to use?
Is a b18 LS in a 95' eg hatch coup fast?
Can I replace 1 tire on my car?
How do a change the whole wing mirror for my RX8?
If you pay $115 for a car battery and you are told it is an exclusive AAA Member Discounted price.True or not?
Cost of get a tail shaft replaced?! ?
My new Polaris Sportsman 500 X2 ATV has dry sump lubrication. Is this as good,or superior,to wet sump?
What is wrong with a cars engine if car had run out a water in radiator and is now engine is making a noise?
better of the intakes for my 95 saturn sc2?
Why is the engine light permanently "on" in my 1999 Miata?
low voltage on starting?
i want to know about paint mixing,activator,reducer and paint. im using black single stage.?
what truck is better?
What size Bosch wiper blades fit a 2011 Ford Fiesta?
Whats the best place to buy car care products?
What is that thing above the ashtray called on a 1992 Buick Roadmaster?
can I drive a vehicle with no AC compressor?
I have a 2006 F150 and it is making a ticking noise when I accelerate, what could it be?
How to.remove cooking oil spots off painted wall?
gmc van doors?
My car won't start but it isn't the battery what else could it be?
I want to tow my car with my truck using a tow bar. Will it mess up my transmission on the car being towed?
I just had the thermostat and Coolant sensor changed and now it seems to be trying to stall out?
i have a costermer that did not pay the bill for serviceing his washer the washer is in my shop do i have to t?
Is the hub bearing the same as wheel bearing?
where is the oil filter located on a 2005 chevy cobalt.?
What is the easiest way for me to do an engine swap on my 1993 mustang gt?
How much horsepower does my truck have.....?
Hyundai Atos Prime engine problem?
My Ford Explorer makes a clicking noise when turning right. It also limits the amount I can turn. What's up?
How fast does a sport car can go?
my car wont start, all i hear is a repeating clicking?
Why wont my car make turns suddenly?
How do you know if you threw a rod in your car?
Best way to clean dirt off under the car in a small space without water?
Engine didn't live pass its first Oill change.?
quick muffler question?
What are the holders called that hold up the front mask of the car there black and their like shocks?