need help with suspension?
Can any car use the new E85 gasoline?
what can i do for the research portion of my senior project on?
Driver side back tire won't turns sometimes?
Rear Tire Alignment Problem?
i have a 49 chevy 3100 truck with the 216 engine it was converted to 12v and i need a wiring diagram any help?
Why my house AC unit stopped blowing cold air after I changed a burned contactor?
my timming belt broke what do i do?
Where would I find dodge replacement truck seats?
I have a problem with my kymco zx 50?
After installing performance wheels, do I need to align the wheels right away? Can I just pass on it?
Is it possible to slow rusting cause by winter salt spreader on van underbelly with heavy grease?
my car makes a clanking noise when accelerating and overheats. happend after stepping on the gas hard?
Where can i get a complete wiring diagram for a 87 z28 camaro?
what should the dip stick read?
how much to fix oil leak?
Why can't i get a bike?
How do you fix a cam shaft on a Vauxhall Corsa 1996 model..?
I have 3 batteries sitting in my garage. How do I dispose of them?
whats the difference between unleaded and high octane unleaded?
What is the work for 2/5(4+4x4)?
gmc van doors?
how to prepare your car for car for a long ride?
Ford fiesta diesel van, 1.4?
What is this transmission called?
I have a 1995 ford mercurey and the break lights wont work,?
Engline check light always on. Please help!?
how do i remove an ignition barrel from an impreza with out a key?
My bf turned my truck off while it was in drive. Now it wont start.?
what reference book does a scrap yard use for cross-referencing parts?
My vehicle got vandalized: tires slashed, engine light is on and loud knocking/rattling sound. Any thoughts?
I drove with the emergency brake on for 2-3 miles?
does anyone else like the smell of petrol?????
Whats wrong with my car?
What is wrong with my car, making a "put put put" sound?
How much for a new rear end for a 2001 Jeep GC?
is it worth fixing a torque converter on a 04 saturn vue if the trans was just replaced last year and has less?
what is the shock absorber and what does it contain inside?
What is this line on my Ford Explorer called?
How do you replace a raditor in a 1998 Jeep Wrangler?
Any damage done from connecting battery terminals out of order when jump starting a car?
Why does my steering wheel shake, especially after braking from high speeds? '97 328i?
If you are a single female with no knowledge of cars..what would you do if your car did not start one morning?
I have an old car, a bunch of pecans droped on it and i cant seem to wash the spots off what should i do?
Is my clutch going bad?
i have a 89 isuzu pickup 5 speed on cold morning i have to pump clutch to get starter to engage whats wrong
How do you get sticky marks off a windscreen?
i have 1991 pontiac transport van, white smoke comes out of my tailpipe when van is first started. 10 min.only
what oil should i use for my 3 1.6L?
Scion Xa has a Rear Speed Sensor broken. Do I need to replace the entire wheel drum?
is it normal for air bubbles to come out from the radiator when cap removed?
where are the circuit breakers for the wiper motor in a 1999 ford windstar?
Oil change frequency for rarely driven vehicles? Must read more ......?
what kind of solvent can I use to flush a car's a/c system? Can I use paint thinner or have to get a flush?
hit and run car paint cost?
Ihave a Kenworth T2000 but most of the gauges are not working.I need help,please.?
I have a1999 dodge caravan it runs great for 6-8 miles,then it seems like it will down shift for a split? seco?
My gas pedal sticks when i turn the engine off and back on like when i go to the store, why & how can i fix it
At what temperature does gasoline freeze at?
What the worst car breakdown you have ever had?
how do you know if your oil pump went out?
How do you remove a torque converter, when it's connected to the back of the engine?
Any good southern california vintage mustang auto repair shops?
Driven car in floods - how can i check car is ok?
My car keeps getting flats?
A break line nut is to rounded and tight to remove how do i fix the problem?
How critical is it to have a water pump replaced?
What is wrong with my 1999 honda recon 4 wheeler?
removing spark plugs,i have one plug that i can not break lose,any sugestions.?
Mitsubishi A/C Heater Problems?
05 cavalier not shifting out? plz help?
noise comming from the ac/heat?
where do i find a website to reserve a name for a detailing bussiness?
Why does the inside of a car windshield get icy instead of the outside?
Can I get more miles between oil changes by using synthetic oil in my car?
I got a Flat Tire... I have the spare on but does anyone know for how long i can keep it on?
How do I take care of my new leather seats in my car, so that it'll never over time?
how much should a 2001 buick century C1225 and C1226 sensor cost to fix? parts and labor...?
why did my car stop accelerating then die?
What is a Xenon HID kit?
My Honda CB Twister Turns off while riding?
So can someone actually explain what a stall does for a car. I have a 4200 stall converter for my car.?
how many hours is 245 miles?
What damage can having no oil do to a car?
where to buy uniroyal liberator tires?
When should I rotate my car tires?
what do i need to do to make my 2000 dodge neon es faster?
Can a rear valve cover leak do any damage?
What shocks do I need?
when should i use high mileage oil in my chevy impala 74000 miles?
my dodge van is a gas 1995 3.9L the van wont start weake voltage at the coil i have switch it on an wait to?
Prices for Honda Element's ...?
toyota fuel injector playing up?
I took a part my Chevy Cheyenne's front right spindle, because it was busted, can you help me?
1998 blazer LT 4 X 4 T-10 series engine oil line hydraulic type hose leaking.?
I need to find a diagram of a 2000 F450 parking brake system.?
Should I be driving my van with oil pressure problems.?
can you tell me how to cahnge the chain in a transfer case in a 86 f150?
why does my car have trouble starting?
I poured some power steering fluid into brake resevoir?
Is it true that cruising in gear in your car does not consume fuel?
TOT self test out of range?
Something is wrong with my 1999 buick help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Is a house wife job to take the car for oil change and tires?
Memory on power seats of my auto is not working. Any ideas on what is wrong? Will not store the position.?
Blinker Problem with 2002 Ford F-150?
why dont cars have a sensor to alert you when your Brake Pads are getting low?
Where is the rear main engine seal and what fluid comes outta there when it leaks?
My front tires on my car keep wearing on the outside. Why?
How can I increase fuel mileage?
Where can I get small parts for cars?
Does the oil pump has anything to do with the car starting?
HOW to determine if the thermostat of the car is broken or not working? What is the visible sign?
How do I get the best fuel economy with a manual transmission?
Must you change both headlights at the same time even if only one of them has blown?
How can I stop the knocking (pinging) in my 1998 Blazer when I accelerate? Mechanicaly, something is wrong.?
My car won't start during mornings..?
i lock my keys in my car?
How much would it cost to fit a new kick start on a vespa?
average cost to get a sizeable dent out of my cars front quarter palel?
battery goes dead overnight on 70 pontiac?
1976 F100 truck-turn headlights on brake lights will not come on and dash lights flicker?
Why won't my friend's car shift into gear?
Do you need to put a different kind engine oil in to an automatic car or can you just use the normal stuff?
When starting my ford taurus it just clicks. I have changed the battery what do you think it could be?
Can air get into the cooling system from a leaking radiator?
Could i have broken both transmissions?
my motor is knocking in my 85 cutlass?
Is superglue resistant to diesel?
What does it mean when someones 'head gasket' has gone?
Trying to find the fuse box on a 97 cadillac catera. can anyone help?
How often should you have your tires replaced?
Have you done any auto body work?
massive white thick smoke out of the tail pipe?
Dodge Ram 1500 5.7L TIPM?
Is there such a thing as a clutch pressure valve in the hydraulic clutch system for a ford fiesta zetec?
Is clicking from my car the starter or the battery?
Which is better Ford or Chevy?
where can i wax my car if i live in an appartment?
My car won't shift into gear by itself all of the sudden?
how to start car on cold days?
I flipped my go kart and now it smokes what can i do to fix it?
Canister Purge Solenoid Hose?
Auto Repair Help Needed!!?
Do you own a auto body/collision repair shop?
Iam having problems with the cooling system. Help?
which is better? trans flush or exchange trans fluid?
Why don't in-tank fuel pumps ignite the fuel when the level is low and there are vapours?
how do i clean AEM cone filter?
What does it mean, when my coolant temp needle jumps up and down?
Carburator problem?
im looking at getting an apprenticeship to be a mechanic is there any in Rockingham? and if so were?
after 5 minutes with the lights on and the engine off the car wont start?
what you think is the best name for my car wash: Smart Touch Car Wash, Prestige Car Wash or Spotless Car Wash?
my car is leaking oil from the top of the engine i just got a new intake manifold?
A timing chain break can cause far more damage?
My engine light is on how do i tell if it is the catalytic converter is bad or the sensor?
How to convnce my dad to let me get a 6- cylinder gasoline car?
What's wrong with my car?
2002 Saturn, smelling gas?
why is my car jump late when i hit the gas pedal.
How do I delete my A.I.R. Pump on my lt1 in my 1996 caprice?
i have a shakey front end on a 96 nissan 200sx what could be the problem?
How do I repair brights and horn on retired police vechile?
I was at the the gas station to fill up my radiator but I accidentally filled it with water. What should I do?
Car Battery left out all thru the winter, good or bad?
service mileage reset?
Car battery won't start and is newer and has never died before!!?
how do stop lights work?
I bought a new battery and my alarm still goes off?
How much would new brakes cost on a 2000 mercury cougar?
Why is my car hissing underneath the hood?
Previous owner torched springs to lower car?
If my car doesnt specify which type of gas to use, and I've been using unleaded, can I switch to supreme?
99 mercury cougar electrical problem?
Whats a good aftermarket "chip" to increase horsepower on my 04 GMC 1500?
how low should my car be?
My car key won't turn in my ignition?
my car keeps cutting out.?
Leaving the car heater and radion when turning off the car, bad thing to do?
Is it a good idea to do a coolant flush in the winter?
where can i get a flathead ford motor repared in chicago area?
How to install LED accent lights?
Gearbox repair or replace?
I want to put a 1275 engine in an original 1000 engine Mini Moke. Do I need to change the carburetor?
My car has timing chain, so do I need to replace water pump?
My clutch failed, what are my rights?
A/C Fan too loud and annoying?
Is a car's alternator always "on" if the car is running? Is it working when car is idle?
Have loan of a car while mine gets fixed for MOT, forgot to ask if it was?
Truck Electrical System?
Putting to car into park while still moving cause damage?
Did Honda accords have a recall for transmission?!?
water pump or hole in hose?
I recenlty had my oil changed & they said air filter too, but I seem to get worse gas milage now??????
How much would a normal mechanic shop charge for a head job?
Have I been ripped off?
why wont my trucks speedometer move off 0?
1996 grand cherokee help!!?
what is wrong with my car?
What could be causing a high pitch noise from my wheel?
How can i hard wire a 12 volt gps device into my 2000 vw golf?
Dispute help Generators or Alternators for charging a 12 volt battery?
where can i find a book on how to rebuild alternators like a ebook or can someone send me any information?
I want to change my car contact brake point with CDI is it possoble?
I have no power on my 87 ranger with a 2.3 gas motor?
how hard is it to change a valve cover gasket?
I would like to know what caused my transmission to go out. I had plenty of fuid and no check engine light?
Where is the EGRvalvue locatated on my 1995 305 chevy?
which car is the best 1) Swift. 2)Accent 3)Indigo CS?
how to replace the front parking light bulb of toyota corolla?
my car vibrates while accelerating between 30-50 mph?
is it possible to break a starter motor by bad driving?
What happens when carbon fiber is scratched?
Approximately how long do Ford Escorts last?
I wanted to know if anyone has experience with the seatbelt light.?
do i have a good engine set up?
What difference does air conditioning make to a car's fuel consumption? Is it a big difference?
My car is almost overheating when at a stop. When I start cruising it goes back to normal temp. WHY???????????
whats the best way to repair rust holes?
My Car Is Broken. I Have No Money And Bad Credit.?
ford diesel engine compareisons?
Does a test light work the same like a multimeter?
how do i set the timing on a 1998 ford explorer?
car trouble; rear wheel locked up?
Started seeing smoke out of the hood, car stopped running and now will not start?
Do I check my oil when the car is cold or hot?
Motor fan stops working on my vehicle because of one loose connection. How to tight that connection ? thanks?
Is there any website out there to help you fix things on cars?
How many miles does your car have? The highest gets best answer.?
3.5hp Briggs and Stratton Carb Diagram?
radio code needed for 99 merc e240?
I need to test the durability of my rear end?
Car will not start and clicks?
Why does my bike use up so much petrol?
where is the oil filter on a 01 honda 250ex?
I need help with my 1997 Ford F-150, PLEASE HELP!!?
Should I add water to my gas for my car since gas is so expensive?
Can anyone tell me what's wrong with my power windows?
help...can't disengage 4x4?
Mitsubishi Lancer 2004 ES transmission fluid?
Is there a internet suite to show me to do a brake job on my Yukon with pictures of the callibers and pads?
Oil change by miles or date?
valve adjustments for 1994 toyota picup truck?
how can I get more horespower out of my eagle vision?
How much is a gallon of petrol in the UK now?
the fuse keeps blowing in my car. why?
What happens when a car runs out of break fluid or is low on it?
I've just been given a Mazda 323f......?
What is the cause of the brakes making a grinding noise? Every time I brake the front passenger side?
Car wont turn on at all?
Is it worth replacing my exhaust?
1990 f250 brake problem Questions.?
Is the dealer lieing to me?
did i blow my engine?
how do i replace the back drivers side control arm on a2002 dodge stratus?
Intermittent problems starting car?
I changed four out of six spark plugs...?
i got no fire coming from my coil pack can you tell my why?
I have a 00 Maxima and i Need to replace the air cleaner box?
Why does my steering wheel wobble when I pass 60mph?
1995 Dodge Stratus, tranmission goes to limp mode. Replaced input speed sensor and valve pack.?
Penis stuck in car tailpipe?
I have a 1969 Chevy C-10 I'm restoring but I'm clueless as to how I want it customized. I need ideas.
Changed the battery and the alternator and the battery light is still coming n says to check charging system?
New air intake kit vs. new filter?
Where can I get automobile ECU repairing simulator?
How full should the brake fluid be in a 2003 nissan ultima?
when my car is in park it idles fast and when in drive it pulls itself. what can this be?
What is causing my battery not to charge?
Is my mustang totaled?
Can anyone find this for me?
Why does my car have a slow start? how do i know if i need a new battery?
Can you super glue a in the radiator or is that a bad idea?
What type of torque wrench?
i have a 95 saturn with a hydraulic clutch,hose is broken?
where can i find an engine for a 1942 ford army jeep? in Colorado? Also a repair manual?
my track off light in my chevy cavaler is on?
where can i get a cheap engine for a 2002 nissan altima?
Should I buy Duralast Gold Cmax or Akebono ProAct brake pads?
How long does it take for a car to take a jump?
I was going down a steep hill in the mountains/when applying my brakes I felt shaking and they weren't working?
Is replacing brake pads difficult?
what are the wire colors / positions in throttle position sensor harness for a 1987 jeep cherokee 2.5liter.?
how to change a 1999 mercedes c230 kompressor lightbulb?
NEED HELP!!! Car starts but wont go.?
bought a car but have found the locking wheel nut is damaged any ideas on how to remove?
why won't my car shift from park to reverse?
will 4l60e transmission from 1994 suburban fit my 1996 caprice lt1?
Why do the lights in my Ford Contour dim and brighten at first start up, but they don't do that when I drive?
is there any auto info on 1997 ford just stops then after 10 min it starts runs good for a time?
if i drive without a resonator will my check engine light come on?
What type of transmition oil shoul I use?
I just had my brakes done at sears, And when we drove off and made a right turn,the steering wheel shook???
Replacing suspensions bushes?
Where is the expansion vavle located on a 1983 Honda Accord?
It rain in my car. how i get the water and the smell out?
Jeep won't start! Battery/Alternator problem?
How much should it cost to replace an engine on an old car, and how difficult is it?
Do i have gas in my car?
Where can I purchase 1984 Cadillac Eldorado custom parts?
How bored must one be to check the Bulb's power rating on a Tuesday evening..?
Changing My Tacoma timing belt this weekend.?
What is the best site to buy performance parts for my 96 Nissan 200sx?
I just bought a used car with 31K miles on it, is there any benefit to switching it over to synthetic oil?
94 Dodge Spirit with the Shakes and the Squeals...Please help..?
Are there any benefits to shifting a car with auto transmission to neutral when stopped in traffic?
what is more important in sandblasting compressor horsepower or cfm how much of each?
My brake light (the warning light) comes on when I step on the brakes??
Can I start using synthetic oil in our cars any time or does it have to be done when they are new?
Where is the fuel filter located in eclupse?
how do i remove and replace a brake light switch in an 05 ford 500?
What is the difference between Intermittent and continuous torque???
How do you replace the mirror glass from a 2000 VW Passat?
how many kms in a mile and how many litres in a gallon?
Why won't my car start?
how much for an airflow meter?
2000W Camouflage Digital Generator to power a electric wheelchair,is it possible?
I have a 1998 honda accord lx yes. i change coolant in my car but now i see the radiator lower hose no get hot?
Why did Auto repair shops stop turning rotors?
what does 'jack knife' mean in an auto accident?
Can water instead of antifreeze cause white exhaust?
how do i scan for a wheel sensor code what type of scan tool i use and what do i connect it to?
How to remove paint off car windows?
I had the starter replaced in my 1998 dodge neon & now it overheats. Could the new starter be the cause?
was the L34 a four bolt main or two bolt?
What type of spark plugs and wires i should get?
Is there any downside of running a car with IDL terminal disconnected from TPS?
I have a white magic carpet machine that keeps cutting in and out any ideas why?
how to get most horsepower from 302?
Just bought a 1995 4runner what should I do for maintenance?
What is wrong with my brakes?
how do you get the new car smell back... besides buying a new car?
i want to find blue capa flex hose, please give a little help. thanks?
Will a bad O2 sensor affect my trucks power?
Hi Guys !!!!! i have one LITTLE problem that i need help solving, that has cause me so much HEADACHES = )?
are there any pro tow bar fitters out there who can help me?
why is my car going through oil?
The tires on my truck are 31X10/50 R-15. What is a High Floatation Tire. This is what Goodyear calls it.?
how to replace a timing belt on a 2002 Mitsubishi Montero 3.5?
how to install wheel lights for motor cycles?
How do you remove a inground car lift?
what would be the best shocks for a 1967 GTO?
No oil coming up thru pushrod?
Which battery cable, positive or negative, should I disconnect on my car to work on electrical?
Code P1157 Honda Accord Coupe?
How do I time a 2000 Chevy 350?
what does it mean when a mark vii gto-700 goes in from home on the drying cycle then back and forward?
i am trying to find on the web a good place to d/load merc wis system?
how do i change the oil in my quad?
how to clean a convertible top?
I cant get the tire off my car the lug nut is rounded off got any ideas?
Does anyone know where I can find a good Chevette body?
If there's debris on the freeway and it damages your car, does the government pay for the damages?
When I crank my truck all my gauges are non-responsive, what could be causing this?
Why are people cynical of what a mechanic tells them?
what kind of steering box is good for a racecar box?
Questions about car noises?
What will it do if you pump diesel gas into an unlead car?
How much would you offer for this 1997 Pontiac with problems?
Have I damaged my car with the wrong motor oil?
How can I move an upright piano?
My car uses dexcool antifreeze, can I flush it out an use green antifreeze?
can i ad anything to a 5 gallon gas container to mess up thieves vehicle when he puts in his car?
where is the healight swich on a 1998 Z71 located?
what do you do to run your car on chip fat oil?
I want to damage my 150cc engine to claim warranty because of very low mileage how to do it without getting ca?
Bad battery or starter?
How much does it cost to re-time the timing on the Computer in my C1500?
my number plate has been sprayed with pain , how do i remove the spray paint?
Cold air to short ram?
What would you like to ask?oil filter location?
i need to the schmatics for a 1991 mazda mx6 automatic transmission?
1996 Seville SLS....trouble codes?
New air intake kit vs. new filter?
Ticking Noise?
My truck is shaking for some reason?
how long should it take to replace racket pinion stering in a ford contour 1996?
My blazer starts 9 times out of ten... Some days it will turn over really slow then randomly cut on?
how can i make my windows and tail lights match my paint?
is the bearing that the fan clutch is connected to part of the water pump on a 94 toyota pickup v6?
changed spark plugs and saw there was oil in a few holes?
i have a 97 grand am gt and the codes i am getting from the car are p0121 and p0420.?
Have you ever used ZEO TRAP ODOR ELIMINATOR for cars? Does it work?
What should be appropriate pressure for tires that have 44 psi limit?
can i get some help with my car problem?
do you have to move anything to get to the computer plug on 95 villager?
will the torque converter from a 2.2l 4l60e fit on a 4.3l 4l60e?
how do i fix a dent on the corner of my '92 honda civic DX?
how often should i change my oil?
Bad eggs smell from my Ford Focus when I put it away in garage each evening. Never experienced it so bad befor
My dad says I should clean my car out and hoover it before taking it to its MOT; is this right?
my 1998 mazda b2500 will not start it ran out of gas and now it kicks but doesnt turn over?
I need help with my heating system for my mazda 1986 rx7. It blows but doesn't heat,how do I find out why?
how long do you have to go to school to be a mechanic at a dealership?
i have a 98 ford expedition and has no heat, i've changed the themostat, heater core replaced less than 1 yr.?
Suspension Bent? Back end slides out too easy?
Car steering problem: When I turning right, there's clanking sound?
95 240sx s14 rear brake caliper piston problem?
Where's the cheapest place to buy tires?
gas smell in car when i turn on the heat?
If my Car has been sitting for months, what would be some reasons other than battery it wouldnt start?
What would be a better term for someone who can fix a car?
explain what you would do for a loss of brakes at 50 mph?
Where can I do online shopping of air cooler for my car?
how can i tell if i need a new alternator or my tappets need setting.When i start my car its loud?
everytime i turn the car on or turn it on after it stall inflateable restraint light flasses what does it mean?
land rover lightweight running rough. help?
How difficult is it to remove a transmission from a Chevy Blazer?
What is wrong with my car?
Has anyone ever heard of tail lights emitting a white light causing them to be defective?
What would cause my car to just die?
Engine cuts out in higher rpms on mustang?
I accidentally put diesel in a gasoline engine in a Honda Pilot, how much will it cost me?
what type of maintenance required on 1999 silverado four wheel drive transfer case?
When should you have a tune-up?
I have a grinding noise coming from my right front tire.?
my car doesn't start. There is no ignition, totally dead. The battery is fine. What could be the problem?
Transmission Help!!!?
what do service advisers get paid?
Why are the brakes on my car squeaking? How can I tell if it's normal or not?
1998-2000 volvo s80 vs 1998-2000 cadillac sts, which is more reliable?
Good Adhesive for Gasoline Contact?
still can't shift gear out of park?
Why is the car computer shot?
Car Mechanic troubles?
why this is happening to my car?
Price on Ford Bronco if it doesn't run?
How often do you change your motor oil?
I have a 2000 Cadillac Seville STS and it is having problems. I need car expertise. Can anyone help me.?
would you go to a girl mechanic?
If I remove the stock exhaust system to increase power/sound will it ruin my truck mechanicly? Bad Idea?
What is a clutch slave cylinder? Apparently mine has gone. Is it expensive to repair?
I want to be a high performance mechanic on maybe a drag team?
can a bad thermostat run your car battery down?
I really screwed up my car? What should I do?
What happens when you put tampons in a gas tank?
2002 Taurus heater blows cold air?
I need to know where my IAT sensor is in a 2002 Mustang?
when u want to jump start a car, how do you connect the jumper cables?
92 subaru legacy neutral safety switch problem?
What could be the cause of black greasy stuff coming out of the center cap of my wheel?
Im trying to find the manuel/instructions guide for my XOvision rearview video camera?
what type car gives the best service for mail delivery?
How much does it cost to replace the interior in a 1995 ford ranger?
Anyone know what needs doing to my car breaks?
Does anyone know?
Changing your car's air filter: should you do it or your mechanic?
explain,why a loaded truck is more difficult to decelerate than an epmty truck?
How do you get Sulfuric acid from 12 volt batteries?
What causes an automatic transmission to slip and then not go into drive but it will go in reverse?
I put some wax on my car and it made it shiner, but when i washed the car the wax came off. whats a good wax?
How to check Transmission Fluid ?
i have a 1999 yamaha roadstar 1600 will the seat come off with key with no battery if not how do i get it off?
I changed brake pads at Midas because of squeaking, now pedal goes way in when I brake....master cylinder?
91 jeep will not accelerate over 2100rpm.?
Water went into my fuel tank what should I do?
Car won't start - turn key dials go up hear a click then just repeats this?
Radiator keeps overflowing engine runs hot ... Fills reservoir back up?
What's wrong with my car?
My car's battery light is on?
What is tubeless tyre? Will it get puncture? Thanks.?
When I try to accelerate, my truck feels like it is going to stall out. Then I shut it off and it is as if it
head gasket worth fixing?
Are the coil springs that encircle the struts of a car supposed to rotate?
How do you turn off the maintenance light?
my suzuki sidekick jx lacks power, i had trans rebuilt any sugestions?
I had a road accident and am now expected to pay an extortionate amount.. please help!?
Price is Right: New Paint Job?
intermittent alternator problem?
Has anyone experience with alternative fuel for Sport cars ? I own a Jaquar XJS?
Grinding Noise out of left driver side?
hydrolic fluid for dumptruck ,what kind is best ,, the pump is 20 years old?
Is there any solution to get rid of these scratches on my car?
I have a question about cars/engines?!?
i just replaced the fuel pump in my car and put a gallon of gas in. its still not starting. is this enough?
How do I do the self diagnostic test for the on-board computer in a 1994 Lexus ES300?
How much will it cost to have a radiator replaced in a 1991 Chevy 1/2 Ton?
CAR QUESTION, need help, where can i find the key ignition for suzuki samurai?
New brakes make clunking sound on hard brake?
what is overdrive?
2000 Kia Sephia.....?
Will 180 miles a week kill a 2 stroke?
Is it a blown head gasket HELP?
Is this uneven wear on my tires normal due to my setup or an indicaton of misalignment?
What is wrong with my car?
Do I have to use antifreeze or can I use water?
What could cause my steering wheel to wobble when I brake?
How expensive is maintenance on a 04 Range Rover? ?
SeaFoam and Lucas oil?
how do stop lights work?
can this welding damage my eyes?
Where did all the oil go?
I have a 1995 honda CB750 nighthawk with bent forks. What years can i replace them with? or bikes and year.?
Right rear impact. Is it really bad?
How can I increase the hp on my 2006 Mitsubishi eclipse gs w/o taking things like panels and seats out?
how do you replace the rear window of a 2006 dodge ram quad cab?
Service Engine Soon light in 91 Corvette?
does anyone know of a place on the web where i can find diagrams of auto parts assembly for free?
where can i go to remake a key?
" check engine " light staying on?
How can I fix a squeaky car seat?
Can timing be altered with modern electronic ignitions?
how do these components in a diesel engine work?!?
Does anyone know the headbolt torque on a john Deere 1650 tractor?
2007 dodge caliber wont go into gear any suggestions to what might be wrong? car does start and drives?
Why won't my truck start?
Help With Master Cylinder Piston?
Engine swapping using the same transmission.?
what's wrong with my carrrrrr?!:(?
I changed battery, oil, break and few more things in my car recently. Now it vibrates too much when I stop.?
I've just had a car MOT'd, Is it legal?
engine oil leak? nissan2.4 liter?
Error code P0303 on 2004 Dodge Ram Pickup? What to look for?
which car is the best 1) Swift. 2)Accent 3)Indigo CS?
I had to replace wheels on a 2010 Camaro & wanted to know if the TPMS can be reset w/o going to the dealer?
1992 saturn fuel pump need housing diagram?
How do you free up a completely frozen floating pin on a brake caliper?
I need a diagram of a diesel engine for a cdl test?
What can WD40 be used for?
white smoke after oil change?
How to push in a rear brake caliper?
Does the 2010 VW TDI Jetta require DEF Diesel Exhaust Fluid?
just got a used mustang?
What happens if i use the wrong engine oil?
I need more than 1 answer.?
What is the fastest way to warm up my car in the bitter cold winter?
Baby Wipes and car paint?
how to stop my car from smoking?
How do I remove the door lock from a 1995 Ford Fiesta?
How serious is a broken water pump on a car?
Do struts leak?
Screeching noise in front right passanger side?
what is the best way to clean my drive way of oil from my car?
How come my Goped sport barly goes 20?
Shroud cover problems on 97 jeep wrangler.?
Rebuilt my mustang engine and now its go a mean growl to it?
Is it worse to put petrol in a diesel car or visa versa?
how do i change the fuel filter on my 1993 ford escort wagon?
Is it ok to inflate my tires too much on my car?
Ford Escape Electrical Problems help!? Click for more info!?
Can suicide be committed by slamming your head in a car door multiple times?
Do today's modern automobile engines use a "two stroke" cycle?
How expensive are electric windows to fix on a 97 Firebird?
A good fuel filter for Cumming diesel 2003 5.9 Water in my fuel?
why does the bumper on my 2003 Chevy Silverado look like it if about to fall off?
What tools do surgeons and mechanics both use?
how much notice do you have to give before a mechanic can sell a vehicle that had work done on it?
is it ok to mix different oil brands ext(lucus 10w-30 and pennzoil 10w-30) ? how will it affect my car?
What do you think about the 2004 Kia Optima LX ?
How do I open my rear hatch door of my 2005 GMC Envoy when the locking mechanism fails?
a have a 2006 tahoe and the service break booster light is on and i have very little to no breakes.?
2002 Ford Focus check engine light is on?
could i have damaged my dyna more that i can see by dropping it?
Will a flywheel from a 1990 Jeep Cherokee with Inline 6 work on a 1989 Jeep Cherokee with inline 6?
Will a car stop working if you never use it or turn it on?
On a 2001 Honda CRV my left window does not work. Is there a special fuse that I can replace?
check a car speedometer?
why wont my car start?
When a car consumes oil is it a bad thing?
how to replace thermostat on 1999 chevy 3.1 engine?
tech help?Tires or brakes? after brake job?
How do I tell if it's a squeaky serpintine belt or water pump going bad?
Where is a transmission line on a 89 ford crown vic ltd.?
Why my expedition stay on when I turn it off?
My check engine light?
instruction on how to replace a accord body parts?
Can i make 1/4in. gap in exhaust just behind muffler to make my jeep a bit louder?
Garage price query- please help?
Rebuilding brakes on car.?
What is the best way to remove a decal from a car window?
best engine oil for mitsubishi mirage 01?
K & N air filters?
Are there tire places that would take a trade (a new tire) and $ for two used or new?
HELP....i need a diagram for fuse locations for a 92 ranger?
Why does my punto sometimes not go into gear easily and sometimes judders when setting off help?
where can i get some headers for my 8.1l?
I need the series number of an oil filter for a old detroit diesel engine model ca15, can anybody help me?
Is It Really That Hard To Learn How To Drive A Stick Shift?
turning an automatic car into standard?
How much does it cost to replace a timing belt on a 2004 Lancer Ralliart?
fuel efficiency, is is better when it's cold or better when it is hot?
Ever seen a female mechanic?
Heater doesn't work in my Car?
I got problem with my scooter?
list 400 results for But I cannot excess the website. It reads, does not exist?
How to find coolant leak in my 2002 buick century custom 3.1l v6?
car accelerates on its own?
Who is the best diesel engine manufacturer?
OBD2 location for Mazda 626 2000?
Citroen C8 central locking help.?
Oldsmobile intrigue Issues.?
would a 1991 geo prism outside mirror fit on a 1995 geo prism?
89 ford taurus, grinding starter. new flywheel, new starter, new soleniod.?
Why is my car shutting off while idling?
does a car-tracker when installed in a Honda car interfer with the function of the brain box of the car?
i have rebuildable calipers at my yard who will purchace to recondishion?
I have an Pontiac grand am and when ever my care is idle it starts to shake?
what is the cylinder numbering on a pontiac 3.3 v6?
looking for repair information on a Chevrolet - Monte Carlo fuel level gauge problem. It shows no level.?
tramission will not shift automaticly 1994 honda passport?
why is my 96 grandam gt floor soaking wet on the driver side in the front and in the back on the floor?
91 buick century only runs till it is warm then stalls and won't start again till it is cold.?
why does your car smell like plastic is burning?
My truck is shaking for some reason?
Will changing the transmission fluid in a transmission that is going bad help prolong the life of the transmis?
1989 bronco electrical swap?
getting a web site?
How do you kill ants? Can you kill them with chlorox?
Why is the clock in my car always losing time ?
I have a cb radio in my truck. Worked perfect and suddenly, no mod, no power output, but i recieve perfect.?
my sons car 1990 cam RS 305 iwant to beef up alot w/o puttiga350 would highrise anda600 carb do it?
what is the difference between a pierburg 2b5 carburettor and a 2b7 carburettor?
How much does it cost to replace a front quarter panel on a 2002 chevrolet cavalier?
Who can identify the car on my avatar?
Is it safe to Change oil on car and not change the oil filter?
What do people think of hybrid cars?
What could be wrong when "check engine" light comes on?
how much it cost for labor to replace an ignition switch on a 1999 buick lesabre?
What causes a wheel bearing to go out twice?
How to remove a broken dipstick with compressed air?
Dexron II where to buy?
i have a 1999 buick regal, and i want to put 22 inch rims on it, will i need spacers or will they fit?
My van still overheats?
What would be a good stand alone (no electronics) transmission to bolt to a 5.9 Cummins for heavy towing?
Can I get my car back without doing serious damage?
How to take care of a classic car in cold weather?
What is the proper way to charge a dead car battery with a battery charger?
im working on a 1996chevycorisca&having problemsitisstallinwhenitsinidle &is it the EGR.?
Does Triple AAA charge to fix/replace broken keys?
Flat tire, no spare, no jack. Basically stranded. What's our next step?
There is some oil near the oil cap and on top of the engine?
What causes my front brakes on my 1999 Saturn SL2 to growl?
What may be causing transmission fluid to be leaking when my vehicle is parked and has been parked?
the lining on the roof of my car is coming can i get it to stay up?
find auto manual for ford taurus "1992" airconditioners?
does cold weather/cold rain makes break pads squeak?
I'm about to be screwed by FORD....Please help?!?
How do you convert tires from...?
are sportscars good on gas?
what is the size of the allen bolt that holds the brake callipers on a 98 mercedes E320?
if i can,t find the receipt for motor mounts and now one is broke?
why does my computer say im outside the us?
how do i release the emergency brake on a 1985 buick riviera?
would a bad ecu cause a car to run rough?
how can you make a small wooden car move with the chemicl reaction of vineger?
Mechanic did work to my car and now it wont work?
I put my car in park going 50 mph...?
How can I get 500 hp out of a 305 and lose some weight?
Drove my car through a puddle and now it whines/ticks on idle?!?
Why dont my dash lights work?
How do you unlock the car with no keys?
Where is the thermostat located on 1998 aurora Oldsmobile?
My 4WD high works but my 4WD low does not. Why?
My 2004 dodge neon sxt will not start but the lights and radio come on! could i need a new battery?
Replacing door skin & right front wing?
My 2000 cadillac dhs is overheating. Ive changed the thermostat and the rediator and it still is overheating.?
How & how expensive to unlock a door?(if need to get door open which the locking mechanism inside is jammed )?
Any suggestions on replacing air cond. clutch and coil on 95 mustang six banger?
How hard is it to change a/c belt?
Flushing oil system with diesel fuel?
i want to restore a 85 nissan pickup were can i find out how to start?
mi van mercedess sprinter loose power after 40 miles an hours?
Why doesn,t the back up lights work on my 1993 Toyota Camry, the lights are ok.?
Question for mechanics certified in automatic transmissions.?
Best way to improve gas mileage and power?
How much does it cost to recharge my A/C in my 1990 Jeep Cherokee Laredo?
1991 Ford Explorer windshield wiper blade replacement?
Why doesn,t the back up lights work on my 1993 Toyota Camry, the lights are ok.?
Duramax gloplug or battery problem?
Will my car be considered totaled out?
Why won't the gears switch normally in my 87 chevy s-10 blazer? read details.?
Were can I get a longer dipstick for my car?
How can i make Armor all stronger but still safe?
I'm getting a check engine code 26 on a '91 Dodge Daytona. How do I fix it?
How do you change a fuel filter on a 1999 Chevy Malibu?
My car is there something wrong ?
what kind of tire will match a 7.50/16? I am wanting to put a radial tire on the front of my 4x4. please help?
how hard is it to learn manual shifting..?
focus st 170 slight misfire at low revs?
Car won't start?
we bought a car with coded door lock the dealershop we bought it from doesn't have the code. Help!?
what is a cylinoids function in a car?
how do i clean a suspected blockage in the petrol pipe between the tank and the carb?
Signs of broken head gasket ?
what is the engine idle speed for a 1.8 volksvagen golf 1994?
How much is the labor of water pump on 94' bronco?
where is the starter, if any, on a '92 nissan 2000nx?
Is this a cheap estimate to get my windshield replaced?
why does water come out fo my exhaust?
how do you change a tire on an s-10? or where do u put the jack?
Can anyone give me an estimate on repairing a 2003 Volkswagen Beetle?
my car overheated and now the gage rises very fast?
My moms front right tire is bald and showing wire?
What is the tool called that helps me adjust the brake pistons for my 1999 ford mustang gt?
Bad timing and distributor problem?
Does it matter if you keep a battery out of a car for an extended period of time?
Concerning my 1994 Chevy Siverado truck- where can i get the cheapest Chilton's book?
What exhaust should I put on my truckcar?
Is there an electrical tester on the market to check for shorts in wiring.?
Suggestions restoring a '70 Dodge Dart?
Is it possible to add lugs to lugless rims?
Why does my car battery smell like rotten eggs?
Is my mechanic screwing me over?
What is wrong with my truck if my brake lights don't work but my tail lights and turn signals do?
how to fix a fuel pump on a 1997 chevy s-10?
On a car, What is an oxygen sensor and what does it do?
I want to learn!! Please, help me!!?
When I try to start my car, I hear rapid clicking sounds, but the radio works?
Having major car trouble after oil change?
Bracket on muffler is loose...?
1995 Plym Voyager a/c - defroster question?
Where is the iat sensor on an 87 Fiero?
i tried changing my oil and.....?
Car cannot be driven for awhile...?
Ok.cant open trunk 96 xj6?
Things to know when driving stick-shift?
is it normal for the car to appear lifted temporarily after installation of new struts, with original springs?
Will 10w40 oil hurt my car?
how do I get rid of cigar smoke smell in my car?
My car turns off while I'm driving it?
Can you convert a 1998 vortec 350 truck engine into a 383 engine using the same block?
how can i clean my hands i was fixing my car and i got this black stain all over the palm of my hands?
What product can I purchase to remove Black Streaks from a Painted Aluminum Trailer?
Body shop will not release my car?
Why do I have to use starter fluid every time I start up my 1989 Cutless Ciera when it is cold?
my car is making a squeaking noise on the right side by the wheels,any ideas whats wrong, its a rover 214.?
intake or exhaust valve??
how to change timing belt on 1998 vw passat 1.8T is this motor int. or non int. how long dose take to change?
where is the thermostat located in a 1997 cadillac sts northstar v8?
Why does the horn on my 02 transit not work? Thank you?
Should I go to maaco for a paint job? ?
Will a battery cause hesitation when accelerating?
What's the best ever synthetic oil?
Can a crank sensor trigger a code 14 on a 94 Celica?
Any good car waxing service in Waterloo, Ontario?
Hey my car doesn`t pick up speed as well as it did when i bought it 2 weeks ago..?
Air vents in 2000 Monte Carlo will not switch from outside to inside?
What is a block? (Jeep Grand Cherokee)?
Is meineke a rip off?
Junk yard wiper motor?
will 1987 caprice brougham seats fit a 89 caprice classic?
i am looking for a diagram to show the location of egr on a 89 chevy caprice?
Mechanically intelligent people/ need suggestions about 81 Lincoln- old CAR!?
Sebring car seatbelts?
Will rectified spirit damage my windshield?
I am considering a bare carbon fibre finish on my car. Who could create all panels (not wrap) and rough cost?
Passenger side outter tie rod question?
What is the average hourly wage for a diesel mechanic???
My explorer is leaking antifreeze and idk where from?
is it proper to use the teflon lubricant, SuperLube, on air conditioning hose connectors?
Why are my brakes squeeking?
I'm getting my car ready for a race?
can i jump a lawnmower battery with a car?
My car is squealing realllllyyy loud!?
What is wrong with my car?
how to change the starter on a 2000 model dodge durango?
my car don't turn on rarely the time?
Is the 3A racing muffler good?
How can I keep mice out of my car? The mice are coming in thru the intake ducts.?
What should I do if my engine is smoking?
My diesel truck wont start in the cold?
I have a lug nut that is not coming off?
will a 4 cylinder motor interchange with a 4 cylinder 2.5 u engine?
Where can I find cheap tyres?
i have a 1998 pontiac grand prix gt. the low coolant light keeps coming on..?
Looking for a Gearshift Lever Socket Bushing 7335?
I have a 96 integra and i need to change my starter, but i cant find it. does anyone know where my starter is?
Would this drain my car battery?
can i switch from r134 freon to an r12 or r22 freon.?
Putting a posi in my 70 chevelle, does it go straight in?
I've got a little gas powered "g-scooter" with a blown rear tube.?
How much does it cost to fix a broken power window, the motor works, but the window fell off the tracks?
whats a rain gauge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
is it possible to buy a second hand engine for my car?
My car has lost its acceleration,.Why?
where can I buy lawn mower parts at a wholesale price?
2000 Ford Explorer?
Am i being lied to by the tire shop?
I have a sunfire can i put p215/60R15 on my wheels?
how do i get tar off my truck's paint?
Magnaflow converter on Chevy vortec?
Where is the light sensor for a 1999 Buick Park Avenue Ultra?
How do you get a small light scratch off a car so it's not visible?
How come the light keeps coming on and off?
Is it safe to unplug my cars computer?
Do i need to replace my starter?
At what intervals do you need to change the coolant, fuel filter, oil filter, and spark plugs, on a 1976..?
How DO I FIND SHOP MANUAL for 94 cad.DEVILLE for ride contrrol sys.?
when I start my 1983 F100 the starter will not disengage after cranking?
Clutch Is not smooth and tough to use?
what radiator is compatable with a mazda 626 2.0L?
Having problems turning my car.... steering wheel?
Why is my cars turn radius only good on one side?
05 Silverado Performance Camshaft?
On my MOT it failed because it said my windscreen wipers were not covering enough of the windscreen.?
Dead Battery or Alternator?
Steering Wheel Vibration?
can a car take in air from the fuel tank if the gas cap?
how do you disassemble a transmission on a 1995 cutless supreme?
Car issue, fully stopped on an steep hill and gas pedal doesn't accelerate and the engine light was on help!?
What is this called?
What is the proper pressure to inflate your car tires?
91 dsm wierd idle, sensor, and boost problems...HELP!! XD?
what is a the cause of a reverse power on a diesel engine power generator?
Where to gain competitive hot rod/automotive experience?
Ever heard of a "loose crankshaft pulley" on an Isuzu Trooper?
how to change transmission fluid in a 1984 ford taurus?
Smoke from exhause upon start-up?
bmw e46 warning light?
why does my whole car shake once i get up to 55-60 mph? could it just be the tires need balanced?
Did the 1986 Nissan 720 Datsun make a Z24 model?
Dose it damage my transmission to skip gears i.e. 1st 3rd 5th?
does oil pump can cause oil on radiator?
i need an acura auto mechanic for the 77657 area?
where can you find a manual on how to rebuild a predator carburetor? I have already looked on line?
how to get into my car have lost key?
diagram of a 1990 Celebrity starter installation?
I'm putting my car in a storage for 6 months. Is there anything I should do before I leave?
Golf TDI Plug #4 stuck inside! Thread is Gone! Should I Take it to VW dealer or engine machine shop?
can the residue on a car battery cause the battery to be weak and make the car shake?
i997 crysler fuel pump works intermittnly runs 4 or 5 min and stops already changed fuel filter mabey bad pump
how long before a car starts rusting?
How many automotive repair shops are there in the US?
how to remove a bumper sticker off my car?
Whats the minning of Fuel Surcharge on fuel pump in India ?
what sorts of common car repairs should women learn how to do?
12.68v 12 hours after bulk and maintenance charge.Healthy battery?
windsheild wipers and stereo wont work?
My car looses gears...?
Can you install a Turbo on a Automatic car?
How do the shift asst. ball bearings go in a Ford F-250 ZF 42 5 Speed Transmission?
I need help with a 1989 toyota camry that's acting really weird?
engine compression in one cylinder went from 60 to 190 with oil added. its been about 16 hours and the....?
how to install front front lower tie bars for 97 honda civic dx?
Why won't my car start?
maintenance of corolla 93 car?
Honda gen. EU2000I carb. adj. ? 4 Hi. altitude performance?
what could be wrong with my car?
is it much of a problem to bleed a brake system?
Whats wrong with my car???????
chevy 350 diagnostics?
How can I drain water from my car to replace with anti-freeze?
Is a vehicle's heater controlled by the compressor in any way?
will hood hinges from a '65 galaxie work on a '62 galaxie?
3.5:1 first gear 1.2:1 second gear what is the overall ratio?
how do I change valve cover gaskets on a 1990 ford f150?
my truck shakes violently at speeds between 30 and 40 mph?
Can i replace the metal brake lines on my 86' prelude with hydrolic rubber tubing?
cornered about jacking up my car because it has a 6 in clearance (stock not lowered)?
is there a parts explosion for the 1994 buick LeSabre 440-t4 auto transmission?
MY T-maxx 2.5 starts but doesnt move when i accelerate it?
where can i get my car inspected in missouri?
how do u install hood pins?
tell me the principles and practice of fuel injection on cars?
How do I change a cylinder head gasket on my Peugeot Expert turbo diesel van ?
can i drive a fourwheeler if the front differential needs work?
91 Ford ranger 2.3L 2 wires on the air filter cover unit?
Alignment question - steering wheel is ********?
is oil in water and milky oil cap defo suggest blown head gasket?
How do you put a serpentine belt on a 1994 dodge spirit?
my car isn't running properly since I put new fuel in it, please help!?
When was the last time you said to someone, "Hey baby how about me and you get into the backseat of my Pinto"?
Coolant/Antifreeze help?
How big of a 12V deep cycle battery do I need?
Cost to replace an intake manifold gasket?
how can I get a bolt off that is so tight that when you try to loosen it ,it just rounds off?
New manifold question?
is it better to go to the dealership to get ur oil changed, or are places like wal mart and etc r fine?
Ford windstar keyless entry problem can't set new remote followed instructions and locks never activate?
How to fix my headlights on my car?
What do you think is wrong with my car?
Chart to torque bolts and nuts?
What happened to my leather seat?
What do I do to my car?
I went to Walmart to have my oil changed and they messed up my car and tried to tell me it was my fault.?
Why is my truck battery dying?
do the elec and manuel wing mirror covers fit each other?
Car Radiator problems?
Front breaks won't release on 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee?
How do I load a regular size grease gun?
what is the real world weight of 87 buick regal?
does anyone know where the blinker fluid goes ?
I have just passed my driving test and have bought a a corsa arizona 1995, when i am driving a orange sign com
what kind of material for supporting thin metal during machining process?
Cars kicks violently when going over a hill.. Transmission problems (10 Poinsts!)?
Can you shift a running car directly from 5th to 2nd gear?i mean without shifting through each gear?
4/3 when r=4.91?
If you want to prevent your car from rusting what should you do?
subaru 2004 engine running rough with check engine light on?
How much does a car Painter and a panal beater get paid per year?
where is the starter, if any, on a '92 nissan 2000nx?
what is a 'stock bumper?'?
ive got oil in my water but no water in my oil is this the head gasket?
what's wrong if the oil lights on your car keep kumn on and you've already changed the oil two weeks ago?
Why would my car keep overheating?
Starter or battery issues?
How to clean a Throttle Body?
Need wheel alignment specs2005 scion?
1999 Grand am wont start after warmed up 3.4L.?
clutch replacement for a vertra car?
why does antifreeze get on the windshield when i turn on the heater?
wrong diagonsis of the problem in car?
My car has broken down :-( My car won't start, when i turn the key there is no noise at all. What is wrong?
Anyone scratch their bumper when pulling into a driveway?
will R-134A refrigerent work in my r-12 system?
SAAB 9-5? What is the "!" exclamation mark in cog light?
Can a car run on water?
what are the torque settings for the cylender head?
Check engine light is on "O2 sensor"TOY Landcruiser.Will we get alot less if not repaired? problem to sell?
1973 SCS f-350 light issues?
Can you help me decide what to do with my car?
allot of water coming out of exhaust?
Trying to identify the purpose this car piece? Car mechanic question?
I have a slow leak in a tire. What can I do about it?
Why is my car stalling?
I have a 04 toyota tocoma,I need to know if you can service the tranny or do you have to bring it to a toyota?
1993 Accord LX - Water Leak and stuttering.?
Tire Changing Tools In Cars?
My car won't start, but my battery still works??
what is the best way to clean clay out of my cars floor mats?
On my 2002 Pontiac Montana, how can i keep the headlights from turning on automatically, or shut them off.?
How could I remove the decal stickers from my van?
Best Places to put jack and jack stands on regular passenger car.?
instructions on repair or replacemnts of Toyota Camry Struts or mounts.?
Where's the keyless entry module on a 1998 chevy express 2500 van?
Do i need a water pump? mechanic says that water was in my oil. Does that mean a ed casket?
what causes my steering wheel to shimmy back and forth when I drive?
transmission trouble?
Is it bad to have high air pressure in car tires?
Why I am loosing engine oil pressure when the car is not moving?
NAPA Parts vs. Dealer Parts. Is there any difference? If so, what is it?
What is ''Coleman fuel''?
How to remove gascap?
rear differential gear swap video?
My Check Engine light came on immediately after oil change - what happened?
What are the valve cover torque specs on a ford powerstroke?
what kind of transmission does a 1983 full size chevy van have?
what's wrong with the brakes on my 2002 Thunderbird?
will parts off a 1993 infinity j30 bolt onto a 1991 infinity g20?
Stopping my break pads from grinding on my rotors?
How much does it cost to change the fuel pump of a Honda Accord?
Why does my A/C in my 95 Blazer blow out of the Defroster and Floor Board?
Can I put a 1990 v6 engine into a 1994 v6 toyota pickup?
Urgent! I'm trying to change a flat but................................?
In June my radiator busted?
Is it a blown head gasket HELP?
Should i perform an engine flush sometime on my car? is it a good idea?
I was told to NOT rotate tires --- New Law?
Will a missing wheel stud cause steering problems?
what causes whining noise in a transmission?
taking step treds off nerf bars?
Americas tires popped one of my tires and replaced it with a cheap unmatched tire that i don't want?
Clutchless Shifting?
Motorcycle Engine Change?
What is the cost of Nokia N-85,N-95,N-96,E-65.....................…
What is the proper amount of time to let your car warm up before driving in cold weather?
have re-placed ignition module and still no spark. New spark plugs and ht leads also, all have been tested and?
hwo do you change 89 thunderbird brakes?
Can Diesel and Petrol together explode without a flame?
Where to find the flasher/blinker fuse on 1989 Econovan?
What is the correct name for the lock-unlock handle on a car?
What is wrong with my car!?!?
How do I reglue a vintage Firebird headliner?
How can I avoid that sound when I downshift?
I have jag xj6 which sometimes gives out a blue smoke from exhaust when starting?
Is it possible for a car to overheat on the highway and not in town?
Can anyone Identify this car part? (picture link)?
is it bad to not use a car?
Scraping/rubbing sound from tire?
How do you know when the drive belt and timing belts need to be replaced?
chevy cav cyclinder lock question..key won't turn now?
Why would my car be shaking at a higher speed?
What tire pressure do I go by: the doorjamb or the tires?
i have edelbrock cylinder head with 54cc head chamber volume .Can a standard high performance piston with 58cc?
how much should it cost to get a car bumper painted? the paint is peeling. I dont' have time to get estimate
engine block has casting # 1600d and cylinder head has 18v/738b/d2127, is this kubota part number ?. Thanks?
Car Idles Above 1000rpms on 1st Start Up?
235-75-r15 how tall are they and what a good rims width for them?
Is it a good/bad idea to rust proof my land cruiser?
locate o2 sensor on 96 gmc sonoma 2.2?
new starter,battery ignition.700 miles later just clicks any suggestions?
how do you?
What is the difference between 10w-30 oil and 5w-30 oil?
97 Chevy Cavalier, How do you know for sure if you need to replace your oil sending unit?
my car sounds like the muffler fell off, what could be wrong?
Fiberglass Campershell racks...??
90 Ford F150. Won't start when push clutch in - is there a switch I can adjust along clutch linkage?
Why are my brand new belts squealing?
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